Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Sorry... I Blew It - full transcript

After failing to win the reward challenge, one castaway puts the blame on himself.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Rupert tried to prove himself to

his new Chapera Tribe.
>> The role of provider is wide

open here.
>> He can continue to feed me

until it's time for him to go.
And that time will be determined

by me.
>> PROBST: Colby and Shii Ann

clashed over strategy.
>> Someone like you doesn't have

to lie this entire game because
you don't make a decision.

>> Captain America with his good
teeth... blah, blah, blah, blah.

>> PROBST: At Chapera, Sue

complained to her tribe about
the incident with Richard during

the reward challenge.
>> I hope to God they vote him

>> Right.

>> He does not deserve to be

>> Right.
>> PROBST: At Mogo Mogo, Lex

took a stab with the spear.
>> Sharpshooter.

Should have gotten rid of
Richard a long time ago.

>> I didn't think it was
necessary to let everyone know

that I was an accomplished

>> PROBST: Back at Chapera, a
four-way alliance was born.

>> Rob and I came up with the
idea to approach Rupert and

>> We all have each other's word

that we will stay our support.
>> PROBST: And before the reward

challenge, the tribe coped with
Sue's downward spiral.

>> Sue is either A: looking to
cash in on a huge payday, or Sue

is really emotionally distraught
by the whole thing, or Sue's

using this as some kind of a
leverage to play the game of

Nobody knows what Sue's thinking

except Sue.
>> PROBST: At the challenge, Sue

spoke out and threw in the

>> I was violated, humiliated,
dehumanized and totally spent,

And I'm done with the game!

>> PROBST: Sue's sudden
departure from the game left the

tribes with a tough decision.
We continue or we forgo the

You guys can sit down here and

split this up and eat on your

>> We're here to play.
>> We want to play.

>> We want to play.
>> PROBST: Go!

Both tribes moved forward and
played for a reward of kabobs.

And with that, Mogo Mogo wins

Back at camp, Mogo Mogo savored

their victory...
>> This is good.

>> I just wanted to rub my face
in it.

>> PROBST: ...and discussed
Sue's decision to quit.

>> I was really offended that
she'd bring us that far into her

core of hatred.
I don't like her for it.

I'm sorry.
>> PROBST: And at Chapera, the

tribe vowed to stick together.
>> We're six strong, they're six

We should be able to win this if

you think about it.
>> One, two, three, Chapera!

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(theme song playing)

(birds singing)
>> See the sky?

>> I know.
It's pretty.

>> (yawns): Oh, my God.
My back is killing me.

>> Ay-yi-yi-yi.
>> Something was biting pretty

bad last night, too.
>> Jerri is starting to drive me

bad last night, too.
>> Jerri is starting to drive me

"I couldn't sleep last night on

the rack.
It was really painful."

We all slept on the rack last

night, and, yeah, it was
painful, but your voice was the

only one bitching about it all
night long.

Kathy, I'll go get the water.
I don't mind.

>> You sure?
>> Yeah.

>> Jerri, do you need any of
this water?

>> Yeah.
I haven't been drinking enough.

>> Jerri doesn't really have a
huge work ethic and when you

got a bad seed in the team,
man, it brings it down, and I

don't even mean a bad seed as
much as just an annoying seed.

So that's grating on people, and
I know it drives Colby up the

>> Jerri has not changed one

iota from the first time she
played this game.

Her game play hasn't changed,
her attitude, the way she treats

other people, none of that has
changed, but I really let it

just roll off my back, and maybe
it's because I know Jerri's not

going to win this game.
>> (Southern accent): I swear

that woman is such a bitch.
(both laughing)

I love slam-dunking people.
(both laughing)

(laughter continues)
>> I know that I'm pretty much

on my own.
I'm a little stressed out about

it, but I feel pretty
comfortable because I'm

constantly being underestimated,
and that's right where I wanted

to be: the nonthreatening, Zen-
like, easygoing Jerri who's here

to have fun.
So I say bring it on.

Let's go.
Game on.

>> Open it up.
>> A puzzle.

>> We just got our tree mail for
the day.

It looks like it's going to be
an immunity challenge.

Game on.
>> Game on.

>> It's for reward? Immunity?
>> For Immunity.

