Suspects (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Inspector Martha Bellamy, Sergeant Jack Weston and DC Charlie Steele investigate when two-year old Hope Wilkins goes missing after an apparent break-in, which proves to be false. Hope's father Laurie, lives with his cowed young son Toby, having sole access of the children after their mother Rachel was deemed unfit following a breakdown. Nor does Laurie get on with Rachel's religious mother Fiona. Prints on the back window belong to Robbie Hyland, a youngster who ten years earlier had been sentenced for killing his three year old sister. Laurie had argued in the off licence where Robbie worked and soon after Toby, who was friends with Robbie, rang him to say something bad had happened to Hope. Laurie clearly abuses Toby physically and Fiona admits that she took Hope to spare her ill-treatment from her father and that she accidentally died in her care. But Martha and Jack believe she is covering for somebody else.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"Police are searching for
a two-year-old girl

after she went missing from her home
in the Claypit Road area last night.

Her father woke up this morning to
find the toddler gone

amid signs of a break-in."

I know you're probably both very
anxious to get out there and find her

but the most important thing
for you to do,

in my opinion, is to stay here, OK?

When we get Hope back to you,

the first faces that she will want
to see is her father and her brother.

Can you talk me through roughly
what happened last night?

What time did you put Hope to bed?

Er... I put hope to bed probably
about seven o'clock.


Me and Toby... sat and watched
something for a bit, didn't we?

Huh? Didn't we?

He went to bed about eight,
I suppose.

I stayed here,
had a couple of drinks.

And... erm...

I don't know, I think I nodded off
about half past nine, probably.

You woke up what time?

About six, I suppose.

Did you notice Hope was missing
straight away or...?

Yeah, I went down to make
a cup of tea

and saw the door open,
the broken glass.

I thought... there would have been
a break-in, a burglary.

Went to check the kids
were all right.

And that's when I discovered that
Hope was missing.

Toby? Did you hear anything?

No. I was asleep.

He was asleep.

Weren't you?

Hope Wilkins,

who's been missing since nine pm.

OK? Last seen in her cot
by dad, Laurie Wilkins.

All right, forced entry points.

That would suggest that
we're dealing with a stranger

but historically,
and from everything we all know,

let's not take our eye off
the direct family.

So often, it is somebody
that the victim knows.

Where's Toby and Hope's mother?

Rachel, my ex,
doesn't live here any more.

We're... separated and she doesn't...
You're the sole carer?

Yeah, absolutely. I have custody
of the children. She... erm...

Her mother,
their grandmother, Fiona,

did have access to the children but
I discovered that she was...

giving Rachel access to the

which the court very specifically
said that she's not allowed to do.

I have sole custody of the children.

She's not a fit mother.

She's got problems and
that's the way things are.

And... erm...

I'm... I'm the one
that takes care of the children.

All right.

Yeah. It's gonna be all right, eh?

Police are here.

I'm gonna find your sister
and I'm gonna bring her home.

We spoke to Laurie
and from what he says,

the split between him and ex-wife
Rachel is particularly acrimonious,

which... maybe that custody dispute
is a factor in Hope's disappearance.

Rachel and grandmother Fiona
are on their way in.

They live together. There's
a search team round there now.

No sign of Hope so far.

I need more house to house.
We've only just started on that.

I need CCTV and,
I'm pointing out the obvious here,

but the press are
gonna be all over this

like flies on shit, aren't they?

So anything media-wise,
funnel that straight through to me.

Everything else to one side.

You know as well as I do

we haven't got long.

Hi. Hello. Miss Sullivan?
Martha Bellamy. Detective Inspector.

Take a seat and
mainly I just want to ask you

where you were last night, please?

I was - I was at my mum's.

And were you alone there? Only until
about ten and then she was home.

Rachel, I'm sorry to bring this up
but my police records do show

that in the past, you have been
cautioned for child neglect?

Would you like to talk about that
for a second?

