Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Great Divide - full transcript

Helen and Jan get lost while in search of their water source.

Previously on Survivor...

16 strangers were marooned
on Taratao Island

in exotic Thailand.

The two oldest survivors,
Jan and Jake,

were allowed to choose
their own tribes.

JAN: When Jeff said that
we were picking the tribes,

I really did kind of get scared.

PROBST: Jan chose an older group
for her tribe, Chuay Gahn,

while Jake went with
youth and brawn for Sook Jai.

JAKE: I based picking a team
on athleticism

and just that gleam
in their eye.

The Chuay Gahn tribe found

a ready-made shelter
on their beach.

We got a natural cave
and everything.

PROBST: But their water hole
was far from camp

-and difficult to find.
-There's no way that we're

supposed to be able to
come up here every couple days

with a big huge gallon jug.

PROBST: The Sook Jai tribe
found their water hole nearby.


But the tribe butted heads

over their shelter.

ROBB: So many people are
going so many directions

and they're not
producing anything.

Back at Chuay Gahn,

Tanya was feeling sick.

I don't think I drank
enough water yesterday.


At the first
immunity challenge,

the older Chuay Gahn tribe
surprised everyone

by taking an early lead.

But Ghandia gave it away

when she struggled
with the sliding puzzle.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Sook Jai wins immunity!

Chuay Gahn went to Tribal
Council, where Pastor John

was the first person
voted out of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be the next to go?


(snoring continues)




You're snoring.

Oh, Lord, with all that snoring,
I didn't get no sleep.

HELEN: As a tribe,
you do sleep in

very close quarters,
and it's hard.

Clay snores. I don't know
how a guy that's only, like,

five-five has that much sound
coming out of his body.

But out here, quite frankly,

by the time
everybody hits the sack,

we're exhausted.

Ready to roll?

Let's rock and roll.

One, two, three.


We're almost there.


GHANDIA: The boat that we have
is a piece of crap.

It fills with sand,
it fills with water,

we have to tip it over,
it's extremely heavy.

With our water source
being as far away as it is,

it just makes the journey
to go get water

even more frustrating.

CLAY: Helen and Jan
didn't take the map with them;

they thought
they could figure it out.

And that's one of
Helen's deals.

"I know where it is,
I know how to do it. Let's go."

When she doesn't.

That's the first thing we asked.

Well, didn't they take the map?

We turn around
and there's the map.

-Okay, you're going.

Take the strap.

Okay, when you come back,
I'll go.

All right.

Gives me a little rest.


I don't think
this is right, Jan.

HELEN: We went beyond
the right cove into

the absolute wrong cove.

That was, like,

huge, huge mistake.

It looked like it was
honeycombed with snake holes.

And Jan

nicely volunteered
to stay with the boat

on all the explorations.

Think maybe it was
that first alcove we went into?


This is a--

That's par three
or par four right here?

Where's the hole?
Right there?

Oh, it's got to be a par three.

This is a par three?

-There's the tee box.
-Okay, cool.

Ooh! Ooh!

My luxury item is a golf club,

and we have set up three holes.

We got a par five,

we got a par three
and a par six.

-Look out for the water!
-There's the water hole!


And we're in top competition.

They're both ahead of me
two shots,

and I'm the one that brought
the luxury item here.

Here goes Clay...

Ooh, nice-- Oh!


Oh, baby!


HELEN: Stupidly, we kept going
in the wrong direction.

We got into
a wicked bad current.

And Jan's a nice lady
and strong swimmer,

but she's not as strong
as I am upper body.

So I'm, like, compensating
in the back, and she just--

She's older than I am.

She definitely--
you can look at her--

she doesn't have as much
upper body strength.

So I can't get mad at that;
that's just a physical fact.

This looks like the beach more,

the one that we swam to.

HELEN: It was a nightmare.
At one point,

I was about ready--
if I had a pistol

in my pocket,
I would have pulled it out,

shot her first, shot me second.

That's why I don't carry a gun.

JAKE: The number one priority
has been,

for four days out here,

to get us
a really nice shelter built.

