Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - The Reunion - full transcript

The 16 survivors gather to discuss their experiences; host Rosie O'Donnell.

>> ROSIE: Look who we have here!

>> ROSIE: Look who we have here!

Honey, how are you?

>> Good.
>> ROSIE: You doing all right?

>> I'm doing great, thanks,

>> ROSIE: It's so good to see

>> Glad to be here.
>> ROSIE: You're looking good.

>> Ow!

>> ROSIE: Looking good.
>> Thanks.

>> ROSIE: How's everything?
>> Doing good.

It's so good to see you.
It's great to be here with you.

>> Hey, Ro...
>> ROSIE: Yeah, yeah.

>> Get off.
You've got a show.

>> ROSIE: What?
>> You've got a show, get off.

>> ROSIE: Now, I've got to get

>> Yeah, you've got to get off.
>> ROSIE: Damn it, all right.

Let's hear it for Colby!

Take it away, buddy.

Give me a kiss right here.
There you go.

>> PROBST: What up, Rosie?

>> ROSIE: Hey, buddy.
You did a great job.

>> PROBST: Thank you.
Have a great show.

>> ROSIE: Number four, we'll see
on you number five.

>> PROBST: All right.
>> ROSIE: Jeff Probst,

Give it up for Jeff Probst!

>> PROBST: See you, guys.
>> ROSIE: The Survivors!

Here's the survivors.
How are you?

>> Good, how are you?
>> ROSIE: I know what Neleh

thought when it wasn't her name.
>> Oh, my heck!

>> ROSIE: Oh, my heck!
Well, you know what, you guys

have all been amazing.
This is going to be the greatest

hour of TV because I think this
is the best show on TV.

But what we need to kick it off

in a special way, is a
production number.

So, hit it, Ricardo.
(theme to Gilligan's Island )

Here we go.
♪ Just sit right back

We've got a show
♪ These people were confined

Outwit, outlast
♪ Outplay the goal

They're out of their minds
♪ They're out of their minds

♪ There's John
Who grabbed a sea urchin

♪ He really was in need
Then Kathy came to help him

♪ She squatted and did the deed
You know she went pee-pee

♪ There's Peter
He got booted first

♪ And Sean who was a klutz
He tried to get up on a mule

♪ He bruised his coconuts
Bruised his coconuts

♪ We finally know

Who took the prize
♪ The ultimate success

We're going to talk all about it
♪ Tonight only on CBS,

Only on CBS! ♪
The fun has just begun.

Don't go away.
We'll be back with a whole hour

here, from New York City live.
We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: Hey, we are back, live

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: Hey, we are back, live

in New York City.
Let's give it up for all the

And for a great TV show.

You were you very entertaining.
All right.

Let me ask you this, Vecepia,
how does it feel to win?

>> It is the bomb!
>> ROSIE: You're liking it, it's

not bad?
>> Heck, yeah.

Holy heck.
>> ROSIE: How nervous were you

going in?
Today, the whole day were you

having butterflies?
>> Oh, yeah, I haven't eaten for

like two days.
>> Yeah, I woke up this morning

looking at Leander saying "You
need to go somewhere because you

are driving me crazy."
He was saying, "Come on, baby,

let's do this, let's do this."
I was so glad we went to

breakfast because it calmed me
down but when I got back home,

Leander was there again going,
"I need to go here with you."

I was like, "Oh, my God, you're
making me nervous.

Just go somewhere, please."
When he left, I was able to

pray, meditate and calm
myself down.

>> ROSIE: So the moral for the
people at home, in times of

stress, get rid of your spouse.
Now let me say, Neleh, the "Oh,

my heck"-- I gotta say it is my
favorite expression ever to come

out of Survivor.
>> I didn't realize how much I

said it.
>> ROSIE: I never heard anyone

say "oh, my heck."
Where did you get that from?

>> I don't know, it's a Utah

Everybody in Utah says it.
Since I've been on the show and

everybody says, "You say 'oh, my
heck' all the time."

So, I pick up on everybody else
and everyone in Utah says "oh,

my heck."
>> ROSIE: You know, what's funny

is for 13 weeks you say oh, my
heck and then the final episode

someone asked you a question you
don't like and you said, "well,

that sucks" so I got you a

I got you an "oh, my heck" hat.
And then, you know, when you're

really in a bad mood, a "this
sucks" hat.

You can take that home to Utah.
See how that goes over.

