Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 5 - Earthquakes and Shake-Ups! - full transcript

A major earthquake rocks the island, literally shaking things up for the tribes.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> I didn't trust you.

>> PROBST: Lisa and Eliza

clashed after Lisa switched


>> Now, you can either

take that or not, Eliza.

>> I'm furious.

I'm gonna be civil to her, but

if she were gone tomorrow, I

would be thrilled.

>> PROBST: At Lopevi, John and

Brady felt their days were


>> I can't stand the

way that this tribe ended up.

Why are we letting fat dudes run

the show?

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the memory skills of

the Yasur women won them Da, an

island native for 24 hours.

Da is a rock star when it comes

to living on the island.

Back at camp, Da got right to

business, uncovering a bounty of

food for the Yasur women.

>> Good stuff.

>> Oh...

>> Is it sweet?

>> Who knew we had all this

food right in our backyard?

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, the women worked well

under the guidance of Eliza.

>> Okay, yellow skull,

brown skull.

Switch it, switch it, switch it!

>> Brown skull...

>> We got it.

>> PROBST: But Rory failed to

control his tribe.

>> Move that down...

>> Hey, switch like colors.

>> Guys, guys.

>> PROBST: Guys need to work

together, or you're never gonna

solve this.

>> I think we got it, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Yasur wins immunity.

( cheering )

After losing the challenge for

Lopevi, Rory knew he was in


>> I hope the five of us

really are together, 'cause if


>> Without a doubt.

>> ...I'm dead right now.

>> PROBST: And Sarge wavered

with the older alliance, giving

John and Brady new hope.

>> If Brady, uh, gets voted

out, I'm gonna lose a real good

work partner.

>> Sarge could, at the

last second, make a change.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Sarge held to his

alliance, and Brady was voted


Brady, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

( birds singing )

>> Sarge, last night you

were talking about a different

vote we were gonna maybe have

this morning about sleeping.

>> What's that?

>> Did you bring it up?

>> Oh, yeah, some people

were upset, and I said, the

easiest thing to do is just vote

on rotating around the fire.

>> Well, I mean, you're

in the house, so, I mean, what's

it to you?

>> But people were upset

that you sleep in the same spot

every night.

>> Well, they can build

a bridge and get over it.

>> We're a team.

You didn't come here to be an


You came here to be a team.

>> But if you had the

problem, Chad, why couldn't you

be man enough to come and tell

me yourself?

>> It's not just me.

>> It wasn't just Chad.

>> Well, then why didn't

you come to me personally?

Why did you have to go to him?

>> We talked about this before.

>> We-we talked about it.

You said build a bridge and get

over it.

>> Everybody thinks that

there's certain spots around the

fire that are better than

others, and I don't think that's


>> Yeah.

>> These two spots are the


That spot right...

That strip there for two is


is like first class.

Some positions are more

desirable than others, because

the wind comes generally from

one direction, and it blows the

smoke and sparks and ash over

one edge of the fire.

Bubba just would not give up

this prime spot.

>> Where you were last

night, just move one spot over.

It's no big deal.

>> I won't even sleep

around the fire.

>> Oh, Bubba, come on.

>> That's what everybody wants,


>> Don't do that.

Don't-don't do that, brother.

>> There's a lot of

testosterone in the camp.

It's the little things that are

getting on people's nerves.

I'm kind of getting tired of

hanging out with these men.

( laughs )

It's so lonely.

>> Oh, man, there's dudes

down there in a canoe or


>> It looks like they're

coming this way.

>> It does.

>> If I knew we was

gonna have visitors, I'd have

baked a cake.

>> When the two men

arrived, immediately I was

pretty excited about it.

I mean, it's the first visitor

we've had, and we've not had a

lot of interaction with the nee


( speaking native language )

( speaking native language )

>> One chief.

One chief.

>> One chief.

>> One chief.

>> One chief.

>> The guy came out and

started talking to us in some

language that I have no idea.

The one thing we could kind of

pick out is that he wanted us to

establish a-a leader.

( speaking native language )

>> One chief...

>> Who's chief?

>> I guess he wants

somebody to go with him.

>> Sarge, I think you're


>> One chief.

>> One chief.

>> They said, "Hey, Sarge,

they're calling for you."

