Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 5 - The Buddy System on Steroids - full transcript

Tribes drop their buffs and switch things up; tension in one tribe opens up an opportunity for new alliances.

Day 12, ladies.

Another morning on
Winners at War.

It's a great day to be alive.


I was so relieved
to have Tyson out of here.

Tyson was the only guy

rocking the boat, and, to get
rid of him, it really feels like

we're a cohesive unit now.

Yes. I'm so happy.

And on top of that,

I was looking in my bag
this morning,

and I found...

this parchment here.

There's a fire token
from your hero, Nick.

This definitely changes
my opinion of Tyson

in the game a little bit.

I think, in another situation,

I would really love
to work with Tyson.

And maybe that situation
will come up,

and-and this could be like

a token of appreciation.

And, hey,
I don't take this lightly.


He and I are very close friends.

Wait, what's the deal
with his wife?


Oh, my God. It's so hard.

-She can't breathe on her own,
so she's on assisted breathing.
Oh, really?

And she can't swallow,

so she needs 24-hour care.

Jonathan's with her
all the time.

They always have some nurse

or someone who's helping,
'cause she can't

she literally can't do anything
by herself.

It's very sad.

I just feel so bad for them.

I know Jonathan Penner,
because Jonathan

is someone I played with
on Cook Islands.

We've become very close
friends, and I've become close

-with his family.
Jonathan, say hello

to your wife, Stacy.


And over the past year,

his wife, Stacy Title,
who's an amazing woman,

was diagnosed with ALS,
Lou Gehrig's disease,

and it's been an absolutely
devastating knockout punch.

Stacy has lost control of her
most of her body,

except for her eyes.

And, I mean,
there's no cure right now.

They're basically just
hoping that,

in the next couple decades,
they'll find a cure.

They're under
a tremendous amount of strain,

emotionally, financially.

And it just broke my heart.

I did not know that's what

ALS was.

Obviously, I have very strong
feelings for Jonathan,

his wife, his family,
and, you know,

I feel like
no one deserves this.

You know,
if there's something that I

or others can try
to do to help them,

their kids, and everyone else
in that situation,

I just feel like
that's the least we can do.

This season ofSurvivor,

I feel like I'm not
just playing for myself

or my own family but I'm playing

for something bigger
than myself.

-Do you want a hug?

-Yeah, sure. Thank you.
-I'm sorry.

I would just love
to use this opportunity,

try to raise awareness of anyone whose suffering from ALS

and their families,
who really are in need,

you know,
much more than any of us are.

Sele, getting your first look
at the new Dakal tribe.

Tyson voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

All right.

Well, the last time
we were here,

we divided into tribes.

Seems like a good enough reason
to do it again.

Everybody, drop your Buffs.

-We are switching tribes.
-Oh, wow.
-Oh, my God.


Here we go, guys.

Oh, my God.

-Stay blue, guys.

Stay true.

This is the part of the game

that I really don't like
too much.

The first time
this happened to me was back

in Survivor Marquesas.

I had complete control
of my tribe,

and they did a tribe swap.

The next thing you know,
I'm on the bottom.

And that was the end.

But, hopefully, this time,

the cards fall in my favor.

Oh, my gosh. I'm nervous.

Season 40, Winners at War,
is about to change.

Everybody, reveal your new Buff.


We are switching from two tribes
to three tribes.

-No, what is this? This is...

If you have red, go to red.

-Green. Me and you, Rob.
If you're green,

take a spot in the middle,
in between the two other tribes.

I'll go over here
with you blue goons.

-Yeah. Long time!

Oh, wow.
Oh, my God.

How the heck did I get stuck
stranded on an island

with my ex-boyfriend?

Wendell and I dated briefly,

which is a saga in itself.

Even though our relationship
didn't necessarily work out,

I'm hoping

this can work a little bit
better than our dating.

Oh, my God!

Hi, love. How are you?

-I'm okay.
All right,
let's take a look

at our new tribes.

