Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 9 - Two for the Price of One - full transcript

An unexpected twist shakes up the game and sends two people home.

Season 39 Episode 09

Episode Title :"Two for the Price of One"

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Tribal council was really hard,
and I fell very alone.

There was a moment there
where I didn't know

if I wanted to stay
in the game.

But for me quitting is not an option
because I don't want my

daughters and granddaughters
to see that.

And my husband.

And my beach family.

I don't quit.

I don't quit anything.

I don't know what to do
from here.

You can't regret
what you did.

I don't regret what I did,
but I don't know what to do

game voice form here.

I mean, Im-I'm-I'm a free agent,
you know.

I played my idol because
it was a crazy tribal directed at me.

I wish I still had it,
because I'm on the chopping block.

They want me gone.

Take it day by day.


I'm grateful for
another day.


I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

A rat just jumped on my face.

I'm so sorry.
It just jumped on my face.

- Oh God!
- I'm so sorry.

Well, he's gone now.

It was like in my mouth.

It's okay.

I'm sorry, Karishma.

Karishma, it's okay.

That's it.

That was one of the worst
rains we've had.


I've got different cloths...

I have dry socks you can put on
your feet or something.

Just hold my hands.

You're freezing.

Last night was probably
the worst night of my life.

I was poured on, freezing,
with no one to keep me warm except

for Missy, and I'm like,
I'm over this, this sucks.

But that's the game.

That's literally what I signed
up for.

I haven't come this far to only
come this far.

And let a rainy night completely
break me.

Karishma was not the most...

What did she say?

She's like, uh...

Karishma is lucky to be here.

She doesn't do anything around

She lays in the blanket.

She's always the first to go to bed
and the last the wake up.

She does not open a coconut.

She does not go get water.

You think
she's an 85‐year‐old woman

that has
a sense of entitlement.

I don't need to kill myself.

I'm part of the elderly group,

luke you guys can
just take care of me.

She's crazy.

This is "survivor."

We're still here.

Do you want to be here?
Show us.

You know, maybe you should like
help out.

There's a bunch on the trail.

Karishma obviously has more resilience
than we think because

she's still here, but she's
shown me that

she's inconsistent, unworkable,

and I have no interest in working with
someone like that.

Thank you.

I think it's incredibly
obvious that I'm in trouble.

And I can only blame myself.

You know, when I first got out
here, when I first came here,

I thought I was going to be like
jungle queen.

I thought I was going to be able
to make friends so easily,

get along with everybody, but

when I'm struggling,
like I am right now,

I think of my family, and
so someone like my husband, who

chooses to be with me and love
me and me only for the rest of

his life, I mean, how could I
not see clearer than ever

how wonderful that
kind of a relationship is when I can't

even get somebody
to trust me and

care for me for even one
volt out here.

I'm being viewed as a goat.

One of the qualities of a goat
is predictability.

But I'm in the a very good one,

because I e‐mail not
very predictable.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Look what I did?

I found an idol.

I found my lifeline in this

I was barely hanging on by a
that red.

And then to find this, it gives
me something to lean on

to finally get up off the ground

where I've been laying
this whole time

and finally do
something with it.

This gives mae chance to make
a name for myself in this game.

Don't underestimate me.

So we get out Karishma.

All right.

After Karishma you think

That's fine.

My push is Janet is hard worker
and if you did want the

keep her, that would be good,
but if not, I would understand.

Karishma, are you okay?

You've been gone forever, and
you got two coconuts.

You were gone for an hour.

I went around in circles.

I'm walking that camp,
and suddenly

I realize, I've been gone for a
really long time.

So I kind of play up the feeling sick

because that's my first instinct.

I don't know what else to do.

I need to call the doctor.

- I'm serious.
- Now,

just... can I have an hour?


You're getting worse.

This is not your decision

Guy, it's my body, it is my

No, it's...

If you guys are trying to get
me like thrown out of the game

- or something...
- Nobody wants you to get

medivacked out of the game.

- I'm keen this side. I'll show for you,
- I feel better...

I feel better after drinking
some water.

Just now, just like that?

I don't need this whole detour
of the doctor being called on me.

I'm thinking, oh, my god,
I don't need this drama,

I need to get back,
sit down, and think

about how I'm going
the play my idol.

