Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 8 - Now the Battle Really Begins - full transcript

Anxious about a possible tribal merge, a Survivor makes one-on-one pacts with numerous others.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor:

At Lopevi, the tribe had enough

of John's lazy attitude.

>> He's the kind of person that

coasts through the game.

>> Yeah, he is.

>> He's not coasting

through this game with us.

>> No.

>> At Yasur, Rory attempted

to break into Ami and Leann's


>> I need to know where you guys

stand with regards to me.

>> What happens when the

merger comes with the men?

>> I don't give a ...

about them men.

I know you guys a lot better

than I know them.

>> Unfortunately for you,

the fact that the women had this

alliance excludes you.

>> At the reward challenge,

Lopevi got an unexpected


Lisa voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

>> I thought for sure that they

would have gotten rid of him,

keep the women together.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready, go!

After a nerve-wracking challenge

that tested the survivors'

steadiness, it was Yasur that

walked away with victory.

Yasur wins Home Cafe reward.

And a little taste of home.

>> Whoa!

>> Guys, look, pictures.

Me and my sisters.

>> Oh.

>> This is our first Halloween


>> Oh.

>> Oh.

>> Coffee, croissants,

and we got letters from home.

>> To love and to family.

>> PROBST: Though emotions

brought the tribe together...

>> I'm really happy right now.

>> PROBST: ...Rory kept his

guard up.

>> Even though this is a

loving moment, and we're

bonding, I ain't forgot where

they put me.

>> PROBST: At Lopevi...

>> Would you like to join me?

>> PROBST: ...Twila and Julie

plotted to stick together and

keep their options open.

>> I don't have any

loyalties to the women.

>> I don't, either.

>> I just think the guys are

gonna shaft us whenever they

get a chance, but little do they


>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Rory knew he had to

come through, and he did,

sparing himself and his tribe

mates a trip to Tribal Council.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Yasur wins immunity!

( cheering )

>> Whoa. Whoa!

>> PROBST: Back at camp, there

were mixed emotions over the


>> I'm really glad that we

won, but at the same time, I

looked over at Lopevi, and it

hurt to know that either Julie

or Twila are going home tonight.

>> PROBST: At Lopevi, John was

on the chopping block until Chad

questioned Julie's loyalty.

>> I'm not comfortable

with Julie staying with us,


>> Well...

>> If we merge, she's gonna go

right with the women.

>> PROBST: And John targeted


>> Chad-- he gets the sympathy

vote, and if it ever came down

to him and one of us in the

final two, he'd get it in

a heartbeat.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Julie and Twila dodged

the vote when the guys trusted

the women's loyalty and voted

out John.

John, the tribe has spoken.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> We stay five, we're solid.

We go to the end.

>> What happened at Tribal was

a wonderful thing...

( laughs )

...'cause I thought I was going


Temporarily, I'm still here, so

I'm psyched.

>> Are you sure you guys

don't want any manioc?

>> I'm good.

>> I don't want any, and

I'm-I'm fine.

>> We're sitting around the

fire, and Julie just sits down

between my legs and-and gets


And I was like, whoa.

>> Really good.

>> You know what's going

to be so satisfying?

The women seeing us.

>> Oh, definitely.

>> Yeah, they're gonna

know we're with you guys.

>> I thought it was interesting

at first, but no big deal, she's


But then, once the fire started

blazing, she just stayed there

and kind of snuggled in closer,

and Sarge was just kind of

letting it happen.

( laughter )

>> You see that?

>> I know.

When she snuggled up with you?

>> I was, like, that's hot.

>> I know, man.

>> She's just wanting to

solidify another three days.

>> Totally, man.

>> Sure.

>> Like, remember Ginger

on Gilligan's Island?

>> Yeah.

>> Hello.

>> Oh, hell, yes, Julie is using

her sex appeal and her young age

and her body, trying to get next

to the men.

There's no doubt about it.

Not much I can do about it.

She's 22 years younger than I


>> You know, Julie's fine,

she's hot, you know?

