Survivors (1975–1977): Season 3, Episode 3 - Law of the Jungle - full transcript



We've been looking for you for days.

You... You go off like that,
on your own,

just leaving us a note. Why?
Now, if Hubert and I hadn't come...

Oh, stop lecturing me, Charles.

Jenny! Jenny!



What's it all for? Sweet FA.

Never found him and he was there
all the time, so it seems.

The sooner we're all safe back home
at Challoner, the better.

We're going to Lichfield.


Brickyard and a pottery near there.
That's where Greg is,

or he will be in a couple of days,
according to Agnes.

Anyway, by now,
it's nearer than Challoner.

How long is that going to take us?

Three or four days, at the most.

Where are we going to spend the nights?

Here, Jenny saw an elephant
at Marbury.

Did she tell you?
Wild beasts on the loose.

She's lost her gun,
we've got little or no provisions,

my gun's up the spout...

So, Hubert still grumbles, does he?
Cheer up, Hubert.

We'll spend tomorrow night at a farm
about 20 miles from here.

Greg and I visited it
on our way from Whitecross.

It's run by a man called Tom Walter.

There's nothing even Greg
could teach Tom.

The Walters have everything.

Everything, you said.
Didn't include rats, did you?

We were to set a camp here.

We'd better light a fire.
At least there's plenty to burn.

What about the roast lamb
I was promised?

Nothing to eat all day.

You can go longer than a day
before you feel it.

-Speak for yourself.

Light a fire!

Jenny and I will go and hunt something.




I'll look.


Get back, Charles. You're on foot.

What is it?

It's a pig.

-Get back!
-It's all right.

JENNY: Well, kill it.

CHARLES: With a shotgun?

Shoot it through the eyes.


Leave that pig alone.

Who are you?

Who are you? This is our territory.

What do you mean, your territory?

Stalking deer.

OWEN: Until your shot scared 'em off.


STEVE: Right, then,
let's get it, shall we?

Lucky you didn't go
in the woods yourself.

Nasty things, are traps.
You don't know where they're set.

Have to get it right through
the top of the head.

Takes a long time dying, otherwise.

Well, come on, then, give us an hand.

Whoa, now.

Is that your friend's horse up there?

Yes, I'll get him.

Oh, get him up.


STEVE: Here, pull him up. Pull him up.

Come on, hand this up.

Pull it.

That's it.

What else do you hunt?

Game. Deer.

We don't need no guns, neither.

Right, then, let's get going.

The only place we're going
is back to our friends.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Brod's men.

Who's Brod?

He says shoot first
and then ask the questions.

You could learn something from him.

Now, are you going to ride or walk?

Where's Brod?

Not to be disturbed.

Is she sick?

She's exhausted.


Over here, by the fire.

Owen, bring some soup.

OWEN: All right.

CHARLES: I think she's too tired to eat.

Found 'em in the woods. With a shotgun.

They got friends on the farm,
he says.

We'd be with them now,
if it weren't for you two.

Fetch 'em.

At this time of night?

Only just made it here.
I'm not going over that hill again.

-They're in the farmhouse?
-There's rats in the house.

Well, the dogs'll get 'em.

They'll have made a fire.

They'll be all right till morning.
We'll fetch 'em then.

Bring that soup over here, Owen.

Where are you from?

The West Country. It's a long story.

We thought there'd be a community
at that farm, but it's deserted.

It's my son's farm, Tom Walter's.

Are you his mother?

These two are my youngest,
Steve and Owen.

They're more Brod's lads now.

Who is this Brod?

He drove us from the farm.

Tom had gone by then
and we were helpless.

Well, I... I'll get you all
something to eat,

and then indoors
for a good night's sleep.

Indoors, where?

Won't tell Brod?

EDITH: He's got company.


Tell him tomorrow,
when you fetch his friends.

Oh, poor girl, she's worn out.

Aye, we've had a rough time.


(WHISPERING) Charles. Charles.



Did you sleep well?

We're on a train.


I know.
You were so exhausted last night,

I carried you in here myself.

A railway carriage?

There's three of them,
on an embankment.

Look. Dogs can't get up there.

And on this side...


Protected by the river.

JENNY: Who are they?

CHARLES: A bunch of brigands, I think.

Brod's gang, whoever Brod may be.

Had a good kip?

You should have.
First-class compartment to yourselves?

