Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - Would You Be My Brutus Today? - full transcript

Faltering alliances leave everyone vulnerable at tribal council.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor:
>> Where's that snake mother ...

>> PROBST: Tempers flared

after Rupert was voted out.
>> Every time a plan went down,

you put it together.
>> PROBST: And Christa was

blamed for throwing out the

>> We can't sabotage the tribe.
>> I didn't do it.

>> PROBST: But Sandra was the
true culprit.

>> They're not going to enjoy
Rupert's fish-- screw that.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, the castaways were

surprised by the arrival
of their loved ones.

( sobbing )
>> Come here.

>> PROBST: But Jon was told
by his best friend that his

grandmother had died.
The tribe let Jon win the reward

so he could spend time
with his best friend.

As part of the reward,
the rest of the tribe was

exiled to a deserted island,
giving Jon and his friend

exclusive use of the Balboa
camp, where they celebrated

the success of a devious lie.
>> That was a brilliant

performance, sir.
>> He was like, "If you come

down here, tell me my grandma

>> The fake dead grandmother
could easily go down

as the dirtiest thing
ever to be done in this game.

>> PROBST: When the tribe
returned, Jon went right to

work, strategizing with Burton.
>> I just want it to be the two

of us in the final two.
>> PROBST: But Sandra and

Tijuana were secretly listening

>> It was better for her to hear
it with her own ears coming out

of their mouths than for me
to put things in her head

and for her to have doubts.
>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, the survivor's
vocabulary skills were tested.

Darrah wins immunity.
Nice job.

Before Tribal Council,
Jon pleaded with his two enemies

in a desperate attempt
to save Burton's skin.

>> Jon, you just don't know
how much we distrust you.

>> I swear on my grandmother.
That's a big freakin' deal.

>> PROBST: The plea worked,
and at Tribal Council, it was

Tijuana who was voted out.
The tribe has spoken.

Six are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪
>> You think Jon would lie?

♪ ♪
>> You think Jon would lie?

>> I'm-I'm starting to think so.
I think he laid it on us good,

and we didn't look at the
bigger, bigger picture, and,

um, now we're screwed.
>> Tribal Council was very

interesting, based upon a
last-minute decision

to get rid of T.
Jon made an agreement that he

would take Sandra and I to the
top four, along with Burton.

>> I'll just see what I can do.
>> I don't know whether or not

to believe him, because...
I can't believe him ever.

>> Burton's totally cool,
so last thing I want

for you guys is doubt.
Christa made me swear on my

grandmother's grave that I would
carry Christa and Sandra

to the final four.
And I-I believe I used

the phrase before:
Promises are like

wicker furniture and fat women:
easily broken by Jonny Fairplay.

I've rolled the dice a lot
in this game.

>> Don't go rolling it on me.
>> Look, I'm happy now.

Don't make me unhappy.
Let's just ride this thing out

to final four; we'll be fine.
>> All right.

I really hope he's telling us
the truth.

Probably not.
I don't know.

I think that Sandra and I
have a better chance

of getting ahead
with four women than Burton,

Jon, myself and Sandra.
>> Are you ready?

>> Yeah.
We don't have to bring

a thousand woods, right?
Just one, quick, dry wood run.

Me and Christa,
we've been tight since, like,

day number two or three.
But without Darrah right now,

I can't move another step.
I can't take another step

without knowing where Darrah
stands right now.

She voted for Burton last night.
She shouldn't have a problem

voting for him
either tomorrow or the next day.

The deal we made yesterday
to save Burton's skin

was that you or Lill
would go first,

but it didn't matter to us
who went when, right?

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Now, I want the guys to go.

>> Yeah, yeah.
>> You understand what I'm

>> Yeah. Uh-huh.

>> You think that'll work?
>> Yeah.

Sandra's already talked to me
this morning.

I mean, I'm sure there'll be a
bunch of different ones coming

up to me, trying to sway votes
and stuff.

