Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - No Pain, No Gain - full transcript

One tribe is bedeviled by multiple injuries, while the other tribe struggles to keep the camp together; both tribes are soaked by a tropical rain storm.

>> PROBST: Previously on

There was no food at Rotu, so

the tribe competed for the kill.
Kathy was the first to find

>> We found thousands of shells!

>> PROBST: ...and redeemed
herself with the tribe.

>> Great job, Kath.
>> Maraamu awoke with their own

morning radio show.
>> It's time for some music.

We're going to put on an oldie
but a goodie.

>> PROBST: But Mama Patricia
soon put end to their fun.

>> Now, listen to me.
I'm only going to tell you once.

>> I know: everything has to go
back where we find it.

>> Go back.
>> PROBST: In the reward

challenge, Rotu continued their

...taking home the coveted

snorkeling gear.
Rob then choked in the immunity

challenge, sending Maraamu to
their second straight tribal

council, where Rob used his
influence over Sarah...

>> She'll vote whatever way I
tell her to vote.

>> PROBST: help oust
Patricia from the tribe.

Patricia, the tribe has spoken.
14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> Hey, Rob, bring it over.

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> Hey, Rob, bring it over.

I got some wood.
>> Yep.

>> Is there ferns on the bottom?
>> Uh, yeah.

>> Coming back with six people
is definitely a checkup from the

neck up.
And, um, for us to come back to

the camp and just act like
business as usual was something

we knew we couldn't do.
So where is everybody at?

How is everybody feeling?
>> This morning when I woke up

and you guys were already gone,
I knew immediately that you guys

were talking (bleep), saying I
wasn't working.

When no one even bothered to
wake me up, you know what I

If you needed me to do

something, damn it, get me up.
>> Then you're being paranoid.

Please don't be sensitive about

>> Apparently, I have to be.
>> No, you don't.

>> Apparently, I have to be.
>> Sarah, what you said tonight

caused me to vote for you
because I was wavering between

two people, and what you said
tonight, when you said that I

want to save my energy for
myself, that made me put your

name down.
>> Save my personal energy for

the challenges.
>> We've got to learn stop

letting this stuff sit on our
shoulder too long.

There's just too much drama in
this place.

>> It's not that we don't know
what needs to be done.

It's the lack of communication
and lack of respect because

we're all grown people out here.
>> I don't think it's a lack of

>> There's no lack of respect.

>> Well, you know what?
When you're not communicating

with people, to me it's a form
of disrespect when you don't

communicate your feelings,
when you just assume that people

are going to get up when you
want to get up.

>> Sarah and Sean, they don't
want you to ask them to do

They think they should know to

do it and if you ask them
they're going to get pissed off.

So I don't know what kind of
communication they want, maybe

telecommunication, I don't know.
>> You got upset the other day

when you went to go get water
because you felt like I asked

you to go get water.
Is that right?

>> It wasn't like I got upset.
I felt like you almost told me

to go get water.
It was the way you said it.

>> I would have gone with you.
That's the thing, Sean.

I mean, I'm not.
You think I'm being selfish?

You think I'm being bossy?
>> No, not at all.

>> The thing that bothers me is
the complaining going on in

You know, you signed on to do

this, this is a 39-day survival
game, but you still have to

Otherwise, you're just going to

dwindle out and peter out and
you're not going to have any

I mean I'm glad we're airing

this all out.
>> Oh, totally.

We should do this.
>> It is good.

Obviously you guys all feel the

>> Gina, where you at?
>> I think we all saw this

>> Where you at?

>> I'm fine.
I'm good to go.

>> She needs a pepperoni pizza.
>> Yeah, I need a pepperoni


>> Totally.
>> I'm drying everything out.

>> Totally.
>> I'm drying everything out.

Got a lot of rain last night.
Our shelter leaked.

Our heads and our feet got wet.
It was dripping all over the

The wind was up.

It was coming in from both sides
of the shelter.

I think everybody basically just
froze their butts off.

>> We don't have blankets, so
it's cold at night.

Blankets make all the difference
in the world.

So it's... it's hard.
>> Nobody slept very well, so

the first thing that a couple
people jumped on was repairing

the shelter.
>> There's something about this

tribe, I mean there really is.
We get a lot of strength from

the good cheer and the kindness
and the strong spirits that we

>> Always.

