Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - The Tides Are Turning - full transcript

One survivor feels betrayed and subsequently alters strategy in retaliation.

Previously on Survivor...

Clay gave Jake
a piece of his mind.

I didn't like that statement

worth a ... up at that
council meeting.

I'll put my production up,
basically, against anybody's.

And that offended Clay.

PROBST: The tribe was
surprised to find

their loved
ones at the reward challenge.

But even more surprised
when the family members

had to compete
against each other.

There's that juice.

It was Helen's husband Jim
who stomached the victory

and became an honorary tribe
member for a day.

With Jim as a confidant,

Helen had a chance
to talk about strategy.

Brian'll play fair; Clay won't.

Clay's a selfish son of a gun.

At the immunity challenge,

the tribe was
surprised again.


PROBST: This time, castaways
and family members

competed together,

and brotherly teamwork
paid off for Ted.

-Big Ted!

Before Tribal Council,
Helen approached Brian

with her concerns about Clay.

Do you feel that he has

earned a number one or two spot?

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
despite a campaign

to get rid of Clay,

Jake was voted out
of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

The five former members
of Chuay Gahn

are all that remain.

Tonight, one of them will go.

34 days.

Five to go.

HELEN: We haven't been
to Tribal Council

to vote off a Chuay Gahn
member since day 12.

Chuay Gahn, who started out as
the joke team of Survivor,

as the losers,
as the old people,

as the ones
that, you know what,

"You band of misfits,

you can't
do anything right."

But we never lost focus
and we never gave up.

TED: The core of Chuay Gahn
is right here.


If it wasn't for us,

we would have been extinct.

HELEN: And now, definitely,
the game is on.

Jake left,
now it's Chuay Gahn,

now we have to vote
each other out.

The game is on,

full speed ahead.

(whistling tune)

What skills come into play

at this part of the game?

Skating skills.
Who's the best skater?

Ice skater.

Who's got
the longest skates on,

who's the best at cutting
corners, going around circles?

Because usually on skating you
got to be ice cold.

You can't lose your cool,
you got to be like ice.

You're going to have

you got to cut off
those friendships.

You got to keep
stringing people along,

and-- bam!--
throw them a nice slider.

Mr. Freeze is in the house.

Even though it's about 110 out
here, I've got my skates on.

Got us some mail.

Oh, hey, a mirror.

Holy crap.

Can you believe this?

Look at this.

I'm a nothing.

Hey! Treemail!

-TED: Read it.

Oh, y'all got to come see this.
I can't read this.

We got a mirror.

Don't look at it too much.
We don't want it to crack.

Y'all not going to believe
the wrinkles in my face.

I could not believe

how I looked.

I mean, it looks like
I'm... I'm 60.

I'll tell you all
one damn thing,

I-I got a lot more
wrinkles I got now

-than I had when I came.
-HELEN: Oh, my God.

-TED: Get out of here.
-BRIAN: That's just funny.

CLAY: We got to go
get our mirror and bring it...

-Wait, here comes Brian.
-"Behold the magic mirror,

"you've never looked so great.

"This is no illusion, you've
really lost some weight.

"Compare yourself
to these photos

"taken just before the game.

You may return to regular size,
but you'll never be the same."


Oh, God.

(all shouting)

Chubby face.

Hold on a second now.
Hold on a second now.


JAN: When I first saw my own
picture I started laughing

'cause I was full where I had
these little cheekbone...

these little chubby cheeks

and I had some bosoms.

That was kind of funny.

And now I look kind of like

a stick figure.

-Look at Clay...
-CLAY: I am hot, y'all!

-Big teeth.
-You handsome thing.

-TED: Damn!
-Look at your face, how thin.


-310 pounds.
-You look chubby here!

-That's the worst picture.
-I like this, boy.

That's where you are.


This is a lineman.

-I told you your whole face
changed. -This is like a...

a tight end, wide receiver.

Yeah, I told you
your whole face...

Look at how little your neck is.

Look how big it is there.

TED: Actually seeing myself
in the mirror,

I didn't know
who the heck I was.