Wearing blue,
the new Sele tribe

is Parvati, Nick, Yul,

Michele and Wendell.

We have two former Sele
and three Dakal.

Wendell, walk me
through this tribe.

This is a big switch.

I like that the, uh,
former Dakal have the numbers.

But I think
we're a strong tribe.

We might be able
to just win out.

All right, let's go to red,

the new Dakal tribe.

Two former Sele
in Jeremy and Denise.

Three former Dakal
in Tony, Sandra and Kim.

Sandra, you've been
through a lot of switches.

What does this mean
for the game as a whole?

Well, it's opportunity
to take certain people out

if you have the numbers or...

Well, I don't want to say too
much, Jeff, but I'm just happy

-with this group. I'm happy.

I'm happy. We got it going on.

-Cloud nine over here.
-Oh, man.

All right, and we have one

new tribe in the middle, Yara.

This tribe has three former Sele
members in Rob, Ben and Adam,

and two former Dakal
in Sarah and Sophie.

Sophie, numbers aren't
on your side at first glance.

What's the feeling?

Uh, yeah, I mean,

obviously, it's, like,
a little scary at first.

I mean, we literally have
to go to work though.

We have to build a shelter.
So that's

-I mean, my mind is
a little more focused on that.

All right.

Sele, Dakal, Yara,

grab your stuff, head out.

Start getting
to know each other.

I should be ecstatic

by this swap, but I'm not,

because this is
a really fractured trio

of Ben, Rob and myself.

We burned a lot of bridges
with each other,

and that could be catastrophic
to my game.

Oh, my God.


How do you think
we were kicking your ass

in the challenges, man?

-Who did all this?


-Oh, my gosh.
-Come sit over here.

-There's no place to sleep.
-'Cause we got two fires.

-We got that one.
-Look at this. Yo, look at this.

Oh, my God.

The Dakal camp, it's crazy.

First of all,
the shelter is... unbelievable.

-Oh, my God.

Is it really that much better?

-It's horrible over there.
-We have no roof.

So, I'm George

and Denise is Weezy,

'cause we're moving on up.

-Maybe Jeff-Jeff took it.
-What's this, hot peppers?
-I Hot sauce.

- Oh.
-Yeah, Wendell's
been eating that.

But coming in down three
original Dakal to two Seles,

I need to find who is
on the outs in that three.

So, I would really like to get

a big glass,
a nice big, tall beer,

of information,
so it can quench my thirst

for knowledge.

I mean, potentially.

What do you mean, potentially?

-I mean, yes.
-Oh, all right.

You know what I mean.

-I got to be careful.
-They said you're Yeah.

Kim seems like she's been
on the outs,

and that's a good sign for me,

'cause that's the weak link
that I'm looking for.

You, of all people, I would
love to just pick your brain

-about, like, moving forward.
-Yes. Yes.

Okay. I feel the same. Same.

-I feel like we'd work
really well together.
-I think we play similarly,

and I have not found that
with anyone yet.

-I think we need to...
-And I just, like Okay.


I'm starting to feel like

maybe Kim's not as tight
with Tony or with Sandra,

or maybe she'll be willing
to either

pull me in or that
she's maybe willing to step out

and join maybe

-Jeremy and I.
-I'm so glad we had at least

-two minutes to
'Cause I've been waiting...
-Same. Just so you know.

-...for the moment.

There's a little bit
of a security,

because I have an idol.

But I feel safer
just with there being

some options here, in terms of
we may be down numbers,

but I don't think we're out.

The more I think about it,
we need threats to protect us.

The lions always go at it
all the time,

and the hyenas come from the
sidelines and-and win the game.

They take out the big lions
when they're wounded.

The biggest fear of a swap

is exactly what happened
to Denise and Jeremy.

They're on the bottom
of the numbers.

But we have to be very careful,

because there's gonna be
hyenas in this game,

there's gonna be
the lions in this game.

Going to the merge with Kim,

all the girls
will be looking at her.

So she's my shield,
she's your shield.

If the lions
go against one another,

the hyenas are gonna come in
and just clean up shop.

