Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Survivor: Thailand - The Reunion - full transcript

The 16 castaways reunite to talk about their adventure with Jeff, who eventually reveals where "Survivor VI" will take place.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(cheers and applause)

Well, for the first time
since Thailand,

we have all 16 Survivors
back together.

We are live at CBS Studios
in L.A.,

and we're going to spend
the next hour

getting to the bottom
of a few things.

First, though, guys,
I got to tell you,

done five of these now,
and I still

can't put any rhyme or reason

to what it takes
to do well in this game.

Richard Hatch wins
by controlling the game--

our first winner.

Tina Wesson wins in Australia

basically because people
respected her, I think.

Ethan wins because he's likable.

Last season in the Marquesas,
Vecepia wins

by flying under the radar.

In this season,
you do everything

but fly under the radar,
and you win.

So I still don't have a clue.

All I know
is that starting from...

from my first impressions,
I never, ever would have

predicted how this thing
would have turned out.

Having said all that, Brian,

Thank you. Thank you.

-(cheers and applause)
-Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks. Thank you.

-PROBST: All right, sit down.
-Thanks to them.

Thanks to them, too. I'll thank
these people for everything.

Already taking
his curtain calls.

I will say, though,
watching you out there--

and I don't know
what other people think--

I think you were one
of the smartest players

to play this game,
and what I thought

out there was that, you know,
if your tribe

were a totem pole,
the thing I thought was great

is you... you were never
at the head of that totem pole,

but you were...
you never took control,

but you were always
in control of the game.

-Was that your game plan?
-Well, uh,

positive affirmations
on a daily basis really helped,

and also, actually enjoying
the sort of game

that you were playing,
because every day,

I had to wake up and remind
myself, "This is a game.

"We're not out here...
we're not at Club Med.

"We're not, uh, having
waitresses bring us down food.

We're actually playing
some sort of game."

Little mind games out there,

but just kind of
reminding yourself

what exactly
you're doing out there,

the purpose for being
out there, confirming.

Got it.
Having said that,

you barely won
over a guy who literally--

and Clay, I know this is fresh
and... and probably hard

to be sitting there right now--
but you won by one vote

over a guy who badgered
three people on the jury

and still got three
of the other four votes.

You had to be a little surprised

that you...
you squeaked this out.

-Well, I mean, Clay,

-he's a very tough competitor,
very li... -No, no, no.

-very likable, likable...
-No. No, no.

-very likable guy.
-We're not doing this anymore.

What I'm getting at,
let me then go to Clay.

-Maybe he'll give me an answer.
-(audience laughs)

-Let's think about it.
-Give me a chance here.

You know this is gonna be
the jury, right?

You've got seven people.

Jake, you give a tongue-lashing
to before you even get

to Tribal Council.
He gives you a chance

to get out of it,
you hit him again.

Ted, you sort of talk
around his question.

You give him an answer,
but then you say,

"You know what, I'm done."

Helen, you flat out say,
"I'm not gonna say anything

to Helen, 'cause nothing
gonna satis... satisfy you."

I'm just thinking--

You mean, you played great
to get to this point,

but why didn't you
try harder at that point,

at the end of the show,
to get one of those votes?

-That's a $900,000 vote.
-Well, first of all,

I thought Jake...
I mean, we're from

the same part of the country,
I mean, we have arguments

every day over...
over different things,

and I thought,
"It's done with, it's over."

You know?
It wasn't a big...

It... it's, uh,

something we disagreed on.

-You know? It wasn't a...
-You really thought

he was just gonna say,
"Oh, that old Clay, he's

-gonna give me a bad time"?
-No, no, but... no, I didn't

think he'd say just that old
thing, but I didn't know

he would hold it in his heart
like that, I-I guess.

-(mumbles) I mean... we're...

-he's, uh...
-But you get my point, right?

-Yes, I understand your point.
-My point is, you got

all this way,
and then you just started

cutting bridges left and right.

I didn't... I didn't think
I was cutting a bridge

with Jake, I can tell you that.

-And what about...
-With Ted, I-I...

I totally don't know
where he come up

with me saying something racist.
I-I am still,

to this day,

-confused about that.
-We'll figure that out.

Helen, she was so mad,

it wouldn't have mattered
how I'd answered.