She's a model.

I mean, I really don't hang out

with too many young, 22-year-old

models, you know?

>> Do it.

>> You're not offending me.

Bare the ass.

>> Julie is, like, "You

know, you look good.

You ought to expose your body

some more."

And I said, "What the hell?"

>> I see it.

( Twila laughs )

>> Yeah, that's a white ass.

>> Ow, that's a white ass.

We all three ought to do it and

slide next to Sarge.

( Twila laughs )

>> Mine's white, too.

>> Julie is an exhibitionist.

I mean, she's comfortable with


And I told 'em, I'm comfortable

with it, because I've been in


>> Uno, dos, tres.

>> Ah!

>> Sarge...

( Twila laughs )

>> Sarge, what are you doing?

>> What are you doing?

>> I just glanced over there.

Sarge has his ass hanging out.

Probably is an image that will

never leave my memory.

Julie is a bad influence!

( laughter )

>> Oh.

>> Seriously, there is

nothing going through my mind

of, like, this is going to keep

me solid, but, hey, if those

boys want to keep me around

strictly for visual stimulation,

well then, hey, I got it in the

bag then, right?

( cawing )

( screeching )

( birds singing )

>> If Scout and I stopped

working, this camp literally

would stop.

Leann and Ami and Eliza should

be disgusted with themselves.

Their main activity for the day

consists of waking up late and

then sitting on their asses for

the rest of the day, and I'm

tired of it.

( Ami sighs )

>> Is coffee ready to go?

>> I don't know, but it's

starting to really hurt to


>> Leann gets up, and

she's a little crabby.

She's got coffee right there,

she's got water boiled, and

she's got plantains ready to

eat, and she's crabby.

>> Rory, you'd better get over

here and get some of the

breakfast you cooked.

>> Yeah, I'll be over

there in a second.

>> Wait.

All that water?


>> You don't like the water?

>> Uh-uh. No.

>> Yeah.

>> That doesn't taste

good at all.

>> What a worthless crew.

What a completely worthless


Stupid people irritate the

living hell out of me.

Eliza-- she's like a little kid.

>> All right.

Let's try and move the fire.

>> I have personally taught

Eliza at least four or five

times how to make a fire.

Come over on the side and push

everything that way.

And she's still struggling with

boiling a pot of water!

>> I don't know how it

was... earlier.

>> And I think Ami is just

taking advantage of everybody.

Ami is just riding her little

queen role, and I'd really like

to knock her ass down a peg,

quite frankly.

I'm ready to get the hell out of


I really, really, really want to

be around some men.

I'm tired of these women.

I'm tired of 'em.

>> PROBST: Yasur, getting your

first look at the new Lopevi


John voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

( sigh )

>> PROBST: What was that

reaction for, Scout?

>> I'm just so happy to see


I had a dream last night that

Twila had to go home, and she

was crying, and I was crying,




>> Twila ain't going nowhere.

>> PROBST: Scout, Sarge clearly

took that as a sign that you

think Twila is part of a women's


>> Well, he can think

whatever he wants to think.

I'm just glad to see her.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> ALL: Yes.

>> PROBST: It is for reward, and

you're going to get wet.

You're going to compete tribe

versus tribe in a relay-style


Each tribe member will take a

spot at one of five stations.

The first tribe member will pick

up a bucket, race down to the

ocean, fill it with water, race

back to the mat.

They will then toss the bucket

with the water in it to the

second tribe member who will

toss it to the third tribe

member who will toss it to the

fourth tribe member.

That person will take whatever

water is left in the bucket,

while holding onto the bucket,

toss just the water to the fifth

tribe member.

They will race up the ladder,

put the water in the final

bucket on the fire tower.

Once you fill that fire tower

bucket with water, it will

lower, the flame will rise,

lighting a fuse, igniting the


The first tribe to ignite the

tower wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: Day 19, taste buds

still working, but it's been a


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: So we thought we

might have a little dessert.

>> Oh! Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: So we have some ice

cold milk.

>> Oh.

>> And?