It was a caution, that's it.

Was it in respect of Hope?


I had post-natal depression
and things were pretty bad

and there was a time
when she was crying

and I left the house and I went...

Just... I left for about four hours

and Laurie came back and was there
on her own and only a baby

so he actually called the police.

Why would you accept the caution
for neglect if you were ill?

I felt pushed

by Laurie and things were really bad
and I just didn't...

I didn't.... It was the way to
finish it, I think. I agreed to it.

Were you aware what would happen
after that, though? That...

No, I wasn't even thinking.
I wasn't even thinking that.

At the time... things were bad.

When did you last see Hope?

Very briefly, about two weeks ago.

Had Fiona told Laurie that you
were going to see Hope? No. Right.

That's why it was only a short time,
because she had to get them back.

Fiona, hi.

Detective Constable Steele.

I just want to ask you a couple of
questions if that's all right.

Last night, I understand that you

dropped by Laurie and Toby
and Hope's house?

Yes, at about nine o'clock
OK, about nine o'clock.

Did you stay long?

No, it was only a couple of minutes.

Toby answered the door and said that
he wasn't allowed to let me in.

It makes his father very cross

and I didn't want to get him
into trouble so I just left.

I don't like that woman. There's
no point pretending otherwise.

I don't like her attitude, I don't
like the whole Bible-bashing thing.

I had enough of that
when I was young and... um...

I don't want her in the house.
That's all there is to it.

What did you do then?

I went to St Swithun's.

I sometimes just... sit there
and think and...

And then I went home.

So I went to bed,
I don't know, 10:30.

Listen, I'm down here in
the Wilkins' back garden.

Just going through the back door
and the point of entry.

It's physically impossible

for someone to have reached
through the broken window

and got their hands on
the back door key. It's too far away.

I'm daring to say that this break-in
might have been staged.

Do you mind if I excused you very
very quickly just for two seconds?

Steve, one of our SOCOS, wants to
eliminate you from the fingerprints.

He'll be doing the same with Toby,
just for procedure.

Yeah, OK. Is Toby coming with me?

Toby's here. I have no more questions
but Toby can stay here.

I'll sit down, watch TV with him
or something.

Did your grandmother come home
last night?

Do you like your grandmother?

Is she a nice woman?

Does she give you money
at Christmas?


Let me ask you, Toby...

did your grandmother take Hope away?


Thank you very much.

I've just had a call.
A neighbour reported seeing someone

hurrying away from the Wilkins'
house at about half past 11.

Laurie, maybe?

All right.
Description to uniform, OK?

Yeah. Devise an e-fit based on
the description from the neighbour.


OK. OK, I'll talk to you in a minute.

So tell me about your dad.

Did he leave the house last night,

Did you see him leave the house?


Toby, you can trust me.

SOCOS found no evidence of entry
through that back window.

The opening's too small
to climb through.

Three sets of fingerprints
on that back door.

One belonging to Laurie,
one belonging to Toby

and the third set
as yet not identified.

So... the staged element makes me
think it's an inside job.

That third set of prints,
potentially, is a stranger.

I need more info
on the third set of prints. Yes.

Thank you.



Um, I've got the e-fit
from that neighbour.

That is absolutely not Laurie.

Laurie? Yeah! Just a quick question -
do you know who this man is?

Yeah. That's a guy called Robbie.
He works in the off-license.

Where's the off-license?

Just down the road.
OK. Robbie. Last name?

I don't know.

OK, I'll track it down. Thanks.

Go ahead, Sarge.

Yeah, so the suspect's full name
is Robbie Highland.

OK, I'm gonna text you his home
address and meet you there.

Hurry up on this one.
I'm on my way.

Excuse me!

Yeah, this is it. Robbie?


Police! Don't move!

Is this it?

Is there any access through there?

OK, well, can you guys wait outside?
Can you get the SOCOs to come down?