Her... I believe her mind
was already made up.

PROBST: All right.
Brian, you had alliances

deep into the show, basically,
with Ted and with Helen

and with Clay,
and it was pretty clear

in-in your interviews in the
show that you were gonna--

if you got the opportunity--
take whoever

you could with you, whichever
one would benefit you best.

Why, in the end,
did you pick Clay?

Uh, one word: Paranoia.

Paranoia of, uh,

of, uh, everyone else,
that they could, obviously,

uh, beat me along the way.

And, uh, the fact that Clay
did make a few mistakes

and he allowed himself to...

allow his emotions to take over,

where he didn't think
before he acted.

Meaning Clay had more enemies?

Correct, correct.

-Okay. All right.
-Clay had more enemies, period.

And, guys,
let's do this like we do

at Tribal Council--
give me a direct answer.

'Cause we only got an hour,

so we don't have
to talk around it.

'Cause we talked about this;
it was your wise move.

You didn't pick Jan, who you

might've liked more
or thought...

-You picked Clay,

-'cause strategically,
better move. -Correct.

It's, uh, just a... a decision
you had to make out there.

PROBST: Ted, where did--
as Clay says,

seemed to take him by surprise.

It took me by surprise
because it never came up

anywhere in the show--
all of a sudden

you make a ra... a comment
about racism.

-Where did that come from?
-Actually, it took me

by surprise also,
but it came when Helen and I

had a conversation after Helen
was voted off, and...

we got on the subject of racism
and I asked, "Well, do...

do you know whether Clay
has made any racist comment?"

And she told me, "Yes."

And I respected Helen enough
to really take that to heart.

And since that... I mean,
that was something dear to me,

and I was pissed off
because of that.

Is it fair to make

a million-dollar vote
based on hearsay?

You know, I-I...
I don't know, I don't know.

I mean, I'll be honest
with you, I don't know.

But I know, for me,
hearing that comment

and hearing that
it came from Clay,

a person that I thought,
you know, was totally different

and beyond that,
really surprised me, and I

took to it heart, so I didn't
really base it on whether or not

it was hearsay or not.

'Cause, Helen, you know,
you're the one

who supplied the info, and yet
you're also the same person

who was on Brian's butt

for taking something

based on hearsay--
that's the only point

I'm trying to get at,
is that you guys

get out of the game and then
you start talking-- and how

do you know Helen doesn't
have a grudge against Clay?

TED: I mean, she could've,
but, I mean,

I trusted Helen enough,
and events leading up to that

of where she heard the comment,
I kind of believe that, so...

I based it... I went... I went
with what my gut told me.

And now the bigger question.

You're down to five.

Jake had told you guys,
"It's Brian and Clay,

they're gonna win this thing,
you've got to do something."

What... what was it?

Why couldn't you
and Helen and Jan

take one of these guys out and
break that... that power link?

TED: I mean, for me,
it was, I didn't trust

Jake at that time.

Uh, and I don't... I didn't
think that we could really

get Jan in.

I didn't think she was
emotionally stable enough

-for us to really...

-negotiate that deal with her...

...without going
to tell Clay and Brian,

"Hey, this is what
they're trying to do."

Jan, what-what about that?

You had some
ups and downs out there,

-emotionally, but were you aware

that they were trying
to form a new threesome?

Um, I thought

I could've been a swing vote,
and I thought

they would approach me,
and they never did.

And, of course, I could have
approached them, but I didn't.

PROBST: Helen, you just turned
around and dropped your jaw

-on that.
-I did approach you.

-JAN: Oh. I'm sorry.

I begged. I begged.

-It was our chance.
-PROBST: Well, Jan,

so you lose Ted,
okay, you lose Ted.

Now you're down to four.

Do you remember the time
when... Brian and Clay

stood above you
in a very intimidating pose--

do you remember
what Brian said to you?

JAN: Uh, that we were
gonna vote Helen out.

-Yes, I do remember.

Now, what was going
through your head?

Why was that
a good move for you?


I didn't know if we...
if I wanted to go that way.

I should have approached
Helen and said,

"Helen, let's do a tie,"
but we had...

we had all kind of agreed
on that earlier,

not... so we wouldn't have
to pull the balls,

you know, at the end for a tie.

