Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 14 - Spirits and the Final Four - full transcript

Two Survivors get into a fight after one says the other doesn't deserve to be there.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, 18

Americans began the adventure of

a lifetime.

(tribesmen shouting)

They were marooned at a tribal

village on the remote island

nation of Vanuatu.

In ceremonial fashion, the

castaways were divided into a

tribe of men and a tribe of


While the women were forced to

watch from the sidelines, the

men were given the opportunity

to retrieve a traditional spirit

stone used to ward off evil


You have to get it from atop

of that pole.

If you fail, the women get it.

The rivalry between the men and

the women had begun.

(tribes cheering)

>> I think the boys got a

lot more out of that ceremony

than we did, so we're out for

blood now.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready, go!

At the first immunity challenge,

the men's Lopevi tribe had a

solid lead over the women's

Yasur tribe.

>> Get her through! Get her


>> PROBST: But Chris couldn't

make it across the balance beam,

and the women won immunity.

Back at camp, the young guys

wanted Chris out.

>> It has to be.

>> PROBST: But Sarge proposed a

strategy to keep the older men

in the game.

>> The only way we have

survival here is if we get rid

of the young people.

>> PROBST: First person voted

out of Vanuatu Islands of Fire,


Sarge's plan worked.

Perceived as a physical threat,

Brook was voted out and Chris

was saved.

For immunity, go!

At the second immunity


>> Straight, Bubba, right there.

>> PROBST: was the men who

came out on top when Sarge led

Lopevi to victory.

Lopevi wins immunity!

>> Say my name!

>> PROBST: When Yasur went to

Tribal Council, Dolly was their

first victim.

>> If you were not here, we

would still have fire...

>> PROBST: On day seven, Mia and

Twila had it out over the work


>> You stay here five minutes,

then your asses go down there

in the ocean, bitch.

>> It's your only card,

keep playing it.

>> PROBST: Mia's temper cost her

a shot at a million dollars.

And at the next two Tribal

Councils, Lopevi lost John P.

and Brady.

>> Holy...

>> PROBST: On day 11, an

earthquake shook the island.

>> Ride 'em, cowboy!

>> PROBST: And the shakeups kept


Sarge, Scout, over here.

Sarge and Scout were chosen to

pick new tribes, mixing up the

men and the women.

Julie and Twila ended up as the

only two women on Lopevi, and

Rory and Bubba ended up as the

only two men on Yasur.

Twila and Julie fit right in

with the guys of Lopevi.

Sarge even made a pact with


>> So we need someone that knows

what it means to give your word.

>> I do.

>> PROBST: But at Yasur, Bubba

was uneasy.

>> Being in a tribe with a bunch

of women, it does make you

nervous because one wrong

move, and they'll vote you out.

>> PROBST: So at the next

immunity challenge, Bubba tried

to signal his old tribemates.

>> Think about the merge.

>> PROBST: And Ami caught him


>> He's making plans with

the other team.

Can you see Michael Jordan

whispering over to the other

team what their next play is?

Hell, no.

>> PROBST: Bubba got axed.

Bubba, the tribe has spoken.

>> There we go.

Oh, that's what I like.

>> PROBST: It was becoming clear

that Ami was running the show at

Yasur, and on day 15, the tribe

followed her lead when she

decided to vote out Lisa.

The tribe has spoken.

At Lopevi's next Tribal Council,

Julie and Twila joined the older

guys and sent John K. packing.

We're now one tribe.

On day 20, the tribes merged.

Rory rejoined his old buddies

and immediately let them know

that Ami was a threat.

>> As soon as we got over

there, they are like "Rory,

you're gone next.

Ami told us that."

>> PROBST: So the guys once

again put their faith in Twila

and Julie when they planned to

vote out Ami.

>> We got the numbers,

we'll be good to go.

>> PROBST: But the men were

shocked when Twila and Julie

betrayed them.

The women joined forces and

took out Rory.

The men were outnumbered and in

big trouble.

Sarge was next, then Chad,

leaving Chris as the last man


Let's bring in the people you're

going to pair up with.

Come on in.

>> Uh-oh.

>> PROBST: When the survivors'

loved ones joined them for the

immunity challenge on day 27,

Chris told his fiancée Laurie

that he had to win.

It was a close race, but with

the help of her girlfriend

Crissy, Ami won immunity.

>> Yeah, baby.

But back at camp, everything got

turned on its head.

>> We made our decision.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: First, the women

decided to vote out Eliza before

Chris, and Twila made a bold

commitment to stay with Ami and

Leanne to the end.

>> On my son, I swear.

>> PROBST: But Twila went back

on her word when she approached

Chris with a plot to take out

Leanne and Ami.

>> I'll turn the tide.

I'll take the risk right now.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council, it

all came together when Eliza and

Scout joined them and voted out


The tribe has spoken.

The women's alliance had


>> Screwed you, didn't I?

>> You didn't screw me.

I'm still in the game.

You screwed Leanne.

>> PROBST: Suddenly Ami was

fighting for her life.

>> I'm competing with all

my heart now.

It's me all the way.

Room service!

>> PROBST: When Ami joined Eliza

and Chris on a spa reward...

>> Good night, Chris.

>> PROBST: ...she did her best

to get Eliza back on her side.

>> Every single time I've had

your back, every single vote

I proved it.

>> PROBST: But Chris was also

working on Eliza.

>> We're pure final four

and look at our competition: a

60-year-old woman and Twila.

>> PROBST: Chris wins immunity.

Chris won immunity and was safe

for three more days.

>> Good job, dude.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ami kept fighting when she

when she confronted Twila about

swearing on her son's name.

>> I can't imagine.

>> I am not the only

freakin' person that has

lied in this game.

Get over it!

You've been had. Screw you!

>> PROBST: Eliza had a big

decision to make.

Would you miss Ami if she

was gone?

>> Yeah, I'd miss Ami a lot.

>> Stop crying.

>> PROBST: But when the votes

came in...

13th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...

Ami was finally dethroned.

Chris had come a long way, but

he knew the game was not over.

>> It's probably in my best

interest to go with you and


I'm kind of playing Julie and

Eliza; at the same time, I'm

playing Scout and Twila.

They're all women.

How do you trust any of them?

>> You know Scout and Twila

are not going to go against

each other.

With the two of them, meaning

a hundred percent we do not get

to the final two.

>> PROBST: The heat was on, and

no one was safe.

>> What's up?

>> I don't know.

You tell me.

>> I think you're a liar, T.

>> Who else has been lying?

>> You've been trying to

plot against me since day one.

>> You're driving everybody

friggin' nuts.

Now, Chris, what are you


>> What?

You know, I'm just laying here,

you know, in the hammock.

>> PROBST: With tensions boiling

over, Chris made one last move

when he guaranteed Julie his


>> What I'm comparing this to is

my friendship with you, compared

to my friendship with Twila.

>> PROBST: Both Julie and Eliza

believed Chris when he said

Twila would be the next to go.

>> Chris has proved me right

so far, and I just hope he

continues to do so.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal


14th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...

Eliza was shocked when Chris

betrayed his pal Julie and

helped vote her out.

Now only four remain:

Chris, Eliza, Scout and Twila.

Tonight, they will compete in

their final immunity challenges.

