Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Boys vs. Girls - full transcript

As the sixteen castaways arrived deep in the Amazon jungle, Jeff shocked the castaways when he divided the castaways into a tribe of men, Tambaqui, and a tribe of women, Jaburu. He gave the castaways their buffs and maps to their respective camps. As Tambaqui arrived at their camp, they had a quick meeting and questioned the women's survival skills. When Jaburu arrived at their camp, Christy shocked her tribemates by announcing that she's deaf. At the immunity challenge, Tambaqui took an early lead, however Jaburu pulled ahead when Daniel and Ryan had trouble with the balance beam. Immunity was won by Jaburu, sending the men to Tribal Council.

JEFF PROBST: We are making our
way upriver along the Rio Negro

in northern Brazil,
where the temperature is

a scorching 103 degrees
and these 16 Americans

are set to begin
the adventure of a lifetime.

They're about to be abandoned
in the middle of the largest

and most magnificent tropical
rainforest in the world:

the Amazon.

Spanning two and a half
million miles,

the Amazon is responsible
for 15% of the world's oxygen

and is the world's largest
freshwater source.

For much of the season,
the Amazon is a flooded forest,

a land covered by
up to 60 feet of water.

But as the dry season emerges,
the river subsides,

revealing the dangers
that lurk beneath:

caiman crocodiles,
schools of piranha,

and the world's most
feared snake: the anaconda.

(thunder rumbling)

Soon, torrential thunderstorms
will arrive,

rocking this jungle

and submerging the forest
once again.

This will be their home
for the next 39 days.

It is the ultimate challenge.

16 strangers, all from
different walks of life,

left to fend for themselves,
utilizing the resources

of the land and their own
survival skills;

forced to work together
to create a new society

while battling the elements
and each other.

They must learn to adapt, or
they'll be voted from the tribe.

In the end,
only one will remain

to claim
the million-dollar prize.

39 days, 16 people,
one Survivor.

Okay, guys.

Traveled a long way upriver.

Now it's time to find out

who your tribemates
are going to be.

As I call out your name,

want you to climb down
the rope ladder

and get in the yellow boat.






HEIDI: When Jeff called
the fifth girl, I knew it,

like, instantly.

This is an all-woman tribe.


-(excited chatter)
-Come on, Shawna.




Once you guys are on board,
you can introduce yourselves,

celebrate your fellow members.

(laughter, excited chatter)


DEENA: I was absolutely
just overjoyed

that it was
an all-female tribe.

It's an all-chick thing.

We can let our hair down.

We can pee
in front of each other.

I'm on an equal playing field,

because I have seven other
people of the same sex.

Men, as I call out your name,
climb down the rope ladder,

get in the blue boat.


ROGER: It's gonna be the men
against the women.

But they don't have
the strength.

They may have the will.

But, you know--
and this is a forbidden place.

It's pathetic.







(laughter, excited chatter)

Matthew, finish it out.


DANIEL: All the guys
were really pumped up.

There is no way that women are
going to beat us in anything--

physical, mentally or whatever.

We're never going to go
to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council? We ain't
going to Tribal Council.

They're so freakin' cocky.

They're, like, "Oh, we're never

going to go to Tribal Council."

And, ugh, it's just so annoying.

I just want to beat them to just
kind of, like, shut them up.

All right, guys.

Just want to tell you guys a
quick story about how the Amazon

got its name.

This place was discovered
in 1541, Spanish explorer.

While he's making his way
through here, he encounters

a tribe of very fierce,
very courageous female warriors.

-(women cheer, chuckle)
-Women only.

This was the first notion
that women could survive

just fine on their own.

So he named the Amazon
after these female warriors.

That is where the term
"Amazon women" comes from.

So, it is only fitting
that for the first time,

while we're here in the Amazon,

we have a tribe of women
versus a tribe of men.

(cheering, applause)

Ladies, your tribe name is

"Jaburu," after the bird.

Pass out your buffs.


Men, your tribe name:

"Tambaqui," after the fish.

Here are your buffs.

Maps to your new home.

Some very meager supplies
are awaiting you guys.

Ladies, you will begin by
heading left around the bend.

Men, you will go out right.

Look for your tribe flags
at your new home.

Shove off!

(excited chatter)

I just got up there.

And my brain was
so jumpy that I just

couldn't even untie a boat.

And I just felt so stupid.

The guys going off one way,
the girls couldn't untie--

well, I couldn't untie the knot.

(men chattering)

Hey, guys, guys, guys,
guys, look.

You know, it's only
gonna be light for probably

-another five hours.
-Let's rocket, guys.

We better damn well have us
a fire, you know what I mean?

All the strategy I had,

it was taken
and thrown all out the window.

It sucks when you have
a game plan

that you, like,
know that'll work.

And now it's like,
I got eight guys

and it's all one big
sausage fest, you know?

One, two, three.

Hup, two, three.
Hup, two, three.

Hup, two, three. Hup...

Well, we're all trying to act
like it's not a big deal...

(indistinct voices)

Janet, what do you do?

I'm a nurse.

And I'm trained
in emergency medicine.


And I... and I've done
medical missions out...

JENNA: Stranded in the jungle
with seven other women--

is my worst nightmare.

If you're on a tribe
with all women,

you can't use any of
your womanly powers on women.

They could care less.
They find that insulting.

With men, it's just,
you can manipulate them better.

(laughter, chattering)



That was the worst.

-Oh, there it is.
-Is that it?

No, right there.
Almost dead ahead.

-Oh, yeah.


Go straight ahead, guys.

We got to get across.
Let's go.

Let's get there.

The minute we saw our flag,

we beelined it
right to the shore.

You know, I think we're all
excited, um, to keep going,

get-- start building
the shelter,

start getting a fire.

-Up a little.
-You got it.




-All right.
-That was easy.

Yeah, where's
our meager supplies?

Our meager supplies are

right up, right up there
in that box.

Ready, guys?

All right.




-All right, guys.
-All right.

-How you open this?
-Break it open.

Crack... crack this baby open.

Look, while we're all here,
man, I think, uh,

I think Roger said something
that was, uh, really important

early on we should make sure
we capitalize on.

That's that, you know,
we're all, we're all

freakin' men of pride,
men of honor, whatnot.


