Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Mutiny - full transcript

Certain survivors begin to question their current alliances as the remaining five scramble to stay on the island.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor... Sandra approached
Darrah about making

an all-girl alliance.
>> I want the guys to go.

>> Yeah, yeah.
>> Burton is a bigger threat

than Jon, because Jon is just
like a girl.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, the Survivors

competed in teams of three.
Sandra took a chinner

on the platform, and Lill,
Darrah and Jon won the reward.

Lill, Darrah, Jon--
overnight spa reward!

And they were off on a scenic
flight to a luxury spa.

>> This could be the best reward
in the history of the game.

>> PROBST: The three enjoyed
first-class service.

>> Oh, baby.
>> PROBST: And Jon continued to

play up his dead grandmother

>> And I told them that one of
her last wishes was that I win.

>> PROBST: After returning to
camp, Lill sought reassurance

from Burton about their

>> You're telling me now that
you have second thoughts?

>> I have never promised her
top two.

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, Darrah's steady aim

won her immunity for the
second time in a row.

Once again, Darrah wins

Before Tribal Council,
Christa and Sandra believed

Lill would be the one to go.
>> So, Lill, is it tonight?

>> I just want to make sure
everybody was on the same sheet

of music.
>> PROBST: But, in the end,

Darrah and Lill joined the guys
and voted out Sandra's old ally.

Christa, the tribe has spoken.
Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
( theme music playing )

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(thunder roaring)

(thunder roaring)

>> So, before you cuss me out
tonight, Sandra, Christa

offered you up all day long.
She said, as long as you're

here, she'll never get
to enjoy a reward.

And you refuse to accept
that this is a one-person,

not a two-player game.
>> Last Tribal Council,

another blindside.
Chalk another one up

for Jon and me. Uh...
Christa didn't see it coming.

Um... just out of nowhere,
she was voted out.

Beautiful thing is that's
three in a row.

>> So she asked that we switch
it from Lill to you all day

>> I guess I can't complain,

I got three more days, right?

>> Sandra's clueless in the fact
that she's positive she's going

next, and it's not true.
She's a much weaker competitor

than D.
Sandra probably feels about

as vulnerable as possible,
and, uh...

I want her to keep feeling
that way.

(thunder roaring)
>> Today is day 34 and, um...

I'm not feeling too good,
because of the fact that

now Christa's gone,
and I know I'm vulnerable.

I know my days are numbered.
>> I'm just thinking of things

we need to do-- like, probably
boil water, probably get

So, who's going to go get

mussels with me?
>> Lill.

>> Jon, Burton, Lill and
Darrah, they all deceived, so

now I'm working on my revenge.
My plan right now is to start on

the two water cans.
I'm going to hide those,

I'm going to hide the nets,
'cause they haven't used them

in a long time.
Lord, give me the strength

to make it through
all of this ...

I'm going to hide the pickax,
all the knives,

all the machetes.
I mean, little by little, they

just won't even see it coming.
>> See you in ten minutes.

>> I'm going to hide the spear
and all four masks.

Therefore, they don't have a way
to fish unless they're going

to go out there with their
bare hands.

I know I'm going down, but
they're going to feel it more

than I am.
Yes, they are.

>> You guys aren't getting any
snails, right?

Just, uh, mussels?
>> Yep.

I talked to Lill yesterday
about, uh... the possibility

of going after...
getting rid of D next.

>> Yeah.
>> And, Lill, what do you think?

>> I'm not real wild about it.
>> But she understood why.

D could win the next immunity

Then we'd have to decide
between ourselves.

>> Jon and Burton said,
"We're going to get rid of

Darrah next because she's such
a threat."

And I thought, "This is not

I don't like this."
You know, what happened to our

alliance of four people?
>> You okay, Lill?

>> Yeah.
First, Burton promised me

number two spot and now
he's hem-hawing and saying

that may not happen.
Not only that, they started

talking about getting rid of
Darrah before Sandra.

>> You have no problem with D
going out?

>> No, I mean, it's better D
than me.

And you two promised me
at least third.

>> So everything's cool.
>> We made a pact!

