Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 15 - Survivor: Vanuatu - Islands of Fire - The Reunion - full transcript

In front of a live studio audience and the entire cast of VANUATU, Jeff Probst announces the Sole Survivor and winner of the $1 million.

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>> CHRIS: You question a woman's
character, you question a

woman's ability, she'll snap
your neck.

You open up your heart, show a
woman you're vulnerable, then

they start thinking with their

That's when they open up that

That's what's happened this

(sustained applause
and cheering)

(tribal-style drumming)
>> JEFF: That is just one of the

reasons Chris is sitting here
tonight as winner of

Survivor: Vanuatu-- your
ability to read people.

We have everybody here.

It is the reunion show.

We are live in Hollywood.

And, Chris, looking back on
this, rough start for you on

that balance beam...

>> Without a doubt.

>> JEFF: ...then the women's

You get down to this last guy.

Was there a key moment anywhere
in that game that changed things

for you and changed your track?

>> CHRIS: Yeah, absolutely.

After the merge and the women
began voting off...

started out with Rory and their
pecking order went straight

down to me, I think the turning
point for me was after Chad got

voted off, and I was put in a
situation back at camp where,

you know, I had to watch what I

And basically, there was a time
during the game when Julie had

asked me a question before a
challenge, and her question was,

since she jumped back over the
fence with the women, was: "Do

you hate me?"
And I said, "No, no, I don't

hate you, you know, I'm really

And that was the way I left it.

>> JEFF: You played the
disappointment card.

>> CHRIS: Yeah, I pulled out a
sympathy card, and Julie-- Julie

was absolutely, you know, the
person that campaigned for me,

with Ami, and little did I know
how strong Leann's word in their

alliance was until we just
watched it, but...

>> JEFF: One of the points in
that is you did a good job of

figuring out what people wanted
to hear or what they needed to


Had you said to Julie, "Yeah,
I'm mad," she'd have probably

said, "Well, tough."

And then you played this big

"I'm just really disappointed."

>> CHRIS: Yeah, well, Julie
had caught a wrath from Chad.

Chad was extremely upset with
Julie when they voted off Rory,

and, you know, Sarge... Sarge
had a little bit of trouble

containing himself.

>> JEFF: You saw an opening to
go a different way?

>> CHRIS: I saw an opening to
keep my mouth shut, because

there's six women, and we
had no control of the game.

>> JEFF: Julie, he pays you back
by putting his arm around you,

stroking your hair and then
cutting your throat.

>> JULIE: Yeah, and I actually,
and I wined and dined him before

he gave... before he did cut my

>> JEFF: And then who'd you vote

>> JULIE: I voted for Chris--
because he played me so hard.

I wasn't going to vote out of

>> JEFF: So you were able to
separate personal feelings at

that moment and still look and
say, "He did play me."

>> JULIE: Yes.

>> JEFF: And you said somewhere
in there, you gave somebody an

opportunity, you picked somebody
to trust...

>> JULIE: Right.

>> JEFF: Which you ultimately
have to do.

>> JULIE: Right. Yeah.

>> JEFF: It was the person
who... who... who got you.

>> JULIE: Exactly.

>> JEFF: Eliza, basically the
same story.

>> ELIZA: Yup.

>> JEFF: He comes to you and
says, "I've never broken

my alliance."

He does the same thing-- little
pat on the back, rub of the

shoulders, pull out the knife,
boom, you're gone.

>> ELIZA: Yup.

>> JEFF: Who did you vote for?

>> ELIZA: I voted for Chris.

>> JEFF: Now, was your vote for
Chris or against Twila?

>> ELIZA: A little bit of both,
but it was a lot against Twila,

I have to say.

I mean, I was pretty... pretty
upset with her.

I felt like she had treated me
with no respect throughout the

game and she had been really
awful to me.

You know, throughout watching
this, I have grown to love Twila

and, you know, I don't harbor
animosity, but at the time I was

furious with her.

>> JEFF: And, Chris, did that
factor into your decision of who

to take?