>> For immunity?
>> Yep.

>> Wow.
It's a puzzle.

>> It's a puzzle.
>> "Living on the island, you

need the ocean to survive.
Be the first to master the sea,

three more days you'll stay

Huge consequence if you move too

Be the last to finish, you may
be the next to go."

It sounds like it's individual.
>> It is, yeah, it does.

>> Could be teams still.
>> The merge is coming, I feel

it, and knowing that now we're
even numbers with the other

tribe, we want to kind of get
somebody under our wing, maybe,

to have those high advantage in

>> We're not losing.
>> We're not losing.

>> We're not losing.
>> Especially a swimming

We've got them whupped on a

swimming challenge.
If Ethan now is their best

diver, oh, my God, we've got
them whupped hands down.

>> Yeah, he freaks out during

He's strong, but he freaks out.
>> He gets panicked.

My goal before our challenge was
to pound that into them, even if

we get behind, we stay calm, we
stay focused, and we try hard.

We'll win, guaranteed, if we
keep our composure and we try

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

What's going on, Mogo Mogo?
>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: What's up, Chapera?
>> What's going on, Jeff?

>> PROBST: Okay, for today's
challenge, each tribe will start

on a floating platform.
One at a time, tribe members

will swim out to retrieve
floating puzzle pieces.

Once you have all the pieces,
you can begin assembling the

When it's completed, it will

form a giant floating puzzle

You'll use braces to secure the
boat, take the four paddles,

paddle into shore, at which
point, one tribe member will

race into the jungle to the
giant palm tree, cut a rope,

releasing a tribe flag and two
more paddles.

It's then a race back to the
starting platform.

First tribe to get back with all
six paddles, their boat and all

six tribe members wins.
Make sense?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: For the winning
tribe, a chance to get off the

island for the entire day and
enjoy a nice, big ol' fat

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Juicy burgers, hot
dogs, French fries.

In addition, nice selection of

(all gasp)
>> PROBST: And it wouldn't be a

barbecue without what?
>> Beer!


>> PROBST: I'll do you one
better than beer-- open bar.

>> Whoa!
>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

In addition to being a reward
challenge, it is also an

immunity challenge.
That means winning tribe also

has immunity.
>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Losing tribe, Tribal
Council tonight.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: Somebody voted out.

Now worth playing for?
(all agreeing)

>> PROBST: One more twist.
The winning tribe will select

one member from the losing tribe
to join them on the reward,

which means they partake in the
barbecue and they avoid Tribal

They cannot be voted out.

Could be an offensive move,
could be a defensive move,

could be a chance to get
information about the other

Because this challenge is for

such high stakes, it's going to
be tough.

Give you a couple of minutes to

We'll get started.
Here we go, guys.

For reward and immunity.
Survivors ready?

Go, Rob.

Boston Rob uses the boat for a

Jerri in for Mogo Mogo.
Boston Rob dives down.

Jerri dives down.
Rob has his first piece for

Jerri struggling for Mogo Mogo.

Jerri has the first piece for
Mogo Mogo.

Got to hit the dock then the
next person can go.

>> Swim!
>> Go!

>> PROBST: Big Tom in for

Big ol' splash.
Jerri trying to get back.

>> Go!
>> PROBST: Big Tom with another

piece for Chapera.
Shii Ann swimming out for Mogo

Shii Ann coming back with a

second piece for Mogo Mogo.
>> Come on, Shii Ann, push!

>> PROBST: Alicia goes down for

Colby in the water for Mogo

Alicia has the third piece for

>> Push it, push it!
>> PROBST: Colby trying to make

up some ground for Mogo Mogo.
Donaldson is unhooked and

heading back.
Mogo Mogo making up a lot of

Rupert in the water for Chapera.

>> Come on, Rupert!
>> PROBST: Kathy in the water

for Mogo Mogo.
>> Go, Kathy!

>> PROBST: Chapera still in the
lead, but Kathy making up a lot

of ground for Mogo Mogo.
Jenna in the water for Chapera.

>> Come on, Jenna!
Go for it!

>> PROBST: Jenna having trouble
getting her piece untethered.

Ethan in the water for Mogo

Jenna has the fifth piece
unhooked and is heading back.

