Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 4 - Plan Z - full transcript

After a visit with Boston Rob and Sandra, one castaway has a chance to seize an opportunity to prove their power of persuasion.

They're too damn close

oh, my god.

karishma, do you understand
What happened tonight?

I do.

No hard feelings.

No, I completely understand.

It's a game.

you guys are great.

tonight at tribal, I had a
Gut instinct that there was some

Plan in place to take me out.

Fortunately I was the plan "B,"
But I still got three votes.

What that tells me is that to
This tribe I am expendable.

So unless something drastic
Changes, my life in this game is

About to go out.

These people have already made
The decision, easy peasy done.


karishma feels like she is on
The outside, and I know how

She's feeling.

That was me after the first

But I've been able to pick
Myself back up, and now I feel

Like I'm calling the shots.

So, yeah, karishma, she's an
Easy vote.

However, there are other people
That might be better.

In this game, one of the things
You have to be careful of is

When people are coupled

An dean an chelsea, they're too
Damn close.

When you've got two people
Sleeping on top of each other,

That's dangerous.

What you have there is a
Potential power couple.

That's something that has to get

howl did you say you were?



How old are you?



Oh, this is perfect.

I mean, we did sleep together
Last night.

You know what that means when
You sleep next to each other.

on the first date.

chelsea, she's got some spunk
To her.

She's a cutie for sure.

She can come back at you with a

She can hang in there with the
Boys, and I really this like

That about her.

So, yeah, I'm super drawn to

he's a cute boy, but, no, I'm
Not here for no showmance.

That always messes up people's

is don't with chelsea or not?


well, if he doesn't help you
In some way, then...

based off of his performance.

he don't help.


If we remove that connection,
Even better.

Dean and chelsea are snuggling
Up, and that could mess up the

Girls' alliance.

So in "Survivor," you always
Have to have more than one plan.

So me and aaron, we have a lot
In common.

We both went to the military

We both have had some experience
In the outside world and being

African american, an we're both
Very competitive, so we're

Willing to make a big move.

So maybe we do get rid of dean,
Because with dean out of the

Way, it would break up the pair.

An chelsea will come become to
Me and elizabeth.

We'll get the sorority sisters
Back together.

I think karishma, as long as
She stays another day, she'll do


we let her go when we need to
Let her go.

She's annoying as hell right
Now, but you know what?

That's "Survivor."

with the raft?

with the raft.

we'll keep the raft shallow
Until everybody is ready.

you going?

I'm not.

I'm staying up here.


the sun at high noon doesn't
Appeal to me.

this morning in the vokai
Tribe, I could not shake this

Feeling that gets implanted into
Your bones when you're one of

Two people left out of a vote.

see you around.

have fun.

having been left out of the
Molly vote really kick started

Me into making sure I'm
Protecting myself.

Everyone is going out to the

Jason was going for a walk, an
I'm like, if I didn't look for

The idol right now I would be

This is the perfect scenario.

Dealing with change has been any
Whole jam for the past few


I was in a rough relationship.

I was not treating myself with
Grace, and I was not feeling

Great about myself.

The end of that relationship was
Really trying for me.

But the lesson that I learned
From that was how to take things

In stride to move really slowly,
To not get too worked up about

Things, be in tune with my
Surroundings and be here in

Space and time.

Because when you're present,
When you're observant, when

You're connected in the here and
Now, moments reveal themselves

To you.


You have found a hidden immunity

When played at tribal council,
Any votes cast against you will

Not count."

There it is in all its glory.

The island of the idols immunity

Pretty, huh?

It is really awesome to find an
Idol, especially with the tribe

Who is starting to get lulled
Into a sense of complacency that

They're in control of me.


do I hear a boat?

boat's coming.

Boat's coming.


the boat's coming.

it's a bag.

thank you.

should we read it here?

all right.

one of you must come to the
Island of the idols.

oh, my gosh.

it must be unanimous

oh, my god.

dissension from a single
Member requires you to draw from

The bag.

The name chosen gets on the boat

oh, my god.

