Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - The Sole Surviving All-Star - full transcript

The final four are Rupert, Jenna L., Amber and Rob M. It seems that Jenna L. and Rupert face an unbreakable alliance.

>> PROBST: 36 days ago, 18

former castaways came together
off the coast of Panama under

full military escort.
They were the best of the best,

the all-stars, returning to play
the ultimate game one more time.

>> This ain't a little
boy's game.

This is for the big boys.
>> ( whooping )

>> PROBST: They were split into
three tribes and marooned with

only one machete in the harsh
jungles of Panama.

Everything was heightened.
The survival...

the strategy...
>> Yeah, I think I can

start the fire without even

But they don't need to know
that. ( laughs )

>> PROBST: ...and the suspicion.
I don't trust any of you.

>> I don't trust any of you!
>> Nobody trusts anybody,

do you understand?
>> PROBST: Still, alliances

formed immediately.
>> Me and you ought to

think about an alliance.
>> You're a man of your

word, too, from what I know of

>> Yeah.
>> So what do you think,

you want to make an alliance?
Cover our own asses?

>> I don't know if I can
take you seriously or not.

>> PROBST: Go!
The competition was fierce at

the challenges, because the
all-stars had a lot to prove.

Chapera-- the first tribe
to win immunity!

( cheering )
( thunder crashing )

In the beginning, it appeared
the former winners would be the

targets, when Tina was the first
all-star voted out.

Tina, the tribe has spoken.
But Rudy, the 75-year-old former

Navy SEAL, was the next to go.
Then Jenna Morasca surprised

everyone when she quit the game
to return home to her sick

>> Due to someone

who's very ill, I need to pull
myself out of the game.

>> PROBST: Jenna... we're
thinking about you.

>> Thanks.
( thunder crashing )

>> PROBST: The elements were
relentless, and the adventure

became the most difficult ever.
>>( crying ): It's not worth it.

>> PROBST: But the true danger
proved to be betrayal.

>> As long as I have your
assurance on this, then I'm...

>> You want to shake on it?
>> PROBST: When Rob Cesternino,

one of the most strategic
players in Survivor history, was

blindsided at Tribal Council, it
was clear that the game was on

in a big way.
Rob, the tribe has spoken.

On day 15, three tribes became
two when the ailing Saboga Tribe

was absorbed by the Mogo Mogo
and Chapera Tribes.

Saboga finishes last, and Saboga
will soon be no longer.

Though the former members of
Saboga were outnumbered and as

vulnerable as ever, it was
Richard Hatch, the first-ever

Survivor winner, who was voted

>> I've been bamboozled!
>> PROBST: Rich, the tribe has

With Boston Rob leading the way,

the Chapera Tribe proved to be
the powerhouse at the

And Rupert and Jenna joined Rob

and Amber in an alliance of

>> Once it gets to the
final four, then we can... we

can, you know, every man for

>> PROBST: Things at Chapera
seemed to be on solid ground,

but the tribe had a setback when
Sue suddenly quit the game under

a cloud of personal controversy.
>> I was violated,

humiliated, dehumanized, and
totally spent, Jeff, and I'm

done with this ... game!
>> PROBST: But still Chapera

pushed on, and the unstoppable
tribe won the next two immunity

Chapera... wins reward!

And immunity!
( cheering )

...sending Mogo Mogo to
the next two Tribal Councils,

where Colby and Ethan were voted

The tribe has spoken.
At Chapera, strategy turned into

romance for Rob and Amber.
>> Flirting was a huge

strategy in the beginning, but
then I got caught up in it, and

feelings, you know, emerged.
>> Amber and I have been fooling

around a little bit out here.
I'm definitely attracted to her.

It would be nice to have a
million dollars and take the

girl away, too.
>> PROBST: On day 22, everyone

was hit with a big surprise.
All right, drop your buffs.

>> ( groans )
>> PROBST: It was a tribal

Boston Rob, you don't look

pleased at all.
Against all odds, the tribes

remain the same, merely
switching beaches and tribe

Except for Amber, who remained

at Chapera and became the only
all-star to find herself with

new tribe mates.
>> This is crazy.

>> PROBST: She was suddenly
alone and vulnerable in her own

>> I definitely feel like

I'm the one who got screwed in
this whole situation.

>> I don't really care
that the other team has our

What aggravates me is they got

my girl over there.
>> PROBST: When the new Mogo

Mogo tribe won the next immunity
challenge, Rob approached Lex

and made a daring plea to save

>> If you can, if you

>> PROBST: And Amber made her
own plea to Kathy.

>> Please, Kathy, keep
me in the game.

Vote for Jerri-- please.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Lex and Kathy came through.
They granted Rob the favor and

spared Amber.
Ninth person voted out of

Survivor: All-Stars...

And Jerri paid the price.
On day 26, the two tribes

finally merged.
( cheering )

At the new Chaboga Mogo tribe,
Lex looked for reassurance

from Rob.
>> If I get a sense that,

you know, I'm going to end up
getting the, you know, double

crossing, a knife in my back
next Tribal Council.

I certainly won't be happy
about that.

>> I won't stick a knife
in your back, man.

I ain't gonna do that.
What, "Make me a deal,

save Amber and I'm help you
later on"?

You guys didn't really believe
that, did you?

>> PROBST: Rob confronted Lex
and told him the deal was off.

>> Make no mistake about
it, Lex, the word I gave you

was that if I can take care of
you, I will.

I'm sorry I cannot.
>> You have more allegiance

to them than you got to me.
You're breaking my heart.

I can't, I can't even believe

>> PROBST: The strategic favor
had backfired and Lex was

voted out...
making him the first member of

the jury.
Kathy was the next to join the

Then Alicia and Shii Ann.

Last week, the five remaining
members of Chaboga Mogo

competed for a car at the
reward challenge.

Rob won and chose to take
Amber with him to an island

drive-in movie.
When they arrived, things got

even better for Amber.
One of the added benefits of

being selected by Boston Rob:
Something for you, Amber.

>> Are you serious?!
>> PROBST: The two kicked back

and enjoyed the movie and their
first romantic date.

Upon returning to camp, Amber
told the others about her new

>> I had the choice

whether or not to tell people,
but I felt that holding that

back from them just wasn't me.
>> PROBST: And Rupert and Tom

had had enough of the power

>> Take that damn couple and
and break that couple apart.

If I get Tom in with Jenna and
I, we three would put Rob and

Amber out of this game.
>> PROBST: But Rob, sensing

trouble, orchestrated a fight
between Rupert and Tom.

>> People keep telling
me that you keep saying you want

to vote me out.
>> If he tells you that,

then he's a lying son of a

>> You've been talking
about getting rid of everybody,

Behind everybody's back.

And now I'm the bad guy?
>> The reason that I did

this was to get them at each
other's throats so that

neither of them will have
enough sense to try to get me

and Amber off.
>> PROBST: At the Immunity

Challenge, Rob walked away
with the necklace once again.

Boston Rob wins immunity.
But he was worried about Amber

being outnumbered.
>> The only way I don't

hold the power is if Rupert,
Jenna and Big Tom all team up

and vote Amber off.
>> PROBST: Rob and Amber looked

for reassurance from Big Tom.
>> Why would you think I

want with Rupert and Jenna?
>> I don't know.

Why have you been feeding them
stuff for the last two weeks,

telling them you want to get
rid of me?

>> Let's make up our
mind, 'cause what you tell me,

that's what I'm putting on
that card.

