Survivor (2000–…): Season 40, Episode 1 - Greatest of the Greats - full transcript

Twenty winners of "Survivor" return to compete against each other for a prize of $2 million.


Big battle.

This is like the old days.

20 winners.

Everybody wants it.

It's not going to be easy.

You are witnessing 16 americans
Begin an adventure that will

Forever change their lives.

For the next 39 days, they'll be
Marooned, left to fend for


They must learn to adapt or
They're voted off.

In the end, only one will remain
And will leave the island with

$1 million in cash as their

I have a big reputation in
"Survivor," but seeing my

Competitors, I'm like, oh, man.

fans in super bowl wait all
Year to see the game at the end.

Fans of "Survivor" have been
Waiting 20 years to see "Winners

At war."

I haven't had an opportunity
To be my die poll cal self at

All in the past couple years.

I have been busy bidding a
Family, but I'm like a phoenix

Rising from the ashes ready to
Burn down your house.

I was diagnosed with
Hodgkin's lymphoma.

I remember dreaming and praying
That I'd be alive long enough to

Play "Survivor" again.

And so it is a miracle that I'm
Sitting here today.

I was a kid the first time I
Played the game.

Little did I know I was going
The fall in love, meet my

Husband, get engaged at the
Finale, win the show.

But now to be asked back for
Season 40 all winners?

I want to win the game.

To come out here and win two
Times and beat my husband again,

That would be awesome.

it's the biggest
Battle in "Survivor" history.

everybody is going to be
Laying it all on the line.

who will have what it
Takes to outwit, outplay, and

Outlast all the rest?

it's going to be a bloodbath.

it's going to be a war.

and be crowned the
Greatest player of all time?

let the fireworks begin.

39 days, 20 people,
One survivor.

39 days, 20 people,
One survivor.

here we go, boys.

there he is.

there he is.



we're back.

we have the men.

Here come the women.

oh, my god.

here they come.

Here they come.

this is really happening.

oh, man.

you good?

your first look at
Who you are playing against as

They get their first look at who
They are playing against.



welcome, ladies.

how you doing?

You guys hit the ocean yet?

the queen.

I'm shocked to see rob and

I spent 36 days with boston robb
On island of the idol, and

Boston rob never told me that he
Was politician again.

got you wife here, huh?

so I definitely feel

good job.

all right.


Let me take this in.

20 winners, 20 years in the

This is awesome.

Wendell, you applied many times
To get on this show, and then

You fulfilled the dream of every

You actually won.

What's the feeling?

it's got to be the greatest
Feeling in your life.

I'm amongst the greats right

I see some legends.

A lot of legends.

19 legends out here.

It feels good, man.

It's the best feeling.

yul, you played 14
Years ago.


the iphone didn't
Even exist.

Do you see this game today

Through a different prism as a
More mature human?


I feel like a dinosaur that's
Been time bombed into the


The world has changed.

The people have changed.

"Survivor" has changed.

I think I'm going to have to



you first played 20
Years ago.

Little perspective.

Not only had the iphone not
Beenen vetted, itunes didn't

Exist, twitter, facebook.

You were this young woman who
Came on the show.

You end up meeting rob.

You get engaged on the show, and
Now you've created a family with

Four beautiful children.

What does this mean for you this
Time as a very different woman

Than you were the first time?

it's honestly kind of like a
Nice vacation.

I don't have to worry about
What's for dinner.

I'm not cooking it.

I'm not going grocery shopping.

This is awesome, but to be
Honest, to be a part of season

40, it's going to be the
Biggest, most epic season yet.

How could you pass up this

all right.

Before we get to it, let's have
A little toast to celebrate.


come on now.



are we playing "Survivor"?

this is a
Once-in-a-tv-series moment.

We got to celebrate it.

do it up.

my competition here is the

Greatest of the great, and it's
A good feeling, because we're

All here to be part of something

thank you, sir.

but everyone will be guns
A-blazein', everyone will be

Swords a-swinging.

There will be limbs and heads
Flying everywhere.

I just want to say,
We are proud to have you here as

Representatives of our 40th
You have earned it, but this is

Still "Survivor."

And even though you have all
Won, there will be tough times.

You will be challenged.

You will be vulnerable.

When those moments happen, just
Remember, you belong.

To "Survivor," because a drink
Before war is always a good


cheers, girls.


get rid of that.

all right.

"Survivor" 40, "Winners at war."

You are divided into men and
Women, and this is not how we

Are going to play.

oh, wow.

let's reveal our

Find your name and take it.

thanks, sir.

even though I'm the most
Recent female winner out here,

It's pretty nerve-racking,
Because I have nine of the most

Intimidating women right next to

I mean, "Winners at war"?

It just sounds nasty.

everybody open your

Let's see what's up.

oh, my god.

blue, blue.


take your spots.

Blue is over here.

Blue is over here, jeremy.

Rob, blue is over here.

Amber, red is this way.

sorry, rob.

"Winners at war."

all right.

Wearing red, we've got tony,
Wendell, amber, kim, sophie,

Nick, sarah, yul, sandra, and

Wearing blue, sele, we've got
Natalie, rob, ethan, parvati,

Ben, michele, danni, denise,
Jeremy, and adam.

Tony, third time out here.

third time.

what's the feeling&
When you look at this group?

Because you will, for better or
For worse, need these people to

Try the stay in the game.

I love the people I'm with.

I've played with sarah in season

Sandra voted me off the second
Time and I lost the game.

So I love her for that.

Red means we're red hot.

We're on fire.

Let's see.

all right.

Here's what you need to know
About this season.

We're introducing a new
"Survivor" currency in the form

Tokens have value.

You will each tart the game with
One fire token.

If you are voted out, you must
Will or bequeath your token to

Another player as you head to
That island right behind you,

The isolated and unforgiving
Edge of extinction.

oh, boy.

where you will await
Your chance to get back in this


oh, man.

and one last thing.

oh, my gosh.

let me just say this:
If being crowned the winner in a

Season of all winners and
Earning $1 million in the

Process is not enough to inspire
You, how about $2 million?

The largest cash prize in the

History of reality shows.


all you got to do is

All right.

Well, you barely got you feet

We have a challenge right here.

It seems like a good time to
Dive in.

Let's get to your first
Challenge right now.

Here's how it works: you will
Race out in pairs to retrieve a


You'll hen battle your way

The first person with one hand
On the ring, one hand on thing

From pole scores a point.

The first tribe to three wins.

