Survivor (2000–…): Season 9, Episode 10 - Culture Shock and Violent Storms - full transcript

One castaway struggles to decide whether to stay with their existing alliance or join another.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on


>> ( laughs ): We shocked

the shiznit out of them.

>> PROBST: The men swallowed

their pride after they were

deceived, when the women's

alliance rejoined forces and

voted off Rory.

>> It's gonna be tough to

survive the rest of this game.

>> No way!

>> PROBST: And the tribe got a

new pet.

>> Chris!

Oh, my God!

>> Here, pig, pig, pig, pig...

>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You can't eat him.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Eliza out of the game.

>> Shows you just where

you are, doesn't it, boys?

>> PROBST: Politics and trivia

helped Leann come out on top.

Leann wins reward.

>> I won something!

>> PROBST: She chose Julie to

join her.

>> Can you believe we

said that?

( laughter )

Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: The girls then shared

a picnic on the rim of a dormant


>> Hello.

>> Oh, wow.

>> PROBST: The two talked

strategy, and Julie made her


>> I'd be down.

I'd be faithful.

>> Yes?

>> I would.


( laughter )

>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> Look at you.

She's all pissed off.

>> PROBST: Eliza was livid,

because the challenge revealed

the girls' pecking order, and

she was first to go.

>> It is personal.

It's definitely personal.

>> Oh, Eliza, good grief!

>> PROBST: The men saw an

opportunity to break the women's


>> We see a weakness

right there.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Ami mastered the


Ami wins immunity.

...and claimed victory.

Safe tonight at the vote is this

woman, Ami.

Back at Alinta...

>> You're a horrible dancer.

>> I know.

>> PROBST: ...Scout worried that

Julie had charmed Leann and

stole her "final four" spot.

>> Jules and Leann have

gotten to be kind of tight since

they went on their little trip


Hell, I might get sent home


>> PROBST: And Chris considered

his own strategies.

>> We don't have the


Unless we can pull something off

with Twila and Eliza, it's over.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, the women's alliance

held strong, and Chris made a

move to save himself.

>> This is for you, not

against you.

>> PROBST: Tenth person voted

out of Survivor: Vanuatu...

Sarge, the tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

( snorting )

>> That was the toughest

Tribal Council I've been to.

>> Me, too.

>> And I can tell everybody why.

>> Why?

>> Why?

>> Ten minutes before we

left camp, Sarge asked me who I

was voting for.

I told him I hadn't decided, and

I didn't know, that I-I just

didn't know what to do.

Right before we started walking,

he grabbed me by the shoulder

and told me to vote for him.

I asked him why.

He said, just do it, everybody

else is.

I voted for Sarge.

I told them that Sarge told me

to vote for him, but he didn't.

Um, I voted for Sarge...

to stay close to the women and,

you know, go further in the


You know, this is for the best.

Uh, this is for my personal, you

know, reasons in the game to try

to get as far as I can.

( birds singing )

>> ( whispering ): Ami and

Leann have turned.

They've changed their alliance

from, uh, Twila and myself being

in the top four, moving Jules

into a spot, and she didn't

deserve it.

I'm not gonna sit by and let

that happen.

This morning I went to the guys

at the fire, and I whispered to

them that I had plan to keep

them in the game.

I asked them not to tell


Told them I needed to talk to

Twila, and I'd get back with


The plan that I have would take

out Eliza, then take out Ami.

We got to get Ami out of there.

She's a strong contender, and

she's, uh, manipulative, and

it's a whole different game,


>> We have mail.

Wild mail.

"To this challenge, you'll bring

your pig.

Some will push and some will


It just depends on how you move

through the earth.

Today you'll see how much your

little piggy's worth."

>> Oh...

( snorting )

>> Want me to carry him?

>> Yeah.

>> This ought to be real

fun with this pig today.

( pig squealing )

( indistinct chatter )

( pig squealing )

>> PROBST: The Alinta mascot.

