Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - The Instigator - full transcript

Although Jenna embraces her role as the tribe's self-appointed cheerleader, the others have fun mocking and mimicking her when she is away from camp.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Rupert and Jenna were at odds

over the workload.
>> We all have the same

hunger pains.
>> Everybody could have

got up and cleaned their own
damned fish and put it in the

>> I was cooking.

>> She's just a pain in
the ass, and I'm very sorry that

I have an alliance with her.
>> PROBST: At the Reward

Challenge, the All-Stars got a
unexpected visit from their

loved ones.
( laughing )

Rupert, come say hello to your
wife, Laura.

>> PROBST: And the loved ones
had to endure a variety of gross

foods for a night with family.
Bo's face says it all.

Tom's son Bo won the

>> PROBST: It's down and he's

>> Here we go, here we go,
here we go.

>> PROBST: So, Big Tom, choose
one survivor.

We'll bring their loved one
back, and the four of you will

spend the night at Chapera.
>> PROBST: I'm going to pick

aggravation right there.
>> PROBST: Tom chose Rob and his

brother Mike for a night to join
them for a night of beer and

That night, the boys lived it

>> Who's your daddy?

>> Who's your daddy?
>> PROBST: The next morning back

at Chaboga Mogo, Rob and Amber's
lazy work ethic irritated even

their closest allies.
>> Neither one of them

do a damn thing around here.
>> PROBST: After Tom and Rob

said good-bye to Bo and Mike,
the All-Stars struggled at the

Immunity Challenge.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob is out of

the competition.
With her neck on the line, Shii

Ann played a close game, but it
was Tom who came away with

Tom! Wins immunity!

Before Tribal Council, Shii Ann
tried to sway the others.

>> I'm not going to
leave without trying.

>> If you can get them
to vote Jenna off, it would be

>> I wouldn't count me out yet

because she-devil has
some tricks up her sleeves.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
despite her scrambling to save

herself, Shii Ann, the last
original Mogo Mogo member, was

the next to go...
Shii Ann, the tribe has spoken.

...making her the fourth member
of the jury.

Only five are left.
Tonight one more will go.

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(theme song playing)

>> The weather is terrible and
and it rains every day.

The shelter is pitiful and it
leaks every night.

Every one of us stink like
rotten dogs.

The challenges are going to
become more mental, more

physical, more stressful.
Camp life is hard, and as it

gets down to the last few days,
it's getting harder every day.

>> I mean, at this point,
you get so fed up of being

with the people that you're

you don't want to hear their
stories anymore.

You're just drained.
You're tired, you're cranky,

you're hungry.
You're not sleeping at night,

and it's just like, "Shut up.
Don't talk to me."

>> But you got to know...
they invited me... and I went

down to eat with them, but I
didn't play.

Take a little on the side.
>> There was a brief

time where I actually understood
a couple words Big Tom said, but

for the most part, the entire
time out here, I haven't

understood him at all.
He's not getting enough water

or something because he's just
mumbling to himself.

( Tom mumbling )
>> Yeah.

He makes these unintelligible

Nobody understands what he's

>> Nice!
The mother lode.

>> Jenna and I were
gathering our coconuts and

sitting down, celebrating
cracking open green coconuts

and toasting to our victory over
the darn coconut trees.

>> Okay. Here's what I
want to talk to you about.

You or I have to win immunity

>> Yes.
>> When we do, we vote

Boston Rob, okay?
>> Right, we vote, we

vote Boston Rob, only because...
When Jenna said, "and we have to

beat Rob in immunity," I looked
over and my heart sank because

Rob was standing right there.
>> Perfect.

>> We got to beat, we got to
beat Big Tom.

>> He's annoying the crap out of

>> It's no big deal.
>> What?

>> It's no big deal.
>> It was a little scary

Jenna already is full of

paranoia and I don't need Rob to
be full of paranoia.

Paranoia will destroy ya.
>> Guess what.

>> What?
>> We got problems,

big problems.
>> Okay.

