Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 6 - Hog Tied - full transcript

The tribes attempt to herd piglets at the Reward Challenge

>> JEFF: Previously on Survivor:

the tribes received a visit from

Vanuatu locals.

(speaking native language)

>> JOHN K.: One chief?

>> TRAVIS: One chief.

>> JEFF: Lopevi chose Sarge and

Yasur chose Scout as chiefs.

And then, an earthquake rocked

the island.

>> LEANN: Holy....

>> TRAVIS: Whoa!

>> CHAD Good going, bro.


>> JEFF: At the reward

challenge, Sarge and Scout, the

two chiefs, divided the tribes,

mixing up the men and women.

>> SCOUT: Jules.

>> JEFF: When it shook out,

Julie and Twila had joined the

Lopevi tribe as the only two

women, and Bubba and Rory joined

Yasur as the only two men.


During the challenge, even

though Chris dropped a marker

for Lopevi, Yasur still couldn't

catch up.

Ami can't do it.

Lopevi wins reward.

>> JOHN K.: Great job today,


>> JEFF: The new Lopevi tribe

enjoyed chips and beer at the

waterfall, giving Julie and

Twila a chance to get to know

the men.

>> JULIE: Me and Twila are

trying to weasel our way in


>> JEFF: At Yasur, Rory and

Bubba tried to fit in with the


>> TRAVIS: But being in a tribe

with a bunch of women-- it does

make you nervous, 'cause one

wrong move, and they'll vote you


>> JEFF: At the immunity


>> TRAVIS: Think about the


>> JEFF: ...Bubba tried to

communicate with his old tribe

mates, but Ami caught the



The challenge was close.

>> RORY: Come on, come on!

>> JEFF: But Lopevi came out on


Lopevi wins immunity!

>> LEA: Whoo!

>> JEFF: At Tribal Council,

Bubba was on the hot seat, but

Rory learned he was the original


>> AMI: Bubba, you weren't going

to be the first one that we had

picked if we did lose to go.

>> JEFF: When the votes came in,

Bubba paid the ultimate price

for his big mistake.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

>> SCOUT: Thanks for working

this fire.

>> RORY: Yeah, well, apparently,

I got to stay warm.

>> SCOUT: Well, what does that


>> RORY: Y'all need to leave me

alone right now.

>> ELIZA: Okay.

>> RORY: 'Cause y'all have shown

me something that I'm not real

impressed with, and perhaps for

the... for the peace and

tranquility of this tribe, it

would be best for me to hold my

tongue until tomorrow morning.

Bubba and I both knew that it

was going to be one or the other

of us that was going to be

leaving tonight at Tribal


The ladies made a mistake in

telling me that I would've been

eliminated before Bubba was, and

so what I'm going to basically

do is I'm going to play it up.

I came to y'all straight up.

I don't know if you guys are so

smoked in that you don't even

see honesty when it comes right

at y'all.

You got me up on the auction


>> SCOUT: No, don't say I got

you up on the auction block.

>> RORY: Well, you certainly

judged me quick enough.

>> SCOUT: The judgment is that

you're sitting right here in


>> RORY: The thing I need to

watch is I can't push these

ladies too far.

I just kind of got to balance it

and push 'em just far enough to

give myself a little bit of an


My thing is to come off as the

upset, angry brother who is

welcomed back into the fold.

Your little crew just made a

decision about whether or not

y'all want a teammate or not,

and if you don't want a

teammate, then-then be woman

enough to let me know.

>> SCOUT: All right.

That's a deal.

Rory would like to tell

everybody off right now, but

that would just seal his fate.

He's had a fit and fell in it

and sitting over there on his

pity pot, so hopefully, he'll

wipe his ass and get off and get

over it and, you know, start a

new day, and let's see what we

can make of it.

(bird cawing)

(man grunting)

>> TWILA: I can't get it up on

my shoulder.

You guys are taller than I am.

I'll help as much as I can.

>> LEA: My new tribe is awesome.

It's a blessing to have women

around, not that we need 'em.

I'm not saying that we... it'd-

it'd be any different, um, one

way or another, but, I mean,

it's good to have 'em.

>> JULIE: Do tell.

>> LEA: No, no, not this one.

Not to you, especially.

>> CHRIS: It's interesting

having a pretty girl playing the

game, 'cause somebody like that

can fly underneath the radar and

sweet talk their way into the

final five, and then, you know,

boom, next thing you know,

they're sitting there waiting to

win the money.

>> JULIE: You need to put lotion

on your damn shoulders.

Today is my second morning with

the new tribe.

Now it's more relaxed but

definitely uncertain.

Women are more passive-

aggressive than men are.

I don't know.

And, you know, that's all you

would get over at Yasur.

