Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 8 - We Made It to the Merge! - full transcript

Castaways enjoy a merge feast; individual immunity is on the line.

tonight it's
Back-to-back episodes of


can I trust her?

I'm like really disgusted.

well played.

don't take anything personal.

There I was trying to save my
Own ass.

After tribal I had the play the
Card like I saved myself, no

Hard feelings, it's a game, but
Everyone was absolutely in


The godmother was upset her son
Went home.

Jamal was upset he wasted his

But kellee saved my life when
She gave me her idol, and I do

Feel like I owe a lot to her.

jamal, I'm sorry you wasted
Your id.L. On me, and I'm sorry

Jack is not here.

who was the other jack?

who was the other jack?

I thought that you might have
Abidol, so I had to vote someone


It ended up being jack.

That didn't come just from me.

what do you mean?

it was kind of like advised
In my best interests that I had

To put jack.

who told you to vote jack?

I can't say.

I mean, I'm not trying to put
Other people on the chopping


I am putting you in the
Hardest position, and your

Choice is answer it or don't,
But just know that whichever

Direction you go there are going
To be consequences.

Who told you to write jack's

I do feel emdebted to jamal.

You saved my ass with that idol.

It's kellee.

I'm sorry.

Sorry, kellee.

I love you.

You know that.

it's sickening.

I'm nauseous.

wow, noura.

I'm grateful to kellee.

kellee is an amazing person.

noura can, you stop saying my

Literally just stop saying my

Like we had a really tough
Tribal, can we just table this

For tomorrow?


sorry, kellee.

okay, jamal, can we go talk
On the beach?

Noura immediately fesses up.

It just made me so mad.

But all of what noura is saying
Is true.

So I'm lying to what's supposed
To be my two closest allies in

This game, janet and jamal.

Like I am in a pickle.

you are unequivocally denying
Having spoken to noura right

Before tribal?


I did not say that?

that didn't happen.

when did I get one-on-one
Time with her today?

I didn't.

I can't believe she threw
Your name out.

I'm upset for a lot of

it's convoluted.

I think there is some truth to
Come out.

Kellee looks like she's
Overwhelmed with emotion and is

Stressing out, but something
About it doesn't add up.

I'm sorry.

If you guys have any doubt
I don't have doubt in my


I have a little doubt in my

I think kellee, savvy
Survivor player she, is is

Trying the play an underground
Game that played to the surface

Because she tried to do it with

You never try to play an
Underground game with noura.

You never try to play an
Underground game with noura.

so the assumption is there is
At least one idol somewhere on

The island.

there's no idol here.

and there is on idol friend
Zych everyone last night saw

What an idol can do.

That's why everyone is up at the
Crack of dawn the look for these


hopefully I don't find a

before I came into the game,
My sister was like, when an idol

Played, get up at dawn and don't
Stop looking.

And I'm not going to stop until
I find this thing.

oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Congratulations, you have found
A hidden immunity idol.

When police department at tribal
Council, any votes cast against

You will not count.

You want more tools in your
Toolbox that you can use in

Really creative ways to help you
Get further in this game.

So that's what this is.

gather round, gather round.

Ready for this?

Grab your
I am a survivor fan.

I know what the words "Gather
Your" means.

the merge to me meant a new
Beginning in this game.

hey, look at those people.

I had a really difficult time
The first half of this game.

I mean, I haven't had a food
Reward for the first 20 days of

The game.

I never had that one pick me up
You need to get you through next

Five days, so I was just
Thinking, feast, feast, feast, I

Need food.

oh, hell, yeah.

the merge signifies the next
Stage of the game of "Survivor."

Now it's game on.

Now all the relationships that
You solidified up to this point,

We'll see if they mean anything
Or was it just all smoke and


james has an announcement.

here's to an adult ass

Let's get lit
going into this merge, the

People I want to reconnect with
Are janet and kellee, because I

Was close to both of them in the
Original vokai.

you and kellee.


I want to work with you.

why would I possibly want to
Work with jamal?

Are you kidding me?

It's like he now wants to work
With me?

unfortunately it's

Right now I'm sitting in the
Middle seat.

Do I go with old vokai.

We have 7-6 with the numbers.

It's the easy route.

We all know each other.

Or do I change this game up and
Go with my new friends, vokai


oh, dan, dan.

I'm done.

I have two options.

This game is going to be crazy.

You just have to smile and say,
Let the games begin.


welcome home.

coming back the camp with 13
People was very overwhelming.

There are so many different
Scenarios that could be running

Through people's heads.

The vokai 2.0 plan was to stay
Seven strong and then bring in

Janet and kellee, because we
Know that as lairo alone we're

Down on the numbers, so for us
To have a back-up alliance,

Where we have the numbers,
That's absolutely what I want to

Move forward with.

so we have seven for the
Initial vote?

this is what the plan is so
There's seven of us vokai.


not you guys, like the ones
On our tribe.

They said bring in janet and
Kellee, that's nine, and that's

The plan.

that would be really bad for

We're at the top of the old

If we go with the new vokai,
We'll be at the bottom.

Tommy explained this vokai 2.0
Plus kellee an janet creating a

Nine-strong group.

It's so dumb, because why would
I take these great relationships

And switch over to this alliance
Of nine that literally only

Helps the four old lairo?

all of those old lairo have
To go.

I think those four are the most
Dangerous players in the game.

because you don't know them?

no, because I think they're
Legitimately good players and


like missy and dean.

dean is not really a threat.

Dean know he's on the bottom of
The old lairo.

I don't like the way this is

Every idea I pitch gets shut

They were so adamant, they were
Telling me what to do.

But my alliance south carolina
Gone to be straight-up vokai.

My alliance isn't going to be
Straight-up lairo.

My alliance is going to best
Serve me.

when I first got here, dan
Was super kind and super

Helpful, but then one night the
Hands were wandering.

was .E doing that with
Elizabeth, too?


before the merge I hadn't met
Aaron, elizabeth, missy.

We bonded over the fact that dan
Has been extremely


day one I refused to sleep
Next to dan.

Day one, kellee doesn't like
Touching people.

I don't like touching people
Because dan was touching me.

Even yesterday he was still
Touching me.

I'm like, don't touch my face.

tommy puts his arm around me
And it's like whatever.

it's different.

he's in the like this.

And I'm like, why are you
Touching my rib cage.

it's a game, so I'm assuming
Nobody would want to say

Something, because you can't
Make a scene.

it's super upsetting, because
You can't do anything about it.