Were you looking and saying,
"Here's who I think I'll do

better against in the final?"
>> CHRIS: Oh, absolutely, every

day that went by.

You know, God bless Twila.

She's Twila and, you know, you
define Twila and just watch the

game and you'll define Twi...

Just, um, absolutely.

Twila is outspoken, and Twila
wasn't shy about telling

somebody what she thought,
especially with Eliza, and with

six women, you know, absolutely.

She was...

>> TWILA: What you're saying
is I most of the time said the

truth, but you lied like a dog
and won?

>> Yup.

>> TWILA: Is that what you're

I see how it works.

>> CHRIS: That sounds good to

(applause and cheering)
>> JEFF: I think that's pretty

clear at this point.

>> TWILA: Thank you very much.

>> CHRIS: It's what she said.

>> JEFF: Leann, you also voted
for Chris.

>> LEANN: Yes.

Well, it was twofold.

Um, Chris, I mean, there was no
way a guy was getting to the

final four, much less the final

He had to have played.

Kudos to him, and secondly, I
promised Twila I'd never

write her name down.

(laughter and applause)
>> CHAD: Good one.

>> JEFF: So, again a bit of a
vote against Twila.

Your vote sounds like it was as
much against Twila as it was for


>> LEANN: As much as want to
separate the feelings and game,

I found it very difficult and,
yeah, my feelings were hurt.

>> JEFF: On the flip side, Ami,
in spite of everything you said,

you voted for Twila.

>> AMI: I couldn't help it.

She played me and I didn't think
I could be played to be honest.

She got me.

She got me, and she got me right
in the face, and to me she

deserved it.

She got me straight on.

>> JEFF: Did anything of your
vote for her have to do with the

women's alliance and just
voting for a woman?

>> AMI: No, it definitely
didn't, because Chris played an

awesome game, but it came down
to Twila got me.

Chris had a little bit to do
with it, but of course he would.

She flat-out outplayed me, so I
didn't have anything against

Chris at all.

I thought he played a great

>> JEFF: I didn't read the last

The last vote was for Chris.

You got two votes, one was Ami
and one was Scout.

Same question.

Was it the women's alliance that
kept you in there voting for


>> SCOUT: Yes. I had a real
alliance with Twila, I kept it

all the way to the end, and when
the final vote came down, I

couldn't give a million dollars
for that much ...

>> TWILA: I love you, Scout.

>> JEFF: Sarge, you voted for

The question is, was it, "I'm
voting for a man all the way, or

was it based on Chris, or was it
against Twila?

'Cause that's what I sensed.

>> LEA: No.

It was never a man-woman thing.

I do not look at anybody,

Everybody's equal.

What I looked at it is, I would
never surround myself with a

person that has no values.

I live my life on a straight
line-- values, honor,

discipline, and if someone does
not live on that wavelength,

then I will not surround myself
or not reward that.

>> JEFF: And you're talking
specifically about Twila lying?

>> LEA: Yeah.

>> JEFF: So here's my question.

Here's my...

>> LEA: Okay, let me back up.

It's not about the end.

The end had nothing to do with

It had nothing to do with her
son James, great boy.

It had nothing to do with that.

It had to do at the point in the
game when she turned on me,

okay, and that's where my vote
came from.

>> JEFF: So nothing to do with
the lie?

>> LEA: No.

>> JEFF: Because that's what you
said at final Tribal Council.

You made this big speech, and my
question to you was, "For a guy

who lives with this moral code,
you based your whole comment on

hearsay," something that
happened after you were out of

the game.

>> LEA: Partly it did, okay.

At Tribal Council, that was
anger speaking.

That was, you know, that was
anger speaking.

Now, after I... after I thought
about it, okay, it came from

that, but it came from who... I
guess who lied more, because

they both lied their teeths off.

>> JEFF: Okay, fair enough.

>> LEA: But it was never men and
women, never.

>> JEFF: All right, Chad, your
vote for Chris, why?

>> CHAD: I looked at the big

I had nothing against Twila
personally, but I looked at how

well this guy played the game,
and from every season I've seen,

I've seen every... and I think
this guy has played the best of


He's good at challenges and the
whole picture.

