Survivors (1975–1977): Season 1, Episode 5 - Gone to the Angels - full transcript

Abby is still searching for Peter and returns to his school. Meanwhile Jenny and Greg meet two children, John and Lizzie who are keen to join them. They have a lead which may help in the ...

I don't see why we have to
go around as a trio.

That's not the point, Abby.

It's just that we feel...

Well, I feel

that looking for traces of Peter
in this whole wide emptiness...

Well, it's over the edge.

I'm sorry.

You mean you think I'm mad?

No, no, no.
Of course I don't think you're mad.

Look, even if you do find him
you know what it's likely to be.

He can't be alive.

What I want is a house

with a big fireplace

and a great big kettle,
and I want a hot bath.

Oh, yes!

Well, let's split then.

We need to find more people, not less.

We need to find a going community.

We're only an hour away
from Peter's school, Jenny.

There's bound to be an old boiler
for emergencies.

You can have a bath there.

The school was
the first place you went to.

And there was nothing there but corpses.

And a teacher.

Somebody may have got back to him.

It wasn't here before.

I came along this road
after I left the school. It wasn't here.

Do you want me to break in?

Oh, I don't know.

We're about three miles from the school.

If they ran out of petrol,
they'll have walked on.

There's a garage along there.

Well, I reckon they came here,

refuelled on sweets
and went on up to the school.

Could be.

Look, wouldn't it be an idea
for several people there

to pump up some petrol, fill up a can

and then take it back to the bus
and use that?

Yes. I'll go in one of those cars.

- I'll fill one up for you.
- Thanks, Greg.

Abby, if a party
of schoolchildren still exists,

somehow having missed the plague
and have driven back here in that bus,

the chances of finding Peter among them
are still small.

I know, I know.

You said that the dormitories
were full of corpses.


I'm going to sound the horn
all the way to the school.

The children may be somewhere
on the way.

Good luck, Abby!

We'll be along in 20 minutes.


Wait! Wait!
Wait! Wait!

- She's Jenny and I'm Greg.

- What's your name?
- John.

Lizzie. Elizabeth Catherine Willoughby.

John James Arthur Millon.

Do you both live here?

Up there,
in his grandmother's house.

Is she there?

Well, yes, but she's dead.

- Chocolate!
- Chocolate!

And up!

Now, you've no other friends? People?

No, everybody's dead.

Didn't you know that?


You've nothing to do
with the school up there?

- No.
- No.

Would you like to come with us?

- Yes.
- Yes, because we're hungry.

The gas has given out.

His granny had a cylinder

and it's empty.

Liquid butane.

Have you seen a boy?

What boy? When?

A long time ago he came.

He said he was driving a bus
and going to school.

We asked to go with him,

but he said no, he'd come back for us.

But he never came.

I went to stay with my granny
in the country when the plague came.

- And then she got the disease?
- Yes.

Where did you come from, Lizzie?

A long way away.

My dad said he was ill,

my mum was dead and my brother
was dead and my sister was dead.

And my dad said,
"Just go and keep walking. "

So I walked for days.

And I met her.

And he met me. So I went into his house.

There was gas, you see. A cylinder.

Liquid butane.


It gave out.

What happened to your own clothes?

They got wet.

We tried to light a bonfire.

To cook. Beans.

But it was raining so it didn't light.

And we got soaked.

This is his granny's coat.

This is my uncle's coat.

It's a pity the boy didn't come back.

Come on.

Abby? Abby!


What happened?


Well, and who are these?

We found them. John and Lizzie.

No Peter? No one from the bus.

No, it's just the same.

Except for that teacher Bronson,
who was here before. He's gone.

But no sign of where or why.

This is Abby.
She's been looking for her son.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Hello. Wasn't the boy here?

Well, they met a boy
who'd been driving the bus.

He was on his way to the school.

He said he'd come back and get them,
but he didn't turn up.

Driving a bus? One boy?


How old was he?

Twelve. We asked him.

What was his name?


Well, I don't think
he can have got here,

because the dining room and the store
is the same as I looked at before.

Is this a church?

It's a sort of church.
It's the school chapel.

Where God is?

Did this boy Glynn say anything
about other boys?

Yes, they went on to the angels.

We'll need some new clothes,
now that you're going to look after us.

How many boys
went on to the angels?

He didn't say.
He said the angels were in Derbyshire.


On a mountain.

