Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 7 - Anger, Threats, Tears... and Coffee - full transcript

One castaway, in danger of being voted off, becomes invaluable at the Immunity Challenge.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Y'all need to leave me

alone right now.

>> PROBST: Feeling desperate,

Rory played the anger card.

>> You guys are so smoked

in that you don't even see

honesty when it comes right at


The ladies made a mistake in

telling me that I would've been

eliminated before Bubba was.

I'm going to play it up.

>> What are you thinking?

>> PROBST: At Lopevi, Julie and

Twila considered their

situation at the new tribe.

>> There's no doubt about it.

We are...

Julie and I are...

Being the only two women over

here, we're both vulnerable.

We know it.

>> Is it that a pig?

>> PROBST: When tree mail

arrived, Rory gathered the women

and put it all on the line.

>> My apologies to all of

you for the horrible, horrible

things that I said last night,

but I will not continue to slave

around camp if I do not have a

shot at making it through Tribal


There's no way in hell these

ladies bought any of that.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the tribes played for

steak and eggs.


In a muddy race to gather pigs,

Lopevi took a commanding lead.

>> Eliza trying.

She can't do it.

When Eliza let her tribe down...

Lopevi wins reward!

Back at camp...

>> Anybody want Cajun spice

on their steak?

>> PROBST: ...Lopevi savored

their victory.

>> This is better than sex

right now.

Oh, damn!

>> PROBST: While at Yasur, Eliza

took the loss hard...

>> I'm not used to being

bad at things.

>> PROBST: ...opening the door

for Rory.

>> I think I just found my

little tiny crack.

Settling into their new Lopevi


>> I'd like to tan my ....

>> PROBST: ...Julie worked her

best assets while Twila plotted

with Sarge.

>> Lea is someone that

knows what it means to give your


I said, "Twila, you got my word

as a man, you are in the four to

the end."

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, it was Leann who cost

Yasur the victory.

Leann getting a second wind, but

it's not enough.

Lopevi wins immunity!

And Lopevi won their fourth

challenge in a row.

Before Tribal Council, Lisa

offended Ami.

>> Do you want me to go get

more manioc?

>> Whoa, in case what?

Lisa said, oh, she wanted to

know where the manioc was just

in case I wasn't around.


Did that really just come

out your mouth?

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ami's distrust for Lisa caused

the female alliance to crumble,

and Lisa was voted out of the


Lisa, the tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> The camp's running really


I mean, everyone kind of has

just fallen into some work

roles, and, uh, most of us do

several things.

Everybody's getting water, doing

the dishes.

There's one person that's not

doing his share, and that's


>> I feel fine today.

I'm tired and bored.

For the most part, there's

really not much to do around

here, so we just kind of kick

back and relax.

>> John is an enigma.

I wanted to ask him today, "How

can you sit there and look

around at us while everyone else

is working?"

It's beyond me, but he just does


He's gotten away with it to this

point, but now we're starting to

make comments.

>> He grubs the food.

>> Yeah, he does.

>> He'll eat three or four


>> I know.

>> Well, I could eat

three or four bowls, you know.

I'd make sure everybody else is

getting the same amount, but I'd

eat more.

>> I think he realizes

he's doing it, too.

It's like, "Oh, man, that

was..." I don't want to judge

the dude, but...

>> He's the kind of person that

coasts through the game.

>> Yeah.

>> That's exactly what he is.

>> He is.

>> And he's not coasting

through this game with us in it.

>> No, no way.

>> When I, uh, wake up in

the morning, usually the first

thing that I do is I bow down

and I pray, and today in

particular, I got a lot of

things to be thankful for,

because for some twist in fate,

I cracked these ladies, and they

carried me through one more


So this morning, I was

particularly thankful, and I

might not be able to bounce

around laughing and smiling, but

I'm just so thankful.

Then it's down to business.

So my new objective is to work

on Leann and Ami and wrap myself

into their relationship, 'cause

I'm still an alliance of one

right now.

Well, Ami, here's my situation.

I need to know where you guys

stand with regard to me, because

there's no way in hell I want to

be eliminated before Eliza.

I had explained to you that I

would back you all the way

through jury and everything


>> The biggest thing... the

biggest thing for all the women

was no women's alliance has

stayed together through this

game ever, not once, ever.

