Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Scott Freeman, a widower with two teenaged girls, is battered to death on a tow path. Masquerading as a young girl on the Internet he had been hunting down paedophiles, hopefully catching the man who , nine years earlier, raped his younger daughter Rose whilst she was in Brighton for a dance contest run by Edward and Tamsin Shaffer. Scott's computer shows that he met Dr Philip Cleaving on the tow path but Cleaving insists he left Scott alive. Cleaving ultimately admits his part in Rose's rape but Edward Shaffer was also placed at the scene, though he denies involvement. A blood-stained towel in the Shaffers' garbage appears to link him to Scott's murder but then Edward is also killed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Police are appealing
for witnesses

after a man was
found unconscious

with life-threatening
head injuries

by the West Willow Canal
in East London today.

Police are treating the
attack as attempted murder.


Um, bear with me two seconds?


Oh. Well done.

Victim's name is Scott Freeman.
Works at Bellingham's Casino.

It's inevitable, you
know. I told the guy...

Do you remember that video
that was going 'round last week

in the office? The
pedophile hunter?

I didn't watch
it. I didn't see it.

Yeah. Okay, well, this
guy, Scott Freeman,

he claimed to track
down a pedophile.

His M.O. is he poses as
a 14-year-old girl online

and he lures in pedophiles,

goes to meet them, and
then fucking bashes them.

Geez. That's a
high-risk strategy.

Yeah, well, I mean the guy's got
what's coming to him, you know.

That's hardly fair. You didn't
see him. He's in a bad way.

Yeah, when you take the
law into your own hands,

you take the risks. Okay?

I'm just going to finish
up this statement, yeah?

- Yeah. Okay. I'll talk to Sam.
- I'll be like five minutes.

Some 14-year-old
girl had set you up.

- What you talking about?
- It's Cindy.

Look, I've been talking
to you all day online.

You make me absolutely
sick. What have you got here?

I don't... I don't go online.

I kept telling him

if he's going to keep going
like that, we'd do him for assault.


We know that he arranged

another one of these
little meetings this morning.

Tech have been into his
Internet chat-room exchanges,

as to where he's going...
"I'm Cindy, come meet me"...

Before he does this.

He had been exchanging
messages with another user

and arranged a meeting
for the tow-path this morning.


Tech managed to pull the
IP address of the other user,

but it goes back
to a coffee shop,

like an Internet... Public
Internet chat room.

Do we have a physical
address for the place?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay I reckon it's worth

getting down there, getting
some CCTV from that shop,

- see if it's, uh...
- If they have it.

100%. Yep, do that.

Listen, obviously
somebody else is filming this.

- So the guy's not working alone.
- Mm.

Can we pull up his
phone records from TIU?

- Yes. Yep. Will do.
- Sure.

Yep. Thanks.

- Bye.
- Yeah? How is he?

His injuries have caused
some bleeding to the brain,

unfortunately, um...

They've stabilized him
as much as they can,

but sadly he's in
a critical condition.

So we've got a
wife, Iris Freeman,

a daughter, Kelly Freeman,

- and a younger daughter...
- Rose.

Yeah, Rose Freeman. Um,
I've not come across her before.

No, she's a vicious bitch, man.

She's been in a number
of times on drug charges...

- She's vicious.
- On theft, and also assault.

Can you break the news
to the family, please?

And I think probably
take a uniform with you

if this one's gonna kick off.

Hi. My name is Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

I'd like to speak to
Iris Freeman, please.

She died two weeks ago.

Is it about Rose?

No, it's not about Rose.
I'm very sorry to hear that.

Listen, maybe it's
better if we come inside.


Listen, Kelly, I'm really
sorry to be the one

to have to tell you this,
but your father, Scott,

has been involved in
a very serious assault.

He's in hospital. He suffered
quite a large blow to the head.



How was your relationship
with your father?

Disappeared for nine years.
Came back when Mum died.

Played superhero to Rose,

and I carried on
sweeping up pieces, so...



How's he doing?

Not good. It's a brain swell.

We know your father was attacked
between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

But at 9:43,

someone used your father's
cash card to take out money.

So we were wondering
if it could be Rose.

I mean, yeah, i-it
could be. It's possible.

A couple of hours
before you came,

they were arguing, you know?