So I started thinking,
"If they can screw her over,

they can screw me over."
>> PROBST: 34 days and we are

down to five.

>> Thanks.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Today's reward
challenge is called Second

You will get a second

chance at some of your favorite

You'll begin by being tied up
to a post with two pieces of

rope, one on your hands,
one around your ankles.

Once you're untied, you'll take
the two pieces of rope,

dig under a bamboo fence.
You'll then come to a compass.

Using a map and the two pieces
of rope, find the place where

the coordinates intersect.
Dig down, get a key.

That key lets you into one side
of a jail cell.

Once you're in, you need
to get out.

You do this by using sticks
and twine to build a pole.

Use the pole to retrieve
a second key.

That will unlock the other side
of the jail cell.

You'll then proceed
to the firing range.

Using a slingshot, you will
then break three plates.

Attached to each plate is a bag
of letter puzzle pieces.

Once you have all three bags,
use the letters to unscramble

a very famous pirate term.
First person to complete the

pirate term and have it on their
board wins reward.

As you know by now, Panama was
once a very rich city--

gold and silver--
until Morgan came over in 1671

and decided he wanted it.
Took the place, took the money,

burned it to the ground,
city was never rebuilt.

The ruins are all that remain.
So, the winner will travel

by boat to Panama City.
You will camp out overnight

in comfort, among the ruins of
old Panama-- Panama Viejo.

While spending the night
in the ruins, you will feast on

suckling pig, you'll have
roasted potatoes, great dessert.

Worth playing for?
>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: All right, we'll
draw numbers for your spot.

Wait for my "Go."
For reward.

Survivors ready?

Sandra using her mouth to
untie the knot.

So's Burton.
Lill already working on her

And Lill's off.

Lill with a big lead.
Burton is through the other

Lill with a big lead.
Burton is through the other

Lill is through the other side.

Darrah working it.
Jon and Sandra still digging.

Darrah is now out through
the other side.

Lill found her coordinates.
Using her pieces of rope,

try and find where they

You have two coordinates.
Use the pieces of rope to help

you find where they intersect.
Jon is through.

Sandra is now through.
Burton is digging.

Lill is having a hard time.
Darrah's found her spot.

She's starting to dig.
Burton digging down.

Is he in the right spot?
He's not sure.

Lill just going to start

Doesn't know where the
coordinates are, just going

to dig.
>> All right, all right.

Let's think about it. Focus.

>> PROBST: Jon has his key
and he's through.

Jon unlocking the jail cell,
moving on.

Lill, you need to slow down
and start over.

>> I can't think what I'm doing.
North. West...

>> PROBST: Sandra's going to dig
in another spot.

Burton's still digging
in the same spot.

Thinks he's in the right spot,
and he is-- Burton has his key.

>> Northwest.
>> PROBST: Jon at work on his

Sandra has her key.

Lill has her key.
Burton moving quickly

on his pole.
>> Slow down, Lill, slow down.

Focus. Focus.
Come on, old girl. Focus.

>> PROBST: Darrah has her key.
She's in the game.

Jon's still working on his pole,
wants to make sure it's long

Burton has his key.

Burton has his key in the cage,
going to unlock himself,

let himself out of the cell.
Burton is the first one out.

Goes to work on his slingshot.
Burton breaks his first plate.

Jon six inches short.
Lill going to give her pole

a shot.
Burton has all three plates.

Burton starting to work on
his letter pieces.

Burton has his first pieces
open, dumps them on the ground

for letters.
Lill very close.

A lot of bend, it doesn't look
strong enough.

>> Got it.
>> PROBST: Say it, Burton.

>> "Jolly Roger."
>> PROBST: Burton wins reward.

Nice job.
Burton, come on over.

Well, it wouldn't be much of
a memory if you had to do it

>> Yep.

It's an overnight feast.
Who do you want to bring

with you?
>> I'm going to take Jon.

>> PROBST: Jon, come on over.
>> You're getting a big hug,

>> Going into the reward,

>> Going into the reward,

I had talked to Jon that if I
went, I'm gonna take him and

vice versa.
'Cause, honestly, we've been

going on these rewards with
people that we don't like

that much.
So, I was looking forward

to going on a reward with
someone it'd be fun with.