That's kind of what's keeping us

going is that we want women...

>> Then what I'm going to

tell you this.

You know, if-if I get smoked,

how far are you guys going to

go, you know?

And for me, just on a personal

level, I mean, give me a break.

Eliza over me?

How much can she bring to this

team, and how much have I

already brought to the table?

>> Unfortunately for you,

the fact that the women had this

alliance excludes you right off

the bat.

>> Well, you know...

>> What happens when the

merger comes with the men?

>> ( sighs )

>> How do you keep your

face and-and say, "You know


I'm sticking with the women?"

And what about the guys back


>> You... What do you mean?

What do you...

what do you...?


What do you mean, what about

the guys back home?

>> Don't cuss at me.

>> What do you mean?

>> Well, don't cuss at me.

>> Then don't treat me like I'm

some sort of lackey.

What you want is your playing

me, and you want me to continue

doing all the work, and 110%...

>> I don't want you to do


>> Rory...

>> Sit and your butt and

have a good time with it, Rory.

>> Rory, we're not

playing it off...

>> I've already told you,

just like I told you on the

trail yesterday, that I would

support you 120%.

I don't give a ...

about Sarge.

I don't give a ... about Chad.

I don't know them men.

Who has been pumping this whole


>> Me, you.

>> Right.

>> Yeah.


>> Right.

>> Yeah.

>> And you can't say that

about everybody on Yasur.

The ladies of Yasur have

basically told me that I'm going

to be the next one voted out.

That's done a job on my head, so

I've decided that I will go into

self-destruct mode, and one of

the things that I discussed with

my wife before I came out here

was I am going to institute a

slash, burn and salt the earth


What that means is if I get

voted off this island, the Yasur

tribe will burn.

I can guarantee that.

>> PROBST: What's going on,

guys?OBST: What's going on,

>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Getting your first

look at the new Yasur tribe.

>> Lisa.

Lisa is gone.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Lisa voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

>> Not what we said.

Not what we said.

>> PROBST: Lopevi, a lot of

surprised looks on your faces as

you saw that it was Lisa voted


>> Yeah, big time.

>> Yeah, I thought for

sure that they would get rid of

him, keep the women together.

>> Wow, what can I say?

>> PROBST: Okay.

Let's get to today's challenge.

It is for reward, and it will

require a steady hand.

On my go, one tribe member at a

time is going to begin breaking


Once you've filled your coconut

shell, you'll make your way

through the obstacle course.

For the first stage, you got to

make your way through a wood


Second stage, you'll go up and

over a see-saw.

The third stage, you will high

step through a series of wooden


Fourth stage: another see-saw,

and the final stage, you'll

crawl through the bamboo cage.

When you reach the end, you'll

pour the juice remaining in your

coconut shell into a hand-blown

glass jar.

The jars are not identical, but

the black lines designate an

equal amount.

If you spill all of your juice

while you're on the obstacle

course, you come back and you go

to the back of the line.

First tribe to get back to the

start with their glass container

filled with coconut juice wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> ALL: Yes.

>> PROBST: You're playing for a

visit to a home café.

We have a coffee maker, lots of

Folgers coffee-- every flavor

you could think of-- something

for everybody.

We also have croissants.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: We also have juices.

And because it is a home café,

also a little reminder of the

love that is waiting for you

back home.

>> Oh, come on.

>> PROBST: And there's one more


The winning tribe will take a

coffee-maker, mugs and coffee

back to their camp with them.

>> Yeah!

>> Oh...

my God.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Okay, Lopevi, you

have one extra member.

You're sitting somebody out.

Who's it going to be?

>> Sarge.

>> PROBST: Sarge, you'll take a

spot on the bench.

Everybody else, wait for my go.

>> PROBST: Here we go.

For reward-- a visit to the Home


Survivors ready.


John has his cracked, so does

Eliza filling up her coconut


John filling up his ball.

Eliza first on the course.

John on the course.

Both in the first obstacle.

Taking care of that juice.

Every drop counts.

Eliza on the seesaw, John

falling behind.

>> Nice job, Eliza.

>> Good girl, good girl.

>> Come on, John.