-'Cause it looked...
-It was an error.

Brian's comment to you was,
"Jan, you're gonna get

third place,
and that's pretty good."

You know, third place is,
what, you know,

$15,000 more than fourth,
and it's just about a million

short of first.

So that's the question, I guess,
I'm-I'm wondering about,

because I think...

I guess, Helen,
maybe the question is to you.

How frustrating is it?

'Cause you're a lame duck
at that point.

you don't have that extra person

you're supposed
to have to play with.

It was so frustrating.

I mean, I love Jan, I really do,

but that was...
that was our chance.

We could've controlled the game.

We could control the game.

We could've gone all the way.

We-we could've done it.
I don't know.

I screwed up. I'm sorry.

No, that's... I...

You know, I mean...

You didn't screw up anything.

You can play the game
any way you want.

-I just wonder...
-JAN: But we did have a chance.

Well, now,
when you saw the show--

'cause it's... it is tough
out there-- one thing

I don't think people
who haven't gone through it

can appreciate
what it is like--

36, 37 days with no food,
in the rain,

sleeping, all this stuff.

Do you look back
on that now and think,

"Wow, I... you know, I wish
I'd made a different move"?

Uh, yes, I do.

But at that point I really felt
like I was a functioning robot.

You know? You-You're just...
you're working on...

you have nothing left, and
so I wasn't thinking clearly.

And yes, I do wish I had made

moves, or at least gone

to talk to her one-on-one

or talked to Ted
and formed an alliance.

PROBST: Helen,
what was it that made you

trust Brian in the first place?

Um... Brian had
a similar work ethic to mine.

So I know... you know, that's...
you don't know these people.

And so...

one or two days into it,
I sized up quickly

who was pulling
the weight in the camp

and who was pulling
their fair share.

And he made a comment

to me one time.

We got up to pour the water

that had boiled, and we were
pouring it into the containers.

And he goes, "H, I'll help you,"
and I said, "Eh, I got it,"

and he goes,
"No, no, no, I'll help you."

And he got up and he whispered
in my ear, he said, "Because,

you know, H, if we don't do it,
it's not gonna get done."

And it was nice to hear that
somebody was acknowledging

that, you know,
I was getting up every day

and doing everything,
staying as busy as I could.

And so was he--
he was staying busy.

Did your opinion of him change

-after seeing the show?
-Yes, sir.


(laughter continues)

Would you have changed
your vote if you knew?

Yes, sir.

-Yes, sir.

Even for Clay,

somebody that you seemed
to like less...

That would've been tough.


All right,
let's recap the votes.

These are the votes we know.

We saw Penny and Erin
voted for Clay.

Ted and Helen voted for Brian.

Here were the other votes.

Ken voted for Clay,

and Jan and Jake
both voted for Brian.

So, Penny, what was it that
made you vote the way you did?

Were you voting for Clay
or against Clay?

-Why'd you go with Clay?
-I voted for Clay

because I felt out of
Clay and Brian, in my time

out there with them for 12 days,
that Clay really tried

to get to know me, and that
was the question that I asked.

I mean, he seemed to care
about me as a person

and seemed
pretty genuine about it.

And, you know,

we got along pretty well
and shared some stories,

and I felt like we had a better
connection than Brian and I did.

PROBST: And he... you guys had a

where he was trying to help you
at a certain point with a vote.

Right. Um, there was a time

when Clay and I actually
had a conversation about how

some of the Chuay Gahn members
were wanting to vote me out

and some of 'em were wanting to
vote Jake out, and it would be

in my best interest
to separate from Jake

and show them that I could not
have an alliance with Jake

in order to get
to the final four.

And so I believed him.

-PROBST: Clay.
-Yes, sir?

Tell me that story.

What-What happened was, you
were setting Penny up, right?


I wouldn't call it "setting up."

I would call it putting somebody
on the jury to vote for me.

Because we were gonna
pick them off,

and Penny was
definitely stronger-- but yes,

I was putting her over there
to vote for me.

PROBST: Let me see if
I got this story right.

This-This is what I...

figured out, I think,
after it was all over.

You knew it was gonna be Jake...

you knew it was gonna be Penny,

but you knew you guys had
enough votes for Jake,

so you go to Penny and you say,
"It's gonna be Jake,

just separate
yourself from him."