I feel like we should just

just draw.

whoever goes to the island of
The idols is going to know what

I know and can blow up my game
Or get closer, and we better get


I don't know, choosing out of
The bag seems like a cop-out.

wow, I like it.

here's a question: does
Somebody want to go?

most "Survivor" players know
That just the act of going, just

Like the act of searching for
The idol, is going to put a

Target on your back.

I don't want to go.

I was like, I'm not going.

I'm staying right here.

my "Survivor" fan side of my
Brain is like, you have to get

That idol, you got to go, dude.

And then my mom side of the
Brain is like, you don't need to

Go, you're going to be by
Yourself out there, just stay,

You're safer with numbers.

No one wants to go, really in.


my whole game is about
Lowering my threat level and

Making other people more
Threatening, so there's no way

I'm going to volunteer.

I would go.



we're here the play this
Game, an I'm a risk taker.

I quit my job as a p.T.A. To
Become a entrepreneur, so to me

It was a in brainer.

I want to go.

I'm going to the island of the
Idols, and I get to figure out

What this is about.

I'm excited.

We're going to have some fun.

I see first a man's face.

It's a kind of handsome man's

To me it kind of looked



how's it going?

I feel so loved right now.


I'm noura.

I'm rob.

of course I know who you guys

Wow, boston rob and sandra.

I'm super excited to see them
And meet them in person.

Sandra is a two-time winner.

Boston rob is a winner.

I can't believe no one else
Jumped on this.

These are experts that are
Coming to you.

how is it going?

it's going well.

have you eaten anything?

I'm openingen coconuts like

have you had watermelon?

we have watermelon.


I've never seen someone so

watermelon is my favorite

They welcomed in me.

Maybe I can talk to them act
What's going on with my game and

They can give me some advice.


cheers, guys.

Oh, my gosh, this is so amazing.

Why is this so small.

I am not a typical "Survivor"

I feel like a novice, and if
Anyone, I need these guys.

In that moment, I'm like, I'm in
The right place at the right


let me fell you in a little


so everybody that comes to
The island of the idols gets a


And your lesson today is about
The art of persuasion.

oh, wow.

I need that.

persuading people in this
Game is a very important skill

That every player needs to have.

In order to persuade someone
Effectively, you have to

Understand that person's

If you were to give immunity
Idol immunity, then I would

Believe you, that would cue me
That we're all going to vote


it has to line up with
Something that they want.

you're going to need a
Pivotal move if you want a jury


if you can figure out what it
Is that this person wants,

Persuading them should be easy.

I want to give individual
Immunity to natalie.

eric, the tribe has spoken.

I think that is what you call
A life lesson.

different people need
Different types of persuasion.

You could appeal to someone's

yes, that helps.

baby monky.

I'm going to flirt with him.

Get him on my good side.

That's what I do best.

you can try to scare someone,
Put fear into them to get what

You want.

this is the idol.

I'm asking you for both of our
Sakes to become my ally.

basically vote with us or
You're going home tonight.

or for me, rumor, you start a

I know, you're so good at

I heard coach was saying he
Wanted to get rid of you.

he's going behind my back
Saying stuff like that.

he's so stupid.

He don't know what he got
Himself into.

what about this for that,
You're offering them something

In return for something else.

that's more me.

Mine is more intellectual of a


I can think of like an example
From when I played, when I asked

Lex to save amber.

I kind ofen tiesed him with, if
You can do something, I'll take

Care of you later.

lex, move it out.

it's very effective, but in
Hindsight, I ultimately didn't

Get his vote at the end of the
Day, so some would argue that he

Had the last laugh.

When you first got here, we told
You there would be an

Opportunity to test what you


we have some insight into
Your next immunity challenge.

So listen up.

This is important.


for your next immunity
Challenge, the tribe will be


One person will be the caller.

It's the most important role in
The challenge.

If you can persuade your tribe
To let you be the caller, you

Will earn an advantage that
Allows you to block the vote of

Another player.

If you fail to end up in the
Caller role, you lose your vote

For the next tribal council.

I love this.

you're going to accept the

I'm doing it.

think about it, chew on your

I'm doing it.

