Survivor (2000–…): Season 42, Episode 1 - Feels Like a Rollercoaster - full transcript

Eighteen new castaways begin their battle for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

Well, last season birthed
a new era of Survivor.

26 days,
a relentless pace, no food...

I'm just really hungry.

...penalties for losing...

I need your flint.

...and these crazy,
dangerous twists.

- Oh, my God.
- DANNY: Oh.

You are safe, my friend.

And what's really great is,

we shoot two seasons

which means this new group
of players for 42

has not seen anything
that happened in 41.

So we're going to use that
to our advantage in this way.

Some twists
will remain the same,

like the crazy phrases
that you have to say

in front of other players
to activate your idol.

TORI: "Potatoes have skin.
I have skin. Am I a potato?"

But other twists,

we're going to change
the variables a little bit

to see if it changes
how the players respond.

And some twists will be new.

It's another evolution

in the greatest
social experiment

ever seen on television.

Season 42 Episode 01

Episode Title:
"Feels Like a Rollercoaster"

Aired on:
March 09, 2022.

I've waited for a long time

to be out here
playing Survivor.

I live
for challenges like this.

I have a world record
in pull-ups

with 100 pounds on my back.

I did 15 in a minute.

But this is like
the ultimate challenge.

There's nothing like this.

Like, yeah,
there's a million world records,

but there's one Survivor.

DREA: From the beginning,
I've had to fight

for people to believe in me,

even doing hurdles half blind.

They thought I was crazy.

I became
an all-American in hurdles.

Like, I fight,

and I'm very competitive.

Sometimes, I bring that
into certain situations, and

they're just like,
"You're-you're too much, Drea."


OMAR: As an exotic animal

you never know what you're going
to see when you come into work.

It might be a tiny canary
with a fractured leg,

or a giant rhino that you have
to put your hand up its butt.

I'm gonna come out into
this game acting like a pigeon,

something that's
nonthreatening, but really,

I'm going to be
like the owl in the night.

You're not gonna hear
or see me coming

until you're dead
and Jeff is snuffing your torch.

[bird squeaks]

As a young woman, as a Gen Z,

I feel way outside
of my comfort zone.

I mean, the most
I've ever even camped

is at music festivals,
like, truly, like.

It's definitely a weakness.
I mean,

I'm an awkward runner,
I'm an awkward swimmer.

I'm nervous about the bug.

I will burn instantly.

I'm already worrying
I'm burning now.

Even sand. Sand is horrible,

especially, like,
when it, like, sticks

to your whole body. It sucks.

These 18 strangers have
left everything behind.

I've been trying to get

on the show forever.
This is like

a lifelong dream.

They're about to take part

in an adventure that will
forever change their lives.

MARYA: There's something
for me that's here

that I need to find.

PROBST: A complicated
and dangerous game

designed to test them

by pushing them further
than ever before...

LINDSAY: How much farther
can I really go?

How much potential
do I really have?

PROBST: ...forcing them
to adapt at every turn...

Whatever twist Jeff is going
to throw at us,

I need to be prepared.

...and challenging the beliefs

of what is possible for those
brave enough to say yes

to the adventure of a lifetime.

You get one shot at this.
You get one shot.

And I'm gonna give it
everything I got.

Who will have what it takes
to outwit, outplay

and outlast all the rest?

This is Survivor 42.


Come on.

Come join me.


MARYANNE: Right now, it feels
like a roller coaster.

The strap is on, the people
have done their final check,

and the roller coaster
just went like... [grunts]

And it's now just
starting to move.

And in this moment,
you have to decide,

are you going to raise your hand

to have the experience of your
lifetime, or are you gonna

close your eyes
and regret that for your life?

My hands are going to be raised,

and I'm going to be screaming
with everyone on this...

whatever ride this is.

All right.

Welcome to Survivor 42.

[whooping and cheering]

You are here, so excited.

It is so nice to be back
in Fiji where it is safe.

You all quarantined, everybody
tested, everybody is good to go.

We can play Survivor.
Woman in the front... your smile.

You haven't stopped smiling
since you got in the sand.

- What's your name?
- Maryanne.

what is that enthusiasm?

How do you describe that
to your best friend?

It's, like, you dream
about this, you know?

You dream about, like,
going on Survivor.

Then you're like...
And all your friends are like,

"Maryanne, you're not gonna
make it on Survivor."

Like, so many people. And then
it's like, you're here,

and then it's like, like,
you know, like, you're here.

And, like, you're there
and, like, I'm here, and, like,

you're just like...
Like, I just want to,

like, jump up, run, scream.

Ah! It's so hard to keep it in.


Guy in the middle in the green.
What's your name?

Mike. How you doing, Jeff?

I'm out here with Jeff Probst.
Can you believe this?

- Holy crap. - That'll go away fast.
- [laughter]

- It will?
- Yeah.

Well, let me soak this in
for a few seconds first.

On the beach,
sand under my feet,

and Jeff Probst
is talking to me.

It don't get better than that.
I can't wait

for my friends to see this.
They're not going to believe it.

- [laughter]
- So what does it take to win this game, Mike?

I think you need to be
diversified in all the areas...

Social game,
your challenge game,

and even just how you act around
camp. I think it takes it all.

I think the person that comes
out and is more well-rounded

than the rest of us
will win this game.

- What's your name?
- Zach.

Zach, what does it take
to win Survivor?

I think
we're about to find out, Jeff.

What does that mean?

I don't know. I was trying, man.

- [laughter]
- It-it sounded cool.

I think it was the delivery

that I kind of, like,
miffed it on.


So, look around.

One of you is 26 days away
from winning Survivor 42

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

There are lots
of different ideas

about what it takes to win,

and you have
to continue to adapt.

That is the key,
which is why you got to think

of the game of Survivor

like it's the monster
in the horror movie.

Either you slay this game,
or the game will slay you.

I'm glad each of you are here,

and I hope that Survivor gives
you what you're looking for.

Let's get into it.
Let's start with our tribes.

- Over here on the left... Taku.
- Yeah.

In the middle... Vati.

And on the end,
wearing blue... Ika.

- [whooping]
- Yeah!

All right, are you ready
to get to your first test

- as brand-new tribes?
- ALL: Yeah!

All right,
here's what's going to happen.

On my go, one person
from each tribe is going to race

into the jungle
and untie two paddles

from a cargo net.

They'll come back.
Another person from that tribe

will then race down
around the far end of the beach

and get two more paddles.

When you're back
with your paddles,

everybody gets in your boat
and you paddle out

and around the buoy, collecting
a bag of bamboo sticks.

One tribe member
will use those sticks

to try to retrieve that flint.

First tribe member to get
a flint earns for their tribe

- a pot, a machete and a flint.
- Oh, my.

That's what you're starting
the game with.

- No rice.
- [laughs]

- No food source.
- Wow.

You haven't seen Survivor 41.

You're going to be on your own.
The new Survivor

is fast, it's difficult,
and it's dangerous.

OMAR: I don't know
about season 41, but

watching 40 seasons of Survivor,
you have a general idea.

But when Jeff says,

that's out the window, and
you don't know what to expect...

This is just wild.

All right, tell me
who are the first runners

for the first leg?
Come right up here

in front of the green.

- Come on, my brother.
- Right next to each other.


- [whooping]
- All right, Jonathan!

- All right, Daniel.
- Yeah, let's go, Daniel!

He's pretty big, you know.

I got to win one
for the short guys here.

- [laughs]
- We have Jonathan, Daniel...

- Yes.
- ...and Tori gonna race on the first leg.

- Tori, you got this.
- Go, Jonathan!
- First challenge

of Survivor 42
for basic camp supplies.

Here we go.
Survivors ready.

- Yes.
- Go.

- ROCKSROY: Go, Tori!
- Jonathan, Daniel and Tori.

Yeah, Tori! [Whoops]

Two paddles tied to a cargo net.

- [whooping, clapping]
- MARYANNE: Jonathan!

You got this, Jonathan!

PROBST: The early moments
of Survivor 42.

You have no idea
what's happening back there.

- Jonathan!
- You've sent a relative stranger

- to represent your tribe.
- [whooping]

Who will come back first?

- Let's go, Tori!
- [whooping]

Come on, Tori!

[Tori grunts]

- [whooping]
- ROCKSROY: Come on!


- Let's go, Daniel!
- Come on, Daniel!

- Come on!
- Keep it up! Keep it up!

- Come on, Daniel!
- Here it is!

Jonathan with Tori right behind.

You're good. Go!

It's gonna be Lindsay.
Here comes Tori.

You got to get there! Go.
Here comes Drea.

Go, Lindsay! Go, Lindsay! Go!

Go, Lindsay!
Go, Lindsay! Go!

Down and around the beach

trying to get two more paddles.

- [overlapping shouting]
- We're waiting for Daniel.

Here comes Daniel.

Got to get back.
Daniel takes a fall.

- Keep digging, brother. You're on Survivor.
- HAI: Got it.