>> Jeff... Chris.

>> Chris' milk.

( Julie laughs )

>> PROBST: You're a milk lover?

>> I'm a milk lover.

>> PROBST: What goes with milk?

>> Cookies.

>> Cookies.

>> PROBST: Chocolate chip


( cheering )

>> Oh, my God.

>> All the chocolate

chips and milk we can eat.

>> PROBST: But it is day 19.

I feel like I ought to go see if

there's something else to

complete this dessert.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> What else you got?

>> Oh, God, it's big.

>> PROBST: For one tribe,

with the milk and the cookies,

comes this.

( cheering )

( laughter )

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: Figure out your

strategy, wait for my go.

For ice cold milk, cookies and

one of the biggest chocolate

cakes I've ever seen, survivors


>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Go.

>> Go, Sarge.

>> Go, Eliza!

>> PROBST: Eliza and Sarge

in the water.

Here comes the first tosses.

>> You guys, you guys.

>> Nice and easy.

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: Yasur loses almost

everything on their first toss.

>> Nothing.

>> PROBST: Scout really taking

her time.

( indistinct chatter )

And it doesn't help.

Rory with only drops.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Good toss by Julie.

Chris still waiting for

something to dump.

>> Ah.

>> PROBST: Ami goes high and

gives Rory a bath.

>> Don't try to stop it on

your body, Twila.

Don't stop it on your body.

>> PROBST: Sarge getting

irritated with his troop.

Somebody is going to be running

laps for Lopevi.

Here comes the critical toss.

Chris gets a little water this



( Jeff laughs )

>> Eliza you're doing great.

>> PROBST: Eliza to Leann who

tosses to Scout and goes to Ami

into Rory.

Rory catches a lot.

>> That's it right there.

That's it, boys.

There you go.

>> Here you go.

Guys, use your shirt.

You can wring your shirt out in


>> PROBST: It's fair game.

Everybody's using their clothing


>> Let's go, Lopevi.

>> PROBST: Scout to Ami.

And Rory bounces it off his

chest, squeezing his shorts.

Every drop counts.

( indistinct chatter )

>> There you go.

There you go, that's it.

>> PROBST: Twila to Julie.

A lot of water in that bucket.

Chad, nice catch.

They've got a full bucket.

Chad and Chris getting their act


>> That's it.

>> PROBST: Yasur still looks to

have a slight lead.

Lopevi getting closer.

>> Good one, dude.

That was a good throw.

>> PROBST: Yasur right behind.

>> Come on, you guys.

We are close.

>> I got to just...

>> PROBST: Ami and Rory still


>> Good job...


>> PROBST: He's emptying his

shoe, he's wearing so much


>> Use your buff.

( Lea speaking quietly )

>> PROBST: Twila to Julie.

Nice catch.

Another nice toss to Chad, and

Chris gets a lot of it.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Scout to Ami.

They've got a good bucketful.

How much will go in?

Not enough.

( cheering )

Lopevi extending their lead.


A lot of water on that last

round for Lopevi.

>> We're moving.

We are moving.

Come on.

>> PROBST: That bucket's

starting to move for Lopevi.

Yasur better pick it up.

>> Go, Sarge.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Lopevi with a great


Working together well.

>> Come on...

>> Come on.

( indistinct chatter )

>> CHAD: Ready.

>> PROBST: Chad and Chris.

It's working.

Rory and Chris both heading

back up.

Both have water.

>> Yeah, Chris, way to climb.

>> PROBST: First one to light

the tower wins reward.

Lopevi is moving.

That may be enough.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: And it is.

Lopevi wins reward.

( cheering )

Yasur, good effort.

You've been on a winning streak.

It ends today.

Head back to camp.

Lopevi, you are back.

>> We are back.

>> PROBST: Your reward is

waiting for you right here.

Your responsibility to get

it back to camp.

>> How heavy is it?

I hope it's very heavy.

>> Hey, the whole cake is there.

>> There's so much left.

>> All I know right now is

I don't want to... see no

chocolate cake.