So, I'm just going to play it,
you know, let them come up to

me and see what's going on.
And then, I'll decide what I

need to do after that.
>> I still think that Burton

is a bigger threat than Jon.
>> I do, too.

>> Then, we'll get Jon on the
next shot because Jon is just

like a girl.
>> Right.

>> Wait till you see
what's in the bag.

>> Oh, my goodness.
>> Oh, Big Daddy.

>> Should we save some for

>> Yeah, I'm cool with whatever.
>> We got mail.

>> Come read it over here.
>> "It's nice to be pampered.

For you, it's been a while.
Refresh yourself inside and out.

We're talking life and style.
This luxurious reward,

you'll really want to get.
But if you move too slowly,

all you'll get is wet."
>> Whenever I hear "wet" and

"water," that's awful for me.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

31 days.

>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: For today's reward
challenge, you will compete in

teams of three, which we will
randomly draw in a moment.

Here's how it works:
You're going to compete

in a water obstacle course.
First tribe member starts

on the first platform
where you must cross

a balance beam.
You'll then dive in and untie

two paddles from two separate
wooden crates.

You'll then swim
to a second platform,

join your second tribe member.
You'll dive back into the water

and release three underwater
floating barrels.

Together, the two of you will
then swim to a third platform.

You'll untie a third paddle,
join your third tribe member,

and all three of you
will swim to shore.

You'll then get in your boat and
paddle back to the start.

First tribe to get back
to the start in their boat

with all three tribe members
wins reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Well, after 31 days,

you deserve a little TLC.
So, today's reward is an

overnight spa.
You'll be flown to a remote

resort island.
You can then enjoy a massage.

For dinner, you'll order
whatever you want

and you'll awaken to a

There is a swimming pool.
So, for the winning tribe:

your swimsuits.
>> Oh!

>> PROBST: The first clothes
you've seen from those suitcases

you left behind 31 days ago.
Worth playing for?

>> Yes.
>> Hell, yeah.

>> PROBST: All right.
There are three silver coins

and three gold coins.
They are numbered

"one," "two" and "three."
"One" refers to the first

"two" to the second position;

and "three" to the third

Open up.
Let's see our tribes.

>> One?
Oh, Lord.

>> PROBST: Sandra, you are in
the first position.

You're going to be swimming
the most.

>> Oh, my God!
>> PROBST: Christa, you are

with Sandra at second position.
Burton, you're the tail.

You will be swimming the least.
For you, Darrah, it's all on

Then Lill and Jon.

Head on out to your spots.
For a great reward,

Survivors ready?

Sandra took a chinner

on the first platform.
Darrah with just a bit

of a lead, starting to work
on her first paddle.

Sandra at work
on her first paddle.

Darrah swimming toward her
second paddle.

Sandra has her first paddle.
Darrah has the second paddle.

She's got to get up
on the platform.

Darrah and Lill

onto the second stage.
Sandra still working

on her second paddle.
Darrah and Lill heading

for the barrels.
>> Slide above the end!

Push it!
>> PROBST: Got to release three

barrels, Darrah.
Darrah has her first barrel.

Lill working on that third

Let's go, Sandra.
Get that knot off.

You guys are not that far

Darrah has her second barrel.
Sandra still having trouble

with her second paddle.
Darrah has her third barrel.

Lill working on
that third paddle.

They've got the third paddle.
Lill, Darrah and Jon in the

water on the third stage.
>> Undo it! Undo it!

Quick! Quick!
>> PROBST: Sandra has the

second paddle.
Christa helps her up.

Get in the water.
Take the paddles.

You've got it.
I'll get you the second

you get here.
>> Come on, girls.

>> PROBST: Jon, Lill and Darrah
really having a hard time

with their boat.
Christa has the first barrel up.

Christa has the second barrel
up, making up a lot of ground

Christa has her third barrel.

Lill, Darrah and Jon starting
their paddle back to the finish.

