Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Assumptions - full transcript

According to their calculations, the survivors believe the two camps will merge into one...what they don't anticipate are the details.

Previously on Survivor...

Chuay Gahn speculated
about a possible merge.

I have a feeling it's going

to happen
in the next three days.

It could,
I wouldn't be surprised.

PROBST: Robb was upset
when Ken told him that Penny

was thinking of voting him out.

I said absolutely not, 100%

never was I going to write
your name down last night.

PROBST: Believing Penny,
Robb confronted Ken.

Trust is instilled early.

I'm the only person
that's been straight with you

and you just bit the ... hand
that's been trying to feed you.

PROBST: Robb's mood
didn't get any better

when the tribe objected

to his helping himself
to their bananas.

I'm not trying to squabble
about bananas.

-We're just trying to...
-All right, well, then, shut up.

PROBST: When Shii Ann tried to
intervene, Penny got annoyed.

PENNY: I said,
"Shii Ann, stay out of it.

We don't need you involved."

At the reward challenge,

Robb redeemed himself by
securing the Sook Jai victory.

-Oh, awesome.
-Gonna eat tonight.

The tribe enjoyed a Thai feast.

We were fighting over bananas.

We love you, Robb.

But it was Chuay Gahn that won

the all-important immunity,

sending Sook Jai
to Tribal Council,

and although he made peace with
his tribe, Robb was voted out.

-You guys are all with me.
-(Ken murmurs indistinctly)

The tribe has spoken.

Thanks, bro.

Ten are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

This is, by far,

one of the hardest things
I've ever done.

You've made bonds
with these people

and you do feel bad
when you have to vote them out,

because they are your family
for right now.

Who feels good about that one?

And you know what?

It's going to get
harder and harder.

ERIN: But I don't necessarily
feel completely,

uh, confident with
any single person in the tribe.

I don't get it
with him and Shii Ann.

I don't either.

They may already have
an alliance already.


ERIN: So I am kind of maybe
keeping an eye on Ken

and keeping an eye on Shii Ann.

I think those two are
probably th-th-the two

that I might keep my eye on
the most at this point.

KEN: I told Robb
the truth from square one...

-SHII ANN: Yeah. -...about
everything he ever asked me.

That day,
remember when he, like,

started fighting with me?


That day Penny told him
that I was lying to him.

Just 'cause she said it,
he-he got all pissy,

and he started fighting with me.

SHII ANN: I think it's really,
like, kind of messed up

that Penny keeps doing that.

Yeah, well, look,

she's playing the game, too.

She's playing hard.

She's playing hardball, dude.

She... but she,
yeah, she's playing like, uh...

-Hardball, seriously.
-She's playing like sneaky.

She's so sneaky about it.

KEN: I'm watching Penny
because she's sneaky.

I know her MO,
her method of operation.

I can see it.
It's all over her.

I can just picture her
in high school.

I know how she was
when she was in high school.

I see how she operates.

I think she wants
to vote me out right now. Oh.

She's been... She's been
after you all... since day one.

Oh, she's been after me forever.

SHII ANN: Ken was pretty upset
about Penny's

manipulative ways,
even though he knows

that that's the way she is.

He doesn't like it
when the table turned.

Going into a merge,
he's strong,

he's going
to be a huge target.

All right, dude,
I'm going to bed.

All right, good night.

Good night, baby.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Treemail, guys! Treemail!

Let me read this.

"A different color per person,

"adorn yourselves well.

"Show some personality,
'cause you can never tell.

"Use only one color.

"Don't share with a friend.

"Take pride in your artistry.

It will pay off in the end."

And let's see what these are.

-Looks like little... probably
little finger paints. -Ooh.

KEN: You got blue,
I'll take blue.

SHII ANN: We got treemail
with paints, and we were told

to pick a color and to start
painting ourselves.

And we didn't really know

what it was for; we figured

it had something
to do with a merge,

but we didn't really know.

Body paint, huh?

Hey, it's body paint stuff!

Ooh, I like that one!

-TED: Ooh!
-HELEN: That's a pretty color.

-JAN: Think about... Oh.
-TED: Let's...

-That's gonna look good.
-Here we go.

-Well, let's go.
-This looks good.

-Ooh. -Come on,
let's all show some personality.


Congratulations on making it
to day 19, a physical

and political feat that six
of your other tribe mates

were unable to accomplish.

