Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 3 - Out for Blood - full transcript

New-school players attempt to take control against the old-school players in an effort to change up the game; chaos ensues on Edge of Extinction when an opportunity presents itself.

Good morning.

At Tribal Council,

it was a unanimous vote.

Danni went home,
because Boston Rob,

Parvati and Ethan decided
to betray her.

So, to me,
the three old-schoolers

have been running the show here.

We were all playing at a casino,

and I was in for $200.

Yeah, probability of winning
is very low.

Boston Rob feels

like he needs to be in control
at all times.

He won this game
because he was in control

from start to finish.

But this is not
Redemption Island.

This is
Survivor Winners at War.

He needs to adapt

and maybe play
a little bit more

like I am.

All right, Almond Man.

-Hopefully, we'll get lucky...
This is the time

to draw a line in the sand

and target some of the big dogs
in this game.

Well, I'm nervous
that we're on the outs.

Here's where it

I'm really looking forward.

This sounds terrible.

Well, throw it out there.



So, how do we go about
doing that?

-Rob really trusts me.
-If Mm-hmm.

-And he'd rather it be Parv
than him.
-Than him.

It's dangerous.

I'll do it if you'll do it.

Right now, I'm feeling like I'm in a fairly good spot.

Last night, Danni was voted out
of the game and bequeathed

her fire token to me.

-Oh, my God. -I had found the immunity idol,

and I had to give half away.

But before we went
to Tribal Council...


...Adam, luckily, had

given me back
the other half of the idol.

So it is now my idol,

and it is whole
and it has power.

And I feel secure
that Adam and I are good.

- It's a big move.
-We can do this.

But Ethan, Rob and Parvati
appear to be very tight.

So we need to take some control so that we're driving the vote,

versus maybe the three of them.


I can't work with him.

To me, Parv is
the most dangerous, long-term.

She's playing a cutthroat game,

and maybe she doesn't seem it
right now,

but she's out for blood.

And I think if we get out Parv,

I think Rob will be butthurt

at first,
but I think he'll recover.

Yeah. He has to.
-Because I think
he'll realize...

Who else does he have?

Yeah. Okay. I'm on board.

So on board.

I can't stand Rob

because he's an alpha male
and he's gonna take charge.

But as long as I keep my temper down, I'm okay.

Because we can put a vote
where we want it,

whether it's Boston Rob
or Parvati.

But I wish

Rob would get-get off
this island.


We are going to have to...

pick and choose who we really...

can put ourselves
on the line for.

-It's just important that,

if we do ever have to go
to Tribal Council again...

Yeah. Hmm, hmm, hmm.


Everybody at home will be
shouting, "Why would you

ever, ever, ever do this?"

Why would I ever tell Ethan

that I'm going
to vote out Parvati?

Because if Parvati
is going to go home,

I need Ethan in my corner.

I need him to be okay
and still trust me.


I'm cool with Adam.

But you can't come to me,

telling me you're gonna vote off

He knows I'm close to Parvati.

That was a silly mistake
on his part.

Parvati's my number one.

I trust her with my life.

And to have one person
that you can trust

no matter what is huge.

It's more huge than having

a decent relationship
with Adam.

Oh, really?


And we can set that, like,

a-a volleyball net and let them
get tangled up in it.

Here I am
for the fifth time, and...

once this is over,
I'm retiring from the game.

So, this season,
I'm going to switch gears.

I want to prove my worth

to this tribe

and catch a couple of fish.

So, right now,
I'm in a new position

in this game that
I've never experienced before,

being everyone's target.

And it's been kind of
a tricky seven days for me,

a little bit
of a roller coaster.

So I need to point the target
anywhere else.

They get caught
all by themselves.

I'm thinking throwing

Sandra's name out
would be easy.

She's the weakest one
on the tribe.

And, on top of that,

Sandra has two million
in the bank fromSurvivor.

So toppling the queen

would please everyone here.

I think Sandra

is just trying to divide,

knowing that she's a big threat.

-That's Sandra.

That's the way she plays.

She picks where she sees
any type of separation

and just keeps planting seeds.

Sandra has a reputation
for just using misinformation

and stirring things up.
And, for me,

I want to keep people
who I feel like

who are playing a rational game,

so that they're not making
unpredictable moves

that will backstab me as I'm getting towards the end.

I don't trust Tyson right now,
but his proposal

to vote out Sandra

is an option.

Found a shark.