They said "You've got to go with


I got ready to go, and I took my

long pants off and got my socks

off and everything, got ready to


Then all of a sudden, he hands

me a chief staff, and then he

puts the chief, uh, emblem

around my neck.

Then he turns around and gets in

his boat, and we're, like, "I

guess I'm not going with him."

>> What the hell's going

on today?

( speaking native language )

>> One chief.

>> Choose one chief.

>> One chief.

>> Choose one chief?

>> Scout.

>> Scout?

>> Scout.

>> Scout?

>> Scout's our chief.

>> Scout's our chief.

>> Scout.

She's definitely our chief.

She's the oldest.

She's the wisest.

I think it was obvious for all

of us.

>> That's it?


>> Uh-oh.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> Going bye-bye?

>> Have a good day.

Thank you.

>> We're not really sure

what this is all about, but we

kind of have a feeling that the

tribes are going to get mixed up

in some way, but it could be


How do we know?

We just have to wait and see.

( loud rumbling )

>> Holy...

Oh, my God.

( bats squeaking )

>> Whoa!

Did you feel that earthquake?

( rumbling continues )

>> Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

( loud, thunderous rumbling )

( bats squeaking )

>> I have never...


Still going, bro.


>> Hey, hey...

>> Ride 'em, cowboy.

( loud cawing )

>> That scared the daylights

out of me. Whew!

>> We don't have those in


>> I have never felt like

that in my life.

Yeah, I felt the ground opening.

I'm telling you.

>> I mean, I'm like, dude.

I mean, I heard about

earthquakes, but I never

imagined the whole earth just


>> It's still going.

It's going.

>> I loved it.

>> Oh, I'm shaking like a...

Look at my hand.

( laughs )

>> You rock 'n' roll, Mama.

>> Yeah.

I'm happy. Whoo!

>> I could do without that.

>> PROBST: Okay, before we get

to business, did anybody feel

the earthquake?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> That was the wildest

thing of the day.

>> Yes.

>> That was my cherry, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Bubba, that was your

first earthquake?

>> That was my first


At-at first, you could, like,

hear it before you hit, and,

buddy, when it hit, man, them

trees started shaking, coconuts

started falling.

I mean, it was a sight.

Oh, I was excited.

>> PROBST: Yasur, what was going

on when it hit for you guys,


>> Oh.

>> I was, uh, chopping

vegetables, and I'm not kidding,

I thought the ground was getting

ready to split.

It scared the daylights out of


>> PROBST: All right, well,

let's get down to the business

about why chiefs were selected.

Sarge, Scout, over here.

Everybody else, drop your buffs.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let me explain how it's gonna


One of you two is going to

divide these two tribes into two

new tribes, mixing up the men

and the women.

Because there is one extra

woman, one woman will not be


We'll deal with that later.

Once the tribes have been

divided, the other leader will

choose which tribe they want to

take back with them to their


To make things fair, we'll rock,

paper, scissor to see who gets

to divide the tribes and who

gets to choose.

>> One, two, three.

>> PROBST: Paper covers rock.

Sarge, do you want to divide, or

do you want to choose?

>> I'll choose.

>> PROBST: It's on you.

You're gonna divide these


Make sure you divide them as

evenly as possible, alternating

between men and women to make

sure it doesn't hurt you later

when Sarge chooses which tribe

he wants.

>> Rory.

>> PROBST: Now pick another guy

to go to the other tribe.

>> Chad.

>> PROBST: Scout, pick one woman

to join Rory.

>> Eliza.

>> PROBST: Eliza joins Rory.

Pick a woman to join Chad.

>> Jules.

>> PROBST: Julie joins Chad.

Pick another guy to join Rory

and Eliza.

>> Bubba.

>> Bubba.

>> PROBST: Pick another guy to

join Chad and Julie.

>> Chris.

>> PROBST: Chris says hello to


Scout, pick a woman to join

Eliza, Bubba and Rory.

>> Leann.

>> Hello.

>> PROBST: Pick a woman to join

Julie, Chad and Chris.

>> Twila.

>> PROBST: All right.

John is the last man.

Tell John where he's going.

>> With, uh, Chad and

Chris and Jules and Twila.

>> PROBST: Now we're down to a

really tough decision.

Two women left.

One woman is going to join

Bubba, Leann, Eliza and Rory.

Which one is it going to be?

