Survivor (2000–…): Season 41, Episode 12 - Episode #41.12 - full transcript

DESHAWN: Tribal Council
was a doozy for me,

for a multitude of reasons.

I wanted it to be me,
Liana and Danny at the end,

but Liana went home.

And also I didn't expect
to get emotional.

The gameplay and morals

and it was so hard.

[breathes sharply]

But people don't understand
that extra barrier,

that extra baggage
that you bring into this game.

And it's a blessing
to have such a diverse cast,

but, like, I didn't think
this decision, this moment,

voting her out,
would be this hard.


it's really tough.

That was a rough one.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know.

I don't want race,
or any of that stuff,

to stop you guys
from playing the game.

So don't ever feel bad.

Like, it is what it is.

I'm... okay.

Like, I'm 1,000% okay.

- XANDER: Yeah.
- ERIKA: Yeah. All right.

It was, it was great.

I appreciate that, bro.

I hope you know that, right?

- 1,000%, man.
- Okay.

At the end of the day, when
emotions are real, they're real.

When situations hit home and
they are close to your heart,

that's just what it is.

And honestly I think it was
the moment that we needed.

So I'm just happy that, like,
at least I said it out loud.

- Yeah, man. That was...
- I'm sitting here, trying

to act like it was,
like, all good,

knowing that, like,
it wasn't all good.

That-that mess was
eating me alive, bro, so...

I just wish it wasn't her.
Like, I...


It was depressing.
You know what I'm saying?

It's like you have new life
in this game

with this Do or Die option.

If it is a skull,
you're gone and your game ends.

Let's reveal your box.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh!

Deshawn got flame.

You are safe, my friend.

But then you just had
part of your flame

a little dimmed when-when one of
your good allies left the game.

So it sucked to see her go,

but I'm in final six.

And I truly believe in fate.


Xander gave me his word

that he would vote
with us in that Tribal,

and I thought
he saw the picture

of Ricard being a bigger threat.

I'm-a be like...

So in NFL terms,

this would be like having
the opportunity

to knock off
the old Tom Brady dynasty,

and, for some reason, we decided
to go play kickball instead

and let them win
another Super Bowl.

That is the equivalent
of how crazy this is

that we decided
not to vote out Ricard.

I kept my shield in the game.

People want Ricard out bad.

And that's perfect for me,
because I used to be that guy.

So it was a strategic decision
on my end,

so that I could get further.

We can get Ricard out.

But now my ideal scenario
is that we all work together

and he does go home.


HEATHER: Last night,
when you shared this struggle

that you were having
with-with other issues

that I didn't--
knew nothing about,

that-that was heavy...

Yeah, that was,
that was very heavy.

And I just want you to know,
like, I don't expect you

to, like, know that I was going
through what I was going through

because I tried not
to make it a thing.

- You want to...
- Wh-Why don't you share with me?

- I-I might not understand.
- Well, well, well, no, uh...

I know I'm not
gonna understand 100%.

That was the first time
I actually had to, like,

say I'm voting out
somebody who looks like me,

who sometimes feels
like my sister.

All the other votes
leading up to Shan,

I didn't feel as, like...

- Connected.
- There was not that-that
cultural connection, right?

And then with Shan
it was just like,

me and her didn't have
the best relationship.

And a lot of me was, like,
trying to, like,

act like, "Oh, it was all good."

Just chalk it up
to the game or whatever,

but it was never
all good for me.

You don't want that to be,
like, a catalyst for any vote.

You don't want that to be
even a topic of discussion.

We are still playing the game,

and so you don't even
sometimes think about

how race can have
any bearings,

but it's just, like,
it-it comes up

in every facet of life.

And sometimes it's just, like,
it's hard to avoid.

- That makes me more aware.
- Mm-hmm.

And I never even
thought of that.

- I know.
- So I'm sorry you were
dealing with that.

I am coming to realize

there are a lot
of different layers

to the people
I'm playing with.

When something is brought
to your attention

that you might not have
understood before,

it's important that
I take that back with me.

There's so many people who would
just, like, roll their eyes

and not ask questions
and not care about these things.

And so, thank you for everything

that you said yesterday
at Tribal.

- Thank you for telling me.
- Of course. Of course.

I would never let somebody
I'm close to not know,

and I thank you for listening.

I hate seeing my friend hurt,

but glad it was revealed

so I would understand something

that I didn't even know was
right there in front of me.