And I don't want to get eaten
by a hyena.

You feel good about this?

And when there's five people,

there's always one
in the middle; and right now,

in this tribe, I believe
it's Kim in the middle.

I'm gonna try my best
to try to convince her,

in order for our game
to move forward,

we have to stick together.

So what I'm thinking is, if
the big threats can stay loyal

in this part of the game

and get rid of
all the low-profile players,

-we're in good shape.
Yeah. Yeah.

-We're doing it, man.
-No, no. I feel like it.

-Big 12, man.
-I'm excited.

I was agreeable to Tony
at the moment.

You know,
I'm staying Dakal strong.

But I'm not sure that
that's the best option for me.


Look at that!
Killed it.
Good job, Kim.


...makes the dream work.

Oh, my gosh.

It was a big eel.

-And it tastes good.
Tony and Sandra,

they're probably the people I had the least trust built with.

And I do feel

like I'm making a connection
with Jeremy and Denise.

In this tribe, at this moment,
I am smack-dab in the middle.

And that could be
a really good spot for me.


We're very excited for you guys
to be joining Sele B.


I think,

if I was able to pick my tribe,

I couldn't have done
a better job.

Because I was super tight
with Yul and Wendell.

They were probably my two most
trustworthy allies on Dakal.

And on top of that,
we have a numbers advantage,

so I won the lottery.

This, uh...
this shelter of yours

is cracking me up.

Needs a little TLC, I'd say.

A lot of TLC.

-A lot.

This is cool though.

You guys got it going on
over here.

Yeah, I'm sure.

So, basically,
this is fixer-upper.


I got to roll my sleeves up.

I got, I got a lot to do
over here.

Sele is

outgunned by the Dakal.

And I am desperate
to find an opportunity

for Michele and I to actually

work our way in.

-What is your wife's name?

It was funny.
Um, yeah, she's actually

a big fan of yours.


-I like her already.
-My wife is a big fan. Yeah.

-No, she...

I played with Yul before
in Cook Islands,

and Yul and I were never
on the same side.

But he told me
that his wife loves me

and that
I'm her favorite player,

so I think that's,
like, a little bit

of an in with Yul.

We did talk about you
for a minute.

-But I'm so embarrassed to say.


They asked
They were saying, like,

who the Survivorcrush was,
and I was like

I said, "Parvati was
my high school crush."

-Oh, my God. Nick!

-That's why I didn't want
to say...

And Nick told me
that he had a crush on me

when he was in high school.

So that was awkward.

-Well, I'm glad
the truth is out.
-And then

-Yeah, the truth's out. I knew
I was gonna get caught anyways.
-Thanks for coming clean.

-Speaking of awkward,

Michele used to date Wendell,

and I don't think
they ended on good terms.

And then they're
on the same tribe.

I don't know anything about you.

Not a thing.

Except that you're a builder.

I build furniture.

-Nick, tell me...
-Whoa, whoa.

-I was telling you about myself.
-Tell me about yourself.

I-I'm a slow I-I move slowly.

It's so I'm, like,

cringing for her.

I can't even imagine
having dated someone,

having it ended badly, and then being on the smallest,

tiniest tribe with them.

Like, nowhere to hide,
nowhere to go.

-Did you ever think that?

-Sucks to be me.
-Did you ever think

you were gonna be stranded
with me on a godforsaken island?

-You didn't think that when
we started the relationship.




So, there are people,
there-there are people

This is the season
of, like, histories

and past relationships.

That could be the theme of this season, past relationships.

And then you have people that
might have hung out together.

Me and Michele kicked it,
you know?

She'll We kicked it before.

So, yeah, everybody has

preexisting relationships
out here.

And, yeah, some of mine
will spill over into this game.

Tragedy has befallen Sele.

To turn on each other.

They're feeling great.

They're so delighted
about how this went down.

It's so annoying.

I'm getting nothing from Wendell, nothing but bad vibes.

-He, like, scolded me.