>> If you can bring four fronds,
green fronds, I'd like to make

sort of just a light doorway to
stop the wind.

>> All right.
Being with Kathy the first few

days was rough, but she has
turned around 100% and now I

love it.
>> I switched it around.

I'm also playing a little

Go with the flow and not worry
so much.

Thank you, man.
Thank you.

Very nice.
That's for all the food.

You're always bringing home

>> Food, man, food.
>> So I got too close to the

Well, that's somebody's cold

feet tonight.
>> Neleh, she's got that little

pixie look.
Her attitude, her vivaciousness,

just reminds me of my two
daughters at home.

>> Do I look tough?
>> They look like antlers.

>> Every single person on this
tribe calls me Sweet Pea.

I don't know why.
Paschal has the greatest heart

of anybody on the whole entire

>> Be careful.
That's a sharp one right there.

>> All right, I'll be all right.
He's like the father figure of

the group.
>> They just call me Pappy.

So I think that's probably the
name I'm known now is Pappy.

>> He's always smiling and
winking and just giving tons and

tons of love.
I mean, of anybody on the whole

team that I would have the
toughest time voting off, it

would definitely be him.
>> I landed right on the top of

would definitely be him.
>> I landed right on the top of

a sea urchin, and embedded about
12 sea urchin needles in my


Those suckers went in deep.
I got to go back in, and I got

to get somebody to pee on it.
That's supposed to be what

you're supposed to do for that
kind of venomous sting from a

sea urchin is to urinate on it.
It's supposed to help with the

swelling and the pain.
I need somebody who has to pee.

I need somebody who can pee on
my hand!

Somebody can pee?
Somebody have to go to the

>> Paschal went out to try to

He did that performance

anxiety thing, I think.
So it was, it was just good

timing that I had to go to the

This is gross, but...
>> I don't care.

I don't care.
Just pee on it.

You'll have to put it under

>> Okay, okay, I don't know
where my hand is.

>> Just get it under there.
>> Okay.

I mean, that could have been

like peroxide as far as I was

I didn't think of it being weird
that she was squatting down and

I had my hand between her legs.
>> Good thing you had to go to

the bathroom.

I mean, it was like do what it
takes to make it feel good, I

don't care what you have to do.
Thank you.

>> Finally I think when I was
pulling down my pants I suddenly

got very embarrassed, but it
made me feel good.

At least I performed in the call
of duty.

>> Good morning, good morning,

This is DJ Ready once again on
the morning wake-up show here on

the aisle of Maraamu!
Check it out.

We have such a beautiful

Hey, guys, wouldn't you say it
was freezing last night?

My balls were ice cubes!
Let's get our first chopper

report from our weatherman
Hunter Ellis.

What you got for us up in the
air, Hunter?

>> Well, we're up here above the
Marquesas Coast.

It's going to be about a million
degrees according to Jose or

Julio, whatever his name is this

>> After last night's tension,
it almost seems like the rain

was a way of flushing out all of
the tension that had transpired

>> No, no.

Are they in or are they out?
Call in right now.

Come on.
Let them light up.

There we go.
We got one.

We got one.
Caller, you are on the air!

>> I'd just like to say they're
about 45,000 times worse than

mosquitoes, and there's no cure
for them and there's the most

miserable thing I've ever

A no-no is spelled N-O-N-O,
is a little bug that's about a

thousand times more vicious than
a mosquito and it's about the

size of a flea.
You can't even see it.

It bites you.
You don't even know it bites

And they itch like crazy.

>> I'm going to go to somebody

Come on.
Light me up.

Light me up.
>> Beep, beep, beep.

>> Caller two, you are on the
air, what's up?

>> I think the no-nos suck, too,
because I've never been bit by

mosquitoes and these things are
getting me as well.

>> Tell me something.
I hear a rumor that there's two

types of no-nos out there.
They got some black ones and

they got some white ones.
Which ones you think you been

bit by?
>> I think I'm getting bitten by

the black the most.
Because those are the ones

>> Ring, ring, ring.

Ring, ring!
>> Oh, my God, my phones are

lighting up.
Brother, what did you say?

What happened there?
>> This is ludicrous!

It's a conspiracy!
Why the black no-nos got to be

the worst ones the island?

The white ones are just as bad!
The black ones get blamed for

all the bad ones.
They incarcerate all the black

All the black no-nos get in

trouble with the law.
I tell you, I'm out of here.