Two will continue on to face the


One will outlast all the rest

and become the sole survivor.

(theme song playing)

>> I voted off Julie tonight

at Tribal Council, took Eliza

by surprise.

Oh, well, Julie had it coming.

She pulled a fast one on me

after the merge, I got her back.

It's all in good game.

>> This is, this is, yeah,

this is hard for me...

knowing who to trust.

>> It's part of the game, Eliza.

Not everyone plays it that way.

>> I know, but I would never

say that I thought that somebody

who was still here didn't

deserve to be here.

>> I don't think you

deserve to be here, Eliza.

The only reason you're still

here is because you've been

riding everybody's coattails

from day one.

That's the only reason you're

here, period.

>> That's not true.

That's blatantly not true.

>> You have done nothing

for the camp.

You've done nothing, but boil

freakin' water.

You don't deserve to be here in

my eyes.

>> Well, T, I don't think

you deserve to be here.

I think, you know...

>> At least I've played

the game and worked hard.

That's more than I can

say for you.

>> Working hard is not

necessarily playing the game.

Conserving your energy and

kicking ass at challenges.

Who's won the most rewards of

anyone here?

>> Well, you might as well have

all your strength to do that.

>> Yeah, well, maybe that's

how I'm playing the game.

If you conserved your energy,

maybe you could do better at


>> God dang.

>> Probably not, but maybe.

>> Probably not, you're right.

The only reason you're here,

Eliza, is everybody has used you

up to this point.

That's the only reason.

>> I think Twila is a dumb


I mean, I just don't want to see

either of the two of them make

the final two.

I just don't want to see it.

It just kills me if that


>> Julie wasn't the answer.

That's all there is to it.

>> Now, tomorrow, assuming you

still... are going to stick

with an alliance to me...

>> That's never changed.

What I did today was for our


You'll see, okay?

>> I believe you.

I believe you.

>> Why wouldn't you?

Have I ever lied to you?

>> No.

>> Julie was a player, Eliza,

a player.

She didn't give a ... about you.

She gave a ... about you

when her neck was on the line.

She voted for you, remember?

>> Mm-hmm. I know.

Yeah, but...

>> You think you can get one

of them to turn on the other.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I don't know.

I don't think much about any of

the women here since the final

seven of us were here.

I mean, they are all just

playing the game.

They turned on each other, and

they all got their own opinion,

and Eliza and Twila don't like

each other, I love it.

It puts a little bit of, you

know, excitement in camp.

>> I thought I would be here

on day 37, yes, but if you would

have told me that this was the

group of people I was going to

be with, I would have laughed

in your face.

I never would have imagined that

this would be the final four.

>> I guess we could get that

manioc on.

If we don't, we ain't gonna get

to eat it.

>> Because there's only

four of us left, it's pretty

clear, you know, who is going to

stick together and who is going

to vote for who at tonight's

Tribal Council.

Scout and Twila have been

wanting to vote for me for a

very long time, and I think that

would give them a lot of

satisfaction to finally do that,

so I really need immunity to

stay in this game.

If I don't get immunity, I pray

that it's Chris who does.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to the challenge?

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Give it up, Eliza.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today, you will take part in the

first ever Survivor vertical


You'll make your way up and

through this maze collecting ten

pairs of wooden tiles, one pair

at a time.

When you've collected all ten

pairs and you have them at your

station, you'll untie them to

reveal ten letters.

Use the letters to form a two-

word answer.

First person to solve this

correctly wins immunity,

guaranteed spot in the final


You guys ready to do it?

>> ALL: Yeah.

>> PROBST: Wait for my go.

We'll get started.

For immunity.

Survivors ready... go!

Chris and Twila in first.

Eliza right behind.

Scout going to give it a go.

Chris going up high.

Twila going down low.

Remember your color.

Twila back with her first pair.

Chris has his first pair; he's

got to get down now.

>> Where did they go?

>> PROBST: Eliza having no luck.

Twila at her second pair.

That helps Eliza who just

follows right behind.

Eliza out with her first, Twila

out with her second, Chris

out with his first.

Scout, she has her first pair.

Eliza with her second pair,

Chris with his second pair.

Twila, Chris, Eliza all with

two pairs.

Twila got her third pair.

Twila racing down with third


>> Watch out, Scout, go.

>> PROBST: Twila moves into the

lead with her third pair.

Eliza has her third pair,

getting down.

Chris has his third pair.

Eliza goes up high and has her

fourth pair; Scout with her

second pair.

Twila with four pairs now.

Chris has his fourth pair;

got to get back to that exit.

Eliza with her fourth pair,

Chris with four, Twila has

her fifth.

Chris has his fifth.

Eliza with five, Chris with

five, Twila with five.

We're tied up.

Twila up high has her sixth.

Chris has his sixth in his

mouth, trying to get back

to that exit.

Chris moves into the lead with

six pairs.

Twila trying to get back to the

exit now.

Twila with six pairs.

Eliza with sixth in hand.

>> Ow. Watch out for me.

>> PROBST: Chris and Eliza keep

bumping into each other.

Twila with seven, Chris with


Eliza has her seventh.

Everybody coming back with


Twila with her eighth, Eliza

with her seventh, Chris with


Scout with three.

Chris with nine pairs.

He only has one left.

Eliza right behind with eight.

She's got two left.

>> Where's the other?

>> PROBST: Twila with nine and

Chris with nine.

They both only have one pair


Chris has his tenth pair.

>> Go, go.

>> PROBST: Twila has her last


Toss the blanks, there's one

letter in each pair.

Looking for two words.

A two-word answer.

Eliza not giving up, takes a

long jump.

Eliza back with her ninth pair.

She's got one left.

She's got to find it, then

got to get it.

Chris already working on it.

Eliza back with her last pair.

>> I got it, I got it, I

got it, I got it, I got it.

I got it!

>> PROBST: Chris wins immunity.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah!



Final three.

>> PROBST: All right, Chris, get

over here.

Big-time immunity, spot in the

final three.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Sadly, after 37 long,

tough days out here, tonight at

Tribal Council, this game will

come to an end.

Somebody is going home.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> Back home.

>> Back home.

>> I'll tell you what.

>> Hell of a deal.

>> Of course I'm going to

say it's a beautiful day, but it

really is a beautiful day.

>> It's a beautiful day.

That necklace looks good on you.

>> Oh, man, I needed it bad.

I never give up.

That's the one thing.

I just knew.

I'm the last man standing, I'm

not giving up on this game.

I'm going to hang this up.

>> Right on your tail.

>> Twila gave me a run for

my money, but immunity is

what I wanted.

That's all I needed.

It's a good day.

>> Go collect as many of these

little dead ones till we

get a pile of them.

>> Okay.

>> I definitely had my

work cut out for me.

>> Yow, yow, yow, yow, yow, yow!

>> An alliance you've got with

somebody or trust-- it's not

meaning a whole lot right now--

it's making that final two and

getting a chance to win.

>> Us three.

>> Oh, you guys.

Listen, I want to tell you guys

that I have wanted this day

to come.

>> It's gonna happen tonight.

>> Whoo!

Right now, I just want to gloat.

I want to gloat that the little

wench is going home today,


I'm gloating.

