Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 6 - Quick on the Draw - full transcript

The immunity challenge weighs heavily on castaways when two tribes are sent to tribal council; one castaway is acting sneaky.

No more Boston Rob rules.

Be like a bunch
of teenagers now.

Parents are gone.

Have a party.

Let's do it.

I won't.

Tribal went fantastic.

We voted out Boston Rob.

He was a lot to deal with.

Because if you interacted
with anybody,

then Rob was throwing
your name underneath the bus.


He had a plan to

keep us under his thumb,
and I was like,

"Don't treat me like I'm
some rookie newbie out here."

And that's what it came down to
was lack of respect.

And for that reason alone, I couldn't live with him anymore.

I'm out here having fun
and building relationships

to show people that I can

change my game, right?

That's my goal.

So, on this tribe,
I've grown closer to Sarah

and, to be quite honest,
Sophie, too.

She's a good person,

and I like good people.


The general sense of the tribe

is that the wicked witch
is dead,

and we can do
whatever we want now.

But the truth is
I'm really nervous,

because I'm on a tribe

with people that might have
a stronger connection

with each other
than they do with me.


I mean, Ben has

seemingly becomevery close
with Sophie and Sarah.

But when we have time alone,
he's barely talking to me.

So, I don't feel like
this is a great celebration.

In fact, I feel
a little bit more cornered

on this tribe now than I did
before Boston Rob went home.

It's a nice place
you guys have here.

Oh, boy.

-What you got there, Tyson?
-A log with a note on it.

I'm thinking, "Oh, God, no.

Not another log challenge."

-Just start

turning over every stone
you come across.

Uh, let's go.

Let's do it.

I don't have a fire token yet,

and there's four people here
that do.


So I need to be the one
to find that thing,

especially with Rob here.
I didn't want him to find it.

Is there a cliff up here?

-There is?

-That's where it is, Amber.

-Somewhere on the cliff.
-Up here.

"Edge" has a double meaning.

It's not gonna be easy.

Might take, like,
a week to find.


The clue said
the more stones you turn over,

the better your chances are.

The only problem is

there's close
to eight million rocks

-on this island.

I know that because

I've almost counted all of them.

The main phrase
in the clue was,

"At the right place
at the right time."

And the only thing
that has time out here

is the tide.

I caught a glimpse of it
in a hole in the rock,

and I could also see Rob
looking at me

from that exact point.



You coming back?

So I turned around
and pretended

that I needed to tinkle.

It's not here.

Let's go make some rice.

Yeah, that's what I say.

We need more energy.

All right.
I'm just gonna have to grab it.

I snag the little package
real quick

and put it in the waistband
of my, uh,

man panties.

Oh, my God.

This is brutal.

Eventually, people do
trickle out to keep looking.

And when everybody's gone,

I open it up
and give it a quick read,

even though I know
people aren't far.

"This advantage has no value
on Extinction,

"but you can sell it
to any player in the game

for one fire token."

So the most important thing is
not so much who I give it to,

it's that that person buys this.

Oh, my God.

What is this?

What? Okay.


How did I get this?

Boom. I'm the proud papa

of a fire token.

So now I have to decide,

with this fire token,
what to do with it.

The idol is three tokens,

but if I wasted three tokens
on this

and never got back in the game,
I would look the fool.

But I'm not a fool.

I don't think.

So my only option

is to purchase something
from the menu

at the mast, which is...

Oh... dude.

Look at how big this thing is.

...peanut butter.

That makes me so happy.

I feel like eating the

little bit of peanut butter
each day would, A,

boost my spirits mentally
in the fact that I'm doing

something sneaky
and hilarious...

...and get me
the extra calories that will

then prepare me
for the challenge.

So good.

Some slack-jawed yokel
from, uh,

who knows where probably
wouldn't know all the, uh,

-great nutritional stuff
that peanut butter has,

but... I do.

Thanks, Parv.

Come on in, guys!

Dakal and Sele getting
your first look

at the new Yara tribe.

-Rob voted out
at the last Tribal Council.


The biggest reaction by far
of the season.

Ah, wow.

All right, shall we get to it?

-First things first,

got to take back
both pieces of the idol.

You're gonna throw even that?

-I'll hand it to you, sir.
-You're gonna throw...