I'm glad

I'm a part of this season.
I needed to be here.

This was my time.

I want this season
to make a difference.

I was actually going
to tell you, like,

I admire
that you were vulnerable

'cause I think it's, like,
very brave to do that, right?

Like, on a diverse cast,
you want to hope,

"Okay, now it's, like, fair

and it's, like, equitable
for everybody."

- But everybody's coming in
at a different place.
- Mm-hmm.

And everybody carries
different expectations

- or different responsibilities.
- Mm-hmm.

And, like, we haven't really,
like, talked about them.

Yeah. Does that affect you here,
or is it kind of just, like,

you're able to kind of
separate the two?

I mean, it affects me.

You, like, want to deliver,
like, what Survivor

and, like,
what everybody wants.

- That's...
- Like, I have feel a lot of guilt

- for, like, voting out Liana.
- Yeah.

So I'm like, "Oh, ..., I know
that, like, everybody wants,

- like, a woman to win
after so many seasons."
- Mm-hmm.

And I'm like, "I'm not doing

- what people want right now."
- Mm-hmm.

It's been a long time

since a woman's won.

I want to see a woman win,
ideally me.

But I couldn't help but feel,
like, a lot of guilt

and, like, I was letting
a lot of people down

when I voted
to eliminate Liana last night.

I'm glad that you felt
comfortable enough

- to share that.
- Mm-hmm.

'Cause, honestly,
this is the game

that you feel like
you have to play.

- It's like, you're here.
- I know.

This is... this is
what feels right for you.

A lot of people, like, went
through a lot of hurt this year,

and they, like, want to see,

like, heroes
that look like them.

It's like a moral dilemma
that I think everybody faces,

but, like,
Deshawn was just the first one

brave enough to talk about it.

It's not just about color

and just about gender
and just about...

Like, it goes...
it goes deeper than that.

In this game,
it goes deeper than that.

This experience has been
truly a beautiful mess because

the mess came, but the beauty
is-is on the rise,

and-and I see the... the meaning

in everything
that's happened so far.

So I'm-I'm thankful.

All right, day 22.

Ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

- Yep.
- Sure.
- ERIKA: Yep.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna be divided

into two teams of three.

On my go, one player from each
team will leap off the net ramp,

dive down,
and release a set of buoys.

You'll bring one to the finish.

Then the next person goes.

Once you have all
three buoys here,

you'll attempt to land them...
in three baskets.

First team
to finish wins reward.

- Want to know
what you're playing for?
-[all assent]

Today, the winning team
will have their choice.

You can enjoy
grilled chicken and veggies,

or cake, cookies and candy.

- Worth playing for?
- XANDER: Yeah.
- ERIKA: Yeah.

Um, I mean, yeah,
I don't need either of them.

I thought we were gonna come in,
and maybe you'd say like,

a letter, family letter
or something like that.

- Ugh.
- PROBST: Every other day,

it's, "No rice? No food?
What is this? Survivor?"

Today I said you get a choice--
chicken and veggies,

which will just fuel you
for the immunity challenge,

or if you really have
a craving for sugar,

you can have that, and you say

- you want a loved one letter.
- Yeah.

I can't figure it out.

All right, let's do it.

All right, going for blue,
it is Ricard,

Heather and Danny.

Going for yellow--
Erika, Deshawn and Xander.

Deshawn's hoping for a miracle
letter from home to drop

- from the sky.

Survivors ready.


It's Danny and Xander
in the water first.

They have the biggest job

because they have to dive down
and release the buoys.

Danny's gonna be off first...
with an awkward leap.

Xander with a nice dive.

And releases the buoys
and comes up. Danny dives down.

He's got it.
Now you're looking

for one buoy,
light blue or yellow.

You got to bring it back
and get it in your basket

and get on the platform
before the next person can go.

Go, yellow!
It's Deshawn in the water.

Go, blue!

It's Ricard in the water.

Deshawn struggling up that net.

Nothing is easy on day 22.

Hit it, Deshawn.

That's how you do it.

Ricard's in the water.

There you go.

Deshawn working it.

Ricard's got his buoy.

You got to get up there
and get it in that basket.

Danny, you could help with that.

Go, blue!

It's Heather in the water.

Deshawn completely fatigued.

Go, yellow!
It's Erika in the water now.

You got it, Erika!

Good job, Heather!