It's really important because,

I mean,
we're in the monsoon season.

Do you want to guarantee
being dry?

When the rain comes,
the water hits this,

it pours it down into the gutter

and the gutter just
pours it right off.

All right, well,
let's get cracking.

The shelter has become almost

an obsession to the tribe.

But Stephanie and Jed have not
worked on the hut very much,

which has caused problems with

the people who've been
working on the hut.

It'd be great
if somebody out there

could collect some more
of this rope.

Jed ain't doing anything.

You think he cares?


Well, no,
I know he doesn't care,

but that's not the point.

KEN: If I was in his place,
I would want to try

to help as much as possible,

knowing that I stood out
so much.

It's one thing to be lazy,
but to be

freakin' lazy is another thing.

You know, you're putting it
in everybody's face

that you're not going to do
a damn thing.

What do you want to do today?

-Build the fort?
-I mean, I know

shelter's important, but I just
can't get into that right now.

JED: Spending your energy
building a shelter

seems kind of frivolous to me.

I mean, it's the fourth day
and it's not even done.

STEPHANIE: Maybe I'm looking
at it all wrong.

Maybe they're
looking at it right.


Maybe we really don't need
the food and water.

I just don't think that they
understand what they have to do

to survive
in a situation like this.

'Cause right now, Jed's
pretty much taking care of food

and I've been
primarily the water.

So if he took the two of us
out of the equation,

I'm not sure
how the other six would do.

Drink up, man.

I want you to be healthy, okay?

Jed didn't necessarily

help us at all
with the shelter,

which I was kind of
upset about, but he's done

a lot of work.
There's gonna be

little things
that are gonna upset me.

And I can't let them all just,

you know, really get to me.

'Cause I got a while out here,
and I want to remain

pretty good friends
with everybody.

BRIAN: It's little surprising
that they're not back yet

with the water.

Think they're all right?

I'm hoping they would be,

'cause the best I can figure,
it'd take you

an hour to row there to get it,
and then start paddling back.

Three hours at the most.

But we would be-- we should be

seeing them,
and we haven't seen nothing.


Are you coming?

I got it, Jan!


Thank God.

I won't have to slap you
in the face this time.

Thank God.

I finally found
the water source.

We were here the other day,
but it's like what they say

about being lost in the desert:

it all looks
the same after a while.

We way overshot
our destination,

we tried every beach,

and I don't know,
all of a sudden,

God just put it in my mind,
I guess.

But, boy, I'm telling you,
I am so dehydrated,

I'm about ready to pass out.


Where you going?
We live right here!

I know it; we can't get in
with the current.

All right.

Stay right there;
we'll bring you.

CLAY: It took them four or five
hours before we could even

see them coming around
the tip of the rock over there.

It was real, real hard on them.

They were real worn out
when they got home.

Oh, my bottom.

My bottom.

Look at the boat.

We bailed it
three times since that.

Look at it.

CLAY: You need to be
careful out here.

I mean, every corner
you go around, you got sand,

you got pretty trees,
you got pretty everything.

I bet she doesn't
take off again like that.

I think
she's a little worn out.

She acted like she wasn't,
but she could hardly walk.

JAN: Can this tribe not do
any more adventures for a while?


They seem very painful.


No kidding.

JAKE: I think our shelter
is far enough along

that we don't have to worry
about it anymore.

But now

we need food a whole lot worse.

Look at this.

They're all dead, though.

So, we went down towards

the end of the beach,
towards the cave,

and looked for shellfish.

You want to make a number of
how many crabs they bring back?

Probably one.


JED: They're going to go
gather food.

You go one guy or two guys.

You don't need

five people to go to one spot

that's as big as,
you know, a kitchen.

See that one right there?

Just went back in.

There he is.

Durn things are so fast.

-Here he comes.
-There he is.


-So we eat tonight, right?

ERIN: We actually found
quite a few oysters,

which there's a ton there.

It just takes a really long time
to crack them off.

It was great.

It's really rewarding

to work as a team, and everyone

was having fun,
really focused on one goal.

Word up.


Yeah, we got a bunch
of snails, oysters.