From me to you.

...half of the immunity idol?

-No, sir, no, sir,

-no, sir.

No, I like that thing.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're gonna swim out to a boat

and retrieve
three bags of rice.

You'll then work together
to get those bags

through a hole, back to shore,
where you will

tear them open
and retrieve three balls.

You'll then maneuver
those balls through a maze.

The first tribe...

...and only the first tribe

-to finish wins immunity.
-Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Both of the losing tribes will
go to Tribal Council separately.

Both tribes will vote somebody
out of this game.

-In addition,

you're playing for a reward.

The first and only

-the first tribe to finish...

Peanut butter and jelly.


Yeah, that's what

-we were talking about!
Peanut butter

-and jelly.

Dakal, you have
one extra person.

Who you gonna sit out
of this challenge?

Sandra, take a spot
on the Sandra bench.

-All right, Sele.
Sit out. Yeah.

Sit somebody out.
Who's it gonna be?

Michele, take a spot
on the sit-out bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you
a minute to strategize.

We'll get it going.

All right, here we go,
for immunity and reward!

Survivors ready?


Everybody in the water.

You got to get to that boat
and get one person in the boat.

That person's responsible
for getting the rice out.

Yul in quickly for Sele.

Starts handing off the rice.

Good job, Sele!
-It's gonna be Sarah

getting in for Yara.

Denise is in for Dakal.

Good job, guys! Good job, guys!

Good job, Sele!

Sele out to a very early lead.

Followed right behind by Yara.

And Dakal in dead last.

Good job, guys.

Good job, Sele!

You all right?

Good job, Wen!

Wendell first to the gate.

You got to get it
through a very small hole.

It's gonna take
a lot of maneuvering.

Adam gonna go up and over
for Yara.

Yul is going over.

Here goes Denise.
She's going over.

Drop down! Pull this thing.

-Where's the second one?
Yul now working

from one side for Sele

to maneuver the first bag
through for Sele.

It is Yara working
on their first bag.

Jeremy trying to push that
first bag through for Dakal.

Sele has all three bags.
Got to get everybody over.

Dakal has made up
a lot of time now.

They got their third bag

It is now Yara in dead last,

Now you got to get your bags
of rice back to shore.

Once you have all three,
you can start opening them.

Yul trying to open that first
bag. You're looking for a ball.

-Got a very sharp knife.
You can do mine?


Dakal is stuck now.
-Just pull.

-They cannot get
that third bag back.
-Just pull.

Here comes Yara with all three.

Yara now is back in it.

-And now it's Dakal
that's struggling.
-I got it, yeah.

It is Ben opening the bags
for Yara.

You're looking for a ball
in a pouch.

They haven't
opened 'em yet.

-They haven't opened 'em yet.
Dakal continues
to fight.

Pushing with that third bag.
Everybody exhausted.

You guys are still in it.

Nobody has a ball.

Tony opening

the bags for Dakal.

Ben has the first ball.

-I got it.
Yul has his first.
-Come on, come on!

Here comes Wendell.
-Nice, Yul.

Day 16.

Everybody exhausted.

Ben has his second for Yara.

Ben is ripping through
this section of the challenge.

There it is.
There it is.

Wendell has the second for Sele.

You got it. Grab through.
Here we go, here we go.

Tony has the first ball
for Dakal.

You got it, Tony.

There it is, Wen! All three.

Wendell has
the third for Sele.

-Go! Go!
Ben has the third
for Yara!

We are neck and neck right now!

Only one tribe finishes.

Only one tribe is safe.

Every single second matters.

There you go, there you go.

-There, you got it.
Dakal still working
on their balls.

Now Jeremy in,
going to work with that knife.

-Nick has all three balls.
Good job, Nick.

He can start working
on the maze now.

Ben has the third ball.

-It's gonna be Sophie in
for Yara.
-You got this.

-There you go, there you go.
-Let's go, let's go.

-Got it, got it.
Good job. Good job.

Finally, Dakal has
their three balls.

Good job.
A big setback

on day 16.

Huge immunity on the line.

Two tribes going to Tribal.

Two people heading to
the Edge of Extinction tonight.

Nick inching closer and closer
to the inner circle,

and he's there now.

Nick is inside.