-And right now, baby...
-Tell it!

...yo, we're the favorites
right now.

Straight up, you know?

Physically, we're so much
more adept.

Um, we got everything
riding on this.

We'd look like the biggest ass
ever if we go home.

Wait, wait, bottom line, bottom
line is we're not going home

if we lose, 'cause we can't.

Bottom line is

a lot of girls over there are

eye candy, and that,
and that's great to look at.

I appreciate look at them.

Thank you for wearing bikinis.

But when it comes down to it,
I mean, it's--

you want people
that are gonna be useful.

Our butts are
on the stove right now.

If we lose to the girls,
I mean, it's gonna be rough.

It's gonna be really rough.

-Keep it real, man.

-All right.
-We got to remember...

-Yeah, careful, guys.
-You got to be careful.

Be careful with these machetes,
all right?

They can kill you.

-Here, why don't you just...
-Let's just go ahead

-and start getting that out.
-See what we got here.

We open the box,

and lo and behold, in the box,

there's the five gallons
of fresh water,

there were fish hooks.

Fishing line and hooks.

There was kerosene,

two lanterns.

There was a flint.

That's good to know.

What's this?

Um, something we don't
have a key...

We have a mystery box.

We have a box that had
a note on it that said...

"Do not open till

A key will appear
when you least expect it."

All right.

So I don't know what that means.

Um, but--
so we, so we don't know

what's in the mystery box yet.

Look at all this.

Manioc flour.

We got a big thing
of manioc flour,

and that stuff's actually

got some pretty good
nutritional value, some--

lots of carbohydrates and can
keep us going for a while.

And we got a huge thing of it.

All right, let's huddle up.

Let's, let's have
a group huddle.

Everybody get together.

Let's, let's get calm.

Let's get our machetes.

So cool. My parents would
never let me have a machete.


We were paddling away,

and, uh, we finally see
the yellow flag.

All right!

I was so excited, so excited.

How we going to get up?

We can get out right here.

I got the slipknot right
this time.


-All right.
-Very nice, ladies.

Very good. Very good.


All right, you guys, can I just

-let you guys know something?

Um, I-- it's not a big deal,

but I think it's something that
every tribe member should know,

and I want to try to do my best

to keep it from
the other tribe members,

but I am deaf.

I can't hear.

I have a hearing aid
in my one ear.

Um, can't hear anything
out of this ear.

Um, I read lips.
Um, nighttime...

JANET: Christy has
a hearing disability.

It took us by surprise, but she
just asked us to look at her

and speak slowly
so she could read our lips.

You know, when we were on the
boat and everyone was talking,

I have, like, no idea
what your jobs are.

I have no idea what your names
are or where you guys live.


-Hi, Deena.


CHRISTY: I kind of told them
at the wrong time,

but I needed to get it
off my chest.

Like I just couldn't, like,
keep it in any longer.



JENNA: I'm just wondering
how she's going to be able

to work with a group when
she can't really hear well.

-I'm Janet.

I don't know how it's going
to work out, I really don't.

Well, that's all.

I just kind of wanted...

No, that's important.

-I'm glad you told us
right off the bat. -I know.

We promise not to tell
the boys anything.

Let's see if we've got any food.
Is anybody else...?

Yeah, we want to be quite a ways
from the water.

The higher up we go-- what do
you guys think about that?

I'm asking your opinion.

That pretty much agree
with everybody?

The higher up we go,
better off we are, too?

Not... well, but we also want
to be able to get to water.

How about if we walk around
and then we come back

and share opinions,
you know, so--

Nobody wants to be a leader
'cause that's the first guy

gets voted off, right?


So, why don't we come back--

And here I am saying that. Uh...

ROB: Maybe you think
you meet a guy named Butch

from Illinois that's a redneck.

You think he's not
that sharp a guy, but he is.

I like Butch a lot.

We found a great spot.

We found a pretty, you know,
relatively level spot

on a little bit higher ground.

What if we would use
those two trees

as the back part of your hut

and bring something across?
I don't know...

ALEX: We don't even need
to bring anything across.

We can just clear that branch.

It's already cleared, too, guys.

ALEX: And, actually, there's a
little bit of a slope, too,

to where we are,
so the water won't-won't

puddle up where we are.

-So we got to get these logs
out. -Right.

Let's not get everybody
doing it, though, you know?

Two of us are going to go do
the fire situation.

I think probably...

Well, two can start clearing,

two can start, uh,
trying to find palms for...

Well, actually, you know what?
We don't need to

do that till tomorrow.
We just need a floor.

-Alex, tonight, we're only going
to get a platform. -Yeah, we...

-Let's do it.

We got trees right here
that'll work.

That's good.

It's all good
in the neighborhood.

It's all gravy, baby.

I feel I missed my calling
in life as a lumberjack.

Tell me if this is not kerosene.

That's kerosene;
I can smell it from here.

Okay, yeah, 'cause my smeller
is gone; I can't tell you.

Yeah. Whew.

You can tell by,
you can tell by...

-By the crossbones, yeah.

DAVE: Making the fire
was-was a piece of cake.

The reason being
is that there was

kerosene in the, in the lamps.

We were also given some flint
with the machetes

and had no problems
making a fire.

-There you go.
-You got it, you got it.

Keep going, man.

-There you go. Perfect
-Turn it.

Yeah. Toss that right on top.

Nice. Nice.

I wonder if the chicks
have built their fire yet.

-I doubt it.

I don't smoke...

Come on, come on.
Somebody do something.

-Here, here, here.

-Here, here.

I need one of those big leaves.

Let's just fan it.

I fanned it.


Keep going.

We almost got it.

SHAWNA: The fire was
an absolute fiasco.

The process was:

get the little fire going,
put on some leaves,

some other small stuff,

put on little sticks,
put on bigger stuff,

put on big logs.

-I think it stopped.
-It's going out.


It's going out. Why?

-It's this stuff.
-Blow, blow.

None of this happened.

It was ridiculous.

Obviously, it's a lack of fire-
building skills on our part.

It's dead.

What is doing that?

Hey, guys, we need to have
a little team meeting.

We need to decide
what's really important

for this first night here,
on this bug-infested,

wasp-infested area.

For me, it is something
to sleep on.

