Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 14 - Flames and Endurance - full transcript

The final four compete for the $1 million dollar prize.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, 16

Americans began the adventure of
a lifetime.

Wearing only their street
clothes, they journeyed

south off the coast of Panama
to the Pearl Islands,

where they were met
with a big surprise.

You're going into this game
with the clothes you have

on your back,
just like if you

really were shipwrecked.
They were given

100 Panamanian dollars
and abandoned

near a small fishing village,
where they bargained

for supplies.
>> Rice? Rice?

>> Rice.
>> PROBST: Right from the

beginning, the Morgan Tribe
was scattered and frantic.

>> Give me my money back.
Money. I need my money back.

I don't want it.
>> PROBST: While the Drake Tribe

pulled together
and worked every advantage.

(speaking Spanish)
>> Sandra was so amazing

in the town, because she spoke
the language.

>> Pirates steal.
Pirates take advantage.

All their trade goods,
all the little women's shoes,

everything that I could find
in theirs, I took.

>> PROBST: Once at camp, the
Drakes continued to prosper,

and Rupert emerged
as their natural provider.

>> I got lunch!
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The Morgan Tribe
struggled and faced setback

after setback.
>> Oh, my God.

I just lost the hook.
>> We are absolutely devastated.

I think it's us against
everything else out here.

>> PROBST: In the first 11 days,
the Drakes won six challenges

in a row.
Drake wins immunity!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: And the already weak

Morgan Tribe lost three members.
Morale at the Morgan camp

was so low that Osten
contemplated quitting.

>> Vote me right off,
'cause I don't deserve to win.

>> PROBST: Eventually,
disharmony set in at Drake as

well and they deliberately
threw a challenge

to get rid of one of their own.
Morgan wins immunity!

But it was a decision
that changed the game.

The defeat sent the Drakes
into a tailspin

and, over the next nine days,
they lost three members,

making the tribes even
at five each.

On day 19, both Drake and Morgan
were blindsided by a twist.

Your past has come
back to haunt you.

The six castaways
who had been voted out

returned as a tribe
of Outcasts to compete

against Drake and Morgan
for a chance

to return to the game.
>> Revenge, baby.

All about revenge.
>> PROBST: If you really are

the ten most worthy Survivors,
this should be no trouble.

Everybody's got
to cross the finish line.

Got to have the tribe flag.
(screaming and cheering)

The Outcasts defeat
Morgan and Drake!

The Outcasts beat both tribes,
forcing Drake and Morgan

to separate Tribal Councils.
Shawn was voted

out of the Drake Tribe.
And Osten became the first

Survivor ever to quit the game.
>> Yeah, I'm quitting.

My health to me
is more important

than a million dollars,
I guess, right now.

>> PROBST: Osten, per your

go home.
All due respect to Osten,

people work too damn hard
to get in this game

and fight to stay alive.
If he wants to lay his torch

down, so it shall be.
The Outcasts voted

Lill and Burton back in
and they both returned

to their former camps.
On day 21, the game changed

again when the two tribes

They became the Balboas.
>> Balboa!

>> Balboa!

>> I knew that here is
where the true game starts.

>> PROBST: Old alliances broke
down when Lill jumped ship

and helped vote out
her former tribe mate, Andrew.

Ryno was the next to go.
>> I'll be back, guys.

> PROBST: Former Outcasts Lill
and Burton made a pact to stay

>> To the Outcasts.

>> To the Outcasts.
>> Taking it home.

>> Uh-huh.
>> PROBST: And Rupert, Christa

and Sandra continued their
friendly bond.

>> They are so power-ridden,
they know it.

>> PROBST: Uneasy with the power
that Rupert seemed to have,

Jon and Burton formed
a tight alliance of two.

>> You and I will go all the

>>I know.
>> PROBST: Together, they

launched a plot with Darrah,
Tijuana and Lill to eliminate

their biggest threat.
And on day 27,

Rupert was voted out,
leaving Sandra and Christa

to fend for themselves.
>> I cannot believe that.

>> PROBST: Rupert, the tribe has

T, here's your high school

On day 28, the Survivors'
loved ones showed up

to participate
in a reward challenge.

And Jon got some devastating

news from his friend, Dan.
In a show of sympathy,

the tribe let Jon win
so that he could spend time

with his friend.
>> Thank you, everyone.

>> Of course. Of course.
>> PROBST: But it was all a big

>> That was a brilliant

performance, sir.
My grandmother's sitting home

watching Jerry Springer
right now.

I haven't even come close
to being voted off, dude.

>> Jon called me before he left
and was like,

"If you come down here,
tell me my grandma died."

>> The fake dead grandmother
could easily go down

as the dirtiest thing
ever to be done in this game.

>> PROBST: Jon continued
to plot with Burton.

And, even though
Sandra and Tijuana

secretly listened in
on their conversation,

the men continued
to dominate the game,

as Jon convinced his enemies
to vote out Tijuana.

The tribe has spoken.
The women considered

forming their own alliance
to overthrow Jon and Burton.

>> I want the guys to go.
>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You think that'll work?
>> PROBST: But when Jon left the

camp with Lill and Darrah
for a reward, he again

worked his deception.
He convinced Lill and Darrah

to vote out Christa.
Last week, Burton won the

reward and chose to take Jon
to the old Panama ruins

for an overnight feast,
where he and Jon celebrated

their control of the game.
>> To the girls eating mussels.

>> To the girls eating mussels.
>> PROBST: But back at camp,

the women rekindled
talk of an alliance.

>> So, if Burton wins immunity,
Jon's going.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: When Jon and Burton
returned, they were immediately

>> I can't believe you three

didn't try to figure out
a girl alliance to go

against Jon and me.
>> Nope.

>> PROBST: And Sandra used Jon's
strategy against him when she

told her own lie.
>> I swear on my grandmother.

I swear. I swear. I swear.
Now you guys have a plan or not?

>> I swear on my two kids
that I'm with you guys.

In my head, I was like,
"I swear on my kids that I'm

going to screw you and Burton."
>> PROBST: At the challenge,

Darrah took home
her third straight immunity.

And at Tribal Council, the
all-girl alliance finally held

and Burton was voted out.
Burton, for the second time,

the tribe has spoken.
Now, only four remain.

Tonight, they will compete
in their final

immunity challenges.
Two will continue on

to face the jury.
One will outlast all the rest

and become the Sole Survivor.
(theme song playing)

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(boat engine rumbling)

>> You guys, get up.
>> PROBST: Rise and shine.

Day 37 is here.
Jon and three women in bed,

another first.
>> Actually, not really.

>> PROBST: Good morning, guys.
>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Well, I figured 37
days and the final four

is cause for celebration, so...
Oh, my God.

Some pastries and we'll
make some mimosas.

Oh, Lill. Lill.
>> I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: Thank you.
>> I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm so hungry.
>> PROBST: Here we go-- Day 37

and the final four.
Congratulations to the final

>> Final four.

>> PROBST: Cheers.
>> Cheers.

>> Man, that's good.
>> PROBST: I have one more

thing, before I leave, for you
guys-- I'll go grab it.

>> You rule.
>> God, I love that man.

>> He goes from good to bad.
>> I wonder if he'd like to join

a troop.
>> Oh, our letters.

>> Don't say that.
>> Or a challenge.

>> It's our letters.
>> It's our challenge.

>> No, it's not.
It's four letters.

>> It's four somethings.
Do we get something good?

>> PROBST: Well, home is
only three days away,

so, hopefully, a little love
from home will tide you over.

Letters from home.
I'll leave and let you guys sit

Share these if you want

or keep them private.
Have a good last three days.

>> Thank you. Thank you.
>> PROBST: All right, Lill.

>> Thank you.
You want to join

a Boy Scout troop?

