Survivor (2000–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Anger, Tears and Chaos - full transcript

A survivor makes conflicting promises to two castaways in different alliances.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Merge was on everyone's mind

when the tribes received body
paint with tree mail.

>> If I was a betting
woman, and I was in Las Vegas,

I'd say we're merging.
>> PROBST: But the merge

never materialized.
Reach in and pick a buff.

You're now a member of Chapera.
Instead, everybody drew buffs to

randomly mix up the tribes.
What, did you think we were

Just switching things up.

Against all odds, the tribes
stayed intact, merely changing

names, with one exception.
Amber-- the only one to change

>> I definitely feel like

I'm the only one who got screwed
in this whole situation.

>> PROBST: The new Chapera tribe
lived it up at their new beach.

>> I realized immediately
that we were so much better off

over here.
>> PROBST: But the new Mogo Mogo

tribe felt their new home was
less that adequate.

>> It's a crap camp.
>> PROBST: While his tribemates

missed their old camp, Rob just
missed Amber.

>> It kills me to have
her over there by herself.

>> PROBST: The Immunity
Challenge tested the tribe's

knowledge of Survivor history.
Mogo Mogo is right.

You win immunity.
And, in a bold move, Boston Rob

offered Lex a deal if he would
save Amber.

Before Tribal Council, Amber was
aware she was the obvious

target, and tried to turn the
heat on Jerri.

>> Please, Kathy, keep me
in the game.

Vote for Jerri.
>> PROBST: And Jerri went after

Amber, the outsider.
>> Boston Rob will tell

you anything to keep Amber

>> This is when the game
changes, when you have to start

making really hard decisions.
>> PROBST: And, at Tribal

Council, Lex and Kathy took a
gamble on Rob's future loyalty,

and voted Jerri out of the game.
Jerri, the tribe has spoken.

Nine all-stars are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
>> Getting rid of Jerri

♪ ♪
>> Getting rid of Jerri

last night at Tribal Council was

I cut her loose to keep Amber
around as a favor to Rob.

When I need to cash in with Rob,
I'm sure he'll deliver.

He's good on his word.
>> We think that Amber's gone,

He's good on his word.
>> We think that Amber's gone,

and it was a very somber mood
around camp.

Rob is really sad.
That was not only his strong

alliance, but, I mean, they're
really dating out here.

>> I hope Amber is still here.
I said some prayers last night

and this morning.
Not much I can do about it.

Maybe Lex came through for me,
and that would be great. Ahh!

>> I've never seen Rob
all screwed up like this, but

it's like when a calf's sucking
its mama's titty and, when you

wean that calf, it bawls, and
it'll go crazy.

It tries to go through fences
and bushes...

Rob's the same way.
And it'll take about three days

to get a calf weaned from its

A human is about the same.
>> This situation throws

you into a weird kind of arena
where you never know who is

going to be your ally.
You may think one person is

perfect to align with, and then,
all of a sudden, you're, like,

what the hell happened, you

>> We can have, like, a
little silent alliance going.

You know, kind of cover your
tracks and be ready.

You know what I mean?
>> Mm-hmm.

>> I'll be completely
alone in this game if Amber is

I can't trust anybody.

I kind of have a mark on my
back, so I got to watch both

shoulders at all times.
>> I promise you right

>> Okay.

>> Here's the thing.
>> If it comes down to it...

>> If we have...
>> I promise you, I will

fight for you.
>> I will never write

your name down.
>> All right.

>> I will never...
>> I promise you.

>> ...write your name down.
>> I will never write

your name down.
>> That's it.

I won't write your name down.
There's no way.

I would never screw you over.
I'm not going to say that.

>> I didn't say that to
anybody in this game, Alicia.

I did not say that to any one
person in this came.

>> Neither did I.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Chapera, come on in!

(Jenna L. squeals)
>> She made it.

>> PROBST: Jerri voted out at
the last Tribal Council.