>> Ami.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Scout has divided the tribes.

Sarge, which group do you want

to take back with you to Lopevi?

Go join 'em.

Scout, go join your new Yasur


Yasur, Yasur.

Drop yours, Sarge.

Everybody's getting a new buff.

It's a new Lopevi tribe.

All right.

Lisa, because you

were not chosen...

>> I'm going bye-bye?

>> PROBST: You get to choose.

>> Yes!


>> Come on, try something easy.

>> Come on, Lisa.

>> PROBST: Take your time.

>> We need you, Lis.

>> We want you, Lisa.

>> Lunch is ready when you

get back.

>> We really want you, Lisa.

>> Yeah!


All right!

( Yasur cheering )

>> Oh, yeah!



Thank you so much!

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

your first challenge as new


It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

One tribe member at a time is

going to dive off the platform,

swim out to a buoy, dive down,

retrieve a marker.

There are 13 markers in total.

Deepest marker is 30 feet down.

The deeper you go, the harder it


Bring it back to the platform

and get it up on the board.

This is timed game.

After ten minutes, whichever

tribe has the most wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: Been out here a


Little bit of a shakeup.

Figured your taste buds could


>> Oh, Jeff...

>> PROBST: Pringles and beer.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: Give you a little


You get one chip for the tribe.

>> All right!

>> We only get one chip?

>> PROBST: That's it.

>> Oh, Jeff.

>> Cheers.

>> Cheers.

>> Here we go.

>> Mm.

Oh, my lord.

>> PROBST: Okay.

For the winning

tribe, you will leave here.

You'll be taken to a waterfall.

All the Pringles, all the beer

you can put down your gut.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Yasur, you have one

extra member.

You're sitting somebody out.

Who's sitting out?

>> Bubba.

>> PROBST: Bubba's going to sit

this one out.

Everybody else swim out, wait

for my go.

Here we go, for reward: a day

at the waterfalls, Pringles and


Survivors ready?


>> Here we go.

>> PROBST: Scout and Twila first


Twila first down.

Scout trailing.

Twila can't get it untied,

coming up for air.

Scout's been underwater a long


>> Scout!

>> PROBST: Scout has the first

marker for Yasur.

>> Come back.

>> Come on back.

>> PROBST: Twila can't get a

marker, coming back.

Yasur with one marker.

Chad in the water.

Leann in the water.

Chad has it.

Chad back with Lopevi's first


Got to get up on the board.


Julie going down to eight feet.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Leann has the eight-

foot marker.

>> Good job, Yasur!

>> PROBST: Yasur up 2-1.

Julie's been down there a long

time, and she has it.

Rory heading down to 10 feet.

Lopevi, good to go.

Rory's yanking on something.

He's got it.

Sarge has his.

We're dead even.

Yasur with three.

Good to go.

Lopevi with three.

Good to go.

Chris is heading to 12 feet.

Eliza back with one for Yasur.

>> Way to go, Yasur!

>> PROBST: Yasur leads...

>> ( grunts ): I dropped it.

>> Oh, shoot.

>> You dropped it?

>> What happens if he dropped it


>> PROBST: Chris lost his


It's gone.

You got to get the next one.

Chris has lost one marker for


Five minutes left.

John going down for Lopevi.

Ami heading in for Yasur.

Yasur up 4-3.

John ties it up.


John heading back out for

another marker.

Both guys under a long time.

Ami with another marker.

John with another marker.

Yasur with five.

Lopevi with five.

John's worn out.

>> Here we go.

>> PROBST: Julie got another

marker for Lopevi.

Rory ties it up.


Three minutes left.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Chris with the

seventh marker.

( Yasur cheering )

Ami back with another one for


Tied up 7-7.

>> ( screams )

>> PROBST: Sarge trying, can't

get it.

>> It's unbearable.

My ears.

>> You got to come back or go


>> Oh, he got it.

>> PROBST: Yasur leads 8-7.

We're down to two minutes.

John heads down to 22 feet.

Yasur has eight.

Lopevi has seven.


We're tied at eight.

Both tribes tied at eight.

Less than a minute left.

Next marker that comes up will

have the lead.

Both have been under a long


>> Come on, Ami.

>> PROBST: Chris really working


>> That thing is deep.

And I got it!

( Lopevi cheering )

>> PROBST: Lopevi in the lead.