>> TWILA: I can't wait to see

who is gone and what the reward


>> JULIE: I'll just laugh if one

of the guys is gone.

>> TWILA: I'll laugh if Eliza's


>> CHAD: Who thinks what?

All right, who do you think is

going to be gone, Sarge?

>> LEA: Uh, Bubba's safe.

Everybody loves Bubba.

>> TWILA: I think everybody kind

of loves Scout.

There ain't no doubt about it.

She's the older, wiser one.

>> JULIE: You can't... Yeah.

You can't not appreciate her.

>> LEA: So we're supposed to

love the older person, so we

love Twila.

>> TWILA: Thank you.

Oh, God, thank you.

You had to point that out,

didn't you?

>> LEA: Yup.

>> JULIE: What are you thinking?

>> TWILA: Oh, I don't know what

to think.

They're being real nice, but

we're still the outsiders.

>> JULIE: Completely.

>> TWILA: Julie and I actually

talk now.

That's more than what I can say

we ever did over the other

tribe, 'cause I never actually

talked to her over there.

We got to keep winning


The best bet for us is to keep

winning the challenges.

That's it.

>> JULIE: I know.

>> TWILA: Being the only two

women over here and four men,

we're odd out.

We're both vulnerable.

We know it.

You know, they could be blowing

smoke up her ass just like

they're blowing smoke up my ass.

You know, I don't know.

>> SCOUT: Tree mail, Yasur.

>> LISA: It's a pig.

>> AMI: Is that a pig?

>> Oh, my God.

>> LISA: "You are likely to

become exhausted, so here's to

mud in your eye."

Oh, God.

"It's all for creature comforts

to help improve your sty."

>> ELIZA: Reward. Yeah.

>> It's reward.

>> LISA: Maybe with pigs.

>> LEANN: Oh, let's wrestle one

of those suckers.

>> SCOUT: Pig wrestling.

Yasur, let's get our butts out


Come here, Rory.

>> AMI: Rory, come on over here.

>> SCOUT: That's a pretty

picture right there.

>> Yeah.

>> SCOUT: One, two, three.

>> ALL: Yasur!

>> LISA: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

>> RORY: I think we should, uh,

have a conversation then.

>> SCOUT: Okay.

>> RORY: First off, my apologies

to all of you for the horrible,

horrible things that I said to

you in my mind last night.

When I get angry, I tend to

become extraordinarily hurtful.

I have come to you all with the

expectation that you all would

give me a fair shot, and I have

done my damnedest to prove to

you all where my loyalties lie.

At this point, I can't go back

to Lopevi.

I can't, because Bubba's gone,

and what's going to be their

first thought?

I sold Bubba out.

So this is where I'm at right


Your sty is my sty, but I will

not continue to slave around

camp if I do not have a shot at

making it through Tribal


My speech was so cheesy that I

couldn't even believe I was

saying it myself, you know?

I mean, afterwards, I was

sitting there thinking, "Man,

there's no way in hell these

ladies bought any of that," but

maybe they did, and if I could

sway 'em just a little bit

toward favor for me, you got to

do what you got to do.

>> JEFF: Yasur, come on in.

Lopevi, get your first look at

the new Yasur tribe.

>> CHAD: Whoa...

>> JEFF: Bubba voted out at the

last Tribal Council.

>> CHRIS: Whoa.

>> JEFF: Okay.

Shall we get to the challenge?

>> LEA: Yeah-ha.

>> JEFF: On the islands of

Vanuatu, pigs are highly valued.

They're currency and they're a

status symbol, and right now,

they have a value to you.

>> CHAD: Yeah.

>> JEFF: Today's challenge is

for reward, and you're going to

get good and muddy as a result.

>> JULIE: Yeah.

>> JEFF: We have assembled a

pen, filled it with pigs.

Your goal: catch the pigs.

Five tribe members will be pig


They're responsible for catching

two pigs each.

You can grab two at once or one

at a time.

One person will be a gatekeeper.

Their job is to make sure the

pigs you catch remain caught.

First tribe to collect ten of

their tribe-colored pigs wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> ALL: Yes.

>> JEFF: Steak and eggs.

>> LEA: Oh, yeah! Yeah!

Good God!

>> ELIZA: Oh, my gosh.

>> JEFF: Six big steaks, six

eggs, skillet to fry 'em in,

lots of ingredients to make 'em

taste nice and good.

>> Whoo!

>> LEA: That's too good, buddy.

>> TWILA: Oh, man, that's


>> JEFF: Lopevi, who's your


>> JULIE: Okay.

>> JEFF: Julie's going to be the


Yasur, it's Scout. All right.

Take your spots. Wait for my go.



>> JEFF: Here we go for reward.

It's time to get dirty.

Survivors ready.