>> I just walked up on,
uh, Jenna and Rupert and they

have no intention of going to
the Final Four with us at all.

>> Did you confront them
about it?

>> No.
>> Are you going to?

>> No.
>> I was under the

assumption that the game would
be easier in the end because I

knew we had our strategy set in
the beginning and that we

weren't really going to have to
worry too much about it in the

end, but I was completely wrong.
So what do you think they want

to get rid of next?
>> Me.

>> Of course I don't

blame him-- he's worried.
You know, if he is the target,

he's the next one to go, but,
then I'm sure I'll be soon

after, but it's of our control
right now.

>> I want it, too.
>> PROBST: How we doing?

>> Good.
>> Good.

>> PROBST: Yeah?
>> Happy to be here.

>> PROBST: Ready to hear about
today's challenge?

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: All right.

Today's Reward Challenge will
give you a second chance at some

of your favorite elements from
previous Survivor challenges.

It is elimination-based, so we
will start with five.

In the first round, you'll make
your way across a balance beam.

First four to finish move on.
You'll navigate your way under

the belly crawl, complete the
slide puzzle, remove the knife,

chop the rope, raise the flag.
The first three to finish move

on to the next round.
Stompede: using a plank

launching three items up into
the air and into your basket.

First two to finish move to the
final round.

For the final round you'll go up
the rope ladder, make your way

across the rope bridge, race
down the flying fox, grab a key

and come back to the finish.
First person across the finish

I think you know what you're

playing for.
>> Yeah, nice ride.

>> PROBST: You're looking at it.
GM Chevrolet Colorado truck.

Not a one of you wouldn't look
good in it.

You'll put it to good use right

We'll leave her, go down to the
beach, drive along the beach to

where we have assembled the
Survivor drive-in movie t

>> Oh!

>> A movie.
>> PROBST: Huge screen to watch

a movie, plus refreshments, of

You have candy and chocolate,
hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, some

pillows, blankets.
If you want to take the top off

the back end of your truck and
sit in the bed, you can watch it

under the rain or you can get
inside if you want.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> Yes.
>> Yeah, it's well worth it.

>> PROBST: All right, we'll draw

Wait for my go.
>> Cool.

>> PROBST: A little bit of
Survivor trivia.

In the first seven seasons, the
person who has won the car has

never won Survivor.
Think about that as you compete

in the first round.
First four over the balance beam

move on.
Survivors ready... go!

Mariano off to a slight lead.
Rupert down and back to the

Got to get across the rope.

Mariano's across.
Jenna, Big Tom are close.

Jenna's across, Big Tom's
across, Amber's across.

Rupert, you're out.
All right, for this round, you

must make your way under the
belly crawl, complete the slide

puzzle and raise the flag.
First three from this round move

Survivors ready. Go!

Jenna and Boston Rob moving
through quickly, Big Tom and

Amber moving through quickly.
It's going to be tight.

Boston Rob's out.
Jenna, Big Tom, Amber out.

Everybody got mud on their face.
You're moving pieces around

until you can get the knife
through the slot at the bottom.

Boston Rob has his.
Chopping and it's up.

Boston Rob's moved on.
Keep sliding those pieces,

trying to get the knife out at
the bottom slot.

Amber has hers out.
Amber's moved on.

We're looking for one more

It's going to be Jenna or Big
Tom to join 'em.

Who can complete the puzzle

Tom making some progress.
Tom getting some momentum.

Thinks he might be on to

Big Tom has his out.
Chop that rope.

Big Tom moving on to the next

All right, for this round you're
looking to launch all three

items, one at a time, up into
the air and into your basket.

First two to finish move on to
the final round.

Survivors ready.

>> Come on, Amber.
Come on, Rob.

Come on, Big Tom.
>> PROBST: Planks are


>> Nice.
>> PROBST: First one in.

>> Nice, Amber.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob just

overshoots it.
Amber with her second one in.

Nothing but net.
>> Do it, Amber.

>> PROBST: Amber out to an early

Boston Rob still misses with his
first one.

