Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - The Great Lie - full transcript

A castaway is accused of sabotaging the tribe's food supply, but is it a false accusation?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
>> JEFF PROBST: Previously,

on Survivor:
While Rupert went fishing

for sharks, Jon and Burton
hatched a plot

with the former Morgans
to vote him out.

>> The five of us have
to stick together.

>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, the tribe played

in pairs for an afternoon
on a luxury boat.

>> Aw!
>> PROBST: Go!

Rupert across.
Jon across.

>> Yes!
>> PROBST: Burton and Lill win

Lill kept her reward,

but Burton gave his away
to Jon.

>> I didn't want to give
this reward to Rupert because

I don't want Rupert to have
any more food than he can.

>> I might not be as secure
as I think I am.

>> PROBST: Before leaving on the
boat, Jon plotted with Burton.

>> As long as the two of us can
get Lill to vote with us...

>> PROBST: But Sandra was
listening in.

Jon is going to work his magic
on Lill the whole boat ride.

>> I'm going to ask her
exactly what he talked about,

and she will tell me.
>> PROBST: On the boat,

Jon and Lill celebrated
with pizza and beer.

>> I am the scoutmaster.
>> You're drunk, Lill.

>> PROBST: And Jon pushed Lill
to vote out Rupert.

>> But I have a lot of guilt.
>> PROBST: Upon her return,

Rupert tried to secure
Lill's loyalty.

>> I know now Lill will be
wholehearted with me.

>> PROBST: At the immunity
challenge, Burton blew away

the competition.
Burton wins immunity again!

Back at camp, Rupert, Christa
and Sandra remained confident

in their control of the tribe.
>> Everybody's agreed upon

Darrah going home.
>> PROBST: But at Tribal Council

they were shocked...

...when Rupert was voted out...
The tribe has spoken.

...and Rupert became the second
member of the jury.

Seven are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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(thunder rolling)
>> I'm shocked that Rupert

got voted off tonight.
I can't believe it.

Maybe I've been too cocky
all along, thinking I know

what's going on.
>> Where's that snake mother...

I'll tell you what.

Can't nobody trust that bitch
right there.

I never trusted you
from day one,

and you can't be trusted.
Ladies, he cannot be trusted.

He will backstab you in a ...
heartbeat like he did

everybody here.
>> And what game are

you playing here?
Oh, you're not playing any game.

You're riding on Rupert's

Guess what?
That coat just left.

>> Every time a plan went down,
you put it together.

>> I thought tonight's
Tribal Council was probably

one of my proudest moments
in this game thus far.

The one factor that you can
always count on is greed.

The greed of the two Morgan
girls was enough to know

that I could trust them
to, uh... take out Rupert.

>> I hope these three ladies
turn on your ass,

'cause you cannot be trusted.
>> Okay.

>> Who threw the fish out?
>> Not me.

>> Sandra, did you throw
the fish out?

>> No. I'm hungry.
What the ... I'm going

to do with throwing fish out?
Okay, someone threw fish out.

We got back from Tribal
Council, and there was a

bucketful full of fish that
Rupert had caught in the

We go to grab the fish,

and the fish bucket's empty.
Christa, you did it.

>> I didn't, dude.
>> Sandra was talking

the whole time, everyone else...
>> Where is the bucket?

>> The bucket's back here.
They had taken the bucket

of fish, thrown it out, and go,
"I don't know what happened."

Sandra, why are you looking?
You know where they are.

>> How the ... did I know?!
>> Because you probably did it!

You're the one screaming!
>> How the ...!

'Cause I'm screaming at him!
I'm not talking to you!

I was screaming
at that mother ...!

>> You could see Christa
rummage around back there.

>> I didn't take any fish!
I wasn't even in this area.

>> Was I ever here in this area?
>> Yes.

>> Never.
>> No one said anything in this

game to hurt other tribe members
until tonight.

That was the most idiotic,
childish thing I've... I've seen

since this game has begun,
and Christa will be penalized.