You go to Brian and say,

"Listen, we got
enough votes for Penny,

"let me throw one Jake's way.

It'll screw up
who thinks the alliance."

Meanwhile telling Penny,
"I'm voting

for Jake," so when she sees
the votes after she's back home

being voted out, she says,
"The only person

who was honest with me was..."

CLAY: Clay. I voted for who
I said I was going to, too.

-PROBST: But it got...
-I-I'll agree,

I-I knew she was going home.

PROBST: Penny, did you
know that until you saw it?

-No, I didn't.
-That's the rules.

PROBST: Is that... and...
You're right.

-Thank you. That's the rules.

PROBST: That's why you made it
to the final two.

Okay. Uh, boy, it's going fast.

Up next, some of the most
memorable moments

of the season,
including this one

between Ted and Ghandia
that had everybody talking.

I got the feeling

-that you was trying to get
with me. -No. No. No.

First of all,
I don't need to get with you.

-I know you don't.
-Second of all,

I'm not even attracted to you.


What was what?


Butt crack showing
every damn day.

Any seat belts?

Ooh, mama!

-What's your name? Giddyap?

CLAY: Tarzan.
I'm good. You do well.


Ooh, it's a big elephant.

What are we, about 20 feet up?

Not too high for me to jump
if I need to.

-At all.

(cheers and applause)

Well, this season
was full of memorable moments,

but none of them raised
more eyebrows

or spawned
more water cooler talk

than the incident
with Ted and Ghandia.

Here's the setup.

We were still early on.

It was days four, five and six.

And this is a time in the show

when relationships
are just starting to develop

and people are beginning
to align themselves with others.

And in the case
of Ted and Ghandia,

they were forming a friendship.

Here's a little reminder
of what they had going on.

GHANDIA: This is the longest
I have ever been away

from my husband,
and Ted brings that home to me.

It's kind of like my husband's
here with me chilling,

and... and that
really made me feel good.

And he's so good to hug.

So, Ghandia, at this point,
things are fine.

You've got a new friend.

-Everything's all right.

It was cool.
We was chilling.

PROBST: Well, you had kind of...
you had said to me

that you even encouraged that
with Ted,

that you...
it was okay to be lovey-dovey

because we're friends and
we're out here and that's okay.

And we're both married and,

you know, early in the game,

you look for someone
to be your homey--

like, someone that's going
to be down for you,

that's not going
to vote for you,

you're not going to vote
for them.

Early in the game, I think...

I felt that was important
for me to develop that.

And it was very clear from there

you guys were very familiar--
you had your hand

-and you were okay.

-And you were okay with that?

But, at a certain point
into the night,

this snuggle
that you guys ended up having

that we just saw
crossed into an area

that Ghandia wasn't
as comfortable with.

Uh, they... they wake up
in the morning.

This is part of what went down.


What was that?


Butt crack showing
every damn day.

But when that event happened,
I was waking up,

and for some crazy reason,
I started grinding, um, Ghandia.

We talked about it, and I said

to Ghandia,
"I am totally apologizing."

To me, I got the feeling
that you was trying

-to get with me. For real.
-No. No. No.

First of all, I don't need
to get with you.

-I know you don't.
-Second of all,

I'm not even attracted to you.

I am 150% to 200% happy
with the wife that I have.

(cheers and applause)

One of the best lines:
"150% to 200% happy."

Well, obviously, a lot of other
stuff went on in this time,

and there were some upset
feelings, but what really

ends up happening
is that for the first time,

we have an incident
that impacts people

outside of the game--
your spouses.

So, Ted, what happens

when you walk in the door
after being away?

You... you got to tell them.

Actually, before I even walked
out of the door,

as soon as I stepped
off the plane,

I informed my wife that,
you know, everything went fine

except for this
particular incident.

And I went into great details,
told her exactly what happened,

and we worked through those
emotions, and we've moved on.

But you also said something
interesting to me,

which is you worked through it
and then the episode aired.

Right. Right.

I mean, you can't
really prepare...

you can't really prepare

for what you actually see
on television, so...

I mean, I-I did the best
that I could do verbally,

explaining what went on,
but, again,

actually seeing it, it's...

it was more of an embarrassment,
and... and we worked

through the embarrassment
and the upsetness of that time.

