Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

Following her husband's apparent murder Tamsin reports having had many death threats and a student called Justin Marecroft has phoned Edward frequently though he claims that it was to cancel a party at the Shaffers' dance school. At the same time Shaffer's computer shows evidence of men abusing missing school-boy Andre Gatting, who left home after arguing with his mother Tracey. Homeless Jeff Patterson has Andre's school-bag, which he said the boy left with him whilst he handed out leaflets though Charlie finds out that Jeff had to leave his teaching job after a girl claimed he molested her. A suspect is linked to Andre's abduction and charged with killing Shaffer to prevent him naming the other group members - one of whom is still at large with Andre and must be found.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There is shock and concern

in East London this evening

after the suspected
murder of Edward Shaffer.

Mr. Shaffer, who was found dead

after falling from the
balcony of his third-floor flat,

was the proprietor of a popular
children's dance academy.

Earlier today,
police were called

to an incident at
the dance academy

when Mr. Shaffer's
vehicle was vandalized.

Mr. Shaffer was later arrested
in connection with an inquiry

into an historic child rape,

however, he was released
due to lack of evidence.

The police have
refused to confirm reports

that Mr. Shaffer had
made an official complaint

against one of their officers.

They are appealing for witnesses

to Mr. Shaffer's death.


You're a mess.

How did you get here so quickly?


You arrived before Charlie.

You're here. He's just fallen.
How'd you get here so quickly?

Yeah, I was close by.

So I turned the car
around, arrived here.

He's fucking splat
on the ground.

I tried to administer first aid,
but the guy's dead, you know?

And that's when Charlie arrived.

- How hard you try?
- Oh, fuck, come on.

What's the primary objective?
Don't give me that shit.

This man was
just about to put in

an official complaint
against you.

What, and I pushed him
off the top of the building?

- Is that what you're saying?
- I'm not suggesting that, Jack.

We're gonna have
to be very careful.

There are guidelines.

So I want you to go
back to the station,

fill in a duty statement, hand
over your clothes for forensics.

Charlie, how did Jack
get here so quickly?

I don't know.

When I got here, um,

Jack was administering
first aid to Mr. Shaffer.

He was unable to revive him.

- Top floor?
- Yeah.

I'm not bloody surprised

he couldn't revive him.

There was no forced entry,

so if someone did help
him over the railings,

they would have had access.

Look, I know it's the
wrong thing to say,

but I'm slightly
failing to care,

given that he's a pedophile.

I'd always rather have
them alive, Charlie.

Do you know what I mean?

That's my clothing
from the crime scene.

Yeah? I'll leave
it there for you.

This I found down
by the towpath.

Will you get that
fast-tracked to forensics?

According to the
crime-scene manager,

there is evidence that
there was a struggle,

leading us to believe
that Edward Shaffer

was pushed over the
edge of the balcony.

Edward Shaffer killed
pedophile hunter Scott Freeman

with this weapon, a
chain and padlock.

In the links of the
chains of the weapon,

we found gray cotton fibers.

I believe those fibers belonged
to the gray sweat towels

that the Shaffers use
at the dance academy.

Went down to the tow path,
found a gray towel covered in blood.

I fast-tracked that
towel to forensics.

Hopefully we can make
some more connections.

So, big question...

Was Edward Shaffer
killed by someone else

in the pedophile ring who
wanted to shut him up?

Hey, we okay to come in?

Yeah, great. You look like
you've got some news for me.

Yeah, Kelly and Rose Freeman.

The girl Edward raped
nine years ago and her sister.

They have an alibi.

They were at an
undertakers this afternoon

organizing Scott's funeral.

They couldn't have pushed
Edward off the balcony.

strategy on Linfield Road

has turned up a
report from a neighbor

who said that he heard Edward

screaming and
shouting at someone

what must have been only
minutes before he went over.

Well, okay... Tamsin.

How did she react when she
saw "paedo" sprayed on her van?

She seemed shocked
and angry to me.

She's got a motive for murder,

seeing her husband
arrested for child rape.

Bring her in. Great.

With bells on. Lovely.

Will you just leave me alone?

I've been trying to call you.
I've rung you like 10 times.

My phone's off.

Charlie, do you
want to cut her off?