Amber, three in a row.
Amber's moved on to the final

We're now down to Big Tom and

Boston Rob.
Boston Rob has his first one,

Big Tom misses to the right.
>> Come on, Big Tom, keep

>> PROBST: Boston Rob has his

second one in.
Big Tom misses again to the

Boston Rob looking for his third

This will move him into the

Adjusting his plank...

Just like that, Boston Rob and
Amber move on to the final

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: It comes down to
this, Boston Rob and Amber,

you'll make your way up the rope
ladder, across the rope bridge,

down the flying fox, grab a key
and back to the finish.

The first one to finish wins the
Chevy Colorado truck.

With only six days left, break
from the game, a little food in

your belly, could have a big

Here we go.
Survivors ready.

Boston Rob with a slight lead up

the ladder.
Boston Rob almost takes a

Amber right behind.

Boston Rob, no trouble at all.
Show me those keys.

You got yourself a truck, man.

>> Whoa!
>> Good job.

>> I knew he had it.
>> PROBST: Nice job.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Ever had a new truck

>> First one.

>> PROBST: Really?
>> Thank you very much.

>> PROBST: All right, so here's
the deal.

We're going to get in this
truck, we're gonna drive down

the beach, we're gonna head over
to the Survivor outdoor drive-in

movie theater.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Not going to be any
fun by yourself.

One person coming with you.
>> Got to be Amber.

>> PROBST: Really.
>> Second place, and, uh...

she's been with me from day one.
>> PROBST: So it's Amber and

Boston Rob at the drive-in

>> Sounds good, Jeff.
>> PROBST: Let's get in.

You guys heading on back.
>> Have a good night.

>> Y'all have a good night.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob, you're

Amber, hop in back, I'll take

>> I'm gonna get your

new truck all dirty.
>> That's okay.

>> This is nice.
>> PROBST: Let's hit it.

>> You know, anybody that's
won a car during Survivor has

never actually won Survivor.
Well, that wasn't going to

discourage me from winning.
I'll tell you right now, it was

worth it.
>> Nicely done.

Mariano, what up?
This is a guy who knows his way

around a truck.
Now that no one's around, nice

to have a rig?
>> Oh, my God, this is

You can't really show the true

emotion, you know, with
everybody else standing there

going, "You just won a new

>> PROBST: Right.
So, here's the deal: got a snack

bar over here.
It's full of juices, popcorn.

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: Hot dogs, everything

you guys need.
Huge screen.

You'll be watching Lord of the
Flies, the movie that sort of

inspired this show.
And I think that's about it.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: All right, guys.

Oh, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Uh, one more thing.

There's one more thing.
Uh, come with me.

One of the added benefits of
being selected by Boston Rob...

something for you, Amber.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Shut up!
Are you serious?!

( screams )
>> PROBST: Amber, right here.

>> No!
>> PROBST: Another new car.

Only this one's yours.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Malibu Max, all

>> What goes around comes

around, huh?
>> PROBST: You look good in

there, Amber.
So if you get tired of watching

it in the Colorado, you move
into the Malibu Max and watch

for a while.
>> This is too much right now.

>> You just gave me a
car, do you realize that?

>> You earned it, you
earned it.

>> AMBER ( screams ): Whoo!
>> PROBST: Right on.

>> Yes!
>> No way.

>> PROBST: Let's get the movie.
( honks horn )

>> I love it.
I love it.

>> What's behind door
number three, Jeff?

>> Yeah!
Oh, my God!

I am so pumped.
>> PROBST: Let's go watch a

>> All right.

>> Time alone with Amber
was unbelievable.

For the first time, I didn't
have to think about the game at

>> I'd be miserable.

I can't really complain about
my first date with Rob.

You know, I was thinking about
after the game, you know, I

wonder what we'll do-- probably
go out to dinner, you know,

maybe go to the movies,
maybe he'll bring me flowers,

who knows?
But on our first date, yeah, we

did go to the movies, we did get
some popcorn, and he gave me a

car instead of flowers.
Let's see, flowers, a car,

flowers, a car, I'll take the

We're going to eat at least two
more hot dogs time each.

