Survivors (1975–1977): Season 2, Episode 7 - A Friend in Need - full transcript

Chick, chick, chick.

Chick, chick, chick, chick.

Please, please!

Nobody is trying to take away any form
of independence from anyone.

I don't see what else it adds up to.

The suggestion was made by Greg
for exactly the opposite reason.

If we can agree this defensive side
of our association,

it'll give your independence
a greater strength, all of you,

because it's strength in depth,
defence in depth.

Don't blame us for being wary,
suspicious even.

You're pushing us into something here.

Now, you may be an absolute paragon,
but we hardly know each other.

We've met for the first time today.

You only asked us here to talk,
didn't you?

None of us can make decisions, can we?
Well, I know I can't.

I was just told to listen
and report to my people.

We all know our communities
are near each other.

We all know we have mutual needs,
some of which we've discussed already.

Defence maybe...

There's no "maybe" about it.

I do wish you'd let me finish. May I?

You're asking for a complete list
of every weapon,

and the number and type of ammunition

held by each community
represented here today.

And does that give you a problem?

It gives you a breakdown
of our strengths and weaknesses.

That could be a problem.

Well, it doesn't only mean
you can march in and take us over

because you've got machine guns
and we've only a shotgun

and one pitchfork.

It gives you greater
bargaining power in trading.

You can hold us to ransom
if we've only a shotgun

and no cartridges to go with it.

Look, who the hell wants
someone else's problems?

We've all got enough of our own,
haven't we?

And if some little Napoleon comes
marching in on a takeover bid,

it won't be one of us,
it'll be someone from the east.

And if he thinks he's gonna get
something out of it, he's an idiot.

It's this feeling, this distrust and
suspicion, we're trying to get rid of.

And one way is by telling each other
exactly what we have and don't have.

- Could I make a point?
Yes, of course.

Well, it follows on.

We'll soon have to make
our own ammunition,

and obviously a certain amount of
standardisation must happen, mustn't it?


Well, obviously,
we can't all make different sorts.

How do we make ammunition?

- Well, we'll just have to.
- What with?

Even if we reuse the shells,
how do we make cordite? Gunpowder?

We need sulphur for a start.
Where do we get sulphur?

Well, we'll have to look,
won't we?

This paper's a doomsday-type account
of our settlement.

Professions, land, crops, equipment,
transport and animals.

Now, at the bottom of it,
you'll see our firearms list.

- Charles, would you?
- Yes.

We have two 12-bores and 22 cartridges.

Three .22s and six bullets.

52 rounds of .303,
but no rifles to go with them.

And that's our total armoury.

And it's a bit much for you
to go on about pitchforks

when you've got an armoured car
stashed away in your barn.

- An armoured car? Have you?
- I might have.

Well, well, well.

I thought you said such information
was supposed to allay

fear and suspicion.

It seems to me
it had the opposite effect.

Perhaps there'd be less alarm
if they also knew

that you only had two shells
to go with it.

- How would you know that?
- I made it my business to find out.

Not much point in asking us
to fill in this list.

You can do it for us.

All right, all right. We've made
good progress in some matters.

There's no point in letting
a disagreement ruin the conference.

Now, will you please think about it?

Talk about it when you get home
to your people.

Maybe next time,
we'll get a little further.

If and when we meet again,

could I suggest that we have only
one representative from each community?

Yes. Yes, that's reasonable. Now...
Medicine. We have a doctor.

- A doctor?
- Well, she's a medical student.

She did four years.
She's very good at her job.

At the moment, she's in... Where?
Barking, doing an appendix.

- A surgeon, too?
- Well, she does what she can. Or has to.

And she also helps here
with the day-to-day things.

Now, we can't really afford to lose her,
but we'd like to suggest

that she visits you once a month.
It's a free service.

As free as the National Health?

I think we'd all accept
that offer gratefully.

Yes. Yes, we would.


- Right. Now, communications.
- I thought we discussed that already.

We discussed the difficulty
of your getting here.