Just the thought of it makes me

sick to my stomach right now.

I wish yesterday's challenge

never even happened because I

guess my body just wasn't ready

for some sugar.

It made me feel so awful.

>> After all that chocolate

yesterday, I thought I'd my fill

a little bit, but no way.

Last night, we just kicked butt.

>> I knew when she started

talking like that, I thought,

"Oh, thanks, Scout."

Scout made a few comments last

night at the game, she just kept

on and on about me and I'm going

"Scout, shut up," you know,

because I need these guys to

believe that I'm wholeheartedly

on their side and here she is

going on about how she missed me

and how she said a prayer for me

and she was so glad to see me

and yadda, yadda, yadda.

And hell, yeah, them guys'd be

stupid if they didn't read

something into that last night.

>> I don't think we've

got much to worry about.

Julie's security is right here.

She proved that in Tribal


>> And with Twila, she's too

stubborn to go with those women.

>> She's not going.

>> Nah.

This morning, I had a

conversation with Chris about

this sort of, you know, unity in

our pact, and we decided to go

one step further.

>> Do you want to do the

one I want or do you have

something with Sarge already?

>> Sarge has never said

"let's go to the end together."

>> Sarge would be a hell of a

choice to take to the final

two because he would win.

>> I'm going to be honest

with you, I think both of you

got a leg up on me.

Dude, I didn't mean to say that.

>> No, I...

>> Totally, dude.

>> Listen, no.

There's so many puns, dude.

There's a million.

>> God, I didn't just say that.

I'm pretty much covering all

my bases.

Covering all my bases means I'll

be good any way it goes.

And the final two.

>> All right, man.

>> Hey.

I threw my hand out.

It's just me reassuring my

position in the game because

basically I have the same

agreement with Sarge, and I've

pretty much made the same

agreement with Julie.

So, okay, let's say we merge, do

you want to stick together and

watch out for each other or not?

>> Yeah.

>> I mean, if you're not

comfortable doing it...

If you don't trust me, all

you've got to do is tell me.

I understand that.

>> No.

>> Maybe I'm going places

I shouldn't be going, but if we

merge, Julie could go, Sarge

could go, Chad could go.

I'm always going to have two

others I can rely on to watch

my back.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

All right.

Shall we get to the challenge?

Take back immunity.

What happened to the immunity


>> They broke its neck.

>> I went to stick it in

the ground and he snapped.

>> PROBST: So the immunity idol

is broken, which is just as

well, because we don't need

it anymore.

>> Uh-oh.

>> PROBST: Drop your buffs.

Buffs, drop 'em.

>> God.

>> PROBST: Take 'em off.

Drop them at your feet.

You're now one tribe.

>> Whoo!

>> Hi, Sarge.

>> PROBST: All right, guys, one

big decision to make right now.

Which beach are you going to

live on?

>> The guys, they've got

an excellent place.

The beach is a lot closer and

it's better and there's a big

fire up on the hill.

>> Let's go to the guys.

>> Let's go to the guys.

>> PROBST: Lopevi is the beach?

>> Lopevi.

>> PROBST: So all of Yasur's

personal items, all your reward

items, everything you have will

be waiting for you at Lopevi's


>> How exciting.

>> PROBST: When you guys get

back to camp, you'll figure

out a tribe name and paint up

a tribe flag.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Okay, shall we get to

today's challenge?

>> ALL: Yes.

>> PROBST: This is what you

covet now, individual immunity

from here on out.

Here's the challenge.

It is a water race.

You'll start on the beach, swim

out to a water tower, climb up

the ladder, walk over a balance

beam, grab a flag, jump off and

swim back to shore and put it in

the flag holder.

The first two tribe members to

get all three flags back in

their flag holder move on to the

final round.

Because there are ten of you

we will run two heats, five

each, two people from the first

heat, two people from the second

heat will move into the final.

One person will win immunity.

The other nine, vulnerable at

the next Tribal Council.


>> Clear.

>> PROBST: All right.

We'll draw numbers to figure out

your position.

