Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - Gender Wars... And It's Getting Ugly - full transcript

The castaways get more than they anticipated when Tree Mail arrives.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> What a worthless crew.

>> PROBST: Rory reached his

breaking point.

>> I'm ready to get the

hell out of Yasur.

>> PROBST: And Rory got his


Drop your buffs.

The game took a big turn...

Orange is your new color.

...when the tribes merged before

the immunity challenge.

This is what you covet now:

individual immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Sarge!

>> PROBST: Sarge came out on


Sarge wins first individual


The new tribe returned to a huge

feast at Lopevi's camp.

>> This place is off the

chain right now.

>> PROBST: And named themselves


>> I'm so tired of having

female conversation.

>> PROBST: Rory immediately

rejoined his male alliance.

>> Ami is the top dog over


>> PROBST: He convinced the men

that Ami was the biggest threat

and an all-female alliance was a

dangerous possibility.

>> Ami says, "We have an all-

women's union, and you guys are

getting voted out."

>> PROBST: With Tribal Council

looming, Ami worked her magic on

the girls.

>> I don't think that Twila

and Julie ever left the women's


>> Even though I got a pact

going, I get real nervous.

Ami has control of all the

women, and it's dangerous.

>> We're not making the


We all are making the decision.

>> PROBST: In the end, it came

down to Twila and Julie.

>> I feel confident about

Twila and Julie.

We got the numbers.

We'll be good to go.

>> The guys think we're

with them.

The girls think we're with them.

After tonight, somebody's going

to be pissed.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Julie and Twila betrayed the men

when they voted off Rory.

Rory, the tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> Where do you guys think the

torch is-- just over here?

>> That was fun.

>> I'd like to say I'm real

happy to be here right now.

>> Yeah, you are.

What about me?

>> Tribal Council tonight

was absolute heaven.

The guys went in thinking they

were getting rid of me tonight,

and, oh, we shocked the shiznit

out of 'em.

>> So this is men against


That's the first time I

realized that.

I've never had anyone waver

in my alliance, and tonight was

the first time that the alliance

wasn't true.

Tribal Council was a surprise.

I would I say that I probably

put a little bit too much...

confidence in Julie and Twila.

They've put me, Sarge and Chad

in a precarious situation.

It's going to be tough to

survive the rest of this game.

I trusted Julie.

I trusted Twila.

I did. I trusted 'em both.

>> I thought I could

trust you all, too, but it

didn't seem like it was going

that way.

>> You learn... every day

of life, you learn a little bit

more about people.

>> Yeah.

>> Tonight's Tribal

Council was tough for me,

because even though Sarge gave

me his word, and Chris gave me

his word, and-and Chad gave me

his word, I felt like I still

couldn't trust the guys.

The guys told me that I was

going to be part of the final

four, and they told Julie the

same thing.

>> You got to trust the

people you're with.

>> I feel like I didn't

do anything more to those guys

than what they would've done to


I've got a lot of guilt.

I didn't like it all.

>> Sleep well, guys.

>> I'm going to bed.

You guys, thanks for dinner.

>> I get the outside.

>> Okay.

>> I do, too.

>> This is how naive

Julie and Twila are.

They think they were at the end

of our pecking order?

Where are they being away from

the other girls all this time?

They're at the end of their

pecking order, but the beauty of

it is that the game's not over.

>> Uh-uh.

>> Anything can happen.

>> I'm just real hurt just

the way... because I thought

Twila was sincere. I just...

>> I guess I don't

understand the reasoning.

>> Yeah.

>> It must... it's just...

>> Well, it's just like...

>> It must just be gender.

It must be a woman thing.

>> That is the truest thing

you just said.

A lot of things going through my


Uh, I got despisal.

I have, uh, remorse.

Uh, these bunch of women--

they're very conniving, and I...

Hats off to 'em, you know.

You got me.

>> ♪ I'm picking

On the bone

♪ Of memories still held

In my mind

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la

Yeah, and one tiny candle

♪ In the dark

And it's driving me crazy... ♪

>> Bottom line, it's

awkward right now.

It's awkward talking to any of


>> Think it's a reward

challenge today?

>> Yeah, I think it might be.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

today's reward challenge.

I'm going to ask you a series of

questions about Vanuatu culture.

