Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - A Big Surprise... and Another - full transcript

The castaways are stunned by a reward challenge that takes them by complete surprise.

JEFF PROBST: Previously
on Survivor... Brian won

the reward challenge and chose
to take Clay with him

o the mainland,
for an elephant trek.

BRIAN: We're more than halfway
through the game, and this is

an excellent time for us
to just clear our heads,

get away from everyone.

TED: I kind of knew there was
a bond between Clay and Brian,

but the fact that he did
select Clay kind of just told me

that that bond is closer
than what I thought it was.

Back at camp,

Jake was trying hard
to stay in the game.

He tried to convince Helen
to turn on Brian or Clay.

JAKE: Course, if she
got rid of Brian and Clay,

I think I'd be back in the hunt.

PROBST: Penny was also
fighting to stay on the island.

She severed her ties
with former ally Jake

when she helped eliminate him
from the immunity challenge.

PENNY: I was trying to send
a message to Chuay Gahn that

Jake and I don't really have
an alliance anymore.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Jake spoke out in desperation.

At last Tribal Council,

I heard from this tribe
that they vote people off

based on how
a person really performs.

I think my performance stands up
to everybody's on the tribe,

and I'll be kind of curious
tonight if that still holds up.

PROBST: When the votes came in,
Penny took the fall.

Penny, the tribe has spoken.

Six are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

During Tribal Council,

Jake said, "I feel like
I'm one of the hardest workers

"out here; a lot harder worker

than some of the others
in the tribe."

And Clay doesn't really simmer
with things like that real well.

How'd you like that statement

up there
at that Council meeting?

But we know where
number day three lays.

JACK: What they said
last Tribal Council was,

anybody that did not produce
was the one who was going.

And I gotta tell you,
I'll put my production up,

basically, against anybody's.

And that offended Clay.

CLAY: I think everybody in this
camp works just as hard as you.

JAKE: No, I didn't say I worked
any harder. I just said that--

CLAY: Well, somebody's got
to get their ass kicked off.

HELEN: Quite frankly,
I don't think Clay

liked that playing
at Tribal Council,

because it was true.

Jake does more than Clay.

Why do you think Clay got upset?

People working
know they're working.

The people skating

know they're skating.

And he was ticked

that Jake brought that up.

CLAY: We thought
you were a bigger person--

that we'd think you'd just
stand up and slap all five

of us right square in the face.

-I didn't slap anybody.
-You slapped all five of us

right square in the face--
the hell you didn't.

No, what I said was, see,
at the last Tribal Council...

I'm gonna test y'all to see
if y'all are sayin'

what y'all are doing--
that the people that work

get to stay on the tribe.

TED: Clay is definitely starting
to get on my nerves.

The outburst that he had,
I thought,

was very, very childish
and uncalled for.

I didn't see anything wrong
with Jake's comment.

It was just words.

So what if he felt that way?

Who gives a heck?

Are you proud of me?

That was messed up,
what you did.

(Clay chuckles)

It had to be said.

Just had to.

I just had to.

31 days.

Overall, we're
physically whupped.

You take 31 days in a cave,
living off

whatever you can find.

I've lost way,
way too much weight.

I miss my family,

I miss home, and we're
to the point now

where you can start
smelling it.

You know it's coming,
it's not long.

JAKE: Every day I spend
a little bit of time

just kind of jotting down

what I've been doing here.

You know, it's kind of like
a letter to my wife.

In fact, it is a letter
to my wife--

a little journal of what's
happening through the day,

and with a lot
of "I miss you" kind of stuff

rolled into it.

I can see
the ending's in sight and, uh,

I just sit here waiting on
the next challenge.

Oh, boy, mail delivery.

-Mail call!
-JAN: Mail!

Mail call!

Oh! It's beautiful.

We get a sneak peek.

-(Jan gasps)
-We get to sneak peak.

-We're gonna eat.

We're gonna eat.
We're gonna eat.

Helen and I went down
and got treemail.

It was in
a real neat little container.

We opened it up and
there was rice-- oh, God!--

so we were so excited.

We're eating! We're eating!

Hey, guys!

Here they come.

They are running.

JAKE: Oh, my gosh, the girls
came sprinting back up there.

Now these are people
who can hardly walk,

and they sprinted up here.