So how would you suggest
we do that?

Deena-- she definitely has

more of a bossy side to her.

Like, if six of us

come up with a good idea,
she would be the one to say,

"I don't think that'll work;
we better do something else."

I don't want
to sleep on the floor.

We could split.

Just, like, half do fire,
half do shelter.

So let's split.

-Half will work on the fire...
-I'll work on the shelter.

and get the logs
ready for the fire--

the other half
work on the shelter?


Timber. Clear.

It's stuck.


It's okay.

We're Amazon women.

We'll make it.



Oh, my God.

We'll toughen up and we'll
make it through to the end.

Kick the guys' butt.

RYAN: Hey, guys, what do you
think of our bed, dude?

All right.

Hey, that looks a...

-That looks pretty damn
comfortable. -Look at the bed!

How is it?

Not... not bad.

Butch has got his...

Here's my, um,
here's my thing that I got.

And it, it, uh--
I wanted to explain it to you,

'cause it's kind of corny.

Uh, I'm in the kid business,
and I have--

I deal with 500
middle school kids every day.

And I have a lot of kids
nowadays that are not like us.

They're not dreamers.

They have no goals.

And they just don't
believe in themselves.

So I had a banner
hanging up in my school,

and I brought the banner.

And it says, each one of us...

"Believe In Yourself."

-I'm down.
-Put it up!

DAVE: Butch had
a fantastic luxury item.

It's a fabulous motto, you know?

It's something to,

to really think about.

Hey, believe in yourself, right?

One, two, three...

Believe in yourself!

-Believe in yourself.


-It's Tambaqui!

If it rained, we could cover
the wood with this.

ROB: I think, as a whole,
we've gotten along very well,

but I think that the women
have got to be having

a very difficult time.

And especially, they're not
going to catch any fish.

We got expert fishermen
out there

and we haven't
caught anything yet.

I don't think any of them
had any idea

they'd be doing this
on estrogen alone

over there in, in, uh,
Camp of the Vagina Monologue.

By tomorrow night,
we'll be light-years ahead of

where they are.

There is no way
that that group collectively

is halfway where we are.

I just can't see it.

Blow on it.

Blow on it.

-There we go.
-All right.

Oh, you're a lifesaver
with this one.

It took us five or six hours

to get the fire really going.

And by the time
it got pitch black,

we had really
only cut four logs.

So we all sat there
in front of the fire,

which was now starting
to grow a little bit larger;

people were a little bit
more comfortable.

We lighted the kerosene
so it wouldn't be

quite so dark out there.

-What is that?

See it.

-What is it?
-It's a leaf.

See the shadow of the leaf?

No, go a little further.

I'm telling you.

It's the shadow of the leaf.

DEENA: We huddled as close
to the fire as we could,

and we decided
that we were going to

watch the fire in shifts
that night.

But all we did was a major
bag fest on the boy team

for most of the night.

-The boys are talking about...
-How they get off.


What are they talking about?

They're talking about
how they can't believe

that you two aren't
in your bathing suits.

Did you notice the guys
staring at Heidi

when they got on the boat?

He was like--
it was, like, a long...


Just like, "No!

Don't take her from me."

"I wanted to look at
your hooters all day."


As soon as it gets dark,

that's where my whole
communication just shuts down,

because I can't see.

I can't read their lips.

And it's, like, God, of course

I'm in a group of girls
who like to

talk and talk and talk and talk,
you know?

So it's like...

So I'm missing out
on a lot of their information.

We want to eat,
or do we want a shelter?

I think we better eat, or
we're going to start collapsing.

I'll try to be with them,

but I can never be like them
'cause I'm not.

I'm always totally different.

It always happens.

That's okay. That's okay.

It happens every time.

It's just like,
I'm at a big disadvantage.

Oh, no!

I said, "No!
Are you out of your mind?"

I'm not eating someone else's,
like, order.


Is Christy sleeping over there?

-Yeah, she is. She's out.
-Is she?

-Night, ladies.
-Good night.

-Good night.
-How you feeling?

JENNA: The Amazon women tribe
is not doing very well.

We slept on the ground, which
is, like, the number one rule

not to do in the jungle.

And it was awful.

We had bugs
crawling all over us.

Something was always biting you

or crawling down your pants
or crawling in your hair.

I don't like when they fly
directly into your eyeball.

Or right up your nose.
I had that this morning.

Yeah, I saw that.

There was leeches, big spiders.

We all got bit.

Here, give me the machete.

Oh, my goodness.

I can't believe
that's right there,

and we've been
sleeping right there.

Maybe if we just leave it alone,
it'll go away.

No, I want it dead.

That's a reality check.

Last night,
that big spider dropped down.

Oh, you're right.

And it was something huge.

JENNA: We found
a tarantula that morning.

It fell on someone that night.

So, obviously, it probably
climbed over all of us.

Just get it.

It's in the food now, girls.

-Oh... -It went into our stuff;
that's what it's after.

Oh, he went into the food.

-Maybe the net.
-Is he in there? Really?

He's right there.

Oh, step away.

It's hollow though underneath.

-He's probably underneath it.
-Well, that's okay.

-Okay, he is. -Lift it up.
-Who's got the machete?

-Are you ready?

Don't both of you
hit each other.

-I got him.

-Oh, yay!
-Put him in the fire.

All right.

Whoo, Ja-ru!

All right.

(excited chatter)

CHRISTY: We were sleeping
on that ground.



Makes you wonder
what went in your mouth.

We don't even have to make
our own

stinking fishing line.
Look at that.

DEENA: I think all of us
realized that it was cold, wet,

miserable and uncomfortable,
and there's bugs, so first and

we needed to get a shelter.

We could do it in shifts.

Six and two--
like, six on the shelter

and two at-at food gathering
or something.

Everybody ready
to go check this out?

-Wait a minute.
No, we're missing Heidi. -Yeah.

-She's coming.
-Oh, we're still missing Heidi?

Are you good?

Okay. Sorry, girls.

All right.

So we go back
to the boat, right?

CHRISTY: They all kind of
started to have this, like,

mission or whatever, and I was
like, man, what's going on?

I'm like, okay,
I'll watch the fire.

And at the same time,
I was like,

"Well, doesn't anybody care

that I'm the only one
out here, you know?"