I'm doing it no matter what.

I'm going to push to be the
Person that calls it out.


You think you can pull it off?


oh, my god, this is so much

she didn't give it much

She just took the offer and went
With it.

That's a mentality that she has.

That will get her in trouble in
The game.


In my opinion, noura is the last
Person you would want in the

Calling position.

She cannot coherently commune
Kate anything to anyone.

She's living in noura world.

This is "Survivor."

You got to be in "Survivor"

by, noura.

You got this.

she definitely is perceptive.

The question is, is her
Perception reality?

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contact today

noura's back.



I have a lot to talk about.

When I hit the beach, I already
Am getting a little bit of

Anxiety, because you gtd a big
Group, and they're just like

Waiting for the noura tv show to
Start and quick play.

So basically I get there, and I
Get an advantage in the next

Immunity challenge that will
Benefit you and your tribe.

They basically gave us what's
Next immunity challenge is in


There's only one twist, it says
You have to unanimously agree on

The role that I play in that


Then I can tell you all the

this is all a lie, because I
Have the information, and I

Could have just given it to
Them, but what I'm trying to do

Is secure that caller position,
Because if I can persuade my

Tribe to let me be the caller, I
Will get an advantage in this


If they don't let me, I will
Lose my vote at the next tribal


how can we
basically say yes, we

Unanimously decide that noura
Can pick the role to do, and I

Get to tell you the whole

You'll see that's why I need
That role?

I'm doing the this for that.

The idea is, you want to know
This information, well, I need

This commitment from you guys.

Does everyone agree?

everyone agrees?

Everyone's fine?


So ready?


So everyone is going to be blind
Fold and there is a caller, so

That would be me.

So I call out, so now there's a
Caller, and people go out and

Whatever we're reteefg, I have
To guide each of you to go out

On the course and bring it back.

Whoever gets back first win,
That's it.

did you want to be the

it's the rol
Is the calling person.

noura presents us with this
Bizarre scenario in which we

Have to choose her role in an
Unknown game to have her reveal

To us what the game is we're
Going the play tomorrow for the

Immunity challenge.

If I could do full circles
Without being in a cartoon, our

Eyes would be doing full

can you explain to the tribe
Why you think you're the best

Person to be the caller?

it's already done.

I gave you the information, so I
Already have that role.

It can't it's done.

wait, this is what I'm
Asking, you got to decide what

Role you wanted, that's the only
Role, the caller.

I don't understand the question.

we had to unanimously decide
That you could pick your role,

So could you pick your role as a

I guess I could, yeah,er
Guess I could.

this is not a good lie, but
It's good noura is so in this

Lie there is no way she's going
To talk about what's on island

Of the idols.

So pressure is off of me.

it doesn't matter if I'm the
Best or not, it's that I could

Not tell you guys this
Information unless I picked the


In my mind I decided I'm going
To be the caller, that simply,

Because I have all the

It is what it is, we can't
Change it.

Right now they're not believing
In me.

They're questioning me.

I don't think I'm that bad of a

I feel like I have a big mouth,
A big voice, even if I was the

Worst caller, if we're
Practicing ahead of time and we

Know what we're going into, I
Think we should be fine.

all right.

Dan, I'm going to walk you
Through the course.

Get on your knees.

Crawl on your knees.


And you're going to crawl like
Ten steps forward.

One, two, three, four
noura, get back to your


Dan, stand up.

Walk to my voice.

Ten steps forward.

you're going to be behind me.

I can't walk to your voice.

You're going to be behind me.

Is this forward, left, right?


I got it.

Dan, walk ten steps forward to

not to you.

let me stand behind you then.

the blind man could see that
Noura does not belong on that


She does not belong up there.

didn't, take five steps

one, two, three, four, five,

don't count out his steps,
Let him do it and call the next


I'm sitting here doing nothing.

if noura is the caller and we
Lose, then she's 100 on the

Chopping block.

take three steps forward and
Keep going, nothing in front of


Take one step to your right.

oh, my god.

if she insistings on being
The caller, then she better

Follow through, because that's
Going to be her ass.

come on in, guys.

