Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - Shocking! Simply Shocking! - full transcript

A sudden bounty of food for some causes energy levels to rise, egos to clash, suspicions to fester and one group of castaways to plan a coup.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

In a special Outcast Tribal

Council, Burton and Lill were
voted back into the game.

Grab your torches.
Get fire.

Burton returned to the Drake

>> Welcome back, Burton.

>> Welcome back.
>> We definitely traded up.

>> PROBST: Lill returned to
Morgan, still feeling

>> I just didn't feel like

part of a group.
I just didn't fit in.

>> I don't think she trusts me
at all because I was partially

responsible for voting her out.
>> PROBST: When the tribes

arrived for the challenge,
they were surprised once again.

Drop your buffs.
>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: This time with the
merge-- Drake is no more.

Morgan is no more.
You are one tribe.

Survivors ready?

The first individual immunity
challenge was a close race

between Rupert and Burton,
but in the end...

Burton wins immunity!

The new Balboa Tribe enjoyed
a feast.

>> To Balboa!
>> Balboa!

>> PROBST: But the camaraderie
didn't last.

>> We need to figure out
who goes first.

I can't stand Little Jon.
He's arrogant.

He's out for himself,
and we would love to see him go.

>> PROBST: And Lill considered
an offer from the former Drakes.

>> They're all offering

Whether or not I can trust
all this, I can't really say.

>> If Lill goes to the bad guys,
we're in serious trouble.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Burton gave immunity to Rupert.

And Lill turned on her former
Morgan Tribe when she helped

vote Andrew out of the game.
The tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
>> I'm feeling great.

♪ ♪
>> I'm feeling great.

I'm feeling really,
really good.

It's like the difference
between night and day.

I turned on my, uh,
Morgan Tribe.

I... I had no reason
to stay with them.

I would have been voted off
with another:

"She's got great work ethic.
She's really nice lady,

but see you around."
And usually, I have regrets

stabbing someone in the back,
but this time,

I feel like I stood up
for myself.

You know, I was no longer...
the Cincinnati workhorse.

You know, I was Lill.
It was just nice.

I have blossomed more
in the last two days

with just a hug or a kind word.
Whatever you guys decide,

I'm with the team.
>> You'll be the last Morgan

in it because you're a Drake.
And if you can win that

immunity, I'll put a Drake out
before you.

>> Be serious.

>> Don't be, don't...
don't do that to yourself.

You stood up...
You were the lion and you stood

up to Savage.
Stand up to anything.

Don't give up.
>> No, I'm not going to.

(distant thunder rolling)
>> Tribal Council for me sucked

last night because Lill decided
she was going to switch

to the other tribe because she's
pissed off at Andrew.

Me and Andrew had a tight bond
straight from the beginning.

And it was... it was cool.
I was bummed to see him go.

So, I'm basically next
on the chopping block,

and, uh, it sucks.
>> I don't know.

and, uh, it sucks.
>> I don't know.

>> You know the four of them are

>> Yeah.
>> I mean, Rupert-Rupert sees

you as a threat, so...
>> You just got to just watch

out, dude, because you're on
the chopping block pretty soon.

>> Yeah.
I had talked to Burton

this morning to feel out how
he was feeling about the Drake

I go, "Hey, man, they voted you

out before.
What makes you think, you know,

after I'm gone,
you're not the next to go

because you're the next
strongest person?"

Well, I mean, if you want,
if I could get the two girls,

and if you could get Lill,
you know, we could kind of

control our own destiny,
if you feel comfortable

with that.
>> Yeah.

Ryan's trying to convince me
that Rupert, Sandra, Christa,

and Jon are a very tight group
of four, and they will vote me

I know they still have

some hesitations about me
because they know I want to win

this game.
What he's saying is,

he could get himself,
Darrah and Tijuana.

If I could get Lill, we'd have
five, and we could run them out

and then go from there.
>> I don't know how close you

are with Jon or any of those
guys, but, I mean, I know

they voted for you.
>> Yeah.

>> You know what I mean?
>> Yeah. No, I-I definitely

hear what you're saying.
At this point in the game,

there's a lot of things
going on, and there's a lot of

possibilities of where the game
could go.