>> Wow, that is awesome.
>> There, there.

There, there.
>> Oh, this is so awesome.

Do you see how close we are?
It was cool that Burton picked

me to share along the

And it was the first time in
the game in which Burton and I

felt as though we could both
step away from camp,

strategically, and not overly

>> PROBST: Thanks for the ride,

>> We finally get to Panama City
and we're walking up

the boat ramp and I see
in a parking lot all by itself,

brand spanking new,
a GMC Envoy SUV.

>> PROBST: Let's catch ourselves
a ride...

unless, of course,
you're digging that ride.

>> Yeah.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: I happen to have the

They now belong to you.
>> Oh, well, congratulations!

>> Right on.
Let's check it out. Come on.

Jeff pulled out the keys,
and sure enough, the brand-new

Envoy is, uh, my new vehicle.

>> Congratulations, man!

>> PROBST: It's a kind of
a combination SUV, truck, car.

>> Right.
>> PROBST: A couple of cool

features. Come back here.
This comes with the car.

It's full-on camping gear.
Set this up, it becomes

a camper.
>> It's an awesome prize, and

I love camping, snowboarding
and skiing.

So the four-wheel drive and
everything is... it's awesome.

>> PROBST: So, there's a map

It will lead you to the ruins.
I think you'll know 'em when

you see 'em.
Food awaits.

Have a good time, guys.
>> 30-plus days ago,

I would have been pissed off
if anyone had won it but me.

But, uh, at this point in the
game, uh, seeing what Burton's

done for the tribe and for
me personally, and what he has

done challenge-wise, he deserved
the car more than anyone else.

And it's kind of a cool feeling
knowing I can say that

and actually mean it.
Win, lose or draw, you're

the only person
that I like in this game.

Are you loving it?
>> Dude, I can't believe it.

This is amazing.
We drove through downtown

Panama City, and as we're
getting closer, you could see a

large tower that's still

And then, when you actually
get in there, there's quite

a bit of the city left
from a structural standpoint--

all the old stone walls
and structures.

So we pulled into the ruins,
and our feast was set up

under this tent and our jaws
just hit the ground.

Oh, my Lord.
>> Beans, apple sauce, rice,

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Dude, marshmallows.
>> Wow.

>> I'm gonna start eating.
>> There's just food everywhere

and we started eating
everything, basically, at the

same time.
We're going to be eating for

about five hours.
>> Oh, my God.

>> There was no first course,
second course and dessert,

it was just anything goes.

Your face, dude.
Good meal and good company.

>> Mm-hmm, finally.
>> To the girls eating mussels.

>> To the girls eating mussels.
(Burton chuckling)

>> Jon and I were kind of
laughing because the girls,

all they had were mussels
that Jon, Lill and I collected.

And they're not going
to catch any fish.

I mean, honestly, those three
girls have all been riding

coattails the entire time
they've been out here.

(birds screeching)
>> You don't know what those

boys are cooking up.
You don't know what they're

You don't know what they've

promised all of us.
>> Yeah, I know.

They promise everyone
something different.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Until it comes down

to the very wire.
>> Yep.

>> When we got back from the
reward today, Lill said that

she was kind of scared,
um, about trusting the guys.

That's why I tell you, don't
listen to anything Jon says.

>> Jon screwed me once, twice,
Jon will screw me again.

He slapped me in the face once,
he slapped me in the face twice,

he won't slap me...
I have always said that they

were both snakes and I have
always said that they're good

So, everything that Lill was

saying is stuff that I had
already mentioned from before.

>> Well, let me tell you
something, little one.

They're ready to get rid of

>> I know, that's why I want to
win immunity.

>> They're ready to get rid
of you before Sandra.

I wasn't going to tell you that,
but I was fighting for you.

And I said, "This is not right.
It should be Sandra."

I couldn't lie anymore.
I had to tell Darrah.

