Survivors (1975–1977): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Future Hour - full transcript

What's the matter? Did I wake you up?

Oh, no. No, I...

It's these dogs, see? They...

They've been circling around
all the morning.

- Give me the glasses.
- Aye.

See anything? What is it?


But there's nothing over there,
even there's no people.

Yeah, well, there is now.

- What is it?
- Shh.

There's someone coming.

Better if we stay off the road.

- Let's go this way.
- Go where though?

We can't just wander. Go where?

No, I don't think so.

Well, it's not somebody out
for a quiet picnic.

Not with two ruddy great vans like that.

Anybody about?

Let's have a look.


Why, doing themselves proud.
Had a fair old scoff.

And everything out of tins.

Must be pretty well stocked up

if they can afford to eat all this
just for one meal.

It's from the hardware department
at the Co-op.


Second floor, wines and spirits,

food hall, fashion department
and haberdashery.

Way out, man.

Yeah. Well, whoever they are, they've
certainly been squirreling stuff away.

Here, look at this. Ciggies.

- Have a few of these.
- Put them back.

Why? Abby must be out of fags by now.

- Have 200 on me.
- I said put them back.

Oh, come on. They're not gonna miss
a few packets out of this lot.

Do as he says, lad. Put them back.

I said put them back.

Right. Huxley is my name.
Bernard Huxley.

- Greg Preston.
- Yeah.

- This is Paul.
- Hi, nice to meet you.

- Living local are you?
- Not far away.

- Many of you?
- Enough.

Good. Good. That's very good.

I'll have to put you on my calling list.

- Calling list?
- Well, I'm planning

on making a few regular trips
down south.

Twice a year at least.
More when trade starts to build up.

I'll tell you what,
why don't you have a drink with me

and then you can show me
where your place is on the map, eh?

All right, good Scottish whiskey.


Get the stuff sorted out
and loaded up, will you?

And get Norman to catalogue it.
Eh... Where is Norman?

And Laura, eh?

Norman? Laura?

Did you see a man and a girl
when you arrived?

- Not me.
- Oh, never mind.

Probably gone for a walk.
Come on, let's have that drink.

Now, show me where your place is.
Just put a mark on the map.

Yeah, can I just get one thing straight,
are you...

Are you trading all that stuff
in those vans?

Well, I'm not giving it away, am I?

We salvage what we can
from towns and villages.

- We've been over at Colworth today.
- Colworth?

We tried to get in there a month ago,
you can't get near the place. Stinking.

Yeah, and dangerous.

Still it's all right with these things.

Anyway, diseased or not,
somebody had been in there before us.

No food, only hardware.

Still it's getting like that these days.

You got to be damn lucky to find a place
that hasn't been done over.

Look, if you are bartering
all this stuff you pick up,

what are you taking in exchange?

Gold, of course.


- What use is gold?
- Well, it's no use at the moment.

You got to have vision, lad. Vision.

That's what private enterprise
is built on.

Things will be back to normal again
some time, you'll see.

You find gold. Get everybody
in your community to look for it.

Because I tell you, before next winter

you're gonna need
some of the things I've got.

And need them badly.

Yup, but all the stuff you've got,

you didn't buy it
you just picked it up.

Yeah, that's right. That's right.
That's part of my work.

That's what me and my lads do.

We take chances and it's not all easy.

We've had a few shoot-ups.
But that's a legitimate trading risk.

Once I've got the stuff, you see,
it's mine to sell.

You don't have to buy,
I mean, nobody's forcing you.

- What the hell was that?
- Oh, my lads.

I get them to set up a few charges
in the place that we've been,

gets a few fires going,
clears out disease.

Yeah, also clears out anything
that you might have missed.

Makes your little stock pile
all the more valuable.

Oh, I never thought of that.

You want to check this
or shall I put it in the chest?

No, get Laura to assay it, and then...

Where is she?


- Shall I put it away?
- Yes, yes, yes.

Laura your wife?

I'll have to go look for them.