We thought it might be fun
this morning

to give you guys a chance

to get to know someone
from the other tribe;

spend a little quality time,

Five different colored paints
were sent over to each beach.

You guys each
randomly selected one,

and in doing so, you matched
yourselves up with somebody

from the other tribe.

As I call out the pairs,
I want you two

to meet in the middle
and randomly select one basket.

Two of these baskets contain
further instructions.

And then find a nice, quiet,

secluded spot on the beach,

and start getting
to know each other.

-All right.
-All right.

Let's start with you guys.

And so, Jeff

called out the color,

and the people got
with the person

that had the same body paint.

So, Clay and Shii Ann
got the same.

Penny and Brian ended up
with the same color.

Erin and Teddy
got the same color.

Helen and Ken ended up
the same color.


as luck would have it,

Jake and I ended up
the same thing,

so that was real funny, 'cause
we were the original

ones to have picked the tribes.

Let's go!

-Have fun, guys.
-JAN: We will, thanks.

Here we go.

Even holding hands.
I like it.


BRIAN: You want to see
what's in our, uh, basket?

Are we allowed to open it up?

I think so.

-Oh, wow!
-(Brian mutters)

We got some fruit.

We had a picnic on the beach,

found out a little about each
other, found out a little bit

about the tribe, found out
how they were living.

We did a lot of oysters
and snails in the beginning.

Isn't it a pain to clean them
and do all that stuff?

Uh-huh. Boil 'em and...

Oh, what's in our basket?

I don't know.

-Oh, wow!

-Hey! What's this?
-What the heck is that?

Open it up.

"Getting to know you, getting

"to know them.

Go to Chuay Gahn camp,
but with foe or friend."

CLAY: Well, me and my partner--
she had happened

to pick up the basket that had
another note in it,

says that she was to come visit
my camp, and the other couple

got a note in their basket,

says go look
at the other tribe's camp.

And what's our little message?

CLAY: Home-- we are
home over here.

You got a home in the cave?

That's so wonderful!

The bats in there

fly off
in the early afternoon.

That's nice. We had...

-We had a rooster waking us up
for a while. -Really?

But we ate him.

-CLAY: Now, we got monkeys
everywhere. -Oh, you do?

-You ain't seen a monkey?

-Haven't seen too many.
-We got one named Magilla.

-Magilla? -That's what
we named our monkey.

Oh, that's great.

This is home.
That's our bed back there.

Wow. This is great!

-This is much better than
our shelter, I think. -Really?

-Wow. This is your bed?

-Did you guys build this?
-Yes, we did.

Oh, my God,
where did you get chickens?

-Have you eaten one?

We've eaten a couple.

You got to be kidding me!

HELEN: My first impression
of Sook Jai was,

I was incredibly struck
with how

well they had built
their structure.

-Yeah. Cheers.

HELEN: And then the second
thing, of course, was:

"Where's your water hole?"
"Oh, it's around the corner."

I'm, like, "It's what?"

There it is.

How about you guys?
How is it set up over there?

Same type of water hole,
but like I said,

you got to swim
at least a mile to it.

Oh, my goodness.


I was one of the ambassadors

who took Helen back
to Sook Jai camp,

and, um, I just... I listened.

I didn't tell her much.

I just listened, because--

let's face it--
this is my enemy.

So, as far as,
like, your tribe...

How is... How is
your tribe together?

Like, do they... does everybody
like each other, or no, or...?

Um, yeah, I think so,

as much as you can like,
you know, strangers.

HELEN: I am a suspicious
New Englander,

and he's a New York cop.

And I didn't want to be the one
that gave up all our secrets

to the cop to take back
to spread around to Sook Jai.

SHII ANN: Well, you know what?
In our tribe,

we haven't gotten along
since day one. I...

-That's amazing.
-I'll tell you what.

I'll tell you the truth here.

SHII ANN: At first, my strategy
was going to be just

let him talk, get the scoop
on Chuay Gahn.

But as soon as I got
to Chuay Gahn, it was, like...

I don't know, it was, like,
because I had been so pent up

for 18 days,
I just spilled my guts.

I'll tell you right now,
what they're saying,

and this is what
we-we've all said back home is,

we keep our five,
and start voting out you guys.


I learned some stuff
from Shii Ann that, uh...