Each time you answer a question

correctly, you get to light one

other tribe member's ceremonial

skull which has been carved out

of a coconut.

Each tribe member only has three


When you're out of skulls,

you're out of the game.

Take a seat on the bench.

For the winner, you will leave

the beach directly aboard a

helicopter, where you will take

a flight through the inland


This is a ride-- the ride of a


You will land at Mount Maro,

which is a dormant volcano with

a view you have never seen

before and I doubt will ever

see again.

While you're sitting at the top

of Mount Maro, looking at the

beautiful view, you will partake

in a picnic, a little champagne,

blankets, pillows to sit on and

chicken wings.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Big, big bucketful.

Pick up your cube, and let's


First question.

"The word 'Vanuatu' means

A) land of fire, B) land

eternal, C) land of spirits?"

Correct answer is "B) land


Eliza has it right, Sarge has it


Scout has it right.

Eliza, make the first move.

>> This is awful.


>> PROBST: Chad takes the first


>> Great.

>> PROBST: Sarge.

Sarge seems to know right where

he's headed.

Scout takes a hit.

Will Scout seek retaliation?

Payback is tough.

Sarge is going to take his first


First round down, Chad takes a

hit, Sarge takes a hit and Scout

takes a hit.

Next question: "The archipelago

of Vanuatu consists of how many

islands-- A) 18, B) 83, C) 28?"

The correct answer is "B) 83."

Everybody got it right.

Eliza, you're first up.

Eliza heads over to Chris.

Lights up his first skull.

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: Leann, Sarge takes

his second hit.

>> Wham!

>> PROBST: Chad, Julie takes her

first hit.


>> Sorry, Sarge.

>> PROBST: Sarge going to be the

first casualty in this game.

Sarge, you're out of the game,

but you still have one hit left,

so you'll stay in line.

Chris gives Ami a little hello,

and welcome to the game.

>> She didn't have one.

>> Yeah, thanks.

>> PROBST: Julie gives Chad his

second hit.


With that, Chad is out of the


Chad, none too pleased with


Not even pretending to be happy.

>> Not pleased.

>> PROBST: Sarge, this is your

last hit.

Julie going to take her second


>> I didn't even hit you.

>> Oh, hon, it's beyond that.

( laughter)

>> PROBST: Scout, game is

getting personal quickly.

Chris takes his second hit.

Next question: "According to

Vanuatu culture, large, curved

pig tusks are a sign of a

person's A) wisdom, B) courage,

C) fertility or D) wealth?"

Correct answer is "D) wealth."

Eliza got it right, Twila got it

right, Scout got it right.

Eliza. And with that Chris is

out of the game and takes a

seat on the bench.

>> Sorry.

>> No, it's not a woman-man


>> Oh, no.

>> Estrogen city.

>> They are bitter.

>> Wow!

We got some bitterness going on.

>> PROBST: Twila... now the

women forced to eat each other.

>> Oh, I see how it is.

>> Always been that way.

>> PROBST: Scout... Leann takes

her first hit.

True or false.

"Local sorcerers often

participate in 'magmay,' a soul-

cleansing ritual in which a

small cup of lava is consumed to

exorcise spirits and evil


True or false?

Well, the correct answer is


If you drank lava, you would


>> You'd be dead.

>> PROBST: It would burn all of

your internal organs.

Ami got it right, Twila got it

right and Scout got it right.

Ami, first up.

Twila takes her first hit.


Eliza takes her second hit.

>> Second one from her.

>> PROBST: Scout.

The women begin to turn on each


>> Eliza, in deference to

your knowledge.

>> PROBST: With that, Eliza is

out of the game.

>> Shows you just where

you are, doesn't it, boys?

Good to see you guys over here.

>> She's a smart one.

>> And you're really not.

>> You are. You're a smart one.

>> PROBST: This friendly game

just suddenly turned.

>> Oh, ugly.

>> PROBST: True or false.

"Vanuatu has the highest

concentration of different

languages per capita of any

country in the world?"

Correct answer is "true."

Over 100 different local tribal

languages spoken here.

Julie got it right, Twila got it

right and Scout got it right.


>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Doesn't feel too

good, does it, Scout?

>> No.

>> PROBST: Twila.

Eliza, you're still simmering.

>> Yeah, I am.

I'm not going to lie.

>> Simmer, girl, simmer.

