Survivor (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Beg, Barter, Steal - full transcript

Castaways are divided into two tribes, Drake and Morgan. Castaways are told that nothing is at camp. They are given a small amount of money to buy items at a marketplace to get what they think they will need to survive.

>> JEFF PROBST: We're on board

the Rembrandt van Rijn, 
heading south off the coast of

Panama to a remote
in the Pacific waters

of Central America. 
Down below, 16 Americans

who have no idea the
of a lifetime has already begun.

After traveling all night, 
they arrived Panama City

early this morning, 
boarded this vessel,

suitcases still in tow, 
still wearing the same clothes

they had on on the plane. 
Right now, they're relaxing

under the false assumption 
that we are several days away

from starting the game. 
They think we're heading out

to take publicity photos. 
What they don't know,

this game has already
and it is full of surprises.

For instance, those
so carefully packed with

essential outdoor

The only clothes 
they're going to be taking

are the clothes on their
And more twists await.

Their destination-- 
the Pearl Islands--

a land with a bloody
of looting and piracy.

Brutal battles took place
these waters as pirates preyed

on unsuspecting ships, 
plundering their gold, silver

and pearls. 
( pirates shouting )

The jungles, which were
perfect hideout for these

pirates, are rugged. 
The weather, temperamental.

The waters here are home 
to some of the most magnificent,

but deadly, marine life 
anywhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Sharks, stingrays, eels, 
even whales thrive in a

spectacular world beneath

This will be their home 
for the next 39 days.

They must learn to adapt, 
or they'll be voted out

of the tribe. 
In the end, only one will

remain to claim the
dollar prize.

39 days, 16 people... 
one survivor.

( theme song playing ) 
♪ ♪

( theme song playing ) 
♪ ♪

♪ ♪ 
Welcome, guys, to Survivor:

♪ ♪ 
Welcome, guys, to Survivor:

Pearl Islands. 
The game is on.

We're starting right now. 
I know everybody here brought

their suitcases, 
I know you got a lot more

luggage downstairs. 
And it's true, in the past,

survivors have been
to go through their luggage

and pick out a few

You guys won't have that
( nervous giggling )

You're going into this
with the clothes you have

on your back... 
just like if you really

were shipwrecked. 
>> He says, "The game starts,

you're taking nothing." 
I was like, "Oh..."

>> Looking at the
I got to say, a couple of nice

suits up here. 
( laughing )

>> I'm wearing an Armani
How am I going to get by?

What am I going to do 
with a suit?

>> PROBST: A very cute
dress-- I hope you're wearing

something under that. 
( laughter )

>> I was like, "Okay,
this is fine.

"You know, I don't have a
on; I hope my dress stays up."

>> PROBST: I'm sure the
Scouts of America will be glad

to see they're
( laughing )

When it comes to your
however, I took the liberty

of going through your
Here are your tennis shoes.

I want you to have a
chance at the challenges.

Now, I need to get

your personal items. 
I want everything.

Start getting it out--
wallets, money, passports

and any jewelry you don't
to lose...

I want in here. 
Bags are staying behind,

so you don't need to 
go through your bags,

just anything else. 
( laughter )

You were really hoping, 
weren't you?

>> I was hoping. 
Hey, there's a snowball's chance

in hell that I thought you
would let me bring this.

>> PROBST: Put it in
Okay, your tribe names--

going to be based on 
two of the most notorious

pirates in Panamanian
the Drake Tribe, after Sir

Francis Drake, and the
Tribe, after Henry Morgan.

So, as I call out your
you'll come forward,

we'll divide into tribes. 
First up: Shawn... wearing blue.

First member of the Drake
Have a spot right over here.

wearing orange.

First member of the Morgan 

Have a spot over here. 
Christa, next member

of the Drake Tribe. 
Come on up, Christa.

Osten, come on up. 
Look at that loot.

( laughter ) 
That is pirate-like.

You got booze, music. 
>> That's booty.

>> PROBST: Rupert, next
of the Drake Tribe.

Have a spot. 

>> Rupert is the man. 
I thought, "This dude is cool.

"He's a big old hippie, 
and, uh, he looks strong as an

>> PROBST: Next member

of the Morgan Tribe... 
Boy Scout, Lill.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Next member of 
the Drake Tribe: Trish.

Thank you. 
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Next member of 
the Morgan Tribe: Ryan.

Next member of the Drake Tribe:

Next member for the Morgan

Tribe: Tijuana. 
Look at those heels.

>> Tijuana, she's
She's a Nubian princess.

That's how good-looking she
>> PROBST: Next member of the

Drake Tribe: Michelle. 

>> Thanks. 
>> PROBST: Next member of

Morgan: Ryan. 
We have two Ryans.

Wearing blue for the Drake 
Tribe: Jon.

( applause ) 
>> Jon!

>> I go by the moniker of 
Jonny Fairplay.

I don't play fair. 
What's up, big boys?!

Let me hear it! 
>> PROBST: The Morgan Tribe's

about to be very happy. 
Here's the woman

who's wearing nothing 
under her dress--

come on down, Nicole. 
>> Found a new use for this

>> PROBST: You're right.

Works as a great tube top. 
Personal items, please.

And you're over there. 
Give me those personal items.

Last member of the Drake

( clapping ) 
Last member of the Morgan Tribe:

Sporting a nice tie and an

expensive suit. 
>> Thanks, man.

>> PROBST: Now, if you
the clothing issue was tough,

it's about to get worse, 
because when you arrive

at your camp, there's
waiting for you there, either.

Nothing-- no food
not the first bit of tools,

no flint and steel 
to start fire.

I mean zip. 
What I can offer you, though,

is this-- 
the opportunity to control

your own fate. 
100 Balboas in here--

that's Panamanian money. 
Behind me... small fishing

You're in luck, it's market day.

I'm not going to lie to
It's a small village,

there's not a lot there, 
but if you're smart

and you have a plan, 
you can get everything

you need-- the essentials
help you survive 39 days.

Explore this village. 
There's a lot of nooks and

crannies, knock on doors. 
When you run out of money,

barter with what you have, 
which is, granted,

not much, but use it. 
You're not coming back here.

Map to your new home. 
You must set aside enough money

to hire a boat and a
to get you to your camps.

You each will have your
island, and they are a long

ways away. 
You need to be there by sundown.

Got a lot to accomplish 
in the next few hours.

You're going to have 
to work together

as a tribe to pull it off. 
I wish you the very best of

>> I was like, "Oh, my God.