Vokai getting your first look at
The new lyrsa tribe.

Vince voted out at the last
Tribal council.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, got the take
It back.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, a caller
Will lead blind folded tribe

Members threw a course, checking
Three keys along the way.

You'll then use those keys to
Unlock puzzle pieces.

The caller will then direct a
Still-blindfolded tribe member

To solve the puzzle.

First to finish wins immunity,
Safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the fourth

Person voted out of this game.

Vokai, you have one extra

You have to sit somebody out.

Who is it going to be?


Noura is sitting out.

you're sitting out.

who is it going to be?



Take a spot on the sitout bench.

my tribe told me to sit out.

So after all that, I lost my
Vote at the next tribal council.

This might blow up any game,
This is a freakin' might meyer.


everybody else take a
Minute to strategize and we'll

Get started.

All right.

It is elizabeth, the caller for

to your right, to your right.

Elaine, you need to go to the


walk straight and start
Climbing through the wood.

sending everybody out

Elizabeth going with three

keep going.

tom, follow elaine.

it's all about

I'm here, imhere.


tommy just took one
In the groin.

It is elaine and tom together,
Chelsea and dean, missy and

Karishma together.

you're almost there.

jason calling for

He sent everybody out together.

That's giving them an early

Lauren and jamal.

Now they have to find that key
And unclip it.

elaine, there is a rope.

Put your hand up.

Other hand, pull, pull, pull.


vokai has their first

They're heading back.

tommy, to your left, to your

Straight, tommy, straight!

tommy and jack have
The second key for vokai.

dean and chelsea, under.

no, dean, dean, under, under,

Dean and chelsea, under.

dean and chelsea went over.

The under obstacle, big setback
For lairo.

can we go back under?

They still need to get two keys.

Janet working together, looking
For that third key.

I got this.

they got it.

work your way back.

vokai has all three

They're heading back now.

They got out the a fast lead due
The great leadership by jason.

Jamal and lauren headed back for

Lairo only has one key.

They're still looking for two

A lot of players meeting for the
First time.

that's the other team, bro.

follow my voice.


Listen, we're going to need you.

Hey, missy and karishma
shut up.

dean, dean!

missy, listen, turn to your

one side is heading
Back and one is still going out.

Missy and karishma trying to get
Something going.

You got to get them all the way
Back to the mat.

You're good!

Jason has everybody back for

Now you got the lead them all
Through the course again.

missy, climb under that wood
And you're going to grab a rope.

Missy and karishma looking for a

yes, chelsea and dean, keep

karishma and missy
Have the second key.

They have to get back.

It's new dean and chelsea
Looking for that third and final


Vokai has all three and is
Heading back toward that final

Stage of the challenge, the

come on.

Everyone is here.

We have a straight shot.

missy is pulling on

you're going to follow my

dean and chelsea still

dean, stop, stop, stop.

I feel something.

go to your right.

Dean, go to your right.

Dean, go to your right!

vokai is back.

They have to get those puzzle
Pieces free.

the other way, behind you,

Dean and chelsea still looking
For that third piece for lairo.

dean, the other way, turn
Around, dean.

Walk forward.

dean has the pieces

Now it's up to kellee to untie
Them and free all the pieces.

walk forward, walk forward.

There you go.

there it is.

That's the third key for lairo.

Got to unclip and you got to
Hustle back.

Jason and kellee now working for

walk a little faster.

elizabeth and lairo

They're in trouble right now.

Vokai already working on the

slide it, slide it, there you

dean and chelsea
Almost back to the mat.

You're good.

Now elizabeth has to get her
Entire tribe all the way back to

The puzzle table as fast as she

vokai with a huge lead.

They rally take their time on
That puzzle.

It would be an amazing comeback
If lairo could get back and win

This challenge.

that part all the way over.

they've been very
Calm during this phase of the


Another piece for vokai.

Here comes elizabeth.

She's made quick work of getting
Her tribe back.

you're on the mat.

Karishma, get on the mat.

you're good.