Want to know what you're playing

oh, yeah.


fire in the form of
Flint, still the fundamental

Foundational building block of
Any tribe.

It can get you off to a very
Fast start, because for the

Losers, no fire and no rice
Until after the first tribal


That could be a very big

Oh, one last thing.

what else?


enough thing.

this challenge is
Also for immunity.


out of the gate,
Losers tribal council, and just

Like that, somebody will be the
First person voted out of

"Survivor: winners at war."

I'll give you a minute to
Strategize with your new tribe,

And we'll get it on.

Here we go.

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All right
We have our first matchup.

It is tyson and yul taking on
Jeremy and ethan.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


let's go.

"Winners at war" is
Under way.

go, yul.

two big guys battling
For that ring.

Tyson has it.

Ethan getting in on it now.

Yul and jeremy tying each other

You've got to get back with the
Ring and hand on that flagpole.

Jeremy now in.

Here comes yul.

Yul digging.

Yul inching closer and closer to
That flagpole.

And he's done it.

Dakal scores the first point in
"Winners at war."

Dakal leads 1-0.

Next round is two women.

It's going to be sarah and kim.

come on, girls.

taking on parvati and

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


let's go.

natalie swimming out

Kim swimming.

Natalie and kim racing for it.

Natalie's going to get it.

Natalie has it.

go, go, go, go!

now everybody is in
On it.

Kim fighting to take it for

It is kim and sarah working

And natalie and parvati inching

That swell is going to help.

Sele getting closer.

Natalie very close.

Kim pulling her away now.

Parvati trying to get there.

come on, parvati.

kim fighting.

Parvati has almost got it.


Another big surge from kim.

Kim has single-handedly pulling
This ring closeer to dakal.

Parvati and natalie trying to
Pull it back.

Kim getting very close.

She's got it.

Dakal, what an epic battle.

Dakal leads 2-0.

that was awesome.

the men are up again.

It is wendell and tony for

It is ben and boston rob for

They have to score to stay in

Dakal leads 2-0.

We're playing the three.

Tony and wendell can win it
Right here for dakal.

Survivors ready?


This is going to be a big battle
There are four big, strong dudes

Out there fighting for it.

Ben all over wendell.

This is not going to be easy for

Rob now in on it.

Tony now in on it.

Ben is pulling everybody back
Toward the sele flag.

Tony trying the take rob out of
This, but it's not working.

Rob continues to push forward,
Getting closer to that first


Rob trying to get there.

Tony pulling him back.

Rob got it!

Sele scores, and it's 2-1.

Another huge battle.

It's going to be denise and
Natalie taking on amber and

Sarah for the win for dakal.

If they score, it's over.

Denise and natalie have to score
To stay in it.

Tribal council is on the line.

Survivors ready.


This could be it.

Sarah and amber could win it
Right here for dakal.

let's go, sarah.

come on, sarah.

You got it.

it is amber and
Natalie tied up quickly.

Denise has sarah trying to take
Her out of this.

If blue does not score, it's

Natalie and denise are on the
Right side of this challenge.

They're inching close and
Closer, but here comes sarah and

Amber trying to win it for

Natalie digging in again.

Denise digging in.



dakal getting some
Support from their time.

amber, amber!

here comes denise
Trying to get amber out of it.

She is not going to be deterred.

Amber closer and closer.

Sarah reaching.


Natalie pulls it back.

Sarah's got it.

Dakal wins immunity, sending
Sele the tribal council.

Epic first challenge.


Everybody playing for keeps on
This season.

Well, first challenge of the
Season lived up to the title of

The season, "Winners at war."

Dakal, you pulled it out.

Immunity is yours.

Fire in the form of flint, and

More importantly, nobody from
Dakal going home.

Here's map the your new home.

Nice catch, sophie.

Grab your stuff, head out, and
Good luck.

good job.

all right.

Sele, heading back the camp,
You'll have no fire.

You will also have no rice
Waiting for you.

Bigger than, that somebody from
Your tribe will be the first

Person voted out of winners at
War, and to complicate things a

Little more, tribal council will
Not be tonight.

It will be tomorrow night.

You all came to play, this gives
You plenty of time to make

Things happen.

Here's map to your home.

Head out, good luck.

I'll see you at tribal council
Tomorrow night.

the lose the immunity
Challenge on day one,s that my

Worst fear, because we're
Playing winners at war

"Survivor," which means there is
No easy target.

But somebody has to go.

home sweet home.

yeah, right?

good job.

we get to our island, and I'm
Thinking, I can't believe this

Is happening.

I was just super happy to be on
"Survivor" again, especially an

All-winners edition, but seeing
All these people and realizing

How long ago I played, it's die
Of overwhelming.

check this out.

it says, "Use your fire
Tokens to purchase any of these


Present fire tobins at any
Challenge, coffee and pastry,

Small bag of bean, two pillow,
Two blankets.

The advantage in the challenge
Is more tokens."

we're given an in-game
Currency called a fire token.

In my opinion, these tokens are
Going to end up being a huge

Part of the game.

this fire token cannot be
Stolen from you.

If voted out, you must bequeath
It to any player still in the


I think the winner of this
Season will be the person who is

Able to use the currency

I am from the newer seasons
Where we're used to twists.

We understand there's
Unpredictable facets of the

Game, so I think my chances to
Win this game got much higher.

so we're looking for bamboo
And wood.

you could do log cabin style.

It raises it easier.

do you want us to find

I wasn't signing up for this.

furniture maker wendell?

after winning "Survivor"
Season 36 "Guest -- ghost

Island," I think people know me
As someone who knows how to


This season I was trying to come
Out here and not build as much.

I wanted to build relationships.

I didn't necessarily want to
Build the whole shelter again.

I think we're good.

We'll hammer a stake in right

This isn't going anywhere.

Because when you're busy
Building, you're stuck at camp.

It's like being stuck in a
Corner at party.

made by wendell design?

something like that
but I also know this talent

Pool is different.

It's all winners.

So I'm going to play my position
And be cool, chill out a little

Bit, just get a read on

I did not think I'd see you
Out here.


well, I mean, you got four
Little ones at home.

I know.

It wasn't -- it was an easy
Decision, but it wasn't easy.

I got them all calendars
I did the same thing,

Except --
I made a daisy chain?

what's the daisy chain?

the pieces of paper all
Looped an you pull one link off

Every day
why didn't you tell us all


honestly, "Survivor" has been
My profession the last 12 years.