>> Let's do it.
>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: The deal was made to
vote Jenna out.

But at Tribal Council, Big Tom
was betrayed.

Big Tom, the tribe has spoken.
>> I heard it.

>> PROBST: Big Tom was not

Now, only four remain.

Boston Rob...

and Jenna.
Tonight, they will compete in

their final immunity challenges.
Two will go on to face the

jury, one will outlast all
the rest and become the sole

All-Star Survivor.
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(theme song playing)
♪ ♪

(theme song playing)
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>> We just got back
from day 36's Tribal Council,

where we voted Big Tom's butt
out of here.

>> What was that glare
as he walked out?

>> He was looking at
his, uh...

>> You can tell when
someone's lying.

He lied right to my face,
like, five times.

>> It was an honest
and hurtful Tribal Council.

And now there are four torches
left up there.

It started out with the 18 of
the best survivors to ever play

this game and it's down to
four, and I'm one of them.

How'd that happen?
>> I'm going to take

that down to the creek.
>> Okay.

>> So, here's the thing.
Me and Amber talked about it,

and it's completely up to you
and I'm not going to try to

influence you one way or the
other, but all I'm going to

say is, you have no chance to
beat Rupert.

If you want to take a shot
with me and Amber in the final

three, then you can take your
own destiny in your own hands.

>> I mean, like, you
don't even have to tell us,

we'll find out whenever...
>> Yeah, we'll find out

at the vote.
>> Little did we know

at the vote.
>> Little did we know

that we were going to be woken
up today by Jeff pulling up in a

boat carrying a huge basket.
>> PROBST: Want to give me a

>> Sure.

>> PROBST: Take one side.
>> Okay.

>> I got a little nervous
at first.

I was thinking maybe, oh, gosh,
this is our challenge.

What are we going to have to do?
>> PROBST: I brought you guys

gifts fitting for a final four.
Let me show you.

( all cheering )
You've got everything you need

for bacon, eggs, pancakes...
( Rob cheering )

>> Pancakes!
>> PROBST: Fresh fruit,

orange juice, champagne for

>> Champagne!
>> PROBST: In addition, the top

of this is also a scrapbook.
So, you have a camera.

You can take pictures during the
day, make up your scrapbook.

>> Oh, wow.
>> PROBST: Have a good time.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: You're welcome.

>> Breakfast is my

favorite meal of the day.
So this meal is huge out here.

>> Guys, we made it 37 days.
Whatever happens tonight

happens, and good luck to

>> Good luck to us all.
>> Cheers.

>> Cheers.
The four people that are

in the final four are two
distinct groups of two.

There's no chance myself and
Amber are going to break.

I think it's a toss-up: Jenna
may turn on Rupert.

It may come down to a purple

>> I've been thinking
about this whole purple rock

>> So far, like, the game

has gone so well for all of us.
>> Yeah.

I'm very concerned with the tie-
breaker situation.

What would happen is whoever has
immunity has immunity.

And then the other three have to
reach into a bag-- there's two

white rocks and one purple one.
The person who gets the purple

rock is out of the game.
I don't want it to come to a

frickin' rock.
>> I know.

>> That's not what we
played for.

>> We knew it was going
to come down to a purple rock.

So we gave her the option of
voting out Rupert tonight.

>> Well, you guys just keep up
your end and vote Rupert.

>> We will.
>> Strategically, I

came out here to win.
And this is the way to do it for

me; it gets me one step closer.
I didn't come 37 days to reach

into a bag and let a color
decide my fate.

So I'm taking fate in my own

>> Is that breakfast I smell?
>> Yes, ma'am!

>> All I've been
craving is a pancake.

It was the... I, like, ate tiny
little bites.

It's better than I have at home.
Oh, my God!

>> Mm.
>> This morning's breakfast is

good-bye to one of us.
Somebody is leaving tonight.

Boy, I hope it's not me.
>> PROBST: All right, let's get

Boy, I hope it's not me.
>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to today's immunity challenge.
Boston Rob, give it up.

Immunity, back up for grabs.
For today's immunity challenge,

we have constructed a giant

On my go, you will race from the
center of the maze to eight

different points within the

At each point, you'll find a
ladder rung.

Untie it, bring it back to the

Along the way, you're going to
encounter various obstacles

blocking your path.
And you're going see the same

obstacle more than once.
The trick is don't get confused.

Once you've gathered all eight,
you'll assemble your ladder,

climb to the top of the tower.
First person to the top of the

tower wins.
Make sense?

We'll draw colors.
Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys.
For immunity and a guaranteed

spot in the Final Three.
Survivors ready...

Everybody off.

Jenna hits a dead-end.
Boston Rob working on the

Amber out of the other

Rupert makes his way through the

ropes Amber finds her first

Jenna working her way through
the ropes, getting tangled up.

Boston Rob has his first rung.
Rupert finds his first rung.

Amber still making her way back
to the center with her first

Jenna untying her first rung.

Boston Rob has his first rung.
Amber's in with one.

Rupert's in with one.
Everybody has one except Jenna.

Jenna with her first.
Everybody has one rung.

Rob and Amber going through the
ropes together.

Jenna making her way through the

Amber and Rob both getting a
second rung.

Jenna has her second rung.
Rob passes Amber in the ropes,

Jenna's back with her second,
Rupert's back with his second.

Boston Rob back with his second,
and Amber back with her second.

We're tied up, two rungs each.
Looking for a total of eight.

Rob on his third rung.
Jenna untying her third rung.

She's got to get back to the

Boston Rob back with his third

Jenna with a third rung.
Amber with a third rung.

Rupert back with a third rung.
We're tied up, everybody has

three rungs.
Boston Rob with four rungs.

Jenna with four rungs.
Amber with four rungs.

Rupert with four rungs.
Everybody tied up.

Boston Rob quietly sneaks in
with his fifth rung.

He's got a lead.
Jenna with her fifth rung.

Boston Rob back in the center.
Amber with her fifth rung.

We're all tied up, five rungs.
Boston Rob going in circles.

Rupert untying his sixth rung.
Got to get back to the center.

Amber with her sixth rung,
Boston Rob coming back the other

way now.
Still going in circles.

Rupert closing the gap with his
sixth rung.

Jenna back with her sixth rung.
Boston Rob back with his sixth

Amber with her seventh.

Amber needs only one more rung.
Rupert with seven, looking for

his last rung.
Amber on her way back with her

last rung.
Rupert untying his.

Rob back with his seventh.
Amber has all eight pieces.

Amber assembling her ladder.
Got two pieces put together.

Three pieces.
She's got her fourth piece.

Amber very close.

Climbing the ladder.
And with that, Amber wins

Guaranteed final three!

Amber, come on down.
Put this on.

Boy, when you needed it, you got
it. Nicely done.

>> Oh, my gosh.
>> PROBST: You are safe tonight

at Tribal Council.
>> I've never worn this before.

>> PROBST: Looks good.
>> I think so, too.

>> PROBST: Amber is safe at the
vote tonight.

The other three of you are not.
Somebody is about to go home.

You have the afternoon to figure
that out.

I'll see you at Tribal.
Head on out.

>> You vote for Rob
and see what happens.

>> Yeah, I got something
I want to talk to you about.

>> What do you want to
talk to me about?

>> He came to me last
night and said there's no way

they're going to vote for each
other, "So, Jenna, why don't you

take your chances and vote

I debated it, kept throwing the
idea around, and I'm not.