Let's go.

Here we go.

The first heat is Julie, Eliza,

Leann, Chris and Sarge.

The first two to finish move on

to the final round.

Survivors ready.


Sarge first to the ladder.

Chris right behind, then

Leann, Eliza and Julie.

Sarge is in the water, Eliza

in the water.

Chris in the water.

Julie and Leann bringing up the


Sarge back with one.

Eliza right behind.

Chris right behind.

Julie and Leann struggling.

Sarge back on the beam.

He's got his second flag.

Eliza, she has her second flag.

Chris making up some time.

Leann wearing down.

Sarge back with two flags, going

for his third.

Chris catching on Eliza and

passing her.

Julie back with her second.

Sarge first in the water with

his third and final flag.

Remember, first two to finish

make it to the final round.

Going to be between Eliza and

Chris for the third flag.

Sarge moving on to the final


Eliza has taken Chris over


She's in the lead.

It's going to be a race for

second place between Eliza and


Who will get back first?

>> Kick, it Chris, kick it.

>> PROBST: Sarge and Eliza

moving on to the final round.

>> Good job, guys.

>> PROBST: Okay.

The second heat of five.

Rory, Chad, Twila, Scout

and Ami.

First two to finish move on to

the final.

Survivors ready.


Rory first to the tower.

Ami heading up the tower.

Twila and Chad right behind.

Rory first up, Ami right behind.

Twila still in it.

Rory first one back with his

first flag.

Ami right behind.

Chad right behind.

>> Hustle, Chad.

>> PROBST: Twila bringing up

the rear and Scout giving a

great effort.

Rory has a big lead.

Chad hanging on.

He's not fallen off yet.

Fighting to stay in this.

Scout back with one.

Rory with his second flag.

Ami with her second flag.

Can Chad make up enough time?

Rory and Ami, both winded.

Looking to get into that last


Rory and Ami are neck and neck.

Rory wants to win this thing.

Rory, Ami, moving on to the

final round.

All right, here we go.

Final round.

Rory, Sarge, Ami, Eliza.

First person back with all three

flags wins immunity.

Survivors ready.


Sarge out to a fast lead.

Ami trying to stay close.

Eliza right behind.

Sarge up the ladder.

Rory up the ladder.

Sarge has his first flag.

Rory in the water.

Ami places her jump.

Eliza in the water.

Rory's going to have to hustle

if he wants a shot at immunity.

Sarge back with one.

Anything could happen.

Rory back with one.

Ami back with one.

Eliza back with one.

>> Come on, Sarge!

>> PROBST: Sarge has his second

flag, Rory right behind.

Keep moving, Rory.

Let's go, Ami.

Sarge wants that immunity.

He's back with his second flag.

Everybody worn out.

Running this back-to-back,

taking its toll.

Ami pushing.

>> Come on, Ami!

You got one more!

>> PROBST: Sarge in the water

with his third flag.

Rory and Ami falling behind.

Eliza out of it.

Sarge wins first individual


>> Good job, Sarge.

>> You did a good job.

>> You animal.

>> PROBST: Sarge, come on up


See if this will fit over that

big noggin.


Safe at the next vote.

Everybody else on this new tribe


You'll head back to the former

Lopevi beach, figure out a new

tribe name and figure out who

is going home at the next Tribal


Good effort.

Head on back.

( whooping )

>> Lopevi and Yasur were

merged today.

We picked the Lopevi camp, kind

of mutually, and for the first

time since day one I'm putting

the game behind me, and I'm

going to just have some fun with

these people that I've never


( talking and laughing )

>> I am thrilled.

I just missed Twila deep down in

places I can't talk about.

It's just a happy moment, you


Coming together, reunions

are always a happy moment.

>> Oh, my God!

( talking excitedly )


>> We come back to Lopevi

beach, and there was a big

celebration feast waiting for


( talking excitedly )

We had cheese and crackers and

dried fruit, and they had a

bunch of leftover chocolate


>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Wine.

>> That's awesome.

>> I want a nut.