Do stay and have another drink.

Look, if you want me to call on you,
just put your location on that map, eh?

Well, nice to have met you.
All right, ta-da then.


The chest is open. There's a note.

Eh? Anything gone?

- How many bags of coin were there?
- Twelve.

- There's 10 here now.
- That thieving little...

My God, she's run out on me.

Now you wait till the lads get back
from the village

and then tell them to start searching.

I want them both.
And take it easy with Laura.

If Norman gives any trouble
take care of him.

We're not leaving here
without Laura, right?

Let's get out of here.

Let's go back.

You can go back if you want to, I'm not.

He'll come looking for us,
you can depend on that.

If he doesn't find us
in a couple of days, he'll give up.

He won't let up, Laura.

Well, then go back,
I didn't ask you to come.

Couldn't let you be on your own.

I managed on my own for two months.

I didn't need anybody then
and I don't need anybody now.

Oh, I'm sorry, Norman.
Of course I want you with me.

Listen, I know you're scared of him,
I am.

But believe me, if we can just lay low
for a couple of days it'll be all right.

He's almost cleaned out
this area anyway.


He'll keep after us all right.

The gold coin!

But I deliberately only brought
what I had when I met him.

I, uh... I just didn't think it out,

but I knew if we're on our own
we'd need something.

Well, he won't give up now, will he?

We've got to get away.
Find somewhere safe.

We were just beginning to worry
about you. We've got some visitors.

This is Laura and this is Norman.

- Kids all right?
- Hmm.

I've settled them down. It's Lizzie.

She's been frightened of the dark
ever since Wendy died.

No, we can't give her a lamp,
it's far too dangerous.

If only we had some candles,
then we could make some night lights.

What about those people Laura was with?

- What about them?
- Well, they might have some.

Well, what happens
when we run out of those?

What do we give the kids then?

Well, it would keep 'em going
for the minute.

- She's all fixed up.
And where have you put her?

She's in with me. I think it's the best.

You know, I believe the baby
is due any moment now.

But she doesn't know or can't be sure.

Poor girl's lost all track of time.

What about that man?
What's his name? Norman?

Oh, we put him in with Paul
until we can think of something else.

Don't they want to be together?

Oh, no, he's not the father.

She keeps talking about a man
called Huxley.

Oh! Oh, that won't be much help,
my dear.

- I know.
- And written by a man.

I wonder when he had a baby?

Well, don't worry, Abby.
She'll be all right.

- Look, there's nothing like experience.
- Mine's pretty useless.

Hardly remember it. I was very spoilt,
before, during and after.

Well, I wasn't and I had four.

So, don't worry, she'll be all right.

She's a nice healthy strong girl.

What are we going to do about clothes?

I suppose what we really need is warmth.

Perhaps we could unpick a sweater
or a pullover.

That or a spare one.

It will need a cot, too, won't it?

Greg, did those people you met
have any wool, any skeins of wool?

No, how many rings have you got?

Perhaps, someone's got a spare bar
of gold bullion.

Well, the baby is welcome to mine.

Yeah, well, the woman
is not staying here.

I'm sorry, but we can't let her stay.

And why not?
- Because it is too dangerous.

Dangerous? What are you talking about?

We've met this bloke of hers, Huxley,
he's a nutcase.

- You mean he's mad?
- Bananas.

- You kidding? Gold.

So that makes him stupid,
it doesn't make him mad.

That's the least of it.

And she did this before
he killed the bloke she ran away with.

- Well, we can't turn her out.
- Of course we can't.

All right, well, you decide
which of us gets killed.

Oh, Greg, don't be so melodramatic.

Look, has she told any of you
why she's running away?


Well, Huxley won't let her
have the child.

So how does he intend to stop her?

Abby, he won't let her keep it.

Says he's not going to be burdened
with it.

Burdened with it?

Who does he think is going to feed him
in his old days?

That's besides the... What about Norman?

I mean, what do you think
Huxley thinks about him?