Some things that going on
in their camp,

and, uh, the way some
of the personalities

have clashed and all the
problems they had over there.

SHII ANN: And if Ken wasn't
around, I wouldn't be here.

Ken is the person who was like,
"You know what? That's not fair.

Why are you booting her out?
She works hard."

And Penny, who, by the way,
as sweet as she looks, she is...

Is she as sweet as she looks?

I'll tell you, she is the most
manipulative player on our team.

So I gave him the down-low on
what was going on at Sook Jai

and all the crap
that I had to endure,

and... and, uh, I found him
to be very sympathetic.

Well, we've already said that if

we could get Jake
on the older side,

and get one more person
that he likes...


...we could go...
we could go all the way,

and then, the best man wins.


All right!

So, uh, tell me how it went.

JAKE: Oh, man, we've been having
a great time.

-PROBST: Yeah?
-Just visiting about everything.

Learning about all
the other people in the tribes,

and just having a great time.

Well, you four had a little
different experience.

Shii Ann, tell me what you saw.

Um, I got to go to Chuay Gahn,
and I was so lucky,

you guys, who have not been
to Chuay Gahn.

It is a beautiful place.

They have a cove.

There's a... There's a cave.

They sleep under this cave.

-And there's no rain.

It was just beautiful.

It was just... It's great.

-It was a wonderful
experience. -PROBST: Helen,

tell me about, uh,
your tour with Ken.

HELEN: Uh, I got to go over
to, uh, Sook Jai.

Yeah, they don't have a cave, so
they don't have any dry shelves

to put their clothes
and stuff, so...

I heard.

Well, when the four of you
grabbed your baskets

randomly, you sort of became
official ambassadors

for your tribes,
because today something

very different is happening.

The two tribes will now
live together on one beach.

The four of you will decide
for both tribes

which beach you'll move to.

Whichever beach you decide to
live on, you'll get a new boat

-for the last 21 days.
-All right!

So, the question is,

which beach are you going
to live on?

-Looks like we're going
to Chuay Gahn. -Chuay Gahn.

PROBST: Going to Chuay Gahn.
All right, for the members

of Sook Jai,
all your personal items

will be waiting for you
at your new beach.

For the members of Chuay Gahn,

it is also a new home
of sorts because

what was your beach is
now everybody's beach,

so in a sense,
you are essentially

starting over,
building a new world

with one big difference.

You now have 18 days
of education.

I think the only thing
left to do

is maybe, uh, exchange hellos
with everybody...


...head to your new beach.

Say hi to our new family.


...upgraded family, right?

-You got it.
-Right. -Right.

So, one, two, three-- family.

One, two, three...


(cheering and whooping)

It ended up being a merge,

so, when we landed as a group

with Sook Jai,
we did the same thing

we did when we landed
as Chuay Gahn.

We all put our hands together
in a big circle and said,

we're now a family,
we're gonna...

we're gonna work as a family.

-(overlapping chatter)
-There's food here!

You guys, there's-there's food
in your camp.

-Oh, my God!

(happy screaming,
overlapping chatter)

Oh, my God!

ERIN: We got back here,
there was Brie and crackers.

And we got some rice noodles,
which were awesome.

CLAY: Wait a minute.
Look at our noodles!

ERIN: We also found grapes
and apples and wine.

And we just went nuts.

I mean, our faces lit up.

We couldn't believe it.

It's wine!

Bread. There's bread!

(overlapping chatter)

These apples are good.

(indistinct chatter
and moans of pleasure)

No more starving.

Oh, my God!

-Mmm, mmm, mmm!

-Wow. BRIAN: Well, it's great
to welcome everyone

into my kingdom.

I love, uh, uh,
opening up my house.

Mi casa es tu casa.

They're in my house now.

I've already got
the home-court advantage.

I love this wine, guys!
I mean, let me...

(overlapping chatter)

Give me that sucker.

It was a huge, successful
merger of two tribes.

And they came up with a name,
Chuay Jai.

They put the first
and the last together,

is what they came up with.

Chuay Jai!

Yeah, I-I think I'm going

to go bathe,
wash this off, you guys.

I do, too.
I'm right with you.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

ERIN: Everyone went out
and tried to kind of

wipe off their paint,
and those of us from Sook Jai

are... were kind of
just kind of

trying to assess
the situation,

just see how they lived
over here.