Remaining tribe members: Kathy,
Shii Ann, Lex and Amber.

>> Hi, guys.
>> Hey.

>> What's up, Kat?
>> Hey.

>> PROBST: Okay.
Let's get to today's Reward

Even though you are still two

tribes, it is an individual
Reward Challenge.

Here's how it's going to work.
All nine of you will start out

on the floating platform.
On my go, all nine of you will

dive down and retrieve one of
seven pots.

Two without a pot will be

We'll work our way from nine
tribe members to seven to five

until we are left with only

We'll then move to a final

The three remaining tribe
members must transport a

heavily weighted crate from the
ocean to the shore.

The first person to cross the
finish line with their crate

wins Reward.
Want to know what you're playing

>> ALL: Yes.

>> PROBST: For the winner, a
helicopter will land immediately

following the challenge, take
you to a resort.

You'll have a nice shower,
you'll have a massage, facial, a

huge feast.
You'll spend the night-- have a

real bed to sleep on.
>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: In addition, the
winner of the challenge will be

allowed to bring two people from
either tribe.

>> That's a biggie.
>> Wow.

>> That's big.
>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> ALL: Yes.
>> PROBST: All right, pick your

spots out, wait for my go.
Here we go, guys.

Nine tribe members looking for
seven pots.

Survivors ready...

Get that pot and get back here.
First seven move on.

Everybody has a pot except for
Shii Ann and Jenna.

You two are out.
We're now down to seven.

Looking for five pots.
Survivors ready...

First five move on to the next

Everybody back up with their

Amber, Kathy are out.

>> Me and Big Tom were
fighting over it.

>> PROBST: We are down to five.
The first three to get a pot

move on to the final round.
Survivors ready...

We're looking for three pots.

We have our final three.
Boston Rob, Rupert, Lex.

The other six-- you guys-- can
swim on in.

All right!
It is the final round!

First survivor to get their
crate across the finish line

wins Reward.
(Shii Ann whooping)

Survivors ready...

Boston Rob swimming out,
diving down.

Rupert moving with his crate.
Lex moving with his crate.

Boston Rob still underwater.
Rupert with a bit of a lead.

Boston Rob still underwater.
Rupert with a bit of a lead.

Rupert's now on his feet.
He's carrying the crate on his

Boston Rob right behind him.

Boston Rob still in it.
So is Lex.

Boston Rob trying to get it up
on his shoulder.

It's too heavy.
>> Go! Go!

>> Rupert, he's coming!
Come on, Rupert!

>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
>> PROBST: It's a race to the

Got to cross the line.

Lex falls down.
(Jenna L. screaming)

Rupert wins Reward!
>> Way to go, Robbo!

>> PROBST: Rupert, get over

Nice job.
>> Won one.

>> Nice job, Rupert.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Okay, big decision.
You can take two people with you

on this Reward.
It can be any two people you

Who's going with you?

>> I honestly wish
everybody could come, I do, but

Amber, you can make up for
that 24 hours you just spent

away from us.
You're coming back.

>> Thank you!
>> It was a hard one, I

know, being away.
>> Nice.

>> Jenna.
We spent the whole time

The first Reward we win, we

share it.

>> PROBST: All right, Rupert,
Jenna, Amber, helicopter's

coming in.
>> Chocolate for me, please.

Double chocolate.
>> Great.

Double chocolate.
>> Great.

(Rupert chuckling)
>> How come I get so

(Rupert chuckling)
>> How come I get so

emotional up here?
>> Ahh! This is so great.

>> My baby is going to say,
"That's my daddy.

He is the toughest daddy in the

>> Oh, my gosh, you guys,
look where we're landing.

Holy crap!
In the middle of this?

>> Oh, my God, that's awesome.
I'm so excited.

Yeah, dinner, showers, massages,
facials and sleep on a bed!

>> I'm in heaven with
two goddesses.

(all laughing)
>> Oh, my God!