I mean,
I looked at myself before,

and now, oh, my gosh,

it's like two totally
different people.

I look like my brother.

-This guy is gone.
-CLAY: What you think, Helen?

I think I still look fat.

-Oh, shut up!
-You-You're on drugs.

You lost it everywhere.

TED: You don't
see the six pack?

-Six pack?

-I see little lines right here.
-You-You're tripping.

You kind of look at yourself

and tell you're losing
some weight,

but looking at yourself
in a full-length mirror...

I-I... you know, one look was
enough for me.

I'm like, "Uh, yeah,
I still look fat,

and, uh... great, I got lines on
my face, okay, I'm done."

Now my damn teeth are yellow.

-JAN: Would y'all quit playing?
-The guns are gone.

Excuse me, uh, pretty girls.

We have three guys
in the mirror.

Would-Would y'all quit playing?

TED: These-These guns right here
were cannons.

-Look at 'em! -I got like
nine millimeters now.

This isn't fair.

JAN: The women could barely
see themselves

because the men took
over the mirror.

That was pathetic.

We couldn't get
the men out of the way.

They were admiring, lifting...

"Hey, look at these guns."

I mean, they were pathetic.

-TED: We didn't have a chance to
talk. -BRIAN: I know.

How we doing?

Everything's okay.

Who's, uh, who's next?

Uh... You know who, don't you?


BRIAN: The game is getting
kind of tricky,

you know what I'm saying?

I know. So I don't--

I don't know what-- I don't know
what the deal is with that,

but we're still in play
though, right?

-Yeah. Just...
-You sure?

Yeah. It's... (mutters)

Yeah, I just don't know
what's happening here

with, uh, everyone else.

So it might be every man
for himself,

keep on your toes sort of thing,

-you know what I'm saying?
-Yeah, yeah.

I don't know...

Do I need to watch out
for anything?

I don't know yet.
I'm wondering about myself, too.

TED: Um, I think Brian
is a good guy.

Um, him and I had a verbal

alliance, um, and it was strong,

but I don't think
it's as strong anymore.

I have a feeling Clay
is going to try to get me.

Well, I'm not sure who
that threesome is.

-That's all I'm saying.

That's all I can...
that's the feeling.

When I did a check point

of our status,
he wavered a little bit.

He kind of wavered a little bit,
and to me we've always operated

in a mode that, um,
our plans have been solid.

-I know...
-Now, you're not telling me

-that you're going to flip on
me, are you? - No, no, I know

when you got
to go down to the wire,

I would expect you to do
something against me

as opposed to, you know,
I wouldn't want...

-Right, right, right. -You know,
just... it's just business.

You're not flipping
on me, are you?

-No. I'm just saying.
-Okay, okay.

-I'm just saying this is
business. No. -Gotcha.

We're friends.

TED: "Don't take anything

Uh... "Everything is
based on business." Well...

that sent a signal to me
saying that he's wavering

in our... in our alliance--
that something has changed.

Lookee, lookee, lookee!

We haven't even opened it.

We haven't opened it.
I just opened it.

-It looks like a book.
-JAN: Oh!

-Oh, my gosh. Quite a book.
-Oh, this is cool.

"A picture is worth
a thousand words,

"you need only picture two.

"The one to get this last
reward..." last reward...

-Oh! -"...will be rejuvenated
when you're through.

It's time to dine
on good food and wine..."

-Oh, it's... damn!
-Where's my money?

"...and wait, there's
a whole lot more."


"This reward's the one for you

if you're hungry,
tired and sore."

Well, that's me.
Who's always asking about food?

-So y'all just...
-You don't get any more food!

You've already had yours.

You've had your food.
Sorry, so you're done.

TED: With me, on those
that I've trusted

up until this point, I want
to continue to trust,

maybe 80, 85%.

But I'm not going to sit back

and just base the results of
this game on that trust.

One of my strategies
from day one

was to adapt
to any given situation.

So I wanted to communicate
with Helen

and ask her
her feelings of who she thought

the top four would be.

And I started drawing in the
sand, the alternative option is

to eliminate Clay and bring
Helen, myself and Janny

in the final four,

then make a decision
on how we want to operate

with Brian,
you know, whether we want

to keep him
or whether we want to

you know, vote him out.