-That's awesome, man.
Thank goodness.


I got us a shark.

Us waking up
to a shark steak breakfast...

No one is at my level just yet.

-Look at that shark.
What I told you?

I said, "There's fish in there."

I said, "Oh, hey, let me jump
in. Let me be the hero.

Let me grab the shark." So I
grab the shark, just pick it up.

-Oh, wow.

-Oh, wow.
Tony, it's alive.

-Don't drop it, Tony!
Don't drop it!
-Oh, wow.

-Bring it here.
-Over here!

Over here, Tony!

It's wanting to bite me, man.

As soon as I picked it up,

it went...

Tony's scared of sharks.
And so, like,

the idea that
the shark was gonna bite him

was freaking him out.

-Yeah, he was still alive.
-No kidding.

He almost bit me.
He almost took my arm off.

So many thoughts
went through my mind

in, like, a millisecond.

The first reaction was
to let it go.

So it would've fell back in
the water and it would escape.

There I-I would've
I would've just said,

"Guys, let me just swim
to the Edge,

"because you don't need
to vote me off tonight.

I know who's going."


Oh, man.
What a cluster that was.

That's a nice sound.

-That's very nice.

-Oh, that's phenomenal.

We want to keep
the momentum going,

and I think one
of the components

of keeping
that momentum going is

keeping morale high
and being well-fed.

And Sandra is
a big part of that.

So, I know Tyson
is targeting Sandra, but...

I don't want to lose Sandra.

So, Tyson was saying,
"Hey, we should vote out Sandra.

"I think she's running the show.
I think

"I think this will be something
everyone can get behind.

"Tony and, uh, Sarah will,
I think,

get on board with it.
If we don't..."

I guess we don't have to worry
until if we lose the challenge.

There is no way

that Tyson's
gonna come after me

and that he's not gonna pay
the price for it.

Don't come after me.

If you ... come after me,
I better not find out about it.

Back at camp,

when I was in the game,
we had coconuts laying around.

There's no coconuts here
on Extinction.

You get

very little rice every day.

And if you don't provide
for yourself,

you're not gonna eat.

So, we're trying to spearfish.

And it was my first time
ever spearfishing.

I can't even begin to tell you
how beautiful it was.

I've never seen anything
like that before in my life.

-Amber! I caught a little one!
-Did you get one?

I'm like a little kid,
so excited

-to catch my first fish.
- Yay!

If I don't take anything else
away from this game,

getting that little fish
tells me,

"You may be down,
but you're never out."

So I'm holding on to that here.

There's three?


-Oh, my goodness.
-Like, have our names on it...?

Natalie got some tree mail
for us.

We get these bamboo tubes
wrapped up

in these pretty shells,
and we open 'em up and...

-Natalie and I

have been up to get rice
several times,

and we've done some exploring
while we were on the mountain.

And we've noticed these trees
that stand out among

all the green around 'em, so...

we were just thinking about
getting to that tree right away.

Is it a white tree?

It looked like it
in the picture.

What's this?


We get to the tree,
and there's a freaking,

like, lockbox,
which I did not expect.

I thought it was just gonna be
my advantage right there.

I read the little sign, so I knew it wasn't a guessing game.

Yet I stayed there,

and I took a million guesses,
trying to figure it out.

What have we been given? Think.

-How do you spell "tokens"?


Is it our date of birth?

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

Amber's figured out something.


Where are you going?!

my head goes back to,

"I'm not gonna help them out
in any way,"

which is kind of weird,

because we've been working
together so well.

And then,

all of a sudden,
it's competition again.

I remember seeing numbers

painted on the crates
that are by the mast.

I try to remember them
in my head,

but I'm thinking
I need to write

these numbers down

or I'm gonna get up there
and forget

and be really mad at myself.



But there's no zero. What?

What did you look for
when you went back to camp?

I just went all around camp
looking for numbers.

It's got to be at camp.

It says you've been given

So did you count
those dumb shells?

I was trying to think
of what I had missed, and...

that's when it clicked.

One, two, three, four,


And then I hold it up,

and I realize there's, like,

this sequence of shells
with knots

in between
each kind of grouping.

I just couldn't believe
that this was it.

Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.

There were three tubes.

I chuck one into the bushes

and broke the second one.

So if one of them came,

they won't be able
to figure it out.

And I knew I had to get up
there as soon as possible.

And, luckily, both of them had

kind of given up.