>> PROBST: Someday.
I'll leave you guys in private.

See you later.
>> Thank you.

This is to Jeff.

(Lillian gasps)
>> Jeff brought back four

envelopes and they had our
letters in them from home.

So, we just all sat down
and started reading our letters.

It's hard because you haven't
talked to anybody in 37 days.

I was just mainly worried about
if my dog was okay and,

you know, my family.
>> I got four letters from home:

one from my husband,
my two girls and my mom.

So, I started crying because
you can't help but to cry.

It really felt good
at a time like this

when you got so many
other things on your mind,

and you do worry
about your family.

And then, to get a letter and
know that everything's okay--

okay, fine, then I don't have
to worry about them anymore.

Now, it's time to focus
on the end of the game.

>> "Hey, Mom...
"everything is fine here at

"I think about you every day...

and pray for your safe
and happy return."

(Lillian sobbing)
"Win or lose, I love you."

Having those letters
from my three family members

made me realize
that I have to keep going.

I have to be strong for them.
"'Someone has to win

and someone has to lose.
"I believe in letting

someone else lose.'
That's by Pete Rose."

This is my son.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Lill went into such theatrics

over her letter,
that it pretty much overshadowed

anyone else's letter.

That's been her M.O. from the

Of course, Lill
will break down into hysterics

and I hope to use that against
her, hopefully, to show D.

and Sandra, if she does this
in front of a final jury,

you're screwed.
So, have you guys made

a deal amongst yourselves
for final three?

You can be honest.
I take that as a "yes."

It is my head on the chopping

It seems pretty obvious that...
that the three of them have

formed some kind of bond
because, you know, all three

share inferiority complexes
to that of a man.

The fact that Sandra jumped
ahead of me on the food chain

pisses me off to no end.
>> I don't want to be third.

I want to be first or second.
>> Of course you want to be

first or second, 'cause if
you're anywhere near that

freakin' jury, you're going to
win and you know it.

>> I am not going to win.
>> Y-you can say, "I don't know,

I don't know, I don't know,"
but everyone here knows.

>> That is not true.
> Yes, it is-- you're going to

pull hearts and flowers
like you did this morning.

That was just rehearsal
for later.

>> What do you mean
"hearts and flowers"?

>> Okay.
>> You don't think

that they won't go by skills...
>> Nope. Nope.

>> ... by strategy?
>> They're going to go by

you sitting there crying, that's
what they're going to go by.

And D. and Sandra are
banking on that, because I think

they're smart enough to know not
to take you to the final.

>> Is that true, D.?
>> I'm not getting in

the middle of this.
>> I'm asking you,

do I have your vote?
>> It's going to be

a lot to think about.
I mean, you'll get

more votes than I will.
But I'm fine with

first or second.
>> But would you

take me to the end?
>> I don't know, Lill.

There's a lot to think about.
You know, I can't sit here

and tell you that I will take
you, and I can't sit here

and tell you I won't take you.
And if I do take you, I'm

going to get my butt kicked.
>> So, you're planning

on taking Sandra.
>> I don't know what

I'm going to do.
>> Darrah told me,

"You're a nice person, Lill,
but I'm not going to take you

to the final two."
>> Lill, are you mad at me?

>> No, I'm going to go over

>> No, I want to talk to you.
>> I want to be left alone,

okay? I'm sorry...
if that makes me mean.

Nobody wants to go
to the jury with me,

'cause they think I'm nice.
They all think I'm going to get

voted for because I'm nice.
I'm just screwed

all the way around.
>> No one can beat that woman,

and you know it.
>> And she knows it.

And she shouldn't sit here
and pressure me, "Oh, well,

you going to take me?"
"Are you going to take me--

tell me right now."
Hell, I don't know

if I'm even going to be here.
>> I can guarantee

that you'll be here
if me you and Sandra

get rid of her tonight.
So, all it takes is for

you to talk to Sandra, that's
it, and Lill's ... gone.

>> You really can't trust Jon.
You don't know

if he's lying or not.
But, I-I think my best bet

would probably...
me and Jon and Sandra.

Lill is only looking out
for herself.

She's being selfish. She...
all she wants is to win

just like everybody else.
And she thinks everybody

should take her to the end,
because she knows that

she would whip our tails.
>> Okay, so, if Jon was

to win Immunity tonight,
then it would be Lill?

>> I think if...
even if he doesn't win.

>> We went to get water and
Darrah was just talking about,

"We need to get rid of Lill."
"I think it would be good

to keep Jon," um...
because he would be perfect

to go into the Final Two."
So, now, she's thinking Jon.

It could be Lill

as long as it's not me.
I come back, Darrah takes off.

Now, Lill comes to me
with her own strategy.

>> Can I... talk?
>> What do you need?

>> I want to talk to you without
ears here.

>> Oh. For Jon to go bye-bye?
>> Okay.

>> Will you get out of here?
>> Sure.

>> D. keeps winning... we're...
we're sunk.

We have a better shot at
Immunity the next time around,

physically, 'cause I can't do

>> If she wasn't there?
>> If she wasn't there.

'Cause she's going to keep
winning these things.

>> Anything to keep myself
longer in the game.

I want to be in the game, too.
>> Okay.

Then it's done.
>> We've got to let him know.

'Cause he might vote
against me or you tonight.

So, he's got to know.
>> Well, call him back.

The decision's been finalized.

Go ahead, Lill,
tell him.

>> Our whole thing is we want
to get along as far as possible.

We two are not
physically able

to compete with her,
as far as Immunity Challenges.

>> Agreed.
>> If she doesn't

make Immunity...
>> She's gone.

>> She's gone.
>> Okay. I can...

I can accept that.
>> You'll accept that?

>> Whenever you're in the
hot seat and someone's

ready to vote you off,
create tension between

two other people
and those people...

those two people's heads
usually end up

on the chopping block.
Case-in-point, tonight:

it's either D. or Lill.
Isn't that crazy?

>> All right, enough said then.
As it stands now,

if either Darrah or Lill
wins Immunity,

then the other one goes.
I really don't give a damn

which one of the two goes,
as long as it ain't me.

>> Got sea mail!
>> Come this way.

>> "So, here you are,
the final four.

"But, after tonight,
you'll lose one more.

"So, head to Tribal Council
like you always do.

Your peers and your fate
are waiting for you."

>> The tree mail came and, uh,
it said something about

just head out
to Tribal Council as usual.

"That your peers and your fate
will be determined," I guess,

by the "peers,"
meaning the jury.

So everyone's
kind of freaking out.

>> I don't care if
it's a physical challenge

or a mental challenge tonight.
I'm the king of men

and they're women.
There's a huge difference.

I mean, like, you know...
if it's a getting-pregnant

contest, yeah, they could...
they could probably win,

but other than that, no.
Mentally, physically, I got...

I can beat any of them.
>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

I can beat any of them.
>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury:
Ryno, Rupert, T.

Christa and Burton,
voted out at

the last Tribal Council.

At tonight's Tribal Council,
we will vote out the 13th member

from your tribe.
They will become

the sixth member of the jury.
But before we get

to Tribal Council,
we have an Immunity Challenge

to take care of.
So, Darrah,

need to get that back.
Immunity is back up for grabs,

and tonight
it truly is up for grabs.

Once again,
the ghosts of your past

will play a role in this game.
Here's how it's going to work.

The four of you will compete
as individuals for Immunity.

In addition, the jury
will compete as a group

in this Immunity Challenge.
If the jury wins,

Immunity has no value to them,
but it has

a huge consequence to you,
because nobody

will have Immunity
when we go into

tonight's Tribal Council.
And, as many

surprise Tribal Councils
and blindsided votes

as you guys have had,
Immunity probably

has never had as much value
as it does tonight.