It's up to Ami.

If she's comes up with a marker,

Yasur ties.

If she doesn't, Lopevi wins.

Amy can't do it.

We're out of time.

Lopevi wins reward.

All the Pringles and beer at a


Amazing effort, guys.

Yasur, you have a new tribe, and

for some of you, a new home.

Head on back to shore.

Lopevi, congratulations on your

first win as a new tribe.

>> ALL: Yeah!

>> PROBST: You will leave from


You'll head directly to the


All the Pringles you can eat,

all the beer you can drink.

Good chance to get to know each


Head on in.

>> Yeah!

>> Different flavors, guys.

>> Different flavors!

>> Yeah!

>> Ice-cold beer.

>> Yeah!

>> I like original.

>> After spending 11 days

eating greens and plantains,

this tastes like gold.

>> Great job today, guys.

>> Let's do it.

>> Let's do it.

( all cheering )

>> Ow!

>> We got our new buffs,

our new tribe mates.

We got rid of some people, and

now, um, it seems like

everybody's kind of happy.

>> Oh, man, this tastes good!

>> Ow!

>> And summer's great!

Yeah, you got the summer.

>> Awesome!

I can relate to this guy.

I'm loving this.

I've got something to talk

about. Yes!

I love my other tribe.

Am I going to miss 'em?

Oh, hell, yes.

But yet I fit in better with

these guys up here.

I'm already kicking with these

guys where I was never able to

kick with the girls.

Do you take yours in comp when

you get overtime?

>> Yeah, oh, yeah.

I max out every year.

>> That is wild, dude!

Another guy that works for

highway transportation.

You know, this is just, you

know... things are clicking.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Doesn't this feel...?

>> Oh, yeah, the mist is


>> I'm all buzzed up.

I mean, not from the beer, but

just buzzed up from the change

and, you know, the evolution


I'm sure there's underlying

things going on, you know.

I mean, two women, the rest of

the men, so are they going to

try to pick us off?

I don't know, so me and Twila

are trying to weasel our way in

there pretty tight.

>> As soon as the

tribes started to swap, I was

psyched, because I knew that my

odds in this game had

drastically increased.

I was starting to get scared

because the guys' alliance was

really tight, and I wasn't a

member of it.

But the bottom line is now that

it's broken up, that's all the

work that I was trying to do is

break it up.

I'm just psyched.

I mean, our tribe's looking

really good.

Compared to the other tribe, I

think we really have an


>> We had a tribe swap of

sorts today.

>> Welcome to our shack.

>> We lost the reward

challenge, which was

disappointing, but, you know, we

don't even feel the loss right

now, because everyone's kind of

excited that there are new faces


>> Vittles on.

>> Thanks.

>> Go ahead.

Isn't too bad, huh, guys?

>> Thank you, ladies, so much.

>> Yeah, you're making

us feel very welcome.

>> Well, you're part of

our tribe now.

>> I thought it'd feel

kind of strange, but this is all


That's the best meal I've had

since I've been here.

By far.

>> We have sugar cane, by

the way.

>> Get out!

>> We've been chewing

sticks of sugar.

>> I've been dying for

sugared stuff.

I think I'm really going to

enjoy living over here with the

ladies, and stuff like that.

>> You're not going to

swallow it.

>> You chew it.

Chew it and spit it out.

>> Being in a tribe with

a bunch of women, it does make

you nervous, because one wrong

move, buddy, and they'll vote

you out.

Don't think they won't.

I guess you could say I'm

sweating like a prostitute in

church, I guess you could say.

( laughing )

>> Wiggle, wiggle.

There you go.

You're the man.

These guys right now seem pretty

willing to please.

Right now they're just like

whatever it takes to get it


>> We going to show them

how to do the coconut?

Hey, did y'all see how...?

>> Why?

>> Huh?

>> Why?

>> Why what?

We've been showing the guys all

kinds of stuff, and I said,

"Oh, I'm going to show them how

to crack the coconut."

Ami was, like, "Why?"

Because to show them how to do

it-- it's cool.

Well, why would you want to do


You know, I'm like...

why not?

>> You want to teach them,

teach them.

>> I think it's kind of


>> I was so happy that Rory

and Bubba started lifting stuff

and moving stuff and doing


What I got irritated with was I

saw a little bit of our bond


The girls were so excited to

show them everything.