The thing that has made winning
The $1 million so great is I'm

Able to spend time with my kids
At home every day, and I don't

Want the cry on day one here,
But it's like I know everybody

Does the 9:00 until 5:00, but I

Not too much, guys.

just when I think you're only
Here for good looks and laughs,

You do this
I get to get up every morning

With my during and hang out
Pretty much all day every day.

So even coming out here for a
While is a big deal because I've

Never left them for more than a
Couple days at time.

I'm grateful for that.

how you doing, queen in
don't this that

looking good.

don't call me "Queen."

It will put a target on my back.

You ask anybody that's a
"Survivor" fan who is the queen,

And they will tell you it's me.

I'm the only person here that
Knows what it's like to win


The history of "Game changers"
Is I got tony voted out and


"Winners at war."

welcome to season 40.

I know what it's like to go
Up against toney.

I know what it's like to go up
Against sarah.

I played on game changers with
Them, an me and tony had it out.

second person voted out of
"Survivor: game changers," tony.

that's what you get for
Plotting against me.

And queen stays queen.

I know everyone wants a piece of

you happy to be here?

oh, yeah.

even with me?

no hard feelings, you know

water under the bridge?

still under the bridge.

they all want what I already
Have, which is my crown.

how about it for season 40,


season 40!

obviously I have a huge
Target on myself.

I just was on season 39 where
They built an idol of me.

you're sort of our shelter

resident builder.

by losing in the beginning,
I'm already putting myself at a

Huge disadvantage.

it's going to take some work.

It will take all of us, but we
Can do it.

Work as a team, you know.

Fortunately now we have to built
A shelter and vote somebody off.

The game is on already.

congrats on the baby.

thank you.

oh, man.

hi, rob, michele.


Don't make me talk about itful
Or I'll immediately start


it's been ten years since
I've played the game.

And it's a little strange to be
Playing this game connecting

Over babies.

you have four kids.

I have four, too.

Once was.

The last two times I was a
Single girl.

do you want a pickingy back?


but I'm a mom now.

I'm married.

And I left my ten-month-old baby
At home with my husband.

Oh, my gosh, it's just... It
Hits me when I think about her.

I'm going to need your support.

Being a mom is a new life change
That can help me to relate the

People in a totally different

So I'm totally using the mom

Are you kidding me?

I can't believe you guys have
Four children.

somebody found something they
Were good at.

it's nice to be here.

I'm happy here, bro.

You look great.

Everything good in
everything's good, man.

Going through cancer, it's hard,
But life after cancer, that's

When it really got tough.

The fear of relapse, the fear of
Death, it's with you all the


It's not a way to live your

And being here, saying yes to an
All-winners edition of

"Survivor," this is living.

when was the last time


oh, wow
and I want the resurrect that

27 year old young, innocent, guy
To come back and play this game,

The game that I love.

The game that changed my life.

nice, ethan.

I did push-ups yesterday.

I'm really happy to be here.

I'm excited to see how I play in
This new era of "Survivor."

Like we played with like no
Idols, no hidden immunities, no

Chance to get back in the game.

So I'm back and I'm ready to
Play, and everyone better watch


is that a trail up there?

are we on the trail?

There's no trail that goes that
Way, though, so I think we have

To keep going this way.


and I would like to not go.

I'm wearing blue again.


I know.

I know.

I was thinking --
losing that very first

Challenge, I was like, oh, my
God, here we go again.

I had flashbacks.

matsing loses for the fourth
Straight time.

we lost every challenge, so I
Went to every tribal council.

At least I had that alliance
With malcolm.

if I could be your malcolm,
It would be my dream come true.

my jungle boy number two.

can that happen?

I have to be able to read
Somebody and have that gut


do you have that with me?

I do.

I have that with you, because
I loved watching you on

Television, seriously.

where is everybody?

let's count.

One, the work three, four, five.

where's adam?

where's denise?

we're missing adam.

and denise.

denise and adam, they walk

Really cookie moves for winners
To do that is unheard of.

easy target, adam.

people are just looking for
Something, and it's so early in

The game, you don't want the
Rock the boat.

When you rock the boat,
Sometimes you fall out.

teamwork makes the dream work
yul, see what happens when

You have to maintain a low
Profile like myself?

I can't go nowhere.

is the pratsly want the
Immunity idol, especially for a

Season like this, and oh, my
God, it took everything out of

Me not to just take off running
And look for an idol.

I know you want to --
no, no, no.

That's all right.

I seen what happened to me on
"Game changers" my first 30

Seconds I ran around the whole
Island three times.

Hey, you guys do nice-nice.

I'm looking for the idol.

I novi to stay here because I'm
On probation.

I'm right here.

I got a bracelet on.

House arrest.

But right now I don't want to
Put a target on my back by

Showing them that I'm back to
The old tony antics.

So I want everybody to get nice
And comfortable with me, because

Their guard is slowly coming
Down as they see tony around the

Camp all day, all night.

When it gets down to here,
That's where the sucker punch

Comes in.

people seemed pretty
Comfortable when we got here.

They wanted to work on the
Shelter and do this and do that.

I'm thinking, am I supposed to
Because I feel like I do have a

Big target on my back, the fact
That rob and I are both out


I had a hard time at first

I was rooting at my team -- I'm
Getting emotional -- but it was

Hard the root against my

I'm his biggest fan.

I feel like people think we have
This huge advantage because

We're out here together, but I
Feel like it's probably more a

Disadvantage than it is an

But I learned a lot from my

This game never stops.

As soon as you sit back an
Relax, that's when something

Goes wrong.

So I've got the take advantage
Of this time.

I've got to do it.

I'm super glad you're in my

I would love to work with you.


You can punctuate that with


I feel like I've been asked
Out on a date.

I want to work with you.

when I played cook island, I
Tried to play a very rational,

Strategic game.

I used a lot of game theory.

it's so nice talking to you.

You're a sane human.

but this season I think my
Biggest challenge will be coming

In disconnected.

I haven't been part of the
"Survivor" community.

A lot of these people have
Played with each other, they

Know each other some kim played
Poker with rob and tyson, so

There's that connection.

Some people play multiple times.

We have boston rob.

You have tyson.

They played together.

They're like best friends.

And they not only played
"Survivor" together, they played

Poker together.

They also played with kim and

I remember watching one video
Where tyson actually said

Something to the effect of, hey,
If we're ever on an island, this

Is going to be the pour

if we all find ourselves on
The alliance, we'll definitely

With the power alliance.



but I think there are enough

People like us who are not super

it's almost like me, nick,
And wendell are more of the free

Agents, an you have sandra,
Toby, -- tony and sarah who all

Played together.