Mrs. Shaffer, we need to
talk to you for two seconds.

Do you have any idea how
it feels to have death threats,

have to give your keys
back to your landlady

because your business
that you've built up

for 20 years is finished?

Mrs. Shaffer, we
found Edward's body.

Okay, he's been found dead.


Let's go down to
the station, okay?

Hang on, hang on.

I don't want to push
you, Mrs. Shaffer,

but I need you to give
me your statement now

and run me through
your movements

from Edward's release
from police custody

until we saw you at
the dance academy.

Um, I went to the pub.

I had to steady my nerves,

get my head around
what was happening.

- I couldn't understand why...
- Which pub?

The Maiden Arms.

Were you with anyone?

Is it a local place, or
do they know your face,

anything like that?

Not really.

But I didn't have any
cash, so I paid with a card.

Would that help?

- You have a receipt?
- Yeah.

You didn't, in that intervening
time, go back to the flat?

No. Wish I had. I would
have killed him myself.

Quite a thing to say.

It's quite a thing to
do, the rape of a child.

- Boss.
- Oh, Jack, yeah?

Little update on Edward
Shaffer's call data.

It seems Tamsin wasn't the
only one receiving death threats.

Lots of voice mails from
angry dance academy parents.

One caller, though, is much
more persistent than any other.

He calls about 20 times,
doesn't leave any messages.

We've traced that
number to a guy called...

What's his name? Um...

Justin Marecroft.

27-year-old mature student.

We're trying to figure out now

why Justin was so eager
to get in touch with Edward.

One easy way to find out, Jack.

I'll keep you posted.

- Jack?
- Yeah?

Why did it take you so
long to hand the towel in?

The towel? The gray towel?

Yeah, as evidence.

- What took you so long?
- What do you mean?

I found it down at the
canal, threw it in the car,

I get the I-call about
Edward Shaffer,

so I was in the area,

so I thought I'd
attend the scene first.

But I handed it in
as soon as I arrived,

as soon as I'd showered.


- Mr. Marecroft.
- Hi there.

Hi. I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

Jack. Good to meet you.

Hello. Detective
Constable Charlotte Steele.

- Nice to meet you.
- Thanks very much for coming in.

I know it can seem probably
quite scary in a room like this,

you got two detectives
asking you questions,

but it's... it's nothing
to worry about.

- It's to do with Edward Shaffer.
- Right.

Edward Shaffer...
Well, the Shaffers

have been receiving
a lot of phone calls

in the past couple of hours.

Um, you seem to have called
them a lot more than anyone else,

and we were just...

I thought that you maybe had a
kid at the academy or something.

Oh, no, no, no, I
don't have any kids.

No, I was calling Edward...

I'd organized to have a
party at his dance studio.

Oh. Okay.

I was there checking
out the place,

and he had some graffiti.

It said "paedo" on
the side of his van.

So, I mean, I didn't really
want to have a party there.

Just one quick question.
There was 23 calls.

I had to leave a £100
deposit for the studio,

and I was pretty keen
to get my £100 back.

I'm sure you were. Where
were you this afternoon?

I was in the library.

- Which library?
- Oh, sorry, at university.

- Where do you study?
- At Lords Hill.

We'd like to corroborate
that. It's totally normal.

Maybe you have to sign
in, something like that?

I mean, there's a
card-swipe system.

Ah, that'll do.

There's a barrier. You've got
to swipe your card to get in.

- So maybe that's...
- There'll be some record.

It's probably hooked
up to a computer system.




Just pop in. Swing the door.

Everything okay?

The D.C.I. has been
asking questions

about your slightly
bizarre route

that took you so close to
Edward Shaffer's house.

They're gonna need
to verify that route

via your car tracker, all right?

You're making me feel like
I've done something wrong.

Okay, listen, just help
me out here, okay,

'cause I have to tick a lot of
boxes procedurally, all right?

This is a very
high-profile case.


I'm really sorry, but
there's something

I quite urgently
have to show you.

Okay, what is it?

So I was going through
Edward Shaffer's belongings

from the mortuary.

He had that...

You know that heart key ring
that he had when we bailed him?

It's a USB stick.

And, Jack, come
and watch this as well.

This footage was
on the USB stick.

It shows a group of men
abusing a young boy.