SHII ANN: Coming back
with all that food--

it was so much fun to catch it.

I was hoping, anyway, that
everyone would be so happy.

There'd be water boiling
and we'd just

throw it in and we'd eat the
shellfish or whatever, but...

wasn't like that.

It was kind of strange.

-Jed, you want anything?

Robb, you want anything?


Food is one of the things

that humans share to show
affection for each other.

But Stephanie and Robb and Jed
didn't want to eat any of it.

There's so few
happy moments here.

We're fighting against nature,

we're fighting
against each other.

We all want to have a good time,

but before the good times, we
have to work together as a team.

Good night, everybody.

Good night.

I can't sleep

in that little fort
that everyone's building.

You can't get sleep
in that thing.

So me and Steph and Robb
slept on the sand.

I think it's going to be
a nice clear night, dude.

(thunder rumbling)

(distant thunder rumbling)


It looks like there's some
thick clouds covering, dude.

And that breeze is cold,
dude, it cuts to the bone.

SHII ANN: I am so glad
we had that shelter built,

even though it didn't
keep all the rain out.

Well, I mean,
you look up and see

those little holes in the roof.

Just one or two more layers
and this thing

would have been dry as toast.

I sure would like some toast.

Me, too.

It's interesting.

Jed snubbed the shelter

and then came to sleep
under the shelter.

I just slept like a baby.

Probably got about two drops
the whole night.

I don't really worry
if it's okay with anybody.

If I'm going to get that water

when people are
building shelter,

then they need to realize
I might sleep

underneath their shelter
that they've been building.

How is Stephanie doing?

-Have you seen her?
-No, I haven't seen her.

JAKE: I have no earthly idea
why Stephanie

chose to stay
in that hard rain.

She said that
the coals were warm.

She's also told me

that she absolutely
loves the rain.


I think we're gonna
start the roof.

KEN: I think it was
very weird that she spent

all night sleeping in the
torrential rain, and it seemed

like she was being pig-headed.

And right now,

she's sick.

It's not wise to be

out in the rain
when you have a cold.

Can't afford
to have her be sick.

We'll lose immunity and then the
game will really, really begin.

(quiet chatter,
guitar playing gentle melody)

(Ted humming)

Okay, Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted...

Ted, Ted, Ted...


♪ I wish I had some steak ♪

No, no, no, no.

♪ With some mashed potatoes ♪


♪ With some
raspberry iced tea. ♪

Oh, my God, Ted,
that's my favorite song!


That's my favorite song.

Oh, Lord.

Hey, there's a monkey
up there listening to you.

Oh, there is a monkey
right there looking at us.

-See him moving right now?
-Oh, yes, I do!

Oh, he's so cute!


CLAY: We looked up in the tree,
and Magilla was sitting

up there in the tree--
wasn't 100 feet from us.

Just like he had come to sit in
for a concert or something.

Just that curious, I guess.


Oh, I'm not good at pouring.

Salud. Salud.


Saluté. Saluté.


That's my champagne toast
for my anniversary.


HELEN: It's my 20th
wedding anniversary.

I'm thinking about my husband
today, and, you know,

be nice to be home
and have a candlelight dinner,

but he knows where I am
and what I'm doing, so...

I'll celebrate when I get back.

I think it would
really mean a lot to her

if we do do
a little celebration.


'Cause, you know,

it's her 20-year anniversary.


TANYA: Today is Helen's 20th
anniversary with her husband,

and so she can't be with him.

We picked some flowers
and we're going to make

a little crown for her,
for her to wear tonight.

Think this is
going to make her cry.

It's a secret;
she doesn't know about it, so...

You try it on.

Oh, it's lovely.


-Now we got to hide it.

See if there's anything
in there.

All right.

Yep, we got mail.


Y'all better hurry; we got mail!

We interrupt this program
for a special report.



"Life's not so cush
running around in the bush,

"Have blind faith
in the one that you choose,

"So carry the weight
or seal your tribe's fate,

You'll miss great rewards
if you lose."

Yep, I bet you any money...

This is a food reward.