And then he stormed out,
and then she went after.

- But I don't know...
- S-So... Hang on.

- They had an argument.
- Yeah.

He left the house,
and she followed him?

I mean, she went. I don't
know if she followed him.

Do you think Rose could
have attacked your father?

She would never attack
him. She loves him.

But how do you know? I
mean, she's a drug addict.

I mean, what's she
taking these days?


She's taking meth.
And I don't know.

I don't know anymore.
I don't... I don't know.

I don't know what she
does. I don't why he's here.

And I don't know if she could
have done it. I don't know.

Boss? Jack?

I've just received

the list of calls from
Scott Freeman's phone.

Um, nothing unusual,
other than a couple of calls

to a local dance school,
the Shaffer Dance Academy.

Daisy goes there. Really?

- Your Daisy?
- My Daisy, yeah.

Do you want to head
down there now?

No. It's okay. You
take care of it. Um...

- Sure?
- Let me know what happens.

Yeah. That's good.


Here we go.

Did you know I did three
years of Irish dancing?

I'm not remotely surprised.

That's so rubbish,
it's unbelievable.

- Or if there's an office?
- Hello?

- Hello.
- Oh, hi.

- Hi.
- Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

Hello. Nice to meet you. Tamsin.

- Tamsin.
- Hi.

- Last name?
- Uh, Shaffer.

- Shaffer. You run the place?
- That's right, yes.

- Edward?
- Yeah?

- Hi. Mr. Shaffer?
- Yes?

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

- Hello.
- We're investigating

an assault on a man
called Scott Freeman.

Scott? Oh.

- Do you know Scott?
- Yeah. Is he... Is he all right?

No, he's in a very
critical condition.

He suffered a very
serious blow to the head.

Um, but we do know

that he phoned the
dance studio this morning,

and we just wanted to
know what that was about.

Well, he rang me and he
did ask me to go with him

to go and film this fella

he thought was a...
Was a... was a pedophile.

And obviously I
didn't go. I wish I...

I should have gone with him.
I could have looked after him,

- protected him.
- Why didn't you go?

Well, I wouldn't let him.

I don't think he
should be associating

with people like pedophiles.

But you have gone to these
kind of confrontations before?

I did go once before
with him, yeah.

He asked me, and
I filmed him, yeah.

I have to ask you, Mr. Shaffer,

why you got involved
in the first place?

He said it was the
right thing to do,

that we should be
standing up for these kids

because nobody else does,
and he's very sort of persuasive.

With all due
respect, Mr. Shaffer,

the right thing to do would
be to come to the police.

Okay? It's our job to deal
with criminals, not yours.

You could have gotten yourselves
hurt, as Scott did this morning.

- Yeah.
- We understand.

That's a lesson learned, I hope.

- Sorry.
- Yeah.

Jack, how did you go
at Daisy's dance school?

Scott was phoning
the dance school

because Edward is the cameraman

for the pedophile

He's not a target.

Well, thank fuck for that.

It's weird, but he's a
reluctant cameraman.

- That's...
- Mm.

Lesser of two evils. Yes?

I have CCTV from the cash point

where Scott's
debit card was used

if anybody would like to watch.

- Press play.
- Ah, here she is.

So, Rose Freeman. Hello.

Hm. Jittery little thing.

She's gagging for a fix.

She's emptying
her dad's account,

so she's obviously going
to score somewhere.

Where is this?

The cash point is
on Windsor Street,

so we know exactly where she is.

I fucking hate that place.

Up on your feet.

Rose, up on your feet.

Don't touch me!

- Up, up! Up!
- Get off of me! No! No!

Pipe down or
you're coming in, too!

- Come on.
- No!

- Rose!
- Get off of me!

- Rose!
- No!

- Aah! No!
- Rose!

- Rose!
- Get off me!

Okay, okay.

On your knees, on your
knees, on your knees,

on your knees, on your
knees, on your knees.

Rose, I am not going
to break your arm!

Pipe down!

- Rose Freeman.
- I am arresting you

on suspicion of
grievous bodily harm.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something that you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand?

Rose, do you understand what
I'm saying to you or do you not?

I've been going through
Rose's mobile phone.

At 11:25 p.m. last
night, Scott, her dad,

texted her simply saying, "I
think I've found the bastard."

