Survivor (2000–…): Season 42, Episode 3 - Go for the Gusto - full transcript

One tribe attempts to recover after drawing a line in the sand at tribal council; a castaway goes on a journey and must make a decision that could change their game, and one tribe stacks their way to victory.

Season 42 Episode 03

Episode Title:
" Go for the Gusto"

Aired on:
March 23, 2022.

As hard as last night was,
I think we're in a good spot.

- Me, too.
- Yeah.

And, like, I don't think

everyone's as close as we are.

I'm happy that Tribal went

exactly how we planned it to go.

Me, Omar, Jonathan and Maryanne

all voted together, and
that made me feel really good.

Because ultimately, that was

our main plan was for the four
of us to really stay tight.

This morning... idol hunt.
Then after,

like, we can clear the camp ash.

But last night,

Maryanne told us
she has an extra vote.

Thank you, God.

I'm on the fence
about how I feel

about Maryanne
and the extra vote,

but if we stay at a tight four,

that's for all of our advantage.

It's not a bad spot

'cause all through there
are all those little roots.

Spiderweb! I think not.

I've watched every season,

except for six episodes
of Tocantins,

so looking for the idol...

I know this thing would be hard
to find.

Oh! Ugh!

A bug.

So, like, I'm looking
at the nooks and crannies.

Let me dig here. What about that hole?
Let me dig there.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my...

Just only there.

My heart started pounding.

I'm, like, freaking out.
I'm like, "Oh, my gosh.

Did I just do it?
Did I just find an idol?"

"Beware Advantage.
If you take it, it's yours,

and you must do what it says.
Otherwise, leave it."

I saw "beware" and a risk,
and I'm like,

"Oh, my goodness,
do I want to take this?"

Because it could bite me
in the butt.

God. I'm just scared.

But I would rather
take the risk

and go down in flames

then let my own hesitancy
be the thing

that gets me out of this game.

I'll do it. Oh, my God,
I'm so scared.

And the first thing I see

is what every single person
wants to see.


But then I look at the paper
a little bit more.

Oh, my God. "Your phrase..."

What does that even mean?

Oh... my... gosh.

That's so crazy.

Are you kidding me?

Not only do I not have an idol,

but I can't vote
at any Tribal Council

until other people find their
idol and say the secret phrase.

Yo, I got bait-and-switched.

Wait. You have no vote?

- I don't have a vote.
- Whoa.

They were right here.

Where did they go?


Maybe I brought them
to the watering hole.

He loses his stuff all the time.

Water bottles, shoes.


Poor guy.

He's going through it out here.

Good grief.

Shoulder aside,
right now I feel good.

The group dynamics
of the tribe are basically

two pairs of two,
where you've got

Jenny and Mike,

and on the other side
Hai and Lydia, and then

in between is Chanelle and I.

And I know
that Mike has the idol,

but this one is a bit
of a trick.

And so,
like any good lawyer would,

I need to look
at the fine print here.

- Bro, I'll try.
- Okay.

All right, I'm not... I'm not...

After the last endeavor,
I'm not rushing to give it...

- take it out of my pocket again, okay?
- Okay.

I told Jenny and Daniel
about my idol,

but Daniel is a little neurotic.

So first he said to me, "I need

to read the...
I need to read the note."

All right.

The thing is, I didn't
want to get Daniel pissed,

and I wanted
to make him feel safe.

So against my better judgment,

I decided to let him read it.

- Here. Just...
- Read it, come back. Come back.

- Go read it.
- Okay, all right.

All right, all right,
thank you. All right.

Ugh! There's always something.

I missed that.

Chanelle and I had been planning
to back stab Mike.

But embarrassingly, as a lawyer,
I missed the fine print.

The idols will not die

if we vote Mike out.

'Cause we would have
just voted out

the only idol
that our tribe has.

This changes everything,

and it saved Mike's life, frankly.

Good job.

Daniel hands me
the whole package.

I open it up,
and to my chagrin,

the idol and the
congratulation note is missing.

- You never gave me the idol.
- Yes, I did.