What? What?

TED: You're running.
What? What?

"Good food is luxury.
You need nourishment at least,

"so gather your appetite
for it's time to feast.

"This one will give you a smile,
maybe a tear to your eye.

What an experience,
so at least give it a try."

Look-- look, look, look.

We saw the word "feast,

luxury, nourishment,"--
so, automatically, food was

like, oh, this is great.

-CLAY: Oh...!
-JAKE: Oh, My God!

TED: What does this mean?
What does this mean?

-There's a feast?
-HELEN: Somebody's eating.

Somebody's gonna eat. Somebody.

You guys ready? All right.

Yes, sir.

Okay, guys, today we're gonna
show you the reward

before we show you
the challenge.


This is what you're playing for.

Helen, here's your husband Jim.

Oh, my God!

Stay seated.

Guys, you're gonna have
to stay seated.


Ted, say hey
to your brother Alwan.

(both shout happily)

-ALWAN: What's up, bro?

-That's my brother right there.
-He's skinny! -Who's that?

PROBST: Brian, say hello
to your wife CeCe.

Oh, my God.

Hey, baby!

-CLAY: Hey, CeCe.
-CECE: Oh, my God!

PROBST: Jake, here's
your wife Jenny.

There's your soul mate, Jake.

That looks like Lady Luck.

Clay, your wife Linda.

Hey, baby!

I got my buff!

I love you.

I love you, too.

Jan, you know we're not gonna
leave you out of this.

Here's your son Jeff.

All right, baby boy!

He found it!

(Jan laughing)

Well, guys,
you been out here 31 days,

and I have no doubt

that the faces of
your loved ones look

more beautiful right now
than they ever have before.

For the winner
of today's challenge,

your loved one will get to spend
24 hours out here with you.

They will get one full day

of the life that you guys
are going through.

They will eat with you,
they'll sleep with you,

they'll look for water,

they'll do everything
you're doing.

For the losers, nothing.

Hear me clearly.

Not a kiss...


...not a hug, not a handshake.

You guys have been out here
over a month.

And so far, you've been able to
find enough coconuts and clams

-Chicken feed.
-...and edible plants,

that you've been able to avoid
having to live off the bugs

and the insects
that are out here.

But what I'm curious about is,
would you eat those bugs

and those insects
if it meant getting to spend

one full day
with your loved one?


Pick the son of a bitch up,
I'll eat it.

I'm ready.

I'd eat
whatever I needed to eat

to be with my baby boy.

And you know what?
I believe you guys.

I believe all of you would do
just about anything

to win this reward.

But that's not the question.

The question is...

would they?

-Oh, no.
-Oh, no!

Eat! Eat!

Are they willing

to eat bugs and insects
to be with you?

'Cause that's the challenge.

You can do it.

Jeff, you can do it.
You can do it.

You tell 'em I've eaten...

Just suck it down.

Guys, we've put together

a nice Thai menu,
featuring some

of the most edible creatures
found out here in the jungle.

There will be several courses.

If you fail to finish a course,
you'll be excused from the table

and sent back with no contact
with your loved ones whatsoever.

For the winner, 24 hours as
an honorary member of the tribe.

You guys bring an appetite?

Yeah, pretty much.

I'll go get your
first course.

First course, ants:
red ants and flying ants.

They're not gonna
burn us, are they?

No, they're dead.

Nothing in there
gonna hurt you,

nothing in there bad for you.

Red ants, flying ants, nice big
spoonful, just like cereal.

Ready, go.

Do it.

Bon appétit.

PROBST: Ants are surprisingly
tasty, aren't they?

That'll work.

That'll work.

Not bad.

PROBST: All right, CeCe,
get 'em down.

Uh-oh! She got it going now!

There, look at that!

Way to go.

(Jan cheering)

Look at that.

Oh, good job.

JAKE: She swallowed
half of 'em already.

-PROBST: Yep. -She's got it.
How's it going, girl?

You go, girl.

Okay, show him your tongue.


That's okay, keep it down.
Keep it down.

-Look at that! Way to go.
-Whoo! Whoo!

(all cheering)

Nice job, guys.

Everybody moving on
to the next round.

Do it, man.

PROBST: You've seen
a lot of these around.

These are actually a great
source of nutrition--

a water roach.

