Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Sleeping with the Enemy - full transcript

Tensions between the castaways are at an all-time high.

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Previously on Survivor:

Ambassadors from
both tribes were sent

to assess the two camps.

This is great.

This is much better
than our shelter.

PROBST: Shii Ann and Clay
visited Chuay Gahn,

while Helen and Ken
visited Sook Jai.

Did you guys build this?

-KEN: Yes, we did.

PROBST: The two tribes will
now live together on one beach.

The question is: which beach
are you going to live on?

-Looks like we're going
to Chuay Gahn. -Chuay Gahn.

PROBST: Believing
they had merged, Shii Ann made

a plan with Chuay Gahn.

I'm working a deal.

I'm voting Penny out.

Don't sink everybody else
and yourself

because you're pissed off
at one person.

If she does turn,

the rest of her life,
she'll be considered a rat.

But at the immunity challenge,

the survivors got
a big surprise

when they learned
the two tribes had not merged.

What I said to you guys
when you left is,

two tribes will live together
on the same beach.

Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn battled
again for tribal immunity.

-Chuay Gahn wins immunity!

Chuay Gahn won, sending
Sook Jai to Tribal Council,

where Shii Ann found herself
in the hot seat.

I have already found out
that some people

weren't being true to our tribe.

Shii Ann tried to target Penny.

Penny, you're manipulative.

I know that that's not
a pleasant word,

but it's the way that
you've played the game.

But when the votes came in,

it was Shii Ann
who was voted out.

With both tribes living
on the same beach,

what strategies
will come into play

and who will be voted out next?

TED: I'm not going to bed
until I see

who is here.

No, I got to see what's up.

Because if Shii Ann is gone...

I got to see who's coming
back to our house.

-TED: After we spanked them.
-BRIAN: Uh-huh.

You know what I'm saying?

-Yep. -And I can't wait
for them to answer

the question when I say... I'm
gonna ask them; I'm gonna say:

what made you vote off Erin

or what made you vote off
Shii Ann or whatever?

Just to see
what their reaction will be.

There is a lot of tension in
their camp, though, isn't there?

-There is a lot of tension.
-Oh, there is, man.

Like I said, if they vote off

Su Yi... Sin Jun...
they're not thinking.

-Nope. -Because she-she's a lot
more damage than Erin would be.

-So I'll be curious... -They're
making an emotional decision.


Which will be a mistake.

PENNY: Shii Ann
was plotting against me

to the other tribe, and...

I thought she had succeeded
and I pretty much, you know,

had already said my good-byes.

The joke is on her
as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still here and she's not.

I couldn't have been happier

to hear that it was tribe
against tribe

because I knew, with Sook Jai,
I was still safe.

We're all four and
we're all strong and true.

Let's stay together.

Let stay true to one another.


we'll still be competing
against this other team

in future challenges,

and just know
that I love you all...

(overlapping chatter)

...and I, and I...
and thank you all very much

for keeping me around.

Well, Penny absolutely feels

she needs to do damage control,

and I would, too,
if I were her.

She is definitely walking
on eggshells,

but she has been
since the second we got here,

so she has to, she has
to undo the damage

that's already been done

and then try
to go on from there.


-Oh, hey, guys.

-Honey, we're home.
-Hey, y'all, about damn time.

-We're finally back.
-My God.

-Is soup on?
-Is soup on?

-(overlapping chatter)
-I'm so cold.

Got noodles over there.

Oh, there's noodles?

Oh, my God.

Hey, congratulations, y'all.

Thank you.

Yeah, you did a good job.

-Who'd we lose?
-Shii Ann.

Shii Ann?
Dad gum, like I figured.


TED: What made
you guys vote off Shii Ann?

She kind of threatened us.

Threatened you?

Well, she, she seems to claim

that you guys have
a deal with her that

if we got rid of her,
you guys were going

to pick us off one by one, so...

we didn't like to have
a threat like that,

so we voted her the hell out.

She what?!

She said that you guys
and her had a deal.

They were dead-on

with their accusation,
and I knew that they knew.

I mean, it's, it's true.

If Shii Ann
would've came over,

we would've voted Penny off.