>> Just... Just think about it

they voted you out once,
and they welcomed you back,

but then again, you know,
we welcomed Lill back,

and look what she did to us.
>> Ow.

and look what she did to us.
>> Ow.

These things don't have electric
stuff in them, do they?

>> Uh-uh.
There is an ele...

>> Are you sure, dude?
Come up and stick your finger

in here.
So, I went out to get a stingray

and actually took the stingray
off the spear while it was still

alive, and was holding it...
Stick your finger...

No, in those holes.

Well, now you're freaking me

>> Wow!

It's an electric ray.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Is it really?
>> I kept trying to hold it

down, and it kept shocking me,
so, it-it's some type

of electric stingray,
(laughs): but it let out

a pretty good charge
a number of times.

Stick your finger back in there,

>> I don't want to stick my
finger back in there.

I don't think...
>> (screams)

>> Ow! God, that one got me

Son of a bitch, dude.

>> Oh, my God, we're eating

>> Shockingly good.
>> It's shockingly good.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Yes, sir.

That's a high-voltage meal.
>> Mm-hmm. Very good.

>> Mm, yeah, I like it.

Food, food, food.
Everything is nice over here.

>> Take that.
>> No. You eat it.

>> Take that.
>> I'm good, really.

Seriously, I'm good. Thank you.
>> Okay.

>> Um, they have food all the

It's just... it's so not where
I come from.

They've got it going well.
They've got great food.

Rupert does a lot of fishing
and hunting.

Burton-- he caught the stingray.
So, it's very exciting for me.

Very exciting.
>> Take your pick.

Grab one.

Gut it and scale it,
and we'll filet it.

I hope that all of the former
Morgans, now Balboas,

feel comfortable enough to eat
as much as they want.

>> Mmm.
>> There is always meat in the

I like that feeling of being

able to fill you up
and make you feel comfortable.

I mean, I'm looking
at these guys.

Their body...
They're just emaciated from lack

of food.
It's sad.

>> PROBST: Welcome to your first
individual reward challenge.

It's pretty simple.
Here's how it works.

You're gonna use slingshots
to fire marbles at targets

on your mast.
Each time you hit a target,

it ignites the next target.
First person to hit all three

targets and ignite the crow's
nest of your mast wins.

We'll work in groups of three.
Three people in each round.

The winners from each round move
on to the final.

You have to hit your targets
in order, from bottom to top.

If you hit a target out of
order, you're out of the game.

Make sense?
Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.

>> Definitely.
>> PROBST: Something you haven't

had in a long time: breakfast.
Here's a little tease.

(women sighing)
>> PROBST: One very small

sweet roll.
Burton, I'll start with you.

You can figure out
how to deal with it.

So your reward will be
everything that comes

with a good breakfast:
pancakes and syrup,

bacon and eggs,
lots of croissant, jam,

plenty of sweet rolls,
big old pitcher of orange juice,

nice scenery...
a little break from the game.

Boat'll pick you up
in the morning.

Worth playing for?
>> Hell, yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, we'll draw
numbers to figure out your

Wait for my go.

Okay, we've randomly
drawn numbers.

First three, come up,
take your spots.

Sandra, Ryno and Darrah.
Winner of this round will

move on to the final.
First shots.

Ready, aim, fire.
There it is.

Sandra connects.

>> And I hit myself
in the mouth, too.

I'm a come out of here
with a busted lip.

>> PROBST: Hits her first

>> I want pancakes.
>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.

Ryno knocked it off.
That'll work.

Ryno and Sandra on the board.
Ready, aim, fire.

>> Oh, man!
>> You cracked it,

but it didn't break.
>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.


Busts hers.
Sandra connects again.

Ryno still can't get
that plate to break.

Ready, aim, fire.
There it is for Ryno.

>> Oh, hell.
>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.

Oh, Ryno moving on
to the next round.

Next three, come on up.
Burton, Rupert and Jon.

Ryno's already moved into the
the final.

Which one of you three
will join him?

Ready, aim, fire.
Rupert connects.

>> You go, boy.

Right away he's on the board.
>> PROBST: Here we go.

Ready, aim, fire.
Rupert connects.

Jon hits out of order.
Jon's out of the game.