Somebody's going to be
blindfolded and have to

run through the bush
or something,

and we'll have to direct...

JAN: And we're going to
have to guide them.

CLAY: Well, we went and got some
tree mail a while ago,

and it's got to be for food
or some easier way to get food.

So it's something you really
want to win at this point.

I think would it be good
to distract the other team

-with my cleavage.

And if need be, it's easy
access, in case I have to

pull the boobs out to distract
the guys on the other side.

They're going to be blindfolded.

I need to-- They don't know.

How you guys doing?

(people murmur)

Okay, today's reward challenge

will require teamwork
and a lot of trust.

Each tribe is going to select

one tribe member
to be your guide.

They will be your eyes.

The other tribe members
will be blindfolded.

The blindfolded tribe members
will carry

the guide on the palanquins
behind you.

They'll navigate through

a figure eight course,

led only by the guide's
verbal commands.

They'll be crossing
each other's paths three times.

Along the way
are several stations

with bags in your tribe's colors
hanging from each one.

Untie all your colored bags,
get back to your mat first.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


All right.

One extra lantern

and some items to help
keep your bellies full.

Fishing hooks, fishing line

and a huge
30-meter fishing net.

A much bigger net than the one
that came with your supplies.


Sook Jai, because you have
one extra member,

you have to sit somebody out,
keeping in mind you cannot

sit out the same tribe member
in back-to-back challenges.

-Who you going to sit out?

Now who are the guides?

Chuay Gahn.
You're going with Tanya.

How about you guys?

Penny. You two will be
the guides.

We'll get the rest of you
blindfolded and we'll go.

Survivors ready?

-Go! -Go straight,
go straight, go straight.

Brian, over to your left.

Left, left, left.

Straight, straight, straight.

Clay, go left, go left.

Okay, stop, Chuay.

Stop, Jake.

-Are we there?
-Yeah, we're here.

Go, straight,
straight, straight.

Got it.

Go to the left.
Just stay straight.

Stay straight.

Straight, straight.

To the right, right.

Sharp right. Sharp right.

Right, right, right, right.

Stop, Clay, stop.

Hurry, y'all,
they're beating us.

Right, hard right.

Go. Walk fast.

Walk fast, y'all, walk fast.

Fast. Left, left, left!

Stop! Stop!

Back up a little, y'all.

Stop, stop.

To the right--
or the left just a tad.

Straight. Straight.


All right, go straight.


PROBST: Two Chuay Gahn,
two Sook Jai.

To the right.


All right, I'm here.

Y'all, you're dropping me

PROBST: Very tight, guys,
very tight.

Okay, go, go,
straight, straight!

-To the left.
-Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Straight, straight, straight!

A little to the right,
just a touch.

Straight, go, go, go, go, go!

Little to the left.

Straight, to the left.

-A little more.
-Stop, stop, stop.

Get it, get it, get it.

Okay, go. Straight.

One on the left,
one on the left.

Straight, straight.

Watch out.

Go right, go right!

Right. Straight.

Everybody go right,
go right, go right, go right.

Go right. Right.

Straight. Straight.

To the right just a touch.


Oh! Damn!

Y'all can put it down
for just a second.

Just whammed me into that tree.

Sorry. Okay, go.

Pick up. Go left.

I'm in a tree.

-Pick it up.
-Go left! -Left!

Straight, stop, stop.

Go right, go right.

Go right.

Okay. Now go left.

Straight. Stop.

Let's go.

Hurry up.

Okay, okay, got it.

Go straight.

Little bit to the left.


I got it.

I'm in a tree here.

-No, you're not.
-Yes, I am.

No, you're not.
Pick up, pick up.

(all shouting)

Very tight still!

You guys are dead even!


Y'all, we're almost there!



Come on, come on!

We're almost there!
Get up.

Left. Brian, you're
going to get hurt.

-Come on, come on!

Left, everybody, left!

We're there! Go straight!
Go straight!

We're almost to the mat;
this is the last bag.

Pick up, go sharp right!

Right! Sharp right!

Go straight! We're there!

Go straight! Go straight!

To the right, to the right,
to the right!

To the right!

