Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Nacho Momma - full transcript

A tribe member decides to takes charge; an island romance heats up; one group dubs itself the "love tribe"; the second person is voted out.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, 16 strangers were
abandoned on a remote island in

the South Pacific.
Both tribes were stunned to

learn they had been given no
food and no water.

>> We knew that if we didn't
work as a team, one of us was

going to starve to death.
>> JEFF: Hunter emerged as the

disputed leader of the Maraamu

>> I'm an alpha male, too.
He's not my daddy.

>> JEFF: And Kathy's attempts to
lead the Rotu tribe were also

met with resistance.
>> How many hours I spent

yesterday, I'm wiped.
>> I am not trying to be pushy.

>> JEFF: Maraamu got fire the
first night, and things heated

up between Rob and Sarah.
>> Are they flirting or are they

making an alliance?
>> JEFF: A fatal mistake cost

Maraamu their first challenge.
And Rotu claimed victory and

Maraamu went to Tribal Council,

where Peter was the first person
voted out of the tribe.

Peter, the tribe has spoken.
15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> One big line and massage
each other. A massage circle.

>> This is how Rotu stays

>> That's right.
>> That's exactly right.

>> You guys, we're going to do
this every night, I swear...

>> I agree.
>> Oh, look at those stars, you

guys, it's just awesome.
>> I love being in this tribe.

I love everyone's spirit out
here and how they decide to

interact with each other, in
positive ways.

>> Good night.
>> I'll tell you what, any of

this group could win, it'd
tickle the hell out of me.

>> This is most definitely the
love shack for our little love

But Kathy isn't trying to be one

of us, to get along with us.
She sleeps alone out by the

(rooster crowing)

>> Being out here is really
about being part of a group,

especially in the beginning.
I mean, first impressions are

the most important.
And Kathy chooses to sleep, you

know, by herself.
>> I mean there's just an

unwritten rule.
>> I think she's out by herself

fishing right now.
>> It's only the fourth day, and

we don't have any food.
I mean, the ocean has food in

it, so I knew it was out here
somewhere, but I never turned

over rocks in my lifetime to
find food.

But this will give me some
credibility today, because then

maybe then they'll listen to me
when I tell them it's going to

rain, and we are going to be
miserable in that terrible hut.

>> Rob has been struggling the
last couple days, he's been

pretty sick, not being able to
help us out very much.

>> Being a big guy comes with
needing a lot of food.

>> How you doing, man, better?
>> I think it's taken the

biggest toll on him not having
what he's used to.

>> I tried to make them all
the same size, you know?

>> Since we've been out here, I
don't think any of us have had

any protein.
We're going to change that

We're going to do something.

>> I think I would like to get
either a pig or a chicken,

because I really need to sink my
teeth into some sort of meat.

>> We know that there's food out
there, and we have to use what

nature has given us to create
different weapons.

>> Needs some work.
>> Fish hooks from an Acacia

tree, fishing spears.
>> I got this tubing, kept it on

the back of my sunglasses to
keep them from falling off my

Too low.

>> Oh, my gosh.
>> Okay, hold on.

One of the more creative things
that I came up with was my own

shrimp catcher.
Oh, shut up.

>> Oh, you are kidding me.
>> But our biggest one is we

have a pig snare.
So we pull this down.

>> Oh, that will work perfect!
>> If I catch a pig, you know, I

might as well set my table at
the final four.

>> Yay!
>> We're going to get a pig!

>> Let's get a weather report.
Somebody turn on the weather

You got today's weather report,

>> Hold on, let me turn to the

>> Mother Earth, Hunter Ellis

with today's morning weather!
>> Today's Marquesas weather

report coming to you live from
Happiness Cove in the Marquesan

Right now, it's partly sunny,

temperatures in the mid 80s, but
it will reach a blistering 160

degrees according to Rob today.

>> We start off every day with a
morning show.

Sean runs the show,
I'm in charge of the food

>> Let's hear today's food

review, Rob.
>> Today, we're going to be

starting off with blueberry
pancakes, bacon and sausage.