There are always consequences
For standing up.

This happens in real life new
York work settings, in school,

You can't say anything because
It's going to affect your upward

Trajectory, it's going to affect
How people look at you.

for my mental health, he can

He can go, because it doesn't
Benefit my game to have to worry

About laying there.

Like I lay awake, his arm
Smothers me.

At the merge feast last night,
I'm talking with janet about her

Kids, almost going to navy
Because I went the air force,

And I feel like someone wiggling
My toes.

I'm like, I wonder who it could

It's him.

It's just inappropriate

I am not an object.

the fact that it makes me,
Lauran, elizabeth, missy, like

All of us, molly, it made all of
Us uncomfortable.

Like this isn't just one person.

It's a pattern.

It's pattern, and it's like,
Yeah, like it takes five people

To be like, man, like the way
That I'm feeling about this is

Actually real, like it's not in
My head, like I'm not overwe


It's like no, he's literally
Done these things to five

Different women in this game.

That totally, totally sucks.

if there are issues to the
Point where things need to



come to me and I will make
Sure that stops.


I don't want anyone to feel

Like I said.

I think it will stop because
Dan is squared.

I understand.

I want to make sure this is
Not... It's not okay.


I have a kellee scares the
Hell out of me.

Look at her.

Now look.


kellee is dangerous.

When missy is supposed to go
Home, they sat on the beach for

Over two hours.

What's going on there?

Look, I love her, but she is so

She went to harvard.

And she's downplayed that so
Much that no one views her as a


Should we go kellee first?

I think so.

my biggest thing with tommy
Saying kellee is that I have

Always felt like her and I were
On the same page.

But she's proving to be a very
Dangerous player in this game.

So can I trust her?

As much as I thought I could?



you don't look it.

What's the matter?

no, it was dan.

I'm just a little upset about

I know.

I know.

It's so upsetting.

We should never have to deal
With that.

You can't ignore your feelings.

It's how you feel.

It's your perception of what's
Going on.

yeah, this is like a problem.

You know, because molly and I
Were like, oh, no, it's us, like

We just get weird vibes from

But new york it's not.

initially my take on dan was
He was just an old-school guy

That never really thought about
What he was doing.

You know, being physical or arm
Around a shoulder or, you know,

Stuff I would do with my

You know, I'm just a very
Physical person.

But at the same time, I cannot
Ignore these girls.

I'm going to be watching, and if
I see anything, I'm going to


On the off chance that dan is
Totally innocent, he's going to

Be devastated.

It's a tricky thing to have 100%

You're never going to get it.

how was last night?

What happened?

welk he didn't touch me.

I didn't get touched at all.

It was great.

Kellee opened up to me about how
Her and molly felt very


I told her that we felt very,
Very similar and we can all band

Together to get dan out.

So she's talking the janet.

She may ask you how you felt
About sleeping in camp.

That's what she's asking about.

Tell her how uncomfortable you

Like you have a very open thing.

Right now that's our only plan.

the mastering is about
Numbers, so right now my job is

To do whatever it takes to get
On the right side of the


The original vokai are not the
Biggest fan of dan, so if I can

Play up that card and$atever
Way possible, I'll do it.

I'm like very aware of where
Lairo stands.


but you throw out the dan
Name, and that's been a name

That we've been talking about
Since we got here, like for

Obvious reasons.

I think you know.


because the first few nights
That we were here, I was next to


He would have his hands right
Here, and he would be like, hey,

Is this okay?

And I'm like...



if you have to ask, probably

despite me saying I don't
Like to be touched, he continued

To touch me.

He's literally tried to put his
Fingers in my hair to rub my

Scalp yesterday.

I probably need to wash my hair,

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was
Looking the see how much sand

There was.


my hands are clean
your hands are not clean

oh, my god, I just scrubbed
Them in the water.

do you think it would blow up
Our game if we said something.

oh, I thought you meant to
Vote him out

I do want to vote dan out,
This time, next time, whenever.

I want to vote dan out.

let me know.

I'll be there.

but as much as I feel
Disrespected by him and feel

Disgusted by him, I'm not going
To make a game decision based

Off of those feelings.

Look, I'm upset with the way
He's been behaving.

That is the fair thing to do,
But this game is not fair.

I'm in the playing this game to
Be fair.

I'm playing this game to win.

So dan makes sense as a decoy
Vote, but is he really the

Person we want to get out?

this is what is about to

I know you're not going to say

The plan is to get you.

That's their plan.

Kellee knowing that pulled you
Aside for two ourselves.

why would she pull me aside

to try to make you feel


do you feel comfortable?


do you feel confident?


are you being serious with

I have never been more real
With anybody in my entire life.

she really was talking for
Two hours about life, missy.

lauran said kellee and her
Motley crue are coming for you.

Do I trust lauran and tommy to
Save me.

they don't have the numbers
Without tommy and I, but the

West thing would be for you to
Win immunity.

if kellee thinks that she's
Going to get me out, the very

First merge vote, I feel as
Though that I can make a move.

I can't go out like a punk.

come on in, guys.

All right.

First things first, take back
The immunity idol.

Thank you, karishma.

Tribal immunity no more.

Individual immunity is what you

This is what keeps you safe in
The game.

A table has three balls on top.

Every time you low their table,
It locks into a new position,

Making it more difficult.

You get too low, a ball will

When all you balls are gone,
You're out.

Last person left standing wins
Immunity, safe from the vote,

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the eighth

Person votes out of this game.

Take your spots, let's do it and
We'll get started.

One is down there, 13 is here.

All right.

Everybody gently lift your

Everybody lift.

Everybody is good.

And this challenge is on.

Straight out of the gate,
Elizabeth drops her first ball

And noura drops her first ball.

You have three.

No need to panic.

Every time you drop a ball, like
Dean just did, that's a warning

That you're moving just a

There are pegs underneath each

Every time you lower that table,
The peg underneath that ball is

Pushing up more and more and
When it pushes enough, it will

Push your ball out.

Noura drops a second ball now.

Noura down to her last ball.

Kellee drops her second.

Noura drops her third ball.

Now is the first one out.

Step off the back.

Take a spot on the bench.

You can see people struggling
Already for body position.

Kellee can't take it anymore.

Kellee is out.

The key is how straight can you

Dean drops the second ball.

He's down one now.

Janet drops her first ball.

Dean drops his third ball.

