Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 5 - Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You - full transcript

Castaways are forced to switch up their game after a surprising tribe swap.

how do you talk about this?

at tribal council I was
Completely blind sided by the

Chelsea vote outk I absolutely
Felt left out, os tra

Advertise os tra identifies,
It is a wake-up call, my boys at

Home would say I got got.

Dean woke up and immediately
Turned to detective dean k ow


The goal being who ordered this

Detective dean is looking for
Mots nif the chelsea walker

Case, I don't think it's me,
Clearly, I don't think it is

Chelsea, she is home eating
Oreos my man tom wanted out


My main suspects are elizabeth,
Elaine, missy and.

So I certificate gate them who
Did you hear.

I'm just curious who came up.

don't know where it

it wasn't me.

karishma, you know where it

to be filled in.

I would argue I was there.


that's fair, can't disagree
With that.

where did it come from?

Who did I get it from.

I got it from elaine.

Without do you think.

I have no idea.

I want to find out who is the
Strategic master mind that con

Vinsdz the tribe away from
Karishma toward chelsea because

They are super, super good at
This game and need to be not

Only watched but need to go.

nobody ordered a hit.

are you telling me you have
No idea where chelsea came from.

I am not saying I have no

I'm not saying that it does make
Sense and the showmance between

You and chelsea, especially if
People want you out.

you are talking a lot of

I'm talking nonsense.


I am still not getting a
Straight answer out of you,

Where this came from.

yeah, dean, it was me.

I took your girlfriend out of
This game.

It was too scary, they were a
Pair, they are dangerous.

I feel good about that blind

I put it together quickly and
People fulled it off.

But dean doesn't take "The blind
Side" well.

He's mad.

Well, crap, dean, I kept you
Here today.

You don't bite the hand that
Feeds you.

You really don't.

You shouldn't.

You really, really shouldn't.

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We go further, so you can.

good morning, guys!


one of the most beautiful
Spots in fiji.

Vokai getting your first look at
The new lairo tribe, chelsea

Voted out at the last tribal


All right, shall we get to it?


everybody, drop
Your switching tribes.

Elaine what is the feeling right
Now, you are rocking back and


I feel like I'm on the outs
Already and I didn't even draw

The buck yet, I'm nervous, I get

now wait a minute am how can
You feel you are on the outs

Before the event has happened.

because I'm not lucky.

I'm not lucky.

I'm not lucky.

all right, let's put an end
To the mystery.

what is the event?

when jeff says everyone drop
Your above, I was cringing

Because nothing is set in stone.

You have to start all over again
From square one and solidify

Your position in a new tribe and
That scares me big time.

here we go, everyone reveal
Your new buff and say hello to

Your new tribe.

we open up our boxes an have
I purple,nd I could breathe

And started looking around for
Who will be purple and

Immediately I see that our tribe
Is four and four so this is a

Dooms day senorio, elizabeth,

dan, do we have an even split
Over there on vokai.

a 4/4 split, jeff.

let's see, will the new vokai
We have for fourer vokai with

Dan, jason, tomorrowy and lauren
And four former lairo with

Aaron, missy, elizabeth and

Elaine, lucky, unlucky?

lucky, jeff, I got real lucky
Because we are 4-4 on vokai, we

Have strong people to win
Challenges, I got in a tribe

With my alliance.

I got real lucky and I was so

for the new lairo tribe we
Have five former vokai, noura,

Kelleee, jamal, jack and janet
And three former lairo with tom,

Dean and karishma.

Karishma, brand new tribe, brand
New game, what do you make of

This group of eight?

yeah, I look around and I'm
Really liking the faces that I'm


I'm feeling really good vibes,
Every day on survivor is a new


So you just got to embrace it.

I was excited tor a new
Change because I was blind sided

By the whole tribe on the
Chelsea vote out but where I

Landed I'm down 5-3 and already
Thinking to myself not a good

Spot to be.

now that we have our two new
Tribes let's get to our first

Reward challenge.