Have a seat.
One more challenge Jon cannot


>> We still love you though,

>> PROBST: Rupert quickly on the
board with two plates,

only needs one more target
to move on to the final.

Got some work cut out, Burton.
Ready, aim, fire.

Rupert with three shots does it,
moves on to the final.

No contest.

Next three:
T., Lill and Christa.

Looking for one person to join
Rupert and Ryno in the final.

Ready, aim, fire.
>> Oh! What was that?

>> PROBST: Christa, you're going
to have no chance with that

Ready, aim, fire.

T connects.
She's on the board.

Oh, man!
Hits her name.

She's gonna kill somebody.
Ready, aim, fire.

There it is, Lill.
>> Go, Lill.

>> Thank you, Lord.
>> PROBST: Lill and T on the

board with one.
Ready, aim, fire.

T hit it, wasn't enough.
Lillian hit it, not enough.

It's close.
Give it a kick.

Wind may help.

There it goes.
Ready, aim, fire.

Oh, man, T., you are
destroying that plate.

>> But not in the right place.
>> PROBST: Third time's the

Ready, aim, fire.

There it goes!
T with her second target.

We got a showdown: Lill and T
both need one more hit.

Ready, aim, fire.
Lill does it!

Lill moves on to the final.
>> Good job, Lill.

Cincinnati represented.
>> PROBST: All right,

three finalists come on up.
Ryno, Lill, Rupert.

Final round:
winner moves on for breakfast.

Ready, aim, fire.
Lill first on the board.

Good job, Lill.
Who'd have thought?

Ready, aim, fire.
Lill hits her second target.

>> Oh, baby!
>> PROBST: Lill, one target away

from breakfast tomorrow morning.
Ready, aim, fire.

Rupert on the board
with his first hit.

>> Good job, Rupert.
>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.

Rupert with his second target.
Rupert and Lill in a showdown.

>> It's all good, baby.
>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire.

Rupert connects!
Rupert wins reward!

>> Congratulations!
>> Good job, Rupert.

Good job.
>> PROBST: Nice job, Rupert.

Here's the deal.
Breakfast alone is no fun at

>> Right.

>> PROBST: You can choose
somebody to go with you tomorrow

morning; boat'll come to camp,
pick you up, take you somewhere

far away.
Get away from the game,

have a nice breakfast.
Or, if you like, you can give

your breakfast to somebody else.
Let them choose someone

to go with them.
>> Go.

>> PROBST: Your choice.
>> Give it away.

Give it away, Rupert.
>> Don't do it, Rupert.

>> Got to give that away.
>> Burton gave me the immunity

last night.
I'll give him the breakfast.

>> No, dude, I was kidding.
>> PROBST: Burton, come up

Rupert, you're going in the

Burton, you're going to

breakfast and you're taking
somebody with you.

You cannot take Rupert.
He gave it up.

Who's going?
>> Take Lill.

>> Lill.
>> PROBST: Burton and Lill going

to breakfast in the morning.
Boat'll pick you up.

Have a good time.
>> I have no money to give you.

>> PROBST: Guys, head on
back to camp.

>> Voted out of the game by your
tribe and then voted back into

the same tribe has been

I am doing my best to act
like, "Hey, I'm Drake.

I'm Drake. I'm Drake."
That's a bunch of... lies.

I want to win this game for the
Outcast Tribe and those of us

who got kicked out,
so I sort of think about it as,

as far as my actions,
I have no loyalty

whatsoever to Drake.
Either I really slept late

or everybody got up early.
Nor do I have any loyalty

to Christa, Sandra or Rupert
because I know they would all

stab me in the back
the second they got a chance.

>> I love you.
>> I love you, too, baby.

>> Thank you.
>> We cannot beat Rupert,

Sandra or Christa, and we cannot
even separate them.

No one can.
>> Yep.

>> For that reason alone,
it might be worth taking Rupert

>> We're crazy if we don't.

I mean, that's...
that's numbers, man.

>> Would you tell Rupert before
or just blindside him?

>> Think we'd have
to blindside him.

What do you think?
>> I'm just afraid if we

told him, he would lose it.
I know he would.

>> It's not hard for me
to align with anybody that

I know is going to help me.
Burton knows how devious I am.

Therefore he feels I'd be
the perfect person to go,

go along with his plan with him.
He was exactly right.