>> PROBST: Eliza high-steps

through the hurdles.

John does a good job on the


Quickly through the hurdles.

John catching up.

( wood thudding )

Eliza into the final leg.

Coffee, croissants, juice, a

little love from home at stake.

Quite a bit.

Nice job.

Back to the start.

>> Good job, Eliza.

>> Nice job, Eliza.

>> Oh, yeah, right there.

>> Superstar.

>> Way to go, way to go,

way to go.

>> Come on, John.

>> That's it.

>> Come on over, buddy up.

Come on, let's go.

>> PROBST: John, quite a bit of

juice, too.

Back to the start.

Chad on the course.

Got a lot of ground to make up.

Stretching to get their body

through there.

>> Nice move.

>> Doing great, Chad.

>> Good job, Chad.

>> Doing good, doing


>> Good job.

>> Way to go, way to go,


>> PROBST: Chad doing a great

job on the seesaw.

He's halfway.

>> It's all you, Chad.

>> PROBST: Chad through both


He's into the final leg of the

obstacle, making up time on


>> Keep it up.

Almost there.

Good job, babe.

>> PROBST: Leann again fighting

those long limbs.

And Chad passes Leann, and he is

through the bamboo cage.

>> Come on, Chad, great


>> PROBST: Yasur and Lopevi both

on the course.

Chris with a very full coconut


How much of it will make it to

the end?

>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Scout deliberately

dumps her juice.

New strategy.

She's going to go to the end of

the line, let the fast ones run

the course.

>> Go, girl.

>> Good job, Julie.

>> Yeah!

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: Julie with more for


Yasur getting closer.

Lopevi with some ground to make

up, trying to close the gap.

Yasur very close.

Lopevi very close.

It's gonna be a race to the


Leann and Julie neck and neck.

>> Nice job.

>> Way to go, you little


It's looking good.

>> PROBST: Leann figuring this

course out.

Julie limboing through.

Leann being very careful not to

spill what could be the last bit

of juice Yasur needs.

Leann making quick work of the


>> Cut through there,

that a girl.

>> PROBST: Julie on the seesaw.

>> It's all you, Julie.

It's all you.

It's all you.

>> You got it, Jules.

>> PROBST: But Leann is leaving

Julie behind.

>> You got it.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Coffee, croissants,

juice, love from home.

A lot at stake.

>> Good job, good job.

>> Way to go.

Drop 'em in there, Leann.

>> PROBST: That's enough.

Got to get it back to the start.

>> Get the jar!

>> Go, go, go...

( shouting )

>> PROBST: Got to get your juice

back to start.

>> Don't-don't drop.

( shouting )

>> PROBST: Got to be full when

you get back there.

Cover it.

( shouting )

>> Cover it.

>> Come on, Leann.


Hustle, hustle, hustle.

( shouting )

>> PROBST: Here she comes.

Go, go, go...

>> Oh!

>> Run, Jules, run.

>> Cover it with your hand.

>> Cover it with your hand.

>> PROBST: Let's see it.

>> You got it.

You got it.

You didn't spill it.

You got it.

>> Let him see it, let him see


>> PROBST: Let's see that black


You're there.

>> Oh, that does it.

It's way above the black line.

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Yasur wins Home Café


>> Good job, Jules, good


( cheering )

>> PROBST: Well, Lopevi, good

effort, but not enough.

No reward.

You guys can head back to camp.

Yasur, you guys needed a win.

>> Yeah, we did.

>> PROBST: You will not be

heading back to camp.

You will be heading straight up

the beach.

>> Whoa!

( cheering )

>> Home Café.

>> PROBST: Going to the Home


You'll have coffee, croissants,

juices, a little taste from


>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: Congratulations.

Head on up.

It's waiting for you.

>> Thanks.

( cheering, indistinct chatter )

>> Whoo!

>> Oh, my God.

( indistinct chatter )

>> Oh.

>> I'm at home!

( indistinct chatter )

>> We won the reward

challenge, and we got the

opportunity to go to the Home


We're walking up, and I see a

big bulletin board with a lot of


>> Whoa!

( cheering )

>> Oh, my God.

>> This is me.

>> Oh, my God.

>> That's me on my birthday.