And Chuay Gahn
was extremely hospitable,

trying to... really trying
to make us feel at home.

(Clay yelling, indistinct,
overlapping chatter and shouts)

Raise the flag!

-Raise the flag!
-SHII ANN: I love it here!

I totally think
that we made the right choice.

We have a good place.

-I am so happy to be here.
-Chuay Jai!

Chuay Jai. I love it.

Shii Ann is smiling again.

She took a lot of

abuse at the other camp

at the hands of Robb,
at the hands of Penny.

I mean, flat-out abuse,
and now,

Penny is like, you know, trying
to figure out what's going on.

Trying to figure out
Shii Ann's angle, which...

you know, that's Penny--
what are you going to do?

HELEN: You either look like
the Statue of Liberty, or you...

I don't want
to be the statue any more!

You're cold. You're very cold.

-Shut up!

PENNY: The bottom line is,
is you can say

we're all family
and that's great.

But no matter what, everyone's
thinking caps are still on

and watching everybody.

I mean,
I'm really trying to see...

You know, kind of
feeling out my boundaries

and where I fit in
with this group.

SHII ANN: When I got here,
it was just like

breathing for the
first time, or just...

It just felt so good
to-to make friends, you know?

It just felt so nice
to just meet new people

who-who didn't judge you.

-Our tribe...

...when it was eight of us.


I was the odd man out,
and I've been the odd man out...

-...for a long time.

And it's not...

You don't think
it's because, uh...?


I think that has
a little bit to do with it.

-Yeah, mm-hmm.
-I mean, you can't take it out.

I mean, I don't think
it's because people are racist.

-Mm-hmm. -It's just
that people don't understand.

You know, I live my life by
what Martin Luther King said:

"Judge a person by the content
of their character,

-That's right. -"...not by
the color of their skin."

It's not the race thing.

-It's the fact that I grew up
partly in Asia. -Yeah?

I'm eating chicken heart.
I'll eat the chicken neck.

-Yeah. -Damn, you don't want
to eat that?

-Fine, I'll eat it.
-Right, right, mm-hmm.

But you know, I can't stand
having people judge me,

I'm culturally different.

-You know?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

SHII ANN: I would say
the entire tribe of Sook Jai,

except for Jake and Ken,
have done their best

to socially ostracize me,
and, uh...

and basically torture me,
you know.


In-In the worst way--
in a social way.

-I felt like I lived
in a bubble for 18 days. -Whoa.

-That's why I'm so damn happy...
-Refreshed. This is... be in this tribe
right now.

That's cool.
That is really cool.

You know what I mean?

Ever since the merge,

it has been
extremely interesting. I mean,

we even had, um, Shii Ann, um,

coming to us,
saying how appreciative

she was of us, of merging,

and said, well, we have
a family atmosphere here,

and if you would like
to join our family,

we would like to have you.

Well, use today
and the bath that you just took

-That was great.
-as a... as a re-cleansing.

-Yeah. That was great.
-And today marks the beginning

-of a new day.

I'm happy... I am just
so happy to be here,

is all I can say.

Here we go.

(indistinct chatter)

CLAY: Are we gonna put
some of the crabs

in here with the pasta?

Get a little
of that flavor in there.

Damn, y'all!
I'm getting excited!

-Give me the wine!

This is just nuts,

being over here.

It's totally different
than I ever expected.

(indistinct chatter)

-What is it? -I don't know--
it's a fine "Chabernet."

While we were over at Sook Jai,

we were thinking, God,
how boring their tribe must be.

I never would have
expected any of this.

I was really amazed.

-I already feel at home.
-Are you trying to get me drunk

so you can take advantage of me?

-You know how it is, baby.

Thank you, thank you.

-Oh, man!

Oh, isn't that funny?

Ken and I are sharing this one.

(laughs) Jan, Jan, uh,
well, Jan's a lush

and she admits it.

-TED: Janny doesn't drink. Much.
-Yeah. Oh!

-You better watch yourself.

-Careful. -Are you okay?

I hit the brick. I'm fine.

-Are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

-You sure?

By the way, guys,

that's Jan every night;
don't worry about it.

I don't drink alcohol,

so, for me, it's always funny
seeing people get drunk.

CLAY: Baby, I feel
rock and roll coming.


got on the guitar and played
the worst I've ever heard him.