>> Salute.

>> Yeah, salute.

( whooping, laughing )

>> This place is off the

chain right now.

We got wine in the outrigger


We've got two tribes come

together and I mean, everybody

is just so happy.

It's a festival right now, and

I'm enjoying it.


>> Look at Sarge.

>> There's coffee.

>> Sarge, you're going to

take off like a rocket.

>> I will really enjoy the

coffee, believe me.

>> I am just so completely

ecstatic to be back among men.

I mean, I never thought I would

make it out of Yasur.

>> It was different when y'all


Real different when y'all left.

>> Man, I'm so tired of

having female conversation.

Ami is...

>> Yeah.

>> Chad is a total blast

to be around.

It's great listening to him.

We've had a good time.

>> Oh, my God.

Oh, man.

We've only been together, like,

ten minutes and right off the

bat, Rory let me know that Bubba

got caught by Ami trying to

throw a signal back to us, and

he got crushed like a doggone


>> You know, you just got

to talk to Chad, I guess, and...

and see what's up.

>> I want some coffee.

>> Twila, you got a cup

right here for yourself.

>> Oh, thank you.

>> Yeah, I'm going to the

water hole.

>> Sarge, we're out of water.

>> I'm fine, man.

>> I'm cool.

>> We'll just chill here

with the rest of the wine.

( chuckling )

>> ♪ And it won't be long

till I, till I get on back

home. ♪

>> Nice.

>> As soon as we got over

there, they were like, "Rory

you're gone next."

Ami told us that.

>> She just straight out?

>> Straight off the bat.

>> Oh, my...

>> "We have an all women's

union, and you guys are getting

voted out."

>> Oh, my God.

>> I get my water back there.

Some people get it up here.

>> Okay.

>> We knew Ami was all on

the female kick.

We knew it.

>> Ami is the top dog over

there, and Ami has had me


>> She's calling the shots?

>> Completely.

>> How condescending?

>> Oh, it's completely


>> Sarge!

Where's Sarge at?

He done left, didn't he?

>> We're talking about us

being Lopevi five, right?

Our five-- we are family here.

We are so solid.

I'm like, if there's any

fragmentation whatsoever over

there, maybe we could bring the

minority over to our side and

pick off the majority.

>> The minority is me.

>> Okay.

That's all I need to know.

>> I ain't gonna lie to

you, Rory.

I said you weren't a team

player, so, I mean, we had our

disagreements, and-and they're

behind us, you know.

>> That's water under the


>> Yeah.

>> To have both Sarge and

Chad say, "Our original alliance

is still running.

Are you still in?"-- I'm just

the cat who swallowed the

canary right now.

>> The guys, they assure me that

Julie and Twila are 100% with

them, but I don't have any

relationship with Julie and

Twila, so really I'm still not

in the best spot, but quite

frankly, I'm not worried about

that today, because my fortunes

have changed.

I'm just so happy right now.

>> Oh, that's going to be good.

>> This is going to be

the best flag ever.

>> Wow.

The new tribe name is Alinta.

It's an Aboriginal word that

means "we are the fire; we are

the people of the fire."

And they kind of liked that

idea, and took off on it.

( excited murmuring )

>> I know you couldn't

stand it.

>> Well, 'cause I can't

stand it on myself.

I'm so excited about this merge.

It just couldn't be better.

I missed the girls who we'd had

on our original Yasur tribe.

Julie especially, 'cause we,

like, got really close in the

first 12 days and then, you

know, being split apart for the

last nine days, I've missed her

a bunch.

>> You guys are some

painting fools.

>> Even though I got this

pact going and everybody says

don't worry, I see Julie laying

next to Ami, and I get real


>> That looks so cool.

>> There is that sense that

a male-female fight might happen

at the end.

It might be a scrap out on the

playground between the males and

the females.

And so then anything can happen.

( Lea speaks indistinctly )

>> Well, Sarge, thanks

for cooking.

That's a nice little treat for

our side of the camp.

You look around at the energy

in the camp.