>> I was like, "Oh, my

God, guys, look-- pictures.

It's-it's our family, it's


>> Oh!

>> This is our first

Halloween together.

>> Oh.

>> Me and my sisters.

>> Oh, how cute.

>> That's me.

>> Is that you?

>> Oh, how cute.

>> Oh, here I am at a

family reunion.

>> Oh, my God.

>> What a little ragamuffin.

>> This is Zion.

This was three weeks ago and his

first fish.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh.

>> No.


That's my dog.

We were pointing out family

members and dogs.

It was a really nice moment for

all of us, because getting to

share everyone's family members

with them and getting to see all

their pictures-- it just...

Oh, it just...

It touched my heart.

>> That's you with your

little brother.

>> The Kyle, yeah.

>> You are so precious.

>> Oh, I beg you, please

look at Leann.

>> Come on, now.

>> How beautiful.

>> Yay!


>> Huge cup of coffee.

>> Oh.

>> Oh.

>> This is the best

moment of my life.

>> I know.

>> I'm gonna have a

croissant right now.

>> How cool is this.

>> ELIZA ( gasps ): You guys,

oh, my God, look-- letters.

>> Oh!

>> Oh, my God.

I got three newer letters.

>> Me, too...

>> Four.

( Eliza laughs )

>> We really needed to

win this.

There's coffee and croissants,

and we got letters from home.

( Ami laughs )

>> I'm really happy right now.

>> So am I.

>> To teamwork, to love and

to family.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Yes.

>> To Yasur,


>> Yeah.

( indistinct chatter )

>> Who wants coffee next?

>> French vanilla.

>> French vanilla.

>> I'm really excited for this.

>> Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

That's me.

>> My letter is from

Annie, my-my partner.

It's just full of Annie.

She's such an amazingly

beautiful human being.

>> Is that a young Scout?

( Scout sniffles )

>> It's Annie.

>> Just a beautiful picture.

( sniffling )

( crying )

>> God.


Both my mom and dad sent me a

letter from home, and what

really got me was, my dad said,

"Your little buddy is watching

you from above."

And that's my little brother.

>> How are you doing, Am?

( crying )

>> I'm having a rough one,


( sighs )

( Ami sighs )

>> My little brother was

killed in a car accident, um,

seven, almost seven years ago.

My little brother.

That's, like, one of like my

favorite pictures in all the


( sighs )

>> What's in here?

>> "Keep in mind that

though you may not be able to

change the situation, you still

have control over how you will


( sniffles )

It's funny, because just this

morning, I said, "If my temper

gets turned on, I'll burn this

whole camp down."

My wife has impeccable timing,

because all of a sudden, that's

the one thing that she mentions

on the day that I say that is,

"Rory, you got to watch your

temper and think about things."

>> I feel a very strong

bond with you.

>> I, uh...

We really need this vote

tomorrow, and I think this is

going to be...

>> Today.

>> Uh, a bunch of coffee

first thing in the morning, will

have us just running around like

squirrels anyway.

( laughter )

We're going to be wired on

coffee tomorrow morning before

we go to immunity.

Even though, uh, the pictures

and the letters really put a

human face on everybody and

their families for me, uh, it

still is about playing a game.

Anybody that knows me knows that

I always, always carry an extra

ace up my sleeve, and believe

me, even though this is a loving

moment, and we're bonding and

everything else, I ain't forgot

where they put me.

( laughter )

>> Here we go.

>> But it's a beautiful

day in Vanuatu.

( explosive rumbling )

( birds singing )

( water gently lapping )

>> Let's walk down here a

little bit further.

Well, Julie and I both knew we

needed to talk, because we're

the two females.

We will definitely be odd ones

out, because they'll want to get

rid of the two females so they

can get down to four-four-- four

women, four guys.

>> So, what are you

thinking about final four?

Have they been promising you


>> They have approached

you to be one of the final four?

>> Have they done it to


( laughter )

Yeah, so...

I knew they were.

>> They're playing it, ain't


>> Yeah.

>> Sarge told me that

Chris and I and Sarge and Chad

would be the final four.

They turned around and they told

Julie the same exact thing.

>> I just think the guys

are going to shaft us whenever

they get a chance, no matter

what they sit there and say to


>> I figured they was

playing us.