>> Look at the shoes!

>> And we get to keep
them, the shoes?

>> I hope so.
>> I have not had a reward

ever in my Survivor history.
>> These are so fun.

>> And I took two
gorgeous girls.

What is this?
>> It's a skirt.

>> I want to wear this home.
It was a great reward.

>> There's deodorant...
Oh, my God, Amber, they have

(women squealing)

Motorized toothbrushes...
>> Mine is blue.

>> Oh, my gosh, smell the

Oh, my gosh, smell yours.
You get your own.

>> Oh, please let us be
able to take these home.

No way!

>> Oh, shut up!

We can paint our toenails?
We're going to get pretty for

you tonight.
>> Beautiful.

>> Oh, my God, what do you do

Strip all those dirty clothes
off, put on the terry cloth robe

and then take a 20-minute shower
using every different sponge

(water running)

>> Could you hand me
that bar of soap?

I'm taking another shower in the

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Do you do the deep

moisturizing treatment frizz
down before conditioner or

>> Before.

>> Before? Thank you.
>> I've never felt so girly.

We each get our own Fantastic

That's the kind I use at home,
Aqua Smooth.

>> Really?
>> Mm-hmm. I wanted to paint my

toenails, I wanted to smell
good, I wanted to be pretty.

>> My lips haven't felt
this smooth for so long.

>> I'm the least girly
girl ever.

I've never even had a massage or
a facial, but after 25 days of

not caring it felt good to care.
>> Just feels so good.

>> I'm going to go back
there Superman.

I can do the last 13 days

standing on my head.
♪ ♪

>> I sat down to dinner
with Amber and Jenna who were

dolled up to the nines,
beautiful lips.

I wanted to kiss and hug 'em all

>> To being clean and
feeling brand-new.

>> Brand-new.
>> Oh, my God, energized

and ready for 13 days.
No matter how it turns out, when

we get home, I have wholehearted
faith in Amber and Rob and Jenna

and Big Tom and I.
Five strong, solid...

>> And we have this.
I really strongly believe we

have this.
>> I think so.

We have a five-way strong no
matter what happens.

>> ...happens. We do.
>> I was a little nervous

because I made a deal with Lex
and Kathy that they could come

to the end with me, Big Tom and

But I couldn't tell Rupert and
Jenna that.

>> We'll be the powerhouse.
>> Cheers to that.

>> I know, my God.

It's very good, very good.
>> We've got mail.

"Rise and shine.

It's a good day for competing.
If your survival skills aren't

sharp, you may take a beating.
Make camp life more comfortable,

put the horse before the cart.
If you don't take your time, it

could be over before it starts."
>> Survivor skills.

>> Don't make sense.
Never ever in Survivor, they had

two rewards back-to-back.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

>> Hey, how is it going

Jeff Pro-Bodine?
>> PROBST: Now bring in the

chopper... Rupert, Amber, Jenna,
returning from their reward.

>> We missed you.
We missed ya.

(helicopter whirring)
>> PROBST: Welcome back...

Rupert, Jenna, Amber.
>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Amber, looks like you

got your nails done.
>> I did.

>> PROBST: All right.
First things first, Boston

I will take back immunity.

A couple of you may realize
we are on the former Saboga

tribe's beach.
That's because the game is about

to change again.
Drop your buffs.

>> Here we go.
>> Here we go again.

>> PROBST: It is time once again

for new buffs.
>> I hope it's a new color

we see coming out of there.
>> PROBST: Boston Rob.

>> No green, no red.
>> PROBST: This time the buff...

it is the merge color.

(Rupert laughing)

>> Try it on.
(cheering and laughing)

>> We love this.
>> This is a great color.

Didn't like that green.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right.
Here's how the merge is going to

You will not be returning to

You will not be returning to

Mogo Mogo.
You will live your remaining

days right here on Saboga beach.
The beach is a little different

from when you last left it,
Rupert and Jenna.