-I laid the shells,

and I just slowly put
the numbers in.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven.

I was trying not to get
too excited,

but my heart starts racing.

Please, Jesus.

I took a deep breath, and...

Oh, my God.

"This advantage
will help a player find

"a Steal a Vote hidden
at the other tribe's camp.

"This advantage has no value
on Extinction,

"but you can sell it
to any player in the game

"for one fire token.

"If they do not pay for it
by sundown,

"they cannot keep it
and you will

not receive your fire token."

The advantage I have is

a Steal a Vote advantage.

That obviously has no value
on Extinction.

And, again, like the other two,
I have to somehow

pick the right person

who would be risky enough
to do this

and who would buy this advantage
from me.

It will be so sweet
if they go for it,

because these opportunities

to earn these tokens,

they're not given to us
every day.


I would have three fire tokens, so I'm actually

a billionaire on Extinction.

Uh, but I'm pretending

that I'm a complete peasant
and completely poor

like the rest of them.

Everything that I'm doing

is gonna lead
to my eventual goal here,

uh, which is to get off
this bloody island

and get back there.

Yo, you have no idea
how awesome that was

to see that-that shark trapped
in that net.

He was playing dead. And
I picked him up and I was like,

"Hey." And then he's...


Key to a shark fight is
to get the shark on land.

-That's what I did.

And I thought sharks,
they have to keep swimming.

I'm going
through my bag, and...

I see something in there

that I didn't put in there.

So, I get a free second,

and I walk out of camp

and find a good spot to hide.

And I pull out a...


"There is a Steal a Vote hidden
at the other tribe's camp,

"inside one
of the player's torches.

"This advantage
allows you to sneak

"into their camp tonight
and attempt to find it.

This advantage will cost you
one fire token."

Oh, man.

This is a huge decision,

I've successfully played
the Steal a Vote

inGame Changers.

The 14th person

voted out and the seventh member
of our jury, Michaela.

I know how it's played, and
I know how powerful it can be.

So this is

definitely something I would
like to have in my back pocket.

But there's a lot at stake.

First of all, it's
gonna cost me my fire token,

the one token that I have.

And then I got to sneak out of my camp without getting caught.

I also have to infiltrate

a camp
that I know nothing about.

I mean, I haven't gotten to do
recon on that camp at all.

If it was any other season,

I'd probably turn it down.

But it'sWinners at War,

and I'm ready to go to battle.


I'm going for it.

As a cop, this feels
like I'm suiting up

to go do a search warrant
right now.

But nobody enters a building

You wait for your backup
to get there.

So I might have to tap in

one of my other fellow
police officers

to help me out
with this mission.

Officer Sarah comes up
to me and says, "Tony,

I need you to be a good partner
today, and I need backup."

And we went into stealth mode
at that point.

I told her

I was gonna get a coconut,
fill it up with ashes,

so, before she goes on her mission, I'm gonna cover

her skin
so she can be camouflaged.


This is crazy, right?

Close your eyes.

So, as I put this charcoal on her forehead, it's, like, dusty

and it's not really sticking.

Are we serious right now?

-What? -So she tells me, "Spit on it."

So I'm like...
spitting in the charcoal,

making it nice and wet.

And then she had to spit in it,
too, 'cause it wasn't enough.


So, at the end of the day,
we did it.

And don't say nothing to nobody.

All right. Good luck.

I make my way down the trail,

and I get right
to the edge of camp.

And it is

I can't see anything.

And it's foreign territory.

I have no idea what's going on.

So I start crawling around,
looking for these torches.

I get just past the fire,

and, off to my right,

I see all the torches.
I'm like, "Bingo."

Here's the problem.

I have to get
to the top of these things,

and they're taller than I am.

So I'm gonna have to stand up

and be completely exposed.

I'm looking
in the top of the torches,

I'm putting my hand in, and
I don't feel it in any of 'em.

There is a guy sleeping

ten feet
from where I'm doing this.

And I'm clanging torches.

I'm snapping twigs when I step.

It's a complete disaster.

This is not
how I envisioned this going.

Finally, I feel it.

I'm like, "This is it."

Pull it out,

stick it in my pants

without them waking up

and I bolted.

Mission accomplished.

Come on in, guys!

Dakal, getting your first look
at the new Sele tribe.

Danni voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

All right, let's get to it.

First things first, got
to take back the immunity idol.