Stage two is done.
Burton's now in this.

Swimming back to shore,
going for the boat.

It's going to be
too little, too late.

( yells )
It's over.

Lill, Darrah, Jon.
Overnight spa reward.

Bring your boat in.

You guys will be taken to a
plane, dinner, anything

you want off the menu,
breakfast tomorrow,

good night's sleep,
air conditioning.

>> This could be the best reward
in the history of the game.

>> This is awesome.
>> After Jon, D, and I won the

award, we got on a boat,
took a tour of the island,

and got put on a plane.
>> ( Lill gasps )

Look at this!
>> Oh, I cannot wait to get in

that bathtub.
>> Food, here we come.

>> Let's party!
>> It was amazing to see our

home from above.
There's our island, guys.

>> Yep, there's our island.
>> It sure is.

>> I wish it was me.
>> ( Jon speaks inaudibly )

>> It is so gorgeous.
It was a breathtaking view.

It was something
that I'm not going to forget

for a long time.
>> We've only seen

the Pearl Islands via our boat.
Words can't describe

how big this place is.
I mean, there's just ocean,

ocean, ocean, ocean,
and the biggest islands

you've ever seen
and the smallest islands

you've ever seen.
There was just so many of them

>> That was fabulous.

( cheerful scream )
>> Oh, wow.

>> Oh, my gosh!
Look at this!

>> We had no idea how cool
the hotel would be.

And when we got here, it's,
uh... this is absolute paradise.

>> Oh, my God!
>> The room is huge.

There was a big living room,
a huge bedroom,

a big bathroom, mirrors.
>> Whoo!

>> ( screams )
>> Wow.

>> Oh, my gosh...
>> It's not me!

>> Look at my eyebrows.
>> That first look at myself

in a mirror was so shocking.
Oh, my gosh!

>> I have lost so much weight.
>> I hadn't seen myself for...

30-some days.
>> Shower.

>> Shower!
>> Oh, this feels so good.

>> We might tell D she's, uh...
she's top three, just to keep

her from jumping.
>> I won't say a word.

>> This was, bar none, the
greatest reward we could be

given at this stage of the game.
It gave me a chance, personally,

to talk with D and Lill
without, uh, worrying about, uh,

Sandra and Christa overhearing,
and gave me a chance to, uh,

heal up some of my, uh, war
wounds from the first, uh,

30-plus days.
>> Oh, baby.

The masseuse put cucumbers
over my eyes.

I guess they do something
for the skin.

I think I needed a whole
cucumber to do anything for my

my skin.
>> Oh, this is the best.

The Pearl Islands are paradise.
However, it sucks with the bugs.

It sucks with some of the

It sucks with the food.

>> Oh!
>> Here, this is paradise and

that's an awesome feeling.
>> Oh, my gosh, this lady is

>> I feel sorry for Burton

>> Hope this doesn't have

to be a clean fillet,
'cause I am shredding

this thing.
>> Did Jon talk to you

about everything?
You're not going

to screw us over?
>> No, I haven't.

I haven't even talked
to him about anything.

Jon said, if we saved you,
that Darrah and Lill would go.

>> Okay! I, I haven't
even talked to Jon.

He just said...
>> Jon told us the wrong thing.

He said that we'd be in
the final four;

it would be two and two--
you and him and Sandra and I.

>> I'm in... I'm in a bit
of an odd position right now,

in that I am alone in the camp
with Sandra and Christa.

And I haven't talked to Jon
fully about this, so I don't

know what to tell them.
I mean, I've lied to them

I guess I could continue to lie.

But at the same time,
I don't want to piss them off,

because they're going
to be on the jury

and I want to be the one
they vote for.

We all came together
and we both saved each other.

Well, if Christa wasn't on
the chopping block,

it'd be one thing.
You didn't make that

voting decision to save me.
>> Burton has never been one

to talk to me and Christa
clearly about anything.