You have kim, tyson and amber.

Right now I think you have the
Cool person alliance of kim and

Amber and tyson, who all are
Telling jokes all the time and

Looking pretty.

Then you have on the other side,
The gritty group, which is tony,

Sandra, and sarah.

They have all played together in
The past.

And then you have a couple of us
In the middle.

I would put pietion and yul in
That position.

everything I heard about you
From other people has all been


Everyone says great things
you, too.

people talk about having
Shields around.

I feel like I have a nerd shield
In yul.

Ly never be the smartest person
As long as I have yul there

Talking about physics or

But I think the number-one thing
On my mind is not who I want to

Work with, it's who I want out.

I got an octopus and crab,
Two of them.

oh, my god.

so do you want to work
Together this season in

that would be a change,
Wouldn't it?

I feel like I'm asking you to

do you want to give me a
Corsage, take some time and get

Some flowers and make it

I think you and I are
Probably know the game better

Than anybody else, and I think
If we work together --

rob and I have a history that
Is a checkered past, to say the


Rob went after me in "Heroes v.


And I was partly responsible for
Him getting out premerge.

So I don't know how rob is going
To want the play with me?

we have an uphill battle.

I don't think we should let the
New school people dictate how

It's going to go
oh, yeah?

I like rob.

I think he's someone I can
Trust, because I doubt that he

Has very many other options.

so last time you were coming
At me.

because we didn't get on the
Same page from the beginning.

So I said the myself, see if we
Get on the same page from the


I'm down.

let's have fun.

let's do it.

these kids ain't going to
Know what hit 'em.

this is "Survivor."

We have to think long-term too,
What can be established.

he had a statue built.

Would be you like to have a

not yet.

"Survivor: guatemala," it was
A whole different style play.

Coming into this I was a little

There's a lot of people very

I don't know what you all are,
I'm not.

Tyson and rob are pretty close.

I know we won't get very many
Opportunities to get rid of

Major targets like rob.

When you get that opportunity --
He's well liked.

He's connected.

And he knows how to play this

If you have the opportunity to
Remove that from your game, why

Would wow not take it?

names are getting thrown out.

I don't know how I found myself
With all these winners.

It's very humbling to be around
All these greats.

whose names have you heard?

I've heard yours.

who said my name?

>>s be rob is phenomenal at what
He does?

You're not going to tell me?

Why are you not trusting me?

I'm trying to remember who
Said it

come on.

it's just insane to see him
Work in real life.

Right, you watch him on tv, oh,
My god, how is this guy doing


one of the girls.

see this right now, you're
Not telling me, make me feel

Like I can't trust you, bro.

then you're on the receiving
End of boston rob's magic, and

It's like, yeah, yeah, blah.


danni threw out my name?


What did she say?

because you're boston rob.

here's my information.

There you go, bud.

You got it.

what did she say?

You're good.

I'm just asking what she
Said, man.

you played four or five times
I was star struck and told

Him everything.

I shouldn't have done that.

so let me ask you, if I ask
You a question right now, will

You tell me the truth?

Somebody came to me and told me
That you already threw my name


Is it true?

well, I threw everybody.

Everybody is a target, yeah.


That's cool.

because one of my concerns
Would be all the connections.

I have no connections.

I have none.

I totally understand it, and
I can see that you're coming

From a place of being out here
And don't have anybody either.

I respect the fact that danni
Told me the truth.

Had she lied to me in the
Moment, I would know without a

Shadow of a doubt that I
Couldn't trust her.

I would be willing to work
With you.

the fact that you told me the
Truth, I respect that so mump,

And I'm totally willing to work
With you, but I need.

it looks like there might be
An old-school alliance coming

Together, ethan, parvati, danni,

The old-school guy, we got a
Rapport with each other.

See, this is what they don't do,
The new school people.

They don't have fun.

They don't get to know anybody,
You know.

if we can get through this
Vote tomorrow, it would be

Mutually beneficial for us to
Work together, showing the new

Kids the ropes.

I did not sleep one wink last

We're going to tribal council

we have the make a decision
By tonight.

I know
and one out of the ten of us

Is going to be the first person
Voted out of this game, and

We're going to have the live
Alone on the edge of extinction.

I am scared
I am scared.

I don't feel comfortable.

people are paranoid.

including me.

oh, yeah.

I feel so paranoid.

I don't know.

I know
playing with winners makes

Everyone more paranoid.

I also think it's just something
About that first person being

Voted out of the game that you
Just don't want to be that


we're going to pull someone
In to vote at boston rob

me, you and nat have a good

I'm so down with that
I don't trust anybody.

the pace of the game is warp

I am so unaccustomed to this.

I have no clue that's going on.

I feel like I'm going to
Throw up right now.

At this point I'm with rob.

I thought we'd have more time
To get into the groove, but

There's in time for that.

what do you think?

what do I think?


my relationship with jeremy
Started before

you're the only one I trust

Nobody else
I connected with him right


He was my number one until he
Got blindsided and then I played

For jeremy the rest of my

So it's not blood, but it's
Pretty close with jeremy.

If I had to pick one now, I
Think adam.

more than denise?

I don't know.

when adam and denise
Disappeared together, that was

Strike one.

I don't need a second reason to
Try and say no, not them.

Pick one, let's get it done.

who you voting off?

denise and adam are the ones
That walked off.

they got lost, but they had
The map.

take your pick.

names are being thrown out.

Nobody really wants to pin 'em
Down, but like denise is being

Thrown out.

Adam is being thrown out.

One, not me.

Two, it's not me.

Three, it's not me.

Four, it's not me.

It's a good time to talk.

But my gut is telling me to keep
Adam safe because he knows the

Game, an he night know how the
Maneuver through this.

So I got to go with my gut.

you and denise went off
Looking for --

we didn't go look for an

you know how this game goes.

That's group consensus.

Everybody needs a target.

The easy target from the get-go
Was you and denise.

I went to look for the water
Well with denise.

Were we having a strategic
Conversation along the way?

Of course.

That shouldn't be like the end
Of the world.

adam or jeremy?

they should be way more
Worried about natalie and

Jeremy's existing relationship
Coming into this game, rob and

Amber's marriage than me going
Off with denise.

they said you and me as the
Potential target

oh, great.

we're going to fix that
Problem tonight.

jeremy and natalie?

not sure, which but between
Jeremy and natalie.


would you be willing the take
A big shot?

at who?

splitting up jeremy and

adam came up to me and he
Said, what are your thoughts of

Splitting the votes between
Jeremy and natalie.

