Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 6 - Suck It Up Buttercup - full transcript

Rival alliances go head-to-head over a powerful player; one castaway must decide if they are daring enough to take on a risky task.

thinking about it makes you

how do you think she's

you think you're good, and
Then you get blindsided.

Like I think he's still in

tribal went according to

Tom went home.

Now we're sitting pretty with
Five vokai and two lairo.

You think this is so simple,
Let's take out karishma or dean,

But the players I don't trust
Are actually jamal and jack.

They're the guys that were
Gunning for me on my own tribe,

And I know I can't work with
Those guys.

I have to kill them before they
Kill me.

so like right now I see an
Opportunity for you and me to

Work together.


jamal and jack, I want one of
Those two gone.

And if you hooked up with the
Girls and we got one of those

Guys out, you would go forward
And we would break them up.

So think about it.


noura has a plan.

The problem is nor a is
Absolutely crazy and I think a

Little bit delusional.

this morning, by the way,
That watered tasted chill.

she's all over the place, but
I would be crazy to work with

Her, but I have absolutely
Discovered a crack.

noura is I still look at jack
And jamal as trying to run the


I think she's crazy.

And she's like
she's out of her mind.

that's like, think about it.

I think I got the girls, and I
Think if you come on board, we

Can do it.

old vokai are on the same

We're taking out former lairo
One on one.

Then noura decides to go bonkers
By trying the pull together a

Group to come after me.

tying yourself to her is not

Noura is so out of tune and so
Unreliable in this game.

She doesn't get it.

That's the reason why for me
Getting noura out is of the

Highest priority.

you want this logo where it's
Supposed to be in.

turn it around.

There you go.

it's like getting dressed for
The prom.

there you go.

a spider.

it was a tarantula?

I'm never sleeping in this

I didn't get a good look at
It, but it was this big.

was it a trash la.

we're all smiling and
Laughing and joking around, but

If we lose, stuff is about to
Get real serious, because we're


You know, for vokai and poor old
Lairo is basically a stalemate.

how will we get the numbers?

I don't think they'll turn.

they're also willing to go to
Rocks, which means we would have

To go to rocks.

are we willing to do that?

us people need to stick

We basically will have to draw
Rocks and no hard feelings.

Aaron, missy, elizabeth, they
Are loyal.

If we lose and go the tribal
Council, I don't think they'll


I don't want to go to rocks.

He's not going to go to rocks.

I'm not going to put my fate
In the game the chance, not a


I'll pledge my loyalty to you
And tell you, if you want one of

My girls out, then it's time to
Cut one of them.

I would prefer not missy or
Elizabeth, they're loyal to me.

That means they're loyal to you.

she doesn't realize you would
Be willing the write her name


no, at all.

they flip at the drop of hat.

They're scrambling and fighting
For themselves.

Aaron said he would be willing
To vote elaine.

Sounds great.

It's all good in the hood here.

It really is.

come on in, guys.

Vokai getting your first look at
The new lairo tribe.

Tom voted out at the last tribal

All right.

Let's get to today's reward

For today's challenge you'll
Transport a sled loaded with

Sandbags and one tribe member on
Top down a trap and through a

Series of obstacles.

You'll retrieve a key.

Use the key to unlock a

Use the slingshot to knock down
Three targets.

One more thing, the person you
Carry on top of the sled must

Also be the person who shoots at
The target.

Billing choice.

You're putting one person in a
Big role.

First to finish wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


if you haven't heard
Them already...

might be a chicken.


I want to eat that.

vokai, you have one
Extra person, sitting somebody


Whoever you sit out must compete
The next immunity challenge.

Who is it going to be in
elaine is going to sit out.

elaine, you are not
Going to take a spot on the

Sitout bench.

You are headed to island of the

Boat is waiting for you.

Head out.


win me a chicken, please.

we'll save you one.

dang, that sucks.

dang, that sucks?

I wanted to play, jeff.

you were already
Sitting out.

I know, but at least watch

give you guys a
Minute to strategize.

You'll get started.

All right.

Hoar we go, for reward,
Survivors ready.


tell us when to go?

one, two, three...

whoever you put on
That sled is going to be your

Target shooter.

It's going to be jack and aaron
In the showdown at the end.

But first you got to get there.

Lift your tribe member up to get
To that key.

Aaron is there first.

Jack right behind.

Every second counts.