He's out of the challenge.

We're down to ten.

Lots of people working their
Bodies in different ways trying

To find somewhere comfortable.

The risk you take every time you
Lower is that ratchet to your

Left locks in a little lower and
Now you have less room to


Janet drops the second ball.

Elaine drops the second ball.

She's down to one.

Dan drops his first ball.

Janet can't hang on any longer.

She's out.

Lauran drops her first ball.

This is insurance and pain

This is uncomfortable.

Dan tries to reposition and
Drops a second ball.

Dan down to his last ball.

Elaine drops.

She is out.

Lauran drops both balls at once.

Lauran is now out.

Dan drops.

He's out.

No shot at immunity for dan.

We're down to six.

Missy drops her first ball.

Jamal drops his first ball.

He's down to two.

It is elizabeth, jamal and missy
Each with two balls left.

Tommy, karishma anaaron with

good job, guys.

you got it, karishma.

karishma drops her
First ball.

hang in there, guys.

there is nowhere

Karishma drops another ball.

You have to dig in.

You can still win it.

You just need one ball on that
Table whennites over.

That's all it takes.

Tommy drops his first ball.

Karishma drops her final ball.

She is out.

stay focused, tommy.

we're down to five.

don't blow it, tommy.

tommy gives out.

Out of nowhere loses everything.

Tommy is out.

We're down to four.

Two women, two men.

Elizabeth and missy on the ends,
Aaron and jamal in the middle.

Big effort right now.

Sweat dripping from everybody.

Bodies in all sorts of

Constantly moving.

If you lose focus for a second,
You can drop a ball.

You have to stay in this

You have to push through the

You have to push through the

super impressive.

keep fighting!

Keep digging in!

Don't lose your focus and start
To drift.

Missy drops.

Missy is out of the challenge.

We're down to three.


Be careful.

elizabeth going down.

Elizabeth dropping another ball.

Elizabeth down to one now.

Aaron with three.

Jamal with two.

Aaron drops his first ball.

First sign of anything from
Aaron indicating a weakness.

you got it.

Keep holding.

elizabeth can't hang
In any longer after a huge


Body trembling.

Elizabeth is out.

And we're down to two.

It's a showdown.

It is aaron and jamal, both with
Two balls left.

Very, very hot day here in fiji.

focus, focus.

this is it.

Somebody is going to give out.

You don't want it to be you.

You don't want it to be you.

impressive, guys.

you got to remind
Yourself right now to keep doing

Whatever it is you're doing,
Because it's working.

It does not matter how ugly it

It doesn't matter how much your
Body is shaking, quivering, how

Many times you a.

Just none of it matters.

The only thing that matters is
Keeping that table in check,

Keeping those balls in place.

good work, baby.

Good work, baby.

stay focused.

Stay in the moment.

you love it.


jamal struggling to
Get off the platform.

am I good?

Am I good?

you're good, aaron.

Aaron wins the first individual
Immunity challenge of the


Jamal's tribe mates rush over to
See if he's okay.

Jamal, do you want medical?

excellent effort.

out of everyone in this game,
Missy is the biggest threat to


This girl is smart, like she is
Thinking the way that I am


I 1,000% want to work with her.

It's just a little bit too late
In the game to do that.

Unfortunately this is nail in
Her coffin.

aaron, congrats again.



I needed to win that one,
Because I know that kellee is

Coming for me, so going into the
Challenge knowing that I need to

Wear the necklace and losing,
That sucks.

I'm just scared.

I'm scared.

I would not approach you if I
Wasn't genuine.

we're still
tonight we're going after

Kellee, but the plan doesn't
Work unless tommy and lauran are

Telling the truth.

yes, it's easy to be like
Vokai, we're all going to stay

Strong, but I know where tommy
And I are, and this is on the


you're basically saying we
Flip now and then game on?


we take out kellee.

tommy and lauran want to get
Out kellee.

And I think to myself, damn,
That puts me in a tough spot.

Here's a girl that just saved my
Life, gave me a hidden immunity

Idol, and now you want me to
Vote her out.

To be honest, I don't know if I
Can do it.

so we were thinking the five
Lairo, dan, lauran, myself.

That's eight.

That's all we need.

I'm so down with that, dude.

I would do a backflip right now
If I could.

what's going on right now?

lauran and I want to vote
Kellee out.

We need to wok together.

I 5400% agree.

I'm down.

so tonight it's kellee?

is that a lie?

I don't think it's a lie.

lauran told me that I'm first
To go.

So I think they're down for

all right.

Let's go.

I've been struggling with not
Trying to make emotional votes

Out here, trying make a logical
Vote, but...

yeah, 110%.

from a personal standpoint,
Why would I keep dan, who has

Put my name out there, who is
Talking about me.


so I'm wondering where your
Appetite is for making a move

With me.

it's funny that you bring
This up, because dan has rubbed

People the wrong way and on a
Human level, I'm like really



tonight I'm voting for d-a-n,

What really made it simple for
Me is he's made a lot of women

Feel uncomfortable.

He's kind of pushed the
Boundaries of, you know,

Snuggling at night and being
Flirtatious, and this is not


We're not going to wait to get
To the end and then have some

Talk about his behavior.

We're going to do this now.

why wait?

Let's just do it.

this is so amazing.

I'm so happy.

all right.

Contain it.

right now.

I'm okay with that.

Can we do it?

Do we have enough?


promise me?



It's done.

when jamal told me that we're
Going to vote dan out tonight, I

Felt a great deal of relief,
Because some of the girls have

Come to me upset about being in
His presence.

And jamal coming to me like
That, it just confirmed in my

Heart that it was the right
Thing to do.

But it's really hard for me,
Because I really, really do like


However, this is a moral
Decision that I'm making.

I just have a personal emotional
Need to have these girls feel


So I'm going to do what's best
For them.

do you know what you're

we are voting dan.

I know, I know.

actually, after this meeting

well, I've been trying the
Take care all of you girl, you

Know that, so do me favor.

Tell all the old lairo to go for

We're going to blow him up


janet approached me about
Voting dan out.

And I know for a fact she's
Lying to my face.

We know that they're going to
Vote for missy, so this dan talk

Is smoke and mirrors.

That's janet's plan to pull the
Wool over my eyes an I'm like,

Yeah, janet, you got it girl.

I'm on the honor system.

when you're gone, missy
I know that people are

Uncomfortable saying, oh, he
Likes to cuddle.