Ethan heading back for Mogo

It's very tight.
>> Go!

Amber in the water.
Ethan still heading back for

Mogo Mogo.

Lex for Mogo Mogo.
It's a race to get the last

Amber is untied and heading

>> Come on, Amber!

>> PROBST: Lex on her tail.
Lex heading back for Mogo Mogo,

Amber heading back for Chapera.
Once she hits the dock, you can

start putting the puzzle

Chapera starts to put their boat

Lex has to get back.

Start putting it together, Mogo

Both tribes working on their

Ethan and Colby with the first
two pieces for Mogo Mogo.

Mogo's plan is working.
Pieces are falling in nicely.

Lex has the last piece of the
puzzle for Mogo Mogo.

Mogo Mogo has their boat

Put in the slats.
Chapera had a lead, but they've

lost it.
>> Give me a slat!

>> PROBST: Mogo Mogo working
together patiently.

Once you feel your boat's
secure, head out.

Ethan tries to use the paddle
and breaks it.

Mogo Mogo heading out.
With all their braces in place

their boat is sturdy, secure.
They have three paddles.

Boston Rob wants Chapera to head

The boat is not quite together.
It's a tight race.

Mogo Mogo with a bit of a lead.
Got to hit your poles, guys.

Mogo Mogo hits the pole.
Ethan is off heading into the

Chapera's close behind.

Got to hit the pole.
>> Go.

>> PROBST: Boston Rob in the
water heading into the jungle.

Ethan with a big lead for Mogo

Mogo Mogo's raised their flag.
Chapera has raised their flag.

>> Come on, Rob!
>> Rob!

>> Rob!
>> PROBST: Boston Rob has passed

Ethan, made up a lot of ground.
>> Come on, Rob!

>> PROBST: It's going to come
down to paddling-- which tribe

can work together.
>> Stroke!


>> PROBST: Reward and immunity
at stake.

Mogo Mogo with a slight lead
now, making up ground in the

We're neck and neck.

Mogo Mogo off-course now.
Trying to correct.

Chapera heading straight for
their dock.

Mogo Mogo just lost a lot of

Chapera now with the lead.
Mogo Mogo struggling with the

Chapera straight and narrow,

heading right for their dock.
Chapera wins reward and

>> Chapera!

>> PROBST: Chapera, immunity.
(tribe cheering)

You also have a big reward:
barbecue, dessert, open bar,

and a big decision.
Which member of Mogo Mogo are

you taking with you, and which
member are you going to keep

from Tribal Council tonight?
Give me a decision.

>> We'll take Kathy O'Brien.
>> PROBST: Okay.

You've been selected to come

over with Chapera.
Good news, bad news.

Mogo Mogo, unfortunately, for
you guys, Tribal Council

There's somebody going home and

it's not going to be Kathy.
I'll see you there.

Chapera, by the way, that's your
ride, a 94-foot luxury yacht.

(tribe shrieking)

(tribe shrieking)

(tribe shrieking)

(excited chattering)
>> When the other tribe

picked me to go with them on the
reward, my head just bowed.

I mean, I just didn't want to
go-- I thought it looked bad.

>> Oh, yippee, baby!
>> I also was really crushed

that we lost.
>> Oh, my God.

>> My hands are shaking.
>> And yet, just getting

to go to the multimillion dollar
yacht was a treat.

Oh, my God, thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

>> You're welcome, Kathy.
Have fun.

>> Enjoy.
>> Oh, my God...

>> And you...
>> You have good friends on this


>> To teamwork!
>> To teamwork!

>> Three more days!
>> Yeah!

(shouting happily)
>> That boat, I ain't ever

seen a boat like that.
It reminded me of the fanciest

house trailer you ever seen...

It's a house.
It's a house on a lake.

It was the only one I've ever
been on, but I know I couldn't

have picked a nicer one.
>> Food is ready!

>> Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

(Jenna shrieks)
(excited chattering)

>> Some people grabbed plates.
I didn't even grab a plate.

I just started picking at the
food left and right, cheese and

pickles and bread and...
It was so great.