You only have three targets to
Knock down.


vokai has it.

sandbags, go, go, go,.

lairo is right

Vokai in the lead.

Start unloading those bags.

Let's go, lairo.

Start unloading those bags.

Jack cannot help, aaron cannot

You got to get those bags.

watch where you're throwing

however you can to
Your platform.

And that are heavy.

Vokai has a good system of
Transporting them.

good job, guys.

Keep it going.

lairo carrying them

Which system will work bet
Center right now it's vokai with

A bit of a lead still.

Lairo right behind.

Vokai with their last bag.

You're good!

Get back in the sled.

Lairo with their last bag.

Both tribes finish at almost the
Same time.



you have to get to
That final cradle.

Lairo is moving quickly.

They have caught up.

Aaron is there.

Jack is there.

Here it come, the showdown.

all right, jack.

aaron trying to
Unlock his slingshot.

Jack getting his free.

Aaron's good.

Jack is good.

We are still side by side.

this is is all you, baby.

three targets.

Here we go.

For reward, aaron just misses.

you got it, jack.

You got this.

jack with his first

And he's got one out of the

Lairo in the lead.

They're not used to this.

Eric with shot.

think chicken, baby.

aaron ties it up.

Both tribes have two targets

you got, this buddy.

jack with another

here we go.

just misses.

Aaron rears back.

Number two for vokai.

It's vokai in the lead.

One target away from winning

jack, you got this.

jack trying to tie it
Up right here.

Just misses to the left.

come on!

Come on!

aaron all the way
Back for the win.

And he does it!

Vokai wins.

Chickens waiting for vokai
Become at camp.

Lairo, same story, got nothing
For you.

we're winning every challenge
We go to.

New vokai tribe is all this all
Day, but with island of the

Idols, I think you have to
Assume the worst, and if elaine

Comes back with an idol, that
Tremendously complicates the

Next immunity vote if we get to

It makes it very scary.

we have a lot of extra time
Here on island of the idols.

Nobody is voting us off, so I'm
Building a shelter like you've

Never seen before on "Survivor."

It's basically like the mansion
Of all shelters.

We're getting there.

A little bit at a time.

I haven't decided yet, but I may
Corner off one side of the

Shelter just for sandra, because
She snores at night.

I understood my tribe's

Reasoning for want to set me

I'm 5'2", a little busted can of
Biscuit, but that's the story of

My life.

Everyone underestimates me
Because of my size.

But I have the heart of a lion
And I'm strong like an ox.

They underestimate that big

I'm okay being by myself and
Rolling solo.

I'm hoping getting sent to the
Island of the idols is a game



What in the world
Shut your face.

Holy crap.


Come on.

Give me a hug.

How are you?

you're my hero.

this is the island of the

what's your name?


elaine, I'm rob
I know who you are.

I love the hat.

come in.

We'll explain everything.

how's it going?

it's going, dude.

I can't believe y'all are here.

It's crazy.

we should get down to bids.


everybody that comes to the
Island of the idols gets a


Today your lesson is about
Having the courage to be daring.

It actually starts right now.


in "Survivor," you of the
Haven't to make split-second



you have to do it without
Hesitating and sometimes without



that's the situation today.

You have until the sand runs out
Of that bottle to decide whether

Or not you're going to accept
Your test.

If the sand runs out of that
Bottle before you give me a

let's do it.

I'm ready.

you're going to do it.

let's do it.

you don't know what you're
Going for.

I don't care.

Let's do it.

This is "Survivor."

Let's go
immediately elaine jumps all

Over me.

I'll take it.

I'll take it, rob.

Elaine, I haven't told you what
It is, rob.

I don't care.

I'll take it.

Being that impulsive is a
Double-edged sword.

She's seizing the opportunity,
But sometimes maybe stick your

Feet in the water before you
Jump in.

>>you really don't know what you
Said yes.

To you didn't let me get it to.

story of my life.

This is what I come for.

I come for the experience,

I like it.

I'm in the here just for $1
Million, even though the million

Would be sweet.

I'm here for more than that.

I just lost my mom three months
Before I come out here, so I

Want to soul search.

I want that lifetime journey.

I want some of that
how are you feeling?


it's not time to be nervous.

You better start serving
I love elaine.

She's balls to the wall.

That's how you play "Survivor."

But the easy part is over.

Now is the hard part.

at this point we can fill you
In on what you just agreed to

And tell you your test.

