Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Importance of Being Eldest - full transcript

16 new castaways will be marooned on the remote island of Koh Tarutao as they vie to become the "Ultimate Survivor."

We are in Ha Tai Yao,

a small fishing village on
the coast of southern Thailand,

in the heart
of the ancient Orient,

where these 16 Americans
are about to begin

the adventure of a lifetime.

They will depart
from this village

as a group of men
and a group of women.

Their destination:
Tarutao Island,

a beautiful
but dangerous jungle

which was once
a haven for pirates

in the middle
of the Andaman Sea.

Exotic and deadly
wildlife abound,

including the king cobra

and the world's longest snake,
the reticulated python.

It is also the monsoon season,

and the island is certain
to be pummeled

by frequent tropical storms.

This will be their home
for the next 39 days.

They will be abandoned,
left to fend for themselves,

utilizing the resources
of the land

and their own survival skills.

It is the ultimate challenge:
16 strangers forced

to work together
to create a new society

while battling the elements
and each other.

They must learn to adapt,

or they'll be voted
out of the tribe.

In the end, only one will remain

to claim
the million-dollar prize.

39 days, 16 people,

one Survivor!

PROBST: Let's go, guys.
Follow me.

Come on in, guys.
Take a seat.

Ladies on the left,
men on the right.

Welcome to Survivor: Thailand.

First thing we're going to do
is a little get-to-know-you.

This will be your first chance
to speak, and I'd like you

to share a little information
about yourselves:

name, age, occupation.

If, for some reason,
that goes against

your strategy of how you want

to play the game, then only
share what you want to share.

We'll start in the front left.

I'm Stephanie Dill.
I'm a firefighter EMT.

I'm 29 years old,
from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Ghandia Johnson.

33. Legal secretary.

Erin Collins, 26 years old.

I'm a real estate agent
in Austin, Texas.

Helen Glover.
I'm 47 years old,

and I'm a swimming instructor
for the United States Navy.

I'm Penny Ramsey, I'm 27,

from Plano, Texas,
and I'm in, uh, sales.

I'm Shii Ann Huang.
I'm from New York City,

and I help people find jobs.

I'm Jan Gentry.
I'm 53 years old,

and I'm a first-grade teacher.

I'm Tanya Vance.
I'm 27 years old,

and I'm a social worker.

Let's move over to the guys--
here in the front

in the yellow.

I'm Clay Jordan,
from Monroe, Louisiana,

and I'm 46.

What's up, y'all?
I'm Robb.

I'm 23 years old,

from Scottsdale, Arizona,
and I'm a bartender.

My name is Kenneth Stafford.

I'm 29 years old, and I'm
a New York City police officer.

Hello. I'm Brian.
I'm 34.

And I'm in the high-line
world of, uh, used car sales.


Hi. My name's John Raymond.
I'm a pastor.

I'm 40 years old,
from Slidell, Louisiana.

Hi. I'm Ted Rogers, Jr.,
Durham, North Carolina.

I'm 37, and I'm a software
development manager.

My name is Jed.
I'm 25, from Dallas, Texas.

I'm a dental student there.

I'm Jake Billingsley.
I'm from McKenney, Texas.

And I'm 60 years old,
and I'm a land broker.

All right.

In Thailand,
the elders are treated

with the utmost respect.

They are revered.

So I'm going to ask
the two oldest Survivors,

and if memory serves,
that's you, Jake, and Jan.

Guys, come up here.


First order of business:
deciding on your tribe's colors.

Now, in doing so,
you are also deciding

your tribe name and at
which beach you will live.

Now, each beach has its own set
of advantages and disadvantages.

At one camp, getting shelter
is going to be more difficult.

At the other camp, getting water
will be more difficult.

All I can tell you
at this point--

this beach has sunrise,
this beach has sunset.

Who wants which beach?


Sunrise. Okay.

We're off and rolling.

JOHN: All of a sudden,
I'm, like, okay, wait a minute.

This has never happened before.

We're separated men and women.

And I had to start thinking,

I got to put my game face on
for, you know, how do you...

how do you jive with just
all men in a group?

Your tribe: Sook Jai.

Sook Jai.

Jan, your tribe: Chuay Gahn.

Chuay Gahn.

GHANDIA: If we were going to be
an all-women tribe,

I thought that we were totally

going to kick the men's ass,

'cause women are just better
at, like, multitasking.