Because I was like,
"Yo, Wen, like, whatever."

He's like He was like, "What,
you just want me to, like,

come up to you
and talk to you right away?"

-I was like...


Wendell, when he got here,
he kept his distance

from Parv and I.

And, honestly,
I'm not very surprised

that he's playing this game
like that,

because that's how it was in our
relationship in the first place.

I think
he feels very comfortable.

-I think so.
-That's my read.

Wendell right now is sending me

the "You up?" text,
and I just want to be like,

"New season. Who dis?"

Wasn't it his fault
that things went sour?

Yeah. I just think
he, honestly, like

he just thinks
he's, like, such hot ....

He really does.

It's really hard

to have Wendell here
and not have bad blood,

because I want to be like,

"You've broken my trust
in real life,

and you hurt me because of it."

I would give my fire token
and future fire tokens

-for a knife right now.
- You would give...

-Should we swim?

Yeah, girl.

Of course,
I don't want to get burned

by Wendell again in this game
like I got burned dating him.

This is a game for $2 million,
and better believe

that I can separate
my relationship with Wendell

from playing this game,
and I will take him out

if that's necessary.

Well, all right.
Well, this is home now.


-Not a whole lot here.

So, we arrive at Yara,
and it's not

the prettiest of beaches
that we've been to here in Fiji.

One, two, three.


On paper,

we should be sitting pretty,

with the three of us from Sele
and then the two gals

from, uh, Dakal.

Hi. I'm Ben.

-Hi. Sarah.

But I'm here with
Rob and Adam, the two people

that have blown up my game

lied to each other and then told everybody secrets

about each other,
and it's just like...

I can't get away.

So, no.

Well, this is what happened.

Tyson was gonna be the vote,

and Tyson said,
"I'm loyal to you guys.

I'll prove it.
Let's vote Amber out."

He put Amber's name out there.

So was Tyson unanimous?

-Shall we go on an adventure?
-Tree mail's that way.

-Water's that way.
-Let's do it.

I definitely did not

want to swap.

We had a phenomenal group
at Dakal.

Did anybody at your tribe
find the idol?

-Not that we know of.
-Not that we know of.

Right now, I have
the Steal a Vote advantage.

So I can save Sophie and I
through one Tribal.

But it's not something
that I want

to use unless necessary,

then I've got nothing.

Ethan m-must That must have
surprised you guys, right?

That one surprised us.

-Yeah, it was just the dynamics.
Me, too.

Was that unanimous?

-No. No.

-Oh, really?
-Oh, my God.

-Yeah, that was not.
Who wants
to explain that one?

Rob, you want to take
the wheel on this one?

Yeah, Rob, you take...
-Me and Adam weren't
in that one.

-Oh, really?
Well, they were in on it,

but it basically came down
to one vote between Adam

-and Ethan.
Oh, wow.

-Yeah. But I didn't vote

-for Ethan.

I know.
-I didn't vote for Ethan.
I voted for Adam.

-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Sophie and I

are asking the boys questions,

you can feel the tension.

-It was a lot.

Either they're gonna stay
blue strong,

or are the boys
three free agents

for Sophie and I
to scoop one of 'em up?

If the three of you boys
are tight,

-Sophie and I are screwed.

Rob got blindsided by Adam.

And Adam is a double agent

-and flip-flopped.
Adam kind of got

his hand slapped
because I ratted him out.

Ben blindsided me.

-Rob tried to vote out me.

Rob tried to vote Adam out.

-And Rob was dictating
the whole beach.

Ben and I have been at odds.

-You know?

Ben, I just don't want
to go home.

-I know. No.
-Let's Dude.

-I'm-I'm with you.


Immediately, our first
conversation on the beach

got me a little excited,

'cause I realized
there are cracks up the wazoo.

The only thing that scares me

is that there are so many cracks

that they're all gonna realize
their best option

has to be to stay together.

You start looking.

Everybody assumed

there's a hidden immunity idol
at this beach,

and it's gonna be critical
a-as to who finds it.