Two or three
>> Amber's definitely

special to me, a lot more
special than when we started

this adventure.
But, I mean, still, you can't

lose sight of the fact that
you're playing a game for a

million dollars.
I'm not going to forfeit the

million to anybody, including

>> I would love it if
they brought us back some food.

>> I don't believe that.
>> Every time I've won,

I've brought back pocketfuls of
food, piece of candy or

something would be nice.
>> When you come back

from reward challenges, you
always feel guilty.

So to come back from another
reward challenge with a car,

it was pretty rough.

>> Hey.
How was the movie?

>> Brought some stuff
back for you.

>> Some candy.
>> It was good.

>> Beautiful.
>> We want to tell you

all about it... well, if you
want to hear.

If you don't want to hear...
I had the choice whether or not

to tell people that I had won
the car, but I felt that holding

that back from them just wasn't

We were getting ready to start
the movie and Jeff goes, "Oh,

wait, hold on, hold on, I
totally forgot, we have one

more thing."
And me and Rob are like "What?"

He goes, "One of the luxuries of
being chosen as the one person

to go on the drive-in date is
that they also get something,

And we start walking back and

there's another car.
And they gave me a car.

>> Man.
>> Unbelievable, right?

>> Very, very cool.
>> Huh?

>> I was flipping out.
>> I was completely

>> We were shocked.

I'm still freaking out about it.
Like, every five minutes I go,

"Rob, you gave me a car."
>> They won a car

They brought back pockets full

of candy, and split them up into
five piles.

They took their share after
eating dogs and candy.

"I saved my candy."
Well, it's easy to save your

damn candy when you've got a
belly full... and a new car!

>> How old are you, are you 18?
>> I'm a good Catholic girl.

>> Good Catholic girls
are pretty sexy.

>> I know.
Take your hat off.

>> If there is a
Survivor hex that keeps the car

winners from winning the game, I
would love that.

That would be my little justice.
And I win the million.

>> Oh, so nice.
>> If we want to have a

>> Oh, so nice.
>> If we want to have a

fire at all, we're going to have
to have some wood.

After a while, I'll go get us
some fish.

This is the first night with not
very much sleep and very little

It makes me crazy to watch Rob

and Amber sit on their butts,
and then when challenge comes

up, they have amazing amounts of

>> Where's Rup?
Do you see him out there?

>> He was standing on the
rock, so I actually saw him...

>> I think he and Tom were
up there.

>> You know, if you don't win
immunity, you're fifth out.

>> Well, they're going to do

>> If you win immunity,
are you going to put your only

worker out of this tribe or are
you going to band with me and

put Rob out?
Break that damn couple and break

that couple apart.
>> You know, everybody on

the tribe has tried to change my
mind for the last two or three

I've entertained the thought,

you know, that I also am playing
the game, you know.

I want to win, too.
I mean, I'm not going to lay

dead and let everybody just run
over me, which I have been most

of the game.
If we don't get Rob off, he's

>> If we don't get Rob

off, what?
>> He's won.

>> He's won?
If I get Tom in with Jenna and

I, we three would be the power
in this five and put Rob and

Amber out of this game.
I think I'm going to go try to

get us a couple of fish early.
Are you hungry?

>> At this point, there's

no guarantee that Tom's going
to stay loyal.

I can't trust anybody, so pretty
much what I did was I instigated

Big Tom to start a fight with

Maybe he's trying to play
both sides or something, but

he keeps telling that you keep
saying you want to vote me out.

>> I won't change alliance.
>> Huh?

>> I won't change alliance.
Well, how could I?

>> I don't know.
>> It would be stupid of me.

Think-- why, why should I change
alliance that's carried me all

the way through?
I won't change.

I mean, I won't change.
>> Why would he say that

if it wasn't true?
>> That's what I'm saying.

I think Rupert has been a
truthful man, but if he told you

>> Yeah, he told me that.

>> Well, then he's a lying
son of a bitch.