I mean, it's a two-day journey
for Morris.

Now, obviously, regular meetings
like today's would be beneficial...

Would they?

...if perhaps impractical to arrange
at short notice.

If required.

With a little bit of jiggery-pokery,
we've managed to come up

with a primitive but workable
telephone system.

Well, how have you managed that?

It would take a bit of time to explain,
but basically we used power

generated from our windmill.

Is this another free service?

Well, we've scavenged all the equipment,
that costs nothing.

And, initially, we can supply the power.
We haven't thought of any charge.

But obviously on the debit side,

it's gonna take up a lot of man-hours
to install.

- And that involves our people?
I'm afraid so, yeah.

All the labour will have to be supplied
by the community concerned.

Well, it's a pity you didn't think
of this idea earlier.

Well, we do have other things to do.

Yes, I know.
I do wish you wouldn't get so upset.

I was about to say
we all have other things to do.

I don't see how we could spare the men
to do the spadework for you.

The spadework's not for us.
It's for everyone!

It's a social service! A link for
messages, medicine, warnings, advice...

Even just for talking to each other.

One of the topics we're due to discuss
is the question of movement

between communities.

Not just our doctor or your blacksmith,

but movement of young people.
Permanent movement.

The pairing off of young couples.

- It could also be an intrusion.
In what way?

We... I mean my community...

I don't want people, outsiders,
sticking their nose into our affairs.

Or involving us in theirs.

I think we all want to be tightly knit.
Undisturbed. Separate.

Except when you need help.

I did say it "could" be an intrusion.

I think my lot would accept the idea
of a telephone link,

but, like our friend here,
it does have difficulties.

Things are tiresome for us
at the moment.

I'm only here because of this.

Well, don't think
it's any different for us.

I mean, if we don't drain the land
up there, we'll lose it this year.

A third of our force is away
getting salt.

I'd say it's an indulgence
we can't afford.

Still, I take it the idea has some
appeal to you in some aspects, hmm?

- Yes.
- So we'll discuss it at a later time.


Now then, Greg has news of a...

Rumours of an outbreak
of foot and mouth disease north of here.

- A rumour?
Last Thursday...

Sorry to interrupt, but someone's
just arrived from Millbrook

for Mr Roberts.

Oh, that's me. Excuse me.

- It's his wife.
- What's she want?

No, she's dead.

- She was shot.
- Shot?

Betty? That young thing?
She couldn't have been more than 18.

Better take him back.

It's a bit late to start tonight.
I'll take him back in the morning.

- Kids fooling about with a gun?
- No, it wasn't an accident.

She was murdered.

I better come with you in that case.

It happened the night before last.

Too late. They'll have lynched him
by now.

I don't think it was anybody
at Millbrook.

- Not from what he said.
- What did he say?

Whoever did it took three chickens.

They didn't find her until next morning,
and by then it was too late to look

- for anyone.
- Now just a minute.

- The same thing happened at Winnersh.
- What?

The same thing happened there.
Of course, we only got it second-hand

from somebody who was passing through
at the time.

But it was two weeks ago.
A young girl, too.

And all he did was take some food.

- Winnersh near Addlestone?
- That's right.

But that's... That's about 40 miles
from Roberts' place.

About that.

Could it be the same man?

It could be.

I'm sorry. I have to go.

Yes, of course. We understand.

Look, uh, it's a bit late
for you to leave right now,

but if it's all right with you,
Greg and I will come with you

- at first light tomorrow.
- Yes, yes.

Well, there's...
There's not much point in...

I'd like to thank you all for coming.

No doubt, you'll all want to get away.

But if you'd like to stay tonight,
you're welcome.

There's just one thing.

I'd like to suggest
that we meet again as soon as possible.

- Maybe. We'll see.
- No matter how busy we are.

Is this where it happened?
- Yes. My wife looks after...

The chickens were her responsibility.

- And they found her...
- Where this sack is.

I see.

- Was that hole in that window before?
- No, apparently the bullet did that.


How tall was she?