Look at Heather on day 22.
Still fighting.

- RICARD: Look at that, Heather!
- DANNY: There you go.

Heather's in the water.

Here comes Erika. She's in the
water, and we got a challenge.

You got it, Erika.

Erika has her buoy.

- Heather reaches her buoy.
- XANDER: You got it, Erika.

Now you got to get back
to the platform.

Every second counts in
these challenges.

Help her up.

Heather's just got to get up.

Ricard gonna give her a hand.

- Yes.
- You're good, blue.

You're good, yellow.

It's Ricard and Heather
retrieving for blue,

and it's Xander and Erika
retrieving for yellow.

You've got one buoy at a time.
You got to retrieve that buoy.

- It is Danny shooting for blue.
- Ah.

Deshawn shooting for yellow.

- Deshawn nails the first.
- That-a-boy, Deshawn.

Yellow in the lead with one.

Danny now feeling the pressure.

- HEATHER: It's all right.

Deshawn going for two.

Just misses.
Danny short again.

Blue trying to make a switch.

Ricard's gonna come in.
Danny's in the water now.

Ricard's gonna give it a go.

Heather getting out
of the water now.

What's happening with blue?

- Ah.
- PROBST: Heather gonna wait.

It's gonna be one person in
the water while Ricard shoots.

- Yeah!
- And he nails it

- with his first shot.
- DANNY: There you go.

We are tied one-one.

Deshawn just misses
with the second.

Ricard with his second shot.

Just misses,
but now nobody to rebound.

Oh, you got it.

That buoy is floating
a long ways away.

- Oh!
- A very interesting
and confusing strategy by blue.

Can only be explained
by absolute exhaustion.

Deshawn, is that it?

Yes, it is!
That is two for yellow.

- There you go.
- PROBST: Ricard,

- just short.
- HEATHER: Oh, come on, so close!

Deshawn for the win.

- And he's got it!
-[Erika screams]

- Deshawn...
- ERIKA: Yes!

-...Erika and Xander win.
- Thank you guys so much.


All right,
Erika, Deshawn, Xander,

you have a big decision to make.
You have a choice.

You can either have what
some would say would be fuel.

That's chicken and veggies.

Or if you got a craving,
cake, cookies, candy.

- We... yeah.
- We should fuel ourselves,
you know?

- Yeah, we need the protein.
- Yeah, we need the protein.

- So, let's do the chicken
and veggies.
- All right.

Chicken and veggies will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Heather, Ricard, Danny,

got nothing for you.
Everybody, grab your stuff,

- swim out, enjoy your afternoon.
- Thanks, Jeff.

This is the first moment

after my little Do or Die win
that I can prove

that, like,
now I'm about to start winning.

You're about to see
a whole new version of me.

And having Xander and Erika
offers me a chance to say,

"Let's talk about
if you guys have your head

on your shoulders again, and if
you're ready to get Ricard out."

That was sick.

- DESHAWN: Time to eat, y'all.
- ERIKA: Wow.

- Let's do it.
- Sustenance. Let's do it, man.

- Let's dig in.
- Wow.

The reward--
chicken and vegetables--

this is Xander candy.

This is, like, my kind of food.

Oh, gosh, Xander, this is, like,
perfect for your diet.

- Oh, my God, you guys.
- DESHAWN: Oh, my God.

So, this is

like a little taste of home.

Thank you, rocks, for putting
me on the winning team.

And the beauty of the reward is
food is put on the table,

but also new potential allies

and new plans are put
on the table.

I see you guys
are strong in your voting,

and I want to let y'all know

if I can help you out
in any way, I'm here, bro.

Everyone at home would be like,
"What the hell are you doing

- not voting out Ricard?" Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I feel the same exact way.
I just feel like...

Yeah. Yeah.

- Everybody agrees Ricard.
- Yeah.

That's what we're thinking
is the next step.

DESHAWN: When Xander and Erika
bring up Ricard, it's like,

"Well, duh. Like, y'all should
have did this the last vote."

But this time, if you guys
are ready, this is it.

Like, we finally get
to play this game

on an even playing field.

So if all goes to plan and we
get rid of Ricard next round...

- DESHAWN: Mm-hmm.
- what are we thinking?

I'm down to clown with y'all,

Yeah, we could be sitting

- Exactly right.
- The three of us could be
sitting together.