But let it be known
that if it wasn't for me

and Christa,
Burton would not be here today.

You would think that
that would count for something.

And then here he is saying
that he, he can't promise us

third and fourth.
That's a bunch of baloney.

The first chance I get
to send him home,

he's going home.
>> It's just hard to tell.

I can't tell when
people lie anymore.

Like, people can tell
when I'm lying.

I'm looking at them just like...
>> Well, the thing

is around here is, like...
just, everyone's lying

to everyone.
The only time you know

where someone stands
is when they vote

at Tribal Council.
The conversation that Sandra

and I had with Burton
was a real eye-opener for me.

It was, uh... I saw the light

>> I mean, no matter how strong
your best friend is out here,

at the end of the day,
it's not as strong as

a million dollars.
>> At this point, it's every man

for themselves, I see it.
We're not here

to make best friends.
We're not here to do anything

like that.
We're here to play a game

and get as far as we can.
>> Ooh!

Oh, we got pajamas.
>> No way.

( Lill squeals ):
Oh, you're kidding!

>> Oh, they're silk.
>> Oh, my God.

>> On our bed was silky pajamas.
We put them on, pranced around,

showed them off.
This is so exciting.

>> This is so wonderful.
>> I think we have a table

for three.
>> When we got to dinner,

I was starving.
And I, I...

It was so nice to be able
to open a menu up

and to be able to read.
I did remember how to read

after all this time.
My mouth is watering.

>> Chicken fingers
will definitely be

a good appetizer.
>> What about the clam?

>> Lill, you really want
to do clam

after 31 days of eating
nothing but seafood?

I'll order for you guys.
For dinner, she would like

the filet mignon.
>> I love a man that takes over.

>> Me, too.
>> How would you like

that prepared?
>> Um, medium rare.

>> Medium rare.
>> Jon ordered all the food

for all of us.
I enjoyed that.

You know, I, I like when a guy
takes the initiative.

Rock and roll, man.
Rock and roll.

I'm a great date.
I have a pretty extensive

fine food knowledge,
and I was able to show that off.

( Lill gasps )
>> Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my...
What's that?

>> That's bruschetta.
>> You're a whole lot more

smarter than me.
>> There's a few more sides

to Jonny Fairplay
than these girls

had any clue about.
And as Lill said, I'm much more

than just a pretty face.
I have noticed Sandra and

Christa will never give me a

>> Out in the water...
>> Yeah.

>> ...they said to me,
"We're going to kick out Jon

"and we're going to kick out,
um, Burton.

>> Are you with us?"
When we were eating,

we talked a lot about what's
been going on behind the scenes.

I know that Jon had to promise
Christa and Sandra a lot

in order for them
to back us up to get rid of T.

I had to promise on my
grandmother to them.

Oh, no, no, no, no!
Don't do that.

I had to.
She's looking down here at you.

I know.
She'll forgive me.

I had so much fun in explaining
to, uh, D and Lill that,

uh, Christa made me swear
on my grandmother's grave.

And I told Lill that it upset
me so much to have to do that.

And I was like, "One of her
last wishes was that,

that I win."
( laughing )

( laughing )
Lill is very antsy

and there was lots of strategy
that we needed to go over, uh,

for the last stage of the game.
There's a lot of people

worried about you, Lill.
>> Why?

>> Because.
Who whispered this

morning that like...
>> Lill is the queen of sitting

around the camp going...
>> I am not!

>> Yes, you are.
I am not!

>> You hurt my feelings...
>> Lill, I'm going to keep

hurting your feelings
unless you start

telling the truth.
>> I'm going to bed.

>> Lill, that's not helping

>> I'm going to bed.
You hurt my feelings.

>> Lill, you're...
you're doing more damage

than anything.
>> Lill, get in here.

We got stuff to talk about.
>> Jon talks down to me

like I'm some idiot.
Lill, it's the truth.

Make me sound
like a big-mouth.