- Drop it, drop it, drop it.
- Go. Hai's gonna head out now.

Go, Hai!

Get the pad...
Get the paddles ready.

You're okay. You're okay.

Come on, Lindsay!

You got this!


I sprint, and I run around,
and I get there.

And then, all of a sudden,
I see that there's this thing

that says you have to make

this decision,
but you have to wait

till everyone else gets there.

I'm like,
"That's a huge twist," but

clearly this is a much more
dangerous version of this game.


- HAI: Okay.
- Well...

Hai, let's go!

Pros are,
we all have an advantage.

- JENNY: Come on! Let's go, Hai!
- Right, and also, con is

we are now being deceitful
immediately if...

- HAI: That's the game.
- We play... We came

- to play the game, though.
- [overlapping shouting]

But go with your gut.

My gut is that
it's only 26 days.

- Going fast.
- And that as long

as we get to merge

and the three of us know
and only the three of us know...

- It has to stay, just the three of us.
- I got y'all.

- Five finger.
- Otherwise we...

- we all crash and burn.
- Can you touch his pinkie?
- Pinkie.

This was an opportunity to build

two instant connections
on other tribes.

So for me
there was no other choice

except to do it.

Hey, what's the lie?
Wait. What's the lie?

This is awesome! Wait. Let's

- help each other out here.
- Yo, this one is a long ride.

- It is. Man.
- Row.

A long time to get back.

Rest of the tribe can do nothing
until their tribe member is back

with those two paddles.

- This is mud. Here, get it on.
- [Hai mumbles]


- Wait.
- Oh, it's so cute.

- But I'm sorry.
- Yeah, just do it.

- Who cares?
- Wait. They're gonna be like,

- "What kind of freaking...?"
- Put it on my face, too.

- Oh!
- It has to look like...

All right, we have
to make it believable.

- Otherwise it's-it's obv...
- We can't just... Shh.

No one's back yet.

I've been on such a strict
skin care routine.

- This is good. It's mud.
- Oh, yeah, you're right.

Oh, my God.
I hope they're okay.

[grunting, laughter]

Wow. This is a hell of a run
you sent 'em on, Jeff.


Oh, my God. Come on.
No. You have to.

- DREA: Okay.
- HAI: Okay, I'll do that.

Oh, yeah.

Like, we have to do it.
This doesn't...

This doesn't look good at all.

Should we check on them?


- Lindsay!
- [cheering, screaming]

Oh, and it's Lindsay back

Here comes Drea and Hai.



You're good.

Go ahead.

You guys ready?

- MIKE: Come on, Hai.
- PROBST: You're good.

You're good.
Everybody in your boats.

Steady, girl.

All six people going
to be paddling.

It's going to be Taku
in the water first.

You got to go out
and around the buoy.

Get your bamboo sticks
on the way back.

Now we're straying.
Let's all go...

Ika is way off course.

They're struggling
just to not go backwards.

Stop paddling. Stop. Left. Stop.
Right, right, right.

- Row.
- Go.

Taku getting close to that buoy.

- Row!
- Now all of us, all of us.

It is Vati and Ika
in second place,

but Taku in the clear lead
right now.

Come on. Come on, come on.

You got to get
around that buoy...

All right.
...before you can get

the bamboo sticks
on your way back.

All right, guys.
Come on, we got this.

It is Taku still in the lead.

Taku now at the station
to get their bamboo sticks.

Now they're starting
to float away

- from the station.
- No!


Yeah. Yeah, you are.

Jump. All right,
paddle close to him.

Paddle close to him.

PROBST: Jonathan gets up
on the platform for Taku,

- untying knots with his bamboo.
- [whooping]

Jonathan back in the water now.

Jonathan gonna swim back
to that boat.

Taku still in a very dominating
position right now.

It's now Vati finally
at the buoy.

Go! Good, guys, good!

- PROBST: And Ika right behind them.
- We got it.

Taku is back.
You got to get in.

You got to tie up.

Taku trying to get close
to that rope.

Look at that.
A miscalculation

about where they came in.

Jonathan literally
dragging that boat over

so he can walk in.


- Now Vati at the platform.
- You got it, Lydia?

- Come on, baby.
- Working on

untying their bamboo sticks.

Don't lose me.
Don't lose me. Don't lose me.

Everyone get out?

PROBST: Once that rope will reach,
try it.

[overlapping chatter]

One person now.

- Come on, Marya.
- Gonna be Marya using

the bamboo sticks. You're gonna
have to build a pole

that is long enough and strong
enough to reach that flint

and get it back to you.

- [overlapping chatter]
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.

- Hold on!
- PROBST: Vati coming back now.

They have their bamboo sticks.

And Ika in blue now
at the platform.

Ika has their bamboo sticks.
They're heading back.

Taku with the early lead.


Go, go!

Keep digging. You've got

- to be tied in.
- One, two. Go, go, go. Come on.

- You're good. Head in.
- Come on, pull.

- PROBST: Daniel clearly injured.
- Come on!

- Push!
- PROBST: That fall he took

in the beginning...
That right shoulder looks lame.

Got it. Got it.

- Come on.
- Let's go.

Hai now starting to work
on the bamboo sticks.

Rocksroy starting in
on the bamboo sticks.

Marya with a big lead

of time, allowing her
to work on her bamboo pole.

- You got it, girl.
- Yeah, can you give it a go?

Trying to see how much more
distance she needs.

- She is not close.
- MIKE: All right, you better move it, Hai.

- Hai!
- Hai!
- Hai and Rocksroy are gaining.

It would be a huge comeback
for Ika

and a huge comeback for Vati

'cause they were
really out of it.

- Good job, Rocksroy!
- PROBST: Marya absolutely patient.

Does she have it this time?

- It's looking better.
- There you go.

She's got to get it high enough
to hook that ring.

Yeah! Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hai now gonna give it a go.

And here comes Rocksroy.

All three tribes are in it.

This is what you want minutes
into Survivor 42.

- Oh, yeah, baby!
- PROBST: Rocksroy

- literally a half an inch away.
- Got it?

- [overlapping shouting]
- PROBST: Closer. Closer.

Rocksroy's on the ring.

- Can he get it off?
- Let's go!

He's got it hooked.
He's got it off.

Now it's in the sand.

Now he's got to drag it.
Here comes Hai.

- What is happening?
- PROBST: You can feel the pressure

- now kick in. - Yeah, you got this.
- Good job.

Taku had a huge lead,

which puts the pressure
on Marya to pay it off.

- You got this.
- PROBST: Rocksroy very patient,

but this is not
a good situation.

Keep dragging it!

PROBST: Stick doesn't have
much leverage.

- There you go! There you go!
- It will take a great touch.

- Yes!
- Rocksroy's inside the ring.

Can he hook it again?
This would be a great maneuver.

- And this might do it.
- [overlapping shouting]

PROBST: For the win for Ika.

- Yes! - [Cheering]
- Yeah, baby!

Ika wins first challenge.
Huge job by Rocksroy,

earning camp supplies
for his tribe.

You're the man!
You are the man!

Sorry, guys.

Are you okay?
You're bleeding a lot.

Ika, congratulations.

Out of the gate, first victory.

Waiting for you
back at camp will be

your meager supplies:
A pot, machete and a flint.

As for the two losing tribes,

you have to go
to your new beaches now

and once again try in a new way

to earn your camp supplies.

Ika, grab your stuff,
get in your boat.

You're heading out this way.

- Congratulations.
- [cheering]

Get started building shelter.

Taku, grab your stuff,
head out.

You're going straight out.

I mean, I failed.

My team set us up to win
and win big,

but it's a lot harder
than I thought it was gonna be.

And so, my mindset is just

buckle my seat belt.

Like, it's gonna be real.

All right, Vati,
before I send you out,

Daniel, clearly
your shoulder is hurting.

What happened?

I think I-I pulled
a Stephenie LaGrossa here,

and I think
it-it just popped out.

We're gonna bring medical in
before you head out.

- Yes. Yes.
- PROBST: So you can paddle.

All right, medical,
let's come in.

All right,
so let's give a little space.

Just step back a little bit
so we can just talk with Daniel.

- MIKE: You got this, Daniel.
- LYDIA: Yeah.

DOCTOR: Let's sit you down
so that you're more comfortable

- to start with. Yeah? - DANIEL: Okay. Okay.
- PROBST: Can you sit down?

DOCTOR: It's whatever
position is more comfortable for you.


All right...


PROBST: Is it something that
can be repaired?


- Okay.
- Just pop it. Pop it. I'm ready.


- Just stay as relaxed as you're able to.
- I trust you.

- Oh, there we go. That feels so much better.
- Wow. I saw it.

Oh, my God.

- Wow, Dr. Rae, well done.
- LYDIA: Good job, Daniel.

you're a rock star right now.


- Okay. All right, thank you.
- [chuckles]

- PROBST: Thanks, Dr. Rae.
- I do love doctors.

Good job, Dan. Good job, Dan.

- [clapping, chatter]
- Thank you. Thank you.