Chris, everybody, does this mean

I don't need to pack my bags


(laughing): I know...

>> No more.

I'm tired of ya asking.

Twila is so wound up.

You know, Twila works on me.

So, I'm gonna have to deal with

Twila all afternoon.

She gets on my nerves.

She's just totally out-of-

control nervous all the time.

If you want to josh Eliza a

little bit here and there,

go ahead.

>> She was such a smart

ass and arrogant bitch last

night, it just pissed me off.

>> Get her blood boiling

a little bit, because she come

down on you yesterday and was

trying to make you look bad.

>> I know.

>> So just wait about a

half an hour before and just

ride her like a dog.

>> Thanks, darling.

I want to gloat, but that's just

what Chris wants me to do.

See, he...

The more I piss everybody off

right before they leave, the

more easier it is if we're the

final two that he gets all

the votes.

So, you know, I see what he's


He's working it.

>> I've been wanting to

talk to you so bad because

you're the one that initially

come to me and said, "I want to

try to keep you in the game and

play the game with you."

>> Right.

>> And that's, that's what led

me to want to just finally sit

down and talk to you.

>> I swear to God, I've wanted

that since the day I saw you.

Back there, I mean it.

I said I want to play the game

with that guy right there.

>> It's going to be a

long afternoon for sure.

Just pretty much more I've

to put up with three women all

afternoon, and that sucks.

My alliance is with all three of

them, and, you know, they're

all bidding for their spot in

the final three.

I mean, we're both gonna vote

for Twila, and whatever happens


Twila thinks you're gonna

go home.

She has no idea.

They don't know.

I've never told them.

No one knows me and you made

a pact.

They have no idea.

>> I'm lucky enough to be

in the final four with someone

that I feel that I can put all

of my trust into, and now that

we've made this pact, this final

two alliance, neither one of us

is going to vote against the

other person, and we're going to

do everything we can to get to

the final two together.

Have you tried to make a deal

with Chris?

>> I definitely thought

about it.

Have you tried to make a deal?

>> Huh?

>> Have you tried to make

a deal?

>> I've tried to make a deal

with everyone.

But I know that Twila is already

trying to wheel and deal, so I

think you should get in on that,

too, because I would rather see

you and Chris in the final two.

>> You would?

>> Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

And, yes, call me sour grapes,

but... and I blatantly would

rather see people in the final

two that I like, that I would

be... I would feel comfortable

with either of the two people


I'd feel comfortable with that,

as opposed to somebody who I

feel like has lost their

integrity throughout this game.

So, you want to vote for Twila

with me tonight, huh, huh?

>> I thought about it.

>> I didn't come here to get

second place, and I sure as

hell didn't come here to get

third or fourth.

I come here to win, you know.

I don't look at myself as being

aligned with Scout and Twila

right now.

There's no loyalty, no trust.

There's nothing in the game

right now.

It's all about just getting

yourself to the next step.

To hell with everybody else.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury:

Sarge, Chad, Leanne, Ami and

Julie, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

37 days; hard-fought, long days.

Tonight, this game will come to

an end for somebody.

That somebody will not be you,

Chris, wearing immunity.

I don't think I've ever seen you

as excited as you were today.

Eliza, do you remember back to

the first challenge, the one guy

who couldn't get across the

balance beam?

>> Yeah, this guy right here.

I thought he was gone,

first day.

>> You got to bring up

the beam, don't you, man?

You got to bring up the

balance beam.

>> PROBST: Well, at this point,

it's something you've overcome


You're still in this game.

>> You're right.

Got off to a bad start, no


>> PROBST: Eliza, when you see

it around Chris's neck, are you

envious or do you think, "Hey,

you know, I like him?"

>> Well, of course I'm envious,

but you know, if I couldn't

have it, Chris would be my

next choice for the person to

have individual immunity.

I mean, that's no secret.

So, yeah, I'm definitely happy

for Chris.

>> PROBST: And you say it's no


You're referring to the fact

that you and Twila have been

pretty open about... you're just

different people.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: And it does seem like

there's a friendship with Chris.

>> Yes, yes, we've definitely

gotten really close and, you

know, I'm glad that we've gotten

to know each other and formed as

strong a bond as we have.

>> PROBST: Twila, on the other

hand, there have been times

out here when you've said

in no uncertain terms, "I like

these people, but I don't trust


>> Exactly.

I have said that.

>> PROBST: Still feel that way?

You're not that comfortable?

>> Not that comfortable, but

maybe I'm wrong, but this is

the first night since I've been

here, I've been at ease.

I feel in my heart that I've

been at ease, the first night.

>> PROBST: Scout, this is where

it gets really complicated,

because you can't risk telling

anybody the truth anyway,

because there's too much time to

maneuver out from under you if

you do tell them, so everybody

has to keep a secret.

Somebody here is gonna be

surprised, and yet, Scout, you

don't seem too worried.

>> It would surprise me.

It could be me tonight, though,

and if it does, I'll go... and

get up and get my torch and

walk out.

>> PROBST: Chris, you're a

little bit in the driver's seat

because you seem to have

relationships with all three

of these women.

>> Absolutely I have a

relationship with all three of

these women, but, you know, I

can't take away my focus of

playing the game.

No matter if I've developed a

friendship with somebody.

Friendship... game.

Friendship right there.

I'm gonna have to put it back

here tonight.

It's time to play the game.

>> PROBST: Twila, been days out

here where you went to bed and

thought, "Okay, I was maybe a

little rough today."

>> Most definitely, yeah.

There's, there's a couple of

major mistakes that I've made

out here and I feel pretty

bad about.

The main thing that comes to

mind is swearing on my son's

name, and I'm very ashamed of

that, but I can't take it back.

>> PROBST: What do you think his

take, James, will be on that?

>> If I win a million dollars,

he'll say, "Hell, yes, Mom,

you can swear on my name any

time you want."

But I just shouldn't have done


That's the bottom line.

I should have never have brought

his name into it.

I should have never done it.

>> PROBST: All right, Chris.

You have immunity.

At this point in the game, I

think you'd be a fool to give it

up probably, but you never know

what somebody's strategy is.

>> I am not a fool.

I'm not giving up immunity.

>> PROBST: Okay, you cannot vote

for Chris.

Eliza, Scout, Twila-- one of you

is about to go home.

Let's find out who that's gonna


It is time to vote.

Eliza, you're up.

>> Twila, I am voting for you

for the third time this game.

You're like the cockroach that

won't die under the


Hopefully, you're going home


>> You have drove me

crazy from day one.

If you go home tonight, it's

gonna be the happiest night

since I've been here.

You've got a lot of growing up

to do.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote-- Eliza.


One vote Eliza, one vote Twila.


Two votes Eliza, one vote Twila.

I'll read the last vote.

The 15th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu-- Eliza.

You need to bring me your torch.

Eliza, the tribe has spoken.

Well, you've reached a critical

point in the game: final three.

Tomorrow you'll take part in the

last immunity challenge.

The winner guaranteed a spot in

the final two and gets to decide

who sits next to them at the

final Tribal Council.

Get a good night's sleep.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

>> I'm definitely disappointed

that Chris voted for me.

I was shocked that he wrote my

name down when he said he wasn't

going to and he, you know, gave

me his word, the whole pact.