And it pissed me off that
these two boys were so easy

to break their alliance.
>> Well, I think that we

should get rid of the boys.
>> All you got to say to me,

"Sandra, whichever one of the
guys doesn't have immunity,

that's who's going home."
You don't even have to whisper

and take me in the bushes
and talk to me for two hours.

>> We... wait a minute.
The whole funny thing here is,

no matter what, I may, uh,
still only come in third.

>> But we all have a fair

>> But at least your chances
are better.

>> Neither one of you...
you've already told me

you don't want to go up in
front of a jury with me.

>> But if you were standing
there, Lill, you'd get

my million-dollar vote.
>> Only if you're on the jury.

>> Lill doesn't seem
to understand.

She keeps thinking that,
regardless, she's done at three.

And I tell her, I'm not
stronger than you, Lill.

Have I ever showed you that I
was stronger than you in all

these competitions?
You're not bad for 50 years old.

So, if you're with them,
you're going to get third.

But being against us, you have
a chance to move up on your own.

>> The only way you're going
to have a chance at one and two

is with us three.
Jon's going to take Burton.

Burton's going to take Jon.
>> Let's see who does

immunity tomorrow, guys.
'Cause I think we need to get...

think about Burton first.
>> Because he's the strongest?

>> So, if Burton wins immunity,
Jon's gone, right?

>> Right.
>> If one of us three win

immunity, Burton's gone.
>> I am totally psyched.

I am very happy knowing that
there's still a chance.

The only problem now is that I
had so many plans of sabotage

that now I have to hold off,
because I think it's in my

best interest not to
start commotion.

I'd be happy with third.
>> Heck, yeah.

I would be, too.
>> All right, let's...

let's do this.
Let's see who gets

immunity tomorrow.
>> They're going home.

It's going to be us three girls
in the end.

>> Are we worried about
the girls strategizing

against us?
>> No, 'cause I think that...

>> I feel like we're pretty
confident in our abilities...

>> Yeah, I think we can squash
their plans pretty quickly.

>> Yeah. I...
>> I mean, not one of them has

had a strategy yet in this game.
>> Yeah.

>> I don't know why it'd
start now.

>> Yeah, exactly.
Burton and I basically

just went over the fact
that the three girls

were probably discussing
a girls-versus-guys plan

while we're gone.
But it only takes one person

to swing the vote.
So, figure we had

a one-out-of-three chance
of pulling one of them back.

And we feel that we definitely
have an intellectual advantage

over the others.
>> Good to go.

Hey, hey.
Dude, this thing's pretty sweet.

Jon and I were just kind of
shooting the breeze,

talking about not talking about
the car when we got back to

camp, because it is something
that someone might hold against

I think we should be able to get

back and smooth everything over.
We literally need to be like,

"Lill, "we've gotten you this

Like, "Don't mess it up."
We were talking about

who we trusted, who we didn't.
We had told Lill that we were

going to vote Darrah out next
and she wasn't comfortable

with it.
So I don't know if I can trust

anything she says to me
here on out.

I think we approach Sandra
just as a backup.

>> Yeah.
>> Be like, "Hey, Sandra..."

>> "Final Three."
>> "Final Three..."

>> She doesn't trust us at all,
but you know what,

I bet she would again.
How many times have I dogged

that girl out?
>> To be honest, Jon and I

have been running the show
for the last 20 days nearly.

And those three girls,
I don't think they could come

up with a decent strategy
if they had to.

>> We have played everything
about as perfectly as it

can be played in this game.
>> A lot of people are about

to get run over by the bus,
but you and I are good.

>> Exactly.
(Jon laughing)

>> I don't know why God's
putting me through this.

I just can't sleep, guys,
and it hurts.

>> You can take it for four

You will have to take it for
four days.

>> You going to have to.
>> You going to have to take it

for four days.
>> It's going to drag you along.

>> I can't sleep because,
you know, my arms and my legs

are on fire.
I'm just...

I just feel numb this morning.
I'm just...

I don't know if it's menopause.
I don't know what it is,

but it's hurting me.
>> I think, yeah...

I think you're stressing now.
>> If I could just get some

>> You have to think positive.

>> Yeah, but, see, if I could
just rest in my mind.