>> JEFF: Ami, women's alliance,
we start out, we have men versus

women, and a group of women get
together and they say, "Let's do

something that's never been
done; let's all stick together,"

and you do a good job;
we get 7-3 at the merge.

By the time you get to the jury,
you have five women and you have

a woman on the final two and
still a guy wins, a guy who lied

to every woman here.

Why is it so hard...

(applause and cheers)
Why is it so hard to keep a

woman's alliance together?

>> AMI: I really just think it's
hard for women to really support

each other and believe in each

It's been a long time of women
not really standing for each

other, being their best, and we
we, we lost it.

We really did.

We started wondering what was
going on behind closed doors and

who was talking about who, and
that's where we lost it.

We didn't focus on let's just
get four women to the final


>> JEFF: Leann, why do you think
women have such a hard time?

>> LEANN: Um, well, you know, it
wasn't that we wanted to take

all the women and have them at
the end and, and get rid of all

the guys first, but the goal
was, at least my goal was, to go

to the final four with all

And it was working for a while,
and it got screwed up when they

voted me off.

>> JEFF: Julie, is there a
difference in how Chris played

this game in that Chris, it
seemed like, made people feel as

though he did have personal
relationships with them...

>> JULIE: Right.

>> JEFF: ...when he actually
didn't, but everybody else did.

>> JULIE: And I'm just figuring
this out.

I mean, I thought... I don't
even know if you have feelings


>> CHRIS: I have feelings.

I have feelings, and, um...

I have feelings.

I have feelings.

>> JEFF: We'll let you off on

All right.

Well, not since Jonny Fairplay
has somebody lied on a family

member's name--
we all remember that--

this season it was Twila.

She paid for it, maybe a million

Has anybody forgiven her?

We will find out.

The Survivor: Vanuatu Reunion
Show continues right after


>> TWILA: I came to this game

with one goal, and that goal was
to win a million dollars to

better my life and my son's.

On my son I swear, and you all
know how much I love that boy.

I swore to Ami and Leann on my
son's name that I was with them


But maybe if I could win a
million dollars, God will

forgive me, I don't know.

I hope.

>> JEFF: Twila, Twila... so your
comment was "But maybe if I win,

you know, God will forgive me."

You didn't win.

Regrets now on that?

You talked about it at final

>> TWILA: I had regrets from the
get-go. I never...

>> We forgive you.

>> TWILA: Thank you.

>> AMI: I'll forgive you.

>> TWILA: I never... When I said
that, I'd seen the game coming

down as Ami and Leann would have
been one and two, Julie and I

would have been third or fourth.

>> JEFF: You don't have to
justify the reasons.

It was a strategic move, you
played that card.

>> TWILA: Well, at the time it
wasn't a strategic...

It was the honest truth at the
time, because I didn't see the

game changing.

So, when the game... when there
was an opening, when they

decided to take Eliza out before
Chris, then that gave an


By that... that time, it was
too late.

I couldn't take it back.

>> LEANN: We all decided to take

>> TWILA: Yes, when we decided
to take Eliza, it was too late,

I couldn't take it back, so I
was screwed.

>> JEFF: Ami, why such a big
reaction to that lie in a game

in which lying is part of it,
and Chris lied so much, so many

more times and to everybody?

(audience murmuring)
>> AMI: Well, I-I-I just have to

say that I didn't expect
anything from Chris.

We didn't really have an

We didn't have anything.

I expected a lot from Twila, and
swearing on a family member is

big to me.

I've lost a family member.

I know how much it's worth, so
that was a tough one for me to


>> TWILA: Did you not hear Chris
swear on his family's name?

>> AMI: He didn't swear on 'em
to me, but it...

Yeah, it doesn't matter.

She's playing the game.

For her, it was the perfect
thing to do, the perfect thing

to do.

For me, different.

>> JEFF: Scout, what's your take
on the lie, the reaction to the


>> SCOUT: Well, the reaction to
the lie.

The game brings out lying in
you, but the thing that really

puked me out was all the self-
righteousness that came out

about people.