>> Thank you very much.
(cheers and applause)

>> ROSIE: You and Paschal had
quite a bond.

I don't know what happened.
Quite a bond in the beginning

and all the way through to the

What do you think the
relationship, what was about

each other that you found

>> You know what?
From day one, it was so weird,

Paschal and I both got on the
little boat that we had to jump

out of and pretty soon, you know
we're up there rowing.

We're like, okay they're not the
strongest so they need to go to

the back.
We're back there paddling with

our legs.
I'm like, "Paschal, do you think

there are sharks that are going
to eat us?"

We just started laughing, and
right away we just had an

instant bond.
I love that guy.

>> ROSIE: What was it about her?
Did you think of her like a

>> Yeah, it was an extension of

Yeah, I'm such a family person,

that I felt like when I first
saw her, before we even were

selected, I told my wife that if
I'm ever selected for this and

this little girl is selected for
it, there is something really

special about her and there
really is.

She is as pristine a young woman
I've ever known outside of my

daughters Rachel and Ashley, who
are the greatest daughters in

the world.
It was just comfort for me

because it was home.
>> ROSIE: Yes, well, I've got to

tell you, Neleh.

By far the youngest person here,
and you know, this kind of

stuff, that kind of notoriety
and fame and the maneuvering is

hard to do for 40-year-old
adults, but for a 21-year-old

kid, you did all right, young

You did all right.
Yes, you did.

Now, Kathy, I got to tell.
>> Babe, I tried.

>> ROSIE: I thought it was you.
>> I was working it.

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: I got the tell you,

you were the odds-on favorite in
New York, when it got down to

like six, everybody was like,
"Kathy's going to be it."

And you lost because you didn't
want to show your boob.

What happened with that?
She was acting like she was so

nice and worried.
Your boob might be falling out.

Ha ha, she fell over!
You psyched her out.

>> No, no, I didn't.
>> She did.

>> I have something to say.
>> You know what it's like, you

know what it's like when you're
doing anything and you're a

woman and if you're sitting on
the beach, you might be at a bar

and you've got a strapless dress
on and all of a sudden someone

says, "Honey, check it out.
I think it's exposed."

Before you know it you go,
oh, my God.

Your first instinct is to look

Like a guy with his fly down.
>> ROSIE: Maybe at a bar, not

when you're holding on for a
million bucks.

>> It's like all these people
looking at me.

>> ROSIE: No, it's like she
said, Oh, Neleh goes, "Kathy,

look out, there's a snake.

You totally fell for it.

>> I had way too many people
looking at me.

>> ROSIE: Vecepia, you said
early on that you knew you were

going to win in a way that I
thought was interesting.

Tell everybody what that meant
for you?

>> I started from the beginning.
I decided to do this and I just

wrote down on a piece of paper,
"I will be a Survivor."

I started that first.
And I began to pray this verse

out of Habakik, that says, you
know, to write your vision down

and make it plain.
I put the sticky note on my

computer at work.
Every day I just kept saying,

hey, you are going to,
I'm going to get that call.

I'm going to be a Survivor.
I got the call a couple days

later for the first interview.
Once I made it on, then I

scratched that out and wrote "I
will be the ultimate Survivor,"

and stuck that on my computer
and every day I said that,

believing in my faith that it
was going to happen.

And regardless of what happened,
I will always be the ultimate

Survivor, but to see God's work
at hand and to know that it was

him, it was all him because I
kept the faith.

>> ROSIE: You know, you've got
to dream it to live it.

I've said that from day one.
You have to see it first before

you can live it.
We're going to take a break and

come back with the other
Survivors, including Tammy who

I'm giving the Sue Hawk award
for the most outrageous speech.

Be right back.
>> It was because of you two and

Be right back.
>> It was because of you two and

your holier-than-thou attitude
and "I'm not going to lie, I'm

not going to cheat.
Let's take this game to a new

level, let's play it with ethics
and morals and integrity."

Well, you guys are hypocrites as
far as I'm concerned.

You may have been the two
biggest liars out on the island.

I don't think either one of you
deserve a million dollars.

But this is a game.
And you guys beat me at my own

You've lied better than I did,

you manipulated better than I
did and you deceived everybody

better than I did, so

>> ROSIE: Tammy.

Oh, baby.
They're not fooling around with

you, right?
>> No way.