I'm going to ask you
a series of questions

based on survival
and pirate folklore.

The first to five wins Immunity.
For the jury,

you'll come up with one answer.
So, you'll be deciding

by committee.
Could work for you,

could work against you.

First question:
"According to your

Pearl Islands Survival Guide,
"which of the following elements

is not one of the three sides
"represented in the fire

"A) Friction...

"B) Heat...
"C) Air...

or D) Fuel?"
Which one of

the following elements
is not one of the three sides

in the fire triangle?

All right, we'll start
with you, Darrah, reveal.

Darrah says, "D) Fuel."
Lill says, "A) Friction."

Sandra says, "D) Fuel."
Jon says, "A) Friction."

"A) Friction."

Correct answer: A) Friction.
Lill had it right,

Jon had it right,
Jury had it right.

Next question:
"In what year did the pirate

Captain Henry Morgan
loot the city of Panama?

A) 1492...
B) 1671...

C) 1675...
or D) 1776?"

Everybody have it?
Darrah, reveal.

Darrah says, "B) 1671."
Lill, "C) 1675."

Sandra says, "1671."
Jon says "C) 1675."

The jury says "B) 1671."
Correct answer: 1671.

B is correct.
Sandra has it right.

Darrah has it right.
The jury has it right.

Jury has two.
Darrah, Lill, Sandra, and Jon,

you each have one.
Next question:

"The best way to avoid shark
attacks is to:

"A) Avoid sudden movements,
"B) Never make

direct eye contact,
"C) Cover any open wounds

or cuts,
or D) Don't go in the water?"

Darrah, reveal.
Darrah says, "A)

Avoid sudden movements."
Lill says, "C)

Cover any open wounds."
Sandra says, "A)

Avoid sudden movements."
Jon says, "D)

Just don't go in the water."
Jury says, "A) Avoid sudden

movements--" it figures.
Smart aleck is the one

that gets it.
The best way

to avoid a shark attack:
don't go in the water.

Jon gets it right with "D."

Jon with two right,
the jury with two right.

Everybody else with one.
Next question:

"True or false:
the Pacific is considered

the largest ocean in the world."

Darrah says, "True."
Lill says, "True."

Sandra says, "True."
Jon says, "True."

The jury says, "True."
Everybody's right.

Jon and the jury
still tied at three.

Sandra, Lill, Darrah at two.
Next question:

"When aboard a sea vessel,
which side does the term

"starboard" refer to?
"A) Front,

"B) Right, C) Back,
or D) Left?"

Darrah says, "A) Front."

Lill says, "A) Front."
Sandra says, "D) The left."

Jon says, "A) The front."
Jury says, "B."

The jury has it right.
It is the right side

of the boat.
Jury takes the lead.

>> Ah.
>> PROBST: Jury's at four.

Jon is at three,
everybody else is at two.

That means....
if the jury gets this right,

regardless what
you guys do, jury wins immunity.

Nobody going to have it
at Tribal Council.

"Panama is bordered by Colombia

and which other country?
"A) Nicaragua,

"B) Honduras, C) Costa Rica,
or D) Guatemala."

A lot at stake on this question.
I know everybody sitting here

wants immunity.
It may be out of your hands.

Darrah, "D) Guatemala"
is not right.

Lill says, "C."
"C" is correct.

Costa Rica.
Sandra says, "D."

That's not right.
Jon says, "C."

That is right.
Rupert, happy to show me "C."

Costa Rica is right.
Jury wins immunity.

Contest over.

I know for some of you
it's a first.

I'll let you
hang onto that tonight.

I'll bring it to the next
immunity challenge with me.

So, Jon,
how big of an impact is it with

nobody having immunity tonight?
>> About the same

as it would be, uh...
if anyone had it, I think.

There's a few targets going
into the Council, regardless.

>> PROBST: Still feel like
you're a target?

>> Definitely.
>> PROBST: Tell me about

the letters from home
that I dropped off

at camp today.
It was clear you guys were

excited to get them.
Lill, who was your letter from?

>> My letter was from my husband
and my two children.

>> PROBST: Nice to have that

>> I've been pretty strong.
I have not broken down,

but I have read those letters
so many times today.

It's like, next to God,
they're so important to me.

>> PROBST: What's going through
your head, Darrah, in terms of

the strategy for the
last three days?

Is it, "How am I going to make
it to the final three?"

Or do you look further down
and say, "Who's going to be

in the final two with me
and how do I get there?"

>> You just have to take
it one day at a time

and just hope for the best.
I don't know if I'll be there at

the final two, so I'm not gonna
start putting who I'd take

to the final two with me,
because I don't know

if I'll be there.
>> PROBST: Sandra,

where's your head?
Is it "one day at a time"

or are you thinking
as many moves as you can?

>> Um, right now, I think
most... for-for most of the time

that I try my hardest
to just not leave the shelter,

because, the minute you walk
away, there's whispering.

So, it's like, you can't even
take a piss break,

because you know that
the minute you

get up and go, it's...
>> PROBST: Lill, hear a lot of

whispering going on behind your

>> I take piss breaks.
I figure, if they're

going to be talking,
I'm not going to have

to sit there and baby-sit.
I've already been

told by everyone
that they don't want to go

to the last two with me.
>> PROBST: So what do you do

at this point in the game
to combat that feeling?

How do you change their mind?
>> These characteristics

are Lillian Morris.
I can't change them.

That's just how I am.
I'm hardworking.

I'm a loyal friend.
Outside of this game, I don't

like what this game has made me.
I hate it.

>> PROBST: Darrah, strong case
could be made that you are the

biggest physical threat out

Do you think that
works against you?

Three immunity challenges
in a row.

>> No, I don't think
I'm a physical threat.

I mean, you can look at me
and tell that I'm not.

>> PROBST: Jon...
what is controlling

your thoughts right now?
Because you could make a case

that you're the most
unlikable person

left in the group.
>> Absolutely.

I hope people recognize that.
>> PROBST: Well, yeah, it can be

hopeful in that somebody wants
to go to the final two with you

because they think
nobody will vote for you.

The other side of the coin is
you have somebody like Lill

who might say,
"Based on my integrity alone,

I'm not letting a guy like that
even get a shot

at second place."
Does that enter your head?

>> Uh, yes, I do
hope that people want to keep me

around, take me to the end.
I have not figured out

how I can win over the jury yet,
but I'm thinking every second

if I were to go.
>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time to vote.
Jon, you're up.

>> Darrah, you are too strong
of a competitor.

When you told me you wouldn't
take me to the final two

after I've saved you twice now,
I have no choice.

It has to be Darrah this time.
>> Lill, I'm voting for you

tonight because I'm just tired
of listening to you whine

and saying that you won't,
uh, win the jury votes,

when you know you will.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave
the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote:

One vote Lill,

one vote Darrah.
D. Darrah.

Two votes Darrah,
one vote Lill.

I'll read the last vote.
13th person

voted out of the tribe:

You need to bring me your torch.
Darrah, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
Well, with everybody vulnerable

at tonight's Tribal Council,
you chose to vote out

the biggest physical threat,
hopefully, leveling

the playing field a bit
for your final

immunity challenge.
It comes down to this: three

people, two Tribal Councils,
one winner.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

>> Well, that sucked.
But, um, you know,

it's pretty bad when
people think that

you're a physical threat
when you weigh

about 60 pounds soaking wet.
Lill and Jon,

you both are snakes.
Lill, you act like you

don't know the game, you know.
It's been a great experience

and I would do it all over

>> We'd have had another

immunity, she would
have gotten it.

>> Do you think she knew
she was going?

>> No, I don't think so.
>> I don't either.

>> You don't think so?
>> No.