And it was good for me to know

that she was basically on the
same thought path as I was,

as far as Clay's contribution
to the tribe.

Clay doesn't do anything.
He lays around all day.

He doesn't go out, get wood.

He doesn't go out for the
water hole, he does nothing.

He just lays around all day,

So logically, he would be
the next, in my mind,

the next person
to get voted out.

Hey, guys!

(shouting and laughter)

What do you think of the ride?

Let's go.
Big Ted, take the front.


Lord have mercy.

Get on in, baby.
This is what you're playing for.

-Oh, my God!

Oh, it's got that new car smell.



Kind of a heavy foot there.


This is what I'm talking about.


Oh, my God.

I don't want to get out.
It fits too good.

Hop out. We got a
challenge to do.

First things first.

Let's talk about this SUV.
Not a bad-looking ride, huh?

-JAN: Uh-uh. Gorgeous.
-Perfect. Perfect.

The winner will win
the Chevy Trail Blazer.

The other part of the reward is

a day at a spa, Survivor


-We've also arranged
for a nice massage. -(gasps)

And what would a day at the spa
be without food?

Nice, big Thai meal.

Could be a huge advantage

going into the last five days.

Worth playing for?

-Yes, yes.
-CLAY: Yes, sir.

Here's the challenge.
It is a race.

Your goal: collect
and unscramble

a collection of letters
that spell an activity.

Here's how it works.

At the start, you're going
to be standing

on your first of eight
English letters.

Unlash it, move to a trough.

Mixed in with
a bunch of Thai symbols

you will each find an
underscored English letter.

Once you find your second
letter, move on.

You'll then come to a group
of flag poles.

Choose one, untie it.
Your next letter will release.

The third stop: cargo net.

Get up the cargo net,
get your letter, get down.

Around the corner,
you'll find a tree.

Again, Thai symbols
and English letters.

This time they are covered
in silk.

Start uncovering them until you
find another English letter.

You're then going to move
to a rope pole.

There are 17 ropes,
but only five of the rope poles

lead to an English letter.

This time attached
to the letter is a key.

Take the letter and the key
and move to a treasure chest.

Use the key to unlock
the treasure chest.

At the bottom
of the treasure chest

you'll find
the two last letters.

You'll then race
to one of the easels,

like the one you're
standing in front of,

and unscramble the letters

of two words
that describe an activity.

First person to unscramble
them correctly

wins the Chevy Trail Blazer,
the day at the spa,

a break from the game.

Let's head over to the start.
We'll get going.

Here we go, guys,
great reward at stake.

You are looking
for eight letters total.

You're standing on
the first one.

Survivors ready?

-JAN: Yeah.

You're standing on
the first one, guys.

You're standing
on the first one.

-Clay, you're right. -That's
what I thought I heard you say.

I wasn't for sure.

Clay's got his first one.

Where we going? Jeff?

-Got to go back to get your
first one, Brian. -Man, hey!

-Got one underneath you.
-I said you're standing

-on your first one.

Looking for the underscore.

Looking for an underscore.

Underscore means English letter.

Helen's got two.

Ted's got two.

Brian's got two, Clay's got two.

It's a tight race.

All you're doing here
is untying.

Drop the letter.

Helen has her third letter.

Ted's got his third letter.
Clay's got his third letter.

Brian's got his third letter.

Jan, don't give up!
You're still alive!

Everybody's got four except Jan.

You're looking for another
letter; remember the underscore.

Clay's got his fifth letter,
and he's off.

Brian's got his fifth.

Clay, you got lucky
on your first one.

Nope, try again, Brian.

Brian's got one.
Take the letter and the key.

The last two letters are in
the treasure chest.

-(Brian sighs) -Nice little
surprise in there, huh?

-Looks like dinner, huh?
-CLAY: Squid.

Moving to an easel.
Start solving them.

Two words that form an activity
when you put them together.

Underscore will be
on the bottom, remember.

Two words when put together
are an activity.

-Two words, English.
-I got it right here, Jeff.