- Mmm?
- How tall was your wife?

Oh. About so. About five feet.

It could be anywhere along that hedge.

Greg, come here a second.

I think this is where the bullet
came out.

Well, can you line it up
through that hole in the window?

Uh, yes.

- What do you get?
- A tree with a split trunk.

- What are we looking for?
- Well, a spent bullet case.

At least we'll know what sort
of rifle he's using.



Well, that's something.

No, no!

It's all right. It's just
that our friend left a few impressions

on the muddy bits.

There doesn't seem to be
the same sort of pressure there.


Some sort of boot.
Slightly smaller than mine, I'd say.

He's a cripple.

From the prints,
it's the left leg.

He seems to walk on the toes
of the left foot.

Here you are.
I've made a rough sketch.

Ooh, I wish I could have some new specs.

You think he might be limping
in this direction?

Well, it's possible.

Got to assume he is.
We can't afford to take any chances.

How many shootings
did you say, Greg? Eight?

- Mmm-hmm.
- In five months?

Yeah, from what we can judge,
and from what we've been told.

And from what other settlements
have been reported.

- So what do we do?
- Well, we get ready for him.

- How?
- Greg and I think there is a pattern.

The impression is that the sniper
makes a selection of his target.

- How do you know that?
- Every victim has been a young girl.

And he seems to stay in each area
for a couple of days beforehand.

Probably just watching.

- And no one's seen him?
- They haven't actually seen him.

No, none of the settlements
have been visited by strangers,

let alone a stranger with a limp.

So, he's working on his own.
He has no accomplice.

Well, no evidence of one.
Seems to be very much on his own.

He usually kills with a .303.

Usually from a range of 200-300 yards.
Usually from a wooded area.

- And all the victims are young girls?
- Yes.

- Is there any signs of...
- No, no, no, nothing like that.

- Well then, what's his motive?
- We don't know.

Usually takes a little food,
if that's a motive.

There's a minimum of 10 days
between incidents.

The victim is always shot
away from the main settlement.

Just before dark, usually,
which I suppose enables him

to scuttle away unnoticed.

There's another connection,
which Greg will show you on the map.

Yeah, I marked the eight murder spots,

ending up at
the Roberts' settlement here.

Now, the distance between them varies,
sometimes it's as little as 20 miles,

- sometimes it's as much as 60.
-60? But if he's a cripple, 60?

Yeah, but there's one thing in common.

There's an old Roman road there
which became the medieval cross-ridge.

Now, all these incidents have happened
either just on or off this road,

moving from east to west.

And with a rough
time and distance calculation,

well, any one of three settlements
could be in danger any time now.

So, let's talk to the others.

Left, right, left, right,
left, right, halt!

Morning, soldiers. Off to the wars?

We're putting them away for Greg.
He's in your house, busy.

Can I have a look?

It's all right.
Greg took out the bullets. Watch.

For inspection, port arms!

- That's lovely. What's it for?
- Arthur showed us.

They used to do it in the Army.
You look down it now.

It's all right. It can't go off
while I've got my thumb here.

You look down the barrel
and says it's clean.

There's nothing there.

Hmm. Well, it's not clean.
And you've got a very dirty thumb.

Is Greg with Charlie?

Yes, everybody's there except Jenny.

Greg told us to tell her to come.

Right. Carry on!

You can't win, can you?

I wish they'd teach me
to shoot with this.

Why? Greg and Charles
do all the shooting.

You're a girl. You wouldn't understand.

I want to do all the things men do,
not what girls do.

- I've seen Jenny shoot a gun.
- Yes, but she fell over.

I wish I could shoot something.

- I know where they keep the bullets.
- Where?

- Where are they?
- I'm not going to tell you.

I don't want to use them.
I just want to know where they are!

- Something came out.
- What?

I don't know.

A bullet.

- It's not a bullet.
- What, then?

I don't know.

Could be useful for something,
I suppose.

Now, you know you don't point
guns at people. It's dangerous.