>> ROSIE: You know, that was all
you needed was the vulture and

if you were drowning on the
street with a glass of water, I

wouldn't even step on your head.
What were you thinking?

What was the point of your whole

>> You know what?
I was pissed off.

I'll tell you.
I mean, I didn't win.

Basically, I just wanted to
let them know that this is

the way I feel.
And that was the way I felt at

that moment.
Granted I've had three months to

adjust now, but that was the way
I felt then.

>> ROSIE: Are you still bitter
and hostile?

>> Oh, no, I'm in counseling for

>> ROSIE: Glad to hear that.
Now, Hunter, the biggest

surprise of this episode, in
my opinion, is that you got

voted off right away.
I was at home, I was stunned.

The only person that looked more
shocked than me was you.

>> Not only did I lose the game,
I lost my voice.

>> ROSIE: I heard you had a good
night at the bar last night.

That's what I heard.

And he's here because he's a

Were you surprised when you

>> Yeah, I was, but I knew that
once I saw the first vote and it

was Rob's vote and I knew I was

>> ROSIE: That was it?
No, what you people don't know

is that you are a real top gun
in real life.

I fly F-18s for the navy.
>> ROSIE: In the midst of the

war, correct?
And what is it called when you

land on the rough seas?
>> Aircraft carrier.

>> ROSIE: He's like the real
life Tom Cruise.

(hoots and cheers)
>> 433 carrier landings.

>> ROSIE: Yeah, good for you.

I think you did really well in
representing yourself.

>> That's my boy.
>> Yeah, and Mama liked you,

Now there was a little romance

going on?
>> No romance.

No romance.
>> ROSIE: None at all?

>> None.
>> ROSIE: I'm going to get to

that at the commercial.
All right, my best moment of the

whole island.
You peeing on him.

I mean, just when you think

you've seen it all.
You, John, go, "I need someone

to pee on my hand, and then the
funniest thing is you come

running like, oh, can I

We have a clip.
Look at you running to pee on

Look at this.

>> It went in deep.
I need somebody who can pee on

my hand.
>> Okay.

>> ROSIE: It was the funniest
moment I've ever seen.

(cheers and laughter)
The best was everyone else's

face is like, even Paschal is
like, they don't do this in

>> He tried to do it.

He did not perform.
>> ROSIE: You did not have good

bladder control, Paschal.
>> A little anxiety out there.

>> ROSIE: Now how did you know
had you to do the peeing on the

sea urchin wound?
>> Two reasons, if, like

jellyfish or stingrays, it's the
ammonia that's in the urine that

neutralizes the venom.
Then we had some wilderness

training before we started the
game and they reiterated that.

But I have to tell you
something really funny.

When Paschal came down, he
actually tried.

He whipped it out and

And then that didn't work,
that's when I said does anybody

else have to go to the bathroom?
So then Kathy comes down, and

she had a really full bladder.
>> How did you know that?

>> The treatment works like,
in like seconds, and she kept

going and she kept going.
And I did not know, you know,

what the polite thing to do was,
pull my hand out and let her

stand there and pee or just
stand there and get peed on.

>> ROSIE: Well, you know,
there's a whole new career for

Peeing on other people etiquette

Who knew?

Good for you, for doing that.
For you, Sean, first let me say,

give it up for this man's voice,
singing the way you do, honey.

Not only did I love when you
sang, I think we have a clip of

you singing, but if you notice,
there are parts of your body

that I didn't know was supposed
to go in at that point.

Like his body is so cut, when
you're singing "This Brand-new

Day" and then right around here,
he has like indents.

I don't know.
I've never had that.

I'm 40.
We have a clip of you singing, I

Take a look at this.

>> ♪ Brand-new day
Can't you feel a brand-new day?

♪ Can't you feel a
Brand-new day? ♪

>> ROSIE: Work those abs,
I'm telling you right now.

Now a lot of people don't know
you were voted teacher of the

You're a teacher here in Harlem.

>> In South Central.
>> ROSIE: And what grade do you

>> I teach seventh grade

In South Central, yeah.

>> ROSIE: But you also spent
some time on Broadway.

>> Yeah, I was in a play with
Bill Irwin a couple years ago,

like in '98.
>> ROSIE: What is it that

teaching means to you?
>> Well, teaching means more to

me than a whole lot.
I love, you know, specifically

teaching in the hood, if you
will, because I want to see

those young brothers down there
see me and see that you can keep

it real and keep it educated.
And I want them to see me in

them and say, you know, if he
did it, then I can.