I got to go.
>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!
>> Oh, we got to go.

Gosh, this sand is hot.

>> Oh, to what do we owe this

>> PROBST: I come bearing
supplies for your next

On board we got 50 stocks of

bamboo, 300 feet of rope.
You have to construct a raft,

strong enough to carry all six
of you guys, plus some supplies

you're going to pick up along
the way.

You can use anything I'm giving
you, anything you have in camp,

anything you find on the island.
Don't be skimpy.

Make a strong craft.
Let's get that bamboo.

Come on, guys.
Dump it!

See you at the challenge.
>> Whoa.

See you at the challenge.
>> Whoa.

>> Are you all right?
>> Let me see.

>> Where did you cut your foot?
>> Underneath, a big rock got in

between my shoe and my foot and
just sliced up my toe nicely.

>> It's an injury day.
>> It's pretty deep right there,

right at the toe.
Are you going to start crying

like I did?
>> No.

>> Fine, don't.
>> All the tattoos on my body,

you think I have a little
problem with pain, man?

>> Got to get it really cleaned
out there, buddy, okay?

>> Do what you got to do.
>> Take a deep breath because

I'm going to scrub it.
Get ready, one, two, three.

Make sure we get all the junk
out of there.

Okay, okay, okay.
That's good.

Are you okay?
>> I'm okay.

>> Get me the knife.
I am a registered nurse and

everyone has confidence that I
know what I'm doing and I know

what I'm looking for in case
something bad should happen.

Okay, this might hurt a little

You'll be okay.
I'm just doing a little cutting

Just that piece of skin.

>> Nice work, butcher.
Good job.

>> It's pain, you know, you got
to deal with it.

It's only pain.
You know.

Pain is easy.
Life is hard, man.

>> How you doing?
Thumbs up, way to go.

>> No problem, Mama.
>> Good.

>> I got nine more.
>> You're the man!

>> I got nine more.
>> You're the man!

>> Get a rope over the pile,
and let's lay out the bamboo.

We are building basically a
pontoon boat.

Watch your toes.
All the cargo goes on the

platform in the center, and
three rowers on each side.

Genius, if I say so myself.
The raft was a really fun

Let's do this one first and that

one second.
>> Rob and Gabriel were working

on the raft, and Gabriel had a
really good plan.

It was sort of like a Kon-Tiki

>> You want it here?
>> Yeah, I want I there.

>> Okay, my toe is bleeding or
falling off, I'm not going to

let my teammates down.
>> That's good.

>> Rob, are you all right to
walk around, man?

>> Yeah, don't worry about it.
Just call me hop-a-long.

You know, it's not just fun and
games outs here.

You know, you got to keep on
surviving, and you got to keep

on working to help the group.
Two heads are definitely better

than one, especially when you're
out here.

You need every idea you can get
your hands on.

>> Oh, that's good!
>> Locked on, my brother.

>> Good, Rob.
As far as a team, I don't think

we'll be up against anything
like what we've got going on

This is, this is a really cool

Just getting to make this,

this has been an absolute blast.
>> Way to go, guys!

>> We're all just having a
really fun time out here.

We'd love to win some more

>> Get a really big raft, and
it's going to be tough to

>> The more of this we use, the

more buoyant it is.
>> Yeah.

>> And the more weight we can
carry without being dragged in

the water.
>> What if we have to lift the

raft and carry it somewhere

>> A raft is for the water.
>> He said we got to carry

So the less buoyancy we have,

the less weight we can carry.
>> Remember the last time with

the canoe, and then we had to
carry it up the rocks.

>> We might have a finish line
in the water.

>> The morning after the tribal
council after we had the big

blowout at the campfire, you
know, everyone seems like, "Hey,

a whole new beginning."
There's been a rebirth.

Everything, you know, we're good
to go now.

To me, it didn't really seem
that clear.

>> Sean, you got a couple more
long ones?

How many is this?
It wasn't a problem with Hunter

stepping up.
Take the lead.

I don't have a problem with him

I just have a problem with

I don't like overconfidence when
it comes, when I'm in your tribe

or I'm on your team.
So I refuse to sit back and

watch the golden boy just smile
and make suggestions and look

like the leader and people not
know that he's here to play a

>> Tie it around the frame,

>> Yeah.

>> It's weird.
You might not believe it, but I

am totally 100% like Hunter
without a doubt.