>> Yeah, of course they] are.

I approached Twila and I kind of

threw out a little reverse

psychology, and she indeed said

they had, you know, promised her

final four,

and so I said they did me also,

but they hadn't, so it

completely turned her off to

them, and now I have her on my

side currently.

I mean, I don't have any

loyalties to the women.

>> I don't either.

Between the two of us, we've got

to stay on the guys' side, but

they're worried now because the

number of the women are up.

>> Oh, of course.

All right, so, we are pretty

much pretending we're their


>> Yes.

>> But little do they


Me and Twila have a rocky

relationship, but now, I guess,

she's the only one that I'm

definitely concrete with that

I have a plan.

And I weaseled my way back in

because I knew that she was

getting sucked in with the guys,

so my plan worked, for right


I guess this is our pact then to

each other.

>> You're gonna have to

have somebody to depend on.

>> Right.

>> That you can honestly depend


>> And it's so unlikely to be


>> Tree mail.

>> We got mail.

We've got mail.

>> Toys to play with.

"Practice, practice, practice.

Each of you has to shoot, for

one who performs poorly tonight

will get the boot."


We just got some tree mail, and

it's a sack of marbles and a


We're a little scared.

If we lose, there's always a

possibility to go home.

That's the downfall, and it's

definitely an option I could be

going home tonight.

>> Whatever way you hold

it, that's the way we held it

as kids.

>> I never had one.

>> Oh.

If you're right-handed, you want

to pull with the hand that you

normally are, 'cause you're

aiming like this.

Looks like we're going back to

the boys' town, back to the days

of knocking out windows and


I mean, there's no question who

is going to win the challenge

today, I mean, Lopevi.

Yasur is like a high school team

against, you know, an SEC team.

Uh, there's no comparison.

They're gonna give us a run for

our money, but they won't win.

>> Oh, okay.

>> Not too shabby.

>> I've been a threat

since day one.

Everyone's already told me that,

so right now it's strictly a

game-based game for me.

The strategy can wait until


Right now it's strictly I need

to win the immunities, because I

do not want to go to Tribal


>> Let's get ready to


Introducing, the ladies of

Yasur, plus one.

I feel so fabulous today, I can

only speak for myself, but I am

at high rev already this


Perhaps it's the three cups of

coffee that I've had this

morning already.

( laughs )

I'm ready to run over there,

quite frankly.

This is just for direction and


>> Hey.

>> That was a good shot.

This challenge is of the utmost

importance for me because if we

lose immunity challenge today,

then I will be going home


>> PROBST: Come on in.

All right.

Shall we get to today's


>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Give it up, Chris.

Immunity back up for grabs.

This morning in tree mail, you

received a slingshot.

I hope you practiced with it.

Here's how the challenge is

gonna work.

One tribe member at a time,

you're going to attempt to break

your tribe-colored ceramic tiles

hanging on the grid.

A tile's considered broken when

no piece is connected to more

than two wires.

Each of you will randomly be

assigned a lane on the matching

game board.

Each time you break a tile,

you'll flip over the

corresponding wooden tile on the

game board, so once you've

knocked out any given column of

ceramic tiles you will have

flipped over the corresponding

wooden tiles on the game board,

and the tribe member in that

column will move off the board

to the finish mat.

Once you're on the mat, you're

no longer a shooter.

Your goal: knock out all 20


Lopevi, one extra member;

sitting somebody out.

Sarge sat out yesterday.

Who's it gonna be today?

>> I'm sitting out.

>> PROBST: Chris will sit out.

Chris, take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else take a spot

behind the game board, wait for

my go.

All right, first shooters up.

Rory and Chad.

Lopevi will start things.

Chad connects.


Lopevi on the board.

Rory delivers.

>> Nice.

Way to go, Rory.

>> PROBST: that's in Leann's


Leann, move forward and flip

over the corresponding tile.


>> PROBST: Next two shooters:

Ami and Julie.

>> Ooh!

Nice try.

>> This is yours, Jules.

>> PROBST: That's a miss.

Next two shooters.

No damage in that round.

Scout and Sarge.

>> Come on, Scout.

>> PROBST: Two original chiefs,

squaring off with slingshots.