That's what he said.
Three angels, they're in the papers.

What papers?

I don't know. Glynn said he had papers,
didn't he, John?


Glynn said there were three angels
in the papers

on a mountain in Derbyshire.

That's where the other boys went.

And Glynn came back to tell the school.

He drove the bus.

There were some papers in the bus.

Glynn gave me the key of the bus.

They' re Derbyshire papers.

The eighth of September,
before the plague started.

There! There. "A new Noah.

"A man who's heard the call of God had

"taken the animals two by two
up a mountain.

"Two disciples. The word of God. "

Yeah, here we are. Here we are.
"Our three angels, no word from them.

"How long will they stay?
They asked to be left in peace. "

And they've marked it.

- It's empty.
- Yeah, we've got the spare can.

We can fill it up at the garage.
Give me the key.

It's Ben.

Ben! I'm so glad you're back.

Good old Ben.

Oh, you're super, aren't you?

Oh, I'm so glad you're back.

Ah, yes. Super.


There's something.

Near the house there
over the hedge.

What, that?
There's no harm in trying it.

Looks like an old railway station.

Go on, then.

I don't know if it works
with boiling water.

There's a respectable stream,
end of the garden.

- What's that?
- Drop scones.

With raisins.

We've got a griddle
if it doesn't fall off the stove.

There we are.

Well, I'll just see
if there's any coal in the cellar.

Ben. Ben.

Oh, it's all right. He'll come back
once he smells those currant buns.

Drop scones.

Greg, could you see
if you could find me a large kettle?

Something to boil water in.
I'm desperate for a bath.

Oh, no, wait till it gets hot.

Oh, I wish I had a boiled egg.

Yes, it would be nice.

Why can't we?

Because there'd be no one
to feed the hens.

And the ones that are left are too busy
looking for worms to lay eggs.

I wonder how many children there are.

You two have been the lucky ones.

John's seven.
- Nearly eight.

I wonder if any 5-year-olds
could have survived on their own.

Where are we going to sleep?

Well, there are beds.

There's a room for you two,

a room for Jenny and me
and a room for Greg.

- You can try your new sleeping bags.
- And the anoraks?

No, you won't need those.




I'm assuming that Greg
is the odd one out.

Uh, tell me if you want me
to be the odd one out.

Oh, no. No, nothing like that.

- You will tell me?
- Yes.

Don't move.

- Don't move.
- I'm not.

Now, just put that gun down.

What do you want?

- Only this.
- This is my house.

Well, I didn't know that.
I didn't see anyone.

And I'm a friend. My name's Greg.

Where are the others?

- What others?
- Don't kid me.

There are two women in the kitchen
with two children.

- You're a liar.
- No, I'm not.

Yesterday... I saw you yesterday.

Look, yesterday I was 200 miles away.

Oh, God, I didn't mean it!

I didn't mean it. You fool,
you made me fire. I didn't mean it.

It was your fault, you came here.
I'm done for.

Oh, put that gun away!

Yeah, okay. Okay.

- Someone go and get the first aid kit.

It's all right, he was frightened.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.
Just his arm.

I didn't mean it, accident.

Come on, Abby.

It's only blood.
There's not much damage.

The bullet probably came out.

I don't have any bandages.

Used to have plaster for that, plaster.

I was a barber, I was.

- My name's Lincoln...
- Yeah, all right, all right, all right.

Now come on, Abby.
Get some of that surgical spirit on it.

- I'll get some water.
- Got to clean it out, every bit of it.

He's a barber.
Barbers used to be surgeons.

I'm not an old-fashioned barber.

Come on, Abby, just dig in.

It's all right. Look, Jenny,
take the children away, will you?

Come on.

I found this place yesterday.
It was all right.

So I went back, you see,
to collect a few things.

Went back where?

Oh, we were on a farm.
I don't know much about farms but...

There were five of us, a farmer,
two blokes, woman and a girl.

She was about 20.

So it was all right
for a couple of weeks.

Then this lorry comes up yesterday.

Three blokes with guns,
British government.

They come to protect us.

So they loaded the van up.

Corn, apples,
veg, pigs, hens. Everything.

Then took the girl.

And put some burning straw in the house
and that was that.

I hid behind the pig trough.
Found a car, got here.

I went back today, nothing left,


- It's all right. It's all right.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought he was one of them

I'm hungry.

I was making scones.