I would not let it show out here
for the life of me because I

know that people are not going
to take kindly to that type of a

Everybody wants to think that

they're the big man.
So the smart guy will sit back

and let everybody step up to be
the big man, and then in the end

just bank in on their mistakes.
>> When they see this, they're

going to give us jobs down at
the shipyard, making boats.

>> One, two, three pieces across
and then the rest...

>> Everything gets wrapped good

>> A bunch of us were out, you
know, gathering shells today.

John actually stuck his hand
underneath a rock and an eel bit

>> Oh, my God.

>> He got bit by an eel.
Not a very good day at sea.

>> Just lacerated the underside
of my finger.

Really, I mean, just ripped it
open in just jagged shreds and

it cracked my fingernail almost
to the bed.

>> Damn, that's big.
Right down the center.

>> Yeah.
>> Does it hurt real bad?

>> Worse than the last time.
>> Good Lord, what is going on?

>> He was panicked.
I mean, he was on the verge of

He was in pain.

It was obvious.
>> Okay, I'm feeling a little

I'm going to sit down.

>> Okay, why don't you sit down?
>> All right.

I'm just going to sit on the

Hold on.
It's deep.

It's like a crushing-type

I was scared.
If my energy and what I'm

contributing to the tribe
diminishes, then that may put me

at risk.
And that just kind of hit me

really hard.
>> Everything can change in a

Here John has gotten hurt twice

Things change just like that out

♪ As I'm falling in love ♪

♪ That you will feel the same ♪
♪ I don't know ♪

♪ I don't know ♪
♪ I don't know. ♪

>> After being out in the sun
for a while, we all got hot and

we all felt that it was time to
take a break.

>> ♪ Oh, girl, you want so much

to my world. ♪
>> Sometimes it does feel like,

you know, you're camping with a
bunch of kids that don't know

what they've gotten into.
Breakfast of champions.

I mean, if you could pick a

bunch of people you want to go
camping with, I don't think this

is the group you're going to
accomplish the most with.

Just because everybody thinks
that this is a vacation.

>> I just want to wash my hair.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> Take a bath.
>> The constant complaining

about food and things being wet
and dirty is driving me nuts.

And I don't say anything, but
it's like, what do you expect?

I mean we're not at a

We're not in a five-star hotel.
A little bite of protein for

>> People felt excited after

eating that nasty raw fish.
I wasn't.

I'm sure it was a source of
protein, but I would rather eat

a bowl of my own doo-doo
than that stuff again.

>> Sean, you got to try this!
>> I tried it already, dude.

>> Have another one.
It's not every night we get to

have grapefruit!
>> You don't come here to

complain and when you complain,
it just makes life miserable.

Just suck it up and deal with

>> Like, we can't rush towards
grabbing something because then

the raft will tip and things
will slide off if we already

picked them up.
If we do get them aboard we want

to try and stick them in that
one little trough where we don't

have the bamboo, so that way
they'll be less likely to...

>> I don't think we could
survive if we lost another

Our morale could not survive.

In the reward challenge,
whatever it is, we need it.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
Welcome to today's reward

>> All right!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Feel good?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: All right.

It's a race.
Each tribe has five containers

anchored to the bottom of the
ocean floor.

You can paddle out in a
crisscross fashion.

Unclip five of your tribe's
colored boxes.

Load them on your raft.
Race back to the finish.

First tribe to get back here
with all five wins a reward.

Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Today you get a

Comfort, blankets, pillows,

three lanterns with fuel.

Or sustenance.

A week's worth of rice.
Winning tribe gets to decide.

The rest of it goes home with

Rotu, because you guys have two
extra members, two people are

sitting out.
Neleh, Paschal, you're up here

on the docks.
Here we go.

Survivors ready?

>> Row, row, row!
Row, row, row.

>> Row, guys.

>> All right, let's go.
>> Rob?

>> Hard on the right.
Hard on the right.

>> Watch out, watch out.
It's sinking us.

>> Row, row.
>> Turn it left.

Turn it left.

Ow, ow, ow.

>> Okay.
Row, row.

>> Clear.
>> Go, go, go, go.

>> Hold up, now.
Hold up.

>> Let's go. Paddle.
>> Row, row, row.

>> Hard right.
Hard right.

Hard right.
>> Row, row, row.

>> Hard right, hard right.
>> Go across.

Cut across.
>> Row, row.