It turns out I did not have a

single ally this entire game.

I look for the best in people,

and it's definitely going to

change my outlook and, yeah,

that hurts.

>> Chris, did you see

that look Eliza gave you?

If looks was to kill...

>> I mean, I don't know

what her problem is.

I just stick with my alliance.

That's all I do.

I ain't like her.

See you later.

>> You know what?

There is a merciful God,

you guys.

Liza is not going to be running

her mouth.

This night is beautiful because

it's quiet.

There is no Eliza noises in


It was kind of like getting

a thorn out of your foot or

a thorn out of your side,

you know?

She just drove me nuts for so


>> Look up in the sky and

look how many stars there are.

>> It's gorgeous.

>> I never dreamed I'd be

playing the game the way I am,

lying, deceiving.

You ain't got no choice because

I tell you what.

If you don't step it up and

you don't start playing the game

in your best interest, to

benefit and go to the end,

you'll be sent packing.

And, uh, going back home with a

million bucks...

that'll change your life.

>> Hey, Chris, here comes Jeff.

Jeff, I was gonna meet you, but

they don't want to stumble over

the rocks.

>> PROBST: That's all right.

I'll come to you.

Well, it's day 38.

>> Yeah.

>> Whoo.

>> PROBST: It's time for your

final rite of passage.

I know you remember the story I

told you recently about Roy

Mata, a very famous chief who

was poisoned to death by his

brother and then buried along

with all of his chiefs and

their wives.

Many of them were buried alive,

and they were buried on an

island that was then considered

so taboo after that burial, that

nobody visited for 700 years.

You may have figured it out.

If you haven't, you've been

sitting across it for 38 days.

>> See, I figured that out.

>> That's the island, no way.

>> PROBST: Aratoca Island, also

known as Hat Island for the

shape of it.

That island is the most sacred

spot in Vanuatu, so it is a

fitting spot for your final rite

of passage.

You're gonna paddle over.

You'll find 15 torches of the

survivors who are no longer in

this game.

Take a moment at each one of

them to reflect on what impact

they had on the game, what

impact they've have had on you,

if any.

You will then go to the actual

burial site of Roy Mata, make an


This is a gesture of thanks to

Vanuatu for our time out here,

so bring something of value to

leave at this gravesite.

When you're finished, I'll meet

you on the other side for your

final immunity challenge.

Enjoy this time.

I'll see you over there.

>> Thanks.

Being in the final three is

amazing to me, but I don't know

what's going to happen.

It's going to be a happy day and

a sad day all up in one.

>> At this pace, we ought to

get there about noon tomorrow.

>> We're making progress.

Brook, he was our first.

Really never really had much of

a chance.

>> Yeah.

>> It was a crazy three days.

You've got to out-will the

environment, you got to outplay

the other people.

You get caught in one bad day,

one bad situation, snip,

you're gone.

And that's what happened to me.

>> Dolly was a very personable

young woman and had the most

beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

>> My experience out here

was short but excellent, um, a

little confusing because I found

myself caught in the middle, and

I wasn't able to make up my mind

quick enough, and it backfired.

>> This whole experience is

really going to change the way I

look at things from here on out.

I'm going to appreciate those

around me more-- emotionally,


I'm going to appreciate fire.

>> I'm usually pretty good

at getting along with almost

anybody, but, again, I'm

Italian, I couldn't control

the temper and I clashed

with a lot of people.

Ultimately it got me voted out

of the game.

>> I don't know that I could've

done anything differently after

the first hour of the game.

Things were polarized so


I probably shouldn't have

climbed that damn pole on

the first day.

Maybe that would have helped, I

don't know.

>> Sweet, sweet Bubba.

>> Yeah, Bubba was awesome.

Me and Bubba planned to stick

together to the end.

>> You're not going to always

win, you're not always going to

have the best hand, but the

important thing is what did

you learn getting there?

I never realized that the prize

I'd be taking home to my

children is knowing who I am

now, that they know who their

father is.

>> I made a comment that

was totally blown out of

proportion, and it cost me the

game, but, you know, at least I

went out with my word, and

that's what I said I'd do and I

did it.

>> I'd love to say I'd walk

out of here with no regrets,

but I'm a little bummed, I'd

have to say.

I never thought I'd get

emotional in this game, but I'm

a little fired up because I

really, really wanted to win


>> I don't have a single

regret about being out here,

because I played this game.

I may not be a million dollars

richer, but no one has enjoyed

the experience of being on this

land more than I have.


>> Sarge, good old Sarge.

He was definitely our...

our chief.

>> My downfall was that I

put trust in age over looking

within each person individually

and judging them on, you know,

their actual character, because

I saw some young people out here

that had more character than

some of the older, wise people

that I looked up to back home.

>> I was doing some soul-

searching, and I had to reach

down and find some stuff within

me that would allow me to be

strong on my own, and it ran the

gamut from suffering to joy--

just the whole gamut of


It was just amazing, so, yeah, I

was able to find out, yeah, I'm

a pretty strong guy.

>> There are days when I

thought: Why am I just not at

home on my couch watching TV,

eating chocolate cake?

But it was so worth every minute

of it for me.

>> Then there was Ami.

>> Coming into the game, my

strategy was to get the women to

stick together, and I have to

admit we created a very powerful


We were definitely a force to be

reckoned with.

>> Jules.

>> Old Jules.

>> The little sister I never


>> It's kind of a mental

battle to know what to

expose and what not to.

These people, some developed

into friendships, but they are

also your competitors, but you

have to keep persevering, and I

did at the end, and I feel good

coming out of it.

>> What do we say about Eliza?

>> What haven't we said

about Eliza?

>> Looks to kill at Tribal

Council, that's for sure.

>> This was definitely the best

experience of my life.

I mean, I don't think I could

have asked for anything more,

well, except, you know, to make

it to the final two, but day 37

is nothing to be ashamed of, and

I loved the game, loved the

competition, even the fights.

>> This is where the chief...

>> Oh, my goodness... Wow...

>> ...was buried alive.

>> Whew!

>> The shells have definitely


Well, as they welcomed us to the

islands, that ceremony the

opening night, they blessed us

and gave us the opportunity to

have this as luck, and I'm going

to let them have their spirit

idol back.

>> And we were also given

this chief staff and it looks to

me like maybe there's a chief

and a chieftess.

I'm not sure how it goes, but

I'll leave that scepter right

there in honor of a man who

actually gave his life on behalf

of peace.

>> Thanks for letting us stay on

your island, keeping us safe.

I just want to offer this staff.

>> The thing that I felt is

that I knew my feet were walking

the trail that indigenous people

have walked for hundreds and

hundreds of years.

I had a very special feeling of

being part of a history that I

didn't know about, but I had-- I

have respect for.

>> To the chief.

Thank you for letting us stay on

your islands.

>> Hey, hey.

>> To the chief.

(Scout speaks foreign language)

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

All right.

You ready for your final

immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first,


Give up immunity.

For the last time, immunity is

back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

you will use a bow and arrow.

You will strike the warrior


You will bring it back to the

ready position and a white paper

marker will fall down in front

of your arrow.