To the right, to the right,
to the right!

To the right!

Drop it! Yeah!

Sook Jai wins!


You're there.

Sook Jai, you earned it.

Lantern, buoys, fishing line,

fishing hooks
and a 30-meter huge fishing net.

We can fish, guys!

Happy hunting.

We need one, you guys.

We need a victory,
we need a V bad.

Yeah, oh, yeah.

We cannot let this defeat us.

We cannot lose morale.

I'm a Red Sox fan; I know
there's always tomorrow.


JAN: Think we're all
a little bit drained.

We needed a morale booster.

We didn't get it,

but we're going to get them,
we're going to get them.

That's all I can say.

HELEN: I was feeling
paranoid all day

because I could tell they were
keeping me out of things

and deliberately, like,
going off without me.

I was getting
really nervous that maybe

they were going to vote me off.

I can't believe how much trouble
you guys went to for this.

Oh, we didn't...

How the heck did you do this?

-Can we eat that?
-There you go.

-Yay, give it up for Helen!


HELEN: You know, next to
spending it with my husband,

it was the nicest thing
anybody's ever done.

So, I'll remember that
for the rest of my life.

And that's why it's hard
to vote people off.

How you going to vote people off
after they do that for you?

How is it, everybody?

It's delicious.

Doesn't taste like
it's done, Brian.

It's cooked all right.


How's it taste, okay, guys?

-Yeah, okay.

-Delicious. -It's fine.

Your stomach's still
a little touchy.

Just throw down one clam
and don't even...

Oh, God, I can't eat a clam.

Like a piece of gum.
Think of it like a piece of gum.

-No, I'll throw up.

For real.

Tanya is having

a tough time right now

adjusting to
the survival element.

We're trying to slowly
nurse her back to health.

She needs a lot of rest,
she needs some water

and a little bit of food--
she hasn't eaten much.

So I'm a little concerned
about her health.

Ever since I threw up
on that seafood,

it's making my stomach, like...

I know, she can't.

It associates it.

(flies buzzing)


Look at them,
they're all over the beach!

My God.

Hey, y'all come check out
the squid on the beach!

Well, look at them
all up through here.

Look at there.

Isn't that squid?

You think they're edible?

Yeah, but only if they're dead.

-If we cook them?
-Smell that thing.

Huh. I know, I smell it.

That could be breakfast, guys,
just right here.

I say let's go ahead
and try some.

At least the tentacles;
these are safe right here.

-The tentacles are safe?

HELEN: This morning,
we found squid on the beach,

and, um, I have, once
in my life, bought squid

that wasn't cleaned,

so I knew how to do it.

Dude, we want to try and take

that skin off, too.
See how we're getting these?


Like, that skin comes right off.
And I know

we got to get
every spot of ink off.

CLAY: Helen-- everything's
serious, serious.

I mean, there's no play to her.

She's supposed to be
some kind of marine expert.

She's kind of got the
personality of an encyclopedia.

You open it up,

there ain't nothing in there
fun to read.

You only open it
when you need information.

This does not cook long at all.

A minute or two?

No, I'm telling you,
it cooks quickly.

-But the longer
the better or...? -No.

Hell, I think that's got to
get cooked a little bit.

It might get more cooked,
but it's going to be rubber.

I know how to cook squid.

I don't care if we don't like it
right now

the taste isn't that good.

We've got to have food if we're
going to compete, you know.

-We got tree mail.
-Y'all ready?

Got tree mail. What does it say?

It says, "Petals on the ocean

"drifting out to sea,

"Keep your tribe together,
control your destiny,

"Life is like a flower,
so be the first to bloom,

Fail to work together,
face Tribal Council doom."

Sounds to me like kind of a
water deal and a swimming deal.

STEPHANIE: I'm going to be
a little worried about me,

just because I'm still honestly
not feeling very well.

I have to be able to do
something to show the tribe

that, you know,
I'm still in this.

Okay, guys.

Welcome to today's
immunity challenge.

First things first.

Sook Jai, give it up.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge
is pretty simple.

It's a floating
lotus flower puzzle.