Come on.
>> Row, row, row.


Go, go.
Row, row.

We got number three. Go.
>> Row, row, row.

>> Dig deep.
>> Dig deep, guys.

>> Go, Sean, go, go.
>> Okay, get me a little closer.

Come on.
Come on.

>> Go.
>> Hold on.

>> Go, go.

>> Go, go, go.
>> Go.

Row, row.
Row, row.

>> Row, row.
Row, row, row.

Row, row, row.
(indistinct shouting)

Row, row, row.
(indistinct shouting)

>> Row!
Row... row...

row... row... row...
Row... row...

row... row... row...
Row... row... row...

Row... row...
>> Dig, guys, dig.

(indistinct shouting)
(shouting and cheering)

>> PROBST: Rotu!
Rotu, what do you guys want?

>> Okay, wait.
Let's take a vote.

>> Who wants comfort?
Raise their hands.

>> PROBST: You're going to take
the blankets, the pillows and

the lanterns.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right.
I'll deliver it to your camp.

Maraamu, sorry to say you guys

can head back toward the point.
See you tomorrow.

Nice effort.
>> Zero for four totally sucks.

Nice effort.
>> Zero for four totally sucks.

We have four L's.
Four big L's.

And we need a W bad.
>> You guys want some papaya?

>> Sometimes you need a fierce
competitor to just keep harping

it into you.
We got four L's.

It's not a good thing, but we
have to go on.

>> I just don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do,

don't know what to say.
>> This sucks big time.

>> I just can't figure out why
they keep kicking our butts.

>> Everyone is like, "What is
the problem?"

And I don't have the heart to
say it.

But to me winning is an attitude
you carry around 100% of the

time, every day, all the time.
It's not something you turn off

and you turn on an hour before
you go to a challenge.

We would be winning more of
these things if we were working

together as a team to accomplish
things around the camp.

There's where your basis of
teamwork begins.

So I think that's where our
problem is stemming from right

now, and that we're having a
real tough time.

>> You're making progress.
>> You know, with some

individual personalities that
either aren't willing to work or

do not take this game seriously.
>> We didn't get no rice!

>> We ain't got no rice!
>> I wanted some rice!

>> Do you got it?
>> Oh, cool!

>> What is that?
>> Uh, that sucks.

>> Hello.
Well, it was a very nice

>> There we go.

>> I just broke the necklace.
>> Okay.

"Take turns at the helm.
Tell us what to do.

You'll work through the ups and
downs to guide your tribe

>> "It's time you learn the

It's more than a game you're

Be the first down the winding

path if you plan on staying."
>> Show time.

>> All we got to say is let's do
it, Maraamu!

>> PROBST: Boy, that immunity
idol has found a permanent home,

>> He's happy.

He's happy.
>> PROBST: Give him back.

>> Wow.
>> See you soon.

>> PROBST: Wow, reaction,

That's a confident statement
from Rotu.

>> The humble shall be exalted.
>> PROBST: You guys are due.

>> We're due, long due.
>> PROBST: All right, big stakes


Today's challenge is a coconut
maze race.

Your goal: get three coconuts
through the maze and in the

Here's how it works.

You'll have one caller and four
people controlling the maze.

Using a system of pulleys, you
will either raise or lower,

depending on your caller's

Only one rule: each time you get
a coconut in the hole, you

switch out callers.
Rotate clockwise.

First tribe to get all three
through the maze and in the hole

wins immunity.
Three more days on the island.

Losers, voting somebody else out

Maraamu, this game only requires

You will sit one out.
Rotu you guys will sit three

I'll give you guy a second to

make your decisions.
Rotu, you selected Tammy, John

and Robert.
Maraamu, you've chosen Gina.

All right, everybody else take
your spots.

Let's go.
Here we go, guys!

Immunity at stake!
Survivors ready?!

>> Towards you guys.

Towards you guys.
>> Down, Robert.

Sarah, Sarah and Rob,
there you go.

Sarah and, and Hunter.
>> All right, all right.

All right.
Lift your end, Zoe.

Drop your end.
It's coming.

It's coming.
It's coming.

Lift your end again, K.O.
Lift your end, Sweet Pea.

Lift your end, Sweet Pea.
>> Hunter, Hunter.

No, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait.

Stop, stop.
Stop right there.

Down, Sean.
There you go.