He's touchy feel, but honestly,
I have felt safe this entire

Time, and if I had felt
Uncomfortable, I would have

Said, please stop.

So I'm writing down kellee's
Name, an I am hoping seven other

People do, as well.

so you want all of us to vote
For dan?

she was like, get all your
Girls on board, so I told her

That all of us are.

I think it would solidify him
With us.


and if janet comes up to you,
All the girls are on board,

Because we all feel


she was told to vote you.÷p=>

I just thought you should

Don't get swirled.

I want to talk to you.

I trust you.

I think I trust missy.

Screw them.

I'm so over them.

They're so untrustworthy and
So... I can't fathom why janet

Would target me.

I've never been after janet.

She was someone I thought I
Could go deep with I wanted to


So what she's doing now is both
Stupid and reprehensible to me.

I want to be very careful
About how I do, this but...

how many votes can you put on

I thought we had the vote

But now jamal wants to vote out

And I'm worried.

I was just sitting there.

Everyone is in a group laughing,
And I'm like, something is off.

dan is way too quiet right

I think we should help them.

that's what's freaking me

We've switched the vote from
Missy to dan.

But now I'm just like getting
More and more nervous.

Fortunately I found an idol on
The oid lairo beach, so I will

Be fine.

However, going in the merge,
Historically in "Survivor,"

There has always been another
Idol, and if there is an idol on

This beach, I want it.

we told you missy, right?


All right.

What could be in the works is
Just a clean dan vote.



I feel like I need to go into
Preservation mode.

The only one here that I know
For sure will try to rally

Against me is dan.

So I'm asking you

I'm down.

jamal is now trying to gather
Up the troops to get out dan.

I knew merge was going to be
Nuts, but, damn.

Jamal was like, we have to put

I'm like stressed.

so am I.

We're making the decision.

We can go either witch way.

This changes everything.

At this point half the people
Are like let's vote out dan.

And the other half of these
People are saying, let's get red

Of kellee.

So no matter what happens
Tonight, I'm going to make a lot

Of people mad.

But, damn, it's nice to have a
Little power.

there's a bunch of rocks with
Little crevices, and as I'm

Climbing up, I see a glipt
Glint of blue, and I'm like, oh,

My god, I just found it.

Holy crap.

This is huge.

It feels really good to have two
Idols in my pocket, but there's

A lot of pressure to use this
Idol correctly to, play it


To not get voted out with two
Idols in my pocket and be the

Biggest "Survivor" sucker ever.

I definitely did not expect to
Think about even playing it for

Myself tonight.

But the way this is going, I
Might very well have to.

we'll now bring in
The first member of our jury.

All right.

So 13 people

Dan, give me a sense of the

well, it's a weird game of
Shuffling parties and which

Parties are talking.

So it is weird, because as much
As the game of deception, it's

Got to be a game of trust.

At least for me.

I'm in a profession if I tell
One lie once to one client, I'm



And so you're forced to do it

I think trust actually outweighs
Deception in this game.

missy, do you agree with

you have to trust someone.

If you trust no one, then you're
Playing on your own island

Against 12 other people.

So, yeah, trust is built

karishma, where do
You stand with this idea that

Trust is a bigger factor than

yeah, I agree.

Because you cannot achieve the
Deception required in this game

Without the trust first.

There's a lot of different
People that you wouldn't expect

To be having conversations.

And I think that's people trying
To just get to know each other

On a new level, on a deeper

which, lauran, leads
The strategizing.

Did you feel that tension of
Sharks in the water.

I know what they're saying
Doesn't sound scary, but what's

Happening between them is


It happens all the time.

Like I was trying to get to know
Dean and karishma, and I feel

Like any alone time we had,
People's antennas are up, when

We're talking about my 30th
Birthday carnival.

I feel like again, it goes back
To trusting the people you

Trust, and I do believe trust
Outweighs deception in this


kellee, when you hear
That answer, how much of it goes

Right past you and, yeah, all I
Know is I saw you talking so and

So and my antenna was up?

this game makes you very
Socially aware of what's going

On around you.

It makes you present.

If you're not being present, you
Probably aren't playing the game

The way you should be playing.

so is tonight's vote
For you about trust or



that's the same
Question I've been asking.

Why does it strike you as funny?

she just analyzes everything.

um, I think it's about trust.


tommy, the idea of
The original vokai now back

Together just dominating this
Game, has that been discussed?

yeah, of course.

Some of these people I've known
Since day one of "Survivor."

I met dean and karishma two days

So when we merged, we said,
Whoa, there's a lot more vokai

Than old lairo.

It's an easy way to go.

janet, do you think
Tribal lines will hold firm,

Vokai has this.

If you're wearing orange, see

you want to hope and think
That the old vokai will hold

Tight, but you know, you get to
Know people, and as time wears

On, tribal lines can be

dean, how about for

jeff, I feel like I'm in an
Interesting spot.

how so?

when I last saw my lairo
Folks I was blind sided.

I got to the merge by the skim
Of my teeth with the

Overwhelming majority voting for
Me, so I'm looking to build some

Trust with some people tonight.

dan, what is it about
Tonight's vote that is so


it's about the moment you
Either can trust or not trust

Your own ability to judge

That happens tonight.

That's kind of what makes this
So terrifying.

You're either going to be proven
Really wrong or really right,

But you won't know until the
Names are read.

Then you can begin to play.

missy, really
Interesting comment, which is

Tonight is about knowing if you
Are on point, if your instincts

Are right.

tonight is a big guilt check
I think for all of us.

Tonight is did you apply for a
Reason and are you good at this



Can't say it any more simply.

If you don't survive tonight,
You're not nearly as good as you


It is time to vote.

Noura, you're up.

can't wait to not be living
With you.

only two ways to spell
Blindside tonight, and the other

Way is d-a-n.

I don't think that's the case.

I'll go tally the

if anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you

Want the play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, dan.




We're tied.

Two votes dan, two votes kellee.



Three votes dan, three votes


Tied again.

Four votes dan, four votes

oh, my god.


That's five votes dan.

Tied again.

Five votes dan, five votes


That's six votes kellee, five
Votes dan.

Eighth person voted out and the
Second member of our jury,


That's seven, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

he's shaking his head.

kellee, the tribe has

good luck, guys.

well, as much as you
Want the believe in trust,

Always got to worry about

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

I'm honestly kind of in

I am my worst enemy in this

Finding two idols is great, but
If you find two idols an you

Don't know how the use them, you
Might as well not find them.