- Greg asked us to bring it in.
- He's gone off with Charles.

He said would you go to Charles' house?

Yeah, all right.
Now, if you've got nothing else to do,

then go and tidy up the other room.
Get rid of all the dust and the cobwebs.

- You can't do that.
- Why not?

The spiders won't have anywhere to go.

I don't want the spiders
to have anywhere to go.

- I don't like spiders.
- Why not?

I don't like spiders.

Hubert says it's bad luck
to kill spiders.

He says you can tell what the weather
is going to be like from them.

There's one.

Oh, very funny.

Now, off you go and tidy the other room.
And both of you can look after the baby.

And don't make a noise and wake him up.

Most of the restrictions apply
just to the women for obvious reasons.

Never move outside alone at any time.
Always in pairs.

I'm afraid we'll have to have
a curfew for you one hour before sunset.

We'll ring a bell to bring you in.

- Just the women?
- Yes.

We'll have to make up the work
they can't do.

We'd also like the women to wear
men's clothes

and reduce their feminine profiles
as much as possible.

Arthur was complaining last week
we were all beginning

to look like each other in any case.

Well, it might reduce somebody's chances
of the sniper getting them.

What about our hair?

Either keep it as short as possible
or wear a hat.

Can't guarantee anything,
but it might help.

- Can we do anything to keep him away?
- Well, there's not much we can do.

Do you think you know the direction
in which he'll come?

During the day,
all the other settlements

are gonna have a watch kept on the road.

- What about at night?
- Well, we can do even less.

We're gonna lay out a sort of sand trap

so that if he moves into our area,
at least we'll have his prints.

Happy thought.

It sounds silly,
but something's been worrying me

- ever since Mr Roberts' wife was killed.
- And what's that?

Well, just that this person,
this sniper or whatever,

- it could be Vic.
- Vic?

He died in the fire.

Did he? You only found his wheelchair.
What if he didn't?

What if he was left crippled
and helpless for a second time?

It could have...

You know what he was like at
the quarry. He tried to kill you then.

He tried to kill Anne Tranter
when she turned up.

And you think these young girls
could be his revenge for her?

Or us. Perhaps it's us he's looking for.

- What do you think, Greg?
- Well, it's possible.

It's hardly likely.

But you wouldn't rule it out completely?

Well, I would.
How's he been getting around?

I set his broken legs,
I know how badly I did it.

He couldn't move
without that wheelchair.

- His leg muscles are wasted. Atrophied.
- Well, he got by in the quarry.

He's got the resourcefulness
and the cunning. And a reason.

Well, it adds another dimension,
however unwelcome.

All the other settlements have promised
to help and send out messages

if there's anything to report.

All we have to do is watch and wait.

Greg! Charles! Down there!

Down there!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Now, please. Please, just...
Now, just stay where you are, please.

No, no, you might have
brought something... You might have...

Well, so much for quarantine.

Come on. Come on, let's get you home.

Come on. Come on.

Daniella, is it? Are you Italian?

- Yes.
- Where from?

Solihull. My husband worked there.

- Is that where you've just come from?
- Mmm, no, near Redditch.

The woman I with was died.
So I looked for someone else nowhere.

I mean somewhere.

I've been walking for two weeks.

You haven't seen anyone on the road
with a limp, have you?

Just me with my blisters.

You'll be all right.

Please, my bag.


Mmm, no, no, no.

S?. Open it, please.

For the boys. I found them in a house.

Well, that's very kind,
but nobody's smoked here

for more than six months.

It's very sweet, but I don't think
it would be a good idea.

Throw them away, then.

I don't want to get anyone
into bad habits.

Weren't you scared on the road
by yourself?

Oh, no. The good Lord helped me.

I'd wish he'd help us.

I will. You have a problem?

No. No, not really.

Eat up and we'll get you to bed.
I'll tell you about it in the morning.

How's my new girlfriend this morning!

She's all right.

Jenny thinks she ought to stay in bed
for the day, though.

Charles, if I do the inside of the wood,
would you do the perimeter?