Can I have a bag, please?


Thank you.


I've just come back from Robbie's.
No sign of him.

It looks like he left
in a massive hurry.

But... present.

He's a frequent visitor
to shock websites.

Yeah. Pretty grim.

Good thing, though. We have
a very clear set of prints.

I've rushed that downstairs
so as soon as I know something,

I'll come and let you know.
So good. Well done. Right.

So the unidentified finger marks
on Laurie's back door

belong to Robbie Highland.


Robbie's fingerprints are red-marked
on our system.

Oh, great.

Robbie Highland.

Who we now know is actually
Tyler Marcham.

Ring any bells?

Should think it fucking does.

The gentleman you identified
as Robbie Highland,

from the off-license...

His real name is Tyler Marcham.

He was convicted ten years ago

for murdering his
three-year-old step-brother.

What did you say?
That's the situation.


His real name is Tyler?

You telling me there's
a convicted child killer

living at the bottom of my street?
At the moment, all we're -

Are you telling me
there's a convicted child killer

living at the bottom of my street?

What do you people do?
Do you keep an eye on these people?

All right. Finish your cigarette
and let's get out of here, OK?

The search teams and cadaver
dogs are still at Robbie's property

but, I mean, there's no sign of
anything at the moment.

Could you get a toddler in that bag?

Does he have any grudge
against you or...?

Does he have any grudge against me?
Does he?

No. I don't know the guy. Then we
should have nothing to worry about.

Finish the cigarette,
get in the fucking car.

I have CCTV from the shop
where Robbie works.

OK. Oh, hello, Laurie Wilkins.

You can see how much he's buying
but I now have the till roll

so I can confirm that
he bought a shit load of booze

at 3:09 in the afternoon

and we know he went back later
and bought more.

That's a lot to get through
in one day.

So he's pissed as a fart.

Matched with that temper.

Listen, I've just seen some CCTV
footage taken from the off-license,

where you were last night,
around 8:30?


Do you wanna tell me what happened?

I was buying some beers.

Anything else?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


A bit of a disagreement, I think.

A bit of a disagreement?
I mean, you kicked off.

Look, I don't like the guy, OK?

I mean, you told me this morning
about his past. His history.

It all just confirms what
I always thought about him.

There's something weird about him.

I never liked him being near my
children or talking to my family.

You told me yourself he's a
convicted child killer.

I wanna know what he's done
to my daughter.

Could you have said anything to him
that might have upset him?

Yeah, I probably did. I probably
told him some minor insult

and asked him to do his job, you
know? With maybe a bit more force

than was absolutely necessary
but that's what it is.

I don't like the guy.
I wanna know where is he now?
Why aren't you talking to him,

asking him questions? We've people
out looking for him as we speak.

So Laurie leaves
and pretty much immediately,

Robbie picks up the phone
and makes a call.

The timecode on that is 20:32
and I've got Robbie's call data.

At 20:32, he makes a call
to Laurie's house

which lasts about three minutes.

The only people home then
are Toby and Hope.

So what the hell is Robbie
talking to Toby about?

Also...22:45, there's a call
which goes from Laurie's house

to Robbie's mobile phone,
which lasts about a minute.

It can only be Toby. It has to be. I
mean, assuming that the same person

that Robbie rang and picked up is
the same person that rang him back.

Hi, Toby. Hi, Fiona.
Hi, guys.

Could you quickly tell us

who that is?

That's Robbie.

Do you know him well?
Are you good mates?

I see him at the park sometimes.

When I go to play
with my helicopter.

Do you ever go to his house?

Tell me something.

Has Robbie ever called the house?

Or have you ever called Robbie

Cos there was a call from the house

and that was to where Robbie works.

And that was last night -
quite late last night, actually.


Was that you calling Robbie?

Toby? I think you really
have to answer the question.

OK, do you know what?
I tell you what.

Think about what
we've just asked you.