>> Oh!

>> JEFF: Rory and John first


There go the pigs.

(all shouting)

Rory's got one.

John has got one.

>> RORY: Through the gate,

through the gate.


>> JEFF: One for Yasur, one for


John back out.

>> JULIE: Nice, nice.

>> JEFF: John, back with two.


(pig snorting and squealing)

>> AMI: It's okay.

Mama take good care of you.

>> JEFF: Ami with her first pig.

Lisa out on the course.

>> TWILA: Dive at him.

>> JULIE: Come on, Chris, come

on, Chris!

>> JEFF: Chris has one for


>> There you go, baby.


>> JEFF: Lopevi with a three-two


Chris going again.

(pig squealing)

Lisa's got to get back here.

>> Come on...

Come on, come on...

>> JEFF: Chris has got his


Lisa's got a big pig, as big as

she is.

Yasur ties it, three-three.

Lopevi now up, four-three.

Chris has both his pigs.


Eliza and Chad out on the


Lopevi leads four-three.

>> LEA: Go, go, go.

>> JEFF: Eliza having trouble.

>> RORY: Go, go get him.

>> Let's go, hustle.

(all shouting)

(pig squealing)

>> RORY: Come here.

Come on back over here.

>> JEFF: Chad has a pig for


Going back out for his second.

>> Get him!

>> AMI: Come on, Eliza.

Come on, come on.

>> JEFF: Still no pig for Eliza.

>> ELIZA: Does somebody else

want to go?

>> RORY: Get him, get him.

>> JEFF: Lopevi leads,


>> RORY: Go, go, get him.

>> Come on, Eliza.

>> JEFF: Chad has his second pig

and a lot of mud.

Eliza trying.

She can't do it.

(all shouting)

Leann on the course.

Lopevi leads Yasur, six-three.

>> Come on, pig.

>> TWILA: Come on, pig.

>> JEFF: Twila on the course.

Leann not messing around.

She's got a pig.

(all shouting)

Leann has her first pig.

Going for another one.

Twila's got one cornered.

She's got him.

>> Good job.

>> Yeah, good job.

>> Good job, Twila.

>> JEFF: Lopevi leads,


Twila going back out.

Leann coming out, Rory back in.

Lopevi leads, seven, four.

Rory wasting no time.

(pig squealing)

He's got his second pig.

But can he hold on?

(Rory shouting)

>> JEFF: Rory lost his pig.

>> Yeah!

>> TWILA: Yeah.


>> JEFF: Twila's got her pig.

>> JULIE: Steak tonight, baby.

Steak tonight!

>> JEFF: Eight-four.

Lopevi leads.

It's down to Sarge.

Lopevi with an eight-four lead.

Sarge needs to get two pigs.

>> LEA: Yeah, pig, pig, pig.

Here, pig. Here, pig.

Here, pig. Here, pig.

Here, here.

(pig squealing)

(people shouting)

>> JEFF: Rory has one for Yasur.

We're at nine-five.

Lopevi needs one more pig.

It's up to Sarge.

Sarge going for the last pig for




Can he keep him?

Ami has one for Yasur.

This is it.

If Sarge crosses, Lopevi wins.

>> JULIE: Yeah, come on!

>> JEFF: Lopevi wins reward!

>> LEA: Whoo-hoo!

(indistinct chatter)

>> JEFF: Yasur, good effort, not


Head on out, get your stuff,

head back to camp.

Lopevi, nice work.

Steak and eggs waiting for you.

Come get it.

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!

(birds singing)

>> TWILA: Eggs.

>> LEA: Meat.

>> TWILA: We slaughtered 'em.

>> CHRIS: We continue to win.

We continue to stay.

>> JOHN K.: No, Sarge.

I hear you.

>> TWILA: We kicked their ass.

We-We kicked their ass, and we

done good.



We kissed some ass.

I just loved it.

>> LEA: Man.

>> TWILA: Them prissy ass girls

didn't want to get their

fingernails dirty.

>> JOHN K.: They'll say, "I

can't do it, I can't do it."

>> TWILA: I loved it.

>> LEA: Beef-- it's what's for


>> CHAD: Yeah.

>> LEA: You ready?

>> TWILA: Yup.

I like mine pink in the middle.

I don't like it bloody runny,

but I want it pink in the


>> LEA: Okay, medium well.

Does anybody want Cajun spice on

their steak?

>> JOHN K.: I do.

>> LEA (laughs): All right.

Now I'm on cloud nine.

I'm, like, it's party time.

Steaks that thick.

>> TWILA: Yup.

Let mine up there.

This is going to be freaking


>> LEA: Couldn't get no better

than this.

Two weeks without meat, and I'm

just, like... I'm pumped.

I'm really pumped right now.