Strong tides, heavy storms
pretty much wiped away your

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: The timber's still

Your toolbox is still here.
You've got plenty of nails and

rope and wire.
Some of your pots are scattered

around here.
You're going to have to

scavenge, you're gonna have to
find this stuff, but you can

build shelter again.
You've got Boston Rob who's

proven he knows what he's doing.
And because you guys have shown

that you can survive out here 26
days, we figure you do deserve a

little bit of a housewarming

In keeping with Survivor:

>> Oh...! What?
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: We have a few items
to help you out with your new

>> And a canvas.

>> PROBST: Two Hawaiian slings
and a tarp to help keep you dry,

paints for your new tribe flag.
You'll need to come up a new

tribe name.
>> Yay!

>> PROBST: The day is already
half over.

Storms can come in at any time.
This is your new home.

Get to work.
>> Yes!

♪ ♪
>> We have Chapera, Mogo

♪ ♪
>> We have Chapera, Mogo

Mogo and Saboga.
>> Right.

So how about...
>> Sapera Mogo.

I kind of like Bogamopera.
Boga... mo... pera.

>> Hey, you guys?
What do you think of Bogamopera?

That's all of us combined, all
the tribes.

>> It's not bad.
>> How about Chaboga Mogo?

>> Chaboga Mogo...
>> Sounds like a dance.

>> ♪ Chaboga Mogo
Chaboga Mogo ♪

>> Let's do it. I love it!
>> I'm thrilled to be

merged, if for no other reason
just because now the game has

changed up.
This is where it gets exciting

for a game player like me who
just enjoys playing the game of

>> As soon as we merged,

Lex comes running over to me,
"Rob, make me feel comfortable.

Tell me that I'm safe.
Tell me that I'm safe."

I will do everything I can, and
you got other friends in the

game, too. Yeah.
You know what I mean?

>> Yep.
>> I'm making the deal,

"Save Amber and I'm going to
help you later on."

You guys didn't really believe
that, did you?

Come on!
>> If I get a sense that,

you know, I'm going to end up
getting, you know, double-

crossed, get a knife in my back
next Tribal Council, I certainly

won't be happy about that.
>> I won't stick a knife in

your back, man.
I ain't gonna do that.

>> All right.
>> I haven't played that

way this time around at all.
I've been playing the game since

the second I got here.
It's all a game, everything.

Make no mistake about it, I am
playing the game.

When I saw you come out of that
challenge, I was, like, so happy

when I seen you, man.
I was so happy.

Listen, this is the way it has
to go down-- we need to get rid

of Lex tomorrow.
>> Why not Jenna or

Rupert first?
I'm here because of him.

>> Don't go soft on me.
I know it sucks.

I promised him the same thing.
He came up to me, first person

he came up to.
>> It's not even that.

It's not that... I'm just...
I don't know, I'm scared.

>> Don't be scared.
>> What if they're

targeting us?
You and I are stirring all this

Do you know what I mean?

There's too many plans floating
around and too many people are

They're going to realize that

it's all coming down to us very
soon and then they are going to

get rid of us instead of getting
rid of somebody else.

>> It's not coming down to
us because as soon as Lex is

gone, Big Tom doesn't have a leg
to stand on.

I mean, this is a game, Amber.
We're playing for a million

bucks over here, you know?
Like, let me tell you something,

Jenna and Rupert and Big Tom,
they're all gonna try to stick

it in our backs, too, all right?
>> We've got our work cut

out for us because we have so
many deals going along with so

many people.
We have deals with Lex and

We have deals with Rupert and

We have a deal with Big Tom.

Who the hell knows what's going
on with Alicia?

It's insane.
My mind is like, freaking out

right now.
>> Yeah, I definitely

missed you.
♪ ♪

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
All right.

Let's get to today's first
individual immunity challenge.

Tribal immunity is no more.
This is what you covet.