We handle pain better.

We're just more logical.

PROBST: Now, of course,
the natural assumption

at this point would be
that we have a tribe

of men and a tribe of women.

That assumption, of course,
would be wrong.

You two are going to act
as tribe selectors.


And you're going to choose
your own tribes-- right now.

Here's how it's going to work.

You're going to choose
one member at a time.

You will alternate
between men and women.

And you'll begin by selecting
a member of the opposite sex.

Jan, you get first choice.

When Jeff said that we were
picking the tribes, I really...

um, I really did
kind of get scared.

I was scared because, um,
I'm not really a leader, and I

was put in the spotlight, which
kind of frightened me.

Do you know who that is?

-I can't remember.

-Ted? Jan.
-Mm-hmm. Hey.

Jake, pick a woman.

JAKE: It really puts you
on the spot, you know?

The first person I picked was
Stephanie, and I guarantee you,

if you look in that girl's eyes
and then you look at her body,

you know that this lady is...

is ready to take on the world.

Jan, you're picking a woman.

Right there.

You picked Helen.


The cop from New York City.

JOHN: You know, initially,
I'm looking at what looks like

a pretty strong guy
and, it looks like,

sort of a weak elderly lady,
and I'm thinking,

"Holy moley, I hope I get
on the strong guy's team."



You picked John.

All right, Jake.

Plano, Texas.

Penny, now a member of Sook Jai.

Jan, who's the next member
of Chuay Gahn?

On the back.



Jake, you're picking a guy.

JED: Jake's demeanor,
I was drawn to.

You know, he picked people
I would also be drawn to--

the younger crowd
or the athletic crowd.

I thought, "Man, I really want
to be on that team."

And so my heart was pumping

when everyone was picking.

Jed, Mr. Dentist--

you're in Sook Jai.

All right, Jan.

ROBB: I didn't want to be
on the little old lady's team.

Like, after I saw
who she started picking,

I'm sitting there-- and it
was... it was her pick--

and I'm thinking to myself,

"Don't make eye contact,
don't make eye contact."

Got to have some music.

-(Jan laughing)
-PROBST: Brian.

Come on down.
I can't sing nothing.

Comes with guitar.

All right, Jake.

Shii Ann, on the Sook Jai.

Jan, you're up.

There's a lot of anxiety.

I think everybody sitting there
was thinking,

you know, you don't want
to look like, you know,

that you're the last
person picked.

Right there.

You picked Tanya.

All right, Jake.

I want my skateboarding
buddy back there.

What's up, y'all?

I get to talk! Yes!

I love you guys, and I haven't
even talked to you yet!


PROBST: Well, just like
in fifth-grade dodge ball,

somebody's got to be last.

Jan, your last choice?


PROBST: Clay, now a member
of Chuay Gahn.

CLAY: I'm the smallest and
the oldest one sitting there.

Now, I knew I was going
to be last,

but they got, uh,
a diamond in the...

in the rough's
what they don't know.

PROBST: Jake, pick your last
official selection.

All right, now!

(applause, whooping)

You've got to be kidding me!

I'm the last one?
Come on!

I can give so much
to this tribe.

Being picked last
is very humbling.

I probably needed
that experience.

PROBST: We have our two tribes:
Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn.

JAKE: I don't know
what Jan was thinking

when she picked the people
that she picked.

I like to see
athletic-looking people,

so I based picking a team
on athleticism,

and just that gleam
in their eye that looks like

they'll be there
for the duration.

Sook Jai, Sook Jai,
Sook Jai, Sook Jai!

PENNY: I think Jake
is in great shape for being 60.

I think we probably have

the four best-looking guys
on our tribe

than the other four
that are sitting over there.


The first thing we'll do--
we'll build a latrine.

TED: I was surprised
by, uh, Jan's picks.

It seems like most
of the tribe members

were older members, if you will.

The other tribe,
they were extremely excited

because they think
they'll be able

to walk over us
in challenges, etc.

They're going to be surprised.

On board both boats,

identical set of supplies--
very, very meager.

And for food, each tribe
gets one small can of beans.

You are definitely going to have
to work together

to build your new world.

The day is already very late.

The weather
is very temperamental.

I suggest you get on your boat
and get out to your camps.

Look for your tribe flag
and the small fishing canoe.

Get out of here.