Raise the doggone roof.

>> LEA: Definitely feels like

home right now.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> TWILA: Oh, man. Hmm.

>> LEA: Damn.

>> CHRIS: This is great.

>> LEA: This is better than sex

right now.

>> LEA: Oh, dude.

>> JULIE: Man's delirious.

>> LEA: Dude, man.

>> TWILA: So you think the

ladies are disappointed?

>> JULIE: Um...

>> CHRIS: Oh, my gosh.

If I was them, I'd be crying.

>> TWILA: Do you think they was

wishing they was...

>> LEA: Bubba, man-- he was a

cool dude.

>> JULIE: Either way, even if

they had Bubba, I mean, Eliza

says she couldn't do it.

>> Yeah, I don't how to stay in

the lead, but...

>> LEA: I know, but how do you

say I can't do it?

>> CHRIS: I can't...

I-I didn't hear her say that,

but I would be absolutely pissed

if someone said...

...and they didn't try,

continue to try.

>> JULIE: I didn't see her...

I didn't see her try.

Maybe she did.

>> TWILA: She didn't.

Well, not that I seen.

>> They'll can her next.

>> CHRIS: I couldn't walk the

balance beam, but at least I


>> JULIE: She wasn't out there


>> TWILA: All right.

>> CHRIS: I looked like an

idiot, but at least I tried.

>> TWILA: I don't understand the

way of thinking.

If I was over there, I thought

they screwed up.

Why would you keep somebody like

Eliza and not keep your muscle?

I don't understand that.

(explosive rumbling)

>> LEANN: It was really, really,

really a hard challenge to lose.

I felt like just going home,

washing off and going to bed.

It would have been nice to


the pig challenge.

>> ELIZA: Sweetie, is my back

good, by the way?

>> LEANN: I was a little

bothered that Eliza didn't want

to... it seemed like she didn't

want to get dirty or something.

I don't know.

She was the only one to not get

a pig at all.

Um... did she even get dirty?

>> RORY: I hate losing.

>> LISA: I do, too.

I hate losing bad.

>> RORY: Damn, I just wanted a


>> LISA: Okay, and that's the

third loss.

We've lost the Pringles, we lost

immunity, and we lost this.

>> RORY: And if we lose

tomorrow, the next immunity

challenge, I'm going home, and

you guys are sunk.

>> LISA: Yup.

>> RORY: You know, I'm-I'm the

one that's next on the auction

block, uh, to leave the island,

but the fact of the matter is,

Eliza's... she's killing this

team, she's killing our tribe.

>> LISA: Anybody want some?

>> ELIZA: You guys, I'm sorry


>> LISA: Don't worry about it.

We have good cabbage soup


Really, don't worry about it.

Do not worry about it.

>> ELIZA: I know, but I was

awful. Like, I was...

>> RORY: You tried.

>> LISA: Do not worry about it.

>> RORY: Twila certainly


>> LISA: Don't worry about it.

>> LEANN: I didn't see her.

>> LISA: Okay?

>> RORY: That girl will stand...

>> LISA: Oh, do not...

Don't worry about it.

You know what?

It's just a steak.

I'm aggravated, 'cause I think

she's the reason we lost.

In fact, I know she is.

She's the reason we lost.

>> AMI: You can cry.

It's okay, 'cause I'm sure

there'll be times when I cry.

(Eliza sniffles)

I'm, like...

(laughs) I suck.

I'm sure there'll be those


>> ELIZA: Oh!

>> AMI: We'll all have those


>> ELIZA: I'm just...

not used to...

...being bad at things, you


Like I... I know it sounds so


I mean...

>> AMI: So...


>> ELIZA: I...

I like Scout as a person.

I wish she wasn't here.

I just think that if she wasn't

here, that would have been a

challenge where I would have

been able to be gatekeeper.

Because it's, like, because we

have Scout, and she's got her

knee, and, you know, it's just

always, like...

And then, it's easy for her to

come back and be, like, "Good

job guys."

And, like, you know...

And then, I feel like, because I

know I didn't do a good job,



>> AMI: Like, right now, honey,

I feel like you're coming up

with a lot of excuses.

>> ELIZA: I am. I know.

>> AMI: You are totally capable.

You were so 100% capable of

doing the challenge today.

You're not giving yourself as

much credit as you deserve, and

saying, "You know what?

Screw it.

"I could have done that today,

and I just didn't so it, and

next time I'm gonna give it

everything I got."

>> ELIZA: And I-I want to

believe that we can win a

challenge against this all-male

plus Julie and Twila tribe.


And yet, I don't think we can.

>> AMI: You need to get that out

of your head, 'cause I'm not

about ready to go down because

there's a bunch of muscles on

the other team.

>> SCOUT: There we go.