I know.

I mean, traditionally,

there's always a new hidden
immunity idol at each beach.

So we decided
to go look for idols here.

I don't know anything
about idols.

I'm pretty much watching
everybody else,

'cause I'm new to this.

You found an idol before, right?

I found an idol on Redemption,

but I had clues.

I have a tough time
with the idol.

I'm looking, I'm doing,
I'm trying to adapt

and do what these
new-school guys do,

but I just have
very little experience.

I'm not usually in this spot,

where I have more questions
than answers.

I usually have the answers.

But this is a tough season.
It's a tough game.

Tough players.
Good players. Smart, you know?

I underestimated 'em at first.

I won't make that mistake again.

Did you guys already find it
or did I miss the...

-Hey, empty your pockets.

Empty your pockets.

Yeah. No, no, no.

So, I emptied my pockets
with the rest of them,

but I'm terrified,
because I knew I can't be seen

looking happy.

Because while the whole group
is looking for the idol,

I found

this lovely new bracelet.

I was given half
of Kim's hidden immunity idol.

And then I gave it back to Kim
before the swap.

But I can now see

Kim's dilemma.

You did?

Oh, awesome. Where was it?




Okay. Yeah.

I've never really
been able to read Sarah.

But I really felt, after giving her this half of the idol,

she felt like, "This is a girl
I can work with to the end."

This is awesome.
I love you for that.

And being
in the minority position

on a tribe
that's really divided,

that might even be
more powerful

than the hidden immunity idol

Girl frickin' power.
Good for you, Soph.

Come on in, guys!

All right.

First things first. Yul,
take back the immunity idol.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna race
through a series of obstacles.

You'll then use sandbags
to knock blocks off a ledge.

You'll then stack
the four large blocks

so that there are no
repeating colors on any side.

First two tribes to finish

win immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where somebody
will be the sixth person

voted out of
Survivor Winners at War.

Your first challenge
as new tribes.

Give you a minute to strategize.
We'll get it on.

All right, here we go.
For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


This first stage is under-over.

You just got to launch yourself.

-Go, go, go.
-Everybody knows every second

-counts in every challenge.
Go, Michele.

Sele out there quick.
Yara out there quick.

-Come on, guys.
-Go, go, go.

Now you got
to get everybody over.
-Come on.

-But these ladders are high.

quickly getting over.

Great teamwork.

Go, Parv. Go, Parv.
-It is Yara in the lead.

Sele right behind.

Dakal the slowest tribe

out of the gate
in this challenge,

struggling to get up this thing.

Come on, Rob.

Good job, Rob.

Yara, you're good.
You can start throwing sandbags.

Good job, guys.
Gonna be Ben
and Rob for Yara.

Nice work.

Come on, Yul.

-Come on.
Yul's over.

-You're good.
Go, Nick.

-Sele and Yara in the lead.
-All right, let's go.

All right, Jeremy, I'm good.

Dakal still working on it.

-J. J.
Tony trying
to help Jeremy now.

Dakal in dead last.

-Go, go, go.

Ben with a nice shot for Yara.

Here comes Dakal now.

Dakal now with Kim.


Good, Wendell.

Nice job, Rob.

Rob knocks another block off.

-Nice work.
-Ben with another hit.

Yara has
all their blocks off.

-Go, go, go!
-Yara has been in the lead

-from the beginning.
Good job, guys.

Now you're looking for
no repeating colors

on any side.

Yes. Nice, Wendell.

Sele knocks a block off.


There's another block for Sele.

-Kim with a nice hit for Dakal.

-Red, red.
-Two greens. Right there, Adam.

It's Adam and Sophie
on the puzzle for Yara.

No progress yet.

-Flip it. Flip it, then.
-We already have three reds,

and it's the only way it can go.

Nick launches.
-Yes, Nick.

One block left for Sele.

Come on, guys.

Nick trying to get it done.

You got it, Sele.
You're good! Go!

We're looking for two finishers.

So long as you are not last.