You want to hold this position

for as long as you can endure,

because when the pain gets too

much, you will release the

tension and you will pierce the

marker and you're out of the


>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: In addition, if

at any time either of your

feet hit the platform, you're

out of the challenge.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: For the winner,

guaranteed spot in the final two

and a very big decision at

tonight's Tribal Council: Who

will you choose to sit next to

you at the final Tribal?

Had a long paddle in, you had a

long walk through uneven

terrain, let's see how much

willpower you have left.

You will be doing this barefoot.

Take off your shoes.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, pull them back,

drop the marker.

We are on.

Do not lose your concentration.

Don't let your mind drift.

There's very little play.

You let go for a moment,

it's over.

As if right on cue, the sun is

coming out, making a tough

challenge even tougher.

Fight through it, it's going to

be tough in the beginning.

Get through that first stage.

38 days you've been out here.

Now is not the time to fall


Scout has pierced her marker.

She's out of the challenge.

Take a seat on your platform.

You're down to two: Chris

and Twila.

Twila uneasy on the stumps.

>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Twila with a

good save.

Just about fell off.

>> You know the outcome, Twila.

>> PROBST: And the deal-making


>> It's as good as gold, Twila.

>> PROBST: Twila not responding.

>> Talk to me, Twila.

>> Come on, Chris, give it up.

You had it last time.

>> Hey, Twila, I proved

to you two times in a row, man.

You're the one that turned your

back on me at Lopevi.

>> I might fall off this thing

and ram this thing through my

ass, but I sure as hell ain't

going to step down off this


>> Hold your focus, Twila.

>> Scout's telling you to

keep your focus, Twila.

>> It's all part of the game.

>> Speaks volumes, especially

with Scout cheering you on,

so I think I know where you're

coming from.

You'd better stay up there.

>> PROBST: Challenge is on.

>> Challenge is on.

>> PROBST: How long do you think

you guys have been up there?

>> I have no idea, but I'm sure

you're going to tell me, right?

>> PROBST: 55 minutes.

>> Sweet.

Scout, you dreaming

about Twila winning?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Feeling it in your


>> Sure.

>> PROBST: How about you, Chris?

>> No, it's too early.

I'm not feeling nothing yet.

>> PROBST: Buy that, Twila?

>> No, not at all.

>> PROBST: So, Chris, if there's

so much trust, why aren't you

stepping off?

>> Exactly.

>> Because I want to win.

>> "Because I want to win."

>> Damn, that heat feels good,

doesn't it?

>> Love it.

It's like being by the paver

back home.

>> Gosh, dang it.

>> PROBST: Twila, pierced your

paper marker.

Chris wins the final immunity.

>> God, yeah!

>> PROBST: Chris... well-earned.

>> Yeah.

Couldn't come at a better time.

No, it couldn't.

>> PROBST: Final immunity is


>> Final immunity is mine.

>> PROBST: So, tonight, Tribal

Council-- one of these two is

going to the final Tribal

Council with you.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that is going to be.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Good effort.

Long day.

Head back to camp, guys.

>> I pulled it off.

I got immunity.

I'm still pretty shocked.

Twila was some stiff competition

in that challenge, but there was

no way I was losing, no way I

was losing.

Long day.

>> Really long day.

There's water.

I'll set it out for you guys.

You can have all you want.

>> Chris and I, we had an

agreement for the final two.

If he won, he would take me; if

I won, I'd take him.

I don't know if he will now,

because I feel like maybe he

thinks I tried to hang into that

challenge just so I could take

Scout with me, but it's not


I wasn't trying to win it for

Scout; I was trying to win it

for me-- for me, my own self.

>> At that challenge, Scout

cheered on Twila and said

"Hang in there."

Scout was praying to the gods

Twila won that immunity.

Scout wanted to go to the

final two.

I guarantee you, they had a

pact, and if I find out they

did, Twila ain't necessarily

going to the final two.

I need you to be honest with me,

Scout, because I'm going to tell

you right now...

>> Okay.

>> I don't know who I'm picking.

>> Don't play me, Chris,

'cause I-I really just...

>> I'm not playing you, but you

need to be honest with me.

>> Okay.

>> Because I feel like

I've been played.

Did you and Twila have an

agreement to go to the final two


>> No.

We had an agreement to go to the

final four.

We had an agreement that we

would take Liza out.

>> I'm startled.

Twila told me the truth, and I

didn't believe her.

I figured that you two had an


>> No.

>> I couldn't believe how

honest Scout was.

Scout definitely is smart enough

to realize why I was asking her,

"Did you and Twila have a pact

to the final two?"

She could have very easily

said, "Yeah," and Twila would

have been packing tonight for

sure, but she's honest, and I

respect her for that.

Ah, that did it.

The bottom line is, there's

people on the jury that's going

to base their vote on likability

and there's players going to

base their vote on who played

the best game and it's something

I can't predict.

>> Hey, Chris, one big hug.

>> I don't know if I'm gonna

take Twila or Scout to the

final two, I don't know.

My decision could be made at

Tribal Council tonight.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury-- Sarge,

Chad, Leann, Ami, Julie and

Eliza, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Long day.

>> Very.

>> Very long day.

>> PROBST: And then you had your

final immunity challenge with

obviously a lot at stake, so

let's go through that.

Chris, the minute Scout goes

down, you start talking, "Let's

make a deal."

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Only the deal you

wanted to make was for Twila to

step down.

>> It was the perfect deal for

me, you know.

If she steps down, then you

know, we both get to rest, but

Twila is very thick-skinned and

doesn't give up and she fights

to the end, and when Scout said,

"Hang in there," I didn't think

we were so good after Scout said

that, so I wasn't about to step

down, and I don't blame her for

not stepping down.

>> PROBST: So, this afternoon,

you're a popular guy.

You've got immunity, not a

better spot to be tonight than

the one you're sitting in.

Did you get approached?

>> Um, actually, no, I

did not get approached.

We went back to camp and they

both understood that I was... I

was holding the deck of cards

and, you know, I was the only

one that was going to play and,

you know, I've still got a

decision to make, so...

>> I just feel extremely

good about both of these people.

There can't be a bad outcome in

this game.

They are just amazing people.

>> PROBST: Twila, could there be

a bad outcome for you tonight?

>> Most definitely.

I played the game hard.

I've wanted to win from day one.

I've done everything I can to

get where I'm at now, and I

don't want to settle for third.

>> PROBST: Chris, when you hear

the two different sides-- Scout

on one hand saying "I'm happy,

it's fine."

Twila saying "I am not done"--

that obviously has to factor in

a little bit to you, because

you're making a $900,000

decision tonight.

>> Well, I listen to that

and I respect the way Scout got

to this point in the game.

You know, Scout mentally played

the game strong, and Scout was

willing to change the game, not

only for her benefit, but for

other people's benefit, and I

look at that and then I look at

Twila, and I see how aggressive

Twila was in playing the game.

She did what she had to do to

get to the final three-- whether

it be lie, tell the truth, be

loyal, break an alliance, it

didn't matter-- and she admits


But I'm not going to look at how

they played the game.

I'm looking at how I played the

game and I've got to finish.

>> PROBST: Then let's get

to the vote.

You cannot vote for Chris.

That means, Twila, you can only

vote for Scout; Scout, you

can only vote for Twila.

Your votes cancel each other


You won't vote.