All right, brother.

We lost the challenge,
somebody got hurt.

We don't know how hurt he is.

Also, we got no rice,
no flint, no machete, no pot.

And I'm like, "Already?"

The first 15 minutes,
and we're in trouble.

This is not a good start at all.




- All right!
- We're here!

- ZACH: Oh, that's our stuff.
- TORI: Oh, my God!

I'm a super duper fan.

So getting to just sit
in this sand on this, like,

stupid tree thing is a dream.

- This is our shelter?
- This is for our shelter? - [Laughter]

I mean, prime real estate.

A new era of Survivor
is absolutely terrifying,

because I know 40 seasons.

I don't know last season.

I'm Zach.

I'm 21 years old,
and I'm a student.

But whatever is thrown my way,
bring it on.

I'm Drea. I'm 34.

Born and raised in Texas,

but I've lived in Montreal
for the past 12 years.

So, I'm Romeo. Uh...

I'm a pageant director.

I'm Rocksroy Bailey.

I am the old head here.

- [chuckles]: I'm...
- No way. No.

I'm 43 years old.

Okay, hi, guys. My name's Tori.

Um, I work as a caregiver,
and I'm 24.

Um, I'm Swati. I'm 20.

Um, I'm in
the Army National Guard,

- and I'm a computer science student.
- ROCKSROY: Oh, awesome.

Being in the National Guard,
I think it'll be a real asset,

because young women,
as we have seen,

get voted out early on Survivor
pretty frequently.

So I think just having
that initial impression of me,

of like, "Okay, she's going
to do her work around camp,

she's going to participate
in the challenges,"

will be super useful.

My family immigrated from India.

They raised me by example

on hard work and discipline.

And some people were surprised
when the hippie nerd

joined the Army National Guard,

but to me the military
really exemplifies those values.

Also, my education
was always a top priority.

Uh, not to flex, but I got into
every college I applied to.

And now I got into Harvard.

All I do at home is work and
maneuver my way to the top,

and that's
what I'm about to do here.

Tell me how to say your name.

- Swati.
- Swati, Swati, Swati.

- Swati.
- Is it Tori?

- Yes. How'd you know?
- No way.

TORI: So, my social strategy
coming into the game

is, I want to tell people
and show people

what I want them
to think about me.

So I told them I work
as a caregiver... which is a lie.

I actually work as a therapist.

But using
what I know in therapy

is totally what I'm going to do.

Are we, like,
the three young people?

I guess we are.

So we quickly start
working on our shelter,

and the big kids go
to deal with the fire,

which leaves
the three youngest people,

we're doing the palm fronds.

Wait, so do
you like Harry Potter?

Yeah, I mean,
I read all the books.

- There you go. True fan.
- Seen all the movies.

And I'm from Florida,
so I've been to the...

- the Wizarding World. Like...
- Oh, yeah. Have you ever had Butterbeer?

- Of course.
- How is it?

It's delicious.

So we're talking,

and I'm really trying
to let my nerdy self show.

Oh, she knows her Harry Potter.

I love this.

'Cause I could just tell.
I picked up on that,

that that's the kind
of person they are.

Oh, man, they're
working hard on the fire.


TORI: So I don't want
to be with the big kids.

- DREA: Oh, my God.
- They get it?

I want the people
who are a little quieter,

maybe on the outs.

Good job.

And, so far,
I think it's going well.


- You're thinking what I'm thinking?
- Yeah.


- Yeah, same.
- You remind me of back home.

I work in
the world of pageantry.

First impressions is
the most important thing.

So right off the bat,
with Drea and Rocks,

I just got really good vibes
from them.

Well, let's just start off
with this.


There you go.

[Drea chuckles]

Ever since I was a kid,
I wanted to do two things.

I couldn't win Miss Universe
because I'm a man,

but I could win Survivor.

Let's talk about
building some homes.

Let's do it.

Who would have thought a pageant
coach from South Central,

this skinny kid,

could be able to make alliances

and be chopping bamboo
with no problem.

- [laughter]
- You good?


It's incredible.

[laughter, indistinct chatter]



One, two, three.

Holy crap.

It's a lot different than TV,
huh, guys?

Vati tribe,

our first challenge
of season 42, like,

it was insane.

Even the team that's in last
can finish it,

- so we don't give up. - Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Right.

LYDIA: Daniel fell
and dislocated his shoulder,

and now we have
no camp supplies.

So that is
definitely a setback

going into a game where
we are not provided anything.

"You failed
in your first attempt

at earning your supplies.
Here's your second chance."

[sighs] Oh, my gosh.

Oh, God.

So we need to decide.

- Um...
- Okay.

MIKE: The choice of
our challenge was to get

probably the most important
things in the game:

Flint, machete, pot.

You can't do anything
without those three.

So big decision,
we're in trouble.

Either we solve this puzzle,
or fill up that pot

and walk that back and forth
for four hours

and fill that 55-gallon drum up.

Now, looking around,

I saw that the person that
would be designated to do that

was yours truly.

And they get to talk,

they get to rest,
I'm left out.

I make sure to put
a kibosh on that right away.

Here's what I'm thinking.
That pot's heavy.

- Yeah.
- MIKE: That's four hours.

It's one person.
I think we're a team.

- Yeah.
- MIKE: We stick together, and we do the challenge

- that we're all involved in.
- DANIEL: I agree.

So that way we all take
responsibility for it.

Who's good at stuff
like reading these triangles?

- Do we... Are you good at that?
- LYDIA: Well, it's a visual...

I-I think I'm pretty good

- with visual puzzles like that.
- MIKE: Okay, good.

All right.

- MIKE: Okay, okay.
- DANIEL: This is...

HAI: Wait a minute.
Was that a trick?

No, it's not a trick. Listen.

- If it seems easy, it's not easy.
- HAI: Yeah. All right.

- So should we all just do it?
- LYDIA: Yeah.

Okay, I-I have my number.

- HAI: I have mine.
- MIKE: Me, too.

I, uh, I'm still going.

- Let's all say it on three.
- DANIEL: Wait, wait, wait.

JENNY: So I start counting
the triangles,

and how many of my tribe members
say "I got it"?

There's no way anyone
has it yet.

Let Jenny explain.
She's on to something.

I thought, "Good Lord.

These people are not
puzzle people."

- So, one, two, three at the top, right?
- HAI: One, two, three. Right.

- JENNY: This is a triangle. This is a triangle.
- HAI: Damn.

- You're right.
- MIKE: Oh, you're right.

I'm a designer,
and so I'm a very visual person.

I'm also really methodical,
so I can pick things apart,

and I can see them visually.

So this is one,
including the two rows, right?

- LYDIA: Yeah. Yeah.
- JENNY: Four, five, right?

- That's another. So that's 20.
- Yeah.

So I just start showing
them the basic math of it,

and they look at me confused.

And at that point,

I'm realizing I have to step up
and really lead this challenge,

so that I can get us
the tools that we need.


There's no way.


It almost seems too easy.

Six, seven, eight.

- This isn't my strong suit, so...
- [laughs]

- Like, he saw 30 more triangles than me.
- LINDSAY: Yeah.

And I don't... I-I feel like
I would get in the way.

You know, it's-it's better
to divide our resources anyways,

- so that we can have somewhere to sleep tonight.
- OTHERS: Yeah.

the tribe decided to do Savvy,

which is a puzzle.

I wanted to be the provider,
the strength,

but I'm not gonna be
the puzzle guy.

So, as a tribe,
we decided to split...

Half work on the puzzle,
half work on the shelter.

And then there were three.

The hardest part
about this puzzle

was remembering
what you already counted.

26, 27, 28, 29, 30.


Okay, I see...

No, no. The 30 is the 30.
That 30 is that...

- Oh, yes! Oh, my God.
- Okay.

The puzzle, it's like,

you can see this triangle,
and it might go

and make a triangle like...
[♪] Doonk, doonk, doonk. [♪]

And then you're like,
"Yes. This is great."

That's triangle number one.

You go to triangle number two,
three, four, five.

And now you're at
triangle number six.

Where's triangle number one?

You don't know.

And then after, you'll go,
you'll be like, "Oh,

this is a cool triangle."

[♪] Doonk, doonk, doonk. [♪]

And then you'll double-count it.

11, 12, 13, 14.



[groans loudly]

It was so stressful

just trying to keep track of,

like, what have I counted?
What have I not counted?

Oh, oh, no, there's one.


The pressure is on

because you don't have
those tools.

We can't start a fire.

If rain comes, we're screwed.

And of course,
we can't even build a shelter.

Oh, my gosh.

- LINDSAY: Okay, let's go.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

46, 47, 48,

- 49.
- LYDIA: Mm-hmm.

- Yeah. They have to come together.
- That's what's tricky.



Getting this number right
is the difference between

being on the beach with nothing

or having water and fire
and a shelter.

It is the difference between
literal survival in this game.

So, what are we at now?

- DANIEL: We're at 50.
- 50.

I'm confident that
there are at least 50.