>> LISA: Right here inside?

>> SCOUT: No. Let me see.

Hold that a second.

>> LISA: Perfect.

>> RORY: Every woman on this

team understands how much damage

Eliza did today, and I think,

uh, Eliza's reeling right now,

and she should be, because this

tribe realizes that if they keep

her on here, they're signing

their own death warrant, and

right now they need somebody

strong, and I'm the strongest

resource available to them, and

the only thing that I've hoped

for is for there to be a little

fissure, a little tiny crack in

that union of women, and I think

I just found my little tiny


>> JULIE: I'd like to tan my


>> CHAD: You know, I think the

coed thing is working really

well for our tribe now because I

think it's just a morale thing.

It was getting a little stagnant

there for a while.

>> JULIE: I like flirting.

I could flirt all day long.

It just comes naturally.

It's just like with me,

I don't know.

It's how I connect with people,

I don't know.

Just a natural thing.

Just my butt though. Ah...


>> LEA: Today Julie was

sunbathing her buttocks region.

I mean, I didn't want to look at

it too much, but, uh, it looked

pretty good.

I mean, I took a quick peek but

I wasn't going to stare at it,

but it looked real good.

I mean, if you got it, sunbathe


>> JULIE: If we lose and the

guys are desperate, they're

going to need to recruit


Twila's my ally, but I think

she's aligning with the older


You know, I don't know.

She's... she's up to something.

I can sense it.

>> LEA: You ready?

>> TWILA: Yep.

>> LEA: Here's the machete.

>> TWILA: Okay, suck in a little

bit more to the tree.

Little bit more.

>> LEA: Here you go.

Ow, ow, ow, don't grind.

I would take Twila as a best

friend for the next 20 years

over any of the women in Yasur.

>> TWILA: I still can't reach

it, baby, still not tall enough.

>> LEA: Okay, I'm going tall.

I need your heel. Okay, there.

Now, step up with that foot,

and I'm gonna get the other one.

I could pal around with Twila,

I'd drink a beer with Twila, I'd

go to the race with Twila.

>> TWILA: Coming down.

>> LEA: I also would put a dress

on Twila and go out to dinner

with her because she is a lady.

>> TWILA: Well, Julie asked me

if I'd go back, if I'd vote with

the women.

>> LEA: Uh-huh. What'd you tell


>> TWILA: I told her I didn't

know, I didn't think so.

>> LEA: What did she say?

>> TWILA: She said she didn't

know either, after the way it

was done and the way she was

treated there at first.

She didn't know either.

>> LEA: Well, she'd be a fool to

go against us.

She'd be a fool, because we're

going to keep her around as long

as Lopevi's strong.

Chris, Chad and I, we're three.

Three is a real odd number.

Four is always better, and so I

went ahead and gave her my word,

and I said, "Twila you've got my

word as a man you are in the

four till the end, no matter


We didn't want to take John.

We don't trust John.

>> TWILA: No, I don't trust


>> LEA: So, we needed someone a

little bit more mature that

knows what it means to give your


>> TWILA: I do.

I don't know.

At this point, you know, hell,

they're all lying sacks of ...

It don't make any...

You know, you can't trust

nobody, but right now, I have to

trust somebody.

>> LEA: Oh, I give you my word

that the four is strong until it

comes to four, and then it's


>> TWILA: Every man and women

for their selves.

>> LEA: Yeah.

>> TWILA: I'm telling you, I

just have a good feeling we're

going to keep winning, guy.

I really am not worried.

Are they telling Julie the same

thing they're telling me?

I might be the next one to go,

and they're just playing me as a

fool, I don't know.

>> JEFF: First things first.

Chris, take back immunity.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is

going to wear you out.

Four tribe members will start on

a floating platform, where you

will find eight wooden tiki


Each tribe member must transport

two tiki pieces to the beach by

moving them along a rope through

a water obstacle course.

The first stage, you must

maneuver the pieces around an

outrigger canoe.

For the second stage, you must

get the pieces and yourself up

and over a wall.

For the third stage you'll go

underwater and maneuver the

pieces through three hitching


And for the final stage you must

maneuver the pieces through a


Once you have the pieces up on

the beach and in their trough,

the next person can go.

Once all eight pieces are in the

trough, the final two tribe

members assemble the tiki.

First tribe to assemble the

tiki correctly wins immunity,

guaranteed one more day out


Losing tribe, Tribal Council


Somebody going home.

Yasur, which two people are

going to be solving the puzzle?


>> SCOUT: And Lisa.

>> JEFF: And Lisa.

Lopevi, which two are going to

solve the puzzle?

>> TWILA: Me and Chad.

>> JEFF: Chad and Twila.

Four swimmers head out.

For immunity.