I can't do it.
I'd rather sit there and pick a

rock than give than give them
the smug satisfaction of knowing

that they're guaranteed a spot.
>> My fate rests on the

honor of the 26-year-old single
mama who really, really wants to

win badly.
>> So how is everything

going to go down tonight?
Have you decided?

>> No.
>> Obviously, I have a

vested interest in it.
But, I mean, you can't be...

>> And that's why it
might be worth it for me to

choose a rock and then you're
out and it's me that's in.

>> Maybe you, too.
>> Exactly.

>> Well, to me, that's

>> Because you won't
do it against her.

That's my point.
>> There's a possibility

I could beat her.
There's no possibility I can

beat Rupert.
There's no possibility you can

beat Rupert.
>> I disagree.

I disagree.
>> It's the difference

between maybe winning the
million or a 30% shot at maybe

going home.
>> Now I don't know.

I'm not letting Rob push me into

But there is truth.
I mean, I would be in the final

I might even be able to

beat them, and then I've got
a million dollars.

>> Let's go spend some
time together.

This might be my last day here.
>> Don't be sad.

Yesterday, you're all feeling

>> Nah, I am.
I'm totally fine with it.

>>, you're not.
>> It's out of my hands.

There's nothing I can do about
it, so I'm not going to worry

about it, you know?
>> Yeah.

>> If I do go tonight,
you'd better win.

You'd better. You'd better.
>> I want you to come

with me.
>> This is so good.

The decision is still a little
up in the air... to be honest.

>> I can't see Jenna
going against me, and I don't

want to go against Jenna.
She's just a little paranoid.

You got to let her alone.
She's just a young girl.

She's fine.
Either way, I appreciate it.

>> I know.
>> I believe that she

will write Rob's name down.
>> At the beginning of

this game, Jenna would say...
"Don't let emotional attachment

get in the way of your strategic
survival game."

What about you?
>> My emotions control

what I do.
In this game or out of this

game, that's all I got is who I

>> Rupert's a very smart player.
I give him a lot of credit.

He's probably conned Jenna into
feeling bad about doing anything

but pulling a rock.
>> I've never been in

so much turmoil in my life.
I have the power tonight.

I really don't know what I'm
going to do... until I get to

tribal council.
It's really, really a tough

>> PROBST: Now, bring in the

>> PROBST: Now, bring in the

members of our jury:
Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann...

Big Tom voted out the last
Tribal Council.

So, let's get right into it.
At the last Tribal Council, Big

Tom clearly blindsided.
Jury reaction was pretty strong.

Did you see it, Jenna?
>> Of course I did.

>> PROBST: Did it put anything
through your head, because the

power's clearly shifted now.
>> Of course.

These are people that we have
voted out.

Facing them is traumatic, every
single time we come here.

>> PROBST: Clearly, Big Tom had
no idea that he was about to go.

Boston Rob, here we are, we're
down to a Final Five situation

and you betray somebody again,
knowing you need them to get the

>> All I can say, Jeff,

is there's two sides to every

And I say that with 100%

>> PROBST: Amber, make the
argument that "It's not fair to

judge me because I voted you

That is part of the game.
>> In Australia, I had an

alliance, um... or what I
thought was an alliance,

and I was somewhat blindsided.
But when it came down to it, I

actually end up voting for the
person who broke their alliance

with me.
And it was really hard for me to

cast that vote because they hurt
my feelings, but then I also had

to remember that I'm playing the
game of Survivor and it's

"outwit, outplay, outlast," and
I felt that that person truly

outwitted me.
>> PROBST: And it seems to me,

with each successive Tribal
Council, the emotional wear and

tear on you guys increases.
Rupert, you and Jenna have been

pretty tight.
There's no mystery that Boston

Rob and Amber have been pretty
tight, but there's always been

somebody else to vote out.
It's not the case anymore.

>> Today was a very
tough day.

It was very high and very low.
Coming home without the necklace

and then being told that the
game might be changing for you,

those were pretty big lows.
>> PROBST: Jenna, fill in the

blanks for me.
Because what Rupert is saying is

he's either out, or it's going
to be a tie, and he's going to

get a shot at fate.
>> Exactly.

It really is a true toss-up,
because I truly have a bond with

This is a game and I have to get

myself as far as I can, but then
do I put somebody else's game

at risk-- that I love-- out
here, and that's been resting on

my shoulders today.
>> PROBST: So, Rupert, what it

comes down to for you, tonight,
and what I'm understanding, is

whether or not Jenna is going to
put your name down or Boston

Rob's, her only other option.
>> You know, everybody's

got to play the game how they

And that's okay.
But I hope that Jenna and I

would stand strong, that we
would force the rock issue.

>> PROBST: Amber.
You have immunity.

Cannot vote for Amber.
It is time to vote.

Rupert, you're up.
>> I don't know what

else to say.
I hope we both have two votes

and I hope we go into a tie.
>> You're a gentleman,

It's been a pleasure playing the

game with you.
I hope it's you tonight and not

me. Thanks.
>> I still don't know.

me. Thanks.
>> I still don't know.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

One vote Rob, one vote Rupert.

Two votes for Rupert.

One vote Rob.
The last vote...

The 15th person voted out of
Survivor: All-Stars and the

sixth member of our jury,

Would you bring me your torch?
>> It's part of the game.

Would you bring me your torch?
>> It's part of the game.

>> PROBST: Rupert, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.
Well, you survived another vote,

It's time for you to go.
Well, you survived another vote,

made it through another day.
We are now down to three people,

two Tribal Councils, one winner.
Grab your torches.

Get back to camp.
Good night.

>> I am a little angry
at Jenna.

Greed won out over friendship.
Almost disgusted me.

There is not one person in this
game that can say I lied to

them, that I played conniving.
I did my best.

I honestly had a very, very good
experience with Survivor:

(waves crashing)

>> I love Rupert, but
you know I couldn't let my whole

game be put into a bag and roll
the dice on whether I get a rock

that would send me home tonight.
Not when I still had fate in my

hands that I could work.
>> Regardless of your

decision, whatever it was, I
respect the fact that you made

it on your own.
>> Yeah.

>> And that's the most
important thing.

>> Hey, Jeff.

>> Morning.
>> PROBST: Good morning.

>> Morning.
>> PROBST: What are you guys

doing up so early?
>> We're the final three.

We couldn't really sleep too

>> PROBST: Beautiful moon.
>> It is.

>> I got my girls.
>> PROBST: Life is good.

>> Life is good.
>> PROBST: Well, day 38 is here.

Today you'll take part in your
final rite of passage.

We brought along a canoe.
You'll take this map.

You'll follow it to an area
where you will find an array of

body paints and jewelry used and
worn by a local and fiercely

independent tribe of Indians,
the Cunas.

You'll adorn your bodies as you
see fit, then you'll set out on

As you walk, you will come along

the torches of your fellow tribe
members who have been voted out.

Take a moment.
Think about the impact they had

on you and on the game.
When you reach the last torch,

I'll be waiting for you there to
guide you through your final

immunity challenge.
I encourage you to embrace this

You're never going to be back

here again.
>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> Thanks, Jeff.
>> PROBST: I'll see you at the

other side.
>> You have to paddle.

( indistinct conversations )
>> Oh... there.

( indistinct conversations )
>> Oh... there.

>> Oh, wow.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> This is so awesome.
>> This is awesome.

>> Look at these.
( chanting )

>> ...that one looks
like it goes...