Dakal continues to struggle

in this first challenge
with new tribes.

-That doesn't work.
What's on top?

-Rotate it. Rotate it.

Sophie and Adam
struggling right now.


-Let's just...

Parvati and Wendell

for Sele. Dakal.

-Nice, Tony.
Tony with a nice hit.

Kim. Can she get it done? No.

Here comes Tony again.

-And he's got it!
You're good, Dakal.
Grab them.

-Grab them.
Dakal fighting
to stay in this.

Will the time difference
be what matters?

-Nope. Nope. Nope.
-There you go, twist.

Yara's had the most time
on this puzzle.

Three on one side.

Then Sele. And here comes

Jeremy and Sandra for Dakal.

Turn the red.
Put the red on this side.

-Try that?
-Flip it around.

-No. No, no. Two greens.
Two greens.

-Two yellows.
All three tribes

desperate to win or place second
in this challenge.

You just don't want to lose.

-That's a no.
-No, no, no, no, no, hold on.

No, no, no, no, no.

That's good. That's good.
That's good. That's good.

That looks good.
That looks good.

Wendell and Parvati
think they have some momentum.

That looks good
on our end.
-That might work.

-That's good on our end.
-That might work.
-Yeah, we're good.

-Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
-Yeah, come on! Yeah!

Out of nowhere,
Sele thinks they have it.

-Sele pulls it out!

Sele wins immunity!
We're looking for one more!

All right.

-Keep going, guys. Keep going.
-Listen to me.

-Green and green
on opposite sides.
Keep going. Keep going.

It is now panic
for Sophie and Adam on Yara.

-Green and green
are opposite sides.
-Not on top.

They had a big lead,

but now they are starting over.

-Try flipping the top.
Flip the top cube.

-Flip the top cube.
Flip the top cube.

-Is that it?
There it is.

-Is that it?
-There it is. Up the four sides.
There it is!

-Come on!
-Come back! Come back!
-Dakal thinks they have it.

We got it!

-You're good!

Dakal pulls it out,

sending Yara,
who had the early, huge lead,

-to Tribal Council.
We did it.


Sele, congratulations.

One half of the immunity idol
is yours.

Everybody's safe.

Dakal, huge comeback.

The other half of
the immunity idol is yours.

Dakal, Sele, grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Nobody going to Tribal
and nobody going home.

All right, Yara,
grab your stuff.

Head back to camp. See you
tonight at Tribal Council,

where somebody
will be the sixth person

voted out of this game.

Look, it's never good

to lose immunity onSurvivor.

I hate to lose.

But, in retrospect,
it's not that big of a deal

'cause we got
expendable members here.

We got people
that we can get rid of,

preserve our overall numbers.

All we got to do is decide

which of 'em is headed home.

Leaving that challenge,

being somebody who was part
of the puzzle-losing duo...

-Did your best, right?
That's all you can do.

...I felt my game

potentially slipping
through my fingers.


-Oh, you look like
you're dying over here.

-I'm sorry.
-What's going on?

I just feel bad.

All right,

so the boys all just took off
for the well.

-I feel comfortable
with Adam and Ben, right?

Adam and Ben

have really convinced me that they want to work with us.

But as much as I've tried
to ingratiate myself

over the last two days,
I can't deny

that I'm in the minority,
and that makes me

an easy person
to pull the trigger on.

I'm not turning my back on you,
so, you know what I'm saying?

Well, we need
that idol together.

Hopefully, we can... we don't
need to play it right now.

I'm not writing your name down
tonight, brother.

-I'm not writing your name.

-Not writing your name down.
I'm not writing yours.

-And I'm not writing yours.

I'm not writing yours.

Even though I don't have

great relationships
with Ben and Adam,

I have to establish trust
with some people in this game.

-Good. Okay.
-So, which one
are we voting out?

Who do you prefer, Adam?

I think Sophie's probably

-more of an asset
in challenges.

So get rid of Sarah?

The worry is that she has

-the idol.
They have an idol,

they have an idol.

I'm good if you're good.