For today's challenge, your feet
Are going to be tied together.

Your arms bound at your side.

On my go you will slither
Through a series of obstacles.

You will then race to finish a
Fire puzzle.

First tribe to get it done wins

Want to know what you are
Playing for?

yes, tell us.

st the biggest reward of the

And we wanted to make it

oh my gosh.

come on.

we brought applebee to fiji!

oh my god.

I can't believe it.

oh, oh my god.

You will enjoy applebee's
Loaded, sizzling fajitas,

Smothered in hot queso, we've
Got steak, chicken, shrimp, plus

The classic combo, buffalo
Chicken wings.

wait, wait, all the

with all the fixinings.

yes, spinach, artichoke dip,
Quesadillas, got room for


we do, jeff.

how about the blue
Ribon ribbon brownie.

an applebee's signature drink

The shark bowl.

oh, the shark bowl.

I love applebees, applebee's
Is by far my favorite sit down


oh my god, yes.

This is the biggest reward and
We are going to get this.

worth playing for?


all right, strategize with
Your new tribe, we'll get


Here we go, for the biggest
Reward of the season.

Applebee in fiji, survivors,


let's go, guys.

st elizabeth and dan and tom
And janet, you have to slilter

On your belly slither on your
Bellies and st not easy, that

Sand is hot.

Dan and elizabeth moving quickly
But tom and january receipt

Staying in t inch by inch.

Dan and elizabeth with the early
Lead for the new vokai tribe.

A huge reward on the line.

get over that little pump.

dan is good, you got to get

are you good.

secretary pair going, tommy
And missy goingk trying to

Extend the lead for vokai.

Tom using all that muscle, tom
Is over now, keep going!

tommy inching over now.

are you there, missy.

there you go.

There you go.


tommy is good.

wigel wiggle wiggle.

Are you goos missy.

it is now lauren and elaine,
The final pair for vokai.

you got it, lauren, go.

you're good, go.

at he jack and dean for

I can't move.

jack and dean trying to get
Over that second mound.

Lauren face down.

They can taste that reward.

Elaine is there, are you good.


a couple more, are you good.

start work on the puzzle it
Is now jason and aaron on the

Puzzle for vokai.

Big lead for vokai.

A very familiar story for the
Tribe wearing purple.

are you good.

Go, karishma, go noura.

Now arron and jason feel the
Pressure, that final pair for

Lairo, lauren moving quickly,
Karishma is struggling.

You have to get up that mound.

That is the toughest part.

Every second you take is another
Second of a lead for vokai.

stay straight.

noura continues to work,
Karishma continues to struggle.

I can't put my hands.

piece by piece jason and
Aaron are closing in on the

Finish of this fire puzzle.

come on, girl, let's go.

Let's go.

Everything you got, come on.

look at that.

Noura is pulling karishma up the

That's how you work together.

come on karishma.

okay, baby.

vokai getting closer and
Closer to a once in a lifetime

Reward on survivor.

Noura continues to fight, using
Every part of her body to pull

Her partner to the finish.

come on, karishma.

she's there.

go, come on, kelleee, now the


jamal and kelleee quickly get
A piecement and another piece.

They are not giving up thrarks
Is for sure, aaron and jason are

Down to three pieces.

Make it two pieces.

One tease left.

yes, yes.

Vokai wins applebees in fiji!

One thing's clear, everybody
Here worked in that challenge.

But there was a decisive victory
By vokai.

Applebee' in fiji waiting for
You, grab your stuff, head out

And enjoy.

All right, lairo, got nothing
For you, grab your stuff, head

Back to camp.

we had a chance at a great
Reward and I hate to kep putting

It on the same person but car
You were ma was just not going

To be able to perform going
Through the sand.

The sad thing is she had been on
Puzzle, he had tried doing the

Physical role and hasn't bb able
To do anything.

So we have our work cut out for

Quns oh my god.

thank you, thank you so much.

walking up to applebee's was
Unbelievable because first thing

We saw was the shark bowl.