What have I done?" 
This is beyond what

I bargained for. 
I knew it was going to be

the adventure of a
I didn't know it was going to be

this big of an adventure 
of a lifetime.

>> PROBST: Drake, there's 
a life ring.

Morgan, there's a life
If you needed a reason

to get in, here it is! 
There go the shoes.

Go, guys! 
( all clamoring )

>> PROBST: Life ring. 
Somebody better get

your life ring, or you're 
never gonna make it in.

Better not dilly-dally. 
♪ ♪

Better not dilly-dally. 
♪ ♪

>> I don't get in the
I respect the water.

( laughs ) 
Unless I absolutely have to,

and I had to. 
And I'm not, like, that

strong of a swimmer, 
so I was in a state of shock.

I was like, "Oh, my Lord. 
I could be in some...

a world of hurt right
>> Are you okay?

>> I never would have
swimming with my clothes on

would have been so hard,
it was.

With my big denim jeans, 
my legs were rubber.

It took all I had to keep 
kicking and getting it to shore.

I was spent, and it hadn't
started yet.

( chuckles ) 
>> The girls, they're... they're

running off, so... 
>> Okay.

>> we have to carry
>> I'll carry their crap.

>> All right. 
>> We didn't come to shore

together at all. 
I was hoping that we would

come together with some
and some goals, uh,

what we wanted to go to
but that wasn't the case at all.

Uh, some of the girls took
>> Do you know where we can

get a boat? 
>> And, uh, Ryno, he-he just

took off. 
He was gone-- it's like he

wasn't even part of the
He was gone and he had his own

I don't even remember him

consulting anybody about
>> Fire?

>> No, no, no.

>> No? 
>> Uh, boat?

>> Boat? Yes, yes. 
>> Okay.

I wanted to check out 
the village and get to certain

places and find where stuff
first and also try to find

where the boat was. 
And I run all the way down

to the boat dock, 
and I didn't have a map.

I didn't have any money 
to pay this guy.

What's the most to go
much anywhere?

I forgot my map. 
>> Nadie habla ingles.

>> Screwed up this one. 
( indistinct voices )

>> All right, someone sit on
for a minute.

>> Well, here, here's our
>> All right.

Stay here with this,
You watch it.

Let's get the money. 
Where's the money?

We need it. 
>> When I got to those stairs,

I was done. 
We sit the sucker down,

and I needed to rest. 
The other team, Morgan,

came up, sat their stuff
next to us, and all left.

This is definitely 
a pirate adventure.

Pirates pillage, pirates
pirates take advantage.

If they were gonna be 
silly enough to put it

right next to me, 
I'm gonna put it in my thing.

All their trade goods, 
all the little

women's shoes, the
Everything that I could find

in theirs, I took. 
I've always said I will lie,

cheat and steal 
to win this game.

We're going on. 
There was my stealing.

I stole for the Drake. 
Take them, take them.

You know, get anything. 
>> Whose are these?

>> Pirated. 
>> Oh.

>> Feel that. Feel that. 
Feel that.

For a knife? For a knife? 
For a pineapple?

>> ¿Cambiarlo por eso?

>> Pineapple? Yeah? 
We are pirates... so we pirated.

Yeah, it's a hard life, 
living the pirate's life.

>> We got water. 
>> We got water?

Okay, we need, um... 
>> Machete?

>> We got, we got, 
we got knives, we got knives.

>> We need flint steel? 
>> How 'bout food?

>> Yeah. 
>> Yeah. Fishing stuff.

Where's the fishing stuff? 
Hold on, let me ask this lady.

The way we attacked
our supplies at the village

was, uh, a bit chaotic. 
It was confusion.

>> Rice? Rice? 
>> Rice.

>> Hey, Ryan, how many
>> You want to buy a belt?

By chance? 
Buy a belt.

Stand up real quick, come
Stand up, come here.

We only had a limited
of money, so I made an

impulsive decision to sell 
my clothes to benefit my tribe.

Slide them right in there. 
Look at that.

That's unbelievable. 
That looks... that looks great.

How, how... 
I sell it to you?

Dos Balboas. 
Thank you, partner.

I appreciate it. 
You know, you got

to fast-talk some people. 
And I was willing to try

to do whatever it took 
to-to make the sale

so that we could have 
more money for my group

to do whatever we needed 
to do with the money.

>> Let me, uh, let me
Can I talk to two girls real

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Just a little strategy. 
Come here.

>> I'm listening, too. 
>> Okay, come on.

( speaking indistinctly ) 
But you know old, old men

are real horny. 
So, maybe sometimes if we don't

have money, flash your
give 'em a quick peek or

something like that, all
I don't mean to be rude,

but that-that could help. 
>> Osten goes, "You know, girls,

"we don't necessarily 
have to spend our money.

"With these old guys. 
"they're really horny,

so you can just show them 
your boobs."

He didn't even know our
really yet, or-or us at all.

That was his first, you
introduction to us.

So I was just, like, 
"This guy's a jerk."

( cheering ) 
( speaking Spanish )

>> Hey, guys. 
Wanna buy...?

>> Dos Balboas. 
( speaking Spanish )

>> Okay, let's go. 
We'll come back.

>> Yeah. 
>> He wants three and three,

but the guy told us 
two up there.

We buy the rice from him. 
>> Sandra, she was so amazing

in the town, because she
the language and worked out all

these incredible deals. 
And we would...

it wouldn't have been
( speaking Spanish )

>> Hola! 
>> Hola!

>> When we got to the village,

was lucky that I knew Spanish.

And I was trying to
with the lady at the store

and ask people for certain 

>> What's the cheapest
And do they...?

( Sandra speaking Spanish

>> Por favor.

She'll do it for your
>> Oh, gracias!

>> Your eyes for her... 
>> Gracias! Oh!

>> The lady at the store 
had it in for Trisha.

Trisha thought the lady 
was laughing and giggling

with her or whatever. 
But the lady actually, I think,

you know, liked her in a 
sexual way.

There's, uh, Trisha
the lady, laughing and giggling

like it's all good. 
And I'm like, "Yo, we need to

You got to stay with her.

We're gonna leave you 
here for a few minutes.

>> I feel that the village 
people really respected Sandra

because she was being nice 
and decent about things

and respectful, 
unlike the other tribe

that was screaming at
>> Give me my money back.

I need my money back.

I don't want it. 

Okay, if y'all gonna 
steal from me,

I'm gonna steal from
>> Yeah, this is the one

we paid for. 
>> Gracias, gracias.