You're gonna do this as a group.

This is not a time trial.

All you have to do is get it
down and you move on, okay?

Ready? Go.

Rice Krispie treats.

There's that juice.

That's why they call it
a water bug.





Don't you dare! No!

Boy, Helen, he really wants
to see you.

-That man loves you.
-Yeah, he does.

-Keep it, keep it down.

That's okay, babe.
Come on.

Lady Luck going to town.

You bet! Told you.

See? I've been talking
about you baby.

CeCe, don't overthink it.

How do you think
he's doing, Jan?

Good... (anxious sigh)

Don't laugh.

PROBST: Think of the stories
you're gonna tell.

It got stuck.

There you go.

You got it.

Come on, baby,
come on, baby, get it down.

All right.

Yay, Jeff!

Way to go.

CLAY: Don't think
about what it is.

There you go.

(all cheering)

Almost done.



-PROBST: There you go!
-There's my baby!



You're fine, you're fine.

You're all right.

You survived the military.

HELEN: Think of it.
Think of it.

PROBST: This ain't nothing.
There you go.

That wasn't easy.

-I'm out.

You've been talking
yourself out of it.

They're all done;
you haven't touched yours.

You gonna eat it?

Dude, I'm out. No.

Brian kills these for me
if I see 'em.

I can't do it.

I'm sorry. I can't do it.

Don't worry about it.
I miss you.

I miss him so much...

but I can't eat this.

And he's my soul mate and
that's all that matters,

and he knows that;
he knows that.

CeCe, it's time for you to go.

So long.

Bye, baby.

Bye, sweetie.

Bye, Ce.

-Hugs, baby.

Bye, sweetheart.

All right, next course:
live grubs.

Oh, my God!

They're living!

They're not that bad.

They don't taste bad.

ALWAN: I was gonna say
they're moving.

All right, guys,

we're gonna move this game
along a little bit.

This is a timed trial--
only two will move on.

You have three grubs.

The first two people
to get all three down,

and show me an empty mouth,
move on to the final.

The other three of you
will have to leave.

The two fastest move on
to the final.

Three, two, one, eat!

Show me an empty mouth
when you're done.

-Jim, you're in.
-Yes, yes, yes!

Look at that! Jenny, you're in.

-Yes, yes, yes...!

Jim, Jenny, moving on
to the final.


Jeff, Linda, Alwan, I'm sorry.

You're out.

You gotta go.

Jeff, you were quite a gamer.

-You're okay.
-You ate everything.

You just couldn't
get them down fast enough.

I tried. I tried.

it's time for you to go.

Okay. Bye, Mom.

I love you, baby boy.



-I love you.
-I love you.

It's time for you to go.

-I love you.
-I love you.

-Bye, I love you.
-Bye, I love you.


Alwan, you came out here

to do anything it took
to see your brother.

You gave it everything you had.

You just got outplayed--
part of the game.

-Time for you to go.
-I accept that.


-I love you, bro.
-I love you, man.

Tell everyone I said
I love them, all right?

I will. I will.

-Oh, he's bald, too.
-Love you, bro.

-HELEN: He's bald, too!
-CLAY: He's bald, too!

Who knew?

Who expected this?

Let's get to the next course.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Hang tight. Come here.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Is he alive? Yes.

See if I can get him

to come up out of here
and say hello.

Oh, I can't stand spiders.

That's a tarantula.

It's a tarantula.

-It's obviously alive.

It's got a lot of fur on it,

but it's absolutely
harmless... okay?

LINDA: You're not gonna ask us
to eat that, are you?


That one's alive.

That's been boiled.

Oh, my God.

It's not alive.

It's like a peach.

Here's how this round works.

You have one minute to eat this.

I don't care where you're at
when we hit a minute.

If it is not
an empty mouth, you're out.

If you both fail,
neither of you get to spend

a day with your loved one.

If you both succeed,
we move on to a tiebreaker.

Your 60 seconds begin now.


Swallow it
as quick as you can.

HELEN: Please, please,
please, please.

(Jim coughs)

Please. Please.


Please... Please...

You can do anything.

You took three grubs.

Come on, baby, you can do it.

-Swallow it as quick as you can.

30 seconds.

It's okay, babe.

-PROBST: Look at that.
-Thank you! Thank you!