He's definitely my strongest
ally remaining in the game,

and that's the guy that I helped
see get out of the game,

so that's pretty funny.
Irony, uh...

irony definitely plays
a strong hand in this game.

>> Rupert, Sandra and Christa
will get rid of everyone.

Those three will go
to the final three

and will not take anyone else.
>> Who?

>> Rupert, Christa and Sandra.
>> So we got to get rid

of one of them.
>> We got to get rid of all of

>> Oh, heck, I'm looking

forward to this breakfast, yes.
I'm anxious, uh...

I'm anxious to talk more than

Oh, I'm gonna eat, but, you
know, I'm anxious to talk,

'cause I need to know
what's going on.

Oh, baby!
Oh, baby, oh.

♪ ♪
>> Oh, my gosh, look at this.

This is so beautiful.

We came to this place that was
just rock and sand.

There was no green...

Oh, my gosh!

And on top of the sand
was this gazebo,

and it was beautiful.
Look at these flowers.

>> Oh, my Lord.
This buffet was just

out of control.
I mean, things that we haven't

even seen for, you know,
three weeks now.

I'm going to get sick as a dog.

>> Look at the bacon, okay?

>> That's for Rupert.
>> Mm.

>> This is ridiculous.
>> Blackberries.

Well, I say we get started.

>> Okay.
They had...

eggs, pancakes,
bacon, and sausage.

Oh, my gosh.

Apple juice, I want apple juice.

>> You don't drink champagne?
>> No.

>> God, I'm gonna blow this
thing out.

Well, I'm gonna watch you.
Well, I'm not much

on the drinking part.
Now, the young man

that I was with, Burton,
his eyes get real big.

Why do you do that?
>> It should explode.

>> So, I said, "Okay, I'll drink
the apple juice, and you can

drink the champagne."
To the Drake Tribe-- oh!

How cool is that?
>> To the Outcasts.

>> To the Outcasts.
>> Taking it home.

>> Mm-hmm.
As the Outcasts, Burton and I,

we were going to form a bond.
We have a strong alliance there.

I have to believe this young

And I'm going to put everything
that I have into what he wants

me to do.
>> Here's the deal: we've got

to get Rupert off right now.
He's the mastermind behind

everything, and he has those two
girls in his back pocket

like there's no tomorrow.
>> Okay.

>> If you get Tijuana and Darrah
to vote against Rupert, do you

think Tijuana would...
Tijuana would jump, if it was a

matter of staying three more...
>> I think either girl would.

>> And if Rupert does win
immunity, we have to get rid of

Christa, and then Rupert'll
be scrambling.

My relationship with Lill
is that we experienced

the same thing.
We both got kicked out;

we're both back in the game.
So she's kind of my trump card

right now.
Okay, so, you need to make

friends with Christa and say,
"Listen, I'm going along with

whatever you guys want.
Let me know how you want me to

vote, and I'll continue to vote
that way."

>> See, now it's starting to lie
and I'm gonna have a problem

with that...
I know, I know, I know, I know!

>> Are you ready for

>> Sure.
Rinse good.

>> So, you're saying
that it's possible for me, you,

and Lill to get rid
of Rupert and Burton.

>> Sandra and I were scheming
about how we might be able

to get rid of Rupert
from, uh, this game...

also Burton.
They're both very strong

I have a feeling if we don't

do it earlier on, then...
there's a problem, you know?

'Cause they're still the
strongest people out here,

you know?
>> Mm-hmm.

Okay, let your hair stay
with this conditioner.

>> Burton's got to go first.
I mean, he's definitely

the stronger of the two
in the long run.

>> What if we got rid of Burton
and kept the two females around?

And then we'd still be
us five girls.

>> Maybe the girls are the
better people to keep around.

We got to orchestrate this well.
>> Me and Christa definitely do

feel vulnerable,
because Burton and Rupert

are the only ones
that bring anything

from in the ocean to us to eat--
fish, stingray, whatever.

>> All right, girls.
let's go find us a meal,

so we can survive, maybe,
on this island without any men.

>> Is that the goal?

>> Follow, Christa.
>> Why-- you want to come along?

>> Me?
>> Yep.