>> We, we... we gave the
We... No, no...

>> Gracias. 
>> No, no, no, no, no, no.

>> Then don't do this! 
Don't do this!

>> No, no, no, no, no. 
>> Where's the money at?

>> Where's our money? 
>> No, no.

>> Sí! 
>> Muy poquito.

>> We're walking out with 
the merchandise we paid for,

then another person says, 
"No, you didn't pay for it"?!

Wait, what? 
I-I'm sorry?

So, it definitely was a 
difficult situation,

especially when you don't
all of the words

that you need to say. 

>> No, no, no. 
>> Where's the money?

>> Hey, hey, she, she just
you she gave you the money.

>> No, no, no. 
>> Sí! You're stealing.

>> I don't really get
with Tijuana.

She seemed, like,
overexcited about certain

things, and that was just 
frustrating for me.

>> Where's the money? 
Okay, where's the money?

( overlapping shouts ) 
>> We handled it to the best

of our ability. 
And in the end, they came out

on top by saying,
we'll give this to you."

>> Okay, God will bless
>> So it worked out well.

( singing and clapping ) 
>> We went around the corner,

and there was this lady 
having... they were dancing.

She was having a barbecue, 
and I says, "You know,

I'll give you this gold
for everything you have here."

And she looked at my
she was like, "Yeah."

I put the chain around her 
neck, and she was like,

"What do you want?" 
I said, "I want all your

chicken, I want your

I want your ketchup, your 
hot sauce, the barbecue sauce."

She had a cutting board, 
a knife.

The only thing we didn't take

was the grill. 
>> Yo, Blackbeard!

>> Oh, you won't
>> She just traded her necklace.

>> For my gold chain. 
>> For her gold chain,

we have... 
>> I got knives...

>> Oh, my God! 
>> Ketchup, hot sauce...

>> I was definitely pissed 
to see the Drake Tribe and all

of the wealth that they'd
into, all of the fortune.

That definitely just kind 
of deflates you a little bit,

like, "Man, we could have 
done that."

We could have been 
even more prepared.

They were taking their
and we weren't.

Okay, we got 
to get down there.

Let's get all our group-- 
it's a long walk.

Come on. 
You need help carrying

or you good? 
>> I got it.

>> Let's rock. 
>> Where we going?

We got tons of money. 
>> All right. Hey, Osten!

We got tons of money! 
>> We got money.

>> We had money left over. 
Are we going to the boat now?

Can we go get more-more
We have more money.

We should have spent
all of the money.

I don't think we, uh, 
fundamentally did-did

the right, right decision. 
I think, I think we could have

gotten a few more good
I think people

were just too anxious 
to get on the boat and get-get

the thing started. 
>> You said 35, so...

>> Treinta y cinco. 
>> Okay, thank you.

Thank you. 
Okay, we're loading right now.

As far as getting enough of
we need, only time will tell.

( snorting ) 
>> Let's see, we have rice,

we have beans, we have a 
container for the rice.

>> We got coconuts. 
We got another chicken.

>> You know, I don't know 
what more we need, really.

>> We did very well 
in the village.

You know, we, we managed 
to get a ton of stuff

for the little bit 
of money we had.

>> We got fishing line, 
a bunch of hooks.

I know we got a fishing
uh, for catching fish.

Um, we got wine, 
we got a-a huge tarp,

we got two machetes, 
which are essential.

>> We did good. We did
>> We got so much.

I can't believe how much we
>> I put about $40 in my pocket,

so it wouldn't be in the
just as a safety measure.

'Cause I figured, with
I can definitely get a ride.

Treinta y cinco is a deal. 
Treinta y...

>> Okay. 
>> Yeah?

All right. 
Let's go, guys.

Get the chicken! 
Get the chicken!

Oh, you... 
Get the chicken!

Stop the chicken! 
Stop the chicken!

( Rupert laughing ) 
We're pretty well fit

for the jungle right now. 
I think we're...

we're definitely ready to
all-out for the next 40 days.

>> Seeing the flag, I'm 
thinking, "I can't believe I'm

This is the coolest thing

that's ever happened to me in
entire life."

I think that should be 
the first big celebration,

the sheer excitement. 
There was none of that.

What do you guys think? 
>> Want to get everybody here so

we can say what we're going

>> I got off the boat
I walked up, and already

people were talking about, 
"Where do we want to put camp?"

Blah, blah, blah. 
I was, like, "Man, we're here!

"Let's jump up and down. 
Let's give some hugs.

Let's do something." 
There's none of that.

>> Someone get down there, 
we'll scout out the area.

>> You know, we... 
>> Get the fire going.

And the heavier people
uh, can move the stuff,

move the cargo. 
I was in game mode.

I wanted to get it done. 
The words "Sunrise is going

down quickly" came in my
I knew that we needed

to act fast. 
I'd say we have

more room down there, 
but if you guys want to all,

as a group, go run down
You want to go walk out real

quick, so we can just get 
the fire done like that?

>> Yeah. 
>> Let's go running.

We don't have a lot of

>> Osten was running up
down, looking for the perfect

spot to put the camp. 
Osten's a big dude.

I mean, he's got, like, 
muscles out to yay,

and, uh, I've been noticing
the whole time.

Because he-he lets you
he has muscles,

lets you know, 
"Hey, I am strong."

I'm like, okay. 
>> We can cut a couple of these

branches down. 
These will kind of, like,

protect us from the... 
from the rain a little bit.

You want to start the
and I'll start bringing stuff

over here? 
>> Okay.

>> Lillian in her scout
was interesting, to say the

I was completely thrown off-

kilter when I saw that. 
I didn't know what the hell was

going on or was it a joke 
or what was going on.

I was just confused. 
>> Here, I'll blow on it.

>> My troop back home would
my butt knowing I'm using a

It's real hard to take off

this scout hat. 
It's real hard not to be

the scoutmaster here. 
Oh, baby.

>> Good job. 
>> Oh, baby.

Team effort here, girl. 
>> Yeah.

>> If we build the shelter 
like this, into the rock,

lean it up against the
You want to do that?

A lot less work. 
>> There's this big shale

rock wall, and we think 
there's this great bamboo post

just naturally lying
and we're like,

"This is the best." 
( grunting )

>> Oh, my goodness! 
>> We made sure we had

somewhat of a shelter. 
It was a... a lean-to.

( laughs ) 
But... oh, well.

You can only do so much 
in that amount of time.