>> He needs a buff.

>> PROBST: You know, I thought

you might want a buff.

I did have one ready.

Chris, you want to do the


>> Awesome.

>> PROBST: Does he have a name?

>> He's had about 15

names, but Piggy is what stuck.


>> PROBST: Come on, buddy.

>> Here you go.

Go on.

>> PROBST: Has it been nice

having a little company at camp?

>> Not when you're

hungry, and you want meat.

( laughter )

>> Twila.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's


>> Yes.

>> Sure thing.

>> PROBST: For today's


you will be randomly divided

into two tribes of four.

You'll compete in this obstacle


One person will be your

sacrificial lamb.

They will be attached to a rope

which runs the entire length of

this obstacle course.

They will also have their hands


So the other three tribe members

will be responsible for getting

them through all five stages of

the course.

For the first stage, you'll go

up and over a three-level fence.

You'll then maneuver through a

series of hitching posts.

You'll then climb up and over a


You will then dig under a log.

And then finally, you will

maneuver through a vertical rope


First tribe to get all four of

their people to their final

tam-tam wins reward.

You want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yes.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The winning foursome

will leave here, be taken to

another island for an overnight


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: ...where you will be

hosted by a village.

This will be an amazing,

once-in-a-lifetime experience

with a tribe who lives very

differently from you.

You'll be treated to all kinds

of cultural activities,

including a major feast.

>> Oh, wow!

>> Oh!

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: Because it is

customary to bring a token of


>> The pig.

>> PROBST: ...

you will bring the

pig, and give this to the


All right, for the two groups,

we're gonna draw numbers.

Let's go down and get started.

All right, here are the teams on

the black rope: Scout, Twila,

Julie and Leann.

Julie is the sacrificial lamb.

On the orange rope: Chad, Ami

Eliza and Chris.

Eliza is the sacrificial lamb.

Here we go.

For reward.

Survivors, ready...


>> You need help?

You need a push?

>> PROBST: Julie up and over.

>> Come on.

>> Now what?

>> PROBST: Chris grabs Eliza who


>> Get her, get her, get her.

>> I got her, I got her.

I got you, Eliza.

>> Hurry, girl.

Hurry, girl.

>> PROBST: Julie moving.

>> Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Oh, yeah... nope.

>> Got you.

>> PROBST: Up and over again...

>> Over, Chad.

>> PROBST: the mercy of

her team.

>> Oh, she's stuck.

>> Slack is...

>> Chad, pull her through.

Chad, pull her through.

>> PROBST: Eliza up and over one

more time, and we're just on the

first part of the course.

>> Get her, Chad, get her.

>> Nice and easy.

>> You all right?

Go, go...

>> PROBST: Eliza through the

first obstacle, races ahead to

the hitching post.

>> Give me slack.

>> PROBST: Julie, Twila, Leann

and Scout falling behind.

>> Here, here.

>> PROBST: Julie being held in


>> Bring you down...

>> Thanks, Chris.


Her legs are caught.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Eliza stuck in the


>> Chad, get over there

and give me some slack.

>> PROBST: ...trying to get her

legs undone.

>> Don't pull your legs.

>> Oh, oh, real good.

Take your time.

>> Yeah...

>> PROBST: Chad just yanks them


>> I got her.

>> Up and around and down

and out.

Go, go, go...

>> PROBST: Julie's through the

first obstacle.

>> Go, go, go!

Out of the way.

Go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go...

>> PROBST: Julie's tribe arrives

at the second obstacle.

>> Go.

>> You got her?

You sure?

>> PROBST: Eliza getting tossed


>> Just hurry, up and over.

>> PROBST: Up and over.

That belly is going to have some


>> Good job, Eliza.

>> Okay...

>> Slacks on the other

way, the other way.

>> Slack.

Slack, slack,

slack, slack...