- You only gave me the paper.
- No, I didn't.

I gave you everything.

I seriously almost
stroked out right there.

"Get medical in here." That's
what I was thinking about.

"Get medical in here.
I'm stroking out."

So, Mike's like,
"Dude, dude, you lost the idol."

And I'm like,

"Oh, my God, why?"

Why is this happening?

This is exactly why
I didn't want to do it.

I'm thinking, "No way.

You only gave me
the piece of paper."

So I take him down to
the exact place where I read it.

- Uh, water bottle. Okay.
- Yeah.

It's a good sign. Here.

Problem solved. Problem...

Where's the rest of it, though?
Where's the rest of it?

- That's all you need.
- No, I need the "congratulations."

I need the other person
that finds it.

This is what I'm talking about,
dude. This is why...

- Oh.
- Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.

This is why I didn't
want to do it.

Fine. You're totally fine.

To Mike's credit,
he was totally right.

But I did drop the idol.

That's on me.

Again, another example of Daniel
Strunk having an epic fail.

I almost lost the idol, and
it's my fault, and I'm sorry.

Come on in.

Ika, Vati, getting your first
look at the new Taku tribe.

Mary a voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Wow. Taku, you look
like you mean business.

Maryanne, you just came in there
with a scowl.

Yeah, like, you know,
going to Tribal sucks, and

it kind of reminds me of the
classic tale of the bunny rabbit

eating its dinner in the
mailbox. You know that one?

- I don't. Tell me.
- Okay. So, like, you see,

like, your mailbox,
and you open,

and there's, like, a bunny
rabbit and you're like,

"What's this bunny rabbit
doing here?" You know?

It's, like,
you don't know the whole story

unless you're the bunny.

All right, shall we get
to today's immunity challenge?

- Yeah.
- First things first.

Got to take back the idols.

I hear Maryanne
recite her phrase.

Thank you.

I was waiting
for the other tribe

to say something.
I heard nothing.

So I didn't say anything.

Thank you.

Because if I can go
into the merge

with this secret of mine

and never have to say the line,

I have the idol
and nobody knows I have it.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're going to race out
and retrieve a ladder

off the bottom
of the ocean floor.

You're going to use it
to reach a key.

You'll use the key
to unlock a set of sandbags

and attempt
to land those sandbags

on a series of five targets.

First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

In addition,
you're playing for reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

Let's see it, Jeff.

First tribe to finish...

Oh, baby.

- Survivor tool kit.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- And fruit.
- Oh, my gosh.


Second tribe to finish...

Smaller tool kit, smaller fruit.

- All right, guys.
- Ugh! Oh, my gosh.

Last tribe to finish,

otherwise known as the losers...

Tribal Council,
where somebody will be voted out

of this game,
and as a penalty for losing,

I will take your flint.

Ika, you have one extra person.

Got to sit somebody out.
Who's it going to be?

All right.

Romeo, gonna sit this one out?

Vati, you have two extra people.

Gonna sit two players out.
Who's it gonna be?

- Lydia and I.
- Sit-outs,

take a spot on the benches.

Everybody else, give you
a minute to strategize.

Get it on.

Here we go.

For immunity.
Survivors ready.


Big swells out of the gate.

You are already fighting
water that wants

to move you in a direction

- you may not want to go.
- Tori, over here.

You've got to get everybody
to your ring.

- Come on... Come on, Jenny.
- One person dives down.

Taku still waiting on Omar.

Jonathan out helping now.

Jonathan heading down.

Try and get to me.

Vati still trying
to get everybody to their ring.

You got to dive down
and you've got to swim

against the current.

Jonathan has popped the buoy for Taku.

They can now start working
on moving that ladder.

This challenge is
much more difficult today

simply due to the amount
of turbulence in the water.

- Are you okay?
- The water is moving everybody

off the course.

Jonathan is carrying the ladder

on his shoulder.

That lad...
The ladder is no joke.

That ladder is heavy,
but you would not know it

watching Jonathan.

- You got this, baby.
- You got it.