HEIDI: I haven't really
bonded with Christy

just because of
the communication barrier.

If you can't understand
all the people around you,

it's hard to make
that communication.

So that-that is definitely
more of a liability right now.

CHRISTY: It's not like
this is new to me.

This is what a deaf person
has to go through.

It's an everyday struggle.

But I don't want it to be
an issue every day.

'Cause if it becomes
an issue every day,

then they're going to be like,

"Well, why do we need
this person," you know?

So I'm still, like,
trying to figure out how to

work with these women.


These two, maybe,
as the front of our shelter

and built back that way.

Yeah, this is the back
and that is the front.

-Put two posts here.

We put in, uh,

six of those, uh, "Y,"
letter "Y" shape supports,

-and we just do the floors.
-We need them about

three feet long, the "Y's."

And there should be
plenty of them.

You just see a tree.
They're all over, like--

There's one with a "Y."

They don't have to be
real strong at the fork,

but we got to have those "Y's."


Roger definitely is very bossy.

You know, when we were
building the shelter,

he's telling people,
and especially telling kids,

which is mostly this tribe,

uh, you know, telling them,
"Go do this, go do that."

Ryan, you want to
stoke that fire out,

check that water,
see if it's boiling, please.

I know how to play this game.

I say, "Yes, Roger. Yes, Roger.
Sure, Roger."

I just go and do it.

But, uh, it doesn't-doesn't
bother me too much.

Why don't we stay,
keep it tight on this end,

and then as we keep--
as we taper out,

-Yeah. -we'll just put
more on that side.

Yeah. We'll worry
about it later.

ROGER: This kid Ryan
and the kid Daniel,

uh, they're just
not contributing.

You know, you ask them to do
stuff and they just--

they're talking to each other

and they're just
floating around.

Well, y-your two boys
haven't even moved.

I've already made up my mind
on that score.


And building the shelter,
these guys--

we asked them to go out
and get some vines,

and, I mean, it's like
pulling, pulling teeth.

One, two, three.


They're just useless.

They're digging
their own grave.

They've already dug it.

Whew, that's, that's
looking good right there.

A little sun's coming down.

It's gonna be
a lot better than that.

We built an interesting--
we're calling it, um,

our postmodern survivor
for survival shelter.

It's not a perfect square.

We got a little
trapezoid action going

and some different planes.

It's gonna be,
it's gonna be very nice.

I think I'm really
relatively sure

Home and Garden is gonna
come and shoot us later.

I just think about what the
girls are going through, man.

I find it really hard to believe
that they're doing this.

I mean, and they might be,
they probably are, but...

I don't know, man.

I-I can't imagine them actually

dismantling the jungle
like we have

and actually building shelter.

ROB: I don't see the women
working well together.

I know that their shelter
is not going to be

as good as ours.

I see them all crying
and panicking,

trying to build a,
build a cell phone so they can

call their boyfriends
to come over

and help them build,
build the shelter.

Outside of that,
I'm sure they've got

maybe three sticks together.



Like the eight musketeers.

(indistinct voices)

Right there.

-Push it down.

-We're gonna try to...

Put another one under it?

Oh, like, under which part?

Oh, she's trying
to fill that in.

We need big holes for those.

Oh, okay,
I see what you're saying.

I thought we'd be more focused.

I thought someone would
take the leadership role.

But, you know,
this is in here pretty sturdy.

We may have to adjust
that middle one

'cause it's in here pretty good.

But we look disorganized,

and we're not functioning well.

And considering
the group we have,

it's embarrassing, I think.

Downright embarrassing.

We might be able to do
something like that, you know?

Is the water done?


Everyone's dehydrated.

No one went
to the bathroom yesterday.

People are going to start
getting down.

JENNA: The flies are swarming us
because we stink.

So we boiled our buffs,

we boiled underwear
that wasn't clean.

Underwear needs to be clean.

I figure-- I think
it's a priority because of...

it's, you know, it's--
things can live on you,

especially in that area
'cause it's dark.

They should be cooled down a
little bit more than these ones

'cause I took them out
a little while ago.

We're having a difficult time

getting our tasks in order,

completing them and moving on
to the next project.

It's a "I'm kind of
feeling like

I need to wash my buff now,"
so we wash the buffs.

I'm thinking shelter.

Somebody boiled water.

I don't know
what it was boiled for.

I think they boiled it
to wash their clothes in.

I think it was for clothes.

'Cause you know
it's a priority here.

Got to have fresh, fresh buffs.

And panties.




(thunder rumbling softly)

Man, this thing is just heavy.

-I know.


There's a breeze here.

JENNA: Me and Heidi and Janet
went fishing, using the net.

And Janet--

she's very sick.

She's not doing well at all.

I'm about ready to pass out.

(Jenna murmurs)

I'm not going to make it
to a challenge

or anything else if I don't...

This is too hard.

We can't live on that stuff.

That's just not going to work.

She just kind of did nothing.

She just kind of sat there
on the boat and just said

she didn't want
to paddle out far because

she didn't want
to have to paddle far back.

It's just...
it's-it's, like, up and down.

I mean, she's mostly down.

And that's probably
really going to hurt her.

If we lose the challenge,
she might go.

I've had it. I can't...

You get a nice vacation.

I can't do this anymore.

I hit rock bottom today.

You know, we were going out

to fish or whatever,
which is silly.

It's not-- you know,
we're not successful at it.

Oh, look, we caught a leaf.

Oh, great.

Man, the toughest part
about this whole experience,

I didn't realize how tough
it was physically.

I think that it's brutal.

Downright brutal.

And I didn't plan on that.

I mean, I planned it on being
difficult, but not brutal.

This is incredible.

You okay?


What's hurting you the most,

the hunger
or the-the feeling sick?

Or both?

I think she's just sick.

-You know what?

When you're-- I mean,
imagine how you and I feel,

and we're not sick.

-I know.
-I'm about ready to

just keel over any second.

And you're also
20 years younger.

JANET: Right now, I feel like
I could throw up at any moment.

I-I'm just spent.

I'm physically--

I don't think I've ever been
this physically exhausted.

I don't know if I can
do a challenge.

I'm having trouble walking.


For all those
who have some questions

-in this lifetime...