He's not only stolen his woman,

he's got two bags
of his precious gold coins.

Gold coins! How many gold coins
is a baby worth?

I won't turn them out, Greg.

We'll keep them here,
hide them until Huxley stops looking

but I won't turn them out.

I'll not have that on my conscience,
will you?

Well, you got a straightforward choice,
your conscience or your survival.

- Are you going to have a baby?
- Yes.

- Like mine?
- No, not quite like yours.

- Boy or girl?
- I don't know that yet.

We'll have to wait until it's born.

I think it might be a boy,
kicks like a boy anyway.

Do you want to feel it kicking?

Yes, please.

You may have to wait a minute.

- There, did you feel it?
- Yes.

- May I have a feel?
- Hand.

- There.
- Yes. Does it hurt?

No, of course not.

There's a car coming.
Looks like a Range Rover.

That's them.

Norman, it's Huxley coming. I want you
to get down inside the cellar

and take Laura with you.

And, Paul, everyone, back to work.
I want everything as normal as possible.

- Normal.
- All right, give me a hand.

There. Now, I'm going to lock you both
in here

and do not make any sound,
do you understand?

- No matter what happens.
- Yes.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

- Oh, Emma, for God's sake.
- No for her sake.

You don't know how long
she's going to be down there.

Oh, all right. Norman!

- There.

Now, we forget they were ever here.

- Good morning.

Uh, we're looking for a man and a girl,
have you seen them?

- We haven't seen anyone for weeks.
- Oh.

Well, we met a couple
of your people yesterday.

Oh, you must be the traders.
Yes, they told me about you.

Uh, look, would you like to come in
and have some fresh milk and some bread?

We did some baking yesterday.

Thank you very much.
It's very kind of you.

- Thank you.
- Where have you come from?

I've got a base
just outside North Hampton.

It's an old castle.
Makes a good warehouse.

How many of you are there?

Well, there's eight left out there
taking care of things,

and six... No, four with me now.

Would you all like to stay the night?

We haven't had much news lately.

It'd be nice to know what's happening
in the rest of the country.

We can give you all a meal.

No, thank you. As soon as
I find my wife we'll be pulling out.


Well, would you like a fresh loaf?
As I said we did bake yesterday.

Oh, Thank you.

We haven't had bread for a long time.
I'll... I'll pay you for it.

There's no need. I'll get it.

- It's a big place.
- Yes.

Oh, thank you. How many of you?

Enough. We go this way.

- Who're you?
- Phil's my name.

- What's yours?
- John.

My name's Lizzie.

- What's your dolly's name?
- Rosie.

That's a nice name.

- Is she your baby?
- No.


I felt the baby kicking.

You mean Rosie?

No, of course not, silly.
The one in the lady's tummy.

Well, thank you very much.
It's been very kind of you.

Not at all. Bye-bye.
- Goodbye now.

- Bye-bye now, children.


Yes. Well, come on, kids.

- Well?
- They had a good snoop around.

- Curious about how many of us there are.
- Did you tell him?

Of course not.

- There are five of them.
- No, he said there were five of them.

Everything all right?
- Sure.

I thought I heard a car
about half an hour ago.

I could be wrong.

Yeah, well,
I'll get Arthur to give you a rest.

No way, I'm fine.

I'll send someone out
with something hot to drink.

That'd be good.

- Oh, wouldn't you be better off in bed?
- Not yet.

It's more comfortable in here
and warmer.

- You thought about names yet?
- He won't let me keep it.

Oh, he will have no say in the matter.

You are with us now.

We will look after you and the baby.
So please just stop worrying.

It was one of the conditions
when he took me in.

He said he's feed me, look after me
and I'd be his wife.

We have to get rid of the baby,

find someone to look after it
in one of the new settlements.

- Well, there's no need for that now.
- I agreed.

I was so lonely.

After the Death I was on my own
for six weeks.

Maybe more.

I thought I was the only one left.
It was terrible.

I think I must have been
half out of my mind

when Huxley found me.