Clear ocean blue with the gummi
Shark on top.

We're in the fiji island and
That is just the island drink

You want.

let's eat.

loaded fajitas, we have
Steak, we have shrimp.

this is the best thing I ever
Drank in my life.

and all this food in the
Background, the buffalo wings,

The spinach artichoke dip.

chicken, steak, shrimp or the

the trio.

oh my god, this is so good.

appleby's I love you.

The fajitas was amazing.

My mouth was watering, it was

So it was one of the greatest
Moments and something I will

Never forget for the rest of my

oh my god.

we are a new tribe, a new
Family, thank you for coming.

And thank you for applebee's for
Making this meal for us



the dangers to a 4-4 split t
Is even hard to put into words

Because there is so much danger
And there is so much that could

Potentially happen.

For example, we could have a tie
With tribal council and there is

A chance that we have to draw
Rocks to see who goes home.

So we really have to think of a
Way to get one of these new

Vokai members over with us.

I like win the neck three.

why would we lose.

I like the new tribe members,
This is like the honeymoon

Phase, pretty soon that may fade
And the alcohol face, then we'll


melt in your mouth, you know
What it tastes like, it tastes

Look a w, bro.

it tastes like a with.

layera can go to bed.

my tribe, they immediately
Were chitchatting and cutting up

With the vokai people.

I don't like that, because you
Don't know these people, they

Could be lying through your
Teeth, you can't trust them, so

We definitely need to stay four

I love you applebee's.


this sour camp fire and that
Is our shelter.

this is these.

where do y'all sleep.

we tried bamboo at first.

the smoke comes through here
So it keeps all the bugs away.

hi been really hating my
Tribe for a long time.

They essentially bullied me,
Refused to work with me.

And wrote my name down at two
Tribal councils in a row.

I love this.

on top of that, I just showed
My entire new tribe how weak I

Am in challenges physically.

So I'm screwed.

let's go swimming.

I have one choice to stay alive.

I have one choice to keep
Breathing and that is to flip on

Old layera.

kelleee, have I so much to
Tell you guys.

My name has been at every
Tribal, I want to play with you


we should have done a better

We knew karishma was not going
To beness I assume you knew

That before.


from the old tribe we have
Dean, who hi a pretty good

Relationship with.

And char karishma who I would
Say her and I are not best

Friends and on top I am in the
Tribe down number 5-3.

It is not a great feeling.

Coming into the game that is the
Way st, you can't moap about t

You have to get to work.

karishma is the one, I feel
Bad, and I think about it now, I

Should have stepped up now and
Said she just can't do it.

we had the chance of voting
Her out last night.

We decided not to.

we were shocked.

we were just figuring she
Could be voted out any time we

Wanted to.


we got together like
Sophomore year in college.

that is so funny.

Oh my god.

we graduated.


she went to korea to teach

Kelleee and I have been vibing a
Bit, funny thing s I come to

Find out, we have a mutual
Friend, a very special mutual

Friend, my only long-term

so why are you guys still not

one that I dated for six plus

And they lap to go to business
School together.

Being able to talk about shared
Experiences and friends brings

The relationship to another
Level that you don't necessarily

Have with certain people.

So going to try to work that

going into last tribal as far
As I knew, everyone literally

Was going for karishma except
For cashish ma, and they were

Like chelee chem see chelsea.

Oh my god, that is like so

that is the drama we were
Missing out on.

dean and I really after our
Conversation I was like this

Sounds like a guy I could work

But karishma wants to flip, I
Think she's with us.

it is five vokai, 3 lairo,
These three people seem to be at

The mercy of the five old vokai

the thing is arrange marriage
Is like a loaded term.

Are you not like bound to the
Altar but it is also not like

You are given complete freedom.

Somewhere in the middle.

were your parents arranged.

they knew each other for two
Weeks before they got married.


I feel really good about my
New family it sin credible to

Open up and be vulnerable at
That level and to talk about my


I got married because my
Parents wanted me to get married

Because I was supposed to.

my parents, the day before I
Got married, the day after I was

Married, I spent ten queers
Being told I'm a burden and

Shame to my family.

