Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 4 - I Like Revenge - full transcript

Castaways are on the edge of breaking down when faced with a grueling opportunity.

I feel bad.
I feel bad for Ethan.

Good move.

Well played.
Adam, sorry buddy.

Oh, man.

Tribal Council was tough.

I thought Parvati
was going home.

But I revealed...

my alliance's plan
to Boston Rob.

And he betrayed me.

Adam told me the plan
to vote you off

and I blew it up to everybody,
'cause I told them

that Adam was a rat,
playing both sides.

-Well, thanks
for having my back.

I got left out of the vote

by the people that I was
supposed to be aligned with.

I just did everything
that you're

not supposed to do in Survivor

and I had the hubris to think
that I could get away with it.

Right, it was stupid.

It was really stupid.

Now you see what happens
if you leak information...

-Right. Right.
-...from our alliance.

I was just castrated
in front of everybody.

I was playing all sides.

And, unfortunately,
everybody knows it.

And I'm lucky to be here.

I pooped my pants tonight.

I survived by one vote.

Now I feel like everything
has completely changed.

So I need to make
an apology tour.

I hope you feel like
you can trust me.

And I deserved every vote
that I got tonight.

I'm certainly not gonna go back
with Rob and Parvati.

I will not work with them.
I will not work with Parv.

-You know what I mean.

Adam is that little weasel

that's sneaking
through the bushes,

and whispering
in everybody's ear. You know?

And that's not good for my game.

However, he's very lucky
that the biggest threats

in the tribe are Boston Rob
and Parvati.

Well, they're gonna try
to do some stuff.

All we got to do is...
I don't know.

Rob and Parv. It's Rob and Parv.

They're good at what they do.

And if you give them
too much rope,

they're gonna grab a loop
and put it

around your neck and hang ya.

We'll figure a way out of it,
you know what I mean?

-You know.


Day ten. Whoo!

- That's right.
-No, really.

-We're good.
-Yeah. Yeah, we made it.

Yeah, man, I'm pumped.

Yeah, that's awesome.



In the game ofSurvivor,
these happy times

are just as important
as the war times.

We're getting food, we're
bonding with one another,

we're winning the challenges.

All of that just kind of builds

on top of each other
and the cumulative effect

is that we're just on a roll.

We're just eating all kinds

of fancy-shmancy
exotic foods out here.

Right now,

we all like each other
and can still

continue with this illusion

that we're all tight
with one another.

But in reality, me and Nick,

Wendell and Sophie,

we are the strongest alliance
within this tribe

and I don't think
anyone's suspecting

that that's the case.

So right now, I feel good.

Like, I have maximum range
of options in front of me.

There's somebody out standing

at the Edge of Extinction.

Well, that sucks.

I remember in high school,

they thought it would be
a good idea to take our class

on a trip to the prison,

and have us see
what it looks like

when you're a prisoner.

And it scared the crap
out of us.

And I think looking at
Edge of Extinction, you know,

it really scares me,
because I imagine

people are miserable.
And so, it's kind of like

a daily reminder that the
good times here are a facade.

What do we have here?

It was an exciting morning

when I saw a box waiting for us at the mast.

But that exciting feeling

is also that
sick-to-your-stomach feeling,

like, "Oh, boy.

What's in store for us today?"

-For one fire token, 20 trips?

-Oh, my God.
-Up and down?

-We take one piece at a time?
-Come on!

Wait, there's more.

To even fathom going up and down

20 times while carrying a log--

yeah, that sick feeling
that I had

when I first saw that box
was right on.

This is not gonna be fun.


Oh, my God.

Nobody knew

what 20 trips
was gonna feel like.


And then you think,
"I'm at the top of the steps,

so I've gotten, like,
a big chunk over with."

Oh, no, no, no.
That's just, like, a tease.


Oh, my God.

Oh, I can see the wood!

Right there.

Oh, my God.

- Yeah.

First trip up the hill
was pretty good.

So, in my mind,

I think, "Oh, 20 times.

This isn't gonna be so bad."

I mean, I've done marathons.

I played professional soccer.
I've been through cancer.

We have till sundown
to do this?

Yeah, piece of cake.

It was like running a marathon.

And I've seen way too many
people run races and just go

too fast out of the gate.

You're running on no sleep,

and no food,

and very little water.