Six pieces are missing
from that puzzle.

Those pieces have been tethered

to the bottom
of the ocean floor.

Your job: one tribe member
at a time, swim out,

dive down ten feet, unclip
the missing piece of the puzzle,

swim back and get it
in its spot.

Each piece is unique,
so it will only fit in one spot.

One person from each tribe
will stay on the flower

and they will help navigate

those pieces into
their appropriate spot.

First tribe back
with their puzzle completed

and everybody sitting back
on the flower wins immunity.

You can tag out and have
somebody else run a leg for you,

but you can only do so
after you have swum out,

touched the piece of puzzle
and made your way back.

you sat out yesterday.

Who's sitting out today?

-Shii Ann.
-Shii Ann, you'll stay

back here with me. Everybody
else, swim out and take a spot.

Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys!

Immunity at stake!

-Survivors ready?
-Yeah. -Yeah.


Come on, Jed, let's go.

Let's go, Brian.

Get it, Jed.

Come on! You're doing great!

Let's go, let's go!

Come on, Jed.

All right!

You can do it, Jed!

Come on, baby.

Go, Brian, go!

(various team members
shouting encouragement

(cheering, whooping)

Sook Jai, go!

Get it on.

Chuay Gahn, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

-Come on, Jake!
-Way to go, Jake!

It's on the front!

Come on, Papa Jake!

-(all shouting)
-Yeah, Jake!

Come on, Jake!

Helen, over here!

It's a tight race, guys.

You're both even.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Come on, Jake!

You can do it!

Sook Jai, go!

Go, Robb!

Come on, Helen.

Chuay Gahn, go!

Come on, Robb!

-Come on, Robb!
-Come on, baby, let's go!

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Jan's having trouble.

Under the middle!

Come on, Jan.

-Come on, Robb!
-Over here, Jan!

(excited chattering)

Sook Jai, go!

Right here, Jan.

Come on, Jan! Good job!

Sook Jai has the lead.

Drop, Penny, come on!

Now Penny's in trouble.

Chuay Gahn, go!

I went past the purple one.

Three pieces missing each.

It's on the front!

Penny's given up.

She's coming to tag out.

Jed, got to touch, tag her. Go!

Go, baby, get there. Get that.

Over here, Ghandia, right here.

(teams shouting encouragement)

-Go, Ghandi!
-You got it!

Come on!

Ghandia, you got it!

You guys are very even.

(teams shouting)

Come on, Ghandia.

Come on, you got it!

Good job, honey.

Come on, you can do it.

Sook Jai, go!

Chuay Gahn, go!

Still anybody's race.

Two pieces left in each tribe.

-Let's go, Erin!

Go! Yeah! Yeah!

Right here, baby.

You guys are very even still.

Stephanie, go.

The last piece.

Sook Jai has one piece left.

Chuay Gahn, go!

Chuay Gahn also
on their last piece.

It's very tight.

Stephanie and Clay.

(all shouting)

It's another tight race!

Sook Jai wins immunity!


You guys want it, come get it.

Well earned.

Yeah! Whoo!

Chuay Gahn, we have a date
tonight at Tribal Council,

where another member
will be voted out of the tribe.


So close.

That's the beauty
of these games.

-There's no such thing

-as second place.

You either win or you lose.


CLAY: We lost again today
in the challenge.

We didn't lose by very much.

We had a couple of
dumb, dumb, dumb,

dumb-ass mistakes,
matter of fact.

Janny, you couldn't find it,
is that what happened?

Yeah, I thought
it was on the end.

-I forgot it was in the middle.

So I kept going, so I missed--
lost valuable time.

I'm sorry, guys.

I tried to do the best.

BRIAN: Janny, she just had
a little bit of hard time

finding the hook, and, uh,

that really put us back.

HELEN: I think the morale
is a little down today.

I think we're all trying to
keep each other's spirits up.

I mean, now we know nobody's--
somebody's going home tonight.

You know, that's never good.

I want to vote
for Helen before Jan.


She's getting on my nerves, yo.

But strength-wise...

That's the only reason.

I mean, everything is
a big deal.