So maybe Scott realized that
he had found Rose's rapist.

Well, who's raped who?

Bringing her back in the
car, she was screaming

and ranting and raving
about, "I've been raped,

and if anyone's attacked
my dad, it's not me.

It's the guy who raped
me." I don't know.

We just need to wait for her
to come down, calm down,

and then talk to her about it,

because at the moment,
she's making so little sense.

Well, we can't talk
to Rose, can we,

so we're going to have
to talk to Kelly, okay?

Kelly, um, Rose mentioned...

Rose mentioned when we
arrested her that she had been raped.

So I don't know if
that's news to you.

I don't know if that's...

No, it's not. It's not news.

It was something she
said happened years ago.

We were away for the weekend.

How many years ago?

Eight or nine years
ago. I don't know.

Okay, and where did you go?

Apparently the rape is
supposed to have happened

at a dance competition
nine years ago in Brighton,

when Rose was just a child.

When both girls
were under the care

of Tamsin and Edward Shaffer.

Rose, um, we've had a
little look at your phone,

and there's a conversation
that you've been having on a text

with your dad.

There's actually an
unanswered reply from your dad.

It says, "I think I've
found the bastard."

Uh, remind yourself
of how that went.

Who do you think
he's referring to there?

My dad was trying to find
the man that raped me.


I told... I told him
there's no point...

There's no point
trying to find him

'cause I don't have any proof
and no one will believe me.

Sounds like he thinks he
found the person responsible.


Do you know who the person
might be that he's found,

that he thinks is responsible?

I don't remember.


I remember waking up
in... In this strange room,

and there was... There
was a man on top of me,

and another man, he... He
put something in my arm,

and I was unconscious.

And I don't remember.

What do you mean, put
something in your arm?

What do you mean by that?

He... He injected
me with something,

and I woke up the next morning,

and I felt pain... I
felt pain down there.

It was so sore.

Do you remember if the man
said anything or did anything at all?

Can you remember
any detail about it?

He said... He said...

"Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams."

- Ah!
- Martha, hi!

Ms. Shaffer, how are you?

I'm good, thank
you. How are you?

Yes, not too bad.

I'm here in a slightly
different capacity today.

I never realized you
were a police officer. Wow!

Oh, thank God for that.

Yes, they're a manly bunch.
I'm glad you didn't spot it.

Um, so I'm aware that you've
been talking to my officers,

and we've, in fact, been talking
also to Rose, your old student.

- Rose Freeman? Yeah.
- Yeah.

There's been an allegation about
a rape when she was younger,

and she said that she
spoke to you about it.

Yeah, she did.

She's saying that she was
raped at a dance competition

about nine years
ago in Brighton.

Yeah, the first I heard
of this was Scott told me.

He said this had happened

and this is why he
wanted to go on this,

you know, vigilante thing.

I told him we should
go straight to the police

as soon as something
like that happens.

Let's go straight to the police.
That's the right thing to do.

How is he?

Scott is... He's not
great, to be honest.

Oh, God. Poor Scott.

That could have
been me, couldn't it,

lying in that hospital bed.


- Thank God, eh?
- Yeah.

I just want to see what
you remember, really,

because she said she
spoke to you about it.

Yes, she did, and I put the
children to bed about 9:00.

Everything seemed fine, but
the next day, she was so tearful.

She came to me saying
that she'd had this experience

where she'd been touched.

Um, so I asked her a bit about
it, and she was very incoherent.

Some of it didn't make sense.

So I gave her a big cuddle.

Um, I phoned her mum,

and she told me that
possibly one explanation

was that Rose had been doing
something about stranger danger

in school, and maybe
that was a side effect.


If I thought for one
moment it was possible,

then I would have of
course gone to the police,

but given that
Kelly, Rose's sister,

was in the room all night,
then it couldn't have happened,

because I questioned Kelly,

and she said that nothing had...
Nothing untoward had gone on

and that Rose had
slept fine all night, so...


I don't think I
made any mistakes.

I snuck out that night to meet
a guy from another dance team.

But I was 15.

I was tired of being
a carer for my mum

and a parent to
my younger sister.

I just wanted to
have fun, that was all.

I didn't mean anything.

The next day, uh, Tamsin asked
me if Rose woke up in the night.

I said no.

But I lied. I wasn't there.