( cheering ) 
>> Whoo-hoo!

>> All right, guys. 
>> Some rice, baby.

>> Don't waste the food. 
>> It's home sweet home.

>> I think that's it. 
>> Are you all right, guys?

Come on in. 
We're all here.

We're going to have 
the time of our life,

and at the same time we're 
going to kick some butt.

>> Yeah! 
>> Great, great, great.

>> First things first, 
let's get a shelter built.

If we build a shelter,
here, we can go around the tree.

>> This would be cool. 
>> Yeah, this would be, right

We're going to build

something over this way. 
>> A shelter.

>> Yeah, like a little
>> The shelter could go from

here to here, easily. 
>> Burton, as well as, um,

myself, you know, off the
we started getting

everything going. 
We were just a little more

strong personalities, 
a little more physical,

you know, mentally, as
>> So what's the priority?

Bamboo or firewood, do you 

>> Both. 
>> I was surprised at how

quickly we all worked
I mean, we didn't know who we

were, what your name was
And, um, within a matter

of probably ten minutes, 
we all sort of spread out and

it worked out pretty well. 
>> One of the first items

on our to-do list 
when we got here

was build a shelter. 
And we did that.

Actually, it looked 
pretty good.

>> Yay! 
>> You know what we need?

A little bit bigger
>> Bigger firewood?

>> We will pretty soon. 
>> I was really tired,

I mean, just exhausted. 
It was like, "for the love of

I mean, I just wanted

to breathe for a second. 
I was like,

"Does anybody have water?" 
>> Here we go.

>> Burton opened up a
and he shared the coconut milk

with only Shawn and
I gave Christa the look and I

said, "Did they offer you 
any coconut milk?"

And she was like, 
"No, and I wanted some."

>> Ah, refreshing. 
>> Over the other side,

actually. Yeah. 
>> Shawn and Burton are a little

out there in their
>> It's a waste to just have it

lying underneath like
It's not doing anything.

>> Put it the other way. 
>> I have a better idea.

>> I just think they need 
to be a little careful of that,

because they've already 
alienated some people.

>> I love when people 
with a beard, it's like, it

catches anything that
( laughter )

>> Shawn is being a pain 
in the butt.

We're a strong little
but the dynamic duo there that

are posturing for the lead
need to be a little more

careful, because they're
to make everybody hate them.

>> There's the other tree. 
After making the shelter,

we went to go get water. 
Water well, big tree.

The map says, "Go up a
and to the right."

>> There it is. 
>> We got water.

>> It's about a quarter of

mile to our water.

It's not that bad. 
However, that's where

every single mosquito 
on this planet lives.

Every one of them. 
Holy mosquito city.

>> They are having parties
over me.

>> We didn't get any, uh,

>> Oh, my God. 
I'm getting attacked.

>> I am getting eaten
Every single one of us.

It's worse than I have 
ever, ever, ever seen.

We got to get out of here. 
God, these bastards

are everywhere. 
>> Oh, you're just...

>> Mine's, like, the
Oh, my God, you're not too great

>> We were getting torn up

pretty bad. 
I'm the least out of anyone.

That's it. 
That's all I got.


He looks like the moon, 
except in reverse.

>> There's not much water. 
>> We're out of water?

>> We've gone through it, a
We only brought, like, 18.

>> How much of that do we

I don't think we should 
be drinking any more,

unless we go find some 
and boil some...

>> Yeah, I think we... 
>> We need to go find some.

>> I think water's going 
to be real important.

>> Okay. 
>> So what is... what is your

sense of water supply? 
What-what are your

instincts on this? 
>> I don't know.

I mean I, I... 
I was looking for something

that, you know, followed 
us up into something,

like animals would. 
>> Yeah.

>> We saw some running
and, uh, looked pretty orange,

it looked rusty. 
It was not the kind of water

you'd want to drink, 
even if you boiled it 42 hours.

>> Stagnant water like that
a bunch of diseases in it.

>> Yeah, that's pretty... 
>> Looks like beer.

>> We meandered throughout
beach trying to guesstimate

where the water may or may
be, which was just a crucial

Water's essential.

You need that. 
The... the heat, the humidity,

your body's evaporating

They need to be
or you'll dehydrate

and you'll be going home. 
And I don't want

to go home right now. 
( clattering )

to go home right now. 
( clattering )

>> Uh-oh. 
>> What was that?

>> Rocks and something
>> No.

>> Huh? 
>> No.

>> Yeah, it was. 
From up... right up here.

>> The rocks falling from
cliff, um, that just didn't

work out at all. 
Because we think it's going

to get worse, 
especially if it starts to rain.

>> Ow! 
Something bit my ass!

( laughing ) 
>> Are you serious?

>> I am! 
( laughing )

>> What the hell is it? 
( screaming laughter )

It felt like a crab! 
What is that?

I have a feeling it was a
Oh, now, how am

I going to sleep? 
As far as the little hermit

crabs, we think that we're 
living in their home, pretty

much, because they were
crawling all over us, and they

And there were, I mean,

literally dozens of them 
crawling through there.

Why don't we just build 
a shelter that's in the...

the middle of a ring of
And then no crabs can get to us.

>> My mistake not lifting 
the shelter off the ground.

I'm sorry. 
>> Whoa, whoa.

We got a snake! 
>> Are you kidding?!

( laughter ) 
>> That's not a snake, it's a

>> Osten thought there was a

snake, but it was a palm
that kept curling and moving.

And he freakin'... 
he's pushing people out

of there, and we're
>> Holy mackerel.

>> Oh, my God... 
>> I could have swore it

was, like, slithering. 
It kept coming down.

If I see something 
or feel something, I

automatically go right
freak-out mode,

and I don't know why. 
Every time.

It-it just never fails. 
I, honest to God, thought I saw

a snake. 
I'm not, I'm not even lying...

>> I, honest to God,

>> It's hilarious-- 
we call him "Scary Mary,"

because he's never really
in a jungle environment.

Any little thing... 
and if it touches his toe,

he leaps out of the air 
and just shrieks.

( rumbling ) 
( gasps )

>> How close was that? 
>> Was that a rock?

>> That was a rock. 
>> That was a rock.

>> Damn. 
>> All right.

Let's do a toast. 
To new friends, good friends

and nobody going home 
anytime soon.

>> Whoo! 
>> Yay!

( light applause ) 
>> I was big on getting the

booze yesterday. 
We ended up trading a pair

of mismatched shoes 
for some jugs of wine.