Woo! Yeah!
>> The morning show is basically

our break from the day.
And it's our little bit of comic

relief for everybody before we
get into the toiling world of

surviving here in the Marquesas.
>> Nice catch!

>> Oh, yeah.
>> You know, I think most normal

people that go camping, you
know, take along their little

gas stoves and their heaters and
their tents and they think,

"Yeah, I can do it, I can camp."
We have nothing.

If we have little ones to build
it up, it makes it more sturdy.

>> There are a number of
contributors in the camp, Mama,

who you would think would be the
least likely maybe is one of the

>> What's that like a box, mom?

>> Well, I'm trying to build us
a chicken trap.

I've never done this before, but
I got a concept up here.

I'm trying to put to use.
>> Miss Trisha has definitely

changed since the last Tribal

When we got back, it was a
totally different thing the next

She was up, she was collecting

firewood, she won't sit down,
she won't rest.

>> What did I say?
I'll help you, let me move the

>> I think that she's being

herself now, at first she was
just a little scared she was

going to get voted off and now
she's in it and she's

>> Put it on my back, please,

since you got it on your hands.
>> Notice she didn't ask us?

>> He has it on his hands.

Be sure to go up underneath the
bathing suit.

>> Pervert!
>> Rub it on there, go ahead.

>> I need it, y'all, I burn.
>> That's nasty.

Go underneath, underneath.
>> I knew it was going to work!

Go underneath, underneath.
>> I knew it was going to work!

I knew it!
>> What you got, guys?

>> Anything?
>> Got a shrimp.

>> No, really?
>> Yes I did.

>> Look it all that meat.
>> Look at that.

>> Within the tribe, you're
trying to develop a hierarchy.

I want to be as high as

The highest place, really, I
think that you can be is to

provide food for the tribe,
specifically protein.

>> Good job, John.
>> All we need is like 30 more.

>> Hey, you guys get out here.
I'm serious!

Look what I'm finding, these


>> What did you find?
>> Look! Oh, my God!

We found thousands of these

>> Kathy's borderline abrasive
as far as her communication

And there's a little bit of

condescending behavior when she
talks to people.

>> Let me explain so we do this

They're under the rocks.
So this is what I did, I flip

one of these and there would be
like two or three right there.

>> It was so exciting to see
food, even though it was minute,

I started losing it.
It's tribal!

>> You got it, don't drop them
whatever you do.

Way to go!
And they were excited and they

came out and they were flipping
rocks like mad trying to find

>> We got seven-- one, two,

three, four.
It spit at me.

Is he even edible?
>> It's a delicacy, I think

we've got a delicacy here.
>> Inside, it was like a mixed

blessing for me.
Great, I'm happy to have the

I just wish I would have been

the one to find it.
>> We're going to be eating well

>> All you got to do is take off

the little black part.
You pull out all the yucky

stuff, like it's heart, I don't
know what it really is, and then

you just wipe off all this black
stuff onto a leaf and you're

ready to go.
>> That is just nasty.

>> Like snot.
You want some slime?

>> We're going to chow down.
This guy's moving.

>> Here's our lunch guys.
How does it look?

>> It looks wonderful,
absolutely delicious.

>> It looks great.
>> I'm going back out there.

Yeah, there's more food to be

>> You guys need one of these.
>> Ew, oh, that was slimy.

>> There's something hard in
there, you can't bite it.

>> Awesome.
>> Oh, God, that is like the

best thing ever.
>> The seafood buffet lifted

everybody's spirits up, and I
thought, "Well, this will give

me a point, you know.
I won't get voted off now.

I'm finding food."
But not once did they say "Way

to go, Kath, thanks Kath."
Good thing the rocks got

overturned, guys.
I got to tell you, you know what

you do, you just think outside
the box.

Pat on the back?
I didn't get one.

Weird. I mean I'm not that hard
to get along with.

Weird. I mean I'm not that hard
to get along with.

>> Here's the plan, y'all get

ready to go gather some coconuts
and we're going to finish

letting these...
>> How can we get coconuts

without a stick?
>> Well, he'll get you a stick.