Anyway, he looked after me.

After three months,

he said he wouldn't be the father
to another man's child.

I had a choice he said.

I could stay with him,
we'd have to get rid of the baby.

I didn't want to be on my own again.

I couldn't.

So I agreed, I stayed.

You didn't have much choice, did you?

Quiet. Listen.

Oh, my eyes.

What I really need are new glasses.

There's no chance of that now
I'm afraid.

I know.

Well, what about you?
Are you keeping up your exercises?

- Oh, yes.
- Fine.

You see relaxation, that's the thing.

It's only when you get nervous
or frightened

that things can get
a bit more difficult.

I'm not frightened, no.
First, I thought I'd be terrified,

but now it's close
I'm getting quite calm.

- Right, get your things.
- She's staying here.

- You heard me.
- She's not coming with you.

- Now, get out of here.
- Now, look.

I got three men outside
and we're all armed.

Now, I don't want any more trouble
than what's is necessary.

I'm just taking what belongs to me.

- Now, get the coins and we'll go.
- Norman's got them.

Look, if it's the money you want
I'll get it for you. Then will you go?

- I'm taking my wife.
- I'm not your wife.

- Right, hold her.
- Now tell me where the man is.

- I...
- Don't raise any commotion.

Just tell me where he is, eh?
Come on, now, move, move. Move!

- Now, tell me where he is.
Stay right where you are.

Now, let them go.

I said let them go.

I'm only taking what I came for.

You are in no position
to take anything, Mr Huxley.

You're coming back to me, Laura!

I'll take the rifle.

Now, move.


Now, that settles the only claim
you have on us.

You take nothing else from here.

Now, get out.

I'll be back.

You haven't heard the last of him.

- Laura, you mustn't talk like that.
- Oh, you don't know him.

- And we don't want to.
- He'll try again, that's for sure.

- Well, let him.
- If someone got hurt?

- Suppose someone got killed?
- Laura, do you want this baby?

- Yes.
- Then what's the alternative?

Now, don't worry, you'll see,
he's not as tough as all that.

Well, he doesn't have to be tough.

- He's vain, that makes him dangerous.
- Yes.

He's got his precious gold back,
hasn't he?

Come on, darling,
it's time that we got you to bed.

Do you think he will try again?

Well, I would. Wouldn't you?

Quick, quick, it's Mr Russell.

- He's over there, tied up.
- You two, get inside the house.

I couldn't do anything,
there were three of them.

- Was it Huxley?
- Yeah.

- But you're not hurt?
- No, he's burnt the stack.

Yeah, I saw that.

He said that was only the beginning.

They've given us until
10:00 tomorrow morning.

- And that's all the time he's giving us.
- Do the others know?

- No, not yet.
- Then they mustn't, we must keep quiet.

Abby, this is a declaration of war.
We just can't ignore it.

- Then it might be bluff?
- No, they weren't bluffing.

- Well, how many of them are there?
- Five.

- Well, there are 10 of us.
- Yeah, not counting the children.

Look, if he makes
a straightforward attack, that's fine.

We can hold him off.

But that's not going to be his style
or tactic.

He's going to keep chipping away at us,
choosing his target

and picking his time.

Now, that sort of thing
we just can't defend against.

What he did today was in spite of
having Vic up on the roof.

Well, then we must stay in groups.

Abby, anyone out in the open's at risk.

The sort of guns they've got, they can
pick us off from half a mile away.

Do you mean...
You think they'd try to kill us?

Well, they don't have to kill,

I mean, what would you do
about a shattered kneecap?

I knew they'd try to terrorise us.

Try to damage our crops
but I never thought that they...

She's got to go.
- No.

All right.
Well, you come up with an idea.

- There is an alternative.
- What?

Well, we take the initiative.
We take the fight to them.

- No.
- Abby, we've got

- till 10:00 tomorrow morning.
- Would you tell her she can't stay?

Look, I know we got precious little here

but I'm not prepared
to risk any part of it to keep her.