And that was a big deal to
Oh, good golly.

>> We didn't get any
we didn't get any soap...

>> But we need booze. 
>> We got booze.

>> We got booze and
What else do you need?

>> I don't know if it's 
moonshine, wine, or just grain

alcohol, but we crack it
and taste it, it's the best-

tasting stuff we've ever
That's good stuff, huh?

>> Oh, God, yeah. 
>> That is really good.

>> Man, if you guys were
you'd so be naked.

>> Like at the 7-11. 
The wah-wah...

>> Jon, he reminds me of my
who I mentor who just pop off

stupid stuff. 
You know, talk about getting

some honey, or... smoking 
something, drinking something.

>> Where are the teenage
Everyone laughs at all my jokes.

I knew going in that was
to be a huge bonus for me.

Because I'm not very
and I... I don't profess to be.

However, I'm a funny guy. 
Trish, the dish!

You piss her off, 
she be a bitch.

>> Jon is a goofball. 
You can kind of get

the whole group laughing 
and get it together.

I mean, which is great, 
because we definitely need that

out here. 
But I think at times,

he's a little obnoxious. 
Anybody want this?

>> Yeah, I... 
>> Yeah.

I'm going crazy! 
>> He's out of control.

>> ( bleep ) you, man, 
( bleep ) you!

>> I really can't stand
He talks too much crap--

all night long, cursing. 
He thinks it's cute,

but it isn't. 
It gets old.

It's already old. 
>> Whoo!

A girl in Vegas ( bleep ). 
( laughter )

>> Pass the bottle before you

drop it. 
>> It's so sick, it was

( bleep ). 
( laughs )

>> I don't think 
this is ever going to dry.

Sleeping last night soaking
really sucked.

Home would be so nice. 
We did not purchase

any clothes in the
We didn't think it was necessary

at the time. 
>> Hey, girlie.

>> Out of all the things 
that could happen,

I never thought that this 
would be one of them, to just

have whatever you had on
that was it.

Man, I got to cut 
these damn pants off.

( giggles ) 
I'm wearing my fancy,

my dress jeans. 
Suckers were thick and hard and

Them pants killed my crotch

where nice wet denim rubs 
for a day and a half

and just starts eating 
that skin away.

>> I do not want to wear 
my sneakers today.

I want them to just dry 
for once, just once.

>> Yeah. 
>> A lot of us were pretty

miserable, but it was
"Wait a second."

There's really a lot of
that you can do with just a

few pieces of clothing. 
I can cut that seam right there

and make it a top and tie
>> That could be a really

good top for you,
>> I can't tell you

how much better this
This wet thing has been

draping on me for days
>> I can walk in these.

>> Finally making some
>> Want me to cut it?

>> I'm wearing a nice
suit, but I had no choice--

they just had to come off. 
Yeah, baby.

( laughing )

>> As shorts, they dry in
the time, but I saved the

bottoms, 'cause I'm planning
making them into convertible

pants for the night. 
>> We can get two skirts

out of this, and the bottom
will be big enough for you.

>> Okay. 

My dress was falling
so we decided to go ahead

and improvise. 
>> All right, chop her up.

We had a little fashion
meeting and took apart her

>> That is...

>> Oh, that is a skirt. 
You hold this.

I want to put this on me
>> Half of her dress is now

a skirt for Michelle... 
and the other half is a skirt

for Blackbeard. 
>> What do you think?

( all laughing ) 
>> My God, my thighs

feel so much better. 
I got the little teasing

and laughing with the
as we made it and I put it on

and I looked really silly. 
It's done.

I'm wearing a dress. 
I'm never gonna put

them pants back on. 
>> Hey, you guys want to go

them pants back on. 
>> Hey, you guys want to go

get some water? 
>> Yeah...

>> Aren't we gonna look 
and check our mail?

>> I thought we were gonna 
all look for water first.

>> The biggest thing 
that we need is water.

They say we'll go later for

we need to do it now.

Water well... 
Oh, shut up.

Water well! 
>> There's a water well

thing right on the map. 
>> We were looking everywhere

for the water source, 
not thinking, "Oh, let's look at

the map." 
Water well is on our map.

>> Oh! 
>> Oh!

>> Oh! 
>> Nicely done.

>> Not just a pretty face. 
>> Looked at the map, found

"Water well," so it 
was exciting because we'd been

needing water for so long. 
This is our boat.

>> It's a trail. 
>> So, it's back here.

>> So... So we should just 
follow that trail on back there.

>> Yeah, let's go get
>> Why didn't we check the map

That's what makes me angry.

>> Well, we were so busy

>> I know. 
We need to kick ass

on that shelter. 
Here's one of these bad boys.

>> Actually yesterday, we
a half A-frame up against a

shale wall. 
It's actually pretty funny,

because I think 
the shale wall was the home

to about 300 hermit crabs, 
which paid us a visit

in the middle of the
So, I thought we should

probably move our shelter, 
so we're doing a little

penthouse suite here. 
It's actually going

to have a floor. 
We don't want to be

on the floor anymore, 
so... where the crabs can get

>> One of the biggest things in

my troop is we tuck our

We look like a Scout, 
we act like a Scout.

>> Yeah. 
>> And here I'm running around

with my blouse open... 
>> You know...

>> My shirt tied at the
( laughing )

I'm gonna come home and 
they are going to razz me.

>> They're going to

>> Ooh, baby. 
>> Lillian, I think I'm her,

probably her best friend 
at the moment.

She kind of looks at the
girls as trying to be cute

and pretty and stuff. 
And, uh, an-and me,

me and her go off 
and have a good time

and talk and stuff. 
( Lillian gasps )

>> Damn! 
( screaming )

>> Yes! 
>> Oh! You are wonderful!

>> We did it. 
>> Oh! Oh!

Oh, how cool are you? 
The one person who befriended

me with sincere friendship 
was Ryan Shoulders.

Ryan's a good kid. 
>> Yeah, I wish this stuff

was drinkable already. 
>> I got an idea.

We ain't going to tell
where it's at.

>> I was just thinking
( snoring )

>> I'm a very active
I don't like to sit around

doing absolutely nothing, 
and we had this spear gun,

and I looked around, I was
"Hey, guys, I think

I'm gonna go out." 
>> Have you used it before?

>> Oh, yeah. 
Shawn went with me, and we went

out and we were swimming
and got into this

huge mess of fish 
just all over the place.