Brian thinks he has it.

What are you spelling?

"Road trip."

That's not "road trip."

Got it! Got it!

Look at it.

"Road trip."

-Ted wins reward!
-Yeah, yeah, baby!

That was ballgame!
We got a truck, baby!

Yes! Yes!

-HELEN: What was it, Ted?

-You, baby! For you, baby!
-Ted, what was the word?

Shouldn't have yelled it out.
Good job, buddy.

Road trip.

No problem, that was for you.
Good job.


Way to go, Ted.

PROBST: All right, guys,
here's the deal.

-Ted, nice work.
-Thanks, Jeff.

-Appreciate it.
-Nice SUV.

-It's all yours, and a day at
the spa. -I'm loving it.

-How much fun is it if you can't
share it, right? -True enough.

But at this point, picking
somebody to share it with is not

-such an easy task with only
five days left. -It isn't.

There was an immunity challenge

and I could have been
out just like that,

but that person kept
me in the game,

and I always told her
that I owed her.

So, Helen,
let's have some fun, baby.


Good job, H.

I left the keys
in the ignition.

Follow down the beach
as far as you can go,

then a right down
the Old Prison Road.

-Got it.
-You'll come to a gazebo

where your day
of relaxation awaits.

-HELEN: Smell it? Ahh...
-TED: Brand-new!

How's it handling, Ted?

-Oh, it's handling
just like a champion. -(shouts)

Your own car.
Your own car.

I've never won Lotto.

I've never won
any raffle ticket.

And so, for me, winning the car

was truly a dream come true.

We need to talk
just a little bit,

because, um, what I was
trying to get at

is I didn't know
where Janny was.

Well, I know
she doesn't like Clay.

You think?

But she came up to me today
and said, "What does Clay do?

He does nothing, I'm tired
of him ordering me around."

TED: In the car, Helen
and I really had

a chance to talk
and the plan that I proposed

was getting rid of Clay
at the next Tribal Council.

And if he was working,
then that's one thing

I would respect,
but he's not do...

Wh-What do you think, you're
just king for the day, here?

All he does is order
you guys around.

-Yeah, order us around and...

I'm going to leave it up to you
to work with Jan.

HELEN: I think I can
take Jan with me.

And somehow, some way,
just relay it to me

-whether we got her or not.

Oh, my gosh.


-Look, we got two hostesses.
-Our hostess with the mostest,

and look
at their nice clean clothes.

Sawat-dee kha!


-Sawat-dee kha!
-Sawat-dee kha!

We have for you

dinner, shower, and massage.

This is beautiful.

Kob kun kaa.
Kob kun kaa.




-Mmm, mmm.

-Oh, my God.
-HELEN: It was so nice

to have somebody prepare
a meal for me.

It was so nice
to not have it be the

mussels, clams, crabs, leaves
that we'd been living off of.

Look at this.

Okay, rice.

This is wine.

What are we gonna do?

Helen nor I--

we don't drink alcohol.

I think we need to celebrate.

-Definitely. -Okay.
-We said, "Okay,

"fine, this is a once-
in-a-lifetime experience,

and we're going to go for it."



It's good.

I'm having a smorgasbord.

I want to just dive into that.

-Cashew chicken, very good.
-I want to try this.

This right here.

-Do you see that?
-Pace yourself.

-Okay, I'll try.
-I fixed

my plate as if I was
the old Ted--

310-pound Ted--

which was normal.

I was like, "Oh, man,

I can knock this out
with no problem."

Oh, my God.

-I'm getting full.
-Are you kidding me?

-I am not kidding you.
-I have only begun.

Please, please, please,
please, please.

Okay, I made some room.


You made the mistake
of putting rice on your plate.

-TED: Okay, wine.
-Bad idea.

-Let's try the wine, let's try
the wine. -Yeah.


Ted, you're disappointing me.

Look at the food on your plate.

You know, I'll tell you what,

-that was a heartbreaking
defeat. -BRIAN: Why?

I-I wanted that thing.

-C'est la vie.
-If he'd have went

-back to you, you'd got it,
but if he went to me... -Yep.