HELEN: We figured out quickly,
as a team, that we needed

to turn the boat around,

and the other team
didn't figure that out.

The other team is, um,
quite a bit younger, and...

they're anxious little kids.

And they just got in the boat--
paddle, paddle!

They were thinking it was
a race, and we knew it wasn't.

Okay, guys. Let's go.

-Paddles in the water.
-Go, Granny, go.

-Go, Granny, go!
-Right side. Right side.

Right side. Right side.

I found it interesting

to... to realize
that none of our team

understood how to paddle a boat.

Okay, right side.
Give us just a minute.

Okay, right side.

You paddle on the right,
you go left;

you paddle
on the left, you go right.

I mean, we're turning in a big

left-hand circle here
and, you know,

people on the right
are just powering away.

-Stroke! Stroke!
-Dig it in.

-There we go.

Stroke! Stroke!

JOHN: All right, right side,
we're starting to turn a little.

-Right side, let up.
-Go a little bit easy.

Y'all don't have to stop.
Just go easy.

TANYA: On the way over here,
you could see

who was wanting
to take leadership roles--

they would tell you
what to do-- and...

and John,
in particular, he wanted

to get here
as fast as we could.

This team, you know,
we had a lot of the older group,

and, um, I'm the youngest
one here, and...

I was hoping I would be
on the other tribe, actually.

I got stuck with the group
that I didn't really think

I could relate to.

Chuay Gahn!

(all whooping)

We didn't realize

that we were paddling
the boat backwards.

I was steering the boat

from the foredeck.

ROBB: And I'm, like,
"Our boat is backwards."

And we all started laughing,
and we're, like, "Who cares?"

I think the thing went faster
backwards than it did forwards.

SHII ANN: In an ideal

what should have happened
is we should have landed,

we should have hugged,
and we would've

immediately drawn up
the plans for shelter

and started dispatching people
to do whatever.

-The map!
-The map.

-Nice. Nice. Nice.

-Mango tree.

-Mango tree.
-Mango tree!

But instead,

we all went, you know, wild.

I can't believe
you're climbing a mango tree.

Do you see a mango anywhere?

Do you see anything?

-There's nothing.
-ROBB: You can totally swing

on this, you guys.


Robb is a real case.

I mean, the boy has got
more enthusiasm and energy

than anybody I've ever seen.

Dude, check it out! Whoo-hoo!

You know, I've got a crew

that's totally enthusiastic
and ready to go,

but they know nothing.

(cheering, whooping)

GHANDIA: When we kind of
passed that bend,

and we saw the orange
on the island,

I was like, "Oh, my God,
this is my tribe.

This is my home."


BRIAN: We were all kind of just
enjoying each other's company

and trying to figure
everybody out.

I'm having a good time
doing it,

but at the same time,
it's, uh... it-it...

this is, uh, a business trip,
as I like to say.

And remember, you guys,

we're no longer...
we're no longer a team.

-We're no longer a team.
-We are a family.

-We are a family.

-One, two, three-- family.

We got a cave!

Man, we got a... we got
a natural cave and everything.

-Oh, my gosh.
-It's beautiful.

This is a good thing--
a very good thing.

CLAY: Looks like a four-star
hotel to me.

Just wonder how many bats
are in that damn thing.

TED: The good thing
that we noticed

right off the bat
was that there were caves.

So that means our first element
was basically covered,

if the caves were safe.

What-what kind of track's
making this?

-JAN: What is that?
-It's a snake.

This may be a good place
for us to set a fire.

If we made it in a circle,
it will keep

the things out--
the animals out.

If there's any bats,
them things will leave.

Hold on, man! (laughs)

GHANDIA: I think my whole tribe
was relieved

when we saw the cave.

We were like,
"We don't really have

"to build anything to cover us;

we can kind of just
chill out in the cave,"

which was a big advantage.

Hey, hey, hey, come here.


-Did you go now?


-Oh, my God!
-Oh, baby.

Oh, baby, baby!

JOHN: What do y'all think
about this idea?

What if we make sure
we do camp here tonight?

Just in case it monsoons,
we'll be dry.

-Tomorrow, in the daylight,

-we'll look for fresh water.
-We'll go look for water.

TED: Well, we found our shelter,
and then along the way, we saw

our food-- coconuts,

coconut plants--
scattered about.

There's coconuts
all over the place.