(audience applauding)

And here's my deal.

If people are so self-righteous,
everybody are so self-righteous

and they're so loving and so
harmonious, then why don't they

just forgive her?

God did, I do... forgiven.

>> AMI: I obviously did forgive


I've forgiven Twila.

I realize that was her game.

I have totally forgiven Twila.

It still doesn't mean that it
meant any less to me.

I totally forgave Twila.

>> JEFF: Let's go to... James is
here in the audience-- Twila's

son-- so we'll go to the final
word on this.

James, stand up.

So, you, you had to live with
this, your mom uses your name.

What's your take on it?

>> JAMES: She was playing a

I mean, I love her to death
still whether she won or lost.

I mean, that's... I love her,
and she was doing the best she

could, like she... she's always
done her whole life trying to

help me out as much as I can--
as she can, and better herself,

so that's, that's it.

I mean, she's playing a game.

I don't, I don't... I'm not mad
about it.

>> JEFF: Thanks, James.

(applause and cheers)
I have to say that-- and this is

a bit of an editorial comment,
but that happens all the time on

this show-- Twila probably came
into this show, out of anybody

who's been on it, with more
need in terms of truly needing

it, knowing that she works seven
days every single week.

>> SCOUT: Three jobs.

>> JEFF: Doesn't make a lot of

>> Lisa needs the money!

>> TWILA: Keiffer needs the

Where she at?

>> JEFF: But what I'm wondering
about is, you don't see that

when you're in the game,
and when you, when you look back

on the show and you watch it
play out, did anybody have a

change of opinion?

Julie, do you have a change of
opinion now on Twila?

>> JULIE: Completely. Oh, God.

I wanted to get Twila out, I
mean, three or four times.

I watch it, she's so endearing
she's real, she was honest.

I was completely disillusioned
by Chris, completely.

Twila came straight every time.

And I can't believe I didn't see

I love Twila.

I think she's a great player.

>> JEFF: Eliza...

(applause and cheering)
Eliza, you guys had

differences based on a lot of
things probably outside of that

lie, but has there-- just from
you, I'm just curious about

watching Twila because she was
so unique in that as someone

said, "Twila can't not be

>> SCOUT: Right.

>> JEFF: Did you look at that
and say, "Okay, I'm starting to

understand this woman a little

>> ELIZA: Um, a little bit.

I mean, I thought that I had,
you know, moved past it and, and

gotten over it, and then the
last couple of episodes, you

know, watching her be so
childish about the bananas and

then watching her, you know,
just, just berate me in camp,

telling me I didn't deserve to
be there, that I just, you know,

that I was a terrible person,
whatever else she said about me,

you know, it made it hard, it
made it hard.

It didn't endear me to Twila,
no, not especially.

>> JEFF: Ami, you were saying,
and I kind of interrupted you,

that you did have a change of

Is that based on seeing what you
don't see on the show?

Because a lot of interviews are
done on this show are in

private; that's the whole point.

You don't know what people are
saying about you, and then when

you watch it, you get an idea of
who their true self is.

>> AMI: I think I had a pretty
good idea of their true... of

her true self especially.

Um, I just let emotions get in
the way in certain points, but I

still think Twila is the same
person I started the game with.

>> JEFF: How about you, Leann?

Any change of heart?

You were, you were upset with
her at the end, obviously.

>> LEANN: Definitely.

Um, I guess, you know, I don't
feel like Twila is a bad person.

I just felt a little hurt.

I mean, I felt a little hurt,
and that wasn't necessarily why

I voted for Chris.

I voted for Chris because he
played really well.

I, um, you know, I had a hard
time getting over it, just

because when you spend time with
somebody and you're consoling

them when they're crying or
you're making a sign

for her son for his birthday,
you get caught up.

You think it's a real

So, yeah, when they betray you
and lie to you, you feel a

little hurt.

I mean, I couldn't help it.

But now, you know, I'm-I'm ready
to get over it.

I'm willing, absolutely.

>> JEFF: Sarge, obviously, Twila
was very upset and hurt because

she respected you so much and
she asked for your forgiveness,

and so far it doesn't seem like
there's any chance that's


>> LEA: No.