>> Tonight, at Tribal Council,
we knew where the vote

had to go.
Darrah had won immunity

three times in a row.
And she was still the strongest

one of all of us.
So, um, we all decided

that she would be the one
going home tonight.

So, now, it's down to
Jon, Lill and myself.

>> Was I a big target?
>> According to D, you were.

>> I don't feel so
darn bad after all.

Darrah wanted to get rid of

So tonight at Tribal Council,
it was kind of a blessing

that it worked out
the way it did.

>> Sea mail...
in the middle of the night.


>> What?
>> We got sea mail.

>> Already?
>> Yeah.

>> No way.
>> You're kidding.

>> Yes way.
>> "Try to get some rest

because tomorrow's a big day.
The last chapter

of your adventure
begins at Shipwreck Bay.

Arrive at the beach by sunrise.
You'll be greeted on the coast.

Who's guaranteed in the final

The player who wants it most."
>> It was the first time we ever

received tree mail at night
and it mentioned

having to go to Pirates Cove
before sunrise.

So that means we're going to be
getting up early, early, early

and heading off to a challenge.
>> We're leaving way early

in the morning.
>> Oh, baby.

Oh, baby.
>> This is going to be very

important because this...
it's the last

immunity challenge.
And it's going to decide

what's going to happen
at Tribal Council tomorrow.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Morning, guys.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Morning, guys.

Well, you have lived
within the world of pirates

for the past 38 days,
so, it is only

fitting that you
give a final tribute,

in full pirate style,
to your former tribe members

who are no longer in this game.
You'll take their torches.

One at a time you'll place them
on the shipwreck,

say a few words
about how they

played this game.
You'll then come back here,

take the muskets,
fire upon the shipwreck,

igniting it
in a fiery celebration

honoring those tribe members.
You spent a lot of time

with these people.
Embrace it.

One person did not
finish their game.

Their torch remains
at Tribal Council.

It will not be a part
of this celebration.

When you're finished,
you'll paddle to

your final immunity challenge.
I'll be waiting for you there.

Grab your torches.
Head to the boat.

>> Nicole, you were
the first one out.

What a wonderful spirit
you had.

I enjoyed being with you
for those several days

as an Outcast.
I think of you often.

>> Rocking body.
>> Ryan...

you were my best friend here.
I didn't cry

until you were kicked out.
I miss you a lot.

You are pure of heart.
>> Michelle, um, we were

together from day one
and it's a shame

we didn't get to know
each other better.

You were fun-loving
and energetic.

We wish you could have
stuck around longer.

>> Trish... you're, uh,
best sleeping partner

a guy can have in this game.
I thought we would have

made it further together.
>> Shawn...

you were a great guy
with tons of stories

and you loved to eat.
>> Andrew...

you were the leader
of the Morgan tribe.

I know you tried hard
to make sure

everything was done right
and that everybody was fair.

Thank you, Andrew.
>> Ryno... I got to know you

in a very short time
and you were

very pleasant and loving.
And, you know,

when you were gone,
I kind of missed you.

>> Rupert...
you're one of the greatest guys

to ever play the game.
>> Without you, I don't know

how I would have made it.
If it wasn't for you,

I'd be damned starving.
So, um, I'm glad me and you

became really, really tight
and I love you very, very much

and I miss you.
>> Tijuana, the night

that you and I
were cast off and was

on the island by ourselves,
you looked at me and told me

thank you for my friendship
and how much you loved me.

That touched my heart greatly.
And I still do love you, too, T.

>> Christa, out of everyone
here, I miss you the most.

You know, me and you
were real tight,

and we'll see each other again,
and we'll be buddy-buddy

and it'll be all great.
>> Burton...

you became my best friend
in the game.

>> My Eagle Scout,

I appreciated the time
that we spent together

and I'm amazed
that you still know

the oath and the laws.
Here's to you, sir.

>> D, you're as, uh,
nice as you are cute.

I miss you.
>> Ready?

I miss you.
>> Ready?


>> Oh, my gosh.
Look at that.

>> Thank the Lord
that our torches are not

up there burning.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Right this way, guys!
Drop that anchor.

Get on your platform.
Welcome, guys, to your final

immunity challenge.
It's based on

an old pirate torture,
where they would take prisoners,

put them on small rafts,
set them adrift in the ocean,

and leave them for dead.
Today's challenge

will test your ability
to battle fatigue

and the elements.
You're gonna be balancing

on these rafts.
You can use your feet,

and you can use your hands
for balance.

If your bottom or your knees
touch the platform,

you're out.
Last person left standing

on their raft wins immunity
for the final time,

guarantees themself a spot
in the final two, and...

gets to decide
who sits next to them

at the final vote.
I'll give you a minute

to get in position.
We'll get started.

For the last time,
immunity is up for grabs.

This challenge has begun.
Don't let your knees

or your butt touch your raft.
This should go for a long time.

You guys have been
out here for 38 days.

You've proven you can last.
You got a million dollars

at stake.
Lill, with her Boy Scout

Jonny Fairplay,

would-be W. W. E. wrestler;
and Sandra, the lippiest mother

we've ever had
represented in the final three.

>> Not the final three I think
anyone else envisioned, Jeff.

>> PROBST: What are you thinking
about, Sandra?

>> Quitters never win,
and winners never quit.

>> PROBST: Good.
We're gonna be here

a while, then.
You guys are at 15 minutes.

>> 15 longest minutes of my

>> PROBST: Anybody starting to
feel it at all, or you doing

>> I'm feeling it.

My feet are numb... already.
>> PROBST: Lill, how about you?

>> I'm feeling really darn good.
>> PROBST: No pain?

>> A little numbness, but no.
>> PROBST: Sandra, worth a

million dollars?
>> Worth a million dollars.

>> PROBST: It's gonna get a lot
worse than this, you guys.

Some big waves coming in.
Hang tight, guys.

And like that, Sandra is out.
Lill, Jon,

don't lose your concentration.
>> Lill, you want to make a deal

right now?
>> No, sir.

>> You're crazy.
>> My daughter wants

to be a doctor.
>> Do you understand how...

>> Jon, don't talk to me.
>> Do you understand

how the deals work, Lill?!
>> Shut up.

>> Lill, if you give me
immunity, I will take you

to the final two.
That's what... a deal is.

>> And if you trust me,
then you jump in.

>> I don't know
that I can trust you.

>> Then drop it.
>> PROBST: Looks like you're

gonna have to win it on your
own, Jon.

You're at 30 minutes.
If the first 15 were the longest

15 of your life, Jon,
how have the second 15 been?

>> Oh, these sucked twice as

(Jon laughs)
Lill, who do you want

to go against
in the final two?

>> How many people
have you screwed over, Jon?

>> Everyone in the game.
>> Do you know what?

I do aerobics.
>> Okay.

>> My knees are great.
>> Okay.

>> My ankles are great.
>> Okay.

>> These are called squats in

>> Okay. All right.
>> PROBST: I think Lill

just said, "Game on."
>> I think Lill said, "Game

over. "
>> PROBST: Coming up on two

hours you've been out here.
>> Ready for a deal?

>> I'm not going to deal, honey.
>> I'll give you immunity,

if you take me to the final.
>> I'm not gonna promise

>> Well, then... that's

that's not a deal, Lill.
>> Well, I'm not

gonna deal, then.
>> PROBST: Jon, how confident

are you right now about your
chances of winning this?

>> Not extremely.
Not at all like this.

>> PROBST: Coming up on two
hours, 45 minutes.

Jon's struggling to hang on.

is out, lost his balance.
Lill wins her first

and most important immunity.
Nicely done, Lill.

Once you have
your formal wear on, Lill,

come over here,
put this belt on.

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: Hang tight.

I'll put this on you.

You all right?
Those legs going?