CLAY: I'm pissed off
anytime I don't win.

I don't like losing.

I'm very envious
of him right now.

Jealously, I guess--
it's... I wish it was me.

-BRIAN: Me and my big mouth.
-JAN: What'd you say?

-"Road..." I said the answer.

-I had it. I just was
misspelling it. -He had it.

Ted got his truck due to me.

I didn't even get a thanks.

He should have thanked me.

Anybody that gives you
something for free...

All's I wanted was,
"Hey, thanks. Appreciate it."

What were you saying earlier
about all the whispering?

Who was doing the whispering?

Teddy and, uh, Helen.


They thought I was asleep.

CLAY: You know, I saw that
writing in the dirt over there.

-JAN: I don't know
what it was about. -Huh.

BRIAN: I don't think
they have an alliance.

I still think Helen knows
what's up with, um...

what needs to be done.

Can you pass that wine?

Whoa, Ted!


Out of here.

Uh, I think he needs
to be out of here.

-You'll work on Janny?
-I'll work on Janny.

-Helen, you're going to get
-He doesn't deserve it.

full-court pressure
both from Brian and from Clay.

You got to be quiet about that.

-You know what I'm saying?
-Oh, yeah.

-Then we get the ... Clay
out of here. -Right.

With his lazy behind.


Boy, we need to do that.

So anyway...

I forgot where I was.


How you doing, baby?

It's heaven, Ted.

Hey! I'm not drunk.

-Am I drunk?

-Hey, Helen.

I love you.

Ted, I love you,

and I cannot tell you
what this means to me.

Hey, Helen, is it my turn
to... to shower?

It's your turn,
and enjoy that shower.

TED: Give me a preview
of how that massage is.

(Ted yelling)

Oh, yeah, boy!

Yeah, dawg!

Oh! Hey, did I tell you
how good this feels?

Oh, my gosh.


Now, I'm assuming

this shoe shine stuff
is a toothbrush.

Mmm, mmm.


Hey, Helen,
is that massage good?

Heaven, Ted.

I don't know that Ted even
remembers what he was saying.

You know, if you've ever
been in the company of someone

who's had too much to drink,

they start, like, getting silly.

But you know what,
it wasn't my reward;

it was Ted's reward, so...

being the polite guest
that I was, I...

let him enjoy his night.

Is my masseuse ready for me?


Are you ready for me,
Miss Masseuse?


(Ted yelling)

-Oh! She's massaging my feet!

(Ted giggling)

Ah, that feels good.

Oh! Oh!

Oh! Aah!

She's pulling my fingers
off my hand.



She's beating me to death.

(Ted chuckling)

Oh, this is heaven.

I am indebted to you.

Nah, don't worry about it.

I-I like Ted. I really do.

I enjoyed my night with Ted.

I was clean.

I had on silk pajamas.

I was in a comfortable bed.

I'm listening to the ocean.

I mean, it just doesn't get
any better than that.

Hey, Helen.

What type of wine
did we have, man?

My body is drunk,

but my mind is clear,

and I'll remember all this.

When your mind is mush,

that's when you're drunk,
in my opinion.

Helen, I don't want
to go to sleep.

I want this night and this day
to last forever.

I'm really trying to suck in
this last piece of it

-because once I lay down...
-That's it.

-Boom, it's over.
-I know.

Am I talking too much?
Are you ready to go to sleep?

I'm ready to go to sleep
whenever you are.

All right, Helen.

-I'm about to go to sleep.
-Thanks for a great night, Ted.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Wow. Good shot.


-JAN: Six.

Okay, we're going back up
to where?

-CLAY: That's them, y'all.
-BRIAN: Oh, is that them?

-That is them. Yeah.

BRIAN: Damn, you guys
smell good from here.

Merry Christmas!

No way.

-Don't you be teasing us.
-Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho!

-How was the massage?
-HELEN: It was terrible.

TED: It was the worst massage
ever in life.

-JAN: How was the food?

HELEN: Anytime you're away
from camp, you wonder--

especially at this stage
of the game--

who might be talking about you
back here.