-Okay. Sarah.

But the problem is
how do we go from now

all the way to Tribal

without getting sketched out
with each other?

In order for this plan to work,

one very crucial step
needs to happen.

They're gonna run off
and try to have conversations.

-Unless we go back to camp,

we sit at camp together,
the three of us.

-The whole frigging time.

And nobody goes off and has

any conversations
with anyone else.

That's fine with me.


Can't lose anymore.


In the past,
in a situation like this,

I use something
called the buddy system,

which means basically
myself, Ben and Adam

need to be with each other
all the time

these girls are around

so that they can't try
to create any commotion.

So far, so good.

And I feel like I'm bringing

the game back a little bit
in my direction.

-Have you ever had
deep-fried Twinkies?

-At the fair? Oh.

Have you ever had
the mint Oreos?

-Are you a dunker of Oreos

-and then in your mouth?

Ben and I are
in the same position

where Rob has made it
very clear that he wants

to work with us,
and our group has determined

that we would vote out Sarah
if we stick together.

But there is no trust
between the three of us.

And yet here we are,

saying that we have
to maintain trust.

And Rob's way of making sure
that we maintain that trust

is by having

nobody leave camp all day.

It's just boring.

Nobody can leave.
Nobody can talk.

That doesn't allow us
the opportunity

to really play and maneuver.

Rob, this entire game,

has just wanted
to control everything

and every aspect of the game.

-Watch your head.

I have a decision to make.

I can stick with the guys,
keep my mouth shut

and listen to the Godfather,
or I can go

with the Dakal women,
but either way,

I have to trust my gut here.

You all right?

Rob's energy around camp
is really negative.

I would feel

a lot more comfortable

if I could have
a legitimate conversation

with Adam and Ben.

But that's Rob's style of play.
He implements the buddy system.

But, I mean, this is
the buddy system on steroids.

It's basically babysitter Rob

and put all the kids
in the playpen.

And I'm sorry,

but you ain't putting me
in a playpen.

Anyone need any water?

I'll go, too. I'm just...
I'm bored as hell.

So, I'm hoping

that we'll vote Rob out tonight.

I don't, either.
Here's the thing.

I do not like this.

Ben and Adam
think this is, like,

a good way to play Survivor,
then ... them.

'Cause he's an ....

Rob's an ....

Ben and Adam,
they are technically

the swing vote in this.

I have
the Steal a Vote advantage,

and if I play it tonight,
it takes

one of the boys' votes away

and adds it
to mine and Sophie's votes,

and now we have the majority
and we pick who goes home.

So, I'll have it in the event
that I feel uncomfortable.

But, I mean,

I would like to hang on to it,

because this game's gonna get
a whole heck of a lot messier.


I asked Sarah
for the other half

of the idol back
so that I would

truly have
a hidden immunity idol

at Tribal Council.

If I get a wiggly feeling,
I can pull it out.

But right now,

I'm dreaming of
a glorious blindside tonight.

But I know that
there is always a chance that

that won't happen
and that either Adam or Ben

or both of them
will get cold feet.

I never thought

coming out to Survivor,
season 40, Winners at War,

that I would be going

into a Tribal Council
having to rely on

two strangers
who I've only met days before,

who the most reassurance
they've given me

about the fact that I'm not
going home tonight is a wink

or a thumbs-up
when somebody's not looking.

Like, I hear myself
saying that,

and myself 20 days ago at home
would want

to slap me and say,
"Do something."

But you're out here,

and sometimes
you got to trust the wink.

So, Sophie, we're just past
the one-third point.

Still a lot of game left,
but enough has happened

that you're getting a sense
of this season.

How is
this season different

from when you played last time?

Last time I played,

there were two big alliances
at war with another.

It was like two mob families.

This season,
it feels like there's

so many
intertwined relationships.

I hope, being the minority

on a tribe,
new relationships can be formed.

And those can be
just as valuable and meaningful

as the friendships you form
on day one.

Adam, is this idea of fluidity

a product of 20
very good players? Winners?