♪ The way you feel about me ♪

♪ And I'm ♪

♪ Seeing you here and now ♪

♪ But at the same time ♪

♪ I'm not sure
what she's... but ♪

♪ Save time... ♪

I don't really give a damn. ♪


He was talking about
the moons and girls

and this and that-- I was,
like, "Oh, no, no, he's gone,

he's a goner."

How are you feeling, Brian?

-I'm all right. -CLAY: Brian's
out of it right now.

-BRIAN: Too much wine.
-Too much wine.

So I had to get up with him

and, you know, walk him out
to the beach, let him get air

and stuff like that,
and kind of stayed with him,

to make sure he was all right.

Now, you see why I don't drink?

The situation just
basically reaffirmed

our bond to each other.

Not only as alliance members,

but as friends.

That wine hit you, didn't it?

-Watch out for NYC.

Watch out for NYC.
It's all a big game.

Ken's after me?

Yes. He's after blood.

It was amazing that he
still had that strategy

in his mind,
even though he was drunk.

-Keep a, uh, keep a lookout.

And we already have
a game plan in place.

He has my back as much
as I have his back.



BRIAN: Actually,
last night was quite eventful.

We had a little party
by the fire.

I think I had
a little too much wine.

So my night was
a little bit, uh, strange.

I think I was hurling.

I was talking to my good friend,
Hurling Freddy.

So I happened to have
a little too much wine,

a little too many crackers,
but, uh, at the same time,

it shows everyone I'm human
and, uh, that I'm one of them.

Hey, B,

you want some wine?

I'll hook you up, I don't mind!

(Ted laughing)

I feel like J...
I feel like Jan.


I've got a very subtle
form of leadership.

It's very low-key,
it's very understated.

I know exactly what's going on.

For an hour or two,
I didn't... last night.

But most of the time I do.

I know there's some cattiness
involved with the girls.

I know that maybe Shii Ann is
not too happy with her tribe.

We'll see if I can use her
as part of my kingdom.

I'm not sure yet.

Just so you know,
it's going towards P.

-Oh, I... I know that.
-Just so you know.

I know that, but I'm...

Huge majority going that way.

I had a very dramatic morning.

Chuay Gahn guys are asking me
if I'm on board with them to go

six against Penny,
vote her out.

Ken woke up
and started asking me

what's going on with me,
if I was gonna switch

to the Chuay Gahn side.

I just said, you know,
"I'm really confused."

And I am, and, you know,
I don't know what to do.

-Do you hear what I'm saying?
-Yeah, I hear.

I got two people
who really trust me.

I'm about
to break their trust.

I know some of
your best instincts

are usually
the first instincts.

-My instinct is to go with P.

But... the thing is,
Ken makes good arguments.

-You got a new family.
-(quietly): I know.

Just remember that.

And you can feel it.

-I know.
-You can feel it.

-And Clay loves you,
Helen loves you, -I know.

Ted loves you, we all love you.

-And we'll all have fun.

I told Chuay Gahn that I'm...

I'm on board.

I told them to their face
that I'm on board.

I'm working a deal;
I'm voting Penny out.

I mean, Shii Ann, Shii Ann...

Oh, I think
there's something on me.

...let's have fun;
this is gonna be a blast.

I know it's gonna be a blast.
I'm having a great time.

You know I'm having
a great time.

I have not firmly said

that I was gonna
vote for Penny.

I've talked to Ken about it,
but I feel like

it would be
the right thing to do,

to let them know that
I'm not voting with them.

But, at the same time,

I'm not sure that
it would be wise to do that.

Did you figure out
what you're gonna do?

Yeah, I think I'm
gonna go with my, uh...

...think I'm gonna go...

I'm very... I'm flip-flopping.

Well, I just need to know
what you're gonna do.

I mean, everybody said
you were gonna do this,

and I defended you,
saying you weren't.

And then you're doing it.

I had a conversation
with Shii Ann.

I-I... hey, look,
if she does, like,

turn on the whole
voting strategy,

for the rest of her life,
she'll be considered a rat.

I don't know what
I'm gonna do, exactly.

Like, can you
at least let me know

which way... if you're...
if you're going with their side

or staying on our side?

I'm staying on
you and Jake's side.

Well, that's
what I'm talking about.

But I'm not staying
on Penny and Erin's side.

Penny's the one that got to go.

I've talked about it
with Brian, too.