- Then it's anyone's game.
- Mm-hmm.

- Just know I'm down.
- XANDER: Yeah.

I shake my head, nod,
and it sounds awesome,

and I'm all on board,

but I don't trust any
of these people

as far as I can throw them now.

So what you tell me is great,
but we'll see

if they come to their senses
come Tribal Council.


You want to just chill
for a second,

and we'll go get some burlap
and some sticks?

- DANNY: Yeah.
- HEATHER: All right,
let's do it.

- I'll be the one to keep
you smiling. I'll get it.

DANNY: As soon as Heather
and Ricard leave, I go

on a hidden
immunity idol search.

Shan's idol is gone now, so we
assume that it is back in play.

My back is against the wall,

so if there is an idol,
I hope I find it,

but I won't leave
without knowing

that I searched
until I couldn't search anymore.

Because me and Deshawn are
on the bottom,

an idol could really
change the game at this point.

HEATHER: While Ricard and I
are working on the fire,

couldn't find Danny.


RICARD: When I see Danny
walking to camp,

he was just humming to himself.

I-I don't know what it is.
There was just something

about his vibe that shifted.

That scares me.

How was it?

It was good. It was
honestly just... It was

a few pieces of, like,
grilled chicken...

And it just makes me

think he has an idol.

I don't know why
I have this strong vibe.

Maybe I'm totally wrong,
but I'm not

usually this wrong. [laughs]

I think Danny just
found the idol.

About an hour ago.

There was definitely
more pep in Danny's step,

so, think it would be
wise of us to all assume

that he has found something
and to

add that into the equation
of what we're going to do

going forward.

I don't know. Might be wrong.

Oh, I hope he didn't.

HEATHER: Look at the sun.
Look at the sun.

Oh. Ooh, it's... There we go.
That's freaking beautiful.

I know.



I honestly believe
in what I told you yesterday

as far as like a final three.

- And here's the reason why.
- Yeah.

Like, you and I were
on the same tribe,

but we didn't really play
the game the same way.

- No.
- So that's different,
and so it's, like,

if you bring Heather, you guys
kind of have a similar story.

No, and that's the thing,
and I-I worry about it

- between if people see Heather
and I as, like, one.
- Yeah.

One of my fears at the end is

people not being able
to differentiate the game

that Heather played versus
the game that I played.

So, in talking to Deshawn
I'm thinking, "Okay, maybe

the chicken reward final three
is the right final three."

Like, I think if we stay close,

- we can figure this out.
- DESHAWN: Make it.

Having Deshawn stay
in the game--

new life for him, and it was
a new opportunity for us

to potentially,

you know, get our working
relationship back on track

and make the big move

we've always said
we wanted to make together.

I just have to get to the end
and then worry

about explaining everything
once I get there.

- Yeah.
- But, no, I'm...

- But do you get what I mean?
- I know. That...

Like, that's why I wanted
to get water with you.

At least the three of us have
three different stories.

We all could tell it

I can't step on your toes,

can't step on Xander's toes

'cause we didn't play the game
the same.

Erika, Xander and I,
in all honesty,

all three of us have played
very different games,

and we would all have
a fair shot, I think,

when we pitch to the jury.

But this morning
I was really just trying

to get her to say, like,

"I can't go to the end
with Heather,"

trying to get her to say it
verbally out loud,

and she said that
a couple times.

I'm sure Heather has
to start thinking

the same thing about me.

I haven't heard her say that,

- Okay.
- That's the thing.

I don't know

how that information would
suit me in the future.

I just wanted
to plant the seed with her

and just see
what would happen.

Ooh, let's keep this between us.

I'm hoping that it means
something down the line,

and then I can look up
and say, "Damn, that seed

"that I planted on day 23--
it just sprouted

into this very fruitful fruit."

You know, and I'm about
to eat it. I'm about

to bite into this million
dollars because of that seed.

Come on in.

All right, the final six

soon to become the final five.

Today will have a big part
in that.

First things first,
Danny, got to take it back.

Know you don't want me to.

There we go.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're gonna spin to unspool

a coil of rope.

You're going to then make
your way across a series

of obstacles, collecting one
puzzle piece along the way.

You'll use that piece to solve
aSurvivor word puzzle.

First person
to finish wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot
in the final five.

Losers, somebody will be
voted out

and become the sixth member
of our jury.

Big stakes.
We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.
Here we go. Gonna be fun.