It's going to be aaron now
Solving the puzzle.


Stand right here.

slide to your right.

comebacks do happen
On "Survivor."

This would be a huge one.

Lairo fighting to get back in.

you have to left it up and
Put it in.

Now slide it all the way to the

Yes, yes!

right now I'm going to have
You rotate them.

feel the notch on the table.

it is vokai with a
Big lead.

Jason has led this tribe very
Calmly from start to present.

this is not perfect.

Hold on one second.

I feel it.

elizabeth has not
Panicked even though they've

Been very far behind.


jason examining his

No, I'm not sure the outside is

take that piece in your hand.

lairo needs vokai to
Make a mistake.

yes, very, very good.

elizabeth very
Quickly working on this puzzle.

I think we got it.

aaron with another

I don't like that either.

jason doesn't like
One of the pieces, he's going to

Pull it out.

Elizabeth has shown great
Leadership under pressure.

They are back in this right now.

It would be one of the biggest
Comebacks in a "Survivor"


Jason still working on his

right next to that on the

Elizabeth put down another

She's lying what she's got

Jason will have to pick it up.

Lairo with two pieces left.


Last piece now.

find that triangle.

Find that triangle.

this could be it.



no, no.

Keep going.

lairo thought they
Had it.

there are two pieces that we
Have to switch.

push it back, push it back.

There you go.

The middle piece.

Find that notch.

Find that notch.

jason thinks he has
It this time.

Will this be right?


you got it?

Vokai has it.

Vokai wins immunity.

you never gave up!

an epic challenge
That came down to just a few


oh, my gosh.

vokai, congratulations.

Immunity once again is yours.

No tribal council tonight.

Enjoy it.

Grab your stuff, head out.

Take the night off.

thank you, jeff.

all right.

Lairo, tribal council tonight,
Somebody will be the fourth

Person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.

everybody thinks that
Karishma is a dead fish in the

Water, and honestly she is, but
If I have anything to say about


I'm going to keep karishma nice
And folded up in my pocket and

Use her vote.

If I can have two votes instead
Of one, that's a good day.

guys, I just want to say I'm

I was the leader today and I let
You guys down.

I appreciate you saying, that
But we put you in that position.

You did fantastic job.

once again we lost the

I'm at the bottom, so I'm
Expecting it to be unanimous

Vote against karishma, and it's
Killing me.

There are certainly bigger
Threats than me, but this tribe

Are a bunch of pansies.

All they're doing is who is the
Common denominator everybody can

Live with, and today it's me.

I don't want to go home.

Not like this.

there's no doubt on this one.

I don't even know what we're
Going to talk about.

There's no discussion.

not for me.

karishma's name has been out
There for a while now.

She hasn't done much around

She hasn't contributed too much
When it comes to puzzles or

Athletically in challenges.

I feel like she's got to see it

I don't think tonight will be a
Blind side.

I want to stay in the game
More than anything.

You know, at tribal I'm going to
Swing for the fences.

do it.

Go out swinging.

People challenge their minds.

I've seen it happen before.

karishma is making herself an
Outsider and knows her time is

Coming to an end, and I know
Shue doesn't have an idol

Because I'm the one that has it.

So I'm in a really good spot.

I have really good relationships
With people, especially with

Dean, and I think that's going
To take me far in this game.

I just feel so bad.

Everybody else's fate is on the
Line because of me.

not at all.

we worry tickly is far

The game needs to get blown up
Right now.

we're getting embarrassed.

this is the thing, I keep
Looking at it and today's

Performance, why are you hopping
Over the thing instead of going

Under the thing.

Dean is the one I want gone.

He's underperforming in

You've got chelsea in his back
Pocket, and he's playing a smile

At you, make you feel good kind
Of game, trying to fly under the


I don't like that.

So he's got to go.


It's garbage.

I'm fine with it.

so aaron pitches voting out

And I was absolutely shocked.

Maybe he hasn't shown up for the
Challenges, but why should I

Give karishma the privilege of
Making it further in this game

When dean is at least gathering
Firewood, helping cook, building

The shelter, while karishma
Takes a nap.

how do you feel about that?

you have to be on board.