That's a hell of a strategy.

-It kind of backfired on her.

That was kind of stupid to say.

BRIAN: I think it was a little
bit of a, of an act.

They kind of knew what was
going on with her, too,

and they just wanted
to act more surprised

than they were,
so we kind of knew that.

And we're all kind of going,
"Okay, uh-huh, whatever."

You guys pick us off one at a
time, we'll know she was right.

-CLAY: First off, you guys,

we got to go play the game.

-We're not a tribe yet.

Far as we know,
we'll do what we did today

again tomorrow and the next day
and the next day.

KEN: We're in a unique
position, because, uh,

except for the person
voted out tonight, everybody...

is now part of the jury.

CLAY: There we go.
That, I was just gonna ask that.

So we're all...
we're here the rest of...

-the entire time?
-PENNY: Yes, we all are.

PENNY: Y'all sleep tight, don't
let the mosquito bugs bite.

BRIAN: Of course, when I look
at Sook Jai, I see enemy,

I see "other tribe," I see
who we've been competing with

for these last, uh,
so many weeks here.

I can't just, all a sudden,

"Oh, great, one happy family,
I love you guys. Hello."

That's not gonna happen.

They're gonna have to earn that
respect, they're gonna have

to earn that trust, they're
gonna have to gain my trust.

I'm kind of seeing
who's doing what

or who's not doing what
and kind of feeling them out.

It's still sort of like
sleeping with the enemy,

so that's a little bit
of a weird feeling.

-TED: Good morning.
-PENNY: How are you?

I'm doing great.
How are you doing?

Are you still talking
to your family?

-Every morning. Every morning.
-Are you still doing it?

Every morning.
That's my routine.

Well, I'm gonna let you stay
here, then, till you're done.

-How about that?

-It's okay.
-No, that's all right...

I mean, you can stop by;
it's okay.

PENNY: I just wanted
to come and say hello.

Yeah, yeah, anytime.

So, uh, when you're ready
to do your morning workout,

-I'd love to join you.
-Okay. Okay, I'll let you know.

-All right.
-I'll let you know.

I'm going to do some yoga, too.

Okay. I'll do it with you.

-Okay. Cool. Cool.
-No problem.

-PENNY: I would love
a cup of coffee. -Whoo!

You know,
the one thing I miss most

-is my cup of coffee
in the morning. -I do, too.

I love to wake up to that.

Kind of like stumble
in the kitchen

in the morning,
just get that kick in the ass.

All right, by God,
here I come.

PENNY: Right about now,
it's about that time.

TED: For me, my observation
is it seems like Penny

is really going out of her way

to be superly overly nice,

to the point where
it doesn't feel genuine.

It feels... it feels fake.

We were thankful that
y'all had a fire for us

-and some soup left.
-Yeah. Yeah.

There's a little dirt
on your nose.

Penny could be a threat

for anybody in this game,

I think she,

uh, uses being very cute
and very sweet

to her advantage in the game,
and... why not?

It's part of her tools,
part of the package.

CLAY: Y'all,
who talks funnier, her or me?

"Like" is "lahk."


I'm just glad to know

that I'm not the worst one with
the Southern accent out here.

-His hair's getting light.

It's between you and Jan.


Penny is a...

cute, sweet little girl.

She thinks her looks
and her little talent

can get whatever
she wants out of men.


I'm 46, she ain't getting ...
from this one.

She has tried to butter me up,

she has tried
to butter Brian up

and she has tried to
butter Ted up, and every time

she starts on one of us,

we all just kind of
cut our eyes over

and giggle, like, yeah,
there's a little bit more

of that butter
that's not working.


My God!
Let the games begin.

I don't really start till I hear
that thing go in the basket.

I mean, I just want you to know,

don't feel pressure,
but you know

how I respond to it.

-JAN: Oh!
-(Ted laughs)

Damn, it's pressure.

One more time...

KEN: There's definitely
a strategic reason to get along

with these people,
and there's definitely

a strategic reason for those
people to get along with us,

because things
change real quick.

Once I get this, you know
it's over, right, Jake?

Oh, my God!