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: Want to take a seat?

>> No. I'm fine.
>> PROBST: First immunity,

it's the last immunity,
definitely the most

important immunity.
You have this afternoon

to think about
whether it's going

to be Jon or Sandra
that you're taking with you

to the final two.
The most important decision

you'll make in this game.
>> Thank you, sir.

>> PROBST: Well-earned.
See you guys at Tribal Council.

>> That was so tough.
That was one of the hardest

things I think I've ever done.
I was so nervous, I felt like

I was going to throw up.
I knew if somebody else won it,

I would be out of the game.
I didn't think I had a chance.

Welcome home, baby,
welcome home.

Oh, baby, oh.
This was nothing to do

with bargains,
nothing to do with...

scheming, strategy.
This was for Lill,

and Lill only.
And I wanted it for her.

Come on.
Come on.

>> Just remember, I have a
husband and kids, too,

I would like to provide for.
>> We're not even going

to discuss it, okay?
>> If she were smart, she'd keep

Jon and vote me out tonight.
I will be in damn shock

if I'm not voted out tonight.
>> That immunity challenge was,

about the most hardcore thing

I've ever done.
I really didn't have feeling

left in my legs
when I got out of the boat.

And I'm just trying to get
everything moving again.

My gut right now
says I'm going home tonight.

I'm not going down
without a fight.

Sandra thinks, uh,
that she's going.

So... it's all in Lill's hands.
>> You could easily

have voted me out yesterday,
right along with Darrah.

>> You looked me in the eyes,
and you said,

"Darrah," and I said,
"Lill, whatever you want."

You looked me in the eyes
the day before,

then you said, "Burton." I said,
"Lill, whatever you want."

Lill, will you take me with you?
Say, "Sandra, whatever you

>> I have a choice.

Sandra, she's got a family,
She's got children,

she's got a husband, she works.
But, then again, Sandra has

a few people on that jury
that like her.

She may have a good shot at it.
>> Mind if I say something

before Tribal Council?
>> Sure.

>> No one dislikes you, Lill.
Everyone hates me.

>> Burton doesn't.
>> I got one vote, Lill.

Can you live with a 6-1 victory?
I mean, do you...

You won't get a 6-1
against Sandra.

>> What's that mean?
>> She's got Christa, she's

got Rupert, she's got Ryno.
>> You got a point.

I'm thinking
on two different areas

as far as selecting the right
person to go with me tonight.

First of all, Jon keeps telling
me how much everybody hates him.

He has lied to everybody,
and he has screwed them over

more than one or two times.
And he may be right.

I may be able
to win hands down

because he is so hated.
But then, on the other hand,

I may not,
because he is good at this.

♪ Amazing grace ♪
♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪
♪ Like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪
♪ Now I'm found ♪

♪ Was blind, but now I see. ♪
>> PROBST: We'll now

♪ Was blind, but now I see. ♪
>> PROBST: We'll now

bring in the members
of our jury.

Ryno, Rupert,
T, Christa,

Burton and Darrah,
voted out at last

night's Tribal Council.
Well, for the second

day in a row, you started out
with a very early morning--

Took most of the torches

from the former
tribe members, people

no longer in this
game, and you had

a tribute to them.
Jon, was there anybody

that stood out
for you, that when

you put their torch in, you had
either a strong feeling,

good or bad?
>> Yeah, there were two

that really jumped out at me.
Uh, Burton, because, uh...

I really
didn't come into this game

looking to, uh...
to leave with, uh, just a...

a-a really awesome friend,
and I, uh... I did with him.

And, uh, Rupert, uh, in that,
uh, Rupert's one of the nicest

guys I've ever met
and a great guy, but, uh,

the strongest competitor,
and, uh, the most obvious choice

to win a seven-oh jury
this game's ever seen.

So, those two just really
jumped out, and they were, uh,

kind of tough for me.
>> PROBST: After you paid

tribute, you had an immunity
challenge, one

that all three of you
wanted desperately.

Sandra, you were first out.
What did you feel

when you knew you were out
and no longer

in contention for immunity?
>> In shock.

And then I figured, "Well,
Lill will be out in no time."

But for Lill to just be there
like it doesn't even hurt,

like she's not even in pain, and
Jon is shaking

all over the place.
And I was, like,

"What in the hell is going on?"
Because everyone always thought,

if there's anyone you'd want to
go to in a challenge like that,

it would be up against Lill,
because she'd be no competition.

Who would have thought?
Look what's she's wearing.

>> I didn't...
I didn't think it.

>> PROBST: Lill,
this is really the last chance

you'll have to control your

After tonight, all power shifts
to the jury.

You're wearing immunity,
basically choosing

who you want to sit next to
in this vote.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> PROBST: I just want to run

through some of the attributes
you might consider in making

that decision.
>> I thought about the strategy

that this young man
constantly comes up with.

His mind is always going.
He's always got a way out

of everything.
Then, we got Sandra here.

She's got several
friends on the jury

that truly claim her
as a little sister.

And that's also scary.
>> PROBST: So, as you sit here

tonight wearing immunity,
having one vote to cast

for one of these
two people, what does it

finally come down to?
>> For me, it's gonna come down

to whether or not...
I can possibly beat

that other person
in the final vote.

>> PROBST: All right, here's how
tonight's vote will work.

Jon can't vote for Lill.
He can only vote for Sandra.

Sandra can't vote for Lill.
She can only vote for Jon.

Your votes cancel
each other out.

So, Lill, you will
be the only one that is voting,

and you are voting
the fourteenth person

out of this game.
>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: And in doing so,
you're deciding who you're gonna

be sitting next to tomorrow
night at final Tribal Council.

>> Yes, sir.
>> PROBST: With that,

are you ready to make the vote?
>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: It is time to vote.

I'll go get the vote.
Once the votes are read, the

I'll go get the vote.
Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person voted

out will be asked
to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.
I'll read the vote.

Fourteenth person
voted out of the tribe...

Jonny Fairplay.
>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Need to bring me
your torch, Jon.

>> Well, I was packed
and ready to go, Lill.

>> I'm sorry, Jon.
>> Oh, my God.

>> Peace out.
>> PROBST: Jon, the tribe

has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

You have gone as far

as you can go in this game.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: There will be
one final Tribal Council

tomorrow night,
so, you have the rest of

tonight, during the day tomorrow
to think about

what you want to say
to convince your jury

of why they should vote
for you, why you

are most deserving
of the title of Sole Survivor

and the million dollar
cash prize.

You can head back to camp.
Enjoy your last night

in the Pearl Islands.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Good night.
>> Pretty proud of myself.

I, uh, never gave up,
and, uh...

I, uh...
didn't play fair,

and, uh, didn't plan on it.
Happy that my grandma's at home

and doing just fine.
Can't wait to see her.

In a game
in which the old term, uh,

"to be the man,
you got to beat the man"

comes into play, uh,
I was the last man, so...

Peace out from Jonny Fairplay.
>> I really appreciate

this, Lill.
Thank you very much.

>> Well, I have no regrets.
>> When Jeff came down, I had my

hands on my stuff, Lill.
>> Yeah?

>> I was... I said,
"I'm going home."

>> No.
>> No regrets.

>> When Sandra and I came back
from the Tribal Council,

and the realization hit us that
we are what they call

the two Sole Survivors.
We made it through.

It was a good feeling
knowing that, um,

I came into the game
not knowing a huge amount

about it, but I'm still here.
How surprised were you?

>> Surprised? I...
When I saw you writing

a whole bunch,
I said, "Oh, she's

writing Sandra."
'Cause Jon ain't but J-O-N.

>> I picked Sandra because
I'm hoping that strategy-wise,

I have more friends on that jury
than she does.