Come on in, guys.

All right.

First things first, got the take
back the necklaces.

Aaron and Missy.

Thank you.

Thank you.

One again immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
going to stand on a narrow beam

while spinning a ball inside a
circular wooden track.

At regular intervals you'll move
further down the beam,

making it more difficult.

If ain the point you fall off
the beam or your ball drops,

you're out.

To make it a little more


Today we're going to
divide you into two groups.

One person from each group will
win immunity.

Both griewbs will go to tribal
council separately.

Both groups will vote somebody

So two winners, two people going

We'll draw to see which group
you're on and we'll get started.

Here we go.

Okay, Jeff.

All right.

We have our two groups competing
against each other in orange,

it's Missy, Tommy, Elaine,
Elizabeth, and Karishma.

And in purple it's Dean, Dan,
Lauran, Aaron, Noura, and


All right.
Here we go.

Two people going to win

Two people going home.

Everybody start spinning.

I'll give you a minute to get

Then I'll call this challenge to

Give everybody a shot to get
their momentum and get that ball

spinning, and then the challenge
will be alive from that point


Everybody's good.

We're just waiting on dan.

You have 15 second,
dan to, get it going.

Dan's good.

Everybody is good, and this
challenge is on.

Now you're going to feel the

How long can you go?

This is a weird challenge to do.

Some people just naturally get

Others will always struggle.

Karishma first to drop.

She's out.
No shot at immunity.

Make it a little more

The last person standing not
only wins immunity but wins for

their group PB&J waiting for you
back at camp.

And you will go to tribal council
last, so you will have the

knowledge of the information of
the first vote.

You are playing for a lot right
now on day 27 in "survivor."

All right.

We're now going to put the first
foot on the balance beam.

Start moving it in.

You have the clear the paint.

I'll let you know when you're

I know you don't want the look

Elizabeth drops.
She's out.

You're good, Elaine.

Dean's good.

Dan is good.

Everybody is good.

Tommy drops.

We're down to two left in

Aaron drops.

He's out.

Orange is now down to
Missy and Elaine.

Dan drops.

He's out.

Can't peeve it.

Lauran drops.

We're down the three on purple.

She's not happy.

It is Dean, Noura and Janet
fighting for immunity.

Missy and Elaine fighting for

Lots of different speeds and

Some people whipping it.

Others going very slow.

It really doesn't matter, as
long as that ball just keeps

moving inside that track.

All right.

I want everybody to get ready to
move to that next section.

Janet drops.

She's out and we're down to
showdown on both colors between

Missy and Elaine and Dean and

Everybody start to make you move
into that second section of the


Dean drops.
He's out.

Noura wins immunity for purple.

No, no, no, no.


winning anything for purple.


Noura just blew a
giant opportunity, which means

PB and J is going to orange.

We could have won PB&J.

Noura might have lasted longer.

You should have stayed,

It is now a showdown.

Missy, nice save.

That's what you got to do with
another nice save.

Stay in it.

It is Missy and Elaine.

Last one standing wins immunity.

Missy drops.

Elaine wins individual immunity
for orange.

Noura wins for purple.

I'm so proud of you.

Noura, come on over.


Thank you.

Immunity is yours.

You cannot be voted out of the
game tonight.

Can I hug you?

Of course.


Elaine, are you in shock?

A little bit, yeah.

Come on over, Elaine.

All right, Elaine!

Come on, I love the

It's very important to me.

- Thank you.
- Congrats.

I'm so psyched.

This is one of the best
moments of my life.

- Really?
- Yes.

About a
moment like this?

Because this proves something to

What is it?

Well, I'm with a bunch of
athletes who beast mode through

everything, and you help to get
little redneck game over here,

and I'm good at redneck things,
so I rocked it.

Worked out.

You're safe tonight at tribal.
You're not going home.

Good job, Elaine.

Yeah, girl.

All right, Elizabeth,
Tommy, Elaine, Missy, Karishma,

back at camp, PB&J wait, and
maybe more importantly,

you will go to tribal council second,
so you will know the results of

the first tribal.

Grab your stuff.

Head back.
See you tonight at tribal.

Good job, guys.

- See you guys.
- Good job, you guys.

- Enjoy.
- Okay Noura.