You could drive yourself crazy
becoming paranoid.

I'm trying to avoid,

uh, getting into
that quagmire, so...

um, I don't know
what went on here last night.

-Oh, my God!
-Ho, ho,

-ho, ho.
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

And it fits perfectly.

-Have you been naughty or nice?
-I can't believe it.

-I've been very naughty, sir.
-It fits. -I been... I wanna...

-Oh, my God. -Oh, my God!

-Ho, ho, ho!
-Oh, yay!

-Salud. Salud.


We will be naughty tonight.

Can we taste it?

Oh, hell, yeah.


TED: Get you some, dawg.
Get you some, dawg.

-JAN: Oh, what is it?
-Chicken cashew.

-There's spicy beef.
-Perfect. -Come on, Jan.

TED: Whatever we could fit
in there, we fit in there.

Thank you so much.

Oh, yeah, this is heaven.

You like, Janny?

Oh, yeah.

Good. Good.

Teddy got that brand-new,
beautiful car.

Isn't that just
the coolest thing?

Thank you, darling.

That was so cool.

TED: Coming back,
to be honest with you,

um, I-I did feel
a little envy--

or jealousy, if you will--
and-and as expected.

I felt that from Clay,
that he was very jealous of...

of the fact that I... I won.

But, I mean, it doesn't...

it didn't matter,
and it doesn't matter.

-Nice shot.


Excellent shot.

I did promise Ted, and I did

exactly what I promised--
that I would try to get to Jan

and feel Jan out and see if she

would be willing
to vote for Clay.

This is the opportunity.

I've got you in the number three

and possibly you and I
in the one and two.

I haven't won immunity yet.

Doesn't have to be.

-It doesn't have to be that...
-I know.

I've got to think about it.

HELEN: If you want, you don't
even have to tell me tonight.

Or if you want to tell me
right before we're going

-who you want to vote for...
-Well, I would like

us both to go,
just because we've been

-through so much together.
-I know.

Then do me a favor
and let me know who you're doing

-because if we don't vote in a
block... -Okay. That's right.

HELEN: But just don't say
anything to Clay

or to Brian that we talked,

'cause that'll slit
both of our throats.

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.

-So... -JAN: Brian has played
a very good game.

Yes, he has.

I have no problem with him.

Why do you think
he keeps Clay so close?

Keep your friends close;

-you keep your enemies closer.

You ready?

-Here we go.
-Thanks, Ted.

(Ted imitates gong clanging)

Have fun.

I'm sure, when he was drunk,
he let some stuff slip.

(sighs) He was making an idiot
out of himself.

-I was like, "Ah,

this could have been
so peaceful."

I mean, it was ridicul...

Then he wanted to stay up
and talk all night.

I was like... (whimpers)

BRIAN: Helen could very well
be playing me,

but at the same time,
she won't.

Helen is somebody
that respects me completely.

I've taken her a long way.

She owes me, and she knows it.

If you see Ted come over to me,
make sure somebody comes over

-so he doesn't have the chance
to start. -Okay.

-Or give a...
the wrong impression. -Okay.

I have a feeling, if Clay
sees me talking to Ted at all...

Right. I've already had to, uh,

say you're going to be fine
and not to worry.

Don't... I mean, I'm locked.

HELEN: I'm definitely playing
two sides of the fence.

Yeah, that's what
you got to do.

And I would bet you,
to a person,

everybody out here is playing
both sides of the fence.

Just hope you don't get caught.

Now, I sat and listened
to everything he said,

and I yeah-yeah-yeahed
him to death.

-Yeah, I know. I know that
you... -Agreed, agreed, agreed.

-Let Ted believe what he
thinks he believes. -Yep.

HELEN: Ted thinks I'm solidly
in his court, and I may be.

Brian and Clay think I'm tight
with them, and I may be.

Uh, quite frankly,
I don't know at this point.

Hey, guys.

First things first.

Big Ted... give it up, buddy.

Hate to, but need to.

Immunity, back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,
you will start at the base

of a ten-step staircase.

The only problem is,

the steps to the staircase
are not finished.

Ten missing pieces
are out in the field.