He's got to drop it,
and he does.

Nick has the first ball
for Sele.

Here comes Wendell now
taking over.

Everybody chasing Sele
right now.

You're still in it.

Jeremy out. Here comes Kim.

Sophie getting closer now.

Sophie very close
to that inner circle now.

And she's inside.

If she can get it to drop,
and she does.

Sophie has the first for Yara.

Here comes Adam.

It's now Dakal the only tribe
without any balls.

Slow and steady, Kim.

Wendell's inside,
very close to that inner circle.

And drops while talking smack,

loses the ball
and all the progress.

Starting again.

Hook it. Hook it, Adam.

-Hook it.
And Adam drops it.

Yara now in the lead with two.
There's only one left.

Kim drops again.

Here comes Sophie.
She landed the first one.

Can she win it for Yara
right here,

sending Sele and Dakal
to Tribal Council?

Wendell right back
at that tough spot.

Wendell, stay slow.
-And he's through it.

-Stay slow.
-He's got one left.

Sophie has quickly moved her way
toward the center section.

-Sophie closing in on it.
Slow down.

It is a master class right now.

-Wendell drops the second
for Sele.
Yes, Wen!

Here comes Nick.

Nick now racing
to get back in this.

It's a race now.
Who will get the ball first?

Stay calm.

Sophie floating very close
to that danger zone.

Beautiful, Nick!

Sele is catching up.

They are closing that gap.

Sophie still hovering around it.

Yes, yes, yes, yes!
-Sophie drops it for Yara!

Yara wins immunity!

Sending Sele and Dakal
to Tribal Council.

You did so good!

-Good job, good job.
The most amazing

thing about this win, for me,

was that it's like winning

two immunity challenges
back to back.

We're going from
14 people in the game

to 12 people in the game.

That's a double elimination.

It doesn't get better
than that.


Good try.

-You did so great.
-Good try.

-You guys did great. Really.

-Yeah. It was tough.

The immunity challenge
was rough. We lost.

And now I'm pretty sure
the guys are coming after me.

I know that they see me
as a threat.

And seeing
that Rob got voted out,

I feel really alone here.

Like, I've got Michele,
but that's it.

You know,
I have the idol nullifier,

but what I really need
is numbers.

Otherwise, I'm screwed.


-you guys
are gonna write Parv down.

We're gonna hope she doesn't
have anything special.

And... that's it.

-I'm just hoping she doesn't
pull a rabbit out of a hat.

I'm pretty bummed.

I was hoping to play

Survivorwith Parvati.

I mean, she was always
one of my favorites.

She was, like,
mySurvivor crush, you know?

However, Wendell and Yul,

they're my closest allies
in the entire game.

So if they want
to vote her out,

I guess
that's what I have to do.

Okay, so,

what do we do?

Wendell wants to get me.

We have to find a fracture.

See, like,
Yul's not gonna budge.

Every time I talk to Yul,
he's, like, crossing his arms,

crossing his legs, like...

not open at all.

I think our only option

is Nick.

Yeah. I agree.

I hate to say it,
but, honestly,

I don't think
this plan is gonna work.

These three guys are tight.

They're not gonna vote
each other out at this point.

And it sucks.

Parv is my best friend
out here.

But I don't know
if I can save her.

So if she's already going home,

all I can do is try to see
if there's some way

for it to benefit my game.

So, here's something
I wanted to run by you.

The one idea is

I vote you so that she feels
like I stayed loyal...

Mm-hmm. get her fire tokens.

There's not a chance that
she won't vote for me tonight.

So if you put a vote on me,
then that's two on me.



I'm shocked.
I'm like, "Michele,

are you really writing my name
down? Is that what's going on?"

That's petrifying for me.
That's two Wendells.

You only need one more.

Michele wants to have her cake
and eat it, too.

She doesn't want
to vote Parv out.

But, at the same time,
she wants Parv's tokens.

And I'm like, "Wow,
Michele's playing the game."

I don't know
what you want me to do.

I've built a relationship with
somebody for 16 or 17 days.

-Fine. I've known you

-for longer than 16 or 17 days.
-I know that.

Do your thing
with that relationship.

That might be real out here.

That might be
what's real out here.

Wendell doesn't trust me.

That much is very clear.