It is not the truth.
He wants to show

that he's in charge and...
you know, I've seen that before.

And I'm thinking
that may be his way

of separating himself from me.
( thunder crashing )

>> So, I was thinking
about Darrah.

I tell you, after that
that challenge, I fear her

most in something like that,
'cause I think she has

a good chance of winning.
>> Yep. Watch your step on here.

>> This morning, Christa and I
went out looking for mussels

to eat.
And she brought up a strategy,

again, what I was thinking.
But she is willing

to make concessions,
and she's looking, um,

to get farther in the game.
So, it's a good thing to know.

Well, let me ask you this...
Without having talked to Jon,

I have no idea what's going on.
>> But...

>> But... would you vote Sandra
out next if that was the case?

>> I would go along with it,
if that's what you guys

wanted me to do
and get rid of her first.

But from a strategic

and just seeing how Darrah
is most likely

to win immunity...
I mean, I know that it's

probably not going to be
something super physical,

but Darrah was a cheerleader
and she can hang in

for long periods of time,
you know?

>> Nothing Christa said this

morning really surprised me.
I had a feeling she would

stab Sandra in the back if she
needed to.

She does really want Darrah
to go first.

All the options are still open,
but it might not be bad

to have Christa in the top four.
Because if Jon did do

something funny,
um, I'm pretty sure I could beat

Christa at Tribal Council.
I think she's rubbed a lot

of people the wrong way.
I would like to see you

in the top four.
I really want to go

to the top four.
And I will do what I can

to get you there.
So, you...

you got my word on that.
>> I think that Burton

understands that this is a game,
and we're all trying

to get ahead.
Me stabbing Sandra in the back

and getting rid of her...
isn't anything personal.

It's nothing about that.
It's about getting farther ahead

and doing the right thing
to win this game.

>> Good morning.
>> This morning,

we awoke to a big, fresh pot
of coffee and, uh, bacon, eggs,

the most amazing banana nut
bread on the planet,

fresh O.J, fresh fruit.
Great way to start the day

and yet another advantage
that we have over the others

going into the final.
>> I see Survivor as a big game

of human chess.
I felt that I could feed off

Darrah's greed and basically
say, "Hey, look, you know,

there's no way anyone
can beat Lill in a jury."

And she agreed.
I was like, you know, "So,

"without, uh, without anyone
knowing, how about me and

you Final Two?"
And she did

the math in her head,
and she was, like,

"I think you're exactly right."
>> Okay.

I won't say anything else
about it.

>> It's going to be me and...
and Jon in the Final Two.

I mean, Jon, you know,
he's a snake.

He lies, but...
he also tells the truth, too.

And, I don't...
I know he's not sitting here

lying to me about
going to the Final Two.

>> I want to know everything.
Start from when

the boat left...
>> When Jon, Lill and Darrah

returned from the reward,
I was happy to see them,

because I was glad
the reward was over for them.

I'm still jealous.
But I wanted to hear everything.

I want to hear everything
from the beginning to the end.

>> All right, so, let me...
We'll start at the beginning.

Big bed,
enough for three people,

shower, commode, toothbrush,

>> (screams)
>> I wanted to kind of

play it down a little bit,
but he told them

every detail there was.
And I thought, "Well, okay.

It's not me telling it
and bragging on it."

Filet mignon, cheeseburger,
another filet mignon.

>> Bastard!
>> We ate for four hours.

( Jon laughing )
>> Get out.

>> Jon, please tell me
you're at least hung over.

Well, they're taking
it pretty good.

>> But, um...
>> All a front.

All a front.
>> So, what did you

guys talk about?
>> Everything's set.

I told Lill
"top three" wh-when Darrah

was in the shower.
I told D,

"There's no way we can beat Lill
or, uh, Burton in a jury."

I was, like,
"So, it's me and you."

She goes, "I was thinking
the exact same thing."