-That is really exciting.
-TED: We also saw...

oysters and clams, etc.,
that we could pick up.

-Oh, a crab!
-Ah, get it! Get it! Get it!

-That's a big thing.
-That's a big one, too.

Get him. Get his ass.
Get him. Get him. Get him.

-Watch out.
He's going to bite you. -I know.

JAN: We're all out there
and catching them

with our finger and pick
them up and pull off their...

bite... chompers and put them
in the pot,

so we just all went out wading
and having a ball.



Man, we got all kinds
of food, y'all.

There's so much shellfish,

there's shellfish stuck
on top of shellfish.

We got crabs and clams
for dinner tonight!

Let's go to the beach.



-We're in Thailand, dude.

ROBB: The first night,
we were so thankful

the way that Jake picked

and so excited about the team
that we ended up with,

we all decided to come
down to the beach

and just check it out.

Couple people went...
went in there in their clothes.

-Stephanie even got naked.
-Oh, my God.

-Are you naked?
-Fixin' to be.

ROBB: She got in the water
and cruised around nude.

All right. You are crazy.

ROBB: I've never met a girl
that independent

and, like, secure
with her sexuality.

Oh, man, you are crazy.

STEPHANIE: I went skinny-dipping
last night.

Just kind of waded out there
a little bit and dipped down.

You done?

-Madam, your clothing.
-Thank you.

Oh, my God. She is wild.

She's crazy. I mean,

don't get me wrong,
going skinny-dipping--

everyone should do it, but...

you will not see my ta-tas.

You look good in the moonlight.

-It suits you.
-Well, thank you.

JAKE: After we kind of
calmed down a little bit,

we knew that we had
to get something--

uh, some form of a shelter.

We built, uh,
kind of a halfway shelter

that we knew we were going
to tear down and rebuild.

Nobody was proud of it.

Location and everything sucks,

but dude,
it was so spur-of-the-moment.

We got the entire day tomorrow.

Are you sure we can all fit
in here?

-Come on.
-Good night, you guys.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Good night, dream team.

"Good night, dream team?"

Hey, where's my skateboard?


Hey, don't worry about it.

You just got to get used to
the... your stomach and stuff's

got to get used
to this environment.

I think I'm about to be sick.

Tanya got a little sick.

I think what it is
is that she just got dehydrated.

I don't think I drank
enough water yesterday.

Just, here.
Just take some. Here.

GHANDIA: We need to stay
hydrated because water

is one of the most important
things out here with the heat.

So we decided we would all go
to find the water source.

-You ready?
-Yeah. Let's do it.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

GHANDIA: We had just gone in
the water and started trekking,

and John, he came
to this crevice, and he's like,

"Well, let's climb up in here."

-John, let's walk. -Well, I...
I can walk on the edge

along the top.

It's actually not a bad climb.

-Be careful, man.

We got you.

You straight?

-I'll meet you all
around the corner. -Okay.

I... really,
I want to see what...

-what fruit trees
we have up here. -Okay.

And... and that sort of thing.

All right, John, we're walking.

Be careful, man. Be safe.

JAN: We don't need to be
separating like that,

but some people get eager
and say,

"Well, we don't need to stay.

We want to go on
and check it out."

You know, I'll... I'll laugh

if we get there
and John is there before us.


-See that sand over there?

That's where we need to go.

-I think that's where we need
to go-- up in the jungle. -Okay.

HELEN: Well, we thought
we had the map figured out,

and we thought, "Well,
all right, it's dumping us off

in the middle
of the jungle here."

I guess we're going to have
to start scaling cliffs.

There's a little path, right,
and once we get...

this is just the hardest part
right here, Ghandia.

Right here.

Hold my hand.

Here, hand that to me.

Just stick it
in front of you, Tanya.

-Got it, Brian?

-Got it.
-You all right?

And we might even
run into John.

-Let's hope.
-There's no way that,

if this is the water source,
that we're supposed

to be able to come up here

every couple days
with a big, huge gallon jug

and fill it up
and go back down again.

So I... I don't think
we're on the right track.

No, and I really
don't feel confident

in my rock-climbing skills.

We came down the hill,

and then when we got back to...
down to the bottom,

here comes John--
he's back now.

By the time I got there, I said,

"Well, here, let me take a look
at the map."

And I looked at the map,
and I'm like,

"Okay, you know what?
I think maybe we need

to go around this other bend
over here."