I don't mind, that you know,
I'm telling you, he's loyal.

you think?


I mean, because we got a lot
Riding on this.


All right.

adam and denise, neither one
Of them are trustworthy, right?

When adam an denise ran off, it
Put target on their back, but

Natalie and jeremy are like

They're thing as thieves.

They've played together.

And I realize that's ironic
Coming from me, because my wife

Is in this game with me.

But the difference is she's on a
Whole other island.

But for real, the three of us
Work together until the end?


I'm in
I'm in a unique position.

I could basically choose which
Way I want to go.

rob doesn't care?

new york I don't think anyone

we have to figure out.

We don't have much time.

I'm thinking adam.


We just deciding, right?

no, we did not.

danni or adam
there's cases for both.

new york we got to think this

right now we're voting out
Either adam or denise, but there

Is this other plan where it's
Going to be natalie or jeremy.

so it's what?

we're literally about to go
The tribal council.

They still haven't chosen
Between denise or adam.

Is it me?

Am I missing something?

dude, everyone is losing
Their minds.

I know they are.

do you think everyone is just
Dumb or really scared?

I don't know.

I don't know, because like look,
You want to know how stupid this


Like you and I are probably the
Biggest targets, and I don't

Think feel too worried
me either.

like what's wrong with that?

That's not supposed to be the%
Way it is.

I know, usually when you feel
rob and I are like, are we

Being punked?

this is pretty bad.

We have the play "Survivor" for

The two of us are playing for
Ten people.

we are very obviously the two
Bggest threats this this game,

And what is going on?

People are so terrified to say
The name of somebody, but past


We have to go to tribal council.

If you don't tell white house
The vote is going to be, then

What's going to happen at

It just doesn't seem to be a
Very fully baked plan.

Saddle up, kids.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

behind each of you is
A torch.

Grab a torch.

Dip it in, and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at
Tribal council, because in this

Game, fire still represents your

When your fire is gone, so are

That is going to be the case for
Somebody tonight.

So ethan, let's start with just
The culture shock of being back

Out living in a jungle sleeping
On bamboo.

What's it been like?

I mean, the pace of this game
Is shocking to me compared to

The last time I played.

That was like glacial speed.

you're not even
Talking about shelter.

You're just talking about

oh, yeah.

Were you talking about shelter?

rob, like ethan, it's
Been a while since you played.

Are you feeling, that as well?


The game has einvolved.

It's now at pace that's
Lightning fast, and you get in

Line or get out.


jeff, we landed on that
Beach, and there were people

That were gone, literally gone.

jeremy, who was

I don't remember.

denise, the tribe
Lives together, knows what

Happened, and there's reluctance
To tell me.

I just want to be a part.

It's me.

It's me


Well, I'll throw myself under
The bus because I was one of the

Dummies that told -- pulled the
Worst "Survivor" mistake.

Adam and I had the map.

We tried the find the water

We got lost.

We were gone way too long.

As innocent as it may have been,
It doesn't matter.

Perception is everything.

So I'm not starting on a grand

adam, in a season of
Winners, it's tough to use as

The excuse, I got lost.

denise and I met yesterday.

And this is the relationship
That you're worried about?

There are people here who go
Back years.

We have one person here who is
Married to somebody else on the


there's a reason to vote off
Every single person up here.

Everybody here has won the game.

Everybody has a target.

natalie, the first
Tribal of any season comes with

One cloud that just looms over,
Which is, oh, just please not


Does that go through your head,
Because in your season, your

Sister was voted out first.


I can put my feet in nadiya's
Shoes, but I think I have it way


One, I have edge of extinction
Waiter for me, and two, this is

"Winners at war."

There's a lot more pressure on
All of us so whether it's a

Scapegoat excuse or not, once
That seed has been set, that

Picks up speed.

Before they know it, that
Happened, they went out

Together, and if that's the
Reason I can use, that's part of

The strategy.


You can't be feeling any better
At this point.


we're winners at war, jeff.

Everyone is holding a loaded
Revolver behind their back, so

No one should feel comfortable,
And probably a lot of people do

Feel comfortable.

nobody should and a
Lot do.

Jeremy, there it is.

yeah, I don't like that
Answer that she gave at all


I think when you come to tribal,
Though, this is where you find

Out who has your back and who
You can count on later on.

so ben, what do you
Do, knowing tribal is looming

But nobody wants to say who they
Think it should be?

my heart is racing right now.

It's just honestly pounding.

I know you just asked the
Question, and I don't even know

What it was.

michele, even as I
Ask ben, you put your hands in

You face.

I feel like I'm a calm person
In my regular life, that's how I

Played the last game, but every
Word can be skewed and twisted.

My head is on a spinner.

I feel like I'm trying to hold

jeff, I'm not the calmest
Person on the outside of the

Game, and you put me in here and
It's war of the worlds going on.

You're just freaking out.

I think there are plans in
Place, people that were out here

Telling me, but now when people
Are like, michele's dropping

Bombs like anxious people, now
It's all in my head.

It's paralyzing.

that's a fascinating

So everybody here has won this
Game, and everybody here is

Saying they're panicked.

but I have never felt this

that's comforting.

my entire season.

not to mention it's $2

We didn't bring that up for

Like the biggest prize ever in
The history of "Survivor."

That's something that's going
Through people's minds, as well.

all right.

It is time to vote.

Adam, you're up.


Please let this not be me

it's good to be back.

I'll go tally the

if anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you

Want the play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote denise.



Two votes denise.



We're tied, two votes denise,
Two votes natalie, one vote




That's four votes natalie, two
Votes denise, one vote adam.

First person voted out of
"Survivor: winners at war,"


That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Natalie, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

bequeath your fire token to
Any player still in the game.

bequeath your fire token to
Any player still in the game.

I don't think it's hit me that I
Just got voted off first.

It's really weird.

Holding my own torch, I have
Never picked up a torch at

Tribal council.

I have never got voted off, but
After so much expectations for

Myself here on edge of
Extinction, I thought I would be

Crying, but I'm just mad.

This is the edge of extinction.

You will have to work hard for

If lonliness sets in, you must
Find resolve to overcome.

If you are industrious, you can
Earn fire tokens to help you get

Back in the game.

If at any point you wish to end
Your adventure, raise your sail

And the boat will pick you up.

The tokens are cool.