I got some eggs.

- Eggs?
- Yeah, I picked them up, uh...

There are a couple of hens
in a hamper in the car.

Come on, let's go and get them.

All right, well, who's going to
find something for a sling?

- No, no, it doesn't need a sling.
- Oh, yes it does.

- You can have my scarf.
- Thanks, Lizzie.

- Can you sprinkle some corn?

They'll be all right.

No, they won't. They need some water.

All right, um, a cup of water.

Yes, and when you put it in

can you leave the door
a couple of inches open?

Oh, for air, right.

- How's it feel?
- Ah, rotten.

- Well, have some more aspirin.
- No, it's all right.

Just hope it's clean.

- And that water's boiling, Jen.
- Great.

Are you all right?

I thought he was one of
the British government.

That's why, you know...

Any tranquilisers in there?


What about that water?

Oh, what water?

For the chickens.
- Oh, I've done it.

- Oh.
- I've never killed a chicken, have you?


Where are you going to sleep?
- What?

The parlour.

Oh, right, the parlour.

- I haven't got any bedding.
- We've none to spare.

There's a hearth rug in there.
Put that over you.

Oh, I don't know how old those eggs are.

- I found them all over the place.
- Oh, well, we'll go carefully then.

Keep your noses out of the way
when you break them.

- Any egg cups?

Boiled eggs and biscuits, what a feast.

Did the British government
mention any names?

Oh, yes, they did.

They came in the name
of the Chairman of Britain.

I wonder how many groups
there are like that.

Well, they said
they'd got eaten out by rats,

that's why they needed the stuff.

There are giant rats,
people at the farm said,

and lions and elephants
from the safari parks.

And giant crows, they'd seen them
from all the corpses.

When you were at your farm,

did anyone mention some people
round here called angels?

Oh, yes, they're up in the hills.

They're going to come down
and judge us all.

Are you being wise?

No, but I must go up there
and find out for myself.

Yes, of course.

I'll be back when you see me.

Well, I'll make tea for Greg.
And then we must get some food.

And other things.
You'll take me with you?

Greg can look after the children.

Snap Pot!

Jenny! Jenny!
Jenny! Jenny!

Oh, hello.

- You all right?
- Oh, I don't know.

Won't know till it heals or doesn't.

Well, there's no fever.
Is it still sore?

- Yeah, a bit.
- I'll dress it.

- You stocked up?
- Yes.

The bus is chock-a-block.

The town is awful.

So we detoured and found a village
and came in upwind.

You should see
what our friend Lincoln's got.

I got these from a farm.

And cartridges.

- May I have a shoot?
- No!

And we got barbed wire.

- You got it?
- Barbed wire?

Well, to put around the place.

Make a...
What do you call it... perimeter.

'Cause they won't expect it.

And if it's right round the house,

they'll be held up
and we can shoot them.

- And what do you expect to live on?
- Right. We get more chickens.

There must be some more
left at that farm.

- But how do you expect to catch them?
- With corn.

And half a dozen bus loads
from that village.

And we dig.

Now, we'll have to put the wire
further back.

By that second lot of trees.
That's better.

And we'll dig up in between and plant.

And we can get people in the trees
with guns.

- What people?
- Oh, we'll find them.

Half a dozen men and women.
They must be there in the town.

In the country.

We haven't seen anybody in the town
or in the country.

And water.
What are you gonna do about water?

You very cleverly managed to put the
barbed wire between us and the stream.

We'll bring it up in buckets.
Fill the bath.

Oh, I wonder
how my bath water's doing.

We've got to stop these thugs.

They're not gonna come
in the night, are they?

Are they?

Where's these chemist things?

I used to take these.


- Can I ask something?
- What?

Are you and she...

- Yes.
- Oh.

Why did you say that?

I thought it might shut him up.

Who's there?

A friend.

My name's Abby Grant.

A person.

Abby Grant.

How are you, Abby Grant?

- I'm well.
- Good. Where have you come from?

- A house about 10 miles away.
- A house? With other persons?

Yes. Two friends, two children
and another man.

Are you the angels?

- Not yet. Not yet.
- Well, that's what they call you.

Angels? This is Matthew, this is Robert
and my name's Jack.

- I know. I read about you.
- Recently?

I read about you recently
but it was an old newspaper.

Ah, yes. There were some reporters
with us when we were coming up.