All right, here we go
for immunity

and a guaranteed spot
in the final five.

Survivors ready.


Everybody moving very fast
during this section,

which is the only way
to attack it.

You want to get there
as fast as you can.

Danny's there, but now
he's got to get out of it.

Xander's out of it.
He falls.

There goes Ricard.

Deshawn is across.

- PROBST: Heather is struggling.

That's okay, Heather.

You have struggled before.
Keep digging.

It's Danny first
to the balance beam.

The consequence for moving so
quickly is, now you are dizzy.

Very, very tricky.

You can shinny across
if you want.

There goes Ricard.

He has won
two individual immunities.

Ricard starts
to untie his puzzle piece.

Xander's working on his.
Danny's working on his.

Erika getting there.
Deshawn inching slowly.

You are all dizzy from the game,

and you're dizzy
from this challenge.

- Oh, my God.
- Heather drops.
She's got to go back.

Ricard is the first out.

He can start
working that puzzle.

You're working from the bottom

to the top, but it reads
from the top to the bottom.

Here goes Heather.
Now she's got it.

Danny's got his... Ooh!

No, you got to come back.
Big fall by Danny,

but he's got the puzzle piece.

Xander's good.
Danny drops again.

Survivor can get anybody
on any given day.

Erika's good. Deshawn is good.
Danny's good.

Keep working, Heather.
You're in this.

This puzzle is difficult.
It's going to take a minute.

You got a shot.

That is how you do it, Heather.

Everybody is in this.

Now you're solving
a seven-word phrase.

23 days out here.
This gets you to final five.

Only two people in the game that

have not won individual immunity

are Heather and Deshawn,

Erika has won it,
Xander's won it, Danny's won it.

Ricard has won it twice.

Ricard is working quickly,

to make sure it's the same on
the front as it is on the back,

because it must be.

Deshawn trying to look down.

You better hope you're stealing
from somebody who is right.

Ricard takes his apart now
and starting over.

Deshawn making a little

If he's right, it would be
a big win, his first.

Xander trying to get into it.

Erika trying to get into it.

Ricard is back on the move.
So is Deshawn.

Right now, it is Deshawn
and Ricard.

Ricard checking again.
We are neck and neck right now!

Who's going to get there first?

When you think you have it,
step back and call it.

- Got it.
- Ricard thinks he has it.
Call it!

"Don't make this next vote
your last."

That's it! Ricard wins
his third individual immunity.

What a performance.
Cannot be voted out,

guaranteed a spot
in the final five.

Wow. That was fast.

- What clued you in on that?

Because you got it very quickly.

Um, the entire time
I was unspooling,

I was thinking
of every four-letter word

I can in this game,
until I had them all,

and I just needed to rearrange
them when I got here.

That's impressive.

- Let me get your necklace.

Ricard, come on over.

- Good job.
- Good job, bro.

For the third time this season,
you've won individual immunity.

That's already a small club.
Most importantly,

you cannot be voted out
of this game.

You are guaranteed a spot
in the final five,

that much closer to the end.

As for the rest of you,
after 23 days,

Tribal Council tonight,

somebody will be
the 13th person

voted out and the sixth member

of our jury.
Grab your stuff, head back.

See you tonight at Tribal.

- Good job.
- Good job, bro.

ERIKA: Before the challenge,
everybody was just thinking,

"We just have to beat Ricard,
we have to beat Ricard."

But we were so focused
on plan A

that when Ricard actually
pulls out the win,

we're like, "Oh, crap.

Time to put together a Plan B."

-ERIKA: Congrats, Ricard.
- DESHAWN: Congrats, Ricard.

- Congratulations, Ricard.
- Congrats, man.



Ricard wins the challenge,

and I kind of go back
into my "I told you so."

We had the perfect opportunity
to do this at the last Tribal.

And now we sit here
with Ricard immune

and possibly
me or Deshawn going home.

At the end of the day, I'm still
a competitor, and I still

want to be in the game,
and I'll still

do everything that I need to do

to keep myself in this game.

To come clean.

When you came back humming
and skipping along yesterday

after we got back,
and I was trying

- to make that fire...
- When did...?

- I was like, "Hmm. Interesting."
- Oh, no.

- All right.

Yesterday, after leaving
the reward challenge,

I decide to go search
for an idol,

and I find absolutely nothing.