>> You girls look pretty.
( giggling )

( chanting )
>> TINA: I'd do this again

( chanting )
>> TINA: I'd do this again

because it's part of my being.
This was such a life-expanding

I think I would have regretted

if I didn't come, and I don't
want any regrets in my life.

>> 75 years old.
>> If I were military,

I'd salute you.
>> The second time around,

I was three years slower, for
one thing.

And there's a lot of
cut-throating going on out

And I should have known better.

>> I've already played
this game, and I've already won.

I'll look back on this just like
I did the Amazon, and be glad

that I fought through as much as
I could.

( chuckling )
>> He's not even here,

and he's making us laugh.
>> I know, right?

>> ROB C.: It's a little bit of
a humbling experience.

I thought that I might be, in
fact, the greatest Survivor

player to ever play, but I was a
victim of my own success, I

>> One of the biggest

things that surprised me about
the entire Survivor: All-Stars

was how tough it was.
Certainly more tough than the

original game I played.
Either I'm getting older or it's

getting way, way too tough for

>> I was just totally
exempt from any energy or

I decided that I had to leave.

It takes too much emotion to
play this game.

>> COLBY: I found patience this
time that I never knew I had.

The game required it, my mental
stability required it.

And I was so proud to find it.
>> ETHAN: In Africa, I didn't

receive one vote against me the
entire time I was out there.

During All-Stars, you know, it

And each time you see your name,
you feel that little punch in

your gut.
I still want to be out there

playing the game.
>> The reason why I'm

here is 'cause the reason why
she's gone.

Thanks, Jerri.
>> I ask myself so many times

a day, "Why would I want
to put myself through this

I had no idea that it was going

to nearly break my spirit.
But it didn't.

>> I broke the biggest promise
I made to myself coming into

this thing.
I mixed friendship with the

The two cannot mix together.

And as soon as you allow a
little too much compassion to

show through, you're setting
yourself up for disaster.

>> What I rely on is
trust and loyalty and the better

qualities of life.
Maybe I just don't have it in

myself to make it all the way to
the million and lie.

>> This time around, I
bit my tongue a lot more, I

walked away a lot more, kept my
mouth quiet.

I eased back on the challenges a
lot, so that I didn't look like

such a threat.
And it got me six days further

into the game this time.
>> I've played with the best.

I beat my favorite players, I
beat them all.

And ultimately, it came down to
bad luck with the numbers.

Sometimes that's the way the
chips fall.

>> Truly, I didn't consider
myself an All-Star.

For me, just to say that I was
in that group is a proud moment

for an old country boy like me.
>> I definitely consider

playing the game with him as a
huge honor.

>> I came out here to
take care of myself and everyone

around me, and I did.
I might not have won one damn

immunity challenge, but I won a
few rewards.

I enjoyed myself, I shared, I
cared and I actually had fun.

>> Walking by all the
torches made me feel proud to be

standing where I was standing.
But also a little guilty,

knowing that I ended this game
for a lot of those people.

So, it was a little bit

I'm feeling a little scared and
nervous... and not really

knowing what's ahead.
At the end of the day, one of us

is going to have immunity, and
one of us will not be in the

final two.
>> PROBST: Well, welcome to your

final two.
>> PROBST: Well, welcome to your

final immunity challenge.
Amber, I'll take that back.

For the last time, immunity is
back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is
very simple.

It's all about endurance.
How badly do you want it?

You will stand barefoot on

You'll have one hand on the
Immunity Idol, and you'll stand

there as long as you can.
Here are the rules.

If either of your feet come off
of that post at any time for any

reason; if your hand comes off
of the Idol at any time for any

reason; or if your second hand
touches the idol, or the post

that it's sitting on, you're out
of the game.

Last person left standing wins

Guaranteed a spot in the final
two and a chance to face your

And you decide who sits next to

you at that final Tribal

All right.
Take off your shoes and any

other clothing items or
necklaces you don't want on

during this.
Take your spot on the perch.

All right, challenge has begun.
Coming up on 30 minutes.

All right, challenge has begun.
Coming up on 30 minutes.

Not much of a breeze, is there?
>> Mm-mm.

>> Got a lively group
here today.

The final immunity challenge.
( chanting )

The final immunity challenge.
( chanting )

>> PROBST: One hour in.
Give me a status report.

What's hurting the most, Jenna?
>> The back foot.

It's just about trying to switch
positions up without lifting

your foot, without sending
yourself off balance.

>> PROBST: How are you doing,
Boston Rob?

>> Good.
>> PROBST: Amber?

>> Good.
>> PROBST: Jenna, how long you

think you can go?
>> However long these two go.

>> PROBST: Really?
>> One minute after that.

>> PROBST: Game is on.
>> It's a million dollars.

So... game is on.
I got a cramp.

>> Uh-oh.
Jenna has a cramp.

>> PROBST: Two hours, guys.
Two hours, 108 degrees.

You lifted your foot.

>> I lifted my foot?
>> PROBST: You lifted your back

>> I thought I had the

front of my foot on.
>> PROBST: I'm sorry, Jenna.

You're out.
Just like that, we're down to

Boston Rob and Amber.
>> I want the Immunity.

You've had it a million times.
A million times.

>> Okay.
>> PROBST: Wait, wait, wait.

Catch me up, what's going down?
You're going to give her

immunity and step off?
>> I'm going to take

you, no matter what.
>> I'm going to take you,

no matter what.
>> Right.

Let's fight it out, anyway.
>> Okay.

Damn you.
>> PROBST: Trust coming up.

>> No, it's not...
>> PROBST: If it's not trust,

one of you would step off.
>> It's not trust.

It's just that...
I hate giving up.

>> PROBST: Do you think this
will play a factor in who wins?

If somebody earned immunity, or
if somebody gave it up?

>> No, I just think like
the whole... the whole game, we

had an alliance since day one.
And we stuck together the whole

And every single challenge we

did, we always gave 100%,

We didn't even discuss if it
came down to this.

>> We did talk about this.
You're saying we didn't, but we

>> That we'd would take

each other, no matter what.
>> No, we talked about if

we were the last two, would one
of us step down?

>> Hmm...
>> Briefly, but we did.

>> You wouldn't want me
to just let you win.

You'd want to beat me, right?
>> I just want to win.

>> Well, you're going to

have to beat me, then.
>> Oh, that's nice.

have to beat me, then.
>> Oh, that's nice.

>> AMBER I thought about doing
that a couple times, but I

didn't know if I could reach.
>> You can reach.

>> I can only...
>> PROBST: Amber, you're out.

>> AMBER I touched it.
>> PROBST: You know what you

>> Yeah, I touched it.

>> PROBST: Stopped thinking for
two seconds.

>> I did.
>> PROBST: You're out.

Just like that.
Boston Rob, you have final

Get over here.

Nicely done.
You wanted to earn it, you

earned it.
The last time-- immunity.

You're going to the final two.
And tonight at Tribal you will

decide if indeed it's going to
be Amber, maybe there's a change

of heart.
Jenna ends up there.

All right, guys, grab your
stuff, head back to camp.

I'll see you at Tribal in a
little bit.

>> You know I wanted to win

I gave up everything with
Rupert, and I could have picked

rocks yesterday maybe Rob would
have gone.

But I lifted my damn foot so I
blew it.

I had a million dollar check
written in my hand because I

would have brought Boston Rob--
I would have won.

And it all comes down to me
lifting my foot up.

My daughter's going to be
very proud.