Survivors ready.


>> ELIZA: Go Yasur!

>> JEFF: Chris and Ami the first

two in the water.

>> ELIZA: Go, Yasur, go!

>> JEFF: Chris starting toward

the wall.

>> SCOUT: Come on, Ami.

>> JEFF: Chris to the wall

first; Ami right behind.

>> RORY: Come on Ames.

>> JEFF: Got to get the pieces

up and over the wall, and you've

got to get over the wall.

Ami taking both pieces at once.

Chris going one at a time.

Chris is over the wall first.

Ami has one, two.

Chris heading down to his first


Three to get through.

(participants cheering)

>> LEANN: Yeah, Ami, you're


>> JEFF: Chris has both pieces


Heading to the truss.

Neither tribe member giving up,

but both worn out.

Chris heads into the truss.

Chris is through the truss.

>> CHAD: Yeah.

>> TWILA: There you go, Chris,

there you go.

>> JEFF: Ami making her way

through the truss.

You're good, man, it's all you.

>> Get them up there, Chris.

>> JOHN K.: Go for it! Go!

Go for it! Come on! Move it!

>> JEFF: Ami's through the


>> Go, Ami!

>> JEFF: Keep fighting, Ami!

You guys are in this.

Rory in the water.

Sarge making his way up the

wall, Rory making up a lot of

time at the outrigger.

>> LEANN: Go, Rory, go!

>> JEFF: Rory heading to the


Sarge has his second piece over

the wall.

>> TWILA: Come on, Sarge!

>> JEFF: And he's up and over.

Sarge heading toward the

hitching post.

Rory at the wall, close behind.

>> JULIE: Keep going, Sarge.

>> Let's go, Sarge!

>> SCOUT: Way to go, Rory.

>> JEFF: Rory is closing the


>> CHAD: Come on, Sarge, you can

do it!

>> JEFF: Rory staying under for

a long time at the hitching


Rory trying to make up some


>> Rory!

>> JEFF: Sarge has both pieces


He's heading to the truss.

Rory has both pieces through.

He's looking to pass Sarge at

the truss.

>> JULIE: Come on, Sarge!

(all shouting encouragement)

>> JEFF: They're neck and neck.

Rory is first through the


>> AMI: Come on, Rory.

Bring it home!

>> JEFF: He's got the lead back

for Yasur.

Sarge right behind him.

>> TWILA: Go, Sarge!

Pick it up and run with it.

Pick it up and run.


>> JEFF: Go, go!

>> Go, go!

>> JEFF: We are dead even after


>> Go, Jules, go!

>> JEFF: Leann right behind


>> CHRIS: Go, Julie! Come on!

>> JEFF: Julie has both pieces

over the wall and now she's got

to get over it.

>> AMI: Come on, Leann.

You can get ahead here.

>> JEFF: Rough water making it


>> RORY: Leann, get your breath

and do them both at once!

>> JEFF: Leann struggling.

>> SCOUT: One more big breath,


>> ELIZA: Go, Leann, go.

You can do it. You can do it.

You can do it. Yes, you can.

>> JEFF: Leann is exhausted.

Julie's through the three

hitching posts, heading to the


>> JOHN K.: Good job, Julie,

come on!

>> TWILA: Pick 'em up, Jules,

pick 'em up.

>> JULIE: I'm picking them up.

>> TWILA: Yeah, all right.

>> JEFF: John in the water with

the final two tiki pieces for


Leann is still stuck at the

hitching post.

>> RORY: Go!

>> AMI: You can do it.

>> JEFF: Leann finally heads

back down.

John, he's over the wall with a


John and Leann now both at the

hitching post.

Lopevi has almost lapped Yasur.

Leann getting a second wind...

But it's not enough.

John has passed Leann.

He's through the hitching post,

heading to the truss.

It's the final leg for Lopevi.

>> Go, Leann!

>> JEFF: John is through the

truss with the last two tiki

pieces for Lopevi.

>> Bring 'em up, John.

>> JEFF: Start putting it


Twila and Chad working on the


Leann still fighting with the

hitching post.

Eliza still waiting for her


It may never come.

>> TWILA: Go ahead, king it,

crown it.

>> JEFF: With that, Lopevi wins


>> JOHN K.: Great job, great

job, great job.

>> LEA: High-fives. High-fives.

>> TWILA: I'm proud of you.

>> AMI: Nice job.

>> JEFF: Lopevi, immunity.

No Tribal Council tonight.

You're safe at least one more



>> TWILA: Thank you.

>> JEFF: Yasur, obviously a very

tough challenge.

You guys gave it a great effort,

not enough.

Tonight the seventh person will

be voted out of this game, and

they're coming from your tribe.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Head on back to camp.

>> Whoo!