HELEN: Right now, we're all,
we're all off-center

with, you know, trying
to predict, but quite frankly,

this isn't a game
you can predict, so I told

everybody today
I'm becoming Australian.

I'm just gonna do that
"no worries, mate" thing, and...

-I'm not gonna think about it.
-I'm killing that chicken,

and I'm getting
that chicken bowl.

I figure I helped
earn that chicken.

-I can damn sure kill him.
-You're right.

Chicken Snappin' 101.

I see the yellow bananas comin'.

(indistinct conversation,
chicken clucking)

Is that dessert tonight?

Who wants a really soft one?


(indistinct conversation)

Can I pick somebody
to share that with?

Are we sharing these, or, uh...

-Uh, no.
-Would you like to share?

There's one for all of us.

BRIAN: As much as they don't
want to admit it, as much as

we try not to admit it,

it's us against them,
simple as that.

Even though we're living
together and hanging out and...

it all looks peachy,
there's a lot of phoniness.

Everyone wants to start picking
people off, I can just feel it,

slowly but surely.

I can feel it.

I can sme... sense it,
I can smell it.

The cave smells of urine.

Chuay Gahn

has been pissing
in the front of the cave.

So now the whole cave
is starting to smell.

It's the piss cave.
Very nice.

I'm surprised, with that sun
hitting that sand

and everything,
that it even stinks, so...

Well, it doesn't hit the sand;
it's right here inside the cave.

JAKE: Why don't they pee
out there in the sand?

I don't know, I didn't do it.

I come here,
I lay down at the front

of their cave,
and I smell urine.

It's like pissing
in your front door.

You know, you walk
in your front door,

you close it,
"Honey, I'm home,

let me take a piss right here."

Animals don't even do that.

Animals are genetically...

encoded not to piss
where they eat.

And it's happening here.

I-I don't understand it, but...

It stinks, though.

It smells like under
the boardwalk in Coney Island.

I do feel like a visitor here.

Personally... I-I don't go
around pissing where I sleep.

They do, and just
for that simple fact,

I can't feel at home here.

He wants to go pee first.

CLAY: There ain't nobody
peeing in the cave.

I mean, it smells like a cave
the whole time I've been here.

I mean, it's nothing like

your living room
with the candles going,

that's for damn sure.

But it is a cave.

You can't forget that.

JAN: Plate washers, let's go,
let's go. Chop-chop.

But it's interest... interesting
to me, even after, uh,

being out here in the wilderness

after hundreds of thousands
of years, the girls

are still doing...
are very domesticated,

and they enjoy it,
which I think is great.

JAKE: Yeah, 'cause I told 'em
I'd be happy to do the dishes.

Kind of resorts back to,

like, the good old days,
when the men just ate,

and the women did
all the cooking and cleaning.

-So... -JAKE (laughs):
You notice he's saying that

when they're down there.

BRIAN: Yeah, of course,
but it's very interesting.

I mean, it's a...
it's quite an observation.

-So it's four...
-HELEN: Four cups of flour

and one cup of sugar.

Only one cup of sugar?

Yeah, and a little bit
of vanilla.

And, uh, my grandmother's
caramel recipe--

that's pretty good, too.
You cut them

in these little, you know,
squares like this,

and you... then you fold up
the wax paper.

-No way I can do that.

JAKE: I like every single person
on the other tribe.

The only one
that drives me crazy

is Helen
with the constant recipes.

You know, I've heard recipes
till I'm just green in the face.

Swedish almond bars.

You start out
with your cookie sheet,

you put the toasted almonds
all over the bottom.

Pour the batter on top.
Like, I'll sprinkle raisins

around on that.
I love raisins.

See, I'm not
a big raisin person.

-HELEN: Yeah.
-JAKE: My God.

You need, I need to go
somewhere else when she starts

that recipe stuff,
which is nonstop 24-7.

Cashew butterscotch squares.

-Ooh, that sounds good.
-Ooh, what are those?

Same type thing--
pastry on the bottom,

and then cashews
and butterscotch chips on top,

and they bake in the oven.

It's-- just is something
to cut into squares

and put in people's
lunch boxes and stuff.

-Got-dang, that incessant talk
about food... -Yeah.