Alright, Noura, Dan, Janet,
Dean, you will be going back to your camp.

You're going to the
old lairo camp

where you will
have basic supplies and you

will be going to tribal council

Grab your stuff.
Head out.

- See you tonight at tribal.
- Home sweet home.

Thanks, Jeff.

When I heard there would be two
groups going to tribal council,

I got a little scared, because
before this split,

Karishma was probably
going to be the vote tonight,

and all of a sudden,

I absolutely could be going home.

It's nerve‐racking.

But I will keep fighting.


Holy moley.

This is so different.


Yeah, yeah.

Thank you guys so much.
Thank you.

Noura, good work.

So we come back to our old
Lairo Camp.

I don't want to be here
right now.

It brings back bad memories.

This is the lowest of the low.
In my time in this game

I just want to get out of

go to Tribal Council and get
back to Vokai Beach.

Let's see this camp, man.

The last two tribal councils
I've had the necklace.

I haven't had to
worry about going home.

This tribe switch for me is
unsettling, but the fact that

Karishma is on one tribe and
Janet on this tribe,

this could be a perfect storm happening,
and guess what?

We get two for the price of one.

I'm guessing how do you feel?


Janet has been on the
chopping block for a while, but

Aaron is such a physical and
social threat, and he didn't win

the necklace today, so he's like
a deer in the woods that's just

unattended, alone, no people by
his side, we have a clear shot.

Like why would we not take it?



I'm going to be very...

All of a sudden everybody
wants to get rid of Aaron.

I was like, woo o hoo.

I believe you.

It would be unbelievable that
I could still be here after what

I've gone through.

This could be unfreakin'

- We're back the playing the game.
- Yeah.

And it would be awesome if
you and I could put some closure

- to the world. Yeah.
- I think we already have.

Now let's play the game, because
right now I would say it's 90%,

but I feel like you're someone
I want to vote with and trust with.

I hope if anyone brings my name
to you, you'll tell me.

- Deal.
- Okay.

I swear to you on my family.

Two days ago everyone across
the board wanted Janet gone.

Now we come here, Janet's safe.

But if Aaron heads home, then
who else do people see as a

physical threat?

So at least for me in the short
term, Aaron is way better for me

in this game than Janet.

I want to run through some

Aaron, Karishma, Lauran, Janet,
and Noura start the take over,

Janet will win this game.

That's what I'm saying.

You're right.
No, you're right.

Dean comes to me
and he feels

that we should vote out Janet,
because Janet is

one of the biggest threats in
this game.

She made fire.

She is everyone's mama.

She has a great story, but Janet
has come back to me, an we can

legitimately work together in
the future and be friends.

We had unanimous Janet.

And now she's started
working her way back in.


We could easily flip the vote
back the Janet, but for my game

I'm 50/50 on whether Aaron or
Janet is better.

It's complicated because before
these two tribes have split up,

it was supposed to be Karishma
or Janet, but now who knows,


I wish I could see what's
happening on the other side.

I'm assuming Karishma
continues to remain the easy

vote when they go to their

But like can it be this easy?

Guys, well done.

Elaine, you got the kiss Jeff

He loved it.

Kiss on the cheek.

Kiss on the dimple.

Our tribal tonight is going
to be super simple.

Karishma goes.

That was the overall plan
anyway, right?

Completely wrong.

I was super happy that the other
group was not back in tribe with us.

I need freedom of the camp.

I need my time with my girls so
I can dictate the vote.

What's best for our game is
Missy's game and Missy wants to

win the game.

Here's what we do.


So, what we do...

- Right.
- Yeah.

I have been wanting to
use Karishma in a way

to elevate
my game.

And having Tommy gone opens up

It also means we have a guy who
can open up the game.

He's a teacher,

He's personable.

Everybody loves Tommy.

No one is going to award
Karishma $1 million.

- What you're doing?
- I want to..

Listen to me.

- Got it.
- Don't give... no...

That's the game plan.

But listen.



Dude, I know, but I want to talk to

No, I...

Look, this thing,
I'm on at the bottom.

You 'll be in the camp.

Missy, I get what you're saying,
but I need to talk to everybody.

- Because, at the end of the day..
- You can talk to everybody

Come here.
Plaese come here.