The sign says "Back in the

That might be in limbo for now,
But there is still a chance for


so yul, how are you feeling?

Are you a free agent?

I don't know anybody.

I would be happy to work with
Anyone who wants to work with


that's my philosophy.

me, too, especially if people
Are already like family outside

The game.

How do you infiltrate that?

that's what I'm mostly
Worried about.



they are.

it's very rare for me the
Take something so personal, and

To feel so hurt about it, but
Back on islands of the idol,

Boston rob told me that he would
Never come out here.

After spending 36 days with
Boston rob and listening to him

Say that he would not come out
Here --

wait, he flat out said "I
Won't play?

he said, "I will not play.

he lied to you for 36 days.

I said I didn't want the play
With my emotions.

I wanted to play a strategic

But it's just that every time I
See amber, which is all day, I

Just think about it.

So if the opportunity arises,
Amber would be the among the

First to go if I have anything
To say about that.

we have the stick together.

I agree.

I think we should group the odd
Ones out.

I feel like I'm the odd one out.

so would you have any
Problems trying the break up

That whole thing, that poker

People are trying to recruit
Soldiers into their alliances.

Sarah and sandra, they're trying
To align all the unconnected

People, but that alliance, which
Is basically people who are

One-tim players and fairly
Disconnected from other winners,

Is actually the alliance that
I've been organizing, and that

Is me, nick, wendell, and

Wendell, so are you totally on
Board with us?


I'm locked and loaded.

we're in a way better
Position than I ever thawing we

Would be coming into this game.

The fact that I was worried that
Being unconnected we would be at

A disadvantage.

The fact that we are unconnected
An we're in the center gives us

All the leverage, so that's

I think sandra really is gunning
For rob.

I believe that amber and rob
Should definitely get to the

Edge of extinction as soon as


I am locked and loaded with
Our four.



I am wary about everyone else
Out of our four.

the great thing is I don't
Think people even know this

Alliances exists.

With sandra as well as with
Sarah, we'll have the numbers.

In fact, we'll control the game.

how are you doing?

all right.

Better than I was last night I

all right.

Tribal probably couldn't have
Gone worse.

It sucked that natalie went
Home, but it sucked more that I

Was left out of the vote.

I went into this feeling like so
Much pressure, because I feel

Like I had something to prove.

People were a bit surprised by
My win when I was up against

People who played bigger,
Trashier games than me.

the winner of "Survivor,"

and now to not have the
Numbers is the worst possible

Case scenario.

rob and parvati are pulling
The wool over our eyes

rob is pretending he's not
Running the show, and he's

Running the show.

this ole-school camp is

They're good at what they do.

So myself, michele, jeremy, and
Adam, we need to figure out how

To stop this leash leading,
Because we're like a bunch of


We can take control of this part
Of the game.




it really sucked loseing.

But this season when somebody
Gets voted out, they can

Bequeath a fire stoken with
Anyone in the game.

We all started off with one fire

This morning I see a fire token.

Yeah, nat.

I knew you had my back.

I'm going to get 'em for you,

So now I got two fire tokens.

Two is better than one.

I have the most out of anybody

So I'm the richest on this

Nobody knows how valuable they
Are, so it's good to have two of


And let's just wait on it and
See where this game starts going

To see how important they are.

To see how important they are.

what is this?

Edge of extinction kit.

Use fire tokens to purchase any
Of the following.

Idol with full power three

One pizza, peanut butter, bottle
Of wine, six pack of cold beer.

All right.

I had one token.

I had to give it up before I get
Here, so I'm thinking about

What's the key to me
Accumulating enough to either

Get an idol or get an advantage
In the challenge?

And that's when I saw the

This is your first opportunity
To get back in the game by

Earning a fire token.

Journey to the last spot you can
See the sun set.

It did make me excited that I
Might be able to get back into

The game and have a shot at that
$2 million.

That's still up on the table for

Rises in the east, sets in the

I'm not good at riddles.

My niz cal strength is something
I always rely on, but I'm

Embracing testing my mental

I remember the sun rising in one

So I thought if I get higher I
Would see the sun set.

So I thought if I get higher I
Would see the sun set.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god, this is like a mile.

At the top of the island, my
Quads are just burning.

It said that you would have to
Work hard for everything, but

I'm not sure how much harder it
Can get out here to get tokens.

Keep going until the last place
I can see the sun set.

My first time around playing in
Nicaragua, nadiya, my twin

Sister was the first voted off.

That forced me to grind until I
Won that season.

the winner of
"Survivor: san juan."

that forced me to wore hard.

I didn't come here.

you can sell this to any
Player from a losing tribe for

One fire token.

on the plaque was
Instructions on how I could get

My first token along with this
Little pouch.

The pouch was an immunity idol.

Even though I want the keep the
Idol, it has no value on this


I have to pick a person from the
Losing tribe, and then they will

Have this opportunity to buy my
Immunity idol in exchange for

Their token.

I'm first person here, and I'm
Already affecting the game.

That's totally different from
The last edge of extinction.

So although I don't get the
Excitement of having an idol and

Politician an idol, things I do
Here have a ripple effect on the


It can end up changing the
Entire course of the season.

During the game, still playing
From the other side.


come on in, guys.

Dakal getting your first look at
The new sele tribe.

Natalie voted out in the first
Tribal council.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
Immunity challenge?


first things first,
Sandra, got to take it back.

Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to paddle out and retrieve

A bag of number tiles.

You'll then race back over a
Series of obstacles.

You'll then use those tiles to
Release three rings and attempt

Release o land those rings on th

The first tribe to finish wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the second

Person voted out of "Survivor"
Winners at war.

Dakal, you have one extra

You're sitting somebody out.

Who is it going to be?

Sandra going to sit out.


take a spot on the
Sitout bench.

Everyone else take a minute to
Stratd jiez.

We'll get started.

Let's do it.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


First stage, you got to paddle

Let's see how well you work
Together as a tribe.

come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

one, two, three!

sele quickly into the

Dakal right behind.

keep moving.

go, go, go go, go,!


now is where you move
It right here.

Sele runs into their first

That opens the door for dakal,
Who is very calm.

good job, dakal, good job.

right side.

Right side hard.

dakal is going to get
To their station first.

They're going to be untying.

Sele can't get to their station.

They're close.

But they're still too far.

Sarah has the number tiles for

They're headed back.

Dakal now with a nice lead.

Rob trying to pull them closer.


dakal there.

They start untying.

Sele trying to make back time.

Parvati trying the hold on.

Rob still working on the knot.