-and recipes drives me
totally wild. -Uh-huh.

That's why I'm more
than happy to go out.

-Helen loves to just talk

-about the same thing.
-And it's all food.

I'm thinking, Jesus,
don't you girls ever just be?

Jake and I like to get out.

I'm kind of getting
a little bit of cabin fever

or, if they want to call it
out here, a little cave, uh...

uh, cave fever.

I'm going stir-cavey.

(thunder crashing)

JAKE: I'm very careful
with what I tell Brian,

and I think he's probably
very careful

with what he tells me.

We're still two separate tribes.

Which one of our girls
do you think's the best-looking?

-Oh, out of Penny or Erin?

I think Penny's got
a cuter look.

Exotic-looking-- she's...
she's a pretty girl.

I'm trying to figure out

information from him, like:
who in your tribe

would you think
should be voted off first?

And he's doing the same thing
to me all the time.

And part of the time,

we're telling each other
the truth,

and part of the time, we're
kind of fudging a little bit.

But, you know, we're building

a confidence with one another,

and once that confidence
is built,

then I think we'll
be able to...

form an alliance of sorts.

BRIAN: Jake, he might be
picking my brain a little bit,

but I'm not, uh,
telling him much.

He's always asking
a couple questions here

how I feel about the tribe,

and he's kind of
feeling me out,

and I'm not giving him
anything-- at least not yet.

HELEN: A cup of sugar,
half a cup of plain old cocoa.

You know, cocoa, not mix.


Then you're going to take
another cup of sugar,

and you're going to pour...

Brian-- he's a good guy.

Yeah, I like him.

I was going to see
if you wanted

to try to figure out
if we could make

you and I from this side,

and him and Clay from that side,
be the final four.

Well, uh, if you'll leave me
alone with him

a little bit longer,
I might be able to get to that.

-I might be able to.

But... I'm just not sure.

Yeah, don't be.

Don't believe
everything he says.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm not.

Just remember,
he's a used car dealer.


What do they sell?
They sell lemons.

-Be careful.

Treemail, children!


You guys are going
to go bonkers over this.

-What is that?

That looks to me

like the immunity idol
in that... inside that...

-Looks like a genie

-in a crystal ball.

"How you deal with adversity

"will show who copes the best.

"Anyone can shine
when it's easy,

"but how do you deal
with stress?

"No physical strength required,
or power from your brain.

All you need for this one
is the desire to win this game."


Sook Jai really needs to win

this immunity challenge bad.

I mean, if we could
possibly win this one,

that would put us back

on an equal footing
with the other tribe.


First things first-- Brian.

Take back the immunity idol.

Today's challenge
is for immunity,

and it's going to test
your ability to remain calm

when your instincts
tell you to panic.

We've constructed eight
individual bamboo snorkels.

You'll take a deep breath,

go underwater, get your mouth
around the snorkel piece,

blow out the water
and then begin normal breathing.

So, in theory,
you should be able

to stay down there
for a long time,

but for some of you,
those first few breaths

are going to be cause for panic.

These snorkels
are not traditional snorkels.

They don't have a mouthpiece
that has a good snug fit.

It's a piece of bamboo.

You're going to leak a little.

You're probably going
to swallow some salt water.

Once you come up
for air, you're out.

Because this
is a tribe challenge,

here's how we'll
determine the winner.

We'll take the total
cumulative time

for the members of each tribe.

So every second
you're underwater counts.

Three of your members
could come up right away,

and if the fourth person
stays down long enough,

you can still win this thing.

Chuay Gahn, for the first time,

you have more members
than Sook Jai.

You're sitting one person out.
Who's sitting out?

-Uh... Helen.

Helen, take your spot
at the front of the boat.

Everybody else,
take your positions.

Wait for my go.

Swim on out and take your spot.

This challenge could last hours;
could be over in minutes.

All depends
on how you handle stress.

Here we go, guys.
For immunity.

Three, two, one.


Penny's first up
at nine seconds.

(wheezes, coughs)

Ken, you're up at 15 seconds.


Everybody for Chuay Gahn
still down.

Clay, 20 seconds.

-Ted, you're at 21.