>> Ow!

(bird singing)

>> LEANN: Oh, my God, I hate

more than anything letting my

team down.

And I... I really didn't want

anybody to go home.

And it was so draining.

That's why I'm an emotional


>> ELIZA: Seriously though,

seriously, how strong were you?

>> LEANN: I just feel so bad.

>> ELIZA: Trust me.

I know how you feel and

everybody has...

I mean, don't worry.

>> LEANN: No, I feel as if I

should go home because I screwed

up so bad.

But at the same time,

I so don't want to go home.

>> SCOUT: Getting to get over


How long does it take you to get

over it?

>> LEANN: I just want to be here


>> ELIZA: I don't think there's

any doubt in anyone's mind that

you will be.

>> LEANN: You guys make me feel

like the best loser ever.

And then I feel guilty because

if I don't go home, someone else

is going to go home because of


There's nothing good about it.

>> AMI: There we go.

You want me to go get more


>> LISA: Yeah, yeah, we're going


>> AMI: Is that all right?

>> SCOUT: I'm gonna go with you.

>> AMI: I can go really quick.

Why... do we need three people

to go?

>> AMI: Oh, in case what?

(Lisa chuckles)

Lisa said she wanted to know

where the manioc was just in

case I wasn't around, and I just

found that quite interesting.

Kind of like an oops, did that

really just come out of your


That's pretty funny, Lisa.

You want to go with me just in

case I'm not here for you...

That's funny.

That's what she just said to me.

>> LISA: That's not what I said.

I said just in case somebody

needs to go get it.

>> AMI: Right.

I think Lisa is so sneaky.

I don't trust her.

I watch.

Watching is the best way to

figure it out, and I don't

really love what I see when I

watch her.

>> LISA: What are you feeling


>> AMI: I don't feel comfortable

voting for Rory, no matter what,

because I feel like he's really

put himself out there.

>> LISA: Yeah, I want him to be

a part.

>> SCOUT: Yeah, absolutely.

>> SCOUT: Which, you know, my

vote is going to be for Liza.

>> AMI: Hmm.

>> SCOUT: I mean, ultimately,


>> AMI: I'm not voting for


After Lisa's comment, I'd vote

for Lisa though before I vote

for Eliza.

>> SCOUT: This Lisa?

>> AMI: Yeah, this Lisa.

Your comment was just rude.

>> LISA: About what?

>> AMI: About, "Oh, I want to go

'cause just in case you're not

around," like...

>> LISA: Oh, honey, I swear to


Wait a minute, Ami.

>> SCOUT: Hey, Ami.

>> LISA: Ami...

(Scout and Lisa talking)

>> AMI: I'm being honest.

>> LISA: Ami, you're the last

one that's going to go, babe,

you know.

>> AMI: It's just that I can

honestly say right now I trust

Eliza more than I trust Lisa.

I'm sorry, but I just do.

>> LISA: I want to know why.

>> AMI: Just because Liza has

always been straight up with me.

There are just little things

that have set me off.

>> LISA: You know, you need to

trust me.

You need... you need to trust


>> AMI: Well, honey, then you

need to make me believe that I

can trust you.

>> LISA: Well, I don't know...

You know what?

I'll be honest, Ami, I haven't

done one thing to make you not

trust me except this comment

which I think is unfair.

I think it's unfair.

>> AMI: It's not just...

It's little things, honey.

>> SCOUT: Let it go.

>> AMI: Like your anger building

up towards me isn't helping one

bit, like, and I can feel it.

>> LISA: I'm kind of insulted.

I'm with you, even if it means

Julie and Twila aren't...

>> SCOUT: Here's a Bible.

>> LISA: Oh. Right hand.

I mean, I am.

>> SCOUT: Here's a Bible.

You're with us till the end of

the line.

So you know she's here till the


>> AMI: Yeah.

>> LISA: I swear to you.

I'm here till the end. Swear.

You know what?

I don't need a person I don't

know not trusting me.

I mean, you know what?

For me to sit there and act like

I'm swearing on the Bible.

You know, I'm not doing that

anymore either.

I refuse to do that again.

I'm not going to swear to my God

to please these people who can't

trust me.

I'm not going to do it anymore.

I'm not going to kiss Ami's butt

to stay in this game.

I wish her butt was out of here

right now, to tell you the

truth, because I'm so mad.

>> RORY: You know I adore Lisa.

>> SCOUT: I do, too.

I trust her.

>> RORY: Actually I'd rather

Eliza left, quite frankly.

I'd rather you figure out how to

get those ladies to change their


>> SCOUT: Well, if I could get

Lisa to go sit down with Ami

but, um, she won't do it, and

there's a tiff between the two

of them.

>> RORY: Between Lisa and Ami?