- JENNY: Yes.



MIKE: And then we do
the drumroll, right?

Who's got the drumroll?


- LINDSAY: So, 37 plus 14 is 51.
- OMAR: So...

So is that 51 three times?

So, that is 3135?

I think it is.

Or 51 and 52.

Once we got three in a row,
where we're like, "There's 51,"

we felt good about that.

But even that's not enough,

'cause then you have
the final step

of what's your second number?

Did you count two
that were the same?

Or did you maybe miss one?

51 and 52.

- MARYANNE: We good?
- Yeah.

- We good. [Chuckles]
- God.

This is the scariest
thing I've ever done in my life.

Do it slow.

- Okay, ready?
- [chuckles nervously]

Let's go.


[overlapping shouting]


[screaming, cheering, laughing]

What? What?

You guys rock.

We have the flint,
we have the machete,

and we have the pot.

And it's so funny how low
your standards go so quickly.

I'm like, "Oh, my gosh,
we got bare necessities.

This is the best day
of my life!"

[Maryanne laughs]


Hey, guys.



Never would've guessed that.

I try, brother. I try.
Listen, it's not easy.

Throughout my whole life,

people look at me
and think I'm a hard guy,

that I'm some guy

that's probably a little mean,
a little tough.

You know, so it's my job
to soften that blow

because that's not who I am.

- JENNY: Oh, wow.
- HAI: Oh, wow.

- I break rock.
- JENNY: That's how strong Mike is!

MIKE: I'm so proud
of what I've done in my life.

The Hoboken Fire Department
was my career for 26 years.

Very proud
to put that uniform on.

It gave me a sense of pride.
I was actually

the first Puerto Rican
battalion chief in Hoboken.

You know, honestly,
I have very humble beginnings.

I was a kid in the projects,
running the streets.

My father was rough,
my mother was handicapped, so

I had to work to...
to be who I am today.

You got it this time.


- LYDIA: Oh, my God.
- JENNY: Oh, my God. Yes.

Holy cow, baby.

- Yes. Here.
- Wow.

Oh, my God, guys.

There's only sidewalks
in Hoboken,

but I got a fire in Survivor.

DANIEL: Who says someone
from the city can't make fire?

High five, man.

- Now...
- Fireman gets the fire started.

- Jenny.
- [Jenny laughs]

[Drea and Zach
singing Survivor theme]

[all singing]

[singing continues in distance]

[singing continues]

I know, hey, just go with it.
They're kids.

[whooping, laughing]


The thing is,
my work ethic is different.

I like to get things done.

- This is not a vacation.
- I got you.

We're in the middle
of nowhere, people.

Guys, we got the...
we got the booty here.

Guys, seriously, we need
to really seriously buckle down

- and focus right now.
- SWATI: Okay.

We're going to need firewood.

We're going to need a place to
lay our heads. It's game time.

Let's get crack-a-lackin'.

Let's move your palm fronds
over this way, and then, Z,

if you can help me
pull out everything.

It was like herding cats.

And I'm not a cat herder.

Got to get stuff done.

ZACH: In terms of the building
of the shelter...

Got to get things done, man.

...I have one word.

And that's Rocksroy.

Put it on this side...
Here, over here.

This is why I'm moving this
out of this way.

Rocksroy has taken on
the most leader-like role...

Line 'em up like this.

...that through 40 odd seasons

I have ever seen in this game.

- I just need to sit for a minute.
- Just sit.

And in a new era of Survivor,

it paints a huge target
on your back

right out the gate.

Let me know
if I'm being too lecture-y.

Generations have changed,
you know?

It's kind of
a little frustrating 'cause

my kids are a lot more easier
to take care of than these guys.

I am a stay-at-home dad.

You know, I love it.

My kids are seven and five.

It's such a joy, like,

just being there with the kids
all the time,

watching them grow,
watching them develop.

It's such a different mindset

to go from always being needed

for something with your kids.

And then when you're put
in this situation with

adults, which you don't need
to teach them all the time,

it is a reset with my brain.

It's a complete different way
of dealing with things.

So I will have
to adapt to being

in a more social type of game.

- Where did his stick go?
- Which one?

A wide stick so that we can
put another stick over it.

- Okay, I'm gonna go searching.
- Okay. - ZACH: Okay.

DREA: I have the advantage.
It's still in my bra.

That's when

I realized, I need to see
what's in my bra.

- You got to get that pot on, man.
- Yeah.

While they're listening
to Daddy,

I'm going to go
and, like, read this clue.

I know that they probably think
I'm looking for an idol, but

I just don't care. [Laughs]



Hide it in my pants.

HAI: I kind of overestimated
this advantage

because the catch is really


Not only do I have to reconnect

with Lindsay and Drea
to use this thing.

I also have to consider
whether or not

I need
to take them out, because

this thing becomes
more powerful.

But they're thinking
the same thing.

HAI: So now it's like
this complex web

of, like, game theory.

Are you going to strike?
And who's going to strike first?

Okay. Yeah.

- Fire talk. - Fire talk.
- Okay...

- Yeah.
- Very good story

that has a little bit
of a twist to it,

a little bit of a turn to it,

- a little bit of strangeness.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, so I applied for Survivor
one time ten years ago.

When I first started watching.

- MARYANNE: Oh, my gosh.
- But here's the twist.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- I applied as a girl. Yeah.
- LINDSAY: Get out. - OMAR: Ooh.

- Wow.
- OMAR: Oh.

Yeah. So I don't want
to hide anything

from you guys
'cause that's my true self.

- LINDSAY: Right. - MARYANNE: Mm-hmm.
- I'm a transgender guy.

I started transitioning about
eight and a half years ago.

- LINDSAY: Uh-huh.
- OMAR: Wow. - I had not told my parents.

Scared to death
to tell the parents

because I already knew
how they felt about it.

I was born

a girl.
I didn't feel like a girl.

And I struggled with it.
Made me a very angry, sad,

depressed person.

And when I told my parents,
it was not accepted,

and so, I had to live my life
away from my family, which was

very difficult because
I was very, very, very close

to my mother.

While I was transitioning, my
mother had gotten really sick,

and my father had invited me
to come see her.

I said, "Let's bring her home."

And he said, "Well, we can't

'cause we have
to have full-time care."

And I said, "So I'll move here,

and we'll take care of her

My father and I were never
close at all,

and during that time,
because we had

to spend literally
every day together,

we started to get
to know each other, and then,

next thing he was asking,
did I have anybody in my life.

I'm like,
"Well, I'm actually married."

And he's like,
"Well, I'd like to meet her."

And I thought,
"Well, that would be great.

She's a nurse.
She could help."

And so my wife got
to meet my dad.

And they ended up
becoming close.

My mother and I were
very, very close.

And she started getting worse
and worse and...

um, she-she passed away.

My father would ask me,

"Why did your mother get sick?"

And I said, "'Cause I think
this was the plan.

You and I got a relationship,
and Mom got to know who I was."

So I tell you guys this
because I want to be honest

about who I am.

Survivor makes you take

everything and peel it off
and be vulnerable and open.

And for me, that's
a huge testament for someone

who's always hid,
like, who I was.

My goal is to get
to the million dollars.

But if that doesn't happen,
the fact

that I tried it
is a huge testament

to someone
who hid their whole life.

So there's your fire talk.

It's a great fire talk.

You're doing a great job, man.
Good job.

- Our hold's gonna be better.
- Yeah.

- We got a roof.
- [Lydia laughs]

Oh, my gosh.

Day two, and I'm nowhere
near crying. Thank God.

I think it's by, um...

But, like, it's crazy.

I think this is already

way harder than normal

'cause they have so much
more stuff to really work with.

Can you try
to just flip it up again?

I mean, we don't even have rope.
We're literally

just, like... aah!
Putting things up,

and fingers crossed, you know?

I really felt

some sort of, like, connection.

So right now, Lydia

and Hai seem like
they get along well.

Trust me, I got you.

And it seems
like Jenny and Mike are a duo.

And that leaves me
and Daniel to be a duo.

Nothing's going
to happen without,

like, me cluing you in or...

You have to trust someone
to have your back

- in the conversation.
- Yes.

- I got you.
- Yeah.

- You don't have to worry. I'm solid.
- Okay.

I like everyone in this tribe.

There is no dud in this tribe.

CHANELLE: I get, I get
good vibes from you, too.

It seems like
I've made good connections

with people thus far,

to my delight
and surprise, actually.

Dude, I wouldn't even know
you had a bad shoulder

- if-if...
- Good.

Like, a lot of people after

I potentially lost the challenge
for the tribe

and, like,
dislocated my shoulder,

would have totally used that
to destroy my game,

and they didn't.

It just means so much
to be here right now.


- It is a childhood leukemia scar.
- Oh, my God, you're...

- Yeah.
- Good for you, but you're good?

- Yeah, I'm fully cured. Fully cured.
- Good for you, man.

- Good for you.
- Yeah, that's amazing.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.

DANIEL: At age 15,
I was diagnosed with leukemia.