That... So that's
Edward Shaffer.

I don't know who
his accomplice is.

Jesus Christ. Turn it
off, will you, Charlie?

Yeah, well, we know the
video was made 36 hours ago.


So we know now Edward Shaffer

wasn't just a pedophile
nine years ago.

We know he was still active.

We've got to find that
child as soon as possible.

And we need to find
those fucking pedophiles.

Morning, team.

Ah, boss, I've
been going through

recent misper photos
most of the night,

found this kid, André
Gatting, 13 years old.

Missing for three days.

That's definitely the
kid in the abuse video.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Story?
- Frequent misper.

Usually goes on the run

following a domestic
argument with his mum, Tracey.

I've got an address for Tracey.

It is a council flat
on West Park Road.


Tracey Gatting, it's
the police. Open up.

Oh, uh, yes?

Tracey, um...

- Tracey Gatting?
- Yeah.

My name's Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

This is Detective
Constable Charlie Steele.

We need to talk
to your son, André.

He's not here.

If you find him, will you
tell him to come home.

- Thank you.
- I guess so.

- You've got to be shitting me.
- Wow.


Tracey, we've spoken to
some of your neighbors.

Oh, come in, yeah.

On the back of that, we'd
like to ask you a few questions.

Oh, my lovely nosey neighbors.
What did they have to say?

Neighbors said
they haven't heard

or seen André in three days.

- So where is he?
- They should be lucky.

- Hello.
- Who's this?

- Mr. Gatting?
- No. Anyway.

Right, your neighbors said

that André plays his
music obnoxiously loudly

and they've not heard that
in about two, three days.

Well, then, they
should shut up, then.

Are they not grateful?

Maybe he's been
tired. I don't know.

Where is he?

I don't know. I don't
know where he is.

He's been home, though.

Raided my fridge.
Drank my whiskey.

He's took his scarf.

He's been off. He's fine.

You didn't see him at all, but
you're sure he's been here?

Yeah, he has been here.

Okay, Tracey, we
believe that André

may be the victim
of sexual abuse.

We need to bring you
down to the station,

we need a proper
statement from you,

and we need you to
assist us with our inquiries.

We need you to get your coat,
you bag, your keys, whatever.

Are you joking?

We need a
description of the scarf.

Let's get in the car right
now. Let's go. Okay?

Okay, Tracey I'm gonna
need your help, all right?

Now, think clearly.

Tell me about when you last saw
André, okay, and what was said.

We had an argument

'cause he took
money out of my purse.

I bollocked him for
it, and he ran off.

He was going to school.

He took his bag,
and he went to school.

I thought he went to school.

God, I thought
he went to school.

He didn't go to
school, though, did he?

Was it a bad fight?

We always fight. He hates me.

I can't control him.

And I know I'm a shit
mother. I know I am.

Everyone tells me. I know I am.

Oh, will you find
him? Please find him.

Oh, God.

The kid's been
missing for three days.

You know?

He was sexually
abused 36 hours ago,

and no one seems
to have gripped it,

let alone the fucking mother.

I know.

Well, we've already
got one dead pedo

from the video,

and all the others will be
shitting themselves, clearly.

Uniform have eyes
on a homeless man

in the park on the
other side of the junction.

He's wearing a
scarf that matches

the description of André's.

Excuse me.

Oh, Jesus.

Okay, police! Stop!

Stop! Police!

Okay, okay, you got him?

Got him, got him. Got him.

Okay. What's your name?

- What's your name?
- Jeff.

- Let's get you up, Jeff.
- Hi, Jeff. I'm Jack.

Just want to ask
you a few questions.

Fucking hurt me man.

Where do you
get the scarf, Jeff?


What's that? What's all this?


Okay, Jeff Patterson,
I'm arresting you

on suspicion of child abduction.

Fuck, what?

You don't have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

I want you to look at
a couple of pictures

and tell me if you
have ever met this man.


Lives on the
streets locally to you.

- Have you ever seen him?
- No.

I also need to ask you
if you've seen this man?

He's... He's on
the news, isn't he?

He's a pedophile on the news.

Do you think he's got André?

I'm following all the lines
of inquiries that I need to

in order to find your son.

- Have you sobered up?
- Yeah.