I didn't... I didn't know.

What was the name of the
boy that you snuck out with?

Alistair Green.

Does Rose know that
you snuck out now?

Have you told her?


I have to say, I have
to just slightly question

why you haven't mentioned any
of this to my officers before now.

Obviously you've been
talking to them, I believe.

Well, because I
didn't want to damage

the reputation of
the school, Martha.

I notice that Daisy isn't
here today, for example,

and I do hope that she's
feeling better next week.

My Daisy? Oh, it's fine.

She's got a head
cold or something.

She's a terrible patient.
I'm sure she'll be back soon.

Okay, thanks for your
time. Appreciate it.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

How'd you go with Edward?

Well, he's not
the sort of person

that I'd warm to naturally.

- What do you mean?
- He's just a gobshite, isn't he?

How's Daisy? I didn't
know she was sick.

No, is she, hell.

But any sign of a
kiddie fiddler, and...

- Do you know what I mean?
- I don't blame you.

Not on my doorstep,
thank you very much.

Who's broken the printer?

- Jack?
- Yeah.

Okay, I have just
been down in TIU.

So there's a series of text
messages from last night

between Scott posing as
Cindy... And you know the guy

that he arranged to meet
on the towpath, right?

What caught my eye is that
the person he was texting

signed off his last message
with the phrase "Sweet dreams,"

which is what Rose said
that her rapist said to her

that night in Brighton.

The mobile phone
number is registered

to a guy called
Dr. Philip Cleaving.

He runs St. Jonas
Surgery on Capland Road.


So, that coffee shop
with the IP address

registered to the person that
Scott was corresponding with

in that Internet chat room.

This is CCTV, and here we
see Dr. Phil Cleaving in there

at the time of the chat,

I'm pretty sure accessing the
Web room on his mobile phone.

Okay, I don't think it's
looking good for him at all.

He is messaging someone
who he believes to be

a 14-year-old girl called Cindy,

then arranges to meet her on
a deserted towpath by a canal.

So in my mind, that
sequence of events

leads to Dr. Cleaving
turning up, meeting not Cindy,

but a very angry Scott Freeman,

who calls him out as a
pedophile and a rapist,

says, "I'm going to out you,"
and I think he then batters him.

Dr. Philip Cleaving?


Hang on, hang on,
hang on. Hold on, hold on.

- Okay.
- Don't hit me.


Whoa, hang on.

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

I'd like you to come down
to the station with me.

- What? Now?
- I have some questions

to ask you. Yes, please.

- You are Dr. Philip Cleaving?
- I am.

Okay, let's go
down to the station.

Do you mind accompanying me?

Not at all. No, that's fine.

If we can maybe...
Maybe talk through this.

Who's that?

- Well, it's me, obviously.
- Is it? Yeah.

A closer look.

- No, thanks.
- Yeah?

What are you doing?
Are you texting?

- Are you checking photographs?
- It looks like it, yeah.

Who are you texting?

Oh, well, I text
people, you know.

Who the fuck are you texting?


Who's Cindy? What were
you doing at the towpath?

I was... I'd been going
online the last few months.

Just a big relationship
broke up, you know,

and you go online and you chat.

To children's forums.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- To children's forums.

Cindy's a child.

You're texting Cindy. You wanted
to meet Cindy on the towpath.

No. I want to be
absolutely clear about this.

Please be very clear.

Right, if you let me get two
words out, maybe I can clarify.

You go online, people role-play.

You wouldn't believe the number
of Xena Warrior Princesses

that are out there,

people who think
they're Vlad the Impaler.

In this case...

I'll admit that I'm...
I've been having...

trouble with certain fantasies.

So I'm in the forum.

It seems to me to
be just role-play.

You'll get into it,

and... and it's probably
a 35-year-old woman.

So I arranged to meet.

I'm not proud of it. I...

It's just one of those things
that you're on the Internet

and you're kind of in a...

You know, you're just kind
of sleepwalking a little bit.

I turned up thinking, "What
would I say to a 14-year-old?

It isn't a 14-year-old
girl. It's probably..."

And then it turns
out to be this guy,

this big guy who starts,
you know, attacking me.

Okay, that guy is now in a
very critical condition in hospital.

So what did you do to him?

- I did nothing to him.
- What did you hit him with?