>> After talking to Jon, it
sounds like he did a great job,

basically promising
Lill and Darrah, um, enough

so that they should never break
this alliance.

I'm not worried about D,
and I'm not worried about Lill.

>> Well, then, who's next?
>> Huh?

>> Who's next?
>> Christa's next.

>> So, you're going
to blindside Christa?

>> Yeah.
>> Okay.

>> Is that cool with you?
>> Yeah, I mean...

Why are you flip-flopping
on Christa?

No, no.
I'm not flip-flopping.

>> You can't be nice
on any of these screwing-over

people, you know?
Like, we both have

to be equally as evil.
>> Yeah. Dude, we're both...

>> Okay.
>> My strategy at this point in

the game is to work with Jon.
Jon's the bad cop,

I'm the good cop.
As we kick these people

out of the game,
if it all works as planned,

they will be mad at Jon
and not me.

Assuming nothing changes,
you and I are guaranteed top

>> I know.

>> So, neither of us will

>> That's... it's a guarantee.
>> Oh, man...

>> That's... it's a guarantee.
>> Oh, man...

I just want to sleep.
( mutters )

This game runs my life
24 hours a day.

>> I know it does.
>> I've had two dreams

since I've been here
that weren't related

to the game.
>> Are you still,

you know, I'm asking...
Are you still thinking

that we're the Final Two?
>> I'm really not thinking.

I... don't want to think
that far in advance.

Okay, you're telling me now that
you've had second thoughts.

That's not true.
I think

two Tribal Councils in advance.
>> Last night, I couldn't sleep.

And I got up
and went to the fire.

I asked him, "So, are you still
comfortable with this...

you and I at the end?"
And he said, "Let's just do

one at a time."
>> I can't help but feeling

you're having second thoughts.
( muttering indistinctly )

>> Yeah, but Lill,
that's in your head.

I'm not having thoughts.
>> Okay. All right.

I just want
to be prepared

that I know where I stand.
I am not going to screw you

over, okay?
>> Okay.

What I have told Lill
is that I will never lie

to her in this game.
I told her I'd take her as far

as I could.
And I do have

an allegiance with her, and I do
have an alliance with her.

But I have never promised her
top two.

>> Well, I have a feeling
I'd better make immunity, then.

>> It ticks me a little bit.
Matter of fact, it pisses me off

a little bit, but...
what can I do about it?

Um... the only thing
that would save me is to

win immunity at the end.
Then that may even justify me

to turn my back on him.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

to turn my back on him.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

All right, let's get to today's
immunity challenge.

Darrah, give it up.
Nice to have it on, isn't it?

>> Yeah, it feels good.
>> Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,
you will fire traditional

pirate muskets.
They've been modified

to shoot flares.
You'll be shooting at targets.

You each have three targets.
First person

to hit all three targets
wins immunity.

Everybody else, vulnerable
at tonight's Tribal Council.

Take your spots.
Wait for my "Go."

First three:
Christa, Lill and Sandra.

Christa, you're up first.
Ever shot a gun before?

>> Never shot a gun
in my entire life.

>> PROBST: Let me...
let me give you a hand.

Yeah, put this hand...
under here, right

under here, like you're...
There you go.

And you're gonna
pull this back, and

then you're gonna
fire the trigger.

>> PROBST: Look at that.
First time she shoots a gun,

hits her target.
One target down for Christa.

>> Nice shot.
>> PROBST: Lill.

Little low.

Little low.
Step back.

Next three, step in.
Jon, Darrah

and Burton.
Jon... looking

for your first target.
Just a little to the left.

>> ( sighs )
>> PROBST: All right, Darrah,

show them how it's done.
I know you want immunity again.

Darrah connects.
On the board with her first

Nice shooting.

Nails his first target

on his first hit.
End of the first round...

Christa has one hit,
Burton has one hit,

Darrah has one hit.
Next three, up.

Everybody rotate one position
to your right.