I told Rob from the beginning I
was going to stick with him all

the way through, but this fifth-
and sixth-grade tattletale

stuff, you know, I mean, I take
it personal, and I ain't happy

about it.
>> You know me, Tom, I've

been straight since the

>> The very beginning.
>> Since day one, day two,

whatever the hell it was.
I'd want to confront him.

Or you want him to just chump
you like that?

Sooner than later, it was like
two cats in a bag going at it.

>> You telling him that you
want me to vote Rob off, that's

what he's saying, that was my
game plan.

>> You didn't tell me
that we needed to get Rob off?

>> Rob...
>> Did you or did you

not tell me we needed to get Rob

>> Yeah. Let me tell you.
I'm just saying...

>> Did you or did you
not tell me we needed to get Rob

You was tired of watching him

sitting down and you needed
to get Rob off and you was

sorry you made an alliance
with him.

Did you not tell me that?
>> The reason did I this

was get them at each other's
throats so that neither of them

will have enough sense to go to
each other and try to get me and

Amber off, and I think I

>> Why would I want to get
Rob off when I've had an

alliance with him the whole

You didn't even know I had an

>> Of course I knew you
had an alliance with him.

You told me you had an alliance
with him.

I also know you didn't want to
go to the final two with him.

>> I would... that is our

>> Good!
>> Well, then... then fine.

>> You shouldn't sit
back there and be talking bad

about him.
Rob is playing this game so hard

now, I know that that was all a
ploy to try and make me look

That's fine.

I stood up, I told Big Tom
what's what.

>> All I'm saying, you
running like a damn scared hound

to tell Rob something.
Now, is... now, that's playing

straight up?
>> You've been talking

about getting rid of everybody,
Tom, behind everybody's back and

now I'm the bad guy?
>> PROBST: What's going on,

Day 36.

The sun is out.
About the only thing that would

make this day any better is
having immunity around your neck

at end of the day.
Big Tom, I've got to get it

Once again, immunity back up for

Today's immunity challenge,

pretty simple.
It is a word scramble.

Your job is find the 17 tribe
names from the last eight

seasons that are hidden in the

Once you've found all 17 names
you'll unscramble the

intersecting letter to spell
out one final mystery word.

First person to finish wins
immunity, guaranteed a spot in

the Final Four.
Nothing more important in this

game right now.
Nobody wants to come out here,

spend 36 days to go home fifth.
Just doesn't sound good.

Okay, we'll randomly draw
colors, wait for my go.

For immunity: survivors ready?

>> Jenna with her first word
right off the bat.

Big Tom with one.
>> Rupert using the tried and

true method.
He's got two.

As you get a word, mark it off
your list so you know.

Boston Rob has seven.
Amber with eight.

Rupert with six.
Big Tom with seven.

Jenna gets another word, she's
got nine.

>> Amber still in the lead with

Boston Rob right behind with

Remember, guys, you're looking
for the names of 17 past

Survivor tribes, and you're
going to unscramble the

intersecting letters and spell
out one final word.

Big Tom catching up.
He's at ten.

Amber up to 15.
Boston Rob picking it up,

closing in at 14.
Rupert with 12.

closing in at 14.
Rupert with 12.

Slowly gaining.
Amber has all her words.

Starting to unscramble
intersecting letters trying to

come up with that final mystery

Don't give up, guys.
Everybody's still in it.

Jenna at 13.
Big Tom with 15; looking for two

Everybody fighting, everybody

wants immunity.
Amber still trying to figure out

that mystery word.
>> Rupert with another word.

He's got 14.
Boston Rob moves up to 16.

Big Tom moves up to 16.
He only needs one more.

>> Got 'em all, Jeff.
Boston Rob with all 17

thinks he has the mystery word.
"Chabogo Mogo."

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Boston Rob wins

Boston Rob.

I know everybody wanted it, but
only one of you gets it.

Nicely done.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Safe from the vote,
guaranteed a spot in the Final

For the others, not the same
good news.

Tonight the game will end for
one of you.

You have the afternoon to figure
out who that's going to be.