I've offered to betray Parvati, and he still

doesn't trust me.

And I'm pissed, because, when I was dating him,

I was the one who got burned.

So why would I move forward

with somebody
who I'm giving, giving, giving

and they're taking,
taking, taking?

I think your guns
are targeted at me,

and I think mine
are targeted at you.

Well, if you want
to shake things up,

maybe there's something
that we can do.

Who should we vote out?

-Nick or Yul?

I feel like you are messing
with me.

I don't know, Parv. Like...

-Me, too.
-Okay, would you barter
fire tokens for something?

Like, you tell me anybody
to vote for,

and you give me two fire tokens.


-I'm not gonna give it to you
-Fair enough.

Wendell's walking around
like he's so confident

and he owns this place
and he's running the show.

But he just made a move
that was really dumb,

and that is all I need

to turn the spotlight away
from me and put it on Wendell.


He was trying to get me to pick
someone else to vote out.

He's like, "Give me two tokens,

and I'll vote
however you want me to vote."

-He's definitely playing.

That's why he's so dangerous.

He always seems like
he's not doing anything.

Me and Wendell,

we talked about going
to the end together.

And he talks the talk,

but I'm not sure
if he really walks the walk.

I've kind of been

on cruise control,
just trying to make it

through the merge,
but now I'm thinking

I got to start playing
this game.

He thinks he's up here
and any of my ideas are,

like, down here.

This is a huge decision.

Parvati is a threat, but she's
a visible threat, whereas,

Wendell, he is more of,
like, a hidden threat.

So it makes sense
to get rid of him

if I can keep somebody
that I can actually trust.

Whatever I do tonight is
gonna have huge consequences.

I just hope I don't regret it.

This is not where
I wanted to be right now.

Sorry, you guys.

-No, we're all sorry. We're...
-I know,

but I wanted that freaking
peanut butter and jelly so bad.

That's okay. You didn't need it.

-It's probably
stale bread anyway.

-Man, this sucks.

Our tribe only has five people
right now.

I'm in the majority
of the numbers,

but the worry right now
for me is that

I don't know
if Sandra's gonna flip on me.

I don't know
if Kim might flip on me.

Jeremy and Denise
might have an idol.

Who are they gonna use it on?

I need that information,
and there's only

one way to get that information;
that's a spy bunker.


-Go for a walk?
Don't think so.

-You think he just needs
a second?

He's just trying to figure out
what the next move is.

Or looking for an idol.

What's your preference?
What are you thinking?

Are y'all sticking
with the original Dakal?

I'm probably 100% sure
that that's gonna be the plan.

How would that affect you?

-'Cause I'm not original Dakal.

Coming in, Denise and I,
we're the old Sele.

There's only two of us,
but I have

this safety without power

I could leave Tribal Council
as soon as I want.

I don't have a vote,
but I'm here tomorrow.

It's gonna be right here,

And I'm quick on the draw.

That's my only problem.

Do you feel, Sandra,
like you guys are solid?

Do you think
there's any wiggle room?

-Let's talk somewhere different.

Going into tonight's Tribal,
I'm extremely uneasy.

I don't feel like this is
gonna be an easy Tribal.

I think
it's gonna be a challenge.

And I think, unfortunately,
I may end up burning an idol

that I'm gonna wish I had
farther down the road.

-We're solid.
-Like, I mean, 'cause,
clearly, I'm on--

-Like, I have no power.
-We're solid because we're on

-the right side of the numbers.

Is that the truth
that you wanted?

Well, I think, I think
I'd rather hear the truth

-than B.S.

-I know I'm on the...
-Well, you're
a very wonderful person.

-I just want to tell you that.
-"And I'm gonna
vote you off tonight."

- No, I didn't say that.
- No.

-I'm just saying that you're
a very wonderful person.

Sandra is very direct
and very honest,

and I think she really believes she's in charge of the game.

That's not how I play, but
it's the way the game's played.

So my strategy is
to kind of play it humbly,

to let them know

that I get that I know
I need them,

they don't need me.

So, knowing that,

the only thing I can do
is plead my case over Jeremy.

So, just think Is Jeremy
a bigger risk to take forward?

-In a lot of ways, yes.
-In a lot of ways.

Do I want
to write his name down?