Jan, you're at 23.

Wow, that was fast, guys.

Erin, up at 25 seconds.

Only two people left
in the water:

Brian for Chuay Gahn,
Jake for Sook Jai.

Here's where we're at, guys.

Chuay Gahn has 64 seconds

Sook Jai
has 49 seconds underwater.

That's a 15-second lead
for Chuay Gahn.

The only way Sook Jai can win
is if Jake

stays under the water
16 seconds longer than Brian.

Jake comes up first,
Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Jake is up.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Clay, go let him know.

We got it. We got it.

We won. You got it.

Yo, B, get out now.

You got it.

Who wants this?


Nice work, Brian.

-I'll take that.
-You earned it.

Another three days.

You guys are on a hot streak.

Guys, I hate to be the messenger
of more bad news,

but another day together
at Tribal Council,

another member of Sook Jai
voted out.

Need you to swim off
to the beach.



Got some food waiting for us?

I'm hungry, y'all.

I'm telling you, I am hungry.

Get out, before you come back,
you're just hungry.

It's like,
it's like leaving the house.

-You're just hungry, period,
you know? -Yeah.

Let's get some wood
on this fire.

Is there any reason why the lid
is off our noodles?

You're kidding me, right?


Like, then they're dumped out
on the floor.


No. He opened the lid and got
into the real stuff.


-The monkey.
-Oh, no.

Did he knock it again?

All the bananas that were saved
for tonight are gone.

No way!

That's who knocked over
our, um... that's...

Well, I did think
that that was a possibility.

He came in here messing around.

They must be bringing
the whole family down here.

-Yeah, he scouted out
the area... -Oh, big-time.

The chicken feed was in...

they-they got
into the chicken feed, too.

-They got into it?
-The chicken's gone.

-The chicken's gone?

No, just the chicken feed.

Oh, oh, oh, oh...
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

HELEN: Our monkey visitor
again has, um,

invaded the camp, and, uh...

he ate the bananas
that we had left for tonight

that were just perfectly ripe.

Damn monkey-- I swear I'm going
to kill him if I get him.

And then he got
into our noodles.

I mean, my God, that...
that's it.

That's our food here.

I have real doubts
that it's going to last us

the next
two and a half weeks, anyway.

With monkey claws in there

taking them out, uh,
it's not going to last.

-It-it's just not.
-We got to eat.

Thank you.
That's... that's good enough.

-That's perfect.
-HELEN: If he takes our...

if he takes our noodles, we are
up the creek without a paddle.

We'll be eating rocks
or something, so...

If I'd have blown
that water out...

You got one shot at it.

-Yeah. -You didn't get it
the first time.

-You didn't have enough oxygen
to get the thrust, -Uh-uh.

because of the...

JAKE: It's... it's really hard
on me today

'cause I'm taking this one
really personal.

I feel totally responsible
for the fact

that we're going back
to Tribal Council.

What I'd rather do
is just go off somewhere

and just be by myself

and act... you know,
just be pissed off.

But you can't do that.

I mean, you came back here
with the winners.

They're the winners.
You got to congratulate them.

You got to try not
to berate yourself so bad

in front of them, even though

it's happening
underneath the core,

you know,
where you're just saying,

"Why did you do that?

Why did it happen
that way today?"

Win some, you lose some.

It sucks, but you know what?

(Jake sniffles)

W-Well... we can't go back
and change it.

I wish I could.

I... I wish I could, too.

This is how our fate
is determined, okay?

And we're a team,
and we said that

we were going to rebuild
ourselves after all...

all that crap with Shii Ann.

We have rebuilt ourselves,
but you know what?

We knew that this day
was going to come.

We knew we were
going to have to start

voting out people
that we didn't want to.

And it sucks, but you know what?

You got to be strong
in your heart.


And I don't blame you.

Penny doesn't blame you.

Ken doesn't blame you.

None of us blame you.

It's part of the game.


It is not your fault.


You believe me, okay?


(Jake sniffling)

BRIAN: Well, we had another,
uh, immunity challenge and, um,

it's still
kind of weird, though,

winning and then having
to come back

and not really being able
to celebrate a win.