My mind is just not rested.
>> Are you thinking about

Is that why you're so stressed?

Is that one of the primary

I'm worried that he's going
to get immunity and Jon goes,

and then he's going to attack.

>> You think Lill's getting

>> She stresses out about
every little thing.

>> I would hate for today to be
one of those relaxed days,

'cause we need to get Burton out
of here as soon as possible.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> 'Cause one whole day is

enough time to turn anybody's
head around.

That's not good.
>> Uh-uh.

>> When Burton and Jon come
back, I'm going to do what I

usually do whenever they betray
me-- be the outcast until Jon

comes to me and says, "Don't
worry, Sandra.

I swear, you won't be the next
to go, as long as you vote

this person out."
"Okay, Jon.

If that'll save my skin again,
then I shall do that."

We already made our pact.
I'll say "yes" to whatever he

says, and I'll come back
and let you know.

I won't betray.
The sooner we get rid of these

jackasses, the better.
I can't worry about what

Lill's going to do.
If every minute I'm looking over

my shoulder like, "What in the
hell is Lill doing?"

They're going to know
something's up.

That's usually Burton's job,
to keep control of everybody

and figure out where everyone's
at-- who's with who, who's not

with who, who's peeing,
who's cooking...

No, I'm going to lay there
and, hopefully, try to take a

nap and just relax.
When I see them sitting up on

the beach, I'm just going
to lay down...

and put on my game face.
>> Sounds good.

>> Hell or high water.
I'm not changing my mind.

I hope you guys have hangovers.
>> Yeah, that's the one

thing you do have.
>> All regrets...

and hangovers a little bit.
>> I'll tell you what...

When Jon and I got off the
boat, Lill and Darrah met us.

Like, "Hey, how's it going?"
We told them what we were...

how our thing was.
And we're like, "So, how'd

everything go here?"
And they immediately started

bashing Sandra.
She's ready to go,

she wants to be gone,
and that's how she's acting.

It's like...
>> She went by herself and

we were off by ourselves.
>> She hasn't tried to

>> No.

>> No.
>> We were taking a bath.

She wouldn't even come by us.
>> Well, she had to have said,

"Let's vote Burton out
or Jon out."

>> No, she didn't.
She just said, "I'm done."

>> She really has not talked
to us at all.

>> She's so mad.
>> Wow.

>> Like, we ask her something,
she answers us and that's it.

It's like she just cuts us

>> Sandra D., how are you doing?
What's wrong?

>> Nothing.
>> You all right?

>> I'm good.
>> All right.

All good in the hood?
>> All good in the hood.

The girls seem to be putting up
quite an act.

Lill and Darrah came up,
"Sandra's not talking to us.

Sandra hasn't done anything."
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sandra's in bed pouting
and puffing.

>> Why should I do anything if
I'm thinking I'm going home?

Why should I lift a finger?
>> So, you want to go home?

>> Why...? No.
Why should I go get water if I'm

going to get bit by the

>> Guys, I got to put my feet
in the water.

I'll be back.
>> Hey, D?

>> Yeah.
>> Come on, walk with me.

>> Still not exactly buying what
the girls are selling.

I don't know if I can trust
them, but I know, given

enough time, we're going to
catch them in some lies.

'Cause, one, none of them are
good liars and, two, none of

them have any good strategies.
So, we need to put some

pressure on them and figure out
what's going on.

Well, what are you...
what are you thinking

at this point in the game?
>> I don't know.

>> I can't believe you three
didn't try to figure out

a girl alliance to go against
Jon and me.

>> Sandra is ready to leave.
>> Yeah, but Sandra's also

>> Honey, what do you

want me to say?
>> No, I'm just, I'm just...

>> I'm tired, I'm worn out, I'm
beat, I feel like I been kicked.

>> Okay, okay.
>> What's up, Sandra?

>> I ain't doing nothing.
I'm ready to pack my ... and go.

>> But I just want to go home...
>> Yeah.

>> my husband and
my children, my dirty house and,

you know, my overgrown flower
garden and...