I didn't hit him
with anything. I ran.

- You ran?
- I ran.

- He hit you, and you ran?
- He clipped me.

He hit you, and you
probably hit him back.

I didn't hit him back. I'm
not very good at all that.

I don't like physical violence.

You met a guy
called Scott Freeman.

Scott Freeman finds fuckers
like you on the Internet.

He says, "Are you up
for this kind of stuff?"

You say, "Yes, let's meet,"
then he bashes you one.

He bashes you one.

You turn around, you
bash him one, okay?

- No.
- Is that what happened?

You see, he hit you, okay,

because he believed that
you raped his daughter.



Me again.

Not for the last time, I'm sure.

Hi. Mr. Shaffer, could you
join us for two seconds?

Listen, I'm having awful
trouble identifying this man.

Do you know who that is?

Yes, Phil.

Dr. Phil Cleaving.

Dr. Phil Cleaving. So
you know this man?

Yeah, I was at university
with him like 20-odd years ago.

- So you're good friends?
- Well, then we were.

I've not seen him
for years and years.

- Nine years?
- I don't know.

About 15 years, I think, at
the reunion or something.

I can't remember. Years ago.

Okay. But not nine years ago.

- No, why would...
- In Brighton.

Is this connected to Rose?


- Phil was never there, was he?
- No.

He's not connected to
our studio, our academy.

I don't think he'd have any
reason to be there that evening.

He has no interest, no.
Why would he be there?

It's just a question.

There's no right or wrong
answer. It's not an exam.

- Okay.
- Don't worry.

Sorry, you just caught us
in the middle of something.

We're just sort of stock taking.

I'm in the middle
of something, too.

Um, listen, I'm gonna
need a list of people

who attended that
dance competition.

That would have been
on our old computer.

I'm sure you have
something, though, yeah?

What's he supposed
to have done, anyway?

Just helping us
with our inquiries.

Thanks very much. Okay.

It's okay.

Rose, are you sure,
as sure as you can be,

that this is the man
who attacked you?


Who was in loco
parentis that night?

- The Shaffers.
- Shaffers.

If Phil raped Rose, the
Shaffers gave him access.

End of story, Charlie.

Scott Freeman has
just passed away.

Bleeding to the brain.

Um, Charlie, listen, go
down, break the news to Rose,

then whip her down
to the hospital, okay?

I'm going to liaise with
Central MIT, all right?

Okay, we've got a
murder inquiry now.

Uh, Rose, Kelly, listen,
I'm very sorry for your loss.

They've just been
in the Chapel of Rest.

How you guys doing?

Yeah, Rose, you okay?

Why... Why would they kill him?

That's what we're
trying to figure out.

- Yeah.
- Rose.

He just came
back into our lives.

- I know.
- Why would they kill him?

I know. We need to figure
out, "A," who's done this,

"B," why they've done this.

Um, Kelly, what's the
story with the Shaffers?

- Do you do you trust them?
- Jack! Jack!

Do you think they had
something to do with it?

- Uh, listen.
- You asked me about him before.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Kelly, listen, from
our point of view,

we're trying to figure out

how whoever has
done this to your sister

got access to the room
without the Shaffers knowing.

Will you excuse us a second?
Jack, can I have a word?

Won't be a tick.

I know what you're gonna say.
I know what you're gonna say.

- I know what you're gonna say.
- That's not good enough.

Have you lost your fucking mind?

Okay, hang on a second,
Detective Constable.

Wind your neck back in.

Edward Shaffer is in
this up to his eyeballs.

I'm scratching a few
wounds to see if they bleed.

I'm going to drive
the girls home, okay.

I'm going to see if
they have any photos

from that dance competition,
a program, something like that.

Hopefully something helpful.

Ladies, I'm so sorry
about that, first of all,

and second of all, why
don't I drive you home?


- This is it.
- Is that it?

My mum made this for me as a...

good-luck gift for
the competition.

There was two.

I remember I woke up the
next morning, and it was...

It was gone.

The other one was gone.




Can I take it?

Look, why don't
you pop it in here?

I will take very
good care of it.

Thank you.

I remember Tamsin said to
me that it was all a bad dream.

They didn't believe me.

- Rose.
- She didn't believe me.

I believe you.

They didn't believe me, Kelly.