...I'm donating
the Magic 8 Ball.

-To Tambaqui!

ROB: My luxury item
was the Magic 8 Ball.

The Magic 8 Ball is a really
good thing to have out here.

Well, one thing
that you may or may not know

is that it really works.

Are we going to win immunity?

-Do not ask...

-Time-out. -Go ahead!

We do not ask the Magic 8 Ball
questions like that.

I told the tribe there was only
one rule with the Magic 8 Ball,

and that was that
they cannot ask it

whether we will
win or lose challenges.

If it says that we're
going to lose and we win,

then we'll know
the Magic 8 Ball is a sham.

And if it says that we're going
to lose and we do lose,

then it will freak us out.

So there's no point
in asking questions like that.

We asked it
a bunch of different things.

A lot of the talk
around the tribe

is centered around
the girls' tribe.

Basically, uh, three girls
in the girls' tribe:

Shawna, Jenna and Heidi.

Dude, is our boy Ryan
gonna get with...

gonna get a little something
from young Jenna?

-Yeah, ask that.

-"Most likely!"
-"Most likely!"

Nice, yo!

I said, Magic 8 Ball,
will I hook up with Shawna?

-No, no, look what it says.

-"Yes, definitely."

This whole macho thing,

you know, to listen to
these young guys,

I mean, all they talk about
is women

and, you know,
how good they're looking.

And they're talking,
these young guys especially.

The juices flow and y-you--

That's the way it is. That's...

You know, boys from 15 on,
that's all we think about.

Magic 8 Ball,
will I get together with Heidi?

That girl Heidi--

she is so hot.

She could put Viagra
out of business.

"Signs point to yes."

-Hook it up, hook it up.

Good job.

There are spirits
in this jungle,

and through the magic
of the Magic 8 Ball,

I can channel and harness
those spirits.

All right.

Joanna and I went on

a little fishing expedition
this morning.

We have a net.

We placed it, um, in the little
stream that we have here,

with intentions of
catching some big fish.

He just stuck.

I mean, he is stuck good, too.


See, and then this net is

sticking onto their fin, so...

You know what?
I got a knife.

JEANNE: The only thing we found
was some bait.

It was, like,
really hard shell horn pout.


-He's real...
-He's wicked pointy.

It had sharpy... spines
all over it.

-No, you're going to
have to smash him. -Oh!

You can't just hit him
like that.

Well, here, smash him.

One knock and he out.

Look at there.
See his tail.

I don't even think
a fish would eat this fish.

-We got bait.

We got bait.

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

♪ O, glory! ♪

We caught some bait in the net
and then we chopped it up.

We put it on

our fishing poles.

Please tell me we didn't
leave the paddles over there.

JOANNA: We got over here
and got excited

about getting fish
and left the oars.

I got it in my hand.

-Thank you, Father.

-All right.

Now we're cooking.

♪ Jaburu, Jaburu ♪

♪ Everybody sing "Jaburu." ♪

We decided to go out into the
water that's a little deeper.

♪ O, glory ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Amen. ♪

Joanna got me
a little motivated for today

with a little gospel music.

She's just got this

spirit about her that's--

I think it's great,
and I think everyone feels it.

Here's one.

A little one?

-Grab his butt.

We did catch a little fish,

and he was about this big.


-we were proud.
-Want to see

how much protein
we're going to get out of this?

You know what?
Something's better than nothing.

You know what I'm saying?

No one's going to gross out
that we're eating this, right?

-No, it's food.

I-- See, I can handle the bait
way over the mush.

Let's make a little pancake.

Jeanne and Joanna brought back

the miniature-sized fish.

Do you want to help
with the fire?

I was pretty sure

that after you gutted the thing,
there would have been--

there's just nothing even left.

But we said,
"Hey, let's go for it.

We'll still try
to cook it somehow."

Well, what would we cook it in,
that little tiny bit of fish?

Did somebody find the oil?
I think it's in that.


What kind of oil is this?

-Do we know?
-Baby oil, I think.

Just a little bit.

Jeanne had brought, uh--

it's actually a massage oil,

but it's, like, an edible oil,
which is even funnier.

We sliced up
this pint-size fish,

and I seriously think
I had about that much of it.

Father, we thank you for this
opportunity to come together

like civilized women
and eat like barbarian women.

We thank you. We ask you to let
this be nourishing to our bodies

and help us to be successful
in every attempt that we have

and every goal that we have.


I feel like
I'm eating vomit right now,

when it comes down to it.

Pretty good consistency
going on.

That or some snot,
one of the two.


Real good, though.

Thumbs up both ways.


First mail bomb.

You've got mail.

Thank God for mail.

Checking the mail, kids.

Here we go, first shot.

-Hey, we got mail.
-Oh, yeah.

We are the most macho guys

that have ever been
at Survivor, you know.

Good-looking, macho.

We're confident we're going to

get through
the first challenge.

There's no doubt about that.

If we lose to these women, man,

we are going to get
ragged on big-time.

All right, let's go.

"Working together
from the start,

"As time goes by,
you'll surely part,

"Use balance, agility
and a bit of wit,

Be the one to fall short,
and tonight could be it."


Oh, it's going to be
some sort of...

Oh, balance and agility.

Standing on...
on a foot or...

...two, three.

Jaburu, Jaburu, Jaburu rocks!

Rules, rocks, rules,
rules, rocks, rules.

Everybody, get your shoes,
water and...

In my heart of hearts,

I think that the women
are going to win

a couple of immunity challenges,
but overall,

I think that the men
will probably dominate,

just based on sheer strength
over the women.

The agility and wit thing
I... I can handle.

The balance thing,
I'm, like, okay.

Who's very good
at balancing, you know?

JENNA: I told Heidi
if it's a physical challenge

and we can actually
push them off things,

that she needs
to show them her boobs.

And then we can
distract them all and go.

Head on in, guys.

Welcome, guys, to your first
immunity challenge.

Before we get to that,
I just want to check in.

Been out here, uh,
two nights now.

What's going on with you guys?

-Doing fantastic.

It's all-- it's good.

-Yeah? -It's all good
in the neighborhood.

-Yeah, we're having fun.
-We're all full.

Been out trying to fish yet?

-Oh, yeah. -Plenty of fish.
We don't have to try.