>> All right. Fine.
I'm going to go to bed.

Now that everybody thinks
that I've tried to devastate

the tribe tonight, I think
I stand to be voted off next.

>> I smell the fish, too.
>> Oh, it reeks over by the...

>> Mm-hmm.
>> We'll go get water.

Can you... Will you look
for the fish?

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Throughout the night,

I was sleeping the closest
to the woods, and I could...

It just reeked of fish,
all night long.

I got up this morning.
I knew the fish were somewhere

behind the camp.
Holy ..., dude!

There's a big fish back here.
All the fish.

>> Christa swears
she didn't do it.

I think she did it.
She was mad that her good friend

Rupert was gone.
>> You're the only one...

You were the only one
back there!

>> You are the only one
that could have done it!

That's the point!
>> I didn't do it!

>> You're lying, and you have a
reason to lie!

>> I did have about 30 seconds
where I put down my canteen

in the corner of my bed, and
people think, during that time,

I threw out the fish.
I feel horrible for being blamed

and not having any way to prove
that I didn't do it.

>> Listen.
>> I don't even want to hear it.

>> If we're going to share
things, we can't sabotage

the tribe.
>> I don't even want to hear it.

I'm not trying to sabotage...
>> When we got back to camp,

I kept thinking, "You know what?
They're not coming and enjoy

Rupert's fish. Screw that."
So, I got up to camp first,

and I grabbed the bucketful
of fish, and it was so damn

heavy, and I tripped on a vine,
and I spilled all the fish.

And I started arguing with Jon
to the point where it saved me,

because they never pointed the
finger at me as to being the one

dumping the fish.
>> Christa, I saw you behind Jon

in... in the... in the shadows.
Like, I saw your silhouette.

>> Now I'm in a bind.
If I was to tell her,

she'd run off to them,
and there's no doubt in my mind

that I got three days left.
>> (teary): I didn't do it.

And I understand that it looks
like I may have done it, but

I didn't do it.
>> I feel very alone.

I just want to go home and see
my man, get back to real life.

It sucks being here right now.
>> PROBST: Hello, guys.

>> Hi.
>> PROBST: Today's challenge is

based on one of the most brutal
of pirate executions.

Today, six people are gonna walk
the plank.

Jon, appeal to you, the thought
of sending somebody out

into the water?
>> I can't wait to see two

people in particular go
in the ocean.

>> PROBST: Who?
>> Uh, Christa and Sandra.

>> PROBST: Well, today's
challenge is a lot more brutal

than sending Christa
or Sandra out to walk the plank.

Somebody else's gonna
be walking the plank.

And the bittersweet of it all
is, these are your loved ones.

(screaming and cheering)
>> PROBST: Sandra, here's

your husband Marcus.
Get on over here, Marcus.

Your woman's waiting on you.
>> It's been hard, papi!

I love you, too.
>> PROBST: Get enough

to last you, Sandra.
Marcus, take a spot

at the end of the rope.
Welcome to Survivor.

T, here's your high school
sweetheart and still great

friend, William.
Get on out here, William!

>> Hi, Billy!

How are you doing?
>> You look so good.

>> PROBST: Take all the love
you can get, T.

This may be it.
>> All right, let's

kick some butt.
>> We're just gonna

kick ass, girl.
>> All right.

>> PROBST: Burton... somebody
here wants to see you.

Here's your mom, Didi.
>> How are you?

>> Good.
>> You're still here.

>> I am still here.
>> Well, you're looking great.

>> PROBST: Didi, you're right
over here.

here's your husband, Lonnie.

There you go.

>> You're tough, okay, huh?
>> I'm trying. I'm trying.

I'm trying.
>> PROBST: Darrah, you're

waiting to see your man.
Here's your boyfriend,

>> Oh, Bradley...


>> PROBST: Well, Christa,
here's your fiancé and

soon-to-be husband, Pete.

>> PROBST: Hey, I'm about
to cry. Damn!

>> Oh, my God, we need
to feed you.