It'll give you an appetite
for breakfast.

Thank you very much.

- Isn't Arthur up there getting rabbits?
- Yeah, he went off about an hour ago.

- Told him to keep his eyes skinned.
- Uh-huh.

Where should we meet?
Bottom of the hill in hill meadow?

- Yep, okay.
- Okay.

Come on.

Thought it might be you.

Charles is down by the gate.
You see anything?

Well, not on the areas I checked,
except rabbits.

- Maybe a fox. How about you?
- Nothing. Only this snare.

- Yeah? What's wrong with it?
- Been cut.

- A fox?
- Cut I said, not bitten.

Cut with a knife I should think.

- Have you seen this?
- Yes, Arthur showed it to me.

Look, I've checked all the sand traps.
There's nothing.

But near that one over there
and just inside the woods,

the same footprints
that we found at Roberts'.

Well, do you think he could be
deliberately avoiding the traps?

He may have a wonky leg,
but he doesn't do

a little semi-circular dance
every 50 yards.

No, he's knows
they were put there for him.

It doesn't necessarily mean
he's still in the area.

With a bit of luck, he might have
moved in and out again.

But a bit of luck for whom?
The next settlement?

Well, if he already thinks
you're looking for him,

wouldn't it be the sensible thing to do?

But we're not dealing
with a sensible person, Jenny.

Besides, he might regard it
as a challenge.

But what if he's there?
What are you going to do to him?

What do you mean,
what are we gonna do to him?

- We're going to kill him, aren't we?
- Just like that?

We're not going to pat him on the head
and give him a free meal, are we?

We're gonna catch him and shoot him.
We'll just shoot him, I reckon.

Couldn't you just catch him?
Find out if he's the right man,

ask some questions, get some answers?
Maybe they won't be the ones you want.

- Maybe he is the wrong man.
- He's not the wrong man.

Greg, we killed Barney.

You were just as sure then
as you are now. And you were wrong.

- We made a mistake.
- There's no mistake here.

He's killed eight defenceless girls
that could have had children.

And there are few enough people
as it is. It's not gonna happen again.

The girls have got a point, Greg.
I don't know what we can do about it,

but we can't afford to make a mistake
either way.

Are you telling me those prints
aren't the same as we found at Roberts'?

They're the same.

- But just supposing...
- Yeah, well, go on. Just supposing what?


- Jenny still thinks it could be Vic.
It isn't Vic.

How can you be so sure? After all,
what do we know about this chap?


All right, let's agree with you
and say it isn't Vic

because he's dead and he wouldn't have
acted like this in any case.

But why wouldn't he? Or why would he?

I think it might be a valuable exercise
to find out this chap's motive.

Whoever it is.

Oh, yeah, it's a very valuable exercise
if you happen to be the sniper.

You start talking about why he does it

and you'll all end up
feeling sorry for him.

And I'm telling you, that man's gotta be
dealt with now, once and for all.

And if you won't do it as a group,
then I'll do it myself.

We'll do everything as a group, Greg.
We all agree with what you say.

It's just that we'd like to know that
it's being done properly.

In a humane way. There are
certain values we've got to keep.

There are certain values
we've lost forever, thank God.

In some areas,
we're still going backwards,

- and thank God for that, too.
- Greg.

What do you think I'm going to do
if he gets you? Or Charles if it's Pet?

What's the natural
instinctive thing to do?

- Ah.
What do you mean, ah?

I mean,
ah, that was an interesting point,

what you said about
the natural instinctive thing.

It rather reminds me of what I said
earlier on about motive.

Go on.

Well, I may be showing my age,
but when I was a child,

most of the books I was allowed to read
were about the Empire.

Outposts of far colonialism.

British Raj in India, man-eating tigers,
that sort of thing.

Do you want me to get the kids in?

Come on, Greg.
Let him have a chance to talk.

- You've talked enough.
- No, Greg, this does have a point.