He's a great stick hunter.
Work needs to get done, and if

somebody is not going to step up
to the plate, I don't mind

telling somebody, "Look, let's

What do you think?
>> Well, one more layer of

bigger flatter rocks.
>> Isn't that what I just said?

I want to know what you thought.
>> That's what, I'm agreeing

with you is what I'm doing.
>> Come on, come on!

>> Patricia has some really
great ideas, she loves to nag

me, you know, she loves to nag

I don't think that we
necessarily always need the

nagging, but I think that's

She likes to do that.
She's a mom and she's always

going to be a mom.
>> Ya'll we need to put

everything back where we get it.
Look, this is the tool tree.

We're going to leave the
machetes here, and this is the

spear, you know, so we keep the

>> She's doing too much talking
to me, like, at first, it was

endearing because it seemed

Now it seems like, "Oh no, Mama
got to work, Mama can't sit

>> Listen to me, I'm only going

to tell you this once.
>> I heard it this morning

already once.
>> The tool tree.

>> I already know that.
I know everything needs to go

back where you found it.
>> Where's the knife then?

>> I think mama, a lot of her
stuff is merely a show, with all

this controlling-- now you make
sure that fire stays lit.

I'm going to go get some more...
That knife needs to be back over

That's just played out.

>> None us are children here.
>> Right.

>> We didn't come here asking
your mama and daddy every time

you needed to do something.
>> Right, and quite frankly, I,

you know, I'm getting sick of

>> It's nice to bond with
somebody who understands.

A lot of things are cultural.
You know, there are certain

things where black people we
don't even have to finish

thoughts and we already know
where we are.

Aside from us, the other five
are different, but the

commonality that bonds them is
that... is that.

>> Sean is what I call him
Malcolm Farrakhan.

He's got that Malcolm X militant
type brother, and then he's got

that real intelligent outspoken
type of young man.

>> Even the fact that you and I
sit here talking right now can

be perceived as that we're

>> Strategizing, mm-hmm.
>> Sometimes the game isn't

necessarily fair, because me and
her playing a whole nother

mental game that they don't even

When you're a person of color
and you're the only one, you

have to play, and that's
something they don't even have

to worry about.
See, everybody can just be

We have to be ourselves, but

then hold back a little bit.
And on top of that, she believes

in God, I believe in God and
we're bound by Christ and that's

a stronger bond, stronger than
race, stronger than anything.

>> I can just tell what people
are going to say.

>> Yeah, like those two
ungrateful Negroes.

I mean, you take them on an
island and they still complain.

I mean, where's your Al Sharpton

He's not going to come out on
the beach and just...

>> We have some people here that
want to seriously play this game

and survive.
I think others are here because

they think it's a vacation.
>> Sean seems so strong

physically when you look at him
you're thinking, "Man the guy

is, you know, he's going to be
strong for us, he's going to do

this and that.
But he, he's lazy.

Need to go on another water run.
Sean's going to do that whether

he likes it or not.
>> I love everybody in the

tribe, but Sean just doesn't
seem to want to carry his

I think this one is empty.

When you're done with that,
would you mind running up there

and doing it?
I'm just a little beat.

>> Not at all.
>> I don't like Sean.

I just wish he'd work a little
bit more.

>> Being that everybody seems to
feel strongly about Hunter being

the leader, everybody is
gravitating towards him to make

sure he sees what they do and
their value and let me get cool

with Hunter.
And that's all part of the game.

But I'm not going to do it.
In the interest of us surviving,

we are a team.
So if I'm needed to go get

water, I'm going to get it.
But it's like I ain't kissing

nobody's butt and I'm going to
tell you that right now.

>> Gina, here's another one.
>> Where are Rob and Sarah?

>> You should have to say
where's one of them and then you

know where the other one is.
>> I call them Frik and Frak.

>> Barbie and Ken.
>> Me and Rob have more in

common than we do with anybody
else, so we just happen to want

to hang out together.
We're the two youngest people in

the tribe and we laugh at each
other's jokes and have a good

I'm definitely attracted to Rob,

and him the same, he's told me
the same.