>> I hear you.
>> You work out more trustable

than those two, at this point
in time, for me and Burton.

Are you aware of that?
'Cause they won't turn

on each other.
>> Talk to me in English, Jon.

>> Talk to you in English?

Well, do you want Final Three?
>> I'll take Final Three.

Swear it on your grandma.
>> I swear it on my grandma.

Hey, I can guarantee
you Final Three,

and me and Burton, you know
will not backstab each other.

And we need one person that we
can trust and then we can...

that's Final Three.
>> Look me in the eyes and say,

"I swear on my..."
>> I swear on my grandmother.

I swear, I swear, I swear.
Look, do you guys have a plan

or not?
>> Lill, would you vote D out

the next deal if she didn't have

>> If you want to go for D,
and you feel that that's

the strategy behind it,
then we'll go for D.

>> All right, we want D gone

If D wins immunity, it's Lill.
Do we... I mean, I need you to

swear... there's only one swear
that I'll accept from you

to believe you.
>> Okay, what you want

me to swear on?
>> Your two kids.

>> He was like,
"Swear on your kids."

>> Let me see those fingers.
>> And then he said,

"Let me see your hands."
'Cause he didn't want me,

I guess, to have my fingers
crossed. How dumb is that?

I swear on my two kids
that I'm with you guys until,

what, the Final Three.
So I said, "I swear on my kids."

And in my head, in mumbling
under my breath, I was like,

"I swear on my kids that I'm
going to screw you and Burton."

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Darrah, I need this back.

Back-to-back, it's been
on your back.

Immunity back up for grabs.
Big stakes, down to five.

Here's how it's going to work.
For today's immunity challenge,

you're going to walk the plank.
There are a series

of five planks.
They're each locked

in the up position.
The key to unlock each plank

is attached to a float
that's at the bottom

of a plastic tube.
Using your canteen, you're going

to get water from the ocean,
dump it in that tube,

raise the float to the top,
get the key, unlock the plank.

Get one plank down, it leads you
to the next.

First person to unlock
all five of their planks,

retrieve their flag and get back
to the start wins immunity.

For the winner, guaranteed spot
in the Final Four.

Everybody else vulnerable
at the next Tribal Council.

And for one person,
game will be over.

Head on out.
Take your spots.

Here we go, guys.
For immunity.

Survivors ready?

Everybody filling canteens.
Darrah's first up.

Jon and Burton right behind.
There's Lill.

Everybody in it.

Darrah reaching way down in
there with those small hands.

Darrah's got her first key.
Jon, you're going

to need more water.
Sandra, you too.

Remember guys, when
you need water,

got to come back
to the starting plank.

Darrah with a big head start
has her first lock undone,

letting down her first plank.
Lill right behind.

Jon hangs on.
He's doing all right.

Burton has his first key.
Darrah filling back up.

Sandra's got her first key.
Burton lets his first plank

Sandra has her first plank.

Darrah working on filling her
second tube up.

Jon still working on
his first lock.

He's got it off,
lets his plank down.

Darrah has her second lock

Sandra and Lill going
for their second key.

Burton heading back to lock two.
Jon filling his tube up.

Darrah's in the water,
loses her canteen.

Back to the start, Darrah.
Jon's got his key.

Jon drops his second plank.
Darrah shoves her hand down with

even less water this time,
pulls it out, has her third key.

All that weight loss
coming in handy.

Lill making her way out
to her third lock.

Burton staying tight
with Darrah.

Darrah has her third plank down.
Sandra's got her second.

Sandra racing back
for more water.

Burton racing back
for more water.

( grunts )
Lill shoving her hand down

in the tube
and it may be stuck.

Lill's got her key out.
Struggling with the lock,

trying to get it undone.
Jon going to shove

his hand down in there.
Jonny Fairplay has

his third key.
Lill lets her plank down.

And it's stuck.
Jon drops his plank.

He's pulled up even with Darrah.
Both going for

their fourth lock.
Burton fighting

on his third lock.
Lill just fighting with her

You got to control it, Lill.

>> Damn!
>> PROBST: Burton drops his

third plank, Darrah her fourth.
One more for Darrah.