Give me two minutes.

Missy was talking at me, not
talking with me.

She's a bully to me.

I'm not taking that anymore, not
from a 24‐year‐old girl who

thinks she's on top of the

Karishma, you want to talk?

The answer is no.

No, I want to talk.

I'd rather wait until your
emotions are calmer.

I'm super calm, Karishma.

How long would you like the

I don't have a watch.

I'll wait until I feel more



I'm sorry, little girl.

I'm going to need you to calm

I'm too old for that.

You know what?

I'm glad the hear that Tommy's
name is coming up and not mine,

of course, but I'll talk to you
when I want to talk to you.

I have 13 years on you, Missy.

I am not your puppy that you can
go throw a bone and have me

fetch it for you.

You know how Missy is.

She's very overbearing.

- Yeah.
- It's is vey likely.

-'re not.
- Yeah.

And I don't really like that.

She was going a mile a minute
at me.

She tried to tell me
how to get Tommy out.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Holy cow,
Missy wants Tommy out.

That doesn't work for me.

And at the same time,
I don't like how people talk to


She just needs words of

And positive reinforcement.

Karishma has power tonight,
more power than she may realize.

Missy, Elizabeth, me, I'm on the

bottom of that alliance.

If I'm going out tonight, I'm
going out swinging at my bully.

Missy is going way too hard.

They came at Karishma hot.

I'm coming with compassion and

So I need to strike while the
iron is hot.

You can't hesitate in this game.

You have to seize every moment.

That's what I'm trying to do.

With this baby around my neck.

This helps a little bit more.

Missy has brought up my name
to knock me out, so of course

when you bring up my name, I'm
coming after you.

So Karishma went from the most
unpopular kid in class to now

the most popular kid in class
where everyone wants her vote.


Missy hasn't been nice to

I view her as a person and not
as a goat.

I didn't have the easiest
childhood being bullied, so

Karishma, I hope she realizes
that I actually care about her

and want to work with her.

Besides, Missy never wanted to
playwith you before this vote.

I realize how I come off a
lot, and I'm so sorry.

I... I'm sorry.

I messed up.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to like walk
away like I did.

I got super excited, because
I saw the plan and I saw the way

where you stay somehow and Tommy
now leaves.

Karishma, listen, I am so

Ly hug you, let's cry together,
blah, blah, blah.

We need him the leave. the game.
We both agree.

If we can get him out tonight,
the girls have the majority.

Oh, my gosh.

We have a huge majority.


But we get to tribal, we're
going to do what we want to do.

This is why, Karishma, has to go

Okay. I can handle it.
I can handle it.

This is why, Karishma,
has to go home.

I.m a big girl. I can handle it.

I don't like her, I don't know

..audience with us.

Who are we trying to

I went from being down in the
dumps to now I'm the one who is

going to be making the decision
tonight who goes home.

Missy was at the top of my kill list
because we're constantly

fighting with each other, but
tonight's decision has to be

entirely logical.

It cannot be emotional.

As a trial lawyer, you have to
be careful with your emotions,

and weigh the riskings.

So I'll work with Missy if it's
the best thing for my game.

Everyone wants him gone.

For the first time I have a shot
at Tommy because his closest

allies are over at the other

He's a sitting duck.

It's perfect.

But with Missy, it sounds a
little too good to be true.

For all I know, she's playing

It's a little fishy.

In the back of my head, there's
still a chance it could be me.

Thankfully, I have an immunity
idol in my trusty bra over here.

My gut says to play it.

I'm going to make sure I'm here
to live another day.

Where's the other tribe?

Maybe they went to Lairo.

Who do you think is going?

- I think Janet.
- Yeah.

Janet gone home.

I feel very blessed to have
been part of all of this,

especially at my age.

Janet is going home.

And I'm all but certain that
Janet knows that her time in

this game is up.

I don't have an immunity
necklace on today.

This is my very first time that
I'm truly going to find out that

the alliance is working with me.

So hopefully it's Karishma
and Janet.

She dug her own grave

A "survivor" god gift.


She's got to go.

I agree.

Janet is a boss.

Janet is a very strong woman,
and she is a big threat, but

a lot of people feel threatened by

He's a beast.

I cannot beat Aaron in

So tonight's going to be a
really tough vote.