But Natalie, she--
I don't think she's human.

She kept the same pace
the whole time.

Natalie-- she's a monster.

I have been so dominant here,

my bank account balance

is three fire tokens.

It's like, I don't want
to get greedy, but I want

as many fire tokens as possible.

I mean,
she's a CrossFit trainer,

so I expected her to be

strong and fit, but...

she is a beast.

And, for me, self-doubt
crept in around log ten.


I wanted to be first,

and then I scrapped
that concept,

and then I realized

I just got to get it done.

This is the hardest thing
I've ever done.

Both emotionally and physically.

It's like, I try
to compare it to childbirth,

but like, in childbirth,

you at least get a baby

Like, here,
you get a fire token.

I just kept thinking,
"I want this to be over with.

I want this to be over with."

I was completely depleted.

I had nothing left in me.

You okay?

-Stop. Sit.
-Yeah. No, I just did.

It's a tough challenge
right now.

And I'm struggling
to get through it.

So, I got to finish by sundown.

So, I'm going as fast as I can.

I'll go until my legs collapse.

Or the sun goes down.

I may not finish, but...

I'm not gonna stop.



I'm so, like,
disappointed in myself.

Like, I just wanted to, like,

complete this for myself.

I had already put in 16 trips.

I had four more trips...

to finish this thing.

I just did not want to quit.

-What's up, guys?

-Proud of you, dude.
-Keep going, keep going.

Good. I feel great.


I wanted to set a good example

for, like, everyone who's been
through a health challenge

and thinks they can't do it

Like, you can do it.

You can get through
those hard moments.

And I just sucked it up.

Like, I kept saying
to myself, like,

"Remember when you were, like,

"getting spinal taps,
when you were

getting radiation,"
and I started saying, like,

the mantras I was using when
I was getting chemotherapy

to kind of get me through
these hardest moments.

I'm finishing this.

Until the 20th piece
hit that pile of wood,

I-I wasn't thinking
about anything.

I didn't think about
one emotional thing.

And then it all just came
flooding in.

I just did probably
one of the hardest things

I've ever done in my life
and I just...

I just needed to let it go.

Feel like Rocky. Whoo! Yeah!

I did it.

I was like,
"Remember, seven years ago,

"you were locked
in a hospital room,

close to death."

After seeing how much
Ethan struggled,

and still pick himself up,
it was...

inspiring, you know,
it was incredible.

And so,
on that last run for him,

we felt like...

we all need to be
a part of that.

Thank you.

They all went with me

to finish the last leg,
which was

pretty touching.


-Last one!
-My final log.


I all of a sudden realize

the bond that we've created

in this very short time.


It's strong.

And I felt it at that moment,
and it-- and it felt good.


That was something I'll remember
for the rest of my life.

That feels good.

-Thank you, everyone.
-Nice job, guys.

I honestly didn't realize
it's been that long

since you and Parv played.

-How old are you?


Yeah, so you were 19
the last time I played.

-Yeah. I was...
-Nine the first time.


-What's your brother and sister

thinking about you coming
back down here?

They're not happy about it
because, like,

my first time,
I really struggled with, like,

some of the backlash that I got.

For what?

Well, my win was super

Let me tell you something.

-If you win, you win. The end.


-Good game.

Good game.

Do you want to start rice?

Were you able
to wash the pot yet?

I got it. I'll take it.

Thank you, Adam.

Thanks, Adam.

Anyone else need water?

-Water, Parv?

All of a sudden,

Adam's the hardest working

person on this island.

Adam is acting like
one of my children.

When they get in trouble,

they know you're disappointed
in them.

So they try to, uh,

soften things up.

-Soup? Coconut soup?

No? It's good. It's delicious.

-No? Really? For real?
-No, thank you. Yeah.

Obviously, Adam is-is trying
to save his own hide.

He's already changed
around camp today.

Like, Adam's pitching in.

And as long as Adam doesn't
go back to his old ways,

being sneaky

and playing both sides,

we will keep him around.


It's the worst.


So now that it's just
Rob and I,

on the bottom, it doesn't mean

that we're gonna lay down
and die.

You know, Ethan sent me
his fire token, and with this

comes a bit of a responsibility
to avenge his blindside.

Now, like, what's your agenda?

You're just gonna play puppy?

For now.