I let the people I trust lull me
Into security, an I should have

Obviously police department an

played an idol.

when I saw the votes coming
Down at tribal council for

Kellee, I was like, holy crap,
What happened?

My mind just was racing, because
This was a vote not based on the

Game so much as based on
Standing up for what was right.

I guess nobody's talking,


Anybody else want to talk?


I got it.

My information I was given from
All the young girls, they said

They felt very uncomfortable in
Dan's presence, so I felt very

Betrayed on a moral level.

Because I was willing to
Jeopardize my game because these

Girls were in such a panic from
What I understood.

I understand how you're

We came back pissed off.

this is more than a vote.



I'm sorry that this is all
Happening, but I do not feel

Comfortable with the way that
Things were coming to light.

so you voted kellee?

I'm going to be honest, I
Voted kellee.

so who else?

You went kellee, too?


I was trying to do something
For all you girls.

This wasn't even my
and I appreciate that from

The bottom of my heart.

I just don't know they was ready
To deal with what was going on,

And I'm woman enough to say that

Voting dan out for the reasons
That people want to vote him

Out, I'm not comfortable with.

And I am not going to say one
Way or another who is

Comfortable with what or what
Happened to whom.

All I know is my story and what
Dan and I experience, so for me

It wasn't an issue.

And this is a game at the end of
The day.

I hope kellee doesn't take it

So that's what it is for me.

we have to have a very
Important conversation.


elizabeth, lauran, missy all
Came to me crying and freaking

Out about how inappropriate you
Have been and thank god I'm



I wonder if that was a game
new york it wasn't.

because people come to me all
The time to crack my back.

I thought it was odd, but
They all came to me saying this.

The talk today was about you.



and I don't think the game,
Because they voiced it to the

Powers that be.

They were all happy I was here
Because you seemed, they said,

Their words, more calm that I am


I was trying to protect you.

it's the most absurd

every one of them made it.

How would you feel if you had an
Employee come to you.

oh, my god.

I've had it.

We've immediately fired people

I have been in that position
Where employees have come to me.

I understand both sides of it.

I have been in business, had
Employees, had client, had

Authority for 20 something
Years, and I have never had even

The faintest hint of it ever in
My life.

So it's depressing that
Anyone it's depressing that

Someone would feel it even
Authentically for a moment.

They seem as tight with me as I
Have ever felt.


Then I got played.

They sent me across the line.


and they played me on your

that's not who I am, but I
Can't ever be in someone else's


If they don't express it to you
Enough, you behave the way you

Think you're behaving because it
Seems right to you.

what's up?

janet toll me something that
Rips my soul in half.

If it's even true or ever was
True for a nanosecond, biggest

Thing I can think of is deeply
Apologizing, because she told me

That there was ever a thought
That I've ever come near you in

A way that's inappropriate or
Odd or wrong, I can't fathom it.

I'm, you know, I'm...

dan, the only thing that we
Can say to that is if we truly,

Truly felt that, did we not have
The power to vote you out

of course you did.

That's what I said to janet.

She said, no, missy and
Elizabeth ran it up the



I appreciate your

this ruins my life.

we slept next to you every

In the bungalow, we don't want
To sleep anywhere else.

We don't want to sleep anywhere

Janet literally...

janet told me you two came to
Her crying.


My viewpoint is I have never
Felt uncomfortable, and I know

What people are talking about.

But it's more in a joking way,
And maybe that's where we're on

The wrong part of it, because we
Shouldn't be joking about that.

But nobody has come to me with
Legitimate life concerns.

It was little baby snippets here
And there that snowballed into

Something way bigger than it
Ever should have been.

it's something that's been
Taken and misconstrued, but it's


But to me it's so reprehensible
That she would use that as a

Tool in this game.

she's a snake.

I thank you both so much.

well, I'm going to have a

Conversation with her tomorrow.

she acted to me you're
Going the lose your mind, like

She's disgusted with you all for
Playing her that way.

I appreciate what janet did
Because she was being the

Motherly figure that she is, but
For me personally, I never felt

Unsafe and it was never serious
To me.

It was always game play to me.

And my vote was based on the
Game of "Survivor" and the fact

That I was going with the
Numbers and that name happened

To be kellee.

dan, we are good.

thank you.

dan, we've always been good.

dan, they're going the try to
Find cracks.

They're not going to find a kink
In this armor.

I'm trying not to.

Are you kidding me?

I'm on a tribe of 13 which
Were women, now eight of which

Were women and now seven of
Which are women who have never

Experienced anything but comfort
And strength and honesty and

Loyalty and decency.

That vote proved they want to
Keep playing this game with me.

That vote proved they want to
Keep playing this game with me.

I think we have a bigger problem

we have real problem.


beyond this game.

I went to them and said, and
They said it was a complete and

Utter lie.

We slept in this thing with you
Every night by our choice.

We asked you we completely
Adore you.

I'll go talk to them right

I wouldn't advise it.


I'm not lying.

and liz is the one who said
How uncomfortable she was, not


I was told that from the others.


Janet, listen to me, did she say
It to you?

no, missy.

Liz did.

to your face?



Liz said, thank god you're here.

And right up there.


That's not what they're saying
To me.

missy, missy, are you in

I am, yes.

Can you come out for a minute
And liz.

one second.

it's better with us alone.

new york no, it's not.

Liz, did I not talk to you right
Up there on the corner and said,

You said how uncomfortable you
Are and thank god I was back?

Did you or did you not?

And how uncomfortable you were
And thank god I was back?

yeah, I did say that

dan, did you hear that?

uncomfortable with me?


if that's the case, I...

she said that.

And that's what I'm trying to
Tell you.

Everybody has been in shock.

are we okay?

we are fine.


dan, we are fine.


That's all that matters.

but you did say that?

I did.



we'll talk in the morning.

Thank you for coming out and
Saying that.

no, of course.

dan, I'll go away.

just know that we're fine and
There are some things I needed

To say that needed to be said.

that's what I thought.


I agreed with her.

I feel anything related to
Sexual uncomfortability has

Nowhere, no place in a joking
Environment, in a game

Environment, in anything.

It's its own eastbound "Tko."

It's a very powerful, powerful

Lives can be destroyed.

Lives can be destroyed if you're

Lives can be destroyed if you're
Falsely accused.

Lives are going to be destroyed,
And it's too powerful to play


And the defensiveness of all the
Other girls disgusts me.