See you guys tonight at Tribal

>> I want to wear that
damn necklace one time before

we leave.
>> I think you put a hex on it.

You put a hex on that thing.
>> Coming back with the

necklace on puts me in a good
position, but it's also a

precarious position, because I
hold the power.

The only way I don't hold the
power is if Rupert, Jenna and

Big Tom all team up and vote
Amber off.

That's the only way I don't
hold any power.

Whether they actually realize
that or not, I don't know, and

right now I'm kind of just
being the diplomat, sitting

back, listening to what
everybody has to say and

thinking about my options.
>> I just want to say

congratulations, and I want to
apologize for having a

misunderstanding earlier.
>> Big Tom is definitely

He knows that Rob and I are

not 100% with him, and he
knows that he's a swing vote

right now.
He knows that he could hop

over with Rupert and Jenna
right now and get rid of me if

they wanted to.
Everybody's talking and

everybody's paranoid.
>> Everybody's paranoid

about the vote tonight, that's

>> I made an agreement
with y'all, if you all want to

break it, break it.
>> I don't have an

immunity necklace around my
neck, so you can't blame me

for being paranoid and being

>> Well, we've all
questioned me, now we'll see

when it comes to voting, who's
questioning who.

>> Who do you think?
If you had to pick one or the

>> He wants Jenna gone.

>> You want Jenna gone?
>> I think Jenna's brain

is better than Rupert's.
>> There's so much

paranoia, but at the same
time, I've trusted in this

alliance with Boston Rob and
Amber and it's worked out

exactly how we planned from
day 12.

That's insane that this
alliance has held up through

that whole thing, so I keep
thinking something has to go

>> Want to flip a coin?

Because that's how I feel
about this right now, and I

know as stupid as that sounds
with strategy, like, I feel

like I've been going through
it a million times in my mind.

>> Hey what?

>> Come up here.
Let's be honest with each

other, if we can be honest for
one time, let's see if we can.

Have you or have you not tried
to mark me to get me kicked

out of this game?
>> Absolutely not.

You marked yourself every time
you won, and I have not...

>> And you haven't gone
to anybody and said we need to

get him off?
>> No, no, sir, no, sir.

>> Where does our
alliance stand now?

Let me ask you that.
We take out Jenna tonight,

then what happens?
Then we take out Rupert?

>> I don't know.
You tell me.

>> Why do I have to tell

>> Because I'm the pawn.
I told you, I'm the swing

>> No, you're with us,

there is no swing.
We're a group, there's no

>> Jenna and Rupert are

All they need is one to get

>> Right, and you wanted

to be that one.
>> Why would you think

I'd want with Rupert and

>> I don't know.
Why you been feeding them

stuff for the last two weeks
telling them you want to get rid

of me?
>> Come on, guys...

>> There's way too many
stories going around.

>> That's what I'm

Hey, listen, we're like
seventh graders here.

>> I don't care about
anything that's happened in

the past.
I told you that I'll vote with

you and I'm going to vote with
you, so we're trying to figure

out who to vote on, if it
should be Jenna or Rupert.

>> I like Rupert, but boy
that was a low-life thing that

he done.
It's taken me a little while

to get over it.
Jenna, she's an all right

girl, but she's a motor mouth.
All she is is mouth, and she's

smart enough to get... she's
smart enough to 'cause

But, y'all, let's make up our

mind, because when you tell me,
that's what I'm putting on

that card.
>> That's it. Let's do it.

>> Let's do it, it's
Jenna... Jenna.

>> There's no decision
that could be made right now

that I would feel 100% sure

I hate being put in this

It's a million dollar

>> Very sensitive today,

>> It's because...
You don't understand.

I can taste the money.
Do you realize how close we

>> Yeah.

>> Of course I'm stressed.
It's a million dollars.

It's going to change our lives.
>> That's right.

We're going to be okay.
>> Tonight, Tribal

Council is going to be the
ugliest Tribal Council we've

had yet.
>> PROBST: Now I'll bring in

had yet.
>> PROBST: Now I'll bring in

the members of our jury-- Lex,
Kathy, Alicia and Shii Ann,

voted out at the last Tribal

Well, you've lasted 36 days,
and yet, for one of you, this

game is only moments away from
being over.