I don't know.

I just have a sense that the

guys are feeling a little...

uh, uneasy.

>> 'Cause he's stronger,

He's stron... he's a lot

physically stronger than Ami.

>> Are you sure you have him?

>> Yes, I do.

The numbers is where it's at,


It's just math.

Rory is trying to get in good

with me 'cause he's...

>> That's why Rory needs

to go tonight.

That's why.

He needs to go tonight.

>> We're down by the creek and

Twila and Julie were bringing

up the point of how strong Rory

is at challenges and how he

can just sweep through these


>> You have to get over

that whole thing.

>> No, not really.

( chuckles )

Not really.)

>> It kind of appears to

be men versus women.

It would make sense to do that

because the women are up in

numbers, six to four, and we

could easily vote the men off.

>> It's like changing oil

in a damn car.

>> You're not experienced.

>> Ah, well, there's only

one way to get experience.

I really wanted to just start

voting out the guys one by one

and have all women at the end,

because, right now, we're at a

very critical point.

This is a huge turning point of

the game and the first vote is

going to be everything.

>> Chad says that you and Julie

are interested in voting off


>> Well, I thought that

was the original game plan.

>> Let me just tell you this.

Rory is guaranteed to give us


And listen, Twila.

>> I know.

>> If we vote off Ami,

that breaks the rest of the

girls-- they're done.

>> I just...

>> Twila is just insecure.

She's scared, and you pretty

much have to strategize for


We're not making the decision.

We all are making...

>> I'm just trying to get you

all to look at all sides of it.

We can't be playing back and


>> Maybe you need to talk

to Sarge.

>> It's kind of hard with

ten people around here to talk

to anybody.

>> I know.

>> This is so much fun.

>> Ami has control of all

the women.

She gets them in her aura and

pulls them in and then tells

them what to do, and they run

out like little chickens, you

know, with their head cut off

doing what she says, and she

sits back being the innocent

little girl that doesn't do

anything wrong, and...

and it's dangerous.

It's real dangerous.

Bottom line is I want her away

from Julie, 'cause Julie is

like laying under her arm and

being kissed on the top of the

head by her and stuff, and

telling how hot she is and,

you know, it's just like what

the hell, you know.

I just want her...

>> Out of here.

>> ...out of here before she

infects Julie, and she turns

her charm on you.

>> No.

>> And she says come on,

Twila, let's go lay down.

>> Sarge.

( both laughing )

( speaking indistinctly )

>> No, Twila, lower.

>> Each to their own, but

no thank you.

>> Lower, Twila, there it is.

Right now, with Twila and Julie,

I feel confident about the way

they talk.

They talk with a lot of faith,

a lot of character.

She's a little confused on who

was going home tonight and she

made me a little uneasy for a


But, you know, we have a

pact, and we're sticking

to the pact.

>> All right.

That's all I needed to know.

We can't be playing back

and forth.

>> We're not going to...

>> Because I don't like that.

>> Okay, okay.

>> I just told Chris, I

said, you all make the choice.

If you want to vote for Ami,

just let me know.

Just let me know what you all

want to do, and I'll follow it.

>> I feel confident about Twila.

I feel confident about Julie and

obviously Rory has come back to


We've got the numbers.

We'll be good to go.

Picking them girls off one by

one is what it's going to be.

>> I got bloody knife on

this one and a spider on this


>> Evil.

>> Evil.

>> I don't know, like, what's

been going on throughout

the day, but I don't think that

Twila and Julie ever left the

women's alliance.

They had to do what they had to

do to survive with all men, but

I don't see Twila ever, ever

leaving the women's alliance.

>> Stick five tight, and

we've got it made.

>> Okay.

>> We're going to be in

trouble tonight.

>> We are.

What are we going to do?

>> Play the game.

The guys think we're with them.

The girls automatically think

we're with them, so who knows?

After tonight, somebody is going

to be pissed, but we've got to

do what we've got to do.

I feel bad because I care about

every one of them, but I'm

beating them to the punch.