>> PROBST: With that, Julie's

last skull.

We are down to four.

Scout heading toward Ami.

Ami takes her second hit.

Leann still has two skulls, Ami

one, Twila two left, and Scout


"The tam-tam is a unique musical

instrument which is an

indigenous version of a A) horn,

B) rattle, C) drum?"

Correct answer is "C) drum."

Leann got it right and Scout got

it right.

>> Scout, you did it to me.

>> No!

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Leann lights up

Scout's last ceremonial skull.

Scout is out of the game, and

you still have one hit left.

Scout gives it to Ami.

Knocks her out of the game.

Leann with two skulls left.

Twila with two skulls left.

"The national currency of

Vanuatu is the vatu, a word

meaning, A) stone, B) pig,

C) coconut?"

Correct answer is "A) stone."

Go make your hit.

All right, here's where we


Because Leann has two skulls

left and you only have one,

if Leann gets it right, she wins


>> Pressure.

>> PROBST: "The national dish of

Vanuatu, A) yam-yam, B) lap-lap,

C) pop-pop?"

The correct answer is "B)


And with that Leann wins reward.

>> I won something.

>> PROBST: Leann, go make your

last hit and put Twila out of

this game.

>> Look at her, she's so


>> "I never win a thing.

I never win a thing."

>> PROBST: Okay, Leann,

obviously, it's not any fun

going alone, nobody to share the

memory with.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Pick one person to go

with you.

>> It's Julie.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Julie.

( Julie and Leann laughing )

Okay, Leann, Julie, you're

getting on a chopper, you're

going to Mount Maro, you're

going to take part in a nice

picnic-- champagne, chicken


It's yours, come get it, and go.

For you guys, it's over.

Get your stuff, head back to


>> Oh, my God.

I'm so grateful.

Thank you so much.

>> So I won the reward

challenge, and I got to take

someone with me, so I took Julie

because Julie was the one person

I was a little unclear about as

far as where she stood and where

her head was at.

>> Oh, my God.

This is really exciting.

Neither of us had ever come

close to doing anything like

this before, and we were trying

to take it all in, and we're

holding hands, just loving it.

>> Oh, my God!

>> The pilot took us

through, like, the gorge and

down in these big sinkholes.

And-and it was just incredible.

When we finally got to our

destination, which was a dormant


we were overlooking a really

steep decline.

Just looking around, and all you

can see is untouched, beautiful


>> We made it.

>> I expected that a volcano

would look like you see in


But, no, I understand that we're

kind of sitting on top of a

dormant volcano, and it's just a

little surreal, and it's not

going to sink in for a while.

>> Got the bubbly.

I just want to lick 'em.

( cork popping )

Oh, wow.

( both laughing )

Leann and I, we've always liked

each other but we've never

really talked strategy, so it

was really good that we had

this opportunity to swap

strategies and talk a little bit

about what was going on in the


>> Eliza's comments worry the

...out of me.

>> Mm-hmm. And the guys are...

the guys are so feeding her

fire, too.

>> Uh-huh.

And she's very gullible to that.

She doesn't do anything at all.

>> No, she doesn't do anything

at all.

>> No, she doesn't.

>> If you think about it, I

mean, we could lose Eliza over

Chris first, you know.

>> That's true.

>> Was Scout in your final four?

>> Originally. I mean, in my

head, I never said it out loud.

I think I'm tending to lean

toward more of the three other

people that I'd want to see in

the final four versus that I

want to see...

>> I know that's the dilemma.

Yeah, like being with, like,

Eliza and Scout, and...

>> I don't think I'd like that.

>> Everyone would be deserving.

So I'd be down.

I'd be faithful.

>> Yeah?

>> I would, completely.

>> I never promised Scout

anything, and all Scout ever

asked was to be let known she

was going to go, and I don't

have a problem with her being


( laughing )

>> Cheers.

>> That was fun.

>> That was fun.

Little one, look at you.

She's all pissed off.

>> Today's reward challenge, I

was really annoyed.

I felt that there were two women

in particular, Scout and Twila,

who were after me, and Scout

kind of said "Oh, little one,

get over it; it's just a game."

But it was more being taken out

in that way-- it is personal.

It's definitely personal.

>> Oh, Eliza, good grief.

It is not.