I'm on board.


I sort of was going along
With it, but I'm not ready to

See dean go, nine ten days ago I
Would have said, yes, whatever

You need, here's my vote, I'll
Write it down right now.

But while I was on the island of
The idolious boston rob said to

Me, you have to look before you

And right now ivdon't think
Getting dean out is good for my


I'm nervous.

Den's name is being tossed


Aaron doesn't think he competes
In the challenges.

I don't think we should get rid
Of him.

I don't either, but missy is
Full on board.

holy crap.

Aaron is wanting to go for dean,
And I was like, what the hell?

I didn't understand.

And I just feel like aaron is

karishma is going to jump

And the plan is to not tell

I know.

That's insane.

aaron, you sneaky bastard.

If he's willing to cut the
Throat of his friend, then

What's he he going to do to me
Later on?

I don't want to vote dean, and
If they don't have me and

Elizabeth, they can't pull that

she's not on board?

this will alienate chelsea
And tom.

this is the target.

It seems like I'm the only one
In this tribe that wants the

Play this game.

Everybody else, they're trying
The play everybody's together

And no hurt feelings, but at
Some point in time, this game

Has to get bloody.

This "Kumbaya" nonsense has got
Us into a hole after tonight.

That's where we're headed, down
A road of disaster.

she's not willing to rock the
Boat yet.

this tribe has a lot of
People on it.

They're too weak and afraid to
Make a move.

It's really frustrating.

we go back the keeping
Strength around.

I'm like, you didn't come here
To play "Survivor."

You came here for a vacation,
But I'm here to play this game

And kik some butt.

So we can't agree on dean.

We can't agree on karishma.

So I need a name that no one is
Completely attached to.

I want the make sure we do
What's best for us.

I agree.

You know what, this is in my
Opinion dean and chelsea.

You agree?

I agree.

this is out of the blue.

If it's too scary to get rid of
Teen, would it be chelsea?

Because they're a pair.

They're dangerous.

Girls keep majority, we keep
Three big guys as protection for

Us, and then karishma is still
Another easy vote to go later?

missy within ten minute flips
The target on the chelsea, and

Her ability to drop names on a
Dime scared me.

she wants to get chelsea out?



right now it's a big cluster.

People are having side
Conversations with everybody,

And they're all whispering.

With these yahoos, you don't
Know what they're going to do.

I don't know how it's going to
Go down.

This one is going to draw the
Line in the sand and it's going

To let people know where they

We'll see how it goes, but it's
Going to be real gut check time.

they just love tribal

so, chelsea, day 11,
Two tribal councils, two

Devastating blind sides.

What does that say about this

it's like what you said last
Tribal, we suck as puzzles, but

We're really good at blindsides,
So it's tricky because there

Hasn't been that line drawn in
The saturday tonight.

Will it be drawn tonight?

Maybe, maybe it won't.

karishma, sounds very
Familiar to last time you were

Here when there was another

I had a different experience.

I was a contingency plan in case
Vince played an idol.

Based on that, nobody wants the
Talk to me.

yet, you're still

"Survivor" gods.

Every day is a new day.

That's all I can hope for.

Praying to the "Survivor" gods.

elaine, is that your
Perception, that she's sitting

At camp going anyone, anyone,

listen, these people are
Moving so fast, I can't even


They're like everywhere.

Talk to one person, oh, yeah,
This is what we're doing.

Ten minutes later it's something
Totally different.

I mean, I don't really know
What's going on.

this one never knows

dean, is it a good
Thing or a bad thing for

Karishma, who feels like she's
In trouble that there was so

Much chaos.

if I were in karishma's
Shoes, that chaos should mean

Positives things.

Because if everyone is
Scrambling, there are probably

Plans that don't involve

?Oo chelsea, it looked like
You were nodding in agreement.

you should never throw the
Towel in.

Conversations are going on up
Until tribal.

If you stop for a second, your
Name could be up there, so talk

To anyone, because you can put
That little seed of doubt in

Someone's mind and everything
Can change.

aaron, is that really
All it takes is a tiny little

Seed of doubt?


