Survivors (1975–1977): Season 1, Episode 3 - Gone Away - full transcript

Abby, Jenny and Greg have made an abandoned church their base. Abby hopes to find her son Peter. They make a trip to a nearby supermarket to gather some food supplies and encounter some of ...

Somebody should have turned them loose.


Get out! Get out, you.
Get out, damn you!

Go! Go on!

Go on! Go on, damn you! Filthy lot!

Come on! All this pathetic...
Go on, out! Shoo! Shoo!


Here, get out! Get out!

Somebody's been here before you, boy.



Hey! Hey!

Hey, you there! Come back!

Come back, damn you! That's mine!

Come back!

Come here, I tell you!

Come back, damn you! That's mine!
That's my chicken!

Gotcha, you little...

Stay where you are.
Don't come any closer.

He... He stole my chicken.

The boy needs food.

Well, I need food, too.

Look... Look, it's been two days
since we've had anything proper to eat.

The boy needs something.
You've got a gun.

The woods are alive
with rabbits and game.

There must be plenty more chickens
on the farm.

- I'm having that one.
- No!

- Hand it over.
- No, I told you, stay back.

You don't have to worry about
the disease, I'm not carrying it.

How do you know we're not?

Yeah... Uh... Eh?

You... You mean,
you've got the Sickness?

I've been ill for a few days,
but not like the plague.

Something else.

We sheltered at an empty house
for about a week.

I think the water might have
been contaminated.

I'm not sure.

But it might be typhoid.

Oh, for God's sake, just leave us be.

Mmm, this is the first hot food
I've had since...

Since... Oh, I don't know, a long time.

What are we going to do about Anne?

- Well, she wasn't in the barn.
- Well, did you look around for her?

Well, what's the point?
I'm not responsible for her.

Oh, she'll be all right. She's the sort.

Who was she?

Oh, just a woman I met.

Man who was looking after her died.

She had me marked down
to take over from him.

Was it awful? London.


Well, must have been bad in all cities.

Be a long time before we can go into
any of them in any sort of safety,

all those unburied dead and God knows
what sort of disease building up.

Yes, but they say much of
what we'll need is stored up in them.

Yeah, well, I suppose when people
get desperate enough,

they'll start taking risks.

Have you seen many people?

- No.
- How about you?

Well, I made contact with one group
who were trying to organise.

There are eight or nine there.

Why didn't you stay with them?

I didn't like what they were planning.

Anyway, I have to find my son.

That's really why I came here.
I needed a centre of operations.

Up until now, I've just been
driving around aimlessly, hoping.

And then I thought,
well, if I had a base,

then maybe I could attract other people

and they might have seen a boy,
have news.

That's why I built the fire.

When you find your son...
What's his name?


When you find him,
what are your plans then?

Well, find a place to live.
Join up with other people.

We'll have to grow food and things,
learn to look after ourselves.

I know we can't go on living on what's
left, even if it was all available.

It may take a long time to get through,
but it is a diminishing supply.

Yeah, but don't you think that
that's a hell of a long way off?


But if our children and their children
are going to survive,

they're going to have to learn
an awful lot of things.

- Where are you two heading?
- We're not together.

It was really just until
we found some more people.

That's been the worst thing
for me, really,

just being on my own.

I'd be glad of the company,
if you'd like to stay.

Oh, I would. Yes, I would,
I really would.


Yes, well, I thought I'd do
some scavenging today,

try and find some more food.
And I also want to find some maps.

I can't go on searching haphazardly
for Peter.

I've got to make
a definite search pattern.

What about you?

Yeah, well, I'd like to ride around
with you for a while,

just until I can pick up a car.

Yes, of course.

Stand still, blast you!



- All right?
- Mmm-hmm.

It's coming through.

- Well, how's it going?
- Slowly.

- Anything over there suit you?
- Not at those prices.

I want something more rugged than that.
I prefer a Jeep or a Land Rover.

That's what you ought to get, too.

Yes, I suppose it will be handy.

- Let me do some.
- No, it's all right.

If it's always going to be this hard,

there's not going to be a lot of
pleasure motoring now, is there?


Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Well, we're not the first.


Go on! Shoo! Shoo! Out! Out!

No, you'll just have to ignore them.

Oh, I hate rats.

Yeah, I'm not mad about them myself.

Stick to cans,
and if things are wrapped,

make sure the paper isn't broken.
Rats are disease carriers.

Well, I think we should just load up
and get out of here.

And basic items only.
We haven't got room for luxury goods.

Oh, and take some of
that dried milk, will you?


No, we'll get what we came for.

Look, we can get what we want
somewhere else.

- Everything we want is here.
- You just can't ignore that.

And that's a pretty calculated way
to warn people off.