-JAN: Way to go!
-PROBST: 20 seconds.

You can do it, babe.


Look at that.

One tarantula.

Do I not want this bad
or what?

(Clay chuckles)

I waited a long time...

and I'm doing it.

Guys, this is it.

This is the finale.

This is a timed trial.

I have two scorpions.

They've been boiled.

They're lethal
when they're alive.

They're fine when they're dead.

First one to finish

gets 24 hours
with their loved one.

Loser going home.

Jimmy, please, please,
please, please.

-Go. -Please, please,
please, Jimmy.

Jimmy, please.

I need it, I need it, I need it.

PROBST: Swallow that, Jenny.
You're behind.

I need it.

Please, Jimmy, swallow it.

You've got to swallow it--
please, please.

PROBST: You guys
better not screw around.

You're taking way too long,
way too long.

Please, please, I need it,
I need it.

(Jimmy coughs)

Keep it down, keep it down.

Tighten that stomach.

-You gotta get swallowing,
Jenny. -Keep it down.

Tighten that stomach
and keep it down.

You gotta swallow it, Jenny.

Do it now
or you guys are gonna lose.

Somebody's gotta swallow soon.

You gotta swallow.

Please, Jimmy.

You gotta swallow,
Jenny, baby.

Jimmy, please, Jimmy, please.

You gotta swallow, Jenny, baby.

Jimmy, swallow, Jimmy, swallow.

Please, Jimmy.

Oh... there it goes.

-Please, please...
-JAKE: It's okay, Jenny.

I need it...

(all cheering, applauding)

Thank you!


Good job, Jenny!

Good job!

JENNY (quietly):
I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry, babe.

Oh, Jeff.

Jenny, it's time for you to go.

Bye-bye, Jenny.

Good job!

I love you, babe.

I love you, babe.

I know...

All right, Jim, come here.

Oh, yeah!

Wouldn't be right
without a buff.

But I know there's something you
want a lot more than that.

Get over here and give
your man a hug.

(screaming, laughing)

(applause, laughter)

So cool.

Yeah! Oh, boy!

Jim, you are now a tribe member
for 24 hours.

Have a great experience.

Come on.

Come on back here, Jim.

(all chattering excitedly)

There was no way I was losing
that contest, absolutely no way.

I was gonna do whatever it
took to win that

so I could
spend 24 hours with Helen.

-These are our torches.

-Oh, she won immunity last time.
-Clay had it before.

I told him it was a girly
necklace; it needed to be on me.

Yeah, I was kinda
going around showing him,

like, "Oh, my God, this is
where we sleep"

and showing him
our food situation.

There's coconut, toasted coconut
and shredded coconut,

and some lemongrass-- there's
the crabs right there.

Any tarantula?

No, no-- yeah,
you're probably full.

I was surprised at how proud
they were

of... the cond--
what they've done there.

They were very proud.

They're all running around,
showing me,

"Oh, this is where we cook,

this is where we sleep.
We sleep outside here."

You know,
I'm looking at it going,

"Oh, God, get me to a hotel."

You know, this is not
the Helen that I know.

This is wonderful;
this is lovely.

I guess the losers
get two nights out here.


Yeah, really.

Jim, does she ever talk recipes

or she do any cooking right now?

Does she-- what are-- what?

HELEN: I know-- does she talk
food and cooking and recipes?

Yes, yes.

So you're thinkin'
I've got an accent,

is what you're trying to say.

Good ol' redneck boy.

-A good ol' boy.
-(Ted laughs)

JAN: Where am I gonna go
in this big giant bed?

Come down with us.

But the snakes and things
will get me.

TED: Hey, they need
their privacy.

Let 'em, let 'em have
their privacy.

Let 'em have their moment.

I'll come down there
and give them

the presidential suite
tonight, by yourself.

There you go.
Let 'em have their moment.

Night, Jim, night, Helen.


We gave 'em the honeymoon suite
for the evening,

and tried to listen, but we
couldn't hear anything.

Jan, Clay, Brian, me and Ted

are the original
Chuay Gahn tribe.

Sook Jai tribe merged with us.

We had a very nice evening

talking, talking, talking,

talking, talking, talking,
talking, talking.

(both laughing)

You have no idea how not having
family out here is

physically painful.