Hunter, bring it, bring it back.
>> Okay, okay, you got to leave

your side up.
All right, leave your side up,

Okay, now, that's it.

>> Stop, stop, stop.
Stop right there.

Stop right there.

>> Towards me.
>> Now Sean, there you go.

Okay, Rob, and Sarah, down,
slowly, right in there.

There you go.
Right there, let it slide.

Rob, Sarah.
>> Okay, all the way back up,

No, no, no.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop!

Lift your side up, Pappy!
Lift your side up.

KO, lift your side up a little

Sweet Pea, lift yours up, yes,
yes, yes.

All right, Pappy, lift your side
up, KO leave your side down.

>> Keep going, keep going, just
a little.

Keep going.
There you go, there you go,

there you go.

Now, bring it.
Sarah, stop, stop, stop right

Sarah and... keep going.

It's right there.
It's right at the...

There, yes!
>> PROBST: Switch out!

>> All right, K.O., leave your
side up.

Pappy, leave your side up!
Lift it.

Turn it this way.
That's it.

That's it.
That's it.

>> Yeah!
>> One more, one more.

>> Switch, switch, switch!
>> There you go.

Sean, down, towards Sean.

Towards that then.
Hunter straight down, let it

Vee and Hunter.

Hunter and Sean.
>> Sean and I down?

>> Okay.
>> You guys got it.

>> Vee, down.
Down, definitely.

>> Okay, I'm going, I'm going.
>> Okay.

Okay, Hunter, straight down,
yes, nice.

Okay, straight towards me, it's
in the hole!

Towards Hunter.
In it!

>> Come on, baby.
Put it in there.

Put it in.
>> Come on. Let's go!

>> I can't see. I can't see.
>> All right, Zoe.

All the way around.
Okay, K.O. you're down.

>> Whoa, whoa, all right.
Good, good, okay.

It's in there, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.

It's coming towards Gabe.
Coming towards Gabe.

>> Down my side, down my side.
>> Switch!

Switch, go, go, go!
>> Down, down.

>> Towards Sean.
>> You got it.

>> Towards my way.
Down, Sean, down.

Up, Sean, up.
Up, up.

>> This is it, guys!
>> Okay, to me, to me.

>> Sweet Pea, down.
>> Lift towards me.

Lift towards me, Sweet Pea.
>> Lift your side up, Pappy.

Lift your side up, Pappy.
>> Okay, okay.

You're doing good.
>> Down, down.

>> Back to me, back to me.
V, pull down.

>> Okay, go down.
>> I've got up.

Okay, up, up.
Down, down, there you go.

>> Whoa, whoa.
>> Up, Kathy and Sweet Pea.

>> All right, Pappy, that way.
>> Back to me, back to me.

>> Sean, up.
Sean, up.

There you go.
Hunter down, down, Hunter.

There you go.

Bring it up, Hunter.
>> Now we're in the hole.

Here we go.


>> PROBST: Rotu, third straight
time, immunity.

Nice job.
Maraamu, good effort.

Don't want to see you tonight
again at tribal council.

I'm sure you don't want to be

But we have a date.
Somebody else is going home.

You guys can head back to camp
this way.

I'll see you in a little bit.
>> You guys did so good.

>> Ooh, are you okay?
>> I'm good.

>> It feels like crap going to
the third straight tribal

It's the worst feeling that,

that, since I've gotten here.
You know, this could be my last

night, or it could be, you know,
we go to tribal council again

today and you might have to go
in three days again.

You know?
You just don't ever know.

It's just a difficult situation.
It's very difficult.

>> One way or another, we've got
to, it's like, you've got to put

your trust in somebody.
If Rob wants a strong team to

help him out, then...
he'd be stupid to try and get

rid of you or me.
So he may go after Sean.

I think we need to go after Sean

>> To be honest with you, my
first impression of Sean is that

he was just like a lazy
loudmouth, this and that, all

for the drama.
But I don't really not like him.

I think he's a pretty good

I don't know.
>> I'm definitely leaning, I

think in one direction.
>> That makes me think.

See, here's the thing.
Me and you are the one that's

making the decision.
>> Yeah, and then we just pass

it on.
>> We tell the girls.

>> It's important for me to have
people on my team that are going

to do what I tell them to do and
not know that I'm telling them

to do it.
>> I looked on the boat now, and

I looked over at your girl, a
lot of times she's just like,

cheer leading you on, man.
I wanted to ask you about how

you feel about her specifically.
Not necessarily in voting, but

are you catching feelings for

>> Oh, no.