>> PROBST: Jon, here's your
buddy, Dan.

I can't wait to meet this guy.
>> Oh, God!

>> Whoo!
>> Final... seven?

>> You all right, man?
You'll be all right, man.

>> PROBST: Jon, you went from
really happy to really sad.

>> It was either going to be
my buddy or my grandmother

coming, and, uh...
my grandmother's not here

for a reason.
>> PROBST: What happened?

>> She's... she's not around.

>> PROBST: Sorry for that news.
I'm sure everybody

here is sorry.
>> I don't know.

I could hope to win this and...
and get some more information.

>> PROBST: All right, guys.
Here's how the challenge is

going to work.
I'm going to ask Survivors

questions about yourselves.
You're going to write down

an answer; your loved ones are
going to write down an answer.

Every time your answers match,
you get to force somebody else's

loved one to take another step
on their plank.

After three steps,
you're out of plank.

The fourth step: in the ocean.
Last one left standing

wins reward.
The reward is: your loved one

gets to come back to camp
with you for 24 hours.

They'll eat with you,
they'll drink,

they'll live in your camp.
For the rest of you,

bye-bye to the loved ones.
All right, loved ones,

get out on your planks.
Survivors, stay where you're at.

We'll get started.
First question:

What is your Survivor's

Sandra, reveal your answer.
>> "Changa."

>> PROBST: "Changa."
We have a match.

>> My mom used to call me this.

My niece used to call me this.
"Tia" or "Aunt Tia."

>> PROBST: Reveal.
>> Oh, "Marissa"! Oh.

>> PROBST: Lill, let's see if
you and Lonnie know each other.

>> "Lill."
>> PROBST: "Lill... Big Lill."

Nice job, Lonnie.
Jon? "Jonny Fairplay."

>> Whoo!
>> PROBST: "Fairplay."

Darrah? "Nub nut."
Bradley, what'd you put?

"D. J." No match.
Burton, let's see what you have.

"Burton" is right.

Christa, you're about
to marry this guy.

How well does he know you?

Pete says "Lovie."
Another match.

Sandra, first move.
>> Fairplay's buddy.

>> PROBST: Dan,
take one step back.

>> I say Sandra.

>> PROBST: Sandra's husband,
Marcus, take a step back.

Jonny Fairplay?
>> I mean, I have about a

million questions I'd like to
know about my grandmother,

but obviously, some people don't
give a... so Sandra's husband.

>> It's not all about you
all the time.

>> Right.
>> His grandmother just died.

>> Sandra's husband is
my choice.

>> PROBST: Marcus...
take a second step.

>> T's boy.

>> PROBST: William, take a step
back onto the green.

Christa, who's walking
the plank?

>> Burton's mom.
>> PROBST: No love

for the mother.
Next question: relating to the

Survivors: What is their
favorite home-cooked meal?

Sandra, what's your favorite
home-cooked meal?

I can't even pronounce that.
>> It's arroz con gandules,

rice with beans.
>> PROBST: "Rice and beans."

"Rice and beans."
That's a match.

T? "Mashed potatoes, chicken."
>> Oh, Grandma J's mac n cheese!

>> PROBST: Lill?
>> Spaghetti.

>> PROBST: Look at that.

Jonny Fairplay?
>> Going with my favorite meal

of all.
>> PROBST: "Steak."

"New York steak." Wow.

"Meat & potatoes."
(Darrah laughs)

Bradley? No match.
Burton? "Steak."

Another match.

All right, Christa?
"Roast chicken."

Wow. "Roasted chicken."
Absolute match.

Okay. Sandra?
>> Lill's husband.

>> PROBST: Lonnie, take a step
back on your plank,

into the green.

>> I'm sorry, Sandra.
It's got to be Sandra.

>> PROBST: Marcus,
one more step.

You are one step away
from shark bait, brother.

Jonny Fairplay?
>> I got to send him back.