>> Burton had the spear at 
first, then next thing

I know, he cocks it... 
And, all of a sudden,

we got a fish. 
( tribe cheering )

>> All right! 
Nice work, guys.

>> You know, he's going to

>> Yeah. He's a good fish. 
>> He's going to be very tasty.

>> I'm so excited that,
know, all right, this thing

works; we can do this. 
>> That is awesome.

>> Mmm. 
>> It feels great to be able

to catch food, but I knew 
that one fish just wasn't

going to be enough, 
so I took the spear.

So, I start catching fish. 
Oh, I got lunch!

>> Yeah! 

>> After I got that, 
I thought, "Okay, some more.

Some more." 
>> Is that a catfish?

( women whooping ) 
>> I was thrilled.

I've never seen 
a saltwater catfish.

I didn't know they made 
such an animal.

>> You got another one? 
>> Uh-huh.

>> He's going out again? 
>> He's going to hurt himself.

>> Hey, Rupert. 
Good job on those fish, man.

>> One, two, three, four,
Three more.

>> Man, I hate to see
out there.

>> Wow, you're getting burned

on your shoulders, Rupert. 
>> You look like you're

kind of getting red. 
>> I got to the point

where I thought I was
to get eight of them.

Everybody was going 
to get their own fish.

I didn't get eight, 
but we got us fish.

>> You know what? 
>> That's the best one

you caught, right there. 
>> That one is.

>> No, the other one. 
>> This guy?

I know if I could have
more of these...

>> No, not that one, the 
other one.

That one. 
>> That one's a good one.

>> That's the best. 
>> Rupert's definitely

a huge asset. 
I mean, he worked his ass off,

but he was beat. 
I mean, it took him hours to

recover from that. 
>> Man, you are red.

>> I... I am burning up. 
I had a great day.

I don't know if I can 
keep up the workload

that I'm putting on
but that's what I told myself

I was going to do. 
I'm coming out here

to be the caretaker. 
I'm trying to make these people

believe that there is 
no way you can get along without

me, and I think I'm doing
>> Compliments to the catcher

>> Absolutely.

>> Everyone did great. 
>> Everybody.

>> Everyone did great. 
>> There's mail.

>> Dude, it's our first
I guess, let's bring

it back and show them. 
>> Great.

We have tree mail! 
>> We got tree mail!

>> Mail, fools. 
>> Whoo!

Read it out loud. 
>> Read it out loud.

>> It's on. 
>> Here we go. Here we go.

>>"You finally arrived 
and so now it's on.

"Your first challenge is a
of your brains and your brawn.

"Like pirates of old, 
it's the treasure you thirst.

But no booty will be had 
if you're voted out first."

>> You know what booty that
( all laughing )

>> Hey, I was thinking 
for this challenge, seriously,

the challenge probably
last very long.

So, if we just focus 
for whatever, 15, 20 minutes...

>> The very first moment 
Andrew gave the presence

of a leader, nobody

>> Should we maybe... 
>> Everything, everything...

>> ...appoint a leader? 
Someone that just calls the

shots, so we don't get

It makes no difference 
to me who it is, but...

>> We need you. 
>> Yeah, Andrew.

>> I made a suggestion
because I knew I didn't want

to be the leader, uh, but I
that we needed somebody,

so we appointed Andrew 
ahead of time as our leader

before the challenge. 
>> Let's do it now, then.

Let's go out there. 
>> The Morgan Tribe, I think,

is very ready for the
Biggest concern from my

standpoint, from our tribe
uh, Osten was having difficulty

with his shorts 
last couple of days,

staying up. 
The crack of his bottom

kept showing, and we said, 
during any activity

against the other tribe, 
if his shorts go down,

Ryan and I told him 
that, uh, we're a team,

we're a family, and we
make him embarrassed by being

nude, so, we'll, uh, do

>> PROBST: Come on in,
Everybody good?

Let's get to today's
One of the things

the pirates had to do 
with all the loot that they

plundered is protect it. 
So, that often meant moving

from one island to another,
in the process, they would have

to transport their
That's what you guys

are going to do today. 
You're going to transport

the cannons behind you 
through a series of obstacles

along a jungle course. 
First, you're going to take

apart your cannon 
and get it through two fences

blocking the path. 
Next, you'll hit the rock

garden, where you'll have
clear a path to move your cannon

forward to the third
where you're going to have to

push, pull and drag your
through a mud pit blocked by

wooden barriers. 
Finally, it's a race along

the shoreline to the
One person will carry the tribe

One person will carry the torch.

First tribe to reach the
line with all eight members and

their cannon intact wins 

Want to get a look 
at the immunity idol?

>> Yeah. 
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The most
thing in your 39 days is this

right here. 
>> Yeah!

( applause ) 

Big enough stakes. 
Win this challenge, you're here

three more days, you are
Lose, somebody from your tribe

will be the first person 
voted out at Tribal Council.

Give you a couple of minutes

Wait for my "go." 
Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready? 

>> Go! 
( indistinct voices )

>> Go! Go! 
>> Move it, move it, move it!

>> Come on. 
We're right behind them.

>> Yeah. 
>> PROBST: Drake out to an early

>> We've got to take this apart.

That's the only thing... 
>> Apart!

>> PROBST: Guys, you're going
have to take apart your cannons

to get it through the
>> Just push it.

Pull the cart all the way
>> Watch your feet!

This thing's going to
>> Watch your feet!

>> Watch your feet! 
Break it up!

>> PROBST: All wheels are
have to come off to get through

Once everybody's through, you

can move through the other
Let's go, Morgan!

You're falling behind. 
>> Here we go.

One, two, three.

Lift ya up. 
>> Okay, let's go.

>> Ho-Hold on. Hold on. 
Hold back!

( indistinct shouts ) 
All right!

>> PROBST: Drake through first,

still in the lead. 
>> Walk it. Walk it.

>> Okay. 
>> Let's rock and roll.

>> Go! 
>> Get that log! Get that log!

>> Okay. 

We got to move this. 
>> All the rocks?

Dude, we can't move 
all those rocks.

>> Yeah. 
>> We're not gonna get...

( indistinct voices ) 
>> PROBST: Let's go, Drake!

Got Morgan on your heels. 
Ryan and Osten talking strategy.

>> My shorts? 
( indistinct voices )

>> PROBST: What are you

Osten, you are a first, 
my man-- a totally nude

We have two naked Morgan

members, and they are not 
the guys anybody wants to see.

>> They better hope they
lose their weenies out here.

>> Move some rocks, jerks! 
>> PROBST: Great.