>> ROSIE: That's a wonderful

You're amazing out there and a
lot of fun to watch.

We're going to take a break,
come back.

There's more stuff to talk about
all night, right here on CBS.

We are live in New York City.
(applause and cheers)

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: Beautiful.

Really lovely to watch.
You know, the friendships that

I mean, honestly, in your life,

do you think you would ever
become such close friends with

an African-American teacher from
the hood?

>> Well, first of all, Rosie,
I've never thought about

I just think, as part of this

game unveiled, the relationships
I don't expect anybody here to

understand this because you
can't unless you've lived this.

The people that have been on
past Survivors know what I'm

talking about.
You develop such a bond, you

would literally die for anybody
up here.

They're closer to anybody in
your life than your immediate

I said on the show that if you

spent the time that we spent
with these people, you would

spend with your good friend, it
would take probably six years

for you to continuous spending
of time with your good friend.

Sean is one of the most
incredible young men I've ever

had the good fortune of meeting
and knowing, and I have been

really blessed to have him in my

>> ROSIE: Very sweet.

We have Sarah and, Sarah, I got
to say, you-- you the were the

Kimmy of this year's Survivor.
And it's nice to see you brought

your boobs with you because...

You making your entrance, Sarah,
is classic Survivor.

It is going to go gown down in
history as the most absurd way

to play the game.
Take a look at her entrance to

the island.
>> Sarah's arrival was almost

like Cleopatra, it was like the
servants were paddling and she

is sitting on the crate looking
so marvelous with her boobs

hanging out and her Goldilocks

>> ROSIE: You stand up and do
your hair.

You check your bikini line.
Everyone else is sweating,

trying to lug the food and
you're like, I wonder if I'm

going to get a tan.
And what's this?

You have a boyfriend, right?
>> I do have a boyfriend.

He's here tonight.
>> ROSIE: Excellent, and night

one you slept next to Rob.
Cutie petootie.

What was that all about, all
your canoodling in the bed?

>> Me and Rob became really good

I don't know what to tell you.
>> ROSIE: Really.

I'm really good friends with
Colby, and we've never shared a

cuddle in bed like that.
Uh, Rob, now, how did you feel

this whole experience was for

You're like a Boston guy, a
construction worker...

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: Exactly.

You got a million dollar smile,
Rob, and you've got an amazing

manner about you.
How was this experience for you?

>> I was glad Sarah brought her
boobs, too.

>> Thanks, Robbie.

>> ROSIE: Oh, no.

Did you get along well with

Did you have any problems with

>> Over there, you know, Hunter,
how you doin'?

Is he still crying?
Because I got a tissue here.

You need a tissue?
There you go, bro.

>> ROSIE: For you, what was the
most difficult part, Rob?

What was the toughest thing?
>> I think, I don't know.

It was pretty easy.
Yeah, right, I lost.

Who am I kidding?
I think dealing with the no-no

I mean, those bugs, they were

incessantly rude.
They killed me.

>> Yeah.
Just dealing with those every

day and have to listen to
everybody whine and cry.

>> ROSIE: How was it for you
when you went back home to

Boston on the construction site?
Did the guys tease you because

you were...
>> Oh, yeah, they teased me.

I lost to a girl.
Puked up my fish.

>> ROSIE: Excellent.
With everybody, the way you

looked, I've got to say, Kathy,
you get most improved.

>> ROSIE: Yeah, look at you.

You look like, you know, you
look like a murderer Unibomber

kind of person.
All of a sudden, you're the

cover of Vogue magazine.
My son came before the show

started, and he met Kathy and he
said to me, "Mom, there is no

way that's the same lady."
>> Who is that woman?

It's called a Marquesan makeover
by Mark Burnett.

>> ROSIE: It works well for you.
I'm going to give you, Paschal,

the most improved man,
because toward the end there, it

looked like you weren't even
going to be able to walk.

>> Rosie, my wife said I had one
foot in the grave and one wasn't

far behind it.
I tell you, I felt like it, too.

>> ROSIE: What happened after
you were voted off?

You were sick?
What happened to you?

>> Actually, I was at Tribal
Council and Zoe noticed me kind

of getting wobbly.
She said "Paschal, are you all

I said "Zoe, I don't feel well."

And I sat down.
I don't think I ever passed out,

but John--
>> You passed out, dear.

>> All right, I was out.
Once I got to...