>> You're going down,

he's saying.
>> PROBST: Marcus, say good-bye

to your woman.
This is the last time

you're going to see her.
>> I love you, baby.

>> PROBST: First person to walk
the plank: Sandra's husband.

>> I love you.
It's all good.

>> PROBST: Burton, who's walking
the plank?

>> Christa.
>> PROBST: Christa's fiancé,

take a step back.
Christa, payback time.

>> Bradley.
>> PROBST: Bradley, take a step

back, onto the green.
Everybody even up

on their planks now.
>> This is brutal. This sucks.

>> PROBST: Next round:
If your Survivor could do

anything in the world for a
living, what would

that dream job be?


>> He got it wrong.
>> PROBST: A nurse.

>> Gosh!
>> PROBST: No match.

>> We're going to have
to talk when we get home.

>> PROBST: Lill, who's walking
the plank?

>> I want her to forgive me.
It's got to be Christa.

>> PROBST: Christa's fiancé,
Pete, that's it for you.

Say good-bye to your woman.
Next question: What is the one

personality trait
that could cost your Survivor

to lose this game?
Who's walking the plank?

>> Bradley.
>> PROBST: Bradley,

say good-bye to your woman.
What is your loved one's

favorite genre of music?
All right, Lill sends in Didi.

Didi, say your good-byes
to your son.

>> I'm so sorry.
>> PROBST: You look so elegant.

>> Bye, Burton.
>> Bye.

>> Good to see you.
See you soon.

>> PROBST: You have a great son.
>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Jonny Fairplay?
>> Uh, he did... I got to

go after T's man, Billy.
>> Hey, may condolences, man.

>> Thank you.
>> Cannonball.

>> That was awesome.

>> PROBST: A cannonball.
>> That's Billy.

>> PROBST: Well, comes down
to this.

Burton, big decision for you.
If you choose Lonnie,

Jonny Fairplay gets his buddy.
If you choose Dan,

we go to another question.
>> I'm going to have to go

with Lonnie.
I'm sorry, man.

You've got an amazing wife.
>> PROBST: Why Lonnie?

Um, because Jon's news is...
I mean, it's the worst day

of his life.
I've got to let him

hear it through.
>> Got to.

>> We all support that.
>> PROBST: Lill,

you understand that?
>> Man, I understand that.

It's just been so good
just seeing him.

>> We'll take care of Lill,
Lonnie; we promise.

Have a good dip.
>> Come on, Big Lonnie!

Show 'em what you got, baby!
>> Thank you, guys.

Thank you so much, guys.
>> Thank you.

>> Of course. Of course.
>> I'm sorry, guys.

I'm so sorry.
>> Don't be sorry.

>> It's okay.
>> PROBST: Jonny, come on over

and say hello.
>> PROBST: Dan, get off that.

>> Whoo!
(crying and laughing)

>> Jon's lost about 30 pounds,
so take it easy on him.

>> I thought he gained ten.

>> PROBST: Okay.
As I said, Jon...

>> I'm so happy right now.
>> PROBST: Your buddy Dan is

coming back to camp with you.
You're going to share in

everything about that camp--
eat their food,

drink their water,
because it is your camp

and your camp only tonight.
For 24 hours, the two of you

are going to be on Camp Balboa.
For you guys,

you generously gave up
a chance to spend time

with your loved ones
so that Jon could get

a little more information
about his grandma.

So, we're going to give him
an opportunity to do that.

You're going to another beach.
Let's see what you've learned

after 28 days out here.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: Burton, come over
and get this machete.

>> Does this mean
we have to start over?

>> PROBST: Here's some
waterproof matches.

You're going to a separate beach
tonight for 24 hours

with a machete and some matches.
Great challenge.

Lots to think about.
>> I love you, baby.

>> I love you, guys.
Thank you, every single

one of you.
>> Thank you.

>> What's your name?
>> Thunder D.

>> This is Thunder D, guys.
>> Whoo!

>> Thunder D's the greatest guy
in the world.