Because I wouldn't agree to get

I gave in.

So how do you talk about this.

no, I.

you just did.


just like that.

I have been married for four
And a half years but I have been

Questioning my life choices.

And I really, really need to
Understand what this next

Chapter is going to entail thasm
Is my purpose here in this game.

I need to like share my
Feelings with my husband.

I don't think I always tell him
How I am doing.

I queened of hide behind a

And four years later we are like

you know, have I had really
Meaningful conversations with

The vokai members.

I can relate to them more.

They may understand me on a
Level that old lairo just could

Not understand me.

I'm sorry.

we're glad you are in our

so I think I may be able to
Get a footing in this game am I

In am no longer lairo.

I am moving over.

let's go.

oh, we have a throwdown.

we have to battle this out,
We have atlanta, georgia, versus




slightly different.

we're fun right.

all you have to do is get a
Hold of it.

elaine is doing what she

She's doing an incredible job at
The social game.

And that's the only way that you
Are going to win this game is to

Get people to genuinely, truly
Like you.

shoulders down, one, two,


we have a winner.

ding dung ding.

so I have to form real
Relationships and real bonds

With people.

And say you know what, let's
Just talk about our kids.

Let's just talk about our
Family, because they don't like

You, why are they going to keep
You around.

how about these.

I was like can I wear these

He is sliek absolutely not, why,
Everyone is going to laugh at


with the socks.


He said they are purple and have
My face on them.

I am like exactly, that is why I
Should wear them.

he will be the coolest kid in
Elementary school.

I'm very fortunate that I get
To experience survivor with my


I mean visually to see your
Child every day, and his smile,

It's like all right, buddy,
Like we're going to do this man.

how are you feeling?

What are you thinking.

from a protection standpoint,
You and I mutually have to have

Each other's back like 100
Percent because it does no good,

You come out of the game, then
It is going to be harder on me

From a physical standpoint so we
Are both have to make the merge

And have that when they coming
Like yo, say I win it and you

Lost it, I still have to protect


so I'm excited.

who do you feel good about.

I'm like, you love your four.

I love my four.

but obviously someone is
Going to have to go so.

st 4-4, we can play the
Gaming to now.

aaron and myself, we are like

So ding.

I'm with him now.

I know he wants to work with me.

And I hope we will vote out one
Of the old lairo.

how are you feeling if he
With don't win.

we're in a good place, we're
In a good place.

you think so.

I know we are.

you think they will eat one
Of their own before us.

they are not going to flip.

What we are do is we will talk.

I am not on a dry rock.

you agree it is dead, ed.

dead in the water.

this swap killed orange but
It gave us.

they need us to you.

I agree with aaron, lairo has
Been dead, orange does mot exist

Any more.

I'm good.

all right.

all right, you guys ready to
Get to your first immunity

Challenge as a new tribe.

First thing first, tomorrowee,
Take it back.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge you swim
Out to a ladder, climb up and

Leap off.

You will then release three
Buoys to maneuver them across a

Set of balance beams.

When you get to the end you will
Attempt to land those boys

On buoys on the three targets.

First tribe to finish wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where
Somebody will be the fifth

Person voted out of this game.

Give you a minute to strategize,
We'll get it on.

All right, here we go, for
Immunity, survivors ready.


Everybody in the water, got to
Get everybody to that platform

Before you can start up the

Are you go, purple, you are
Good, orange.

elizabeth going up for vokai,
Kelleee for lairo.

let's go, let's go.

here comes jason for vokai.

He's in.

Karishma taking a lot of time on
That latter.

Elaine is going to catch her.

come on karishma.

elaine dives in, there goes
Dan, he laps noura.

Vokai has been really quickly.

Lairo has their buoy.

You are looking for two people
To transport those buoys, one

Hand on each rope, now they are
Gaining a balance team.

Lairo now still struggling.