In this game, you've got to take

out the smartest people.

>> For some reason, I

feel like you're saying that and

it's, like, condescending.

Are you being serious?

>> Of course I'm being serious.

>> You are smart.

>> Yeah, this whole thing

is just a game, Scout's right,

but gosh, if she wasn't here one

more day, I would be a happy


>> How can you say that?

I said, "In deference to your


That's exactly the truth.

I've been fed up with Eliza

since Day Two.

I'm totally over her.

>> The challenge definitely

showed vulnerability in the

women's alliance.

Questions arose in their minds

as to, you know, where do they


Eliza did realize about the

pecking order, and, um, she

didn't like it.

We see a weakness right there.

So it definitely opened up some

doors for us to look into.

Eliza is definitely in doubt of

her position with the girls, and

she is vulnerable.

Scout don't like Eliza already.

Scout will burn Eliza.

>> Yeah.

There's no place for Eliza in

their final plan.

>> Exactly.

She just doesn't seem like a

power player.

>> She's a token player in

Ami and Scout's game.

>> We've got to take Eliza out.

We have got to totally sabotage

Eliza's game and send her home.

One of the ideas we come up out

there was to try to convince the

women that Eliza feels

vulnerable, that she doesn't

trust her position, that she's

unhappy with when she was

selected in that challenge and

that possibly she's been talking

to us about jumping over with


( laughing )

>> There it is!

>> I can see it.

>> Oh, my God!

( whooping )

Put your window down.

Wave your hand all the way out


>> There they are. They're...

they are waving.

>> Our girls are back.

( whooping )

>> Oh, they got a bundle

in their hands.

>> They're gone. They're away.

( whooping )

Are you wasted? Get over here.

>> Yes, we're wasted, but

we smuggled only you ladies back


>> Oh, God.

>> Shh, shh.

Okay, we got chicken wings for

you, we got bones for them.

>> Two... we have two chicken

wings for each of you.

>> Quick...

>> Give them her... give

them their chicken wings.

>> Julie lifts up her pants and

she had tied a bag of leftover

chicken wings to her leg.

>> Oh, my God.

( Scout gasps )

>> Here you go. Run.

Not a word. Not a word. Run.

( talking quietly )

>> Oh, my God.

>> I feel like such a, like, a

bad kid.

>> I know.

>> Man.

>> Don't waste a drop, dude.

Eat the fat.

Eat everything but the bone.

Isn't it yummy, though?

>> Did you all stuff yourself?

You got plenty?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Eat the cartilage.

>> You eat that.

>> All right.

>> I mean, that's more than just


>> I know.

>> Ready, go.

>> The girls are back.

You are drunk.

>> Did you put the bones in?

>> The bones?

>> Put the bones in.

>> Oh, is there any meat on the


>> We just didn't know

what would be offensive and

insulting or whatever, so...

>> And all we could do is

bring back the bones.

>> No kidding?

You brought back chicken bones?

>> Oh, my God.

I seen my bone. I see my bone.

Look at that meat on that bone.

>> Uh-huh.

I was real pleased that they

brought back some bones of hot


The average American would be

like "Oh, my God, that is the

lowest form of insult I could

ever imagine," but to the Alinta

tribe, it was like Christmas.

>> So, listen, you guys rock...

>> Yeah?

>> ...for bringing back these


>> Yeah, thanks for

bringing this back, you guys.

>> We were, like, "Are

they gonna get insulted?"

But I was, like, "I would want

to eat the bones."

>> It is not insulting at all.

>> Look how insulted we look.

>> The guys-- when they

came back-- were really excited

about getting the bones, and we

had to pretend to be excited

about the bones, too, because

they didn't know that we had

just had chicken wings.

>> Wow.

>> We... Yeah, we tried to...

>> Wow.

>> We tried to leave meat.

>> Julie and I were just

kind of sitting there watching

everybody, going, "Oh, man, if

they only knew."

>> Thanks, girls.

Life is good at Alinta.

( birds singing)

>> This is fun...


( snorting)

No way.

( laughs)

I went to get tree mail alone

this morning, and then there

sitting tied up right behind

tree mail was this big pig.

Come on, buddy.

I've never really dealt with


I've never, you know, been

around a farm.

Why don't you want to go?

No, come on.


Come on.

Why are you being so difficult?