My game's over.
Boston Rob won immunity, he's

going to bring Amber, which
strategically might not be the

best bet because, you know, I
think she's going to annihilate

him in the vote.
He'd have better chance against

me but he won't see that.
He's giving his girlfriend

a million dollars.
That's a pretty good boyfriend.

>> Are you serious?
>> It's not that I don't

believe you...
>> Oh, my God.

>> Do you know for sure?
If you were in my position,

you'd have like a scared
feeling, too.

>> Let me tell you
something for sure, 100% I'm

taking you. Okay?
>> I feel 99% sure that

I'm going to the final two with
Rob, but I have seen him turn on

people out here.
I have seen him break his word

to people out here.
>> Clean up the attitude, will

>> I just can't help but

feel nervous.
>> All of a sudden I guess I

I can't think too clearly,
trying to realize if what I've

been doing this whole time has
been the right thing, is my head

clouded, is my judgment bad?
I'm not sure where my odds are

Amber played a solid game, but

Amber did ride my coattails the
entire way.

I don't know, maybe she conned
me the whole way.

Maybe it's the biggest scam in
the history of Survivor.

If I go with Jenna, maybe more
people are annoyed at Jenna.

But then I look like a complete
ass because I'll sell out

absolutely anybody to win this

I don't know if I can or cannot
win against either one of them.

I keep changing my own mind
50 times a day.

I'm going to think about it, you

And I'm going to make the
decision that I feel most

comfortable with.
Based on me... not based on

morals, not based on an alliance
that I should or shouldn't

A million dollars... what would

you do for a million dollars?
>> PROBST: Now bring in our

you do for a million dollars?
>> PROBST: Now bring in our

Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann,

Big Tom and Rupert-- voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Long day.
Started early, had an emotional

morning then you had your last
immunity challenge, where it was

And it was purely endurance.

Jenna, you were first off.
What happened?

>> I don't know.
You said my foot moved off the

>> PROBST: Yeah, it was very

subtle, definitely.
>> I'm sure.

>> PROBST: Frustrating?
>> More frustrating that

it didn't even come down to me
like falling off or getting too

tired or anything like that.
So that's frustrating.

>> PROBST: So, Jenna's first

It comes down to Amber and
Boston Rob, and immediately both

of you guys look at each other
and say, let's make a deal.

But a deal never ended up

Amber, was that because this is
a game that has a trust issue?

>> I will not deny that
nerves were definitely taking

play and definitely thinking, I
would feel much better walking

in tonight with the necklace on
and being in control instead of

letting him be in control.
>> PROBST: Rob, was that any

of your decision not to step off

that, what if I do and she turns
on me and takes Jenna instead?

It had to go through your head a
little bit.

>> Yeah, of course it
went through my mind.

I mean, how can it not.
You can tell, even at this stage

still there's paranoia.
>> PROBST: So, Rob, you have

Huge decision.

You can talk about your
relationship with Amber all you

want, this is still a game.
This is still a strategic

decision, one way or another.
>> Strategically I mean I

don't know necessarily that I
even have a shot of winning

against either of them.
>> PROBST: Jenna, how shocked

would you be if I came back and
the vote said Amber?

>> I'd probably die of shock.
That would be the biggest shock

of my life.
But these two are airtight.

And I think it's a lot romantic
as it is strategic.

But I think Boston Rob is
actually wary of going up

against Amber in the final two,
and his chances with me would be

>> PROBST: How does that make

you feel, Amber, to hear that?
>> I think he's thought

through every decision 100% the
entire time he's been out here.

And whether or not his feelings
for me help make the decision of

keeping our alliance together in
this final two, I mean if it was

me, there is no decision to be

>> PROBST: So you're able to
separate any romantic feelings

you might have for Rob from
honoring an alliance that is

about the game?
>> Yeah.

I think I've been in control of
my emotions for Rob and in

control of my strategic
decisions in this game for sure.

>> PROBST: Rob, are you able to
do the same thing?

>> Absolutely.

No doubt about it.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Let's get to the vote.
Here is how it's going to work.

Boston Rob has immunity.
You can't vote for him.

Jenna, you can only vote for
Amber; Amber you can only vote

for Jenna; Your votes cancel
each other out, so the only

person who will vote is Rob.
With one vote you're going to

vote out the 16th person from
this game.

But what you are really doing
with that vote is deciding who

you are going to sit next to as
part of the final two.

It's time to make that vote.
You're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go get the vote.
Once the vote is read, the

>> PROBST: I'll go get the vote.
Once the vote is read, the

decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.
The 16th person voted out, and

the final member of our jury--

Need to bring your torch.
Jenna, the tribe has spoken.

Need to bring your torch.
Jenna, the tribe has spoken.

Well, congratulations.
You have gone as far as you can

go in this game.
The power now shifts to the

Seven people you had a hand in

voting out now hold your fate in
their hands.

You have one final night in

Enjoy it, and I will see you
tomorrow for final Tribal

Grab your torches, head to camp.

>> This time I'm very
proud of the way I played the

I didn't get blind-sided.

I think I was more observant,
more strategic and I had a lot

more fun, that's for sure.
38 days out of 39, feels pretty

But I'm going to relive that

stupid foot move for the rest of
my life, because it's the

difference of a million dollars.
>> To be able to spend 39

difference of a million dollars.
>> To be able to spend 39

days now with a person who
always makes you happy, always

makes you feel completely safe
in any situation...

always makes you feel important
and proud of yourself is just


>> What?
>> We're the final two.

>> I know, I told you
that this afternoon after Jenna

stepped off.
>> Yeah, but now it's

like there's nobody else here.
It's just you and me.

>> They're gone.
>> I came into this game,

and within the first couple of
minutes, Rob and I had formed an

And over the first couple of

days there was a lot of flirting
going on, and it turned into

something real.
And now we have an amazing bond.

And I'm so glad that that was my
strategy in the beginning

because look what I ended up

>> We came as far as we can.
It's not up to us anymore.

Everything we did, we did it by
the book.

>> It's over, it's over
and done with.

>> 15 minutes after the
game started, we were able to

work as a team.
Even when we got separated and

weren't together, we were still
able to work through it as a

I mean in a game where trust is

fleeting to have a partnership
with someone, an alliance with

someone that you can trust,
that's huge.

They thought we were, you know,
screwing around, flirting,

>> Little did they know.

>> They never had a clue.
They never seen it coming.

>> We were playing the
game, too.

>> They're going to hate
us when this is over.

They're all going to hate us.
Well, cheers.

>> Cheers.
>> Cheers on our victory.

>> Cheers to us.
>> It captured the moment.

>> Cheers to us.
>> It captured the moment.

>> That's a good one.
That's my favorite one.

You look dirty.
The game was over.

I mean what a huge relief.
What a huge weight off your

shoulders to know that now it's
in the jury's hands.

We're done voting people off.
We're done strategizing.

Now we can just sit back, relax
and enjoy that last day.

And I love that.
>> I'm completely at

peace right now, you know that?
>> Mm-hmm, me, too.

I feel... 100% relaxed.
I'm not worrying about anything

that's going on tonight.

I'm not even thinking about it.
I'm sure I will when it gets

down to it, but right now I'm
just kind of like...

>> Good picture.
>> We're taking in every

last moment.
We're not really taking anything

for granted.
So going to one of our little

favorite spots and just enjoying
it one last time, and knowing

that nobody else is around, it
was just our island.

Just a great, great feeling.
>> The black one or the

blue one?
>> I don't like the black ones.