-Plenty of fish.

Catching a lot of fish?


You buying that?

-No. -No.

Are you kidding me?

It's terrible.

What's going on with you guys?

-We got fish, and we ate them
this morning. -Yeah.

-We did. -Yeah.

For real.

Guys, you buying that?

-No. -No way.
-Not at all, no way.

I tasted that grain;
it's not that good.

-No. -Just look at them.
Look how skinny they are.

All right,
let's get to today's challenge.

It is for immunity.

More than anything else,

you will covet immunity.

This is what you're playing for.

This is the immunity idol.


Everybody get a feel of that.

-Joanna, did you get that?

All right.


The head, dude.

Do it.

All right, more than
anything else in the jungle,

this is what you want.

Long as you have immunity,
you're safe, can't be voted out.

You don't have immunity, you're
vulnerable, somebody going home.

Tonight, we'll vote out
the first person,

so let's get to the challenge.

It's a doozy.

It's going to require
a lot of elements.

You start as a group of eight,
chained together.

Your goal is to make your way
along the course,

gathering keys that will
unlock you along the way.

So you'll start with eight,
you'll work to four,

down to two and finally one.

First leg is the tough nut.

Make it through the tough nut
and retrieve your first key.

Use this key
to unlock yourselves

into two groups of four.

Those groups make their way

over a cargo net to a puzzle,

where one group of four
from each tribe must

decode a message using a dial
with letters and numbers.

Once you decode the message,

use the answer
to find the next key.

This will break you into pairs.

You now have

four groups of two.

Make your way
along the balance beam.

If you fall off,
you got to start again.

When everybody's
made their way across,

another set of keys
will separate you

into eight individuals.

Then you'll come to a puzzle,
which two of you must complete

to get one more key.

One person takes this key,

races up the ladder,
unlocks the flying fox,

zips down the line
and grabs the last key.

You'll then race back
and release the rest of

your tribe members,
who are waiting behind a gate.

First tribe with
all eight tribe members

past that finish line

wins immunity,
three more days in the Amazon.

For the losers, Tribal Council;
somebody's going home.

Here are your belts.

Belt up and I'll come check you.

Here we go, guys, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


(indistinct chatter)

Let's go, let's go.

PROBST: You're dead even
through the tough nut.

Grab your stick
and retrieve the key.

Go, go, go, go!

Pick it up!

Right here, right here.


Go, go, go, go, go!

-Break it up! Let's go!
-Men are out first.

Women right behind.

Let's go, guys. Let's go.

(indistinct chatter)

Hold up. Hold up!

-Come on, go, go!
-No, no, go!

(indistinct chatter)

Ten, ten, ten, ten.

-I'm sorry.

Okay, what's "E?"

-"H." -"H."

That's right, that's right.

Got "H."
We don't have to do this.


Then one would be an "E."


Okay, and nine... nine is a "T."

Five. Five is "N."

Seven is "P."

One is "L."

Come on. "S."

(indistinct voices)

How about "V?"

13 minus 11.

-That's two.
-Plus four is six.

PROBST: That's it.
Tambaqui, open the box!

Come on, guys.

The men have
decoded the message.

They're getting unlocked.

-Is that it?

Wait a minute.


-Go! -Let's go.

Come on.

Wait, wait, wait.

-We got to, we got to unlock?

No, next.

-"S." -"Z."

-Okay. -"S."

The men have
decoded their message,

and they're on the balance beam.

Remember, if you fall off,

you got to start again.

Yeah, I'm there.
I'm with you, I'm with you.

-Come on, girls.
-Let's do 11.

Come on, guys, inch along.

Don't rush. Don't rush.

Ladies, don't quit!

We all got to be
in the box, right?

-Yeah. -Come on.
-All right, you guys, crawl.

-Just crawl!
-Let's go, you guys, let's go.

Whoa, whoa! Stay on, Butch!

Dave and Rob got to head back.

Ladies, you're still in it!

-Just crawl!
-Let's go, you guys.

-The guys are having a hard
time. -Stay on, Butch, stay on.

Daniel and Ryan,
got to head back.

Jaburu , what are you doing?

Let's go!

-Go, go!
-Good job! Good job!

-Come on, Matthew! That's it!

Slow down, slow down! Oh!

No! Back!

Come on, you guys.

Ladies, they're
killing themselves.

Let's go!

Decode that message!

It's all right, ladies.

Take your time.
It's not that hard.

Stay with it, Daniel!
Stay with it!

-That's it.
-There you go.

That's it!

Stay on! Stay on, Rob!

-Hold on, Rob.
-There you go.

Good job!

You're good.

Two more left.

Ryan and Daniel,
got to get across.

That's it, Jaburu.
You got it.

-Open the box.
-Let's go!

Good job.

Let's go, ladies!

You're still in this!

Okay, take your time.

Guys, you're blowing your lead.

-You ready?
-Okay, which one goes where?

I have no idea.
Let's just...

-You're good.

Feet can't touch. No!

No, Daniel. No, buddy.

No. Come on, Daniel.
Go, go, go, go!

Stand up and do it.

Let's go. Stand up.

(quiet chatter)

Move, move, move!

-We don't have to run.
-Come on.

Guys, they're on your heels.

-Go, you guys!
-Hang on, hang on.

-Parrot toes, parrot toes,
ladies. -You guys run across it

-if you have to.
-Come on.

-You got it, man!
-Come on.

You're doing great.
Let's go, guys.

Got across the end of this beam.

The guys are having a hard time.

Keep moving.


You guys are doing great.

If you get close, jump.

Come on, nice and slow.

You're good. You're good.
Everybody's good.

-I got you.
-Come on, girls.

Put your chest on the log.

-Hug the log!
-Hug the log.

PROBST: That's six women
across for Jaburu.

Here's the last two.

It is official.
Guys, you've lost your lead.

The ladies have completed
the balance beam.

Good job, Ryan.
Keep 'em up, buddy.

You guys are doing great.

You got it, Ryan.

All right, hang on, hang on.

(men shouting)

Go, go, go, go, go!

-Come on, buddy.
-You guys are doing great.

You're doing great.
Good job. Let's go.

You're good! You're good!

(men shouting)

Everybody here?

Go, go, go!