Great. Where's André?

- I don't know.
- Where's André?

- I told you...
- Jeff.

Look, I don't... I'm not
playing games with you.

I don't... I really don't know.

Okay, you know
the kid's missing.

- Yeah. If I could help you...
- Three days he hasn't been seen.

Yeah, I know. I don't...

Okay, we believe
that he's in danger.

You were wearing that.

We found... That's...

For the record, that's
André's scarf, yeah?

- I - know it's his scarf.

We found his school
bag in your bag.

How did you get them?

He left them with
me for safekeeping.

We're friends. He left
them with me to look after.

He didn't leave it with you.
He didn't leave it with you.

Look, he had a job.

Keep talking.

He got given some leaflets.
He had to put out some leaflets.

Someone lost
their dog. He had...

Who gave him leaflets?

I really don't know.

- Describe them.
- I never met them.

Why did you have
these in your bag?

I went to his house the
night after he give me the bag.

It was freezing cold.

You take his scarf, you take
some food from the fridge,

you take a bottle of whiskey,
which is burglary by the way.

When André didn't
return to you in the park,

why didn't you tell anyone?

Why didn't you alert the police?

I was scared that
this would happen.

I was scared that you would...

You would pull me
in and ask me why...

Had you come to us sooner,
we might know where André is.


I've been onto tech.

They've enhanced the
audio from that abuse footage.

Apparently, in the background,

you can hear a
Muslim call to prayer.

Now, each mosque records

their own unique call to
prayer, a unique voice.

So I'm gonna get
onto the local mosques.

If we can figure out
who owns the voice,

maybe we can
pinpoint the location

where the abuse took place.

Okay, Charlie,
what have you got?

Uniform in the park where
we picked up Jeff Patterson

found some of these leaflets.

Some were in the bin,

some were scattered
around the exit.

But presumably this is what
the pedophile ring are using

to lure André
away from the park.

All right, well,
dig a bit deeper

with Mr. Patterson, I think.


And find out why
he didn't tell us

what he used to do for a living.


Does this look
familiar to you at all?

Yeah, that's it.

- That's the leaflet?
- Yeah.


And you're 100% sure

you didn't see the person
who gave it to André?


Not even at, like, a
distance, anything like that?

He came to me with
the bag to look after.

He'd already met the person.

I don't know
anything about them.



You didn't tell me that you
used to be a teacher, Jeff.

I've been speaking to
the current head teacher

of Hillbridge Primary School,
where you used to work.

He informed me that you
left after being accused

of inappropriate
behavior with a pupil.

She was... She was being
abused by her stepfather.

And so I called her mum...

Susan, and I said,

"This is what
Alice has told me."

And the very next day I
get a call from the head,

who said that Susan had said

that it was me who
was touching her.

I lose my job, I lose my house.

I lose my friends, I
lose my family, I lose...

This is where I am.

I-I swear... I swear on
the lives of my family,

I'm not... I'm not a pedophile.

How useful was our homeless guy?

Oh, pbhhht.

Hard to tell at
this point, really.

I mean, either he is the
innocent that he says he is

and he's been hard done
by, has had a really shit gig,

or he is some horrible,
conniving child abuser.

I mean, I'm not willing to
discount that option just yet.

And until I can clarify what
happened at the primary school,

I can't say for sure.

Boss, we've been
working very closely

with the Muslim
community on this one.

We've been able
to identify together

that the mosque
we're looking for

is Walbrook Road Mosque.

So now we have a very
definite search radius,

and hopefully we'll be
able to find the crime scene.

Justin Marecroft lives
on Millbridge Street.

I swear that's like
two streets away.

It's just over the junction.

That's the junction of
Millbridge Street there.

They're really close.

Yeah, okay.



- Did you double-check the alibi?
- Oh, fuck.

I left a message for
security at the library,

but they didn't come back to me.

I just haven't
had a chance to...


Will you go upstairs, Jack?



In here.

Shit, this is the room
from the abuse video.


Is it his?


Boss, boss. Boss,
it's me. It's Jack.

André's definitely been
here. Justin's moved him.

I'll get SOCOs down here.

Search team are down

at Justin Marecroft's
house right now

doing a fingertip search,

but they haven't
found anything to show

where Justin might
have moved André to.