So you're not
looking too, uh... uh...

uh, happy, because they've got

a major, disappointing
decision to make.

So that's
a very strange feeling.

-It's not a fun win.
-It's like a bittersweet...

a bittersweet victory,
you know what I mean?

-I think we're both cheated
in some way. -I know, 'cause I

don't want to say good-bye
to any of you guys.

And we're cheated...
we're cheated

because we can't really
fully enjoy our win.


Because we kind of like
you guys. You-you...

-you're living with us.
-It's sad.

You know, you guys

obviously can't be happy,
really, for us,

because of the decision

that has to be made
and stuff like that.

So... this...
this is a weird way of feeling.

You want to jump and holler

and scream, but you can't,

you know, the people living
with you that you just beat.

And you don't want
to rub it in their face

'cause, you know,
that can hurt you later on

if one of them's on the jury.
But yet,

they were sad,
but trying to be happy for us.

And that's why we're just
having to tell them,

"Oh, we're so sorry
y'all got to go

to Tribal Council tonight,"

but we were so damn happy,
it was unbelievable.

...we don't leave anything out,
too-- no coconut out, nothing.

PENNY: This is the first time,
I think,

we've really actually
been able to talk

about how we're all feeling,

now you've got four people
who are pissed off

that we didn't win,
and you've got five happy people

who can't talk about how badly
they just kicked our butts.

And when you're losing
all the time against them,

it's hard to stay upbeat

and keep your mind
off the game.

JAKE: My personal opinion
is we ought to cook the chicken.

Mine, too.

I mean, they're going
to share it with us anyway,

but at least...

lets who brought it into camp
get a chance to eat it.


That's fine by me--
whatever you guys want to do.

This was supposed to have been
the final four. (laughs)

Well, it is the final four.

In our tribe.

It's the final four
out of the final nine.

Don't take it to heart, Pops.

Well, thanks.

I mean, look, we...
this is our fourth time

in a row to go
to Tribal Council.

They haven't been
the last four times.

So if I'm not here, I want
you three to kick some ass

and make them go
to Tribal Council.

I feel exactly the same way.

I mean, who knows
where this game's going to go?

The only thing I know
is this is our last time

for the four of us
to be together, and I hate that.

Maybe the four of us
should sleep together tonight.

That sounds almost... erotic.


I'm kidding.

Well, it's got to be...

you know,
it's going to get tricky.

Let me keep my relationship
with Brian.

And I'm trying
to develop one with Clay,

so let me try to keep them.

Y'all develop them how...
how you can.

Whatever we do
from this point forward,

just... just remember
that's where it is.

No matter what happens.

And no matter
what it looks like...

...our team's loyal.

We're loyal.

All right, we're going to say
a few words about this chicken.

This is Lucky, who's been
with us a number of days.

I didn't grow up on a farm.

I'm not a hunter.

You know, I really didn't want
to see the process

of, uh, bringing Lucky
to the dinner table...

because I was basically looking
at Lucky as... as a pet.

And if it was up to me,
I would let Lucky go free.

You know, in, uh, Buddhist
philosophy, the Dalai Lama--

he said, "This chicken's darma

is to give sustenance
to the rest of us."

CLAY: You know,
I was raised around farms

and-and ranches, and...

I've never seen such a ceremony

over killing a damn chicken
in my life.

There's animals put on here
for us to eat,

and, uh...
hell, kill 'em and eat 'em.

It's not that big a deal.

The chicken eats the grain,
and then we eat the chicken,

so with that,
we say to this chicken,

thank you for giving your life.

And we should have a prayer
of thanksgiving

at the time we actually eat
the chicken today.

So, chicken, thank you
for giving your life.


(chicken flapping)


(rapid flapping)

Now, that's just the last-minute
muscle twitches of death.

I had never participated

in wringing a chicken's neck,

and holding the legs
and watching it flap,

which was very hard for me
'cause I'm very tender-hearted,

but it had a purpose,
and the purpose was to feed us,

so it was not a senseless death.

-Can I take these?


Um, I'm burying
Lucky's head and feet

in my little pet cemetery.