Jenny and Charles, right?

Well, are you Brod?

Where's the ammo for this popgun?

-I'm wearing it.
-Let's have it.

It's my gun.

On my railway.

Do you all sleep on this train?

Yeah, except those
who don't pull their weight.

They sleep with the horses.

The more serious offenders, they sleep
on that side of the embankment.

Sometimes we don't see 'em again.

We didn't ask to board your train,
you know.

You had a sight more comfortable night
than your friends did in the open air.

-Hubert and Agnes.
-I was told they were being fetched.

Yeah, they're in the dining car,
tucking in to porridge.

Are you two hungry?

I expect Jenny's starving.
I had something to eat last night.

-Yeah, so I heard. A right good nosh-up.

I feed everyone well.
That's why they all love me.

I look after 'em.

I'll see you in the dining car.

You'll find my rates
are quite reasonable.


For bed and breakfast.

AGNES: How did it happen?

You had cows to make cheese
and sheep to give you wool.

You even had your own loom.

And there was a mill
that Tom got working, too.

But no grain.

We had more cheese and wool
than we needed, but no flour.

Tom thought we should trade,

so he went up to the Dales, where
he heard people were growing wheat.

-How long has he been gone?
-Three months.

Brod showed up the day after he left.
He started raiding us.

He carried off everything he needed,
even our bull.

In the end, without Tom,
we had no choice but to join him.


Enjoying your breakfast?

(BURPS) Oh, pardon me.


My stomach didn't know what had hit it.


All you have to do now is earn it.

These people are our guests.

You'll find it's a funny thing
about this train,

it doesn't carry passengers.

Tell you another funny thing about it.
It's not going anywhere, neither.

Get off any time you like.
Find your own food and shelter.


We won't impose on you.
We'll be off just as soon as we can.

Fine, when you've settled up.

Charles is looking round your camp.

Doesn't he want breakfast?

Oh, after all you stuffed him with
last night?

I'll get you some porridge and a spoon.

A spoon!


Edith likes us all to eat daintily
on this train.

She were a schoolmarm, you know.

So you'd better watch out, Hubert,

or teacher'll send you out of the room
for dirty manners.


I'll, uh, see you all at the fire
when you feel you've had sufficient.

Except you, Jenny.

You can work your passage
by sweeping out the train, okay?

Oh, and don't forget my compartment.

I'll come back inspect.

Sooner we're out of here, the better.

See that scarf he was wearing?
Sheffield United.

What is this? Football special?

Does it need more salt?
I've got some here.

I try and keep everything here
that's at all precious.

JENNY: No, it's fine, thanks.
Save the salt.

You were a teacher?

Well, we were all something once.

Tom was at agricultural college then.
Steve and Owen were mechanics.

Tom found the farm and they joined him.

You're not really going to move on
at once, are you?

-Well, uh...
-I need you,

to get the farm back.

What do you think of the net fishing?
Bank from bank.

Bend the other side,
you scoop up all you want.

What if somebody downstream
fancies a nice fish?

Ah, Charlie, it's all I need.

Taking a stroll?

A nice, pleasant walk round the gardens
before lunch?

What became of that bull you stole
from Edith Walter?

Ran away.

Proved a match for you, did it?
You surprise me.

I'll hunt it down one day.

And kill it for meat?

I used to be a butcher
in a slaughterhouse.

Can't live on meat, you know.

(LAUGHS) We don't.

Here, you see those kids there?

They know all about nuts
and grasses and herbs,

and I've taught 'em all they know.

How did a butcher learn?

From a mate of mine. This is his scarf.

Football fan, was he?

Andy? He were a poacher.

He taught me more about survival
than I'd ever learn from you.

What became of him?

He tried to be a farmer,
settle down, grow crops,

but the dogs didn't take to him.
If he'd stayed a hunter...

Edith Walter had a very good farm
before you came raiding it.

Ah, come on!

There's nothing a farmer can grow
that you can't get by hunting.

It's a jungle out there!

How long will a farm last these days
against the dogs?

It's gone mad out there!

Once we link up and start trading,
man will soon get control again.

Ah, you're a dreamer!

It's about time you earned
your night's lodging.

My water butt needs filling up.

Put it round your neck. It's a yoke.



Less than a quart
from the cows this morning.


We used to have enough to make cheese,
all sorts of cheese.

I remember.