At your next immunity challenge,
A block of advantage will be


You must be grab it while
Surrounded by your tribe mates.

Both teams will start on a mta.

The first thing you have to do
Is dig in the sand to get into

The cage.

Then tribe members have to move
The cage over a table and set it


Underneath the table, that's
Where your advantage will be.

I'm going to tell you, it's not
Going to be easy.

You have to grab this advantage
In plain sight of all your tribe

Mates in the middle of a
Challenge, an you only get one

Shot to do it.

If you miss your opportunity,
There's no going back.

You got it?

I can do this.

I'm like a ninja.

I can do it.

here's the thing, elaine.

If you fail the grab the
Advantage, there is a


You will lose your vote at the
Next tribal council.



That's a rough one.


That sucks.

If we go the tribal council and
It's 4-4 and I lose my vote,

Then we're sitting ducks.

So, yeah, big stakes, but I like

Yum, yum, yum.

there's one more thing.

are you going to give me a

we want you to choose the
Next person from the opposite

Tribe to come visit us here.

elaine, she won me over.

She has the gusto.

She has the complete package.

And she's daring.

all right, rob.

remember, choose your
Opportunity okay.

Go for it.

you got this.

She came to play, and if her
Tribe mates don't watch out,

She'll be right there at the
End, and she could easily take

This money.

that rhythm is wancaluca.

I do not know much about west

But jamal is ten years older
Than I am.

He has so much more experience
And wiz come than I do, so it's

Fun just seeing jamal make his
Own drum and teach kellee a west

African dance.

jamal, teach me how to do the

jump back.

it's kind of cool to see him
Opening up and sharing more.

I love it.

It is great.

now do that.

I was self-conscious.

White people, I'm always like,
Do you welcome the race



jack walks away.


Jack is walking by, and he's
Like, jamal, can you use your

Do-rag to lift the pot.

I immediately stand up and him
And look at him.

I make a joke.

That sucked.

I immediately knew that I had
Said something wrong.

And I was very embarrassed to
Have said it.

I just was like thinking about
It makes me sweaty.

I just felt really bad, because
I felt like I compromised I

Felt like jamal sees me in this
Mature way, and I feel like I

Took a step backward
I want you to know I'm

Embarrassed I did that to you.

hopefully we can move forward
From here.

It will take me a little bit of

I hope you can respect that


it's a little complicated
About why this is insulting.

And I can understand why someone
Might think what's the big deal?

Don't black men wear durags?

The problem is the image a lot
Of white america has about black

Member is the thug, the deadbeat
Father, right, the leech on

Social services, which is often
Unfortunately people wearing

Durags, tattoo, wife beaters,

So this whole caricature is so
Engrained in our culture and so

Comfortable for mainstream white
America to digest about the

Black male body that for a
Sweet, well-intentioned boy like

Jack, it flows off the tongue.

You have pillars of identity,
Race, gender, sexual

Orientation, socioeconomic
Status, you have religion.

Interesting to recognize that
You see it that way.


white straight men have a
Really long way to go when it

Comes to self-awareness about
Their privilege in this world.

I think that is why I feel so
Poorly about what I did but also

What I'm taking is that me being
More aware, because I there's

A lot of places where I can be
More of an active person.

that's exactly right.

Now, to reach a little further,
Where do you think you can

Possibly understand what it's
Like to be on the bottom?

on the bottom?

jamal has a way of helping me
Understand that privileges do


You know, I don't think of
Myself as the most privileged

Person, but the fact of the
Matter is I am very privileged.

I am.

And it's really cool to share a
Very human moment with my

Strongest ally, because it
Brought us together more as

Friends, even though I made very
Stupid comment.

Thank you for allowing me to

well, thank you for doing so.

It means a lot, and it's helpful
For me to talk that way out

Here, because it's hard to know
When it's safe to come on strong

With that kind of thing.

no, I mean, I want you to.


especially with me, feel

because it can be divisive
And we're playing a social game.

I got to tell you, I don't
Get a lot of apologies like


I don't get a lot of people
Recognizing just how harmful

Those little moments add up to

And so jack's apology to me kind
Of like made up for a lot of

Times when I've had to feel so
Insignificant and let it roll

Off my shoulders for my own
Social mobility.

So that apology, man, I'll
Remember that for the rest of my


which one is the rooster?

I don't know.

we are some dumb city folk, I
Have to tell you that much.

I don't know if there's anything
Male about this one.