We could flip it back
and start over.

No, they already see me
as sketchy.

If they see me maneuver
and try to call shots,

I'll be gone the next day.

I mean,
I can say it anyway, Adam.

Who knows the truth
in this game?

You know what I'm saying?

Rob and Parvati are trying

to get me to make a mistake,

to say something
that I shouldn't,

but I'm not gonna give them

the satisfaction,
nor the ammunition.

Adam's not saying anything.

That's fine.
Adam, I'm sorry,

but at the end of the day,

this isSurvivor.

I got to lie, buddy.

What should I do about Adam?

'Cause he keeps trying
to talk to me.

You know what I mean?

I'm like,
"Man, you already done them.

"You already done me.

What do you want me to do?"

So I'm just trying to hear him,

but not, like, you know,
go there.


Wow. Adam went and opened
his big mouth again.

He's playing both sides

over and over and over again.

I'm so sick of it.

So what name would you feel
comfortable with right now?

Right now, it's Adam.

Know what I mean?

Adam is definitely a liability.

He can't switch it off.

He can go.

I-I can't keep babysitting him

and keeping him around
and it's driving me crazy.

I'm done with it.

No. Okay, ready?

No, like, go...

-No, I'm not doing that.
-No, do it.

-Do it, do it, do it. Come on.
-I will not do that.

-Come on.
-You really want 12-hour-old

-clam breath
and six-day-long nothing?
-Ah, okay.


I think with everybody
being a veteran player,

we've come back

and... we're taking advantage

of our playground.

I'm having the most fun
I've ever had out here.


Ty-son, Ty-- Oh!

-I almost punched myself
in the face.


At this point, I know people
don't trust Tyson.

But, surprisingly, Tyson and I

have this bond,
and it's-it's great.

Favorite person in
the whole wide world?

-Sarah, for me.
-Tyson, for me.


We mesh so well together.

And those are the types
of people that you rely on.

-What's up, dudes?
-You gonna go catch some fish?

I'm gonna get a clam. How many
clams do you want for dinner?

I'm not...

-You want...?
-One would be wonderful.

-So one for each of you?
-No. We'll share.

The game is getting tricky.

It's eerily calm.

But I know that gaming
is going on nonstop.



If I sit back
and think about the tribe,

the bigger threats are going
after each other, and...

the people who are
less connected,

or who have only
played the game one time,

they're not even
on anybody's radar.

People like Wendell, Nick,

Yul and...

I don't even know
who the last one is.

Sophie. So under the radar

that I did not even
know her name.

The people who are not connected

are pitting us
against each other.

They want the people
with connections gone.

So if you think about it
right now,

there's you, Sandra and Sarah.

We all have connections.

Kim's connected to me.

None of those other players have

any type of connection
like that.

We're gonna get popped
one at a time.

I'm pretty much just
listening and saying like,

"Oh, for real? Dang."

But it's shady and it's a lie.

So what he's trying to do

is save himself any way
that he can.

Listen, at the end of the day,

I'll do whatever it takes
as long as it's not me.

I know, but it's gonna be you
pretty damn soon

-if it's me and Tony.

You're going next.

You know what, Tyson?

You threw the first stone,
'cause you came after me

days ago,

so I need Tyson to go.

Tyson, you better hope
we win this challenge,

'cause you're in deep doo-doo.

Dakal, getting your first look

at the new Sele tribe.

Ethan voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

All right, let's get to it.
First things first.

Sarah, I got to take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
four tribe members

will be attached to a boat
with three others in it.

On go, you'll jump in
and pull the boat to a tower.

You'll climb up, leap off,

retrieve keys.

You'll use those keys
to unlock puzzle pieces.

First tribe to solve
their puzzle

wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

In addition,
you're playing for a reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?


-Four egg-laying chickens.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody will be the fifth

person voted out of
Survivor Winners at War.

Dakal, you have two
extra people.

Who you gonna sit out
of this challenge?

Sandra, you didn't even hesitate
raising your hand.

-I don't mind.
-You gonna rename
her bench, Jeff?

The Sandra Bench?


-I like that name.

Oh, no, she's not
hurting my feelings.

-She's proud of it.
Okay. Who's gonna be

-the other sit-out?
-Right here. Right here, Jeff.