- Don't be sorry. You did fine.
- Vati still struggling.

You got it!

You got it! You got it!
You got it!

Jonathan now is going
to go retrieve tribe members.

First, he gets the ladder.

- Come with me.
- Now he's grabbing Omar

and reaching for Maryanne.

- I got you, girl.
- Jonathan is

single-handedly determined
to win this challenge for Taku.

As the two other tribes
are still working

- to get their ladder.
- One last one. You got it.

Ika has freed their ladder.

It is one
of the most turbulent days

ever seen on Survivor.

Vati still working
on their ladder.

In dead last.

Now you're going to have
to lift that ladder

and retrieve the key.

Jonathan is holding the ladder
and Lindsay by himself.

All right.

It is an amazing performance
to watch.

One more!

- Yeah, she's got it.
- Lindsay back in the water.

Taku extending their lead.

Here comes Ika.

The ocean is dragging them away
from where they want to be,

and they've got to fight
against the water to get back.

Taku exhausted,
but they are in the lead.

Now you're going
to use that ladder

- to get the set of sandbags.
- Good enough.

Vati has popped their buoy.

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

The ocean is continuing
to pull players away.

We rarely see anything
like this.

Taku now working

on the rest of their sandbags.

And they've got 'em.

- Ika, keep fighting!
- The key. I got it.

Here comes Vati,

continuing to fight the ocean,

- trying to get back.
- Come on, Jenny.

You're so close!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Jonathan lands
the first sandbag.

- Yes.
- Yeah!

Jonathan lands
the second sandbag.

Vati now very close
to their key.

They're gonna have
to coordinate...

...getting that ladder up.

- Yay!
- This has been

Jonathan challenge's
from the go.

The question is, will either

of the other two tribes
even finish?

I got it.

Jonathan does it.
Taku wins immunity and reward.

No Tribal Council tonight.

Now the focus comes down to

the two remaining tribes...
Vati and Ika.

Mike and Hai holding the ladder,

trying to get it stable,

but that ocean is going
to have something to say.

And another wave comes,
pushing Vati away again.

Oh, my God.

Another big wave.

And there are more coming.
These swells continue.

On day seven of Survivor 42.

- Here comes another one.
- Big wave, big wave.

And another.

I need help!

There is no relief.

I got it!

It's getting more difficult

with every minute that passes.

All I care about are
the sandbags.


Hey, both tribes!

Drag your ladders in.

- Come in.
- Let's go. - Get back in.

Drag it right up here
and place it here and wait.

Perfect. Right there is good.

Drop it.

Oh, my gosh. Yeah.

- Yeah.
- All right. Here's what we're gonna do.

Due to no lack
of effort on your part,

this is not getting any easier.

We're going to retrieve
your keys and give them to you,

and we'll continue
the challenge from here.

- Sound fair? - Yes.
- Yeah.

Never done this
in the history of Survivor.

- Let's get the keys.
- Hey!

- Line up when you're...
- Line up?

You're almost there!

Catch your breath
and get a strategy.

- You guys are killing it!
- This challenge is still alive.

Get ready! Get ready!

Gas ourselves right here.
We can do this, Ika.

Who wants it?
Wait for me. Wait for me.

- All right, guys, come on.
- All right.

We're going to resume
the challenge. Survivors ready.


- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
- Come on, guys.

Now, with what energy
you have left,

you got to finish this sucker.

Lift it up a little bit. Lift.

- You got to get the ladder up.
- This one's a lot easier

'cause you've got a sure way
to the top.

Vati's up first.

- Jenny gonna go.
- Come on, Jenny.

Now Ika has it.
Swati going up.

Jenny has the sandbags,
she's down.

- Toss it down.
- Swati has the sandbags.

She's coming down.

It's going to be Hai
tossing for Vati.

- Yes!
- Yeah!
- Hai lands the first one

for Vati.

- Yes!
- Rocksroy lands the first for Ika.

We are tied 1-1.
Five bags total.

Rocksroy off and on.

Chanelle lands the second for Vati.


Rocksroy lands the
second for Ika. We're tied.