>> PROBST: Eliza's tribe doing a

great job with the slack,

working her way around the post.

>> Lots of slack.

>> PROBST: They're through the

hitching post.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Eliza, Chad, Chris

and Ami on to the third


>> Nice job.

>> Let's go, girl.

Let's go, girl.

Here you go...

>> One more.

( Julie grunts )

>> You all right?

You all right?

>> Some more.

>> Some more...

>> ...slack.

I'll get the slack.

You get her?

Get her.

>> PROBST: Eliza, up and over

the wall.

Great teamwork.

>> Put me down, put me


>> Okay, now go, go, go,

go, go.

>> PROBST: Here comes Julie,

Twila, Scout and Leann.

They've made up some time.

>> Go, go.

All right...

>> PROBST: They really move to

stay in this.

>> Under and over.

Under and over.

Now, one more time around and


>> PROBST: Julie really throwing

herself over these walls.

Eliza, Chris, Chad and Ami still

with the lead.

>> Step, step.

>> PROBST: Julie, Twila, Leann

and Scout are working hard to

catch up.

>> Come on, come on.

>> PROBST: Julie launches

herself over again.

>> Pull it.

>> The stomach rolls.

>> Come on.

I got you.

Come on.

Down this way.

>> Got you.

>> Drop your feet, drop

your feet.

>> PROBST: Ami leading Eliza

through, and she's out.

>> Come on, come on.

>> Jump up, Jules.

Jump up, Jules.

>> All right, run, run.

>> Hurry, hurry, they're

right on us, they're right on


>> Come on.

>> Through, through.

>> I don't know if this

is gonna work.

>> PROBST: They've dug a hole.

Will she fit?

>> Fit, fit, fit...

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Going to take her

face off.

>> Pull, pull.

>> PROBST: Chris pulls her

through anyway.

>> Come on, guys.

Come on...

>> PROBST: Julie, shoving

herself through.

>> Ow!

>> PROBST: Leann yanks on her.

>> Come on.


Come on, got you.


>> My shoulders, my shoulders.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Eliza going through

for her second time.

Once again, just misses her


They're on to the final


Chad, Chris, Eliza and Ami at

the final vertical rope maze.

>> Okay, now, go.

Now got down.

Yeah, that's right.

>> Come on, come on...

>> Pull, pull...

>> PROBST: Julie going to have

to go face first in the sand.

Why they're going this way, I

don't know, but they're through.

This is it.

Both tribes at the final

vertical rope maze.

Eliza starting to make her way

through the rope maze.

>> Those guys are coming.


>> Nice job.

>> PROBST: Julie enters the rope

maze, shoving the rope over.

Very close.

>> Go, go, go.

>> Step up...

>> Take a step.


>> Come on.

They're trying again.

Come on, come on.

>> ...Too slow.

Bring that low.

There you go.

Step through.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Eliza's team still

with the lead.

>> Yup.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Julie trying to catch


Chris just going to shove her


Chris and Chad carrying Eliza

through this rope maze.

Twila, Scout, Julie and Leann

are making up ground.

Julie having to pull herself up.

Ami and Twila trying to help


>> Want me to lift...?

>> Nice job.

>> PROBST: Chad, Eliza, Ami,



>> One more.

>> PROBST: Twila, Leann, Scout

and Julie not giving up, though.

>> This...this one right here.

>> ...through.

Come on.

>> She doesn't need it.

>> PROBST: Chris just shoves

Eliza through, using his


>> A leg.

>> You are through.

You are through!

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: That's it.

Eliza, Chad, Ami, Chris win


( cheering )

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: ...overnight visit.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Julie, you were

getting tossed around, banged

around-- how you doing?

>> I'm fine.

>> PROBST: Are you upset because

you lost or because you're hurt?

>> Uh, 'cause we lost.

It's a lot of work.

>> PROBST: You guys, get your

stuff, head back to camp.