Tony. All right. Sandra, Tony,

take a spot on the Sandra
sit-out bench.


Everybody else,

give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go!

For immunity and reward!

Survivors ready?


It's Rob,
then Michele and Jeremy

in the water for Sele.

Sarah, Wendell, Tyson and Yul
for Dakal.

Four tribe members
are pulling that boat

with three tribe members inside.

Takes a lot of effort
to do this.

They're swimming out
to this ring,

and that will line your boat up
with the tower.

All right, go, Sophie.

Sophie up first for Dakal.

There goes Denise for Sele.

Go, Sophie, go.

You are up there high.

That's okay!

-That's okay!
-Sophie misses!

A big setback for Dakal!


Denise misses!

Now it's Parvati going for it.

-Go get it, Nick!
Nick goes for Dakal!

He's got the first ring!

Both tribes failed
in their first attempt.

Parvati going up.

Can she get it done?

Parvati just misses!

It's gonna be Kim now for Dakal,

going for that second key.

-Yes, Kim!
-Yes, Kim!
-She's got it! Dakal in the lead

once again!

-Come on, Adam.
-Here goes Adam. Can he be

the first to get a key?

-Come on, Adam.
-Go! Go!

And he's got it!

And a big fall by Adam!
But it doesn't matter.

-He got what he needed!
-Go, Nick. Go, Nick.

-Nick has

the third and final key

-for Dakal!
-Good job, guys!
-You got it.

Help him in the boat!
Dakal can start

heading back.

Parvati tries

-and misses again!
-You're okay.

Dakal once again in the lead.

-Let's go, Adam.
Adam trying
to keep Sele in it.

-He's got it!

Adam has the second key
for Sele. You're good!

-Take those sashes off!
-Hold the boat! Hold the boat!
-Hold the boat!

Two people on the puzzle!
-Get your sash!

You can start!

-Parvati going for that third
and final key for Sele.
-Come on, baby. Come on, baby.

They're still in this.

Parvati jumps!

She misses!

It is Nick and Sarah working
on the puzzle for Dakal.

It's coming down to Adam.

Come on, Adam.

Adam falls short!

Nick did this puzzle
in the season David vs. Goliath,

and he won

solving this puzzle.

Come on, Adam.
We know you can do this.

Adam has got to find

something else in that tank

-and leap a little higher.
-Come on, Adam.

Fall, ya!

-Oh, my God!
-And he misses


-Sele continues to struggle.
-It's okay.

-The four swimmers can only wait
in the water...
-Just like that. Dakal continues to work
on the puzzle.
-Keep-keep it up, guys.

-Keep it up.
-Adam, we need you right now.

I know.
It is so important

-who you put in which position.
-Come on, buddy.

And, right now,
Denise, Parvati and Adam

-are struggling to get
that third and farthest key.
-Dig deep!

Get it!

Adam just misses by inches!

-This is a disaster for Sele!
-Can you go again?

Absolute disaster.

Dakal, one piece at a time,
is inching

-closer and closer
to solving this puzzle.
-Hold on, hold on,

hold on. I got it.

-Come on, bubba! Hey, hey. Dig.
-Come on, Adam!

-This is it, baby. This is it.
-I'm trying, guys. I'm trying.

- I got it.
-You got it, you got it.
Come on, brother. You can do it.

Everybody out here

knows what it takes
to win this game.

And it's moments like this

-when you cannot give up
on yourself.
-You got this, bub.

We need you, we need you,
we need you.

-You got it. This is it, Adam.
This has become

one of the biggest blowouts ever
on Survivor.

-Focus on the buoy.
Focus on the buoy.
-Focus-- Jump for the buoy.

-Jump for the buoy.
-Not the key, the buoy.

Ben, Rob, Jeremy, Michele

continue to be
enthusiastic tribe mates,

-even as hope is dwindling.
-Get the buoy, Adam.

-Yes! Yes!
And he's got it!

Adam continues to fight!

-And it paid off!
they got the key, guys.

-They got the key.
They finally got it.

And Sele's got to move quickly
to stay in this!

Whoop! Okay, that-that goes
on top of it, to the left.

Sele pulled it off,

and now there's enthusiasm

Two people on the puzzle

once you're out of the water!

Let's go.
It's gonna be Rob and Michele,

same puzzle duo who struggled

-in the last challenge.
-You got it.