So, let's talk about the
status of camp.

Rupert, were things peaceful?
What happened?

>> Things weren't...
things weren't peaceful, you

There's some alliances being

tested, you know?
It's getting down to the end.

There's five of us here that
want to be the Final Two, you

It's just getting kind of

>> PROBST: Suspicion setting in,

Amber, is probably inevitable.
Did you sense it today?

>> It's huge.
Today I sensed suspicion the

worst yet, and I'm starting to
get really anxious, really

Today I think was probably the

most stressful day for me yet.
Um, I can smell the money it's

so close.
>> PROBST: Jenna, Amber just

made a pretty honest comment,
"I can smell the money."

I'm sure all of you can get a
whiff of it at this point.

>> That's all you can
do at this point.

With three days left, that's
all you live, breathe...

I mean, you're no longer
craving food, you're no longer

caring if you sleep-- the game
is everything.

>> PROBST: So, Boston Rob, is it
inevitable that it's always

going to come down to this at
some point?

>> In the end, you're
always going to have some

people that are playing a
little bit harder than others.

You're going to have some
people where the paranoia

starts to set in, people start
to scramble, people start to

get caught in their lies.
>> PROBST: Did you notice

somebody getting caught in a

>> I noticed a couple of
people getting caught on a

couple lies.
All I can say is I'm happy

that I'm wearing this necklace

>> PROBST: Amber, what are you
basing your vote on tonight?

>> Tonight, and for
pretty much the very first

time, I'm going completely
with my gut.

I think tonight's vote is
extremely important.

I keep going back and forth in
my head wondering what the

best decision is, and the only
thing that I trust right now

is my gut, so I'm just going
to go with my gut.

>> PROBST: Big Tom, how insulted
would you be if it is you

tonight and you've been

>> You know what?
"Et, tu, Brute."

Even Jesus said it.
"Even you, Peter, betray me."

And you know what?
If that's the case, I don't

have to live with it, they'll
have to live with it, because

I get to sit in that jury and
decide-- was I done fairly?

>> PROBST: Jenna, if it's you,
is this okay at 36 days?

Not bad.
>> Not good enough.

Um, I came out the second time
to play the game to win, and I

would be upset if I was voted
off tonight, because it meant

that a lot of people lied, and
that's, I mean, that's a big

>> PROBST: Boston Rob, you have

immunity, I assume you're not
giving it up.

>> No.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob is the

only person you cannot vote
for, everybody else is

It is time to vote.

Big Tom, you're up.
>> Pony ride's over.

Big Tom, you're up.
>> Pony ride's over.

You're welcome for carrying
you this far.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote... Jenna.

One vote Jenna, two votes Big

The 14th person voted out of

Survivor: All Stars, and the
fifth member of our jury, Big

That's three votes, that's

You need to bring me your

Big Tom, the tribe has spoken.

>> I heard it.
>> PROBST: It's time for you to

>> PROBST: Well, you lasted 36

>> PROBST: Well, you lasted 36

days, you made it to the Final

Once again, judging from
tonight's vote, it is clearly

anybody's game.
Grab your torches, head back

to camp. Good night.
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Media Access Group at WGBH

>> Started out with 18

of the best survivors to ever
play this game, and it's down

to four.
>> PROBST: Only three days are

>> Somebody is leaving

Boy, I hope it's not me.

>> I just can't help
but feel nervous.

>> PROBST: Find out next
time, in a two-hour special.

Who will be the sole survivor?
>> What would you do for

a million dollars?
>> Good God, pull that

knife out of my back.
Gosh, I'm mistaken.

There's two knives back there.
It's Rob and Amber.

But I'm going to be on that
jury, and the sticking's going

to be my turn.
But listen, don't worry about

If you can live with it, I

live with it, and I'm going to
live with it happily ever

So, farewell, fair-weather