For you four, you will have a

great experience, a chance to

get away from camp, fill up

your bellies.

Take your pig, head on out and

have a good night.

>> Ami, Chad, Chris and

I, we're going on an overnight

visit in a village, and we were

so excited, and we were bringing

Piggy as a gift for the tribe

that we are visiting.

But Piggy peed on the plane.

That stunk.

>> Wonderful flight,


( pig squealing )

>> How long you going to

be a grouch?

>> We were in the very,

very back country.

I don't think we could have

gone any further to get away

from civilization.

>> It seemed like we

went to a whole other world.

>> Who should we give the

pig to?

( indistinct talking )

>> Chief.

None of us knew what to expect.

People from the village looking

at us, and we're looking at

them, and I'm carrying a pig.


We'd like to offer you this.

( pig squealing )

>> We handed the chief

Piggy, and he was very

appreciative, and they gave us

a pig back.

>> Thank you.

( applause )

Me, Ami, Eliza and Chad were

just, like, "Damn, they're

giving us a pig back."

You know, but, yeah...

The pig -- they give us a pig

in return, and they actually

just had us lay it down by a

bench where we were sitting,

and we just never asked for the

pig back.

We didn't want the pig.

( pig snorting )

( tribal singing, chanting )

>> Once they started

dancing, like really doing the

traditional dancing, we were

watching that, it was amazing.

They don't use any instruments.

They just use claps of their

hands, stomp of their feet and

their voices.


( ululating )


I could feel the vibration of

their feet stomping.

( singing )

It was amazing, like out of a


It looked like we were in the

middle of a book.

( singing )

The chief said "Do you want to


And I was like, "Yeah, I want

to dance.

Dancing sounds great."

>> Yes, okay. Okay.

That's wonderful.

Thank you.

They brought us bowls of kava...

and me and Chad and Ami and

Eliza-- we all drank a bowl of


>> Drink.

>> You drink the whole thing?

>> Yeah, yeah, the whole thing,


>> Oh.

>> You just say...

Okay, you chug it, and then you

spit out your last sip.

And this bowl was enormous, and

it kind of tastes like mud mixed

with water and vodka.

( spitting )

Almost immediately, my mouth

started feeling numb, and my

tongue started feeling numb.

It was definitely a strange


( spitting )

>> The kava is powerful,

very, very powerful.

>> Like, I feel sort of

buzzed, but my inclination is

just, "Whoa, wait."

>> Yeah.

You're holding on to my

shoulders for dear life.

>> After that kava, I

started spinning into a kava-

induced, uh...stupor.

>> Chad had too much kava.

>> I'm all right.

>> You wild man.

>> God, I can barely stand up.

I am thrown from that kava.

I couldn't walk.

I couldn't...

I wasn't coordinated.

>> The kava tore him up!

The kava tore him up!

We'll never experience nothing

like this again the rest of our


>> Uh-uh.

Wow, man...


>> Smells delicious.

That looks good.

( laughing )

>> When we were thinking

feast, we were thinking plates

of steak, anything cooked...

but they had the cow's head and

then banana leaves laid out, and

they had all this meat just

piled on it.

What's it like?

>> Uh...


It wasn't cooked all the way.

There wasn't a lot of flavor to


There was a lot of... fat.

It just wasn't something that I

was used to.

The food definitely isn't the

reward part of this.

>> No.

>> No.

( singing in native language )

All the children were gathered

around this little tiny fire,

and they were teaching the song

that they had learned for the

Americans, and their smiles

touched me in a way I'll never


This was the highlight of my

entire night.

( singing )

>> ♪ We are very happy

When you visit


village here today. ♪

>> It was the most

unbelievable reward we could've

possibly ever gotten.

( cheering )


>> I'm catching on to that song.

>> Yeah.

( thunder crashing )

( Scout groaning )

>> I think that'll help

the fire for a little while.

Oh, God.

>> It's been raining forever!