And so Helen and I and Tanya
took the boat over there.

Y'all find that water.
I'm feeling good.

HELEN: Everybody else
decided they would follow,

but by this time,
the water had come in,

so they decided
to come in swimming.

-Ghandia, are you okay?

-It's deep water.

So we swam,

I think, maybe...
it seemed like a mile.

-You guys okay?

Water hole in jungle--
wouldn't that...

wouldn't that be that way?

Well, the jungle's
all through here,

and there's a path over there.

JOHN: But first,
we came in, and we saw

this big, ugly pool
of brackish water

that had been stagnant
and sitting there.

We're like, "Oh, my goodness."

I don't know, Helen.
I don't know.

HELEN: Taste it... taste it,
and see if it's brackish.

-Hold my hand.

-Just a touch.

Just... yeah, just to the lips.

-Oh, yeah. It's definitely
salt water. -Is it?

JOHN: So we ran around
looking for other spots.

Just a few feet up the trail,

there was a big,
round piece of wood

that indicated
our water source.

It's clear.

Give me some skin, baby.

That's awesome.

When they come,

I'll say, "Come on, guys.
We found the water hole."

And we'll take them back here,
and we'll show them

the brackish stuff
and say, you know,

"What we're going to have to do
is filter it when we get back,"

-and just kind of fool them.
You want to do that? -Yeah.

-That's fine. -And just kind
of... just kind of keep

fooling them a little bit
until they notice the tank.

And they'll go, "No way!"

-And then we'll laugh it off.

And when we got in eyesight

of John and Tanya and Helen,

I was kind of wondering why

John or Helen didn't come out
and get us with the canoe.

Push the canoe out here!


Y'all didn't see me lose my...?

We're about to freaking drown
out here.

GHANDIA: And then, when we got
there, John decides

that it would be funny
to play a joke on us.

All we can figure
is that we can filter it

and then boil it, huh?
What do you think?


JOHN: Or maybe we can, uh,
take the lid off

of that tank
and get some out of there.

-TED: What's in there?
-JOHN: Fresh water.

JAN: Why don't we go that way?
Why can't we do that?

-That's our water tank.

-And look at how clean it is.


I was happy.

And I was telling him,
you know,

"That was really... that was
a good joke." (mock laughs)

But then, in my mind,
I'm thinking that's...

it wasn't really a time
to joke about that just then.

What are we doing here?

Looks like the water hole.


I think we got water.

-Oh, my God.
-It looks pretty clear to me.

That is clear,
clean drinking water.


So we don't have to go

to the other end of the jungle
to get it.

KEN: Thankfully, the water hole
we found today

was very close by--
maybe 100 yards away.

The water looks clear,
even though

we're definitely
going to have to boil it.

But it... it looks like it'll
help us out.

ROBB: Dude, I think...
honestly, I think we can do

a really good job with this.

Dude, this is totally
going to work.

-You guys know that, right?
-Yeah, that's right.

PENNY: We spent a lot of time
building the foundation

for what's going to be
our final shelter.

-This is going to be so nice.
-It's going to be so nice.

Oh, yeah,
this is going to be cool.

-We're going to have a good
time. -It's so soft, you know?

JED: My tribe's
priorities right now

are kind of getting
out of whack.

Their priorities are shelter,

and no one's thinking
about anything else.

I'll mention food,
and everyone's like,

"No, I want a floor."
I mean, come on.

People are going to get
really hungry,

and we've got
to just split work up

or it's not going to get done.

ROBB: Jed, he likes to kind of
do, I guess, whatever he wants.

Like, he went fishing, which
hasn't produced anything yet.

But, um, we really need
his strength,

like, when it comes
to building a shelter.

I'm sick of chopping, dude.

I've been doing it
ever since I got here.

Look at our hands.
Look at our damn hands.

I know. Exactly. I'm going
to see him when he gets back.

Look at his hands.
His hands are...

-are like he just washed them.
-I know.

Hey, your hand's cut.
Let me do it.

My hands have been cut for days.

I know, so why... why do it?

I'll do it. Just lay it out.

I mean...

ROBB: The way I look at it is,
we're spinning our wheels.

So many people are going
in so many directions

and doing stuff, and it's...
they're not producing anything.

Hey, Shii Ann,
if we all can start, like,

bringing fronds over and stuff.

Over here from the other stuff.