There he goes.

He obliterates it.

Sarge goes back and moves his

own tile.

Lopevi takes the lead.

Scout connects.

Leann flips over another tile.

Next two shooters:

Leann and Twila.

Leann takes aim...

and connects.

Leann knocks out her own tile;

it's her third.

Yasur up 3-2.

Eliza and John.

>> Nice try, girl.

>> Come on, John.

>> PROBST: There it is.

That's Sarge.

We're tied up.

There it is.

>> There you go, baby.

She knocks her own tile.

Yasur takes the lead.

Ooh, Julie tries to bend low.

Scout's up.

Yasur leads 7-5.

( yelling )

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Another connection

from Scout.

Leann flips over her last tile.

>> Leann moves off the board and

on to the finish mat.

Yasur has their first member out

of the game.

Yasur leads 8-5.

Rory splits one.

And John connects.

Obliterates it.

Not quite enough.

Twila, like a sharp shooter.

>> Good job, good job, Twila.

>> PROBST: That's a good hit.

>> Way to go, Rory.

>> PROBST: Rory on fire.

Chad takes John's tile off.

Julie takes aim, just misses.

Rory connects with another one.

Ami flips her tile over, and

Yasur is up 17-15.

( cheering )

>> Come on, Scout.


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Scout connects with

Rory's second tile.

>> Nice.

>> Come on, Jules.

>> PROBST: Julie flips.

>> Good job, Sarge.

>> PROBST: Julie's off the


>> Good job, Scout.

Come on, Rory, you're the man.

>> PROBST: Lopevi still needs

three tiles.

Yasur only needs two.

Immunity on the line.

Rory has had great success in

this challenge.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: And he continues.

>> Look at him go.

>> PROBST: Scout flips over the

next to last tile.

She is out of the game.

Rory, the only tribe member left

for Yasur.

He will shoot from here on out.

>> Take me home, Daddy,

take me home.

>> PROBST: Tribal Council

tonight; somebody going home.

John doing his best to make sure

it's not him.

>> Oh...

oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, I'm out.

>> PROBST: Not enough.

>> Oh, no, I ain't.

This could be it for Yasur.

One tile left.

Rory hits it.

>> Still connected.

>> PROBST: But it's not enough.

You're still connected to three


>> Three is no problem, Rory.

>> PROBST: Chad could close the

gap for Lopevi.

And a miss.

Rory has dominated in this


Can he win it for Yasur right


>> This one's for my baby


( cheering )

>> PROBST: And he does.

Yasur wins immunity.

( all cheering )

>> Nice job.

>> Boy, the game has turned.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Give it to Rory, you


Immunity for Yasur.

>> Whoo!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: For once, I won't be

seeing you guys at Tribal


Lopevi, I haven't seen you guys

in a while at Tribal.

I will tonight.

Sadly, Day 18 will be it for one

of you.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who's going home.

Head on back to camp.

( cheering )

( bat squeaking )

>> Awesome.

>> Rory, you're a rock star.

>> We smoked those girls.

Two in a row.

>> Let's celebrate with coffee,

shall we?

>> Yeah, how about a cup of


>> That's what I say.

>> Whoo!


I know one thing for sure.

Today I rocked Ami.

I rocked the hell out of her

world today.

She could have had me as a

tight-tight friend, and she

could have eliminated me and

knocked me out the game, and

she failed to take advantage of

both those opportunities.

Now she's number one on my hit


>> Rory was a rock star.

>> Rory, you were unbelievable.

>> I told you this morning

when I was shooting that thing,

I was, like, damn!

I hit the tiki three times out

of four.

>> Rory got a little cocky

with his winnings, as he well


Otherwise he'd be going home,

you know?

He's earned that right.

So I'm really glad that we won,

but at the same time I looked

over at Lopevi, right, as soon

as we won, and I looked at

Julie, and it hurt.

It hurt to know that either

Julie or Twila are going home


>> We lost the challenge

today, and we're going to Tribal


Today was the foundation, the

basis of the rest of the game

for us, but losing today meant

it's equal to them, 5-5.

The strategy of the game has

changed now.

It could go anywhere.

>> I'm not confident

Julie's staying with us, dude.