She's going-- just not yet.

Let us get an advantage first,
then we'll take out Penny.

We're gonna do that next.

In fact, we're even-numbered
here, five and five.

Now you're gonna give them
an advantage, thinking,

you know, because you're....
because you're like

a little snake, now they're
gonna, like, invite you in?

That shows disloyalty
from the beginning.

She's making herself an outcast
on both sides, at this point.

I know
you're pissed off at Penny

and you want to get rid of her

and you don't want her
to make the jury,

but don't sink
everybody else and yourself,

because you're pissed off
at one person.

And that's what you're doing.

So just think about it
and let me know what's going on.

I don't think

I'm gonna discuss this
with Ken anymore.

Right now he's really doing
his interrogation routine,

his... I mean,
the policeman is coming out,

and he's-he's...
really, in a way,

trying to intimidate me,

and at this point,
I'm willing to gamble

on voting out Penny and Erin,

and just seeing what happens
with the Chuay Gahn tribe.

ERIN: All the boys,
as their middle names, Aaron...

SHII ANN: So, I think we're
gonna get some treemail today.

Do you think so?

-Come on, y'all.
-SHII ANN: We got some mail!

-We got some mail!
-And it came

-with this weird lock.
-We didn't read it yet.

Yay! Come on!

-SHII ANN: Here you go.

"Paradise or prison,

"it's home for right now.

"There's legends of convicts
here on Tarutao.

"Immunity is your freedom,

"but only if you can escape,
for Tribal Council's

waiting to seal
your certain fate."

So it's definitely

-for individual immunity.
-JAN: Right.

CLAY: Now we're combined,
and when we have a challenge

for immunity,
we go as individuals.

If I win tonight,

I'm gonna put something
around my neck.

I cannot be voted for
and I cannot be

kicked off
at that Tribal Council.

Forgot about, uh...

-the lady of the house?
-Yeah, the lady of the house.

First things first.

-I got to take it back, Clay.

As always...

immunity, back up for grabs.

First, though, I gotta
check in with you guys.

The ten of you are meeting for
the first time, in many cases.

Erin, was it tough
having two tribes

live together on the same beach?

To be completely honest,
no, not at all.

It's actually much better having
both tribes live together.

I never would have
expected our merge

to have gone
as smoothly as it has.

-You said merge.

I certainly didn't say anything

to give you that
impression, did I?

What I said to you guys
when you left is,

"something very different's
about to happen.

Two tribes will live together
on the same beach."

That's exactly
what you're doing.

You are two tribes

-living on the same beach.
-TED: I assumed--

and it's always dangerous
to assume--

that we were one tribe now,
and this would be

more of an individual effort.

But in terms of the game,

just to make sure
you understand,

it's very clearly still

Sook Jai with five members,

Chuay Gahn with five members.

The two tribes never merged.

Okay, let's get
to today's challenge.

As you guys know, Tarutao Island
used to be a prison.

Escapes, attempted escapes
happened often.

That's what you guys
are gonna do today,

is attempt to escape

from a makeshift prison.

Here's how it'll work.

Each tribe member will be
chained and shackled.

Now, these locks
open with a key--

two on the wrist,
one on the ankle.

That's three locks
for each person.

Five tribe members,
that's 15 locks.

The keys to your locks

are located outside
of the jail on posts.

Your goal: using materials
found within the jail cell,

create a way to reach out
and retrieve your keys.

You got to keep at least
one foot on the ground

inside your cell.

You can only grab
one key at a time,

and the key can
only be used on one lock.

You cannot use a key
more than once.

Once all five tribe members
have released

all 15 of their locks,

you must then dig
your way out of the jail.

You got to crawl under,

out the front.

First tribe to get
out of that jail,

cross the finish line with
all 15 keys in possession,

-wins immunity.
-Whew! -Wow!

Losers, Tribal Council,

where another member of your
tribe will be voted out.

-Shall we get it on?
-Let's do it.

Let's do it.

Here we go, guys.

Immunity at stake.

Survivors ready!


Remember, anything
you can find on the floor

is okay to use.

Got a little rain coming in.

(rain falling)

Faster you get out,
the faster you get dry.

Brian's got his first key.

Brian has his first key
for Chuay Gahn.

Ken's getting closer.

Ken making a play for a key.

Inches short.