Each piece is unique
and will only fit in one step.

You gather your missing pieces
one at a time,

and build your steps

one at a time,
from the bottom to the top.

First person to get to the top

with their steps
completed correctly

wins immunity,
guarantees themselves

a one-in-four shot.

-Big enough stakes?
-Yes, sir.

All right. Let's do this thing.

-All right.
-Here we go, guys.

This is for immunity

and a guaranteed spot
in the final four.

-Survivors ready?
-ALL: Yeah.


PROBST: You can grab
one piece at a time.

You can gather them all first
and then start building,

or build as you go.

It's your strategy.

Clay has his first step.

So far, we just have one step.

Clay has one; everybody else
is gathering pieces.

Jan has her first step.

Brian grabs his last piece.

He's going to start
building steps.

Clay has two steps.

Jan has two steps.

Brian has two steps.

Ted and Helen
not yet on the board.

Brian has three steps.

Ted has one step.

Helen has her first step.

Clay's got his third.

Brian has his fourth step.

Jan has her third step.

Clay has his fourth step.

Brian has his fifth step.

Jan with four.

Clay has his fifth step.

Brian has his sixth step.

Clay has his sixth step.

Brian's at seven.

Three to go for Brian.

Clay working on his seventh.

Brian has eight.

Helen has two.

Brian has nine.

Clay still working
on his seventh step.

Brian taking a nice,
leisurely walk

to put his tenth step in.

Walk on up, Brian.

Nice job.

Brian wins immunity!

-Good job, Brian.
-PROBST: Just like that.

-JAN: Good job, Brian.
-Way to go, Brian.

-Oh, thank you, sir.
-You bet.

You are now guaranteed

-a spot in the final four.
-Thank you.

-Nicely done.
-I appreciate that.

Take a moment
to enjoy it up here.

Celebrate your victory.

TED: I think,
at this point in the game,

everyone could be
playing everyone.

So I think it's only natural

for everyone to be
on pins and needles

and really, really observe
everyone in camp,

'cause everyone's wondering

whether or not
they're the next target.

Um, I'm... I'm wondering
if I'm the next target.

I would think that I am.

I mean, I won an immunity,
and I won a reward,

so I may be perceived to be, um,
physically and mentally strong.

Be straight with me.

Honestly, I'm asking you
brother to brother.


-Am I the next to go?
-No. Uh-uh.


-Why? What are you... what are
you feeling? -Seriously.

I-I was just think...
I was just thinking

that Jan, Clay...
and I wasn't sure whether you...

whether I was going
to be targeted...

I told you,
I'm not sure the deal with--

like I said before--
Clay and H.

Unless something changes,
I'll let you know.

All right, cool.
I just wanted to...

I figured you're the only person

that would give me
a straight-up answer.

I told you, I'm not sure
what's up with them.

I'm not sure about that.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, anyway...

So, targeting... Jan?


Those are really pretty, Teddy.

I got one with nature,
and it was just beautiful,

hunting for rocks
and everything.

Those are really cool.

How about picking one of these,

with the exception
of this one and that one?

-Yeah. Give me one.

Okay, Teddy.

JAN: Helen had come to me
because, if you look at it,

it's... I could be a swing vote.

You know, if Helen and Ted
had an alliance,

they could pull me,
and we could vote Clay out.

I really have to think
about it,

and I would think about it
from the standpoint

of what would be best
for me in the long run.

I'm not sure there's any true,
true alliance right now.

I think people are talking,

but I don't think
the word "alliance"--

that "I will not vote
against you"--

has ever really been said
by any of the five.

You know, Helen and I
are very, very tight,

but trust at this point
in the game--

it's very hard,
and it's a very thin line.

And I might trust you

with everything
in another situation,

but this is a game,
so even if someone

tells you something,
they might not do it.

Hey, we got to be careful
with my pot holder socks

since they actually,

are still socks that I wear.

Someone's burning them again.

-I got a... I got a new, uh,
burn in them. -JAN: Hmm.

BRIAN: When you know
where everyone's head's at,

it gives you
that much more control,

gives you that much more

it gives you
a little bit more, uh...

uh, more useful ammunition.