- Aah!
- Rocksroy lands the third.

- Ika now in the lead.
- Yes, Mike.

- Yes, Mike.
- Yes, Mike.

Mike sticks
the third bag for Vati.

And we are tied 3-3.
Mike would love

to put Vati in the lead.

- And he does with that toss.
- Yes! Come on!

There's Rocksroy to tie it.

Rocksroy lands the fourth bag,
and we are tied again.

It's a showdown.
One bag left.

Mike can win it. No.
Rocksroy can win it right here.

- Oh!
- Oh, no!

Chanelle's gonna come back in.
Can she win it with the jumper?

- No.
- No!

- Now it's Drea who could win it for Ika.
- It's okay.

- You got it.
- You want me to take it, I'll take it.

One tribe looking
to close it out.

And Drea does it for Ika,

sending Vati to Tribal Council
for the first time this season.

What a battle. Wow.

Taku, congratulations,
immunity is yours.

Thanks, Jeff.

Nobody going home
from your tribe.

Plus you win reward. Because
you didn't win the fishing gear,

you have the option to swap
that fruit for the fishing gear.

You're already
shaking your head.

- You want the fishing gear?
- Yeah, Jeff.

We would like the fishing gear, Jeff.

All right, fishing gear will
be waiting for you back at camp.

Thank you, Jeff.

And I got to say, Jonathan,
I've seen a lot of challenges.

I've rarely seen an individual
performance like that.

- Nice job.
- Wow.

Ika, doesn't matter
you finished second.

I'll take it.

Only matters
you're not going to Tribal.

Your reward will be waiting
for you

back at camp... small tool kit,
little bit of fruit.

All right,
before I send you guys off,

Taku, you're going
to pick one person

from Vati's tribe
to go on a journey.

You guys can talk about it.

It can't be somebody who's gone
on a journey. All right.

- Who you going to send?
- We're going to send Chanelle.

Chanelle's going
to go on the journey.

The question is,
who will go with Chanelle?

You're going
to pick one more person,

and it can be from your tribe
or from Ika.

What'd you decide?

- We're gonna send me.
- All right.

Omar and Chanelle, you guys
are gonna take a journey.

You will return back
to your camps

end of day.
Grab your stuff, head out.

- Thank you.
- Boat'll pick you up.

- Bye, Omar.
- Bye.

All right, Taku, Ika,
grab your stuff,

head back to camp.
No Tribal Council.

And your flint will be
waiting for you

- back at camp, as well.
- Thanks, Jeff. - Thanks, Jeff.

All right, Vati,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody will be
voted out.

Before you go,
I'll take your flint.

You'll have a chance
to earn this back

at your next
immunity challenge.

Grab your stuff, head out.
See you tonight at Tribal.

Thank you.

I'm excited to make a connection
across tribal lines.

But that's a very scary thing,

to know that

my tribe is back at camp,
scurrying around, scrambling,

trying to decide a vote,
and I'm not a part of it.

Today's challenge was brutal.

We ended up losing, and

Chanelle being away right now

definitely scares me a bit.

I know there is a decision
to make on the journey.

Well, that sucked.

- Yeah.
- That was just brutal.

I'm proud of you for going
as long as we did.

Mike doesn't have a vote, so,

I hope
that Chanelle played it safe.

I can't stress that enough.

I need her to vote with us.

Anyone want to wash off with me?
I'm gonna go wash off.

- Yeah, I'm gonna wash off with you.
- Okay.

Leave this stuff
and then get pretty for Trib...

Yeah, well...


Whoever wants
to come is welcome.


we love Lydia.


You, me, Dan.

Oh, right, right.
Okay, that's...

So, me, Daniel, Chanelle
will vote Lydia. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

We pretty much have
a game plan.

We're going to vote Lydia out,

but I have no vote, and

Daniel can get
a little squirrelly.

So obviously
I'm a little nervous that

he would bail on us. He would
go to somebody he thinks

is strong 'cause he thinks
that's what it's all about.

We got to make it fast 'cause
the three of us can't be seen.