You can have a chat
and then we'll come back in

and we'll talk
a little bit more about it

but I think we need to have a break.


Look at this. Search team have got
something at Laurie's house.

Yeah? A T-shirt.
Where'd we find it?

In the garden. It's Toby's.

Do we know whose blood it is?

Fast-tracking that with forensics.

OK, what we need now

is a chat with Toby, isn't it?

Toby, this isn't gonna take long.

I just need you to talk me through
a few things. Can you tell me...

what's in this photo?

Is that your T-shirt?


See these little spots here?
That's blood.

And what we'd like to know is

how did all that blood get
on your T-shirt?


I had... I had a nosebleed.


D'you have many of those?

Oh, it's so hard with juveniles,
isn't it?

Cos ultimately, he's just scared.

I don't know... I don't know

how much he's able to tell us,
will tell us.

It's obvious from the T-shirt that
that's not a nosebleed.

Drops over here and there...

No, it doesn't quite make sense.
It doesn't really add up.

And he's just... He's just
completely got the brick wall up

and I'm not sure how to get it down,
you know what I mean?

How're we going to get him
to open up?

Robbie Hyland heading in the
direction of the tube station,

still with that massive bag.
They sent some CCTV up.

It's on the corner of
Macfarlane Road. There he is.

Just round the corner from the tube.
I assume that's where he's going.

Gonna grab a copper, a car.
Bringing me through.

Can we find out where he's going?

You know the tube station Robbie's
heading for?

Boss wants this on the down-low.

We don't need any more public
attention till he's in custody.


Oh, fuck! Get off me!
I haven't done anything! Get off!

Robbie Hyland? Robbie Hyland? My name
is Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

You're under arrest for child abduction.
You don't have to say anything

but it may harm your defence if
you fail to mention when questioned
something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used in
evidence. Do you understand?

Do you understand?!

Robbie Hyland. Where is Hope?

I don't know.

Why did you go to Toby's house
last night?

Toby's... He's my friend.

He called me when I was at the shop.

He said that he was in trouble.

I thought something had happened
with his dad or... I don't know.

I went over there. He said something
had happened to his sister.

Did you ask what had happened
to his sister?


I - I ran away.

You didn't stay and help your
friend? You didn't...? I couldn't.

I thought if I stayed round there,

that it was just gonna cause
a whole load of trouble.

I... I dunno. I just panicked.

Robbie Hyland has just made a claim

that Toby said that 'something
very bad' had happened to Hope

so we may not be just looking for a
missing child. She may be very hurt.

What does 'something bad' mean?

"The search continues for
two-year-old Hope Wilkins,

who police believe was snatched
from her home last night."

We've located Robbie, Toby.

And we're talking to him.

So that's good news.


Focus... on what happened to Hope
last night.

Because you said to your friend

that something really bad had

I - I don't approve -
Isn't that right?

I want you to answer that, please...

..and tell me what
had happened to Hope.

Nothing happened.

She just disappeared, that's all.

Forensics have come back
on the T-shirt.

It's a positive match
for Toby Wilkins

And also RCF will need to have
a look at him.

He's got cigarette burns
on quite a lot of his body.

The blood spots are from the scabs
coming away

and then that bleeding further into
the T-shirt.

He also has bruising -
a lot of bruising,

which ranges in age
from quite recent

to - I think this is the oldest
one - it's about a month old.

Laurie smokes.

The oldest bruising co-incides with
when Rachel came back into their lives.

Don't you think
that's quite significant?

Excuse me, Fiona.

How have you missed these burns...

..and bruises on Toby's body?

These were taken this afternoon.

Look at them.
Why didn't he tell me?

Oh, God. I'm so sorry.

Did Toby ever come to you
about these?

He just... He just closed up
the last... I don't know...

It may be that you are now
a significant witness in this case.

Fiona, I'm going to go now

and arrange for
another appropriate adult

to accompany Toby
in any further interviews.