>> Home sweet home.
>> Jon and his friend

are now at our home.
They have, um, free rein of our

shelter and whatever food was
there, and we are now put on

another beach with no food
and no shelter.

We're definitely struggling.
Um, we're starving.

Uh, we found one coconut.

>> Oh, God! So bad.
It's just not a good situation.

>> Jon's grandmother
just passed away.

We all kind of agreed that,
"Hey, let's let Jon take this."

Our mothers, our husbands,
wives, uh, boyfriends, whatever,

will be there when we get home.
>> I wish I could see him and

just talk to him a few more

But then, Jon got his news
about his grandmother.

I've gotten to know Jon.
He hurts just as much

as anyone.
My husband has to understand

that this is what we had to do
for him to have some time

to talk over his grandmother's
death with his friend.

>> Oh, man.
>> That was a brilliant

performance, sir.
>> Like that?

>> Yeah, thank you.
Did you like mine?

>> I couldn't cry. I tried.
I thought I brought on

a couple tears for you.
>> It was sweat.

My grandmother's sitting home
watching Jerry Springer

right now.
So, there's my autograph

right in the center.
There it is, the snake.

This is a game
for a million dollars.

I have one chance
in my life at this.

You should take every
single advantage possible.

If you don't, you're a fool.
So, yeah, I'm final two,

by the way.
Did I mention that?

Yeah, final two.
That's... (laughs)

Thank you. Thank you.
I haven't even come close

to being voted off, dude.
>> Jon called me before he left

and was like, "I've got to have
any sort of leverage

I possibly can."
He said,

"Outsmart and outthink."
He's got to outplay everybody.

And he was like,
"If you come down here,

tell me my grandma died."
Oh, man, They're going

to kill you.
>> I know.

You know, you notice how
everyone gave up their ...

for me?
>> I-I-I shed a tear for you.

>> The fake dead grandmother
could easily go down

as the dirtiest thing ever
to be done in this game.

>> Isn't it crazy?
>> You're going out, man, once

they hear what's going on, dude.
(laughs): You're grandma's

going to hate you.
>> My grandma's going

to love it.
>> That's them.

to love it.
>> That's them.

You want to walk over?
>> Yeah.

Well, back to the game
you go, my man.

Ten days, man. Ten days.
>> Hey, hey!

>> What's up, dude?
>> Dan doesn't like it here.

>> You didn't love our home,
Thunder D?

I like mine better, but...
You guys all right

somewhere else?
>> No.

>> Depends on your definition of
"all right."

>> It sucked.
>> All right,

I'll walk you over.
>> All right.

Well, nice meeting you guys.
>> Nice meeting you, too.

>> Take care.
>> Bye.

>> Thanks, man.
>> Me and Christa have been

looking for ways to just put
stuff in Tijuana's head,

because right now we feel like
Tijuana has the power

to make a move either
against us or with us.

My only hope is for them to
realize that they cannot trust

Jon and Burton.
Jon used to always say that

Christa was the strongest female
on both tribes.

That's why, if Christa goes...
That's why Christa's going.

>> Right.
>> Darrah's going before, 'cause

they don't worry about Darrah.
>> Right.

>> They know you're physical and
you might be Jon's competition.

As strong as Burton is,
I wouldn't doubt if that ...

is going to win all these

If you don't watch your back,
it's going to be those three

against just you two.
He's a force to reckon with.

And Tijuana just looked at us
and just listened to the whole

thing, and she didn't comment
on anything.

>> Well, let's go for a walk.
>> Burton and Jon decided

to go off on a walk.
And a lot of the times,

I sneak up, just to hear
what's going on.

That's how I always
have a working knowledge

of what's going on,
what's going to happen next.

>> I'm like, "I'm trying
to help you here..."

>> And this time, when I saw
them getting ready to go, I went

over to Tijuana and I said,
"You got to come with me now."

She's like, "I want you to hear
what I think is going on

and, um, you can be the judge
versus listening to me."

>> I hope it will go
smoothly tomorrow.