>> Oh, man, it is just

raining cats and dogs.

It looks like it's set in for


Everything is soaking wet.

It's going to be a miracle if we

can keep our fire.

I-I've never been in a worse

situation than this, really.

>> This is the...

by far

the worst night, by far the

worst night.

It won't stop ...

raining, and I

don't care if I can't swear.

( laughing )

It won't stop raining.

It's freezing.

Everything we have is soaked.

I don't even want to think about

what the other four are doing at

the moment.

I'm sure they're having a great

time, and they're comfortable,

and that's just enough to make

me mad thinking about it.

>> Piss and moan!

( laughing )

That's all we can do!

>> God, oh, and wait for it to

go away.

>> I had one hell of a night.

It rained cats and dogs, and our

shelter just...

it just poured in.

Our blankets were drenched.

Our clothes were drenched.

Our pillows are drenched,


And the timing was just right,

and I said, "You know what,

you guys, keeping this fire

going... I tell you what.

We ought to, uh, send Eliza on

home and, uh, and, uh, keep

these guys around another few


Let 'em help us with the fire

and collecting wood."


the game changes.

>> ♪ Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! ♪

>> Yeah, you know, her

time's definitely overdue.

>> Thank you.

>> Five on that.

>> She should've...

You all...

I don't know how you

all kept her as long as you did.

I don't know.

>> Yeah, I don't...

>> So, you want to tell Ami?

>> Oh, we can tell Ami. No.

>> I think so.

>> I think Ami's cool

with it, but...

Yeah, the guys don't need to


>> Listen, here's their...

The guys will vote with us,

because here's their choice.

>> "Don't vote with us,

and one of you guys are going

home tonight."

>> "Eliza, or one of you.

Take your pick."

>> That's true.

>> Want to hit the trail

mix first?

>> Yes.

>> There's no fire.

I'll start on it.

Is that cool?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You guys want to

coconut it up?

>> We'll coconut...

>> Hey.

Home sweet home.

>> Did it rain on you guys?

>> Oh, yeah, it rained

off and on.

>> But-but you were inside.

>> Um, we ended up in a

hut at the end of the night that

didn't ra...

that didn't, um... leak.

>> But the food and the

sleeping arrangements,

seriously, were horrible.

>> Swear to God.

>> But you didn't have to

sleep with wet blankets, and you

didn't get poured on, right?

>> We did not get poured

>> At least there's that.

>> When-when we got back,

it was as if...

they couldn't be

less excited to see us.

>> It was nice to be around

the kids.

That my favorite, favorite,

favorite, favorite part.

And all I could see was the sea

of little kids' faces all around

the fire-- this little tiny


We were all hunched down.

I was sitting down on the ground

like this.

They were all hunched all

around, and I could feel a

little kid's head on my head.

I loved that part.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Very interesting.

Coming back to camp, there was

no welcome.

Just could care a less.

"Whatever, you had a good time,

whatever, yadda, yad.

Sit down and do your work or

whatever you need to do."

It's pretty much how the welcome


But I could definitely tell

something had gone on.

I had really weird feelings.

Jules didn't...

wouldn't look me

in the face, would not look me

in the face, which makes me

think, "Oh, God, what

conversations have been going on

while I haven't been here?"

>> You want to hear about

the whole plan?

>> Yes, I'd love to.

>> You want to hear the

whole plan?

All right, Jules, Leann, Twila,

myself-- we all want to get rid

of Liza.

Like having a rattlesnake in

your pocket.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> So, we got to keep

Liza from getting immunity,

anybody get immunity but Liza,

and vote Liza off, and then from

there, we got to get rid of Ami


We've got to get Ami out,

because she is...

>> The brains.

>> And we'll play ball

with you guys, 'cause we think

it will be a lot more fun.

>> It would.

It will be.

>> We just really love

you guys.

I'm just thrilled.