Most of it's still stored
up at the farm,

and our wool, too,
if the rats haven't got it by now.

Well, I'd better go
and see to the master's room.

Jenny's doing that,
the girl who came last night.

Oh, so she's the new chambermaid,
is she?

What happened to your sheep?

There are still a few left.

The rest are up on the hills somewhere.

He kills them as he wants them.

They'll kill themselves
if they go on eating that rubbish.

They should be up on the hills with a
couple of good shepherds to keep guard.

Safe enough,
if you bring 'em in at night.

Yeah, that's the way we used to do it.

Didn't we, Owen?
Remember when you were a shepherd?

Oh, he finds life more exciting now.

Tom taught you to be smiths.

We still are.

That forge is ours over there.

All they ever make is arrowheads.

Oh, if I don't get home soon, Agnes,

there'll be nothing left
to start again with.

Charlie's bringing water from the river.

We don't need any. The butt's full.

BROD: So is the river.


Pick it up, Hubert.

Now, then, blondie,
can you carry water on your head?

Like a slave girl?

Let's see. Come here. Come on.

Stand here.

There we are.

Now, then...

Let's see how you look.

Stevie, give us your bow.

Come on, Hubert,
take a good look at her.

EDITH: Just keep still, Agnes.

What is it he's doing?

What the devil are you up to?

Just watch.


HUBERT: I thought it was supposed
to be an apple.

I could do it with a chestnut.

Right, then,
let's see how you'll get on.

No! Show off if you like!

BROD: What, afraid you might miss?


Right, then, time for archery practice.

Bring him to the butts, Owen.

Come on! I said to move!

You heard him.

Run! Go on!

BOTH: One, two! One, two! One, two!
One, two! One, two!

Come on!

He wants you all grovelling to him.
He has to.

Otherwise, people might think
there's a more civilised way to live,

and what would become of him then?

Leave him.
Round off your cattle and sheep

and take everyone back to the farm.

No one would follow me.

Have you tried?

Oh, if Tom were still with me,
they might, but just me?

Brod could shoot a pea off your head.
I can't shoot at all.

Your farm's well protected,
as long as Brod's not there to raid it.

Steve and Owen must know that, at least.

It's not just that it's safer to ride
behind Brod than farm with me.

Learn to hunt, shoot straight,
you're invincible these days.

Oh, it's a great life for a lad.

Getting better and better.

Come on, then, Hubert.


Now, then, Hubert...

Steve, come here.

You've got to get the hold right first.
Steve will show you.

He'll give you a few lessons.

We'll soon make a hunter
out of you, Hubert.

What makes you think that?

The way you ate your breakfast
this morning.


HUBERT: Doesn't seem right,
how you hold it.


Yes, sir.

Come in. Let's see.

You haven't finished the bed.

Folded the blanket.

Should be properly tucked in.

I'm surprised you don't have sheets.


You're surprised at
a lot more than that.

I'm beginning to get used to it.

Charlie can spend the mornings
fetching water, I think.

He needs toughening up.

In the afternoons,
I'll teach him to hunt.

We're not staying here, you know.

Is that a fact?

Edith is hoping
you'll get the farm back for her.

You could do that yourself.


I'll put Hubert on guard duty.

Sit him on his backside at the entrance
with a crossbow all day.

Should be a nice, cushy job for him.


But he'll have to learn
to shoot straight first.

What about me and Agnes?

Agnes can help Edith.

As for you, you know the old saying,

"If you make your bed,
you must lie in it."

Your work will be the least arduous
of 'em all.


Does she want to?

What do you think, Charles?

CHARLES: Did you even ask?

Let's get the horses, Hubert.

You think you have some right?

BROD: Those are my terms.

Terms! Your whole style's like
some robber-baron out of a fairytale,

a giant in his castle,
droit de seigneur.

Is it a deal or not?

You knew from the start
it never would be.

Certain services in return
for board and lodging?

Now, fair's fair.

-Where's Agnes?
-Feeding the horses.

BROD: With my fodder?

CHARLES: You tell her to fetch them.
Tell her we're leaving.

BROD: Where for?

CHARLES: That's our concern.

They can go to the Sheridans'.
Some people we know up the river.

It's not more than 30 miles.
You'll be there by dark.

She hasn't even seen him for a year.

I'm sure they're still there.
Why shouldn't they be?

No, we're not going there.