-No. Not at all.

But if it means staying
in the game, then absolutely.

-It's all up to Kim. Huh?

Oh, just--
It's all on your shoulders.

-Him being absent right now...
-Is weird.

I'm getting a crazy feeling.

-I'm getting, like, a bad vibe
in the pit of my stomach.
-Yeah. I know.

We cannot find Tony anywhere.

And, honestly,

I'm starting to get nervous.

I'm like, "Why in the world
would Tony be missing?"


He gets like this
on Tribal days.

He's like a split personality.

-Have you seen Tony?
-Oh, my gosh.

We still haven't seen him.

Doesn't make any sense.
No, it doesn't.

Why would you leave on, like,
an important decision like this?

Tony's been great up until now.

As soon as it's time to,
"Oh, we have to start talking,"

Tony's gone.

Tony, what are you
scrambling for?

Your name's not even
on the chopping block.

What are you doing, Tone?


Don't get stressed out.
We're so fine.

I decide to pop out
of my bunker.

Sure enough,

my timing couldn't be more off.

-I just broke my back. I fell
off a tree looking for idols.
-They both...

Tony. Shh.

These are the people
I'm in bed with, you know?

The guy that freaks out
and can't even stay to have,

like, a levelheaded conversation after a challenge.

And that is concerning for me.

He's freaking out.

Listen, I feel like the threats

-need to stay together.
-Look at,

look at Rob, man.
They're getting rid

of the biggest shield.
Because if we merged,

-we could've been, like,
all pointing at Rob.

Now we don't have that, man.

-So if you give me your word,
-Hey, listen,

if it's me or Denise, obviously,

-I'm gonna put Denise down.

-Kim, I trust you 100%.
Sandra, I trust you...

-I trust you 100%.
Don't be looking away, yo.
-Oh, my-- Tony.

-All right, all right,
all right, I'm...
-You know, with me, I'm chill.

I still haven't decided
how I feel

about Denise going home.

Tony and Jeremy
keep drilling it into my head

that the big targets

need to stick together.

And I get that.

But what they don't
understand, too,

is that I have a lot of people
on the other side

that are with me as well.

So Tony's the only one
gonna benefit

from Jeremy sticking around.

What would you trade
your two fire tokens for?

I'll take immunity
for two fire tokens.

I have an idol left

that's good for only one more
Tribal Council,

and I have zero fire tokens.

So I want somebody's two tokens.

Give me your two fire tokens,
and I will

hand you an immunity.

Your name is gonna
get written down by all of us.

You decide which one
of the two boys goes,

but don't touch me and Kim.

Me and Tony are
a pretty good team right now,

but he's
a very paranoid player.

I know Tony well enough

to know that my days
are numbered with him.

He will take me out
if I don't take him out again.

I already know it.

I'm giving you an idol--
that's real--

for two fire tokens because I...

Oh, my God.

But cookies and cream?
Oh, my God.

-If anything.

I'd give anything for that.

-It'd be delicious.
-You have to.

-You have to bring 'em.
-I will.

We'll figure out a way to
somehow make 'em and bring 'em.

My God.

I'd give anything for that.

Cupcakes and cookies.

Think on it. You just don't have
a lot of time.

This is not a selfless act.

There's something
in this for her,

and what I think
is in it for her is

I stay in the game
and her hands are clean.

It has to be between me and you,

and you can never say
I did this for you.

I actually have an idol

in my bag, so I don't need this.

But if it's real,
it serves another purpose.

I could make a move that
literally for the first time

in mySurvivor career
feels like

it could be game-changing.

So, here's my proposal.

I give you one token now.
I give you one token after.

-After I know
it's real and it worked.
-Let's do it.

-One now,

-and one when we get back.
-One when we get back.

If the votes are coming the way

that Sandra is telling me
they're coming

and everybody's voting for me,

I can pick
any one of those people

and send them home.

I've never had power like this
in the game, ever.

So, Wendell, every season

of Survivor
ends up having a theme.

Can you feel one
starting to unfold?

I think this is the season

of preexisting friendships
and relationships

where people are, like,
very cutthroat in the game,

and then outside the game,
you shake hands and it's cool.

With me, I came into this game

trying to
compartmentalize things.