I did have a change of heart at
the end of the game, okay, and

I've already told Twila I
forgive her, that what's gone on

between her and James, they will
deal with on their own.

I forgive her because I'm not--
I mean, who am I to judge

anybody, you know?

>> SCOUT: Amen.

Yeah! Whoo!

>> LEA: I wasn't talking to you
anyway, Scout.

But I'm talking to Twila.

You're just as bad.

But, uh, I mean, she, uh...

she is a good person, and from
day one, from day one, when she

came into Lopevi, we bonded, we
talked; I knew how many hours

she worked.

So, uh, I mean, I respect her
and I forgive her

wholeheartedly, and she's a true
friend of mine now.

>> TWILA: Yes.

>> JEFF: Good. I like to see

Well, if you think the emotional
toll on a survivor is tough,

wait till you hear the story of
a survivor loved one.

We're going to meet Chris's
fiancée and find out from her

why every Thursday night was
followed by a Friday morning

therapy session.

We'll be right back.

(applause and cheers)
♪ ♪

>> JEFF: During this season of
Survivor, the loved ones were

required to participate in an
immunity challenge, and at this

point in the game, Chris thought
he was going to be voted out if

he and his fiancée lost and they

This is what happened.

Survivors, ready.


>> CHRIS: Come on, Lorie, walk


Lorie, no, no!

Lorie, there, there!

>> LORIE: Come on, baby!

>> AMI: I think this goes down

>> JEFF: Ami wins immunity.

>> JEFF: All right.

This is Chris's fiancée Lorie.

Here's the deal.

The survivors aren't supposed to
talk to anybody at all about

anything, including loved ones.

So, you leave Vanuatu.

You think, "We've lost the

Chris told you in no uncertain
terms, "I'm going home."

>> LORIE: Exactly.

>> JEFF: You go home and think
just that, right?

>> LORIE: Yes. Correct.

>> JEFF: And when he comes home,
what does he tell you?

>> CHRIS: That he got voted off
that night.

>> JEFF: Oh, he did?

>> LORIE: Yes.

>> JEFF: So he let you believe
that happened.

>> LORIE: Yes. Yes.

>> JEFF: So he's...

>> LORIE: Yes.

He did.

>> JEFF: So, first of all, Chris
just got outed for telling you

something, but it was a lie, so
he's going say it's okay,


>> LORIE: Exactly.

>> JEFF: ...'cause that's his
character; we already know

that about him.

>> LORIE: Right. Yes.

>> JEFF: And... and you were

very upset, though.

I remember when you left the
challenge, this was not "aw

shucks," you were devastated.

>> LORIE: Very much.

I knew he was the last guy

I just knew, with all those
women, that women stick


>> JEFF: And so, every Thursday
night, you're watching this, and

when it gets time for this
challenge, what I thought was

interesting in talking with
Chris is, you're trying to say,

you know, seven's pretty good.

Seventh out's not bad.

But he doesn't tell you

You didn't know he was final two
until tonight.

>> LORIE: Oh, absolutely not.

I didn't know.

I didn't know.

I literally thought on
Thanksgiving night that we were

taking the red-eye to New York.

>> JEFF: So you could do your
interviews for the press.

>> LORIE: Exactly, for The Early
Show Friday morning.

>> JEFF: Chris can lie to

He's so good.

>> JEFF: Julie, obviously, the
emotional toll on someone like

Lorie's tough because they don't
even know what they are getting

into and then they find out
they're in an immunity


What about for you guys?

Physically and emotionally, is
there any way to actually

prepare for this show?

>> JULIE: You watch Survivor.

You know the outline
of Survivor-- outwit, outlast,

outplay-- but yet for me,
there's no parallel world.

I went in and human nature took

I started caring for these
people and you have faith that

you want to believe in them.

I did.

I mean, I don't know if I'm the
only one, but I mean, it was

hard and... that you can't
explain the emotional component

of this from sitting and
watching it on TV.

>> JEFF: After you were out
there 36 days...