I just don't think it's really

that important that we show them

all of our secrets.

We're definitely still five

women strong.

That's not going to change; at

least on my end it's not going

to change.

I'm sticking by the ladies.

So, they really need to prove


Otherwise, they're out of here.

There we go.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

today's immunity challenge.

First things first.


>> Chris, think about

the merge.

>> PROBST: Immunity-- back up

for grabs.

Let me explain how it's going to


You're going to race into the

jungle, collecting pieces to

build an outrigger canoe.

Both tribes will start with your

canoe on the beach.

Two tribe members will go into

the jungle, untie the frame,

bring it back.

The next two tribe members will

go deeper into the jungle, untie

two paddles, bring them back.

The last two tribe members will

go even further into the jungle,

untie the outrigger, bring it


Once you've gathered all the

pieces on the beach, you can

begin to assemble the outrigger.

Two tribe members will then

paddle out, retrieve the tribe

flag, come back to the beach.

Your outrigger must hit the

final marker pole on your way


First tribe with all six tribe

members and their tribe flag on

the mat wins immunity.

The losers-- Tribal Council, and

this game will be over tonight

for somebody.

Yasur, you have one extra tribe

member, got to sit somebody out.

Bubba sat out yesterday.

Who's sitting out today?

>> I'll sit out.

>> PROBST: Scout, you're going

to sit this one out.

Everybody else take your spots,

wait for my go.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready.


Sarge and Twila attacking the


Bubba with the first knot


>> Pull, pull, pull it out.

You got to start pulling the

other one.

>> PROBST: One knot left in the

center; Twila working on that.

Dead even.

Lopevi has their frame.

>> Bring it down here,


>> PROBST: Yasur right behind.

Bubba taking it all.

>> Pick it up.

Come on, go, go!

>> Hit the mat, hit the


Ami, you hit the mat, too.

>> PROBST: Next two-- go, go,


Chad and Julie with a bit of a

head start on the paddles.

Leann and Eliza right behind.

>> Come on, let's get those

oars back!

>> PROBST: Julie, almost there.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Yasur, making up a

lot of time.

Leann has hers free.

She's helping Eliza.

We're dead even.

Chad and Julie are out.

Leann and Eliza right behind.

>> Come on, ladies, let's go!

>> Come on, Julie, come on!

>> Get ready.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Next two-- go!

Leann and Eliza right behind.

Yasur's still in it.

Next two-- go!

Final piece.

>> Come on, dude.

>> PROBST: John working his


Rory right behind working on


John with a bit of a lead.

Rory trying to make up some


Still very tight.

John getting very close.

Rory falling a bit behind.

Rory going to have to make up a

lot of ground for Yasur.

>> Do it.

>> PROBST: John very close.

>> Lower it down, okay?

As soon as my end touches the

ground, come on down.

>> PROBST: Chris and John

getting the outrigger portion.

Chris untying the last knot.

John and Chris have the


They're heading back to the


>> Steady pace; I'm right

behind you.

>> PROBST: Yasur losing a lot of


>> Pace, pace, pace.

>> They are not even close.

>> PROBST: Go, Rory, you're in


Lopevi still needs to assemble

their canoe.

>> Hey, Chad, ready?

>> On the side.

>> Start assembling.

>> Over, in.

>> I got it.

>> PROBST: Lopevi with a big


>> Come on, Rory!

>> Come on, let's go.

>> PROBST: Rory's dragging it.

A lot of ground to make up.

Start assembling.

Ooh, careful.

>> Watch out, watch out, watch


JEFF: Both tribes working on

their outriggers.

Lopevi with a big lead.

Lisa working for Yasur, Bubba

working for Yasur, Yasur working

very well together, making up

some time.

Lopevi has theirs together.

>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Get in.

Get in, Chad.

We can't go no farther.

>> Go; push the other

way, Chad.

I'll turn it, I'll turn it;

we're fine.

Keep pushing, Chad.

>> PROBST: Chad and John working

together out to retrieve the

tribe flag.

The big lead on Yasur.

>> You ready?

>> PROBST: Get out there.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Yasur in the water.

>> Get in, Bubba.

>> Go.

Head the right direction.

>> PROBST: Yasur with a terrible


>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: They pushed their

tribe completely the wrong


>> We're going backwards.