Chris, you'll cast the only vote

and you will do two things


You will vote out the 16th

person from this game, and you

will decide who's gonna sit next

to you at the final Tribal


You will in effect choose your


It is your vote.

Go make it.

I'll go get the vote.

Once the vote is read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

The 16th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu...


You need to bring me your torch.

Scout, the tribe has spoken.

You've gone as far as you can go

in this game on your own.

The power now shifts to these

six jury members and Scout, who

becomes tonight our seventh jury

member, now hold your fate in

their hands.

We will reconvene for one final

Tribal Council tomorrow night.

In the meantime, you have one

night left.

Enjoy it.

You've earned it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> I feel really good

about how I played the game.

I maintained the loyalty and

integrity as long as loyalty was

there to embrace and when it

wasn't, I embraced another

alliance and was able to turn

the game around, make it a whole

lot more exciting and fun, and I

feel really good to have gotten

this far and wish Chris and

Twila the very best.

>> This is the last pot

of manioc I'll ever make.

This is probably the last time

I'll ever eat manioc.

>> With any hope.

This is day 39. This is it.

I made it.

I turned things around in my

favor and it paid off.

>> I am definitely feeling

stress on a day that I

never imagined I would feel


I was ready to get up today and

enjoy the entire day, and I

found myself thinking, "I've got

to keep playing the game."

I've been thinking about Tribal


>> Yeah.

>> I ain't gonna take no crap

from any of them, are you?

>> I'm going to try not to.

>> I mean, they're not going to

run me in the ground because

I lasted longer than them.

And I mean, I just know

how you are.

Twila is extremely outspoken,

and I can use that to my

advantage tonight.

I mean, I want them to remember

exactly how Twila was: just a

cutthroat, didn't-take-no-crap

kind of player.

I just think about some of the

people on the jury taking their

disappointment out on us.

>> They will.

>> I really don't know if

I'm inclined to sit there and

let them do that.

I mean, I'll just sit and think,

"Well, I know Twila ain't gonna

take no crap, so I'm not gonna

take no crap."

>> I'm not.

>> Great, Twila, you let them

know you don't give a crap

and that you come here to win.

Chris isn't gonna do that.

Chris is gonna sit back and let

Twila put the last nail in her


>> I'm a little apprehensive

about tonight.

I honestly feel like I deserve

a million because I did play the

the game the best.

I didn't suck up to anybody.

I didn't pretend to be something

that I wasn't.

Don't hold it against me because

I outwitted and outplayed you.

I deserve their votes just as

much as Chris.

>> I think I'm ready.

>> Back to reality reality.

>> That's right.

It's over with after tonight,


>> Yeah.

>> No way is this party

coming to an end.

>> Whoo.

(Chris grunts, Twila laughs)

>> What an ending.

>> (laughing): I haven't

laughed that hard since

I been here, I don't think.

>> The closer Tribal Council

gets, the... absolutely

the more concerned I'm getting.

You know, in the back

of my head, I just keep thinking

"that women's alliance,"

you know?

All of them might just say,

"Hey, look, the only way we

can prove this women's alliance

worked is for a woman to win

this game."

And just out of spite, they can

vote for Twila.

>> Isn't it funny how I'm

actually going to probably miss

this place?

>> It's been wild, ain't it?

♪ ♪

(bird twittering)

>> The sense of pride that I

come out and played this

game, when I get out of here, is

gonna be with me for a lifetime.

Everything that I will be able

to take home with me: the

memories, being by the ocean and

seeing things and doing things

I've never seen and done before,

it's been... it's been an

amazing adventure.

>> It's kind of ironic,

you know, at the Alinta camp

when there was six women and

just me.

I wasn't in charge, I wasn't the


I wasn't making the calls, and

that's the opposite of what this

place is all about, you know--

that's their heritage, that's

what they believe in.

And now it's down to me and a


If, unfortunately, I get second

place, being the last man in the

game, that's an accomplishment

in itself.

I never dreamed I'd be... I'd

be where I'm at, no way.

And it's still hard,

you know, it doesn't quit.

I guess it will quit when I walk

off this island and it's

completely over.

>> PROBST: We now bring in the

members of the jury: Sarge,

Chad, Leann, Ami, Julie, Eliza

and Scout, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Chris, Twila, welcome to your

final Tribal Council.

One bit of business to do.

Immunity necklace.

Immunity not back up for grabs.

First, let me say


You two have done what 16 other

people were unable to do in this

game: make it to the final two.

But now, after 39 hard-fought

days, the game takes a twist.

Your jury, made up of seven

people that you had a hand in

voting out, now control your

fate in their hands, and based

on tonight's final Tribal

Council, they will decide which

of the two of you they think

is most deserving of the title

of sole survivor, and more

importantly, the million-dollar

check that goes along with that.

Tribal Council is where you are

held accountable for your


Expect to be held accountable


That's why we're here.

Here's how it's going to work.

You two will get a chance to

make an opening statement.

This is your first opportunity

to plead your case to the jury

why do you deserve the title of

sole survivor and the million


The jury will then get their

first chance to address you

since being voted out.

Once the jury has asked you

their questions, you will get

one last opportunity to make a

closing statement, and then we

will vote.


>> Yep.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Chris, opening

statement to the jury.

>> I think I, you know, I

think I deserve to win as sole

survivor for, you know,

many reasons.

I think besides not only being

loyal to the alliances that I

made throughout the game, I

think I'm the person that

overcome more odds than anybody.

I was the last man standing with

six women.

I just think I deserve to win

this game because of the odds I


That's all.

>> PROBST: Twila.

>> I came to this game with

one goal, and that goal was to

win a million dollars to better

my life and my son's.

I played the game to win, I

played it hard.

I know I didn't do everything

that I should have done and

should have done more in some

other incidents, but it came

from my soul.

Everything I did was to win this

million dollars, and that's why

I believe I should be the sole

survivor tonight.

I believe I've earned it.

I worked hard for it.

That's all.

>> PROBST: All right.

Jury, in a moment, you're going

to get your first opportunity to

address Chris and Twila since

you were voted out of the game.

Give you a minute to think about

what you want to say.

>> PROBST: All right.

Jury, it is now your chance to

address Chris and Twila for the

first time since you've been

voted out of the game.

Eliza, you're up.

>> Um, before I address

my question to you, I have a

couple of comments.

Twila, I'll start with you.


You achieved what you set

out to do.

You came into this game, saying

you would do whatever it took to

get to the final two, and that

you did.

You were a deceptive, lying

bitch throughout this game.

You never treated me with an

ounce of respect.

You didn't even speak to me like

I deserved your breath.

I might envy your position in

the final two, but I do not envy

your life.

Now, with that being said, I do

think you played a good game,

and you were outright about it.

Chris, you, on the other hand,

you shocked me.

You shocked me.

Whereas I knew Twila was going

to be a deceptive, lying bitch,

I did not know that you were a

deceptive lying bitch, too.

You pretended to be my friend.

I mean, you stabbed me in the

back with the Julie thing and

then you stabbed me in the back

again and rubbed salt in the

wound-- unnecessary, blatant


My request tonight from the two

of you is, I would like an


Twila, you first.

>> Eliza, I never talked to

you with any disrespect when

you respected me.