>> I'm not going to make

this obvious,

I'm going to head back with

my wood.

Yeah, things have changed.

There's dissension in the ranks.

The women are not tight, and the

women come across cocky,


They have since the merge,

since Rory went home, and it

got to Scout the way the other

girls were coming across-- you

know, the cocky way Ami presents


Me and Chad, we're doing our


We're playing it.

We're tugging at their hearts.

They are rolling in it.

Scout bit.

You question a woman's

character, you question a

woman's ability, she'll snap

your neck.

You open up your heart, show a

woman you're vulnerable, then

they start thinking with their


That's when they open up that

back door.

That's what's happened this


>> PROBST: Morning.

>> Morning, Jeff.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Sure thing.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ami, give it up.

Immunity-- back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're

going to climb up a ladder that

is leaning against a post.

On my go, you'll step off of the

ladder, reach out, grab onto the

post and hang on for as long as

you can.

When your feet touch the ground,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left hanging on the

post wins immunity, safe from

the vote.

We've randomly drawn for your


Take your spot, wait for my go.

For immunity.

Three, two, one, everybody step


And we are on.

Ami loses a little bit of a


Twila starting to slide, trying

to find a new footing.

She's got it.

Julie's sliding.

Julie coming down another notch,

finds a bit of rope to put her

feet on.

Twila just bear-hugging it,

trying to find a way to grip it.

Julie first one out.

Have a seat on the pole.

Ami starting to slip.

Holding on with her fingertips.

Chris starting to slide.

Chris is out.

Scout starting to slide.

Scout is out.

Scout joins Chris and Julie.

Ami sliding down.

That can't feel good.

Ami's out.

Take a spot on the pole.

Eliza starting to slide.

>> Oh, God!

>> PROBST: Ooh!

You all right?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We are down to three.

Immunity at stake.

Tribal council tonight.

Twila biting the rope, going to

hold on with her teeth.

Chad starting to show signs of


>> You're doing good,


>> PROBST: Chad struggling to


on, gripping with his thighs.

Twila still chewing on that


Leann slides, finds a new


Twila trying to climb back up.

Every time you move, you risk

falling more.

Chad sliding down a little more.

Leann is struggling.

She's sliding, she's fighting


Leann's out.

We are down to two-- Chad,


Chad gripping with his fingers

on that rope.

And Chad is slipping.

>> Go Chad, go down,


>> PROBST: Chad's slipping,

looking for something to get a

foot on.

The last bit of rope.

>> Go down, Chad, go.

Go down, Chad.

Go down, Chad, go down, Chad.

Please, God, go down, Chad.

>> PROBST: Chad is out.

Twila wins immunity.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Nice work.

All right, Twila, turn around


I know you want this.

>> Yes.

JEFF: Feels good?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Safe from the vote


Everybody else on the block.

You'll vote somebody out and

have another member of our jury.

I'll see you there.

Get your stuff and head back to


>> Thanks, man.

>> So, are we voting for

Chad tonight?

>> I think there's a way

that, you know, if we were to

give the guys longer in the

game, I think there's a way we

could go ahead and send Liza


You just have to spend one night

sitting in a downpouring rain

trying to keep a fire going to


>> I sat out here by myself

one night and kept the fire

going all night.

I'm willing to do fire duty with


It just scares me to think that

one of the girls would be going

home before the guys.

>> You and Jules and

Leann, you're such strong


>> I think we got most of

the big rocks.

Scout and I were definitely at

odds about how the vote should


She really wants to get rid of

Eliza, but I thought getting rid

of Eliza tonight was not a good

idea at all.

Let's kind of stick to the game

plan, and not have to worry

later that there's two strong

men that could win immunity, and

we're going to have to start

voting out women.

One of these guys can make it

all the way to the end.

This game is not over.

So are we for sure voting Chad


>> I'm still up in the

air right now.

>> I think that's a good idea.

Don't you think?

>> Yeah.