Rob back on the boat.

Got the start paddling again.

Dakal, you got a loose end.

You're good.

Everybody over the crates now.

left side hard.

Right side hard, right side
Hard, right side hard!


keep going, keep going, keep


there goes dakal.

Kim is in the water.

You're good, sele.

Start getting up those steps.

Dakal is all in.

They're heading to the barrel

There goes denise.

There goes danni.

There's adam.

Dakal first to the barrel roll.

You've got to get everybody

okay, push me over.

sele is all in.

They're trying to close this

Tyson first over for dakal.

There goes tony.

Safe -- sarah is over.

It's going to be ethan trying to
Get over for sele.

And he's over.

Dakal still in the lead.

It is very tough to get people
Over this barrel.

Sele struggling again as dakal
One person at a time, wow, rob

Launches parvati over, literally
Threw her over the barrel.

There goes danni being launched.

Rob is single-handedly launching
One tribe member after another

Over the barrel.

Dakal has everybody over.

Now it's up the net crawl.

good job, dakal, good job!

Come on, guys, you got it.

We mead this head start.

We need it.

Let's go, let's go!

sele down to four
Guys left trying to get adam


you're looking fabulous.

They're still spinning.

Hey, tony, pay attention.

Let's go.

Eyes over here.

dakal working on
Their combination.

they're stuck on the wheel.

Let's go.

We need this lead.

there are three sets
Of numbers.

Once you free those rings, you
Can start tossing.

get on my shoulders, ready?

rob and jeremy the
Last two.

Jeremy trying.

He can't do it.

Jeremy getting on the shoulders
Of rob, who has been a workhorse

In this challenge.

He has either lifted or
Supported everybody.

Yul working on the combination.

No, got the try another.

come on, come on.

ben going to hoist
Ethan on his back is jeremy can


Great teamwork by sele.


That is how you do it.

pull me!

Pull me!

Pull me!

sele has everybody

Let's go.

Yul still working on the

And he's got it.

Dakal has their rings free.

It's going to be tie isn't an
Wendell tossing rings for dakal.

Sele trying to get back.

They're exhausted.

They still have to solve their
Combination lock.

You're good, sele.

Start solving.

Tyson going to switch out and
Give it to wendell.


wendell has the first

Now adam trying the solve that

Every part of adam's body is
Twitching trying to figure this

Combo out out and give dak doing
A chance to really get in on


Just misses.

Two left for dakal as adam
Continues to struggle on the


He's got it.

The rings are free.

It's going to be ben and jeremy
Tossing the rings for sele.

They have some work to do.

Jeremy sticks the first one and
We are tied just like that, 1-1.

This is why you always dig in
Every challenge every step of

The way.

You are never out of it.

And jeremy does it.

Sele has their second ring.

One ring left.

come on, jeremy.

wendell to tie it up.

It's on an off again for

you got this, jeremy.

jeremy for the win.

And he does it!

Sele wins immunity, sending
Dakal to tribal council.

good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

Good job.

You guys gave it all.

Good job, guys.

sele, nice job.

Nobody wants to go to tribal

get that.

yeah, baby.

sele, safe from
Tribal council.

Nobody going home from your

Grab your stuff, head out.

Enjoy the night off.

all right.


Grab your stuff, head back to
Camp, and see you tonight at

Tribal where somebody will be
The second person voted out of

"Survivor: winners at war."

winning the challenge, it's a
Great moment, but in the back of

My head I'm worried about having
My wife on the other tribe.

Amber has a huge target on her
Because of me.

I can't do anything to help her.

So in this moment, this is
Possibly my whiff's life in this


stupid question, anyone want
To keep nattily company,

Volunteer for that?

do you?

hell no.

I haven't done this in 13
Years, what happens now?

We go to tribal council?

Anyone wants to talk to anybody
Should just be civilized about

that would be a first.

where are you guys at?

so what are we going to do?

what do you want to do?

I would rather get out amber
I think it needs to be nick

Or sandra
I do, too.

am I going to get in trouble
For saying people?

I think sandra or nick.

that will start a war.

sandra or tony?

I don't know.

tony or sandra.

We got to decide.

everybody is running around
Like a chicken with its head cut


The first tribal is where things
Are revealed, who is working

With who.

I'm with you guys.

I want the play with you guys.

you know, I feel totally
Solid with kim or tyson.

But otherwise I'm loves.

I'm not used to this style of
Play, but I better dive in.

the smarter move is amber for
Her tie, but I weave tyson is a

Huge threat
I have never seen this much


This is different.

this feels different.

this season every single
Person is a threat.

So everybody is running around
Trying to make as many plans as


everybody ditched me.

and the far get is constantly

wendell, nick, tony, sandra,
The whole crew.

everybody is so out for
Blood, I think some of these

People think it's a reward to
Get to go to tribal, because

They get to vote somebody out.

are we crazy not to get
Sandra out first.

when names are thrown out,
She's the person who goes to

That person and says, your name
Has been thrown out.

they'll get rid of you
Because you're shady.

I'm going to spread truth,
Lies and rumors.

It works for me, and I can
Afford to do this, because when

We got back to camp from the
Challenge, I reach in my bag,

And I find this little baby.

My first immunity idol on
Winners at war.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

It is good for your next three
Tribal councils, but it will

Cost you one fire token.

There's nothing to think about.

I'm buying this hidden immunity
Idol with my one fire token.


Now I'm starting to realize the
Extreme importance of fire

Tokens, and I'm making the deal.

I want to think that natalie
Might have sent it to me somehow

From the edge of extinction.

I'm not sure, but I'm so
Relieved that I have this.

If I get a bad feeling on the
Pit of my stomach, I'm going to

Play this idol, because there's
A lot of names thrown out there.

they're okay with tony going

discussions are constantly
Being had, and everything is in


now it's you.


now it's me.

Tyson just said --
tyson wants to vote me out.

Come on, man, really?

Let's go.

They see me calm and cool and
Laid down and relaxed.

When I know it's game on, I go
Straight to ten.

we're going to tell tyson no
Vote for amber to split that


We'll tell everybody we're going
For amber, but we're all voting

For tyson.

we're voting out tyson.

he will get so blind sided.

Tyson is very powerful and

He's a funny guy.

People love him.

does anyone want the marvel
At the splendor when we say our


Also be sure to include me,
Because thanking me for how

Delicious this rice will
Probably be.

we got to break up the poker


Tyson, amber, kim, and I want to
Get tyson out of the game.

Amber is not running around
Doing anything.