>> Sarah pulls Rob away from his
duties, if Rob lays down, Sarah

lays down.
If Rob goes in the water, Sarah

goes in the water.
I think that if Sarah were to

go, we may see more productivity
out of Rob.

>> Pretty much the only game I
got going on is with Sarah and

that cuts both ways.
At times, she can be an asset

because, basically, she'll vote
whatever way I tell her to vote,

but, at other times, it's like
I'm playing Survivor for two.

I have to constantly be watching
her, because she's not really

doing too much around here.
You have to do work.

>> I have been.
>> I know. I know.

You don't understand these

You know what I'm saying?
Just make sure they know that

you're doing something.
I picked her for a reason,

because it's like if I have one
vote, I really have two votes as

long as I have her along.
(snorting, grunting)

>> You know something good's
going to happen tonight.

We're either going to catch a
pig or we are going to starve.

>> I'm thinking about bacon man,
that sounds so good.

>> I'm, like, totally stoked.
It worked.

We just got to do it better.
So we build this snare, and the

pig sets it off, we don't catch
the pig.

>> That's a big track right

>> Inside, I was like bummed.
It's like going out fishing and

having a fish take your worm, I
mean, it simply was as close as

>> We need more than three

people to go get water.

>> Uh, oh, they found something.
>> I want to have a little

meeting to introduce my goodies.
It's good news.

It was almost like a mother
holding a chocolate bar saying

"You can have this chocolate
bar, but you have to listen to

me first and do as I say."
>> So this is what I want from

you guys, I am going to find you
food, I'm good at this for some

I think it's because I grew up

around the ocean, but there are
two things that I just think

that we're not doing correctly.
The fire and that shelter is not

Everybody was sleeping under

there, they were asleep, I
didn't have a place to sleep.

>> I'd be glad to move over as
far as you wanted to, you said

no, I don't need any more,
this is all I need.

>> All I want is a roof over my
head, and I want to feed you

because I want us to win.
>> Great job, Kath.

>> So this is what I'm saying,
we each have a role.

>> I think it's great that you
found where the food was, but I

don't think that any of us
should slip into one role.

>> I'm just saying that we don't
know each other's...

I don't even know what Paschal

>> Well, Kathy, then, why don't
you talk to us?

Stop going off by yourself.
We're also trying to be a

Why don't you know anything

about us?
>> I do know some.

I've been looking for food.
>> There's more going on here

than building a shelter and
getting food, there's a lot more

going on than making sure we
have water and making sure we

have fire.
>> All I want is a roof over my

>> That's not all that I want.

I want to know you.
I'd rather get to know you

before I had a shelter.
>> You guys are all over me for

just asking for that.
>> I was totally taken off-guard

that they bit back so hard.
They bit back real hard.

To the point where I was almost
in tears.

>> What aspect of us being out
here worries you the most?

Having a shelter over your head?
Then I'll do my best to assuage

your worries.
This is an adventure, not just a

>> Okay.

>> She kind of started to get
tears in her eyes, and I felt

Our point here isn't to make

anybody feel bad or hurt
anybody's feelings.

>> We decided it was past time
for a shelter, and it was a

priority for Kathy, so we made
it a priority for the group.

>> I have an idea, let's cut it

>> It's nice to have something
we can all sleep under together

and not worry about the

>> All right, guys, this is a
very special moment.

>> Yes it is.
>> As my luxury item, I chose

the American flag because I'm
extremely patriotic.

>> This is cool.
>> It's just such a wonderful

symbol of what this group is

Just makes me feel good to
look at it.

It really does.
>> Thank you so much.

>> No worries.
I did it for all of us.

>> I am at peace now.
>> The postman has arrived!

>> "You'll be left breathless if
it's depths you fear, so

remember, tread lightly for some
new fishing gear."

>> Ooh.
>> JEFF: Okay, today's

>> Ooh.
>> JEFF: Okay, today's

challenge is for a reward.
Here's how it works.