I did a quick search
of the Internet,

but I also got onto
the university faculty.

They were able to send a
copy of Justin's student I.D. to us.

Thank you.

His mobile phone's
been switched off

since he left us at the station,

so there's no way of being
able to track Justin or André

through cell site, which
leaves us in a fucking...

I'm pretty damn certain
that we're gonna be able

to prove that this guy was
one of the men in the video,

which is gonna make
perfect sense of why

he was so desperately trying
to get hold of Edward, right?

So facial recognition.

Let's see if we can
match those two for sure.

- Will do.
- Yeah.

Maybe it would be helpful to
look at how Justin moved André.

I mean, look, I
checked with the DVLA.

There are no vehicles
registered to him.

But I sincerely doubt that he's
going on the bus or the Tube.

Of course not.

He's using private
transport, right?

Yep, so we're looking
for a stolen vehicle

in the last 24 hours.

Plenty still to do, though.

Yes, what?

Hi, Tracey. Boss, can
I have a quick word?


Sorry, I've got to keep
hold of this, Tracey.

I'm sorry.

We need to get down

to Justin Marecroft's
house right now.

The cadaver dogs
I had down there,

they found a
scent in the cellar.

There's a dead body
buried down there.

Oh, Jesus Christ. Deal
with her, deal with her.

- Boss.
- We've got a body.

Young boy. It's not André.

SOCOs think the body was buried

up to two, possibly
three years ago.

Central murder team are
going to take over on this case,

so we need to find André.

That's our focus.

Thoughts on the
press conference?

Cancel it, Jack.

We don't want to
spook the pedophile ring

and put André in more danger.

Last thing we need
is them feeling like

the police are breathing
down their necks.

We've got enough bloody
bodies on our hands as it is.

So I'm going to leave
that with you, okay?

Deal with the mum.

I'm gonna stay here, see if
we can get an I.D. on the body.

Looks like we're gonna have
to look into dental records.

Right, okay, get on
with it, Jack, thank you.

Let me know if I
can do anything else.

Yeah, okay.

I've spoken to Detective
Inspector Bellamy.

She thinks it's not a very good
idea to do the press conference.

It was her idea.
She told me that...

I know, I know.

Why doesn't she think...
Why are we not doing it?

- Um...
- It gets his face out there.

I've been sat in here for ages.

I could have been out
there looking for him.

I just feel like you're
not doing anything.

Why are we just
sat in here? I don't...

Tracey, there are
certain sensitive aspects

of the investigation

that we do not want
to release to the public.

I want to do the
press conference.

Tracey, we're not doing
the press conference, okay?

That's the way it goes.

Jack, I need a word.

I've been made aware
that the car tracker

puts you at Edward
Shaffer's before the I-call.

What the fuck is that about?

Because it is clear that
you have been lying to me.

Why would you do that, Jack?



Yeah, okay, listen, I went
'round to Edward Shaffer's house

to apologize.

I wanted him to
withdraw his complaint.

I knew that complaint was
gonna make it much more difficult

to convict him.

The complaint
wasn't the problem.

The lack of evidence
was the problem.

You are a liar, Jack.

What do you want me to say?

I don't believe this.

- Charlie.
- Yeah?

- Pull up the news.
- Yeah.

He's been taken, and the
police are doing nothing.

They said they'd have
a press conference,

and they've not had anything.

Okay, enough, enough.

I thought you
were handling this.

There's no way I
could have told her

the press conference
was canceled

'cause we found a
dead kid in the cellar.

I just left this
in your control.

This is not what
I had in my mind.

This is not my fault.

- Well...
- I'm sorry. It's not my fault.

So I'll just do
everything from now on?

- No, no.
- Is that the plan?

- You told me to do a job...
- This was not difficult.

Tracey Gatting is
waiting downstairs.

Great. So I'll go and
mop up after you, then.

What have you
done to piss her off?

I thought I had made
myself clear, Tracey.

Well, I don't regret putting
his face out on the news

because then more people
out there will be looking for him.

You said that that's
what we're gonna do.

Exactly the point.

You said that's
what we're gonna do,

and then you just said, "Oh,
no, we're not doing it anymore."

We we had our sights
on the perpetrators.