>> You don't like the black

>> Well, I mean, not as much.
>> Our last fish.

>> Well, I mean, not as much.
>> Our last fish.

This guy's going to be the last
fish I eat.

Last supper over here today.
Last lunch.

I don't know how I ever made it
without Rupert out here.

Who would have known I could
actually fish and clean them and

cook them and fend for myself.
Still alive.

You know I said in the beginning
also that this game Survivor,

was basically like Charles
Darwin's premise, survival of

the fittest.
The species that's best able to

adapt to certain situations will
outlive the others.

And I think as a team, Amber and
I were most able to adapt to

certain situations.
Maybe they'll give us both a

>> You never know.

There is a very important night
coming up.

And there are a lot of anxious
people who are really looking

forward to grilling us.
I hope I'm not forced into

saying why they should pick me
over Rob.

>> See, this time a jury
is made up of people who know

me, and they know how I am.
I'm sure people took this game

very, very personal, and that's
their own frickin' problem.

I outwitted, I outlasted, and I
feel I outplayed them all.

The feeling that I have inside
me right now is where the

sleep deprivation, the lack of
food, the suffering, the highs,

the lows of the game, it's worth

Look at these socks.
They've been good to us, huh?

>> The way the day is
ending with this rain and

being miserable is, of course,
bringing on the miserable

feelings of going to Tribal

I think the vibe of the jury
tonight is going to be pretty

cold, you know.
They came out here with their

second chance, and the fact
that they didn't get to finish

it and we did... I don't think
they're going to make this easy

for us at all.
I think the jury would love to

see Rob and I squirm.
>> It's been quite an

And now that we're leaving...

I feel both a little bit of
sadness, but definitely joy.

I did everything I wanted to do
out here.

I did it to the best of my

I gave 110% every single day.
And I'm sitting in the final two

with Amber.
I'm proud of the way I played.

And I have no regrets.
Bugs are still killing me.

>> PROBST: Amber, Rob.
>> Hi, Jeff.

>> Jeff.
>> PROBST: Have a seat.

We'll now bring in your jury--
Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann,

Big Tom, Rupert and Jenna--
voted out at the last Tribal

Well, congratulations.

You outwitted, outplayed and
outlasted your 16 other tribe

And after 39 long, tough,

emotional days, it comes down to

Tonight, your jury-- seven
people that you had a hand in

voting out-- now hold your fate
in their hands.

They will decide which one of
the two of you walks out of here

with bragging rights as winner
of Survivor: All-Stars and the

million dollar check that goes
with it.

Here's how it's going to work.
You'll both get a chance to make

an opening statement.
Convince these guys why it

should be you that gets the
million dollars.

The jury will then get their
first opportunity to address you

since being voted out.
After listening to everything

that's been said, you'll get a
final comment-- one last chance

to win them over.
Then we'll vote.

Let's get started.

Opening comments, Rob.
>> All right.

Obviously, uh, the last 39 days
have been long, emotional.

And you're sitting over there,
and I guarantee you guys are all

pissed off to be over there.
I didn't want to let personal

relationships interfere in this

When the merge happened, I had a
situation where I made a promise

to someone that I wasn't able to
keep, because of promises I made

to some other people.
In the end, that's where

everything started to go south
for me.

Obviously, when you have a jury
that you have to vote out, it's

going to come back to haunt you
in one way or the other.

But I would like you guys to
consider how I played the game

as a player-- always trying to
do well for my team; at the same

time, trying to look out for

Thank you.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Rob.

>> Hi, guys.

Um, I came into the game saying
that I knew it was going to be

harder, because this time
around, I was going to be

with people that I knew, instead

of just strangers.
And, you know, I said I didn't

come out here to make friends.
I didn't come out here to--

gosh, you know-- have a
relationship with a guy.

You know, I came out here to win
a million dollars.

And little did I know all these
little bonuses came along with

So, I think the reason why I'm

sitting here right now is luck,
all of you guys for not voting

me off and because of my
alliance with Rob.

Those are the three things that
got me here.

And I know that you guys
probably all have sore feelings.

I know I had sore feelings when
I sat in the jury.

I just wanted to let you know
that I got out of this game what

I really wanted to do, and I'm

>> PROBST: All right.
Jury, it's now in your court.

In a moment, you will get a
chance to address Rob and Amber

for the first time since being
voted out.

I'm going to give you a moment
to think about what you want to

>> PROBST: Okay.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time now for you to face
your jury.

It's the first time they've
had a chance to say anything to

you since being voted out.
Lex, you're up first.

>> "It's just a game."
That's something we probably all

said a thousand times while we
were out here.

And I'm sure that for both of
you, it was an excuse that

helped wash away the guilt as
you played the game the way that

you played it.
You know what?

That phrase, "It's just a game"
is a big lie.

It's not just a game.
For all of us out here, for all

of you, it's life.
And the line between game and

life is not cut and dried.
Life blurs into the game

This game exposes who we are as

people to the core.
It's like truth serum.

And I think the way you play
this game is representative of

the kind of person you are.
The hardest lesson I learned out

here was about friendship and

And I think the true measure of
a man is what kind of friend he

What kind of a friend are you,

What kind of a friend were you

to me?
You asked me to do you a favor--

bro to bro, friend to friend--
and I did the only thing I could

And that was to answer the call

of a friend in need.
You repaid that by putting a

knife in my back.
As far as this game is

concerned, I lost, and you both
beat me.

No sour grapes, no bitterness.
With all sincerity, I will

congratulate both of you for
being in the final two.

But as I see it, as good as your
game was, you sold out your

values, you sold out your
character and you sold out your

friends for a stack of

I hope it was worth it,
'cause that money will never be

enough to buy it all back.
>> PROBST: Kathy.

>> Um, when you got off
Survivor: Marquesas, I

distinctly remember that you
were so concerned about how

people perceived you.
What I ask of you today is,

after this game-- where you took
friends to advance to a place,

and you killed friendships to
get there-- what will people

think of you now?
Are you concerned about it, and

where is it?
>> Yeah.

I'm concerned about it.

To be completely honest with
you, I don't know where it is.

I'm still floored by Lex's
thing right now.

Here's the thing, Kat.

Looking back, I'm not 100% sure
how I feel about the game

I mean, somewhere along the way,

I got caught up with, you know,
playing people against each

other and just doing whatever I
had to do to get to the end.

And now, looking back on it, I
definitely, definitely see it a

different way, after Lex's

But I wouldn't want people to
think that I intentionally came

out here in this game to ruin

I'm not a malicious person.
I would not intentionally do

that to try to hurt anybody.
>> Amber, um...

did you play Rob as a patsy to
get to the million?

And if you get to the million
and after it's all over, are you

going to have a relationship
with him?

And it can't be a gray area.
It's got to be yes or no.

Or is there going to be a phone
call from Pittsburgh to Boston

if you have the million?
I mean, are you playing him?

>> I started this game
out, um... flirting with Rob as

strategy, for sure.
But early on in the game--

within the first ten days-- I
started developing feelings.

And I started getting caught up
in the security in him and the

emotional support and just the
way he made me feel.

And I will tell you that yes, I
have a genuine relationship with

Rob, and I definitely hope to
continue our relationship

>> Thank you.

I mean, thank you for a
yes-or-no answer.

Thank you.
Um, Rob, you just need to know

that I was crushed, obviously.
Look at me.