Jon has his fourth plank,
back even with Darrah.

Burton heading back
for more water.

Lill finally back in it.
Jon can't reach his fifth key,

got to come back for water.
It's a two-way race right now:

Darrah and Jon.
Sandra's got her third plank

Darrah heading back out.

Darrah working on her last

Will she have enough water to
get her hand back down in

and get the key?
Jon working on his fifth key.

Darrah's going for it.
She has her last float.

She's got the fifth key.
She's letting her

final plank down.
Jon's got his fifth key.

Darrah making her way across
to get the flag.

Darrah has her flag,
heading back.

Jon gets his fifth lock open.
All Darrah has to do is get back

without falling in.
Jon drops his fifth plank,

but it doesn't matter.
For the third time in a row,

Darrah wins immunity.

Here's the deal.
Third time in a row

you have immunity.
You are safe at the next

Tribal Council.
Sandra, Lill, Jon and Burton,

one of the four of you
is going home.

Immunity right up there.
Swim over, grab it.

You guys can head back into

>> Uh, D won for the third time
in a row.

Uh, Lill is now next to go
as a result.

And, you know, I feel
kind of bad about that,

but Lill has, uh,
physically and emotionally

just broken down at this point.
Lill has not talked with us

like she usually does.
Uh, Lill has, uh, not done

the work that she...
that she usually does.

And, uh, that's
a different Lill.

And her actions are telling me
that I can't trust her

right now.
What's the word, T-bird?

>> I just gave Burton
my full report.

Go ask Burton.
I'm not feeling well.

I'm not sleeping.
I hurt like hell.

So please, you two,
stop playing tag team

on me, please.
>> We're not playing tag team.

I was just asking
how you're doing.

>> Oh. I'm okay.
>> No, no, no.

>> Oh. I'm okay.
>> No, no, no.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Lill is, Lill is a basket

case right now.
>> I know.

>> Her body is shutting off.
She sleeps an hour a night.

She's freaking out.
She's a disaster.

If, if no other reason,
that's why we got

to get rid of her.
Lill's acting weird.

She's on her last legs.
She's just not doing well.

And she's developing a pretty
tight relationship with Darrah

that's making me nervous.
Um, but the way Jon and I

are seeing it,
if we can get Sandra to vote

with us to get Lill off,
um, I think

it'll be a pretty good move.
>> This is not good for

>> What?

>> This chick winning

>> No.
So, here's the deal.

Lill told me that you three
had talked about,

like, a girls' alliance.
>> She must be making that up,

'cause I'm not going
with Lill anyway.

I know how much...
how she feels about me.

She... they whisper about me.
I know they do,

regardless of this grandma
niceness that she portrays.

>> What about Darrah?
Same thing?

>> Darrah don't even talk to me.
You know what I'm saying?

>> Well, you two should...
>> We don't, we haven't even

been talking about chocolate
chips which is something

that we always talk about.
>> Yeah.

>> So I wouldn't worry
if I were you,

'cause I'm a write Lill's name
down big as ...

If that's what's going
to save me, then so be it.

>> Uh, I've really never
spoken strategy with Sandra.

The good thing about her,
though, is she'd vote out her

best friend, her worst enemy.
She would go to the next level

with five people she hated
to get to that next level.

So, it's very cut and dry
with Sandra.

There's no, "Oh, I have
feelings for this person"

or "I don't know
if we should do that."

She doesn't care.
She goes, "If I'm staying in

the game, I'll vote for them."
>> That's a good fire, right

>> Mm-hmm.

>> No, no, no.
>> Leave her something.

>> We're definitely going to
leave her food, but we're all

100% in agreement for, um, Lill?
>> Yeah.

>> And, and it's the smartest
thing for all of us to do

>> Absolutely. We all agree.

>> With her in the game,
if someone ends up against her,

they're not going to win.
>> Right.

>> All right.
>> All three girls are as dumb.

There's no...
they share a brain...

I don't even think they share a
whole brain, or obviously they

would figure out, "Hey, we can
get rid of these guys."