You'd just be damn stupid to ignore it.

It'll only take me 10 minutes
to get what we need.

We've as much right to those things
as anybody else.

It's not a question of rights.

Look, somebody's obviously
laid claim to this place

and they're prepared to kill
to protect it.

And I'm telling you, I'm not going
to get involved in any hassle about it.

I'll be as quick as I can.

You all right?

Mmm. It just made me feel a bit sick,
that's all.

Yeah, well, we ought to get out of here.

- Well, what about Abby?
- She's still picking things up.

She won't leave till she has
what she wants.

- Well, I'd better go and help her.
- Look, help her?

Look, just get her out of there,
will you?

Just try and make her see sense.

But the sooner we get what she wants,
the sooner we'll get away.

Come on! Come on!
You don't have to take all day!

We're coming.

About time.

There are a few half-hundredweight
sacks of flour in there.

Can you give me a hand with some?

Couldn't you make do
with what you've got?

Oh, I'll get them myself.

Abby? Greg?

Mrs Grant, isn't it?



You know, Mr Wormley was a bit put out
when you went off the other day.

He thought you were the right sort.

You could have been on his executive.

I told you. I had to look for my son.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Well, you're not going
to find him here, are you?

We needed supplies.

We couldn't risk going into a village
or a town.

So you just come here
and help yourselves, is that it?

You just walk in, take what you want
and off you go.

Yeah, well, there's nobody sitting
at the checkout counter.

Don't get cocky with me, mate.

Anyway, you're in enough trouble
as it is.

Trouble? What sort of trouble?

Well, looting.
That's what we're talking about.


Well, that's right.
That's what it amounts to, isn't it?

Well, that's stupid.

Under the present conditions, that word
doesn't have any meaning at all.

If we could pay someone for the stuff,
we would.

It's not a question of paying for it,
it's a question of conserving,

sharing it out properly.

I mean, for all I know, you could
keep coming back, day after day,

loading up and hauling the stuff away
somewhere till the whole place is empty.

Then it's a question of,
"I'm all right, Jack,"

while other people are starving.

Look, all we've got is just enough
to last for a few weeks, and that's all.

It's still got to be rationed,
doled out fair.

If you want food, medicines, petrol,
provisions of any sort,

then you come to Headquarters
and you get a chit.

Well, that goes for everybody.

You sign a register, you get a chit.

Look, and just what the hell
has it got to do with you?

I'll tell you what
it's got to do with me, mate.

We're representatives of
the Emergency Administration.

We've assumed responsibility
for this area.

Well, somebody's got to organise.

Somebody's got to take charge
of law and order.

And is that your sort of law and order?

We didn't hang him.

We found his body down the road.

But hanging him there
makes a better warning

than chalking "Keep Out"
across the door.

That's disgusting!

And what happens
if we don't recognise your authority?

You don't have any choice, mate.

We're the government in this area,
whether you like it or not.

It's up to you.

You can come back with us
to Headquarters

and register as being residents
in this area,

and in which case,
you'll be given ration books,

which will entitle you
to collect food from here.

Yeah, but otherwise, what?

This will act as your first warning.

If you're caught looting
in this area again, we'll take steps.

There was a state
of martial law declared.

We're the authorities now,
and we're in our rights.

Looters can be shot on sight.

They killed a man the other night.

He was executed. It was legal.

And you'd kill us, just for taking food?

I said we'd take steps.

Well, make up your minds.

Either you come with us
and get chits for that food,

or you can get out of this district.

I'm not going back to Wormley's.

None of us are.

You'll come round to it sooner or later,
when you get hungry enough.

And I shan't leave the district.
At least, I shan't be forced to.

Now, listen, missus,
you'll damn well do as...

No, no, leave it, Reg, leave it.

Now, get that stuff out of your car.

- We're taking it with us.
- You're not, you know.

It's like Mr Wormley said.

If you're going to live in a community,
you've got to learn to be part of it.

Reg, get our food out of the car.


No! No!

- Hey!
- You can't! No!


Hang about.

Watch him, Milner.

Stop it! Leave me alone! No!

I'm warning you, missus,
I'll get nasty next time.

Ahhh! No!

We've as much right to those things
as you have!

Ah, ah, ah.

Get down there! Go on!

Now empty it.

Come on!

Now throw it.

You're only being silly now. Come on.

Come on, now, give me the gun.

You can have the stuff you picked out.

We'll forget about it this time.

Next time,
you'll have to get permission.

She won't shoot.

Go on, Dave, take it from her.

Come on, now.

Give it to me.

We don't want trouble
any more than you do.

All right, then,
shoot if you're going to.

Right, over there, all of you!


You're in real trouble now, mate.

You just do as you're told and shut up.