I've been off this thing for 12

You were like a kid to... a son.
And I was crushed that you

didn't address what we had.
If you didn't want me around,

that's fine.
We came, we merged, and we were

I got it.

I got it.
I got that we were outplayed.

I got it.
But I just can't imagine any

game in the world where you can
check your friendships at the

It's just not in my chemistry

and my makeup, and I thought it
wasn't in yours.

>> I know.
>> So, in 15 minutes, you

made an alliance, and you-you
ruined friendships that took two

years to build.
And it-it-it just... it just

crushed me.
So, I do congratulate you guys

sincerely for being here,
however you got here.

But I just want you to know that
you used some friendships as

stepping stones to get there.
And it's been a devilish game.

But I think you could have taken
a parallel course, where these

people wouldn't have been left
in carnage, and they would have

been feeling a little bit better
about their decisions tonight.

And maybe that's immaturity--
I don't know--

but there was another path right
next to you-- you didn't see

it-- that you could have thrown
us just an ounce of respect.

And this wouldn't be here.
So, good luck with it.

>> PROBST: Rupert.

>> That's an emotional
one to follow.

First I want to say hey to you
guys and congratulations, and

thank you to you both for
helping me get as far as I did.

You know, I appreciate it.
When we made a pact on day 12,

you guys stuck with me.
You didn't know me.

So what I'd really like to ask
you, Amber, what did you really

do to get to the final two, and
why should I give you my vote?

>> To get to the final
two I played this game the best

way I know how.
And honestly that was taking it

day by day.
Um, I faced a lot of obstacles

in this game.
Obviously there was a time when

my entire tribe was switched and
I was the only one left from the

original tribe, and I fought
like hell to stay in the game,

but I kept saying in my head
that this is my second chance at

a million dollars.
And so I guess the main reason

why I think I played the game
well is I never lost my focus.

>> True.
So, Rob, why should I give you

my vote?
>> Because you're a man

of your word.
That's why you should give me

your vote.
( Rupert laughing )

>> Again, you know,
congratulations to both of you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Rupert.
>> Thanks, Rupe.

>> PROBST: Alicia.
>> There is one factor,

in my opinion, that is the
lowest form of standard of play

that you can reach, and you two
not only mastered it, but relied

on it, to get to the final two,
and that is the fine art of

butt-kissing and ego-stroking.
You both did so much of it that

I couldn't possibly decide which
one of you has got less crap on

your lips.
Now, you may have outwitted us,

outplayed us and outlasted us
but you have not outclassed us.

Let me ask you both one

And, for this question, I need
one answer, and one word and one

word only.
How would you say you played

this game, Rob?
>> Competitively.

>> Excuse me?
>> Competitively.

>> Amber?
>> With luck.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Shii Ann.

>> First of all, congratulations
to the both of you.

You have earned it.
There have been a lot of words

exchanged tonight, you know, a
lot of people's feelings are

hurt, but as someone who's
competed with every single

person here, I would like to
throw out there that people in

glass houses shouldn't throw

I feel like all is fair in love
and war and in Survivor, so

tonight you two are on an even,
level, playing ground.

I haven't decide who I'm going
to vote for, so I'd like you to

tell me, in all honesty, three
reasons why the person sitting

next to you deserves to win that
million dollars more than you.

>> Amber has been the

truest partner in this game to
me that I've ever had.

I asked her once for her
friendship and she's never

wavered the entire time we've
been out here.

Secondly, she never quit on
anything she said she was going

to do, whatsoever.
And third, her support towards

our alliance has been

I mean, I would not be here
right now if it were not for

I think she played a straight-up

game and I think she deserves

>> Amber?
>> Um...I think-- number

one, I thought he ruled in all
the challenges.

And I thought he was probably
the most-- I think he was the

most competitive person out here
in all the challenges.

Um... two, I think in this game
um, in order to get this far,

you need to find one person
that you can truly depend on and

I found that in Rob.
I found that I could tell him

anything and he would never
think of it as something he

could use against me in the

And then, third, ten or 15
minutes into the game, he made

an alliance with me, and he
stuck to it, even if he might

have doubted in his head, he
never let me know about it.

>> Okay.
Thank you, guys.

>> PROBST: Jenna.
>> Well, I do congratulate

you two.
I think you played a great game.

Uh... I don't feel negative
feelings like some of these

people do because we had an
alliance that you didn't break

with us, with Rupert and I, so I
have no hard feelings that way.

You played a very similar game,
but since you're so

interchangeable, I'm going to go
with... what are you going to do

with the million dollars?
Rob first.

>> You know that, uh, I
coach, volunteer coach, inline

hockey at Boston University.
I got a couple of kids on the

team that they can't afford to
pay the tuition, so somehow I'll

try to use it to start some sort
of a scholarship fund for my

players on my team.
If I could somehow set that up

to help some of them out, I
think it would be good.

>> College scholarship
fund. Okay.

>> Um, for me, I have a

lot of good friends, older and
younger, who have been diagnosed

with the disease of muscular
dystrophy, and usually you don't

get diagnosed with that until
much later on in life when

you're like 50s, but I have a
friend who is in her 20s and she

was diagnosed with it.
So, um, the one charity that I

wanted to help out if I could
was a charity involving muscular

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Big Tom.
( Tom grunts )

>> Good to see y'all.
The two people I had an alliance

with, good to see you.
First of all, Amber,

Rob, same to you.

You did exactly what you said

you'd do...
Oh, wait a minute.

Well, our alliance, we was going

to be one, two, three.
I got five.

You forgot about me somewhere
along the li...

I mean, we had the numbers, so,
but besides that, Rob, I got

goats on the farm.
When they get to running the

nanny, I castrate them, and I
never seen a boy run a woman

like you did.
If that was part of strategy,

that was... you did, you did a
good job.

So I guess I'm going to say to
you, Amber, uh... I don't know

how I'll vote.
So you tell me, why I should

give you a million dollars and
not Rob.

Just... right straight up.
Why should, why should I?

>> I knew this question
was going to be somebody's

question, and I think it's the
hardest answer to, to... to

>> It shouldn't be.

>> I think it's the
hardest question to answer, but

uh, if I'm forced into answering
it, I'm going to be honest,

>> I'd appreciate that.

>> Well, I'm just saying
with Rob sitting next to me, you

know, it's hard to do, but I
think you guys all deserve it.

>> Sometimes it's hard to
be honest, Amber.

I can tell you about that--
sometimes it is. I'd just like

for tonight, let's be honest.
>> So, I think that the

reason why I should win this
game over Rob is because we

really didn't break our word to
each other, whereas you and Rob

Do you understand what I'm

trying to say?
>> In other words, we just

lied a little bit and me and Rob
lied a whole lot, or... I mean,

I don't understand it.
Wha... what... Clarify that last

statement. I, um...
>> I think that you knew

this entire game that your
alliance with Rob was much

stronger than your alliance with

So if you're basing your votes
on who had a stronger word and

who broke their word, I think I
didn't really break my word as

much to you as Rob did.
>> Thank you.

Hey, brother Rob, I know that
I'm stupid for waiting this long

to make up my mind but, like I
said, I've been with you from

day one and I mean with you.
Rob, uh, why should I vote for

you and not Amber?
>> In all fairness, Tom...

the conversation we had before
you got kicked off, you and I

know inside what really happened
in terms of who said what and

who lied about what.
And, yeah, I broke the alliance,

but you plotted to get me kicked
off beforehand and I found out

So I got rid of you before you

had the chance to get rid of me.
>> In other words, you

voted me off 'cause I was going
to try to kick you off?