>> When I see Sandra and Christa

you hear them--
all the time-- talk about,

"We need to figure out
how we're going to survive

without fish."
Um... "If we...

if one of the guys get hurt..."
um, "then we need to figure out

how we're going to survive here.
I thought the former Drake Tribe

members were like this.
Um, but, obviously,

that may not be the case.
>> Lill, I like you, and you

and I are in this together
and we're going to get

as far as we can.
And you've got my word on it.

Who do we want the top three?
Jon, you and me.

You, me and Jon.
Then if we have to get rid of

Jon, we get rid of Jon.
>> Well, you'd better

hand-feed me real easy, okay?
>> I will. I will.

I will do everything I can
to keep you in the game

as long as possible.
And you have my word on that.

I mean, I'll do
a "Scout's honor."

I haven't done that...
>> I am proud of you.

>> ...since, like,
I was in Scouts.

>> Okay.
>> So, you got my word on that.

>> So, how are we going to
explain all this?

>> I'm going to tell them
that you babbled on about

Boy Scouts and stuff
until the cows came home,

and I fell asleep.
>> Don't make me out as a bitch.

Just make me out as some dumb

>> Lill, I would never
make you out as a bitch.

>> Okay.
>> I'm potentially

>> Okay.
>> I'm potentially

going to fall asleep.
Just giving you a heads-up.

So, I don't know what today's
going to be.

I'll go out fishing for a couple
hours, bring a bunch of fish

home, and I might just throw...
eight or ten uncleaned, unscaled

fish at Tijuana and D to clean.
And, "You want to eat?

There you go."
"I caught them for you,

you take care of it."
I think the Morgan Tribe is,

just in general, very lazy.
Uh... unmotivated people.

I mean, you can just tell
by their attitudes

towards things
and the way they try to sit down

all the time and talk.
We got firewood to gather,

we got water to get..
Things have to be done.

Talking is not acceptable 24/7
around here.

What is this?

You were sleeping

on cheese?

I didn't even realize it
till you pointed it out.

>> Here at the Balboa Tribe,
I do think that they work

a great deal more
than what is necessary.

it seems as if

when one person's working,
like, everybody has to be

working-- doing something,
even if it's frivolous or not.

And that's just, I don't know...
it just provides

even more tension.
'Cause, I don't feel like I have

as much of the personal freedom
to be who I am

like I did in the Morgan Tribe.
>> Now I know how Jesus felt.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to
today's Immunity Challenge,

which means, Rupert, give it up.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Once again,
Immunity back up for grabs.

You've been out here 24 days
in the Pearl Islands.

You are the final nine.
Seven of you will make up

our jury.
Two of you will make it

to the final vote.
One of you will be awarded

the million dollars
and the title

of "Sole Survivor."
Today's challenge: find out,

at this point in the game,
where do you stack up

in this tribe.
I'm going to ask you

a series of questions
based on the history

of this area.
Every time you answer

a question correctly,
you'll take one of your coconuts

and place it
in somebody else's

coconut holder.
When a person has five coconuts,

they're out of the game.
Last person left standing

wins Immunity,
guaranteed another three days

on the island.
Take a spot behind

your coconut holders.
We'll get started.

Here we go.
First question.

True or false:
if a pirate sets sail

in search of "pieces of eight,"
he'd be looking for

a small island chain
just off the Panamanian coast.

Correct answer: false.
"Pieces of eight"

are old Spanish coins.
T., Lill, Rupert, Christa,

got it right.
T., make your first move.

No way to hide what
you're thinking in this game.

>> Oh, Ryno.
>> PROBST: Ryno takes the first

Ryno takes another hit.

Rupert-- Blackbeard,
if there ever was one.

>> (chuckles)
>> Yeah-- I'm doing good.

(Rupert laughs)
>> PROBST: After one round,

four coconuts,
all of them in Ryno's bin.

Next question.
The act of throwing a man

overboard tied to a rope
and dragging him

underneath the ship
was a pirate punishment

known by what name:
A, "plank dive,"

B, "keel haul,"
or C, "bottom scratch."

"B" is the correct answer.
Lill and Christa are

the only two who got it wrong.
And just like that,

Ryno's out of the game.
Darrah going next door

to Christa.
>> Nobody hurts Christa.