>> Wow. That's cool.
>> PROBST: As long as you are

wearing the immunity necklace,
you are safe from the vote at

Tribal Council.
When you don't have this on, you

are vulnerable, and now that
we are in an individual game, it

becomes all that much more

Today's immunity challenge will
test your skills in the water.

First round is a traditional
hold-your-breath competition.

You will be divided into groups
of men and women: The two men

who stay down the longest will
move on to the final round;

the two women who stay down the
longest will move on to the

final round.
For the final round, you will

race along a ladder, which is
tethered to the ocean floor.

Along the way, you'll be
releasing a series of buoys.

The first person to release all
ten buoys wins immunity.

Here's the twist.
We will run the final leg twice.

Two men will run the final leg.
The winner receives immunity.

Two women will run the final

The winner receives immunity.
>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: So at tonight's
Tribal Council, two people...

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: ...will be wearing

the necklace.
Two people will be safe from the

>> That's big.

>> PROBST: I know at this point
in the game-- huge stakes.

>> That's huge.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Swim out.
Wait for my go.

All right, guys. Here we go.
The two women that stay down the

longest and the two men to stay
down the longest move on to the

final round.
Three, two, one, go down.

Alicia and Jenna are up.
First three women are up.

Amber and Kathy are moving on.
Rupert can't hang on any longer,

Rob, Tom and Lex still fighting
for the final two.

Big Tom's out.
Lex and Boston Rob moving on to

the final.
Kathy and Amber moving on to the

All right.

First woman to release all ten
buoys wins immunity.

Survivors, ready?

Kathy and Amber both have their
first buoys up.

Dead even at two.

They're dead even at four buoys

Amber with her fifth.
Amber with a slight lead.

One buoy.
Amber with her sixth buoy.

Kathy with her fifth.
Amber leads six buoys-five.

Kathy still struggling.
Get a breath.

Kathy, you're still in it.
>> I can't get the knot.

>> PROBST: Fatigue starting
to set in.

Kathy with her sixth buoy.
We're tied up 6-6.

Kathy takes the lead now 7-6.
Kathy with eight buoys now.

Kathy continues to fight with
nine buoys.

One left, Kathy.
Amber with her seventh buoy.

Kathy with a 9-7 lead.
(Kathy belches)

>> This challenge sucks.
>> PROBST: Let's go, Amber, get

down and get a buoy.
There it is!

Kathy has her tenth buoy and the

Kathy wins immunity!
Incredible effort.

Here we go.

Kathy already has immunity.
We are looking for a second

immunity winner.
Survivors, ready?

>> We're tied up at five.

>> We're tied up at five.

Both guys are up.
Tied up at five.

Lex back down, Boston Rob
getting his breath.

Lex has a lead, 7-6.
Lex pulling ahead, eight buoys

to six.
Boston Rob with his seventh.

Lex with a one-buoy lead, 8-7.
Lex with his ninth buoy.

Boston Rob with his eighth.
Lex is one buoy away.

Boston Rob ties it up.
We're 9-9.

We are dead even, one buoy left.
Lex can't get it.

Still struggling.
Boston Rob down a long time.

He's got it!
Boston Rob comes from behind,

wins immunity!
Hell of an effort, guys.

Nice job.

>> Thank you.
You are safe at the vote

Nice effort.

Safe at the vote tonight.
>> Thank you. Thank you.

>> PROBST: For the first time,
guys, two people will be safe at

tonight's Tribal Council.
Everyone else is vulnerable.

See you at Tribal.
>> There's something very

See you at Tribal.
>> There's something very

telling about the fact that
we've been here now together

merged for a whole day and
there's been absolutely-- he

hasn't lifted a finger to make
us feel comfortable.

>> No, he's pulling our chain.
>> Yeah, he's yanking on our

>> I know, and I'm so

discouraged by it.
>> I realize that I made a huge

I made a potentially game-ending

blunder in agreeing to keep
Amber and get rid of Jerri, and

I think I may be about to pay
for it.