I went to a hospital and I got a
lot of IVs pumped into me, a lot

of fluid.
I was completely dehydrated.

Completely dehydrated.
>> You stopped eating at one

You said, "You know, I'm not

going to eat anymore."
I was like, what?

>> ROSIE: For no reason?
You were just sick of the taro?

>> You can ask any of them.
It got to the point that you

could not eat that.
It was to the point now that

none of us I don't believe would
eat anything having to do with

coconut or...
>> The "C" word.

>> It's horrible.
>> ROSIE: I think honestly

probably the reason, Neleh that
you didn't get the million

dollars is because you said,
"Does anybody want my mint?"

What were you thinking about

They went and they won the
reward and she and Paschal had a

nine-course dinner and she comes
back, and instead of saying it

oh, it was okay, she's like,
"Oh, my heck, first I had soup,

I had bread oh, my heck, it was
so good, oh, my heck.

Does anyone want my mint?"
>> Okay, I have something to

>> ROSIE: Okay, go.

>> Okay, first of all, we were

not allowed to smuggle food

It was a nice sit-down dinner.
On my way out, I, like, you

know, had some mints in my

No smuggling allowed.
So I was like, okay, so, I'm

like, well, I still want to
share, so I put a couple mints

in my mouth.
No, I did, did I not?

I came back, and I felt bad
explaining the story.

But they don't show everybody
sitting around saying, oh,

please tell me a detail.
Everything that happened.

Then you do and you start
feeling bad.

I'm like, do you want this mint?
It was terrible.

I can't believe I did that.
>> ROSIE: Yeah, that was pretty

I just pictured all the

cameramen there, you know,
filming that going, yeah, you

want a bite of my hamburger?

Sean, for you, the horse got to
be the funniest moment.

We got a clip.
The best part is when you said

"balls," you whispered it like
it was a curse word.

Like you know when you're little
and your mom says "Grandma has

You're like, "oh, my balls.

Oh, my balls."
Take a look at this clip and

show it.
>> The only horses I've been on

are the merry-go-round in
Central Park.

Where does my other foot go?

Nice horsey.
How you doing?

Oh, ....
He's biting him.

Oh, my God.
>> Come here on this horse.

>> With you?

Wait, my balls.
My balls.

It really hurts.
Oh, my God.

>> ROSIE: You know, Sean, I hate
to ask this, but I really feel

as though all of America is

How are your balls?
>> Thank God, I got a


>> ROSIE: Working it all out.
Let me tell you, we have more

fun to come.
We have for the entire audience

over 2,000 people, these amazing
tube top/headbands, slash

whatever they are.
We want to thank CBS for that.

Check out Neleh's dad who added
an extra room in their house to

see this.
Take a look right here.

There's Neleh's family going

We got more games tonight, we
got more fun, and one more

So don't go away.

The reunion continues from
Central Park right after this.

(cheering and applause)

(cheering, applause continue)
>> ROSIE: We are live in New

(cheering, applause continue)
>> ROSIE: We are live in New

Survivor. with the cast of
Our winner Vecepia.

Our runner-up Neleh.
And, Gabe, what's up with your

got it? animal, buddy, you still
>> All right, this is Jimmy.

He's my luxury item.
And I figured he was only out

there 15 days, too, so we get to
share the spot up here.

>> ROSIE: Good for you.
Were you surprised you got voted

off when did you?
>> I was surprised when I found

out I was going to be voted off,
but luckily Rob Mariano came to

me about 18 hours before Tribal
Council and gave me the option

of forming alliance with him and
Sean and V., which I didn't want

(laughter) at least it gave...
>> ROSIE: Which you didn't want

to do, oops.
>> But it allowed me to spend my

different way. in a very, very
I made sure I went to the

waterfall and climbed up in a
food.ut tree and took all the

mattered. Things that really

>> Things that really mattered.
lagoon guy.ell, You're the blue

That's what I called you for the
first two weeks.

there. Mr. Chris Atkins over
Put him in a loin cloth and he's

>> I'd go back.
>> ROSIE: Vecepia, what did you

take away aside from a million
bucks that's going to mean the

most to you, that you're going
to carry throughout your life

from this experience?
>> Without a doubt, being the African-American to take
>> ROSIE: Good for you, baby.

I'm happy about that myself.
It's a great feeling and just to

know that so many people are
proud of me right now.