Shh. It's okay.

( snorting)

Piggy, come on.

I don't want to drag you the

whole way, come on.

( squealing)

Chris, Chris!

Tree mail.

Help, come here.

( Chris muttering)

>> No. Oh, my God.

Of course I had to go to this

tree mail.

Okay, piggy. Help is coming.

( squealing)

>> There's a pig.

( indistinct chatter )

>> Oh, yeah.

Nice and steady...

>> Thank you.

>> Here, pig, pig, pig...

>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no...

You can't eat him. Don't...

You both have machetes.

Good start.

>> Come on, Sarge.

>> Wait, listen, listen, listen.

>> I'm ready to eat.

>> We want bacon. We don't care

about this damn pig.

>> Here, pig, pig, pig, pig,


I wanted to eat the pig so bad

that I could taste his

fatback cooked up with my


>> "Health, wealth, a status


With this pig, you could have it


Feed him, clean him, take good

care, give him shelter in the


Soon enough some of you will

learn the value of this pig, so

keep him happy, healthy and in

your camp.

Soon he could pay off big."

>> Yeah. I still...

>> He still looks awful damn

good to me.

>> He still looks...

( Twila laughs)

>> He still looks like ribs.

I read this note. It says, "No,

can't kill the pig."

It was a big letdown.

It was about as big a letdown as

when I found out Estrogen City

was moving into Lopevi.

You don't know how much I want

to eat you.

If I can't link myself to the

Estrogen City, at least I can

link myself to a pig.

( pig snorts )

You know?

Have some friend up in here.

>> PROBST: Wow, Sarge, you look


>> Just thinking.

>> PROBST: Good or bad, immunity

is back up for grabs.

I'll get that from you.

All right, for today's

challenge, you're gonna start

with a puzzle.

You'll have a minute to complete

the puzzle.

Each round, I will give you a

different configuration of that


Get it right, you stay in.

Wrong, you're out.

Last person left standing wins

immunity, is safe from the vote


Everybody else, fair game.

Simple enough?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Completely random,

take a spot behind one of the


We'll get started.

Here we go.

The first puzzle configuration.

Yeah, wait.

Right now you're just looking,

making notes.


30 seconds.

15 seconds.

Five, four...

three, two...


Everybody take your hands off

your puzzle board.

All right, everybody turn your

puzzle board around to face me.

Eliza got it right.

>> Is this blue?

>> PROBST: Chad's wrong.

Ami's right.

Julie got it right.

Leann got it right.

Scout got it right.

Twila got it right.

Chris, you have it wrong.

( Chris sighs )

>> Wrong.

>> PROBST: Sarge, you have it


Chad, Chris, Sarge-- all the

men, all wrong.

Take a seat on the bench.

First round down, three men


Next puzzle configuration.


30 seconds.

Ten seconds.

Five, four...

three, two...


Take your hands off your


All right, turn 'em around.

Eliza got it right.

Still in.

Ami got it right.

She's still good.

Julie's right.

Leann's right.

Scout's wrong.

And Twila's wrong.

Round two is over.

Scout and Twila, take a seat on

the log.

We are down to four.

Next puzzle configuration.

This time you'll get less time

to look at it and less time to

put it together.


30 seconds.

Last ten seconds.

Five, four...

three, two, one.

Take your hands off your puzzle.

Spin 'em around.

Eliza, you have a worried look

on your face.

>> I might have messed something


>> PROBST: What do you think you

might have messed up?

Nope, but you messed something

else up.

>> I did?

>> PROBST: You're wrong.

Ami got it right.

Julie got it right.

Leann got it right.

Eliza the only casualty in that


We are down to three.

Next puzzle configuration.

We're going to shorten the time

even more.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Go.

20 seconds.

Ami caught something right at

the end.

Five, four.

Leann hustling.

Three, two, one.

You're done.

Spin them around.

Ami what did you change at the


>> I had to turn these to blue.

I mean, to green.

>> PROBST: Ami's right.

Julie's wrong.


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You're wrong.

>> Oh, come on now.

>> PROBST: Ami wins immunity.

( applause and cheering )

Face your tribe.

Only one person safe tonight at

the vote.

That is this woman, Ami.

Everybody else is fair game.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who's going home tonight.

I will see you all at Tribal


Head on back to camp.