Hey, fella.

I'm happy I can share it with
Somebody now.

Is it good or bad?

Can you tell me?

it's good for us.

if I can get it.

I met rob and sandra.

shut up.

we would keep the majority.

I'll cover for you.

there is an advantage for you
At the immunity challenge if I

Can get it.

But I'm nervous, so I spilled
The beans to elizabeth, because

She's been to the island of the

She can relate to my

It's not as easy as it sounds,
Because everybody is going to be

Right there at that one table.

Everybody's eyes will be right

this is huge, elaine.

no pressure.


Totally fine.

Just another day in the office,

Just another day in the office,

come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, dan, we'll
Take it back.

Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge you're
Going to dig under a large

Bamboo cage.

Pick it up and make you way
Across the course, collecting

Five balls along the way.

When you reach the finish,
You'll attempt to land those

Balls into five targets.

The first to finish wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the sixth

Person voted out of this game.

Vokai, you have one extra

Elaine sat out the last

Who is going to sit out this

I am.

all right, lauren.

Take a spot on the sitout bench.

thank god.

everybody else take a
Minute to strand strategize.

We'll get started.

All right.

Hoar we go.

For immunity?

Survivors ready in go!

let's go, let's go!

first thing you have
To do is dig as a tribe under

That cage and get inside it.

that's the way to work,

elizabeth is under
First for vokai.

There goes jason.

let's go, kellee.

keep dig, y'all.

keep digging.

Kellee is in.

She can start digging from the

Vokai has big hole.

There goes aaron right behind.

way to work, vokai.

?Oo you're good.

Vokai has the cage.

They're out of the gate first.

Vokai in the early lead.

go, go go,.

listen up, listen up.

vokai now untying
Their knots.

come on, baby.

There you go.


one, two, three.

Right, right, right.


good job.

you got to untie every knot.

let's go.

hold on.

Hold on.

vokai has their ball.

They're heading out.

no way.

No way.

come on, elizabeth.

get it, get it, get it.

vokai once again in
The early lead.

Lairo has their knots.

They're good.

Get your balls.

Pick it up.

Now vokai working on their
Second set of balls.

Here comes lairo trying the stay
In it.

That cage is heavy.

Got the lift it over.


lift, lift, lift, lift!

lairo struggling

go, go, go, go.

Vokai on their second set of

They're good.

Vokai has been almost
Unstoppable this season.

show me the ball.

Come on.

Give me the ball, give me the

you're good.

Go, vokai.

come on, come on.

lairo, pick it up!

Let's go.

no communication at

Lairo has won one challenge all
Season long.

Vokai can start shooting now.

Here comes lairo.

You're good.

Get to work.

Tommy now going the take over
For vokai.

That's in for vokai.

Vokai with one.

Jamal scores for lairo.

We're tied 1-1.

come on.

dean going the take over for

Is that in?

It is.

Lairo in the lead 2-1.

come on.

here we go.

That's it.

aaron ties it up.

It's 2-2.


That's it, that's it.

aaron puts a third

For vokai.

two more.

jamal with a nice

Just misses.

It is vokai with three, lairo
With two.

Make it four for vokai.

Aaron could win it right here.

get up, get up.

jamal trying the keep
Lairo in it.

Would hate to go back the tribal

Will that go?


It does.

It is 4-3.

please, please.

aaron, that looks

In and out.

Jamal ties it up.

It is 4-4.

We have a showdown.

Aaron, will it drop?


Dean for the win.

Dean does it for lairo!

Lairo win, sending vokai to
Tribal council where somebody

Will be the sixth person voted
Out of this game, and it will

Not come from the lairo tribe.

It won't be anybody from lairo
Going home.


Immunity is yours.

Everybody safe from lairo.

Great britain your stuff, head
Back to camp, enjoy the night


All right
Vokai, a rare occurrence, I'll

Be seeing you at tribal council
Where somebody will be the sixth

Person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.

we ended up losing the
Challenge, but this block of

Votes is huge.

It couldn't have came at a
Better time.

I'm going to play the hero and
Ride in on my stallion and jump

Off and save the day for my

doesn't taste good.

Sorry, honey.

We do have to go to tribal

We're having chicken dinner.

Right now elaine is like one of
Those chickens in the cage

Waiting to be slaughtered.

It's still going to taste good.

Unless elaine has an idol, she's
Going home.