I went through, like,
three years of chemotherapy.

And one of the things
that helped me through all this

was watching Survivor.

It was just a way

of enjoying something that
brought me to a different world.

It was rough, but

it was the best type of cancer
you can get if you're a kid.

It was the most treatable.

So the idea to now go
from a hospital bed

where I could not support
myself and have the strength

to, like, brush my teeth to,
like, being on an island about

to have the adventure
of a lifetime...

It's, uh... it's surreal.
It's absolutely...

Then how could I not say yes
to that-that opportunity?

- Yeah, it means a lot to be here.
- Yeah.

- So, yeah, it's great.
- HAI: Awesome.

But the number one reason
I am here

is because there is,
like, some kid out there

in some hospital bed longing

to have an adventure
of this sort or just, like,

leave the hospital,
and I am out here

because I'm playing
for that kid.

Who wants water?

- No one else wants it? Okay.
- DREA: Thank you.

You know, I weighed in
before I came here.

- How much?
- I'm, like, literally 118.

You're... you were more
than me. I was 112.

Dude, but 118 is the highest

- I've ever been.
- But how tall are you?

I like Romeo.

We're both, you know, ripped.

But trying to make an ally
on Survivor is one of the most

awkward experiences
I've ever been in.

- Yeah.
- The most I've been is 118.

It's like waiting to be kissed.

You need to be willing
to make that move,

to lean in, but it's terrifying.

And what if you lean in,
they don't lean back?

But the first convo
I have with Romeo,

he asks me...

How are you feeling? I was about
to ask you, how are you feeling?

To me that's like,

"Ding, ding."
Like, those are the words.

That's... Like, that's
the words you're waiting for

as a Survivor player.

I'm going to talk to you like
superfan to superfan, right?

- Yeah.
- I feel good about this tribe, and you're the person

that, like, I just relate to
the most, and I feel...

I, too. Even when I saw you, I
was like, "We're both, like..."

That's what I said.
I literally...

- Taro?
- I think she said she saw a...

I don't even know what taro is.
Isn't that, like, cards?

She saw... she saw, like,
a taro leaf.

I think it's taro leaves,
which means it has a root.

[distant thudding]

I mean, look, there's, like,
literally one thing to do

on Survivor.

I know this game. I know

you do not go off on your own
for an extended period of time.

But, so, I'm like,
"This is good. People know

I'm looking for taro."

Little do they know, I did look
around for an immunity idol.

Like, I'm on Survivor.
I'm here to play.

But they're never
gonna know that.

She's first.

Then I come back,
and something's off.

Something feels weird.

I feel myself being nervous.

Almost, I feel guilty
as if I've done something wrong

because I went to go try
to find food for my tribe,

but I wasn't able to do so.

Uh, I just want to let you know
that Drea is, like...

- like, bringing your name up.
- Oh, really?

Yeah, and it's, like,
it's all about

that, like, uh...
that idol thing.

TORI: There's these rumors
already being spread.

That, to me, is, like,

you're seeing your hopes
and dreams dashed

before your very eyes because

you, yourself, I...
I made a very stupid decision.

Am I going to work through this

and turn this around somehow
in my favor?

I'm going
to find a way to do so.

You guys, there's a boat.

Come on!

We're just working
on the shelter.

And then I hear a "Om"
in the distance.

I'm like, "Oh, my goodness."

What is a boat doing here
on day two?

Jeff wasn't kidding when he was
saying this was fast-paced.

Thank you.

- Any volunteers?
- [Maryanne laughs]

- That's it.
- JONATHAN: You know what? Y'all...

In my mind, I'm like,

"I want to get on this boat."

But every single
Survivor fan knows

that if you leave the tribe,

that puts you on the outs.

I've just been weaving
palm fronds.

If I'm the sacrifice, I'm fine,
if everyone's fine with that.


I don't...
I don't mind if you go.

I'm just like, "Look, Maryanne,

"this boat probably
has something

that we want to know about."

So in that moment, I decided,

I'm going
to take one for the team.

Taku strong!

Come on, let's do it.

All right.

- On three.
- Ah!

- HAI: Is it Jenny?
- CHANELLE: I think it's Jenny.

Hold down the fort, Jenny.


Drawing the shortest straw
makes me nervous,

because what's going to happen
when I get out there?

- Oh! She's going.
- [overlapping chatter]

- Drea! Congrats.
- SWATI: Drea!
- ROMEO: You got it.

I came to play, and I know

that whatever it is
will be an advantage.


And I want as many

advantages as I can get
in this game.

This boat takes us

to this beautiful island,
and I'm starting

to feel excited
because I don't know what is

at the other end of this boat.

Maybe this is good.

- I'm Maryanne.
- Drea.

- Drea?
- Yeah.

- Jenny.
- MARYANNE: Jenny.

Hey, nice to meet you here.
It's so exciting to be here.

- Um... Okay.
- Oh, my gosh.

It's a summit.

"Follow the path to the summit.

Take this time
to get to know each other."

- Oh, my God.
- There better be food.

Please be food.

Rice? Yeah, but...

We start hiking,
and I think, "Okay.

"We're walking just over
this little hillside,

"and right over that ledge

will be a beautiful picnic
set up for us."

- MARYANNE: Oh, my gosh.
- DREA: I can't believe it.

- MARYANNE: Oh, my goodness.
- DREA: This is insane.

Oh, yeah. This is, like,
still surreal for me.

- JENNY: I know! You poor thing!

I feel as if

I have gone through a lot
of, like, adversity.

So I think that, honestly, like,

it's built me
to be a stronger person.

[♪] Happy birthday, Maryanne. [♪]

My parents are both
originally from Kenya.

When I told my mom I was
first interested in Survivor,

she was like, "Maryanne, why are
you interested in this show?"

She was so confused.
She was like,

"Why does Maryanne want to go
on an island to, like, starve?"

But the reason why
I think I'm here is

because I've always struggled
with, like,

self-esteem issues 'cause I was
a pretty weird kid growing up.

Like, I remember, like,
just dreading going on the bus

because people would always
pick on me,

but I can be me on this show.

And, like, Survivor is a way
where not only I can go

and test my own limits, but
I can show the people, as well.

It's like,
"Hey, like, look at you.

"You're someone who's weird

who didn't have to change
themselves to succeed."

And, like, maybe there's someone
who's watching this

that needs that,
and I want to be like,

"Hey, I'm here. I'm weird.

"You can be weird, too,
and you can win,

"and you can succeed,

and you don't have to change
anything about yourself."

I truly want Survivor to be
such a big experience for me.

It's like,
the million dollars...

I don't really care about that.

It's the title of Sole Survivor,
and it's the growth

that you get
to get to that title.

That's what I'm here for.

We're here?

Oh, my gosh.

"You will now separate
and make a private decision

before returning to camp."

- Okay.
- All right, guys.

- Here we go.
- Good luck.


What do we have here?

Oh. Oh.

"Protect your vote or...
risk your vote."

Oh, my God.
The prisoner's dilemma.



Oh, my gosh.

Oh, God,
please give me information.

I don't know these people.

We just met, so...

I'm going to take another risk.

Let's go.

A lot of times,
Christians play this game,

and when they're out
of the game, they always say,

"Man, I wish
I'd played more cutthroat.

I wish I risked it."

And I knew coming to this game,

I wouldn't want
to make that mistake.

So even though it's terrifying

and it might bite me
in the butt,

I think I'm going
to risk my vote.

I need to think about whether

all of us are willing
to take that chance or not.

I think they both might risk it
for different reasons

and then receive an extra vote.

And I've got nothing,
but I need to play it safe...


...and protect my vote.

All right, Jackson,

you want me
to fill up your water bottle?

But all in love,
'cause if you were saying

you were dizzy for ten hours,
I can't have you like that.


LINDSAY: Counseling... that's always
what I wanted to do,

- but take...
- OMAR: There's Jeff.

No! No, it's not.

- That is Jeff.
- MARYANNE: No, it's not Jeff.

- OMAR: What does he want to say to us?
- JONATHAN: That's Jeff.

- No.
- OMAR: Oh, no.

Hello, Taku.

Hello, hello.

Pretty cool. This is impressive

for just three days
into this game.

- LINDSAY: Thanks.
- PROBST: All right, and

I rarely come to a tribe camp,
and especially this early.

And so I came here
with a purpose,

and it was to have a little
one-on-one with Jackson.

- Can I borrow you?
- Yeah.

- You can head down this way.
- Oh.

So, Jackson, during the Survivor

- casting process...
- Mm-hmm.

...we spend a lot of time
getting to know players,

- getting to know you, right?
- Right.

- It's one of the best parts of the job.
- Right.

From go, you were a home run.

- It was an absolute "has to be on the show."
- Mm-hmm.

There's another element

throughout the casting process
where we ask you

to always keep us updated
on anything

that changes
with your medical situation.

- Right.
- Doctor's visit, anything, and that's because

we have to make sure
we can take care of you

when you're out here.