I'm cutting their throat before

they cut mine.

>> PROBST: Welcome.

First things first.

I got to know what the new

tribe name is. Ami?

>> Alinta.

>> PROBST: Alinta.

Sarge, how'd you come up with


>> The name came from

Scout, who knew the word for

fire-maker, so we figured it's

appropriate, Islands of Fire,


>> PROBST: Julie, what happened

in terms of workload and

leadership and all that?

>> Well, gosh, half the

tribe worked on the flag and a

lot of people went for wood, and

oh, yeah, a lot of the day was

spent on body paint.

>> PROBST: Who does the best


>> Oh, this one right here.

That one's by far is the best.

>> Yes.

( all laughing )

>> PROBST: Well, don't waste

your flirting on me.

I can't help you any.

>> I know.

>> PROBST: Leann.

Would you have preferred to stay

as the Yasur tribe and let

Lopevi stay as the Lopevi tribe?

>> No. I mean, I think a merge

signifies getting further

in the game.

I mean, having us all come

together feels like, "God, we

really made it this far," and

this is where it should get fun

and interesting and screwy.

>> PROBST: Rory, you've got to

feel like you were just given a

second chance.

>> I know for a fact that I've

been given a second chance,

because Vegas wouldn't have

given me odds on making it out

of the Yasur camp, quite


I struggled and I scratched and

I clawed and I prayed and I

hoped that I'd hit a merger for

an opportunity for a shot at

the second half of the game, and

that's what I've been able to

pull through.

>> PROBST: Ami, did you think

you'd make it this far?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Based on what?

What skills do you bring to

this game?

>> What skills do I bring...?

A da... a good attitude.

A good attitude, no matter what.

Even when things are getting

rough, I usually have a good


It's gotten me this far in

life, so...

Play with a smile and good


>> PROBST: Let's talk about

tonight's vote.

It's always tough when you get

to the merge, because you never

know what's going to happen.

You don't know who you can trust

and who you can't trust.

Twila, do you feel a little

stuck in the middle because

you've been on both tribes?

>> Most definitely.

Oh, most definitely.

I feel real stuck in the middle.

I've enjoyed both tribes.

I felt more at ease around the

guys-- there's no doubt about


But, you know, you form

alliances with one side and then

another side and you're kind of

stuck in the middle, but

tonight, no matter which way it

goes, it's gonna be tough.

>> PROBST: Sarge, you have the

immunity necklace, if you want

to assign it to somebody else,

you can.

>> Nope. It's mine tonight.

>> PROBST: All right.

Sarge is the only person you

can't vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

With that, it's time to vote.

Chris, you're up.

>> You're just the, um,

unfortunate victim of the

master plan.

>> RORY: Ami, this is the first

time that I've made a completely

personal vote.

Your treatment of me over the

last nine days has been


I have little or no respect for

you, and I really hope that,

like a bad rash, you're

finally gone.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's two votes Ami.

Ami. Three votes Ami.


That's four votes Ami.


Four votes Ami, one vote Rory.

Two votes Rory, four votes Ami.


That's four votes Ami, three

votes Rory.

We're tied.

Four votes Rory, four votes Ami.

Rory. That's five votes Rory,

four votes Ami.

Ninth person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu, Rory.

Bring me your torch.

Rory, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, you are the final nine.

Seven of you will make up the

jury, two will make it to the

final Tribal Council.

One will win a million dollars.

Grab your torches, head back

to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> Camp sucks, kissing and

I want to cuddle with you.

I'm tired of hearing "I love

you, you love me."

>> I'm pro love, man.

>> It makes me sick.

>> PROBST: And Alinta gets a new


>> Help! Come here!

>> It's a pig.

>> I can taste his fatback

cooked up with my cabbage.

>> No, no, you can't eat him.

>> I think that I am the victim

of a gender war right now.

The women, they have got the men

bamboozled into thinking that

they had an opportunity.

I may not be a million dollars

richer, but I will never forget

the Islands of Fire.

No one has enjoyed the

experience of being on this land

more than I have.