Big Ted with two keys
for Chuay Gahn.

Remember, guys,
one key per lock.

Shii Ann leaning out.

Shii Ann with
the first key for Sook Jai.

Hold on, hold on, Brian.

PROBST: Shii Ann and Ken
with keys for Sook Jai.

Brian with another key
for Chuay Gahn.

Ken with another key
for Sook Jai.

Brian trying to make something
happen for Chuay Gahn.

Brian with another key
for Chuay Gahn.

Ken with another key
for Sook Jai.

There you go, baby girl,
you're out of jail.

You're out.

JAKE: Get your shoestrings,
guys-- shoestrings really help.

Ingenuity at work.

Brian lost his key.

Both tribes have
grabbed a key and lost it.

Chuay Gahn has two left.

Sook Jai still needs three.

Nice job.

Chuay Gahn grabs another key.

Down to their last one.

Make sure if you're leaning out
of the cage, that one foot

is on the ground in the jail.

Sook Jai gets
another key inside.

Two more to go.

Shii Ann gets another one.

Both tribes down
to their last keys.

BRIAN: Wait, wait,
wait, wait-- we're breaking,

we're breaking, we're breaking,
we're breaking.

We're going too quick.
We're going too quick.

PROBST: Chuay Gahn's
last key on the ground.


PROBST: Nice work.
Sook Jai has the last key

off their post.

Chuay Gahn has
their last key inside.

Once the lock is off,
you can start digging.

Wait till the lock is off.

-Go, go, go!
-Start digging!

Chuay Gahn,

you're gonna have to dig
a pretty big hole for Big Ted.

(Jan speaks indistinctly)

You're still in this, Sook Jai.

Sook Jai still has
one key on the ground.

Helen's half out.

One member out for Chuay Gahn.

Sook Jai, don't quit.

Three members out
for Chuay Gahn.

Come on, Clay!

-Wait, wait, wait, wait!
-(Ted grunting)

(Ted continues grunting)

Let's go! Here we go!

Let me see those keys.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity!


Chuay Gahn has immunity.

-Yay! -You guys are safe
three more days.

Sook Jai, nice effort, guys.

Unfortunately, not enough.

You know what this means--
Tribal Council.

Somebody's going home tonight.

You guys need to head
straight over there.

We'll see you there shortly.

CLAY: I'm gonna tell y'all
what that was like.

That was like going
to Thanksgiving dinner,

and somebody just slapped
the ... out of Grandma,

and both families split
and started fighting again.

JAN (laughs):
Well, we had

another challenge,
but it was a trick.

We thought it was
a merge of the two tribes.

And, of course, when we
got there, to our surprise,

it was not a merge,

we are still two tribes,

vying for, uh, immunity.

-They're gone. -Yeah, they're
at Tribal Council, y'all.

They're not getting a break.
They there.

After today...

-CLAY: Anything.
-...anything, I mean,

now we got a situation where
we're sleeping with the enemy.

Welcome to Tribal Council.

So, tonight, a very big vote.

If you survive tonight's vote,
you are in this game,

one way or another,
until the end,

because, at the very least,
you'll be a member of the jury

and have a big impact on who,
ultimately, wins this game.

All right, so,

you get to the beach,
everything's great.

You start assuming that we're
merging and that it's gonna be

an individual challenge.

You show up and you find out,

no, it's still tribal. Erin,

what's your reaction,
at that point,

as you're sitting there,
listening to me explain

that it's tribe versus tribe?

I was in complete shock,

because I thought
that we were gonna go to...

an immunity challenge
for individuals,

we were gonna get new buffs

and that we all had merged
into one tribe.

That's how we've been living
for the past couple days.

So I'm still in shock that
we're two separate tribes.

PROBST: Well, we're
getting a lot of weather,

the wind's blowing through here,
now the rain is

starting to come down outside.

Sort of a fitting end
to a turbulent three days.

(Shii Ann gasps)

Nice catch, Jake.

Thanks, I'd hate to lose this.


how does this impact the game?

Clearly, you guys were working
toward the thought

that this would become a merge
and an individual game.

We're gonna be
down to four tonight,

and they're gonna be at five.

So what we're gonna have
to do now is just

reorganize our thoughts
and go back in

with some adaptable ideas,

and see where we're going.

Erin, you reckon

there's been some
information shared

in the last two and a half days

that people might be
regretting a little bit?