Look, I'm gonna do
whatever it takes in this game

to win $2 million.
I'll stab everyone in the back.

I'll stab 'em in the front.


Nick, that's a pretty
honest answer from Wendell.

Yeah. And...

And maybe that is
'cause we played recently,

and we played with people that
had that philosophy of the game.

But even though
it won him a million dollars,

it won me a million dollars,

if we're playing
with people that don't value

that philosophy of Survivor,

then maybe that's not
the right approach this season.

Michele, it's an interesting
idea, because you do

have a group of people
that come from different eras

-of Survivor.
I think
Nick is correct.

We all won
for totally different reasons.

We're so different
from each other.

That's the beauty of this game.

So, we just
have to play our game.

If Wendell is gonna stab
from the front and the back,

because that worked before

and that's his approach
this time, fine.

My approach is
gonna be different than that.

Parvati, does Wendell's approach

have any impact on you?

To be honest,

I just want to work with people
that are fun to work with,

that will strategize with me,
that will partner with me.

I don't want to work with
someone who's gonna backstab

and lie constantly because...

Can I clarify something
before I get painted

in any particular way?

I heard three people in a row

basically say that style of play
won't work this time.

I haven't done it this time.

I'm just being real
with everyone here

and letting you guys know
what I'm willing to do out here.

Some people should appreciate it

when people
keep it real with them.

Parvati, that was
clearly directed

to somebody here.

I don't know.
He could be talking to Michele.

'Cause they have

-a history together.

Michele, did you feel like

Wendell was talking to you?

Wendell and I have
an interesting...

style of communication.

I think our words
aren't as cushy as they are

when I speak to some of
the other people here,

and I think it's the same
when he speaks to me.

That's just kind of how it is

because we've been through
some life together.


thoughts on that?

It's been very difficult
for me to have any kind

of real conversation
with Wendell.

He doesn't seem that receptive

-to me, like...
I don't know, I...

I-I thought
people respected realness.

Even with Parv today,
I said, "Hey, look,

"it doesn't look like
we're on the same page.

"I feel like
you're voting for me.

I think I'm gonna vote for you."

So, I-I kept it real with her.

And then, also,

Wendell told me he would

give me a vote
for a couple of tokens. Like...

Jeff, we don't even know
what's gonna become

of these fire tokens.

We anticipate them becoming

idols or advantages
or something,

so I said,
"Parv, I will vote with you

for a token or two."

Wendell, is that
a current invitation

or that was a past invitation
that's off the table?

It's a current invitation.

Wow. Parvati, you've got

a $2 million prize.

You have only five people.

And this is a current,
live offer right now.

You want to do something,

If you'd like to do something.

What do you want to do?

This just got interesting.


Are you gonna say a name?


You're gonna wait
for me to say a name?

It's like,

this is the same thing that
happened on the beach where...

-What are you
even talking about?

Here's, here's here's...
Here's how I'm gonna say it.

When we spoke today, I felt like
I gave you everything,

and I felt like
you didn't give me anything.

My intention was for maybe
you to just give me something.

But clearly, it doesn't seem
like that's possible.

It just was
really difficult for me

to take that at face value

when my sense
is that you don't trust me.

That's all I got.


you don't seem to enjoy this.

I feel like
I'm watching my parents fight

-and bicker.

Uh, yeah, I mean,
for me, it's like,

I think we have a plan
coming in.

I think everyone's on board.
But then anytime

things kind of get
thrown up in the air,

it just kind of
makes you nervous.


you seem emotionally distressed
right now.

Am I reading into that?

I am
very emotionally distressed.

I have been a wreck all today.

Just, like, basically hanging on
by a thread right now.

I feel caught in between
four people that I love.

And I know it's for $2 million.

My head says that, but my heart

says I'm hurting somebody, and
that doesn't sit well with me.

But this is Winners at War.

If you're not willing
to do this to somebody,

they will do it to you.

And somebody will go to the end
and win this $2 million.

So either grow some backbone
or not,

but somebody's gonna get
backstabbed and screwed over.

All right. It is time to vote.

Wendell, you're up.

If anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

Okay. I'll read the votes.

First vote Parvati.


Wendell. Two votes Wendell.


We're tied. Two votes Parvati,

two votes Wendell,
one vote left.