>> I'm not majorly concerned.
>> I just want it to be the two

of us in the final two.
And then, when the time is

right, we'll talk to Lill
about the top three.

>> I thought I heard something
along the lines

of "Lill, Burton and Jon,
an alliance of three."

>> I mean, if we just guarantee
those two girls top five,

which we have done,
and then, you're guaranteeing

T all the way...
Final two.

Then they've got to vote with us

>> Well, I think it should be
no problem.

>> The timing was perfect.
It was better for her to hear

with her own ears coming out of
their mouths than for me to put

things in her head
and for her to have doubts.

There's no doubts now.
>> I'm not worried about you.

I'm not worried about me.
>> So... I'm not worried

about Lill, actually.
>> You keep working T.

It sounds like you got
a good connection there.

>> Uh-huh.
>> I'm going to talk to D.

>> It just kind of let me
refocus on how to play

this game.
It's given me a... I think,

a heads up on things and how I
would like to play the game.

So, thereafter, I told Darrah
everything that I heard

and I let her know that
we need to regroup.

We need to have a different
plan, because our alliance

is going to be kicking us out,
most likely, fourth and fifth.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Let's get to today's

immunity challenge.
First things first.

There you go.

Immunity, back up for grabs.
All right, you been out here

30 days.
You're tired, you're hungry,

not sleeping.
One of the hardest things to do

in this situation is
think clearly.

Today's challenge is going
to test just that.

It is a word scramble.
Here's how it works.

On your board are three words.
You will use the letters

from these three words
to form 20 new words:

three three-letter words,
four four-letter words,

five five-letter words,
six six-letter words,

and two words
that are seven letters or more.

Here are the rules.
Words must be English.

No plurals.
No personal or proper names.

No names of cities or states.
When you think you've completed

the word puzzle, yell out,
"I'm done," game stops.

I'll check your board.
If you're right,

you win immunity.
If you're wrong,

you're out of the game.
Take a spot at your board,

wait for my go.
Here we go, guys, for immunity.

Survivors, ready?

You're using all the letters
to form new words.

And in case you're wondering,
"survivor," "pearl," "islands"

cannot be any of your words.
Christa on a tear,

ripping through this board.
>> Stop.

ripping through this board.
>> Stop.

>> PROBST: Everybody stop,
turn around.

Christa's made her call,
thinks she's finished her board.

Board's wrong.
This word right here, "er"

not "ar."
You're out of the game,

have a seat.
Everybody else, resume.

>> Got it.
Everybody stop.

Turn around.
T's called it.

Check T's board.
No plurals.

T, you're out of the game.
Have a seat.

Everybody resume.
Christa's out, T is out.

>> Got it.
>> PROBST: Everybody stop,

turn around.
Jon has called it.

This word here-- misspelled.
Jon's out of the game.

Have a seat with the girls.
Everybody resume.

Down to Lill, Burton,
Darrah and Sandra.

>> Done.
>> PROBST: Everybody turn

Burton's called it.

Check his board.
Burton wins immunity!

Nicely done.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Burton, come on over.
>> Mother...

>> PROBST: Once again, you're
safe from tonight's vote.

Everybody else, very vulnerable
at tonight's Tribal Council.

Gather your stuff and head on
back to camp.

I'll see you guys tonight.
Yo! Survivors, come back!

Huddle up right in here.
You guys headed out.

I know I've already
given you immunity.

Do you see what word I'm
looking at that's wrong?

I didn't catch it.
"Liaison" has another "I".

L-i-a-i... s-o-n.
That, I'm sorry...

is not yours.
So, here's what we're gonna do.

when you guys left,

everybody walked through, you
looked at each other's boards

you probably started talking
about words you had.

This game is done.
You're now out, Burton.

Christa, you're still out.
T, you're still out.

Jon, you're still out.
Sandra, Darrah, and Lill

are still in the game.
It's a new game.

I'm gonna give you
three new words,

and it's a timed trial.
You'll have one minute to come

up with words that are either
four letters or more in length.