- Yeah.
- The three of us can't be seen talking long.

- I know. - Yeah.
- So, have you heard either

- of our names from them? Okay.
- Okay.

- We're just all voting for Jenny?
- Yeah.

Right now,
I feel very comfortable

with Lydia, Chanelle and Daniel,

but tonight will be the ultimate
test of trust for us.

This first Tribal

will establish who's with who,
and I just got to make sure

I'm on the right side
of the numbers.

- Hai's still down there?
- That was rough,

- right, from the outside?
- Real quick.

They think I'm with them,
but I'm with you guys.

I wanted to keep up appearances.

Jenny. To be totally blunt.

I'll always be honest.
They're targeting Jenny.

But it doesn't matter
because we got me, you,

and Chanelle's vote are three.

That's a majority of the five,
so we'll put our votes on Lydia.

I hope so. I'm a bit nervous.

I would prefer Lydia to go home
because Lydia is someone

who I'm less close with
than Jenny.

But Jenny and Mike

only have one vote combined.

Hai and Lydia have two votes.

So Chanelle very much is

the deciding vote right now.

- Here we are.
- Here we are.

That was torture.

- But she was...
- Jenny totally undersold this.

Yeah, but I guess they were

- less deprived at that point.
- Yes, they were, yeah.

Maryanne said
there was a decision

about whether to get the vote
or to lose a vote,

- basically.
- Yup, that was what Jenny told us.

And I definitely can't lose a
vote going into Tribal tonight.

- Yeah, tonight. Yeah.
- Especially feeling

- uncertain about where I am.
- Yeah, yeah.

- And my goal is to build trust with you.
- Yeah.

So I don't want to make
a decision that screws you over.

Yeah, let's try best not
to screw over the other person.

- Yeah.
- If we can both

walk out of this with an advantage,

- I'm happy.
- Yeah. Right, right, right, right.

I get good vibes from Chanelle.

Like, it's crazy how much

communication out here
is nonverbal.

Like, it's-it's unspoken.

You can just tell
who you may trust or vibe with.

"You will now separate
and make a private decision

before returning to camp."

I trust Chanelle.

She just seemed very genuine
and honest but smart.

And I don't think

she's more sneaky than me,
which is what I want.

If we can both get something
without screwing over

- the other person and losing their vote...
- Yes.

- ...we should do it, right?
- Yup.

Omar and I like each other,
and we want to work together,

and we decided if we can
both protect each other

and get something,
great, let's do it.

If not,

let's just play it safe.

"After spending
the day together..."

"Protect your vote

or risk your vote."

" the next Tribal Council."

Oh, my goodness.

Wow. "You will learn the results

in the voting booth
at Tribal Council."

The hard part of this decision
of playing it safe

versus risking your vote is that

I don't know
what Chanelle's gonna do.

I could either play it safe

or take a risk and

wager my vote
to have an extra vote.

Initially, my thought is,

just play it safe,

but as I thought it through,
in this game, it's all about

motivation. You have to know
other players' motivation

and what's best for their game.

I don't think Chanelle's going
to risk her vote.

From my read on Omar,
I think that he might

play it safe, and I think
that he wants to protect me

and leave me in a good place
before Tribal Council.


made it very clear to me

that she could not
lose her vote tonight.

And if she's playing it safe,
that means

I can get away

with risking my vote,
which means

I could get an extra vote, which
could change the game, so...

I think that I'm going

to go for the gusto
and risk the vote.

It's a massive risk considering

that I'm facing Tribal Council

In that voting booth,

I do not want to see something
that says "no vote."

That would be devastating.

But I'm not playing
a scared game.

I'm playing a game
for a million dollars.

I got to make big moves
to get a big reward.

Daniel is NASA.

He's a smart guy. You know, he
went to Yale, he went to Duke.

Like, he can persuade,
you know, alliances.

- Daniel, did you talk to them?
- Yeah.

They made a pitch
to me to join them,

but no need
to worry about anything.

- Okay, as long as us four stick together.
- Yeah.

But at this point,

I know that my name's
getting thrown out.