Tonight I'm hoping we get a big


You have earned the block-a-vote

If they get spooked, they might
Vote with them.


you have me, elizabeth, and
Aaron to vote.

I'll let you tell them
Because it's your secret.


the block the vote changes

This is a glimmer of hope for
The four lairo here at vokai 2.0

To survive, but we need to have
Four numbers to their three.

So as long as elaine and I can
Convince missy and aaron to vote

With us, we're going to be fine.

oh, oh, perfect.

do you love me?


that's awesome.

you got to block the vote.

you can block one of their

you're us with, right?


are you in?

I'm in.

I'm in.

who would have thunk it.

Little old k.Y. Would come
Through for the team.

That's awesome.

That's the coolest part, like I
Get to do this for my peeps.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I got a block the vote.


I got a block the vote.

I got it at the challenge.



so we're going the block one
Of their votes.

we're living another day.

thanks, elaine.

now we run the game.


This is crazy.

We were basically offering up
Elaine as a sacrifice, but

Because she can save us, now
She's our hero.

now we control the game.

good to go.

what I'm doing is 100% a
Cover to keep elaine relaxed.

Hey, we're okay.

We're okay.

Well, you're not okay.

how's it going?

you feel good?

I think it makes more sense
For my game to roll with you


elaine has the block a vote.

But if I hop in with vokai, we
Could still take elaine out of

This game.

If I prove my loyalty at this
Point in time and I vote the way

Vokai wants me to vote, elaine
Goes home.

I get cemented with these guys.

I don't think tribal council to
Tribal council, I think three

Votes from now.

I don't want to just make merge.

I want to win this game.

she doesn't have an idol,



No, she doesn't.

island of idol, you never

no, she doesn't.


elaine goes off, because we
Keep strong, aaron and missy.

That's the easiest best vote.

elaine, if there's no idol.

I don't think elaine is smart
Enough to have an idol.

I'm cool.

I say we vote elaine.

rock 'n' roll, baby.

Rock 'n' roll.

honestly, I don't know that
Erain has the strategic mind to

Be able to play us, but like
Even if elaine does have an

Idol, I know it's missy and
Elizabeth would spill the beans.

They want elaine out.


unless you girls have
Something that I don't know.


tonight is an absolute war
Between lairo and vokai, and

Vokai doesn't even know it.

We get to decide who goes home.

For me it would make sense to
Take out lauren because lauren

Doesn't shield me.

Lauren doesn't really do
Anything for my game.

But honestly, there is a reason
To vote out every single one of

The vokai.

dan is a sketchy person in
General on "Survivor."

I see him checking our bags when
He thinks no one is watching.


Watching him because I trust no

Dan would be a great option to
Go home.

There's nothing they can do
About it.

vokai is in for a rude

I think tommy is the biggest

He's got close ties with

I've got him in my sight, you
Know what I mean?

this tribal is going to be

it's going to be nuts.

But then again, you got jason,
He's strategic and I think he's

Really smart, but I got my

I got my moves on I'm wanting to

elaine feels like she's in a
Power position, which is great,

But she really doesn't have any
Power right now.

I have control of this game.

I can now choose who goes home.

I can choose what moves are made

She was my first vote out.

That's where I wanted to go.

I tried to.

I publicked hard for it.

that's what I'm saying.

so we can't allow that.

I have made several promises
In this game.

Some of those promises I keep
And so I haven't.

The game is "Survivor."

this guarantees us merge.

Somebody's heart is going to be

I have to blame somebody's

A sure vote would be elaine to
Get them on board, or I can stay

Lairo strong, maybe you end up
On the right side of the

Numbers, maybe you don't.

Going into tribal council, it's
An open game.

And this game is going to be
Very, very live, very live.

all right.

Let's imagine we're in a living
Room, special night, watching


We have some doughnuts.

Tribal council comes and it's
Four vokai, four lairo.

Jason, how far into the screen
Are you leaning in anticipation?

jeff, we're in a unique
Situation here that this early

In the game we're at a 4-4 tie

And to be at this point, because
Of a swap, it's wild.

So this is a very important vote

elaine, you are

yeah, it's like an old
Fashioned standoff.

We've drawn the line in the

We know which side everybody
Stands on, and I ain't scared of

No fight.

You know what I mean?

Bring it as far as I'm

I hope she got it.

so aaron, this is a
Big moment.

If you go 4-4 and you go to
Rocks, then everybody is playing

The same game.