I'm gonna add up
how many words are right.

Person with the most wins

Are you guys good with this?
>> This is good.

>> PROBST: It's fair?
>> Fair.

>> PROBST: Okay, so, the four
that are out, take a

seat back where you were.
The other three, take

your spots at your board.

it's back up for grabs.
Here we go, guys-- for the first

time, a woman will be
wearing immunity.

Survivors ready?

Same rules apply.
No plurals, proper names,

cities, states.
Five, four,

cities, states.
Five, four,

three, two, one.
Everybody step away

from your board.
Lill has ten right.

Darrah has 14 right.
Sandra has 12 right.

Not enough.
Darrah wins immunity. Nice job.

>> You go, girl.

>> Anybody but him.
>> PROBST: Darrah,

get over here.
First woman to wear this.

Turn around and put this on.
I misspoke earlier.

You are the only person safe
at tonight's Tribal Council.

Everybody else, vulnerable.
Head on back to camp.

So long, guys.
>> We've got Tribal Council

So long, guys.
>> We've got Tribal Council

tonight, and, uh, ironically,
the strongest player

has now lost the chance
for immunity.

So, we'll really sway votes.
We'll either support having

the strongest player leave
or we will support the two

most antagonist players
in the game leave.

This is a perfect opportunity to
get rid of the strongest player.

>> It's the only opportunity.
>> The only opportunity.

>> And then I don't know who
should be our next after that.

>> I would think that Christa
would be the next to go.

Hey, we gave her three extra

Jon, he's not clueless.
He knows that it's a pretty good

chance that Burton's going
to go out.

He has no other option
but to be on our side.

>> Right.
>> Well, let's get rid

of Burton first.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> And then we'll move
to plan number two.

>> Right.
>> Okay?

But for right now, the objective
is for Burton to go home,

so he can be crushed tonight.
Just like Rupert was crushed,

he'll be crushed.
>> I understand the decision,

but, you know, I prefer Christa.
But I understand why.

>> Right and because you got
majority, you have to go

majority or it's...
your butt's on the line.

>> Exactly.
>> All right, cool.

>> It's a huge deal that-that
Burton's under the microscope

right now.
Burton's someone that I want

here for a while, 'cause he's
one of, uh, my best allies.

So, I thought it was
crazy to get rid of him.

So, I got to just roll the dice.
I don't think he deserves to go

anywhere and I'd rather keep
Burton and keep eating.

You guys owe me nothing.
You guys owe me a big ...

finger to the face.
>> What'd she say to you?

>> She wants Burton
to go home tonight.

In exchange for my vote, she-she
promises you on a ...

silver platter.
She ... hates your guts.

>> And if Burton doesn't go,
then who do you want to go?

>> I want T to go.
I don't think she ...

deserves it.
She pissed me off.

>> And what would you do
with Lill and Darrah?

>> I'm scared. I'm scared
to make a move with you.

>> I understand. I understand...
>> I'm so ... scared.

You just don't know.
Would you promise us four?

Would you get rid of Lill?
>> I'll, I'll get rid of Lill.

>> Jon comes out and says,
"We want to fix things

between you guys again.
I want you to help me

save Burton today
in exchange for Tijuana."

And we're like,
"Well, we're listening,

but you have done us wrong
so many times before."

>> All right, look.
If we go final four,

us four, that's fair.
Is that not fair?

>> Jon, you just don't know
how much we distrust you.

>> I swear on...
I-I swear on my grandmother.

That-that's a big freakin' deal.
And I wouldn't break that.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
the members of our jury,

Ryan and Rupert, voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

30 days you guys have lasted.
30 days.

First question:
T, what is going on

with this tribe right now?
>> There's chaos.

There's... just a lot going on.
>> PROBST: Sandra, where is

this tribe?
>> Um, after the last Tribal

Council, we went straight to
camp and there was so much

shouting, fighting, cursing,
I mean, the works.