It's really scary not having
one of our numbers here

to even just, like, talk to.

Damn, I can't believe
Chanelle's not here.

Me, Hai,

Chanelle and Daniel putting
just four votes on Jenny,

just hoping to God
she doesn't have an idol.

And it potentially would be Mike
and Jenny putting votes on me.

Ugh, I wish
we could talk to Chanelle.


I took a gamble,
and I risked my vote.

And so, might not even have
a vote tonight.

My first thought is,
Mike can't vote, and

that means that our numbers
could be completely messed up.

This is good...
What? You okay?


I think I don't have a vote.

Oh, God.

Chanelle might not have a vote.

So the plan going in was for Hai
and Lydia to split votes

where Hai would put a vote
on Mike,

Lydia would put a vote on Jenny.

And then I would vote for Lydia

so that my Lydia vote combined
with Jenny's Lydia vote

would be the majority.

So it'd be a two-one-one vote.


The problem is,
this play at Tribal

really only works

if Hai and Lydia are both

genuinely tricked
into splitting.

- Their two votes are going to Lydia.
- Okay.

So, we need to do
three Jenny, one Mike.

- Three Jenny, one Mike?
- Yes, just in case...

Just in case
there's some sort of idol.

What's the...
What's the math there?

I mean,
the math doesn't make sense.

We need to do...
Girls on Jenny, boys on Mike,

and then
we get Jenny out of here.

Chanelle is usually very calm,
cool and collected.

However, when she came back
from her journey,

she seemed a bit frazzled.

All of a sudden,
she wants to vote...

Girls Jenny and boys Mike.

Girls on Jenny,

- boys on Mike. Girls on...
- We're splitting it, though?

Yeah, we have to because we
don't know if they have an idol.

This doesn't add up to me,

and I could be over speculating,
but I trust my gut.

You don't...

I've set up a great foundation

in the days leading up
to this Tribal.

So I think

going into Tribal Council
tonight is my call,

and I might not even have
a vote.

That is the power
of my social game.

I can direct the votes

without even having one.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach a flame,
dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council

because in this game
fire represents your life,

and when your fire is gone,
so are you.

Sadly, that will be the case
for one of you tonight.

So let's talk
about the first days out here.

Hai, what's it been like
living in a jungle?

I dreamed of this
since I was a child,

and coming out here was surreal.

However, when you said
that we were starting the game

with no rice, I thought
you were out of your mind.

All six of us are
struggling physically,

emotionally, mentally,

but I'm still happy to be here.

Chanelle, let's talk
about your journey.

- Yeah.
- When you come back to camp,

what is being talked about
with these journeys?

You know, I explained
to my tribe

that I had a decision to make.

It was either to play it safe
or to take a risk.

I chose to play it safe,

and, uh, hopefully,
it works out in my favor.

And, Mike,
when you hear that story...

Playing it safe...

Do you evaluate,
"Do I believe her or not?"

You know, I'm a guy
that takes things at face value.

If somebody tells me something,
I want to... I believe it.

We've been together
for the starving, the building,

the running through challenges.

We've made a bond
amongst all of us,

and I don't think she would come
back and give us a snow job.

Hai, do you think

that you can vote somebody out

and still go back to camp
and have the Kumbaya

that you guys are talking about?

While tonight
will draw tribal lines,

I believe the Vati six
is strong enough to go back,

regroup and collect ourselves because

these guys are my family,
and I trust them.

Daniel, do you agree,

tonight will draw lines
no matter what?

Um, 100% it's gonna draw lines.

That's true, but, Jeff,

let me tell you why
I will lose season 42.

The reason is because

I'm constantly
in a state of paranoia.

I'm running numbers, going nuts.
It's driving me crazy.

And you can't win that way

because you've got
to trust your gut.

But if you're always paranoid,
you can't trust your gut

because you can't differentiate

between the paranoia
and your gut.

So for me, I need some people
that are just going to tell me

to chill every once in a while.

Who calms you down?

Mike calms me down.

Chanelle calms me down.