Put the locks up here
and everybody take turns.

We are dead even.

-Come on, guys.
-Let's go.

Once you're free, go.

Go, start your puzzle.
Two people.

No, wait till they cross.
Let's go.

Yeah, that's it.

Keep 'em moving.

PROBST: About as even
as it could be at this point.

Don't let it stress you out.
Come on.

You guys, the rest of it
looks like a campground.

You guys are doing great.

If that don't remind you,
just do what you can do.

Do your thing, guys.
You're doing great.

Jaburu very close.

-Yeah, baby!
-Come on, come on, come on!

-(women cheering)
-Oh, yeah!

PROBST: Jaburu has completed
their puzzle.

-Go, go!
-Go, go, go!

Oh, yeah!

PROBST: Heidi heading
for the flying fox.

Go! Go! Go!

(women cheering)

PROBST: Come on, guys.
We got a rocket scientist

and a computer guy
stuck on a puzzle.

Go, go, go!

Get up here to the gate!

Up to the gate!

Go! Go!

Key in front of you.

Key at the feather!

(women cheering)

Take your time.
Take your time.

We got this.



Jaburu wins immunity!

Guys, it's over.

Come on in.


Jaburu, well earned.


Ladies, you're safe
for three more days.

Nobody going home yet.



Tambaqui, you had a big lead.

You just blew it.

Despite your predictions,
you guys are

going to Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody will have
the distinction of

being the first person
voted out.

You guys can head back to camp.

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

They sure got a shock.

They did get a shock.

They've been talking smack on us
since we separated teams.

HEIDI: We were definitely
behind in the challenge, and

we came back with flying colors
pretty much.

We just really, really
kicked some butt today.

-And she's twisting... -And they
were absolutely loving it.

And Janet has started
to feel a lot better now.

DEENA: Shawna, man,
set the pace, though,

in the beginning
of that commando fall thing.

She whipped us through that.
It was great.

I said, I said,
"They're listening

to everything
you guys are saying."

They were just like parrots.

We're like,
"Put the trees up."

They're like,
"Put the trees up."


"Do the letters first."

I'm like, "Wait a second.

Is there an echo in the jungle?"

HEIDI: I mean, it just mentally
gives you more energy.

Like, hey,
we really can do this.

We can pull this off
just as well as they can.

Actually better.

BUTCH: We just returned
from our first challenge.

I think we went into it
maybe a little cocky.

In other words,

there's no way that eight girls

are going to beat
eight macho guys.

You think those chicks
really caught fish?

Today, I think
you had eight guys

believing in themselves
a little too much.

ROB: I give the girls
a ton of credit.

This is Billie Jean King
versus Bobby Riggs

for a new millennium.

I know what's riding on this.

All right, fellas, I want 30
seconds of your silence, please.

I want to say this one because
it's been pissing me off.

We performed
like a bunch of cocky ass ...

I think we were baited

with the question
of how many fish have you caught

after the chicks were already
asked that question.

And I think we answered
with a cocky, arrogant answer.

Don't bring me down
with your bull ...

I got character,
and I got integrity.

And I don't care
if they're-they're girls,

if they're guys,
but don't lie to them

about how good we're doing,

'cause we're doing,
we're doing great.

But don't lie to 'em.

DANIEL: Dave, he was
upset about, you know,

us joking around,
saying that we caught fish.

It's not a big deal.

He needs to lighten up.

I mean, he's way too serious
about this.

I mean, who does he think he is

to stand up on a soapbox
and lecture us about that?

If they ask,
"Have you caught any fish?"

we don't say,
"Many, many, many fish."

We say, "No,
we haven't found anything."

Dave is a stand-up guy.

He has a lot of integrity and,
uh, is a really honest guy,

which is really great for me,

because I'm going
to lie and cheat

and do whatever it takes to win.

And if he's only going to
tell the truth all the time,

that's going to hurt him
in this game.

I just want to, uh, say,
absolutely, Dave.

Dude, I-I...
I'm in total agreement.

It doesn't make any sense.

Just doesn't make any sense.

-Yeah. -Yep.

I just want to say one thing.
Just, the balance beam--

we just had to keep going
over and over again,

over and over again.
I mean, people kept falling

and falling and falling,
and we got too behind.

But if I, if I made the mistake,

guys, I'm sorry.
You know what I mean?

RYAN: I saw the course,
and I was like,

"We got this in the bag."

And the most athletic,
biggest guy would turn out to be

just a meathead, you know?

It was Dan's fault.

He fell off the log
four times, and...

now I'm the one
with my ass on the stove.

I'm thinking, by the way...

What way?

Our boy, uh... our boy Ryan
is the first one out of here.

That's fine by me. Um...

All right. All right.

We don't need to talk about it.

-All right?


I will not vote Ryan off.

Um, we're from
the same hometown.

I feel we have some connection.

But somebody, uh, like Daniel,

who's not really
volunteering to help out,

not volunteering
to get involved...

He's not really
doing it for me right now.

Yo, I'm just scared
because, uh, Dave seems like

he's getting
really close to Roger.

Doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

I mean,
I-I really like our tribe.

I think everybody's
pretty cool, man,

but I don't feel like
kissing Roger's ass.

I mean, I've been doing it.
I mean, seriously, I mean...

-Yeah, me, too.
-"Go cut wood.

Cut this. Do that."
And that's fine. I mean, cool.

I don't mind.
I'm not complaining.

I'm just saying, but...

There's a lot of tension now.

Everyone seems to be
jockeying for position.

There's a lot of friction
between Ryan and Roger.

I think that the friction
has built up over the last

couple of days, and

it's culminated
in kind of a face-off.

We have to go
for the big time now.

We go for Roger tonight.

-That's three votes.

We don't talk anymore tonight.
We don't look at

each other tonight. Stay the ...
away from each other.

We do this, and we go down.

-Hands in, we all made a pact.
-Okay, that's cool.

-I'm with you, man.
-So what's the name?

-Say it one more time.


RYAN: Right now, what I got to
do is I got to go after Roger

and break
that whole coalition up.

I just feel that they're
going to try to go for me,

so I got to go for him;
I have no choice.

They're gonna pick us off one
by one, I'm letting you know.

So I'm saying right now,
I guarantee you

we can have four votes now.