You see, in most of the stories,
the tiger was crippled,

whether from shot wounds,
fight with another animal,

a trap, it doesn't matter.

But he was prevented from getting
his natural food.

That's why he became a man-eater.
Man was easier to catch than a gazelle.

And you think this man
may be like one of your tigers?

Well, we know he's a cripple.

For that and for lots of other reasons,
he could be an outcast.

Not allowed to have a wife
and find food, join a community.

And that would turn him into the sort
of person he is now.

But that's what I mean.
You're all feeling sorry for him.

Well, feel sorry for his victims
and stop him getting any more.

Now, wait a minute, Greg.
I was going on to say

that there is one universally accepted
method of getting a tiger

into a position
where you can deal with him.

- A goat.
- Goat?

Exactly. Only this time, we use a girl.
That's what he's after.

But first, we've got to make sure
it's the right man.

And, as Jenny said earlier,

we've got to make sure
that he hasn't moved on,

that it is us he's picked on.

- What do you think, Greg?
- Does it have to be a girl?

One of us could dress up.
I don't think we'd fool him.

Can't have everybody waiting indoors.

Can't hang about indefinitely,
hoping he'll go away.

We can't let a huge backlog of work
build up. We'd never straighten out.

You don't have to tell me.
Who's going to be the goat?

Well, it has to be Jenny or me.

With Ruth away
and the others at the salt...

I'd like to do it.

Don't look at him.

Jenny, you've got the baby
to look after.

And John and Lizzie and Greg.

I've only got Charlie, and sometimes
I think he wouldn't miss me much anyway.

We'd all be missed, we've all got
responsibilities, but I want to do it.

It doesn't matter whether you want
to do it or not, Jenny.

What if Daniella wants to do it?

No, she only just got here.
We can't bring her into it.

Well, in any case,
we shall need more than one.

He may not move the first day.

It may be a week
before he decides to act.

You can't stay out there by yourself
all that time, can you?

All right, we'll take it in turns.
But not Daniella.

Well, shall we toss up or draw straws
to see who goes first?

Don't make a game of this.
This is serious.

I am serious.

I do think it could be Vic.
And he wouldn't harm me, I'm sure of it.

I don't want anyone killed,
least of all me.

So, if it's all right,
I'll do it tonight, Pet tomorrow.



If it helps get him.

Oh, thank you, darling.


- Have you got a pretty frock?
- No, but I can find one.

It may not look
much like a goatskin, though.

Well, all we have to do now
is to find him a spot

which gives him some cover,
but not too much.

It should be away from the houses,

giving a clear view of fire
from the woods.

You'll be by yourself
at the end of the day.

Now, we won't be far away from you,
watching the woods.

If he can see you,
we ought to be able to see him.

- Can you see anything?
- I can't see much inside the wood.

It's too shadowy.

How are we doing for time?
It's all right, Arthur.

Yes, but what's the time?

- Let's call it a day.
- Not yet.

- Well, I know this was my idea, but...
- It's all right, Arthur.

How can it be all right?
How can you let her stay there?

- Poor girl. Strain's beginning to show.
- Don't watch her. Watch the wood.

We must be well inside
that last hour now. Let's call it off.

He's had time enough to see Jenny.

And quite frankly,
I think she's had enough.

She's all right.
Just a couple more minutes.

A couple more minutes,
she might be dead.

We can do it again tomorrow.
Start earlier.

We must keep inside the safety margin.

Every second you're looking at me
and not at that wood,

is a second outside the safety margin.

Oh, for God's sake, man,
she's your wife!

I said a couple more minutes.

- What was that?
- Pigeon.

Something startled it.

- You think he's moving?
- Something is.

Come on, come on. Show yourself.

Got him!

- There you are. Have some of that.
- Oh, thank you.

Well done, Jenny. I think
I was more worried than you were.

Well, I'm glad it's over.
That pigeon scared me half to death.

Well, you won't have to
go through that again.

We knows he's there.
We know he's interested.

- So, what do we do now?
- Well, we'll follow up Arthur's idea.