>> JULIE: Yes.

>> JEFF: ...learn anything about
yourself that you really took


>> JULIE: Completely, um, and
about other people.

You can't really tell where
people draw their line of trust

or beliefs, you know.

You only know where yours are
and that's what I gained from

this experience.

>> JEFF: Is knowing where yours

>> JULIE: Knowing where mine is.

>> JEFF: Ami, how about you?

Take anything away from this
game that's still with you?

>> AMI: Well, first I have to
say Lorie's tears saved his butt

because all of us ladies were
like, "Oh... poor Lorie, she's

going think it's all her fault.

It's so sad..."

>> JEFF: Well, you know why she
thought it was her fault.

Because Chris says...

>> JULIE: "It's your fault."

>> AMI: Yes!

>> JEFF: He says... No.

Well, Chris says, "I'm sorry I
lost," subtext meaning, "I'm

sorry you lost."

Yeah, you were pretty brutal
about it.

>> AMI: But at the same time,
she won that for him because he

stayed in longer and it was one
of the reasons was our heart.

Like, "Oh, gosh, she feels so

>> JEFF: I see what you're
saying. In the game.

>> AMI: Yeah. We felt so bad
that she felt so horrible-- at

least I did-- that she felt so
bad that she thought she lost it

for him.

>> JEFF: What about yourself?

>> AMI: The biggest thing I
learned about myself was the

quicker you forgive, the better
you feel, because I had so much

anger and hate towards Twila for
a while, and the second I just

let that go, just completely let
it go and realized it's a game,

this and that-- (sighs)-- the
whole world was lifted off my

shoulders, the second I learned
how to forgive.

>> JEFF: Rory, how about for


Very colorful in this game.

You had some highs and you had
some lows.

>> RORY: I had a lot of highs
and lows.

>> JEFF: Anything you took away
from this that you're different

now as a result of this

>> RORY: Well, um, I really need
to be true to myself, and no

matter how hard you try to put
on a facade or try to play the

game, your true colors are gonna
come out in this game.

I realize that I need to maybe
hold my tongue just as Twila


We need to learn that same
lesson a little bit more.

But when that's part of your
personality and you're

independent, that's what's going
to come shining through.

It's been a... I just want to
thank God for bringing all of us

home safely, especially in light
of everything that we've got

going on.

>> JEFF: Leann.

You were in this thing, then
you had the rug pulled out from

under you and you've made a
couple of comments tonight that

lead me to believe you've
thought a lot about what

happened out there and your part
in it.

>> LEANN: Um, oh and in so many
different dimensions.

I mean, strategy, the game, what
could I have done different,

that thing, but yet the whole
experience itself was... it

happened in a time of my life
that was transitional, and I

came out feeling empowered, like
I can do anything.

It was really-- I mean, I'll
never forget it.

It was fantastic.

>> JEFF: Sarge, you were one of
a kind, my friend.

And, uh, what... what-what's
your experience?

I don't know if you would take
anything from this game, but if

you look back on it, what did
you take out of it?

>> LEA: I took out of the game a
new outlook on civilians, okay,


I mean, 18-and-a-half... 18-and-

a-half years I've been living a
life where you do what you're

told when you're told, you know,
and there's no question, and

someone... I learned that
someone can say no.

And, you know, I learned that,
you know, that there's people

out there that have no clue
about their future.

They live day to day.

I mean, they... their occupation
is reality game star.

>> JEFF: Rory is pointing at
John K.

>> LEA: Yeah, I mean, John K.,
he came into the game flat broke

and he... he didn't pull no

He said, "I'm flat broke."

He said, "I'm a, you know, I'm
an aspiring model and I got


So, I mean, I learned that
there's people out there that

are different, and I have to be
more diversified about my view

of people, and I-I, you know, I
like to, you know...

In two years, I'll be a
civilian, so I've got to learn a


>> JEFF: All right.

Well, up next, this guy is so

good, the rest of his tribe-
mates didn't know he had a

prosthetic leg until he told

That's next, but first, here's a
little pig wrestling.