>> I'm pissed off at myself that

I didn't expect the center spike

to be different colors, and I

look at it, and I'm like oh, my


>> I won the challenge today.

I don't know if that was the

smartest idea in the world, just

because I'm already kind of seen

as a stronger woman, and that's

a threat to some of the other

women, but I can't let myself

play bad.

>> I'm glad you won.

How about if I win all the

rewards and you win all the


>> Okay. Oh, I like that!

>> Works for me!

>> Tonight at Tribal Council,

I'm voting for Sarge.

He's a strong physical threat

and out of other guys it's

probably best that we send him

first since he doesn't have

immunity now.

>> Basically, I get the

feeling that I'm going home

because of a physical threat,

but I actually think that there

can be a twist and Eliza could

go home because Scout is that

much against her.

>> Okay. We're ready.

>> Grab the box, the crate.

>> What box do we need?

>> The crate right up there.

>> Of course, little Liza, I

hate hanging out with that


>> It's true.

We always imagined that she was

the first because she's already

been on the chopping block, and

that's common knowledge, so...

>> Well, just me personally.

She drives me nutty.

If she says that word "like" a

thousand times, just drives me


>> Scout is out plotting with

them right now.

I don't know if they will take

her word again, but after she...

( Ami chuckles )

>> I... it's so funny.

>> She talks so much ( bleep )

about you and about me and it's

just like...

>> I think it's funny.

>> Now she's trying to get back

in with Chris and just like...

>> She's good at it.

She's good at it though.

>> I feel like I've been

paranoid since day one.

I mean, it's a game where people

are going to be voting each

other off so you have to be


She's the only person here who I

really have a strong dislike


Scout has already gone after me

two, three times now.

I think she would write my name

down in a heartbeat, and, you

know, I would write her name

down in a heartbeat.

>> Eliza and myself have

an ongoing tension, you know.

She knows that she annoys me,

and I'm sure I annoy her so

that's going on.

And I think something else might

be going on.

Jules and Leann have gotten to

be kind of tight since they went

on their little trip together,

and I think Leann might have

bumped me down in the hierarchy

a little bit after that trip.

So there may be some changes.

Hell, I might get sent home


>> I didn't screw you all on


That's the way I felt: that you

were getting ready to ... me

over after Julie...

Would you not have got the

damn same feeling, Sarge?

>> No.

>> Why?

>> 'Cause you gave me your word.

>> I did give...

>> You gave me your word, Twila.

And I would have walked off this

game today before I crossed your


I'll be honest with you.

This is how it was supposed to


It was supposed to go Rory, then

you, then Chad, Chris and me.

>> But I'd have been a fourth


>> You were four so solid, like

my whole life depended on it.

>> Blame it on Julie that

the reason things got changed.

Today was the first day that I

actually got to talk to Sarge

alone, and I thought the guys

were manipulating me, but Sarge

looked at me and told me

honestly, and I believe him

wholeheartedly, that Julie put

doubt in my mind against the


She's going to bump me and Scout

out, I can feel it already.

>> I know, that's what I'm

saying, that's why me and Chris

are sick to our stomach, and we

kept saying, "Where did Twila

think she was?

She had a guaranteed four slot."

>> But I didn't know that.

How did I know that anymore with


>> Why didn't you come to me

again after Julie talked to

you and looked me in the eye and

I would have swore to you?

>> I should have, Sarge.

I screwed up when I didn't vote

with the guys.

I felt uneasy about making the

decision I made because I've had

more respect out of these three

guys I felt than I ever got over

at the girls' camp, there's no

doubt about it, and I do feel

like I let 'em down.

>> Yeah.

>> Remember that time we

were talking about in the boat?

I just thought of it.

If you three, us three, Twila

and if we got Eliza, 'cause

she's next on the chopping

block, it would be 5-4.

If she, has any brains at

all, I just thought of this.

>> Chad said if I went on

their side and they could get

Eliza to go with us, we could

knock the women out.

I'm willing to play however I

have to play this game to get

ahead, I'm gonna play it.

>> In this game your strategy

changes just immediately, and

since the ladies got here, I

learned real quick from the

first night that you got to

watch what you say, that they

are a tight-knit group and if

you want to survive, you're

going to have to please them.

I've been in alliance with Sarge

and Chad since day one.

We don't have the numbers.