There you go, lairo.


car you were ma has been slow
In this challenge.

That opens the door for vokai to
Have an early lead.

now lairo is struggling to
Get a system going for even

Getting their buoys on.

vokai making this look easy.

Vokai once again with an early
Lead in the challenge.

A familiar story for lairo.

Got to get them all in the

You guys dropped, you have to
Start over.

vokai, are you good.

Let's go.

missy with the first buoy.

For vokai, missy just misses.

Lairo has won exactly one
Challenge this season.

Vokai would like to extend that

Just short, lairo trying to stay
In this.

You're good, go.

Jama dsh dsh jamal an karishma
Have to get across the beam.

come on, karishma, waiting on
You, girl.

Let's go.

You got it.

now you have to get the buoys
And everybody over here.

Missy just misses.

Kelleee races back, got to get
Them in the basket and everybody

On the platform, wait.

cover up, cover up, waiting
On karishma, are you good, go


Lairo down one bucket, it
Tomorrowee going to give it a

Shot tok vie, tommy the second
For vokai.

Dean the first for lairo.

Tommy trying to get that buoy,
Tommy for the win for vokai.

just misses.

Dean ties it up t is 2-26789
Dean has the buoy.

Just short, we got a showdown.

Lairo is back in this.

Tommy's short, can dean win it
Right here?

No, short.

tommy can win it for vokai.

And he does!

Vokai wins again.

Sending lairo back to tribal
Council for the fourth time this


With a brand new tribe.

Who knows who is going to happen
In tribal.

Vook aye, once again immune sit
All yours.

Nobody going home tonight, and
Nobody going to island of the


grab your stuff, swim out,
Enjoy the night off.

all right, lairo, tribal
Council tonight, somebody will

Be the fifth person voted out.

Swim out.

Head back to camp, a united

thanks, jeff.

tom, karishma and dean, I
Feel like I've connected with

Them all very, very well.

But karishma did not do herself
Any favors.

She has an ability to perform a

I'm ready for a w in orange.

We were one away, one basket

I appreciate everyone sending
Me positive vibes.

But the fact is I didn't make it
Happen so.

but you stepped up.

It is with it is.

I am going to go on a wood run.

I'm a division 1 basketball
Player, that was my moment and I

Blew tment I can't believe tow
That long, pale, redhead goof

Ball looking guy, so add to it,
Me, tom and karishma are really

At their whim strks up to me to
Make the best in lairo y mot me.

should we put ourselves in
Their shoes.

to be honest you are probably
Safe because st either let's get

A threat out, me or let's cut
The fat, karishma.

what can we do.

I am thinking we have to we
Are kind of limited what we can


They're not going to send one of
Their people home t will be one

Of us three that will go home
Tonight but what I am encouraged

By is they don't want to lose
Any more challenges and that

Really points the finger at

talking about easing your

easing your mind.

there are guys that probably
Want to win, will is one way to

Do that.

it is so clear.

yeah, every challenge it is
Going to be how to minimize the

Damage she can do to our ability
To win.

I know.

will is not much karishma can
Do at this point to make a good

Case for herself in any
Challenge capacity.

We all see it we've been seeing
It all game long.

She say liability.

I don't have

I want to work with you guys.

I want I am not an athlete,
You know what I am not.

I am just not.

I know my own weakness.

if we vote out karishma, then
We don't have to worry about in

The next few challenges how to
Minimize the damage thatxd she c

Cause by the physical
Limitations that she has.

Nothing mean about that.

It is just a reality.

I'm going to wait until you
Guys tell me which one to write

And I will write it.

I will go back this way.

considering how I was viewed
As weak in the challenge, it is

Definitely not crazy to assume
That the tribe wants to let go

Of me.

So I'm out here now with the old
Vokai playing up the social


so how do you feel about

I mean, you know, I guess you
Guys have to decide if you want

A stronger, try to win
Challenges or get to merge with

Somebody weaker there.

tom is old school man.

very typical of men of that

I want to win, first of all,
I want to go the to merge with

You too.

he can just going to say it
The way st, there is going to be

No hidden agendas with him,
Which I appreciate.