-And you guys are okay?
-We're okay.

-We're wonderful.

-(cheers and applause)
-Good, good, good.

Ghandia, you have... you have
two levels you're playing at.

One, you got to come home
and tell your...

tell your husband,
"Hey, this is what went down,"

and two, you got to say,
"You're going to see some stuff

that looks like I
was kind of encouraging it."

Uh-huh. Yes.

-Very difficult. -So what
did you say when you got home?

I just told my husband

but I knew that when I told him

what had went down
it would hurt him.

That's the biggest thing,
I think,

that I wish I could take back,

was hurting my husband.

And hurting Ted and his family
and his wife.

You know, if I had a magic wand,

I'd take it all away--
that whole incident.

And that's... that's the thing.

Hurting my husband was...

that was the hardest part
to deal with.

And how is he with it now?

Oh, we're cool. I love him.

PROBST: Yeah? He's out there.
He looks cool.

That's my soul man.
That's my man.

(cheers and applause)

(clearing throat)


And Ted, I know I...

I spoke with your wife
just before this.

She's... you got the baby,
everything's happy,

so I'm glad that...
that they can understand, too,

that it's a weird environment
out there

-and... and things happen.
-Right. Right.

All right. One of the other,
uh, best moments--

of this... this season anyway,
I thought--

centered around an event
that never really happened.

Here's the setup.

In all of the other
Survivor installments,

we have always merged the two
tribes into one on day 17.

So this group
made the assumption

that's going to happen again.

Day 17 rolls around, and...
and I tell them, "Okay, guys,

the two tribes are going to be
living together on one beach."

They assumed this meant
they had merged.

For Shii Ann,
this was great news

'cause she didn't like
her old tribe

and now she could make friends
with her new tribe,

and that's what she
started to do.

And here's what she found out
when she, uh, discovered

that her assumption
about the merge was wrong.

Erin, was it tough
having two tribes

live together
on the same beach?

To be completely honest,
no, not at all.

It's actually much better having
both tribes live together.

I never would have expected
our merge

to have gone
as smoothly as it has.

-You said, "merge."

I certainly didn't say anything

to give you that impression,
did I?

(applause, laughter)

Shii Ann.

How many seconds before you knew
you were dead?

Uh, about .2.

-PROBST: And Ken and Erin,

this was, like... this was a...
a great time for you.

You were...
this was good news to you.



-Well, the simple fact is,

we went in there even
to the same beach.

We now had a traitor.

Made it six votes to four.
She had to go.

She knew she was going
no matter what.

As soon as she made the trade,
she was... she was done.

So, when you announced that,
it was like,

now you're really done,
and you're done now.

So it was... it was like,
I know you ain't got

nothing to do, but you ain't
doing it here. Bye-bye.

All right, well, uh, a review

of the best moments
of the season

would not be complete
without a visit from one

of the most electric Survivors
we've ever had on the show.

-Robb with two B's.
-ROBB: Yeah!

You tasted it all in Thailand.

(cheers and applause)

Robb had some of the most
immature moments,

I think, to probably one of
the most beautiful epiphanies.

It was the total
Survivor experience.

Take a look at, uh,
some of the ugly,

-'cause, baby, it was ugly.
-ROBB: Oh, man.

PROBST: Don't get too cute
in that attack zone, guys.

No, no, no!

(Clay yelling)


ROBB: That last time, he came
at me, and I put my hands out

and pushed him in.

He's a weak, little, whiny punk.

Backwards hick.

Did you hear him?

(mock yelling)

Screaming at me, dude.
I wanted to spit in his face.

-Oh, so terrible.
-PROBST: Robb.

(cheers and applause)

-I'm horrible...
-When you see that...

when you see that now,
what's your reaction?

Oh, man,
completely embarrassed.

I mean, there's times in my life
I've acted immature,

but I've never been, uh,
in front of two million people.

Or 20 million people. Excuse me.

It was, uh,... it was...
it was pretty hardcore

to watch it among...
amongst my family

and have everybody be like,
"Were you choking that guy?

What the hell
is the matter with you?"

And then, afterwards,
going on and on with the...

(mock yelling) making faces

and acting like a doorknob.