They raped me, Kelly.

They held me down
and they raped me.

I'm so sorry.

So, U.V. photos of Scott
Freeman's head injury

indicate the murder weapon was
a chain with a padlock attached.

- Fuck.
- Afternoon.

Oh, Charlie, here you go.

Keeping it warm.
Keeping it warm.

Honestly, you're welcome to it.

So Rose said that her mum
made her a set of earrings

as a good-luck charm for
the dance competition, right?

She said she went
to bed wearing two

and that when she
woke up in the morning

after the attack had
happened, she only had one left.

So I'm wondering if...

'Cause she scoured that
room looking for them.

I'm wondering if maybe
the attacker took it

as a trophy, a memento?


Uh, apparently there's
some sort of disturbance

down at the dance academy.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Are there any kids down there?
- I don't think so.

- Can you check?
- I'll check.

- Get back to me.
- Charlie, you want to come?

Yeah. What kind of disturbance?


How could you let him do
that to her, you lying bitch?

How could you let
him do that to her?

- Calm down.
- How could you let him do it?

Are you seeing this?
Are you seeing this?

- Look at this. No, look at this.
- Don't fucking touch me.

Lookit. The whole
street's seen this.

"Paedo" sprayed
on my fucking van.

Mr. Shaffer, I'm going
to have to ask you...

No, no, I think you
two should calm down.

You've been putting ideas
in that stupid girl's mind.

Back inside your dance academy.

I'm going inside, and I'm filing
a complaint against you, yeah.

- Please do.
- Official complaint.

- Hold your temper.
- Weston... W-E-S-T-O-N, yeah?



Nice to see what
he's capable of.

Did you see him fucking grab me?

I can cheer you up
with a little nugget

of information, all right?

So, do you remember Kelly said

that she wasn't in the room with
her sister when she was raped?

No, she was with her boyfriend.

She was with her
boyfriend, in theory.

Well, I've tracked down
the boyfriend, Alistair,

and he has confirmed
they went clubbing

till sod o'clock in the morning.

3:00 or something
like that, okay?

He's also said that he saw,
when they returned to the car park,

two men talking to each other.

He's identified one of those
men as Edward Shaffer.

The other guy he
didn't recognize,

but he said the
other guy was driving

a bright-red Porsche Boxster.

I checked with DVLA.

Guess who was driving a
bright-red Porsche Boxster

nine years ago.


Edward Shaffer said
that Philip Cleaving

wasn't there that night.

We now know he's
lying. Arrest him?

- Absolutely.
- Where's he live?

Porsche Boxster.

A nice bright-red one.
Ever had one of those?

It doesn't ring a bell.

That's funny
because I've got, um...

I've got the DVLA records

that show me that you did own
a bright-red Porsche Boxster.

In fact, a car that it would
be very hard to forget.

- Doctor.
- Well, if you say so.

Mr. Shaffer?


I'd like a quick word, actually.

Have you been sent back
to apologize, have you?

No, not exactly.

I'm arresting you for
aiding and abetting a rape.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention
when questioned

something you
later rely on in court.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

- Understand?
- Yes.

In you go. Okay.

I'm arresting your husband
for aiding and abetting a rape.

The rape of a child.

We've been making friends with
a gentleman called Alistair Green.

Do you know his name?

Alistair Green. No.

- He knows you.
- Oh.

He knows you from Brighton.

Nine years ago.

Right, right. I
don't remember...

I don't recall the name.

See, Alistair saw you in
Brighton nine years ago

in a car park at 3:00 a.m.
with Dr. Philip Cleaving.


- Okay.
- What was he doing in Brighton?

What were the two of you
doing in Brighton at 3:00 a.m.?

Okay, so perhaps he was there.

That doesn't make me
a pedophile, does it?

You're the first person
to mention pedophile.

Really, is that the only
evidence you've got?

- No, no, it's not. No.
- Alistair Green

sees me in the car park.

That's just the fucking
tip of the iceberg.

- Right.
- Hmm.

Can I just say, you
know, we are very serious

about making an
official complaint,

because it does seem to me
a bit more than a coincidence

that one minute
you're questioning me

about the rape of
that poor little girl

and then the next her sister

is spray-painting
"paedo" on my van.

Now you clearly told her

that you thought I might have
been a suspect, didn't you?