There are two boats sitting on
the bottom of the ocean floor

with about 250 rocks inside each

one for each tribe.

Your challenge-- dive down,
start removing rocks until your

boat comes to the surface.
At that point, you bring it over

to the dock and start bailing

Once you determine as a tribe
that your boat is seaworthy,

it's a race to the beach.
First tribe to get their boat

back to their mat wins reward.

>> Clear.
>> JEFF: Want to know what

you're playing for?
>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Mask, snorkel, fins.
Here it is.

>> JEFF: Since some of you

have already made spears, this
ought to make finding food a

little easier.
>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Rotu, because you guys
have one extra member, you have

to sit somebody out.
Who's that going to be?

>> Rob.
>> Rob.

>> JEFF: All right, you'll stay
up at the beach with me.

Everybody else swim out to your
docks, wait for my go.

Survivors ready! Go!
>> This is going to take a long

Survivors ready! Go!
>> This is going to take a long

>> I took out three.

>> I took out three.

Pull me over.
>> Gabe? Where's Gabe?

>> I got 19.
>> Come on, let's go, guys!

>> Okay, you guys, it's moving,
we can tip it.

We've got to give it a really
big push.

>> We did it!
(screaming, cheering)

>> Come on, let's go, guys!
>> Turn it around, turn it

>> Come on, let's go, guys!
>> Turn it around, turn it

One, two, three, push!

>> Push. Turn it around!
Turn it around.

>> Get your foot out of the way.
>> JEFF: Rotu!

>> Get your foot out of the way.
>> JEFF: Rotu!

>> JEFF: Rotu, congratulations.

>> It's going to rain.
>> It's going to rain.

>> Myself and Patricia and Sarah
have been working to get these

coconut fronds together so that
we can finish our roof.

My main thing was to try to get
it done before the rain, because

it's so unpredictable when it's
going to come and how long it's

going to be.
>> We'll get two beams and we'll

kind of a frame it a little.
>> What do you think?

>> Right about here and start
going up?

>> All right.
Whatever comes up to at least

cover this.
>> I've been saying for two days

that we need to put on the palm
fronds to make it waterproof

and for two days no one has been
listening to me and, all of a

sudden, Hunter just come up with
this great idea to do it and

everyone wants to do it.
>> Yeah, that one, perfect.

>> We have to go from the bottom
to the top, because the water

will drip down.

>> I'm a little irritated at
Sarah today, she's making a lot

of comments, but it's all talk
and no action.

>> What's Hunter going to do on
the sides?

>> I don't know, ask him.
He's ignoring me for some

I've been trying to help for

like a half-hour.
>> They had already started and

she goes up and you know, "Well,
you need to put some here and

put some there.
I told ya'll that three days

She always tells you she's going

to do this, or we need to do
this, but she never does

anything on her own.
>> Does anybody agree with me?

>> What's that?
>> That if we put tons of the

palm fronds on front it's going
to make it waterproof,

crisscross them.
>> But I think we got to, like,

we need to fill in that big hole

>> That's what I'm saying.
>> No, I mean with a woven

>> I don't know what the, I

mean, it looks pretty and all,
but it's just as waterproof if

we put tons up and down and tons
up this way.

>> We can, it's a lot of work
for us.

>> That's what I'm saying, we
should have worked on the one

side that needed it to most, now
we have two kind of waterproof

sides, instead of one really,
really good one.

Is no one in agreeance with

I'm going to do it, I don't care
if you guys don't want to do it.

I want to be dry.
I'd like to have one place.

>> What do we got today?
>> Yeah!

>> Oh, my God, it's a fork.
>> Definitely eating something.

>> Well, at least we got some
utensils, man.

>> We got mail!
>> Woo!

"We're pleased to invite you to
this special repast.

We're making fafaru, with luck
you may last.

You might find it repulsive, but
please don't feel queasy, if the

result is explosive, the vote
may be easy."

>> A food challenge.
>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.
Welcome to Atuatua Beach.

Today, we have a nice little
feast planned for you, a

Marquesan delicacy, reserved for
very special guests and

It's called fafaru.