Do you understand?

You have alerted people to it.

Unfortunately you've also
alerted them to it, all right?

They are now running
scared, all right?

There is panic in the air.

That's exactly the opposite

of where I wanted
to be at this point.

I didn't know because no one
was telling me anything, though.

We have found the
remains of a child, all right?

It is not André.

But he is in grave danger

from the people that
have abducted him.

Oh, God.

So I'm gonna be very clear
now, because as I said before,

my main aim is to bring
him home safe and well.

- So...
- That's my aim as well.

I just thought I was helping

because I've been stuck
in here for bloody ages!

Well, then, I'm gonna
hold your hand, all right?

I'm gonna tell you
exactly what to say

because I'm gonna
need a press release

where you make a direct appeal

for his safe return
from his abductors.

Do you understand that much?

Yeah, that's all I
wanted. I'm sorry.

Right, so went
through stolen vehicles

from the last 36 hours.

What stands out
for me is a blue van

that went missing
from an industrial unit

about a half a mile from
where Justin Marecroft lives.

So I have given the
registration to the ANPR team.

If that pings for them at
all, they're gonna call me.

Okay, keep me posted on that.

Yes, Sarge.

ANPR still don't have
eyes on Justin's blue van,

so I'm presuming he must
be parked up somewhere.

Justin still hasn't turned
on his mobile phone,

but I have done an historic
cell-site analysis of his phone

when he was making the
repeated calls to Edward Shaffer.

At that time, he was within 300
yards of Edward Shaffer's flat.

I think that's worth noting.

Also facial recognition
have come back.

They have confirmed

that Justin is definitely
one of the abusers.

- Boss?
- Hmm?

We can't deal with the
amount of phone calls

coming off the back
of your press release.

Listen, I've just pulled
teams two and three

to help us with the inquiries,

so I've got everyone
available out looking for André,

and hopefully they'll
get Justin as well.

The ANPR team just rang.

The blue van has been
located on Tavit Street.

Okay, great. Let me
know what happens.

I'll drive. Sorry.

Left, left, left.

It's here, it's here, it's here.


Fucking stop! Police!

Get up, get up. This
is an urgent interview.

This is an urgent
interview. Where's André?

Justin, fucking tell
me! Where's André?!

- Fuck off.
- Okay.

There's nothing in the van.

Here for me please.

Got it.

Tell us where André is,
or it's fucking over for you.

Fuck off!

Close the fucker.

Where is André Gatting?

I told you before, I
don't know who that is.

I don't know who
you're talking about.

We found a body,
the remains of a body,

at your house,
buried at your house.

Same thing happen
to André? You tell me.

Now, where is that little boy?

I've had to watch a
movie that you've made.

I could never have imagined

how disgusting something
like that would be.

And it was made at your house,
and André was in that movie.

Now, where is he?

Maybe something you
do want to talk about

is the true nature
of your relationship

with Edward Shaffer?

You were terrified that Edward
might speak to the police

about your little
pedophile ring,

and you needed to know
if you should move André.

That's why you were so desperate

to get in touch
with him, isn't it?

I mean, isn't it?
That's the truth.

Thing is, I don't
think he's got any idea

what it's like to be in
prison if you hurt kids.

They make a beeline
for fuckers like you.

They do.

Kid killers.

It's like fucking Christmas
in there when you come in.


I suggest that you stop
trying to protect other people

and you stop trying
to protect yourself.

You tell us where that boy is.

Okay, fuck this.

Charlie, DNA evidence
is in from forensics

at the Edward Shaffer murder.

Justin's DNA all over the flat,

the balcony, and
Edward's clothing.

So he's the one
that pushed him over.

Looks like you were
right, then, boss.

Pedophile ring is
turning on Edward

in a bid to protect itself.

I've got your DNA
all over my crime site.

The site where
Edward Shaffer died.

So you killed him.

I went in there to talk to him,

to figure out what the
hell we were gonna do.

When I got there, he
was all stressed out

after the argument
with your Irish copper.

So I couldn't talk to him.

I couldn't get any
sense out of him.

What do you mean, an argument?

When I turned up, your
Irish boy was at the bins,

and Edward saw him, went up
to him and started shouting at him.

Both of them, they started
having this argument.