I have a pet cemetery here,

and it started with Oliver,
the little bat that I found,

and then, today, I added, uh...

uh, Lucky's head
and Lucky's feet.

I'll put them right here by
Oliver so they can be friends.

Of course, my team thinks
I'm crazy, but that's okay.


Didn't know my cemetery
would be so active

while I was here,
but it has been.

It was just to say
thank you and, you know,

"Y'all look after each other."

And so, of course,
that did make me cry,

but I'm happy they're together.

Okay, good luck.

There's more meat on here

than I thought
there was going to be.

Oh, my God,
that smells so good.

That broth
is out of this world.

Oh, yeah.

Man, Lucky really tastes good.

Thank you, Lucky.

I got a kiss from Clay Jordan.

Oh, my God,
am I queen for a day.

-Mmm. -No doubt. -We might
even have supper here, guys.

'Cause, you know,
if you guys are going

to Tribal Council,
you're getting back late.

You can either eat before you go
or eat when you get back.

(thunder rumbling)

I forgot to yell, "Fore."

Here we are,
the final four of Sook Jai.

Somebody's got to go.

Nobody wants anybody to go.

Now, do we want to go ahead
and reveal who's going tonight,

or had you rather just do it
at the Tribal Council?

ERIN: It makes me sick
thinking about this.

It makes us all sick
thinking about it.

I mean, look how far
we've come together.

24 days, and we've all
been so close.

This is the real, true, hard one

-because I love all you guys.
-Oh, God.

-I love y'all, too.
-I love all y'all, too.

I'll-I'll tell you...
I'll tell you...

-anyone of you wants to know.
-I love all of you, too.

Wouldn't you know
it'd start raining when we get

-right here, huh?
-Good Lord's crying with us.

Yeah, he is crying with us.

Yo, let's get in
out of the rain,

'cause we're going to be
freezing later.

JAKE: If it was you,
would you want to know?

I think I'd want to know

'cause I wouldn't want
to be shocked.

-How about you?
-I don't know how I feel.

How about you?

I would only want to know
if everybody's

in agreement that that's
what we're going to do.

It's got to be unanimous--
that's how...

that's how I feel
about stuff like this.

PENNY: Well, let's just save it
for Tribal Council, then.


Is that the way
we're going to do it?

Tribal Council,
we'll just find out?

All right.

-All right.
-God, I love you guys.

-I love you guys, too.
-Love you, too.

You're special, special,
special people.

Oh, it just sucks
'cause this is the fourth time

in a row that we're going.

You know, you'd like to see them
have to experience this.

It's tough

when you have to vote
somebody off that you love...

and you've been through a lot
of stuff with.

And all of us feel that way.

Every one of us.
Every last one of us.

Thank you very much.

-Hey, guys.
-We'll see each other soon.

-Good luck.

Good luck, Erin. All right?

Good luck.

-No shame.

See you a little later.

Good luck, everybody.

Very nice meeting
every single one of you.

I kind of laughed to myself.

This is a game,
and I'm fighting back tears?

I used to compare this
to Monopoly.

This is nothing like Monopoly.

This is amazing.

-See you guys later.
-See you guys.

-Bye, guys.
-Bye, Erin.

-Bye, y'all.

Bye, Penny. Bye, Jake.

-(sniffling) -Get this nice
little group hug here.

JAKE: Oh, you girls told me
not to do that.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I do feel sad for Sook Jai.

You know, at first,

we were like,
"Well, hey, you know,

they're our competitors.
It doesn't make any difference."

But, you know,
after living with them

and getting to know them and...

it is a sad reality
that one of them has to go.

Welcome, guys.

I want to start first
just by checking in on

what it's like back at camp.

I'm wondering
if you're starting to feel

more like visitors, maybe,
than residents.


Actually, it's quite the
opposite: I feel more at home.

Uh, each day that passes,
I think that the, uh...

the Chuay Gahn tribe
has been very gracious.

They've just been phenomenal.

They've accepted us
into their... into their home,

and now it's our home.
We're family,

and then, when we leave
to compete, we compete.

And it's-it's-it's...
it's amazing

'cause it humanizes
the whole game

because now this person
who I'm talking to

and laughing with
and singing with right now,

I know I'm going to be
competing against tomorrow.