PROBST: Well, you redeemed
yourself, though,

because, by the end,
it seemed to me

you really had come full circle

and at least had one moment
of clarity,

and it sort of culminated

with this fireside chat
where Robb talked

about his new outlook on life.

It's very nice.

ROBB: Starting to think
about things, man.

Life is so important
right now to me.

And family, you guys, is the
most important thing in life.

The people you love, the people
who love you just as much.

That's what this is about.

I mean, you guys
do not understand,

I didn't have a relationship
with my dad

for 21 years of my life.

And now I miss him
more than I miss anyone,

and I want to go home and
tell him how much I love him.

I tell you what,
you're a good man.

-I like you.
-Amen, bro.



Is that lasting?

I mean, did it really
have an impact,

or did you get home
and go back to the old Robb?

No, most definitely,
it had a huge impact on my life.

Um, I definitely got home

and told my dad
how much I loved him, and, uh,

I continue to, to this day.

-For sure.

And did you not have
that relationship beforehand?

Um, it was... it was, uh...

we were...
we were butting heads a lot.

You know, there was a lot of
conflict between the two of us.

Both strong personalities.

-I'm kind of a jerk sometimes.

Well, I-I think you probably...
uh, I think you prob...

it looks like you
grew up out there.

Yeah, it was... it was...
it was, uh...

a lot of maturity involved
in-in going on Survivor.

I-I think I grew up,
pretty much.

All right. Up next,

we're going to look at judging
a book by its cover.

We do this all the time when we
are casting new Survivors,

and sometimes,
even we get fooled.

Hi. I'm Stephanie Dill,
and I'm here to tell you

a little bit about myself.

♪ Here's to the Montagues ♪

♪ John Wayne and Bette Davis ♪

♪ And Romeo... ♪

Too bad that woman
never showed up.

-(laughter, cheering)
-But, uh...

first, we're going to go

to Clay's hometown
in Monroe, Louisiana.

They're at a hotel restaurant.

So many people showed up,

they moved from the ballroom
to the Holidome.

And Clay, all I know
is I hope you weren't counting

on that million to pay for it.

-We'll be right back.
-(cheers and applause)

(cheers and applause)

One of the more unusual aspects
of Survivor

is that when the game starts,
everybody has a blank slate.

All any of these guys know
about the others

is what they can physically see

and the attitude
that they give off,

so you start to make
assessments and judgments

based on very little

We did the same thing
this season with Stephanie,

who, uh, came into us... you...

you know, you're strong,
athletic, you're a firefighter.

But what you told us

and what we believed
when you came in the room

was that you were going
to be a barrel of fun.

See if you remember this
audition tape you showed us.

Hi. I'm Stephanie Dill,

and I'm here to tell you
a little bit about myself.

("Whatever (I Had a Dream)"
by Butthole Surfers plays)

♪ Here's to the Montagues ♪

♪ John Wayne
and Bette Davis... ♪

PROBST: Now, look at you--
you've got...

the drama going on.

You're funny here.
Sense of humor.

And then, Stephanie...

All right,
let's get your ending here.

I'm Stephanie Dill.

If you don't pick me
to be on your next Survivor,

then you can kiss my fish.

(laughter and applause)

-Geez. Oh, my God. -PROBST: So,
Stephanie, Stephanie.

My question is obvious.

Where was this girl

-when the show was going on?

my body didn't handle food...

not eating very well.

I mean, seriously,
that's the first time I...

I've ever been limited
physically in my life.

I mean, it kicked my butt.

'Cause that is me, and I
disappointed so many people.

You know, family, friends,

the people that chose me
for one of those 16 slots.

You know, so it's been really
hard for me to deal with it.

I could not bring Stephanie Dill
in everyday life to Thailand.

It was very, very hard.

Did you take anything away
from that experience?

You know, I really did.

First off,
I made great friends that...

you know, friendships
that will last me a lifetime.

And memories, like seeing...

-But you personally.

Um, I never thought
about having kids

before those 15 days
that I spent on that island.

And even more importantly,
what I'm getting at

is what you told me earlier,

which I thought
was interesting--

that you'll never,
ever let yourself

-down again like that.
-No, I won't.

I'll never let myself down.

And I know now
that I want children.

-So it was... -Boy, you had
a lot of fun out there. was a wonderful
experience for me.