All it takes is one person to be
On a different side and the

Whole plan blows up.


Everybody understands the
Magnitude of what's about to

Happen some tonight whether you
End up on the right side or the

Wrong side, you have to pick up
The pieces and figure out what's

Best for your game.

look, there is a lot of vokai
Still left in this game.

So us four flipping makes no
Sense, so far get is on our back

And we're labeled a flipper.

They can now join our side and
Then they're in with us.

They can be a vokai.

he's selling them kool-aid.

but it is them asking us to
Eat one of our own.

How do I trust we do that and
Down the line they will carry


we go back seven strong.

We're showing each other that
The people who remain are the

People we all want to play with,

but it's a lot easier for you
To say that because you are on

The top of the numbers.

With we're on the bottom, so oh,
Trust, trust, trust.

As far as I'm concerned, I know
After tonight, there's going to

Be people that's going to be
Hurt feelings, you know, and

We'll have the move forward
Because somebody goes home from

My four, I'm going to have to
Suck it up buttercup and move


So they'll have to do the same
If it's one of them.

jason, this is the
Art of negotiation.


There's just one problem.

Nobody actually does have
Leverage if it's 4-4.

jeff, the group with the
Upper hand is the group that is

More likely to draw rocks, and
Right now I know that it's my

Group that's more willing to
Draw rocks.

I'm willing the draw rocks.

I'm willing to draw a rock.

I think all of us are.

I'll draw a rock.

so tommy, you're
Prepared to go home.

smiejs you have to take
Extreme risks to set you up

Really well for the rest of the

jeff, yeah, I don't like

she got it.

and I just want to go ahead
And apologize beforehand.

But I have something to read.


all right.

It says you have earned the
Block a vote advantage.

When it's time to vote, declare
Which player you want to block

From casting a vote, and that
Person will not be able to vote.

So I'd like the play this.

and whose vote do you
Want to block?

I'd like the block jason's


oh, my god.


oh, my god.

thanks, elaine.

Why me?

We could have been good friends.

we can still be good friends,

wow, jason, your face
Right now.

I thought going to rocks would
Be something that is out of my

Control, but now this is really
Out of my control.

jason, what do you
Think is happening with all of

The talking now?

what do I think is happening?

I mean, I don't know.

I would like the kind of know
What's going on.

yeah, I think they're going
After somebody else.

lauren, what's that
Emotion happening right now?


is this because you're
Feeling that maybe you will be

Going home?

I mean, I've been dreaming of
Being here since I was 11 years


It sucks.

It sucks.

dan, if this is the end of
The road for you, what's it been


a lot less than I hoped, tom
Brady honest.

I'll be incredibly disappointed
That this is the way it ends.

tommy, how does this
Sit with you?

it's awful.

I will replay this night for the
Rest of my life.

jason, you go home
Tonight, what's the story?

jeff, with every waking
Moment that I've been here, I

Have been thinking what if this
Is the end, what if these are my

Last moments on "Survivor."

I mean, up to the "Survivor"
Gods now, jeff.

all right.

It is time to vote.

Jason, you won't vote, missy,
You're up.

you never made me so scared
In my life before.

you never made me so scared
In my life before.

I'll go tally the

oh, my god.

I'm dying.

if anybody has the
Hidden immunity idol an you want

The play it, now would be the
Time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, elaine.


Two votes elaine.


Three votes elaine.



That's two votes jason.


We're tied.

Three votes jason, three votes

One vote left.

oh, my god.

sirks person voted
Out of "Survivor: island of the

Idols" jason.

You need to bring me your torch.

hey, don't trust aaron.

Good luck.

sorry, jason.

hey, I'm so happy none of you
Turned on me.

I love you guys.

You're my friends for life.


jason, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

suck it up, buttercup?

well, everybody here
Loves this game.

And nights like tonight are why.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

Captioned by
Media access group at wgbh

next time on
"Survivor," an empire falls.

this is our tribe and we're
Taking over.

and a rebellion

when do we not keep cowering

Let's break away and cut his
Throat off.

but the war is far
From over.

now we have to put a plan
Into action.

as fan, it's a crazy way to
Go out.

It's not your typical blindside,
But it still sucks.

This was my dream, despite my
Horrible start to this game, I

Really feel like I had my finger
On the pulse, and I probably got

Voted out because I was too big
Of a threat, which I'll wear

Like a badge of honor.

That's life, man.