Treat him like a tiger
and organise a hunt.

Beat slowly through the woods.

Station two men
at the bottom of the hill,

the rest of the party will start
at the top and beat slowly downwards.

Chase him straight down our gun barrels.

You know the size of that wood.
Most of our people are away.

Well, the other settlements
said they'd help whoever was in trouble.

Well, some of the settlements can't.
Too far.

Pity about that telephone.

I reckon I could reach
a couple if I start now.

Just get to as many as you can.

Tell them he's in our woods and we need
all the help they can give us.

If I go round the back of the hill,
I can get to the McGregors

at Southey Farm, but I can't reach
anybody else that way.

Well, that's fair enough.

Look, I'll put Hubert in position
while it's still dark,

and we'll all meet up here
first thing in the morning.


Thank you.

Well, what's happened? Where are they?

No one seems very keen
to come and help us.

They said it wasn't their problem.

- What, no one's coming?
- I don't think so. Thank you.

Would you like a drink, Greg?

But did you tell them
that I've seen him?

- You've seen him!
- They weren't interested.

You made a pretty unfavourable
impression at that meeting, Greg.

They weren't prepared
to take our word for it.

But he's there!
We could finish it today!

- They can't just leave us in the lurch.
- Can we do it ourselves?

Could we drive him out
with so few of us?

Ah, he'd probably just laugh
and pick us off one by one.

- Damn them all.
- McGregor's lot aren't coming either.

They seem to think
the danger's passed them by

- so they couldn't care less.
- The natural self-protective feeling.

Well, I better get Hubert.

Morning. Nice day for a hunt.

I brought these.
I thought you might find a use for them.

You wouldn't have a little cup
for me and my pink-faced friend?

- Of course, there's plenty.
- How many are you?

Four. Five with me. Six counting
our friend with the armoured car.

I was beginning to think
it was a white elephant.

Good to have a use for it.

Though it is using
the last of our petrol.

Which way did you come?

Don't worry, we didn't wake up
your friend. We came the long way.

Uh, the armoured car's positioned there.
Stops him breaking out eastwards.

Yeah, but if he does break out,
there's only one way

that he's likely to go,
that's straight towards your settlement.

We thought
a policy of containment was best.

Anyway, we're going to get him today,
aren't we?

- Thanks.
- Get everyone together.

- And the children.
- But...

And the children.
Can't leave anyone in the house.

I want everyone to carry something
that will make a noise.

Sticks, tins, bottles, whatever.

And everyone should carry something
which at least looks like a gun.

Keep in line!

Keep in line!

There he is!

Keep together! Come back!

Sorry about that.
He came straight at me.

He's a menace in his own right
with these lambs about.

Well, do we start at the top again?

Well, what's the point?
Could have gone anywhere.

If we'd all stayed in line,
we still might have got him.

Well, you can't blame him.

You moved fast enough yourself
when you heard that shot.

Where's Lizzie?

- I'm here.
- And me!

Over here! Found something!

Another fox?

I thought this might interest you.
A sleeping bag. Still warm.

I think you were right, Greg.
He was asleep when we started beating.

He left one or two other things,
a mug, knife, water bottle.

Travels light, doesn't he?

Just picks up his rifle
and scuttles off.

I think he went over
that fox's earth on purpose.

He knew the fox would run
and take our attention away.

- He thinks just like an animal.
- Is that water carrier full?

Yes, that means he's had nothing
to drink since last night.

He hasn't had anything to eat, either.
He hasn't even cooked that rabbit.

Well, he didn't want to attract
our attention by fire or smoke.

No, no, he can't make fire.

He's eaten that raw.
He's right down to basics.

So, what do we do?

Would you ask Paul if we could have
his men for a couple of days?

I want the woods sealed up,
night and day, 24 hours.

No exits at all.

My guess is he's going to need water
before he needs food.

And I think he'll make
for the lower pond.

That's where we'll be waiting for him.

You don't think he could have
gone away completely?

No, no. No, he's still here. Somewhere.