Now Andrew's naked. 
>> Let's go, guys!

>> PROBST: Game is back
You got a long way

left, guys. 
It's going to be a great race.

( indistinct voices ) 
>> Run around and clear it!

>> PROBST: Drake still in
lead-- still controlling

the pace. 
>> Go! Go! Go!

>> Go!

>> If you guys can

get out of the way
( indistinct shouts )

>> Push it! Push it! 
>> Right, right, left, left!

>> Look out. 
>> Go right ahead.

>> Good. 
Come on, guys, push. Push.

( groaning ) 
( indistinct voices )

( grunting ) 
Watch out! Watch out. Watch out.

Come through. Come
>> Let's go, let's go!

Let's go, let's go! 
>> PROBST: Let's go, Morgan!

Keep it up! 
( indistinct shouts )

>> Let's go! 
>> PROBST: Through the flags!

Through the flags! 
The cannons are heavy, guys.

They are going to 
drag in the sand.

You're gonna have to 
work hard to make it to

the finish. 
Let's go, Drake!

Don't waste this lead! 
Drake is bogged down.

>> Come on, we can do it! 
We're beating 'em.

>> Come on, pull! 
Watch out, guys!

>> Come on, Morgan! 
>> PROBST: Keep going!

Morgan's taken the lead! 
>> Push, push, push.

Come on, Morgan! 
( indistinct shouting )

>> PROBST: It's a sprint to

First tribe across 
with all eight members

and their cannon together 
wins immunity.

Now Morgan's bogged down. 
Here comes Drake,

back in the lead! 
Down to the finish!

Got to get 
through here!

Through here, Jon! 
Through here!

( indistinct shouting ) 
>> Get up! Push!

( yelling ) 
>> Get up, get up!

Get up! 
( indistinct shouts )

>> PROBST: Drake wins
Oh, my God.

>> And we didn't even

have to get naked! 
>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Drake! 
>> Here we go!

( cheering ) 
Wins immunity.

>> ( chanting ): Drake! Drake!

Drake! Drake! Drake!
Drake! Drake! Drake!

( cheering ) 
>> Sweet!

>> PROBST: Morgan, great
down to the end.

Unfortunately, it wasn't
Next time I see you,

it'll be Tribal Council. 
Somebody's going home.

You have the night 
to think about it.

>> Drake! 
>> I think it looks so pretty on

>> When they passed us...

>> Oh, dude... 
>> ...I was ready to puke and

>> When we won that challenge,

we beat them not on brute 
strength alone, but we beat

them on... on, basically,
my opinion, willpower.

They gave up. 
And we didn't.

You know, we almost did, but

And I think that's why 
we made it to the end.

Dude, just too many 
naked men behind us.

>> At the immunity
I looked back and I saw one guy

with his junk just hanging
just like, you know,

nobody's business. 
And that...

I was like, "Whoa! 
I shouldn't be looking."

Their asses were in my
>> Yeah!

So just say you looked. 
>> Did you enjoy it?

>> I wasn't impressed. 
I don't know what

was going on with them. 
I wish their ding-a-lings

got stuck on a vine 
or I don't know.

That was just stupid. 
>> Do you know why the boys

took their panties off? 
>> Dude, I have no idea.

>> Did you enjoy it? 
>> When I turned around

and saw them idiots 
bouncing around naked

in the mud and the muck 
and the stickers and the thorns,

( chuckles ): it was
>> The coolest thing is,

thank God, we don't 
have to send anyone home

>> Yeah.

>>'Cause that would have 

>> Exactly right. 
>> You know, that sucked,

any way you look at it. 
We lost by about a foot.

We learn from it. 
We move on, and we kick

their butt the next time. 
And we remember how cocky

they were when they won. 
All right?

>> Hey, guys. 
We were just talking

and just thinking about... 
>> You were?

What were you talking
>> We were...

we were just thinking
obviously, tonight.

>> You ladies saw what we
>> What did you see?

>> I saw our friend Ryan, 
who's back at the camp,

just quit about a third 
of the way in.

And every time I looked 
over, he said, "What?"

It's like... 
>> With Lilly, I mean,

she works hard when it comes
the fire and the water,

but we all can do fire and 

>> I think it's a big
if we expect other challenges

to be less strenuous. 
>> Yeah!

>> So, the question is, 
is Lilly up for that

or are we better off 
with the limp noodle, Ryan?

>> But I don't fit in 
here with the girls.

I don't fit in with the
>> Hang in there.

This thing changes every
>> I took the challenge loss,

I think, the hardest, 
because I feel like I am...

going to be encouraged to
( chuckles )

>> When your torch goes
then give up.

>> All right. 
>>'Cause it's over then.

( Lillian sighs ) 
>> But not until then.

>> I think my teammates like
but someone has to go.

>> Do you want to try and
one of them?

>> No one else has said
with me," other than Nicole.

>> Uh... Lill, I think 
Tijuana is the person

that I think needs to 
be taken care of quickly.

And, at this point, while
still building the shelter,

we don't want to get 
rid of any of the guys.

( chuckles ) 
Truth... truth be told,

I like all of them. 
>> Nicole came to me, and...

she wants to get rid of
You know, okay.

You know, why? 
Well, this is...

this is what went on for
Nicole comes to me, she tells

me, "Let's get rid of
>> What?

That's a hell of a
She says she's bugging her...

da da da. 
"Will you help me?"

And I'm going, geez, you
that didn't sound too cool.

>> Lilly... 
I had... had some conversations

with her, and I believe 
everything she says.

I don't think she has 
a dishonest bone in her body.

Lill said Nicole came to
and said, "Will you

form an alliance 
"with me to vote off...

>> Are you serious? 
>> Tijua..." Wait, wait. vote off Tijuana." 
>> Nicole approached Lilly

because Tijuana was
being too bossy and was

annoying Nicole. 
>> Are you serious?

>> They're saying, too... 
>> She told me that Lill went

to her. 
So she blamed it on Lill,

and it's Nicole that's doing
>> Lill has not denied it.

Lill just tells you the
We're just trying to figure out

who said what to whom
and whether Nicole can be

>> Ooh! Ooh!

That pisses me off. 
What I had to do

is find out is Nicole
Was she really trying to put me

on the cutting block? 
I really believe that she was.

I think Lill... 
I just don't think she has a

reason to lie. 
>> All I want to know is who's

backstabbing me. 
I don't have any...

>> Nobody's backstabbing
Nobody's voting for you.