And then your boy left.

I tried to calm him
down. He kept shouting.

I couldn't calm him down.

So you and Edward went up
to his flat to avoid being seen.

Well, what, was he threatening
you, or what was he doing?

He was just threatening
to spill everything.

I didn't mean to kill him.

Whether you meant
to kill him or not,

you pushed Edward
Shaffer off that balcony.

What about the boy
in the basement?

He kept on shouting
for his mummy.

Justin's admitted to
killing both Edward Shaffer

and the boy in the cellar, but
he won't tell us where André is.


It has been 48 hours since
we know André was abused.

Okay, it's looking
less and less likely

that that kid is
gonna be found alive.

Well, I would prefer
to run this investigation

as though we are looking
for a boy who is still alive.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Do you think he's dead?

Okay, first question...

What are these two
guys doing together?

Okay. Cheeky grab.

We know that
Edward Shaffer's death

came as a result of the
pedophile ring closing in.

We know Justin Marecroft
is part of that pedophile ring.

So is Tamsin part of
the pedophile ring too?

Tamsin Shaffer.

How do you know her?


She, uh... She's
married to Edward.

No shit, Sherlock.

Okay, but how do you know her?

Know her well enough
to meet her on her own.

How come?

She called me up,
wanted to meet, so...

She thinks I fancy her.

As if I'd fancy her.

She's a bit old
for you, isn't she?


Is Tamsin Shaffer part
of the pedophile ring?

She lives in a
fucking dream world.

She has no idea what was
going on right under her nose.

I mean, do you
expect us to believe

that her husband's been
abusing kids for years,

and she knows nothing about it?

Can I come in?

Okay, from what you know of
Tamsin at the dance academy,

does that match with
what Justin's saying,

that she's weak and oblivious?

Women in this situation,

they say they don't
know what's going on,

but this is about deep denial.


Your press release, boss,

kicked up a confirmed sighting
of André Gatting in a park

like about half a mile away

from where Jeff
Patterson last saw him.

CCTV's loading.


That's Tamsin Shaffer.

We were right.

She's the one who
abducted André.

Yeah, we need urgent circulation

on Tamsin Shaffer
for child abduction.

Yes, and an all-ports
call. Thanks. Bye.

You okay?

I had personally
shown Tamsin Shaffer

the way out of this station.

Fucking wicked work,
Constable Steele.

Listen, we're not
superhuman, okay?

It's easy with
hindsight, isn't it?

Okay, so it seems
that Tamsin Shaffer

was indeed a member
of the pedophile ring,

making a nonsense of her claims

that she knew nothing about
what her husband was up to.

The full extent of her
involvement is unclear,

but at the very least
she's a facilitator.

I have activated the
live cell-site process

for Tamsin Shaffer's
mobile phone,

the problem being that
her phone is switched off.

With Justin Marecroft
downstairs in custody

and giving us nothing,

Tamsin Shaffer is the key
to finding André Gatting.

Tamsin Shaffer.

She's an active member

of the pedophile ring
that you work with.

I know that because I have CCTV

showing Tamsin picking up André,

abducting him from the park.

Where's Tamsin?

She's not at the dance
academy. She's not at the flat.


You don't want any
more blood on your hands.

I know you don't.

Enough's enough, eh?

I've got an address where
Tamsin might have André.

That's the van, right?
That's the Shaffers' van.

That's it, that's it,
- WESTON: Okay.



Is it open? Is your side open?


- André?
- Charlie!

- Yeah?
- Charlie!

- Hello?
- Oh, Jesus!

- Tamsin!
- Tamsin?

Okay, okay. Up
you get, up you get.

This is D.C. Steele.

Urgent assistance required.

I need an ambulance
to attend immediately.

I've got an attempted suicide

in the garages
under Lupin Street.

Tamsin, tell me where André is.

I've got a female
bleeding profusely.

Tamsin, tell me where
the fuck André is.

Charlie, where's the ambulance.
I'm losing her, for fuck's sake.

- Have you seen anything yet?
- No!

Okay, split up.

Get every single one of
these doors open, and just,

oh, pray we're not too late.

André, it's the police.
Shout if you can hear us.

- Look, Sam if you...
- Jesus.

Have you found André yet?

Charlie, have you
found André yet?