They're either lying to
Themselves and I can have

Compassion for that, or the
Girls let I slide that dan was a

Problem, and I'm upset about
That, because he wasn't my

Initial vote.

And I changed it to support them
So they could feel better at


That's a damn shame.

where are you guys doing?

we're going out.

walk, walking.

I questions most of the tribe
Did not know where I spent the

Night, because along comes missy
And aaron with a shovel and a


They're idol hunting, and I need
The idol.

So I follow them.

They walk down the beach, they
Cut into the woods, and I lost


But I wasn't just going to give

Everybody is tearing this jungle

But I feel like I need the idol
Because I'm the next vote at the

Next tribal.

I can't believe that I found it.

It's an immunity idol.

And I couldn't believe it.


There it is.

This will save me.

I just have to figure out when
To use it.

I got this by not giving up.

I said, you need to pick
Yourself up, and you need to

Just keep putting one foot in
Front of the other, because if

You do, you can find an idol.

it's frustrating.

we're in this together.

so me and jamal were left out
Of the vote, and now we suddenly

Found ourselves in the minority.

So we are discussing how we can
Get ourselves out of this


I think there may be holes that
May come up.

You never know.

What is that?

oh, my god.

Suddenly I see something hanging
From a tree in front of me, and

I want to grab it myself, but
Jamal goes and grabs it before

Me, and it's a note.

do not open.

Bring this with me to island of
The idols.

If I do this and it's something
Good, it's something good for

Both of us.

I'm thinking, why would there
Just be a hanging note.

That's never a thing.

So I'm 100% floored.

I found a nolt on the path.

I'm so happy.

I'm just curious.

I'm just wanting to know what is
In store for me.

This is awesome.

I could not be more excited to
Be here.

I was like jumping out of my
Pants to get on to island of the


Look at that.

well, hello.

get out of here.

come back here.

get out of here.

come on, come on, we've been
Waiting for you.


come on.

how did you pop out of my tv

I didn't believe it.

Boston rob and sandra, they
Created a blueprint for how to

Play this game.

Which makes us all have to
Evolve the game even more,

Because they were the trend

come on in.

so you guys have been here
For years?

What's going on?

So how did you end up coming
Like to island of the idols?

so I go walk with karishma.

So we're talking.

As we were talking I see the
Sign, the little note hanging

From the see that says, you
Found me, I'm yours.

where's the note?

in my pocket.

why don't you open it.

all right.

what is it?

read it loud and read it

you just learned a tough
Survivor lesson.

The moment you grabbed this note
You lost your vote at the next

Tribal council.

If it seems too good to be true,
It probably is.

I got got
you know there are no free

Lunches on "Survivor."

I'm learning that
you have to learn everything.

you're right about that
everybody that comes to

Island of the idols.

Your lesson is in the art of

You obviously got burned.

You lost your vote, and there's
Nothing we can do about that.

But I want to give yaw chance to
Test to see how well you

Understand sabotage.

Would you like the try to get
Someone out

I would love to try to get
Someone out.

we have something you might
Be interested in

say more.

sandra, give that to jamal.

open it.

open this?

It is blank
do you know what that is?

I have no idea what this is
jamal, this is opportunity.


this can be anything you want
It to be.

What else is in your hand?

a pencil.

have you ever seen one of
Those on "Survivor."

I have never seen a pencil.

there's a lot of power here.

there's no limit to what you
Can do with that piece of


come on, jamal, start

What could you do with that and
That pencil?

hey, jamal.



I was give then opportunity
To use this art of sabotage in a

Way to get someone out.

So I wrote this fake legacy
Advantage, but this note has no


So this is not going to work
Unless I sell this.

all right.

Story time.

all right.

So here's the deal.

The game that I have to play was

I risked my vote to play 50/50

I win.


so win the game.

It said, you gain control of an

What they meant was
give it to somebody else.

it wasn't for me.

I had to give it to someone

So it's only fitting because it
Is his birthday, so this

Advantage is going to go to
Dean, and it is really an olive

Branch so this is for you.

All right.

hi, birthday boy.

hell of a target for my

my man, jamal, so eloquently
Extends me an olive branch in

Front of everybody.

does that say legacy

good job.

you can barely read it.

that's my handwriting.

It was blastered on these wooden
Boards, and I had a blank thing

In front of me, so I had to copy
It down to turn it into a

Physical thing.

you made that?

you made an idol.

you literally did.

I have the power.

where did he get a pen?

Where did he get a marker to
Write it?

He certainly found a big old
Paintbrush and put a big old

Target on my back by doing that.

I don't know if I should say
Thank you, but thank you.

orr very welcome.

mind blown.

thanks so much, everybody.

awesome, thank you, jamal.

I don't know what he's trying
To do.

is that his handwriting?


you think it could be fake?



It feels too detailed to be

there's a thing, if someone
Has too many details, it's not


whether it's true or not, but
Now, every single person on this

Tribe knows that dean has got an
Advantage by jamal doing that.

That wasn't an olive branch.

That was a death threat.

This guy is a threat.

That's why he's got to go.

all right.

First things first, aaron, got
To take back the immunity


Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to hold on the handle over


At regular intervals, I get to
Lower you closer to the water.

When the pain becomes too much,
You'll fall into the water, and

You're out of the challenge.

Last woman and the last man left
Standing win immunity.

Two people will be safe tonight
At tribal council.

Let's get started.

All right
We're ready to begin.

Everybody lean out now.

Everybody looks good.

This challenge is on.

Let's make it interesting
Straight out of the game.

holy .

here we go.

Dig in and hang out.

oh, my god.

it's the click.

It's the click.

stop, stop, stop.

jeff, jeff, jeff, jeff.

lauran, hang in.

Hang in.


Studio 1-a calm.

there we go.

he enjoys this way too much.

you survived.

You'll be here for five minutes
And we'll do that again.

Everybody looks great.

Hanging out over the water.

just another day in fiji.

that tendency is
Going to want to

it feels like it's rolling.

just stay calm.

I'm out.

lauran, you're good.

mine's rolling.

I'm out.

it's moving.

your arm is falling asleep.

stay calm.

Stay calm.

you got it.

I'm out.

lauran is first to drop.

That's how fast it can happen.



dan says, that's
Enough for me.

Just like that we are down to
Ten left.

Last woman, last man left
Standing win immunity.

come on.

you're all fighting
To stay in it.

come on.

jamal next to hit the

The pain is too much.

good lord.

elaine with a nice

I'll give you a 7.6.