I was asked to go get food.

We need food
as well as we need shelter.

Look at my hands.
Let me see your hands.

-I understand your hands.
-Let me see your hands.

Dude, I was told to go get food.

Okay, I'm not saying that,
sweetie. Let me see your hands.

-That's my point, dude.
-Listen, I'm not here

to be yelled at by you, dude.

I'm not yelling
at you, sweetie.

I'm saying I want to sleep
tonight, okay?

How'd you sleep last night?
Pretty good, huh?

My point exactly.
Walk away.

I was told to go get food, man.
I can't take this.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

What do...
What do you want me to do?

Hey, hey. Come here. Come here.

SHII ANN: He is messing
with the wrong girl.

You do not mess

with the Shii-Devil
and not get the horns, okay?

Do you want me to get food?

Do you want me
to get coconut fronds?

I sent you to get the food--
that was my decision--

but these guys don't want you
to do that now.

Yeah, it's super frustrating.
All we've been doing

-is talking.
-Dude, don't talk to me.

Babe, just help. Help.

On... on Shii Ann--

you should have come down
on me and not her.

ROBB: I'm trying to be rational.
I want to sleep

-where it's not raining.
-JAKE: Cut everybody

a little bit of slack.
Nobody's had a damn bit of food.

-I haven't either, man.
Believe me. -I know.

You got to agree with him,
though. We got to get this done.

That's what I'm... that's all
I'm trying to say, dude.

Looks like it could rain soon.

(thunder rumbling)


You see now why shelter
is so important?

PENNY: So far, our priority
has been shelter, so...

we have not eaten,

and I think it's starting
to take a toll on us,

even though we say
that it's not.

-That's it.
-What is this?

I don't know.
I don't even know...

I hope it's in English,
not Thai.

Hey, you guys.

-Treemail is here!

All right.

"You've worked with..."

"Your tribe mates."

-"Are drawn."

"But in this first challenge,
you'll need..."

-"Brains and brawn."
-"Brains and brawn."

"You'll all want to stay here
and experience this heaven,

but losing today brings
your tribe down to seven."

-"Brains and brawn."
-"Brains and brawn."

Well, we've got the brawn.

Uh, somebody else
has got to furnish the brains.

-ROBB: That other team--

they're definitely inferior
to our youth and our strength.

We definitely got
all the hot chicks...

or most of them.

And we definitely got the young,
strong guys, which is huge.

(thunder rumbling)

All right, guys.

Welcome to your first challenge.

It is for immunity.
Now, to succeed

on Survivor,
it requires the mental ability

to think through
and solve problems.

It also requires
the physical ability

to execute those tasks
while dealing

with the unexpected, like rain.

First challenge--
much the same way,

it will require brawn at times,
but it will also require brains.

It's a race
around this small island,

and it begins like this:
you're going to paddle out

through the two buoys,
make your way to a station

where you'll find a rope maze.

Choose one member
from your tribe

to move the rope
through the maze.

When you solve it,
it'll release your flag.

Retrieve it, get on your boat,

move to the next station,
which is simple.

A different tribe member
will dive down ten feet

and unhook your flag,
and get it on your boat.

The last station
is a traditional Thai puzzle.

You'll choose one more
tribe member to maneuver

the pieces around
until the piece

that has the knife
attached to it

can slide through the slot.

Take that knife out
of the sheath,

cut the rope--
that releases your last flag.

First tribe back to me
at this platform

with all the flags
wins immunity.

And I got to show you
this immunity idol.

If you have immunity,
it guarantees you

three more days on the island.

Losers-- Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody will be
the first person voted out.

Let's take our positions
and start.

Here we go, guys.

Immunity at stake.

-Survivors ready?
-ALL: Ready!


-Let's go!

-Row! Row!
-Here we go!


Come on, pull it out!


Dig in, right side.
Dig in, right side.

Row! Row!

-Row! Row!
-Let's go!

-Right side, easy!



Left side, row together!

Row! Row!


Right side, let's go!

Let's go! Row!

There we go.
We got it. We got it.

Go, go, go!


Hey, go! Get out there!

Go, Jan! Go, Jan!


Come on! Go!

Get on the rope!

-Yeah, she's got to get back
over there. -Okay.

-Go, baby, get off!

-Come on, baby.
-You got it, Jan!

Slow and steady, Jan.

Good job, Jan.