>> What's up with that?

>> Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes,

with the coconuts.
>> PROBST: Darrah takes her

third coconut.
Ryno, you were right,

so you still get
to place a coconut.

>> Oh, God.
>> You all right, dude?

>> Yeah, I'm doing okay.
>> PROBST: Ryno, come down in

front, have a seat.
You're out of the game.

Next question.
Which explorer ransacked

the city of Panama in 1671,
leaving it burned

and in ruins?
Was it A., "Drake,"

or B., "Morgan?"
Correct answer: "B," Morgan.

Darrah, Lill, got it wrong.
Everybody else got it right.

>> Burton. (groans playfully)
>> PROBST: Burton takes his

first hit.
Burton going for Darrah.

Darrah takes her fourth coconut.
>> This is the death blow.

>> PROBST: And with that,
have a seat down in front,

T. takes her second hit.

That's three for T.
Next question: True or false;

Panama is a peninsula connecting
North and South America.

Correct answer: false.
It's not a "peninsula,"

it's an "isthmus."
T., Burton, Lill,

all got it right.
T. goes back to Burton.

Burton has two orange coconuts.
(all laughing)

>> PROBST: Why T., Burton?
>> Well, she just got me.

>> You got me first.
>> Well...

>> Where'd that come from?
>> When I went to breakfast

with this man,
all I did was the talking

and he just sat there
and nodded.

All right.
>> PROBST: Next question:

An instrument known as
a "cat-o'-nine-tails"

was most commonly used for
A., cooking;

B., torture;
or C., mending tools?

"B." is correct.
Everyone but Sandra and Christa

got it right.
>> Nail in the coffin.

Here it comes.
It's your last coconut.

>> That's all right.
Hopefully, you'll get out, too.

>> PROBST: Burton.
>> I'm sorry. (T. laughing)

No, I'm not at all.
>> PROBST: And with this...

>> Have a seat.
>> PROBST: T. is out of the

"Have a seat,"

as Burton says, T.
Jon goes for Sandra.

>> I'm still pissed
about the breakfast.

(all laughing)
>> Jeez!

>> Take him out, Lill!
>> Paybacks are a bitch, Lill.

>> And so am I.
>> Well, all right.

>> Whoa.
>> Sit down, Burton.

>> PROBST: Have a seat, Burton.
>> Sorry, man.

>> PROBST: Next question:
True or false:

a barnacle is a slab
of organic black tar

found on the bottom
of a pirate ship.

Correct answer: false.
Everybody but Jon got it right.

We know where your
next one's going, too.

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: Why Jon?

>> Jon knows the deal.
>> I don't know.

You put that down there,
you might not get up.

I know I'm loved.
You are loved.

>> PROBST: Lill takes her third

Next question.
If a pirate was operating under

the commission of a government,
they were often referred to

by what name?
A., "buccaneer";

B., "privateer";
or C., "purser."

Correct answer:
B., "privateer."

Everybody but Lill got it right.
>> Well, since Rupert

doesn't have any...
>> Sandra...

>> I don't see
why he should be excluded.

>> Sandra's back
on my good list now.

(Sandra laughs)

>> I don't know who's
going to get fish tonight.

>> Okay.
>> It's cool with me.

>> Okay, that's what I thought.
(Tijuana laughing)

What are you doing, putting
a coconut in my thing?

>> Ow.
>> PROBST: Next question.

If you've been struck
by a cutlass,

then you've just been wounded
by what?

A., ship's rudder;
B., grappling hook;

C., a ship's anchor;
or D., a curved sword?

Correct answer is "D."
It's what you're playing for:

a curved sword.
Everybody but Christa

got it right.
I'm going to take him out,

'cause I know
he's taking me out.

>> PROBST: Jon's out of the
game, but you got it right.

One last bullet to shoot.
If I could shoot, like,

a three-pointer from here,
>> I would, Jeff.

(all laughing)
>> PROBST: Sandra, Jon, take a

>> (softly): I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: Lill gives one to
Rupert, and Rupert returns the

Lill, have a seat.

It's down to Rupert and Christa.
Which of the following terms

is not something you would find
in a pirate's treasure chest?

A., "doubloon";
B., "pieces of eight";

or C., "dory."
Christa says "pieces of eight."