I feel that there may be a
little bit of information shared

in the past couple days.

I have already found out

that some people weren't
being true to our tribe,

and were kind of
trying to win over some

of the other Chuay Gahn members,
thinking it was a merge.

And it is, um...
kind of disheartening,

thinking that,
you know, your tribe,

that you thought you trusted,

now is starting
to really look out

for themselves rather
than for their entire tribe.

Penny, how do you

figure out how
you're gonna vote?

Because certainly there's
some strategy in this.

There is strategy in this,

but it's more so
kind of information

that was brought
to my attention,

saying that one
of my tribe members

has said that
I'm the next to go.

So, you talk about trust,

and I've had
to trust these people

for 18 days.

Well, the last 24 hours,
I'm thinking,

who can I not trust?

Well, guys, this is
always an open forum.

-Good. -You haven't had
a chance to talk until now,

but clearly, there's
stuff going on-- I can sense it,

-and I can see Shii Ann.
-I'd like... I'd love to speak.


This is not a tribe unified.

It's never been a tribe unified.

As much as everyone here
would like to think

it was a tribe unified,
this has not been the case.

And I've been the brunt.

I've been the person who felt
that the most the entire time.

So is it surprising for me
to go to Chuay Gahn

and find five people
who are really lovely,

who I can talk to
for the first time

and realize that the people
who mistreated me at Sook Jai

are also the people who
Chuay Gahn distrusts the most.

You don't think they
asked about you, Ken?

You were the first person
they asked about.

And I watch your back.

Jake, same thing.

You know that I've
always been loyal to you.

Penny, you're manipulative
because I know you don't...

I know that that's
not a pleasant word,

but it's the way that
you've played the game.

If we go back today and I'm out,
and not Penny,

that's gonna leave another
impression with those guys.

Penny, what's
your take on all this?

I've had plenty of opportunity
to vote Shii Ann out

if I wanted to,
and I chose not to.

'Cause I told her
that the five of us

should go in strong.

I don't feel like
I've been manipulative.

And, you know, bottom line is,

is we're still Sook Jai.

We are still Sook Jai.

No matter what Chuay Gahn
thinks or says,

these are the people
that I need to be with.

And these are the ones
that I'm concerned with.

I'm not concerned with them.

So, Shii Ann, what is
the plea you're making?

Are you making an offer?
Are you saying,

here's what we should do?

What I'm saying is,

Jake, Ken, Erin,

I know that you're thinking
about voting me off.

I mean honestly, today,
I didn't make any decisions.

I told you that I would
come up and tell you.

I have not lied to you yet.

I have not come up to you

and tried to backstab
someone else yet.

You got to look
at the whole 18 days.

You can't just look
at what happened today.

And I'm saying
don't vote me out,

because I've... promised
to be on your sides,

and I still maintain
that promise,

and when we go back to tribe,

if I'm with you guys,

I think I know more
intimately how...

where their heads are
than any of you,

and that's gonna come in handy.

Well, clearly, there is

a bit of a cloud hanging over
this tribe at the moment.

The big question now is:
How will that new information

impact tonight's vote?

It is time to find out,
because it's time to vote.

Shii Ann, you're first.

Tonight, I'm voting
for Shii Ann.

It's obvious that
you broke alliances

and all I have to say is,
what comes around goes around.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Shii Ann.


Shii Ann.

That's two votes Shii Ann,
one vote Penny.

Shii Ann.

You need to bring me your torch.

Shii Ann, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, you guys.

It's time for you to go.

Well, there were a lot
of comments made tonight.

This tribe's either gonna
rebound and grow stronger

or fracture completely.

Something to think about
on a long, wet walk home.

You guys can head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

The tribes adjust
to their new living situation.

BRIAN: You know we're living
together, it all looks peachy.

It's us against them.

It smells like under

the boardwalk at Coney Island.

I don't go around pissing

where I sleep,
like a Chuay Gahn.

Just for that simple fact,

I can't feel at home here.

And Magilla returns.

The bananas are gone.

Damn monkey! I swear,

I'm gonna kill him
if I get him.

Well, I committed
the classic error

of plotting and scheming
too much.

This has been a really, really

humbling experience for me,

and it's been really fun.

The last three days were really

some of
the best days of my life.

And good luck
to the rest of you

who are still in the game.

No hard feelings.