(pigs squealing)
(pigs squealing)

>> JEFF: Lisa's got a big pig!

>> CHAD: You guys agree that I
had a pretty good run down


I didn't fall or anything.

(applause and cheering)
>> JEFF: Chad, coming into this

game, when we met you in
casting, we talked about the

leg, and we said, you know, we
want you on the show, but you're

obviously going to have a big

You're going to have to convince
people that this is not a


You set out to do that, and it
seemed like it almost worked too


>> CHAD: Yeah.

I wanted to prove, not prove
myself and demonstrate what I

was capable of,
but at one point, it just became

a non-issue, and then I kind of
wanted to backtrack and say,

"Hey, look, this is kind of
impressive, you know."

"Look what I can do!"

>> JEFF: It's pretty true.

You're probably as physically
agile as 90% of anybody that

we've had on the show, man or

(applause and cheering)
Was there a reason connected to

your leg that you wanted to be

You had a rare form of cancer,
that's how you lost the leg.

It was briefly talked about in
the show.

>> CHAD: Synovial sarcoma.

Synovial sarcoma.

>> JEFF: Was there a connection,
or did you want to do the show

separately of that?

>> CHAD: I've wanted to do this
Survivor for years.

My wife wouldn't hear of it at
one point.

We had the kids, right, okay?

But, yeah, but I knew that once
after I had surgery, I knew,

first of all, it would be
something to get me noticed.

Secondly, I said this is going
to be a great platform to show

what, you know, people with
disabilities are capable of.

So, I was just happy to be able
to do it. It's great.

>> JEFF: Speaking of, uh, of

disabilities, Scout,
I've never seen any-- no one's

ever made it to the final three
hobbling along like you did, and

it turns out, you go back home,
it turns out you have a, uh, the

wrong-sized kneecap in?

>> SCOUT: No, I have the wrong-
sized knee.

My artificial knee did not fit
me, so I had to have a brand-new

one put in two months ago.

And, you know, I played this
game 20 to 40 years older than

everybody, dragging my leg
around, and, uh, it was an

interesting thing, 'cause what I
learned to do was prop myself


I used to work with handicapped
people, and just to keep myself

coming and be in good spirits.

>> JEFF: What was the reaction
when you went home?

You've been with your partner
for 20 some years, but you

weren't officially out as a gay

You're in rural Oklahoma.

Were they accepting of you,
because now it's out, it's on

Survivor, everybody's watching.

>> SCOUT: You know, uh, people
have been fabulous.

I mean, case in point, we were
at the gym the other day and

this big muscle builder came up
and he just came up with tears

in his eyes and said, "You're
just so beautiful.

It was wonderful to see your
reunion," and, uh, so what?

People just have been fabulous.

Thank you so much.

(applause and cheering)
>> JEFF: Brook... I'd give you

the moniker as the most
frustrated first voted out ever

because you were such a huge fan
of Survivor.

>> BROOK: Yeah, I know.

Um, for me, you know, I...

(cheering )
I came into this game, I wanted

the full 39 days, and the Fat
Five over here stole 36 of those

days from me, but I'll tell you
something, no one will ever take

the three days I got.

Unbelievable, a dream come true,
and I'll be at home, waiting for

the phone to ring.

My man Burn, put me back in
the game, Burn!


Please, Burn, put me back in
the game.

>> JEFF: Dolly...

>> TRAVIS: Jeff, Jeff, the
Fat Five...

We're the Fat Five, let me tell
you something.

We've lost weight and we happen
to be the ladies' favorite.

We're sweet, delicious and
fat-free, baby.

>> JEFF: Well, Bubba, you-you
did, you have kept the weight

off; you're very thin.

>> TRAVIS: I've kept the weight
off and stuff 'cause I been...

and I've got more energy to play
with my boys and stuff, so it's

a win-win situation.

I don't think you could say
anybody up here's a loser,

because what we took home with
us is appreciation of family

and friends, and that's what
it's about.

(applause and cheering)
>> JEFF: Dolly, what's going on

with the sheep?

>> DOLLY: Oh, I've got 38 little
baby lambs at home that will go

to the market on Monday, so I
go home to an empty nest.