-Yul, thank you.
-Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're gonna

leap across a series
of ramp walls.

You'll get to a sandpit.

You'll dig up a ladder,

climb it, retrieve a rope.

You'll use the rope
to get to the top of a tower,

where you will solve
a tree puzzle.

First to finish wins immunity
safe from the vote.

In addition,
you're playing for a reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Winning tribe, chicken kebobs.

-Oh, my God.
And a grill

-to cook 'em on.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody will be

the fourth person voted out
of Winners at War.Dakal,

you have one extra person.

Who you gonna sit out
of this challenge?

I'll sit out.
I can't do that challenge.

Sandra, take a spot
on the sit-out bench.

-Yes, queen. Yes, queen.
-Everybody else,

give you a minute to strategize.

-We'll get it on.

All right, here we go!
For immunity

and reward!

Survivors, ready?


You got to get across
all the ramp walls.

If you fall,
you got to come back!

-Yul falls!

-Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Ethan's down!

Adam's got to go back!

-Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Nick falls!

If you drop, you got
to come back all the way!

-Michele falls.
-Take two steps on each.

Nick now flying this time.

-You got this.
-Here goes Ethan. He's across.

Now you're getting it!

That's how you do it!

You got to leap, Michele!

-Come on, Michele!
-Let's go.

Dakal, you're good!

Dakal's digging already.

Sele waiting on Michele.

-Let's go.
You're good!

-Good job. Good job, Dakal.
-Found it, found it.

-I got a rung here.
-Got a rung there.

Now you got
to dig up the ladder.

Let's go, let's go.

Dakal out to an early lead.

They have their ladder.

Sele was waiting.

Took them a while
to get across the ramp walls.

-They're paying for it now!
-Pull it out, pull it out,

-pull it out, pull it out!
-Come on. Come on.

-Go get 'em, Tony!
-Let's go. Go.

Tony gonna go up the ladder.

-Let's go.
Tony quickly working
on that rope.

Here comes Sele.
They're going up now.

Tony has it. Get down.

You're good.
It's gonna be

Jeremy going up the ladder,

-All right, Jeremy.

Go, go, go, go!

You're good, Dakal!

It's Wendell now,

tossing the rope

-for Dakal.

Jeremy up top.
He's got the rope.

Up and over. You're good!

Get down! Drop that ladder.

-Drop it!
You're good, Sele!

Just leave the slack
right there. Get some slack.

Rob throwing for Sele.

Come on, Rob. Focus.

Just misses.

Wendell has it. You're good.
Start pulling yourself up.

Somebody hold the back.

Hold the back rope.

Got to get everybody to the top.

-Yul, you're up first.
Rob still trying

-to lasso it for Sele.
-It's all right.
Well, next one, you got it.

-Yul, yeah!
Good call.
Now you got to get up

the next phase with no rope.
Just humans.

Sarah, Sarah. Then me.
Help them, Yul.

-Help them, Yul.
Tyson lifting

one after another. Yul's up.
There goes Sarah.

Want to switch out?

-Yeah, switch.

-Come on, Ben.
-Come on, Ben.
Rob coming out.

Here comes Ben.

Sele struggling once again
in the challenge.


Here goes Wendell. And he's up.

Dakal, two people on the puzzle!

-Go, go, go!

It's gonna be Sarah and Sophie

on the puzzle for Dakal

-as Ben continues
to try to loop this.

-Yes! Go, go, go!
-Yeah! Let's go,
let's go, let's go!

For Sele.
And he's got it. Get up!
-Go, go, go!

-Help them with those pieces.
-Got to hold that rope.

Everybody's got
to go up the rope.

Right there.

The dark is on the inside.

And Dakal now extending
their lead.

-I got it. Got it.
-Good job.

There's Adam.
Here comes Jeremy.
-There, go.

-Go, go!
-Now you can go.

-Now it's a human wall.
-Hop on it, hop on it!

Dark on the inside.
-Ben gonna be the ladder

while Sarah and Sophie
working on the puzzle for Dakal.

You can find a spot

-and just go through
every single one on it.

We have the time.

Good job, Dakal.

One by one, here comes Sele.

Come on!

Got to get everybody up here.

Ben and Jeremy

have taken everybody

-up over their bodies.
Can you get up?

Hold my legs. Hold my legs.

Now they've got to get up.

Jeremy's good. Here comes Ben.

Can he do it?

Hold my legs.

-Get him, get him! Yes!
Jeremy pulls Ben.