Here's how it's made.
You take fish bones and crab

legs and lobster legs and you
make a marinade by letting it

rot in seawater for three days.
You then take the stinking

marinade and pour it over slices
of fish and let it stand in the

baking sun for a couple hours.
As you can tell, even from where

you're standing, this stuff
smells worse than a public

toilet on a hot summer day.
And just to make it fun, we're

going to bob for fafaru.
One at a time, you're going to

come up here, grab one of these
pieces of delicious fish with

your teeth, chew it up and
swallow it.

The tribe who gets down the most
pieces wins immunity.

Maraamu, because you guys are
one shy, whoever goes first

will also go last.
First member from each tribe

come on up.
Here we go.

Three, two, one, bob.
>> JEFF: Nicely done.

>> Man, that was good.
>> JEFF: Neleh and Mom.

>> Neleh!
>> Neleh!

>> JEFF: Neleh getting a lot
of the juice.

Wow, Mama didn't waste any time.
That's a juicy piece there.

>> Way to go, Neleh.
>> You're doing it, you're doing

it, you got it, you're doing it.
>> Keep your lip closed.

Keep your lip closed.
>> Yeah.

>> Yes!
>> JEFF: Next two.

(flies buzzing)
There you go, you're getting it.

Nice job, Paschal.
Ah, nicely done.

>> Yeah!
>> JEFF: Next two-- V. and K.

You guys are good!

Three, two, one, bob.
>> Yeah, baby!

>> Good, Sean.
>> JEFF: Mind over matter.

Nice job.
>> Ah!

>> JEFF: Nice job, way to go,

Gina and Tammy, the women square

>> Mama's biscuits.
>> Think of your biscuits, girl.

Think of your biscuits.
>> Yeah, Gina.

>> Yeah!
>> JEFF: Did good, nice job.

>> Go, Robby.
>> Go, Rob, tastes like pizza.

>> Pepperoni.
>> JEFF: Three, two, one.

>> Keep it down!

>> You're doing it, Rob.
Keep it down.

>> JEFF: Good.
To your left, Rob.

>> Rob, don't taste it!
>> JEFF: Not on me.

>> Rob, swallow!

>> You're tougher than that.

>> JEFF: You got five seconds
Rob, you got to get it down.

Five, four, three, two, swallow,

Show me, there you go.
>> Yeah!

>> JEFF: Gabe, Hunter going

>> Come on, Hunter.
>> Gabe, you know you love it.

>> JEFF: Right on, guys.
We have a tie.

Hats off to you guys.
This is some nasty smelling

Nonetheless, immunity is at

Rotu, pick one member from

>> We pick our brother from

>> JEFF: Rob.

Guys, who you picking from Rotu?
>> The girl with the, um...

>> Me?

>> Neleh!
>> JEFF: First person to get

it down wins immunity for their

>> Go, baby.

>> Come on, Rob!
>> You're doing it, Rob.

>> Come on, Rob.
>> Carry us home, Rob.

>> You're so much tougher than

>> You got it, Neleh!
(teams yelling)

>> The last piece?
>> That's it.

>> JEFF: Rotu, immunity!

Neleh gets to hold this.
Congratulations, Rotu,

immunity again.
>> JEFF: Not easy, man.

Unfortunately, Tribal Council.
See you guys there in a few

>> Over your head, woman.


>> Today, we had some pretty

stinky fish, and we had to
stick our face in it.

Pretty much everybody did their
job, and then it was my turn.

And I blew it for the team.
So we're going back to Tribal

Council pretty soon.
And everybody is pretty quiet,

keeping to themselves.
>> I'm talking to you on the

serious side.
Sarah, her or I are going next.

>> You're sure?
>> I feel 100% confident.

Hunter keeps telling Rob that
Sarah is not doing her share, so

she already knows she's the weak

>> Sarah knows that she's just a
liability in this, you know,

she's just here for the ride,
then whoever wants to carry her

will carry her for as long as we
can go.

>> No doubt this one is killing
my home life.