- Right.
- The day before

we're going to shoot,

you disclose some new
medical information.

And we all decided, let's
let Jackson start the game.

- Okay.
- Because nothing's going to happen

- in 24 or 48 hours.
- Right.

- So nobody's worried about you at this point.
- Right.

And everybody,
for the last two days,

has been trying to figure out
how we can do this.

But to speak very candidly...

- Please.
-'s very hard

to get any kind
of test done right now.

It's very difficult.

So here's my question.

Why did you not tell us?

Why did you wait
until the last minute?

'Cause I was trying
to just quit it completely,

'cause I didn't need it anymore.

'Cause, I mean, we're talking
to my wife. She's a nurse.

And I said, "I'm on lithium."

And she's like, "Well, you're
weaning yourself off of it.

You'll probably be off of it."

You're charting it out
and thinking,

- "I think I can get myself to where I'm off it."
- Yeah.

"I don't need to bring it up
'cause I'll be fine."

Right, I just thought...
And it's a stigmatism.

I mean, I'm a human
to know the fear is,

everyone hears the word

and they go way back in time
where they're like,

"That was a huge drug
back in the day."

That was a scary drug to be on.

And the first thought is,
the transition.

- Right.
- "Was it because of your transition?" I'm like,

"That had... that had nothing
to do with it."

If that were the case,
I would have been on lithium

20 years ago
because I was so unhappy,

- but that wasn't the case.
- Right.

I took it for another reason.

And this goes back a few years.

For... When I started
taking care my mom in 2016,

the stress of it...
I wasn't sleeping.

Like, two hours a night.

And they're like, "Well,
you have to start sleeping."

So that was a way
for me to take something

that I could
actually sleep with.

- Which is not uncommon.
- It wasn't.

And I wasn't ashamed to say
that I was on something because

I don't know
how anybody could go through...

what I went through
and be like,

"I don't need anything.
I'm fine."

So, Jackson, I came here

ready to have this conversation
very veiled,

without really revealing
anything, out of respect to you.

- Oh, I appreciate it.
- But you clearly are comfortable

talking about it.
Is that from the same place of,

"If-if I'm just honest and open,
and if we would just talk more,

we could... we could get rid
of some of these stigmas?"

By far. I think you should
talk about everything.

I'm not ashamed to say

I need help with certain things,
and that's life.

- I mean...
- Okay, so just to be clear,

the only problem
with this medication is,

it does have a reaction when
you are stressed, not eating,

- dehydrated, not sleeping...
- Right.

...physically demanding

And that's where
our concern came.

The cumulative effect
of this show would-would have

a potentially very bad impact
on you, and we don't want that.

Your safety is paramount.

We can't do it.
We can't.

Yeah, so...

I get it, and I appreciate you
talking to me about it.

It's weird that I'm getting
emotional about it, but even

to test yourself for 48 hours,

- it is such an adventure.
- Huh.

And I take this with love,

I know that I'll be friends
with these people.

And I appreciate you giving me
the opportunity.

For someone who didn't like
anything about them

for 40 years,
then to have someone say,

"People like the things
about you that you didn't know

you were capable of,"
speaks volumes.

And I appreciate it.

It was the best 48 hours
I've had ever.

All right, now the tough part.

- Yup.
- Have to go tell your tribe.



We have some news to share.

Okay, so I've been
on a medication

since I've been taking care of
mom, uh, for sleep and anxiety.

And unfortunately,
when it comes to that,

it's dehydration,
a lot of things

that come along with this can
really mess with the medication

and also make me very sick.

And as much
as I would love to be here...

- [Maryanne sobbing]

...uh, they're going to have
to take-take me off.

- [Maryanne sobbing]
- JACKSON: It's okay.

- MARYANNE: I am so sorry.
- It's okay.

I'm so sorry.

[Maryanne sobbing]

It's so nice to meet you, man.

Thank you.

When you watch the show,

you don't understand
how difficult

and how important the
survival aspect of this game is.

It's brutal, and your ability
to survive is reliant

on the people around you,

and immediately
that bonds you so,

so, so quickly.

Love you, Jackson!

[Maryanne crying]

It's a journey that I was
absolutely blessed

to be able to go on.

And I think

it makes you stronger
and more adaptable

to what life will throw at you.

So I think, even if you don't
win a million dollars,

you've won something that very
few people can say they've done.

It was a gift.

Come on in.


Vati, Ika, getting your first
look at the new Taku tribe.

- DANIEL: What?
- Huh?

Jackson had to leave
the game this morning.

- What?

Oh, wow.

Just like that, Taku is
down to five tribe members.

- Oh.
- What?

All right. Game continues.

Shall we get to our
first immunity challenge?

- Yes. - [Applauding]
- All right.

For today's challenge,

each tribe is gonna start out

in the water on a platform.

On my go,
you'll dive in, swim to a boat,

paddle to shore,

collecting three chests
along the way.

Once you get to shore,

you will drag
your chest and boat

across the track,
under the net to the finish,

where two tribe members
will use the pieces inside

to solve
a massive dragon puzzle.

The first two tribes to finish
win immunity.

- This is what you want.
- [exclaiming]

- [applauding]
- Yeah.

That's cool.

With the immunity idol
at your camp,

it means your tribe is safe
and nobody's going home.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody

will be the second person
to leave Survivor 42.

In addition,
there is a penalty for losing.

The last-place tribe will have
to give me their flint.

- [gasping]
- Will have a chance to earn it back

at the next immunity challenge.

- Wow.
- [chuckles]

All right, one more thing
I have to tell you

before we get to the sit-outs.

This we did last season.

Back at camp, you're each gonna
have a die waiting for you.

It's called
the Shot in the Dark die.

If you get to Tribal Council
one night,

and you feel you're in trouble,

you can choose to not vote

and instead
play your Shot in the Dark

- for a one-in-six chance at immunity at that Tribal Council.
- Oh.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Oh, my God.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- Wow.

All right, Vati,
you have one extra person.

Sitting somebody out,
who's it gonna be?

I'm gonna sit out.

All right, Lydia gonna sit out.

- Ika, who are you gonna sit out?
- [quiet chatter]

I'll do it.

Romeo's gonna sit out.

All right.

Sit-outs, take your spot
on the bench.

Everybody else,
give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get to
our first immunity challenge.



All right, here we go.

For immunity,

survivors ready.



Everybody in the water
got to get to your boat first.

You got to get
all five tribe members in

before you can detach

- the boat from its anchor point.
- Got it.

I'm going to the boat.

Once again, it is Taku

quickly out of the gate,
in the lead.


- MIKE: Go.

- Go.
- Go.

It's gonna be
Jonathan and Lindsay

out of the water for Taku,

trying to untie
that first chest.

- Wait, wait, wait. Long strokes.
- Vati is way off course.

They're at the wrong chest.

They've got to go back.


- You good?
- Good.

These chests are very heavy.

Jump up.

Vati's at their first chest.

Ika's at their first chest.

Those chests weigh a ton.

Vati has their first chest,
but the boat is gone now.

Big leap by Jonathan.

- Attagirl!
- PROBST: Wow.

Lindsay with a huge leap.
Taku in the lead.

Once again, Vati and Ika

trying to stay in this
first immunity challenge,

but they are struggling,

trying to figure out
how to paddle together.

Go. Go.

Taku doing a nice job.

- Very calm.
- LINDSAY: I got it.

Mike and Hai
on that second chest for Vati.

Drea and Rocksroy
on that second chest for Ika.

Jonathan is now realigning Taku,

giving them a head start.


PROBST: Rocksroy drops
his chest in the water.

They're gonna have to now
get it up in their boat,

which makes that leverage
so much more difficult.

- Everybody working now to get that blue chest in there.
- [grunting loudly]

They've got it.
Ika's heading out.

Vati has pulled themselves
back into the challenge,

if they can get it in there.

Jonathan's got to be
on that boat, too, and he is.

You got to get to the sand
before you can get out.

- OMAR: Yes.
- PROBST: Ika working on their third chest.

[overlapping shouting]

You're good!

It is Taku in the lead.

I got it. I got it.

Once again.

Ika struggling now to get
that third chest in there.

It is heavy and there's
not a lot of room.

Now you are dragging a very
heavy boat through the sand...

- MIKE: Go. - JENNY: All right, we're good.
- PROBST: ...with three chests.

- Ika has struggled this challenge, but you're doing it.
- Keep paddling!

Keep paddling!

- LYDIA: You guys are doing great!
- PROBST: Ika, you're good.

Let's carry the chest up.
I can carry...

- All three tribes...
- MARYANNE: Need help?

...look to be opting to take

the chests out
and walk them up the beach.

They are so heavy.

It's taking everything. Now you
still got to get the boat up.


That sand has
a lot of resistance.

- [grunting]
- PROBST: You are earning it, every single grunt.


This is no joke.
Nothing is easy on Survivor.


Slow and steady.

It is Taku in the lead
once again.

Here comes Vati.

- They're making progress.
- One, two, three.