He's up and over.

-Start on the puzzle!
-Good stuff, bro, good stuff.

That's how you fight
on Survivor!

-Never give up!

Now all that adrenaline
has to subside.

Now you have to start solving

a complicated
Survivortree puzzle.

She already had it in.
Good job, Soph.

It is Sarah and Sophie,

Michele and Rob.

Rob put himself
in the last challenge

in the same spot,

in the finishing spot.

By his own words, he blew it.

-What else? What else?
But he's given himself

the ball again
for a chance to redeem.

-Put pieces you've tried there.

Dakal still with the lead.
-The puzzle.

They had a time advantage
getting up here.

Couple of minutes,

which can be forever
in a challenge.

But Rob and Michele
are trying to close that gap.

We are now tied.

Three pieces each
on the puzzle.

The pressure is real.

So, look for that other piece.
The blank piece.

with another piece.

They are now in the lead.

That's good. That's right.

-Push it right...
Sarah places another.

is not slowing down.

They had the early lead, and
they're trying to reestablish

-that lead.
-Right there. Right there.

Sarah with another piece

-for Dakal.
-Yeah? Or no?

And we're even again.
-Okay, now we're looking...

Both tribes
with six pieces in place.

This could come down
to the wire.

-Uh, yeah, that one.
It is Dakal and Sele

side by side. Very even.

Oh, that's it, Michele.

In this challenge on day nine

for immunity and reward.

Somebody will be at Extinction,

-out of this game.
-Yeah, Rob.

Fighting for their chance
to get back in.

That's it.
You do not

want that to be you.

-Rob with another piece.

-Nice, nice.
with another piece.

It's now Sele back in the lead.

It has been back and forth.

Sophie keeping pace
with another piece.

There's Sarah
with another piece!

Dakal down to four pieces.

-Sele still with five!
-We got it.

Sophie with another piece.
Is it right?

-She's got it!
-Yes, yes.

It is now Dakal in the lead.
-Five o'clock.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Keep flipping. Keep flipping.

-Angle it a little bit more.
-There. Yeah, yeah.

Sele feeling the pressure.

Yes. Yes, that's it. Exactly.

-Rob, that one goes there.
-Crunch time. Crunch time.

-Come help.
-Crunch time.

Sele, they're down to four now.

Another piece by Dakal.

-Right here.
They're down to two!

Higher. Higher. Right there.
Now pull it out and slide it in.

Wendell trying to coach them in.

Pull it towards us.

Wants to get in there,
but he can't.

Pull it towards us. Right there.

-Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Another piece by Dakal.

-Let's go!
-The last piece for Dakal.

You got it.
That's right.
-Yeah, yeah.

Another piece by Sele!

They're down to two!

-No, no, this...
-Is this right?

Four inches to the right.
No. No, no, no.

-Flip it again.
-Like that.

-Now go down a notch.
Now down, down.

-Bottom. Bottom. Right.

Rob trying to get it in.

Michele looking.
Where does it go?

One piece left for Dakal!

-No, no.

Get it!

Oh, but Sarah dropped it!

-Opened the door for Sele.
-Back on. Get it back on.

Rob, that's it.

Another piece by Sele.

-One piece left.
Slide that in.

Slide it in from the side.

Dakal got it!

Dakal pulls out immunity!


Seconds away.

One piece left for Sele.

-We're good.

Dakal, another victory.

-Nobody going home.

That is three
out of four challenge wins.

Another night off from Tribal.
Grab your stuff. Head out.

Enjoy the night off.

Your reward
will be waiting for you

back at camp. Chicken kebabs.

-Chicken kebabs!
-Chicken kebabs.

All right, Sele.

Grab your stuff. Head back
to camp. See you tonight

at Tribal,
where somebody will be

the fourth person voted out

of Survivor Winners at War.
See you tonight.

We lost again.

But the game plan
is to vote off Parvati.

And we know that this vote
is a critical vote.

This could blow up
a lot of people's game.

Losing today's challenge
was tough.

And when we get back
to the camp,

it was almost like
it was a standoff.

Season 40

is a different kind of season.

These players
know what they're doing.

Everybody's kind of going over

their own game plans
in their own heads,

waiting to see
who's gonna move first.

Nobody wanted to walk off.

We know this game
inside and out,

and we know what happens
when you are the first

to walk off
and start strategizing.

sitting around real quiet,

and you could tell this is just the calm before the storm.