Um, emotional-wise,
I felt that

I wanted Sandra
to have the money

more than Jon.
He was so manipulative.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> And he thought he could just

demand whatever he wanted
from me and my votes.

You know, this is
what Jon talks about--

drinking and partying
and women and...

>> Yeah.
>> You and I, we're a family.

Whatever was best for
our kids, your husband.

I mean, that touches me.
>> I thought,

before we even left the camp,
that my fate was sealed,

that I was third in line.
In my head, I already

had it planned.
"Okay, grab the torch,

step in the right place."
'Cause every time somebody's

surprised and in shock,
they're all over the damn place.

>> But you and I
have lasted the whole time.

>> Yeah.
From the first

night to the last.
>> So now, Sandra and I

are just going to chill out
tonight, go to bed,

get up in the morning,
just kind of relax

a little bit, and, um,
pack our stuff up and go

to final Tribal Council.
Plain, simple.

Survivor is not

Survivor is not

for the faint of heart.
It is hard on you.

And you have to be
mentally prepared

and you have to be
physically prepared.

For somebody to stand back
in their living room and judge

any one of these 16 contestants
for the things that they did,

they don't realize,
it is not a camping trip.

My middle-aged body
hurts right now.

I'm just worn out.
I don't have the energy.

I really don't have
much of a spirit left.

And I know I need
to get it together for tonight.

>> To this day,
no one has ever put my name

on a piece of parchment.
They write it tonight,

it's to give me the money.
It'll be for a good reason,

not for a bad reason.
And that was one of my goals.

Lill is a good person.
So, I don't know why

she doesn't deserve it
more than I do

or why she does deserve it
more than I do.

I hope I win
a million dollars tonight.

I think I have a good chance.
>> Thank you.

>> And it matches
with your uniform.

I think that what this
will come down to

is a three to four vote.
It's going to be

something real close.
Lill, you look like a pirate.

A Boy Scout pirate.
>> Thank you, Lord.

We're out of here.
>> Hey, don't look back.

>> We got to look back. Stop.

Bye, guys.
It's been fun.

You and me, sister.
You and me.

>> That's right.
>> Let's go knock them socks

>> Tonight's the final Tribal

>> Tonight's the final Tribal

Council and we're going to be,
uh, going ahead and voting

for whoever gets
the million dollars.

It's pretty wild.
I mean, it's the end

of our journey.
The most amazing thing

about tonight
and having this kind of power is

I don't feel that good about it.
It's a lot of pressure for

everybody to be able to give
somebody a million dollars.

It's just huge.
It's like, you can

cut through the air
with a knife.

It's just...
it's-it's amazing.

I want to be able to give
somebody the money

that deserves it.
You really need

to think about it.
It's a-it's a huge deal

for one of these two people.
>> I think that

the pros to Lill is that, uh,
she's definitely persevered, um,

over the course of the 39 days,
um, I think, where people

definitely doubted her
and her ability

to last this long.
Um, she's also had

some good relationships,
I think, with people.

One of the things that
I actually admired about Sandra

was she was so blatant,
so honest.

Like, wow, she was
able to kind of be up front

and stand her ground
and she's still here.

Whereas, other people did it
and they were a threat

and they were kicked off.
>> Everyone in this game

has been deceitful.
Everyone has stabbed people

in the back,
has gone against alliances.

But everyone knows it.
I want Sandra and Lill

to answer questions
100% honestly,

giving honest assessment.
If one of them does that

significantly better
than the other, they will

probably get my vote tonight.
So, I want to see 100% honesty

for the first time in this game.
>> Here we are today

with the two most
unlikely people, I think,

that I would have expected
at the beginning of this game

in, uh, the final two.
Both of them were the underdogs

in the very beginning
of this game.

Sandra was the first person
expected to be voted out

of the Drake Tribe.
And Lill, I think, was expected

to be the first person
voted out of the Morgan tribe.

So turns out that the two
people that would have been

gone first have now made it
to the very end.

>> Um, this is a good game.
You know, there's good sides

and bad sides.
I'm just so emotional...

I'm just...
getting voted out

that close to the very end.
It's a good thing that I get

to get back and say something
to-to let them know

how I feel about them.
You know, 'cause they

pretty much screwed me over.
So, you know, it's a good thing

that I get to say
something back to them.

>> I would hope

that Lill and Sandra
appreciate where they are.

Win or lose,
they should appreciate

the situation
that they have been given...

and earned.
The significance of tonight

is going to be
life-changing for one person.

A million dollars
is going to be life-changing.

We are going to take one little
housewife, one little mama,

and make their lives,
their husbands' lives

and their kids' lives

>> I'm not happy about playing
this game as well as I did

and not being
one of the final two.

I feel that the strongest player
in this game made it as far

as he could make it in this game
and that there are two people

that don't deserve to be there.
Jonny Fairplay is going to have

a fun time
at Tribal Council tonight.

The one thing
I can promise tonight

is that I won't play fair.
>> PROBST: Sandra, Lill.

is that I won't play fair.
>> PROBST: Sandra, Lill.

We'll now bring in
your final jury:

Ryno, Rupert,
T, Christa, Burton,

Darrah and Jon,
voted out

at the last Tribal Council.
Welcome to

your final Tribal Council.
Game changes tonight.

You are no longer in control.
The power now shifts

to the jury.
Seven people that you had a hand

in voting out of this game
now control your fate entirely.

Your task tonight is
to convince this jury

that you are the most worthy,
the most deserving

of the title of Sole Survivor
and the million dollar prize.

Here's how it will work.
Give you a chance to make

an opening statement.
This is your time to convince

your jury that you're worthy.
The jury will then get

an opportunity
to ask you a question.

You'll then get a chance
to make a final rebuttal.

After hearing your responses,
the jury will vote.

The biggest vote in the 39 days
going to happen tonight.

Ready to get started?
>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: Sandra.
Opening statement to the jury.

>> Um, hello.
I feel that I deserve the

million dollars because, um,
I was always a team player

from the get-go.
And my strategy was

always to be that person
that anybody can

come to and say,
"Sandra, we need to

vote this person out
so we can move forward

in-in the game."
And I feel that

I accomplished that,
because I was always

a team player.
I helped out 100%.

I gave 100%.
Everyone could

always count on me
to have their backs

and to just always,
you know, help out with

everything that had to be done.
>> PROBST: Lill.

>> My strategy
from the very beginning

was to just be Lillian Morris.
Not only did my strategy

consist of trying
to be kind to everyone,

because that's what Lillian is.
Lillian is a kind person.

I worked constantly, you know,
while everybody else was, uh,

you know, maybe snoozing
a little bit.

Um, three different people
told me that,

"Lill, we're going to take you
to the final two with me."

Turns out, all three
of these people

kind of turned their back on me.
They said I was too nice.

They wouldn't go up against me.
I think, basically,

my strategy was
just to come in, work hard,

be friendly, do good by others
and just be Lillian.

And I think, uh, mostly,
that's what I was.

>> PROBST: Jury, in a moment,
you're going to have

a chance to address
Sandra and Lill,

ask them a question
that will help you decide

who you think should be
the Sole Survivor.

Give you a second
to think about

what you want to say.
>> PROBST: All right, jury,

it is now your opportunity
to either make a comment or ask

a question of Sandra and Lill.
The idea here

is to gain information
to help you make

an important vote.
So don't waste this opportunity.

Ryan, you're up first.
>> Hey, guys.

>> Hi.
>> Congratulations.

>> Thank you.
>> You did very well,

beat out the 14 of us.
Um, first of all, Lill,

being out of the game
for ten days

and you were in the game
for only 29 days,

my question is,
do you think it's fair

that I give you
the million dollars

over Sandra, being that
she was in the game

for the total 39 days?
>> All right.

>> I was out of the game
for eight days.