Not ideal, I know, to do it in here.
But we're a bit... pushed for space.

It's an absolute nightmare
out there.

How are you feeling?

Not great, erm...

You smoke, don't you, Laurie?

Do I smoke? Yeah, I do.

But I assumed I wasn't allowed
to smoke in here. No. Not in here.

How do you put the cigarettes out?

The usual way. In an ashtray or...
Ashtray? ..under the tap sometimes.

Empty beer can? Yeah. Where?

Just on the ground sometimes.
It's not against the law, is it?

It probably is. But, throw them
in the gutter... Whatever.

You gonna do me for littering?


I found these.

On Toby's body.

I'm going to show them to you
one by one

cos I want you to have a good look
at them. OK?

That's one. Taken from his torso.

Have you ever seen these on Toby?

What are these?

We think these are burns
from cigarettes.

Do you smoke?


Are you responsible for Toby?

Yes, I'm responsible for Toby.
And I told you earlier...

he has been seeing his mother
without my permission.

And this is exactly the reason
he's not supposed to see her.

This is exactly what I was
afraid of.

Some of these burns were less than
a week old.

Yeah, exactly.
Until a few days ago...

Toby has been staying with his

which I did not realise
involved also seeing his mother.

Rachel, why is it that Laurie
is so dead set

on you having almost no contact
with your own son?

Because he's a bully. He wants to
punish me,

he wants to keep the away from the
kids. He says I'm an unfit mother.

She has a history of violent

She has emotional problems, there
have been several violent incidents

in the past towards me
and the children.

I didn't think this had got to this

but this is exactly
what I was afraid of

and exactly what I was trying to
prevent from happening.

Rachel, are you an unfit mother?

I would never hurt my kids! I would
never - I would never do this!

Oh, my God.
And you didn't hurt Toby...

No! any way? No! No!

I keep telling you,
I didn't do this!

You'd better tell her not to come
near me for quite some time. OK?


What worries me, you see, Laurie...

from my point of view...

is that not once have you asked
how Toby is after this.

I've seen some really nasty stuff
on your laptop.

Do you want to tell me about it?

I did drawing when I was in prison.

Took classes.
I'm actually all right.

And, I dunno, I just thought...
it'd be fun to draw, I guess.

I think it would be fun to draw
flowers, Robbie.

Or... a bowl of fruit, or something.

That stuff's really nasty, isn't it?

Yeah. It's nasty but...
it's interesting to draw.

And I don't think it's illegal so...

Have you been abusing
your friend Toby? No.

Are you sure about that?

He's... He's a true friend.
One of my only friends.

Are you aware that Toby is being
physically abused?


You are? Yes.
Have you talked about it? Yes.

Who's hurting him?
His dad.

Is that why you were having
an argument with him in the shop?

Because I saw that on the CCTV,
it looked pretty heated.

Is that what that was about?
It wasn't that,

he was trying to buy more alcohol.

Which... you know...

being drunk I thought he might
actually harm Toby again.

I didn't serve him and he...
started shouting at me.

He spat at me,
threatened to beat me up.

The guy's a waste of space.
And a bully.

And a terrible... dad.

Are you scared of Toby's dad?


Scared of anything?


What are you scared of, Robbie?

Coming back to a place like this

What have you done with Hope?

I don't know where my daughter is.

You physically and verbally
abuse your son Toby.

No. No, no. I don't.

What's to say you haven't physically
and verbally abused your daughter,

who is now missing?

No - Where is your daughter?
I don't know where she is.

My best guess right now is she is
with that... fucking little pervert

who works in the off-licence
at the end of the road -

She's not with him. Where is he?
Robbie's in custody.

Right. Have you asked him where
my daughter is? Have you? Yes.

What has he said? He says he called
over to the house last night.

And you believe him
and don't believe me?

You believe a convicted child killer
above the girl's father?

Is that what you're telling me?