There's so much more
to the game than money.

And I-I'm a person that never
thinks about money anyway, so...

Erin, we're talking
about overcoming stereotypes

in... in one sense,
and judging a book

by its cover
and things like that.

This has to happen to you
all the time.

I mean, we-we've got some tape,

in fact,
of-of you from the show.

You were the Survivor
hot chick

this season, for sure,
all right?

And did you know
going into this game

that you were going to have to--
this kind of stuff here--

that you were going to have
to overcome

a perception
that people would be making?

I figured that I was.

Um, basically, I had to go in
and prove to everyone

that I was a hard worker
and that I wasn't just the girl

with the big boobs that was
going to slide by on that.

PROBST: And, in fact,
you started covering up

early on, didn't you?

After day four, I believe,

I no longer wore my bikini top.

I only wore my sports bra
because I was afraid

that wearing my top was going
to work against me in the game.

Proud of how you did?
You think you...

do you think you broke
that stereotype?

I think did I break
the stereotype.

I made it a lot farther
than I think

anyone ever expected me to.

I worked really hard,
and in the end,

people look at me
as a well-liked player,

someone that worked really hard,

not the hot chick
with the big boobs.

Well, or maybe both.

-Uh, Jed.
-(cheers and applause)

Jed, I think it's fair to say,

even in respect to Ken and Robb,
uh, and Big Ted and Brian,

you were one of the strongest,

if-if not the strongest,
out there.

Very competitive, and you
were playing full-tilt boogie,

and yet,
you're an instant outcast.

Just as we're going
to this break,

tell me what happened
out there.

And did you learn anything
from how the tribe treated you?

I learned a lot.

Um, basically,
it's like in life.

When you join a new group,
you're... all of a sudden,

you got to fly below the radar

or you're... you're a target.

And so, what I did
is I didn't fly

as low as everyone else
on my tribe,

which was a pretty low radar.

So sticking out
like a sore thumb a little bit

-as a result? All right.
-Yeah, um, basically,

I let myself show
in competitions

and joined up
with other athletic people

that weren't flying
below the radar.

I don't know if you
know this, but just as we

go to break, Shii Ann, how badly

did you guys want
to get rid of Jed?

We wanted to get rid of him
so badly

that we threw the challenge.

-The pyramid challenge.

-PROBST: Did you know that?
-Uh, well,

I kind of figured it out
when Ken was sitting out.

And I wasn't going
to give up, though.

Okay. All right.

Boy, this is moving so fast.
We got to go again.

Coming up next,
we're going to show you

where Survivor is going next.

But first,
some of Jan's colleagues

are in Tampa, Florida.

Where else would they be?
They're at a pub.

-Take a look.
-(laughter and applause)

Oh, yeah, boy!

(Ted yelling)

Oh, she's massaging my feet.



(cheers and applause)

That's crazy.

That's crazy.

PROBST: Ted, I know
you don't drink often,

-and it's a good thing.
-Yes. Yes.

Well, Survivor: Thailand
is over,

but a new Survivor adventure
is about to begin in February.

16 new Survivors
will be abandoned

in one of the most mysterious
places on Earth.

Take a look.

It is the largest rain forest
on Earth.

It is responsible for 15%
of the world's oxygen.

And it is, without question,

one of the most mysterious
places on the planet.

It is the Amazon.

Expanding two and a half
million square miles,

the Amazon is home
to more varieties of fish,

plant life and birds than
anywhere else in the world.

Some of the most beautiful
and unique animals

thrive in this rain forest:

the pink dolphin,
the tapir and the sloth.

Push deeper
into this impenetrable jungle,

and you'll find some of the
most dangerous animals as well:

caiman crocodiles, piranha

and the world's most feared
snake, the anaconda.

(thunder crashing)

Soon, 16 strangers

will be abandoned
in this oppressive

and harsh environment.

Torrential thunderstorms
will rock this jungle,

and scorching temperatures

will test our Survivors
like never before.

And this time,
the game will have a twist

unlike anything
you've ever seen.

How will these 16 strangers
survive in this environment?

And the bigger question: how
will they survive each other?

It is the ultimate challenge--
outwit, outplay, outlast

until only one remains and
emerges as the sole Survivor.