Down the five women now, three

Everybody looking really good.

Let's crank it up again.

Here we go.

Dig in.

Now you're feeling it.

ain't no joke.

stay here for five
More minutes.

Now you're really going to be
Hanging out over that water.

I know you're struggling.

Just keep fighting.

"Survivor" is a crazy,
Unpredictable game.

You never know if you're safe or

hang in there, guys,

karishma can't take
It anymore.

She drops.

Janet drops.

We're down to three women.

Dean drops.

We're down the three women and
Two men.

You can feel the momentum kick
In right now.

This is what you hope for when
You think about playing this


A moment like this when it's on
You to prove what you've got in

The tank.

looking strong, noura.

all right.

Here we go.

Another rotation.

Everybody feeling it now.

Down at the end noura and missy
Looking locked in.

They have not proved for a long

You guys are all doing great.

good jobbing everybody.

dig in.

Rotation starting.

stay with it, tommy.


Noura seemingly out of nowhere
Just drops.

And tommy drops.

Aaron wins his second individual

And now we have missy and
Elizabeth battling for immunity.

Day 24 or survivor, security at

Both women fully extended.

you look great, missy.

this is what you want right

Keep digging.

elizabeth, don't give up.

find a spot.

Find a spot.

licks struggling.

Elizabeth can't do it.

Elizabeth out.

Missy wins individual immunity.

Doesn't even want to get wet.

Aaron and missy safe tonight at
Tribal council.

Cannot be voted out of this

as of now jamal, janet and
Karishma are targets.

Each name benefits someone
Else's game differently.

The question is, who do you get
Out, when, where, how, what


can we reconnect?


all right
I want the change.


Go change and I'll meet you on
The beach.

all right.

I'm very nervous about tribal
Council tonight because me,

Karishma, and janet are on the

And if the tribe is suspicious
Of me coming back from the

Island of the idols and thinking
I may have lied about what I

Received, they high just play
The safe route and I go home


how and we go for small

small sticks it is.

this is first tribal where I
Really feel like I'm in danger

Of going home.

isn't it amazing this is
Where we're at?


noura and karishma could
Still be here over us.

it's not about deserving


It's just about how people see
Their end game shaping up.


I figure it's a split vote.


Because that's what I would do.

I really would rather not be
On the losing end of that.

Girls are voting.

you don't think he got

let him play it.

you're good.

You're good.

We tell karishma to get him to
Play it.

this is locked down.

it's done.

we started talking about who
Is the next vote, karishma,

Januaryet, or jamal?

We decided let's split the votes
Between karishma, because this

Whole tim she's been on the
Bottom, and jamal because he

Went to the island of the idols,
And he might have an idol.

what do we got?

I don't know.

What do you got?

You're looking at me like I'm

you are not going home.

tommy, this is between you
And me, you and me from the get

of course.

my name is written down

who should I vote for.

Do I vote for jamal.

you have to.

I'm having doubts about
Playing my idol.

Because tommy is telling me I'm

And to vote for jamal.

I have to put my trust in
People that were angry with me

And I mean, I am now gone from
This wonderful loved person to

This scourge of the earth.

So I'm bringing my idol.

It's in my pocket.

But I don't know anymore.

I have been surprised in every
Tribal council.

I have been surprised in every
Tribal council.

we'll now bring in
The members of our jury.

So noura, what was the reaction
After the last tribal council?

a lot of upset people, a lot
Of people having conversations

Right away.

I was shocked kellee went, so a
Lot going on.

janet, you were
Smiling during that.

there was a lot of
Miscommunication I guess.

I think people were doing game
Play where I proved into a

Different area.

And I made a decision based on
My moral character.

aaron, what am I

Because it's a very uneven

what happened, the eight
People that voted together all

Put down kellee's name.

The five people that voted
Together, janet, jamal, noura,

Karishma, all put down didn't's

That's what happened.

so januaryet, you
Thought everybody was voting for


I thought, yes.

Because I was told that.


Time out, though.

Hold on.

Because that's not true, janet.

Before that, what was your plan
For tribal?

are you trying to get me to
Say when I brought your name up?

Is that what you're trying to



But I was told certain things
From many of the girls, and

There was a change in the vote.

I thought as a solution to help
Many people within the tribe who

Expressed a concern to be
Resolved and calmed down, and I

Thought all parties included in
My opinion that was a good move,

Even for dan.

but we just met you.

So we don't know.

totally my mistake.

I should have listened to my own

I was wrong for getting

jeff, I want to make it
Clear, this was a "Survivor"

Play that went wrong for janet.

I disagree.

If you know anything about it
I know a lot about it.

A lot
all right.

what's happening now is that
The victim role is being assumed

By janet, and she's now instead
Of taking responsibility for

Being on the
oh, my god.

she's trying to spin this
Into something that could affect

The life of dan.

If this was truly a general
Tribal concern, I would have

Been involved, tommy would have
Been involved, dean would have

Been involved
no, no, this whole idea if

This was actually an issue that
I would have heard about it, he

Would have heard about it,
That's exactly what happens in

The real world, guys.

This is exactly what happens in
The real world.

When a woman brings up a charge
And people want to negate

Whether or not it's legitimate,
They say, well, if it was such a

Big issue, than she would have
Brought it up last year, two

Years ago, three years ago.

We are not entitled to know
Things just because we're men or

Just because we're in power.

aaron, jamal just
Said something really powerful.

Which is just because you don't
Know doesn't mean you should

Have been told.

It could be something very
Personal that somebody doesn't

Want to share and still be true.

if this is real world, take
"Survivor" out of the question,


I have two sisters, I have a

Most of my personal training
Clients that I work with are


I'm very sensitive to this
Issue, because this is not an

Issue that in the real world I
Take lightly.

But the issue is the two worlds
Are being meshed together, so I

Have to look at dan's position
And say, if this was being said

About me, I would be very upset
If it wasn't true.

so, dan, obviously
You're the name that everybody

Is talking about.

What are you feeling right now?

is the bottom line we're not
Going to let this go, as much

As hold on, as much as 12
People on this tribe respect the

Non-game aspect of it and that
It was inappropriate to have it

Even infiltrate in the game .

dan, before you go
On, hold on.

Before you go on, let me put the
Con tek I'm looking for, because

I don't think it's the one I
Think I'm looking for.