I never said any bad words to

you until the latter part of

this week, not at all.

>> You're right.

You just said mean and

hateful and spiteful things

behind my back.

>> All I said was, you talk

too damn much, and you do.

>> That's a lie.

>> What else was I supposed

to have said, Eliza?

>> What? Oh, my God.

Should I start listing things?

>> I'd like to know.

>> You said that I didn't

deserve to be here, I was a

spoiled brat, um, that I...

>> But did I not tell you

that to your face?

And I did tell you how I felt.

>> Is this, is this an apology?

I mean, if you don't feel that I

deserve an apology, then fine,


>> I'm just getting to the


You feel that I'm a lying,

deceptive bitch, well, I think

you're a spoiled, rotten

little child.

And if you don't owe me an

apology for how you feel about

me, why should I apologize to

you for the way you feel about


>> Okay.

>> And I just don't feel like I

owe you an apology, no, I don't.

>> Okay. Chris?

>> Eliza, when I made that pact

with you standing there, I

didn't intend to do you wrong.

I did it as strategy, and you're

right, I owe you an apology.

I broke our pact and I am sorry.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Eliza.


(Julie sniffles and sighs)

>> I thought I'd at least get

one sentence out before I

started to cry, but I'm

feeling abnormally emotional

tonight, so...

(sighs heavily)

Um, Twila, I saw all your

tactics, antics and, I mean, I

tried to get you out of the

game, like what, five, six


My energy is directed towards

Chris tonight...

>> Okay.

>> the fact that I'm

either voting for Chris or

against Chris.

So, I just want to let you know.

>> That's fine.

>> (sniffling): Christopher,

um, you approached me as a

friend and asked for help

with everything to lose.

I helped you as a friend with

nothing to gain for myself, and

you were the one person who I

gave the opportunity to hurt

my feelings.


I'm here crying.

Um, so I have two questions

for you.

First off, there are several

occasions where I described our

relationship, brother-sister,

and I don't understand why you

had to doll it up that much,

to look me so solidly in the

eyes and base things on our

friendship and on things that I

felt were real.

So, that's my first question.

>> Julie, you are absolutely the

hardest decision I made.

>> Okay, great, like fabulous,

but why the story?

It was so elaborate.

>> Because at the time I

had no intentions of writing

your name down; at the time,

my intentions were for me and

you to stick together.

You looked out for me, you know,

and I felt like it was my turn

to look out for you.

>> It was.

>> I lied to you, Julie, and,

I mean, I can't take it back.

>> Okay.

Second question: When did you

start playing me?

And I want the truth, because

this is it.

I'm not set on who I'm

voting for.

I'm pissed off at you, so tell

me, what was authentic about our

relationship and you?

>> I didn't play you, Julie.

I lied to you and I let my heart

get in the way, and at the end,

I didn't even know if I was

going to write your name down

and decided at the booth, I

just... I played the game.

I did you wrong, Julie, and I'm

sorry I lied to you.

If you disregard anything to do

with me, I understand, but I

truly looked at you as a little

sister and...

>> That's enough.

That's okay.

>> I'm sorry.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Julie.

(Julie sniffling)

>> PROBST: Leann, you're next.

>> Twila.

>> Yes.

>> One of the turning points in

the game particularly for me was

when you decided to turn your

back on a four-person alliance

and vote me out, and on the day

you decided to do that, you

reinforced your loyalty to

me, this time using the words,

"I swear to you on my son's life

that you have my word."

Could you explain to me your

thought process in betraying my

trust in our alliance, and why I

should reward you for it with

a million dollars?

>> I felt that it was supposed

to be Leann, Ami, Scout and


I felt when you all turned your

back on Scout and brought Julie

into the alliance, I felt that

you could easily have turned

your back on me at any time.

>> Even though I never

did anything to... to make

you doubt my trust?

>> I didn't trust you all

anymore after you brought Julie

in, I did not.

I am sorry for that,

because I did trust you.

Ami, I never fully trust full

wholeheartedly, but I did

trust you.

But when you brought Julie into

it, I felt like, you know,

it's gonna be you three and I'm

the one that's going to be

sitting on the outside, and I

couldn't do it.

So I had to change the strategy

and that's why I did what I did

in the end, not out of

disrespect for you.

>> Fair enough.


It's no secret that from day

one, I was pretty much hard-core

with the women's alliance, and

my intention was to see that

through to the end, no matter


Convince me to abandon that way

of thinking and vote for you


>> When we merged, I knew

without a doubt, you know, my

work was cut out for me.

If I wanted to stay in this game

any longer, then I had to look

for an opening and a backdoor

opened by who else?

Twila come to me and offered me

a chance to further myself in

the game, and I took advantage,

you know, when the opportunity


I just feel like I persevered,

and I think that is the reason

why, you know, I think I'm

deserving to win the game.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Ami.

>> Right now, I just see

some serious irony in that.

Twila, even though you had a

chance to totally and completely

make an apology that maybe you

didn't believe in, for a million

dollars you wouldn't do it, but

you'd lie for a million dollars,

you'd break friendships for a

million dollars.

You say, um, just didn't really

trust Ami.

I don't know where that came

from, because you had 100% of my


And, Chris, I'm still just

baffled at why you took the

time to flat-out lie to two

people for no reason.

I don't understand it.

Chris, I want to know from you

first what attributes you think

you have that put you in the

seat there, and that you think I

don't have putting me standing

right here?

>> I really don't see me having

any qualities any better than

you when it comes to this game,

I mean, absolutely not.

I think that you're on the jury

because you have a soft heart.

I think you're on the jury

because I didn't give you

a break.

You give me a break.

You've let your guard down, you

put personal feelings in front

of the game, and, you know, it

was your demise.

>> Thank you.

Twila, same question.

>> First of all, I want

to start out, if you don't mind,

by apologizing to you and Leann

for swearing on my son's name.

I should have never brought him

into it, I should never have

done that.

I thought of the game and I

thought, now, either they're

going to respect me for the

decision that I've made to

further myself in the game and

that's why I'm here, but now I'm

this low-life bitch that nobody

likes and I don't understand


>> Twila, you flat-out lied

to us.

You flat-out straight to our

face said, "I'm your friend...

>> I did.

>> "...I'm going to be here

till the end."

That's what you did to

both of us.

>> That's not the way I see it.

I feel like...

>> I want to hear the

answer to your question.

Why are you sitting there and

why am I standing there?

>> Maybe a little bit more

harder, a little bit more

colder, maybe.

You don't have it in you.

And I have it.

I wear it on my sleeve.

It's not... I haven't tried to

hide it from any of you all and

maybe that's why I'm here, and

you're there.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Ami.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: Chad, you're up.

>> Twila, I'll start with you.

I want you to think about your

experiences out here the past 39

days, and I want you to think

about something that's

changed you.

>> If you're talking about in a

bad sense, I need to watch what

I say and how I come across to

people, because I've always felt

like I've had to defend myself

all the time, so maybe I need to

ease up, back off.

I'm a little hard and quick to

judge sometimes, and that's not

a good thing.

>> Okay. Chris, same question.

>> Without a doubt, the one

thing that's changing me as

a person is experience in

playing the game with the final

nine people and seeing the

genuine qualities people possess

when there's a million dollars

at stake and how those genuine

qualities never falter.