I was in trouble.

I was on thin ice, but it is not
rocket science.

This group is done with Aaron.

We're good.

Right now I'm feeling safe,
which is a scary place to be,

because there's been so many
plied ‐‐ blindside at tribasl.

I just hoping I'm not fooling
myself that it's going to be okay.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

So Dan, what's the biggest impact

of this twist that divided you

into two groups?

Initially it was terrifying,
because you have an agenda and

you have an alliance and you're
moving forward in a particular

direction, but the teams seem to
have scrambled in a way that

should allow the people that
were the targets to still be the


Really interesting,

Dan just spoke for the entire
group, saying fortunately

everything is going to go as

Well, I'm definitely low man
on the totem poll, and I think

that's directed at me.

Dean, how about for

What's the biggest impact from
your point of view to this


When you don't have certain
people that perhaps you trust

that were left on the other
side, it's very, very


There is definitely
relationships within this group

that are tighter than
relationships that I have.

Aaron, what did you
feel after the challenge was

over in terms of anxiety versus
comfort versus uncertainty?

Me personally, this is my
first time sitting at a tribal

council without a necklace on,
so it's an opportunity to see if

my alliances and the
relationships that I formed are

going to hold up.

Interesting that you
say opportunity.

A lot of people might say, Jeff,
I'm terrified.

There's only sex people and
I didn't win, but you seem very


Well, when I say
"opportunity," it's an

opportunity for my name to be
written on that piece of paper. So,

I'm not calling it all, but what
we have is a group of

individuals who are working
together and have a plan in

place, and at this point in
time, we all feel comfortable

working to accomplish what we're
trying to accomplish.

But you know, stuff always

There's always surprises. You know,

like, like we lost Jackk, boom, because
I underestimated Dean.

One vote can be what changes

So Janet, what do you
do if you think it's you and

there are only five people to
talk to?

Well, I talk to a few people,
and maybe somebody will go, duh,

that maybe made some sense,
maybe I should make a move.

Noura, did Janet
approach you and say, we should

- talk?
- I-I talk to Janet all the time.

She's my mommy and my friend,
but there has to be a boundary

at some point where it's like, I...
I am I going to risk me being

here ahead of you?
And I mean do the best I can.

But, there is a boundary there?

Dan, what does it
mean for the game to lose two

people at once?

I think that was the other
nerve‐racking factor of this

twist, which is the thing that
was three votes away could be,

well, now let's play and we have
to start eating the head of the

snake. So,

The fear starts to get stoked.

I have tried my hardest in this
game to hope that trust leads to

loyalty, loyalty leads to
alliances, and alliances lead to



It is time to vote.

Dean, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a
hidden immunity idol and you

want to play it, now would be
the time to do so.

All right.
I'll read the votes.

First vote, Janet.


One vote Janet, one vote Aaron.


Two votes Aaron, one vote Janet.

That's three votes Aaron, one
vote Janet.

Tenth person voted out and the
fourth member of our jury,


That's four, that's enough, you
need to bring me your torch.

Aaron, the Tribe has

Aaron, you can go ahead and take
aSpot on the jury.

All right.
You guys can head back to camp.

We'll bring in the next group.

You know, I kind of
anticipated this

some point in time
this is goingto happen.

I tried to delay it as much as I
could by winning the individual

immunity challenges.

So, they had to get rid of me.

Now was the right time.

Kudos to them.

Hats off. Good move.

I'll sit my butt on the jury.

Getting your first look at
our new jury member.

Aaron voted out minutes ago.

Elizabeth, your face says it

What's going through your mind
right this moment?

My heart is beating really

Aaron was one of my number ones.

This sucks.

Yeah, that's not really Happened...
she is looking

That's an interesting
comment, as though Missy

has the entire thing already drawn out
and something went wrong

I mean some where down,

you were really sneaky by
separating us and keeping us

apart. So,

Game plan got switched without
us knowing.

Elizabeth, what
happened after the challenge

when you go back the camp,
elaine has immunity, and now you

have to start talking.

Yeah. There was definitely chaos
around camp today, but I feel good

about the plan that I was a part

I'm hoping that's the one that
goes through tonight.

Missy, is that what
you experienced, as well in.

I experienced a lot from
Karishma today.