Now you got to get the chest
back on the boat,

- 'cause everything's got to go together through the net.
- Yeah.

- [grunts]
- Take a breath,

take a breath, take a breath.

PROBST: You can see
the exhaustion on everybody.

All right. Go.

Ika's still at the beginning
of the track.

You've got this, guys!
Here we go! Come on!

- PROBST: Very little left in the tank.
- JONATHAN: Go, let's go!

We're only on day three.

- Here goes Taku with the next difficult section.
- [straining]

This is not easy either.

Go, let's go! Three.


Two, three.


There goes Vati.

They've got some momentum now.

Yeah! Come on, you guys
are in this! Let's go!

They're starting to gain
on Taku.

They have got
a very fast pace now.

It is now Vati in the lead.


Ika trying to get back in it.

Get it up there.

Let's go!


Everybody, pick up the back.

One, two, three.


- DANIEL: It's outside the net.
- MIKE: One, two, three, push.

- PROBST: Vati in the lead.
- JONATHAN: One, two, three, push.

- LYDIA: Yes, keep digging deep!
- DANIEL: Guys, the end is in sight.

Taku still trying to figure
this part of it out.

They're running out of steam.

- You got to get to the end, Vati.
- One, two, three.

- LYDIA: Yeah!
- PROBST: Vati, you're good!

- Now you're putting the chests in the spots.
- LYDIA: Come on! We've got it!

Come on, let's go!

Yes! You got it!

PROBST: Ika, pushing through
that net now.


Taku digging to stay in this.

- Vati has their third chest.
- HAI: Go. Go. Go, go, go.

PROBST: Now the puzzle solvers take

Two people.
It's gonna be Daniel and Jenny.

Y'all got this.

You get 'em out.
I'll start working.

- Three.
- [straining]

PROBST: This challenge
is taking everything you have.

Rocksroy absolutely exhausted.

Complete fatigue.

Taku, three more feet. Let's go.

- Come on!
- [grunting]


There it is. You're good, Taku!

Now you can move your chests
up onto the platform.

MARYANNE: Take this side
and pull it toward me. Okay.

PROBST: Jonathan gonna do it himself,
carrying the first one.

- That's it, right?
- PROBST: Vati with a lot of time.

- Here comes Ika, still slowly inching their way there.
- TORI: One, two, three.

[grunting loudly]

PROBST: Vati has that first section
of puzzle completed.

- Exactly. Like that.
- Yeah.

Remember, I'll do the left side,
you're gonna do the right.

Vati, now onto the second
chest of puzzle pieces

- with a huge lead right now. - Oh!
- We're good. We're good.

Two puzzle solvers now.
It's gonna be Maryanne and Omar.

Ready? One, two...

Now have two tribes
on the puzzle.

- [straining]
- That's the one right below you.

It's Taku and Vati.

Vati's had a big lead
on this puzzle.

Daniel and Jenny have been
working very well together.

Great. We're good.

Hey! Another piece.

Taku quickly gaining on Vati.

They're through
the first section.

They're now on
their second chest of pieces.

We got a challenge now.


- There you go. That's how you do it, Ika.
- One, two, three.

- [straining]
- Yeah!

- One, two, three.
- PROBST: They're two feet away,

but you got to finish
those two feet.

- You're good! Start moving the chests now to the platform.
- TORI: Go, go, go.

Come on, guys.

- Yes. Nice.
- PROBST: It is Taku and Vati side by side

- at about the same spot.
- LYDIA: Yes, Jenny! Yes, Jenny!


Zach getting shoved out of the
way. All right, puzzle solvers,

take over.
Other three, on your mat.

- DREA: Let's go, guys.
- ROCKSROY: Let's go, Z!

Comeback story.

- ROMEO: Go!
- LYDIA: Yes, Jenny! Yes! Yes!
- PROBST: One of the most

- physically grueling challenges we've ever done.
- Yes, Jenny.

- But all three tribes completed the physical...
- Keep going!

- You've got it!
- ...the punishing part.

Now comes the smarts,
the puzzle solvers.

Good job, guys.

PROBST: Swati and Zach
are making up some time

with their last two pieces.
There they are.

- Let's go! We've got to go!
- Now you can move on to that second chest.

We're right there!

It is Taku and Vati. Very close.

Can Ika catch
either one of them?

Otherwise, Ika going
to Tribal Council

and somebody will be
voted out of this game tonight.

And she's got it. They can
move on to their third chest.

Come on, Jenny!

You're almost done!

You're good, Taku. Go.

Taku now onto their third chest.

- Let's go! We're right there!
- We got to dig!

Zach and Swati
are working independently.

We're gaining!

You don't need to win,
you just don't want to be last.

Please, guys,
let's go, let's go!

- PROBST: There goes Jenny with a piece and another piece.
- CHANELLE: Yes, Jenny!

- Omar looking to close it out for Taku.
- LINDSAY: Nice. Great job.

Swati, this one
should go there.

This one.

Ika now hitting
their own roadblock.

That one, that one, that one.

Omar and Maryanne can smell
victory. Is this the last piece?

- MARYANNE: Jeff, do we have it?
- OMAR: We got it.
- Taku...

- has it! Taku wins immunity!
- [screaming]


- Keep going! Keep going!
- [shouting]

Big celebration. We're still
looking for one more.

Jenny down to three pieces left.

Don't knock it down.
Be careful.

Come on! Theirs could fall out!

You can put this one
in the Deepfreeze.

Ika is in trouble.

- Vati one piece away.
- DREA: Don't hit it out.

- PROBST: Jenny has it. Got to get it in.
- HAI: Careful on that last one.


- And there it is. Vati wins immunity!
- [cheering]

They are safe
from Tribal Council,

sending Ika

to the first Tribal Council
of Survivor 42.

That is one of the most
grueling challenges.

There is no doubt you earned it.

- Result is, Taku, immunity.
- [applauding]

Lost one person.
You're not losing anybody else.

Everyone touch it.
Everyone touch it.

Vati, nobody going home
from your tribe.

Jenny, go get it.

Well earned, Jenny. Nice job.

- Thank you, Jeff.
- Jenny on the block.

- [chuckles]
- PROBST: All right, Vati,

Taku, head back to camp.
No Tribal Council.

Nobody going home.
Enjoy the night off.


All right, Ika.
Tribal Council tonight.

There's also
the punishment of losing.

- DREA: Mm-hmm.
- TORI: Yeah.
- Got to give me your flint.

- It's okay.
- Thanks, Romeo.

Sorry for you.

- Are you?
- We'll get that back.

You'll have a chance
to earn it back

at the next immunity challenge.

All right, Ika,
see you tonight where somebody

will be the second person
to leave Survivor 42.

ZACH: I know that the puzzles
are a place

that I can prove myself,

but I've never been more
exhausted in my entire life.

And at that point,
everything that you memorize

about a specific puzzle
just goes out of the window.

So the fact that we lost,

honestly, I-I put 100%
of the blame on myself.



Um, I just want to apologize.

- For what?
- For the puzzle.

For the puzzle.

There are no excuses.

We win is a team,
we lose as a team.

- That's how I look at it.
- DREA: Mm-hmm.

I-I just appreciate you so much,
just saying that.

And I just want to thank you all
for that.

Can I say something first,
before we all do split up?

- Just because,

whether we like it or not,

we do have to make
a big decision tonight.

And I know that

talk of idols will play
into that decision.

So I just want to talk
to you guys

as all rational,
logical, intelligent people.

I know there's been a rumor
that I have an idol.

So, like, I don't want that
to have to

factor into our decision, okay?

Like, I don't have it,

so that doesn't need to be
something we, like, work around.

I have to really quickly dispel

that paranoia behind me
having an idol,

because if that's
what takes me out,

that's honestly stupid.

But I did want to talk to you

just, like, woman-to-woman,
'cause I did hear

that the idol rumor
came from you, so...

Other people
were also getting in my head

that you were out
there looking for it.

But then... Oh.

Can someone fess up

and tell us who told her that?

Just to clear the air,

'cause now we're all
gonna have paranoia.

It really was me.

Like, I was the one
who ran down to tell her.

All I'm thinking to myself is,

"Oh, Tori's throwing me
under the bus. Cool."

Uh, so I know that I'm gonna be
in trouble tonight.

There was never a rumor
that you had an idol.

- Okay, yay.
- There's only a rumor that you were looking for it.

- Okay, yeah.
- And that's when...

- Just to talk about the challenge...
- Mm-hmm.

At one point,

I was looking
at both Zach and Rocks.

It was only me
pulling at the front.

- Rocks kept on saying "stop" because he was tired.
- Mm-hmm.

I was literally in the water

having to pull it,
like, push it up.

- Yeah, you were freaking killing it.
- And I just feel like

- he's not contributing at all.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you, Rocks, for helping
build our shelter and fire,

and now we can take it
from here.

- I did the fire.
- Yeah, true, you did.

You made the fire. Yeah.

Drea comes up with this idea
of getting out Rocks.