Plus you leave the biggest
Target, husband and wife, in the

Game still as big shields.

So tyson goes home.

how you doing?

all right.

my thoughts are I think
Basically the single biggest

Fear that everyone has in the
Game is that rob and amber and

This whole poker alliance are
Going to dominate.

That's the thing that seems to
Be galvanizing everyone.

I have your back 100%.

I don't know.

the poker alliance is coming
Back the bite me.

The second I realize that things
Weren't going the direction I

Wanted them to, my strategy
Switched from dictating the

Direction of the game to pure
Survival mode.

maybe amber and kim or --
they're super close.

break them up one way or the
Other, but I'm with you guys, if

You're telling me this the way
We're going.


I don't have anywhere to go
But into their warm pokey

Poisonous embrace.

I feel bad for kim and amber,
But it's worth it to me to

Forfeit this battle to hopefully
Win the war.

do you guys have someone in

it's me.

do you have someone?

new york but I feel like it's

that's funny.

you don't want to say it?

I'm not saying nothing.

all of a sudden I'm getting a
Very bad vibe from everyone.

I know that I am not someone
That people want in their

Conversations right now.

There's moments of paranoia
Where lots of people are talking

And I walk up and it stops.

They want to do something and
They don't want me to know about


God, it's just awkward.

do you want...

so... What are you thinking?

Nobody will talk.

I have never been in this
Position before.

My season I was making the calls
Every single tribal council.

come on.

You can tell me.

Please trust me.

this is such a bad feeling.

give me a hug.

I don't think I really
Understood today what it feels

Like to be on the outs.

This is not the way I envisioned
My comeback.

I think what's going on is I
Think tie isn't and amber and I

Are in trouble for the same
Reason, and I think in this case

The poker alliance has become
What that is.

tyson says he's going to vote
Against amber or kim.

he's not with us.

he's acting, man.

He's acting.

We'll see tonight.

one of the three of us are
Being voted out.

That's just it.

I think there's really nothing I
Can do to change that.

I feel like this is a large
Group of people voting together.

To start this game the way I did
Honestly, it's been the biggest


behind each of you is
A torch go.

Ahead head and grab a torch.

Dip it in and get fire.

Some things never change.

Some things never change.

Amber, you first played 20 years
Ago, but the last time you

Played was 16 years ago.

Kids that were born the last
Time you played are now driving


How are you feeling with the
Game given itself full-on?

well, first of all, I look
Exactly the same, I haven't aged

A bit.


that feeling of being on edge
Is definitely familiar, however,

It was happening much quicker
Than what I'm used.

To I feel like if I'm not on my
Toes moving at all time, I'm


tyson, when the game
Moves as fast as it moves now,

Can you see a taste of different

yeah, for sure.

I think the older era,
Especially like yul, he kind of

Observes before he acts.

Some of the newer players
Immediately act.

tony, is he talking
About you?

I hope not.

I'm nice and slow, man.

I'm stealing a page out of her
Book today.

amber you don't seem
To agree with the idea that tony

Was slow
not at all.

He was running around from
Person to person today.

It was quite nerve racking.

weren't you?

Wasn't everybody?

I came the play.

The first two days I didn't

To we won.

Today I needed to talk about

so today you were
Spar, getting ready, and you

Think she thinks that's crazy?

exactly my point
I don't think it's crazy.

I'm more cool, calm, and

amber hasn't been around for
A very, very long time.

You have to keep up with the
Pace or you're going to have the

Move out of the way.

That's just how it is.

so sophie, what was
The feeling as you guys started

To get closer and closer to

Was it going like this, or did
It reach a flow and we got a


new york I'd say the day went
Like that.

And it totally dropped off.

But it was scary because you
Didn't know, did I have the

Right last conversation, but
Somebody here did not.

sandra, what did you
See happening today?

there was panic, because
There were several names thrown


But then the names were narrowed
Down to a very small group.

kim, you're nodding
yeah, I'm the small group

That it got whittled down to.

how do you know your
Name got brought up

gosh, it's a long story.

give me the short

Give me the headline.

the headline is: poker player

Which doesn't exist.

I played in a poker game aier
Ago outside of the game, which

Is going to turn out to come
Back and bite me

tyson, did you hear your name
Like kim?

for sure.

I heard my name.

I have to hope that what I did
Was enough to prove to people

That I'm here to be with them.

but he's part of that poker
Crew, too.

that's what's interesting to

There are so many close
Relationships that are so much

Closer than the poker player
Alliance that met for three


Poker player alliance is not a

It's in the a thing.

If it is, I'm not in it.

wendell, it's an
Interesting layer.

"Survivor" has been around so
Long that some of you guys have

Genuinely become friends.

yeah, if there was a diagram,
It would be all over the place,

Because there are these four
People from here and these two

People met here and these people
Played on this season and that


So we don't know how tight
People that played poker one

Time a year ago would be.

not close.

not close according to kim,
Not close, but you have to take

That into consideration.

but when $2 million is at
Stake, I think friends are

Not -- we're willing to do


Nick, does the candor from amber
Surprise you?

Just flat out sailing, it's $2
Million, let's don't pretend.

We'll kill each other.

yeah, that does surprise me.

But I understand.

I mean, once they heard $2
Million, they started thinking

About putting that check in
Their own pocket, not their

Friend's pocket and not anybody
Else's pocket.

sophie, you're

I'm excited about the money.

it's $2 million, jeff.

I mean, that in itself will
Cause a lot of people to just do

Anything, and if friends have to
Be lost along the way, then I

Think it's a price every single
Person out here will be willing

To pay.

all right.

It is time to vote.

Nick, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, nick.




Three votes kim, one vote nick.



Two votes amber.

We're tied.

That's three votes amber, three
Votes kim, one vote nick.


That's four votes amber, three
Votes kim, and the second person

Voted out of "Survivor: winners
At war," amber.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need bring me your torch.

Amber, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

I have one.

I have one.

stay tuned for scenes
From our next episode.

"Survivor" is looking for new

It could be you.

Apply now.

next time on
"Survivor," when the enemy


it could be sandra.

If she voted my wife out, this
Is war.

and blows up your

are you serious?

you'll need to climb
Out of the rubble.

it's like 20 feet tall.

you don't want to be the

how is this guy still alive?

I bet you're happy to see me.

You're not alone anymore.

I can't believe my tribe won.

I wanted them to lose so bad.

I knew I had a huge target on
My back.

I put my trust in people hoping
For the best, and it wasn't the