>> Somebody obviously is. 
>> How?

I did talk to Lillian 
to get rid of Tijuana,

but word got out of that 
because Lill's freaked out that

she's getting voted off
so she's telling everybody.

I set myself up 
in a really bad position,

telling some truths, 
telling some half-truths

and trying to get things 
to go my way.

She approached me. 
>> Somebody's lying.

It's either Lill or it's
And that's not a good thing,

because who knows when
going to be talked about or

lied about? 
>> I was getting along

with Nicole there 
for a little while,

which I still am. 
But, you know, now I don't know

if I can trust her. 
>> Okay.

>> You've made me feel
uncomfortable in this situation.

>> But you're not
He told me.

I didn't create it. 
He told me, so I came

directly to you. 
I didn't want to make a

judgment call. 
>> And then you would go and...

I wanted to ask you. 
I wanted to ask you.

>> If you don't trust me, 
and if you think I'm out

to get people... 
>> I want to trust you.

>> ...why would you want 
to have an alliance?

>> That's why I'm asking
As far as Nicole, I think it is

enemy status. 
It's gotten to that point.

I can't trust her. 
So, yeah, she's definitely an

She came right off the bat

trying to take me down. 
For what purposes?

For what? 
>> The people that I

think are at risk? 
>> You're hungry, aren't you?

>> Skinny Ryan. 
I don't...

he just hasn't been 
pulling his weight at camp

or at the challenge. 
>> Well, we gotta go.

>> Nicole, with the high
today, she's been labeled in

some people's eyes as

And, uh, so her neck's 
on the line, because we don't

know if we can trust her. 
And Lilly, is her neck

on the chopping block? 
Yeah, she's

definitely, uh, a
to be voted out tonight.

♪ ♪ 
>> PROBST: I want you to grab a

♪ ♪ 
>> PROBST: I want you to grab a

torch and approach the
Dip your torch in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual 
at Tribal Council, because

fire represents life on
island and in this game.

When your fire is gone, 
so are you.

Put your torches back in
slot and have a seat.

Welcome to your first 
Tribal Council,

not the place you want to
But, uh, before we get

to the vote, let's talk
the challenge, the reason you

guys are here tonight. 
It's one thing to get naked

for no apparent reason and
but it's another thing entirely

to have three guys walking 
around naked and lose a

Any regrets about that?

>> Absolutely not. 
Not a regret.

What's in the past 
is in the past.

We did it and we move on, 

>> PROBST: So, how has it

How are the first three
of getting along with these

people that you didn't
The first three days has

been good for me. 
I... I get along with everybody.

Everybody's really cool, 
everybody's really helpful,

but... food, I could care

The water aspect, I'm
a little bit.

>> PROBST: Andrew, has
been the toughest part?

>> No. Uh... 
I'm very...

I'm hydrated. 
For me, it's the sleep.

I haven't had more 
than 45 minutes sleep

the last three nights. 
>> PROBST: Why?

>> Well, we built a
hut, and we put a floor down.

And the poles were uneven, 
so that didn't work very well.

So, we didn't quite get 
the job done.

>> PROBST: Lill, you're a 
scoutmaster, right?

I mean, the... 
it's not just decorative.

>> No. It... it's
It's 11 years of being

scoutmaster of, um, troop
in Cincinnati, Ohio.

>> PROBST: And has that
you well out here?

>> It has served me well. 
It has also given me patience.

Uh, you can't work with 
a bunch of young children

without having patience,
I'm patient.

>> PROBST: Let's talk

How about you, Nicole? 
Friendships out here?

Um, I think I have some
friendships, but I don't...

I think it's too early to

I've already seen several
of a few people.

Just when questioned 
or when threatened,

I've seen people that are 
normally very cheerful

and very positive 
turn very defensive.

Um, having me feel funny,
was from the very first day.

>> PROBST: Has anybody
as a leader that... that you

guys are looking to now to 
make decisions?

>> Um...

Andrew is our leader. 
We've elected him as a team,

and he's done an excellent
He's willing to listen

to each one of us, and I
that in leadership.

>> PROBST: Andrew, as the 
leader, anybody here not

pulling their weight? 
>> Young Ryan.

At the challenge, 
we were side by side, I'm

pulling the left-hand
and he didn't wake up

and show me the passion
we needed.

So... yeah, I don't think he
pulling his weight.

>> PROBST: So, Ryan, first
days, you been pulling your

>> I know there has been some

talk among some people 
that I didn't give my 110%

at the, uh, at the

And I thought I was giving 

If they see me otherwise, 
that's fine.

We'll go on. 
>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time to vote. 
Nicole, you're up first.

>> Ryan S., I'm voting for
because you're the only person

I know other people are
to vote for.

>> Nicole, you stabbed me
the back.

Fortunately, I found out 
and I was able to save myself.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally

Once the votes are read, 
the decision is final.

The person voted out will
asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately. 
I'll read the votes.

First vote... 

Ryan S. 
One vote Ryan, one vote Nicole.

Two votes Nicole, one vote Ryan.

Three votes Nicole. 

That's four votes Nicole. 
The first person voted out

of the Pearl Islands, 

You need to bring me your
Nicole, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go. 
Judging from tonight's

Tribal Council, it's clear 
a couple of you certainly

thought that could have
your torch.

So, maybe the thing 
to be learned is that you are

not out of this game until 
your torch is snuffed.

Keep that in your head 
over the next 36 days.

You can always save
Grab your torches,

head back to camp. 
Good night.

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Stay tuned for scenes 
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on 
Survivor: At Drake, life is good

until Shawn causes Rupert 
to lose his cool.

>> That's why I wanted to be
only one... who did that.

( yells ) 
And a member of the Morgan

Tribe wants to quit. 
>> We don't need people just

walking around, "I
I want to go home."

It's a real morale killer 
for the tribe.

>> I knew going in that 
my biggest weakness

was going to be keeping 
my mouth shut.

When I have an opinion 
about somebody,

I just can't seem 
to keep it in.

Um, based on past
in my life,

it doesn't surprise me 
that I'm sitting here.

Um, I knew I'd either be 
the first person off

or the person that won. 
So, it was one of the toughest

things I've ever done. 
And, even with a million

dollars at stake, 
I still had to say what I

thought when I thought it. 
And that's exactly

what did me in. 
I sort of shot myself

in the foot by trying to
an alliance early on to get rid

of someone that was just 
annoying me, um, which I see

now in hindsight is probably
the best way to play the game.