How else would she know?

I mean, that sort of thing's
against the law, isn't it?

Against the rules?
I'm not an expert.

Listen, shut up, okay?
I'm asking the questions.

- Yeah.
- Okay.


Talk to me about Rose Freeman.

She a good dancer?

Don't want to say
anything else to you, really.

No? How old was she
when she was there? 8.

- That's all right isn't it?
- 8.

Under your guardianship,
under your care.


Whatever happened to
innocent until proven guilty?

The search team
at Dr. Cleaving's flat

turned up a trinket box.

In it... Rose Freeman's
missing earring.

But also, look at all of these.

They all belong
to little girls, man.

It means that he is a
prolific sex offender.

Have we had these
tested for DNA?

No, not yet.

Okay, can we test
it for Edward's DNA

at the same time
we test it for Phil's?

Jesus, it's so sad.
Look, little girls' stuff.

- It's grim.
- It is.

- I guess Scott had his man.
- Yeah.

Dr. Cleaving?

Do you recognize this earring?

I am going to find your DNA
all over that earring, aren't I?

With the other trophies,
it is leading me to believe

that Rose was not the
only girl that you raped.

You've done it before.
You may have done it since.

It turns my stomach.

But that's the... that's
the truth, isn't it, Doctor?

And you didn't
act alone, did you?

Who did you do it with?

More exciting when
you do it with somebody?

I did it on my own.

It was all me.



Her dad knew that
you'd done this.

Scott Freeman.

And he came after
you, and you met him,

and then you killed him.

- No.
- Because you had to.

- Yes, you did.
- No. No, I didn't.

I will con...

I will confess to... this.

But I did not kill him.
I didn't attack him.

I-I don't... I can't...

I don't deal... I don't
deal well with all that.


So you ran away
like a little girl.

Like an 8-year-old girl.

From a big man who was
trying to protect his daughter.

Couldn't face up to that.

Don't like that
sort of business.

Is that right?

Wonder how Rose
feels about violence.

About being violated.

I suspect you are
a serial pedophile.

And I suspect that you have used

your knowledge of
drugs and medicine

to make sure that those
little girls don't remember

and can't say anything
about who did it.

There's not many things
that turn my stomach, Doctor.

But there's a bloody
awful smell in this room,

and it smells of you.

So, ANPR picked
up the Shaffer van

in the vicinity of the towpath

at the time of the
attack this morning.

- We've got him.
- Thank you, great.

- Welcome.
- That's amazing.

Good work.

Why was your vehicle near
the towpath this morning?

Well, I say, I have
absolutely no idea.

I was in the office
doing accounts.

Around what sort of time?

Half 9:00, 10:00-ish,
something like that, I think.

That's convenient.

What? Is it?

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.

It's just convenient that you
would be at the dance academy

when Scott Freeman
was being attacked.

Oh, I mean, that's where I was.

What is the Shaffer van
doing at the towpath?

I have no idea.

- Are you Richard?
- Who's asking?

I'm the 14-year-old girl...

- Remember that guy?
- That set you up.

What are you talking about?

It's Cindy.

And who's holding the camera?

Well, that's the time I went...

That's the time that Scott
asked me to go with him

to confront that chap.

So who's holding the camera?

Well, I was, 'cause that's when
Scott asked me to go with him.


I filmed this
confrontation here.

But that's it. I
didn't go with Scott.

Okay, well, let's just say that
you were there this morning.

Okay, you're there this morning,

and you're waiting
in the bushes.

I mean, I don't
know what you do,

but then you see
Dr. Phil Cleaving,

your old buddy,
coming up the towpath,

and you realize that
he is the pedophile

that you're supposed
to be confronting today.

Is that right?

So you start to panic,
start to shit your pants.

Phil Cleaving immediately
gets a whack across the head,

and he sees you
behind the camera,

probably cowering,
hiding behind the camera.

He says, "Edward.

Edward, buddy, chum,
pal, protect me, help me."

Scott's like, "What's going on?"

You shit your pants again.

You pick up what we think
is a long length of chain

with a padlock
attached to the end of it,

and you bash Scott across
the fucking head with it.

You beat his brains out.

I do need to say we are making
this complaint against him,

and I'm not going to say
anything else with him here

'cause it seems, well, he's
broken some rules, hasn't he?