We needed that.
>> There's burgers this

thick and dogs and brats and
lettuce and cucumbers and salad

and asparagus and corn on the
cob and salty, greasy, beautiful

>> Jenna, there's no way you can

eat all that.
>> I'm so puking this up and

eating dessert.
>> Hell, yeah.

>> I totally forgot about

>> Yesterday, you're like, you
might have a piece of rice.

>> Do I have something right

>> Do I have snail in
my teeth?

>> I felt totally welcomed
by Chapera.

I mean, they brought me in like
I was one of their tribe

>> It's funny, because every

time you think it can't get

>> It does.
>> It does.

>> does.
>> I feel that there's going to

be a lot of tension for me, if
we do merge, in swinging, you

know, from this loy... this
loyalty to that loyalty, and if

I do, where and when I swing,
I've got to really be careful.

(all singing country tune)
>> ♪ We got a new girl, her

name is Cat ♪
>> ♪ We got a new girl, her

name is Cat ♪
>> ♪ She fits in just like

>> ♪ She fits in just like

♪ Doo-dah, Doo-dah day

Doo-dah, Doo-dah day
♪ Doo-dah, Doo-dah day

Doo-dah, Doo-dah day... ♪
>> Yeah!

>> Huge, huge challenge today.
Huge reward for the winning

tribe, and unfortunately, for
us, we basically got beat out by

just a hair, and the lead was
ours to lose the whole time.

I mean, I'd be lying if I
said it wasn't an enormous

disappointment-- it was a huge

>> I just want to
apologize formally.

I screwed up, and, uh...
>> I don't think its any one

person's fault, Ethan.
>> Yeah, I think we all tried.

>> I know we all tried,
but I feel responsible and I'm

taking responsibility for it and
I'm sorry.

>> Right on.
>> I feel largely

responsible for our loss today.
I just could not get those ropes

untied, and I lost the lead.
>> You want to talk about it?

>> I couldn't get the knot out.
The knot was tight.

I just couldn't get the knot

You know, my tribe sees me as
a powerhouse, as, you know,

someone who can help them in
challenges, and I failed, and

it feels horrible to fail,
you know.

You're either the hero or you're
the goat, and today I was the

Do they see a need for me here,

or can they just let me go?
I don't know, and obviously

we've got to vote someone off

>> First, we get off the boat
and they take us to this oasis.

It was so inviting, and you know
something's great coming, so

you keep getting more excited.
You just ate a huge meal, you

should be happy, but you know
something more's coming.

>> We're walking up to
something good, guys.

We are definitely...
>> We are in something

good and it just keeps getting
better with every step.

>> Oh...
>> Oh, my God, chocolate.

>> Oh, my God.
>> And there stands a

large cart with every kind of
dessert you can imagine.

(all groaning with pleasure)

I've never packed so much food
in my mouth in a short time.

It was disgusting, but so good.
>> Yeah, that's peanut buttery.

>> Is that cheesecake over

What is that?
>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.
>> I'm going in there.

I mean, it's just too beautiful
to pass up.

>> The water is crystal clear.
>> Crystal clear.

>> You guys should come see

>> The gorgeous waterfall
right below us.

It's just so crazy to think
places that beautiful exist in

the world and...
that the fact

that we're getting a chance to
see them.

>> You guys, this is

The Chapera tribe-- you know

what they've got that we don't
have, is they're having fun.

They're enjoying the game.
And I knew it was lacking with

my Mogo Mogo tribe.
I wasn't having fun, it's just

been work, work, work.
And yet, Chapera's having a

great time.
I mean, they're dancing, they've

got silly little songs.
When you do go away and you

experience civilization again,
all of a sudden, it opens your

head as to other options.
If I choose to swing over to

them, it's just gonna have to be
the right time and tons of

It'll be tricky, but there's

no way I'm going to tell my
tribe that I fit in like a

Mm-mm, no.

>> You'd eat that?
I think it's rotten.

You would?
>> I'd eat that.

>> You would, okay.
>> If you cook it.

>> Okay. I'll cook it.
>> Everyone is on edge.

Regardless of whether people
want to pretend like they're

happy to see each other or if
they're having fun or not, it's

a very stressful situation.
God bless America.

>> That's something
that I'm going to sauté.

Jerri is just rubbing me the
wrong way.