They might go for Daniel,
or they might go for me,

-and we can still win.
-ROB: Ryan is

fun, but he's also loud, uh,

abrasive at times
and extremely self-centered.

If you say you don't want
to know, it's fine,

but just I'm asking you--
if we're good, we're good.

I'm not gonna...

'Kay, we're good.

No more talking, to anybody.

Don't look at anybody else,
just say tonight: "Roger."

-Yeah. Game, set, match.
-All right, man.


ROB: You really have to
operate as a team

and look out for other people's
interests at times.

The guy is focused
only on himself.

Roger, on-- for his part,
though, is extremely bossy

and is telling everybody,
everybody what to do.

Real quickly.

Alex, Matthew...

uh... David and myself.

Clearly, uh, those two kids
are gone.

As long as we're in agreement,

that's what's
the important thing.

Yeah, we are.

Privately, Ryan has asked me

to vote with him
to get rid of Roger,

and Roger has asked me to vote
with him to get rid of Ryan.

And I've told them both
that I will do what they want.

Ready to party on?


-Let's go, guys.
-ROB: It's Roger

versus Ryan.

I'm just going to see
which way it clears out.

I mean, both guys have
their pluses and minuses.

Behind each of you guys is
a torch in your tribe color.

Grab a torch,
approach the flame,

dip it and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council

because fire
most definitely represents

your life in this game.

As long as you have fire,
you're still alive.

When your fire's done,
so are you.

Take a seat.

Tribal Council is where you are

held accountable
for your action.

Tonight, somebody will be

the first person
voted out of the Amazon.

But before we get to that,
let's have a little chat.

I'm guessing this has to be

really humbling
for you guys right now.

-Say that again.
-Or am I wrong, Roger?

Is it just one challenge,
you know,

and, hey, what's the big deal?

It's-It's humbling, but,
uh, you know, we did our best.

And the interesting thing was

we thought we were
going to get on the--

get beat on the mental side,

and they actually beat us
on the physical side.

And that was a shock.

No, they beat you
all the way around.


-Well, they did. They--

Hey, they won fair and square.

And, you know, what can you say?

Well, there were
a lot of comments made,

specifically by you,
Daniel, on the boat--

"We will not
lose one challenge."

Well, you know,
that's what happens when you get

a little cocky, you know,
you get humbled.

Hey, it was a mistake.

I think all-all of our guys,
we did really well.

I mean, we had it,
but I blew it.

I mean, it's my fault.

I'm the reason why we're here.


But you're-you're tied
next to your partner here, Ryan,

who didn't seem to be
doing a lot better.

Well, hey, you know,

the girls--
they might have won the battle,

but they haven't won the war.

Alex, how tough is it to be

so overconfident and lose?

I think initially
we were pretty over--

we were pretty confident.

We were like,
yeah, gung ho guys.

Women are not
going to just roll over.

They're going to want
to compete even harder

because it's women against men.

And today is proof of it.

We worked really hard.

We got beat.

We had a bad day.

That's all it comes down to.

You had a few minutes
to see the women.

I know you talked about them.

Anybody stand out?

I think every one of those girls
has a unique quality...


...and, uh, some have more
unique qualities than others.

Some are physically unique.

But when it's all said and done,
uh, none of those girls are

worth a million dollars,
and that's where I stand.

How about you, Daniel?

I'll just go out and say I think
Shawna is pretty damn hot.

Uh, she's very athletic.

She's got a great body.

But I don't know. Right now,

after not showering
for three days,

I don't know how attracted
I would be to her, but...


But you're putting it out there.


Follow suit, Shawna wore
a, uh, ski hat; that's badass.

I think Ryan was-was
trying to say it.

Make an analogy--
the quarterback doesn't

screw the cheerleaders
at halftime.

You know, we're here
to play the game.


You should be
living with these guys.



I'm going to be the third one
to vote for Shawna here.

She's-She's a hottie.


Yeah, absolutely.

I just wanted to, uh,
add to my vote that I also think

that Shawna is hot, but I think
that Heidi is the hottest.

You know what's great
about th-- Oh, Ryan, yes?

(scattered chuckles)

He loves that girl.

I mean, he-he really,
really likes...

Now, "love" is a strong word,

being that I've never
spoken to her.

You know what's great?

You came out from day one
talking more trash

than I've ever heard, ever.

You got your asses kicked.

And yet, when we get to women,
it's like, "Ah, who cares?

I want to hook up."

That's why you guys could be
really in serious trouble.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Roger, you're first.

He gives me so much advice,
it really irritates me.

My advice to you is, uh,

don't hunt what you can't kill.

Ryan, I think
you're a pretty good boy.

The only problem is
that you're still a boy.

Sometimes silence is golden.

I didn't like your attitude at

the immunity challenge today,

and I didn't like the way

it reflected upon the team.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...




One vote Dan, one vote Ryan,
one vote Roger.



One vote Dan, two votes Ryan,
two votes Roger.



We're tied: three votes Ryan,
three votes Roger.

First person
voted out of the tribe...

Need to bring me your torch.

Ryan, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go, man.

Came into the game
a little confident,

maybe a little arrogant.

But what should be
more concerning is this is

clearly a tribe divided,
based on tonight's vote.

Might be something
worth looking at.

36 more days.

Guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

An Amazon storm
hits both tribes,

leaving the men dry...

Suck to be outside right now.

...and the women drenched.

Forgot that we're in
the middle of the Amazon

and that torrential rainstorms
come by daily.

And a shocking discovery

threatens to split
the Jaburu tribe.

There's something in there that
shouldn't be in there.

Somebody just needs to fess up.

Well, guys, here we are.

I guess when I knew
I did Survivor,

I knew I was in for the biggest
challenge of my life.

And, uh, I definitely
got what I came in for,

and I definitely
got what I expected.

Um, I learned a lot, though.

I learned how to make shelter,
and more importantly,

I learned a lot about myself
and, uh, how I perceive others

and how they perceive me.

You know, I thought I'd be mad,
but for the first time,

I just, I really put things
in perspective.

And it was a great journey.

I had a lot of fun.

I wish you guys all the best.

So good luck to the winner,

and, uh, we'll see you
around soon.

And, uh, God bless.