>> I don't know.

>> It was just making me

excited the other way.

>> I know.

>> Everyone excited.

>> Going to Tribal Council

for me is just let's get it


Let's take care of the vote,

let's get home, let's work on

tonight and hopefully start out

with a nice, dry day tomorrow.

I don't think it's time for

Eliza to be voted off yet.

I just don't.

>> After getting back from

the challenge, everybody's mood

seemed to be a little different.

I just sensed that Scout was not

getting the results from the

other women to vote for Eliza.

Gotta hydrate; big night around

the fire tonight.

At this point, I'm just going to

try to reassure those in ourg to

voting bloc, which is what I

think is our voting bloc, to

keep with the same vote that we

had planned.

So, it's still the same vote

tonight, right?

Has everything changed?

>> I have no idea what's

going on.

>> Are you kidding me?

>> No, ma'am, sir.

I thought you said they talked

to you.

>> Who, Chris?

>> No, uh... Scout.

>> Well, she's been saying

stuff for, you know, the last

few days, and everything looks

good, but just from what Ami

and, uh, just from what, the way

that they're acting, man, it

just doesn't look good for me.

>> Here you go.

I want to get out of the rain.

I'm about half dry.

>> Man, it is up in the

air right now, and there's some

last-minute fierce negotiation.

Twila has immunity tonight, so

there's no reason she shouldn't

vote with us.

>> Honey, don't ask me.

I'm not the person to ask.

I'm certainly not the person to


>> There's only one person

that's made...

>> So I'm pissed.

>> Are you?

Well, we are, too.

>> You friggin' pissed me off.

>> Really?

>> Well, I've been wanting to

get rid of her since day one.

>> We have an...

>> But it don't matter to me.

I told... I told Ami, "Whatever

you all decide, come back and

let me know," 'cause it don't

matter to me.

I just don't like the bitch.

>> I know.

>> I didn't like her from day,

and I want to get rid of her.

>> I know.

>> But...

>> Yeah.

>> It's drama central today.

( Leann laughs )

It is friggin' soap opera-ville.

>> Yep.

>> Scout?

>> Yeah?

>> You know you got Ami

asking all kinds of questions.

She don't want to vote for


She wants to go ahead and vote

one of the guys out.

She thinks it's stupid to vote

for one of the women when you

still got two guys that can win

immunity, and she's right.

I don't know.

I feel like I'm being pulled

from both directions.

I'm being pulled, because you

feel like you're fifth, so you

want me to go with you, and I'm

feeling like they're...

I don't know if I can trust them

or not, and I'm going, "You

know, I don't know what to do

here," but they're not going to

vote for Eliza.

I'm telling you right now, them


It's going to be four against


>> All right, will you...

will you let me talk and listen

to the logic?

>> You gonna have to hurry,

'cause I got to go that a'way.

>> The logic is, is that

we have, with the two guys and

you and me, we have four votes

to their three votes.

>> But that's not going

to happen, though.

They're not going to do it, and

somebody's going to have to draw

a rock tonight and go home.

Would you like to be out of this

game by a friggin' stone?

Well, I wouldn't.

>> All right, so... so what

what you're going to...

>> I'm not going to do

nothing yet.

I'm still thinking.

I'm aggravated, but I have to go

this way.

I definitely feel stuck in the

middle right now, and it's

tearing me up, 'cause I don't


You know, it's like I'm going to

get somebody pissed off at me

either way, so I'm screwed.

The guys are depending on me and

Scout to pull through for them.

That's the only way they're

going to stay in the game.

I don't know which way to go.

You know, I'd really...

Yes, I'm like Scout.

Yes, I'd like the hands to be

turned and Ami not be in charge

right now, but I don't know if

that's going to happen.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the first member of our jury,

Sarge, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

He is here merely to observe and

gather information.

Big change in the weather last

few days.

A lot more water.

Rain coming down.