My mother calms me down.

My girlfriend.

You calm me down, Jeff. Not
really. You don't calm me down.

This is scary being here right now.

So, Lydia, will it be difficult
for you to make a vote,

or is there a part of you that
"this is why I came to play"?

I mean, I'm...

Personally, I'm terrified.
I am excited because, you know,

as a fan you're like,
"This is really neat."

Like, you could just...
This is gnarly.

Like, this is wild.

You know,
so there is that excitement.

But then
there's that horrible reality,

like what if it is me?

Jenny, Lydia just said it.

You can say it's hard
and you can say it's exciting.

But the thing that's lingering
in everybody's head is,

"Unless it's me."

My heart is pounding
through my chest right now

because it could be me.

I did go on that summit, and

I told a story when I came back
about what occurred there,

and I told the truth.

But there is this little doubt
in my mind

that thinks
people might not believe me.

All right,
it is time to vote.

Jenny, you're up.

If anybody has an advantage or
an idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right, I'll read the votes.

First vote... Lydia.


Lydia. Two votes... Lydia,
one vote... Jenny.

Jenny. We're tied.

Two votes... Jenny,
two votes... Lydia.

No votes left.

We're going to revote.

You can only vote now
for Jenny or Lydia.

Lydia and Jenny,
you won't vote.

Hai, you're going
to be up first.

Will you come grab this,
take it back?

I'll read the votes.

First vote... Jenny.

Lydia. We are tied.

Now, here's what's going
to happen.

Clearly, you are deadlocked.

What's wrong, Hai?

Where are the votes?

Let me get to it.

Per the rules of Survivor,

the four of you... Hai, Daniel,

Mike and Chanelle...
Will have a discussion.

You have to come
to a unanimous decision

about who you want to send
home... either Jenny or Lydia.

If you can't come
to a unanimous decision,

Jenny and Lydia become safe,

and the four of you
will draw rocks,

and the odd rock out goes home.

Before we get to that, though,

we have another Survivor first.

There were only two votes cast,

which means
two people did not vote.

Didn't anticipate having
to reveal who you are,

but now because of a tie
and the inability

to vote somebody out,
you have to.

So, who didn't vote?

So, Mike and Chanelle,

you can try
to influence Hai and Daniel,

but you have no say
in the decision.

It will come down
to Hai and Daniel.

You guys will decide.

All right, Hai and Daniel,

the decision comes down to you.

You have to come
to a unanimous decision

about who you want
to send home...

Either Jenny or Lydia.
If you can't,

they're safe, and one
of the four of you will go home.

- Can I ask a question?
- Yeah.

If we were
to draw rocks, even though

we were the only two votes,
are the rocks four rocks?

- Okay.
- Four rocks.

And can we begin
the discussion?

- Yes.
- Okay.

I-I want
to get the ball rolling

by starting
with the following premise.

I really do not want
to draw rocks.

Let's hammer it out

and get to a consensus
so that on the very first vote

in day seven, we don't put
our fate in a bag of rocks.

I really, really don't want
that to happen.

Why did I lose
your trust tonight?

You didn't lose my trust tonight.

I've always trusted you.
I was under the impression

Chanelle wanted me
to vote Lydia.

Now, Chanelle,
if you wanted me to vote Jenny,

- please let me know.
- This isn't my... I don't

- have a vote. This isn't on me.
- I know, I know, I know, I know.

But I was voting on your behalf
in a way tonight.

So if it is that...
Wait. Wait. Chanelle.

- Chanelle told you Lydia?
- Yes.

- When?
- Um, before we left.

Wait. We all had
a discussion, though.

- Before we left at camp.
- Daniel,

I'm super confused,
'cause we all had a discussion

on how we were voting,
and we knew what it was.

The four of us were at the well,
and you were there. - So, wait, wait.

I want to know who you want out.

- I don't have a vote.
- If...

- Yeah, but...
- I know. I know. I'm asking you right now.

If you did have a vote,
who would you want out?

Because if you tell me Jenny,
I'm willing to agree with Hai

and send Jenny home.