I've got three pieces
of ammunition I can use.

One, I've got
my trump card, Jan.

Grandma Jan, she's disposable.

Looking good on that black!

-Ooh, yeah. Sharp.

Oh, boy. Yeah.

Number two, I've got my loyal
and trustworthy soldier, Helen.

I know where her head's at.
I know how she feels about me.

I'm very confident and, uh,

good feeling about her
and her work ethic.

My good friend, Uncle Clay.

I know what he wants;
he knows what I want.

I know he doesn't want Helen.
I know Helen doesn't want him.

When I need to use that
against each other, I will,

but in the meantime,
I'm just sitting back.

So there's my three--
those are my three ins.

One disposable,
a loyal soldier...

Oops. And a good friend.


CLAY: Uh, really, if you get
to thinking about it,

using people in this game--
isn't everybody

getting used
in one way or the 'nother?

That's the name of this game.

Use everybody you can
on your way to the top.

Here we go again.

The circus has come to town.

We'll now bring in our jury.

Erin, Ken, Penny and Jake.

Think about it-- five of you,

five Chuay Gahn members still in
the quest for a million dollars

and the title of sole Survivor.

Directly across from you,

four people,
the four members of our jury,

all four Sook Jai members,
all four voted out by you,

and up until tonight,
you were in control.

Chuay Gahn had the numbers,
and systematically, one by one,

you eliminated them
and in doing so,

put your fate in their hands.

That is now the majority
of the jury,

and I wonder how that feels

to be sitting there knowing

it may be too late
to do anything about it.

Clay, how does it feel?

Uh, scary, and, and believe me,

I laid awake at night a lot
and thought about that.

Uh, they've got
to vote for somebody.

I just hope I'm one of the two

that they're,
they're voting for.

That's the only thing
I can hope for, is to try

to figure how to get
to the top the easiest

and, and the best way
for Clay to do it,

and, uh, that's
what I'm searching for.

Helen, how do you win this game?

Um... they have the numbers,
that's right,

but they also have to vote
for one of the two,

and unfortunately for them,

one of the two is going
to be a Chuay Gahn member.

I'm hoping that when it comes
down to voting, um,

that they vote on, uh, merit--

who pulled their weight, who was
a good member to be around.

Brian, you've been out here
36 days now.

In a sense, is your fate sealed
within this tribe?

Uh, no, nobody's fate's
ever sealed

until the, uh, fat lady sings,
as I like to say.

There's, uh, still
a couple days left,

and I can't predict the future.

Uh, who knows
what's going to happen?

PROBST: Jan, you put
this tribe together.

Is there an added burden on you
when it comes to voting?

Yes, I feel very much so because
I've grown with this tribe.

We scraped and fought our way
to keep together, so

it's very hard
to have to vote someone off

that has worked very hard.

There's very little difference
between any of the five of us.

It is time to vote.

Jan, you're up.

You're a fierce competitor
and so am I,

which means
if it's down to you or me,

it's going to be you before me.

Nothing but strategy,

and it's time for you to go.


I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote-- Ted.

That's two votes-- Ted.

One vote-- Jan, two votes-- Ted.


No need to read the last vote.

You need to bring me your torch.

Take care, guys.

Ted, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks for everything, man.

I appreciate it.
Take care.

All right, you guys, take care.

Well, you've lasted 36 days.

You have made it
to the final four.

Here's what's left.

Over the next three days, there
will be three Tribal Councils,

two immunity challenges,
one winner.

That winner will be determined
by that jury.

You guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Only four remain...

CLAY: Y'all, there's
only four torches.

PROBST: ...and it's down to the
last three days on the island.

At this level in the game,

it becomes cutthroat, so
the next couple days I expect

to be extremely stressful.

Join us for a two-hour finale

and find out
who will be the sole Survivor.

This has been
a long and wonderful trip.

I was truly blessed
to make it this far.

Sure, I would have loved
to have won, but it's okay.

I sucked it all in
and I have no regrets.

To my baby Morgan, I did this

to show you that nothing beats
a failure but a try.