>> JEFF: How 'bout you, John P.?

I want to get some updates,
see what everybody's doing.

What's going on with you?

>> JOHN P.: Oh, life's been

Just got back from Atlanta,
Georgia, did a "Surviving

Holiday" national ad campaign
with Home Depot and, uh, doing

some traveling, doing some
traveling working with kids in

elementary and high schools on
some motivational and leadership

speaking, so it's been great,
it's been great.

>> JEFF: Mia, how 'bout you,
what's up?

>> MIA: Life is, um, great.

It's back to normal, I'm back in
Boston, um, bartending.

We got to see the Red Sox win,
finally, so it was nice coming

home to that.

And, uh, life's been great.

Just back to normal, very happy.

>> JEFF: Brady, congratulations.

You came home and got married.

>> BRADY: I did.

Actually, I, uh, I came home and
then went to Australia to get


>> JEFF: Oh, good, nice.

>> BRADY: My little Australian
bride, yeah.

>> JEFF: Lisa, what's going
on with you?

Six kids, family happy to have
you back?

>> LISA: Oh, yeah, they love it.

Um, I'm just home, you know,
being a mom to six kids, and,

um, thanking God every day for

I had the best time of my life
and doing some...

>> JEFF: You didn't want to
to come home, did you?

>> LISA: No, I didn't.

No, I'll do it again tomorrow.

Take me.

>> JEFF: John K. you were
doing some modeling before, you

doing it now?

>> JOHN K.: Yeah, same as

I'm just going to be, go back to
school next fall, so it will be

great. That's what...

(woman calls out from audience)
>> JOHN K.: That's what I'm

anticipating, you know?

I can't wait. It's been a while.

>> JEFF: And, Rory, one
question-- your wife sent a

letter from home about six hours
before you were going to burn

down the camp and talked you out
of one of the best Survivor

moments to never happen.

>> RORY: My one regret in the
whole game is that I didn't burn

down that damn camp.

>> JEFF: All right.

Well, tomorrow morning on the
CBS Early Show, Chris is going

to get a check for a million

He's also going to get the keys

to a new car, the first ever
Pontiac G-6.

Nice ride waiting for him

We're going to take a break, and
then we're going to show you

where Survivor is heading next.

We'll be right back.

>> JEFF: Well, as Survivor:

Vanuatu finishes up, soon a new
season of Survivor will begin.

Here's a sneak peek of where we
are going next.

It started in Borneo, and over
the past nine seasons, Survivor

has visited some of the most
exotic lands on earth--

places like Australia, Kenya,
Thailand, the Amazon and


But now a group of new castaways
will travel to the most stunning

location yet: the islands and
waters of Palau, a place that

some have called the eighth
natural wonder of the world.

A tropical setting of stunning
islands, dense jungles and an

underwater world beyond belief.

It was in this part of the
world that war raged in the


Today the remains and wreckage
of war haunt these waters and

jungles like ghosts of a
violent past--

an eerie mix of man's explosive
history and nature's power to


It is here that 20 new castaways
will be abandoned.

From the beginning, the game
will be changed in a dramatic


Everything the survivors have
come to expect will be wiped

out in the first ten minutes.

Who will outwit, outplay and
outlast all the others to

become the sole survivor?

The adventure begins with the
premiere of Survivor: Palau.

>> JEFF: That is going to be

If you want to own a piece of
Survivor: Vanuatu, you can.

All kinds of props, memorabilia
are going to be up for bid

We've got the urn with all the
votes, the immunity necklace,

the castaways' torches, which
they would love to have,

all authentic stuff, and it
benefits our good friends at

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids

To date, we've raised over
a million dollars.

Plus, it you want to be on
Survivor, number one, don't

call if you're going to quit,
but if you think you have what

All the information is there.

Finally, thanks for watching.

We have a very loyal audience
every single week, and we do

this show for you guys.

Next season of Survivor will be
right here on CBS, and Ali, your

hair will grow back.

Get well.

Good night, everybody.

(applause and cheering)
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