That is wrong.
Rupert says "dory."

A dory is a flat-bottomed
fishing boat.

You are right--
you would not find that

in a buried treasure.
Go ahead and make

the ceremonial last placing...
>> Oh, my heart breaks.

>> PROBST: ...of the coconut.
>> Oh, mine too, baby.

I'm glad to get the chance to
put you out instead of anyone

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: And with that,
Rupert has immunity.

Rupert, come on over.
Turn around and slap it on.

Right there.
Tonight, Tribal Council,

Rupert is safe.
Everybody else is vulnerable.

You guys have this afternoon
to think about

what should be
a very interesting vote.

Head back to camp.

>> Thank you.
>> Yeah.

>> Thank you.
>> Yeah.

(Rupert laughing)
I didn't want you

to feel lonely.
(Rupert laughing)

>> I didn't feel lonely.
I didn't...

I don't want
damn coconuts in my thing.

>> Every day's a new day.
>> I know there's still a game

on, but it's, you know...
it's hard not to get depressed

about things.
I mean, I'm not a pessimist,

but, you know, you get so much
crap thrown your way, it just

like... It just keeps coming at
you and keeps hammering you.

You're just like, "Oh, man.
Again? Again? Again?"

It's going to take
a minor miracle to get back

in this, but, you know,
I'll try as hard as I can

to get where I need to be.
I'm not... I'm not gonna quit.

I'm-I'm gonna go down

until I hear that bell.
>> A while back,

I talked to Burton to see
if he would be interested

in going five on four.
I've worked too hard.

You've worked too hard.
You know, I haven't given

up, but you guys need to...
maybe work Lill

and be like,
"Hey, let's try to get the five

of us on four and do this."
They'd get smoked by us,

and they wouldn't even
see it coming.

>> Yeah.
>> It'd be perfect.

>> Whoa, Ryno's
scrambling, huh?

>> Oh, my God,
he's scrambling.

He's trying
to suck Burton in.

I told Burton, "You...
you cross me, I'll kill you."

>> He's like,

"No, no, no, no.
"That's why I gave

you that immunity.
I want you to know

I'm on your side."
>> He means it, too.

>> It would be nice to go
to Tribal Council,

get rid of Ryan,
who is one of the...

one of the leaders of the weak.
You got some damn

good definition
on your shoulders.

>> Well, thank you, Rupert.
Ryan has the potential to band

T. and Darrah
and maybe suck

Jon and Burton in
and give them five people

that they could just... they
could steamroll over all of us.

Over Sandra, Christa, I,
and Lill.

Now will they do that?
I hope to God, no.

>> I don't know.
I think the only chance is

to get rid of Burton first.
I mean, I don't

want to be a bitch,
but I think the first

opportunity to get him off...
I mean, just,

I don't want him to win
the whole freaking thing.

>> Yeah.
>> I mean, I don't know...

I don't have a personal problem
with him, but I just feel

like he's a strong guy.
He's mentally and physically

very strong.
Rupe's back.

Ryno, that guy is the least
trustable guy out of anyone

>> Really?

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Why roll the dice?

You know, it's... it's stupid
to let him even try, so...

>> Mm-hmm.
I'm not really sure

what to do right now.
It's a very confusing situation.

It's a...
I've never promised

anybody anything out here,
so I don't feel like I've lied

to anybody quite yet.
>> Ryno is like...

>> Dude, he's...
>> He is scrambling.

>> high red alert.
Like, "You know Sandra, Christa,

Rupert, and Jon all see you
"as a threat, they're a really

strong foursome, and as soon
"as it gets down to it,

you're gonna be
"next one to go,

you know that."
>> "Jon's... Jon's a snake.

He said he'd flip on you guys."
>> Yep.

>> He goes, "It'd be a shame
to, you know...

to know you worked so hard
and got back into the game, then

just get voted right out again."
I'm like, "Ooh, yeah, yeah,

I don't want that to happen."
>> Burton and I see

how tight Rupert,
Sandra, and Christa are.

And, as a result, we know
there's no chance with...

for either one of us to go
any further

between the three, so something
has to be done.

I'm, I'm willing to go stab
anybody in the back

at any given time
as long as it benefits me.