-Go, Jan.
-Keep it up, Jan!

-It's right there, Jan.
-We're all right, Jan.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

(cheering and shouting)

Go! Go! Go! Go, Jan!

Hold onto the top.
Hold onto the top.


Come on!

All right, come on, come on.

-Here, brawn.
-Other one.

Okay, go, go, go!

-Stay focused!

Row! Row!

Grab it! Grab it! Grab it!

-Go, go, go!
-Come on, Brian!

Go, go, Brian!
Let's go, B!

Yeah! Let's go!


Go! Go! Go! Go!

Just get in and rest, baby.


More to the left!
Hard on the left!

Come on, baby!

-Hold on. Hold on.
-Go! Go, go, go!

-Go, Ghandia!

-Grab it.
-Grab it.

Okay, go, go, go, go! Go!

Come on, Ghandia. You got it.
You got it. You got it.

Take a deep breath, Ghandia.

You got it.

Okay. I got to figure it out.

All right. Okay.

-Do it, baby!
-You got it. You got it.

Straight ahead!
Don't worry about it!

Straight ahead!

-You got it. You got it.
-You can do it.

-You can do it.
-Come on!

Right side, everyone paddle!

Let God guide your hands,

-You got it, baby.
-You're almost there.

-Okay, watch out!
-Watch your arm!

Watch out. Watch out.
Watch out.

-Watch out. Watch out.
Watch out. -You got it.

Hey, hey, whoa, whoa!

All right, go! Go!

-Come on, Jed!
-Don't be rushing it, honey.

Come on, get focused. Focus.

You're going to beat that boy!

Yeah, baby!

Here it comes!


(cheering and shouting)

Don't look at him, baby.
Focus on you, baby.

Focus on you.


You got it. Don't worry.

Row! Row!

Just keep strong.


-Hurry up! Hurry up!
-Come on, guys.

Hurry up! Let's go, baby.

-Let's go!
-You got it, baby. You got it.

(all shouting)

Let's go! Let's go!

Got this mother!

Get the flag! Get the flag!
Come on!

Get up! Get up!

Come on, you guys!

Work hard!

We haven't won yet. Work hard!

-Row! Row! Row!
-We're almost there.

Come on!

Stay focused.


Sook Jai wins immunity!

Nice finish, guys.

Sook Jai, nice come-from-behind.

You're going back to camp
with immunity.

Chuay Gahn, nice effort.

Tribal Council tonight,

somebody will be
the first person voted out.

-I'm so sorry.
-Don't worry about it.


-Cheer up. Cheer up.

We have no reason
to hang our heads.

-Absolutely not.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

-Come on, you're all right.

-Everybody's gonna have a tough
day... -Hey, come on.

-Don't worry about it.
-It's not your fault.

-Look, you did your best, right?
-No way.

-Did you do your best?

All right, then, that's all
you can do, all right?

GHANDIA: I'm a legal secretary.
I work with facts.

The fact is that we had

a great lead,
and the lead was lessened

because I took too long
to figure out the puzzle.

-We were kicking their ass.
-We were. We were.

Those lucky bastards!

So now I'm feeling like...

that it's time
for a sister to go.

You can vote how you want.

I don't want to influence you
one way or the other.

You vote
however you want to vote.

JOHN: Who's to say who's...
who's the most vulnerable?

Uh, but I know that, uh...
you know,

I think everybody's
pretty much thinking,

you know,
we need a strong team.

You know, Ghandia--
physical challenges

isn't going to be her thing.

Obviously, mental challenges
aren't going to be her thing.

Sorry, you know, Ghandia,
but somebody's got to go.

Might as well be you.

BRIAN: Hey, take another shot of
water after that.

I'm about to throw up. Oh...

It's all right.


Tanya, unfortunately, has...

has a shot of being voted off,
and I only think that

because she's had
a tough time out here.

If everybody voted her off
tonight, it would be...

because they feel sorry
for her.

Even though you're saying,

"Don't worry,"
I mean, it is a game.

It's... it's a game to me,

and I know I haven't felt well,
and it's...

TANYA: I feel
a little vulnerable, you know?

I have been sick, but I can't
control what my body does.

I'm still going to try.

My vote will probably be
for John.

From the first day,
a lot of the people

were upset with John
because he was saying,

"You're not rowing
hard enough,"

or, "You need to do this."