Seventh person voted out
of Survivor Winners at War...

Need to bring me your torch.


the tribe has spoken.

-Time to go.
-Good luck, guys.

-Good luck, Parvati.
-Good luck, Parvati.

All right.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

We'll bring in the next group.

"Bequeath your fire tokens

to any player
still in the game."

Here you go, Michele.


All right. Kim,

what is the theme
of this season?

What is it shaping up
to be about

in terms of gameplay?

It's shifting and moving,
but right now I think it's about

the threats
versus the nonthreats.

Sandra, you have 20 winners.

How can you not have 20 threats?

I believe the ones
that know they're threats,

like Boston Rob,
Tyson, Parvati, myself,

Kim, Jeremy and Tony,

you know these people are
huge threats versus the ones

that we feel are not a threat,

like a Nick or a Michele
or a Denise.

We all know it.


is that a compliment to you

or is it just a statement
that she believes to be true?

You can take things so many
different ways in the game.

You know, there are players

that come out here
that are the physical players.

You have
the strategic masterminds.

You have
the relationship builders.

And so we're all threats
for different reasons.

It's just which one
is getting targeted tonight.

So, Jeremy,
with this basic premise,

then one approach would be

you, Tony, Kim and Sandra
simply say, "Get rid of Denise

because we need each other
to protect ourselves."

I have heard that
going around camp tonight.

That's one option.

And that sounds better
than the other option

that I was hearing.

What's the other option?

The other option
was the old Sele,

which is Denise and I,
against the old Dakal.


is that a story
that was going around,

is it's easy for you,
Sandra and Kim to simply say,

"We're better off as three.
Get rid of one of them"?

Yeah, but, uh, we know better
than that now, Jeff.

I mean, we're seasoned players,

so we know
that it's not as simple as,

"Sorry, you're in the minority
of numbers.

You got to go home tonight."

We weighed all our options,
and we all came

to a consensus
of what would be better for us.

Jeremy, when you hear
the scenario

of three versus two,
are you thinking, "Listen,

here's why you want
to take out Denise"?

I love Denise, but my thing is

we need to stay strong

because we don't want
to be back here again.

And I not only
build relationships,

but I may be able
to win some challenges

and take us together
to the next step in this game.

Denise, it's a good argument.

-What's yours?
If we're talking
about moving forward,

I'm not gonna be
the biggest challenge beast.

But what I'm trying to offer
moving forward is

there are relationships that can
absolutely be solidified

and moved forward with,

and I believe that solidly
to be true.

And, you know,
I've been in this seat

or a seat similar to this
so many times.

It's the nervousness.

It's the anxiety, the thought
of leaving this tribe.

It's upsetting.


can you relate to this?

I-I feel the same way
she feels. Like,

I'm really nervous.
I'm really nervous.

Usually, I'm a-a duck
on water, you know?

They look real smooth up top.

But underneath,
it's like, "Aah!"

-But right... Like, right now

I'm a duck upside down,

and you can see
all my feet going crazy

'cause I'm losing my mind.

Sandra, when you have
a numbers advantage,

does the smart player
exploit it?

That is the game.
It's $2 million.

And when you have
that advantage,

you definitely
have to exploit it.

It's either them or you.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Jeremy, you're up.

This is all for show.

I'm certain
you're not going home tonight.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

Jeff, can you give me a minute?


Are you kidding me right now?

Just hoping maybe this
will settle my stomach.

I don't know.

I found something
along the way today.

Have a seat.

This isa hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Denise
will not count.

-I'll read the votes.

Jeff, can you give me
one more minute?


-Like to play those for Jeremy.
-For Jeremy.

This is also
a hidden immunity idol.

Oh, my God.

Any votes cast for Jeremy
will not count.

All right.

I'll read the votes.

First vote


Does not count.

Denise. Does not count.

Denise. Does not count.


Does not count. One vote left.

Eighth person voted out
of Survivor Winners at War...


Oh, my God.

How is that possible, man?

Sandra, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Day 16 got me again.

-Bye, Sandra.

I'm so impressed.

Well, tonight's Tribal shows

that no matter
how you categorize

each other as threats,
it only takes one move

-to become
a high-profile player.

Welcome to the club.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

Good night.

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