Okay, Mr. Shaffer, if
you're more comfortable,

I am happy for my
colleague to withdraw.

I will, of course,
be briefing him...

Well, I'll be outside.

When we've finished. Okay?

Feel more comfortable now?

Yes, thank you.


Okay, yep. Understood, got it.

Thank you. Okay.

Oh, bollocks.

Okay, due to the
lack of hard evidence

and the fact that Edward

is about to make
an official complaint,

I have now got
to bail him, Jack.

Why do I even fucking bother
doing this fucking bullshit job?

I have some news that you
might want to hear, as well, Jack.

Um, so the diving team...

Hang on a second,
Charlie. Jack, sit down.


Yes, Charlie?

Um, the diving team at the canal

have pulled up a chain and
padlock from the bottom, so...

- Right.
- The weapon.

Well, it's a... it's a chain
with a padlock attached only,

unfortunately, because
it's been sat in the water

for however many
hours, so there's no DNA.

That's fucking fantastic.

What there are, though,
are some gray cotton fibers

trapped in the links
of the chain, so...

Shaffers have got gray towels.

I have gray towels.

They do. No, no,
he's right. They do.

They use... They
use gray towels.

The kids have them.

Look, I tell you what, okay,
get down to the towpath,

extend the search area,
take a dip while you're there.

Be careful. Don't
drown yourself.

Thanks, boss.

- Thank you, Charlie.
- Yep.


- Jack?
- Yep?

Hang up, hang up, hang up.

- What?
- Jesus.

Look, Edward's
complaint is bullshit, right.

I don't give a fuck about
the complaint, Charlie.

"A," the guy has been covering
up a rape of an 8-year-old.

"B," the guy killed
Scott Freeman.

"C," the guy is linked
with a known pedophile...

Dr. Philip Cleaving.

And "D," we're about to
release him into the community

so he can go and
fucking work with kids.

You're not the only one
who is pissed off about this.

I've been in the Freeman house

with all the tears
and all the sobbing

and all of the heartbreak
that comes with it.

Listen, I'm not letting
him get away with this.

I'm going to search
the crime scene.

I'm going to find
something concrete

that I can link to Scott
Freeman's murder.

Call me, Sarge, if
you need something.

Paul, do me a favor.
Look through there, yeah?

I know it's been a while since
you had your gloves on, so...

Sam, why don't
you check that bag?

Nicole? Over here.

Okay, there's fucking
shitloads of the stuff here.

Well, you will, of course,
be hearing from my solicitors.


Has his complaint got legs?

Well, I hope not. I
hope not for Jack's sake.

I don't know. He's his
own worst enemy, isn't he?

I'm slightly sick
of babysitting.

You and me both.

Nicole? I've just been
called back to the station.

- All right.
- Okay, so you finish here.

When you finish there,
just pop up here, yeah?

Okay, I think Sam needs
you there for a second. Okay.

Oi! oi!

Can't you leave me
alone for five minutes?

No, I'm here to apologize.

You just followed
me around, did you?

- This is pathetic, son.
- Man-to-man to talk to you.

Leave me alone,
will you? Just piss off.

Walk away, go back to
your fucking shitty job.

- Leave me alone.
- Mr. Shaffer, maybe we can go...


So, search team at
the dance academy

turned up Edward Shaffer's
digital camera, okay?

There's an SD card inside it,

which he thought
that he'd wiped clean,

but tech managed
to recover the footage,

which I've been watching.

I'm going to make
sure you're locked up

for a really long time, scum.

You make me sick.


- Edward!
- What you talking about?

Keep watching.

Jack was right.

This is how Scott
Freeman was attacked.

That's going to put
the bastard in prison.

Okay, Edward Shaffer's
address. Which one?

Okay, there you
go. Linfield Road.

Go get him.

All units, all units.

Potential fatality,
Linfield Road.

- Oh, shit, Linfield Road.
- Ambulance on way.

- Units to attend.
- Control from D.C. Steele.

All received. I will attend.

Out of the road.



What the fuck happened?

What the fuck are
you doing here?

Control from D.C. Steele, how
are we doing with the ambulance?

He's dead.

Control from D.C. Steele, how
are we doing with the ambulance?

- He's fucking dead.
- What happened?