A lot of people
started getting annoyed

because he was taking
a leadership role.

HELEN: Tonight, we're going
to Tribal Council.

I got to vote somebody out.

I-I... I'm sick about it.
I don't want to think about it.

That's like voting somebody
out of your family.

PROBST: As you walk in, grab
a torch, approach the flame.

Everybody dip your torches
and get fire.

You do this because fire

represents your life
in this game.

As long as you have fire,
you're in the game.

When your fire is gone,
so are you.

You can put your torches
back in their slots.

Take a seat.

Well, I'm sorry to say,

welcome to your first
Tribal Council.


At Tribal Council,
it's very simple.

You are held accountable
for your actions on the island.

Sometimes, those actions
will help you;

those actions will hurt you.

Before we get to the vote, let's
talk about today's challenge.

Great effort.

You guys could have won it.

You were in front
for a long time.

You get to this final station,

-What happened?

I was working it out,
and I started

to get anxious
when the other team's member

got up there
and started doing it.

You know, and there was a part
where I just got stuck, and I...

I just cried out
that I was stuck, and, uh...

a few minutes after that,
I had finished it,

but then, of course,
that was too late.

Do you feel responsible

for your tribe being here


Because it would have
never happened

if I would have finished
my task on time.

You know,
it's hard enough, Clay,

to get along with people
that you know,

let alone seven other strangers
in a high-stress situation.

How has that been?

Difficult at time...
I mean, it's difficult

anytime you walk in
and you don't know anybody.

First, you got
to kind of figure out

who these people are
and what makes them tick.

And, uh, where the problem is,
is when somebody steps in and...

and disagrees
with what goes on.

Then, there's where your problem
will... will come in.

Have you had that situation yet?

Uh... a li... somewhat.

How do you resolve that?

-That's why we're here.

We don't want to be here,
but it's...

-It's necessary.'s necessary.

That... that's the way the game
is played.

John, what's been
the toughest part for you?

It really hasn't been
tough yet, you know?

I'm... I'm really pleased
with the teamwork,

the... the positive attitude,
just the spirit.

We have a lot
of faith on the team.

And, you know, I'm...

I guess I'm still waiting
for it to get hard.

Brian, in your profession

as a used car salesman,

do you have an advantage,
do you think,

in assimilating with...
with strangers?

No. If you judge people, uh,
by the surface

or just by on sheer looks,

then you're a very shallow
person in the first place,

so you got to go
a lot deeper th-than that

and, uh, really get to know

And it's, uh, just...
it's all about love.

So it's, uh...

it's a beautiful thing
once you, uh...

once you get to know everyone.

And, uh, not judge the book
by its cover.

It's very important.
Very important.

Someone always has
the unfortunate distinction

of being the first person
voted out.

Now we're going to just find out

which one of you
gets that honor.

It is time to vote.
John, you're first.

Ghandia, sweetheart,
you have a killer smile.

God bless you.
It's a tough game.

Have a great vacation.

The only thing I can say is,
it's a financial move.

I think you might be a little
better off than the rest of us,

so maybe you don't need
the money as much as us,

but glad I got to know you.

John, you're an awesome man.

I just felt that there
was tension,

and I thought, in the long run,
it would sap us of our energy,

and we need to be strong
all the way without the tension.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.




That's one vote John,
one vote Ghandia, one vote Clay.

Two votes John.

That's three votes John.

That's four votes John,
and that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

John, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, it's very clear to me
from you guys' reactions

that tonight's vote
was not easy.

Only three days in

to what will hopefully be
a very long journey.

Head back to camp.

Get some sleep.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

At Chuay Gahn, the games begin.

-Ooh, nice shot.

-(thunder crashing)
-PROBST: Sook Jai continues

to find trouble in paradise.

We're fighting against nature.

We're fighting
against each other.

It's unfortunate.

-PROBST: And Helen and Jan
get lost. -HELEN: If I had

a pistol in my pocket,
I would have pulled it out,

shot her first,
shot me second.

Well, I get the, uh,
distinguished honor

of being the first one
voted off of Survivor V.

This is, uh...
uh, quite a surprise for me.

I didn't think there
was any alliances on the team,

but I guess there were
and I just wasn't a part of it.

I enjoyed all of my teammates.

We had a good time out here.

It's been
an incredible experience.

It's been wonderful.

God bless you,
and, uh, see you back home.