In the latter stages of the

game, I found that the money

started talking.

I started looking at getting to

the end no matter what, and I

feel like the two people that

possessed the least amount of

those qualities are sitting

right up here, and I look at the

seven people on the jury--

everybody sitting over there

possesses a genuine quality that

they look past the million

dollars, and that's something I

didn't do, that's something I'll

take with me to try to become a

better person.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Chad.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Sarge.

>> Uh, basically, touché to

both of y'all.

You outwitted, you outplayed,

you outlasted me.

I'll start with Twila.

First and foremost, I hold

myself true to my beliefs and my

values-- loyalty, duty, respect

and honor-- and I only surround

myself with that type of people.

I wouldn't want to see you

on a street.

I wouldn't want a phone call.

I would never want to see you

again, okay, but congratulations

because you outplayed me.

Now, getting on to my question.

After I sat here and listened,

you need the million dollars,

and I'm 99% sure right now,

you're probably going to get my

vote, okay, but I've got to

know-- a million dollars, is

that the price tag to cast your

son's name straight to hell?

Is the price tag for casting

his name to hell worth a

million dollars?

'Cause you say that you hope

that your son forgives you.

If my mother did, I'd tell her

to kiss my ass, okay?

So, just tell me yes or no, is

the price tag $1 million?

>> No.

>> Okay, Chris.

Right now, she needs my help

because she needs to buy back

that doggone respect, so right

now, you're probably not going

to get my vote.

What I need to know is, where

does my friendship stand with

you, and does it still stand

strong as it was before you

found out that I wasn't going to

give you a million dollars and

will we be sitting at a race


>> There's not a price on

our friendship.

We developed a friendship from

the time we met.

We connected.

I don't care if you vote for me

or not.

We'll be friends after this


Give your vote to Twila,

I don't... We'll be friends

after this game.

We'll sit in Charlotte and watch

the race.

That's a fact.

You've got my word on it.

>> Cool.

>> PROBST: Scout.

>> Twila, you and I formed an

alliance the very first night.

Chris, I've been with you 38

days into this game, and I've

been with you as each of these

members came off, so I know your

true response to each of these

fallen comrades, and Twila, to

your credit, you're not able to

bull... very much, but I value

the integrity of your ability to

still speak your truth even

though it trips you up and gets

you in trouble sometimes.

You can't not be Twila.

And Chris, you are bull up to

your ears!


I'm not sure where that takes

you except that it sits you

right where you are.

Thanks for the 38-day ride.

It was great.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Scout.

Thanks, jury.

Well, Chris and Twila, you guys

have been through the wringer.

Based on everything you've heard

tonight, you know where they're

coming from.

I'll give you a second to think

about your last words to the


>> PROBST: Okay.

Twila, Chris, you've heard from

the jury.

The jury has definitely spoken

tonight in very clear terms.

You know what is on their mind.

This is your last chance to

change a mind.

Twila, you're first.

>> I didn't come into this game

intentionally wanting to deceive

or to lie to anyone.

I don't do that back home and

anybody that knows me knows my

word is good.

Whether you believe that or not,

it is good.

All I thought about since I've

been here is bettering my life.

That's all I've thought about

and how I can do it.

I didn't worry about your

feelings, I didn't worry about

your feelings, none of you.

That was selfish and self-

centered of me.

People kill for less than what

we're playing for right now.

Maybe that sounds hard or cold,

and it actually turned me into

somebody I don't like.

Sarge, you don't have to

rub it in.

You don't have to make me feel

any lower than what I already

feel for doing what I did.

You don't understand how that's

bothered me.

I highly respect you and to hear

you say that just kills me.

(voice breaking): I apologize

to each and every one of you.

It wasn't the game I intended

to play.

It was the game that ended up

playing me, and, uh... if I

could do right again, I would,

and for that I apologize.

If you can forgive me, then

maybe I can forgive myself.

That's all.

>> PROBST: Chris.

>> Scout, you called me out.

I'm a bull...

But you made me realize one


I can't bull... a bull...

Good point.

Julie, alls that matters to me

is, it ain't your vote, that's

for damn sure.

I would just like to mend some

fences, and I did you wrong, and

you still are like my little


And I brought you your hat.

Eliza, you are absolutely right,

I definitely owed you an


What happened with you and Julie

makes me feel like I don't

deserve to be sitting here,

that any one of you would

probably deserve it more, and

that's no bull...

I truly feel that way, and I

just want to tell you again

I'm sorry.

'Cause you give me your word and

there's no doubt in my mind,

you'd be sitting right here if

it wasn't for me.

I was your demise.

Ami and Leann, I came across an

opportunity in the game and I

got to sneak in the backdoor

because of the very person

sitting to my left and because

of Scout.

They changed the alliance.

They changed the course of the

game, and I took advantage

of it.

You're both sitting there

because I did what I had to do

to benefit myself.

Chad and Sarge, no matter how

you vote tonight, I still made

two dear friends, so just vote

from your heart, you know, just

feel good about who you vote

for, that's all.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time, finally, to get to

the vote.

It's a little different tonight.

Tonight you are not voting

somebody out of the game.

You are voting for a winner.

Chris, Twila, you want to see

your name on that parchment


It is time to vote.

Sarge, you're up.

>> Psych.

I had to know where our

friendship stood.

You know where I stand: honor,


Good job.

>> Twila, thank you for

the experience of a strong,

unspoken women's alliance.

We took it to the end of the


I love you.

>> Chris, you definitely

screwed me over and you

definitely hurt my feelings, but

ultimately, I like you better.

I just wish I was the one

sitting there next to you.

I hope you win.

>> (whispering): Twila, the

fact that it comes down to

the very end and in your

answers, you didn't give any

crap answers.

You really said it from your


You only said the things that

you meant.

>> PROBST: Okay.

For the last time, I'll go get

the votes.

Well, I know it's been a long 39

days and a long, respectful, but

certainly emotional final Tribal


I would love to read these

tonight, but it's not gonna


Going to have to wait till we

get back to the U.S.

I'll see you there.

>> PROBST: This is where I get


(applause and cheering)


>> PROBST: All right, let's

do it.

(cheering and applause)

(applause continues)

>> PROBST: I know you guys are

ready to get to this.

Nothing left to be said.

Certainly put through the

wringer at the final Tribal, but

fair to say you both had it

coming, right?

>> Right.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's get to the vote.

Tonight you want to see your

name on that parchment.

Tonight the jury voted for a


There are seven votes.

You need four to win.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


(applause and cheering)


Two votes Chris.



(applause and cheering)

Two votes Chris, one vote Twila.


We're tied.

Two votes Chris, two votes



Three votes Chris, two votes


The winner of Survivor: Vanuatu,


(applause and cheering)

>> Yeah!

(whooping and laughing)

>> Hi, Chris!

Oh, my God...

>> Hey...

(applause and cheering)

>> (all chanting): Chris!

Chris! Chris!

>> Yeah! Yeah!

>> PROBST: Well, he's certainly

one of the most unlikely

Survivor winners ever.

Chris came back from a lousy

performance at the first

challenge, infiltrated the

women's alliance, and ultimately

beat the women at their own


It was an emotional final tribal