Everyone is talking around it,
And all that does is create more

Uncertainty about what is being

the vote was honestly about
Trust and deception.

The fact that things were used
That I don't think should ever

Be used in this game, you know,
It's upsetting.

It's also upsetting if there was
Even hair of truth to it in the

Smallest part in the beginning,
That's bad.

And I don't want to be part of
Anything that ever makes anybody

Feel bad.

karishma, what's your
Take on this?

well, perception is reality
In this game.

And I don't think janet is
Spinning something to be

Deceptive or creating some kind
Of a story to cover her butt.

This was the way she perceived
What was going on.

jamal, part of the
Reason this is complicated is

Because right now we are going
Through such a seismic cultural

Shift in how men and women
Relate to each other, how the

Gender roles work.

So there is a sensitivity,
Because we're trying to change


You're right, jeff.

You can't ignore this issue.

I think this issue is a lot
Bigger than the game of


I've been listening very
Carefully to what everyone has


From my position with my gender,
Far be it from me to speak for


What I can do as a man, I can
Give a little bit of advice as

To how to hear these stories
When we're talking about

Harassment and when we're
Talking about discomfort, when

We're talking about male
Entitlement, it behooves us all

As men to take a step back and
Look at our own behavior and

Imagine that you had no idea
That what you were doing was

Inappropriate, was making
Someone uncomfortable, an you

Believe women if they choose to
Bring that up, because it's

Difficult enough to do that in
And of itself.

we have a responsibility to
Hear women, listen to women, and

Believe women when they're ready
To tell their stories.

dan, let's just be
Clear, was there a specific

Moment or incident, or is this
Just an accumulation of things

That have been said?


It won't be let go, clearly.


It won't be let go.

dan, you're right, I
Will never let it go.

We'll be here until day 39.

So just dan, slow down.

no, no, no.

go ahead.

first of all, I work in the
Most high-wire industry in

Regard to this business.

Most of my clients are women.

Most of the people I work with
Are women.

I work in an industry in which
The "Me too" movement.

Was formed, in which it was
Allowed thank god to blossom, in

Which it was allowed tok become
Powerful and strong.

My personal feeling is if anyone
Ever fell for a second

Uncomfortable about anything I
Have ever done, I'm horrified

About that and I'm terribly

And if that person was kellee,
If kellee ever felt that in the

Freezing cold rain or in tight
Shelters or in walking around in

Saying, eggs excuse me, I'm
Coming through or in all the

Ways we have to crawl over and
Around and through each other if

This game I ever did anything
Even remotely that made her

Uncomfortable, it horrifies me
And I am terribly sorry.

True, untrue, it doesn't matter
What I feel, it doesn't matter

Whether I'm aware of it.

It doesn't matter whether I ever
Sensed it.

It doesn't matter whether I knew
It happened or didn't happen.

If someone feels it, it's their

I couldn't be more sorry.

I couldn't be more confident in
That I'm one of the kindest,

Gentlest people I know.

I have a wife.

I've been married for 21 years.

I have two boys.

I have a big business.

I have lots of employees.

So I think what upset everybody
Here is that it has now turned

Into game play.

janet, how are you
Feeling right now?

trying to decide if I should

in the game?

all I wanted to do is play
This game like everybody else.

Never would I have wanted to
Create a problem with this


I feel the hatred.

I feel so alone.

I don't hate you, janet.

janet, no one hates you.

No one hates you.

not in the least bit, janet.

I love you very much.

you should stay.

nobody could feel that from
Their heart for you.



thank you.


Wouldn't it be a shame to walk

They've all told you, you didn't
Do anything wrong.

Everyone here has a point of

We're talking about it.

We're addressing it.

That's the most important thing.


now we go back into
The game.

That's why this is so
Complicated to play but so

Compelling to be part of.


so are you?

I'm in.

all right.

Let's see if we can summarize
What went down and let's just be

Really clear about it.

Kellee shared a story with

You felt like you needed to take
Some action.

That became its own story.

You were being very respectful.

You were trying to do the right

Then it gets complicated because
There is still a vote that may

Or may not be impacted by the
Story you're talking about.

But everybody seems to be in
Agreement, and I need to say

That I am, which is that you can
Never brush over a story like


So I think what you guys are
Trying to say is all of these

Things can be true, janet could
Have seen it or heard it or was

Told it and wanted to talk to
Some of the women and not tell

The men, and janet, it's also
Possible that it segued into the

Game and you didn't realize a
Different thing was now being

Talked about.

Does that feel accurate?



then this is where
"Survivor" gets so complicated.

You have this real thing that
You guys are going to be dealing

With for the rest of your time
Out here, an you also have this

Other thing, writing down
Somebody's name on the


Lauran, this is the question
Now does this tribal tonight

Impact that vote do you think?

Or are you guys able to separate
From that?

yes, jeff, I'm definitely
Able to separate the two.

You know, I this believe that
Janet is someone that people do

Go to, and there are so many
People that are going to watch

This and appreciate who you are
And the things that you have

Done for women, and people that
Don't have a voice.

And that can't speak out against
Abusers and people that have

Done things to them.

So I didn't mean to come at you
So hard.

I was hurt, and, yes, I jeff, I
Can separate the game from what

Needs to happen in real life and
All that stuff.

Because "Survivor" does mirror
Real life at points in time.

So we're all in this together.

well said.

It is time to vote.

Noura, you're up.

I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


This is for me.


This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for janet will
Not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote janet.

Does not count.


Does not count.



Two votes karishma.


That's three votes karishma.


One vote jamal.


That's three votes karishma, two
Votes jamal.

We're tied.

Three votes karishma, three
Votes jamal.


That's four votes jamal, three
Votes karishma.

The ninth person voted out and
The third member of our jury,


That's five,s that enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jamal, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, once again a lot of raw
Emotion, different opinion, big

Ideas, and at the end, another
Person voted out.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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From our next episode.

next time on
"Survivor," when there is a

Twist of fate, there will be two
People going home.

The game is on.

karishma and janet.

it could be the perfect storm
To get two for the price of one.

and the tblofs come off.

she wanted to vote you out
when you bring up my name,

I'm coming after you.

oh, my god.

this will have all been a
Waste of time if anybody comes

Out here and doesn't look for
Ways to grow as a person.

And as much as you put into the
Game, the game is willing to

Reflect that back to you and
Give you an opportunity to be a

Better version of yourself.

So I think I accomplished some
Important steps in my own