She's only willing to do the
chores that you're already

>> Shii Ann, if you want,

I'll take that out and you can
chop that up or whatever.

>> No, it's okay.
You can chop it.

I'm just going to chip these

She didn't want to eat the
rotting coconut, and I was going

to put some of the rotting
coconut into the pot to cook and

she snapped at me.
>> Shii Ann...

>> I saw Shii Ann roll
her eyes at Jerri again today.

She's fed up with all of Jerri's

She can't wait to vote her off.
>> Okay, well...

>> I say we put the
boxing gloves on.

There's no difference between
Jerri and Shii Ann to me.

I don't care for either one of

Shii Ann annoys me as much if
not more than Jerri does, so if

it came down to tolerance or
personal irritation, I'd have a

tough time deciding.
>> What a beautiful,

beautiful day.
>> ...anything to drink?

>> Yes.
Are you serving alcohol?

(laughing): Oh, my God!
>> I'm having a margarita,

>> I'll have a beer.

>> Beer.
>> Beer.

>> Wow.
>> Here we go.

All right.
>> Environmentally friendly golf

balls, so you're free to pick a

>> I'll take that one.
>> I was on the state

championship golf team at my
high school.

>> Hey, you damn ball.
I'm going to beat you.

>> Wow!
>> There goes the driver.

>> Oh!
>> Oh, no.

Oh, my God.

>> Fore!
>> That was the funniest thing

>> You are just trouble,

you know that?
>> Just every time.

>> Just trouble.
>> Every time.

>> If I catch a fish today,
I beat Rupert.

Just a little bit of luck.
That's all I want to do.

He's beaten me every day, but
today, I'm hoping Big Tom

>> Kathy...

>> Yeah?
>> Your tribe is probably

leaving right now for Tribal

>> I know they are.
They are running around trying

to figure out what to do, too.
>> Kathy is a tough

woman, and wants to get as far
as she can in this game, and she

may be the perfect person to try
to pull over into our group.

>> Probably seems like you might
rub Lex anything... normal.

>> Too many chiefs.
>> He's just playing real hard.

>> She offered up a lot
of information.

>> So you and Lex vote
along the same lines.

And what about Shii Ann, where
does she fit in?

>> She's with us.
>> She's with you.

>> We've pretty much
figured that out.

I am not sure that she's telling
us 100% the truth.

I wouldn't expect her to be
telling us the truth, unless she

is foreseeing that her tribe is
one member down, and she's going

to have to save her ass.
>> I had four poles and

never caught a fish.
So Rupert caught more fish in

a day with a stick than I did on
a $3 million yacht.

But I'm going to tell you

Kathy fell in our trap.
We got the girls up there

numbing her up.
I didn't think she'd fall, but

she is, she's up there...
They're getting her numb now.

>> I'm so sorry.
>> I'm so sorry.

(conversation fading)
>> I'm not feeling good

(conversation fading)
>> I'm not feeling good

and I'm not feeling secure about
my position here at all.

You know, I'm at a loss right

I'm all over the place.
I'm a jumbled puzzle.

But I feel there is a way out.

But I feel there is a way out.

>> I've been pushing for
Jerri since day one.

She's getting on our nerves.
It was pretty simple to go to

Colby and say "Jerri."
So it was an easy choice.

>> I think our decision was made
when Jerri Manthey came on

I mean, that's the one we want

to get rid of.
And that's just the effect she

has on people.
I don't know that this game is a

game that's meant for Jerri
Manthey to play.

>> You don't get far in
this game by playing safe.

I had already made a conscious
decision to change my strategy

from how I played in Africa, in
that I was going to come in here

and if I had to make hard
decisions, and if I had to do a

little lying, I was going to do

Want to go for a little walk?
>> Hmm?

>> I find myself now at the
doorway of an opportunity to do

just that, for the first time in
the game-- to really do

something that probably no one
is going to expect me to do.

Their plan is to get rid of you

>> I knew that was coming.
>> And they think I'm agreeing

with them and that Shii Ann is,
as well, okay?

But that's not going to happen.
We're going to do Colby tonight.

>> I'm very content with
that decision.