We're going back to your farm, Edith,
with you.

Well, well, how about that?

How will I manage without you?


Without Edith to cook and organise
for you, this place will fall apart.

Edith's going back to the farm.

Will you desert me, too, Mavis?

Right, get your things together.
We're leaving.

The boys must come, too.

If they want, they'll soon follow.

-Will you stay till they do?
-CHARLES: All right.

You could be in for quite a long wait.

-A couple of days at most.
-I don't think I'll have her back.

When the time comes for you
to get on your travels again,

and you don't like to leave her
on her own.

She'll not be on her own by then.

I'm going to talk to the boys.

Subvert my people?

-Go to the Sheridans'. Keep...

You go to the farm.

Show them you have some confidence
in it and they'll all come back to it.

Allow me to think I know them
better than you do, Jenny.

We'll keep in touch,
from the Sheridans'.

We've got the horses ready,
but one's gone lame.

Now, that's a good mare, guvnor.

If you'll let us have one in exchange,
you'll not lose by it.

No one takes my horses.

-You can ride behind me, Hubert.
-I'll let you have food, mind.

Me own dinner. Have the whole joint.

-Whose is this?

BROD: On a plate? I might have guessed.

-My shawl!
-Not very ladylike?

Let me have those rabbits, too.
I'll skin 'em, Mavis.

You know, you get more like
my missus every day.


You were married?


And she thought I was uncouth, too.
A butcher.

She ran off with a tax inspector,
tried to better herself.

Intellectual type.

You're not a tax inspector,
are you, Charlie?

You can forget about the food.

Need something for the journey.

There speaks sense.
A man after me own heart, is Hubert.

Another Andy.

Tie it all up in that shawl.

Open the carriage door, Mavis.

Open it.


Throw that food down the embankment.

Well, come on, Mavis!


Now, then...

Get on after it.

You can't send them off on foot.

They're welcome to stay, if they like.

I've offered 'em fair terms,
taking their share of the work.

Perhaps if you left Jenny alone,
they might accept.

Jenny? She's the Dutch of it!

Now, are you going or staying?

Don't seem to have any choice.

You've got a choice, mate.

-Hang about, Charles.

All right.

Give me my gun.

Guns are for hunters, not farmers.

Well, give them something
to protect themselves, then.

Do you want to go, too?

Come on, then.

Got a long walk ahead of us.


It's past belief.

Risking your lives,
rather than stay with me?

The whole country's a jungle!

It's a wild, crazy shambles out there!

And you want to hold on to your daft,
toffee-nosed pride?


Well, you can't tell me I'm so uncouth
that you'd rather die than...

Yes, you are!

What do you think we're surviving for?
To live like you?

Get after 'em!


You knew they'd do that!

It's time they faced facts!

You know,
I have a whole joint for dinner,

so there's plenty left over
to throw to the dogs.

The less hungry they are,
the less troublesome!

BROD: My terms, understand?


Anything I want, get it?

Yeah, daring, aren't you?

You'll learn a lot more tomorrow,

when I start to make
a hunter out of you.



Now, search, Steve! Take Hubert!
You know the drill!

Go on, Hubert, get after him!

Think you're a big man, don't you, Brod?

Big enough to see things as they are,
and face up to 'em.

Not big enough to see things
as they could be.

Get off your nag. We'll hunt on foot.

You know,
instead of hunting in this jungle,

you could clear it with your skill,
make it safe for traders.

You'd be the biggest man
round here for miles.

I'd try something other than flattery,
if I were you.


Well, I'm saving common sense
for the others.

They won't desert me, Charlie.


Until now, you've had no competition.

You mean to challenge me?

What do you think?

We'll just stick around here
till we find a safe means of escape?

Can't leave this area.
It's too important.


Give me your bow!

Take care of the horses.

I'll show you how to load it
when the time comes.

Where'd you get these?


I made that one.

Steve made his own, as well.

Modelled them on Brod's.

Used a couple of old car springs,

moulded the rest of the metal
on the forge.

First-rate job.

-Will you make one for me?

Only if I say so.

Oh, if you can make one of these,
you can make anything.

Invaluable, a skill like that.


That's Steve. Get going, Charlie.

I'm right behind you.

AGNES: Books?

JENNY: Edith's.

Middlemarch by George Eliot.

The Bible.

English Crafts.

The Poems of John Clare.

Was he a great English poet?