(cheers and applause)

All right, Amazon's going to be
very cool, but that's later.

Guys, we're running out
of time tonight,

but there's just three...
three things

that I quickly wanted
to ask you about,

and they'll just be
short answers,

but there are so many
good stories.

Jake, the one...
the best moments, I think--

one of the best moments--
is the loved one visit.

And when Jenny
came out there and-and...

I talked to you about it
afterwards, and you told me

a great story about how that
was the best moment

-and the worst moment
at the same time. -Oh, my gosh.

Five-to-one against me--
I'm down, I'm hungry, I'm tired.

She walks out, I'm on
the highest of high planes,

just totally...

She eats the bugs,
and then I'm...

and-and then she walks off
without, you know...

and I'm at the lowest of lows
in the world.

Two days later,
there she is again.

And at that time,
I am totally convinced--

because she ate
all those bugs for me--

that I can whip Ted.

I can do anything, man.

I'm ready for the challenge.

And she... you said,
"Hey, they're still here."

She walks back out,

and what do I do?

I just melt,
right into mush, man.

You know? It-it's just...
it's about love.

That's what it's about.

Thanks for sharing that.


-hard transition here.
-TANYA: Yeah.

You had a tough first few days
out there as part of the show.

You had a much, much tougher end
to the show.

Guys, it's, uh, 36, 37 days.

Tanya's out of the game,
but she's still on the island,

and you get some very sad news.

And I just wanted to check in
with you about it.

-Tell us what happened.
-Um, well, actually, I got...

it'll be very emotional
to talk about,

but I actually got a call
from my mother,

um, that my father had died.

PROBST: And the... the upside
to that story that you told me--

and I thought it
was so optimistic--

was that you had
a good-bye party

when you were leaving
to come do Survivor,

and you guys
had some family business

that hadn't been resolved,
and... and tell us what happened

when you had the good-bye party
before you left.

Um, well, what had happened--

like, my parents
had gotten divorced

when I was a freshman
in high school.

So about, like, ten years ago.

Um, they... um, my sister
and my dad

kind of had a conflict with it

and just hadn't spoken
in ten years.

So when I got selected
for the show,

my sister and them were
throwing me a going-away party,

and I was so shocked
that she invited my dad.

So, had I not been selected
for Survivor,

they would have never talked,

so it was like,
even though I lost,

I was a winner, you know,
before I even left.

(cheers and applause)

PROBST: We got
a little bit more to do.

We're going to take a break,
and we'll be right back.

John Raymond, in the back.

John, I just want
to acknowledge you.

I know it's been
a very fast hour,

and we didn't get
a lot of time to talk.

Without question,
the most capable, strongest,

biggest-threat person
ever voted out first.

And I just want to...
I know that if you got

another shot at this,
you'd do a lot better.

-You doing okay, though?

You know, I think, uh, I just
left the wrong impression.

I wanted to leave the impression
I'm working hard

and I'll do anything
to help the tribe,

and I think the impression
that I left was,

I was a little too aggressive
and that was a threat early on.

-Well, thanks for being here.
-You bet.

Guys, everybody here,
thank you very much.

Here's a couple of, uh,
bits of information.

If you're a fan of the show,

immediately following
tonight's broadcast,

and auction-- there's all kinds
of items there.

All of their torches are there.

The, uh, urn
with all the votes back here

is going to be up for bid.

So, if-if you want to do that,
it-it benefits

the Elizabeth Glaser
Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

It is a great cause.

Also, we're looking for people
for, uh, Survivor VII,

And let me give you a tip.
It's a little cryptic.

Study John Nash's

game playing theory.

All the answers
to Survivor are there.

So, for you fanatics,
get on the Internet.

All right. Tomorrow morning
on The Early Show,

we're going to be giving

this man right here,
Brian, a million bucks.

-Let me say, very well deserved.
-Thanks, Jeff.

-Thank you. Thank you.

-(cheers and applause)
-Thanks. Thank you.

Guys, we had a good time
out there.

Thanks for doing this tonight,

and thanks for rushing
through it with me.

I know it went a lot quicker
than, uh,

we thought it was going to be.

That's it.
We're back on in February

with Survivor: The Amazon.

Thank you for staying
with us tonight,

and we'll see you soon.

So long, guys.

(cheers and applause)