Now, Jenny, load up the car.

And, Abby, you move their Land Rover.

We're going to be looking for you!

I promise you that!
We're going to be looking for you!

I'll have him for that.

I'll fix the wheel.

Well, they won't be moving for a bit.

It won't take them long
to change the wheel.

Yes, but I've got the ignition keys.

Do you think they really do
have any authority?

Yes. That's what's
really been bothering me.

Perhaps we were in the wrong.

Oh, come on.
They're no better than a criminal gang.

They just grabbed the chance
to take over everything.

Yes, but if they do have
some sort of organisation,

I mean, we may not like
what they're doing or what they are,

but at least they've got some
sort of order, and God knows we need it.

Are you saying
we should join up with them?



I don't know.

All I do know is that if people
form into small groups

with definite ideas of their own
and they meet other groups who disagree,

then we have the makings of a war
on our hands.

But not between reasonable people.

Like you said, there's few of us left
and plenty to go round.

Just give it time and then
all these communities will come together

because they actually want to.

I hope you're right.

That's what I want.

Now that that lot are looking for us,
what are we going to do?

Well, we backed them off once.

Yes, we were damn lucky to do so.

Look, I don't like them
and I don't like what they're doing.

But they're just feelings.
It's not a cause.

My only cause is to stay alive
and find my son.

Look, you said, you told us about
trying to sort of live together,

form some new sort of community
and learning things again,

working together.

Well, that makes a damn sight
more sense to me

than living under some paramilitary
group who are just out for power.

And I'll give you a shade of odds

that a lot of other people
are going to see it in your way.

Oh, I don't give a damn about
other people. I want to find Peter.

Was it me?

No, just leave her for a minute.

Well, if it was something I said,
I'll go and apologise.

No, just leave her.



It just sort of all caught up on me.

And back there, well, I was terrified.

We all were.

You see, until then,
I thought however dreadful it was,

I had at least come to terms
with the situation.

I was alive.

I thought I knew what needed to be done.

I tried to be absolutely realistic.

But in a way,
however hard it was going to be,

it seemed quite straightforward.

You mean, forming a settlement?


It seemed obvious.

I just couldn't believe that other
people would have another solution.

I think your way is right.

I thought that those of us who were left
would come together.

I mean, really come together.

There wouldn't be national interests,
nor political,

just a total unity
and a sense of purpose

in that one thing
that we have in common,

that we are survivors.

It should have been enough.

It will be, for some of us.

Oh, no, not for all,

not by a long chalk.

I mean, those men,
what makes their way so wrong?

Perhaps we do need a powerful,
even brutal, force to lead us, unite us.

Anyway, what I thought was so simple
and straightforward isn't.

I'm confused,


You're not, really.
You know your way is still right.

For myself, and I think
probably for a lot of other people,

we need your lead.

But I couldn't be a leader.

I can't be responsible
for other people's lives.

I couldn't do it.

Then who else?


It's not going to take them forever
to fix that Land Rover.

He's probably right.

Do you want me to drive?

No, I think I know the roads round here
better than you.

You're the boss.

Try it now.

I... I haven't taken anything.
Only some food.

I was starving, see, but nothing else.

Yes, we're having something to eat
ourselves quite soon.

- You're welcome to stay.
- Eh?

Well, now, I don't know, but I tell you,
I got things to do, see.

Well, please yourself.

I've seen you before.

- Have ye? Oh, yes, yes!
- Twice.

Yeah, but I was being a bit cautious,
you see, miss.

You were driving a Rolls-Royce.

Yes, that's right, miss. I remember.

A Rolls?

Why, yes, yes.

Well, look, to tell you the truth,
it wasn't mine, no.

I took it to help some people
who were sick, you see.

Anything I could do
to help the sick people.

I'll bring some of the other stuff in.

Did you have the disease?

Oh, no. Me, miss? No.
I've always looked after myself, see.

Kept fit. I mean,
your health is everything, isn't it?

That's why I always try
and keep myself clean.

I don't want no germs, see.

I thought you said
you were helping the sick.

Uh, yes, yes, that's right, miss.

Anything I could do
to help the poor souls.

- Have you seen many people?
- A few.

In the beginning,
there were quite a few,

and then, not so many.

I thought I'd see what was happening
in London, you see,

- so I took the car.
- Well, what was it like?

Phew! Terrible!

Any people about?

Oh, none that I saw.
I got through to Blackheath,

and there the roads
were choked with traffic.

I had to drive across the grass.

I was going downhill,
and then it hit me, the stench.

It was like a brick wall, man,
like a wall.

I got out of there double quick,
I can tell you.


Yes, well, let's get on.

If you want to stay
for something to eat,

you can help unload the car
and get a fire started.