Well, I liked him.

I wonder why she keeps them?

They're important to her.

No one's ever going to read again,
are they?

Well, if not, what's it all for?

Cheer up.

Hmm, all you have to do is the dishes.

Well, how do you like being
the new chambermaid, then?

Was that your job?

Till you turned up.

You can have it back any time you like.

Oh, you've nothing to fear.

All Brod can ever raise are your hopes,
which are very soon dashed.

Well, why do you think he has to be
such a man other times?

Why don't you just slaughter
a couple of Edith's sheep?

She's still got one or two left.

If anything should happen to me,

those boys of Edith have orders

they'll enjoy carrying out,
to do with Jenny.

Nothing's going to happen to you, Brod.

There's no need.

Get behind that tree.

Wait till I whistle.

All right.

I'll learn anything from any man,
even you.

Can I have a bolt?

Keep your eyes skinned
for anything that moves.

Everything's an enemy here.









Hubert! This way!

-Get after him!
-Come on, get up there!


I'm over here, Hubert.

-Blasted trap!

I'll try.

HUBERT: Oh, you've done it now.


-Can you move it?
-Yes, yes.

At worst, it's only bruised.

He was to be left for the dogs.

Now, Hubert, that's not true.
It was an accident.

Like hell it was.

(GROANS) Don't!

HUBERT: He'll try it again.
We've got to get out of here.

If you're right...

If you're right,
it shows just how unsure he is.

What do you say, Edith?

It's his very weakness
that makes him so dangerous.

Rather than admit it,
he'll do something desperate.

You've got to get away from here
at the first opportunity.

What do you want?

To settle up.


CHARLES: Oh, it's no good.

It's no good. I can't walk.

You can go by boat.

This, uh, Greg of yours,

when did you last see him?

-Eight months ago.
-You reckon you will again?

Of course.

Did you support a club?




No, my missus
didn't care for it, either.

I used to go every Saturday with Andy.

I came back one day and found her note.

Do you think the stuck-up little bitch
is still alive?

-Probably not.
-Andy isn't.

But it'd be just like it if she was,
wouldn't it?

You know...

Andy, he held onto this scarf
through all the running from the plague.

He'd never even seen a game
until I took him to one.

He were a farmer.

But at least he were a poacher at night.

Engineer, Edith said.

-Yeah, intellectual type.

-He's very practical.
-Not as practical as me.

Well, he can make things work, machines.

That's why he went to Norway,
to get industry started again.

You call that being practical?

-Well, once we have power again...

Industry? That can never happen.

There are millions more rats
than people now.

Even the dogs outnumber us.

Wildlife has taken over.

Even Charlie knows that,
but he won't admit it.

It's the hunters
you have to depend on now.

Oh, yeah, the big men!

That's right!

Don't you take the mickey out of me!

Selling yourself, so I'll be nice
and kind to your friends

and they won't get hurt?

Get out of here!

Do I come back tonight,
or shall I send Mavis instead?

So, she's been sniggering to you,
has she?

Just because she doesn't turn me on
and never has?

If I do come, it'll be in the hope

that I might be able to find
someone here I could want.

What do you mean?

A hunter doesn't turn me on at all.

But if you were lying there,

curled up under that blanket
like a little boy,

any woman might want you then,

and you might want her.



Anyone seen Jenny?

Better find her. Can't go without her.

Jenny's in the train,
if you're looking for her.

Edith, are you going, too?

No, of course I'm not.

I just want some of my things
in safe keeping at the Sheridans'.

-Oh, just give it here. There we are.
-Oh, thank you.


Take everything out of the boat.
We're staying.

-EDITH: But Charles...
-What for?

We're staying until everybody
comes with us,

back to Edith's farm,
to live in rooms again, with walls.

MAN: What about the rats?

We can take care of those.

Chop down the nettles,
tear up the weeds,

let those sheep have a chance to breed

before they poison themselves
on laurel and yew,

spin wool again, make clothes,

and if that mill upstream
is in as good nick as I'm told it is,

we could put a generator there,
make electricity, electric light.

So, who's coming with me?

Now, you shoot me, Steve,
and you won't get another chance.

You'll be with Brod for always.

It's a nice night for a lad,
hunting, shooting, pillaging.

But what about for a man, Steve?

One day you'll find yourself
left behind in a wood,

by accident, of course.