- The paper said you had the Word of God.
- Oh, we did and do.


- How is life down there?
- Strange.

Plague has come?

- Yes.
- And gone?


You're the first person we've seen.

Am I? What, since you came here?

Well, we knew there were people,

because we sometimes see smoke
from their fires.

Though not many, as God had told us.

I wondered if a party of boys
had made their way up here.

Not yet.

- How many people are there still alive?
- Oh, I don't know.

But a man I met put it at 10,000
in Britain.

- Are there just the three of you?
- Yes. And God.

Did you bring the animals
two by two up the mountain?

No. There are plenty
of sheep here already.

No. We brought some wood
and made a shed.

And spades, and forks, and a hose,

and seeds, and scissors,
and needles and saws.

And a few candles. And the Bibles.

- What do you live on?
- We work at our cabbage patch.

We grow turnips and lettuces
and onions and...

And good potatoes. Have you had supper?

- It doesn't matter.
- Don't it?

Well, I...

I'm so confused.

Would it be possible to talk to you?
And try to clear my mind a little?

It would be possible.

- Oh, we have a visitor's room.
- Yeah?

The back shed. We could clear a space
among the potatoes and cabbages.

Would you mind that?

- And my son may turn up.
- I hope he will.

- Is this where you pray?
- We pray everywhere.

This is where we read and think.

I'm not a believer.

I can't be.

Hey, you are what you are.

What do you want?

Oh, nothing.

Abby, come in.

Sit down.

The Death has took man in his millions.
Is that more terrible than one man?

Is it terrible at all?

Well, yes. I'm human.

God has told me what he's told
many humans over thousands of years.

Of his glory and majesty
and love and compassion.

- I don't understand God.
- Oh, to understand God.

Abby, who did you love most?

My son, Peter. And my husband.

Did you have to understand them
before you loved them?


Abby, it's all been written and said.

There is nothing new under the sun.
God has infinite understanding.

"Where wast thou when He laid
the foundations of the Earth?"

- I haven't to ask questions?
- Yes. But love God.

Was it because they didn't love God
that so many people were killed?

Were the babies killed
because they didn't know about God?

- What killed them?
- The plague!

The plague has come and gone
for thousands of years.

And one taken and one left
and desolation, as in the book.

And God has been compassionate
and has comforted.

And has wiped away tears from all faces.

Life down there, you say,
has been reduced to survival level.

Is that new?

Half the world was trying to survive
before the plague.

But nothing's changed down there.

They're still stupid.
Killing, stealing...



Did you leave civilisation to pray?

- Nothing more?
- God told me to come.

He's kept me safe,

and when the time comes,
I'll do his purpose.

Abby, don't be afraid.

Our minister delivers
who are left of God's people.

And accept whatever my end be.

Your son's name is Peter.

It's a good name. Oh, I'm not an oracle.
Not even an angel.

You want to know if he's alive or dead.

If he's dead,
at least I could grieve for him.

And if he's alive,
you have a reason to live.

I didn't think I'd need
a reason to live.

- I seem to have a will to live.
- Yes, we have a will to live.

- Did God give us that?
- Yes, he did.

To live.

To survive.

Maybe God is survival.

Or survival is God.

Who could ascend
the mountain of the Lord?

He that hath clean hands
and a pure heart.

Are you laughing at me?

I have neither.

- Oh, I should go.
- Abby, you're truthful.

And you're searching.
Please don't be afraid.

- A good haul?
Should keep us going.

- How's the arm?
It's all right.

Oh, great. I knew five days would do it.

Yeah, there's one thing though.

Driving back here, you can see
the whole layout from half a mile off.

So it's not much of a fortress,
with your barbed wire or no barbed wire.

- What do you mean?
- I mean, it's a silly place to stay.

- Careful of your arm.
- Ah, it's fine.

- Why unpack then?
- Because we ought to talk about it.

- Oh, let's talk...
- Come on!

- I'm not saying we should leave at once.
- Yes, you are.

Look, I only noticed the damn thing
five minutes ago.

So, if the British government comes,
we're for it!

- You had your pill this morning?
- What's that to you?

- Oh, go on...
- You and she want to get off, that's it!

- No, we don't.
- Well, go on then, go!

Now, listen!

Now, this place isn't right.

You haven't caught any more chickens,
you haven't got any more people.

You haven't dug an inch, you don't
even know what the soil's like.