But I knew
as soon as I walk away,

Ben was gonna come with me,

and then things
were gonna start rolling

and the bullets
were gonna start flying

and knives
are gonna start stabbing.



I mean, like...

Tonight, we want
to break up the group

of Parvati, Ethan and Rob.

At this point,

the most dangerous person
out of those three is Parvati.

She knows how to bat her eyes,
smile her pretty teeth,

and manipulate people
to work with her.

And that's why it's scary
to have her in the game

as opposed to Rob or Ethan.

I'm good with Denise,
and I'm good with Michele

-and Jeremy.
-Yep. The five of us are solid.

The war has begun,

and I have
an incredibly tall task.

It is impossible

to vote somebody out
in this group

and not piss off somebody else.

-Or is it?
I talked
to Ethan and Parv,

and they're on board.

I think...


-I mean, do you want
to do Michele or Jeremy?

Are you open
to any other possibilities?

You want to go there?

I'm open to it if...

Parv willcome for you
in the long term.

You know that.

So, you guys are voting
for Parv?


Are you sure that you have
the numbers? For sure?

I'm telling you.

Oh, dude.

As far as I'm concerned,
Parvati is going home tonight.

But you do not go against
the Godfather.

Am I gonna still be able
to be protected after?

-Yes. You know
I have your back 100%.
-Yeah, yeah.

Yes, 100%.

Boston Rob is somebody

that I would like
to work with long-term.

And strategically
telling people truths

at important times
can be very helpful.

I did it
in Millennials vs. Gen X.

This is our game.
I trust you 100%.

It has backfired
on a lot of people

who have played this game,

but I think it will work.

Adam is gonna
blindside Parvati,

and I'm supposed to be okay
with that.

I'm thinking,
"Is this kid crazy?"

I know he's seen me play on TV.

He's seen every episode.
He knows everything.

I don't play like that.

-What do you guys think?

We're just talking through,

like, the Adam versus Denise
versus Ben scenario.

Never mind that.
We know that's fake.

-I know what's up.

-I for real...
I for real know what's up.
-What's up? Okay.

-What's up?
-Okay? Adam told me.
I'm in on it.

-Like, I know...
What you
just said over there.

I know, I know the plan
to blindside Parv.

I know it.
And what I'm saying is

-if we go together...
-It's not happening.

It's not happening.

Parv is not going anywhere.

We were literally just talking
about that.

Let's blindside Adam.

Adam thinks... Look at me.

Look at me. He thinks
me and him are like that.

-Are you good with that?

Yeah, I guess we could.

Adam's forcing my hand.

If somebody's coming after one
of my alliance members,

I'm coming after them.

He told me the whole plan.

He told you it's me?
-He told me it's you.

-He told you it's me?
-I'm supposed to be
good with it.

All right, if we're voting Adam,
I'm down to do that.

Because Adam broke

the cardinal rule of Survivor

and he told Rob,

who's aligned with the person
who you're planning

to blindside, me,

I now know Adam's plan.

Because Adam's trying
to blindside me,

it's got to be Adam.

So, then,
we're all going for Adam?

I'm ready to pounce on Adam,
devour that guy

and just spit out his bones
on Edge of Extinction.

Yeah. I think

it has to be one of them.

-In my opinion.
-You think Parv?

The benefit of going Ethan...

-Ethan will be weakening Rob.

Right now

it seems absolutely essential

that we break up the trio

Rob, Ethan and Parvati,

because they're
running the show.

But it pisses me off
that Adam would go

scurry on over to Rob
and tell him the whole plan

to vote Parvati
and throw me and Jeremy

under the bus.

So I could absolutely
take out Adam tonight.

-Give him a taste
of his own medicine.

He thinks he knows
what's going on?

Let's prove to him
that he can't play all...

-every single side.
-Yeah. Yeah.

Now I have to get
the wheels turning,

and I have to start talking
to people

and figuring out
what the plan is.

Adam told

Rob everything.

The hell?

-Dude, I know.
-Not cool.

-Not cool.
-So, now what do we do?


Why would he do that?

Adam's playing every angle
so that when...

Me and Jeremy
hold a lot of power tonight

because we're deciding
the future

of this tribe.

We can either take out

one of the power trio

or take out

the person
who's playing both sides,

which is Adam.

I do feel pressure
coming into this season.

People didn't think
I deserved my win,

but I feel like I am proving
that they were wrong.