Why would I believe a word that
comes out of your mouth?

Why would you believe a word
out of the mouth

of a convicted child killer?!
Why? Answer me that.

When are you going to start telling
me the truth, Laurie?

What have you done with
your daughter?

If you think I am the sort of person
who could do anything to my daughter

other than love her and care for
her, you are out of your mind.

I swear to God, on my mother's grave,
I don't know where my daughter is.

Why are you stonewalling me? Mmm?

Why are you not answering
my questions?

I've nothing to say to you!
I don't know what happened!

I'm trying to find your daughter
and you're giving me nothing! OK?

I'm trying to find my daughter too.
I'm sorry...

I'm very stressed. I'm upset.
I don't know where my daughter is!

He's my friend.
Really? Yeah.

What kind of friendship is it?

What do you mean?

Well, I know what I would call
a friendship

and I'm just wondering if you have
the same criteria.

We hang out. Like...
Look, he's never come to my flat.

The only time I've ever been to
his house was when he called me

and said he was in trouble. I know
that - Where do you hang out?

He comes to the shop sometimes or...

we go to the park...

What do you do at the park?

We've got this erm... sort of den
we just hang out in.

Where is this den, Robbie?

Kenville Park.

There's a low fence...

by a bike rack and there's
kind of bushes behind it.

Woodies! What are you guys doing?
Giving each other a reach around?

I called you five minutes ago,
come on!

OK, listen up.

This is the north end
of Kenville Park

where Robbie Hyland has identified
where he and Toby kept their den.

Torches on. Charlie,
I want you to take two guys,

let's check access areas around here.
Roger, Mark, you come with me.

Zach, Ben, come with me through here.

Torches on, let's find it as quickly
as possible, please.

Ben. Ben, put the dog... over in
that corner. Zach, with me.

Right, there's got to be a gate
into this bit...

I've found something!

What have you got?
It's a shoe.



Can you get them to keep searching?
Yeah, sure.

Boss? Hi. It's me.

No sign of Hope but we found
her shoe.

We've obviously found the den,
there's a trail leading from the den

all the way through the park to West
Willow Road. It goes dead there.

OK. I'll get CCTV for that point
and the whole surrounding area.

Someone's moved her.

OK. Timing?

Soon as possible. Standby, Jack.

OK. Thanks. OK. Bye.

She's going to get the CCTV.

Try and figure out where it goes
after that.

Shit - OK. Boss?

CCTV shows Fiona O'Sullivan's car
pulling up at the park.

She gets out, exits into the park
for five minutes.

She comes back with a box, Jack.

How big is the box? I don't know
how fucking big the box is.

I don't know, big enough to have
a kid in it, I guess.

I've got a live cell site
on her phone.

She's heading towards the church,
OK? St Swithun's.

OK, we're on our way.
What did she say? What did she say?

I'll tell you in the car.

Check down there maybe?

Can we get someone to check up there?

Jack? Fiona.

- Fiona, what's in the box?
- I'm not leaving you here...

I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

You do not have to say anything
though it may harm your defence

if you do not mention when
questioned something you later...

I'll come with you... anything you
do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?

I understand.
Just leave it there for the SOCOs.

Quick, give us one of those.

You don't smoke any more -
Please, can I have one of those?

How are you doing?

Been better.

Listen, let's - Let's interview
Fiona tomorrow, OK?

I want you guys to go home
and then come back tomorrow

with a fresh head, yeah?

The body's been sent to the coroner

and the blankets and the box
are with forensics.

I'm happy to take Rachel and Laurie
down to ID the child.

Thanks, Charlie. That's...
That's a hard gig.

Keep me posted on forensics.

Jack, let's go talk to Grandma.

Fiona Sullivan, you are under arrest.
This is your interview.

It was an accident.

It was an accident. It really was.

I just had to get her away
from... Laurie.

I know... the consequences. I...

I will... pay for that forever.

And in the next place.