He, however, has more of a
Tribal mentality and I believe

If we got to a merge I would
Lose him to his old tribe.

you think it's car shall
That karishma's night.

I think so.

he is a terrible she say
Terrible challenge person.

I agree.

I want to work with you but
Like I don't want to become the

Next chelsea.

that was different.

There is not going to be

I really like I want to
Work with him, but there is

Something about dean that makes
You want to work with him, that

Makes you want to trust him.

But also that makes me very,
Very wary of dean and makes him

A huge threat in this game.

So dean is not the right person
To bring into the merge.

so I have been getting a
Lot of information from dean,

And tom is already with me.

I can see that.

dean is kind of already with
Me and karishma wants to work

With us for sure.

so who would be the first
Vote out then.

I don't know.

tonight is some what simple.

The only monkey wrinch in there
Is when I go to the island of

The idols I lost my vote for

I want some real food.

so that puts us 4-3.

But thank god we still have the

I feel so lucky and even though
I don't have a vote, I still

Have a say, I am still analyzing
The game, like what would be the

Best for my game, our game, some
People are thinking karishma

Because she's weaker.

Dean is a physical threat and
Tom is a likable guy, but he's

Not as physical a threat as I

So now you have these three

Do we go with the weakest
Person, or do we do better in

Winning as a tribe or just get
Rid of the threats now so when

We go to the merge we don't have
To deal with them then.

I am really going to have to
Think about it.

In order to make the best
Decision for this vote.

all right, so we do a tribe
Swap, vokai has the numbers,


So it would seem like from a big
Picture that either the vokai

Group stays strong or lairo find
A crack.

Tom, what were those early
Moments like with vokai, what

Did you feel?

well, the vokai tribe, all
Five of them are fantastic and

Open to talking about different
Things moving forward.

I do not sense that we found a
Crack though right now.

I've been there.

jack, did you see the lairo
Three doing their best to find

Out what was happening.

yeah, and I think everyone is
Open to a conversation.

Whether that is going to change
My mind, I don't know.

karishma, it is like they are
The ones that have the job

Opening and they are just
Sitting back, I don't know, tell

Me about yourself, might have
Something for you.

yeah, it's like come on in,
Let me know how you can help me

And I will decide whether it is
Good enough, you know.

At the ends of the day, the name
Of the game when are you in the

Minority is self-preservation.

so janet t is not just pick
One, there has to be a purpose

Behind the vote what is your

for me we need to win in
Order to avoid sitting here with


And to do that, we have to be

We need to be able to win.

noura, not only do you now
Have a chance to work with three

Of the lairo.

Why are you laughing?

because I feel like you see
The real turn and you see like

The way I'm interrupting over

what was happening, you were
Churning, what?

I don't want to miss your

no, I got more.


But you know, it is true we
Don't know what challenges are

Coming up, but some people are
More well-rounded than others.

Some people are physical and
Young and great at puzzles and


Some people are maybe older and
They can pull their weight

Around camp and stuff but they
Don't have the endurance and are

Not good at puzzles and they
Don't like the water and that

Makes a difference.

tbow comes the fun part,
Karishma, who is she talking

About, who is fun, good at puzz


who is older, maybe goods
Around camp but not so good at

Puzzles and challenges.


who is she saying is old,
First of all.

I'm 36, I'm old relative to
All of these 20 year old

Somethings so it is all

I know.

and karishma, noura only
Mentioned the two guys, does

That bode well for you?

well, her description seemed
To fit those two guys but I

Could already have been swept to
The side and just be an

Afterthought and not even worth

tom f it is
Self-preservation, have you ever

Had to plea to be kept in a
Group ever?

no, I think you show people
Who you are.

You have to quaree yourself a
Certain way, if you have

Character, you have to have
Leadership, you have to say

There is who I am.