We had quite a trip today.

And I wasn't a good one.

So, yeah.

It was pretty bad.

Karishma, what is
Missy referring to.

Missy and I have been butting
heads for some time, not a

secret to anyone here.

It's just... emotions are really

I like to just say my piece,
walk away, and let it calm down,

but there were times where Missy
wanted to escalate things or

wanted to say things that I
didn't feel were necessary in

the game.
But the Time out.

The game of "survivor," when you
call someone a threat, the

things you say are, Jamal finds
idol, he's athletic, he's a


Kellee is social, she's a

You do not say, oh, she's a
bully, she needs to leave the

game because she yells at me
and she's aggressive.

You are saying you've
been labeled those things?

100 %.

For me, That's
I am not that.

That's not me.

Karishma is missy
correct, you look at her as a

bully or aggressive, the word
she used?

There are times I do, yes.

Jeff, I know who I am, and
when I look in the mirror, I'm

happy every morning.

I accept myself.

Do you?

Oh yeah. So, I think it goes without
saying I accept who I am 100%

That's one of the reasons we clash,
because we don't see eye to eye.

Tommy is part of this just
different people from different

walks of life who see the world
differently and they're never

going to agree?

I think that's what it comes

To getting to know Karishma,
she's a wonderful person.

Knowing Missy, since Tribe's...
she's an incredible person.

I think they just both view so
differently that they're never

going to be able to coincide.

But I was there with Missy
and Karishma today, and I

thought it went fantastic.

I think we bridged the gap
between boat of their


And Karishma, I understand
not wanting people to vote you

out, so you lie, but I've always
told you I would love to work

with you.

Elaine, do you
understand what missy is saying?

Jeff, they got me so twisted,
I don't know what's going on.

But who am I to say anything.

You know, the beef is between the two of

So, the only way to squash it is
to send somebody home honestly.

We're ready to vote.

I think which is very
real quick.

I love you.

But the other day two African
Americans wore the necklace at

the same time and at our tribal
there was no mention of it at


It doesn't happen very often.

Women typically are the first
voted out.

Minorities are the second.

So to have two minorities on the
same day in a double challenge

wear the necklace, that's just
something that I feel like

representation matters, and I
feel like my future nieces and

nephews and my future other
family members need to see that,

because we're here, too.

Missy, I got to say,
I love that you brought it up.

I'm not sure if I would have
highlighted it.

It actually never occurred to
me, but I would have been

a little reluctant to for fear of saying,
wow, like it's something you

wouldn't expect to happen.

So even I'm learning right now
that all of these roads that

we're trying to weave to get
along in harmony are fraught

with their own pitfalls.

So I appreciate you speaking up.

And now once again we're going
to go from something that seems

outside of the game and we're
going to get right back into

names on a parchment.

All right.

Per your wish, it is time to

Elizabeth, you're up.

When you bring up my name,
you pack your bags.

I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Missy.


One vote Missy, one vote Tommy.


That's two votes Tommy, one vote


We're tied.

Two votes Missy, two votes

One vote left.

11th person voted out and
the fifth member of our jury,


Yo, who did it?

You came after me.

I didn't come after you.

Oh, my god.

Oh, damn.

That was dope, though, y'all.

That's not mine.

Was it you
that was the third polledvote?


That's wild.

Missy, from here, differences
and all girl.

You know I was keeping you
for the end.

All right, Jeff, come on,

- Missy...
- Jeff!

The tribe has spoken.

Dang, Elaine, I knew it.

All right.

I'll see you all later.

Wednesday night at 8:00.

Love you, Miss.

Bye, Missy.

Well, we are 27 days
in to a 39‐day game, and the

and the foot has not come off the peddle
for even a moment.

Grab your torches
back to camp.

Can I...?

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Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on
"survivor," when animals


- What happened?
- He bit my finger.

..You'll need to
travel in a pack.

Go No 1 report for duty.

To reach the top of
the food chain.

This is going the change my

On a scale of dopiness,
getting blindsided, that's

negatively dope, and I didn't
even notice.

So that's a big enough fault in
my game where I deserve to be

here, but it's fine.

Life goes on.
It's in the a brain tumor.

That was one of the wildest,
craziest, what is that, 27 days?

I'd go 60 more.