Unless we can pull something off

with Twila and Eliza, it's over.

>> PROBST: Well, over the last

couple of days a lot of emotion

has been wearing on the sleeve.

I want to talk about a little

of it starting with yesterday's

reward challenge, and you,

Eliza, you were the first woman

knocked out and when you sat

down on the bench with the guys,

you weren't hiding anything.

>> I was pissed.

What can I say?

I mean, I would have been pissed

if I was the second to last

person knocked out, too.

I mean, it's just my nature.

>> PROBST: The reason I bring it

up is dating back as far as I

think the very first Tribal

Council, it seems like you've

been struggling with this group

of women.

Are you still fighting a little


>> I'm the only woman

tonight who came with a bag

packed because even when I

think that it's absolutely

certain I don't want to have,

you know, Rory syndrome and

start to feel confident and then

get booted, so, yes.

This is a game.

It's always on my mind.

I always feel vulnerable.

>> PROBST: Sarge, are you

starting to sense some division

within the women?

>> Oh, I mean, there is

division, I see it every day.

There's a four-way and there's a

two-way here, and if they would

jump away from that group and

take that chance, maybe they

have a better shot at something


People make decisions on a spur-

of-the-moment thing.

You know, you tell them the

wrong thing.

That's what happened with Twila.

I told her no matter what,

you're the number four in my


Well, Jules went to her and said

she was promised number four and

Twila automatically freaked out

and thought that Jules had got

her a number four slot and Twila

was out to lunch, so she jumped

back with the women.

>> I felt that I was

being played all the way around.

>> Yeah, she felt she was being,

she let Julie, uh, snake her.

>> I was stuck in the

middle, and I think the women

know I felt more at ease over

here with the men than I ever

did with the women.

I'm not going to lie about that,

and it's tough.

>> PROBST: Leann, is there a

certain amount of respect for

Twila that she's being honest in

saying, "Yeah, I did make

friends on both side;

I'm not going to lie about it;

and I'm conflicted about it"?

>> Oh, absolutely, and I

think Twila kind of had the

worst position of anybody in

that the guys kind of came down

on her more than her and Julie,

for the way she voted last

Tribal Council, and I don't know

why Julie kind of got off

scot-free out of that one.

>> I was kind of curious

about that myself.

>> How did I get off scot-free?

All my skulls were put out by

the men.

They're gonna write my name down

tonight instead of Twila's.

>> PROBST: Chris, is duplicity

part of this game?

>> Yeah. It's part of this game.

When you're put in a situation

like Julie and Twila was, they

played the game, and they played

both sides.

Would I have done the same?

Probably. This game is all about

numbers, and they got the

numbers, you know, but the game

ain't over yet.

We're still playing.

>> PROBST: Okay.

With tonight's vote, the game

changes a little bit because

tonight you're voting out the

first member of your jury.

So it is not only who you vote

out, but how you vote people out

from here on out that's going to

dictate somebody's future

because seven of you will end up

over here, two of you will

end up in the final Tribal

Council, and those seven people

are going to determine which one

gets the million bucks.

Having said that, Ami, you have

the immunity necklace.

Holding on to it?

>> I am.

>> PROBST: Ami is the only

person you cannot vote for.

Everybody else is definitely

fair game, it is time to vote.

Eliza, you're up.

>> I'm going to burn every one

of them.

Just let them open the door.

This is for you, not against


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.




One vote Eliza, one vote Sarge.

One vote Julie.


Two votes Sarge.


That's three votes Sarge.


Four votes Sarge.

Tenth person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu: Sarge.

That's five. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Sarge, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

Talk all you want about who has

the numbers advantage, but there

is one wildcard you can always

count on: individual immunity;

and that can get any one of you

all the way to the end.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> It's been raining forever.

>> It's going to be a

miracle if we can keep our fire.

I've never been in a worse

situation than this.

>> PROBST: And then Scout makes

her move.

>> The guys will vote with us,

then the game changes.

>> Right now I'm not real

trusting in the ladies.

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>> I just want to say

I enjoyed myself.

I had an experience of a

lifetime to all the people in

the game, changed my character

and put another chip in my

foundation of what I believe in.

I never had to jeopardize my

word, my character and my name,

so good luck to you all, and I

would not want to be here there

while y'all tear each other's

head off.