And I don't think you should ask
any of the others to take that risk.

- Arthur?
- I agree with Greg.

But, Arthur, it's a woman and her baby!

I just don't think
you're being realistic.

- What do you mean?
- Well, Huxley didn't say

he was going to kill the child,

he told Laura he'd leave it
with a community.

- Well?
- Well, he can leave it with us.

She wouldn't do that,
she'd rather be dead.

- Yeah, well, I'd rather not.
- Greg, we can't ask her to leave.

For God's sake, she came to us for help.

That woman and her child are the future.

Yeah, but what about our children?
What about our future?

Oh, I don't know. I don't know.

All I do know is that
I won't ask her to leave.

- All right. But if you won't...
- And you won't, Greg.

You won't.


- Norman.
Who is it?

It's Laura.

- What's the matter?
- I'm going.

- What?
- I'm going back.

- You can't.
- I must.

- Come with me, help me.
- Well, he'll kill me.

No, he won't.

Listen, if we go back
he'll leave these people here.


- It'll be light in half an hour.
- I'll get dressed.

Shh, don't wake Paul.


Paul's gonna look after the sheep
this morning.

You can go to sleep somewhere else.

Like while you're hoeing the potatoes.

Oh, no, no,
where's the sense of that to you?

With this leg playing me up
and it's more work for Paul, see?

- And the sheep know me. They do.
- Yeah, well, I know you, too.


Greg. Greg, she's gone.

Laura's gone.

- Yeah, I know.
- You told her?

- No, I didn't.
- You told her!

I told her Huxley's ultimatum.

She went of her own accord.


Of her own accord.

- I'm going up there.
- Okay.

- They're still around?
- Yeah.

Do you reckon if they interbreed

they'll turn into a kind of
real wild dog?

I suppose there'll be a sort of
mongrel breed establish itself.

Then the whole process of natural
selection will start all over again.

I was reading up about them last night.
Well, wolves,

if one of them in a pack gets sick
or wounded,

the rest just turn on him.

Tear him to pieces.

Another bit of real useless information.

See ya.

- Thank God.
- Why, what's happened?

It's Laura.
I think she's started the baby.

- Where is she?
- Down there, there's an old farm road.

I was coming back for help.

Well, I'll look after her. You go back
to the house and get Abby.

- All right.
- And tell her to bring a Land Rover.


How is it?

I'm so sorry. I hope...

Oh, don't worry.

It's going to be all right.

It's all right.

It's not as bad as it looks
and perfectly natural.

Do you know anything about it?

It's that stuff
out of the old movies about

hot water and plenty of it.

I'm sorry. I did try and get back.
I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Right, lads, come on.

- Charmian! Jenny! Come on.

Emma, quickly.

Come on, kids, out of the way.

We're waiting for the baby.
- Well, you won't have to wait long.

See, I told you.

Well, there it goes.

- What?
- Hot water and plenty of it.

Look, Norman, would you take this up
to Vic on the roof?

- Sure.
- Yeah, and then when you've done that,

could you and give Paul a hand
to get the sheep

and the rest of the stock inside?

And get Price,
he's somewhere by the potatoes.

- Right. Yes.
- And take a gun with you.

- Look, I can get Price.
- No, let's just get rid that.

Then we go and get water
as much as we can, all right?

Shall we have a game of cards?

- No. Let's go and see.
- See what?

- The baby, silly.
- But there isn't one, not yet.

But there is going to be.
We could go and have a look.

No, it wouldn't be allowed.
Grown-ups are funny.

- Hope it's a girl.
- Well, I don't. Girls cry all the time.

- No, they don't.
- Yes, they do.

- No, they don't.
- They do!

- They don't.
- Do.

- They don't.
- Do.

- Don't.
- Do.

Get up.

- What's that?
- That's the baby.

- Why is it crying?
- 'Cause it's a girl.

- I bet it isn't.
- Yes, it is.

- No, it isn't.
- It is.