Uh, some spiderwebs,
some burlap and some wood.

But I don't find the idol, but

my search, uh, actually paid off

because people assumed
that I have found something.

Should I? I know
it wouldn't be there, but...

I think them assuming

that I have an idol
is a pretty strong weapon,

and I think I can use it
to my advantage.

It's just trying to figure out
how far to push it

and not get myself eliminated.


If we keep Danny,

he's another person that could
beat Ricard in a challenge.

Like, it would be great
if Danny beat Ricard.

But we really don't want
Ricard winning another immunity.

Deshawn is the one that was
closer to the puzzle today.

- He was two letters away.
- Really?

He was the one that played
basketball the other day

- and beat Ricard.
- That's true.

- Like...
- But Danny's the only one

who's won another
immunity challenge.

And it was balance.

Everybody was obviously upset

that Ricard won.

I think we might have made a
mistake when we kept him around.

So, this is a huge decision
to make,

because if Ricard's able to win
all the immunity challenges

from here on out, then

he's got by far the best résumé
in the game.

So it's important
that we make sure

that the people
we keep around are

ones that could
potentially beat him.

I think that we can

tell Ricard, let's split
between Danny and Deshawn

and vote out Danny.

If we keep Deshawn, we'd have...

We'll have a better chance.

- We have options.
- Yes.

ERIKA: I want to keep Deshawn
in the game because I know that

Deshawn wants to go
to the endgame with me.

But honestly Deshawn is
a bigger threat than Danny.

No one really knows
Danny's game.

Whereas Deshawn is someone
who's likable,

who has tried to make moves
and has overcome things.

So there is a bit of work there
to figure out

how to convince my alliance
that it's actually

in our best interest
to get rid of Danny,

when really it's everybody's
best interest

to get rid of Deshawn,

except for mine.

I don't think so
'cause I feel like the things

that, like, Deshawn can do,
you can do them.

And Deshawn hasn't won anything.

I feel like
we could beat Deshawn.

I think that, like, Danny could,
like, weirdly do something

that, like, one of us can't.


The only thing I'm really
nervous about is,

you know, Erika and Heather.
I don't know them.

We've only known each other,
like, ten days.

But Deshawn has had
a decent relationship

with Heather and Erika
throughout this,

so I would prefer Deshawn go.

I just, like,
cannot have Danny idol himself

into the final four.

If it was Danny, Heather, Erika,

I don't feel there's a threat

that the three of them
could get together.

But I feel the slightest threat
if Deshawn was here,

that could happen.

So as it stands now,

we're just voting
for each other.

- Yeah...
- Honestly, bro, either way,

we played...
we played a good game.

- We played a good game.
- Yeah.

Okay. Well, I also
should just tell you this,

- since one of us
is gonna be going home.
- Mm-hmm.

That I used to play
for the Cowboys for five years.


I think I did a good job
of hiding it, though.

- You did a great job.
- I did a good job of hiding it.

The walk-on stories, though.

- So which-which team
did you play for?
- I did...

I played five for the Cowboys
and one for the Bears.

That's dope, bro. [laughs]

- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- You ... did ..., bro.

Danny's kind of become
like an older brother to me,

so tonight it sucks that it has
to be either Danny or me,

but one of us has to go,
and I don't want it to be me.

Survivor is always based on
the foundation of a social game,

a strong social bond
with the players in the game.

When you create
that social capital

that you can use down the line,
it's a big thing,

and I just think
Danny didn't do that.

So now I'm trying
to cash in on that capital.

I really did mean
what I said with you and Erika,

that I think that would be
a good final three.

My mind's gonna be completely
open, like, the whole night.

I know that my asset in
this game is my social ability.

And I think that the early
relationships that I formed

with Erika and with Heather
on Luvu are probably

paying dividends right now.

Our weird journey, Deshawn.

So we want to keep you.

Think about who would actually
want to sit with you in the end.

- I want one of us to win
because we started together.
- Yeah.

I want Heather and Erika
to remember the days

when it was just
the three of us,

even though
I don't trust them at all.

I know that I've survived death
once, and I can do it again.

And we'll see

who comes out on top tonight.

It's little bro versus big bro,
but when I get to Tribal,

I'm not about
to leave here tucking tail

'cause there's not a shot
that I give up.

All I can do is fight.

Deshawn, I...

- Oh, my God.
- You...