Right now
this is inconsequential.

- Right now is, do the four of us want to go to rocks?
- I just don't want to go to rocks.

If we can agree what makes
our tribe better, will you both

vote together
so we don't have to draw rocks?

- Yes.
- No matter what the feelings are.

- The feelings are irrelevant right now.
- Yeah.

What we need to do is
get past this point.

- We can iron that back at camp.
- Jenny,

I'm going to own up to my vote.
I voted for you.

You and Mike are all
about strength, and I knew that.

I had to protect my ally Lydia.

And I love you,
and I apologize, but

I'm not changing my vote.

And I have been
fully honest with you, Daniel.

- I said from day one that I want to work with you.
- Yeah.

I've never lied to you.

So why don't I give
my rationale here?

I wanted to work with Chanelle,

- Wait, wait, wait.
- So we talked. Wait. No, no, no, no, no.

- Daniel, Daniel, no, no.
- No. Yes.

- That's not okay. That's not okay.
- That's 100% true.

- That is 100% true.
- Don't tell me that you,

a super fan of Survivor,
came on here and said,

"Oh, I'm just going
to let Chanelle choose."

- That's not true at all.
- No.

- That is 100% true.
- That is not true at all.

Hai, you have to believe me
when I tell you...

- Hai, that's not true.
- ...the only reason I voted Lydia...

- Okay.
- ...was because Chanelle told me

- that we were in...
- Hai, please believe this...

- ...a four-person alliance here.
- Okay, I understand,

but I'm asking Chanelle. Please

- tell Daniel who you would like
to vote out. - Yes.

- I want... I want to know...
- Dan... Daniel, I...

Wait. Before she answers
that question,

I need to ask Hai a question.
I'm sorry.

Is there any way you're going
to change your vote?

- Is...? Do you want to draw rocks?
- Hai, I-I want

- to talk with you.
- I did, too.

- I did, too.
- We need you both to... Hai.

We can do this, Hai.

But I want to let you know

- that I trust you.
- We have to come to a decision.

And I've been with you
since day one.

I've been wanting to work
with you since day one.

Hai, if you vote me out,
you're fracturing the tribe.

- We all had agreed to vote Lydia.
- Yeah, I...

I want to stay strong
as a tribe.

- That's true.
- I understand the confusion right now.

I love y'all.
I'm willing to draw rocks.

I'm not changing my vote
from Jenny.

I'm sorry.
I have to keep my numbers.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

- I'm so sorry.
- Hai.

I-I really mean that.

And, Daniel, I'm asking you now,

- are you my ally?
- Yes. I am your ally 100%.

- What promise...?
- Because I just got back stabbed by the person

- I thought was actually my...
- Wow.

Then will you please

be with me tonight?

- Will you hold this against me?
- No.

Do you believe me
when I tell you

I was doing what I thought was

- in a group of four?
- We can hash it out at camp.

Okay. I'm still with you.

I need you
to prove yourself to me

because I've proven myself
to you.

Lydia, would you hold this
against me?

- No.
- Okay. You promise?

- Guys.
- I promise. We've had really honest discussions.

I trust you.

All right, so, have you made

an official decision of
who you're going to send home?

I'm sticking with my vote, Jeff.

I vote Jenny.


I just cannot go
to rocks on day seven.

With absolutely no joy,

I've decided on Jenny.

All right, Jenny,
you are the fourth person

voted out of the game.

- You need to grab your torch.
- I'm sorry, Jenny.

I'm so sorry, too.

Jenny, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

It's never easy.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

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Jonathan opens his big mouth.

My main man

is a bit of a slob.

"Make a knot here.

Pick that one up."

Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow.

Rocksroy, shut the hell up.

- You played.
- I know.

There ain't no Kumbaya.
It's like holy crap-baya.

I thought we had it, but
Chanelle did not have a vote

to cast today, and I'm really
disappointed in Daniel.

He turned around and seems to
have embraced his relationship

with Hai more than mine.

You guys better look out
for Hai

because I think
he's going to be

slitting all of your throats
in the end.