- It isn't.
- It is.

- Where you going?
- I want to see.

- You can't.
- I'm going to.

- It isn't a girl, is it?
- Yes, but how did you know?

It's a lovely little girl.

I told you.

No! No! No!


- Oh, thanks. How's Emma?
- Everything is being looked after.

We're not going to be able
to keep this up, you know.

There's no choice.

A day and a night watch.

Well, there's not much he can do
during the daylight,

at least that now
we've got the stock inside.

We can all rest up during the day.

- He'll ruin our crops.
- If he tries that, we'll open up on him.

- I'm sorry, Greg.
- What for?

Got a choice most of the time,
this time we haven't.

Anyway, how is she?

- She's fine.
- And the baby?

Worth it I think.

That's why the female
of the species

is more ferocious than the male.

Stay under cover, everyone!

In there, you hear me?

We can hear!

That's the last warning you get.
We have explosives and we'll use them.

Do you hear me? We'll use them.

Now, you think about it.

I'll wait until morning.
You think about it.

Abby, get everyone together.
We're gonna have a council of war.

Now, I don't think he can do
us much harm in daylight

I don't think he can get close enough
to lay his explosives.

Could he have set charges all ready?
That's what he means, tonight?

That is unlikely. I think one
of us would have heard something.

Not me, not on my side. I wouldn't
have heard because of the river.

Well, I don't think he'll bother
to attack the walls.

Well, I think he's more likely
to lob stuff through the windows

and then try and burn us out.

- Tomorrow night?
- Well, I think so.

He couldn't be mad enough to do that.

Oh, yes, he could.

Why, he can blow
the hell out of us, man.

We could build watch fires.

No, I think that could prove
more dangerous for us than for them.

There is a simple choice.

We either give him Laura
or we take whatever he throws at us.

- There is an another alternative.
- And what's that?

Well, we've got the bus
and the Land Rover,

we could just get in them and go.

All right. Well, who wants to go?

Well, now, see, I've always been
a bit of a wanderer...

You're not wandering anywhere!

Now, the others,
do any of you want to go?

Well, that takes care of that.

Now, there is another choice.

Now, there are five of us
and there are five of them.

Now, we can either sit here
and wait for them to hit us,

or we can take the initiative
and hit them first.

- Hit them first.

- Yes.

But there are more than five of us.

Well, I'm just counting
the able-bodied men.

- But you can count me and Jenny.

- No.
- Oh, come on.

- We can look after ourselves.
- I know you can look after yourselves

but who is going to
look after the children?

He's right, my dear. I...
I couldn't cope alone.

Well... Well, now,
you don't want to worry.

I can look after them.
They'll be all right with me, see?

- I'll see to that.
- I'll see to you in a minute, Price.

There. There, she wants her feed.

You know, I still think we stand
a better chance if there are more of us.

It may not come to shooting,
they may back down.

Well, there'll be no need for shooting.

We take them by surprise.

Get their ammunition and explosive
and just draw their sting.

Now, the five of us should get ready.

We'll go up around the long wood,
make a wide circle behind them.

Then, we'll just sit and wait.

- Is Arthur all right?
- Yes.

He'll signal when they're all between
the pantechnicons.


- We could pick them all up from here.
- Yeah. Well, there's to be no shooting.

Not unless they start it.

The aim is just to disarm them
and move them on. That's all.

And how long will it be
before they get more...

I said there's to be no shooting.

Help me! Help me!

Help me!

It's Price.

Come on.

Where the hell are the others?
And why don't they do something?

For Pete's sake, let's get out of here.

- We can't leave without Price.
- We can't help him.

Keep under cover, but don't shoot.

It's Abby.

Nobody shoot.

I want to go now.

All right.

One of your men is hurt.

We'll look after him.
She made me bring her.

All right, we're moving.

Hold it!

Price is dead.

We'll take all your
explosive and ammunition.

What for?

Well, in that case,
we'll just borrow some spades.

Help yourself.

He did worse things.

Come on.