I came into the game
with that philosophy,

and no friendships...
no friendships have changed that

thus far,
and they're not going to--

day 22, day 23, 24, 38,
doesn't matter.

>> Okay, we're off.
So don't trust them.

And if they trust me, cool,
but they shouldn't.

>> PROBST: Let's get to it.
Lill, start with you.

Two very adversarial tribes
now forced to live together.

How is that going?
>> It's been great for me.

Um, I feel like I have a new

I feel like I have,
in the last few days,

just to have come alive.
More of my personality

comes out.
I feel myself laughing more,

and, uh...
it's just a different

atmosphere for me.
And, I...

I'm sorry, I love it.
>> PROBST: Christa, do you

notice a difference in the work

>> Well, uh, I wish there was
more, you know, initiative.

I just wish people would just
get up and do something,

you know?
It's like, "What do we need?"

It's like, "Look around."
Like, for example, today,

Darrah was sitting around
talking with T.,

and they were all
just chatting away.

And I don't want to be the one
to be like, "Hey, everybody,

we need firewood."
It's kind of like,

take a glance and, you know.
I mean, I don't want

to tell people what to do,
'cause it's not my job

to tell people what to do.
>> PROBST: Darrah?

>> Um, at the Morgan Tribe,
we would sit around

and joke around
and laugh a little bit all day

and rest.
And then, all of a sudden,

we would all get up and go
get firewood at one time

and have enough
firewood for two days.

At the Drake Tribe,
it's like,

you got to have firewood
every five minutes.

I know I have to get firewood,
I'll go get firewood.

You know, I may not get it
when she's getting it,

but I'll get it eventually,
sometime during the day.

>> PROBST: Rupert, how has
it been for you?

>> To be honest,
it is getting harder

day by day to live together.
Everybody in this tribe needs

to know that they can do better,
including me.

So, when we pick
on each other,

we need to look
at ourselves, too.

>> Burton...
you were out of this game,

had a chance for
some perspective,

come back into the game,
and now we merge together

as one tribe.
What's your take on the dynamic

of the nine of you?
>> Well, I have to say,

when I came back in,
the dynamic of the Drake Tribe

was better than ever--
my trust with them,

their trust with me,
and just everyone

getting along.
There are more Drakes

than there are Morgans,
so that, I think,

creates a bit of uneasiness.
>> PROBST: Well, from this

point forward, the voting has
a different significance,

because you are now the jury,
seven of you,

so when you vote somebody out,
you're voting somebody out,

who is, in the end,
going to sit across from you

and determine
which of the final two

gets a million dollars.
Rupert is the only person

you cannot vote for.
Everybody else is fair game.

Having said that,
it is time to vote-- Sandra,

you're up.
>> I'm sorry we weren't

on the same team.
I know you would have been

good with me.
I would trade you

for a bunch of my guys,
but it's your time to go.

Hey, Christa, I didn't like you
before, don't like you now.

You're just, plain and simply,
a bitch.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

♪ ♪
>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.
Person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.


That's two votes Ryno.

Ryno, that's
three votes.

Ryno, that's four.
Eighth person voted

out of the tribe: Ryan.
You need to

bring me your torch.
That's five notes,

that's enough.
The rest will remain a mystery.

Ryan, the tribe has spoken.
>> I'll be back, guys.

>> PROBST: Tribal Council is
where you are held accountable

for your actions.
Sometimes those actions

come back to help you.
Sometimes they come back

to haunt you.
Make no mistake,

from this point forward,
all of your actions

will come into play.
You just voted out

the first member
of your jury.

Grab your torches,
head on back to camp

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Rupert goes extreme fishing.
>> The shark appears, and I'm

like, "I want him.
I want him, bad."

>> PROBST: While on land,
the tribe plots a mutiny.

>> The five of us have
to stick together.

>> PROBST: And Lill makes a
decision that she regrets.

I'm such a bitch.

Looks like I got snuffed out
by the Drake tribe,

total bummer.
I thought I'd be in this

to the end.
I knew I wasn't a quitter,

but I think I had no idea
how tough I was.

I wish Darrah and T. a lot
of luck-- not so much Lill.

But, uh, best of luck
to you guys.

And, you got to remember
to remember one thing:

I'm on the jury.