And that was one of the
biggest, lowest points

of... I hate to say of my life,
but it was a really hard time.

Yeah, maybe I wasn't
on the island with you.

But those eight days
that I was out,

it was no picnic being Outcasts.
>> Sandra, to you, you've

always been honest with me.
But my question to you is,

do you think
that you rode coattails

as far as, like, maybe...
was there a person

that you used to,
you know, progress?

>> I never rode anyone's

Um, when I started in the game
and I felt alone, um,

Rupert was also alone,
and I attached myself with him,

and I attached myself
with Christa,

and we became an alliance.
Um, and Rupert was gone early

on, when it came to the jury.
So when Rupert was gone,

then whose coattails did I ride,
if Rupert was no longer there?

I don't feel I rode
anybody's coattails,

because I'm still standing here.
>> Okay.

Sounds good.

>> PROBST: All right.
Thanks, Ryno.

>> (sighs)

Congratulations to both of you.
>> Thank you.

>> Thank you, Rupert.
>> I'm impressed

and proud of both of you.
>> Thank you.

>> You made it to the end.
Um, to you, Lill...

you know, I was that scout, too,
when I was younger.

I know the oath.
I know the creed.

I know how you're supposed
to live as you're a scout.

Saying that you're not
going to live that way

because of this game,
you know, or-or

using this game to-to kind of
turn some of those things

that you pledge off.
I feel that aside from

the first day that we merged,
everything that you said to me

was a lie.
Everything that you said

was sucking me in
so I would believe you,

up until the day that I was...
kicked out of this game,

you were still lying to me.
Was there any time that you were

truthful with me? When?
If there was, tell me anything

that you were truthful with me.
Right now...

>> Everything was honest
until Burton came to me

and said,
"We need to get rid of Rupert."

>> Lill...
>> Yes, sir.

>> "Everything was honest"
doesn't tell me anything.

You're blaming Burton for you...
>> No, there's lots of things

that I was honest...
>> Tell me one.

>> When you and I were out in
the water and we were talking.

We talked about
our families, our lives,

our dedication to youth.
That was all honest.

That was all on the up-and-up.
>> PROBST: I think that's all

you're going to get, Rupert.
>> I think so, too.

>> PROBST: Rupert, your question
for Sandra.

>> Sandra...
the one question I have for you:

On day 27, when I was
booted out of this game,

did you know that was going on?
I just want to know

about that day.
>> Okay. Um, that day, when the

vote came through, um,
I did not know

you were going home.
I was mad at Jon--

I don't know
over what-- so I wrote

his name thinking,
"Well, it doesn't matter,

because everyone else
is going to vote off Darrah.

So, my vote can go towards Jon
and it won't make a difference."

When I got back
with Christa to the tribe,

everything just blew up because
I was cursing, mad,

screaming, hollering,
that, "How could this

have happened to Rupert?"
But I was not aware

that you were going.
But, remember, I

always told you: Jon is a snake.
Something's going down.

This is-this is not right.
And what did you say?

"Drake all the way.
We bleed Drake.

Alliance this, alliance that."
And look what happened.

>> I know.
>> Sounds good?

>> Yes.
>> I didn't know.

>> Thank you.
>> You're welcome.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Rupert.

>> Hello, ladies.
>> Hello.

>> And first of all,

I have one important question
that will decipher

who I would like
to have win a million dollars.

My question is,
give me one reason

why the other person
does not deserve to win

a million dollars
and why you do.

And I'll start
with you, Lill, first.

>> Forgive me.
>> No, you have to say

something bad about me.
Go ahead.

(all laughing)
>> Um, I felt that

there was, at times,
Sandra had disrespected

a number of people.
I know a number of times

that she'd called me an
"M.F.-er", and all this stuff.

Um, I felt that
at a lot of times

that she did ride the coattails
of other people--

that she would always say,
"You tell me what to do."

And, at times,
I wanted to, you know, say,

"Well, do you have
a mind of your own,

and can you figure
stuff out yourself?"

That's all I want to state.
I'm not going to keep going.

>> No, that's fine. Thank you.

>> One good reason:
because Lill is responsible

for every single person
being out that's there.

Every single one of you
got a vote from Lill.

Christa, you didn't
get my vote never.

I never put you out of the game.
Rupert, I never put you

out of the game. Um...
That's just one thing.

Because she is a hard worker,
so the only thing

I can say is that everyone
that's there is there

because of Lill.
>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Satisfied?
>> Yes. Thank you.

>> PROBST: Good question.

>> What's up, people?
All right.

Rock stars.

Lill, first question for you.
So, you always would say,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry," and...

about everything.
You'd win something,

you'd say, "I'm sorry."
And then two seconds later,

you'd start reciting
your Boy Scout's Oath.

So, you always are hiding
behind this

Boy Scout's Oath of yours.
What's the reason for all of it?

What did you really want to say?
>> All right, when did I say

I was sorry to you
for something?

>> Uh... "I'm sorry about...
voting Rupert out."

"I'm sorry about...
taking this reward."

I mean, just, sorry all the

>> On those two occasions,
I was sincerely sorry.

It took a lot out of me
to vote Rupert out.

But I felt like I had to follow
my alliance on that.

I did not hide behind
the Oath all day long.

It's 16 years of volunteering.
It's something that I...

I had no other clothes.
I was in it.

I was stuck in it.
It was part of me.

>> So, because of the clothes
that you happened to be

>> Because of 16 years

of being in an organization
that I volunteered in,

it was so much a part of me.
The first time

that I lied in this game
was with Rupert.

That was the very first time.
And it made me realize

that if I didn't,
I wouldn't stay in this game

for very long.
>> So... I guess that's it?

Sandra, since I spent
a lot of time with you,

I always would have
the opportunity

to hear these crazy ideas
that you would come up with.

And you'd tell me,
"Just go with the plan."

"Just sit there, Christa."
And not a lot of people

really knew
that you would come up

with these crazy plans.
So, I was wondering,

what is your most...

plotting and scheming obstacle
to keep yourself alive

in this game?
>> The craziest scheme

was the one
when me and Tijuana

snuck behind the bushes
and low-crawled through the

It was then official

that she was in an alliance
with Jon and Burton

after she said that
when she left the Morgan Tribe,

she was in an... in an alliance
with the two Morgan females.

>> All right.
>> PROBST: Satisfied?

>> Satisfied.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Christa.

Burton, you're up.
>> Sandra, Lill,

>> Thank you.

>> The game of "Survivor"
entails two aspects, in my mind:

the survival aspect--
being out in the wilderness,

or with your tribe--

and then a strategic aspect.
I want to ask you,

from a survival standpoint
and your survival skills,

on a scale of one to ten--
one being, "If I were dropped

off on an island,
I would die within a day,"

ten being,
"Throw me in any situation,

I could survive,
I'd figure it out"--

where do you think you lie?
I'm looking for your honest

>> You go ahead.

>> Okay.
For me, if I would

have been dropped off
in the same island

that we're in today,
I think I would have done

maybe a five,
because of the simple fact

that being in
a tropical island,

I kind of, sort of, knew
what foods and fruits

and things to look for.
Now, when it comes to fire

and stuff like that,
I'm not the greatest.

But I think I would have done
good maybe for the first

couple of days, and then I'd
probably just, I don't know,

starve to death.
Because I wasn't going

to eat the hermit crabs
and... and stuff like that.

>> Good answer, I appreciate

>> I think I would give myself a

seven, because I can make fire
with no matches. Um...

I am able to, uh, obtain water.
These are skills, uh,

that I've learned as a Scout.
I was diligent and

constantly making sure
that the Morgan Tribe

had fresh water at all times,
and making sure it's boiled

the full 30 minutes...
>> Okay, okay.