If we merge, she's going right

with the women.

>> Julie said to me

earlier this afternoon, she'd

like to get rid of John.

>> Well, yeah, there you go.

See, she's thinking it's her

turn, man.

If we merge, John's gone, she's

with the women, we're gone.

Trust in this game is huge, and

at this stage, it's even bigger,

because there's more at stake.

John, I don't trust, and Julie--

I don't believe that she would

definitely stay with Lopevi if

we merge.

As much as I don't want to keep

John around, if we keep John and

Julie goes next, we've got the


>> John has been a target

to send home ever since the game


I mean, he was on the other side

with the guys, but Chad's

concerned that maybe keeping

John around a little bit longer

might be the best thing.

He doesn't have a whole lot of

trust in Julie.

>> It's up in the air,

man, with John.

I don't know.

If-if I'm convinced that Julie's

with us, then we can get rid of

John, but, I mean, otherwise,

it's a male-female thing.

The women's going to be a huge

enticement for her to go over.

Man, she's...

I can tell she's...

>> I don't think they're

so much women, or they wouldn't

have voted off Lisa.

I don't think they're hung up on

just the women.

>> ( sighs )

It's going to be tough.

It's not solid anymore right


>> What does Chad say,


>> Sometimes I don't know

where Chad's coming from.

Every time, it doesn't matter

how much you talk to him, you

still go to Tribal Council with


>> In my tribe, I don't

trust anyone.

I can't trust anyone, but I have

to at least put my faith in one

person, and I do with Chris,

because I think me and Chris can

really do some damage when it

comes down to the...

to the

dwindling of-of both tribes.

>> Just off the top of

your head, if we was leaving

right now, who would you want to

vote for?

>> See, the thing is,

I'd say Julie, but I really

don't think she'd vote on the

girls' side, so I think she's an

asset to have later on.

And I think with-with Chad, he

gets the sympathy vote.

Sounds bad, but it's true, you


>> I'm coming to grips with...

You know, I understand what

you're saying.

>> If it ever came down

to him and one of us in the

finals, final two, he'd get it

in a...

in a heartbeat, because,

you know...

I thought of Chad since day one,

because he's type of guy that

just gets by every time; not

just gets by on the vote, but

just gets by without anyone

noticing him.

And Chad can seriously get some

sympathy points, which he's

great at, because he does have

one leg, and he's doing amazing,

but we can't handle any sympathy

points against us, so he's got

to go now.

What's up with you guys?

>> Stacking some wood, boy.

>> Oh, yeah?

>> What are you doing?

>> Wondering which one of

us is going home tonight.

>> That's what I came

to tell you.


>> So, you want Chad tonight?

>> Yeah, Chad tonight.

>> It's not going to be

me or her?

>> It's not going...

I swear on my life that it's not

you two.

>> Go ahead, hon.

I'll be there later.

>> But me-me and Chris

are being seriously true on

this, and we just think we-we

could all be tighter with this


>> Julie, are you comfortable

with that-- voting off Chad?

>> Depends on, uh, Sarge,

right, if he's down?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, even if Sarge

isn't, that means it's

everyone against...

>> Oh, three against...

>> It would be...

it'd be

us four against Chad.

>> Yeah, us four.

I take Twila's word, 'cause she

is a rough redneck, and to me,

all rough rednecks that I have

met are pretty loyal.

At this point, everyone could be

completely playing everyone, so

people are either going with

what I said, or people are going

to vote me off, so I-I can't

stress enough that tonight is

the night-- for me, anyways-- to

figure out where I stand in this


>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal


Haven't seen you guys in a


>> Yup.

>> PROBST: So, Chris, everything

seemed to be going so well for

Lopevi, and then out of nowhere,

back-to-back losses.

What happened?

>> I don't know.

You know, it seemed like when,

you know, we-we-we-we went on

four wins in a row.

It seemed like we were


It didn't even seem like it was

close, but today, it was close.

I mean, you know, they-they beat

us by a couple, uh, but that's

all it takes, and that's why

we're here and they're not.

>> PROBST: So, Chad, what was

the reaction when you got back

to camp?

You guys haven't had to

contemplate voting somebody out

in a long time.

>> Right.