I mean, the right person, the
Right situation, the right

Crack, you say one little thing,
That little thing can blossom

Into a flower.

So, yeah.

elizabeth, how does
That equate to strategy?

Because if you react to the
Chaos, then you're lost.

You're spinning out of control
Like elaine going yes, no, huh?

that's you hit the nail on
The head with that.

That's exactly how camp went

I thawing we were going in with
A very clear plan.

That evolved into two, three,
Four, plans.

I need to think about move
That's best for me.

Sometime that's the last plan
That's talked about and that's

The one you go with.

elayne, that has to
Be unnerving.

yeah, because what if you're
That last plan that was talked


That is unnerving that plan "B"
Could be the one if that's you.

missy, never heard
Anyone play plan z, buk that is

What it sounds like?

we're playing russian

We loaded the gun.

It's going to hit somebody that
Maybe is not expecting it.

wow, karishma, that's
A pretty dark but accurate


I'm loving what I'm hearing
Here at tribal today.

I don't want her to love what
She's hearing because the stray

Bullet doesn't hit someone, that
Doesn't mean she cannot get hit

And that does not mean she's not
Without fault in this game.

If you open up and say you're
The puzzle maker, be the puzzle


If you say you can shoot hoop,
Shoot hoops.

If you say you're an olympian,
Be an olympian.

All of us are playing equally,
And she's getting lapped.


Good job.


all I have to say is there
Was chaos, great.

Because chaos is a ladder, and
Maybe I can climb out of my


so if you're voted
Out, would you rather it was a

Blindside or to be, yeah, I knew
The entire time because nobody

Talked to me.

I would rather bit a
Blindside, because the situation

I'm in now, if I'm voted out,
I'm expecting it.

It would hurt more.

dean, what's the
Letter you write to somebody

After you have blindsided them.

depends how close you were.

But there's some sort of sorry
In there and thanks for playing.


Why is that so funny.

I'm laughing, too.

Sorry, thanks for playing.

everybody thinks it's great
To blindside people.

That's part of "Survivor" and
The thrill, but when you're on

The other side and you're
Walking out, you ain't going to

Be laughing.

missy, would you be
Shocked if it was you tonight?

Did your name come up?

I didn't hear my name from
Anyone, but that doesn't mean my

Name wasn't out there?

If they're playing a good
Blindside, I wouldn't hear my


But I don't think any of us
Would be shocked.

If I were to cut him to, cut
Anybody, can you blame them?

We don't know these people, and
Yet we're literally lying in the

Dirt like dogs together.

In some way we're family, but in
Other ways we're complete


It's hard.

chelsea, if you can
Separate the emotion, what's the

Pleasure in a blindside from a
Player standpoint?

I mean, it's a little sick,
But when you pull off a

Blindside, that inner part of
You smiles because you're lying

Like, I'm playing "Survivor,"
But I wouldn't want to be

Blindsided because someone close
To me was lying and that hurts.

It's not fun to crush people's
Dreams, but that's part of the

Game, so it definitely is fun.

I like it.

it could be anybody.


It is time to vote.

Dean, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, karishma.




We're tied, two votes karishma,
Two votes chelsea.

she's looking around.


That's three votes chelsea, two
Votes karishma.


That's four votes chelsea.

Fourth person voted out,

That's five, that's enough, you
Need to bring me your torch.

you wanted a blindside, you
Got you one.

chelsea, the tribe
Has spoken.

good luck, guys.

good job.

well, I guess that
Was plan z.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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"Survivor," in a game of lies
you're talking nonsense right


yeah, dean, it was me.

I took your girlfriend out of
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new battle lines are

Drop your buffs.

we don't know these people.

You can't trust them.

there is so much danger.

I need to flip on old lairo.

I'm completely and utterly

I'm a huge super fan.

I dreamed of playing "Survivor"
Since I was eight years old.

I thought I could win this game.

I have an idol in my pock and
Could have saved myself, so

Obviously I'm just embarrassed.