Rob has lost two challenges
in a row on the puzzle.

-This one!
It would be a huge
comeback for Sele right now.

They have got to move quickly,

and they have to be right

-much more often
than they are wrong.
-Can you get this up?

Yep, just like that.

The stakes will not work.
-Yep, yep.

-And Dakal

can feel that pressure now.

They had all the time
in the world.

Sele quickly catching up,

-one piece at a time.

-Yes, yes, yes.
-Look at this!

-All of a sudden,
we have a challenge!
-Move it over one!

-Move it over one!
Move it over one!

This is where panic

can creep into Dakal.

-This was their challenge
to win.

How could it be
that Sele's back in?

-Pass it.
-That's it, that's it,
that's it.


Another piece by Sele.

And now Dakal
is taking their puzzle apart!

All right, stick...

That side, that side.

Another piece by Rob.

Rob, Rob, what about this?

-It is now Sele
in the lead of this challenge!
-Yes, yes, yes.

Dakal is taking
their entire puzzle apart!

Right here, right here.

A puzzle that Nick
has already done and won.

-From one disaster on one tribe

to a disaster on the other,

Sele is inching closer
and closer

to pulling off one
of the biggest comebacks

in the history of this game.

Another piece by Sele.

-Oh, my God!
And another.

To-to the right!

-Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

-Sele has done it!

An incredible comeback!

Sele wins immunity,

sending a stunned Dakal

to Tribal Council.

-We did it!
-We did it!
What just happened?

We did it. We did it.

-Mwah! Mwah!
-Oh, my God.

Hey, good job, Sele,
everybody, not to give up.

Good job. Never give up.


first time in a while.

Immunity is yours.


Nobody going home from Sele.

No Tribal Council tonight.

In addition, four egg-laying
chickens will be waiting

for you back at camp.

Enjoy the night off.

Swim out.


All right, Dakal,

Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody will be
the fifth person

voted out
of Survivor Winners at War.

Swim out
and see you tonight at Tribal.

My mom told my teachers

when I was in the eighth grade,

"When Adam decides

"that he is going
to do something

"or accomplish something,

there is
absolutely no stopping him."

And she was right.

I'm sorry, you guys.
I felt really confident

-at a puzzle, man.
-I know.

You did the best you could.

We got back to camp, and it was pretty standard fare.

Like, everybody pats
the puzzle makers on the back

and says, "It's not your fault."

It is.
I mean, it was their fault.

But that's great for me,
because I need Nick

out of the picture.


-Have you mentioned this
to anyone else yet?


What do you think?


Nick doesn't do much.
He's not helpful

at camp.
He blew the puzzle.

And he's one
of these unconnected players

that I want out of the game.

You feel good

-about that?
-I feel fine about it. I mean,

-he doesn't produce at camp.

He literally just consumes.

-Mm-hmm. 'Kay.
-And he kind of flubbed
the challenge today.

-All right, cool.

Nobody wants to make
the first move,

but I need

to start dictating
the direction of my game.

Everything's on Nick.

Yeah, as long as it's not me.

I want to just go
with the majority.

It's an easy vote.

The entire tribe's on board.

And it's back to kumbaya.

It's Nick. We got, like,

-seven people, and...
-You-- All of those guys
said yeah? You-you, too?

-All right.
-All good.

Is it that easy though,
guys, man?

-It's that easy this time.
-It can be, it can be.

If all of them
are saying yes, man...

-They're all saying yes.

-Seems too easy.
-It does.

That's what scares me.

I'm worried this whole thing
was too easy.

It's gonna keep us
the most united.

And there's gonna be
a unanimous vote.

-I don't think
he sees it coming either.
-Right? Yeah.

Tyson is one of the greats.

This is his fourth time

But he doesn't know
what's going on.

All of our eyes are on Tyson.

He's kind of a dead man walking.


Tyson is the biggest threat
on this beach,

because he's well-connected
on the other side.

If we were to merge
or swap or anything,

once he links up with Rob
and maybe Parv,

they could do a lot of damage

All right.

Why does he want to go for me?

-He thinks you won't see it
coming. That's why.
-You won't see it coming.

Tyson's a troublemaker.

He's got it out for me.

You know, it-it kind of sucks,

'cause Tyson was, like, one
of my favorite players.