Yeah, I think you...
>> Okay. Got it?

>> I think I got it.
>> Thank you.

>> Thank you, Lill and Sandra.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Darrah.
The floor is yours.

>> Um... my question is
to both of you all.

I just want you to explain to me
how both of you got here,

and just give me
an honest answer,

and whoever gives me the most
honest answer will get my vote.

>> To me, the reason
I probably was able

to get to where I am now
is because other people

had other agendas.
They had other fish to fry.

Nobody worried about Sandra
because Sandra was weak.

And, again, I was also the
person that if someone needed

that extra vote, I was there.
As long as it wasn't me,

I was ready to give up whoever.
I was just always there

to take advantage
of the situation,

and let the vote go
in a different direction

than my way.
>> I'm satisfied.

>> PROBST: Lill.
>> I am a... non-threat

because... you know,
I was older, non-athletic.

Yes, I did follow
certain alliances,

and I broke away
from that alliance

and went with the someone else
in order to protect that person.

So, I think I'm here because...
Some of it is following along,

some of it is using my own head
and doing something on my own.

>> PROBST: Satisfied?
>> Satisfied.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Darrah.

Most recent voted out.
I'm sure you have something

interesting to say.
>> My question is for Jeff.

Can I vote "none of the above"?

My question is, uh...

Some people were able
to represent themselves

and other things in this game,
and a real case-in-point

is the two of you.
For Sandra, I think you...

you made an attempt
to represent Puerto Ricans.

How do you feel you did
wearing that...

that dual badge of honor?
>> I think I did a good job

out here.
You know what I'm saying?

I didn't do anything
that anybody else didn't do.

If I lied, everyone else lied,

If I backstabbed somebody,
I was backstabbed myself.

So, I just took care of myself.
And that's where I get it from,

maybe because I'm Puerto Rican,
that I know that if I don't

look out for number one,
ain't nobody going

to look out for me.
Keep going, or that's good?

>> I'm totally happy with that.
>> Okay.

>> Lill.
You had the opportunity

to represent yourself
and to represent

the Boy Scouts.
There were several periods

in the game in which you made
a promise to me.

Didn't quite live up
to one of those duties:

How do you feel that

you've represented the Scouts
and represented that uniform?

>> If I had it to do over again,
I would not be wearing

this uniform.
I would not be representing

the Scouts.
This game has nothing to do

with honor, integrity...
it has nothing to do

with what the Scout Oath is
and what the Scouts represent.

You know, I was still
in my little world

of being back home
being the Scout Master.

And then, again,
I had to switch modes

and be the S.O.B. that voted
off Rupert.

I wasn't happy about it,
and, no, I did not represent

the Scouts very well at all.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Jon.

>> Thank you.
>> PROBST: Sandra, Lill, you

have weathered the questions and
comments from the jury.

In a moment, I'll give you a
chance to make a final rebuttal.

I suggest you take this time
to think about your last words.

>> PROBST: Okay, Lill, Sandra,
this is your last chance

to get at the core of why
you deserve the million dollars.

So, Sandra,
let's start with you.

>> Um, I think I played this
game the way I knew how.

Um, when I came here,
I represented myself

the way that I truly am.
There was no lies or deceptions

about how Sandra is.
I always thought that my mouth

would get me in trouble,
but now that I look at it,

being open
and-and saying things

the way they are
is what, I think, helped me

to get this far.
Um, because whenever anyone

approached me and said,
"Sandra, we need to do this

this way," or whatever,
I openly and frankly

expressed my opinion,
"Yes, I'll help you," or

"Yes, I'll go with you."
Um, I am, actually,

surprised to be sitting here.
But now that I am,

I'm kind of glad.
Um, I think I'm a good person,

regardless if I
cussed you out or not.

That's how I was feeling
at the time.

Um, there's no regrets
about whatever I did,

and I'm glad to be sitting here,
and that's all I can say.

Thank you very much
for your time.

>> PROBST: Lill, last chance
to convince the jury

to give you a million dollars.
>> If I had this

to do all over again,
the Boy Scout uniform

would have been at home.
It's easy target

for anybody to say, "Boy Scouts:
"dignity, honor. Survivor: liar,

cheater," whatever.
Two things don't come together.

And whatever you guys say
about my honor, my integrity...

it's bull ...
It's that way, here.

It's not that way home.
Now, why you should give it to

me and not give it to Sandra?
I also tried to learn this game,

play this game as best I could.
I also tried to remain

respectful to people,
and I also tried

to form friendships.
Friendships dissolved,

and it hurt me bad, because I
couldn't do anything about it.

You either play the game,
or you get voted out.

So no matter what you guys do,
I did the best I could

with what I had...
and the person that I am.

And, like, this is one night.
Yeah, it's a big reward,

but I'm going back home.
I'm gonna be the Big Lill

to 75 kids that look up to me.
And I'm going to explain to them

that this was a game.
Put the Scout uniform aside.

I wish I had, and I didn't.
Thank you.

>> PROBST: Okay, Lill, Sandra,
thank you for your comments.

Jury, thank you for your
questions and comments.

It is now time,
finally, to get to the vote.

Voting is
a little different tonight.

You are not voting somebody
out of the game.

You are voting for a winner.
You are voting for the person

that you think is most deserving
the title of Sole Survivor

and the million dollars,
so you want

to see your name
on the parchment tonight.

It is time to vote-- Ryno,
you're up.

I am so happy for you.

You deserve it.
From the first day, when we

were blood brother and sister,
I was just thrilled to have

somebody on my side.
I'm glad I can be there

for you now.
I hope you win.

>> Sandra, I couldn't understand
if your strategy in the game,

um, began, um,
during the very first day,

or if it was by luck that you
got into the right alliance,

and you decided to be up front,
so, with that

being said, I had to look
at who played the game,

regardless of Tribal Council,
um, to the best

of their ability.
Lill, I think

that you did a phenomenal job.
Um, you came in the Outcasts,

and you came back in the game.
And I think that you started

to play it by using your mind.
So, with that being said,

this vote goes to you, Lill.
>> PROBST: For the last time,

this vote goes to you, Lill.
>> PROBST: For the last time,

I'll go tally the votes.
I know you'd like me

I'll go tally the votes.
I know you'd like me

to read these right now
and get this over with.

Been out here a damn long time.
Unfortunately, it's going

to have to wait.
I will see you

on the other side.
(applause, cheering )

on the other side.
(applause, cheering )

(cheering intensifies )

(cheering intensifies )

(applause, cheering continue )
All right.

Let's get to it.
Who'd have ever thought this:

Mrs. As-long-as-it-ain't-me
and Mrs. I'm-too-nice

sitting in the final two?

>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Jury, thanks
for a very good

final Tribal Council.
Let's get to the votes.

Like I said earlier,
you want to see your name

on the parchment tonight.
Tonight, the jury

did not vote somebody out.
They voted for a winner.

Here's what's at stake
for the winner:

bragging rights as winner
of Survivor: Pearl Islands,

a new G.M.C. Envoy S.U.V.
to drive around in,

and a little check
for a million dollars.

There are seven votes
inside here.

It takes four votes to win.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

(applause and cheering )

(applause and cheering)
One vote Sandra, one vote Lill.

(applause and cheering)

Two votes Sandra, one vote Lill.
(applause and cheering)

Three votes Sandra,
one vote Lill.

The winner
of Survivor: Pearl Islands...

(wild cheering)

Sandra, give me a hug here.
(Sandra crying)

You did it.
(applause, cheering intensify)

(muffled speech)
>> PROBST: You did hold your

head up in that final Tribal,

>> It got crazy.
(Sandra crying)

>> Oh, Lill!
>> PROBST: Sandra, come on

Your family's here.

Go give them a hug.
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