Look, Jenny, why don't you
go on up to bed?

I have to wait up for Charlie anyway.

No, it's all right, thanks.
You've done enough today anyway.

Squeezing in me and Daniella
and the children.

I'd like to know how Greg is.
I bet he's cold.

Two nights out there,
sitting in a ditch.

- Anything?
- No.

I had a deer down for a drink.

But if she didn't notice anything,
the sniper's not about.

- What's the news?
- Same as you. Nothing.

Some mutiny in the ranks.
They want to go home.

What, Boult's men?

Well, the dayshift is all right.
The nightwatch is getting them down.

If it rains, they'll pack it in.

Yeah. And if it rains,
we all might as well pack it in.

- How are the girls?
- Oh, they send their love.

Daniella's saying a special prayer
for you.

You still think
he'll come down to the pond?

Well, he's gotta drink.
It's where I'd pick if I was him.

Even if it meant getting shot
as soon as you stuck your nose out?

No, he'll be down.
He's probably watching that same deer,

knowing that it could pick up
sounds and smells quicker than he could.

Beautiful animal.
It'd make a change from rabbit.

I brought all the shells
for the 12-bore.

- How many you got in that?
- Three.

Well, I left three at home
for emergencies.

- I've never killed anybody.
- Well, there's always a first time.

I'm not sure that I want to.

- I'll only shoot if you miss.
- That's fair enough.

- It gets easier.
- Is that what he's thinking?

Yeah, well, I don't care what he thinks.

How many men have you killed?

Has it made you...

I mean, did it make you feel
pain, remorse?

- Pleasure?
- I never had the time.

It's always been a necessity.

Like I said at that meeting where I made
such an unfavourable impression,

values change whether we like it or not.

- But do you like it?
- Shh, shh, shh.

Something's moving.

- Where are Greg and Charles?
- They're out.

But they've been out for days.

Only two days. Don't exaggerate, John.

But I'm having to do all the work.

- You said once you wanted to do it.
- Not all of it.

What are they doing?

They're looking for something
in the woods.

Why can't we help?
We're good at finding things.

Yes, I know you are.
And I'm sure they'd like you with them,

but they've got the guns out
and it might be dangerous.

- Are they hunting?
- Sort of.

But it's very tiring work.
Just for grown-ups.

Hey. Hey, what's the matter?

- Are they going to shoot things?
- They might, yes.

Well, who's going to tell me?

- Have they shot anything yet?
- Not yet.

They won't be able to.

Go on.

You know that day all those people came?
I did something to the shotgun.

This came out.

Keep coming. Just keep coming.

That's exactly what you did?

Yes, honestly.
I only pulled the trigger.

- Does it matter?
- I'm afraid it does.

This is the firing pin,
the pin from the striker.

It breaks if you keep using it
without a cartridge.

Someone's got a duff gun.

Charles has got the shotgun.

I told you. Greg's going to be so angry.

Can't we tell them before Jenny does?
It won't be so bad. Come on.

I know a shortcut. Come on.

Do you think he heard?

Yes, he heard.

Now what?
We're supposed to be getting him.

Look, would you keep his attention
here for a while?

When I get behind him,
just fire a couple of shots.

Attract his attention over here.

You'll be in a tighter spot
than I will to start with.

Don't worry, I'd rather be here.
Go on, then. I'll keep him busy.


We'd better swap guns.
This one's better at close range.

Give me five minutes.




Go back!

Get away!

As fast as you can, get back!

Get away from here as fast as you can!

Go on, do as you're told!

Stupid little kids!



Get down!

Kill him!

I've no ammunition.

Oh, it's all right. It's all right.
Gun wouldn't fire.

Let's get back home.
Come on, children.

- What are they doing here?
- They were worried about you.

They were worried?


- Yeah?
- He's got a name.

This ugly carcass has got a name.
George Oliver.

Ten rounds of ammunition.

Ten murders.

He's covered in lice.

Poor lady.


Poor lady.

Why did she have to die?