>> PROBST: Panic by Yasur in a

bad push-off.

>> Turn it around.

>> PROBST: Let's go, Yasur.

Pick it up.

>> We've got to go from

that side, all right?

>> Straighten it out.

>> Don't worry, man,

just paddle!

>> PROBST: Lopevi's now all over

the map.

>> Go, go!

>> Stroke, stroke.

>> Grab it, Chad!

There you go.


>> PROBST: Lopevi has their

tribe flag.

Yasur's closing the gap.

>> Keep it going!

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Yasur with their

tribe flag.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: They're around the

buoy and heading back.

>> Row!

>> PROBST: Going to be a race to

the finish.

>> Paddle the other

side, bro.

When you paddle that way, it

turns, man.

>> PROBST: Lopevi heading the

wrong way.

>> Oh, whoa.

>> PROBST: Yasur's still in


>> Chad, use the bottom

to turn, use the bottom to turn!

>> PROBST: Lopevi's got to hit

their flag.

>> Get out, get out, get out!

>> PROBST: Lopevi wins immunity!

( cheering )

Lopevi-- congratulations.

Nobody going home tonight.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> PROBST: Yasur, not sure what

went on out there.

Rory, you lost a lot of time on

the knots.

Some of the worst paddling I've

ever seen.

Somebody's going to pay for it


See you at Tribal Council.

Head back to camp.

>> Tribal Council is coming up

and Bubba and I are both...

it's very, very apparent

that one of the two of us has

got to go.

I feel the women of Yasur are

going to vote as a solid block.

I feel extremely vulnerable.

The only thing I can do is

assume the worst and hope for

the best and pray to God that

I'm here tomorrow.

>> What did we look like

out there?

Did we look like total idiots,

or what?

I'm annoyed as hell with Bubba

right now.

The second that we arrived at

our challenge, I see Bubba

making signals to Chris.

He was communicating completely,

and Chris was nodding like,

"Yep, that's right.

Yep, that's right."

Bubba was not helping me one


>> No.

>> During the entire time,


>> Was he trying to tell...

>> Yes.

I saw him talking to Chris.

I just watched it happen the

whole time.

It was disgusting.

People will...

people will get

themselves kicked out.

You don't have kick them out.

They'll get themselves kicked


I don't know exactly how the

other girls are voting, but I

definitely have my vote.

Bubba is not part of the tribe.

He's making plans with the other



Can you see Michael Jordan

whispering over to the other

team what their next play is?

Hell, no.

He is not on our team.

He's out.

I'm done with him.

>> What do you guys want

to eat?

>> When we got to the

immunity challenge and I saw my

old tribe mates, out of a-a

desperate chance, trying to

communicate with Chris, I was

trying to mouth "merge" for

him to think of the merge.

Because if, uh, they win all

these immunity challenges, the

women are going to have the

advantage during the merge, and

they're going to pick the guys

off one by one.

But, who knows, I may have got

caught with my hands in the

cookie jar.

>> Losing sure does take it

out of you.

>> It took the wind out

of my sails.

If y'all choose me, will you

tell me before I go?

>> I don't know.

You have to ask the boss.

>> I just said, "If you


could you tell me

before I go?"

>> Ask everybody, you'll find...

everyone knows.

>> I didn't...

I didn't say that.

I just said if y'all choose I'd

like to know before I go.

I just don't want to get

blindsided, you know what I'm


You know, that's all I ask.

I wasn't asking for you to vote

either way.

I just would like to know.

>> Yeah, no, I hear you.

>> Ami noticed Bubba

making, uh, hand signals and

working with the other team

trying to signal them something,

so, how do you feel about that,

little one?

>> I'm worried that we're

shooting ourselves in the

foot, you know.

>> Yeah.

>> I just think it's

going to be...

I just think it's

going to get harder.

I don't know.

>> Okay.

>> It's definitely

dangerous to vote the guys off.

These challenges are going to be

physical and we are going to

need their strength.

I don't want to vote off Bubba

or Rory.

We like them both a lot.

I think we could...


like, we're already down four

guys to two.

Now we're going to be down to

just one guy on our team and

then we're going to have really

physical challenges and...


>> We're not going to kick

one of us off.

>> Thank you, Lord, for

everything that you've done for


Thank you for all the

opportunities that you've given

us and thank you for the

beautiful days on Vanuatu.