You have to decide either you
Want me as part of your group or


janet, the complenlt tom made
And I say this now with respect

That only arch older person
Could say in that it is a very

Confident comment.

I don't think st an age

For me I am just who I am.

And torm is just who he is.

He is a straight shooting guy.

And you know, I respect that.

dean, how about for you.

Is this a position you are
Familiar with or unfamiliar

Having to sort of pitch yourself
And say hey, you should want me.

yes, you have a product, and
You want someone else to use it.

And to market it to them.

So I am pitching myself to be
The sixth member of the band but

Also pitching myself five
Different times to say hey,

Think about your own game.

Can I be beneficial to you.

I don't know when you spoke
With me, and made a connection

With me.

I mean I know tom did.

I know karishma did.

I don't know dean, when we did

I don't really pull karishma,
At our old camp, she was lake

Hey, do you want to go for a
Walk, do you want to go for a

Walk, like every tribal council,
A one-on-one forged

Conversations feels awkward to

but you did that with the
Other guys.

I wouldn't say explicitsly
Hey, jamal let's go for a walk.

but you made time to do that,
That is all I am saying.

okay, not going to argue.

jamal what is your criteria?

my number one
Criteria criteria is

Connection to the other side.

Is it a positive that one of
These players has strong

Connections to the other side.

Or is it more of arch an
Advantage that they don't have

Connections to the other side so
They will stay where us come

Merge time.

dean, how do you feel about
Jamal's answer?

Because everybody has
Relationships that are more or

Less loyal.

personally, jeff, I very much
Thought it was a unanimous

Karishma vote last tribal
Council, someone, I don't know

Who, brought karishma in,
Flipped the entire tribe and now

Someone and karishma are very,
Very loyal together.

I'm outside.

there you go, dean.

I don't know who that is, but
Karishma does owe someone big


and I will say I done even
Know who I owe.

I got a whisper a minute before
Tribal and I thought maybe this

Is my.

that's not true, that is not
True at all.

there is my saving grace.

she knows who it is.

tom, I swear to god, I
Absolutely do not know who was

In charge of that, I got that
Whisper right before tribal.

You know I don't know who was in
Charge of that.

And I didn't care who it was.

kelleee interesting, just
Before the vote and the tension

Starts to permeate, and someone
Starts to say a little more.

So how do you know when someone
Is on the bottom what their real

Truth is?

there can be many truths that
Exist simultaneously.

Everyone has a different

Everyone has a different truth.

You really don't know and at the
End of the day survivor is about

Taking little leaps of faith and
Hoping the people you put trust

In are actually trust worthy.

that is my girl.

all right t is time to vote,
Tom, you are up.

all right t is time to vote,
Tom, you are up.

I will go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I will read the votes.

First vote, tom.




We're tied, two votes karishma.

Two votes tom.

Tom, that's three votes tom, two
Votes karishma.

Tom, that is four votes tom.

Fifth person voted out, tom,
That's five, that's enough, you

Need to bring me your torch.

good luck, everybody,
Seriously, good job.

take care, tom.

take care, tom.

good job.

lover you.

love to meet you.

tom, the tribe has spoken.

time to go.

thank you, see you guys.

Good luck.

bye tom.

they're not going to win any
Challenges now.

well, sometimes this game
Comes down to surviving just the

Moments, like tonight's tribal.

And if they can,
Tom's tomorrow's a new day.

Grab your torches head back to
Camp, good

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From our next episode.

if you step into the ring.

I want one of those two gone.

have I to kill them before
They kill me.

and put on the gloves.

they are willing to go to

I don't think anybody is
Going to flip.

then you better be ready to

if you want one of my girls
Out, it is time to cut one of

Theirs, they are scrammabling,
Fighting for themselves.

worth be of us going home,
Karishma was holding people back

In challenges but there are all
Kinds of strategies to the game

And they have a strategy for why
They kept her am I love being

Out here playing survivor, I
Totally fried myself.

I'm taking credit to be the firs
Canadian to play and if I have

To take that I guess have I to
Be take credit for being voted