When we are

going off to do our little wood

gathering and pot scrubbing,

you're aware of who's going with

who, and if you're alone, or

maybe you shouldn't be alone,

and, you know, so there's a lot

of posturing going on, you know.

We're scrambling here before,

uh, Tribal Council.

>> PROBST: Chris, does everybody

have a role in this tribe?

>> I think to a certain

degree, yeah, everybody's got a


Um, everybody does something

that benefits the tribe during

the day.

There's always a time when we're

going to need to eat, and, uh,

we're going to need firewood,

and there's always someone

willing to step up and do that.

I think it's a team effort.

>> PROBST: Sarge, what does

Twila do well?

>> Um, Twila is the, uh,

wonder for, um, exotic foods.

She is the preparer of meals,

and she's constantly going to

get firewood.

She-she just...

she does


>> PROBST: John, what could

Twila do better?

>> Um, the thing with Twila is,

she really is the workhorse.

Her and Sarge are the two


Um, as far as do better, I would

love to see her take naps.

I would...

I would love it.

I would not feel distressed

around camp if I saw Twila say,

"Hey, let's kick back and take a

nap," 'cause I'm the number one

napper go-going.

I mean, I like taking naps, and-

and I never see her take little

catnaps ever.

>> PROBST: So, if you look over,

and you see the workhorse never

taking a nap, how do you ever

justify taking a nap?

>> I thank you very much.

>> Because... because

whenever-whenever something...

I'm asked to do anything, I-I

will do it.

We all do our roles.

I mean, I-I might take more

naps, but she could take naps,


It's-it's okay to take a nap.

That's the thing.

We don't always need to be


>> PROBST: So, Chad, tell me

about life at camp, because

you're living with these people,

but you are competing against


How do you know if you're

getting to know somebody well or

being played?

>> I think that there's a...

there's a very good general

first impression and a good way

of someone perceiving someone

else that gets down to the core

level who that person is, and if

you feel like you're perceptive

enough that you can get to that

core level quickly, then I think

can you trust them, unless

they're of someone who's

completely manipulative and

someone that can...

>> PROBST: Imagine that in this


>> ...that can lie and

cheat very well, but I feel like

I can pick up on that.

I really do.

>> PROBST: Julie, think this

tribe trusts you?

>> Well, the time spent

together has been very telling,

and, um, I think we've gelled

really well, especially with

winning, and it is just a matter

of meshing well and the energies

put together.

And, um, there has been doubt

and there probably still is, but

hopefully, you know, even with

this vote, um, the proof will be


>> PROBST: Chris, what are you

basing your vote on?

>> Um, I'm basing...

I'm basing

my vote on a couple things.

First of all, I'm basing my-my

vote on trust.

Trust is hard to come by in this

game, and sometimes, you think

you have it, and-and you turn

around, and that wink or that

nod kind of puts that trust in


Um, I'm also basing my-my vote

on my future in the game, who's

going to benefit me or benefit

the people that, you know, I'm

playing the game with or aligned


>> PROBST: With that, it is time

to vote.

Sarge, you're up.

>> I'm afraid you might

sneak by some more, and I need

you to go.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: John.


One vote John, one vote Chad.


Two votes John, one vote Chad.


That's three votes John, one

vote Chad.

Eighth person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu: John.

That's four, and that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

John, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Take it easy.

>> PROBST: Well, John said it


Tonight is one of those nights

when you find out who you can

trust and who you can't.

He just found out the hard way.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time

on Survivor...

>> Uno, dos, tres.

>> PROBST: The girls corrupt


>> Tan that ass.

>> Sarge, what are you doing?!

>> Is the coffee ready to go?

>> What a worthless crew.

>> PROBST: Rory reaches his

breaking point.

>> What a completely

worthless crew.

I'm ready to get the hell out of


>> PROBST: And everything is

turned on its head.

>> Uh-oh.

>> Well, I came, I played,

I lost, and I'm a little bitter.

I'd love to say I walk out of

here with no regrets, but I'd

have to say I'm shocked, 'cause

I really wouldn't have turned on

any of you guys, but you guys

turned on me.

Um, Chris, best of luck.

I hope you win.

Sarge, hope you come in second.

Everybody else, hope you lose.

( chuckles )