There is no well.

Now, I'm telling you,
this place isn't right.

Well, go then!

All right, kids, get your sleeping bags.

What about Abby?

Oh, we'll leave a note for her
just in case she comes back

while we're looking for her.

- You coming?
- Oh, sure.

Come on.
He's a slowly worm.

Here, you take this. I've left my hat.


Right, then, she's not leaving.

Go on!

Go on, then.

Ben! Ben.

Right here. Come on, Ben. Here.

Don't leave me.

- We'll have to take him.
- No! No! No, no!

Don't leave me.

Come on.


- That's Greg.
- Oh.




Hello. And Greg, Jenny. Hello.

- Right. Time for bed.
- No, it isn't.

- Oh, yes, it is.
- No!

Oh, that's my side. Hurry up.

- No, it isn't!
- Night, night.

Come on, Matthew. Wake up.

- Is it morning?
- Yes, of course it is.

- Breakfast time?
- Yes!

Oh, right. Goody, goody!
All right, come on.

Wash your face first. Lots of water.
Come on. More. There we go.


You sit down there.

And I'll sit here.

Now then, what's for breakfast?

Um... Onions.

- Onions?
- Yes.

- Where do I get onions from?
- A tree, of course.


- What did you do that for?
- It was a bad onion.

- Can you fly?
- No.

- But angels can fly.
- I'm not an angel, John.

I thought you were. Can you do miracles?

Little miracles. We can all do those.
Like being kind when we feel angry.

- That isn't a miracle.
- Can you do it?

It's very difficult.

It's just that we don't want
to put you to any sort of trouble.

- I'd like to stay on if I may.
- You may.

Oh, we've room upstairs.
We'll make a partition.

- We've got timber?
- Yes, we have.

Would you believe it? I was a carpenter.

Now then,
here's an onion that isn't bad.

- How do you dig without a tractor?
- With a spade, John.

- How do you light the fire?
- With a match.

What'll you do when all the matches
are burnt?

We'll light a fire that doesn't go out.

The children are staying, aren't they?

- Do you want to stay?
- Yes.

- Yes!
- Hey!

- Are you all right?
- Yes. Fine.

It must be glandular.

We've been well all the time
we've been here.


It's a lumpy feeling. A bit of fever.

Yes, well, you better go to bed.

- You brought some illness with you.
- We were all well.

You were carrying it.
It must have been you.

It happens.

Are you all right?

Well, how much longer, then?

One more day.

And another one after that
and another one.

- We can't leave them, John, can we?
- Oh, let's play cards, then.

- Is it all right to play cards here?
- Yes.

John, Lizzie, it's fine out there.
Go out and play.

Come on. Oh, come on, John.

We brought it with us.

Or at least I did.

They wouldn't have been tired
if it had come from you two.

Does it matter who?
We can all be carriers.

Anyone who's had the plague
is probably a carrier,

- infecting anyone who hasn't had it.
- Maybe.

But I know that I infected them.

What happens when we meet
someone on an island?

Or someone in the middle of Australia
who's never had the plague?

We kill them.

I always thought that there might be
a bit of civilisation left still intact.

People with everything going for them.

Yeah, so we all just have to keep clear.
Not get in touch with them.

If they exist. Who's to say they exist?

Peter might exist. What about him?

On his way here.
What if he hasn't had it?

There he is.

Hello, Lizzie. John.

- Are you feeling any better?
- No.

Where's Matthew?


It's the plague. You're like my uncle.
And my grandmother.

You'll be dead soon.


John? Lizzie?

Do you want me to read to you?

God called me.

Saved me.

And killed me.




- Best get your coats on.
- What about Abby?

She'll come soon.

Yeah. We'll go down to the bus
and wait for her there.

Get it ready for her. Come on.

"As for man,
his days are as grass.

"As a flower of the field,
so he flourisheth.

"For the wind passeth over it,
and it is gone.

"And the place thereof
shall know it no more.

"But the mercy of the Lord
is from everlasting to everlasting

"upon them that fear Him,

"and His righteousness
unto children's children.

"The Lord hath prepared His throne
in the heavens,

"and His kingdom ruleth over all.

"Bless the Lord, ye His angels,

"that excel in strength,

"that do His commandments,
hearkening unto the voice of His word.

"Bless the Lord.

"All His works
in all places of His dominion.

"Bless the Lord.

"O my soul. "