>> I just want to let you
know that I appreciate

everything you did to save
Amber, but myself, Amber, Big

Tom, Jenna, Alicia and, uh...
>> Rupert.

>> ...Rupert have agreed to
stay together as a group.

>> I can't even believe
what I'm hearing.

>> I know.
>> Let me tell you

something right now.
That was not a game or strategy

>> It was a strategy decision.

You have nothing to be angry

>> It was a brother coming
to another brother saying friend

to friend, and you know what, I
had my game all worked out, and

if I had gotten rid of Amber,
you know what I would have come

in here with?
I would have come in here with

my numbers advantage and I did
that just because you're my

>> In fact, I-I-I

completely... my own game.
I screwed my own game up.

>> I'm sorry, buddy.
>> I just can't believe

what I'm hearing.
>> You're asking me to

screw everybody else now for

>> You've got more
allegiance to them than you've

got to me... after asking me for
a special friend favor.

>> I made an agreement with

I asked you for a favor.
>> It's about being

betrayed by my friend.
It's about getting a knife in

the back.
>> Like, honestly, I don't know

what you want me to say, Lex.
I know, like...

>> I want you to say that
you're going to be truthful to

the word you gave me.
>> The word I gave you--

make no mistake about it, Lex--
between you and I, and you want

to put our friendship on the
line, I'll put our friendship

on the line over this.
The word I gave you was that if

I can take care of you, I will.
I'm sorry, I cannot.

>> We were always
thinking of bringing you along,

babe-- always, always until the
bitter end.

He was proud to bring you to the
final four.

>> I'm sorry.
>> That's brutal.

>> It is.
>> It's brutal.

>> Brutal.
>> Absolutely brutal.

>> Brutal.
Man, I should have listened to

you: "No friends in this game."
>> I asked you for a favor

and if there was anything I
could do, Lex, I would.

>> That's just it.
There's a lot you can do.

>> No, the only thing I can
do is to break my word and screw

everybody else.
>> I just, I just don't

I mean, you're breaking my

heart, I can't...
I can't even believe it.

>> ...and that's why I'm
crying because I actually came

to him.
>> I-I would...

>> I'm sorry you feel that way.
I really, truly am.

I'm really sorry that you feel
that way.

>> Despite the fact that
Boston Rob is a really nice kid,

there's something inside of him
that came out in Marquesas

that's still here.
And it's just so sad.

It's so sad.
>> He put a knife in my back.

>> Yeah.
Well, this is what I'm doing.

I don't want to stay here.

>> Sweetie pie, come here.
>> No, I don't want it.

>> Honey...
>> I don't want it.

>> I don't blame you.
>> I don't believe it's

just a game, not when
friendships are involved, so I

would like to give my immunity
to Lex tonight and if I get

voted off, I'm gone.
I mean, my options are to do

that or to come back here

I'm giving it to you tonight.
I hate it.

>> No, no, no, no.
>> This isn't worth it.

>> No, no, you earned it.
>> I can go make a

million dollars somewhere.
>> No, no, no, honey. No, no.

>> Look. Look at me.
If Lex got voted out tonight and

Boston Rob got away with it,

I am not doing that.
>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

I am not doing that.
>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

Council, where, once again,
tonight you must vote somebody

out of this game.
A little different stakes

tonight, though.
The person voted out tonight

will become the first member of
the jury.

So, from this point forward, it
not only matters who you vote

out, but how you vote them out,
because ultimately only two of

you will make it to the final

The other seven will make up the
jury, who will decide who wins

the million dollars.
Having said that, let's get to

the last few days.
Rupert, did the game ratchet up

a notch today?
>> Today when we got

back to our camp, everything was
tested, you know... alliances

were tested, physical endurance
was tested.

Your mental abilities,
everything was tested.