>> I've thought about this
a lot, and I think that we're

just... we're on the eve of a
merge, and Colby is so

dangerous, post-merge, when he's
doing individual challenges--

he's dangerous.
>> I mean, that's something you

don't even have to tell me

I already dealt with him...
>> So you're on board.

>> Totally.
>> You, me and Shii Ann

are voting for Colby.
He's not gonna see this coming a

mile away, I don't think.
This is my one and only

opportunity to take him out
before it goes...

slips right through my fingers.
So I'm jumping on it.

>> Well, I am solid on that

'Cause there's... there's a
tad bit of revenge there, so...

I'm a little nervous.
I'm just hoping that the info

that I'm getting is, in fact,
what's going to happen tonight.

But there's always a chance Lex
could be playing me, just as

much as he's playing Colby.
>> I think he's going to

take it hard, 'cause I don't
think he's going to expect it.

But as far as he knows now, I'm
taking you aside to tell you

that it's Ethan.
>> Colby doesn't see this

coming at all.
He doesn't see a single vote

coming in his direction.
For me, that was a goal, that I

set for myself, was to last
longer than Colby.

And if it took losing today to
get him out of here, I'm totally

fine with it.
>> But I know you're solid.

I'm not worried about it.
Shii Ann, this is the difference

between her lasting a long time
in this game or her going in a

few days.
>> Yeah, okay.

>> I think there's going to
be big surprises tonight.

I think there's a lot of people
that probably won't see it

I think that for you especially,

right now, this is like a real
cusp moment.

>> I know.
>> And if we...

>> I'm so...
>> ...if we can pull this

off, you are so in there, I am
so in there.

>> I feel trouble
brewing in this camp.

Lex came up to me and asked me
to vote out Colby today.

But Jerri is so lazy, she annoys
me, she doesn't work that much

at camp.
I want to think about nothing

but how to vote you off.
Kathy, my biggest ally, is on a

boat somewhere.
I'm stuck here with a bunch of

power players, and I've got to
make my move.

>> Whee!
(Tom singing gibberish)

>> Big Tom just said,
"I really miss my goats."

(Alicia laughing)
Cut him off.

No more booze for this man.
>> That's it.

>> Oh, we got champagne!
(cheering and whooping)

>> We had come to the end
of a perfect day.

So we went out onto the bow, and
they brought us out champagne.

And the sun was going down.

It was just a perfect, perfect

>> All right, let's toast.
>> Here's to one of the

most memorable days we'll ever
have probably in our lives.

>> And you know what?
Here's to having a blast at this

(Tom belches)

>> I ain't drunk much champagne,
but I didn't think much of it.

It had too many bubbles in it.
But I ain't gonna be bitching

with my mouth full, don't get me

>> I just might have to stay
over here.

>> I'd be lying if I said,
you know, I won't go to Tribal

Council with a certain amount of
fear, but I feel as confident as

I could...
that everything at

this point is going to go
according to plan.

>> Everybody ready?
>> If tonight is played

straightforward, it should be
four votes to one, Jerri Manthey

going home, but as we've all
known from the get-go, it's a

game of curveballs.
If Jerri feels as though her

back's against the wall, who
knows what she could pull out?

That is another reason why she
needs to go tonight.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

Let's talk about today's

Reward and immunity and access
to one of your tribe members,

which could potentially be
devastating, if they give up

What happened, Ethan?

You guys had a huge lead going
into the jungle.

>> Huge is, you know, a
matter of opinion, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Pretty big.
>> Nah, okay.

No, you're right.
Um, I take full responsibility

for what happened with the
challenge today.

I feel horrible about it.
I feel bad I let my team down,

let myself down, uh, and it's

I don't want to lose to Rob.
I don't want to lose to Chapera.

>> PROBST: Colby, it seems like
there's a little bit of

animosity between these two

>> Yeah.
I agree with Ethan.

I hated losing to Rob.
I don't think any of us are

looking forward to a merge.
Coexisting and cohabitating with

those guys is not something I'm
looking forward to.

>> PROBST: Lex, are you guys
really already thinking about a

>> All of us are definitely

thinking about a merge.
I mean, every time we go to a

challenge and see these other
players, we're sizing them up.

>> PROBST: So, it stands to
reason, if you're looking at

Chapera and thinking who's
going to be a threat, you must

be looking at your own tribe
already and thinking who's

going to be a threat.
>> You better believe it.