You just don't know it
till you get out here,

how huge family is.

Man, just nothing else matters.

HELEN: I think I've been on
every single water run there was

except maybe one or two.

-JIM: You swam this way?

I decided to take Jim on the
canoe ride today to show him

where we get the water,

so that he could get
the full experience

of the fact that you don't
go out and turn on the tap.

You got a comb with you, right?

It takes about ten.

You have to do this
every other day?

About, yeah.

I'm a little surprised at
how well Helen was able

to adapt to this.

She's the one that--

a two-star hotel, you know,
is roughing it.

(Helen sighs)

She's adapted wonderfully.

I haven't heard her complaining
about anything.

Oh, God!

She does what she has to do
to survive, to get along.



Nobody will know about this.

She's gonna do what it, what it
takes to win the game.

She didn't come here
to come in third.

You see what I'm up against.

See, Brian'll play fair and
with integrity, Clay won't.

Clay's out for Clay,
he's a selfish son of a gun

and he'll cut
everybody's throat here,

if he thinks
it'll get him the million.

I trust Brian.

Brian's an up-front guy.

I don't trust Clay.

What I'm trying to figure out
is can I flip Jan,

can I flip Ted,
can I flip Brian?

Can I get Clay out?

But I've seen the way
the people react to you.

You really don't--
maybe you don't need Brian.

Get rid of the person that's
the biggest threat.

I just wouldn't
feel right doing that.

I-I thought she would do

for the million dollars,

and she said, "I also
want to do what's right."

And I was a little surprised
by that.

Morally, I know I would not
be this far

if it hadn't been for Brian.

So could I begrudge him
a million? No.

And he told me, he goes, "Hey,
H., I'm taking you with me.

I'm taking you along."

And when he told me that,
I was, like, "Whoa."

You're doing it right so far,
so I'm not gonna...

Whatever you're doing,
you're doing it right.

Just in being able to talk
about the game

and strategize with Jim,

I'm gonna dread
seeing him go,

but I've been
so recharged on this,

that, um... I'm-I'm
gonna be fine.

(low, indistinct conversation)

I'll look for something like
this and, oh, there's a clam

or what they're calling clams.

-JIM: Let me see.
-BRIAN: Yeah, there you go.

That's his?

Spending the day with Jim was
the huge

mountaintop high,
and then the crushing low.

JIM (whispers): Do what
Machiavelli would do.

(Helen sobbing)

I felt bad about being so low

because I didn't think
the other people

needed to see that.

They didn't get a day at all.

Um, I was very aware
of that, and, um,

you know,
I was the lucky one,

and I didn't want them
to be looking at me going,

"Geez, you know, what is
she upset about?

She had 24 hours with him."

In a strange way,

I almost wish it hadn't
happened because, um...

those lows are so low.

It's hard.

-I knew it'd be hard;

I... didn't think
it'd be that hard.


(bird squawks)




Let's see what it says.

"Think outside the box.

"Pieces may fall
right into place.

Or be the next to go
if you fail to win this race."

CLAY: Wow, we've got an immunity
challenge, and I need it.

There's five people
from the other, uh, tribe

and one person from my tribe.

And that's pretty strong cards
stacked against you.

-Let's go do it to it.
-But I'm telling you what,

Jenny is the biggest
inspiration that I could get.

What she did,
just trying to get to me,

gave me so much inspiration,

that I really feel like today

I could run
through a brick wall.

Hey, guys.

-Hey, Jeff. How are you?
-How's it going?

-PROBST: How are you doing?
-Good. Super.

First things first.

I'll take back immunity.

Once again, immunity
back up for grabs.

Let's get to today's challenge.

We're at the stage of the game
where every single move counts.

That brings us
to today's immunity challenge.

You're gonna build a cube.

There are eight sides
to the cube.

The pieces only
fit together one way.

You'll pick a color, and
when your cube is put together,

all sides, including
the top and the bottom,

must show that color.

First person to correctly
assemble their cube

wins immunity,
cannot be voted out,

is down to a one-in-five shot
of winning this thing.

-Big enough stakes?
-Got it. -Yes, absolutely.

I didn't get to ask.

How was it having, uh,
having your husband out here?

There are no words
to describe it.

What was the best part?

Was it having
the shared experience that...

Touching him.

Talking to him.