Today was a very hard day.
>> PROBST: So there's more to

the looks of despair and huge
bags than just the physical.

It's the mental part of what is
happening right now in the game.

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: Can you get it back?

Is tomorrow another day?
>> Tomorrow is most

definitely another day.
>> Hopefully the sun comes

out tomorrow.
We need the sun.

>> Tomorrow is most
definitely another-- a new day.

As the rain comes...
>> PROBST: As the rain starts to

send you a signal that Mother
Nature may not be on the same

game plan as you.
>> You got two choices,

Jeff, laugh or cry.
>> PROBST: Lex, how much has the

game changed in the last 24
hours, now that it is an

individual game?
>> The game has changed in

a huge way for those of us who
came from Chapera.

For us, life has become much
more of a true game of survival,

a struggle.
It's a different game for us for

>> PROBST: So it's a long, cold

night with eight people who will
be going back that aren't

necessarily getting along at
this point, fair to say, Jenna?

>> Very fair to say.
There's a lot of arguments,

today, centered around
loyalties, alliances, tribal

voting lines, and who is going
tonight, and game plans are

spoken aloud and it wasn't nice
for anyone to hear.

>> PROBST: Amber, you going to
go back to a camp divided?

>> I think... Yeah.
I think going back to camp

tonight will be very
uncomfortable, um, but it's a

very important vote, a very
important vote.

>> I've got something I
want to say.

I know we're playing a game, but
I know, like, emotions are real

and feelings are real out here,
and regardless of what happens,

I just want everybody to know
that if I'm your friend, I'm

your friend, and after this is
over, you don't want to be my

friend, then I can't do anything
about that...

But friendship is lasting.
>> PROBST: I just want to give

everybody here a hug.
Man, you guys look awful.

All right.
Let's get to the vote.

For the first time ever, we have
two people with immunity, Kathy

and Boston Rob.
As always, if you guys want to

give that immunity up for some
reason, you certainly can.

Boston Rob, you're shaking, is
that a no or just a shiver?

>> I covet this.
>> PROBST: You're not giving it

Kathy, you keeping yours?

>> I thought about it.
I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: Okay.
Kathy cannot be voted for.

Boston Rob cannot be voted for.
Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.
Big Tom, you're up.

>> I'd much rather be
casting this vote for your

little errand boy, but you're
just gonna have to do.

>> Hey, buddy, sorry about the

Thanks for keeping Amber around.
I hope we can get over this,

(Kathy sighs)

(Kathy sighs)

>> Amber, you didn't have
to tell me that Boston Rob and

you were going to bring us to
the final six.

I just don't like getting lied
to that big.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote: "Amber."

That's two votes Amber.

That's two votes Lex, two votes

That's three votes Lex.

That's four votes Lex.
Tenth person voted out of

Survivor: All-Stars and the
first member of our jury, Lex.

That's five.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.
>> Good luck, y'all.

>> PROBST: Lex, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.
Well, you've lasted 27 days.

I know it's been a long, wet,
rainy day.

The rain has stopped.
Maybe it's a sign.

Either way, you got to dig deep.
You got 12 days left-- a one-in-

eight shot at a million bucks.
Grab your torches and head back

to camp.
Good night.

(theme song playing)
>> PROBST: Next time

(theme song playing)
>> PROBST: Next time

on Survivor: The All-Stars get a
glimpse of home.

Maybe give you what you need to
get you through these last 11

And Kathy stirs things up.

>> Yeah, you should.
I don't want her to win.

>> I see what's happening
right now.

I think they are switching.
>> I think we've got some

last-minute scrambling going on
in Panama today.

>> Wow.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't

disappointed, but I came into
this game the wealthiest man in

the world.
I have an amazing wife, two

beautiful sons, a loving family
and the greatest group of

friends a man could ever hope

Everything above and beyond that
is gravy as far as I'm

Big Tom, you get out there and

give 'em hell.
I'll be rooting for you all the

way. Love ya.