Tamsin, Tamsin,
you're not dying on me.

Tell me what you've
done with André.



Jesus. André!


André, I'm a police officer,

and I'm here to
look after you, okay?

You're all right. You're safe.

All right? We're
gonna take care of you.

Further ambulance
required to the same location.

We have a second casualty.


What were you gonna do with him?

André. What were
you gonna do with him?

Nothing. Just...

I picked him up, and...

What do you mean, "Nothing"?
What were you gonna do with him?

- It just happened so fast.
- Where were you taking him?

I was just doing
what I was told.

Justin told me that
André was a problem.

I had to get rid of him.

André's not a problem.
André's a little boy.

- I know.
- Do you know?


You abducted him so your husband
and his friends could rape him.

- Did you touch him?
- No.

No, I picked him up,
and then I let him go.

I didn't want to hurt
him. I let him go.

I'm asking you, Tamsin,

if you have ever indecently
assaulted any child.

No! I would never
assault a child.

I would never touch a child.

I loved my husband.

I'm so sorry.

You've got to believe me.

Have you ever really, really
loved someone so much

that you'd do anything for them?

Shut the fuck up.

Don't appeal to me
as a fucking woman.

I'm a mother, all right?

Those children have
got to live with this.

They're still alive.

God, you make me sick.

You don't know
anything about me.

And you don't know
anything about Edward.

Or you would understand.

I understand that your
husband was a pedophile

and you made sure
he had a ready supply

of little boys and
girls to rape and kill.

Wow. You're a disgrace.

Get better soon.

'Cause we're going to be looking
after you from now on, okay?

Thanks, Sarge.

Just so you know,
we found André.

He's with his mum now.

Yeah, well, that's a relief.


So, what? What
happens now, then?

Um, well, with
regards to the burglary,

I've sent off your
file to the CPS.

I wrote it up as
sympathetically as I could.

So you'll hear from
that in due course.


But what about me? What
about... What about my job?

I don't see that
there's much I can do.

Yeah, thank you, bye.

Thanks, Sarge.

Central murder team
have come back to me.

They've identified
the dead child

as an 11-year-old
boy, Arthur Kombo.

Interpol think that he was

trafficked into the
UK from Africa.

We're liaising with
international authorities.

Need to try and
find the next of kin.

- Great.
- How's André?

He'll make a full recovery,

but mentally it's a
bloody nightmare, isn't it?

He and Tracey are gonna
need a lot of support.


I would like to go to the pub

and be considerably
drunker than I am now.

- Yes.
- That's the way forward for me.

Charlie, that's fine.
You go to the pub.

Jack, come with me.


- Do me a favor.
- Yeah?

Um, apologize to me.

What do you mean?

Just... Just show me what
you look like apologizing.

"Sorry, boss."
Something like that.

- It's a game. Just do it.
- Sorry, boss.

'Cause you weren't
apologizing, were you,

when you went to
Edward Shaffer's?

And Justin was
there to see that.

Hang on, hang on.

When I went to
Edward Shaffer's, I said,

"Mr. Shaffer, I
want to apologize

for the way I've behaved.

I want to..."

- No, you hang on.
- No, hang on a second.

No, you hang
on, Jack, all right?

Don't try and hoodwink me
because I can see through it

because I know you, Jack,

and I've been
watching you fuck it up.

- I mean, are you stupid?
- No, I'm not stupid.

Let me describe a
stupid cop to you.

A stupid cop would be somebody

who would take a piece
of incriminating evidence

and bung it into the
bin of the prime suspect.

I di... Listen, I know it's been

a fairly fucking shit
week for me, okay?

Well, it's been a much shitter
week for me, Jack, all right?

I thought I was doing
what needed to be done.

I've had to speak to the D.P.S.

I've had to pull a
few fucking favors...

Favors I was rather
keeping for myself.

God, you are standing
right on the fucking edge,

and I have a bloody good
mind to give you a shove

instead of constantly
holding your hand!

So H.R. have said to me that
you have six weeks holiday due.

I suggest that you take them.

Don't send me a postcard.

Finally. I am dangerously sober.

Let's get to the pub.


You were up for it a minute ago.

What's wrong? Are you
in trouble or something?

Ask the boss.