It's a really good idea because
he helped us with the shelter.

We don't need him anymore.

Let's get Rocks out.

Yes. Rocks is out.


- You need to wash those off.
- What?

Those things
that you call shoes.

[Swati laughs]

Anything that is not me tonight,

'cause I know that, like,
Zach and I did the puzzle,

so Zach and I have a little bit
more of a target on our backs.

I want to know
who would you want to.

I would still feel...
better getting Zach out.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I was pushing for Zach

to go home because

my puzzle partner Zach

was one... slower at the puzzle
than me, even though

he was supposed
to be our main puzzle person.

And then, two... just kind of
gave up during the challenge.

- ROCKSROY: Don't overthink yourself.
- SWATI: Okay.

- You made a decision.
- Okay.

- Stick with your decision.
- Okay.

- And that's it.
- Sounds good.

I don't want this whole

buzzing around,
boom, boom, boom at Tribal. No.


There is a weak link,
and that weak link is Zach.

We have a plan.

Stick with the plan
and be done.

My gut is telling me
Rocks needs to go.

Rocks did nothing.

I did the brunt of the work.

The problem is that, first
of all, we can't do him now.

We have to do him now.
My plan is to do him now.

- Just hear me out here.
- Yeah.

Drea, we made an-an alliance

on day one... the three of us.
What do you mean... Rocks?

Number one...
He's our strongest guy.

We need him in challenges.

Number two...
He's in our alliance.

Just for strength alone.

Fine. I'll do what you say.

I think this time... Tori.

I was pushing for Rocks, but

I realized,
after talking to Romeo,

I have to go with the numbers.

'Cause yesterday I took the risk
to lose my vote,

and I will only know
in Tribal, when I go to vote,

if I have my vote
or if I've lost my vote.

So, I will vote Tori
if that's where it's going.

I think, you know,
we all... we all know

what's going on here, so..

- Yeah...
- Um, I think... I think

it could be either one of us,
but... I don't know.

I've always kind of been someone
who, like,

always kind of looks
at the worst-case scenarios.

Either everyone's voting
for Tori,

or people are voting for me.

I just wanted to say,
like, whatever happens,

- no hard feelings.
- Yeah. Okay.

I just hope
that they really do see

how much
Tori has been plotting

and going off
to look for the idol.

That's the only hope I have,

other than the Shot in the Dark.


So it's between Zach and Tori.


This one's a hard one for me

because Zach is my plan B.

We have the skinny guys
alliance, and I trust the kid.

And getting rid

of Zach would not make sense
for me.

So I want Tori
because she's sneaky.

What name are you going
to write down?

No, I'm not...
I'm not doing that.

ROMEO: But unfortunately,
Rocks and Swati...

They want to keep strength.

I want to keep somebody
that I trust.

But this is Survivor 2.0.

This is what I signed up for.



Behind each of you is a torch.
Go ahead and grab a torch,

approach the flame,
dip it in and get fire.


Zach, I know you want to say it.
Go ahead.

In this game,
fire represents your life.

Once your fire is gone,

- so are you.
- PROBST: Well done.

That's what we say
to begin Tribal Council,

only to remind you

that that flame is literally
your life in the game,

and there are six flames.

there will only be five.

So, Rocksroy, it's one thing
to watch the show.

It's another to go camping.

But to get out here and
actually be physically living

in a real jungle...
What's it been like?

It's been... it's been tough.

And when you told us
that we will not

be receiving any rice...

I think all of us,
collectively, was like, "What?!"

And from watching a lot
of Survivor

and then survival shows,

I could 100% say,
"America, this show is real."

Zach, how about for you?
I know you've dreamed

of being on Survivor,
and now here you are.

You're living out in the jungle.

The first thing
I'm thinking of is, you know,

watching the show, when
the shelter's getting built,

you get... what... like,
a minute-30 long montage?

[Drea laughs]

ZACH: So I'm sitting there
waiting, like,

"When does the montage start?
When are we going

to get through this stuff?"
But instead

I was able to really go to work
on the shelter, and I feel like

every single person here pulled
their weight and made it happen.

So, Drea,

we're in the early stage
of the game.

And of course, you want to build
your own individual game,

which is making alliances
and relationships.

But you do have to have
a strong tribe,

because if you don't have
a strong tribe,

you end up at Tribal Council
where there's nowhere to hide.

I truly believe that this is
going to be a very hard season.

We're continuously improving
the camp

while trying to find food.

- Right.
- And then you're like,

"Oh, and we lost
the challenge today.

We have to get someone out."
So, for me,

I do think you need
to have a strong tribe.

So, did Shot in the Dark
come up, Romeo?

I mean, I think every individual
here looks at it differently.

If you feel desperate
tonight, use it.

If you don't, don't use it.
It's early in the game.

I think it's an individual
decision, but nobody said

if they were using it or not.

- Swati, you nervous?
- SWATI: Yes.

If I could cut off a finger

to not be
at Tribal tonight, I would.

I just, like,
don't want to be here.

- You would give up your pinkie...
- SWATI: Yeah.

...for the rest of your life

- to survive one Tribal?
- Yes. Yes. [Laughs]
- ROMEO: Oh.

And if you came back
next Tribal,

and I said, "The other pinkie"?

- [gasps] Ooh.
- Oh.

I think past, like,
day seven or eight,

I would stop giving up
a finger.

All right, so, two digits?

You know, it's not that weird.
I mean...


Zach, how about for you?

I definitely feel
very nervous tonight.

I know that my name has been
thrown out there, so

I-I would be really surprised
if it wasn't me and Tori.

- One of us.
- PROBST: Tori, you're nodding.

- You agree with that?
- TORI: I know

that I'm on the chopping block,

which is literally terrifying.

I wanted to throw up
when I just said that, but

I believe
that I am a strong player,

and so, if you keep me in this,

you're going to keep us strong,

and the people I've been
working with in an alliance

are going to keep me around.

And I am a trustworthy,
loyal person.

I haven't been able
to prove that to you yet,

- but I will be able to tonight.
- ZACH: Well, I...

I don't know. The trustworthy
and loyal is just the...

that part that I get
caught up on, you know.

'Cause obviously we've had
a little bit of differences

when it comes to, like,

where we started the game
and where we are now.

And I mean, I still...
I still really like Tori.

- Um...
- Doesn't want to work with me anymore, though.

I do not want
to work with her...

Well, and her body language
just shifted

very clearly when you started
leaning in. She's closed off.

I know that Tori went
to Drea and, like,

you know, tried
to throw me under the bus,

and that's kind of
how the whole day started.

Wow. That's crazy. I'm, like,

so mentally,
I guess, fatigued that

I don't remember that happening.

- Now, are you being sarcastic?
- Absolutely, yes.

- PROBST: You're saying that did not happen?
- TORI: Yeah.

It didn't happen.
Just to go to all of this,

the only reason I'm even
being mentioned now is because

I was foraging for food
for literally ten minutes

by myself, which is a mistake.

And then I come back,
and, you know, of course

there's going to be a talk
because in this game,

when you have not solidified
trust or alliances,

you are looking for any
single thing that you can find

to pit someone against another,

or to say "Ooh,
maybe we shouldn't trust them."

And I got caught
in the crossfire,

and that's why I'm here.

That is why
my name got brought up.

All right, it is time to vote.
Zach, you're up.


First vote of season 42.

It's not even a vote.




Anybody has an advantage or an
idol, and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


- I'll take the shot.
- PROBST: So, Zach,

you took the Shot in the Dark?

- Yeah, I took the Shot in the Dark.
- Okay.

As a superfan, I know

that if you've got whatever odds

there are that you're safe,

and you can add 16%
to those odds,

I think
you'd be silly not to take it.

So Zach sacrificed his vote.

So there is not a vote
in here from Zach.

Instead, took a one-in-six shot
at safety in the game.

If that says you're safe,

then any votes in here
that are for you will not count.

If you're not safe,
any votes will count.

All right,
you're gonna open it

and then show it
to all of us.


Let's see.


"Not safe."

Not safe.

All right. Any votes cast
for Zach will still count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote... Zach.

Zach. Two votes... Zach.


Second person voted out
of Survivor 42... Zach.

That's three. That's enough.
Need to bring me your torch.


Zach, the tribe has spoken.

Bye, Zach.

- Time for you to go.
- I really did have a blast.

- Seriously.
- [overlapping chatter]


I just got voted out
of Survivor.

It's kind of cool.

Grab your torches, head back
to camp. Good night.


You are swinging that thing
like you're on a scary movie.

- Here's Maryanne!
- Aah!

The game is shifting.

I see the way forward now,

and that's to get Drea out.

I am mortified

at this gameplay.


still is my favorite show.

So, would I rather be
the first one voted out

or just never play at all?

Vote me out first
a million times.

The opportunity itself
means more than anything.

Hey, I'm the first
unanimous vote. That's neat.

It's not what I wanted, but
it's a cool, uh, little fact

you can put
on my Survivor Wiki page.