Everybody here seems to be cold.

Leann, does that change anything

at this point in the game?

>> Um, I'm not good with

the rain.

I'm worried that I'm just going

to... freak out and not be able

to handle it.

It makes me crazy!

>> PROBST: Chris, no secret

there's been talk of the women

sticking together and picking

off the men.

Have you noticed in the last

couple of days that maybe your

stock and Chad's stock might've

gone up a little bit?

>> Absolutely.

It's crossed my mind that, you

know, possibly, our stock, you

know, did go up because of what

we can do around camp.

>> PROBST: Chad, guys have taken

some knocks.

You still fighting in this game?

>> Hell, yeah, we're still


I-I'll tell you.

Chris and I have come up with

about 25 or 30 different plans,

different ways of weaseling out

of-of this situation we're in.

>> PROBST: Scout, are you seeing

scurrying around, or has anybody

come up to you?

>> Yes, many people have

come up, and, uh, we've talked

quite a bit about different

strategies and plans to get to

the end of the game.

>> PROBST: Scout-- and you guys

tell me if I'm wrong-- do you

think Chris and Chad are both

listening, thinking, "Maybe our

plans have worked?"

>> I think the guys have

talked to everybody.

>> Not me.

>> Not me.

>> It's not just me.

>> And not me.

>> PROBST: So this is news to


>> Yeah, and it makes me

nervous that-that two women

might be voting with the two

men, and that it will be a

four-four tie, and that's

exactly what makes me


>> PROBST: Do you think you

might've have missed out on

something being gone?

>> Definitely possible, yeah.

I mean, it's possible that that

night brought them together in

such a way that things have

changed since then.

>> PROBST: Well, here was my


Twila, do you think you'll ever

get used to the fact that you

can never ever feel safe?

>> When it comes right

down to it, you can't trust


The most'll be 99.

9%, but...

I don't know.

Y-You always have that little

bit in your mind, "Can I, or can

I not?"

>> PROBST: Now, Ami, you have a

smile on your face that's so


>> Yeah, 'cause I think

that is such bull...

I don't question that one bit.

Like, I definitely know that

there are people I can trust,

and I know I can be trusted.

>> PROBST: And we'll find out if

you're sitting in the final two

whether you're right or whether

you're wrong.

>> Totally, totally.

>> PROBST: All right.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Twila, you have immunity.

I'm guessing you're not giving

that up.

>> No.

>> PROBST: All right, Twila is

the only person you cannot vote

for. Everybody else is fair


It is time to vote.

Scout, you're up.

>> Chad, I'm sorry.

I have to stick true to my

alliance and my word, and you're

the next one to go.

Sorry, bud.

>> Eliza, you've been on

the chopping block seems like

forever, and with this vote, I

hope that my alliance stays


>> Eliza, I'm voting for

you because your alliance people

told me to vote for you.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

Person voted out'll be asked to

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Eliza.


Two votes Eliza, one vote



Two votes Eliza, two votes Chad.


Three votes Chad, two

votes Eliza.


That's four votes Chad,

two votes Eliza.

11th person voted out of

Survivor: Vanuatu: Chad.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Chad, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, with only one man, the

women in this tribe must now

begin to think, "Hmm, where do I

fall in the pecking order?"

And suddenly, that one man could

become very valuable.

12 days left.

Gonna be fun.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

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next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> Scout and Twila come

to me and Chad, wanting to form

an alliance with us.

Swear to God on my family's


I narced out Scout and Twila.

>> PROBST: The girls confront


>> It's not Scout's idea.

That is what I'm trying to tell


( hisses )

My hackles came up.

>> Ami was the one that

single-handedly convinced the

women outside of Scout, Twila,

Chris and I to change their vote

from Eliza to me, and I don't

know how she did it, but she did


She used the woman power thing,

and what can I say?

I-I'm not sore or sour, but,

damn, you know?

I wish I could've gone further.