I have a spare key. I let myself in.
I smashed the...

window next to the door.

Went downstairs. Toby was...

asleep and Hope was fussing
so I... I...

I just - I covered her with
a woollen blanket and...

I made her a little... bed
in the boot of the car

and I put her in it.

And she seemed to have stopped

I didn't know that
she'd stopped breathing.

I...must have just covered her up
too tight. I must have...


It just was an accident.

She was such a beautiful girl.

Let's - Let's...
She was so beautiful.

Let me get you... a glass of water.

Boss, can you...

Bullshit? What do you think?

I mean, she's a grandmother.

You don't just smother a kid
by accident.

Yeah, and you don't put
your granddaughter to sleep

in the boot of the car.
I don't buy it.

Boss? Yeah?
FME report on Hope.

What does it say? Smothered?


OK, so she... had fibres
in her mouth

which were synthetic -
from a synthetic blanket,

not a woollen blanket.
She definitely said woollen.

There were a whole bunch of blankets
at Laurie's house

but it'll be in the file
what they were.

Shit. Of course. Toby told Robbie
something bad had happened to Hope.

Exactly, Jack.
I think Grandma's lying.


This must be so difficult for you.

There is no easy way
for me to say this.

But... it may be that Toby is
responsible for Hope's death.

Well... no. That's ridiculous.
How could he be?

He's not. He's not.

We need to talk... to Toby.

We can't do that
without an appropriate adult.

Rachel... this is as horrible
as life can get.

The one thing I need you to do right
now... is to focus on the truth.

Toby. Where's Toby...



They're going to ask you
some questions now

and you need to tell them
what happened.

Whatever it is that happened...
it's OK, all right?

I love you. And that won't change.

So we need to just tell them
the truth. Do you think that's OK?

Thing is, Toby...
I think I know what happened.

I've been talking to your grandma.

And I've got a funny feeling

that she's trying to cover up
for somebody.

I think she's trying to look after
someone, Toby. Is that right?

You've got your mum with you now.

You can actually talk to me now,

Nan came round.

And Dad got angry.

So I thought... if me and Hope
were hiding then...

..I could protect her.

I just wanted to keep her safe.

I didn't want him to hit her.

Not how he hits me.

But then... she started to cry

and I thought if he saw us
then... it'd be worse so...

..I put the covers over her face.

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I smashed the window to make it look
like someone's broken in.

Toby, what did you do with Hope?

I took her out to the park.

I tried to put her somewhere
where she was safe.

I just don't know how they slipped
through the system, to be honest.

It's so sad. Charlie, can you come
in here for a second?

Sure. OK... Way forward at
this point, Charlie,

as erm... Here, have a seat.

Way forward is... going to be tough
from now on

because we've got a 12-year-old boy

who's confessed he's killed
his sister, it was an accident.

I don't reckon the CPS
will press charges.

'I just wanted to keep her safe.

I didn't want him to hit her.

Not how he hits me.

But then... she started to cry and...

I thought if he saw us then...
it'd be worse so...

..I put the covers over her face.

I didn't mean to hurt her.'

Do you have anything to say?

No. Good. Laurie Wilkins, I'm
arresting you for actual bodily harm

of your 12-year-old son Toby.
You do not have to say anything,

though it may harm your defence if
you fail to mention when questioned

something you later rely on in

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. You understand?

Shit. Is she breathing?

Toxicology report.

She ingested PMA,
which is an ecstasy substitute.

She's my best mate.
We... We go to uni together.

Where did Ziggy get the drugs from
that you two took? I don't know.


Maybe... I don't know,
maybe someone off campus.

Sarge. Bad news. Uniform found
this guy dead in an alleyway.

His name is Tom Yeoman
and he's only 19.

Our thoughts are of course
with Tom Yeoman's family.

We are appealing to any witnesses
to come forward in the case

with any information,

as we do need to get this drug off
the streets of East London.