>> No?
I don't know, man.

>> No, no, no.
I'm just playing the game, man.

>> The game always keeps you

It really does.
It doesn't matter if my team is

stronger, physically or even
stronger mentally.

But just that they obey.
Always think about your next

As it is right now, our team's

not that strong.
>> That's why I think...

>> Sean is not that good in the

He's not that good at all.
Are you okay?

>> Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
You don't have to worry about

Just do what you got to do, you

>> It's all in how smart these

people are.
If they realize if they need

you, that's what will keep them

Fear, basically.

It's a tough principle,
but fear keeps people loyal.

If they're afraid they have
something to lose, then they'll

do what they tell you to do.
That's straight out of The

That's true.

>> PROBST: So, your third
straight tribal council after

five straight losses in

Everybody getting along still,

>> Yeah, actually, the past
couple days ever since we were

here last we all had it out when
we got home and cleared the

slate, we've gotten along really
good since then.

>> PROBST: Hunter, is Rotu just
a stronger tribe or smarter or

working better together?
>> I'm not sure because I'm not

over there, so I don't know.
They may be working better

I think whatever happens here

tonight that we're probably
going to have to go back and

rebuild and rethink from the

You know, start with everything
around camp and just rebuild

that team effort, whoever the
five may be that go back.

>> PROBST: Rob, are you
surprised at the inability of

this tribe to win a single
challenge yet?

>> I really don't think that the
tribe is unable to win.

I really do believe that each
challenge we had has been very

close, and I think it's just bad

We just seem to be one step
behind right now.

And whatever it's going to take
to get us to that next level,

that's what we need to find.
>> PROBST: V, how about you in

terms of looking down the road,
not only do you not have food,

you're coming here and losing
another member.

Is attrition slowly going to
just wear this tribe down to

where you have no chance?
>> I think at some point it

probably will weigh heavily on
each individual, but like all

things, we've got to go deeper
inside ourselves if we really

want to win, and my inner
strength comes from the Lord

Jesus Christ, and somebody else
may come from Buddha, somebody

else may just come from looking
at the stars.

So everybody has to find that
deep something that's rooted in

them to bring it out.
>> PROBST: Sean, thinking back

to day one, clean slate,
anything was possible.

Surprised to find that you've
now been here three times and

you guys haven't won yet.
Does that shock you?

>> Quite frankly, I'm getting
sick of coming back here, man.

I'm getting sick of losing.
I've never lost this much in my

I don't think it's any fault of

anybody on this team.
Like Rob said, it could be bad

luck, we just a misstep here, a
misstep there, but I know, me

personally, it's wearing me

>> PROBST: Okay.
It's time to vote.

Rob, you're first.
>> Sarah, I'm sorry.

Rob, you're first.
>> Sarah, I'm sorry.

I'm casting this vote for two

One: I don't think you're taking
the game seriously enough, and

two: I think this vote tonight
may help me protect someone I

think is valuable.
>> Look here, player, definitely

think is valuable.
>> Look here, player, definitely

was a team player to a certain

We definitely needed you as our
strongest player, but remember,

this is our game to outwit.
Hopefully, I'll see you on the

outside, and no hard feelings.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the tribal council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Hunter.


Two votes Hunter.
Two votes Sarah.

Initials, Hunter.
Three votes Hunter.

Two votes Sarah.
Last vote.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, you guys.
>> PROBST: Hunter, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.

Well, you're only nine days into
a 39-day game.

Anything can happen.
Get back to camp.

Get some sleep.
Stay tuned for scenes

Get some sleep.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

>> More stuff.

>> PROBST: Gina fights for her

>> They're not going to keep
somebody like me around.

If I thought you were a
liability, I would have voted on

>> PROBST: But when the

Survivors are given a chance to
take fate into their own hands,

the game takes a drastic turn.
>> Here's where the game gets

really interesting.
>> I really don't understand the

logic behind it right now, but,
hey, you got me.

I was camping with a bunch of
knuckleheads, and I'll tell you

that to your face when I see you
again, and I will phone the Red

Cross and let them know where
you guys are so you can be

airlifted out of there after
you die of starvation and

dehydration after the next
couple days.

Hang in there, Gina.
I wish you guys the best of luck

out there.