They're foolish.
I mean, uh, the girls

in this game have...
have done nothing to, uh,

nothing for women's rights
or anything like that.

I mean, like, uh,
they'd be better off, you know,

scrubbing potatoes and mopping
floors, uh, to... to get bills

passed at this point.
Uh, they, they've shown

they're nothing more than
followers in this game.

I think it's downright foolish
that they didn't talk.

But, uh, I felt, and will
continue to feel that I'm much

smarter than them anyways.
So, I guess, uh,

kind of par for the course.
>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

kind of par for the course.
>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury:
Ryno, Rupert, T, and Christa,

voted out at the last Tribal

36 days you've been out here.
Darrah, how are you

holding up?
>> Um, I'm holding up pretty

good, besides losing all the

>> PROBST: Although, that worked
to your advantage yesterday.

>> Yeah. Yeah, majorly,
for having small hands.

But, um, I don't have as much
energy to do, really, anything.

This morning, getting firewood
just, like, killed me, but,

>> We don't even talk.

>> PROBST: What's that?
>> We don't even talk.

>> PROBST: It's too much energy.
>> Yeah.

You don't even want
to open your mouth.

>> PROBST: Jon, you've got to be
a little impressed that, of

the five people left,
three are women.

>> Lill is the strongest
person here, easily.

I mean, she works harder
than everyone else.

Sandra is as tough as
every single one of us.

And D, three immunities
in a row.

There's not a guy here that can
say that.

So, I'm very impressed with
these women, in that aspect.

>> PROBST: Lill, did you
honestly expect you would be

here 36 days in?
>> Truthfully, between

you, me and God, no.
I never thought I would make it

this far.
I've done some tough things in

my life, but nothing like this.
I just need the strength

to go on for another three days
or however long my tribe

will keep me here.
>> PROBST: Jon...

how you feeling tonight?
>> Tribal Councils scare

the crap out of me, man.
I don't like them.

I don't like them at all.
This has turned into

surprise Tribal Council
every time.

So, uh, I don't want to be on
the other end of a surprise.

>> PROBST: Burton,
do you feel badly at all when

you send somebody out of here
who had no idea it was coming?

>> I feel awful when people
get blindsided.

I was somewhat blindsided
when I got voted out.

And it's something that I don't
wish to do on anybody.

But, I mean, a lot of times you
do it and it's the only way

you can guarantee that somehow
it doesn't get reversed around

and you get blindsided.
So, it, it's

a double-edged sword.
>> PROBST: Darrah, for the third

time, you have immunity.
I'm not sensing you want

to give it up.
>> No.

>> PROBST: All right.
Darrah is the only

one you cannot vote for.
It is time to find out which way

that sword will cut tonight.
It's time to vote.

Burton, you're up.
>> Lill, you're not someone I'd

want to go up against in the
Final Two, so your time has

>> I'm hardcore. I'm hardcore.

>> I'm hardcore. I'm hardcore.

I'm hardcore. And you're nice.
Have a nice day.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote:


Two votes Lill.

That's two votes, Lill,
one vote, Burton.

That's two votes, Lill,

two votes, Burton.
12th person voted out

of the tribe...

Bring me your torch.
Burton, for the second time

the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Well, another surprise vote.
I got to hand it to you guys.

You have become masters
of the blindside,

which should make these last
three days very interesting

because clearly,
based on tonight's 3-2 vote,

three of you are together.
The only problem:

ain't nobody playing for third.
You guys can head back to camp.

Good night.
Stay tuned for scenes

Good night.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

One of these four castaways

will make it to the end.
>> You really can't trust Jonny.

You don't know
if he's lying or not.

>> I'm the king of men,
and they're women.

>> I will be in damn shock
if I'm not voted out tonight.

>> I would love to be able to
say "I did it."

>> PROBST: Join us for the final
episode and find out who will be

the sole Survivor.
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>> It's been an amazing
experience to have been voted

out and given the opportunity
to come back in.

Of the four left,
I wish Jon the best

and I hope he wins.
Lill, I hope you can

live with yourself.
We had an alliance,

you broke it,
um, big as Texas, so I hope

you can live with that.