>> You did try to get me
kicked off.

>> All right.
Well, I guess that's all, so

with saying that, I just want to
say, no hard feelings.

>> No hard feelings, Tom.
>> Don't be stupid, stupid.

I may have fell for that once.
I fell for it twice.

Not this time.
>> PROBST: Okay.

Not this time.
>> PROBST: Okay.

A lot was said tonight about how
you two played this game.

Some people respected it, others
didn't at all.

This is your last chance to
convince them it should be you

and not the other person.
Amber, we'll start with you.

>> Well, I came here
tonight, expecting this to be

very difficult, 'cause I know
every single one of you would

love to be sitting where I'm

I really thought, coming in here
tonight, that I learned so much

about myself throughout the past
39 days.

But instead, after tonight I
learned the most about myself

just after these past couple of

I'm not happy what I learned
about myself and I want you to

know that I'm going to take away
what I learned tonight and apply

it to my life.
I know it's very hard for you

guys all to express your
feelings and be completely

honest with us, and so I just
wanted you to know that in every

answer that I gave tonight, I
was completely honest with you,

and if that's the most I can
give to you tonight, you have

That's it.

>> PROBST: Rob.
>> Uh... I guess the

first thing I want to say is
that I'm sorry to each and every

one of youse for breaking
alliances and friendships and

all the pain that you guys must
feel over there, and to tell you

the truth, I'm not really
feeling much better sitting over

here right now.
Uh...I played the game as hard

as I could, but I'd be naive to
be able to sit in one of the

last two seats and think that
people on that side were gonna

feel all right about the way I
played the game.

It got a lot more personal than
I thought it ever would, and

from tonight, I was expecting it
to be hard.

I wasn't expecting it to be
nearly as hard as it was, I

really wasn't...
but... I'm really having a tough

time even finding the words
to tell you the truth,

and fumbling over all my
answers. Excuse me.

This is not really the time to

be screwing it up either, but, I
mean I guess I've been screwing

it up for a long time, haven't

Maybe we could laugh a little

Uh... I had fun...
And... I'm sorry.

That's all I have to say,

>> PROBST: Only one thing left
to do, and that is vote.

Tonight the voting is very

Tonight the jury is voting for
somebody, based on everything

that's happened over the last 39
days, and tonight they're gonna

cast a vote for the person they
think most deserving of winning

this game.
It's really that simple, and it

really is time to vote.
Lex, you're up.

>> Before I show who
I'm voting for, I'd like to say

that both of you should just
step up, be proud of the way you

You made it to the final two.

You beat us all.
That's my vote-- Boston Rob.

You do deserve it.
You ruled this game physically.

This is a large sum of money.
I hope you win it.

>> Rob... do you
remember back in the middle of

the game when you and I shook
hands, looked each other in the

eye, and I promised you that I
would never write your name

I'm a woman of my word.

>> Rob... I thought of you
as a brother.

I stayed and defended you for 36

All over saying something
about I was gonna vote you off?

Hey, never once crossed my mind.
And when you find out the true

story, maybe you can call and

>> ( sighs )
I am such a sucker.

I am such a sucker.
But you know what?

In the end, friendship rules,
and I know that we have a really

good, tight friendship, so I'm
giving you the million bucks

because I love what we have and
I think it's still there, it's

just damaged.
So take it, man.

Take it and run with it, all
right? I love you.

>> PROBST: For the last time,
I'll go get the votes.

>> PROBST: Rob, Amber, jury, I
know it's been a long 39 days.

It's about to get a little bit

The votes will be read live when
we get back to the United.

States, See you there.
( helicopter rotors whirring )

States, See you there.
( helicopter rotors whirring )

( cheering and applause )
>> PROBST: What's going on, New

( cheering and applause )
>> PROBST: What's going on, New

Thanks for stopping by.

Let's get to this.
Let's do it!

All right.
Well, first thing I see, Amber,

is your shirt, which, uh...
( audience yelling )

Well, I guess that answers
the question Kathy posed,

about whether this is authentic
or not.

Clearly a very personal season.
One of the most powerful and

honest Tribal Councils we've had
in a while, final Tribal.

So as you two sit there tonight,
Amber, I'll start with you,

after this whole season, you
look at this jury, everything

you went through, how are you
feeling about your chances to

win this game?
>> Good Lord. Um...

>> PROBST: How are you feeling?
You've been thinking about this

for a long time.
Do you think you've got a shot

or not?
>> I think I definitely

have a shot.
I think it's going to be a close

I think it's going to come down

to one vote.
I think it's going to be

be one deciding vote.
So I think I definitely have a

>> PROBST: Boston Rob, in many

ways, with all due respect to
the other 17, this was your

You dominated physically...

( cheering and applause )
...and subject to a lot of

controversy, you dominated

No matter how you look at it,
we'll talk about the

consequences of that, but as you
sit here tonight, listening to

what these guys had to say to
you, some very personal

feelings, how do you feel about
this whole season for yourself?

>> Well, you know what,
Jeff, regardless of what happens

here tonight with the vote, I
feel like I already won.

I have the most special girl in
the entire world sitting here

right next to me.
If you don't mind, I'd like to

say something to her.
( audience clamoring )

Amber, we came a long way in
this crazy game.

I've seen you at your highest
high and your lowest low, and

between it all, we've worked
together as a team to accomplish

so much.
It was really crazy, and in the

end, I ended up falling in love
with you.

You're the most amazing person
I've ever met in my entire life,

and I want to spend the rest of
my life with you.

( audience cheering )
Amber, I love you with all my

Will you marry me?

>> Yes.
( audience cheering )

>> You okay?
>> PROBST: Rob, guys...

>> We're going to sit down.
>> PROBST: First, let me answer

one question that is on
everybody's mind.

The big twist that we've been
promoting that's going to be

revealed tonight, that is not

( laughter )
That was Rob's twist.

So catch us up.
Do your parents-- both sets of

parents-- I don't know if we saw
it-- just got up and hugged.

Did you tell anybody?
>> My parents and Amber's

parents both know.
I spoke with Mr. and Mrs.

Brkich and asked their
permission, and I spoke with my

>> PROBST: All right.

We'll get their feelings about
this later.

We still have this little thing
called the vote to get to now.

>> Yeah, let's do that, too!
>> PROBST: Million-dollar vote.

Interesting dynamic that adds to

Suddenly Amber's a millionaire
no matter how you look at it.

>> Did you sign a prenup?
>> PROBST: All right, here we

go, guys.
The vote is a little different.

Just to remind everybody,
tonight, you want to see your

name on the parchment.
Tonight, the jury voted for a

There are seven votes in here.

It takes four to win.
I will read the votes.

First vote,
Boston Rob.

( applause )

One vote Amber, one vote Boston

Two votes Amber, one vote Rob.

We're tied, two votes each.

Three votes Rob, two votes

It takes four votes to win.

That's three votes Amber, three
votes Rob.

You were right, Amber.
It's a close vote.

I will read the last vote.
The winner of Survivor:

( wild cheering )

>> You won, baby.
>> Congratulations.

>> You won, baby.
>> Congratulations.

>> Congratulations.
>> PROBST: Well, it was without

question the most unpredictable,
emotionally charged and

physically demanding Survivor

As you saw in the final Tribal
Council, a lot of friendships

were damaged.
With the exception of maybe

Rudy, everybody's mad at
everybody, plus a romance!

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