That that's where
you get this option that,

-hey, nothing's ever solid?

In most seasons of Survivor,
the early stage of the game

is about not being terrible.

But on this season,

nobody's playing themselves out,
because everybody

is very, very good.

Ben, you were nodding
in agreement.

Traditionally, you have someone

who dictates too much
or rubs people the wrong way.

In this game, everyone knows
not to-to poke the bear.

So, Sarah, the obvious breakdown

is three versus two.

Rob, Ben and Adam
versus you and Sophie.

But there's always a crack.

The question is
Is the crack big enough

that you can wedge
your fingers in there

and pull it apart
to take a look inside?

Um, the crack today was, like,
seven words long for me.

-What does that mean?
That's about

how many words
the boys spoke to me all day.

So, weird.

I mean, I feel like I had

the same experience.
I maybe got eight words.

I was expecting people
to go off in duos,

somebody to pretend to go get
firewood, looking for the idol.

Instead, these three marched off
to the well and came back,

and the whole mood of camp
had shifted.

Nobody looked at me.
Nobody talked to me.

There wasn't even a moment that
I could get one person alone.

And these are people,
the last couple days,

that I felt like
I was getting to know.

It was like, you know,
the command was down,

and that was it.

But I do take issue
a little bit,

Jeff, with the word "crack."

I feel like it implies
that Sarah and I

are, like, these invaders
trying to find weaknesses.

Like, "Where do I find the crack
that I get to wedge

my way in and screw you all up?"

But I see this as just as much
of an opportunity

to build real alliances.

I want an alliance.
I want to be with you guys.

-Use me.
And I would second that.

If anyone wants to change
their mind at this point

and work with Sophie and I,
offer us anything.

We would love
to stay in the game.

Rob, Sophie's comment
is a really interesting one.

I used the word "crack"
it gets used a lot here

that there's always something
between a group.

Sophie's point is, "There
doesn't have to be a wedge

"to provide an opportunity

to better everybody's situation,
including mine."

And that's
a good selling point. I mean,

we weren't necessarily
a tight three.

I basically blindsided Adam.

Ben basically blindsided me.

We are probably
the most unlikely three

of Sele to sit here.

But the fact of the matter is
Survivor'sa numbers game,

and with five people,
there's little room

to hide or negotiate.

Ben, Rob's not afraid

to point out
in front of everybody,

"I blindsided Adam.
Ben blindsided me."

Is that trying to build trust,
to say, "There are no secrets,

-but we're still a three"?

this has never been a situation
that I've been in

where there was
two easy vote outs.

And, so, with that
comes a sense of security.

'Cause it is a numbers game,

so you go with the experience
and you go with your gut.

So, what was the afternoon like?

If nobody was talking to Sophie
and nobody was talking to Sarah,

-who was talking?

we went and had a talk
at the well,

and then we sat around camp
and talked about a lot of food,

uh, pies and-and cookies
and not a lot

of strategy at-at camp, Jeff.

Rob, what does that say

about this game
when we've been talking about

how clever everybody is,
they're all winners,

and five of you are sitting
at camp, talking about cookies?

Yeah. I mean, sometimes,

less is more.

Sophie, what do you
read into that?

I mean, it's scary.

Rob won his season
by corralling people

and by keeping people
in the same mindset.

And a lot of that was just
keeping people together,

you know, having spa days,
having a buddy system.

And if it wasn't Rob,
I'd be like,

"These idiots
are not even strategizing."

With Rob,
I feel like proven strategy

now, like, being used on me.

It's not good.

The flip side of that is

people together
working together..


And people go far that way.

All right.

Did I miss anything?


It is time to vote.

Sophie, you're up.

Sorry. Just got stuck

on the wrong side
of the numbers.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote Sarah.



Two votes Rob, one vote Sarah.

Sixth person voted out of
Survivor Winners at War

Rob. That's three.
That's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

Rob, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, in a season called
Winners at War,

maybe there's no such thing
as a simple vote.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Good night.

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