Sandra, looking
for your first hit.

Takes her aim.
Fires a little low.

Christa, looking for
your second target.

Look at that.
Christa nails another target.

Two for two.
Lill takes her aim.

Lill just low again.
Step back.

Next three, up.
Burton, hit your target

on your first shot.
Burton with his second shot,

looking for a second target
to stay tight with Christa.

And he just misses, just low.
Jon, looking for his first hit.

Jon low.
All right, Darrah.

Looking for your second hit.
And she does.

Good shot.
Darrah on the board

with two targets.
Step back.

Next three, up.
Here's where we're at:

Christa on the board
with two hits,

Darrah with two hits,
Burton with one.

Christa, looking for her
third and final target.

>> Damn, I was happy for you.

>> Wow. Hit the wood.
That was close.

>> PROBST: Hit the wood.
Close, but no cigar.

Lill connects.
Lill on the board.

Sandra with her first hit,
on the board with one.

Here's where we're at:
Christa on the board

with two hits,
Darrah with two hits,

Lill, Sandra, Burton
each with one.

Darrah, looking for her third
and final target.

If she hits it,
she'll win immunity.

And she hits it.
Whoo! Darrah has hit

all three targets.
Darrah wins immunity

for the second time.
Get up here.

Once again,
the smallest girl

out here is the safest.
The other five of you,

somebody going home.
Head back to your camp.

I'll see you guys
at the Tribal Council.

>> Congratulations, Darrah.
>> Deadeye Darrah.

>> I almost won immunity.
I almost, almost always

win immunity,
but that's never good enough.

I feel absolutely vulnerable.
You know,

right when you think something,
uh, things go completely...

>> We turned the tables once,

I'm sure we can
turn the tables again.

It's going to be
the women, watch.

I'm going to go home.
I feel like

I'm going to go home now.
You got saved once.

You're about to get saved again.
>> We want Burton gone, because

he's the strongest one
out here.

Although he hasn't
won these immunities,

but that doesn't mean anything.

he's stronger than we are,
and to put it all on an equal

playing field, we want
all the females together

till the end.
Would you be willing

to vote him off tonight?
>> Burton?

>> Yes or no?
>> No.

>> No? You're going
with who, with Lill?

>> Yeah, I'm voting for Lill.
So, Lill is it tonight?

>> I just want to make sure

everybody was on
the same sheet of music.

>> I think he's already
telling her right now.

>> Really?
I feel bad.

>> There's a word
in the English language,

uh, called "naive" and, uh,
some people are that,

and, obviously, those people
are playing this game.

>> I'm being told that
it's still Christa

that will be leaving tonight,
but that doesn't mean

that I can't, you know, organize
my stuff, pack my shells.

Never take anything for granted.
>> They're not going

to give up Lill.
That's bull...

>> It would throw everything

They're not giving up Lill.
Jon is a snake.

Jon will never be anything
other than a snake,

but the fact is
that Christa keeps telling me,

"Sandra, I honestly believe him.
"He swore on his grandmother.

Therefore, he can't be lying."
If I were you, I'd be

looking out for myself.
You need to look

out for you.
You and me.

Well, and this is how
we're going to stay alive.

This is how we're
going to stay alive.

>> Trust is nothing at this
point in the game.

It's cutthroat.
Everybody wants

to get to the end.
Everybody wants to go

one more place.
Lying is the way

to go out here.
Everybody has done it,

and everybody has done it well.
>> PROBST: Now, bring in the

and everybody has done it well.
>> PROBST: Now, bring in the

members of our jury--

and T, voted out

at the last Tribal Council.
33 days you've been out here.

Tonight, I want you to catch me
up on where this tribe is at

as we head into the six days.
Jon, at this point in the game,

would you describe the game
as "friendly," "mean,"

>> I would best describe

this point in time in the game
as the most hope-filled,

in which you have
to hope that the people

that you're aligning
yourself with are telling you

the truth.
Hope that you can outlast them,

hope that you're carrying
the right person to the end.