Who's going to be a threat, and

who's going to be somebody that
can help you...

in a post-merge situation.
>> PROBST: Jerri, so how do you

navigate this one?
Because it's still a tribal

>> When I vote, I vote...

for the person I find to be my
biggest threat, because that

definitely comes into play at a

That is something that you have
to consider throughout the

entire course of the game.
>> And I disagree with that.

I'm sorry, if you're not
through, I'll let you finish.

>> No, go ahead.
>> We're here because we lost.

We can't afford to lose again.
It doesn't make sense to start

eliminating people that you
know, in some capacity, will

help you compete.
To me, it just doesn't make

sense to start cutting your legs

>> PROBST: Shii Ann, who could
this tribe most afford to lose,

from a physical point of view?
>> Well, from a physical point

of view, it would probably be me
or Jerri.

We're physically possibly the
weakest tribe members here.

I'm sorry, Jerri, to speak for

>> Yeah, please don't.
>> ...but physically I think

But I would hate for this vote

to be purely based on physical
strength, because obviously,

I might be the next to

go, and I would not like to go
at this time.

>> PROBST: Jerri, do you agree
with Shii Ann?

Are you possibly one of the
weakest links on this tribe?

>> Um... well, I'm really good
at putting puzzles together.

(laughs) Um, I'm good at

And I feel like I am an
uplifting member who is

generally in a good mood and
keeping spirits high, and I feel

I have a lot to offer.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann, who could

the tribe least afford to lose
from a physical point of view?

>> Sorry, Ethan, I have to say
that Colby is physically the

strongest member of this tribe.
He's a very valuable member.

Strongest physically, definitely

>> PROBST: So, Colby, does that
make you feel secure hearing

that, that you are leading the

>> My first thought was,
wow, that really puts me out

there for...
when we do get to

that point where it is

No offense to you, Shii Ann,

but, yeah, that's weird.
My first thought was, wow, I

don't feel secure now, I feel
vulnerable, because I've just

been pointed out as the
strongest guy in this tribe.

Do they see me as the guy
they've got to get rid of?

>> PROBST: Lex, you think the
person voted out tonight's gonna

be shocked?
>> Tonight, on our tribe,

the only person that doesn't
have to worry about loyalty and

worry about the shock of being
voted out is Kathy, who's

whooping it up with Chapera.
There's gonna be nothing fun

about it.
>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to

Ethan, you're up.

>> Jerri...
you're two-faced, so... bye.

>> You and I both know that
this game has absolutely nothing

to do with friendship.
I had to make a hard call and

it meant taking you out.
>> Is this a revenge vote?

it meant taking you out.
>> Is this a revenge vote?

Hell, yeah.
>> You have underestimated my

Perhaps you should spend some

time analyzing your own.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are

>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...


That's two votes Colby.

Two votes Colby, one vote Jerri.

Two votes Jerri, two votes

I'll read the last vote.
The seventh person voted out of

the tribe...

Need to bring me your torch.
Colby, the tribe has spoken.

Need to bring me your torch.
Colby, the tribe has spoken.

There you go.
Well, based on tonight's vote,

it seems that the prevailing
wisdom, Mogo Mogo, is to vote

out the person you think will be
most threatening if and when it

becomes an individual game.
Interesting strategy.

We'll see if it pays off or not.
You guys can head back to camp.

Kathy'll be waiting for you when
you get there.

Good night.
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from our next episode.
Next time on Survivor...

Rob and Amber finally connect.
>> He's getting me

through this game, and I think
I'm getting him through, too.

>> Amber is slammin'.
>> PROBST: Both tribes select

>> "Pick one representative to

visit Mogo Mogo."
>> That person might have

to stay over there.
>> PROBST: At Chapera, the alpha

males square off.
>> Aqua-Man versus the

city kid from Boston.

>> Tonight was probably

as polar opposite from my first
experience in Survivor.

Every Tribal Council, I was
never voted out.

But the inevitable bonus of
playing this game again is

simply, once again, proving to
yourself that you can do it.

And, ultimately, when your day's
up, you got to be okay with

You got to feel good about what

you've done.