Rowing off without telling me?

Scared I'll come after you
with a big stick?

Well, go on. Leave.

We don't need you.

We're leaving,
just as soon as everybody's ready.

Well, you heard.
Electric light, nice, cosy rooms,

tiny little lambs a-frisking
in the fields.

Ah, pretty !

And some of you can shoot.

So you won't need me
to deal with the dogs

or find you enough to eat in the winter.

It's not running away from Brod
that matters,

it's being seen to run away
by the others.

If we...
If we can't cope with that lout,

how can we be relied upon
to drive back the rest of the jungle?

Jungle? That is Brod's word.
Once we catch up with Greg...


What good will he be
if we can't cope with that?

Everything we hoped for out of Norway
will come to nothing.

Meanwhile, it all proliferates out there
in a way that only Brod has faced up to.

Perhaps you should join him
and be done with it, then.


Well, if it is just a dream that we'll
ever get back to civilised living again.

(SIGHS) Believe that,
and there's no point in going home.

Well, perhaps there isn't.

Perhaps we should put ourselves
in Brod's hands.

He can shoot and hunt
and protect us all.

And have the country taken over
by warrior tribes,

hunting in packs, like the dogs?

Well, it was the way of the old world
on a bigger scale than that.

Carry your card, pay your dues,
join the pack, follow my leader,

brother against brother,
in the name of brother.

And why people like us
got away from it all,

to nice safe havens,
like your friends up the river.

Well, what else can we do?

You'll never get Steve and Owen
to take up farming after this.

We'll win them over in the end.

You didn't get through to them
just now, Charles.

Well, we... We made a start.

I got Brod worried, anyway.

Look! Look, he's out there now,
wondering what our next move will be.

EDITH: Or wondering
what his own will be.

Got him worried?
Yes, that's what worries me.

Because you need time. He doesn't.

A hunter, moving in for the kill.

He won't botch it this time.

You did what?

I tried to seduce him.

There was something Mavis said
put me on to it.

Make a man of him in bed,
and maybe he wouldn't have to compensate

so desperately in other ways.

Mmm, there's something in it,
and I know just how it could be done,

but I have to pretend to fancy him
and I find him repellent.

-Perhaps Mavis?
-No, it has to be me.

Oh, no, no, that's not the way!

Well, what do you suggest, then?

I'll think of something.


Edith's right.
He's not going to give you much time.

You can practise on your own,
can't you, Hubert?


Try and keep the arrows
on the target, eh?


-I think there's only one way.
-What's that?

-The way he would choose.

The way he's planning
to get rid of you now.

That would play right into his hands.

Who cares about that if he's dead?

Once we do things his way,

everything we stand for
loses credibility.


Help! Help! I shot him!

I shot Brod! Help! Help!

Get it out!



It was an accident.

Come on.

Get him under cover.

BROD: I always said
you'd make a hunter, Hubert.

Oh, easy!


Is this how you wanted me, Jenny?

Steve, Owen, water, bandages!

Curled up, like a little boy?


You'll be all right,
if we can stop the bleeding.

Ah, you're lucky, Charlie,
to have Hubert.

Only tell him,
he must learn to shoot straight.

I should think so,
if he was aiming for those posts.

He wasn't so wide of the mark.

It was an accident.


AGNES: Try and get his vest off.

It shows I was right, doesn't it?

It... It's either you or the next guy.

Ask Hubert.

Talking will only make you weaker.

Oh! How would you have cut me
down to size, eh?

I'd have won, if it hadn't been
for Hubert and you know I would.

And Jenny couldn't have
stopped me, either.

A little boy !


I... I'd have never have had the courage
to be so weak,

not in front of a woman, anyway.

Hold on to Hubert.

It's the hunters you need.

It's hopeless, Charles.

No. We've got to save him!

Just to prove him wrong,
if nothing else.

Soon get Edith's farm back now,
no trouble.

That's what Charles wants, isn't it?

Ends justify means?

It would have been Charles
bleeding to death out there otherwise,

sooner or later.

Wasn't room for both.

Brod thinks you've taken his place.


"Keep hold of Hubert," he said.

There's something in that. Good idea.

What are you trying to save him for?

I've not succeeded.

Good for you.


Well, what about them rats, then?

Charles will think of something.

Or Hubert.

Sun's up.

If we're going to start on that farm
today, we'd better shift.

No delay.