All of a sudden,
they're looking for the fish to

fire it up and have a good meal,
and somebody tossed

the fish in the jungle.
And they start pointing

the finger at Christa
'cause she put her water canteen

under the shelter.
We were all hungry, we wanted

to eat Rupert's fish,
but nobody ate jack.

>> PROBST: So, Christa, you're
still taking the blame for this.

>> I-I was gone for 30 seconds.
I didn't do it.

I don't know who did it.
I-I can't prove anything.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about
the reward challenge where you

got to see your loved ones.
Christa, that had

to warm your heart.
>> It gave me so much energy

and hope right when I needed it.
Made me so happy.

>> PROBST: Then Jon shares some
information with us that,

lo and behold,
his grandmother's passed away.

And we have this sudden change
of events again in which you

guys decide to let Jon win
so that he can be

with his friend.
Did you get the information

you wanted?
>> Yeah.

Definitely one of the saddest
days of my entire life.

But I have to say, uh,
it-it really meant a lot to me,

uh, for everyone to-to
come together like that

for-for me, and, uh...
I'll never be able

to thank them enough for that.
>> PROBST: T, is this tribe

closer as a result of everything
that happened the last

three days?
>> I think, for the moment,

um, at least for myself,
the game no longer mattered

to me.
It was about Jon and him needing

information to live outside
of this game.

After that, it went back to the
game, and after that, we are now

still... there's a lot of
tension between, um, some of us.

And, um, it's-it's-it's...
it's definitely chaos.

>> PROBST: Burton, who do you
trust in this game?

>> I would like to think
I could trust a lot of people.

But you don't have to trust
someone to have an alliance

with them.
You just have to have

the same interests.
You could hate someone's guts,

but if you could help them get
farther and they could

help you go farther,
hey, we've got an alliance.

>> PROBST: You know, after 30
days, you form relationships

with people.
And, obviously, it's hard to

trust people because it's a
game, but at a certain point,

Jon, are you willing to betray
anybody in this game

to get what you want?
>> Several days ago, yes.

At this point, I don't think so.
>> PROBST: Why the change

of heart?
>> I-I've had a...

I've had a rough few days, man.
I mean, I'll be honest with you,

you know, uh...
priorities changed a little bit.

You know?
>> PROBST: Darrah, you have

I'm sure it feels good.

It is yours to give away
if you'd like to.

Is there anybody you want
to give that up to?

Darrah is the only person
you cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.
It's time to vote.

Sandra, you're up.
>> Burton, I'm voting for you

Sandra, you're up.
>> Burton, I'm voting for you

only because you're the biggest
threat we have right now.

>> T, I know it's your birthday
tomorrow, and I don't think

one of us is going to be here
to see it.

>> Burton, I heard you and Jon
talking and you had a lot of

differences in what you were
telling us versus

what you told Jon.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally

what you told Jon.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally

the votes.
Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person voted out will be

asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote:


That's two votes Burton.

A happy birthday.

That's two votes T,
two votes Burton.

T. Three votes T,
two votes Burton.

Tenth person voted out
of the tribe: T.

You need to bring me your torch.
That's four votes.

That's enough.
Last vote will remain a mystery.

T, the tribe has spoken.
Burton said it best.

T, the tribe has spoken.
Burton said it best.

It's not about trust anymore.
It's about mutually

beneficial interests.
You guys can head back to camp.

Good night.
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from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor: A few lucky tribe
mates experience the ultimate

And a shift in power begins...

>> I want the guys to go.
>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You think that'll work?
>> PROBST: ...while old

alliances crumble.
>> Are you still thinking

that we're the final two?
>> I don't want to think

that far in advance.
>> You're telling me, now,

that you've had second thoughts.
>> Well, it looks like, um, I

think I tried to make some
decisions in this game and to

try to make things work to my
advantage and take that

leadership role, I think, cost
me the game.

And for the rest of the tribe
members in the game,

I have no animosity
to any of them.

Um, I've made it to the jury.
I'm proud of myself.

So, with that being said, peace.