Thank you, Lord, thank you.


You know I love you, brother.

>> I love you, too, bro.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal


Let's go back to when we


Lisa, after being women and men

this long, is this truly one

new tribe now?

>> Well, we've tried to

make them as welcome in the

tribe, and we actually have

enjoyed having two men around.

Feels like they have been with

us forever, and I've personally

enjoyed it a lot.

>> PROBST: Leann, what's the

reaction on a split?

Is it, "All right, this is the

tribe I'm on now and who knows

what's coming next?"

>> I think it's really

difficult after 11 days of

bonding with all these women,

and I'm not going to lie, I

haven't made the switch.

>> PROBST: So it's still men

versus women for you?

>> Yes, it is.

>> PROBST: Ami, are they equal

members, even though there are

five women and two men?

>> This morning I thought

we were one team.

I was excited about the


I was ready to go, and I see

Bubba making signals to Chris,

and the second I saw that

signal, I'm like, we're not a

team; this is not a team here.

That... I-I saw it happen.

>> PROBST: So, Bubba, at today's

immunity challenge, you tried to

get a signal or you gave a


>> I was trying to get a

signal to let me know if they

were going to play it to win or

they were going to strategize

trying to get more men into

the merge.

>> PROBST: What were you hoping

to get back?

>> Just a...

a thumbs up

or a smile or a wave--


I took a chance.

It was a big gamble.

>> We had all intentions

on winning.

>> And you weren't going to

be the one that we had picked,

if we did lose, to go.

>> PROBST: Rory, a little

worried on your end, then?

>> The fact of the matter

is, Jeff, the only thing that

could have changed our fate is

for Yasur to have won immunity


That's the only thing that was

going to stop one of us two from

leaving tonight.

>> PROBST: Ami, is it a little

difficult for you to know you're

going to sacrifice both these

guys when they really didn't do

anything other than end up on

the wrong end of the buff?

>> Yeah, it's a little

difficult for me, but I'm glad--

sorry to say this, guys-- but

I'm glad that we have them and

it's not Twila or Jules that are

going home tonight.

>> PROBST: Bubba, so why should

they keep you?

>> Because I-I busted my

butt trying to win.

I almost drowned when I was a

kid in the ocean.

I never set foot in the ocean

till I got here.

Six weeks I came here, I learned

how to swim.

So you know me getting my butt

in that boat was making a big

step, so I am a team player.

It's just, I made a mistake.

If you need to win challenges

and stuff, you know beyond a

shadow of a doubt, I'm going to

bust my butt to do it.

>> PROBST: Rory, why Bubba and

not you?

>> These women know where

my heart is, and they know that

if anybody is capable of being

110% part of this team, it's


I go down with my ship, and if I

can't break into that union of

women, of the sisters, then I'm

going to take my lumps.

I'm man enough to do that.

>> I just wanted to say

when I...

initially divided up

the teams, there were three guys

that I really wanted to play the

game with, and these are two of

them, and, uh, the game ain't

over till the fat lady sings.

>> PROBST: It is time to vote.

Leann, you're up.

>> Bubba, you know you're

my brother.

We were just put in an awkward

situation where it was going to

be you or I.

>> Rory, I picked you,

and, uh, go get him, girls.

>> Sorry, Bubba, you know


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Travis-- Bubba.


One vote Bubba, one vote Rory.


That's two Bubba.


That's three votes Bubba.

The sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...


That's four votes.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Bubba, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Peace out, y'all.

>> PROBST: Well, Yasur is now

down to six members, same number

as Lopevi.

The question is, will the women

stay united?

Will there be a merge?

A lot of questions, a lot of

game left.

Grab your torches, head back to


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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> I will not...

>> PROBST: Rory makes a daring


>> ...continue to slave

around camp if I do not have a

shot at making it through Tribal


My speech was so cheesy, I

couldn't even believe I was

saying it.

>> PROBST: And the clothes come

off at Lopevi.

>> I think the coed thing

is working really well for our

tribe now.

>> I had a great time


Got in trouble throwing a little


I think the Yankees are going to

give me a job to work first base

so I can send some signals.

It really shocked me how close

you can become with a person

when you're with them that long.

And one thing I learned, the

important thing is what you have

in life and that's my family.