But now it's like a war.
He's coming after me,

-and I'm coming after him.
-He's been gunning for me

ever since day one. I don't know
why, but I don't like it.

His ass has got to go.

I feel like I'm in
with everybody. But...

I-I'm definitely nervous.

Everybody here's won the game.

And everybody here knows
how to lie good.

-Don't worry, man. You're good.

No, no, you're good.

People can say
whatever they want.

But until they actually prove it
with a vote,

you don't know
where people stand.

We got to stick together, Tony.

You and I are about equal-sized
targets out here, I think.

- Absolutely.
-Sandra's maybe a tee--

little bit smaller target
but not by much.


If you and I would have
really gone after each other,

-then we would have
gotten popped.

-Let's say I went
the first vote.

-And then I go next one.
-You go next.

-They got the numbers.
-Now they've got the numbers.

They are way--
Whichever way they go.

Which is a little bit, uh...

So far, it's been
real smooth for me.

And that's why I'm in
a tricky situation right now.

If it was up to me, I would rather get rid of Nick,

'cause Nick
is really not a threat.

He's my number,
but he's not a shield.

Tyson is a shield,
and he can be a number.

When one of us goes,
it's just gonna be a frenzy

-to get all the targets out.

Tyson is more of a target
than I am.

I'm just hiding behind him.

And-and I don't want
to lose him.

I don't want to lose him.

...where does that leave us?
Me, you and Sandra.

Our only shield
in this tribe right now

-is Tyson. That's it.
-Is Tyson.

Anyone who's connected
is gonna go sit

-at Extinction.

-I'm for sure locked with you,

-me, Tony and Tyson.

-Are you good with that?


I talked to Kim.
She is solid with this.

Tony's right.

The big threats.

We need to band together

'cause we're being bamboozled.

Kim and I are 100% on board.

The problem is

it all hinges on Sandra.

If Sandra's not on board,
the plan doesn't work.

to talk about, Sandra?

I'm just trying to think
what's better for us.

Okay, but I'm nervous
about that,

because if we wipe out
somebody like Tyson,

the next one
could probably be me,

or it could be you,
or it could be Sarah.


I think... Yes.

If we don't swap,
you think they're gonna say,

"Let's get rid of Kim"? No way.

They're gonna
break one of us up.

Tony's right. We'd be stupid

to let Tyson go
because he's a bigger target

than we are.
But I don't trust Tyson.

I think he's ... dangerous.

Oh, man, he is.

But if he goes,
I think they'll target us.

We got to think, okay?

That's all I'm asking. Just
think about what I'm saying.

I've had issues with Tyson

since he threw my name
out there,

but I've never allowed emotion

to control my game.

I like revenge,

but at the end of the day,

I love $2 million even more.

All right. Tony,

what's the state of this tribe

-right now?
Jeff, I know

it's hard for you
to believe anything we say

over here in Tribal Council,

but, uh, believe this tonight

that the bonds that we all form
together on a personal level

by far surpasses anything
on a game level.

So tonight, as hard as it is

to vote somebody off,

it's a little bit more clear-cut
on a game level.

Yul, one of the hallmarks

of your season
was your approach

number crunching
and laying things out.

And the game was very early.

You were an architect
way back when.

But with only one Tribal
under your belt,

it can't be as simple

as, "Let me just do
some quick math here

and figure out
where the vote's gonna go."

Yeah, I haven't been
doing a lot of math lately.

Um, look, at any moment in time,
there'll be

various groups of people
who feel closer to other

than other groups of people.

That's absolutely true.
And the problem is

if you expose them
in a hard vote,

they cement those lines,
and they limit your options

because we haven't had to, like,
take that Instamatic photo

that shows what the lines are
at that point in time,

because those lines can change.

And we want them
to be able to change.

So, Sophie, Yul is saying,

"What we'd like to do is avoid

revealing that there are groups
within the group."

That makes the vote critical
because you have to keep

this facade going.

And not only that,

but eight of us
have to be accurate in choosing

the one person who is not gonna
stay in that facade

at the time of a swap
or a merge.

Who's the person
that we can all unite against

to make that facade,
however unreal it is,

as real as possible

-when we get to that swap?
And I'll tell you

right now, if I end up with you
on another tribe,

I'm with you. Just know that.

-Me, too.
-Me, too.