You crack me up because

somebody's about
to have their dreams snuffed,

and you walk in
with a grin on your face.

First of all,
I'm just so grateful to be here.

I made it to final six,
but, like,

I'm a wise guy,
and I understand

that I'm heavy
on the chopping block tonight.

I don't know what exactly
is going to happen, but

the four of them
are voting together,

and they're going to split.
They want to see if Danny

has the idol or if he doesn't.
I guess

they'll have to wait and see.
And then they're probably

gonna put all the votes on me
or maybe Danny.

- Wow.
- I'm ready for it all.

I'm here to just take it all in,
Jeff. I'm excited for this one.

Ricard, what's fascinating is

that I'm watching everybody else
react to Deshawn's prediction

that he might be in trouble,

and you get
very different looks.

Yeah, I don't want
to give anything away

with answering
that question, um,

but he and I had
a great day together.

So could you have a great day
with Deshawn

and write his name down tonight?

Yes. They did it to me
two days ago.

Yeah, Jeff, so if I can just
back it on up to the last vote.

I thought it was
absolutely asinine

for a group of people
to have somebody

as big a threat as Ricard

on the chopping block
and let him run free.

And my logic behind that was,

he's beat you three times
in competitions,

and he'll do it again.

Danny, you were nodding.


I won the challenge,
Deshawn did the Do or Die.

I feel like
everything worked perfectly

to get the best player out of
the game. And everybody said,

"Hey, what we're going to do is,
we're going to beat him today."

That's how they woke up
this morning.

And then we look this way, and
this man got this necklace on.

So he earned
everything that he had.

So I'm not mad at him.

I'm not mad. I'm not mad at them
for making the decision.

Jeff, I-I think that it's,
like, what's considered a threat

is pretty relative
to each person

and where they are
in the game, right?

Of course,
Ricard has played a great game.

There's no denying it.
At the same time,

like, Ricard and I have
built a trust.

I know at least up
until this point, like,

Ricard hasn't betrayed me,

and I have no reason to believe

that he's going to
moving forward.

Whereas with Liana,
Liana's voted for me before.

So I made the decision

that could get me
a few more steps in the game.

And, Heather,
where do you sit right now

with six people left
and clearly

some fractures
Within the group?

That's a good question.

Uh, being told
that we made the wrong move,

not voting out Ricard,
it's so subjective.

We all have a reason
for what we're doing,

if we are really playing
this like a chess game

of where you are, where you hope
to get to next, and how.

So that was the reason
why I did it.

- It was for my game.
- ERIKA: Jeff,

everything here is risk
and reward,

and we'll see if it pays off,
or we'll see if,

you know, if it's a mistake,

but there's still game
left to be played.

Xander, to Erika's point,

who you vote out is important
to you because

you're either getting rid
of somebody

that you think will beat you

and/or you're getting rid
of somebody

that you think and hope
will vote for you.

So how do you navigate that
when you've got four people

and you're walking around,
saying, "Well,

"it's one of the two of you.
Don't know which.

Let you know tonight"?

Yeah, if I knew the exact answer
to that question,

then I'd get a million dollars
in the end

because that is the true trick.

Trying to pitch to the jury

of peers that you voted out

that you deserve the money
in the end.

So that jury management phase
has started.

So, Danny,
if you guys are right,

and it's one of the two of you,
what is the end?

How does it go down?
What's the last sentence?

Huh. The last sentence
for me would be,

"I came out here, and I left
my soul out here with Survivor."

I competed the hardest
that I could.

I've left it all out there
on the sand and in the water,

and I'm proud of what I did,
and I had a chance

to win today and save myself,
and I can accept the fact

that I lost
if-if that's the end for me.

How about you, Deshawn?

How do you write
the last paragraph for you?

Of course, I came into this game
thinking that would be dope

if I made it to final Tribal
and if I won.

But I'm still so proud

of everything
that I've been able to do.

And if I do go tonight,
I would like to just

throw out some more information
just to spice up

the game a little bit.
No false information.

This is all very true.

- Before you throw it out,
can I just do a gut check?
- Okay.

- How nervous are you, Xander?
- I'm fine.

- How about you, Erika?
- I'll deal with
whatever he says.

How about you, Heather?

- DESHAWN: Listen, like,
it's gonna be

a tough road for me to get
to the end regardless.

So I'm just gonna say this
right now.

Erika will not be taking you
to the end, Heather.