Oh, yes, anything you say.
I always like to do my fair share.

I'll do more than pull my weight.

Just you say anything you want done.

Yeah, well, you can come
and give me a hand.

I... I'll be right with you, boy.
Right with you.

I think you might have a new recruit.

You see anything?

Not a sign of anybody.

Chances are they've settled
somewhere in this area.

If they'd been outside it, they'd have
gone somewhere else for their food.

It's a very big area.

Yeah. We'll have a wander
round this section.

Is it all that important?

Do you want to take charge?
Take over from me?

No, no.

Then shut up and do as you're told.

It was you that let that young tart
grab that shotgun.

Anyway, this isn't
official business any more.

It's a personal matter.

Think we'd let them get away with it
after what they done to us?

Anyway, I fancy that young bit.

I wouldn't mind either of them.

You sure you're warm enough?

You wouldn't like me to collect
some kindling for the fire?

Oh, no, we've got enough
to see us through the night.

You haven't got a fag, have you?

Oh, ta.

One of those two your wife, is it?

No, I just bumped into them.

Oh, so now you're sticking together, eh?

Well, I'm not.

I'll hang around for a while,
I suppose, but I...

Well, I don't intend to take on
a whole pack of responsibility.

- I don't want to get tied down.
- Quite right, too.

You want your independence.
You're like me, see.

I'd work like a dog for somebody
for my own fair share,

but nobody can buy my independence.

That's right, boy,
pick some of the dry stuff.

I might take an axe tomorrow
and get some cut.

I might get some fresh meat, too,
rabbit or a chicken or something.

I'm pretty handy with a shotgun, see.

Oh, yes, I can see you're
a pretty handy fellow to have around.

Oh, aye, aye.
I can turn my hand to most things, see.

I got a chicken
three or four days ago, man.

I gave it to some youngster.

Well, I reckoned he needed it
more than me.

A youngster?

Aye. Oh, a youngster, he was.

- He was camping with some older bloke.
- And where was this?

Oh, five or six miles
back in the wood, there.

And how old was the boy?

Oh, nine or ten, something like that.

- Come and tell Abby.
- Eh?

Come on.

- What, now?
- Yes.

Hold it, Dave!

Yeah, it could be them.
How far is it, do you reckon?

Straight line, three or four miles.

I don't know by road.

We'll find it. Keep your eye on it.

I'd come with you now, see,
if it wasn't for the old leg.

You see, I'm not sure it would stand up
to it without a bit of a rest, see.

All of you going, is it?

Oh, well, now,
don't worry about anything.

I'll have the fire going and some food
ready by the time you come back.

Don't worry about anything, yeah?
I'll take care of everything.

They might be gone by now, mind.

I wouldn't swear they'll still be there.

Hey, uh... Uh...

Oh, well. Please yourself.

You know, I think we should be
a bit more to the right.

Abby, listen.
You know it's odds against being Peter.

Yes, but it could be him.
From the description, it...

The only description you've got
is of a boy

about 10 years old, wearing a blazer.

Now, that's all you've got.

Just be ready for it.


Is anybody there?

Is anyone about?

It's all right, Abby. I'll go.

They've gone?

They're both dead.

You'd better come
and have a look at him.

You have to.

It's not Peter.

Where are they?

They're waiting for you inside.

- What are we going to do?
- Keep under cover.

But all our things are in there.

Don't go in there.
I won't be able to stop them if you do.

Have they got the guns?

Look, just stay out of sight for a bit.

I'll get them out of there
and away from here.


Dave! Reg! Quick!

They came out of the woods, up there.

They must have seen the Land Rover
and run off.

Leave it!
We'll never find them in the dark.

You sure it was them?

Yes, the man and the two women.

Well, they won't come back
now that they've spotted we're here.

We'd better turn it in.

Where are you going?

Come and give us a hand.
It won't take a minute.

Keep under cover until we've driven out.

Don't take any chances
or you'll drop me in it, too.

This gent wants to come with us
and register.

Yes, yes, I do.
See, I'm all for law and order, see.

I mean, I wouldn't have mixed in with
this bunch of thieves if I'd have known.

Now, I wouldn't mind, mate,
joining with your lot, see,

me being ex-military,
crack shot and all that.

Regimental champion, see.

Well, we can always use a good man.

Well, you don't have to look
no further, boy.

Come on.

Right, then, let's go.

Why would they do that?

I don't understand.

Yeah, well, perhaps now they've got it
out of their system,

they'll just leave us alone.


Well, we'd better get on with the job
of trying to get this lot cleared up,

and then we can try
and get something organised.

I'm not staying here.

I was undecided until now,
but this settles it.

I want to start again,
do all the things I said I would.

But I won't be able to
until I know about Peter,

one way or another.