>> That's what I don't

Why are you...
Why are you letting it?

>> If Sarah goes tonight, then

I'm going to need to make a
decision on if I'm going to join

Hunter and become the worker bee
again, or if I'm going to go

with Sean and risk looking

I don't know, we maybe made a
mistake, Sean, because last

time, Mama was the one that
didn't contribute to the

challenge and we voted
Peter out.

>> See, but the thing is, you
pumped Mama up so much that now

she's doing too much talking.
>> I know I pumped her up, but

she got cocky and she's
confident now.

>> And loud.
I'm like, "Mama, chill!"

I'm voting my conscious.
I'm not going to get with you

and say let's vote somebody off.
I'm not even going to ask you

who you're voting for.
>> I don't know, man.

>> JEFF: Maraamu, back in
Tribal Council for a second

Patricia, as somebody who's

raised kids of their own, you've
raised a family, you're the

self-proclaimed mom of this

How are you guys doing?
>> I don't think we're 100%

I think we could do better and

that's coming from the mom side
of me.

>> JEFF: How is it, Rob,
having a mom?

>> Sometimes Mom's a pain in the
butt, but other times she's

there for you when you need her.
>> JEFF: How's that sit with

you, Sarah?
>> I think we're all adults and

nobody needs to be told what to
do, and no one needs to be

barked at.
I'm 24 years old, my mom hasn't

told me what to do in eight
years, so it's hard to take

sometimes, but you just kind of
bite your tongue and continue.

>> JEFF: Sean, do you guys
have a daily routine?

>> Yeah, we do.
I feel like I didn't leave work,

Soon as we get up, we know

things need to be done, but it's
wearing my energy down, quite

>> JEFF: Sarah?

>> I work 16 hour days when I'm
at home, I didn't come here to

do that.
>> JEFF: What did you come

here to do?
>> I came here to play the game

and meet cool people and have
this adventure.

I mean, we're definitely

I will admit I do less of the

I'm trying to save my energy.
I don't want to personally be

the one to lose a challenge
because I don't have enough

>> I totally disagree.

If I expend more energy to take
up for somebody who's not

working, then when I go to the
challenge, I'm going to be twice

as weak as I should be, because
I had to pull somebody else's

>> JEFF: So let's talk about

the challenges.
Hunter, sports analogy, you're

the captain, 0 for three cannot
set sit well with you.

>> We've been skunked so far.
We've had a couple tough breaks,

and we're still holding our head

We'll come back and take it to
them, so...

>> JEFF: Rob, let talk about
the immunity challenge today.

>> I was very discouraged and I
feel like I let my team down in

a way, and this may be my night.
>> JEFF: Do you think it would

be fair to vote you out tonight?
>> If people want to vote me out

tonight, I could understand why,

>> JEFF: It's time to vote.
Patricia, you're first.

>> My vote tonight is for

She's a great person, but the
mom thing is getting pretty old

in the camp, so she's got to go.
I wish her the best of luck.

>> Sarah, I'm sorry, you know I
love you, but the beach party is

We got to work hard, we got to

challenge hard and I just think
you're being a distraction.

>> JEFF: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Patricia, Mom.
Two votes Sarah, two votes Mom.


We're tied, three votes Sarah,
three votes Mom.

Last vote.

You need to bring me your torch,

Patricia, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

I've heard a lot tonight.
This is clearly a tribe divided.

You guys can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time on Survivor:
Tensions heat up at Maraamu.

>> Please don't be sensitive
about this.

>> Apparently, I have to be.
>> No, you don't.

>> Apparently, I have to be.
>> There's just too much drama

in this place!
>> JEFF: At Rotu, the love

tribe gets a lesson in pain.
>> Let me see, let me see, Rob.

>> Pain, you know, you got to
deal with it.

>> Things change just like that
out here.

>> I know why I got voted off

I have no ill feelings.
I want y'all to come together as

a team and win these things and
come out on top.

I'm proud of each and every
other one of you.

And I made some wonderful
friendships and I hope they last

for a while.
I had a great time and I'd do it

Love you!