>> SCOUT: Yeah.

>> RORY: What's the tiff?

>> SCOUT: Hell if I know.

>> RORY: Amazingly enough, my

name is not going to come up in

Tribal Council today, and I'm

just so ecstatic.

I could care less who I vote


All I want is for someone to

leave the island other than me.

You know, I'm just happy to be


>> AMI: Oh, yeah, I'm happy...

Do you know how happy I am that

you're here?

>> RORY: I am so happy.

>> AMI: What?

>> RORY: I am just happy right


>> AMI: There's no way my ass is

voting for you today.

No way.

No way.

>> RORY: Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

It's a knockout for the kid!

>> LISA: Sure.

We're ready.

We love Tribal Council.

>> RORY: I'm happy as a pig in a

poke right now.

I'm just... the rat has found a

crack, and that crack has become

a fissure and nobody gave me any

odds to break this alliance of

women, and I have broken it.

>> JEFF: Welcome back to Tribal


Scout, since you re-divided into

two new tribes you guys have not

won a challenge.

>> SCOUT: Yeah, pitiful, isn't


We've got to quit meeting like

this, Jeff.

>> JEFF: It's easy to get along

when you're winning.

>> SCOUT: Right.

>> JEFF: You guys are in


>> SCOUT: Right.

>> JEFF: I mean, you got blown

out again today, and now you

will have fewer members than


>> SCOUT: You know what, that's

just how it is, but we don't

feel whooped yet.

Our tails are not dragging, and

we're going to keep giving it

the best shot we've got.

>> JEFF: Leann, you had to feel

a little responsible today.

>> LEANN: A lot responsible.

I can only say that I know now

that swimming is not my strong

point (chuckles) and hopefully

I can be an asset in other

challenges, and I don't think

I'm too bad to live with, so I

hope they keep me around.

>> JEFF: Scout, given the

choice of voting out somebody

based on loyalty or based on

strength in helping me in a

challenge, which way do you


>> SCOUT: I would lean toward


Loyalty is really important.

>> JEFF: Eliza, you think people

can trust you in this tribe?

>> ELIZA: I think that the

people that I've told that they

can trust me, I think they do

trust me, yeah, definitely.

>> RORY: She hasn't told me that


(scattered chuckling)

>> ELIZA: You can trust me,


(Rory mutters)

>> JEFF: A little late for that,

huh, Rory?

Lisa, do you think people trust

you at this point?

>> LISA: You know what, I sure

hope so.

I've proven it a couple of

times, and I'm sticking to my

word, Jeff.

I'm sticking to what I've said

and you know what, that's the

only thing I can hope for.

I don't know what else I can do.

>> JEFF: Ami, given the choice,

I'm going to keep somebody

'cause I know I can trust them,

I'm going to keep somebody I'm

not sure about trust, but right

now, I just need them on my


>> AMI: Um... loyalty.

I'm going to go with loyalty

right now.

>> JEFF: Rory, where does that

put you?

>> RORY: Jeff, we know where

that puts me.

It put me on the hot spot, and

it's the same hot spot that I've

been all along, but what can I


I mean, my ass is hanging out,


I've worked 110% from day one

that I've been with Yasur, and

all I asked was for a fair


That's all I've asked for.

>> JEFF: It is time to vote.

Eliza, you're up.

>> LISA: Well, I really don't

want to vote you off, but I want

to prove that my word is good

with the ladies.

Anyway, good luck.

>> SCOUT: Rory, this is not a

vote against you.

This is a vote in support of our

alliance, and it's an honoring

vote for Lisa, who I really


I couldn't put her name down.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Lisa, one vote Rory.


Two votes Rory, one vote Lisa.


Two votes Lisa, two votes Rory.


Three votes Lisa, two votes


The seventh person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...


You need to bring me your torch.

Lisa, the tribe has spoken.

>> LISA: True to my word.

>> JEFF: The last time you left

here, it was girls sticking

together all the way.

Obviously, after tonight's vote,

that is no longer the case.

As a tribe, you've got some

catching up to do.

Tomorrow is another day.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

>> JEFF: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> JULIE: I just think the guys

are going to shaft us.

>> JEFF: Julie and Twila


>> JULIE: But little do they


>> JEFF: And Rory tries to break

into the women's alliance.

>> RORY: I don't know them men.

I know you guys a lot better

than I know them.

>> AMI: You're definitely in a

rough spot right now.

>> RORY: If I get voted off this

island, the Yasur tribe will


>> LISA: I was voted off because

there were a few women whom I

tried to be trustworthy with,

particularly Ami, and they could

not trust me, for whatever

reason I don't know, but she

definitely had some power over

the other women and so they

voted me out and that's the way

it is, but I believe it was

totally unfair.