-Me, too.
-Me, too.

-Me, three.

-Me, too.
-For sure.

it's a great pitch so long
as you're in the group of eight.

Jeff, some people have plans,

and some might just say, "Hey."
Like me.

I'm gonna do what
everybody else wants to do,

because at the end of the day,
when we go back to camp,

I want us
to be back happy again.

Tyson, Sandra's saying,

"I'm pretty much good
with anything

"as long as it doesn't involve
the letters


That's definitely something

you can count on, and Sandra
is the most solid person

in Survivorhistory
at that strategy.

I mean, what,
this is her fourth time?

And that's the way it works out.

It is interesting, Yul,

that you've watched
these people play.

Does that impact

how you relate with each other?

The one thing that's
really struck me is, like,

the reality
of who they actually are

is very different
from what I thought

coming into the game.
I mean, like, Tony

-I thought was gonna be an ...

-Oh, wow.
Tony's actually
a really caring person.

Like, people like him.

Kim, is there a little bit

of idolatry that can happen
in a season

not only with returning players,
returning winners?

Yeah, for sure. Like,

I'm starstruck
with certain people that I've

watched on TV, having been
a huge fan of the game

since I was in high school.

And you're one of them.


how does that shift
when it's time

to vote somebody out?

I think it's a...
it's a real problem.

Like, I am starstruck
by half of our tribe.

Like, what is, you know,
the glossy headline

that you've read about Tyson,

about who Tyson is?
Or, like, "Well,

Sandra wouldn't want to talk
to me. Like, she's the queen."

And I think that it is critical

that we become less starstruck

by each other and see each other

for who we are here
at this moment.

I think that could also work
the other way.

Maybe there's people here
who say,

"That's my idol, and I'm gonna
take him out of this game,

"and now I'm gonna show
everybody at home

that I voted my Survivoridol
out of Survivor."

Sarah, that's the other side.

You can so focus in on the kill
that you get credit for

that you can have
your game thrown off.


You are excited to take down,
you know, the trophy.

Someone like the queen.

-Which you've done before.

Yeah, I mean,

that one's hanging
in my living room.


do you ever get starstruck?

-No. With this group?


as a newer winner,

-ever starstruck?

I mean, Parvati was my crush
in high school, and, like...

I still haven't
met her, but I hear

her giggle
over on the other mat.

I'm like,
"No, she's married now.

Like, focus on the game."

But, like Sophie said,
that's something

that we have to control because
it's almost, like, leading

to a lack of confidence

in myself as a player
in this game.

And the other thing
that makes me uneasy is

that I feel responsible
for the loss,

so I feel like I'm the reason
we're here tonight.

So, what do you try to do
to make sure it's not you?

Very good question. Um,

I was told a plan,
and that's what I want to do,

and I hope
that's the way it goes tonight.

Who else would agree
that they were told the plan?

Is everybody's

-hand raised?

Tyson, all this trust

and loyalty
and invisible lines...

We're all on exactly
the same page, and that makes us

all on different pages, maybe.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Yul, you're up.

I'm really sorry.

Tyson should be
going home tonight.

I'm super afraid
that he has an idol.

I hope you forgive me.

I'll go tally the votes.

Anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

Okay. I'll read the votes.

First vote




Tyson. That's two votes Tyson.


That's three votes Tyson,

one vote Nick, one vote Kim.


That's four votes Tyson.

Fifth person voted out
of Survivor Winners at War...


That's five. That's enough.
Need to bring me your torch.

It's too easy.
I should've seen it coming.

-Sorry, brother.
It's okay.


the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Oh, man.

"Bequeath your fire tokens

to any player
still in the game."

Rather just swallow it.

Let's see.

There's a fire token
from your hero, Nick.

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Next time onSurvivor...

Everybody drop your buffs.

We are switching tribes.

This is the part of the game

that I really
don't like too much.

But hopefully,
the cards fall in my favor.

Oh, my God. How the heck

did I get stuck
stranded on an island

with my ex-boyfriend?

It's for sure a bummer
being voted out,

but the Edge of Extinction
does take

a little bit of the sting
out of it.

What's up, guys?

I assume
it's just gonna be living

the aloha lifestyle 24-7.

Piña coladas, perhaps.

Dude, you guys have so much

-firewood and stuff.