She told me
at the water well, like,

"I can't bring Heather
to the end of the game

"because if I do,
she might steal some of my votes

'cause we played
identical games."

So that's what was said,
and I'm saying it

in front of everybody,
so you know it's the truth.

Erika has played
a very smart game,

and I think this is the point
where the rubber meets the road.

Let's see what you do when all
of your coins are out there.


I don't know where to start.

Ricard. Take it.

I just find
the gameplay interesting

to try and do this truth bomb
in the middle of Tribal Council

when you don't know if you
were the one going or staying,

especially if what
you're saying is true.

If Erika didn't want
to take her to the end,

what if you were the one
to be by her side,

and now you just ruined it?

It's a surprise to me

that I'm the target of the
truth bomb because I feel like

Deshawn and I have had this
weird up-and-down relationship.

And I don't want to say where
the vote was going to go,

but there's potential that

Deshawn still had
game left to play.

And I mean, with Heather and I,

I don't think it would be
out of this world to think

that Heather's
probably considered

an end without me, too.

- Wow.

And I'm kind of glad you brought
that up, because I feel like

we've always tried
to work together,

and I've always, in my gut,
just couldn't 100% trust you,

- and now I know. So, thank you.
- Mm-hmm. Now you get it.

- Now you get it, girl.
- So, thank you. Yeah.

- Well, it's not personal.

Deshawn, open to
an observation before we vote?

- Sure. Of course, always.
- Okay.

You and Danny have declared
that you're the two.

Danny's approach tonight was,
"I'm still in it.

"I'm still fighting.
Don't take it personally,

but I want to be here."

Your approach seems to be,

"If it is me,
I want to be ahead of it,

"and say that I already knew
it was gonna be me,

so I'm gonna blow up
the truth bomb."

And I feel
what Erika is saying is

that if it is you,
you may never know

if it was intended
to be you or not.

Listen, Jeff, I've learned
a lot about myself thus far,

and this is maybe
another lesson, right?

But I said I was gonna play
this game with my gut,

and my gut told me one thing,
and that's what I went with.

So if I leave here today,
in the words of Gabby

from David vs. Goliath,

"At least I did something
with some gumption."

So I have to stand on that.

- PROBST: Well said.
- Thank you.

Another stunning Tribal.

All right, it is time to vote.

Xander, you're up.

Your truth bomb was
a little bit more

of a truth kamikaze, my friend.

I'll go tally the votes.

Okay, if anyone has
an advantage or an idol,

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

All right, I'll read the votes.

First vote-- Deshawn.


Danny. Two votes-- Danny,
one vote-- Deshawn.

Deshawn. We're tied again.
Two votes-- Danny,

two votes-- Deshawn.

Deshawn. Three votes-- Deshawn,

two votes-- Danny,
one vote left.

Danny. We're tied. We're going
to revote. Danny and Deshawn,

you can only vote
for each other,

so you won't vote. Xander,
if you'll come grab the urn.

I'll read the votes.

First vote--


Danny. Two votes-- Danny.

13th person voted out
of Survivor 41--

Danny. That's three.
That's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Danny, the tribe has spoken.

- Strong work, brother.
-[Danny chuckles]

Appreciate it. Go, Cowboys.

Congratulations. You've made it
to the final five.

Tonight you will leave here
and be taken to a new island

where you will
once again start over

- with only minimal supplies.
- No way.

Over the next three days, you'll
have two immunity challenges,

two Tribal Councils,

one fire-making tiebreaker,

and one winner.

You wanted the adventure
of a lifetime?

You're getting it. Grab your
torches, head to your new camp.

Good night.

- All right. Yeah.


Captioning sponsored by

XANDER: I don't need food.
I don't need sleep.

They're going to be crumbling
as I rise to the top.

The game's gonna get
really intense.

No way.

ERIKA: It's going to be
a lot of scrambling...

Don't let him get it.
That is all I care about.

...broken promises.

I hate Deshawn.

It's gonna be a wild finish.

I'm not surprised by the
outcome. I knew me or Deshawn

would be going home tonight,

and I knew that he had
a closer relationship

with Erika and Heather,
but I had a chance

to compete and fight
for my life in the game,

and I gave it all I had.
I tried to help carry my team

in the team portion and do
what I could in the individual.

Some of 'em, I came up short,
but I'm okay with the result

as long as I left
everything out there.