"I am going to go over here
and I am going to pick up

this one leaf
and I'm going to bring it back."


I'm not really sure

who I'm voting for tonight;
it's a tossup.

There's somebody who I want
to vote for because

she's getting on my nerves,
which is Helen.

And then there's somebody
who I don't necessarily want to

vote for, but I think she's
ready to go, which is Tanya.

HELEN: This is going to be
a terribly hard vote for me.

Everybody loves Tanya.

We all love Tanya.

That may play in her favor.

So I think
it's one of those nights

where it could be anybody.

Well, it's never fun
coming to Tribal Council,

but two times in a row.

Ted, how is the morale
in this tribe?

Um, I think the morale
is slowly declining.

However, we're still
in high spirits.

And we're still a family.

Ghandia, is what Ted said true?

Is the morale
declining a little?

I think it might be
declining just a little bit

because our losses are so close

that I think that makes us
a little sad.

But, um, we just
keep believing that

when we do win
that it'll be a big win.

They think we're a wash,
and I think they've got

some days coming
where they're going to see

a whole lot of you here
instead of us.

Tanya, did you have any idea
it would be this tough

only six days in?

No, I had no idea
it would be this tough.

Been camping before
lots of times

and just didn't think
it would be this hard.

Who here will admit

that at least one point
in these first six days,

you have to assess how you're
fitting in with everyone else?

That is the object of this game.

You don't know
any of these people.

Helen, you're starting to nod.

Oh, yeah, I mean,
you'd have to be crazy

if you didn't think that way.

I-I wonder every day,
like, gee, you know,

I wonder if they like me.

I wonder if I said
the right thing.

Do they find me
too in control all the time?

I mean, they threw me

this wonderful anniversary party
the other night,

and I'll tell you, it was
all I could keep from doing

to not run into the back of the
cave and just absolutely cry.

I really tried
to hold it together,

but it was one of
the nicest things anybody's ever

done for me, so I was really...
I was touched.

Sounds like a beautiful moment.

Oh, don't even-- don't start.

'Cause I'm under orders
not to cry.

Why are you
under orders not to cry?

'Cause I work with
all these men, they're, like,

Green Berets and SEALs,

and they go,
"Okay, you can't cry."

I am totally un--
no, I'm not ki--

I can't go back there if I do,
because they'll give me

such a ration
for the next year, I-- no.

Ghandia, what are you
basing your vote on tonight?

I'm basing my vote on...

the person's ability
to actually mesh

with the rest of us.

I think that's really important.

There has to be a good
camaraderie amongst all of us.

Jan, how tough
will tonight's vote be?

It will be hard.

It's not one
I want to make, but, um,

it needs to be for the better
of the entire group.

It is time to vote.

Tanya, you're first.

Like an older brother would
to a younger sister,

got to take care of you,

got to make sure you get
a full meal tonight.

So, Tanya, need you
to get better, okay? Enjoy.

Talk to you soon.

I don't feel comfortable
with how you try

to keep your emotions in check.

And also, I just don't think

that you effectively
handle stress.

Seems like you kind of
get too anxious

and just start
bugging out, frankly.

I think, in the long run,
that's going to hurt the group.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



Two votes Helen, one vote Tanya.



Two votes Tanya,
two votes Helen.


Three votes Tanya,
two votes Helen.

Tanya. That's four.

That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Tanya, the tribe has spoken.

Love you, Tanya.

You guys seem like a good,
strong, likable tribe.

The only way to start winning
is to keep that togetherness.

Head back to camp,
get some sleep.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

The competition between Sook Jai
and Chuay Gahn heats up.


No, no, no! Foul!

Will Chuay Gahn
make a comeback?


Damn it!

PROBST: And an incident
sends shock waves

through the Chuay Gahn camp.

I didn't deny ...


Chuay Gahn, this has been
the opportunity of a lifetime.

It's been a great experience,
and it does change your life.

I learned that I take things
at home for granted.

And I'm not mad
at any of you for picking me.

And I just love
every one of you,

and I hope you bring it in
and win the million dollars.

I hope you have a great time.