Burton, do you think this game
somehow gives you a license

to lie and betray and cheat?
>> It's, it's part of the game.

You've got to deceive people.
You have to make them think

one thing and do another.
I mean, it's just like any

competitive game.
You're trying to fake

out the other team,
and you're trying to get

farther at their expense.
>> PROBST: Christa, have you

lied in this game?
>> Uh...

I think I've lied a few times.
Um, definitely, I've kind

of tried to have this
philosophy from day one

not to lie to anybody
or at least just,

if I don't have to say
anything at all, you know,

I don't have to say it.
>> PROBST: Sandra,

who would you hate
to go up against

in the Final Two?
Lill. Why?

Everybody loves Lill.
She, um...

>> Aw...
>> I mean, like, to go

up against Lill
would be suicidal, and, uh,

she's the only one
here that I...

I feel like that about.
Lill, does it worry

you a little bit
that you're the oldest

Survivor out here,
you represent the Boy Scout,

and everybody loves you, in a
game in which

you want to put yourself against
somebody that people don't like?

It worries, it worries me
that the jury would

base their decision on somebody
that is nice.

Um, there's more to it than
nice; there's strategy there,

not just something...
someone that is nice.

>> PROBST: Christa, why not you

>> Um,I think I've rubbed some
people the wrong way...

a lot of people the wrong way,
and that might be

one reason that I
might stick around tonight

and not be voted off.
>> PROBST: So, back

to the likability factor,
it might help you tonight that a

couple of people don't like you.
Everything is completely

unpredictable all the time,
you know?

There's no trust here.
It's all about hope, you know?

Jon, do you trust your
relationships in this game--

right now?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Sandra, you trust
your alliances?

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Christa, how about

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Lill?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Burton?
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Darrah?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: So, we just sat here
tonight and talked about

lying and betrayal and deceit,
but you all trust

your relationships.
This is going to be interesting.

Darrah, you're wearing immunity.
Want to give it up?

>> No.
>> PROBST: She's keeping it.

Darrah's the only person
you can't vote for.

You all trust each other.
You have no idea what

the vote's gonna be.
So let's find out.

Jon, it is time to vote.
You're up.

>> Whether you like it or don't
like it, learn to love it,

because it's the best thing
going today.

>> Hopefully, everybody else

is doing the same thing
and voting for you.

>> You always
treated me with kindness.

Um, this is totally strategic,
because I'd hate

to go up against you.
You're too much

of a kind person
and I know they'd just

hand you the money and I can't
and I can't have that happen.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person voted out

will be asked
to leave the Tribal Council

area immediately.
I'll read the votes.

First vote...

One vote Lill,

one vote Christa.

That's two votes Lill,
one vote Christa.


Three votes Christa,
two votes Lill.

11th person
voted out of the tribe.

You need to bring me your torch.

Christa, the tribe has spoken.
You guys told me you trusted

Christa, the tribe has spoken.
You guys told me you trusted

your relationships, and yet,
on the heels of Rupert and T.,

a third surprising vote
with only six days left and five

very clearly skilled liars
still in it.

Should be a fun finish.
You guys can get your torches.

Head back to camp.
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from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

The guys are feeling cocky.

>> I don't think they could
come up with a decent strategy

if they had to.
We definitely have

an intellectual advantage.
>> PROBST: The girls are getting

fed up.
>> The sooner we get rid of

these jackasses, the better.
>> PROBST: And it all comes to

a head.
>> I swear on my grandmother.

I swear, I swear, I swear.
Now, do you guys have a plan

or not?
>> I wasn't quite expecting

to get voted off tonight.
It's really surprising to see

how everybody out here
fooled me

at every moment
of this entire game,

but I've made
really great friends.

Sandra and Rupert, both of them
have kept me happy

this whole entire time.
It's been

an adventure of a lifetime.