I mean so many, and it's not
just African-American, but

people of color, from my Indian
employer, people that I work

with at my company, TBN, Think
Business Networks.

From all of my Hispanic friends,
the Theories, I love you guys.

buddies.f my African-American
Everybody is praying for me and

this is an honor.
hoops.oing to carry it to the

>> ROSIE: Good for you.
I felt the same way with Tina,

time.a woman won for the first
It was great for women.

I think it's great for all
minorities in America.

You won, you deserved it.
You did very well.

Now listen, I asked them if we
could play a little game.

They said we could.
In here is some food.

If you'll eat it, I'm going to
give you a prize.

But you have to decide if you
are going to eat it.

You're going to have to put on a
blindfold, and you got to eat it

in five seconds.
While you're deciding, we're

Probst.o take a look at Jeff
He's going off to Survivor 5.

food for them.
Take a look at this.

>> PROBST: This fall, Survivor
ventures into the mystical land

of the ancient orient, Thailand.
16 Americans will be abandoned

far from civilization, in the
middle of the Andoman Sea on a

remote, tropical rain forest,
surrounded by crystal blue

topography.mammoth limestone
Once again our survivors will be

forced to work together to build
a new world in an exotic land,

season.s time it's the monsoon
(thunder crashing)

They will be pummeled by
frequent storms.

They will encounter an array of
exotic wildlife and will be on

the lookout for the world's
longest snake, the reticulated

python, growing to lengths over
to 30 feet.

And the survivors will begin
their adventure in a whole new

way, an event that will impact
the entire game ahead of them.

As always, the game will feature
surprising new twists and all-

new exciting challenges, as our
16 strangers are forced to live

together for 39 days, while the elements and each

Their goal?
Outwit, outplay, outlast the

Survivor. become the sole
survivor Thailand begins this

(cheers and applause)
>> ROSIE: All right.

We're back live in Central Park.
We have all the survivors on

here, with Vecepia, the million
They've all decided to play,

which is crazy of them. to make them eat

They all have it in their hands.
I'm going to show the audience.

Look at that!
>> Audience: Ohh!

>> ROSIE: All right.
You got five seconds to eat it. it, rip off your

Go, go, go, go!
>> Oh, yeah.

>> Did it?
>> Did it? Did it?

>> Go, Peter, go Peter!
>> ROSIE: Everybody did it?

blindfold. Sean, take off that
won.let me tell you what you've

You won a brand-new DVD of the
Survivor, series one through, whooping)
and a brand-new Saturn View for

each and every one of you.
(shouting, yelling)

You tricked us!us!
>> ROSIE: I tricked you!

Here's your keys.
Look, here's your keys.

Take a key!
Saturn rules!

Saturn rules!
Here's a key for everybody!

Take your key!
Thank you, CBS, and thank you,

You got a key?

There you go, baby.
(cheering, whooping)

There you go, baby.
There you go, baby.

(cheering, whooping continue)
That's the way to do it!

Thank you, Saturn!
We'll be right back after this.

(cheering) Saturn!
♪ ♪

>> ROSIE: Yeah! Here we are.
Back at Central Park, and I want

to thank everybody who has been
a part of Survivor.

This is an amazing show in a
country where we all have to

learn to accept each other, to
get along, to care about each

other and this is a show that I
that. shows people how to do

And it's a beautiful thing when
it works right, and I think it

worked right this time.
So, one of the most touching

moments for me, Paschal, was
when you got to see your wife,

even though she got kicked out
of the final maze thing.

But this was a beautiful moment.
We just want to take you, look

at this, Paschal and his wife.
>> PROBST: let you

leave without a little embrace.
Paschal, come on over.

>> I will. Okay.
Oh, my God. I love you.

>> Okay.
>> Hey, be strong.

I love you. I love you.
>> I love you.

(cheering, whooping)
>> ROSIE: And you know what?

She's here tonight.
Beverly, come on up and give

your husband a hug.
Come on up, Beverly!

>> Yeah, baby!
that?SIE: How much do you love

An amazing thing.
at CBS.want to thank everybody

We are going to Thailand for
Survivor V.

If you want to send in your
tapes, stay tuned to this

and The Morning Showtomorrow.
Look for the winner, Vecepia, of

We want to thank New York City,

the greatest city that ever was,
and we want to thank all of you

for being here to support it.
Keep watching CBS.

We'll see you in Thailand.
Peace out. Bye-bye.

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