Ben, as a winner

on a tribe of winners

that is losing challenge

after challenge,
when you get back to camp,

is there a moment of,

"Okay, what is happening?"

We all know that changes

need to happen.
But we got back to camp.

There was probably
about 40 minutes of silence

where everyone just sat
and stared at each other.

No one wanted to get up
and-and fire the first shot.

Jeremy, it's like
there's a problem,

and you can sit there
and wallow in it,

but sooner or later,
somebody has to step up

and say, "Okay, let's start."

Yeah, we thought we were fine

with the Danni vote.

We felt like
we were a cohesive unit.

And then now all hell's gonna

break loose. We got to go
and try to figure out

what's the problem
with this tribe

and why we keep losing.

Ethan, losing does make

unity very hard to find.

And when you don't have it,
people, out of desperation,

-start to just look out
for themselves.

You know, certain people
are working with certain people,

and information comes to you
in a variety of different ways.

So you-you kind of got
to take care of yourself.

-You know?

that seemed to connect with you.

Yeah. Ethan sort of hit it,

which is everybody is close
to somebody on this tribe.

And so the concept

of coming together
in one clean vote

certainly isn't simple.

There's always gonna be somebody

raising their hand, saying,

"Well, I don't want to vote
for that person."

So, Michele, how do you navigate

who I actually can trust

even within a fractured tribe?

I mean,
it's kind of like dating.

-That's how
I'm seeing it right now.

Like, the people
who make me feel

really giddy, those are

the people
that I'm gonna roll with.

And hopefully,
they have the same feeling,

and they choose me, too.

Rob, is that a fair analogy
in that sometimes,

it really is just a feeling,

-a gut?

This is a game
where you have to trust someone,

but inherently, you're
not supposed to trust anybody.

So tonight, you have to put

your trust in other people

and hope that they're
gonna do the right thing.

And maybe they do,
maybe they don't.

But you really don't know
until after you vote.

Parvati, does that
bode well for you?

It's a little different
for me, Jeff,

because I'm walking around
as, like,

a billboard target.

If people want to work with me,

they have to want to work
with me. It's like,

do I want to go this way,
or do I want to go that way?

I don't have that many options.

My name was
definitely thrown up today.

Adam, do you agree with Parvati

that she might have
a bigger target?

Yeah, I mean,
when you have played the game

a lot of times or there's

a statue of you built somewhere
on this island,

uh, then, you know, it...

It's like
people will look at you,

and that can either be

-an opportunity or threat.


I understand what he's saying,

but at the same time,
by him saying that,

he's playing the game.

But nobody needs
to remind anyone. I Like,

-I-I don't think...
-That's what you're doing.

-You're reminding everyone.
-No, no. No, but-but I'm...

But it's not like people
don't already know it.

And so maybe
even by saying it, like,

it just states the obvious,

-and then you can move on.
You're helping me.

-Thank you.
-No, I... Look,

he has a statue built of him.

I'm not saying you have
to vote him out because of that,

but it's the truth.


it's a tricky road to walk

because you're
really putting a lot

in the hands of other people.

This alliance thing
is very new for me.

Like, I don't know
how else to put it,

but it's like a circle,

and everybody's
in their own little bunker.

Right? And people are jumping up

out of their bunker and talking.

But everybody's still pointed
at each other.

You know, I'm happy

with what bunker
I have jumped in.

I'm not in mine,
but I'm happy where I'm at.

And, you know,
it wasn't just Ben.

Like, if you could have been
on our beach observing today,

you would have seen

everybody jumping
in somebody else's bunker.

We just don't know whose bunker
everybody else jumped into.

Wow. Ethan, we started
with all these bunkers,

and we can see each other,
and now, suddenly,

there are some empty bunkers.


I don't know much about bunkers.

-I just want

to get through this vote.

Like, this is
the most important moment

for me right now,
and I got to play

-right now.
So, does that mean

that you don't really think
that much ahead?

I do. I do,

but, like,
I can't think too far ahead

if I'm not in the game anymore.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Ethan, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has
a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote Parvati.



That's two votes Adam,
one vote Parvati.


That's three votes Adam.



That's three votes Adam,
two votes Ethan,

one vote Parvati.


We're tied. Three votes Ethan,

three votes Adam,

one vote Parvati. One vote left.

Fourth person voted out
of Survivor Winners at War...


Need to bring me your torch.


the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck.

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