Erin... diplomatic answer.

A little hard for me
to believe that there's not

some feeling of... of weirdness

in a game that is often
controlled by numbers.

-What's it like for you?
-We do feel

like a large family,
but the number game

is really starting
to catch up with us.

For the majority of the game,

we have had, uh,
strength in numbers.

Now we're the underdogs,

and Chuay Gahn does have
an advantage over us,

but they don't make us
feel that way.

Leaving for Tribal Council
tonight, they all walked us out.

They knew it was one
of the hardest things

that we've had to do.

They walked us out,
gave us big hugs,

told us all good luck and, uh,

you know, waved to us good-bye.

Penny, what's the impact

in terms of roles
or working around camp?

Is there any feeling in the back
of your mind that,

"I've got to work
with these guys a little bit

because I may need them
later in this game?"

I definitely think so.

Um, the first couple of days,
we were like visitors.

It was like being guests
in someone's home.

You had to kind of learn
how they do their chores.

How do they sleep?
How do they eat?

But, you know, now it's
kind of turned the opposite,

where we're all sharing
in the cooking

and the smashing of the leaves,

and now we're starting
to kind of team up

and pair up
with the Chuay Gahn members,

and I feel like
we're getting to know them

a lot better
than the first couple days.

Erin, why should they keep you?

Why not just
vote you out tonight?

I think they should keep me

because I feel like
I contribute to this tribe.

I feel like I have, um...

haven't caused any,
uh, turmoil or drama

or hostility within the tribe.

I've been true to my word

with each and every member,
um, of Sook Jai.

And I feel like
I'm an asset to this tribe.

Penny, how about you?

You could be
a threat at this point.

Even though we still
have a tribe game,

at some point,
I got to get rid of you

if I want to win this thing.
Why not tonight?

I help the tribe out.

You know, I-I do my chores.

I don't just lay around

unless we're all laying around
as a group.

I just don't go off on my own
and take little naps

unless the whole tribe is.

Um, so I feel that I pull
my own weight as well.

Jake, how about for you?
Three younger people--

"Let's turn on the old guy
tonight and get rid of him."

I'm probably the strongest
of the teammates in the water.

So from any... anything
that's got anything

to do with the water,
it's probably my bag,

and I think most
of my teammates know that.

I'm an early riser.

And I like
to get my chores done early,

and get everything
taken care of,

so, I think
I pull my own weight.

How about for you, Ken?

I think they should keep me
because of the fact

that I am physically
strong enough to get by.

Well, tonight's vote is big,

because whoever is voted
out tonight will become

the first member of our jury.

They'll have one
of the seven votes

that ultimately determines
who is the sole survivor.

They'll return to all future
Tribal Councils

to gather information,

and they'll be a part
of the final vote.

So with that in mind,
it is time to vote.

Jake, you're first.

This is probably one of
the most difficult votes

that I've ever had to do.

You've been a great tribe mate.

You've been a great companion.

I think
you've roughed it enough.

It seems like
it's beginning to wear on you.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's one vote-- Erin,
one vote-- Ken.

That's two votes-- Erin.

The eighth person voted out,

first member of our jury-- Erin.

You need to bring me your torch.

Erin, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Good luck.

I love you guys.

I'm sorry.


You guys are
running out of members.

You're running out of time.

What you can't
run out of is hope.

Anything is possible
in this game.

You need to go back to camp,
try to get a good night's sleep.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

reminders of home
strike an emotional cord.

Oh ...

PROBST: But for one survivor,
it could backfire.

Brand-new cars in the garage--

that'd be enough
to vote them off,

because they don't need
the money.

PROBST: And the scramble
to the finish line begins.

They've been worried since
square one that I was a threat.

We've got to create
a little bit of a stir.

I'm very happy the way
that I've played the game.

My number one goal was
to make it to the jury,

and I made it.

I wasn't predicting
to get voted off tonight,

but that's how the game is.

I came to Thailand
with a small bag and myself,

and I'm leaving with more than
I ever could have expected.

I'm ready
to sit back now and watch

and see how the rest
of the game is played,

because it's extremely