The love.

How about you, Jake?

Jenny could not have been

closer to winning this thing.

She ate everything.

She just got outplayed

by seconds by Jim.

She tried so hard.

She didn't want to leave.

Well, look, none
of them wanted to leave.

That's right.

Funny thing is... they didn't.


-You've got to be kidding!
-Go, guys,

-give 'em a hug. Go, go, go!

(excited shouting)

(indistinct shouts, laughter)

I can't believe
they kept you here!

-I love you.
-Love you, too.

I love you so much.


Oh, I'm so proud of you!

I'm so proud of you!

Everything's fine!

How do you feel about how you've
been taken care of this week?

-Win it all, baby.
-I'm gonna try to.

That's the plan.

I'm gonna try to.

I got a plan going,
too, big-time.

-Big plan, okay?

It's all good.

Guys... as much as I am a fan

-of the love affair...
-JAN: No! No!

No? It's all good.

They're here for another reason.

Your loved ones are
gonna be your partner

in today's immunity challenge.


-You're gonna be tied together.
-TED: Tied together?

You are gonna win or lose
today's immunity based on

how well you work
with your loved one.

That's what I'm talking about.

So you can have them
to cheer at the end,

or you can blame it
on them-- who knows?

Take your spots; any spot'll do.

Let's go.

Everybody's tied at the wrist.

On my go, claim your color.

Immunity at stake.

Survivors ready!

-HELEN: Yes.
-JAN: Yes.

-We're purple! We're purple!

-(several shouting)
-We're blue!

H, H, I got blue!

-Got blue!
-H, I got blue! I got blue, H!

-(several shouting)
-I got red! We got red!

We got red, red, red, red, red!

There's one color open, Helen.

Red, red, red, red, red!

And that's it;
everybody's good on colors.

Everybody's got
a different color.

Red, red, red!

Oops, sorry about that.

Watch out,
watch out, watch out.

There are eight pieces.

You're looking for eight pieces.

They only go together one way.

Brian and CeCe getting started.

I got... just like this.

PROBST: Jake and Jenny
trying to get it going.

Remember, guys,
color side out.

Right here, slip it up.


It's gonna stick nails,
pack that one on top.

Perfect. Over here.


Right there.

Ted and Alwan making progress.

TED: One, two...
We got to change these.

Keep working, guys. Immunity.

Any more boxes?

-TED: No.
-What's that?

-Is that us?
-We got the top part.

CECE: Wait, wait, wait,
this one has to go

-right there, baby.

-Right where?
-Right there.

Jake and Jenny getting close.

All right, here.
All right, here.

Hurry, hurry.

This goes underneath.


Take this one here, this way.

All right?

ALWAN: Right down here--
no, right down there.

Flip it.


(shouting, laughter)

Big Ted and Alwan!






Big Ted.

-HELEN: Immunity for you!

Hold tight right there.
Turn around.

Can my brother wear it
a little bit?

No, your brother
isn't in this game anymore.

-Look at the pretty girl.

Oh! Ah!

Looks good on him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Take a final moment,
say your last good-byes.

You take care, stay healthy.

Guys, you got to head out now,
back from where you came.

Say good-bye.

-All right, baby.
-Say good-bye.

This way, loved ones.

Be good, baby.


Clay, where you going?

You're going back to camp.

I'm walking to the door.

Come on, baby.

Love you.


My dawg!


Survivors, hit it.

They got us every time.

I did not expect that at all.

What a deal.

Whoo, but it felt good,
just to see my brother, boy.

If you can wipe the smile
off my face today,

I'd like to know
what it would be.


JAKE: You know,
it was one of those things.

I went into that today

knowing that
I had to win immunity.

Now it doesn't matter.


'Cause I know
what's really important.

It's about love,
it's about your family.

Here, Teddy,
I love you, too, big guy.

Thanks, man. Thanks, Jake.

-Congratulations on winning
that. -Appreciate that, man.

And it makes you realize

how special it really is

to be able to experience

33 days in a cave
and on a beach...

without your loved one
and then to be able to see them.

And how it makes you feel.

Next plan of attack.

I'll be back in a minute.

-Oh, you got to go?

I have to get Brian aside

and run some strategy by him

and just get some
opinion work done there.

I don't trust Clay.

I don't, I'm sorry.

Do you feel that he has earned,

through merit,
a number one or two spot?

I trust Brian.

I don't think Brian would
ever look at me

and try to dupe me on something,

play me for a fool.

And I wouldn't do that to him.

I hear you.

Um, what you're saying.

And I'm, uh, I'm considering
that as well.

But I talked about perhaps

pulling in Ted and Jan
and trying to form

a threesome and take out Clay.

I don't want him in that spot.


Let me, um--
I gotta dwell on that.

-We worked the whole time.
-I know. I know.

There wasn't a job we didn't do.

Quite frankly,
Clay does squat at camp.

He has gone on one

water run in 32 days, and he
swamped the boat when he went.

That stuff goes right up my...

...and hell no!

BRIAN: So... I was, like,
I'm not sure about Clay.

This is where practical logical
business sense comes into mind

and you've got to have--
keep your mind open

and then adapt accordingly.

Switch, jump ship here.

'Cause it's a game of survival.

I mean, this is a game.

-TED: You guys ready?
-CLAY: Ready.

Just a matter of
who trusts who the most.

That's where
we're at right now.

Who's got a little bit
of control.

Right now,
I got a little bit of both.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Erin, Ken, and our newest
jury member, Penny,

voted out at the last
Tribal Council.

So, Chuay Jai, based on
the visit from your loved ones,

I'm just guessing
that the last three days

have been probably
the most emotional

you guys have had
in a while.


Without a doubt,
the most emotional,

uh, probably in my life.

How much fun was it
for you, Helen,

not only to have Jim,
your husband here, but

to have him experience
your new family?

It was absolute-- I don't know--

it was the best medicine
I could have ever had

to have him with me.

I wasn't hungry that night.

But I loved today.

I got to see Jim again and
I got to meet everybody else's

family member that we've heard
about this whole time.

And it's a tough,
it's a tough platform to walk,

because I don't want to say
good-bye to any of these people.

Clay, does an experience
like today impact, at all,

how you vote?

It was already made up
before I got here.

I mean, we've had
a little tension in camp,

and, uh, it's not gonna be there
after tonight.

I mean, regardless of what
happened here on the island,

we've all bonded,

and, uh, there's a friendship
here that, uh,

you can't lick.

And, uh, we'll be
friends forever.

Jake, what are you
basing your vote on tonight?

Well, I really don't know,

'cause I really like
all these people.

They got a little upset with me
because I played a game.

That's okay.

This is the way it turned out.

It's been an incredible
experience for me.

Brian, at this point
in the game,

are you voting to get rid of
somebody or are you voting

for who you want to keep around?

Well, at this point in the game,
we still do have

a little bit of time, but, uh,
I think the person who, uh,

is probably not
gonna be here tonight,

uh, brought this upon himself,

uh, with certain actions
and certain, uh, events

that, uh, could have been,
uh, prevented, I think.

Simple as that.
It's just about moving forward.

Big Ted, you are wearing
the immunity necklace.

You're safe with it.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Helen, you're up.

Jake, let bygones be bygones.

We're too close of neighbors
to be enemies.

Positivity goes
a long, long way, my friend.

You need a little bit more
positivity in your life.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.




Jake. That's four
and that's enough.

No need to read the last votes.

Need to bring me your torch.

Jake, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Thanks, guys.

Good luck to all of you.

I'll see you.

Take it easy.

I gotta say,

I'm fascinated that
after everything that went on

the last three days,

still another easy vote,
right down tribal lines,

without so much as a hesitation.

Well, you made it
to the final five.

All five of you
are from the same tribe.

Game's about to get
very, very complicated.

Guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

The former Chuay Gahns
turn on each other.

TED: Those that I've trusted,
I'm gonna continue to trust,

but I'm not gonna base
the results of this game

on that trust.

PROBST: The castaways
reflect on their new looks.

All my damn teeth are yellow.

And a Survivor getaway.

(cheering, laughter)

(speaks Thai)

I'm almost 61.

In fact, I'll be 61 here
just real quick.

So I was kind of
looking forward to

a little retirement income,
but you know what?

When one door shuts,
another always opens.

And I had such
a grand experience here.

I'll go back home to Texas,
and I'll be back with my Jenny,

and I'll be the happiest
little guy in the world.